Feature Writer: Succubus Maryann
Feature Title: Part 3 – The awakening and the Rubber Temple
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: Transformation, Demon, Demoness, Demongirl, Futanari, Rubbertemple, Bigboobs, Bigbreasts, Cumshot, Horsecock, Succubus, Cumflation, Rubber, Nuns
Introduction and acknowledgments: This is the first time I write in English, comments and criticisms are welcome! In the first chapter we established the characteristics of our main character. I want to thank my friend @gcharis for his patience and support he has given me in this adventure. Also I would also like to thank xMLx for the permit to use the OC Dezrael, his drawings of Dezrael have been a source of inspiration. “Rubbertemple” belongs to Sabrina Blaze.
Editing by XP: Some minor stuff / otherwise, I’ve tried not to change anything
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PART 3 – The awakening and the Rubber Temple

I woke up in a huge 4-poster bed topped by statues of demons fornicating. In my head, they remained still images of the experience the night before? Day? I had no idea how long I had been asleep.

When I woke up I heard the voice of Mistress Dezrael.

“Finally woke Maryann!” She hissed with her strong voice.

“Mistress. Dezrael, May ask how long I slept?” I replied to Dezrael.

She replied, “No need to tell me more Mistress, you’re now my sister, bound by the darkness gift from our dark mother Baphomet! You slept for more than two days. It is normal, after your transformation your body needed to recover and assimilate all that dark energy that you absorbed from my thick black sperm and after drinking the immense amount of cum from our mother Baphomet. You’ll never sleep in this way again as the Succubus not need much sleep, and our bodies recover quickly, a few hours are enough on human time.”

“Let’s get up for there is much to do! You should dress appropriately! Sabrina Blaze the Mother Superior is waiting for you to get started, she awaits us in the Rubber Temple in her dungeon. She has something very special for you.”

“Really? For me? Mhhhhhh!” I moaned and my long black tongue licked my lips in hungry anticipation.

Almost automatically I looked to see my hand between my legs curled around my immense horse dick while the other one fondled one of my huge nipples.

“Let’s hurry! You do not have time to masturbate; you can download the vast amount of energy and sperm from the Rubber Temple. Move, it’s getting late! I do not want to upset the Mother Superior!”

No more playing with myself, I got up quickly, but almost fell to the ground! Instinctively my wings deployed quickly and in one smooth motion they lifted my body off the ground and prevented my fall. I have to be definitively move more slowly as my body gets used to the new limbs and parts of my body, I thought to myself. I laughed out loud while my wings lowered me slowly. My new hooves planted firmly on the ground and finally I was able to get upright. Then my wings were collected behind my back with a very fast movement.

The giant room where I was had a huge full length mirror. Finally, I could see my body in the mirror after my total conversion to a futa Succubus. My skin had taken an intense and bright red. My red long hair was reached to the height of my buttocks. From my head emerged two huge black and curved horns. My hands ended in long, sharp black claws. My face had changed, keeping a small resemblance of who I was. I had the same features but with more demonic forms. My completely black eyes shone with red vertically glowing irises. My eyelashes were very dense and long. The edges of my eyes had permanent dark shadow with black accentuating the features of my eyes. My shiny black lips flowed with obscene desire, hungry. My very large breasts were crowned with long pierced nipples. I had a flat stomach with the abdominal muscles perfectly delineated and a bellybutton pierced with a black diamond. My small waist accentuated my wide hips, a deliciously female form. In the middle of my strong legs emerged a huge horse cock in its flaccid state that almost reached my knees. A tail curled between my legs finished with a cock head and finally, I had huge shiny black hooves.

Dezrael watched me as I looked in the mirror.

She said, “You’ve become a delicious succubus. You gradually will discover how Baphomet dark bless complete your transformation. There are many things that will be revealed showing how you were blessed. But soon we will discover them when we meet with the Mother Superior. Hurry up it’s time to choose the clothes you’ll be wearing. In that closet you will find many things that you’ll like. Choose quickly and get dressed. I’ll do some things while preparing our departure.”

Dezrael’s hooves echoed in the hallway as she retired, while I went to the dressing room to choose what to wear to meet with the Mother Superior. The room was full of different types of latex and leather clothing, harnesses, belts and hundreds of wonderful things that made me delirious with pleasure at the thought of putting them on. I had to hurry up so I quickly started to select. I chose a black leather bra with silver pointed studs on its edge. The center of the bra had a wide curved gap that allowed me to expose my nipples. I chose a latex long black skirt. Black fishnet leggings. Then I chose a special leather harness with a big butt plug and dildo attached and a hole that allowed me to free my huge horse cock.

I started to get dressed, I first put on the fish mesh leggings, then the bra, then I proceeded to plug myself first by inserting the harness with the immense butt plug into my ass. My pussy almost immediately began to drip black juices, it was perfect lubrication for the huge dildo I had chosen. I introduced it completely at one stroke; waves of pleasure exploded through my body, my eyes sparkled with lust, from my mouth came a cry of pleasure. I relaxed a while until the intense pleasure was diluted through my body. I finished by accommodating my huge phallus through the harness leaving it free, drops of black and creamy sperm leaned out the tip of my cock.

With the tip of my one of my claws I picked up all and took it to my mouth; my tongue snaking along my sharp claw collecting all black cream. My stomach growled; I was hungry and needed to feed. I finished dressing in the latex skirt and I checked the mirror. I looked deliciously spectacular. In that moment, Dezrael came in and told me.

“I see you did well fast; It’s time to go Maryann they are waiting!”

Again my stomach growled louder. Dezrael heard and laughed.

“I see you’re very hungry!” She said.

So we went down the main corridor while our hooves sounded like metal stilettos on the marble floor.

We reached the door of the Dezrael mansion where I had entered a few days ago as a human and now converted into a beautiful slutty Succubus. In front were the same Mercedes and driver who had picked me up at the hotel a few days ago. On our arrival he opened the door and we took seats. His mouth was sealed with the same mask. Like the last time, he was fully enclosed in latex. His eyes twinkled at me and I could see his lust and desire glow.

The driver started quickly while Dezrael began to play with her huge claws on my nipples, pinching and nailing. My nipples immediately began to grow and leak black semen. Simultaneously my cock began to get hard; the veins around it pulsed and swelled quickly. She cloven one claw on my huge phallus and it began to bleed; my blood it was no longer red as a human’s but was very dark, almost black. She began to slide blood over my immense erect flesh stick. A few drops began to fall from her hand, her grip began to slip up high and down low and then finally she introduced a sharp claw; her longest one in the immense gap of my horse cock. I screamed with pleasure. Suddenly she stopped and left me all erection. I yelled that she could not stop now, that was not fair!

I was burning. She laughed in a cruel way.

We arrived at what looked like a very old Catholic church of Gothic style, built with stones hundreds of years ago, perhaps more than six hundred years. The car stopped in front of the stairs that gave access to the temple, our driver got out of the car and proceeded to open our door. When Dezrael and I got out of the Mercedes our hooves echoed on the stone floor. We put our coats on; each sporting a large hood that hid our huge horns. My sister wore a corset dress. Dezrael left her huge breasts just visible above the aureola. Her long finger-less opera gloves in black latex left exposed her long, sharp claws. We both looked like dramatically slutty, desirable, sinners!

We climbed the stone stairs leading to the large wooden doors, each of our footsteps echoed in marking our passage on the stone floor. Upon reaching the door, Dezrael pulled a steel chain ringing a bell. The two wooden doors opened by themselves and we bathed in soft amber light of chandeliers on each side of the door in the entrance hall. We entered what would be a small but very high living room; behind us was our driver. The front doors were closed with loud screeching hinges indicating that they would not open often.

The entrance to the main hall was flanked by statues of demons in kinky and obscene sexual positions that indicated to us that this was the entrance to the main hall. We moved, followed by our driver in his fully sealed latex suit. Dezrael’s driver had a strong muscular body and wore platform boots with heels about ten centimeters. We entered a large and very high rectangular lounge with large stained glass windows and heavy black curtains on either side, the curtains glowed with yellow light that emanated from the black candle chandeliers hanging from the ceiling.

The room had no chairs anywhere, only low cushioned furniture; covered with latex or leather, black or red, scattered on all sides. On the sides were several cells closed with heavy iron bars, the kind in which you could hear moans of pleasure, sounds of whips and cries of pain. In the back of the room there was a throne where sat a person dressed in a severe nun’s robe, black and white, who was undoubtedly the Mother Superior. A person worshiped in front of her knees.

The Mother Superior had her eyes closed, her face showed the intense pleasure that came over her entire body. We approached slowly, wordlessly waiting for her rapture of lust to come to an end. After a few minutes her body convulsed and the head that was buried in her crotch retired. The face of the slave who pleasured Superior Mother was in a trance, her eyes shining, she dropped her head back and an almost animal groan came out of from her abnormal mouth, while black sperm drops were falling on the sides of her black lips, she pleasured herself as she dug her nails into her big boobs. Her mouth was shaped like a standing ‘O’. She was nearly bald with a long black ponytail that grew back center of the head.

The Mother Superior opened her eyes, completely black with a red glow. Her skin was white with a grayish tone. Her thick lips were intense with crimson red color. Two long fangs stuck out from her juicy lips. Her blonde hair was relatively short just to her shoulders, on the edge of their front were two long horns. Her head covered with a white coif and black veil. Her neck and the rest of her body were covered by the same black habit. At the bottom edge of the robe two black platform sandals showed with many straps and silver studs. Two white hands on the sides came out of his habit finished with very long pointed black nails. On her forehead she was clearly tattooed with the symbol of Baphomet.

After issuing a loud groan of pleasure, she began to talk.

“Welcome Dezrael, I see you bring the new convert. Maryann… Mhhhh, blessed darkness lights dear, delicious … we’ll have time to prove.”

While she was saying that a huge, almost black pointed tongue emerged from her mouth licking her fangs and lips.

The slave was sitting in front of the Mother Superior, her skin was white but not as intense as the Dominatrix Mother Superior Sabrina Blaze, the two bite marks visible on her neck and legs were still very fresh. With a sign of Mother Superior hands, she got up. She wore a very short latex maid suit leaving exposed her long legs and her wide cleavage that barely contained her huge breasts. She was not wearing underwear and when she rose I could see a long dick in the middle of two large balls and her round butt. She wore black stockings and a garter belt set off by black ballet boots. In her hands she wore finger-less knit gloves showing her long black nails. She looked like a caramel for my taste!

Yummy yummy!

“I see that you liked my pet, Maryann. You can soon enjoy it, but not before I start your introduction and training. There is a quick way to give you my knowledge, so kneel in front of me Maryann.”

“Mother Superior as you wish.” I replied and knelt before her.

She brought her hand to my face and pulled me toward her between her legs. Then, with the other hand, while opening her long habit, she exposed a huge cock with heavy piercing.


“You are hungry my daughter?”

I nodded and a demonic grin spread across my lips. My tongue passed through my lips and spread them until it touched the tip of her cock. I began to lick along its length.

“Bite me!” She ordered.

I dug my sharp teeth into her huge penis and I began to suck her blood with infinite hunger. Her blood flowed faster, filling my mouth. It was dark and dense. I felt everything. Like a ray of light all was revealed to me: the powers that we had, the possibilities of our bodies, Lilith’s origin, how she became the first succubus, when she was seduced by Samael, how she transferred her legacy to the Mother Superior Sabrina and then how Sabrina seduced and transformed my sister Dezrael. Too much information invaded my brain. My eyes were filled with pleasure and shone in an extraordinary way.

Mother Superior hit me with her hand and I released her enormous phallus from my bite. My mind was overloaded with so much information that I had to digest, but I was hungry, very hungry. The coup took me out of the trance, then I introduced her delicious cock into my mouth and started to suck. Mother Superior threw her head back and opened her mouth and a deep guttural moan came from her throat. The pleasure invaded my body, my throat was now like very sensitive vagina walls that sent waves of pleasure with each thrust, and my long, snake like tongue and pleasure knots wrapped her cock and placed it between the lips of her vagina for another source of pleasure.

Dezrael came to my body and removed my skirt leaving my round ass naked and exposed. She started giving me strong lashes with a flogger. Each whiplash stroke was tearing my skin, my demon blood gushing from the injuries that closed almost immediately. The pain and pleasure of every shot invaded my already overloaded neurons; my immense horse cock grew down to the stone ground, twenty-two inches long and four inches wide, a really thick meat stick. Finally, the Mother Superior came and her whole load moved on the way to my throat quickly filling my stomach with delicious black cream. Almost simultaneously I came on the marble floor forming a large puddle of black sperm.

The big cock of the Mother Superior relaxed. I slowly let her out of my mouth, watching myself to take all of her content and keep it within me. She stared at me and smiled showing her sharp teeth. Then she waved her hand and her slave knelt beside me and began to absorb all of my sperm pool with her mouth that I had left at bottom´s throne. She made a sign indicating to lift me then Dezrael’s chauffeur helped me lift. I stood right in front of her. Without pause she got up and stood beside me leaving her nun’s habit in the chair, revealing her entire body naked. The Mother Superior approached my back; with her long fingernails she scratched and massaged my ass cheeks then buried them with her clenching strong hands and let out a deep demonic laugh.

She spoke in my ear. “You’re a very perverted creature Maryann.”

She licked my ear with her long black pointed tongue and then unbuttoned and removed my harness seeking to find my butt plug and with a firm tug pulled it out, pouring immense pain all over my back like a jolt to the base of my head. Mother Superior then sought to find the long dildo that had been deeply inserted in my vagina. She pulled it out violently, again, the wave of pleasure and pain made me tremble. She called Dezrael and ordered her to her knees. Then my sister in the dark knelt in front of me, she looked me deep into my eyes and her snake tongue licked her black juicy lips; she took my huge cock with her claws; and expanded her mouth in a way unimaginable for a human being, then in one fell swoop she swallowed all my cock completely to its base.

My ass and pussy came. A lot of my black juices ran down my legs pooling at the bottom of my black hooves. Sabrina began to penetrate my ass with her fingers, first one, then two, then three, finally felt like she brought her whole hand deep inside me. She was fisting me hard! Then she introduced her long arm and began to fuck me fiercely. Two chains ending in leather straps came down from the roof of the temple. The leather straps alone, strongly tied up my wrists, then the chains started to throw my arms up to lift them, placing them above my head pulling them into an open ‘V’ position. I dropped my head back. I could see the roof of the temple. I was in ecstasy, in a state of eternal lust. Then I felt a sharp pain in my ass. I was being fucked hard and without mercy by my Mother Superior. I got carried away by the rapture of pleasure that filled my dark soul.

She wanted my huge breasts and sank her sharp nails into breast’s skin, the deep wounds gushed blood that she took between her fingers, the blood dripping through her fingers, lust and desire welled with a dark light from her eyes, she took them into her lips and licked it with her black tongue. Streams of blood were running from my body. Then she stroked my nipples which reacted by rapidly growing. She took those with her hands and began to masturbate me with strong strokes. My demon tail was restless and played on one side of my leg to the other. Finally it found where to finish it’s dance by fiercely inserting between my labia thus entering me deeply. So my own tail began to give me blows inserted deep into my hungry vagina.

All my gaps were being fiercely fucked; only the mouth was left without being filled. Then I felt like something like two snakes over my body searching for my face. Finally two heads shaped like big black cocks came to my mouth and both went deep into it up to my throat and filled it completely. They were Mother Superior tails, grayish white skin like all her delicious body. The tails began to come and go alternately with violent blows. All my hungry holes were being filled and my long cock was being eaten by Dezrael.

For a time it seemed like a delicious eternity, as they fucked and sucked me. I felt the Mother Superior’s body tense; she released a large amount of hot black sperm into my hungry mouth and my eager ass. Almost immediately my tail burped up a lot of black sperm filled my yearning womb. Simultaneously my whole body trembled and a powerful cum shot ran through my cock horse filling Dezrael’s belly.

The Mother Superior relaxed gradually. Dezrael took my huge cock out from her hungry mouth, twenty-two inches of meat. She did not let a single drop of my black sperm go wasted. She licked her lips with her mighty snake tongue. She didn’t leave anything, not one drop. Mistress Sabrina removed her hands from my nipples still covered with dense black cum dripping all over my front body, my tail had been removed from my vagina and played back impatiently at the side of my leg. Then Mother Superior finally withdrew her delicious cock from my ass. Jet black sperm fell from my ass and my pussy forming a pool of blood and sperm from all of us, including Dezrael’s for while she sucked me; she violently masturbated herself to come with us.

The chains that held my arms up were slowly let down, also the straps themselves freed my wrists, my body relaxed. I extended my hand to Dezrael and helped her up off the floor, we hugged and we gave ourselves a deep kiss, our tongues played in our mouths. The Mother Superior laughed, applauded then called our attention.

“Girls it’s time for Maryann to receive our first gift.”

We stared at the Mother Superior then she pointed to Dezrael’s driver. He looked forward a few steps beyond us. I stared and my eyes sparkled with lust and my mouth watered, as I licked my lips with my snake tongue; just thinking that I could eat that cock hidden under the heavy harness and penetrate his delicious hidden virgin ass. I knew he was a virgin, somehow I knew.

“Maryann we deliver this minion.” The Mother Superior said. “We know that with your powerful sperm it will become a demon. That is our gift and surprise for our night of lust. It’s all yours.”

I moved towards the driver and took the chain dangling from his collar. I took him to a leather bench that was near us, I ordered him to lie face down and lift the ass to me. He did it quickly in a moment and without doubt. The latex suit that covered him was opened; his hungry hairless ass looked forward to be used. I could feel it, I knew what was in his mind, and stood in front of his ass and took it with my talons; they deeply penetrated his skin so that it began to bleed. My horse cock was fully erect; with one of my hands I guided my phallus to the ass hole and started to lubricate it with the black pre-cum that sprout out from the tip of my meat stick.

I asked Dezrael to take off the mask that covered his mouth. I wanted to hear his screams when I penetrated him. She came quickly and placed herself right in front of the driver and took the mask that was attached to a huge dildo, she extracted the dildo from his throat. His mouth was completely deformed, forming a vertical smile, his mouth was a huge vagina and he had no nose. His outer lips were wide and black. A black tongue wide and long, left his mouth. He was moaning with pleasure, with very guttural sounds, it was clear that he could not speak.

I began to hit his back door with my horse cock, it was very tight, I wished that his pain would be more intense. With each attempt I could hear his guttural groans. On the fifth attempt his ass resistance surrendered to my onslaught. His body convulsed with intense pain, his back arched and tensed. With the next push from my hips, I achieved ten inches of penetration with my huge meat stick; two more thrusts and my whole cock was inside. He cries of agony were music for my long pointed ears. My deepest kinky desires were even more stimulated. I wanted with fury, to bury my large cock even deeper in his ass. With a free hand, I started spanking his ass hard while with the other hand I sank my talons into his skin deep. I was ecstatic out of my mind. I looked with lust shining in my eyes,

“Dezrael!” I yell at her, “Fuck his mouth!”

She took her huge black horse cock with her clawed hands and put it up to his vagina mouth and with a strong hip movement penetrated him so deeply. I could feel our cocks touched inside his body, he was impaled on both sides by our cocks. I screamed with pleasure, still banging with rhythmic movements that made our penises play in every game. Finally my body tensed announcing climax. My huge meat stick came with a huge download of a black thick cream. Sperm filled his whole body. At the same time Dezrael’s juices came out too and filled his impaled body. His belly distended as if embarrassed by the huge amount of sperm that had been placed inside it.

Both of us relaxed; we withdrew our dicks of their respective holes, amounts of sperm spewed out of them, from his ass and mouth. He fell down face first exhausted. With one of my hooves I pushed to flip him right side up. His body was convulsing. From his mouth came out screams of agony. His body began to violently change before my eyes. From his covered latex head two horns began to grow. Somehow, his latex suit seemed to merge with his skin. The lips of his vagina shaped mouth fattened. His pupils took on an even more reptilian look and the color changed to green. His muscles trembled and reformed. With creepy noises his bones broke and reshaped on his upper spine. From his flat chest grew two huge melon sized breasts crowned with large, thick nipples. His arms flexed towards the ceiling. His hands grew thinner and at the end of each finger grew huge sharp nail.

He immediately approached his hands to his breasts and began to play with his nipples. His huge cock began to change growing in length and width to take the form of a horse cock as two huge balls the size of grapefruit grew on each side of it. Muscles throughout his body softened, yet remained visible but much more feminine. Finally, his feet became two large black hooves. His body tensed and turned over leaning on his knees and exposing his now much bigger and round ass, his back began to change growing vertebrae with an emerging small spike from each; at the end of his spine began a rapidly growing tail until it rose around two meters in length and ended with a pointed plug. Her new body relaxed, a demonette had been created and was hungry.

“Dezrael, which is the name that you’ll give to your new demonette?” The Mother Superior asked.

She replied without hesitation, “Brigitte, Mother!”

“Very Good Dezrael, take Brigitte and bring her to your personal dungeon, she is ready to start her training, properly.”

An evil smile spread across the face of Dezrael, her eyes sparkled and her tongue snaked licking her black lips. She raised a hand, and out of nowhere a black leather strap and a necklace materialized. She came over and put the collar on the Brigitte’s neck and secured the belt, surprising her disoriented creature. Dezrael started walking towards one of the side chambers of the Great Hall. As she walked away I could see her delicious ass wobble with every step, and her tail was moving from side to side.

I was alone with Mother Superior and her slave. She turned and her dark black eyes sparkled.

“You, Maryann, come with me to my private dungeon; I want to play with you a lot tonight and train you by myself.” She turned and ordered her slave, “You. Sinister, accompany us!”

Her slave, Sinister, quickly moved toward a door back of the Great Hall, a few steps behind the throne. Sabrina our Mother Superior moved close to her slave and I followed them closely. The heels of them and my hooves echoed in the stone floor.

The frame of the entrance at the end of the hall was flanked by two human statues on each side, each had lustful obscene positions, and were too real to be sculpted by human hands. The Mother Superior watched my curiosity, a demonic smile drawing on her juicy crimson lips.

“I must tell you about my human or semi-human statues that are decorating my temple, but one thing at a time, my dear, lustful demon!”

A curved stone staircase descended on both sides of the stairs; lit with torches, illuminating the stairs and each of our steps. We entered a room with a high ceiling. Was her private dungeon, everywhere I could see things for sexual torture. The play area was fully equipped with all the toys and furniture that you can imagine and more, all that was needed to ensure a full on endless sexual torture experience – ElectraStim and accessories, Fucking machine, Fetters Sling, Fetters Spanking bench, Fetters Stretch rack, Bondage bench, Sweet Torment St Andrews Cross, Electric and manual suspension, Violet Wand, Canes, Floggers, Whips, Wrist and Ankle Cuffs, Suspension cuffs, Collars and Leads, Ropes, Spreader bars, CBT toys, Nipple Clamps, Dildos and butt plugs (all sizes), Strap on harnesses, Leather hog tie, Leather arm bondage sack, Rubber bondage sack and Irons: head cage, cuffs, collars and chains.

My eyes glowed with lust, my mouth watered, my snake tongue began to lick my lips and my black horse cock began to get hard and grow. Mother Superior looked at my reaction carefully and pointed an old barber chair that had been modified. Two silver skulls were on each arm rest, the base and the metal structure was a bright Ferrari red that highlighted all the black leather upholstery including straps for hands, feet and neck that were placed in the right places to eliminate any movement.

She order me to sit down the straps fastened me firmly without the Mother Superior’s do anything. I would not make any movement, however, my tail was free from the back of the chair, and almost immediately I felt a strong pressure on my ass and between my labia, something wanted to penetrate me, that grew and made me feel invaded. My eyes flashed and The Mother Superior drew a devilish grin on her face.

“I see you’re enjoying my chair Maryann, HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!”

A sinful laugh came from her throat; her deep black eyes glittered with hunger. She leaned her chair back dropping my upper torso completely backwards; my hooves rose while my body was almost in a horizontal position.

“Well,” she said, “you’re much better now so I can do whatever I want with comfort!”

Sabrina called with a cry her assistant, “What are you waiting for? Sinister, bring my torture cart and piercing instruments, demon bitch! Do not make me wait or you’ll pay dearly!”

Her slave approached with a cart full of metal tools for torture and a tray with silver metal rings of various sizes.

“Okay let’s start decorating this delightful Devil!”

Without a trembling pulse she took a needle with tweezers and pierced my septum right at the base. My muscles tensed with the first prick then I felt a deep pain that invaded my body. However, the pain quickly became pleasure. Next, she put a jewel where he made the hole. A sadistic smile formed on her lips and her black tongue emerged licking the blood rolling down my face.

I shouted, “Want more!! MORE!”

Her eyes gleamed with madness. For about two hours, Sabrina did piercings all over my body. On my head she had placed several piercings; in my pointed ears several ones, two at each tip of my forked tongue, three in my nose. My horse cock nipples were each crowned with a Prince Albert piercing. Throughout my huge cock she had also placed several metal rods, and my tail now was also adorned with several piercings.

When Sabrina finished at last placing the piercing on my cock she told me, “You were spectacular Maryann!”

“Now it’s time to try my dark honey in your mouth, my dear demon!”

And as she spoke, she stood up and placed herself just behind my head while playing with her huge phallus hitting my cheeks several times. Then she turned to face me and finally placed it between my starved lips. My forked tongue emerged and wrapped with anxiety around her cock, sliding down to find her big balls and then continued until it slipped down between her labia. She responded to my progress with a strong hip movement. Then she buried her huge prick into me to the hilt. A scream of joy came from her throat, her long black tongue ran over her breasts, and her sharp nails poked her nipples. She used my tight mouth, penetrating deep into my throat. I could feel her cock at the base of my belly. With every blow she approached her orgasm until finally she unleashed her fury in my stomach with a large amount of sperm that satiated all my eager.

Sabrina relaxed her cock. The straps that were firmly tied me to the chair were released; the dildos that were penetrating me began to decrease. My dark sperm rolled down my long cock which I began to caress. Needing to download all my anger and lust, I got up quickly and grabbed Sinister by the waist digging in my claws as her blood gushed rapidly.

I took her up to the Fetters Spanking bench. She lied down exposing her huge luscious ass. I opened her legs with my hooves and with one hip movement penetrated her asshole deeply. I buried myself in the first attack about twenty cm long. With the second hit from my hips my large piece of meat was hidden completely inside her. My balls beat her long legs with each thrust. She cried in wrenching pain, her eyes cried black tears, her mouth opened wide in agony showing her sharp teeth, her black tongue emerged from her mouth with every cry. The Mother Superior placed herself in front of her mouth. She took her large cock with her hands and slipped it into Sinister’s mouth – sealing it.

She said, “My slave was making too much noise!”

She laughed demonically with a mad smile on her face. We took Sabrina´s slave for hours in several different ways; we whipped her ass, tortured her nipples and bathed her in hot wax. After few hours of playing with her slut body we were tired enough to sleep. The slave was locked in a cage. Sabrina invited me sleep with her in her large coffin.