Feature Writer: Nada Bits /
Published: 28.07.2019
Feature Title: THE LIBRARIAN/
Story Codes: Young, Satanic, Gaping Cunt, Orgy. Ritual, Incest /
Synopsis: A young mousy librarian discovers Satanic delights /

The Librarian

The small mousy girl at least had a job. Slim and timid she had a hidden side. Her porcelain face and body made her look childish and her flat chest never attracted stares. Her long strawberry blondish hair always in a tight bun and her blouses buttoned to the top. No need for a bra that made her even more nervous around boys. At eighteen she should have some titties. She sighed every morning standing naked in front of her bedroom mirror. She looked like a child barely thirteen or just beginning puberty.

The mousy thing tugged her coral long nipples in hopes her titties would finally be like other girls. The ones with nice tits and nice firm asses while she was still as slim as a child basically hipless still. Her biggest problem was between her slim white legs. She was so white because she would never go to the beach and seldom got any sun on her small body. Embarrassed when she got the nerve to look for a bikini trying hard to hide herself in huge clothes. The only ones that fit her slim body were in the child section tripling her embarrassment. The child tops fit but her long nipples on her otherwise flat chest made such an obscene display she would never present in public.

She had another issue when she tried the small bottoms. Her pussy was huge and bulged through the suits. She dated once long ago in school and let a boy reach under her t-shirt when the boy found nothing to play with. The popular girls had nice titties all the boys watched every bounce or wobble of young tit, firm young tit.

She let the boy open her jeans like he was looking for something to play with, so it seemed on her first date ever. Down her panties the boy gasped as he searched for her pussy. She had few strands of pussy dust and even older she was the same. Maybe she used some scissors every three months or so to clip off those that were getting long sighing she had no need to shave herself. Child body in adult horny girl longing to be fucked.

The first and only boy that had touched her pussy reeled away. She had a very large cunt hole. She had been that way since she was a toddler. It was less a pussy than a gaping hole. It should be small like the rest of her. She could fit both of her slim hands up to her elbows and could not reach all the way. Just deep gaping cunt hole on someone so tiny. She was cunt as she would find out at the new church she found. She was often bored sitting primly at her desk and had lots of time to read. The satanic ones really got her interest. She searched online for satanic at home, nude slim titless fuck wanna be.

So many stories about Satan fucking and black masses. Satan seemed to have a huge cock in every story. Cunt destruction for the hapless victims strapped to black marble altars with legs stretched out wide and little butts on the edge of the cold marble. Chanting was often in theses stories with words she did not recognize, but she had never studied Latin.
She had a hand on her elongated clit that must have come out when she was only twelve.

She had her first period soon after the new bulge she would need to hide. She looked more boy as her long clit just kept growing. One story she found as she sat naked fondling her clit dick spoke girl boys Satan liked the best, the best story she had found on some satanic story site by some one called Xpanther. She liked that name as her mind thought of all the beast fuckings and huge cocks in most of the filthy literacy she found on this site. She had her first ever orgasm as she masturbated her long clit cock. She laid on her desk panting until she realized how good that felt.

The same story that had made her so horny talked of black masses and Satan rituals mentioning a familiar name of some church not far away. Now her mind stirred wondering if any of this could be real. She came four times before she finished the story that ended with a huge red beast ramming an impossibly large beast cock in some small girl as she was sacrificed in front of her frantically masturbating parents that had presented her small delicate body to their church.

Her parents stood with all the parishioners naked and masturbating as the beast Satan cock slammed their young child so hard the huge violent cock head emerged out her small mouth. The child was dead but still warm just like Satan liked them. He could now slam fuck the small body in the holy service. Her parents fell to their knees along with everyone on the old stony floor thankful all the black men had given their small child constant orgasms in rampant fuck on the ancient altar deep below this demonic church.

The mousy small deformed librarian with her long strawberry hair now damp reaching her small ass, frantically looking for the church to see if it really was where she thought she had driven by once. Her mind obsessed by fucking and the disgusting things she just read. She found an address. She had to compose herself and get some sleep. She stored the address in her cell phone only her mother ever called.

The next morning, she tried to just shower and go to work, but her clit looked all red and her cunt gaped so much more. She had a demonic smile on her face recalling how hard she abused herself over the one story that remained in her head. Pure horrid fuck, orgasms, brutal fuckings while people stood nude in the mythical basement, chanting. Big tits, small tits on the naked little girls sadly bigger than her own. Every man and little boy with hard dicks not close to the big black men. Could this church really exist?

It was Thursday as she squirmed on her librarian chair straining to look prim and proper. All buttoned up, long hair in a tight bun as always. The big difference was under her long skirt as she forgot about bikinis finding the small boy section immediately noticing a display of jocks that may hide her clit better. It was getting worse. A sales girl approached to help, Do you have a little boy? She shivered at the first look on the slim very pretty little girl asking. Slim but had titties. She whispered as her face became scarlet in embarrassment that they were for her. The young sales girl smiled brilliantly offering help.

Several young boy jocks were selected as they went to a dressing room in a corner away from the rest. It was a private room for selected buyers not wanting their little boys get embarrassed.

The mousy librarian got enough nerve to ask how old the sales girl was..

“I’m a fourteen mam, mam? I am not old enough or even look like an adult.”

The slim girl was stronger as she pushed her small ass on the bench quickly raising the long skirt meant to hide her. Bad day to not wear panties, but that was why she was looking for some containment of her prominent cunt bulge and long clit cock. She tired to pull her skirt back down but her hidden horror had been revealed to this teen.

The teen assured her there was no problem as she stood and raised what little mini skirt she wore revealing a boy jock on slim hips that bulged. She whispered to be quiet as she pulled her little boy jock down to show she had a big clitty as well. Her jockey was pink and just perfect on her tiny hips. The small teen dropped the one she thought would fit and turned so suddenly her small perfect teen ass presented it self to her gaze. Jockies have no back covering only meant to contain or protect young boy meat in sports.

Everything about the demented stories she read, the cunt sucking of little girls, boys getting sucked and fucked in filthy dungeons by their own daddies or just handed off to one of the big blacks that needed some dick sucking to get hard again before Satan would arrive while some child was ram fucked on the altar. All were daughters or sons in the ritual she read and now obsessed with. Pure fuck regardless of gender, the large blacks in these fantasy stories were only there to prepare a hole for their lord Satan. The one story that caused the most orgasms had daddies and mommies getting the big black cocks hard to fuck the sacrifices.

She for once lost all control as the Xpanther story filled her mind with pure lust. God be damned along with her upbringing to be pure. She got frantic as she grabbed the small white teen ass to her face licking the child from clit to ass. Ass tasted better than she could imagine. The pink boy jock straps framed the small teen ass in invitation. The pink tiny anus looked and tasted delicious. Instead of the expected screams and certain arrest for child molesting the teen helped her lay back with just her head on the bench.

The librarians normal clipped bun of long hair now hung down as the clips fell out in frantic child ass lust, delicious fuck so perfect on the slim, tiny butt. White little ass and wonderful tan lines showing the child barely covered the small young cunt from horny gazes at pools or beaches women, girls, men and boys wished her tiny suit would slip just an inch more. Her teen mons already showed her prominent teeny pubis mound right at the top where it started. Hairless young cunnie, childish really bare and wet as she sucked the tiny asshole. Unbelievable ass could taste so good.

The small teen was pinching her barely there little titties when the small hands found the nipples. Her so sensitive hardly touched tit nipples making her moan and suck the small asshole feverishly. The small teen pumped her little hips on her captured face when the small pink boy jock slipped up in the frenzied slut session way in the back of the little boys section.

The small wet teen cunt rubbed her face and the girl clit cock kept bobbing just out of reach of her frantic hungry mouth. Her entire mind now dedicated to the filthiest concepts she could imagine. Big cunts, little cunts, daddy cocks and boy cocks in that fantasy basement of some church. Everyone naked as black after huge black cock rammed fuck her in front of a crowd of naked masturbating people. On full display finally displaying her small body. So much filthy concepts of being pure fuck while people watched her consumed her mind and soul.

Unaware of time or her own existence the teen slut erupted on her face in slimy girl cunt juice. Her blouse wet, her tit tubes strained from the girls pulling and pinching the frenzy finally ended as both were exhausted.

The sales teen finally got around to trying on the boy jocks as she marveled at the much bigger clit dick. They found a few that fit and contained but none were as pretty as the pink one the teen had.

She helped the hapless wet mouse out and gave her a bag with three boy jocks, handing her two cards, one was a web site for girl jocks, or boy faggot jocks if desired. The other card was about some church and had the same address she found about satanic black masses below a church. Not far away. She had wanted to just go look next Sunday when the teen told her she and her family, her little sisters and parents loved watching her be fuck. Teen fuck now. She led the disheveled mouse out the doors to whisper she was only eight when her family joined the church. The librarian had to be held up as she shivered and her open cunt gushed wetting the floor tiles at the store entrance. Her new friend whispered once very softly she would be at the church with her family on Sunday.

She stumbles to her car with a bag of boy jocks she did not pay for. The stench of ass and young teen cunt became much more apparent as she sat in her small car. She looked down at her normally very humble and very covered body in shock. She had walked to her car with her blouse ripped open and her gaping cunt still dripping. The titties she was ashamed of on full display as her nipples felt very tender, long and more swollen.

Three buttons allowed her to at least look descent enough to go back to the library when she saw her face in the rear view mirror. Thick film dripped on her nose, her chin and her tiny mousy mouth was all red. The demonic smile returned as she double checked the addresses for this church. Satanic filth and fuck families all nude watching her be fuck meat, just pure fuck in front of a crowd of naked masturbating families to see her. Her slim body with her titless chest and long crimson tit tubes.

Her gaping huge cunt whole that her first ever date found disgusting. She called the library saying she was not feeling well and spent the rest of the day on her back in her bed trying to get deeper in her cunt gape. She found some clamps in her desk and winched as she let the first one close hard and painful. She had some stirring in her loins letting the other harsh clip snap on her other nipple she had been tugging on. The teen bit her and she moaned not aware of the passion it flamed in her disgusting small body.

The pain got her over the edge as her slim little body convulsed in pumping orgasm. One of her slim hands got deep enough to open her cervix when all magic exploded. Unknowing her slim legs were up behind her disheveled head of long locks now matted in teen fuck cunt juice.

She woke the next morning, Friday and had to go to work. Her two slim arms logged deep in her fuck hole, well maybe a real fuck hole for cock next Sunday. She looked at herself in the bathroom mirror to brush her teeth like the good girl she was. The clamps hung on her long nipples like weights. She opened one and it slipped biting hard. Dear lord above it felt wonderful. She did the other clamp and laid on the bathroom floor, chewing her toothbrush in total orgasm. She finally realized she bit through her tooth brush as the handle was on the tiles.

The Xpanther stories of filth, disgusting fuck stories of families in some dark basement under an old church with rampant fucking by big black cock on daddies, mommies and their kids that were blatantly offered for fuck. Nothing mattered in that story that filled her mind in lust. Could not be true when she found the card with the church address. Sunday.

Pulling herself together she got dressed in her biggest clothes to hide the clamps she had on her long nipples that hurt and gave her pleasure. The first blouse was too tight and did not let the clamps hang and tug. Maybe more weight would make her feel even more fuck. Basement church fuck while families watched. Sunday.

She walked to her job passing a tackle store. Passing she turned abruptly remembering the things her daddy used fishing. She quickly bought various lead fishing weights and pondered how she could attach. Nearby was a display of more fishing gear that had clips on both ends. Perfect.

Racing to the library and profusely apologizing for being late and being out “sick” the day before, she raced to the ladies room opening her jacket, blouse just enough to try her demented concept of tittie abuse. When she finally got descent enough for work she had five weights tugging her nipples down. Painful and delicious as they shook at any movement. She was pure fuck whore slut only thinking of the teen ass she had sucked and licked and the putrid aspects of this church she already had the address in her GPS. Friday was frantic. Long very reverent skirt and a big blazer. No panties as she leaked cunt. Often racing to someone just to feel her nipples tug with weight.

Dear God she was slut. Unfucked slut like the teen was. Envious. Sunday. The teen that gave her confirmation proof the mysterious church had mentioned this Sunday was her first anal fuck. Her ass would be destroyed so eat up virgin ass. If you come to our church I want you to make me all wet. My mommy, daddy and many other people have told me it would hurt at first. But mommy is pure fuck and said it really felt great when her ass was rammed. Sunday.

She got through the day with her nipples purple and descended harshly. Only Friday night wondering what to do, when her cell rang.

“Hey its Cindy from the store.”

Completely oblivious she had given out her very private number. Not that it mattered as no one ever called her.

“Hi Cindy.”

Mommy and I are lonely, and I told her you were an ass eater. Can we come over? Stunned for words the mouse struggled for words, more teen ass and her mommy.

“I have your address and we are in the car very horny.”

Can we use you?

The bell rang as she struggled to the intercom with her tit tubes being pulled down at each step. What tits she did have dangled with all the fishing weights.

“Its Cindy and my mom.”

“We did not know your apartment was so close.”

Mommy is parking the car and really horny like me. Mommy is here now with me and has her finger in my wet cunt. You did not get to suck my teen cunt last Thursday, mommy and the church all say I have a very tasty cunt. Mommy likes deep ass eaters like you did to me. Mommies ass is bigger now.

We cannot get in to visit unless you let us in. The stunned mouse, titless small child like librarian shivered as she pushed the button allowing entry. Too stunned to realize she was naked with clamps on her distended long tubes of excuse for titties. Not like the teen she just ass sucked Thursday. Leaving the store with a bag she did not pay for, two cards in her pocket while quivering out in bright sun light until she managed to cover herself. So many thoughts scrambled her head when her own doorbell rang. She opened the entry when Cindy burst in with her very horny mommy.

Nude, and horribly horny with her longs nipples being stretched by the precious fish weights she was too stunned to realize her nude small body. Her disgusting child body still looked like a child not yet in puberty. No pussy hair really and no titties. Just nipples and gaping cunt.

Cindy pulled her mommy to the couch in a swift move her mommy was naked. Spread open and wet. Bare and wet. Fuck wet. Dripping wet.

Cindy was in command as she wrangled my long hair into a handled. Mommy and I just left a place and mommy is all full of black sperm. Mommy and I spent the morning in the ghetto mommy loves. I let the big black hands hurt these, as the child showed her perky tits. Mommy likes more pain but I am learning. Look how swollen my nipples are now, they were not this big when you ate my ass. The prefect young tits were perky, pert perfection. Cones straining for light as the young titties had a delicate upturn. They were bruised horribly and the teens nipples looked red and swollen. The teen still looked better than she did. Envy.

Look at my mommies cunt all wet and she had to keep her hand in her cunt to save the loads of black sperm in and its all for you. Look how she gapes. Pull your hand out mommy, our new friend is joining our church and needs to learn how to be a cunt sucking cum slut. Lots of other families will watch you Sunday. Little girls like to be sucked as they sit on your face watching the big huge black cocks ram fuck new converts to church fuck meat. The girls and boys and families get really wet during acceptance ceremonies. Its called confirmation.

Cindy said, “I want to be confirmed but my little pussy isn’t big enough for black mass. But look how wet my cunnie hole is.”

Watching mommy with her friends made me all horny. That’s when the big black guys saw I did not wear panties and started feeling my titties. Two started helping get ready for my confirmation with big fingers. You did not get to taste my cunt hole.

The Librarian mouse was oblivious of her appearance. Small slender and naked with clips and weights destroying her tit tubes. Any movement showed her small ass revealing her cunt gape. Cindy was too horny and used the handle of long hair to push the Librarian’s mouth to her even more horny mommies cunt, open and wet, freshly fucked full of black sperm.

Her mommy had to be helped out of the car while Cindy held her tight. Knowing her mommy still in a sex craze Cindy whispered in her mommies ear she had a new friend, she is smaller than me mommy and loves ass so much I just know she will be the best cunt sucker at our church. Oh and mommy she has a cunt that has never been fucked and her cunt hole is huge. It very deep too. She will love black mass Sunday. Big black cocks and little girl pussy. She is slut mommy.

Mommy, “Are you OK?”

Your all shaky, “Are you still horny mommy?”

Meet my new friend. Cindy had to almost carry her mommy as she whimpered in pure fuck lust or just horny lust with her hand holding all the black sperm in.

Mommy open your eyes and look at my new friend. I think she likes pain like you. The mousy small librarian finally looked down to see what she had done to herself as Cindy’s mommy looked at the abused long tit tubes on a body even slimmer than the child girls that fed her little girl cunt juice, virgin cunt juice still, too tiny and tender for a full confirmation in a black mass.

Cindy’s mommy lost control grabbing the hair handle Cindy had fashioned seeing only briefly a cute face not unlike the children in the basement at the demented church of pure fuck and acceptance of family debauchery. Nude families in a dark church basement as mommies and daddies exchanged their own kids in pedophile frenzy. All converted and confirmed parents as daddies had been horrified in black mass.

Big black cocks rammed holes as the congregation got frantic trying as hard as they could to destroy their own cunt meat and cocks. Black mass often lasted longer than planned. Cindy would present her friend, the small deformed Librarian so small and dainty, with her slim arm up the newest members cunt hole. Cindy hoped her own black mass would be soon.

Her new friend that she met days ago had been pulled, forced into her mommies brutally fucked, cum filled by black sperm. No real need for force as little Cindy had her arm up the Librarians child body cunt. Cindy was naked and getting real horny herself as she shifted her other hand from her abused and bruised tit cones and her pussy cunt meat that mommies friends had finger fucked as she watched her mommy slut get fucked all morning. Brutal and hard just like her pain slut mommy loved. Mommy loved being used in the dark church basement encouraging the rampant naked kids to use the small whips harder on her tits. Mommy had to be helped to our car every Sunday when church was over.

Cindy saw her mommy shiver as the mouse Librarian grabbed her mommies little fuck slut ass so hard the small face almost disappeared in cunt sucking, sperm savoring now, lust. Cindy all naked with her tit perks and abused, bruised young titties and red swollen nipples. Cindy was learning to be a pain slut too. Church basement fuck slut.

Wanting to help her new friend learn about cunt sucking and sperm eating, before she realize her slim arm was in the mousy Librarian gape of unusual cunt so much bigger than her mommy even after mommy had been gang banged just an hour ago. Cindy felt a nob very deep that had another small hole. It was a tube, sort of. Two fingers, three then formed her small hand like a cone with no thought Cindy shoved. New tube. Deep in a cunt tube that felt warm and silky.

The small mousy strawberry blonde librarian went into fuck frenzy as her slim, hipless pelvis came very close breaking the teen arm off. Something finally got deep enough in her cunt cavern, the one her one and only date found horrible. No tits to play with back then or now. No one would ever imagine she was attractive and she knew it. Maybe in her clothes she looked like something at least, a woman, a very horny woman. She was no longer a hapless teen, now a woman with needs. Very intensifying need. Every damn day and night.

The slim mouse woke all warm between two bodies. How she got to bed she would never know. Cindy cradled her waking head, warm mouth to her little tit cones after a deep tongue sucking kiss. Its morning. Sunday morning dear. Time for church.


Did the exhausted arm fuck thing thing hear.


The small Librarian needed help to get showered somehow covered in in a slim flimsy beach cover so very inappropriate at any church she grew up in. No panties or even her new boy jocks. Nothing hid her disgustingly child body. Cindy’s mommy she ate all the black sperm from last night did not shower, simply pulling what most would consider a negligee. No panties and eager to get to church. Tits bouncing obscenely loose with huge nipples poking out in tents not unlike her huge disgusting clit dick. She shuddered finally realizing her tit tubes still had the clamps and more weight tugging her already long purple tubes she had wished since puberty would be tits like all the other girls.

They got fucked and often whispered loud enough for her to hear as she went to her locker. Flat chested with tit tubes for some horrendous excuse for titties. She had longed to be fuck.

This church was very different. All the pews had a sheen. Mommies held some child in her lap as did daddies. There was a big mix of gender. Little girl dresses raised revealing young cunt, little boys had only worn long t-shirts so mommies or daddies could tug on their small hard boy cocks. I was seated in a front pew with other little girls that looked womanlier than me. Suddenly I was called up to presented to the congregation. This would be horrible for all these people to gaze at me and it made me drip in lust. A fuck to be displayed to so many. A horny fuck piece to be introduced as the newest member. The large black priest quickly ripped me nude making me shudder as big strong black hands held me erect. Gasps from the congregation made me want to just disappear. They hated my horrid body.

Some of you know this librarian and many of your children she has read to. She is here to be new fuck for Satan, our lord. Many in the pews explained the smell and sheen on the huge ancient benches of pews. Fuck filthy juices erupted. The hug black priest had a large finger up my ass to hold me close and firmly erect.

The newest he announced as he concluded his sermon with “Hail Satan.” Please join us as you can for the mass. Many struggled to walk to the long stairway to the church basement. The stone floors, the huge marble slab that was the sacrificial altar for black mass. No one knew how old this chamber of fuck was.

The mouse was placed on the altar with one huge finger in her white ass as her once pink shit hole getting big, purple and open. The room became silent as many teens took her long hair, already showing signs of sweat, tying it with bands in a long-arranged pony tail and laid it out of the way. Two brought straps forward to secure the fuck meat for the brutality.

Laying spread open very aspect of her child body, twenty-year-old and still child body and gape of cunt instead of a pussy. Horrified and terribly horny. She moaned no as she felt one soft cuff like thing on her right arm.

Louder she screamed, “No!”

The sight of her caused many trembles and one of the teens dared to take a long lick of the wet cunt gape. The black priest quickly slapped the cheater so hard she was slammed against a rock wall silent, alive, but splayed legs revealing her real teen cunt so much smaller. Her titties remained hard but no longer quivered. She was a cunt eater and all her friends, teachers, mommies knew she would never gain control of her lust for cunt.
The teens looked at the priest with shoulder shrugs for guidance. The priest, the huge black Priest waived them away recognizing pure fuck not often seen. Wanton horny wet fuck that craved pain. Pure delight. He dropped his long robing revealing his enormous cock so big, thick and black.

Twelve inches long and hard as more gasps came from the nude pedophile, incest congregation tried to stand in silence. Satan worshiping sex crazy several moms collapsed in orgasm on the ancient stone floor long polished in fuck juice. Silence during so sacred ceremonies was ordered but these were just humans after all. Now mommies had someone’s little girl pussy in her mouth biting the child meat.

Not knowing where their own children were and uncaring. The mass was yet to begin in full brutal force demanded by lord Satan. The small mouse librarian used her free hand to rip away the loose cuff. Raising her head, she looked straight into the large black priests’ eyes and whimpered take me. Make me church fuck. Make me Satan fuck. Use my hole, all my holes father.

Using her unstrapped small legs, she locked, as best she could her small dainty pink feet around the huge black priestly ass and pulled him forward allowing her squirm her small body across the ancient marble altar so her tiny hipless ass hung off the edge to present herself for fuck. In her frenzy she did not notice the twelve equally huge blacks with huge wavering stiff cocks that seemingly appeared from nowhere. Huge hands, big black hands tugged her weighed tit tubes, rubbed her slim body in fragrant oils, fondle her. Hands finally had interest enough to, ‘feel her up’.

The priest shoved all twelve inches of thick meat in her fuck hole, her first real fuck. Losing all control in instant orgasm her small hands reached out to find other stiff cock meat. Finally getting fucked she was surrounded dick and cock. Dripping cocks. Leaking cocks as she squirmed her small body enough to put her small mouth on a cock head and she went ballistically in constant orgasm.

The cock head she sucked was wet with precum and she absolutely fell in love with the taste, texture and hardness of stiff cock in her mouth. Somewhere deep in her mind she realized she was a slut. Cock sucking fuck. She loved this church. Her constant orgasms frankly made her lose her mind. Just fuck meat. Cock sucking fuck filth. Church fuck. Basement old church whore for any and all. Finally, she was fuck.

The mass lasted longer than any other as she joined the church of pedophile fucks that liked her horrid small body. Savored her huge cunt and small elongated tit tubes. Hurt her titties at will. Ram fucked her. She had somehow raised her spasming, shaking little legs to present her tiny pink rose bud for fuck. It would never be small and pink again. Pure fuck, any hole and anytime. Sperm sucking drinker as her small mouth and throat learned about throat fuckings and she liked it. Savored cocks all wet with cunt or ass juice as they used her face like a cunt.


Her entire small body was a fuck hole and she loved it. For once feeling acceptance and loved. The priest had her over an over as did the huge black men that initiated her violent orgasms teaching her face cunt, her mouth cunt, sperm loving mouth and how to get all the big cocks down her slim throat as they pulsed with thick veiny meat, throbbing that simply made her more crazed. Girls and boys had shoved their slim hands and fingers so deep her womb became an open fuck hole. Her entire body just pure fuck, Church dark basement slut. Eager fuck from now on. Dear Satan, she loved this church.

Longest mass the huge black priest or anyone had ever experienced. The tiny mouse librarian simply moaned remaining open for fuck. Many families had to get home and get their children more than someone’s sperm or cunt slime. The entire congregation was exhausted as was the priest and the twelve huge black huge cocked men. The only one still horny was the small librarian.

The stones were wetter in fuck slime of dad sperm, mom cunt, little girl cunt juice that had escaped eager pussy suckers. The smell was above righteous. Satanic fuck filth righteousness. The mouse of fuck, newest member so slim and frail no one could have imagined her abilities and lust. First fuck, first ass fuck and first throat fucking and sperm taste she now endeared. Someone found something like a white gown just to cover her as she continued to pulse and orgasm.

Four exhausted big black men with limp, still huge but limp. They were ordered to get her home as some teen girl still had enough energy to break in to her locker and get car keys and her small bag.

Her address already known, she was strapped into the passenger seat as one struggled to get in small car. Three others followed very tired and exhausted in a church van.
Strong firm hands carried her to her apartment and placed her on her bed. She whimpered for more fuck reaching out to only feel one of the black cocks now soft. Big but soft. All four huge attendant black men marveled at the slim piece of fuck and pulled warm covers over her to let her sleep, rest as they needed rest as well. Keys placed on a counter with her car locked and secure they got down to the church van. As they drove they each wished they could have gotten hard enough to give the small thing more fuck.

Very late Sunday night.

Monday morning. Get up, get dressed all prim and proper for her library job. Getting dressed panties were out of the question as she donned the black boy jock now knowing she was fuck, black fuck anywhere, anytime and would suck any cock for sperm. Never a bra needed as her tittiie tubes had more tugging her into orgasm. Pain orgasm.

Little boy jock harshly containing her long clit. Tit tubes clamped and hanging with weights. She got to work on time. She tried to concentrate on her duties when a smiling bright young face placed some child book in front of her. She opened it to the back to scan for check out. Small fingers made the key strokes to complete the check out. Sarah. It was very early and few were in the library. She raised her head enough as she handed the book to the child seeing the small girl standing on the counter with her moms hands holding her small hips.

The mom or lady raised the small child’s little dress. The mom or lady was very slim. A small child pussy slightly red and puffy. No panties. Delicious. The lady or mom grabbed my carefully all buttoned proper blouse pulling me over the counter as she raised her slim dress and presented her bare wet cunt to my eyes. Succulent fuck. Wet girl cunt in my face and as an older lady pulled a finger out of her cunt and pushed it in my fuck mouth.

The taste of cunt or any fuck juice had now made me crazed slut. Please give nieces little cunnies a lick. The child opened her small legs and presented girl cunt all pink and tiny. Once fuck slut always fuck slut. Cunt or cock. Moms, dads girls or boy she was dedicated filth. Satanic and pure fuck for any. The child cunt was so tender and delicious, open legs presenting her small vulva for a cunt sucker. Any cunt sucker. Delicious and so young and tiny.

Suddenly the child was gone as the woman explained such filthy concepts of her morning with this child.

We all liked you at church and Little Sarah new you were her librarian that always read her stories as she sat with no panties.

See you next Sunday at church. Monday and how on earth would she get through the week?

Two slim girls approached with satanic literature. We all liked you at church. My friend her is the one that dared to lick your cunt. She wants you to help her in the back stacks and I can take care of the desk. I use to work here before my family made me church fuck. You sucked my boyfriends cock that had my cunt slime on it. Doubt you remember.

You cleaned lots of others cocks that had my cunt slime as they shoved in your mouth cunt. I have been a member for three years with my family. But my friend here needs to find a book way in the back. She is getting more lezzy and I prefer fuck meat ramming my teeny hole. She is my bestest friend from kinder school. Can you help her find the book?

Stunned in silence she raised to be a Librarian. Always eager to help. She had duty.
The teen held her slim hand mostly pulling her to the dark stacks so far back only old books held. Many still needing categorizing and many so ancient they spoke of rituals from centuries ago. Little girls determined to be witches, mommies also held in total contempt. Some daddies held in stocks in public squares being whipped in frantic mobs as their cocks were ripped away. Bleeding to death from their destroyed groins. Sinner all as woman watched with wet dripping cunts. Pious women, saintly reverent women. Now the stacks she found her own salvation into Satanic search.

The small ravenous cunt eater was stronger than she was. The ancient books that were mostly so horrendous with horror no one had filed, label or ever considered as literature. Where she found herself. Hours later, time oblivious any more since church.

She only existed to be fuck or slut or what anyone wanted her to be. The teen got close to eating her cunt off. She was so vicious and chewed. She sucked. The mousy Librarian was helpless, Anywhere anytime, just pure fuck.

The teen helped her get as decent as could be as she smeared cunt juice covered lips on mine.

Her friend all bright smiling and had handled every aspect of her library, her sanctuary for years as she hid her child frame in tight buttoned up blouses and long skirts.
She did not feel nervous, afraid, or as terrible. A little unsteady. Dear Lord Satan this girl almost ate her to certain death by orgasm. Truly pure fuck now and forever.

Trying to contain her thoughts as she was basically pulled back to the desk she had never abandoned and certainly not to so many orgasms so far in the back parts of the library with the ancient books about the horrid aspects of hell, Satan and witches.

The teen that almost destroyed her gaping cunt, chewing her cunt. She really liked this teen. It was already time to close the library, past time really. The teen cunt chewing slime slurping scrambled her cell number as they started to leave and let me close. Fuck the library as he raced to grab the two girls just as the elevator door opened. Totally lost in lust she grabbed her cunt destructive teen, this vicious teen that loved cunt slime. Can you stay over?

The teen friend grinned, left them be. Her friend was to harsh on her tender cunt flesh. They licked each other for years, pulled and tugged on tits hoping they would be like the popular girls. Just young and horny. Full of wonder with horny little pussy. Hairless young cunt discovering puberty, slim tiny and tittless as they tugged.

The teen had no real place to live as they talked in the back of cab. I have stayed with my bestest friend for two years now and she likes me but not always. She says I hurt sometimes. I don’t mean to hurt her.

The Librarian so mousey and smaller than this teen she listened to with no place to live, her very best friend did not want her cunt chewed. The mouse sighed as she paid enough to the cab driver to get the other teen safely home. The Librarian unlocked her door and pulled the taller slim teen in with strength she did not know she had.

Before the door was shut she stripped naked, ripping the taller slim teen nude until the floor just inside her apartment had a disarray of garments as the Librarian finally closed the door, locked it and shove two of her slim fingers deep in the practically hairless teen pussy. God had created perfection.

Tender young perky teen titties with coral cones nipples on such a slim body. She was barely able to lead the girl to her bedroom explaining it was the only one, she could not afford any bigger and was making excuses to the teen about the sparseness, only one TV that was very old and worked occasionally if you hit the right side. All the while she had two fingers up the teens cunt hole like a leash guiding her around.

The small precious cunt chewer shivered having a violent orgasm. The slim marvel must be tired as she removed her fingers and got the girl body to her bed, covered all warm and comfy. The moan startled her and quickly turned back to make sure the slim thing was OK. The next moan was clearer. MORE!

The slim perfection had already thrown the warm covers off and laid naked and squirming. Tiny perfection of young titties and slim so trim the Librarian got her first glimpse of the teens small, beginning hips. Not a teen.

What do you want dear? What do you need? The teen whimpered in struggling hoarseness. Finally the entire needs of this perfection was extremely clear as she grabbed the hand of the Librarian and self-fisted her cunt hole with someone else’s hand, arm. Her kinder friend would never dare. Fear of harm to her friend for years.

More mommy please? What? Mommy? What the hell? Is there no end to the filth fuck life she now had? She was the fuck meat piece of shit whore, she loved every aspect of the concepts, pure fuck anywhere and anytime she would present her holes for fuck. Now cum craving mouth to be her face cunt. Her gaping purple abused ass cunt on her tiny ass. Open, ready like the slut fuck she was.

Her slim arm was being used like a dildo as the teen pulled her in. Hairless pussy as she gazed at the convulsing pumping young pelvis. Not a teen yet.

They cuddled and finally slept. The librarian woke to smells of coffee and something sizzling in a pan she never used ever. The slim perfection was nude and letting sizzling hot splatters of grease sting her slim body. She was using never used plastic things the librarian only remembered as a gift from her mommy.

She managed to stumble after all the orgasms she had last night on weak shaky legs. She hugged the slim body she had wished she had. Licked a tender pink ear and kissed the slim neck.

“Tell me how old you really are?”

As she brushed the soft hair off the shoulders. She fondled the tiny ass and demanded an answer as she drove two fingers up the slim ass.

“Tell me slut!”

My cunt chewing girl that made me so exhausted. Your little pussy is not old enough to be a teen! Tell me my slut!

Four fingers driving up her little hole she whimpered I am sorry.

“Tell me you cunt chewer!”

You really like this don’t you? Yes mommy.

Why mommy little cunt chewer? The slim body with only young perky titties for handles on her slim body sagged with hot grease that had now cooled.

I turned twelve last month. Please forgive me. The librarian swooned and held the slim taller body little girl, embraced the slim wonder she now new was still child. Perky young titties and puffy bulging little pussy mound. Every aspect of this child girl was better developed than she would ever be. Now where did you get this food!

I am sorry mommy. Mommy again. I went out early and sucked three guys off for ten dollars each as they hurt my titties. Not so much sucking as they rammed fucked my mouth until they came. I did not want my tee to get wet, so I swallowed all three loads of sperm. But I was two dollars short and the kind man at the store let me be his fuck, that’s why my cunnie is wet.

He gave me fifty dollars and said I go shop there anytime for free. Young still child cunt, really still pussy and hairless and full of man cum. As if the child cunt slime was not already sublime. She knelt to suck the child pussy and get her as clean as possible sucking every juice she could out. The child girl turned the heat up so more hot splatters of grease would give her the pain she craved. Wednesday morning.

The librarian mouse looked very different as she left for work. Her ‘daughter’ cunt biter dressed her. White shirt unbuttoned, just tucked in the smallest skirt she owned. Any slight movement made her weighted, clamped nipples open to gaze. No panties ever again. The young very gay assistant was astonished seeing the always prim and proper so blatantly displaying her less than child tits. Twenty years old she looked like a tot straining towards puberty.

Except the lead fishing weights, unconfined or hidden anymore any slight movement either opened her gaping so anyone could see her tugged tit tubes or simply let the multiple weights swing on each of her slut tits. Several mommies brought little girls in for books. Presenting girl cunt for her to suck as they checked books out. The mouse Librarian no longer looked around for insurance no one could see her be a child cunnie sucker. There was a line of mommies and little girls waiting to “check out”.

Two books appeared on the counter and she just reached up to scan them when her glance raise just enough to notice two tall slim black torsos. Silky long shorts barely holding on to the slim hips. Each pair revealed long turgid tubes of man meat. All morning it had been cunt juice, mommy pussy or girl pussy.

Now comfortable with her slut exposure she scanned two books that had something to do with advanced math. She barely considered who she was, where she was or her job. Tubes of man meat, fuck stalks, sperm fountains. She would never tire of cunt slime of any age, but cock. She raised from her chair intent on showing wet cunt letting her open blouse show her slut status of weighted tit tubes.

“I have more interesting books in the back… if you are interested. Follow me.”

She had her skirt still raised to show her tiny white ass. Frankly she thought she had very little enticements other than her lower fuck holes.

One was already on his cell to someone, “Get the team over to the library.”

Get your asses over here we have white fuck meat. Nine students joined their bros. In the dusty old stacks mostly holding ancient literature of religion gone horribly wrong, satanic worship, raped nuns and church elders using their status of authority to abuse every aspect of their flock. Filthiest of filth as families ‘owed’ the church.

The mousey librarian hardly had to shiver in her own lust as the blouse fell away to completely display how much of a fuck she had become. Any hole and anytime she was dedicated. Sperm drinker, throat fuck, ass fuck and cunt fuck. Pure Satanic converted piece of fuck meat. Satanic whore now.

Back in the stacks she ripped the long silky shorts off the first slim body, black and young. Big cock to suck on, big black cock. Wet huge piss slit she wanted to use her face like a cunt. She truly wanted to be ‘mounted’ as fuck but getting her mouth cunt fucked with hopes of cum ropes drenching her mouth and throat. Thick sperm she loved as much as the tiny cunt chewing child she hoped was at her small apartment.

Now was now as her thoughts of the delicate child she had spent the night with through so many orgasms. The concept of the whimpering child fuck she had slept, cradled in her arms, sucked titties she had always wished for herself, the perks so upturned and delicate, cones of coral on someone so young. Soft bulging adolescent pubis. Succulent wet hole with a perch of cunt mound so young and puffy.

Totally lust ridden after only less than a week of church fucking by the black priest and seeing the nude families using each other and kids and all the sperm. Just the smell of fuck in that church basement made her so damn insane.

She grabbed the slim hips on the black student and slammed her face on cock. Black cock. Cum filled black balls wobbled and she pulled on them trying to milk for sperm. Now her small mouth and slim throat was now use to being a cock hole to accept any cock and all sperm. Oblivious of the bulge the long cocks made in her slim throat, now or in the basement of that church basement last Sunday. Really her acceptance to be fuck. Finally, she was fuck meat.

A wanton slut all the cheerleaders got to be years ago. Her small body she would make available to any aspect of the sex she had missed out on. Nine more black teens came back as she finished sucking the first one off for thick delicious sperm. She started to engulf the next one as they rounded the corner and came into her peripheral vision. Her gay little assistant whimpered as he watched them all walk in. Long silky shorts with obvious tubes of cock freely wobbling between strong black legs.

She was somehow lifted from the dusty tiles as she kept her mouth firmly fastened to the next hard cock for more cum and her cunt was rammed full of long cock being held up like a rag doll easy to hold her tiny eight-five-pound body. Everyone remained silent as in any library, or as quiet as the huge cocked black boys could be when they dumped sperm into her mouth, cunt and ass.

Pure fuck now feeling as home in her own library as she had felt on the church altar deep in a basement. Rammed in any hole until she wore out the boys. Woman with little girls were disappointed she was not at the front desk. They were members and been witness to the slut performance last Sunday as they were equally consumed in pure filth of using each other’s kids as fuck meat. Sharing each other, daddies, mommies’ little girls and boys.

One of her tit tubes clamps had been torn away and laid on the floor in the old dust of stacks about ancient rituals that got her where she was now. She needed something new. The big black boys had used her in the fiercest fuckings and were exhausted. They held the slim body as they dressed her in tender care. Dressed her in what she had had on anyway. She had dressed as fuck. She still looked like fuck no matter what they could get back on her body.

Each and every harsh young fuck studs kissed her head and cheeks as one tried to retie her hair. Best library visit any had ever had. One handed her the clip that had slip off during the fuck frenzy. Wednesday evening way past closing she went to her small apartment to find her “roommate” on her sofa, nude, young with perky titties. Something new as each perfect puffy young nipple had rings with weights trying to pull the tits down unsuccessfully as she was so pert and young. I did these she explained as she undressed her Librarian love sinking down to suck all the black sperm of fuck slime she could find.

Later that night she sat her twelve-year-old cunt on the Librarians face with tools at the ready. It hurts a little ‘mommy’ but not long as one needle pushed through the left nipple. The mouse Librarian convulsed in orgasm and squirted streams of cunt that had just been gang fucked in her own sacred library and came home to be thoroughly sucked clean from ass to cunt hole.

And she remained insanely horny. She bit her ‘daughters’ cunt hard that gave her streams of twelve-year-old cunt juice as the crazed preteen was an equal pain slut. The most perfect union two demonic pain fuck sluts. The left tittie pulled up in firm slim fingers as the needle plunged through with out warning this time. The pain was immense as the child almost lost her cunt as her tiny “mother” chewed her meat and had more squirming, squirting orgasms.

The ‘daughter’ and was left her mouth and was between her smaller legs keeping them wide with her shoulders as she plunged the bloody needle though the long clit stalk of her ‘mommy’. Even her slim hand deep in the over fucked cunt the mouse Librarian went deeper in pure fuck filth of pain, fuck and debauchery. Kids, moms, dads, boys had all watched her be fuck filth for the first time in her life as they used each other in that church basement.

She finally recovered some awareness as the stronger, taller young preteen pulled her body before the dressing mirror. Amazing. Her tit tubes had rings of bright silver with new weights just slightly heavier. The preteen love fondled the newly pierced long tubes and held her mommies’ legs wide to reveal something new. Her long clit had the same ring as her tit tubes with lighter weights.

The Librarians elongated clit tube hung more obscenely and she absolutely loved the horrid sight her small body presented as fuck meat. She looked disgusting and she loved it. Her new ‘daughter’ preteen reached easily down her small slim torso to pull the clit weights. Licking her ‘mommies’ ear she whispered a question in warm breath, DO YOU LIKE this ‘mommy’ as she tugged hard only the newly pierced clit tube. The mouse slut Librarian could only moan in whimper. What mommy? More. More weights. More pain ‘daughter dear’ Use me tonight. They fell back on the bed.

Thursday morning the preteen dressed her mommy and her self as obscenely as they could both be and not get arrested. She would go with her mommy to the library. The mousy Librarian looked ragged and her daughter had to help her as they spread their slim legs wide any chance they could. Some people gasped as so many more held their own children harder with hands under little skirts. They were going to the library early as they missed out yesterday bringing their little girls for cunt sucks and hoping someone might fist fuck them as they watched. Maybe even chew their clits, make them enjoy cunt pain. The church community was vaster than most thought. A very filthy minded or converted community of fuck.

Recovered from last nights ordeal the Mouse Librarian kept her chest high and back straight. Her loose big blouse easily opened to reveal her hanging new tit tube rings with heavier weights her darling new “daughter” had found. Wonderful child. Any movement from mom or daughter made all of their fuck meat display. Preteen tittties so pert and solid presented coral nipples with sterling rings trying to make her tit tubes sag.

Impossible on her young turgid tits still straining out from her growing budding body. Her vulva was so brightly pink from all the chewing from her mommy as she spread her own slim legs to present her self as fuck, but only if mommy allowed. She was mommies chew toy now.

They walked in to the library as lines of mommies with little girls were already in a long line. The gay assistant explained they banged on the glass doors demanding entrance. The line of mommies with their small girls held firmly against their long skirts and bare mommy cunts were already drenching the tiles in cunt drip. They all hoped but were here for their little girls.

The mouse Librarian’s blouse was so loose her weighted tit tubes made everything obscener. Moms quivered in line and some flooded at the young girl and her exposed young titties. Their own obscene concepts only got more intense as different uses of their own little girls for fuck exploded. Why not use cunt available?

The preteen assessed the situation quickly with her perky young titties on full display and her tits weights dangling. She arranged the line as she led children to her mommy for cunnie sucks and she slammed her fist up mommy cunt. She might be devil herself. The gay assistant was way in the dusty old stacks of where this whole thing started. Old ancient books of rituals and Satan followers. Every concept in every book spoke of the willing delivery of children or their selves to be Satan fuck.

Families of pure fuck that held parties to use each other’s children in open fields as their demented minds conformed more to Satanic leadings of filth and fuck. Girls and dogs or rams, little boys with dogs and rams, mommies just days ago so covered made their willing open asses and gaping cunts open for fuck, many begging or bleating as the rams were attracted to for something to fuck. Long eleven inches of fuck rammed animalistic into any hole. Many books described open fields with rampant lust of fucking or sucking. Some had rituals of sacrifice and death. Few thought that was good use of a fuck hole but it did happen in ancient times.

The Library closed up late again. Seventy moms with daughters in slim see through gowns that lividly reveal their little girls cunnies they should be protecting, but Satan and filth concepts now consumed them all. Many returning home trying to be saintly only to find daddies sucking small cock or boys sucking off daddies as filth form lord Satan consumed all. Freshly fisted and getting their little girls cunnies sucked right in front of not only themselves but a line of horny woman holding their own daughters’ heads against their own rampant fuck slots masturbating their selves on their daughters’ precious heads.

Thursday night few words were spoken as tender kisses turned to cunt licking and fist fucking until they lay exhausted. In slumber of morning they found each other in loving warm embrace.

The child girl with titties raced away to make coffee for her mommy. Nude, lovely and so dainty but taller than her new mommy. The embrace from behind made her tremble more than ever as she tried to be a good daughter. It was so warm as their two naked bodies melded against each other now preteen ass against twenty-one year old pierced smaller mommy hugged her from behind. They arrived late to the library Friday seeing a longer line of mommy’s with little girls.

The door was unlocked and her gay assistant was already very busy sucking any cock he could. Daddies had brought their little boys that they had shoved big daddy cocks down young throats and up tiny pink asses. All aspects of the library had evolved into a fuck parlor very open to the public. Now families that had no more patience were in the back fucking and sucking in frenzy. Any cock or cunt, any age mix. Now a fuck gathering for one and all.

Finally the mommy and daughter got home later than ever Friday night too exhausted to eat they fell in bed still with their slut clothes that let all of their fuck open. They slept in embrace.

Saturday morning the tiny librarian mouse struggled to reach pans above her reach striving to be a good mommy to her young cunt chewing daughter that drove her crazy with lust. The dear was an expert cunt fister and destroyer. So many mommies just dropped their tiny girls in front for cunnies sucks as they pulled up their long skirts to reveal they had shaved their cunts bare and would never wear panties again. Ready for fuck one and all. The library tiles gleamed as much as the church basement stone floor.

No mop would ever clean all the slime so it was determined to be polish. Filth polish was now above ground and not deep in some ancient old church. Satan now lived in the community owning all for any of his demented pleasure. His new princess from the saintly mother sat with thirty inches of thick cock pumping and pulsing through her tiny body that Satan had deemed to live. Her thirst for sperm now only came to her small mouth when Satan allowed and shoved his huge cock through the tiny horned demented fuck so her tiny pink tongue could lick Satan’s sperm from a huge piss slit always wet and dripping.

Back on earth the teen dripped hot grease on her turgid stiff perky titties looking in her mommies eyes, whimpering “do mine mommy”. The horny preteen had lost all her own mental control after the last two days in the library.

“What are you talking about darling?”

Make me like you mommy so my titties look like my cunt, my clit has been sucked out enough and long enough for you to do it. I love when chew my entire cunt but you always avoid my clitty. Mommy I want you to hurt me. Like you made me do to you. I am your slut daughter that loves you and will always do anything I can to be with you always and forever. Please mommy.

Stove off the twelve-year-old presented her cunt in wide spread eagle position. Her smaller little clit had been sucked out and her small pink cunt flesh that no one should ever harm. It was so delicate and delicious young and pulsing young cunt fluids. The tools are right here mommy. Make me like you.

The mouse of Librarian had been basement fuck while families exchanged children watching in sex craze. She had never pushed something so hurtful through anyone. She had just adjusted to making herself an open slut. But hurts her darling?

If you love me make me like I made you. The smaller mommy stared at the same tools that had made into screaming orgasmic squirting pain. It was glorious. She handled the tools in her slimmer hands looking down on a spread open cunt on a preteen. Something made her mind snap.

She grasped the preteen pussy in a firm grip harder than she ever done before with the huge black cocks or anybody ever. She pulled the young cunt lips hard and young girl had to strain her pelvic pulses as she convulsed in adolescent cunt spurting as she loved the pain so much. Her new mommy had no idea she liked the most harsh pain and she had so far hidden all her adolescent dementia.

Now the mouse librarian lost her own mind as the preteen beg and convulsed and had a violent orgasm just as she held young pink pussy lips.

The small pink child clit poked up just enough for the clamp to hold it out. Young adolescent clit she would abuse in a different way. Satan called and she grasped the same long needle that her daughter used on her. Lust overwhelmed all thoughts, Satanic fuck frenzy gave her the strength to plunge the sharp thing through the tiny clit.

Her daughter convulsed even harder in orgasm as the long needle held her tiny clit that was crimson, swollen as her young cunt pulsed. True love now. Two conjoined pain sluts. The Liberian found only one sterling silver ring that looked too big for her child. Worried about the size of the ring she slid the clit tool back and forth to widen the hole she was expected to insert.

Her daughter’s pelvis went out of control pumping so hard up and down her small clit might just tear off. The child craved the most disgusting aspects of pain she had hidden from her new mommy. Small young clit finally had a ring in it she would someday hang heavy weights on to make her clit get as long as her mommy’s. Two Satanic pain sluts’ years apart now living together as mommy and daughter.

They sucked each other’s cunt for the rest of the day. They pulled on titties and gave each other as much pain they could conceive of as they lost all of their body fluids in cunt spurting cunt eruptions. Only two in the afternoon they struggled up after all the violent convulsions of orgasm. Everything on the stove was a loss and both were very hungry now more than ever before in their lives. They needed food and fluids.

The closest place was a Thai place. The child fuck filthy had never had Thai food. Barely covered up they walked in as the empty small just trying to get a foot hold and make a living. The entire family worked there. Two young girls with very slim bodies gawked until mommy raced out of the back to seat the customers, when she too was stunned. Her Thai cunt had seen such things as she was a family slut fuck for years. No one really knew the fathers of her children. Her cunt practically fell out as she gushed.

Quick words in some foreign language one teen locked the front door, her teen status was always confusing for people that were not familiar with Asian culture. Two naked little girls came forward with cheap paper menus. Each removed all the clothing of their guest and knelt very obediently to do more. Their small precious faces under the table looking up. At most the two had tit bulbs as dark as dirt, but puffy.

Platters of food appeared that had some aspect of what they had ordered. It smelled wonderful and then the mom came out. Naked and not much bigger than her girls. But her tits had been trained into tubes. Her long dark nipples held up huge nipple rings, larger weighs and did not sag. Me slut fuck and my girls. You eat and let my girls eat. Its free if my girls eat. My body is more pure fuck , but me old now. You eat and fuck children full of cunt, they love cunt and white pussy they don’t get to eat much.

Please eat and be eaten.

Take home food was way different as the two children came with. Mommy closed up the failing eatery early to join. In pained English she shed her clothes to present herself, we fuck, we like fuck, we all love cunt, we slut like you. The night went beyond Satanic dementia. Saturday night just looking for food and a pure lust frenzy descends as if Satan was in control. Two young girls with turgidly stiff young tit tubes, puffy young cunnies.

Mommy stripping with a body not much different.

They were supposed to just get food and get ready for church next morning. But they devoured girl’s cunt, mommy cunt. Fist fucked. Clit biting to see who would scream the loudest, and all the nipple pain even the Thai little girls loved. In strangled English they could manage bite, harder, then something as their own mommy shoved her small deep and hard into the small ‘looking’ fuck meat.

Arm deep until they stopped whimpering in a foreign moan. Both Thai girls and their mommy craved painful fuck. Despite the age difference they all looked similar with tiny tit cones standing out hard. The only real difference between the mother and her daughters was a strip of dark hair right above her bulging vulva. The other two of indeterminate age just spread their small slim legs as wide as they could to make their young cunnies open for anyone. Pure fuck.

Sunday require some discussion. Two little girls and their mommy presented new and very interesting aspects of the demonic filth they had sank to or craved. The five sat opened legged in the front pew. New jewelry on the fuck Librarian Satan would fuck into insanity later. Four more naked with wide legs eager to be members or just fuck. The big black Priest had seen it all and still had to take a deep breath at the sight.

The slim redhead that wantonly fucked last Sunday refusing constraints. Beside her a taller child with hard upturned turgid titties and swollen nipples pierced and dangling weights that could not begin to pull her titties or plump nipples down. The child was intent in nervous anticipation as she raised her long slim legs to place her heels on the pew and open herself in a frog pose as the Librarian held one knee and one of the newcomers held the other making the perfect pink young hole of slut fuck readiness open to his gaze.

All the women did the same to lay themselves in open display. That was not the worst of it as he gazed out at his congregation. The church was packed as many stood in the back. Every single one naked. Quite a spectacle usually reserved for the basement. Big tits and little tits but every cunt was bare. Daddy dicks and boy cocks stared up in fierce wet hardness. Little tots being held in laps with fingers up one of their fuck holes as they sucked on someone’s tit as the families eagerly exchanged children, usually in the basement.

The priest joined his flock as he shrugged his robe off letting his long black cock tube hang openly to his horny congregation of fuck lust. The two brown newcomers could not contain themselves as they arced from the front pew with little tit cones that barely quivered as they were so hard and young. Age in question still but as horny as or more so than any in the packed church. They each struggled to get little hands around the huge hanging black cock.

More than enough length for all four young hands to grasp. The maybe youngest had no control when cock or cunt was present. Her small tongue licked the broad cock head as some foreign language sounded like a chastising mommy, but it was instruction for her daughters fuck filth journey. The child nodded obediently to her mommy and stuck her tiny tongue deep into the broad piss slit. The sight to the congregation had many already in orgasm and the Priest lost control. Sermon or service had not even begun as he savored the child tongue fucking up his piss slit. His cock was being fucked in delicate delight.

The Priest strangled out an amen but his flock was already lost as wives sucked any cock or cunt and daddies sucked any cock of any age. Fucked any hole of any age or gender. No control. The mouse Librarian had transformed his flock in a wonderful demented way. The Library was a place of fuck now, cock sucking girl or boy fucking rampant in all parts and not just back in the dusty old stacks of Satan worship books and rituals from ages ago.

The entire Library was fuck. Mommies that lost control waiting to get their little girls cunnies sucked turned their own children up on their mouths as one on several had the same issues helped of fuck fingered the mommy cunt. They all helped each other with the needs for fuck and orgasms. Satan was delighted how this community had come together. Satan had simply placed a thought or curious thought in this mouse Librarian to look in the back dusty stacks.

Perhaps she would find her way to him. Satan knew her well as a wanton slut that never got the fuckings and use she wanted all her life. Even Satan was surprised at how this tittles thing and her horrid hole her one boyfriend found disgusting causing her to wrap herself in clothes and keep her gorgeous long strawberry hair hidden in tight buns. Amazed how much slut could exist in someone so small and timid like a small mouse ashamed of her body.

Satan watched on as his new tiny princess had all thirty inches of huge cock up her cunt and her perfect blonde head held tiny horns sharp enough to disembowel whatever child or parent he saw her savor. The dogs need to be fed. Satan had been gentler with this wanton fuck turning her into his princess in hell. She arrived to be a sacrifice and fucked to death presented as a gift by her parents back when nothing had every been in her little young pussy hole.

She was so darling and pink and open her mouth for the long satanic forked tongue as she stared longingly into Satan’s snarling mouth, dripping fangs that would tear her apart in one bite. Her tiny body had looked at the huge horrid face with huge red eyes and long horns. She grabbed the long horns and licked Satan’s head with tender child licks as she presented her body for fuck and death. Impalement by Satan cock that would not only remove her virginity but certainly kill her as the sacrifice she suppose to be. She had held the long horns and licked al of Satan’s face as she sank to nudge the huge thirty cock and its huge head against her young cunnie.

Her small cunt lips strained outward. Her first fuck as she was a sacrifice virgin. Whimpering as she could not get the huge fuck stick inside even her small opening. Her body not heavy enough to let gravity help. Her small tit cones getting raw as she scraped herself against the beast hoping she would get one orgasm out of her death. Satan himself fell in love as far as love goes in hell. The tiny thing would never age and her precious tit cones would always stand turgid. She was a princess in hell now.

Back on earth the church crowd scrambled to the basement as the priest never started any resemblance of anything reverent that was their cover. With a sigh he said what the hell. Very telling pronouncement. The basement was so packed everyone was one everyone before he could begin the black mass. Kids were just fuck meat.

The mousey librarian laid her body on the cold old marble altar. Her long hair being lovingly stroked and laid out for the lord to appear. The crowd wanted her to look as a Satanic fuck as they all were in frenzy.

Few had ever seen the lord Satan and the basement came to a complete halt as kids and parents stared at the huge red body emerged from nowhere. A tiny blonde girl at his side all pink with little sharp horns. She seemed like a devil child with perky tits and horns. The two Thai children that had no control raced to her side and felt the bulging cunt flesh in wonder. So tiny and so huge and it smelled delicious as they looked up for permission, The Satan princess nodded and savored the child mouths chew her cunt lips. The princess pushed Satan to the altar as she could take of the rest. Fuck her my Lord.

No other service had ever occurred to Satan. His realm had been of fuck destruction as perversely as he could place on these humans. One little girl with some mommy finger up one of her holes began the soft chant of fuck that could have meant her tiny holes be used, but the chant began.

The huge red beast of Satan lord with thirty inches of demonic cock all wet and dripping little boys escaped to get one lick or maybe a suck on the broad head. Kids were hard to control most times, but horny fuck kids were far different. No filters anywhere as they were as much fuck meat as their mommies and daddies as all families openly fucked in every shop, a community transformed into open wanton lust by one tiny thought planted in some small mouse librarian to look in the old dusty stacks of her own library.

Satan approached the altar of satanic sacrifice with his long thirty inch scaly cock that would destroy any hole. The slim body laid open and there were no straps to hold her for death. The priest and all twelve black fuck that had prepared his sacrifices open could only shrug. The Librarian looked up to her new lord and only managed “I have wanted you”.

Thirty inches of satanic cock slammed into the slim body for certain death. Tiny legs wrapped Satan’s waist as much as they could as she whimpered to her new Lord of lust…



Satan never failed in delivering death but this thing would not die. He slammed all thirty inches of satanic using every transformation of his demonic cock that should have ripped this thing apart. The only response was more lord. Who is in control of his hell realm anymore? As wet long tongue licks his ass. Kids that should be horrified now savored his body scales and all. Little boys held on some daddy cock deep in their asses. Little girls held like bowling balls with as many fingers their young holes had been trained to be fuck so far, most not ready but all cock suckers and sperm lovers. The little ones whimpered as their small mouths strained on cock heads that just would not fit.

The Librarian took control of Satan and slammed him on back.

“You pathetic beast! Everything I read and hoped for and you just cannot kill me can you.”

She sank her slim body down harder and harder until she felt the huge Satanic cock head enter her throat and right at her mouth she kept shut. She snapped her fingers for her child pointing at Satan’s snarling fanged mouth. The twelve-year-old did not hesitate as she sat her little pert ass on Satan’s face that could easily chew her apart in one bite, but she had no fear. Satan’s long tongue snaked and slivered up the small girl cunt and through her body. The small thing that did not fear him was in constant orgasms as some of the most delicious cunt pulsed into his gaping maw.

The Librarian watched her daughter’s face for the sign when the smile occurred she slammed her small body down on the huge cock to let the huge red head come out of her mouth completely impaling on fuck meat. The child’s lips opened as the long-forked tongue whipped out licking the air like every snake does.

The new young daughter had Satan’s long tongue all the way through her slim body. They both had wide open eyes in violent continuous orgasms leaned forward to kiss. Satan was licking his own cock head with his destructive huge death cock through one body and his tongue through a slim pulsing body. Heaven in hell. What happened? Who in hell was in control anymore?

Two body’s that should be dead lay on either side of his immense scaly body licking him tenderly. Almost savoring every scale with delicate licks. He pulled the best fuck, The Librarian to his horrid face. Her long tit tubes ringed and hanging and her long-weighted clit tube still in pulsing orgasm.

The Librarian spoke first.

“Kill me or do as wish with me my Lord.”

She nodded to the horned princess.

“Keep that twit down here for your toy. I will always be available with your slightest thought, and my daughter, and your daughters Lord.”

The young Thai girls turned their small backs for Satan’s gaze and he noticed satanic symbols that had not been used for centuries. The Thai family was over a thousand years old. Satan spawn long forgotten or even known.

Your princess is just a toy and look what I brought you. All fresh fuck meat for your kennels or just entertainment as they use your stone floors as fuck exchange of any and all for any despicable act you think of. They will all do as you wish my lord. I trained the up on earth and I know you better than you do yourself. I can bring you as much fuck and filth as want if I live. That twit little princess does little for you.

If you change me I cannot return to earth to gather more for you. If you kill me it will all end as all the families want me to be child cunt lickers and my daughter eagerly fist fucking the mommies. Cunt sucking mommies, dog fuckers, daddies cum sluts all eager to be a part of your realm. Make your decision lord and eat me or let me serve you.

In less than a blink of eye a huge twelve room, twenty-bathroom apartment appeared above the Library. The Librarian, her daughter and the Thai devil spawn sat on huge sofas. The Librarian would never have to put any clothes on again and no longer ashamed of her tiny body. She merely had to walk down to her library with her tit and cunt jewelry on full display with her equally adorned holding her hand.

Every day forward the line of mommies, daddies, little girls and hard dick little boys stood in line at her new desk of black marble. The Thai family of three young cunts and taught tit cones went about dusting and cleaning always available to impatient moms and dads to be fuck or cunt suckers or cum swallow Library cock suckers.

Was this heaven on earth or hell on earth no one cared? It was a palace of pure fuck with a direct portal to hell if Satan saw something he wanted to eat, or fuck, or both. Rip mommies’ titties off right in front of the little children he was ramming his fuck meat through. His kennel had their owns needs so many were just given over for the huge dogs to fuck and then eat.

Satan has his princess and her little blonde horned head as a toy.

The true queen of hell was a small mousy librarian, up on earth that fed his realm more fuck and debauchery as the Librarian came up with the most horrid uses of humans as she got the first look and taste of some fuck or just meat. It was all tasty and she liked girl cunt and the huge black cocks ramming her anytime she wanted.

But she loved her Lord Satan and would serve him.