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AUTHOR’S NOTES: This story was partly inspired by the movie ‘Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children’. I wanted to create an interesting back story that could be built upon in subsequent stories/chapters portraying the perennial battle between good and evil – where those who are evil are somewhat obvious, predictable, and monstrous in nature; but more interestingly, where those that are supposed to be ‘good’ are far more covert, clandestine and ultimately more insidious (more evil than evil) in what they are prepared to do to achieve their hidden motives.

CREATED: 12.03.2017 / REVISITED: 18.09.2023

Raven & Dove 3


  • SPRITE: A sprite is a supernatural entity. They are often depicted as fairy-like creatures or as an ethereal entity. The word ‘sprite’ is derived from the Latin ‘spiritus’ (spirit).
  • ENCHANTING/ENCHANTMENT: Enchantment is the term that Sprites use to describe the use of ‘white’ or so-called good magic.
  • BIRD: A bird in the language of the Sprites means a penis, cock, or phallus. When a ‘bird’ sings it refers to the process of ejaculation and orgasm – whether self-induced through masturbation or through other sexual means.
  • MISCREANT: A miscreant is a supernatural entity. They are often depicted as minor demonic creatures of a very mischievous nature. Form the Latin ‘mis’ plus ‘creant’ (meaning mis-believe). They are known to cause all sorts of depraved and villainous acts.
  • INFERNO: A place of worship of the miscreant god (Satan/the Devil/Lucifer). A demonic being that requires the frequent sacrifice of young human (prim) children.
  • MAHRING: A collective term for all forms of miscreant black magic and sorcery. The word is derived from the German word nachtmahr. (nightmare or bad dream); it is an adjective describing the process of using witchcraft against prims and sprites.
  • PRIM: A short form for primitive or primate. Used as a colloquialism for non-magical persons or people especially non-magical children (male or female). Also used as a derogatory terminology, especially in comparison to those with magical abilities.
  • VARAHIU / VAIRAVARAHI / RATRI DEVI / RATRI DEVAT: An ancient Indian Hindu deity with the appearance of a pig/swine/hog; sometimes called the dark goddess as she was worshiped at night.


The world is not what it seems. Folklore may call them pixies, nymphs, cherubs, and fairies; others may mistake them for angels; but the effeminate sprites are supernatural beings that live extraordinarily long lives. They are of prim-birth (human) but are very rare. Sprites are strange but said to be of a benevolent, gentle, and docile nature. They have been hiding all along in plain view. By using enchantment (white magic), they stay out of the reach of those who would do them harm.

The Dove is a guardian of sprites. She has for over a century taking care of them, referring to them as ‘pupils of her school’. With her, they have always been safe. She teaches them to recognise their true nature, and to develop their abilities which in turn will help them survive.

Whitney is a young boy just turning eleven. He had never been like the other children his age and with this birthday, he feels an even greater change is abreast. He does not know that he is in fact a sprite.

At the opposite extreme, miscreants are malicious little creatures. Born of prim-birth, just like the sprites, their natures are the polar opposite of their magical brethren. They use mahring (a form of occult sex power) to fuel their deviant existence. They dwell on suffering, abuse, and perversity. The Raven is their mistress and Ransom is just discovering that he belongs with the miscreants. Raven takes him under her wing as she encourages her bisexual miscreants to sexually abuse, rape, torture, and kill prim children in the name of their miscreant god, Satan.

Miscreants seem to be drawn to sprites. Miscreants are hungry for their essence; the smell and taste of which drives them crazy with murderous lust. Raven has discovered by chance that with the essence of the sprites come many enhancements that she relishes. For one, it gives them extended existence; as well as rejuvenation for all of their lifestyle excesses; and the more sprites they consume the greater the effect.

Now the sprites find themselves under threat of being hunted down and even the Dove has to face the deteriorating situation and may be forced into an uneasy alliance to save them from extinction.


Nemesis to nemesis. The two faced off.

The unnatural din from within would have been overwhelming for any human. The appalling smells, sights, and sounds are far too shocking and aberrant to be ignored. But the two of them, Dove and Raven, were both spectral, metaphysical as well as moral enemies. They both stood facing each other in the heat of the devilish INFERNO.

Dove looked dumbfounded by Raven’s illuminating speech. She saw the gravity in her words. The guardian of the ‘sprites’ was visibly shaken by its confrontational straightforwardness. Dove was almost unable to contain her overflowing feelings of guilt and shame, coupled with her rising sexual arousal and sadistic excitement. She hated that it was Raven that had drawn their situation to a crescendo; but Dove had played her part, consciously or subconsciously willing it and making the situation come to a head. She had had the choice and she had selected the INFERNO as the meeting point. She knew better than that, but there they were… Together at last.

“I …” Dove sounded tongue-tired.

“Go on,” urged the Raven triumphantly … “Unleash Varahi. Vairavarahi. Ratri Devi. Ratri Devata… So many names … Unleash the true Pig Goddess.”

Raven had struck a chord and Dove knew it. Dove looked most conciliatory as she unbuckled the broad coat belt and unbuttoned the front of her long trench coat. As it fell open, Raven grinned at her own exactitude of the situation.

Dove’s raging cock was not only fully erect, curving upwards, heavily veined with corrupted blood, but was dribbling with copiousness of clear sexual syrup. She allowed her coat to fall from her narrow shoulders, so that now both the Raven and the Dove stood face-to-face, both completely naked besides their six inches of stiletto heels. There was a moment of symmetry between them as if looking at a mirror image, positive and negative, yin and yang, supposed extremes of good and evil (but now the line was blurred).

Their femininity drew reflection in their androgyny and beauty (both with a hint of eyeliner and lipstick); their masculinity drew reflection in their throbbing erections that pointed upright and angry with perverted lust, with acorn-shaped heads fully exposed by the retracted foreskins and their low hanging testicles of furtive evil seed.

Dove was quivering as the Thai goddess boldly stepped forward across the short distance between them and closed her elegantly painted fingers into a fist as she tightly gripped Dove’s aching sexual organ.

“There is no doubt about it. Is there?” stated Raven re-wetting her red-lipsticked-lips.

“You were right all along. I had had a taste of it for a while. More accurately, the Pig Goddess had developed an undeniable taste for it. And over the decades I had secretly envied you, Raven.”

“Varahi? You? Envied me?” replied Raven, her accent still strong after all the decades, “Pray to tell …”

“Where to start Raven? Yes, it was a noble cause. The school. The training. The preservation of the sprites. It all meant something … Once upon a time … There was a safe haven. A place where they would learn, develop, and eventually heal our sick world … I just got bored … I wanted to feel something new … I needed a thrill … I watched you and your kind, always up to no good, doing whatever you desired without consequence. Your benefactor was very pleased with your escapades. The kidnapping, abusing, raping, torturing and killing indiscriminately. It reminded me of past times. Varahi was on the brink of awakening. The unholy swine … the hog whore … the boar-headed she-demon … Well, let’s say, I remembered how it felt to be worshiped. Just like you. Like the Raven. The demon goddess. The devil’s cock lady. Once I envisioned it, I started to like that feeling again. I got off on that feeling again.”

“Go on,” urged Raven.

“So, you know the rest. I rediscovered Varahi, the Pig Goddess. My alter ego. She was my version of you. Initially, somewhat tamer but still a vicious facsimile. The Pig Goddess was a way of expressing my sexually deviant fantasies that involved my precious little sprites. For a while, it seemed to quench my sexual thirst. I thought the Pig Goddess was enough. But after a while, it was not enough. FUCK! I hated you. Despised you. And of course … Envied you even more.”

Her confession had been rather liberating it seemed.

“Drama. You are beginning to remember … Varahi was always one for drama.”

“Had I envisioned the school like a farm? Was it like a sanctuary to groom my crop of delicious sprites for me to harvest? It was too evil to consider. Too diabolic. My memories were coming back. The evil was consuming me. It was time.”

“It is as we planned together. You and me. But don’t let me interrupt. Please.”

“You are right. The night goddess. The goddess of darkness. The butchering. Fresh boy cocks hanging in a necklace around my neck. I have deliberately left these memories behind. Hidden. Submerged. After a while, I found that I was lying to myself. It was not enough and would never be enough. It was always consensual. Always so harmless. And there were always limits. I longed for those secretive Tantric practices where my consorts worshiped me through all manner of sexual perversity … the more bizarre and corrupted the better … with endless sacrifices of blood and sex … Well, there it is,” Dove concluded.

Dove allowed Raven to pleasure her fuck stick as she admitted her past crimes.

“Now, we come to the naked truth. We both are the same, you and I. Why fight it? Why deny yourself any longer? Varahi is the night goddess. The pig-faced deity manifested in cock worship. This is why you are here … In this sordid place … The INFERNO …”

Raven pulled her closer without breaking the rhythm of her masturbatory movements. With her left hand, she pulled Dove to her face and kissed her hard on the mouth. It was an unyielding and raunchy kiss, devoid of emotion, almost mechanical; but they both responded drilling into each other’s open mouths with worming unnaturally long forked tongues. They ground their hips together … With dueling cocks rubbing hard against each other. When they broke the kiss, they both panted hard with sheer unexpected exhilaration.

“That felt inspiration,” gasped the Pig Goddess.

She felt the transformation begin.

“Let’s celebrate! Tonight marks the end of this age-old hypocrisy. Tonight we give praise. Tonight we both kneel before the same Master,” replied Raven.

“You were right … The Pig Goddess serves the Devil.”

“And, then Varahi, the Pig Goddess is most welcome in the INFERNO … Where she may please herself. Indulge herself in every filthy and perverted desire. There are no limits as you rightly pointed out. Let’s start with your delicious little friend over there. I am sure he will be very surprised to see you here … Surprised to see you willingly participate … Surprised, if it were you who would rape and kill just for the pleasure of it!”


Raven looked deeply into Dove’s eyes. Her dilated pupils were completely black, reflecting the brilliant shocks of flames from the oily fires that surrounded the bound victim who was to be sacrificed to their demon devil god. She could see hell reflected there. She felt amazing. She shuddered as the Pig Goddess rose upwards through the loins of her alter ego. The Pig Goddess had truly awakened and the Dove was no more.

“Come. Let the ritual begin.”


Madison had enchanted the door and its heavy latch suddenly sprang open. A stronger and even more pungent odor filled their nostrils. The loudness of the throbbing pagan music immediately overwhelmed them and through the crack in the doorway the evil beyond beckoned.

“Wait here for me,” said Whitney.

He was visibly shaking.

“Don’t …” said Madison.

But before the words left his lips, Whitney was already inside. The door slammed shut behind him.

Once inside, Whitney’s eyes found it hard to focus with the oily smoke and fumes. He felt a hand across his mouth that prevented him from screaming out and a pair of strong arms restrained him. He tried to turn, but could not. He tried to resist, but could not.

“Stop fighting me damn you. It’s not safe for you here.”

Whitney knew the voice immediately. It was Ransom.

“They will rape and kill you in a heartbeat. You must not be here.”

Whitney stopped struggling and his capture eased his hold long enough for Whitney to turn around and face him. Ransom looked him in the eyes for a second and then pulled him aside so that the young sprite was not visible from the malevolence of the naked boys fucking and sucking each other.

“I came here to save a friend.”

“Look over there.”

Ransom pointed to the boy hanging from crucifixion.

“Your friend is already dead cock meat. There is nothing you can do for him now. It is over and you will be sacrificing yourself for nothing.”

“Why are you helping me?”

“That, I am not sure of. Right now, I want to eat you alive. But, I know I cannot. I must not.”

Whitney’s eyes had become a little more accustomed to the fiery of the INFERNO. He could clearly see his friend being gang raped and whipped, his frail young body hanging painfully. It was merciless. Willow had been sadistically beaten and his skin was covered with reddish whip lines. Ransom was right, he looked beyond saving now.

He looked back at Ransom. He remembered their friendship. He remembered how he loved this monster. Whitney held him tight and Ransom reciprocated.

“Why should I trust you?”

“You shouldn’t. And you should leave before I change my mind and nail you up next to your dead friend,” Ransom pointed to the door, “Go. Don’t look back. Don’t come back. Stay away.”

That was when Whitney saw what he thought was the Pig Goddess. She overheard something about Varahi? Vairavarahi? Ratri Devi? Ratri Devata? It could not be? Miss Dove? Miss Dove was the Pig Goddess. But why was she here? It made Whitney’s heart sink. It made no sense. The Pig Goddess looked more terrifying than before; nothing like the docile way she appeared in the garden ritual, where Madison had danced and the insistent but gentle Dove had taken him anally … No, this was a monster, the Hog-headed Pig Goddess seemed demon-possessed. Whitney saw her climb up the pyre to the crucifixion. The ugly Pig Goddess grabbed young Willow. For an instant, Whitney thought she intended to help her young student. Could it be that he misunderstood?

“But, what is Miss Dove … I mean the ‘Pig Goddess’ doing here?”

“I don’t know. You should go immediately.”

Whitney smothered a scream as she saw the Pig Goddess suddenly impale the young innocent sprite upon her throbbing flesh. It was violent and brutal, and the Pig Goddess screamed like a hellion savage. All fire and brimstone exploded in the underground Gehenna.


Ransom gave Whitney no choice. He opened the heavy door and pushed him through the gap before any of his fellow miscreants could notice.

“Just fuck off … NOW! Go back to your school. Stay away from here.”

The door slammed shut. Whitney was crying but was also strangely aroused. What was wrong with him? He should be horrified at what he just witnessed. It was evil personified. Worse. For all the good that Dove represented, this was a deep and total betrayal. The Dove was nothing but a sham. But still, Whitney felt an unexplainable reluctance to let go of his embattled excitement. His little bird had never been so hard.

“What happened?” asked Madison.

Whitney was not sure what to say. He felt shocked. He felt confused. But he had to say something.

“I was too late. It was already too late.”

“Too late?”

“Yes. Willow is gone.”



The perverted orgy was already in full swing. The miscreants were taking turns milking the sprite, as he hung from the X-shaped cross. They savagely penetrated him one after another; as his little penis still stood firmly erect and ejaculated over and over with the pounding. The pleasure was torture. With every orgasm, the sprite was fading fast.

He was not the only one suffering. The miscreants had brought about two dozen prims down to the INFERNO. Already most were weakened from the sexual savagery of the miscreants’ brotherhood, after subjection to their perverted whims. Even among the prim children, the older ones openly abused the younger ones under the dark mahring of the INFERNO. Lustful screams rose as the wicked crowd pursued their unlimited thirst for debauchery.

The Pig Goddess joined Raven at the epicenter of this aberrant ceremony.

The ritual of shit, piss, and semen ensued around them like a whirlwind of wickedness. Dove was no more, as she was completely consumed by her nefarious alter ego, the Pig Goddess. Her ugly snout rose, sniffing the perfume of satanic pleasuring as she now stood before her own, Willow.

The Pig Goddess looked up at his small withered face that was covered with sweat and sexual slime. Already the tapping of his essence had left his previously pretty little face now looking drawn and skeletal in comparison. The floor of the INFERNO seemed to be a carpet of seething bodies as the miscreant boys and prims alike fucked and sucked each other in complete perverted abandonment.

“Behold my miscreants brotherhood. Make welcome Ratri Devata, the goddess of darkness … Hail the Pig Goddess!” announced the Raven enthusiastically.

“Hail Ratri Devata! Hail the Pig Goddess!” cried the miscreants

They paused to look in the direction of their beloved Mistress. Raven urinated like a fire hose, aiming the dark yellow pee over a group of copulating children that gathered before the crucified boy. Her steaming hot piss gushed like a foul fountain as they all turned to drink from its salty rain.

“Join me,” urged the Raven.

“Fuck yer!”

The Pig Goddess grunted loudly and her sparkling golden piss sprayed forth as strong and as heady as the Raven’s. She guided her bright yellow urine over the upturned faces and into the waiting mouths of the appreciative miscreants, baptizing them in her unholy bladder juices. Two young miscreants pulled a prim child forward towards the Pig Goddess, offering him to her.

“See Varahi. See how they worship you.”

“YES! Finally. YES! This is what I have waited for.”

The hapless young nine-year-old boy had little strength to fight against his assailants who were, not only bigger and stronger but were of course, supernatural. The miscreants turned him around and held him in position for the Pig Goddess to anally rape.

“Take him for Satan.”

The Pig Goddess grabbed the boy’s thin weak thighs and pressed the head of her enormous cock against his bloodied sphincter. The boy had already been raped multiple times. The Pig Goddess rammed her hips forward so that the first three inches of her wrist-thick cock sank into the boy’s spoilt bowels. He groaned relentlessly but lacked the strength to resist the Pig Goddess.

“This is the first of many tonight.” Encouraged the Raven, stroking her cock as she watched with acute zeal.

“Arrrghhhhhh,” groaned the Pig Goddess.

She thrust another few inches into the prim. Blood ran over the Pig Goddess’s thighs. She stopped and scooped up the brown-red sauce and brought it to her pig-pink lips. She licked her fingers, savoring the taste of the blood and poop … Then thrust again until the boy hung completely impaled up her cock. Filth. She wanted more filth.


Looking at the Raven, she saw that she had done exactly the same. The two of them stood, with the limp bodies of their victims hanging from their rock-hard cocks. They swayed their hips together to the sound of the tribal beat. The miscreants danced with them, some masturbating, some fucking prims, some rubbing their cocks against each other, frotting to the insistent beat.

“Hail Varahi! Hail the Pig Goddess! HAIL SATAN! FUCK CHRIST!” Cried the orgy of miscreants as they began to urinate over Raven and the Pig Goddess; as they fucked their respective dangling victims to the evil temple beat.


Ransom felt the fertile excitement in the INFERNO grow to a fever pitch. It was like electricity. Festive dress and nakedness were all around him. What had started out like a cross between the witch’s Halloween party and the last rites at an eighteenth-century execution, had quickly deteriorated into the licentiousness of an orgy festival dedicated to Bacchanalia. Some of the miscreants were dressed as Satyrs, others with masks of goats, bats, and some mythical beasts that Ransom could not identify. All were eager to rape and sew their furtive loins.

He had watched the ritual from the sidelines but now Hunter, dressed in nothing but a pair of small devil horns, and Carrion, who was dressed like a ram, grabbed hold of him, pulling his horny nakedness between them. Hunter ground his piss-wet cock against Ransom’s while wildly fucking his mouth as their tongues twisted together.

Ransom could taste a cocktail of urine, semen, and something foul and bitter in Hunter’s mouth, but this only fuelled his passion, as he dived his tongue deeper into the recesses of Hunter’s orifice. Carrion grabbed Ransom’s hips in a vice-like grip and pressed his rigid pole of cock flesh between Ransom’s firm little butt-cheeks and began to frot hard against his rear. After discarding his mask, Raven felt Carrion’s mouth hotly bitting the back of his neck. Ransom pressed his buttocks backward and forwards between his two eager lovers.

“Arrghhhh! Christ be fucked!” groaned Ransom, rutting uncontrollably whilst sandwiched between them both.

His confession of sorts to the Mistress Raven, about the wickedness of his dreams, seemed like nothing in comparison to what was transpiring in the INFERNO. All around him were the sounds of animalistic sinfulness, aberrant and evil, filled his ears. He had never been so overcome with sexual excitement. He felt on the very edge of orgasm, on the precipice of a profoundly powerful ejaculation. As his eyes caught glimpses, he could imagine that this was a complete hell to all its hapless victims; and heaven to all his miscreant brotherhood of perverted demons, as they all gorged their endless lusty appetites, devouring the unfortunate ones.

“FUCK YER! HAIL SATAN!” cried Rabid.

He pulled Hunter away from Ransom, kneeling to take Hunter’s engorged cock between his lips greedy for a mouth full of piss and cum.

“Come here!” screamed Maniac.

He took Hunter’s place, before crashing their mouths together.

Maniac quickly took Hunter’s place, rubbing his thick cock against Ransom’s cock and balls, as Slayer began to fuck Maniac harder in the ass. Maniac grunted in both pain and pleasure. Carrion too, unsatisfied with simply frotting against Ransom, now angled his cockhead against Ransom’s burning anus and with a few grunts, forced the first few inches of his cock into Ransom’s rear. Ransom pushed back harder as Carrion’s cock pressed forward and upwards filling his shitty guts. They all groaned together.


Willow’s head lulled from side to side as the continuing stream of rapists used his ripped behind, as well as his semen-filled mouth. For a moment his eyes flittered open. They were bloodshot, already sunken with black irises that were fully dilated. He orgasmed again… each successful orgasm made him weaker and weaker. He seemed to blink away the seminal fluids that were stopping him from having a clear vision of his surroundings.

His pupils stared in disbelief.

His mouth contorted in agony as a miscreant fucked and ravaged his torn anus. Looking down for a moment, he caught sight of what looked like the Pig Goddess. He recognized the Pig Goddess’s headdress as she participated in the sexual onslaught. He saw the young boy impaled upon the Pig Goddess’s cock as she danced together with her nemesis, the Raven, who similarly was fucking a prim as she danced wildly to the pagan beat. His parched lips moved but no sound could escape his battered mouth … his tongue could only lull from his busted lips as he tried to call out to the Pig Goddess for help.

“The fucker’s dying,” said Raven plainly.

She continued to slide the prim boy up and down vigorously on her rigid meaty fuck pole.

“YES … His essence is almost gone,” replied the Pig Goddess.

“Look Varahi … Look, he sees you.”

“It will be the last thing he sees.” Grunted the Pig Goddess as she smiled with her huge incisors at Raven. Ratri Devata had no need for a headdress or mask … This was who she truly was. The hog whore. Swine Demon. The Dark Demon. The Pig Goddess grunted more than spoke. Raven kissed the snout of the disgusting beast.

The Pig Goddess pulled the prim boy from her cock head and throw the half-conscious carcass aside, his body getting lost beneath the seething floor of flesh and pumping cocks around it. The Pig Goddess mounted the pyre triumphantly and pulled the miscreant boy aside that was trying to fuck the sprite’s last bit of essence from him. The miscreant fell down, his fall broken by the others below, all eager to sink their rampant cocks into their prized offering.

“Help me please … Mistress Dove …” Willow’s voice was no more than a whisper.

“SATAN BE PRAISED,” cried the jubilant Pig Goddess.

She grabbed firmly onto Willow’s narrow waist as she hovered her cock spear just below his lacerated anal orifice. She thrust upwards, pushing the entire length of her cock into the sprite’s anal passage.


The Pig Goddess let out a long and loud scream and blew her load upwards into the sprite’s guts … Willow’s head fell forward. The raging pagan beat reached a crescendo and stopped abruptly. All looked towards the pyre as the Varahi, the Pig Goddess’s fluids poured forth from every orifice of the boy’s bloated body.

“Wickedness. Oh, the wickedness,” shouted the nefarious Raven, “You are now truly one of us.”


Madison looked confused and disappointed but relieved to see Whitney again. They had tried. Tried and failed. Now all that was left, was to convey the bad news to the others.

“We have to leave. NOW,” urged Whitney.

The two little sprites made it up to the top of the landing and were out into the semi-darkness within seconds. Madison rushed behind Whitney. He had a thousand questions. Whatever had happened, it was obvious that they were not returning to the school with Willow. He felt very sad, but his adrenaline drew him back to Whitney’s side as they rushed down the high street and away from the crime scene.

Eventually, they stopped; catching their breath. They were already a few blocks away and they looked around for a place to hide. Nobody was following them. There was no pursuit, but it seemed that they were running not just from imminent danger but also from the visible atrocities that still registered in the back of Whitney’s mind.

He could still see Willow crucified and being raped over and over. He could still see the ugly beast’s head upon the shoulders of the Dove… she had been horribly transformed … transforming into some kind of night demon … She was now Varahi, the Pig Goddess immersed in all the sin and satanic revelry. It was horrid. It was shocking. He was confused, scared, and yet excited.

“We need to go back to the school.”

“You think they are coming after us?”

“I don’t know what they are going to do. Maybe they aren’t going to do anything right away? I really don’t know. BUT … I saw Willow die.”

“Who killed him? How?”

In Whitney’s vivid memory, he clearly saw Willow’s head lulled from side to side as the continuing stream of rapist used his ripped behind, as well as his semen-filled mouth. He saw the Pig Goddess in all her perverted glory as she danced, jerking her hips back and forth with a tiny young boy impaled upon her bird … A disgusting thing, long as Whitney’s arm and thick as his wrist … Whitney’s own bird stiffened at the recent memory.

He shuddered inside. He remembered how the Pig Goddess, threw the spoilt body of the limp boy aside like a rag doll as she began to climb up the pyre towards where Willow was bound to the x-shaped crucifix. Poor little Willow. The ugly Pig Goddess pulled one of the demon children from Willow’s rear. It was as if she wanted to save Willow … But if she did, she was saving Willow for herself.

“Who killed him, Whitney?”

“I couldn’t see,” he lied, “It was too dark and very confusing. They were all going crazy around me. I just wanted to get away.”

Madison shook his head and held Whitney closer but could help noticing his friend’s misplaced arousal.

“What is going on Whitney?”

“I don’t know. I’m just so confused about everything.”

Madison did not seem to want to press Whitney any further. Maybe it was that he felt sorry for Whitney having to go through the trauma of witnessing their friend die. Maybe he put Whitney’s strangeness down to all the unexpected horror. Confusion seemed to be an excellent cover story for the way Whitney felt inside.


He hated what had happened, but was equally overcome with a new kind of arousal that he had never felt before. The rape had affected him in an extremely perverse way. He had been turned on by the sheer violence of it all. The intensity. The thrill. The taboo. The smell. The heat. The sweating sex. His bird was rock-hard and was desperate for attention.

“Let’s get back,” said Madison.

Whitney did not answer. He could not.


RAVEN AND DOVE – Chapter 9 (2,045 WORDS)

It was at first light that Dove returned to the school to find her pupils and her school in complete disarray. Not that she had expected anything different, it was just being back at the school was a sharp contrast to her being in the INFERNO of the miscreants only hours before. The sprites were very agitated. They were all scared and most of them hid in the upstairs rooms of the school.

Dove quivered from deep down inside herself. A repressed memory had been unlocked. She knew who she was or at least who she had been.

Raven’s words echoed in her mind.

“Unleash Varahi. Vairavarahi. Ratri Devi. Ratri Devata … So many names … Unleash the true Pig Goddess.”

Yes. There had been a time when she had been worshipped as Raven had been. Varahi had awakened. The unholy swine … the hog whore … the boar-headed she-demon … Dove remembered the statues of Varahi that depicted her as a dancing figure with four arms, each grasping a murderous weapon.

Some showed her as human-faced and slender with a third eye and crescent moon upon her forehead; others envisioned her with two faces (side-by-side), one of human beauty and the other of an ugly swine together with a pot-belly, full breasts, a chain of severed heads around her neck and an elaborate bone apron complemented by a loose sash with raining jewels at each end; others exemplified her as having the head of an evil tusked boar, dancing upon the naked bodies of her sexually excited consorts, holding aloft a screaming child sacrifice after it had been impaled upon her long curved cock.

She had been many things to many people. The swine it seemed had been long associated with the lust for food, wine, sex … everything to its excess! A gluttony. An orgy of lustfulness. She was misunderstood by some and well-understood by others. She could be an enigma. She could have been seen as a fertility goddess, or as an ancient demon. She was a dark deity and sex goddess to many.

They offered her many things, but fornication had always been an integral part of the rituals. Her priests and priestesses had offered them, non-consensually … Raping and killing those they gave to her … To appease her!

She had put these thoughts behind her. She had deliberately forgotten them. The school’s a farce .… Something akin to a farm, a place to groom a crop of delicious sprites. Why had she forgotten? She could not recall. But now the vivid memories of Varahi returned with vengeance. She could not deny them their place. She was Varahi. She was Vairavarahi. She was Ratri Devi. She was Ratri Devata. She was the Pig Goddess.

Her pandemoniac entry made Dove grin evilly. She shook her head violently to bring herself back to the moment; back to the school; back to the current reality. The pact she had made with Raven? There would be time to figure out what to do and why she had tricked herself later.

“I want everyone to calm down. There is nothing more to worry about,” she announced confidently.

Coming out of their hiding places, one by one, they all gathered in the hallway expectantly. Miss Dove was dressed immaculately in her Sunday best with white lace gloves and pearl-white booties to match.

“Let’s start with a roll-call my dears. The sooner we get back to normal, the better. Now, hands up when I call your name. Julio, Christie, Morgan, Bobbi, Lake, Toni, Siren, Fay, Hilary, Robyn, Vivian, Leslie, Taylor, Meredith, Ashley, Peyton and Sydney? …”

They each put their hands up as their names were called.

“… Carol, Shirley, Joyce, Rain, India, Dakota, Julian, Madison and Whitney?” There was a pause. “Madison and Whitney?” She repeated. No answer?

“They must have gone out Miss.”

“What about Willow?” asked Toni.

Dove said nothing in response to this comment.

“Well, as I was saying, the sooner we all get back to normal, the better. Siren and Rain see me afterward …” she said singled out two of her little favorites, “The rest of you should return to your studies. There is no need for alarm. You are in no immediate danger. What happened to Willow, was unfortunate, but it shows that the miscreants are out there. I think for the time being that you should all stay in the safe confines of the school. I will look into ways to strengthen our defences. Enchantments will need to be recast, but you are all safe and sound as long as you are with me. We must move on and learn from this unfortunate situation.”

There was silence.

“Now, all of you, get back to your studies. I don’t want to hear another word of this. Not a single word. Do you understand?”

It was a statement, not a question. They all nodded their pretty little heads. Some wiped a tear.

Dove smiled again evilly to herself. It would be forgotten. The sprites were not the most intelligent, nor the most street-smart of creatures. They could be easily manipulated. They could be easily convinced that there was nothing wrong … Nothing to worry about. Life at the Sprite school would return to how it was before the incident.

Of course, another sprite would need to be selected for the INFERNO … to be offered to the young miscreant demons … and she would be there to celebrate it with them. It mattered not if they thought there was something wrong as by that time, Willow’s fate would be long forgotten under a dozen manicures, fancy dress events, new fashion fads, and new hairstyles.

The stupid sprites would not figure it out. They never did.

Dove’s cock ached to fuck the shit out of one of them. She would settle for Siren or Rain, for now … They were her willing accomplices. They would do whatever she ordered. It was time for a change. A change is as good as a holiday, so they say. Maybe the redecoration of her private boudoir to celebrate the return of Varahi? Now that was an interesting thought.


Siren and Rain did as instructed and waited for their mistress eagerly in her private boudoir. They both stripped completely naked with the exception that each wore a thin little black chocker. In anticipation of Dove’s deviant sexual needs, they lay together kissing and fondling each other among the many perfumed cushions strewn across the black padded floor. Lately, they had both found the Mistress’s tastes increasingly bizarre, almost bordering on violent and abusive; but like the good little cherubs they were, they did exactly as she ordered without equivocation.

The Dove’s secret boudoir was located in the lower portion of their magical school. It had no windows and only a single locked door that was accessible via a steep staircase. It was also protected by a spell of invisibility, similar to the way in which the school itself was hidden from the prims, that made it only visible to Dove and her select few (Siren and Rain). It had been their private playground with Dove. They adored her. Worshiped her. The boudoir had been decorated in soft shades of pink and lilac. Large white and pink candles flickered like fairy dust and gave off a soft warm light. The mirrored walls and ceiling have made the boudoir seem bigger than it actually was.

“There you are.” Said Dove, as she whisked into her boudoir dressed in a long chiffon gown that was open front and virtually transparent. Her cock twitched at the delightful sight of her two young femboys frotting against each other. “I feel an urgent need to redecorate, my dears … this shabby little fairy hovel just won’t do anymore.”

“Redecorate?” asked Siren as he disengaged from his lovemaking.

“Yes, yes. I want something completely shocking! I want a statement! Yes. Something crazy, more repugnant. A ghastly and ghoulish temple dedicated to the Swine Whore. Yes. Yes. Much more gothic alchemy, dieselpunk, Corsetti, dragophelic, noir … it needs to scream off the manic sexuality of the evil ‘Pig Goddess’ but on steroids!”

“Celtic, pagan, masquerade, Halloween … maybe Gabriella?” asked Siren excitedly.

“Yes exactly.”

“Poizen, toilet sex, lolita, BDSM, vampiric fetish?” responded Rain in his high-pitched effeminate shrill.

“YES MY DARLINGS! YES. You both read my mind. This secret place of worship is dedicated to my piggy filth and excess. It must reek of wreak of extreme sexual perversion. It must appease the evil and wickedness of the Varahi, the Ratri Devata, the goddess of darkness. So use whatever enchantments are necessary. Leave no stone unturned. When I return after midnight I want it to be so. You understand?” ordered Dove.

Dove felt her body tremble as it desired to transform her into her hog-like form and tear the two young sprites apart, but she resisted the urge. Not yet. Not quite yet. Instead, she settled for rubbing her wet juicy cock against their upturned faces as a promise of carnal delights and cock worshipping lust to come. Then she turned abruptly and walked out through the magical portal.

Siren and Rain looked at each other. In all the time they shared in the school had they never heard their mistress be so explicitly wicked or extreme in her tastes. They grinned broadly at each other. It would make a refreshing change; it would be fun to turn their dubious magical talents into making their secret hideout into a vile and aberrant place. They wasted no time in getting it done.


Whitney and Madison slipped back onto the school unannounced. It was quiet. There seemed to be a restored calm that seemed out of place considering all that had happened.

“I think we best not say anything to anyone,” warned Whitney. Madison nodded, “You look tired.”

“I am. Will you lie down with me?” asked Madison affectionately.

“Sure, I’d love that.”

They saw nobody wandering around on the way back to their bedroom. Everyone seemed occupied for now. It almost felt as if nothing had transpired. Willow’s disappearance means nothing? They quickly retired to the bedroom. Even though it was bright outside, they both lay down upon their wide four-poster bed.

Whitney’s little bird was rock hard. He wanted Madison desperately to touch him, to play with him, but his eyes were also heavy with fatigue. Madison had curled into a ball next to him and his shallow breathing was a telltale sign of his dreamy state. Whitney lay naked next to Madison.

Whitney thought about Ransom. He had saved him. But Whitney was not sure if being saved was what he truly wanted. He could see the Pig Goddess carelessly fucking the prim, dancing wildly with the pre-teen dangling upon her enormous fuck pole. Whitney pushed a finger into his anus and remembered how it felt to be impaled upon her delicious big cock.

Whitney stroked himself as he fantasized about worshiping the Pig Goddess … The Varahi … The evil beast of a creature that he had known as Dove. He imagined confronting her with what she had done. How would she react? She would be exposed. She would think that he would warn the others. She would have no choice but to kill him. Yes. She would certainly kill him. He would not tell her what he had witnessed. Not right away. He wanted to find out more.

Whitney stroked himself close to orgasm. It was easy thinking about the profoundly evil mistress. She had orchestrated it. She was just like the miscreants … Like the Raven … She was a demon. But why had she built the school? Part of an evil plan. Oh! Oh! OH! He shot his load over his chest and lower face. The salty taste of his semen flavored his lips.

Sleep took him. Deep sleep.


What should happen next? Do you like this story and where it’s going? Are you bored with this story? Should the Pig Goddess have her day? Should Whitney deny his arousal and expose the Dove for who she really is? Or should Witney side with Siren and Rain and help the Pig Goddess fulfill her evil plan? Should the Raven take advantage of the situation to capture and consume all the sprites?


To be continued …


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