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AUTHOR NOTES: Another, older story that I have not uploaded to LITTLESALLY666.COM before, one of two parts of the Forbidden Garden. It was originally inspired by a girl I saw on the New York Subway … I thought she was very hot.

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Forbidden Garden 1


Christopher Matthews, owner of the Forbidden Garden Sex Shop in Old Town meets the enigmatic, Sharon Garcia. He falls for her only to discover they have a lot of paraphilias in common, including an interest in little girls. As their relationship develops they happen upon the perfect scenario to realize their perverted fantasies together in the form of Sharon’s two pre-teen nieces. The plot thickens when they discover Sharon’s aunt, their mother, has been involved in incest with kin from birth; and she invites them both to join her for a special kind of sex tourism in a place with no limits.


Christopher Matthews caught a glimpse of her as the crowd gathered at the substation. He had to look again. She was perfect. Her dull pallid skin and dark brown hair gave no indication of her ethnicity. He guessed she was older than she looked, maybe thirty, but with the appearance of a twenty-five-year-old. Even without the embellishment of make-up, her petite face shone in the crowd. He liked them short. She was no taller than six inches with the low heels. He evaluated her from the ground up.

Chris liked her unpretentiousness. Her simple black jeans were tucked into her worn boots and her black leather jacket sleeves ended just below her knuckles – she was absolutely cute. Her hair was like a wild mane, untamed and free. She returned his measured stare, not long enough to appear impolite, but not too fast to appear dismissive. Their eyes caught each other again as they boarded the train. She smiled in return but quickly dipped her glance. Shy? Demure? Submissive? She held an unbranded bag tucked under her right arm and held the handrail with the other. He glanced at her small hands and the black nail polish of her shortly cut fingernails. Chris definitely liked her. He wished he had the nerve to say something, to introduce himself, to stand close to her, to be able to breathe in her body’s aroma. The train door opened at the station and she was gone.

Chris owned the ‘FORBIDDEN GARDEN’ Sex Shop on the corner of Spitfire Lane and McIntosh Avenue, in the old town area. It was one of about a dozen in the same neighborhood that seemed to attract a steady audience. Old Town itself had seen better economic times. It was sleazy and dilapidated, like most of its seedy customers. The long hours messed up Chris’s lifestyle, but he had invested all his cash into the business and could not afford it to fail. The shop itself was made up of two rather small shops joined together, which gave it more street frontage and was connected by an archway between them. The shop was crowded with stock like the usual erotic magazines, movies, dildos, sex toys, condoms, creams and gels, some S&M clothing, and other sexual novelties. The place was about twenty years overdue for renovation.

The deodorizer did a lousy job of masking the permeating funky smells of sweat and mold, while neons buzzed overhead like angry insects, flickering with a mind of their own. Out the back, there was a small car park, where patrons could park discretely enter via a back door that lead along a narrow passageway. About halfway down the narrow corridor was a locked staircase that led down to the basement stockroom. Downstairs, there was ample space, running under both the shop units. He had a room for a small bed that he used especially on the nights when he could not be bothered traveling home. Chris also used the space to store his own video equipment and somewhere among all the boxes of stock was hidden his secret stash of hardcore Lolita videos.

Chris had been the owner for over two years, during which time he had not had a real break or a holiday. In the mornings he opened at about ten o’clock and closing time, was ten o’clock at night on weekdays and midnight on Fridays and Saturdays. Trade was always brisk those nights, but sometimes too quiet during the week.

Chris had been serving a rather loud and obscene couple, laughing and exchanging crudities as they purchased some movies and toys. The woman looked like an old hooker, trying too hard to look seductive, with far too much make-up and those long false painted nails that Chris hated; while her partner reminded him of a seventies porn star, with his ridiculous mustache and sideburns. He could not complain, as they were one of only a handful of customers that night. He was grateful for their business. The time really dragged.

It had been a month since he first noticed the girl on the train. He thought he caught sight of her a few times, but it was only fleeting like a ghost. He fantasized about her many times, what she would be like to kiss and touch. She was a lot older than the girls he usually fantasized about. But there was something forlorn and vulnerable that really excited him about her. He remembered the momentary gaze into her deep brown eyes; her tiny lost soul screamed confusion between the desire to be brutalized and to be fathered … maybe both at the same time.

Then, quite out of the blue, she turned up again. It was almost closing time when the door rang announcing a customer had entered the store. Of course, there were video cameras at both the entry and exits and one that swept back and forth across the inside of the store. There had been a few stores knocked off recently and Chris had been concerned about shrinkage due to shoplifters. He looked at the black and white monitor and could see a customer, who had entered from the rear of the store, making their way towards the sex toys and magazines. Chris looked down at his novel. They would get his attention if they needed help or were ready to buy something.

She coughed in her hand to get his attention. Chris looked up. It was her … the girl from the train. She recognized him too and turned a shade of beetroot in embarrassment. She looked like she wanted to drop everything and run … but didn’t … neither of them said anything at first. Chris broke the silence.

“Er … Hi. Look I know you must feel a little awkward. Don’t worry, it’s like this all the time,” said Chris.

He smiled awkwardly as he fumbled with her intimate purchases; Home Alone Teens 3, My Sexy Kittens 62, Teen Piss 45, Lesbian Teen 52; Fantasy Vibrator, and Liquid Silk lubricant.

“Thanks,” she replied dipping her eyes and looking away.

Chris could smell her nervous perspiration and could see small beads of moisture around her forehead. He wanted to lick them off.

“Chris. My name’s Chris … don’t worry, nobody else is around. It’s only you and me here.”

Her hands were shaking as she gave him her credit card and he read her name. Sharon Garcia.

“Sharon. But you know that now,” she stuttered.

She looked around anxious still waiting for the credit card to clear. Chris handed it back with a plain brown paper bag.

“Look it’s late, let me make sure you’re okay in the car park. It’s very dark outside. This isn’t the safest neighborhood.”

“Thanks, but I’ll be fine.”

Chris slipped his card into the top of the bag.

“Next time you need anything. You can come after closing, no problem … maybe something more extreme next time? Call me. I see all sorts and there is nothing that shocks me.”

“Sure. Thanks,” Sharon said almost out of breath, and then disappeared.


Chris thought that would probably be the last he would see of his train girl, but a week later she called his mobile.

“Chris, it’s Sharon.”

“Hi, Sharon. What’s up?”

“I … thought about what you said.”

“Oh about … something more …”

“Extreme …” Sharon added.

Her voice sounded like a breathy whisper.

“Well, I am guessing you’re looking for something … younger? Movies?”

“Y-yes,” she paused, her voice sounding reluctant but curious … “How … how young?”

“Very … you want eleven, ten … maybe nine or even eight?” asked Chris.

His cock had hardened in his pants and his hand rubbed his bulge through his pants.

“Nine or eight … would be wonderful.”

“Lolita or forced?”

“Oh my god … both?” her mouse-like voice squealed with enthusiasm.

“Come by this evening. I will shut the shop early. Be there about eight o’clock tonight. Ring the bell on the back door. Okay?”



The doorbell rang just after ten-past-eight and Chris answered the back door. He felt butterflies in his stomach and his cock was already rock hard. He opened the back door to see the nervous little mouse waiting on the back step. It was a warm night, but he noticed how Sharon wore her leather jacket.

“Come in Sharon.”

Chris beckoned her inside. She brushed passed him as she walked through the narrow walkway.

“Thanks,” she answered in a whisper.

She had a strong aroma of vinegar or ammonia, or something acrid like urea. It seemed to say unclean to Chris, which turned him on even more.

“Go through and down the stairs. Sorry, it’s a little dark, watch your step,” he said, closing the heavy door and locking it behind them.

The light in the corridor was poor and Chris could only make the small girl’s silhouette out against the light coming from the shop.

“Here?” she asked, stepping carefully in the dimly lit staircase.

“Yer, that’s it.”

Chris followed her down the narrow staircase and into the basement. For the first time, she seemed to be a little more relaxed. Just a little. Sharon still looked left and right in a constant state of alertness. Chris retrieved a large box of DVDs from behind a crowded shelf and thumbed through them.

“So I guess we both like them young?” he said without looking up.

“Yes. It’s so weird talking about it so casually … as if we were discussing our taste in music,” she replied with a hush of conspiracy.

“I know what you mean. You hardly know me, yet we know something so taboo about each other?”

He handed her an unlabelled DVD case. She opened it and read the title written in marker across the disc. ‘Pervert Fuck Babies’.

“The two younger girls look about eight or nine. Very sexy. The older girl is about twenty … she coaxes them into some pretty filthy stuff … oral, anal, domination, piss, scat, some bestiality … is this what you’re looking for?”

“Oh yes. It’s … more than I expected! Where … do you get these?”

“Underground. I think they’re mostly Russian … seems their pornographers can get away with a lot more there … the production is definitely not amateur.”

“Is that why you called this place the ‘Forbidden Garden’?”

Chris laughed.

“No. It was called that name when I bought the place. Anyway, I have more … others tend to be really more hardcore.”

“Are there movies where they get … abusive with the young girls?”

Chris could not believe how elated she sounded, like a child meeting Father Christmas for the first time. The analogy made his cock twitch and leak pre-cum into his underwear.

Sharon pointed to the video equipment that Chris had in the sex shop basement.

“So, you can plan to make your own?” asked Sharon.

“Ye r… if I had models … which I don’t. Could make a lot of money that way. The shop is not the goldmine I hoped it would be.”

He shrugged his shoulders.

“But if you did … would you?”


He pondered for a second.


Chris was not sure where their conversation was going, and he expected her to simply take the DVD and go. But she seemed not to be in any particular hurry … he like that. She looked uncomfortable in her heavy leather jacket.

“Hey, if you’re in no hurry … why don’t you …”

He pointed to her jacket.

“Sure. You don’t have any other plans?”

“No, I don’t. You?” She shook her head slipping out of her jacket.



Sharon felt strangely at ease with Chris.

She remembered he had given her butterflies in the stomach; just by the way he looked at her on the train. It was as if he could see into her soul … her tormented and deviant soul … there was something that looked depraved about him and yet harmless. Every time she thought of the encounter in the sex shop, her face would flush with total embarrassment. He saw all the nasty pornographic magazines she had wanted so badly, but at the same moment, the realization that this was part of his world, that he worked in the sex business, meant that her intuition was also true.

She had masturbated almost continuously for a week, gloating over the perverted glossy magazines that fueled her demonic fantasies for young girls. Yes, she was bisexual and was interested in pretty men and young boys, but she was still technically a virgin. There was something about corrupting nice little girls and turning them into wanton little whores that excited her to the point of explosive orgasms, drenching her bed sheets in female ejaculate. Early in her self-exploration, she had discovered the need for plastic mattress covers, pooling the wet mess only intensified the masturbatory experience.

Sharon squirmed in her tight jeans, longing to put her fingers into her pussy at the mere thought of the content of Chris’s movies. Perverted Fuck Babies. He hadn’t asked her for any money? She should mention it. The video equipment was also very interesting too. She had a friend from the neighborhood that had told her about her Aunt’s two pre-teen cousins and how they had an embarrassing habit of exposing themselves around strangers, touching themselves and each other. Nobody wanted to babysit them … maybe she should take the job? The thought of these two nasty little girls on film was such a turn-on and was something she wanted to suggest to Chris… but she hardly knew him… trust was something that would need to be established… let’s take it one step at a time.

She was relieved to have slipped her coat off. The air in the basement was warm and her pussy was working overtime as it juiced up with cunt slime. Sharon noticed for the first time how Chris’s pants seemed to tent in the front. He was obviously trying to hide his excitement but was doing a lousy job.

Her mind flicked back to her pre-teen days. She remembered her two brothers, Lennie was eleven and Ronnie was nine when she was ten-years-old. They teased her about not being like them. When they talked about ‘milkshakes in the mouth’ and she knew exactly what they meant as she had spied them sucking each other’s cocks, listening to them moaning in mutual incestuous pleasure as they squirted their clear boy seed into each other’s mouths.

They were constantly sucking and fucking each other, whenever their parents were not around. Sharon masturbated herself watching them. Back then, she had hoped that her clitoris would one day grow into a penis – but of course, it never did. Then came the time when her parents had been forced to adopt one of her younger cousins, Nola, because of the untimely death of Sharon’s aunt and uncle. Her waifish cousin was only 8 years old, confused, lonely, and very vulnerable.

Sharon wasted no time in molesting her fragility, forcing her to suck her clit like a small penis until she came squirting her girl cum in her cousin’s unwilling mouth. She did other things, forced objects into her vagina, fucked her sphincter with hair brush handles, toothbrushes, and thick crayons – all the time telling her that if she ever told on her, she’d hurt her and get her thrown out.

Who would her parent believe? Sharon was a complete angel in her parent’s eyes. She made her cousin drink her pee and even eat her shit. What fun it was to masturbate upon her face and pinch her nipples as she wailed in humiliation and pain. Sharon became completely obsessed and preoccupied with the girl’s domination. It was all she thought about. One day, her cousin ran away from home, never to be seen again. Sharon was miserable about what she had done. She felt profoundly guilty. She thought she was evil — a very bad person.

She began to cry to herself.

“What’s the matter?” Chris asked thinking he’d done something wrong.

“I’m a bad person. I think if you really knew me, you would not be this nice to me.”

She told him about her experiences with her family, about what she had done to poor little Nola, and how evil she was. As Chris listened to her story his cock ached from excitement. He put his arms around her and drew her close to him. She could feel his erection against her leg — bad or not she knew Chris wanted her. She moved her leg against his bulge.

“Maybe, I was hoping that you’re as bad as me?”

“Maybe I am,” Hh softly moaned into her ear.

“Then show me some of the other DVDs in your collection – show me something bad that turns you on Chris?” Sharon asked without thinking.

As the words left her lips she hesitated with anticipation – it was not like her to ever suggest anything, and she didn’t want to spoil this thing with Chris before it had begun.

“You would like to do that?” Chris’s sounded childishly excited to Sharon.

“Mmmmm … yes I would like to see something debauched. Something wicked. Show me your bad side.”

Sharon put his hand inside her t-shirt so that his fingers and palm rubbed against her bra-less chest; mashing them against her stiff little nipples. Her tits were no bigger than fried eggs, but she had Chris’s complete attention. At the same time, her fingers groped at the bulge in his trousers, squeezing his erection through the thin material of his pants. Chris let out an unconscious groan and humped her hand.

“Maybe we could pretend to be brother and sister, fouling around for the first time. Our deeply religious parents are away on a church retreat and maybe we’re supposed to kneel by the bed and say our prayers. Only thing, we’re both naked and masturbating ourselves thinking about incest.”

“Oh, Chris, you’re a bad boy. The devil must be between your legs. I hope you’re going to give me a milkshake in the mouth!” answered Sharon sliding out of her jeans.

“Oh, little Sister, you don’t know how long I’ve waited to do this to you.”

They kissed briefly – their eager tongues fucking each other’s mouths.

“Oh, big Brother, only after you’ve put it in my tight little botty.”

Chris pulled his pants and underwear off and the pair looked at each other completely naked.

“Mmmmm … my botty is so dirty! I never clean it properly. Will you lick it for me? Taste how nasty it is? Stick your brotherly tongue in my brown hole. I love it up the shitter!”

Chris grabbed her and turned her around so that his penis rubbed between her butt cheeks. Sharon’s hands pulled him against her as she ground her anus against the underside of his six-inch cock. She pulled away and lay on the bed. Chris was panting deeply as he watched her masturbate with two fingers.

“Maybe my big brother can give me a piss bath in his bed. Soak me in your pee and make me drink it for you?”

“If that’s what my little Sister wants?” he answered.

“After we watch one of the movies you found in Daddy’s closet.”

He liked how she continued the incest role-play; incorporating in her desire to watch something debauched. Chris picked out one of his all-time favorites; a movie called ‘Satanic Abuse’ and pushed the DVD into the player. He grabbed the remote control and pressed the play button.

The flat screen filled with the image of an Episcopalian setting overlaid with trappings of satanic rite. Predictably there are four acolytes dressed in long black robes with deep hoods that conceal their identity as they gather around a low ensanguined altar, where the lithe body of the young naked boy was spread-eagled across it – his face covered in a demonic mask. The acolytes chant in Latin that echo in the hollowness of their candle-lit sepulcher. The fifth figure, much smaller than the others joined the circle, standing between the spread legs of the young sacrifice.

The acolytes remove her robe to reveal a pre-teen girl, maybe nine or ten, her face still disguised in a similar demonic mask. She reaches with her small hands she begins to play with the boy’s hairless genitals, making him excited and erect. The acolytes encourage her to take his penis into her mouth whilst masturbating him. Now it is the acolytes’ turn, they shed their robes revealing their naked teen bodies beneath.

All had acomoclitic genitals and waifish slender bodies; though there are two boys and two girls; the boys were androgynous and the girls were completely flat-chested – all wore devil masks with horns. They began masturbating themselves and each other girls touching boys, girls touching girls, and boys touching boys. They helped the pre-teen up onto the altar where she began to urinate into a chalice held by one of the female acolytes – each of them drank from the chalice and licked the pre-teen’s tiny vagina.

The lewdness of the movie had Sharon bucking against Chris’s fingers that were buried knuckle-deep in her pussy.

“This is so hot! I want to fuck children …” she moaned as her hand moved the fleshy skin of Chris’s cock up and down, taking it into her mouth and then licking at the strings of pre-cum.

“It gets even more perverted …”

“Brother … I want you to piss in my mouth … NOW!”

Sharon’s palm pressed against his bladder and was rewarded with an acrid squirt of hot pee. She kissed him, making sure he could taste himself in her mouth. She pressed again, this time his urine squirted over them both as she guided his cock toward their faces. The strong smell of urea filled the air.

“I love you, brother. Cum in your sister’s cunt and make her pregnant, so we can have a baby to fuck!”

Sharon climbed upon Chris’s lap and pissed over his cock before guiding it into her bawd cunt. They positioned themselves, so they could clearly see the movie as Chris thrust into Sharon.

The four teens had progressed to taking turns at oral sex on both of the children before positioning them ready for intercourse with each other. The young girl sat on top of the boy and they pulled their masks away showing their faces as the boy penetrated the girl; their facial similarities made it obvious that they were in fact twins, one girl and one boy; joined in wicked sexual celebration of Io Pan; the Orphic Pan, the Baphomet, Lucifer the Morning Star.



Chris and Sharon had dated for quite a while before Chris eventually moved into Sharon’s rundown apartment on the thirteenth floor. They fucked to perverted child porn almost every night, eating each other’s filth and drinking cocktails of alcohol, urine, and semen. Sharon loved to play with her menstrual blood and Chris videoed her blasphemously fucking sacred objects while covered in her periods. He loved anal sex with her, sticking his slimy shit-coated pole into her mouth after he cum deep in her bowels, sucking his semen out of her filth-unwashed crack. They slept in their own feces, waking after a night of filthy sex with bits of dried shit all over themselves. He would never leave her and she had found her match.

They kept a very low key around the neighborhood and groomed a reputation of a respectable couple. Sharon had complications and found that getting pregnant was not so easy, but they both had other plans. Chris had learned about Sharon’s cousins or second cousins, he could not remember the exact relationship; maybe they weren’t related at all; all he was sure about was that few would offer to babysit them anymore. Chris and Sharon did not want to appear overly keen; he thought it best to play it cool; until he had to admit, he couldn’t wait any longer.

Sharon accepted the request to babysit her two preteen cousins’, Lillian aged nine, and Viviane aged eight, for the weekend and Chris prepared the video equipment for their new adventure. Her Aunt Stephanie delivered the children together with their little Mickey Mouse rucksacks — one purple and one pink. They had matching nightgowns and toothbrushes.

Chris was surprised at Sharon’s Aunt Stephanie, she must have been very young when she had her kids and was dressed scantily for the tropical destination for their Thailand getaway.

“So you’re the new man? Chris. I heard so very little about you. Sharon, you’ve been keeping him from us! When we get back you must join us for a get-together.”

Sharon was almost pushing her out the door.

“Yes, Aunt Stephanie. We just like to keep to ourselves. You know. Anyway, you and Uncle Stephen have a great time. Don’t worry about Lillian and Vivian.”

“I’m not worried about them. I’m more about you too! Now, Lillian and Viviane, you both behave yourselves. You listen to your cousin, Sharon. And you be polite to Chris. Okay? You’ve got my mobile number right?”

“Yes, we have.”

Sharon held up her phone. The girls both nodded and jumped on the couch in front of the large flat screen.

“Can we watch cartoons mummy?” asked Viviane.

“That’s up to Sharon. And no jumping around. No talking back. No misbehaving. If Sharon tells me you have been good, then you’ll both get a nice surprise when I get back.”

Stephanie hugged Sharon and kissed Chris on the cheek. She smiled at the both of them and then disappeared out into the hallway.

Chris switched the cable channel to Cartoon Network and the girls settled down. Sharon and Chris looked at each other. They looked at the clock, it was now seven o’clock and already dark outside the windows. They had planned to give her Aunt at least half an hour on the road before they began anything; a whole two days and three nights ahead; yet it was so difficult not to get excited immediately.

“Let them get used to the place. Draw the blinds. Maybe video them watching television, so that become accustomed to the video being on,” whispered Sharon eagerly.

Chris videotaped Lillian and Vivian on the couch. They smiled and waved to the camera and then returned to the cartoon show, their eyes glued to the screen. At exactly seven-thirty in the evening, Sharon rang her Aunt’s mobile and checked on their progress.

“Yes, everything is okay. Just wanted to make sure you both made your flights on time?” Said Sharon into the handset. Chris listened nearby, but couldn’t hear what Sharon’s Aunt was saying. “Yes, I will remember, bath at eight o’clock and bed at eight-thirty got it? See you in a week’s time. Have fun in Pattaya. Bye.”

Sharon whispered in Chris’s ear, “They are already at the airport … let’s get started.”

She unbuttoned the front of her robe and smiled salaciously at Chris. They kissed each other in front of the girls, their tongues probing each other’s mouths. Lillian and Vivian turned away from the cartoons. They could see that their cousin Sharon was naked beneath her robe. Sharon turned to the girls.

“Are we going to have some fun this week together?” they both nodded, “Now can you both keep a secret?” again Lillian and Vivian nodded, “If mummy and daddy ask, tell them it was very boring at Sharon’s house and that nothing much happened … can you do that?”

“Yes, we can,” answered Lillian already touching herself beneath her purple nighty.

“Well as it’s almost bath time, shall we get out of those troublesome clothes? I have a good idea, while you’re staying with Chris and me, why don’t you call me your play mummy and call Chris, your play daddy … can you do that?”

The girls nodded vigorously and both squealed with joy as they pulled their nightgowns over their heads, immediately leaving them wherever they fell. Chris kept the video camera rolling, zooming in on their naked little mons, and then collected up the loose clothing. If he had his way, it would be the last time that they wore anything until the morning before their real mummy and daddy returned.

“Come and sit with play mummy before your bath girls, Daddy is going to take some pictures of the three of us all playing together. Remember this is our secret … cross your heart and hope to die?”

The naked girls made the ‘sign of the cross’ on their flat little chests and then clambered onto the wide settee arms with Sharon, who was also now completely naked. Skin against skin. Sharon held them in her arms and then positioned them in lewd poses with their legs wide open, kissing them on their tiny nipples and private parts making her pussy drip with bawdiness. Sharon had shaved her pussy hair into an inverted cross and she got the girls to stroke it for the camera, then taking their small fingers, she encouraged them to play with moist labia and protruding clitoris. Lillian touched herself and Sharon, grinding against her own naughty fingers. Not wanting to be outdone, Viviane followed her lead, groaning in self-pleasure. Chris kept the tape rolling and could not believe his eyes.

“Look at the camera Lillian and Vivian, smile for play Daddy. Look what you’ve done to his penis – it’s getting big in his pants. It must hurt, all stuffed up in there. Shall we get it out for him? Wouldn’t it be fun for play daddy to ‘nudie’ like us?”

Lillian and Vivian chorused with an emphatic yes. And Chris passed the camera to Sharon. The girls crawled across to Chris. He had unzipped his flies and the girls eagerly fished inside his crotch to touch his cock. He moaned into the camera, feeling their little fingers wrap around his sweaty girth, rubbing it between them and enjoying this new depraved game.

“I think Lillian and Vivian like doing nasty things, don’t you?” Viviane nodded, “And Daddy likes what you are doing to him. He looks so happy. Why don’t you kiss Daddy’s nasty big thing, he really likes it when you kiss it and rub it at the same time. It’s called a cock. Can you say ‘sucking daddy’s cock’ for the video?”

“Look mummy, we’re sucking daddy’s cock,” said Lillian, licking Chris’s shaft like a practiced whore.

Chris groaned, almost passing out in pre-orgasmic delight. They’re little succubi.

Sharon pressed the play button on the DVD.

“Hey, look at the movie that mummy is playing for you … it’s all about what young girls, like you can do with their play mummy and daddy when you sleepover.”

The movie showed several young girls about the same age as Lillian and Viviane playing happily and naked, touching each other in their private places; tongue kissing each other, and rubbing their mons together in frottage. Soon an older boy and girl join them, the boy was erect and both lay down with the children.

“Look it’s their play Mummy and Daddy come to play sex games with their children. I think they’re all going to touch themselves and have a good time.”

“He’s got a big thing, like our play Daddy. Are they going to suck their daddy’s cock too?” Lillian was learning fast and Sharon laughed.

“Yes, I think they will. And the daddy is going to fuck his children. He’s going to stick his cock in their cunts and botties. That’s going to be a lot of fun too.”

“What’s a cunt, Sharon?” asked Lillian.

“Remember, I am now play mummy … and this is my cunt,” replied Sharon pushing her finger into her pussy, “Taste mummy’s cunt.”

She offering her wet finger to Lillian. Lillian sucked it instantly.

“Can I taste mummy’s cunt too?” asked Viviane.

“Yes darling, of course, you can,” said Sharon, rubbing herself against her palm as her finger twisted into her fuck hole … offering Viviane a finger coated in her vaginal fluids she added, “Can I taste yours now?”

“Of course, Mummy. We were hoping you’d want to,” answered Lillian putting her small finger into her hole.

“No, Lillian. I have a better way to taste you. I want you to come and sit on Mummy’s face, and I can taste you with my mouth and tongue. It feels really good when your mummy licks your cunt out, darling.”

Sharon lay down across the couch. Chris was taking videos and stills, trying not to miss a thing. Lillian climbed across Sharon’s chest and sat directly over her cousin’s face. Sharon wormed her tongue inside her wet small vagina, surprised to find it wasn’t as tight as she had expected; and by the amount of fluids descending into her mouth, she could tell that Lillian was very excited.

“Maybe, if Daddy puts the video on the tripod, he can do the same for Viviane?” said Sharon between burrowing into the pre-teen girl.

Chris wasted no time getting involved. Soon Viviane was on her knees over Chris’s face, as he lapped the nectar from the young girl’s pussy.

Lillian was the first to cum on Sharon’s face. She groaned and fell forward in orgasmic delight. Chris could see Sharon frigging herself frantically as she lapped up the girl’s cum. Her sister was minutes behind her, making even more squealing noise as her baby cream squirted into Chris’s greedy mouth. It was the most delicious fluid he had ever encountered. His hand was a blur, rubbing himself into a powerful ejaculation. All of them were in perverted heaven.



Sharon awoke early on the morning of their last day. The bedroom still stunk strongly of their sexual activities. In a few hours, her Aunt Stephanie and Uncle Stephen would be there to pick up the girls. She was missing them already. Their naked bodies lay inches away. She ran her hand gently across Lillian’s smooth pubic mound. Lillian moaned softly and turned in her sleep. She placed her mouth over Viviane’s tiny nipple and sucked on it for a while.

The video camera must have caught hours of their sexual escapades – from the first night when both girls took turns riding Chris’s cock, it had crossed Sharon’s mind that this was not the first time they had done this. It was conceivable that they had lost their virginity by masturbating with various household objects that could have penetrated their tiny hymens; but it made her wonder if their play mummy and daddy, were not the first adult sexual partners the girls had encountered. They had not volunteered anything in this regard, but their eagerness and sexuality seemed so advanced for the years.

Sharon remembered what it was like for her at that tender age, how she had been masturbating since the age of seven, and by eight and nine was more than practiced at getting herself to cum; be it against the roughness of the carpet, her shampoo bottle, her mother’s back massager, her dolls foot, her bedpost, her roll-on underarm, her crayons, her mother’s lipstick and an assortment of phallic vegetables from the refrigerator.

She remembered her first sexual encounter with the girl next door. They had been sheepishly playing ‘dare and double dare, kiss, command or promise’ that started out with rather naive touching and kissing, but Sharon had escalated it to oral sex and mutual masturbation. The game continued for several weeks increasing in the sexuality at every new encounter that included a couple of sleepovers. But then her family moved away, and Sharon was once again on her own again.

Her second partner had been two brothers. She used the same approach to initiate and sexualize their playtime. They had both been very shy and naïve. Sharon had liked that she knew more than they did; maybe that was where the feeling of cohesion and corruption had begun. She had been very eager to make their little pricks stiff; to suck them; to put them inside her. The first time, they both chickened out. But within a day or so, the two of them were back at it with Sharon. She blew them both and then got them to blow each other. The threesome continued almost all summer.


Chris answered the doorbell. He welcomed Sharon’s Aunt into their less-than-modest apartment. From the hallway, she could see her two young girls were both idly lying on the floor in front of the giant flat screen, their attention focused on cartoons. Sharon had dressed them and they were both wearing their matching white shirts, short plaid skirts, and little white socks.

“Hi, Stephanie. So how was Bangkok?” Chris asked casually, trying his best to remember the general destination.

“Very exciting. But it was Pattaya; which is about two hours drive from Bangkok. It’s more on the coastal side. Interesting place.”

Sharon hugged her Aunt and kissed her on the cheek. There was an unexpected warmth in her aunt’s embrace and Sharon realized that having sex with her children had changed the way she saw Stephanie. She never thought it possible, but she envied the closeness that motherhood could bring. She had always sexualized the experience from breastfeeding to nappy-change, but the past few days brought a more emotional dimension to it all and the desire to corrupt an innocent child, turn a little angel into a little demon, became a very powerful motivator in her sexuality. It had been an eventful weekend of new and powerful discoveries.

“Steve and I had a great time. I must tell you all about it sometime. Pattaya is an amazing place. It’s a paradise, yet filthy and squalid at the same time. There’s lots of nighttime entertainment. You can never get bored there. We met some interesting new friends too. And what about the two of you? You both had fun with the girls?”

“They did as they were told and we had lots of fun together. We loved having them here. Jillian, Viviane – look your mother is here.”

The girls turned from the cartoons, both squealed loudly, and ran to cuddle their mother.

“Thank you again for taking care of them for us. You know how difficult it is finding babysitters for these two … and … everything was okay?”

“Yes, Auntie. Jillian and Viviane are lovely, they can stay with us whenever they like,” answered Sharon, bending done to give them both a hug, “We’re going miss you both.”

The girls kissed and hugged Sharon. Her cunt was getting wet instantly.

“Please Sharon, call me Stephanie. ‘Aunt’ sounds so old. We’re more like sisters, don’t you think?” Stephanie kissed Sharon gently on the lips and hugged her, “Sisters?”

“Sisters,” answered Sharon accepting the affection, and felt an attraction she hadn’t noticed before.

“Come girls, say thanks to Auntie Sharon. It’s a school day tomorrow, got to get you back before you’re missed. Thanks again, Chris. Thanks … Sis.”

The girls waved goodbye and Stephanie collected the girls and their rucksacks and disappeared out the door.

“I think your Aunt Stephanie was coming onto you?”

“Did you think so? It did feel kind of sexual as she kissed my mouth.”

“Mmmm … Sexy thoughts …”

“You don’t think that they do sexual things with their daughters? Incest? I mean, the girls didn’t say anything? I just get the feeling that they have been sexual with adults before. Could it be them?”


Chris and Sharon arrived at last.

Sharon wasn’t sure what to expect. She thought it might be one of those horrible family gatherings, where her Auntie Stephanie’s house would be filled with family she either did not like or was not close to, but as they walked up the driveway, the girls rushed out to greet them. Sharon embraced Lillian and Chris lifted Viviane off the ground into his arms. Lillian kissed Sharon directly on the mouth. It caught Sharon by surprise and had her checking to make sure that nobody was watching. The two girls held their hands and dragged them up the pathway to the two-story townhouse. The sun was warm but the air was just getting cooler outside.

The house was lit with the orange-yellow glow from the large fireplace with a scattering of warmth from small lamps that made the place look very cozy. It had been a long time since Sharon had been there – since the break up of her Aunt and real Uncle, who had left her for another woman.

Hearing the girls talking loudly, Stephanie appeared from the kitchen out the back, motherly, with her stripped apron and auburn hair tied into a bun. Sharon looked her up and down. She removed her apron. Stephanie was usually modestly dressed, but tonight she had a slightly slutty combination, that revealed far too much skin in her cleavage, midriff, and her slender legs beneath a short skirt. She seemed to balance on her toes as she walked around in bare feet. Sharon admired her high instep and delicately painted toes – they were feet that begged to be licked and sucked.

“You made it Sister.”

Stephanie pulled Sharon into her arms; greeting her warmly and planting a soft kiss on her lips, pressing a little too hard and lingering a little too longer, before welcoming Chris with a warm hug too.

“Chris why don’t you take the girls through the back garden to play as us ‘sisters’ have a little to catch up on … Lillian, Viviane … you girls take Chris through to the backyard and be good – Steve is away until tomorrow night, so I want you both to be on your best behavior.”

She gave a wink to Sharon. Chris allowed the girls to pull him by the hands and disappear out the back.

“Come and sit down Sis. I’m so glad you accepted our invitation. Can I get you a drink?”


Stephanie poured them both a large glass of red wine. She looked like she had already had a few drinks before they had arrived and was already a bit tipsy.

“Steadies the nerves!” she said and sat uncomfortably close to Sharon on the front room couch, her bare legs crossed, making her shirt ride up even further.

“What have you got to be nervous about?” joked Sharon.

Stephanie blushed.

“Well since the girls stayed with you … you know … they tend to be very mischievous … and we don’t want you to get the wrong idea about Steve and I … I mean as the parents and all … you know, them being a little confused for their age and all. I was just so happy that they had a wonderful time with you …”

Sharon thought about the video that they had taken of the girls, having a wonderful time’ — how she had fed them chewable vitamin C pills and made them drink almost an entire liter and a half of water each. Chris videoed them as they danced around on a plastic sheet with their little bladders filled to bursting point. Sharon had coerced them into pissing over her and each other as she masturbated for the camera. The vitamins made their piss streams come out bright yellow as they took turns urinating over Sharon and into her eager mouth.

Sharon could feel her Aunt’s awkwardness. It was almost as if she was apologizing at the same time trying to find out what she knew about the girls … what they might have said or done that could reflect negatively on them.

“You know Steve isn’t their real dad. We’ve only been together for a few months … it’s not easy … new relationship … girls at the age when they are very … how you say … naughty.”

“Stephanie, relax. The girls were wonderful to be with. Chris and I would love to have them over anytime. They were well-behaved and no trouble whatsoever.”

Stephanie smiled unconvincingly. She put her hand on Sharon’s bare leg, sending a shudder of pleasure between her thighs. Sharon placed her hand over her Aunt’s and lightly guided her hand between her thighs.

“As we are now Sisters, you should share everything, even our darkest little secrets … the girls are so beautiful … so sexy … so horny … they make me so wet …”

Stephanie nearly choked. She was in total shock. Firstly, finding her hand between Sharon’s wet and open snatch; and secondly at her blatantly sexually implicit remark about her young pre-teen children.

“Oh my god! We are truly incestuous Sisters!”

She sounded relieved and tortured both in the same instance.

“They never said anything to either of us, and I wasn’t sure of your part in all of this until this moment, but we are not so different, you and I.”

“It seems so. I love you Sis!”

Stephanie leaned forward and kissed her niece directly on the mouth. Not a loving peck; but with longing, passion, and lust. Their tongues met and twisted around each other as Stephanie’s fingers sank into Sharon’s very wet vagina.

“I love you too … Chris and I get off on pretending to be brother and sister; but in our case, isn’t it nasty that we are really related by blood.”

Voices from the backyard startled the pair of them and the quickly separated and straightened themselves; not completely composed; as both still shivered from their delightful new discovery. Stephanie excused herself to the bathroom and Sharon joined Chris, Lillian, and Vivian whose animated laughter seemed to be the prefect call to join their fun.



Stephanie looked at herself in the bathroom mirror. She quivered as she smelt her niece’s vaginal secretions on her right hand. Stephanie could not resist touching herself whilst licking the stickiness from her fingers. She could see a completely new dimension to her incestuous lustiness. She pictured her niece having oral sex with her naughty little daughters … as she had done with them since their birth. A memory of stripping back the baby’s clothing, to lay her naked daughters out on the bedding while she licked and sucked upon their tiny bodies as she masturbated furiously. The prospect of sharing these taboo delights with another of her kin was almost too arousing to contemplate.

She thought about her recent trip to Pattaya, and how accessible the sex trade was there. Steve and her had met online on a pervert website and had shared their taboo interest in sex with children. She had introduced Steve into the bedroom that she often shared, having incest, with her girls. Their holiday had primarily been Stephanie’s introduction to more violent sex with child prostitutes – sexual encounters without limitations.

Steve was a sadist and could recognize the traits of his new girlfriend. He had arranged with Sanouk, the owner of the luxurious villa in which he had stayed a few times, to enjoy some special entertainment. Stephanie had been very specific about their needs and surprised at how little it had actually cost to get exactly what they were looking for. The villa owner was more than sympathetic to their tastes and procurement of young Thai children for rough and violent sex was a frequent request at his villa which was very private. In the seclusion of the villa, neither of them bothered wearing any clothing at all. They were fucking in the spa that overlooked the private beach some twenty meters below when Sanouk had first arrived. Sanouk was a small man in his early thirties and obviously got a perverted kick out of just watching the white couple copulate in the steamy water.

“Mister Steve you have a nice fat cock … I suck you good … better than girl,” Sanouk laughed.

Steve knew he wasn’t joking. Sanouk preferred fucking boys – the younger the better. He was also very fond of anal sex with pretty young Katoeys. He had shown Steve many photos of his conquests. Steve thought that he must try some Katoey cock too.

Sanouk pointed to the back of his van.

“One boy, one girl … both off-street … nobody misses them in Pattaya … I get them all washed and clean before you two have fucky fun with them … I get rid of them in the morning. Remember Mister Steve, I suck you good – anytime sexy fucking with Sanouk okay?”

Stephanie watched him open the back of the van and roughly pull the two young children into the house. They were completely naked and their brown waifish bodies looked tender and ready for a good beating. A locked room in the rear of the house was used to keep them in.

Stephanie contemplated whether they should do the girl first and then the boy, or the other way around. Maybe both together … let one watch the other being tortured first? She loved sex with her girls, but always pulled short of ever really hurting them … she had dreamt of hurting these little Thai children … traumatizing them … punishing them … branding them with something hot … even killing them in one of her ritualized satanic fantasies.

Returning to the moment, she splashed her face in cold water. Stepping out into the backyard, she could see Sharon talking with the two girls, while Chris relaxed over a cold beer in one of big comfortable armchairs under the veranda. Everything seemed so normal – so suburban. How deceiving that was? Stephanie poured herself another big glass of red.

“What does Chris do?” asked Stephanie.

“Chris runs a sex shop in the old downtown – it’s called The Forbidden Garden,” answered Sharon.

“It’s a run-down, dirty sleazy place,” added Chris.

“Sounds perfect! I love the name. Forbidden Garden,” said Stephanie.

For her the sleazier the better – she remembered a filthy little club that they had visited in the rear of a dingy arcade called the Golden Palace, located down one of the many tiny soi’s runs off the main drag of Pattaya Beach. It was noisy, dirty, and filled with kinky-looking perverts from every part of the world. It had been highly recommended by Sanouk. When they had entered from the rear of the club, the main lights were already dimmed low and the perverted sex act was already in full swing. The naked waitress brought them to the only spare table left in the house.

The Golden Palace was no palace. It held no more than three dozen semi-naked patrons. It was a mixture of both locals and farang, mostly men and some slutty looking women – most of whom were openly masturbating. It felt claustrophobic and the stagnant air stunk of sex, alcohol, and semen. It was almost putrid. Stephanie had never felt so turned on. The wetness quickly drenched her underwear. She reached beneath her shirt, pulling them off and discarding them onto the floor. On the stage were two very young girls trying to fuck the top few inches of two long and thick wooden dildos that protruded from the stage floor. They were both crying and obviously in pain and much distress.

An older girl forced them to lick the menstrual blood from between her legs, while an older dark-skinned boy, with a long but thin erection, whipped them with a thin stick to fuck their dildo harder. He kept screaming at them in Thai. It was something she didn’t understand, but it was his authoritarian tone that turned her on. Stephanie sank three of her digits into her wet cunt and moaned with complete and utter bliss. During the change of acts, Stephanie asked the waitress why it was called the Golden Palace. She answered in a heavy Asian accent ‘… they do many piss-piss, like a golden shower on stage … you like?’ She nodded in acknowledgment. Yes, a ‘piss-piss’ would be a great act to follow. They had come to the right place.

Stephanie watched Sharon sip on her glass of red wine. Blood Sisters.

The menstrual blood had been pouring down the inside of the older girl’s legs – dark burgundy, almost black blood. The sound of a whip hitting the tender bodies of the pre-teens had taken her over the edge. Stephanie had cum so hard she had screamed. It was all a little blurred. She had definitely drunk too much, and her bladder began to ache when the next act was unveiled. There was a very pregnant naked girl who looked no longer than thirteen tied by the arms and legs to a large wooden crucifix, upon her head was a crown of thorns – a mockery of the crucifixion of Jesus Christ. How blasphemous!

A Katoey dressed in a goat mask with pointed horns and nothing else came onto the stage. If the intention was to make her look evil, it worked well. What was just as disconcerting was her disproportionate body … a thin wiry frame, almost skin and bones, small pointed breasts, but she had the most enormous penis. Against the small Thai girl, it looked even bigger. She is going to fuck with it. How unbelievable. How fucking horny. She looks like the Baphomet. There will be no room inside the pregnant girl for that cock and a baby? In her hands, she carried a hammer and some long black nails. She’s going to nail her to the cross before fucking her. She’ll kill the baby in the process!

The katoey faced the front of the stage and urinated into the audience. The crowd went frantic by this stage – couples were fucking and shouting out something about ‘devil cock’ and ‘fuck the baby Jesus out of her’. Two small boys of about eight or nine, dressed similarly to the Katoey, tried to suck and lick at the girl’s tiny cunt.

“Do it! Do it!” screamed the hysterical crowd.

The Katoey stood up again and nailed the girl’s arms first. Her screams brought even greater excitement to the sadistic crowd. Steve slid his cock onto Stephanie’s overheating cunt and she rode his lap as they both watched with great anticipation.

The Katoey came to the edge of the stage after wiping the girl’s blood across her cock, offering it to the highest bidder. A farang girl with a fist full of Baht masturbated furiously as she licked and sucked the blood from the cock of Katoey. The Katoey grabbed the money and pushed her back into the crowd. Just then the girl started to piss herself in fear. It went everywhere and those closest to the stage all seemed to be trying to drink from her cunt as piss strayed out of her like a fountain.

They chanted, “Devil cock. Devil cock” as the Katoey mounted her, the audience cheering with each thrust of her cock, deeper and deeper into the overstuffed girl.

Her head thrashed left and right as she moaned helplessly, not in pleasure but in pure agony. Soon there was blood pouring from between the girl’s legs and Katoey withdraw her cock, once again offering it to the highest bidder to suck it. This time it was a greasy farang guy who won. Other members of the audience began to take turns licking the bleeding girl until the Katoey pushed them back and stepped in front to once again pound her bloody cunt.

Stephanie sipped on her glass of red wine slowly and looked at her sexy niece. Wouldn’t it be a thrill for her girls would put on their own show for them all tonight?

“A penny for your thoughts?” asked Sharon.

“You and Chris would love Pattaya. You wouldn’t believe what Steve and I got up to there,” she answered, still gazing at her niece’s near-flat chest. Sharon slid her hand up the inside of her Aunt’s smooth leg until it reached her damp crutch. Seeing that no one else was paying attention, she lent forward and whispered in her Aunt’s ear.

“I’m feeling so randy. Let’s go upstairs for a while and you can tell me all about it.”

Stephanie smiled slyly and looked at over at Chris, who had dozed off, and then back over at the girls, who were busy playing on the lawn. Sharon stood up and her Aunt led her back into the house. They both made their way quickly upstairs into the master bedroom. Looking out of the bedroom window into the back garden below, all was sedate and quiet for the moment. Sharon wasted no time in fondling her Aunt’s bare ass beneath her skirt.

“Don’t worry about them all for a while. Tell me all about your sordid adventure. Then I want to fuck my horny sister. I want to cum on her face. I want her to lick me out and share her nasty pedo-incest fantasies. And then tonight I want to watch her fuck my boyfriend and initiate sex with her own daughters.”

“You are a horny fuck, Sis! You don’t know how many times I fantasized about this moment.”

“You know we fucked your girls almost continuously for all the time you were away. They needed no encouragement and seemed to know what they wanted to do … I figured it wasn’t their first time! You taught them well.”

Stephanie and Sharon fell onto the low futon bed, their mouths closed around each other’s, tongues danced and itchy fingers groped at naked flesh as their wet slits ground against each other. After a few moments, Sharon broke their passionate grind and kissed her kin as she inquired about Pattaya. Stephanie explained to her what happened at the Golden Palace as they mutually masturbated.

Stephanie recounted the Katoey with the “Devil cock,” and how she had violently fucked the pregnant girl whom she’d nailed to the large wooden cross. Sharon was in shock and disbelief; she had never heard anything as evil. Stephanie went on to say that the violent rape caused the small Thai woman to spontaneously miscarriage. The stage looked like a blood bath as the curtain came down.

“That is the horniest thing I have ever heard! We must go there together,” moaned Sharon as she ground against Stephanie’s fingers.

“Wait until I tell you what we did to the Thai children back at the villa.


To be continued…


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