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Master PC – Cally’s Journey


Chapter 4 – Tammy Sees the Light


“I was like, totally out of control, like totally” I moaned as I sat in my apartment and thought about my day.

I looked at around for a moment, everything where I’d left it this morning, organized, normal.  It was about the only ordinary thing left in my life right now. At least it was clean and orderly even if it wasn’t all that large, it was an upgrade from Tommy/Tammy’s place but still something consummate with the salary of a young assistant librarian which meant, not much of anything at all.  That contrasted drastically with my new Armani type wardrobe and Tiffany accessory collection and I knew, knew that this could just be the beginning of something filled with true debauchery rather than the end of something I didn’t want.  I looked over at some of the pictures on my wall, images of family and friends and of me, the way I used to be, sort of attractive in a shy mousey way but nothing like the big breasted blonde porn star like image I had today.

I looked over at Timmy and I shuddered.  He’d been a OK looking guy who’d been a bit nerdy but who had changed me and then pissed me off to no end.  Now he looked for all intents and purposes as an ultra attractive brunette, slim in a model sort of way with small perky breasts, big brown eyes who looked amazing in the little leather and silk French maids outfit he/she was currently wearing.

I’d done that to him, I’d been angry and I’d done that to him, and to make matters worse, I’d made sure he was fully aware of what had happened, what he’d been but with a submissive streak so deep and wide that he wasn’t even able to generate a thought about doing anything about it.

I did that, if I lost control, dear god what else could I do, how many other lives could I ruin!!?

That was a good question.  After we’d left the high end clothier, we’d retrieved Tommy’s laptop and then copied the program to my far more powerful desktop machine.  I’d thought about reversing what I’d done to Helga and Tamika, but instead I’d found myself altering them even further.  I’d actually deepened their lesbian tendencies and increased their kink factors to an astonishing level.  It had just been such a hot idea that I couldn’t help myself.

I didn’t want my sweet little fuck toys to lose their jobs over this though, so I’d made it so that anyone who saw them would simply think everything was normal and totally appropriate. I also didn’t want them to be such bimbos that they couldn’t help their customers so I’d also programmed a vast amount of knowledge about everything that had to do with clothes, shoes, accessories, makeup.  I’d also made sure to deepen their total enthusiastic commitment to customer service, especially whatever special services their female customers might need.

There was also the inevitable problem of their boss, Ms. Pittman, whoever she was.  Helga and Tamika were total nymphomaniacs and eventually they’d get caught in a compromising situation. To help with that, I’d added a little extra to their makeup causing any woman who viewed them in an intimate moment to be overcome with uncontrollable desire for the two and become an enthusiastic participant in their sexual deviancy, lusting over them as much as they lusted over each other. Any man seeing them would simply ignore them and think it was all so very natural.

Ms. Pittman and her customers were, to put it mildly, in for a major surprise.

I was seriously screwing with people’s lives and a part of me was completely revolted by the prospect, but another part of me, the part that I knew the Master PC program had created, couldn’t wait to do it all over again.

The program while on my desktop machine hadn’t broken a sweat making and installing those significant changes and I shuddered to think what I could do with that much power and the aggressive tendencies that I had inadvertently programmed into my own persona.  I knew I was capable of simply reprogramming the entire apartment complex into being a horde of amazingly beautiful lesbian slaves if that’s what I really wanted, and there was certainly a part of me that wanted exactly that.

That’s what scares me.

“I’ve finished with the cleaning Cally,” Tammy said in a demure sexy voice that sent chills up my spine.

I looked around critically and then couldn’t help but smile in a cheery gushing way. “Oh that’s just perfect Tammikins, I just totally think that’s cool!!!”

I almost got up to give him/her a hug but managed to restrain myself if only barely.  I was still royally pissed over what he/she had done to me but she was so unbearably cute it was hard to remember sometimes.

“What … what should I do now?!” she stammered.

“Oh, I know, I know … I’m gonna like need lots of toys, like fuck toys, dildos, strap-ons, harnesses … and some real fetish wear stuffs … I mean for both of us compadre.  And I totally think you’re going to need lots of like ass plugs, nipple clamps, hot stuffs like that for you.  Don’t you think that will be fun!!!?” I gushed.

I could see a brief flash of terror wash across her beautiful face before a look of aching need and embarrassment washed over her.  “I … I … I … oh yes Cally, oh yes that would be wonderful,” she husked as she reached up to her breasts and began to tug, pull and viciously twist her nipples through the silk thin fabric.

“An you know … since you’re been like so totally sweet and stuffs, why don’t you totally go out and buy a whole bunch of that stuffs!!! I’m fer sure you know where, and if it’s like a totally hot girl behind the counter, make really really sure to ask them to try it out like on you, I meant totally beg them to fuck you and you’re so hot I’m sure they’ll say yes!!!  Can you do that for me Tammikins?” I said with a slightly evil look on my face.

Tammy hesitated for a few moments, pulling her nipples hard and moaning as she tried to find a way to say no, that she wasn’t going to do that, that there was no way she wasn’t going to do what I was telling her.  But I’d programmed her desire to rise with her resistance, her submission to me deepen as she tried to say no, and I was impressed, she actually collapsed on to her back on the bed, desperately trying to free her tiny cock, not really much bigger than a large extended clit, before she moaned, “Oh yes Cally … Oh God YES … Oh Please let me do that … Oh god, YES … oh pleassseee let me.”

I looked over at her as she finally managed to find her little dick and then, with an evil smile said, “You know Tams, you are like so much more a totally awesome girl now than a boy, you should really like be fucking yourself up your ass, not playing with that little itty bitty toy.”

She looked at me with a oh so cute stricken visage as I turned and typed a few additional commands into her profile. “You’ll just totally love being an ass slut Tammy, you’ll just love it.”

Tammy’s eyes grew wider but in just a moment she was spreading her legs and reaching around behind her, pressing first one, then two fingers deeper and deeper into her ass as she moaned hysterically.

“Oh yes Cally!!!” She moaned, tears of need and frustration rolling down her beautiful face, “I LOVE IT … oh fuck I LOVE it so MUCH!!!!”

“Good girl,” I said in a happy voice. “But fer sure you don’t get to cum until you like get our toys and ask the nice hot girl behind the counter to fuck you OK?”

“OK,” said Tammy as she mournfully removed her fingers and shakily rose to her feet and started to pick up her more normal clothes.

“Oh don’t worry about that Tammykins, just go like you are, I’m sure it will totally make your trip more interesting,” I laughed.  “Have fun!!!”

“yes Cally,” Tammy said as she hurriedly grabbed her purse and headed out the door.

As Tammy left, I thought for a moment and expertly brought up several aspects of the Master PC system which had been unavailable earlier and altered her pheromone levels which would become nearly irresistible to any woman and would only fully trigger if Tammy asked them to fuck her. Yes, Tammy was going to score tonight as embarrassing as it would be for the young man trapped within her body, that body would have an amazingly good time.

I shook my head again. This was all so unlike me, I was just being evil to Tammy but things like this just seemed to keep happening, I’d think it, do it and then, like now, I just couldn’t bring myself to put things back to rights. I was dangerous, I knew it and while part of me reveled in the idea, another part was determined to put and end to it all … I might keep the clothes… maybe the figure… and I’d really liked fucking Helga and Tamika, but that was all, I swear that was all.

I tapped once again into the code of the program. Somewhere within the system there had to be something which would unlock my profile, allow me to bypass whatever password or action I’d accidentally done which had locked me in this form, with this absurd body and with this compulsion to talk like a total airhead. I was a genius now, this was something I should be able to figure out.

But I couldn’t.  I sat there opening up file after file, layer after layer of the program, each packet of data opening up new vista’s of knowledge explaining to me just a little bit more of how the system operated even though I still had no clue how it all actually worked.  I had several ideas but none of them were really practical to modern science. Even if I were to attempt such a thing, I’d have to build the technology to build the technology to build the technology required. Either someone had done just that or had found a method that I hadn’t thought of yet, which was possible, new ideas were occurring to me all of the time now.

I was just coming up with a real winner when the door to my apartment opened and Tammy stumbled in with an armload of bags and even a leather case or two precariously held in her already strained fingers. Fortunately I’d given her exceptional flexibility, balance and a lot of strength in those shapely digits all the better to be the whore he’d intended me to be. She sort of looked like one as well, her perfect hair was in disarray and her new maid’s uniform had obviously be scuffed, abused and even torn in a few places, not to mention the fact that she was moving with a gait indicative of an anal virgin who’s cherry had just been popped.

“I got the stuff you wanted Cally.” She said shyly as she placed her mountainous load on my bed. “I had to go to three places and… well… all of them had a woman behind the counter. I … I kind of made sure of that.”

I watched her blush furiously and rose from my chair to help her with the bags.  True to her word, the bags were filled with all sorts of toys and items, fetish wear, all of it very finely made and of exceptionally high quality. Obviously Tammy had put another sizable dent into her credit card this evening in addition to her other activities.

“Did you, like totally enjoy yourself girlfriend?” I giggled. “Like totally tell me the truth.”

Tammy looked up at me with a shocked, hopeful, yet embarrassed look on her beautiful face. “I … I did Cally. I didn’t want to, I tried to stop but … I went in … all girly like … it was embarrassing, I just couldn’t help wriggling my hips and … letting them have peeks at me … and then when I had lots of stuff … I didn’t want to ask them … I didn’t want them to … do things to me … but I did … I whined, I begged them and … some of them didn’t want to at first … didn’t know how but … Cally they all did … everyone one of them.  And … they all asked me to come back … all of them.  They fucked me in the ass Cally, and it hurt so much but I loved it so much … and … I just begged them to keep fucking me. I couldn’t stop.  You did this to me … I’m so sorry I hurt you, I really am Cally.”

I looked at Tammy as tears came to her eyes.  “And did you like it Tammy, do you totally want to be like this, be like my little slut ass whore with your tiny little dick and your sweet totally awesome girly body, are you like totally into it?”

She looked back at me, lips quivering and replied in a small voice,”yes Cally … I love it … I love doing anything you want me to do … I can’t stand not having you tell me what to do … I loved fucking those girls for you Cally, loved them fucking my ass because I’m a little ass slut and that’s what you want me to be.”

She was so cute and miserable that I couldn’t help by pull her into a big hug. “Oh Tammykins, I love having you as my little ass slut whore, you did totally awesome tonight, totally awesome.”

She whispered softly, “will you fuck me … please, will you fuck me in the ass Cally?”

I caught a whiff of something in the air, something that made my spine tingle, my head swoon.   I’d swore that there was no way I’d let the little weasel fuck me again, but now … now it seemed like a great idea … no … a completely awesome idea.

Oh crap … 

The realization hit me that I’d done this to myself. I’d set Tammy’s pheromone attributes but I hadn’t made myself immune to them … she’d asked me to fuck her, and why wouldn’t she, I’d made him a horny little bitch and he loved doing what I told him so much and … well I was one of the hottest pieces of ass on the planet wasn’t I?  Why wouldn’t he want me to fuck him, the little bitch.

“Please fuck me Cally, I swear … I’ll make it good for you … I’m just your horny little whore … fuck me in the ass please!!!,” she moaned.

I knew just the act of asking me that, wanting that, begging for that was a torture to the man that lurked under his luscious body.  I knew that inside he was screaming even as he was wriggling her ass and begging me to do what she most wanted me to do.

And fuck … I’m so horny and she’s so god dammed hot.

And it wasn’t as if I’d made a promise to myself not to fuck her now was it.

I slapped her ass hard eliciting a deep excited moan from her as she looked up at me with a irresistible mixture of fear, desire and need that was irresistible. “Totally girlfriend, I am so going to totally fuck you!!” I snarled.

Reaching into the bags, I hurriedly grabbed the first strap-on I could find.  I wasn’t particularly large but I didn’t want to kill the poor girl so it would do.  I’d never used one before, never even thought of using one before, but I was a genius now so it didn’t take me long to figure out the basics or find the tube of KY jelly, still, it had a few additional details to attend to. I didn’t have time to walk over to my PC, I was way too aroused for that, but I did grab my iPhone and brought up my Master PC lite apps. With a few taps I’d brought up the basic bod mod functions and with a few more I made a few more changes to Tammy’s already exquisite body.

I spread a little KY on my dong, made sure it was positioned hard against my clit and them spread Tammy’s more than willing ass cheeks, watching her shake with shame and excitement.  I positioned the head against what had been her anus and slipped the dong deep inside of her with one smooth stroke.


I leaned over her back, wriggling the dong deep within her, the base pressing into my own clit and cooed. “You’re so much like, totally a girl Tammy, I wanted to fuck you like a girl. I wanted to totally wipe those icky little boy thoughts right out of your pretty head, I like, want you to know that you’re going to be a girl in every way that counts girlfriend, that fer sure any little thought you ever had that you might be going back to the hunk you were is like, totally gone.  I’m going to fuck you like a girl Tammikins and while you may be screaming inside, deep down, when we’re done you’ll know you’ll totally never be able to go back, even if you, like, do, you’ll totally want to be here, be a girl and be fucked by me cuz it is the most awesomest thing ever!!  So I’ve made your ass like the most awesome cunt ever girlfriend, it’ll feel like you’ve got one when I’m fucking you and it will be the best thing your little brain will ever feel.  You’ll beg me to get rid of that lame little dick when we’re done and make you a totally awesome girl.  It’ll be like, amazing.”


Tammy looked back to Cally to protest but  before she count utter a word, her tormentor pulled the dong back out of her slow and smooth making her incapable of speech, unable to do anything other than shudder and moan as sensations she never had known flowed throughout her.   She couldn’t help herself as she thrust her ass back onto the dong, moving it’s amazing length back into her where it belonged, deep inside her.

This isn’t happening, this isn’t happening this isn’t happening!!!

“Oh God Cally … it’s too good … please … I’m sorry … I’ll be a good boy I promise … just … don’t … it’s too GOOD!!!” Tammy moaned.

“And it’s totally going to get better Tammy, sides, I don’t want a good boy, I’m like totally into hot girls like you. You wanna be a hot girl for me don’t you?  You want all those awesome girl thoughts not those nasty lame boy thoughts right? You want to feel like this and cum like a girl right?” Cally purred as she pulled the dong out of Tammy’s ass once more, eliciting another deep needy moan.

Tammy struggled but couldn’t help plunging her ass back on to the waiting phallus.  This couldn’t be happening. This morning he’d been on top of the world, with a device at his fingertips that could accomplish anything. He’d given himself a killer manly bod and then gone out to snare the young librarian which had always given him the cold shoulder but which he hadn’t been able to stop dreaming about. He’d taken her, warped her into a goddess of sex and then they’d fucked like rabbits, just like he’d always imagined.

How had it all changed?  Sure, he’d played around with Cally but he’d probably have changed her back eventually, sure he would have, but now he was trapped in this woman’s body, feeling all of these completely fucked up things and now … now …

But God, it was just as Cally said, the most amazing feeling, one hundred times better than even fucking Cally had been when he’d had that massive cock.  But he was a man, he was, he was and no girl was going to do this to him!! He’d get even… except that every time he even thought about it, he couldn’t stand it.  But he was a man, no bitch was going to take that away from him. Still, he couldn’t help moaning in desperate need as Cally pulled the dong free from her ass and she desperately pressed back against it just in time to meet it plunging into her again as she set up a slow rhythm with the woman fucking her ass.

Crap, stop thinking like that, you’re not a she!!!

But she was.  It was her ass that was being fucked, it was her breasts and rock hard nipples which were bouncing in rhythm with Cally’s thrusts.  There was scarcely anything male about her anymore.  In the store with Tamika she hadn’t even thought of showing the slutty oriental whore her tiny little cock, instinctively fucking the beautiful woman and her blonde friend with fingers and tongue.  That had seemed both demeaning and amazing, gross in lapping up a woman’s juices and licking her poop chute but natural as if that was how she was supposed to fuck.  And now… now even as she squirmed in the most amazing pleasure as the fucking of her ass increased in speed and sheer force, her little dick just stayed there limp and flaccid, of no use to her at all.

But she was a man… she’s been born that way… but if this was what it felt like to be a woman, fucked so hard and well by another woman…

No, don’t think like that!!!

If this was what it meant to be Cally’s little slutty ass whore… if all that cost her was being what she already was…


But if felt so right… it felt so GOOD!!


“K Tammikins … you’re going to be a totally awesome little whore,” Cally responded as Tammy felt a subtle change.

“Oh GOD FUCK YES I AM CALLY, I’M YOUR WHORE!!!” Tammy screamed as she felt something begin to build and flow in her ass, not the kind of thing which was normally there … but something liquid, like a dam of water … and then it broke and Tammy’s world changed as it flowed through her, as part of her fell screaming into the dark and she stepped into the place it had occupied.   “FUCK YES, I’M GONNA ALWAYS BE TAMMYY!!! I’ll ALWAYS BE YOUR WHORE CALLY, I’LL ALWAYS ALWAYSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!”


Tammy collapsed upon the bed as I slipped the dong out of her dripping ass.   That had been a mistake, oh god in so many ways.  I’d been careless, put myself under Tammy’s power, thank god all she’d wanted me to do is fuck her. But this was all so fucked up.  I’d been so horny and … Tammy was so hot, but I’d never considered … doing anything like this.  I was changing people, damaging people, maybe permanently.  Why couldn’t I stop?  I was all fucked up, I didn’t have to take the rest of the world with me.

Tammy sighed as she gently slept, her anus returning to normal as she slumbered.  At present, it would only change when I decided to fuck her and there still remained that small vestigial evidence of her former manhood in that small now barely clit sized dick hidden now deep in her downy muff, for now.  I had no doubt I could restore Tommy’s body, but even if I could bring myself to it, could even Master PC restore his mind to the state it had been before or would it just be a pale shadow of itself, or worse, a woman trapped in a body that no longer belonged to it.

Well, there was only one way to find out. I slipped out of the strap-on feeling how right it had felt to fuck her, and returned to my PC. I had to figure out how to set things right, to find out how to stop myself, before I no longer wanted to.