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Feature Title: Comment on “Mmmmmmm”

Link: LITTLESALLY666.COM /  12.01.2020 / Posted by Ray

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Comment on “Mmmmmmm”

I have been thinking hard about saying what happened to me when I was very young,

I’ll tell you, but I doubt they will allow it on here, to start out when I was five years old when I started school at a Catholic church in my town. My mom thought it would be a better place for to learn about heaven and hell.

I’d get up in the morning, get dressed and my mom would drop me off and I’d play with other children and learn about the bible from the parish nuns, I remember that looking at the bible I loved the pictures of Satan with his tail horns and hooves.

At the end of school my mom’s best friend would pick me up and baby sit me till my mom got home. She and her husband were very nice to me. They had this kitchen that had a door going into the garage that was locked all the time. I tried to go in there to see what was in there, but it was locked.

One day they had to go somewhere and told me to say in the house; they’d be back in an hour or two; to watch TV and don’t answer the door if someone knocked. So I did. After they left I was in the kitchen getting some milk and I checked the garage door and it was unlocked this time, so I went in. They had a couch and a movie projector with tons of movies; and boxes of magazines.

I left the kitchen door open so I could see in the dark garage. I looked through the boxes of magazines and there was old black and white magazines with people fucking. Men, women and children. All naked doing sexual things. All the magazines were about sex with children and animals. I’d never seen anything like that before.

Some were about black magic, witches and Satan. I remember… Satan and his tail and horns. I stayed in there for a long time looking at everything, till I heard the car drive up. I then dropped everything and ran back to the kitchen and locked the garage door.

When they came in and I was watching TV. The husband went into the kitchen and checked the garage door and it was locked. They knew I was in there looking at adult magazines; which is what they wanted me to do; to get me use to seeing children naked with adults.

From that point on, she would pick me up from Catholic school and take to there house and then take-off for and hour; so I’d go in the garage to look at magazines.

It wasn’t long before I was pulling my little pants down whilst looking at other little boys jacking there sweet little hard cocks off. I did this every day when I got home from school. It must have been a couple of months until her husband caught me looking at the magazines.

I didn’t hear him come home and he caught me. He told me I wasn’t supposed to be in the garage ever, and that he was going to tell my mom. I was so scared what might happen. He told me that he would not tell my mom, if I promised not to tell anyone about all the magazines in the garage. He said that he’d let me go in there all I want and to look at them. I promised not tell anyone about the magazines ever.

So now I was allowed to go in there. I shut the kitchen door and pull my pants down to get my little boy cock hard and stroke it; just like I'[d learned from the magazines. It felt so good to be naked, in a kind of dark place, with my little three inch cock all hard. And seeing all these other little boys being naked with there hard cocks; being played by adult men sucking on them; and them sucking on big hard adult cocks.

I did this, for about three months, until the husband came in there one day and showed me a movie of young boys and girls naked playing on a bed naked. They were all about my age. They were having fun. Then a man came in and made them play with him. They sucked him and he’d finger the little girls; and suck the little boy. Then he shoot cum on them and the movie was over.

While we were watching it, the husband was rubbing his cock through his pants. I could see he was really hard. My little cock was really hard too. So later that week, he came home from work and showed me more movies of naked boys and girls playing with adults. Some were mommys and daddys. All naked having sex with them; all about my age.

I loved seeing them doing things with their mommy and daddys. My little cock was so hard I wanted to pull my pants down; and rub it up and down. This time he pulled his pants down and stroked his huge fat cock off, in front of me while we watched the movie together.

I couldn’t take my eyes of his big cock with all that hair around it. His cock looked so nice. I wanted to touch it. He shot a lot of cum all over the place. I loved seeing him cum.

It was a couple of days later, he told me to pull my pants down and play with my cock as we watched movies. He told me to take them all the way off and my little t-shirt too, so he could see my little boy body.

I was built more like a little girl. I had long brown hair. I had sexy legs. No hair anywhere; and a cut little boy’s cock. My ass was perfect, like a little girl’s. I’d lay on my stomach and watched the movies. The husband put down an old mattress and I lay on so he could see my sweet little ass. He climbed on the mattress and rubbed my little boy ass while we watched.

It would feel so good to have his finger rubbing; from my little ass to my cock. I’d get so hard. It felt so nice. He finally took his cock and started to rub it on my ass.

I saw lots of little girls and boys having it done to them. I loved it. Then he’d shot cum on me then he’d lick it off. I so love it. Sometimes his wife would watch him with me. She would pull up her dress and finger her wet pussy, whilst smiling at me.

Pretty soon he’d have me lay on my back, so he could suck my cock and kiss me I liked that too. He took his time to train me to start suck cock. I did it and I loved it. The first time he came in my mouth, I choked on it, and it tasted terrible. But I did it again a couple of days later and I loved it. I’d lick the head, like the boys and girls did in the movies; then hold his heavy balls full of cum. I tried to get my little boy hand around the huge adult cock and he only take a minute or two and he’d cum hard, grabbing my head in back and forcing me to suck deeper on his hard fucking cock.

I did this everyday for years. He’d bring this older man over once in a while. He’d like to rape me and force me too suck him off. He’d lick my ass and then fuck me hard. He was kind of mean to me, but he had a really nice cock to suck off. Sometimes they would both play with me. I liked that a lot. Before he’d get home, his wife (my mom’s best friend) would dress me up as a little girl. She had these sex dress to show off my legs and my ass.

I never wore panties so she could see my ass pussy and little boy cock. She loved to see me play in a dress. She rubbed my cock and sucked it, and make out with me, while she fingered her wet cunt. She was more into girls than boys. She and my mom would go in the bedroom and play with door shut for hours. My mommy loves cock and cunt a lot. She had them train me for sexual pleasure, so my mommy could enjoy me too.

I’ll write more about what happened to me later.