Feature Writer: Nada Bits /
Published: 12.07.2019
Feature Title: SATAN TRAINING /
Story Codes: Young, Nuns, Religious, Squirting /
Synopsis: A young girl has a sexual problem /


Satan Training

The small slender blonde child quivered as she was adorned in pure white. Her small just developing white titties had huge tubes of pulpy puffy nipple. She had been trained for this moment. The small child came from a family of cunt squirters and she and her parents noticed the curse of cunt that pervaded the women for ages when the perfect child was only four. They sought priestly advice when the problem continued to get worse.

Daily the tot came home from school with her tiny shorts and panties were drenched in young cunt spend. Something surely unholy had cursed a line of females that could not control their cunts. The child often was brought to the priest and sometimes deacons tried to help. She had done nothing to confess as she was just always wet with girl juice.

Many had pondered the issues as finally at eight she was prayed over and stripped in front of several Godly members for better study of the child’s issues. Her just budding titties had puffed out with large pink nipples for one so young. Standing silent and obedient as she had been trained the carpet beneath her small legs was getting drenched in young girl juice.

The young child had no idea of anything but when naked her tiny pelvis would just start to pump. The unusual child’s smallish cunt meat was swollen and seemed always swollen and reddish despite having never been touched by herself or anyone. She had a dripping cunt and it was inheritance as so many before had before were born to be fucks. But this one was extra special as she spread her small legs in front of four of the Saintliest just, so the dripping would stop running down her tiny legs.

She was not embarrassed or had a clue of her problems as she was studied, and solutions discussed. Her small tit bulbs hardened as she stood in silence with her slim arms on her small blonde head. She only hoped that some cure for her condition would end her dilemma. Four hard huge cocks strained as the observance and discussion continued. Small white girl in continuous orgasm as they tried to control their thoughts and deliver some aspect of service.

The four discussed possible solutions and some special equipment quickly delivered to the child’s home. It was a suction machine with clear vessels in liter measurements to measure the child’s progress. The small thing was only eight and had already been allowed home schooling as nuns complained about the clean up required. Her young fuck fluids only increased, and she found ways to adjust the new suction help to cover her entire small wet cunt meat so her sensitive young clit got sucked in horrid repetitions.

The child no longer studied or tried any aspect of school as she languished in orgasm while small fuck meat got sucked out into crimson swollen fuck. So young with so many complications new attachments were provided and her tits buds as well as her young cunt flesh, and burgeoning clit grew obscenely. More Nuns and a Saintly Mother were summoned to assess the situation. Perhaps all was so dire some stronger intervention was needed.

The nuns dripped cunt slime as they observed the poor child’s dilemma, so small and young in constant orgasm. The family had no money for new bedding as the child lay on a floor covered with whatever plastic that was donated as clean up became an all-day duty by equally cursed mother. Her own mother had been trying so hard to relieve her daughters’ pains and often gushed her own cunt spend involuntarily watching such a small thing in continuous orgasm.

Even with the new congregation of nuns and the Saintly Mother trying to assess and make appropriate decisions for the child’s care the young slim mother gushed openly flooding the floor in cunt. As they all ruled out every religious remedy including exorcism when the Saintly Mother came to a decision that all nuns and the child’s dripping mother agreed upon.

This child was unique and needed very personal help. Attachments removed the small child convulsed causing some to reconsider exorcism that was quickly dismissed by the Saintly Mother. The child would be under her personal care at the most sacred of all places, the Convent. None knew the convent remained nude as they attended to their duties with only wimples of various shapes and colors that announced status only. Sex was always rampant and there was little concern for status when slim hands slam fucked nun cunts and cunts sucked in fields or the chapel or anywhere.

This was a Convent of pure fuck. Pure and sometimes putrid fuck. The child and her problems would be welcome in the service to the Lord. It would be some years before she could visit with priest or visit the black monastery but this one would provide so much for the convent of cunt sucking fuck filth nuns in streams of cunt juice for all so thirsty and the fields of vegetables savored throughout the country side as they were continuously drenched in rich cunt juice as fertilizer that made this convents vegetable deliveries so welcomed. For now the small pulsing child would stay in the Saintly Mother’s chambers.