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AUTHORS NOTES: So this is part two. Thanks again to Shellshock for his narrative outline for this interesting blasphemous story. I hope you like my treatment and storytelling. As in the previous chapters, please forgive me for taking artistic license, as some situations, characters, and sequencing have been altered from the original. I will post the original narrative outline in the posts section for anyone interested in submitting a similar proposal. What I liked about Shellshock’s outline was that there was enough detail to frame the content and enough latitude for me to put myself into it.

STORY CODES: Blasphemy, Sacrilege, Young, Incest, Rape, WS, Supernatural, Demonic, Satanic, Abuse, Corruption, Evil, Devil Worship, NC, Sexual Sin, Sex Demons.

CREATED: 25.05.2019 / REVISITED: 20.10.2023

Requiem Of Sins 5


It was a time before mobile phones and the internet. The folks in the small village of Holy Oak got around on horses and carts. It would be a day’s travel to the nearest town. These were not prosperous times and many live in dolor, awaiting in hope of happier times.

Events in Holy Oak have taken a turn for the worse. In the Chadwick household, Willow, the precocious young ten-year-old, seems to have become devil-possessed. Sexualem perversa. She firstly seduces her own father, Joseph into incestuous sex … then kills her own mother in a blasphemous and perverted act.

This omnipresent evil has been imparted by their village priest, Father Henry Druss, and his corrupt pedophile wife, Samantha Druss. Now, in Joseph’s hour of need, the evil clergy introduce Sister Novice Melissa, to supposedly assist the Chadwick family.

This then, is a story about an omnipresent evil, arousing, disturbing, and utterly blasphemous, that exists among us. Simply said, some people just want to watch the world burn.


  • Willow Chadwick – innocent and youthful face, acolyte of Samantha (10)
  • Joseph Chadwick – father, laborer, a violent man, now tired of life
  • Laura Chadwick – mother, once pretty, haggard, frigid
  • Sister Novice Melissa – new novice in the parish, youthful (13)
  • Samantha Druss – satanic priestess, Sunday school teacher, wife of priest
  • Father Henry Druss – subverted priest, follows her wife diligently
  • Angelique Volkova – older witch and healer, Satan worshiper
  • Bobby, William, Peter, Louise, Jasmine, Katherine, and the twins, Ronald and Wilma Rutman (corrupted children)


The funeral was a quiet and somber affair. The autumn rain fell lightly from the non-distinct skyward grayness. Despite the miserable damp weather, almost the entire village had turned out in support.

Joseph was beside himself. He was an emotional wreck. The secret guilt and grief had combined to make it impossible for him to hold himself together. He held tightly to Willow’s small hand as he sobbed openly.

Willow stood silently in diffidence. Her eyes caught sight of her Sunday school teacher, Samantha Druss, as she stood with her husband, the parish priest as he conducted the solemn ceremony. Their eyes twinkled together as Willow privately reflected on her mother’s dying moments. Oh, Satan be praised, she mouthed in silence – knowing that Samantha would be able to read her perverted lips.

Father Henry prayed out loud. There were a few felicitous words – an epigram of thoughtfulness.

Yes, the dying moments of her mother had played out as she’d forcefully masturbated upon her mother’s dying face as she prayed and chanted — offering her mother’s soul to Satan, as an eternal sacrifice. Fuck! She’d come so hard. Her sybaritic orgasm had had her gasping for breath as it too had seemed to last an eternity. Praise be to the horned god, for I am his unholy succubus whore, she’d cried inside. And after Willow had gained some sense of normality, she’d slipped back into her father’s bed and pretended to be fast asleep — so that he would awaken to find Laura’s lifeless body in the next room. The evidence of her murderous sacrifice, was long gone, and without any sophisticated form of detection, her death would not be suspicious … and even if it was, nobody would suspect a helpless pre-teen girl?

Samantha beamed with pleasure as did the other knowing eyes of the inner circle — despite their best attempts of feigning their sadness, they all shared their sardonic praise of dark things with her.

Willow was a model student. After the funeral, Willow would return to the family home and immediately discard all her mother’s cloths and knickknacks — she would assume the role and all its sensual duties as the ‘lady of the house’. Her father would follow her instructions explicitly. With her frigid mother out of the way, she was now in charge. Her baby cunt was to be incestuously worshiped. Praise the Horned God … Satan was now the ruler of their household and her father would be a slave to her sexual perversities — a plaything for her to instruct, to manipulate, to control. He would willingly drink her piss … eat her shit … for she was now a succubus whore of Satan! Praise him. Praise Satan’s cock.


Joseph stepped into the quiet confines of the confessional.

He knelt alone with his thoughts for a moment. What had he done? On one hand, he had raped his own daughter — forced her into incest. On the other hand, he had raped his wife, forced himself upon her and now she was dead. When they had returned from her funeral, he should have been sad about the loss of his beloved wife and the mother of his only child, but somehow he felt no real grief. Just a burning guilt and burning desire for more incestuous pleasure with his own pre-teen daughter. Oh Willow, what have I become?

He should have been thinking about the mercy of God Almighty … But no, he couldn’t escape his desire to immerse himself in the joy of such wanton sin. Such taboo. So forbidden, yet his cock dripped at the very thought of all the nasty things he desired with her, seemingly willing participation. They had fucked all night long, in every position, in every room. of the cottage. She’d offered him, all her holes. She did things that Laura would never have entertained. His cock was a rock, pointing upwards in his pants as he kneel before the confessional screen. He needed to masturbate desperately. But just as the levity of these thoughts formed in his mind …

… the small confessional screen slid back.

“Bless me, Father, for I have sinned. It’s been three months since my last confession.”

“Mortal or venial?” asked the priest.


Father Henry pulled back the confessional screen slowly. He could make out the shadowed shape of the parishioner beyond. Father Henry pressed his cock forward so that more of its hardened length penetrated the willing mouth of the young child that sat naked before him. Fuck yer. He restrained himself from groaning lewdly as he pushed past the baby’s soft lips that suckled at the crown so that he could feel the warm suction of his latest Sunday school protegee.

“Bless me, Father, for I have sinned. It’s been three months since my last confession.”

“Mortal or venial?” asked the priest.

“Since the passing of my wife, I have struggled with many things, Father.”

It was Joseph. The Father of young Willow.

Perverted little Willow. Anal sex Willow. Fuck she was a hot child. He’d fucked the little mite countless times. A true whore of Satan. He could hear her blasphemous cries as he took his pleasure cumming in her tight rectum … Unholy sodomy. Yes, each time is better than the time before. She’d killed her own mother. Satan be praised! Samantha had taught her well – a student of the horned god to be nurtured as a formidable priestess.

“I am sorry for your loss,” lied the priest as he fucked back and forth against the tiny child’s face, “How has Willow been?”

“She has been strong. It was a shock to all of us. Willow has been trying her best to fill the void Laura left. Without her, I think I would not have been able to continue.”

The young child’s mouth created an exquisite vacuum, drawing Henry closer to orgasm.

“The child still needs a maternal female figure in her life. You are a busy man Joseph with many responsibilities. A single parent can always do this with some extra help. My wife, Samantha, is her teacher at Sunday school. I will ask her to look in on Willow from time to time … if that is okay with you?”

“Yes, father. Thank you.”

“Go with God, Amen.”


Father Henry closed the screen. The hand of the pedophile priest was shaking. He gasped silently as he shot his heavy load into the back of the child’s throat.

“Sexualem perversa. The pleasures of Satan are endless,” he prayed out loud.


Joseph opened the battered wooden of the cottage to see the smiling face of Father Henry’s wife, their Sunday school teacher, Samantha Druss, there on his doorstep. She wasn’t alone. Standing beside her was a young novice nun dressed in a traditional black and white novice habit. The thirteen-year-old novice looked a little jittery and nervously toyed with her oversized wooden cross as it hung around her wimpled neck.

Joseph had been half expecting Samantha’s visit for a couple of days now but was pleasantly surprised at the sight of the hot young novice. She looked as young as his own daughter and carnal thoughts immediately filled his mind.

“Afternoon, Joseph,” said the Father’s wife.

“Afternoon,” he returned the greeting, “Father Henry mentioned that you’d be coming by sometime.”

He couldn’t help focusing on the young eye candy that enchanted his sinful imagination. She was slight and thin-boned. Tiny in fact, compared to his bulk. Her face was one of simpatico innocence. His cock twitched inside his pants, even though he’d only a few hours earlier been balls-deep inside the incestuous anus of his perverted daughter.

“May I introduce to you, Sister Melissa,” said Samantha.

The Sister bowed her head.

“She joined us from the high monastery only a day or so ago.”

“Hello, Sir,” answered the obeisant novice.

He dry-swallowed and pretended to be non-nonchalant.

“Forgive me,” interrupted Joseph, “How rude of me. Please, come in. Excuse the mess …”

He showed them in, mildly embarrassed at the poor state of their dwelling. He hoped the effluvium of his incestuous liaisons went unnoticed by his unexpected guests.

“No need to apologize. Without your wife, things are very likely to get a little out of hand. The housework. We fully understand. It’s not been your priority,” reassured Samantha.

Samantha could smell the sex. Excellent. Willow is truly the little Chimera she was trained to be.

Samantha continued.

“Novices are supposed to get a better understanding of what it means to be in the true service of our community. So Father Henry thought, as she’s closer to Willow’s age … she’d gain some valuable experience and maybe they would also bond a little in Willow’s difficult time. How has Willow been? I haven’t seen her since the funeral.”

Before Joseph could answer the eager novice added, “It makes me pleased to be in service of Our Lord, Jesus Christ.”

“Amen,” falsely praised Samantha, “Maybe Sister Melissa would help out a while. I have so many school duties … but she would make an excellent nanny for Willow … and help a little around the place to get things ship-shape again?”

“I really appreciate the offer. But, I simply couldn’t afford a nanny.”

Willow appeared from the master bedroom. She looked sleepy and unruly.

“Willow,” sparked Samantha.

Willow rushed forward and hugged her teacher affectionately around the waist. Oh, how evil had its own perfume? Samantha longed to tongue kiss the child who smelt strongly of her father’s spent semen.

After a brief moment, Samantha said, “This is Willow.” Introducing her to the young novice.

“And Willow, this is Sister Melissa.”

“Please … call me Mel,” said the novice.

“Hi, Mel,” replied Willow with all the sweetness a ten-year-old can be.

“See, I think you girls are going to get along fine. And please don’t worry about any payment Joseph. You both have been through so much. Father Henry would insist.”


Willow walked out with her teacher, Samantha, leaving her Father and the novice nun to talk together. Out of earshot, Samantha quickly draws her young accomplice to her side.

“Sexualem perversa,” purred Samantha.

They kissed briefly. Passionately. Sex demons pass between them.

“Act as if everything is normal … at first my perverted young one. Melissa is a very devout and innocent soul. Act as though you love God Almighty and that you miss your wretched dead mother. Be subtle young one. Lure her for Satan. Satisfy your Father at night. Be sweet during the day. Soon they will both be servants of the Divine One … else we will find another use for their corpses.”

“Yes, my Priestess.”


After her Father left for the fields. Willow got dressed in a short white dress — without any undergarments. She loved the feeling of her puffy little cunt being free. Her fingers danced lightly over the soft flesh of her bald cunny that purred with instant pleasure.

Leaving the bedroom, she saw that the young novice nun had been busy cleaning up the cottage that had become a shambles since the death of her mother. The novice nun seemed very happy to do the menial chores and even sang hymns of praise as she tirelessly went about the good work.

“Joyful, joyful, we adore Thee, God of glory, Lord of love; Hearts unfold like flowers before Thee, opening to the sun above. Melt the clouds of sin and sadness; drive the dark of doubt away; Giver of immortal gladness, fill us with the light of day!”

“What’s it like?” asked Willow sleepily.

“What’s what like?”

“Well … what’s it like being a nun?”

“A novice nun,” Melissa laughed to herself, “And it is joyful … as the words of my favorite hymn … I feel filled with the light of day!”

“Isn’t it uncomfortable in your heavy robe?”

“My habit?” Melissa laughed again.

‘I do the Lord’s work. He melts the cloud of sin. My clothing is but a sign of my love of His divinity. I feel no hardship … Only the great joy of his love.”

“What’s it like at the old monastery?” Willow asked.

“It’s a peaceful place, Willow. I feel loved there; cherished and blessed in the joyful music of the Lord Jesus Christ.”

“Doesn’t it get a little boring up there? I mean, all that praying and bible stuff … and no boys?”

Again Melissa laughed to herself. She stopped sweeping the floor and propped the heavy old broom up against the wall.

“Come … sit, Willow.”

Melissa straightened her apron and sat down next to her on the long wooden bench near the fireplace. She held Willow’s tiny hand in hers and smiled with earnest eyes.

Willow smiled. She thought about the words of her teacher … “Act as though you love God Almighty and that you miss your wretched dead mother. Be subtle young one. Lure her for Satan.”

“I mean,” continued Willow, “Don’t you ever felt hot down there … you know, between the legs .. sometimes when I see the boys working in the fields with my Father. My pussy feels all hot and tingly.”

“There is more to life than young boys, Willow,” replied the happy novice.

“Oh,” exclaimed Willow excitedly, “I see, you prefer young girls?”

“Oh my Lord Almighty! That is not what I meant.”

“I don’t understand?” pretended Willow.

Her devious mind was working overtime. She leaned back so that her dress rode up higher on her thin naked thighs. The novice pretended not to notice that the young girl was naked beneath her short dress. Maybe she didn’t assign any meaning to it. Why should she? The girl was only ten. And it was normal to be curious about such things.

“Well, Willow. First of all. In the eyes of God, a nun must be chaste. We are married to God. He knows all and sees all. We make a promise to Him and choose to abstain from pleasures of the flesh.”

“Don’t you masturbate?”

“Heavens no. Masturbation is a sin. It’s a defilement of our own flesh.”

There was a moment of awkwardness.

The novice continued, “One must repent and ask the Lord Jesus Christ for forgiveness. I am not sure where you hear such adult things, but you are so young … God has a plan for you. It’s a lot to understand after the loss of your mother, I know. But don’t rush that which needs maturity to comprehend. Now I must get back to finishing the chores.”



“Aaaarghhhhhhhhhhh…” Willow groaned and orgasmed as the adamantine tongue moved in and out of her well-lubricated introitus tunnel.

“Sexualem perversa!” Prayed the freyr priestess as she masturbated furiously to the sounds of the rutting child that stood before the Divine One.

Over and over the penial tongue fucked her to the very edge of sexual insanity. Deeper and harder. She rammed upwards as her baby hips rutted in sheer perverted delight. Fuck yer! Oh fuck! Fuck! More! More! True satanic joy … The intensity of the pleasuring was beyond anything she’d experienced before; more than all her previous scheming and debauchery; even more than masturbating upon her dead mother’s face.

Then to her utmost disappointment, the penial tongue retracted.

The sexual rush had abruptly ended. She was soaked in a primal sweat and her tiny heart still pounded loudly in her ears. Her cunt was open and dripping from her cum. She felt so lightheaded and giddy. Her legs were weakening and just as she was about to fall, she felt the gentle arms of the satanic priestess surround her. Holding her in the afterglow.

“Sexualem perversa … sexualem perversa …” barked the grim sonorous voice in the darkness.

Willow gasped. She felt weak but elated. The demonic pleasuring was so addictive. Yes, sexualem perversa … the words penetrated her as much as the cock tongue.

“Go now and continue to do my bidding child …”

“Yes, Oh Divine One,” answered the satanic priestess as the two of them backed away in the direction of the door.


It had been already three days since the young novice nun had begun to help the Chadwick’s around their humble abode. It seemed that some normality had returned. The novice nun worked diligently and happily every day. But each evening after the novice returned to the church, where she stayed, Joseph would come home and Willow would indulge her father in the most profane of sexual acts — encouraging him to ever-increasing levels of perversity. It was her den of iniquity. Her personal Gehenna to the Divine One. Satan be praised. The house stank of their incestuous sex play. Piss games. Defecation. He was her toilet.

And then the next day, when her father had left for work in the fields, Willow practiced her act as a grieving daughter of the farmer who’d recently lost his wife. She had subtly continued her insentient questions about sexuality but Willow sensed that she needed to remain patient (despite her growing lust for the young novice and her desire to make her another sex slave. No, she should not push too hard. Not yet. The nun’s naivety made Willow laugh and her corruptive fall even more prize.

On the fourth night, there was a great hailstorm with thunder and lightning. Willow felt a sense of evil prescience. Tonight was the night.

The rain was heavy and persistent. Joseph returned from the farmlands, drenched and tired, but none-less horny for more incestuous sex with his underaged demon of a daughter.

The novice made ready to face the weather when Willow suggested she stay the night.

“It’s too wet out there — you’ll catch a cold or worse,” Willow said, “And the winds are very strong this time of the year. Come. You can share my bed for the night.”

The novice seemed very reluctant but could see that it was the most sensible thing to do in the circumstances.

“Well, if it’s not an inconvenience,” replied the hesitant novice.

The young novice smiled gullibly at Willow’s false offer of kindness. Willow hugged her in return, taking the opportunity to press herself against the novice’s nubile form. Yes, this delicious creature will be such a delight. Willow’s cunt was getting wetter.

“You have done so much to make her house a home again.”

Willow squeezed her tightly through the course material of her habit. She imagined herself riding upon that gullible smile — thrusting her piss-wet cunt across those perfect naive lips, while her father fucked her virgin anus bloody. Fuck God. Hail Satan … she mused.


Willow closed the bedroom curtain, which served as a door, behind them and was naked in a heartbeat. It all seemed very normal and natural. Of course that was far from the truth. Melissa looked on apprehensively.

“Mel, you can wear one of my night shirts, if you like, or do you usually sleep naked at the monastery?” asked Willow, making it obvious that she intended to sleep without any clothing on.

“Well … We usually wear night vests. But sometimes doing penance, we’ll have to wear a sackcloth or our cilice as the older sisters call it,” replied Melissa.

“What’s a cilice?”

“It’s usually made of course animal hair — it’s very itchy and irritating.”

Willow stood with her hands on her hips, completely naked, before Melissa. Her puffy little quin pressed forward vulgarly. The subtle odor of her pre-teen arousal began to fill the small chamber. The mousey novice pretended not to take any notice.

“Why would you wear it then if it’s so uncomfortable?”

“Penance … It’s like self-punishment. We punish ourselves, especially during the Lenten season. We must pray and suffer for Christ’s passion. Amen.”

“It sounds weird … but I would like to know how that feels,” said Willow.

“No, you wouldn’t,” reassured Melissa, shaking her head.

Willow grinned as she imagined how pleasurable it would be to inflict pain on the young novice … if she like suffering for her stupid fucking god, why not punish her cunt with more interesting objects. Object rape. Penetration. She had heard the satanic priestess talk about the practice of inserting slices of ginger inside the anus or cunt of those offered in sacrifice to Satan. Sexualem perversa. How they would wriggle deliciously as the sharpness of the ginger juice cut and irritated the delicate inner sanctum of their orifices.

“Believe me, it’s not pleasant. But, if I am to be a Bride of Christ one day, then I must accept all that goes with it.”

When Melissa made it obvious that she would not sleep naked, Willow furrowed around and produced a small white cotton vest-like shirt. She held it up and offered it to the timid novice. Melissa took the shirt and finally began to awkwardly remove her habit. As she changed, she tried her best to conceal her private parts. Turning her back to Willow, her thin body looked so pale and waifish. Willow was feeling very horny and wanted to touch her desperately.

“Let me help you,” said Willow.

Willow’s hands timidly touched Melissa’s impish body, as she pretended to assist her with dressing, all the time her touch bordered on a gentle and subtle caress. She gently brushed the back of her hands against the underside of Melissa’s right breast. Willow’s cunt had already gushing like a waterfall. Melissa accepted the help but said nothing about Willow’s behavior.

Finally, they lay down together on Willow’s small bed; their two bodies closer than ever. The storm outside raged on. The wind howling and flashes of lightning lit up the room.

Despite the storm, in no time, it seemed that young Melissa was fast asleep. Her soft breathing rose and fell. Willow’s hands roamed gently across the novice’s sleeping body — weary from the day’s toil. Willow was horny and slowly pleasured herself as she lay close to the novice. Willow rubbed her cunt juiced fingers over the comatose girl’s lips.

“Taste me you fucking bitch. I need your tongue in my steamy little cunt,” she thought, “I want you to drink from my hot gash as I ride your fucking face.”

Willow desperately needed a hard fuck. Disappointed in the lack of progress with the slumbersome novice, Willow got up and quietly crept into her father’s bedroom next door.

“What are you doing here?” whispered Joseph who lay semi-naked upon his modest bedding. He too was horny and needed attention — but maybe more circumspect about being discovered as the perverted Father that used his own daughter as a fuck toy.

There was a crack of thunder and the room lit up momentarily with white light from beyond the small window. Joseph saw that his eager demon daughter was already masturbating furiously. Willow put a wet finger to his lips.

“Shhhhhhhhhh …”

In no time, Willow curled her fingers around his stiff manhood. It throbbed against her sweaty palm. She tightened her grip around his blood-filled cock head, squeezing it tightly in her tiny fist, sending her father lust-crazy in seconds. Slimy Precum dripped from his engorged aubergine-colored flesh in anticipation of the incestuous pleasures they both sort.

“Yesssssssss … Fuck me Daddy … Fuck me now … I need your big cock inside me — punish my sinful cunt … fuck me in all my incestuous holes! Aren’t I a better lover than mommy … poor dead mommy … mmmmmm … fuck me now! Cum in my baby cunt!” She whispered as she pressed his chest backward onto the mess of bed clothing.

Willow didn’t waste a moment. She quickly mounted her father, straddling his broad legs — reverse-cowboying him. Willow let out a soft moan as she eased his desperate organ into the slippery-wet folds of her frustrated cunt.

“YES! FUCK ME,” she thought, not of her Father, but of the penial tongue of the Divine One … penetrating her. Yes, fuck me, Satan.

She allowed her slight body weight to slide down the length of his blood-filled fuck-pole. Willow looks up momentarily. The curtain that covered the doorway moved ever so slightly, revealing to her perceptive vision, a pair of surprised eyes. It was Melissa watching the two incestuous lovers intensely from her hiding place. Willow pretended that she had not noticed their righteous voyeur and continued the eagerness of her rise and fall, as she fucked her father’s cock with ever-increasing exuberance.

‘Yessss! Yessss!” she groaned unabated and no longer whispering, “Christ be fucked! Fill me with your incestuous cum Father!” she said loudly (for Melissa’s benefit).

“Yes, watch me fuck and suck … you stuck-up little bitch,” Willow thought, “See me take my slut-whore pleasures from my own kin. So taboo, so forbidden, so sinful. Go wear your hair shirt and pray for forgiveness. I will fuck you next!”


Willow crawled back into her own bed. She was still naked, dripping with perspiration and stank of sin. Melissa lay there with her back turned away. As Willow lay down, Melissa turned and they lay face-to-face.

“What are you up too, Willow?” she asked.

“What do you mean?” Willow responded (pretending that knew nothing of her voyeurism).

“You know exactly what I mean. I … I saw you … You and your Father …”

The words didn’t come easy. As if it were a sin, just to say the words themselves.

“Heavenly Father!”

She made the sign of the cross.

“I know what it looks like,” falsely confessed Willow, “But, he makes me do it.”

“You seemed to be enjoying yourself?”

“It’s all him. He makes me do it. He makes me talk dirty … he wants me to blaspheme, while he takes his illicit pleasures,” she lied, “He even sodomizes me … And if I don’t do exactly as he wants — if I don’t act as if I am a willing participant in this perverted game, he beats me. He beats me black and blue,” she let it hang for a moment, then added, ”Look at what happened to my mother …”

“Good God!” Melissa looked completely shocked at this revelation, “Are you saying that your father had something to do with it? With … your mother’s death?”

“I’m scared Mel,” she pretended to cry as she pressed herself against the reluctant novice — who was not quite sure what to make of it all … but was obviously swayed by the young girl’s words.

It was quite a performance. Willow sobbed bitterly.

“Hold me … please …”

Against Melissa’s better judgment, she wrapped her arms around the naked girl as she cried into the novice’s shoulder.

“Thank you, Mel. Thank you,” Willow cried over and over.

“I will pray for you … And your Father.”

“Would you kiss me like my mother did?” Melissa said nothing.

Willow pressed forward. She looked deeply into the novice’s caring eyes and she kissed her on the mouth. It was a gentle lip-to-lip kiss. Melissa seemed to fight the urge to pull away – but thought, not for herself, but for the desperately unloved child. She needed love. God’s love. It was her purpose.

Again Willow pressed her mouth against the novice, again and again, each time her kiss became more and more passionate … less loving and more sexual. Her hands pulled Melissa tighter as Willow pressed her nakedness against the young novice.

‘Stop. You must stop this,” cried Melissa.

Willow buried her face into Melissa’s shoulder again — to hide her grin of abject wickedness.


Melissa returned to the chapel.

Her mind was a buzz with the thoughts and the observations at the Chadwick’s home. The idea of Willow’s father forcing himself upon his own daughter; forcing her to act like a common whore; so blasphemous … and then there was the innuendo of his role in his wife’s death. It was more than she bargained for. Was being a Bride of Christ, this difficult — Having the burden of sin upon her shoulders? Was Willow’s strange sexual behavior, in part, because of her father’s ungodly perversity — had he infected her in some strange way with his evil demonym? Yes, oh yes, she needed help. God’s love could only go so far…

She must talk to Father Henry or better still, talk to Samantha … Surely, she would know what to do.

“Well, Melissa,” started Samantha, “You see, it’s not uncommon. This is a remote rural community. These things happen. The daughter and Father engage in sexual acts together. It is true. We know it’s not right. We know that it is a moral sin.”

Samantha touched the cross that was huge around her neck.

“What … what can we do? We cannot let it continue … I mean, the girl seems accepting of her own doom … God Almighty! She says she’s beaten, but I sense a sickness in her too …” said Melissa.

“The hard truth is … that it is the work of the preternatural. God is good. But the Devil is always waiting. His sex demons infect the wanton flesh … Lust and wickedness prevail and they pass their demonic sexual insidiousness between father and daughter … Abused becomes abuser. A vicious evil circle. It is sick and it is perverted.”

“And what if, God Almighty, he did have something to do with his wife’s death? Murder?” the young novice added.

“The Father is already lost. We need to act soon. Maybe … Maybe, we can save the daughter,” Samantha lied.


It was already very late by the time that the young novice returned to the Chadwick’s cottage. The very thought of sex demons infecting Willow was just too much for her Christian conscience to bear. She could not wait another moment longer. Samantha had insisted that they all wait until dawn, but of course, Melissa had taken it upon herself to do something … anything … to prevent any further evil from happening.

She entered the darkened cottage from the rear. Long before she could see anything she could hear muffled cries of anguish. It must be Willow. Oh God … she hoped she was not too late. What could he be doing to her now – she thought.

As she stepped inside, she was immediately confronted with a hellish scene. The novice gasped at the sight of Willow’s naked body hanging upright from the ceiling, her hands bound and her mouth gagged, as her incestuous father too … lost in his hideous pleasure, brutalizing the poor girl’s anus. The novice could clearly see his disdained shit-coated cock plunging in and out … in and out … in and out … while his daughter’s delicate body seemed to be dancing like a marionette puppet, suspended on strings, as he fucked her as hard and as fast as he could… all the time, he grunted lewdly as he mercilessly sodomized the tiny ten-year-old.

The novice picked up the heavy fireplace poker, as it was the first thing that she could get her hands on, and without further consideration, she brought it down, as hard as she could on Joseph’s skull. There was a sickening cracking sound as her first and only blow broke his skull. Blood gushed immediately from the fatal wound. Joseph’s body went limp and then silently fell sidewards to the floor of the cottage.

Melissa stood still. Shocked at her own actions. The implement of death fell from her fingers with a clattering sound. After a long moment, she just froze. And then, as if, suddenly recharged, she rushed to help Willow. She first pulled the filthy rag that had been stuffed into her mouth.

“Thank you! You saved me! Thank you!” exclaimed the young victim.

The novice reached up to untie Willow’s arms which were still stretched above her head.

There was now a large crimson pool radiating from the fallen man’s skull.

“Is … Is he dead?” asked Willow, her voice sounding mousy and scared.

“I don’t know.”

Melissa was focused on helping Willow. She dared not look at the body.

“H-he was a monster … a … demon … you … saved … me … Mel … ”

Willow’s voice trailed out as her body became limp in the novice’s arms.



Willow awake suddenly. She was no longer in her parent’s cottage. She found herself dressed in a nightshirt, lying on soft, clean bedding. It was the guest room in the parish refectory.

“She’s awake,” announced Henry, who was sitting next to her on the bed, as he gently caressed her hand.

Samantha entered the room with Melissa by her side.

“We were all so worried. The trauma of it all,” said Samantha, as the two of them joined Father Henry at her bedside.

“Mel saved me,” Willow said with a sly smile.

Melissa through her arms around her and they both hugged each other tightly.

“Thank God! I’m so glad that you are alright,” said Melissa.

“Okay, enough love for now,” said Samantha, “You need to take it slow. Out! Out! Out! All of you … Let me settle her down.”

Father Henry got up and escorted the young novice from Samantha’s bedroom. Once the door was closed. Samantha pulled down the bed clothing and lifted the hem of Willow’s nightshirt over her waistline. Willow opened her thighs invitingly and purred. Samatha began fingering Willow. The young child’s baby cunt was already wet and slippery with her girl juice.

“Mmmmmmm … Fuck!” groaned Willow, enjoying herself as she eagerly thrust her lilt hips back and forth against Samantha’s demanding fingers.

“She killed the fucker! That was a little unexpected!” laughed Samantha as she quickly stripped down naked and then climbed onto the bedding to join her eager young lover.

Willow lay back, knowing that her Sunday school teacher would want her to suck her cunt — drink her juices like tasting fine wine.

“I’d told him to tie me up. I like it when he fucks me hard up the arse … As I dangle before the fireplace … I even instructed him to gag me. He was really getting into it. Father was so hot and perverted that night …”

“EAT ME, you evil little bitch,” demanded Samantha, “Sexualem perversa …”

Samantha removed the smooth-edged metal crucifix from the bedside table and pushed the longer arm of it into the tiny young girl’s quivering cunt.

“Yes. Fuck the Nazarene! Fuck Jesus! Fuck Christ! Your mother and father are both in hell. Hail Satan! The eternal horned god! Praise the Divine One!”

“FUCK ME JESUS! FUCK ME CHRIST!” blasphemed young Willow as the smooth long stem of the crucifix sank inside her slick fuck hole, as far as it could reach until the body of Christ was pressed up against her engorged clitoris.


It was early evening and Sister Novice Melissa was still at bent knees, praying for guidance.

She had been second-guessing herself. The scenario in the Chadwick’s cottage played out over and over in her religiously sensitized mind.

She was there again. In that damned hell hole. The reek of it … She heard the muffled groans from Willow as she hung helplessly, suspended by ropes from the cottage’s ceiling beam. The light from the raging fireplace danced across their naked forms. The young girl’s body was tightly stretched as it dangled precariously, while her possessed father, filled with the Devil’s spirit, took his demented pleasures.

The novice witnessed his vulgar hips pumping back and forth. Back and forth. Back and forth. He grunted like a wild animal. A demonic entity. Evil. Cursed. Ravenous. His hands clawed his daughter’s flat tit flesh, as he ground and thrust his prone cock, in and out of her punished anus. Willow’s tiny body twisted and jerked with every thrust as she screamed without sound.

She smelt the fetor of sexual odors, sweet and human waste that smothered the poor girl — her mouth stuffed with something effluvious. It was just too much to take! The novice had little time to think, less compose herself properly — her mind saw the demons that Father Henry’s wife had talked about — the manifestation of demonic presence — she had acted out of Godliness …

“God give me strength,” she whispered to herself.

But now, the reality was that she had taken a life. The life of Willow’s father. It would leave the poor girl, both motherless and fatherless. And while her motives had been good, it still was hard to come to grips with. She heard the bone-crunching crack. The splattering of sanguine fluids and the radiating pool of blood that spread across the animal skin rug. That dark, black blood. A sex demon’s blood — shed for its vulgarity and perverseness.

“Oh, Lord. What have I done?”

How could she remain in the House of God as a defiler of one of God’s commandments? Thou Shall Not Kill. Forgiveness? She had prayed for strength; for a sign of his eternal love and forgiveness. She had prayed for an answer. Was this all part of God’s plan for her? Oh Heavenly Father, give me strength — she thought to herself.


It was Willow. Melisa looked up. Her vision blurred with tears in her eyes.

“I just wanted to thank you for rescuing me.”

Willow hugged her tight, her small face against Mel’s tear-stained cheeks. She tasted the saltiness of the novice’s tears. Their mouths met awkwardly and Willow pressed their moist lips together. Harder and harder. More and more salaciously. Melissa tried to break the kiss. She tried to pull back, but not before Willow forced her tongue between the novice’s soft parted lips.

“Stop. STOP!” cried Melissa.

Her mind was going crazy.

“I thought you understood?”

“Understood what?”

The novice looked surprised. Bewildered. Confused.

Willow took the novice’s right hand and pressed it up the front of her dress and against her naked pussy — which was slimy from her sexual arousal. Again, Melissa retracted.

“What are you doing? Stop this insanity!”

“Doing what I was told to do Mel. I prayed hard and my prayers were answered. The Divine One, wanted you to set me free. You killed my father. Hail the Divine One!”

None of this made sense. She had killed Willow’s father — not out of malice. It was to stop him from violently raping his own daughter. What choice did she have?

Willow pulled her dress over her head, revealing her nakedness.

“Repent Willow. Stop this shameful act … It’s … It’s not too late.”

“My father gave me great pleasure. I can still taste his shit-coated cock in the back of my mouth. Oh, so fucking delicious! I taught him the way to pleasure me. And … My orgasms were unbelievable, knowing how I corrupted him. Turned him into a sex pig. Made him into my incestuous fuck slave. But, the Divine One, wanted me to be free … to fuck and sin at His will.”

“Who? Divine One? This cannot be God’s plan?”

Willow laughed as she rubbed her cunt vulgarly before the novice. One hand mauled her inflamed labia, while the other groped her tiny cone-shaped breasts.

“God?” Laughed Willow insidiously, “No … It is Satan who I pray to. He told me to kill my mother. And you killed my father — it was so fucking HOT! I orgasmed over and over as you struck that blow upon his head. The blood was beautiful!”

Melissa looked totally shocked. Her mouth hung open. All the color seemed to drain from her features.

“And it is you that must kneel now, before me and pleasure my hungry cunt. KNEEL and PRAY TO SATAN! LICK MY FILTHY LITTLE CUNT HOLE. FUCK GOD! FUCK JESUS! HAIL THE HORNED GOD … THE DIVINE ONE … Sexualem perversa … THE GOD OF SEXUAL PERVERSION!”

The novice backed away. She turned slowly and then began to run. She ran out of the church doorway — she needed help. This was incredulous! She felt confused. Angry. Afraid. Father Henry would know what to do …


Melissa’s heart was beating faster than she ever remembered. Blood rushed to her ears and she tried to collect her thoughts. In the refectory, she found Father Henry and Samantha waiting.

“Oh dear God!” said Melissa, “I need your help Father Henry. Samantha. I think it’s Willow … she. .. she has been infected by her father’s demons.”

‘What do you mean? Girl, you’re out of breath. Calm down. You’re not making any sense?” replied Father Henry.

The priest held her in his arms and beckoned his wife to get the novice some water.

“I mean. You know, what you said about the sex demons.”

Melissa took a drink as Samantha soothed her and held the cup to her mouth.

“You know what you told me … About how they can pass between people through sexual contact … Well … I think … The sex demons are in his daughter … Willow seems to be possessed!”

“Yes. Yes … It happens. We know … There is only one way to get rid of these evil beasts … It’s through an exorcism … But are you sure? Her father is dead. How can you be sure?”

“It’s her demeanor. I mean, it’s what she was saying … R-Ranting more like!” stuttered Melissa.

‘What exactly does she say?” asked Father Henry.

“Something about the Divine One? Satan? I don’t know … About how I was supposed to kill her father to set her free to fuck and sin for His will? She … She was very blasphemous! Oh, Lord! She took God’s name in vain. I .. I just didn’t know what to do …”

“Where is she now?” asked Samantha.

“I don’t know. I just ran here to you …”

The novice was shaking badly.

Father Henry, disappeared for a while and then returned.

“She isn’t in the chapel. She probably went home,” the priest said. “I think it best that you take Melissa. Accompany her. And check on Willow. I just don’t want this to get out of hand.”

“Okay. I’ll take Melissa over there. We’ll see what’s happening.” Answered Samantha.


The cottage was still a scene of death. Joseph’s body had been removed, but the blood stains remained. Melissa felt detached from the murder, as if it had been someone else who had perpetrated the act and now she was focused on Willow. With Samantha at her side, she felt they had a chance to save her from herself. Whatever sacrilegious evil possessed her — they had to overcome it. An exorcism? She was not sure exactly what that would entail but knew that she had to do something to save the mortal soul of the young girl.

Samantha pulled back the curtain to Willow’s room.

The novice was immediately shocked. The room smelt pungent. Sexual. Disturbing. She saw the young girl, Willow, kneeling naked before an effigy of the Devil – an evil little shrine dedicated to the worship of the Divine One. The young girl turned to face her audience of two. She was furiously masturbating with a crucifix, pressing the body of Christ hard against her hard little clitoris as the arm of the cross thrust deeply in and out of a small cunt hole.

“FUCK ME JESUS! FUCK ME CHRIST!” she blasphemed.

The novice stepped forward to stop the girl in the middle of her profane act, but Samantha grabbed hold of her, as she went to step forward and take charge of things. Willow smiled at the novice and stopped masturbating.


Samantha did not move immediately. Willow throw aside the cross and picked up an empty chalice-like cup and peed noisily into it. The smell of urea perfumed the small room with a strong and heady aroma. The young girl offered the briny liquid to Samantha.

“Partake in my unholy communion and join be in debauchery,” said the young girl, as she held the cup out with one hand and resumed rubbing herself with the other.

Samantha stepped forward and snatched the foul cup from the girl’s hand (as if to throw it away) – but instead, she brought the rim of the overflowing challis to her lips.

‘Hail Satan! Sexualem perversa …” She whispered and then drank deeply from the cup of dark yellow piss.

The novice recoils. She cannot believe her eyes and ears. Samantha drops the empty challis and unfastens her long dress so that it falls away and exposes the crudity of her profane nakedness beneath. Samantha turned towards Melissa and held out her hand.

“Come child. Join us. We must now fuck forever in sin and cover the world in darkness, to rape the pure and corrupt the innocent.”

She ran her hands over her own fist-sized breasts and down her front, rubbing her long fingers against her bawdy sex.

Melissa was paralyzed in complete fear.

Everything moved in ultra-slow motion. She simply couldn’t move, even though her life depended upon it. Samantha grinned evilly. Stepping up to her, she pressed her cunt-slimmed fingers against the novice’s lips and then kissed her passionately. Her tongue forced its way between Melissa’s unmoving lips.

“Satan be praised. Great Horned Demon. Oh Divine One, we honor thee!”

Sounds, and voices reverberated in her ears. She blinked … trying to bring herself back into focus, but the world began to spin wildly around her — everything seemed to be out of control. She could taste the repulsive mixture of urine and female ejaculate across her tongue. Her body convulsed.

The novice stepped backward, disentangling herself from Samantha’s hold. She turned to flee but made it only as far as the door — as she crashed into the open arms of Father Henry.

“Father! Father! Help me. They’re all infected. The sex demons! The sex demons!”

Father Henry smiled sweetly. She felt a moment of pain. Sharp pain. Something hit her from behind and then she began to fall into darkness. The voice of Father Henry echoed as she fell …

“Shame … She showed such promise… Shame… She showed such p-p-p-p-p…”


The hanging was quite an event.

People from all over the county had turned up. It was quite a sensation. A novice nun turned murderous witch responsible for the death of a loving father as he tried to protect his daughter from the sex-obsessed teen.

The stern old county judge had passed his sentence, saying that Sister Novice Melissa was a blithe to their community. And having been found guilty of the murder of Joseph Chadwick for the purposes of trying to have sex with his child; and thereafter on the advice of Father Henry, showed no repentance from her incorrigible and sinful acts was to be condemned to death by hanging. The community seemed vindicated with his verdict. An eye-for-an-eye and a tooth-for-a-tooth.

Willow stood silently besides Father Henry and his wife, Samantha. The day of reckoning had arrived.

“It wasn’t me. It was the sex demons! … It wasn’t me!” the novice wept and begged incessantly as the emotionless executioner placed the black sack over her head.

“Hang the witch! Hang the demon!” cried the unsympathetic folks from around the village square.

They had come for a hanging. They wanted to see the hanging. The crowd had been a little restless waiting for this moment.

“Hang the murderous witch!”

The trapdoor opened.


It was three in the morning. The witching hour. A small gathering stood around the church altar. There were black candles everywhere. The smell of smoky incense filled the air. A rhythmical chime broke the muttering of the secretive group.

They all turned in unison and watched young Willow enter. Their circle parted to let the youngster join them at the desecrated altar.

Willow held a shining silver challis before her as she walked between the darkly cladded figures with their bare feet (naked beneath). The young girl was naked, bar the dark wooden inverted cross she wore around her neck, and the mock ‘ring of thorn’ she wore upon her crown.

The chime sounded again. One of the group pulled back the deep hood of his cowl – it was Father Henry.

“O Satanas Satanam aliosque … Inhabitare facit unius moris in mea potestate te mala tua gaudens … Gaudens non contaminent nomen vestrum propter amorem sexus, et vere cultus Ipsius Divinum Unus est peccatum blasphemantes … ” (O Satan, my Satan… Bless us with the power of your evil orgasm … In your profane name we cum … For the love of your blasphemous sin and perverted sex in the worship of the Divine One).

“Sexualem perversa!” Chanted the congregation in response to his litany.

Willow climbed up upon the altar that was covered in a heavy black cloth decorated in the sigil of the Baphomet. Now two others in the group pulled back their hoods to reveal their hidden identities — they were Samantha Druss and Angelique Volkova.

Samantha untied her cowl, which was secured at her neck. The dark silken cloth fell silently to the church floor, revealing her nakedness to the rest of the excited congregation.

Angelique took the challis from Willow and Father Henry untied the inverted cross from around her neck. Everything appeared to be performed with a sense of ritualistic solemnness — yet all the onlookers could not resist self-pleasuring.

Willow raised her backside from the altar, holding herself up on her hands and legs. Angelique held the challis between Willow’s thighs and pressed the rim to her tiny hairless vagina.

“Satanas Domine, laudis offerimus tibi hunc puerum … quae vel polluta est ex corde, malum et perversæ: … suscipe eam et sic unus ex nobis, ut producat brethren gaudium voluptatis ad gallus malum…” (O Satan, we offer you this child … she is impure of heart, evil and perverse … accept her as one of our brethren so she may bring joy pleasure to your unholy cock).

“Sexualem perversa!” they chanted.

The chime sounded again. Willow began to urinate into the large silver challis. The pungency of her piss spray filled the nostrils of the onlookers, who thirsted for a taste of her hot salty pee.



Willow smiled to herself.

She was to be placed as a ward of the county. Samantha and Father Henry had found the perfect home for her, with a prominent city family. The aristocratic ‘Helpert Family’ were wealthy through the oil trade. Sir Anthony Helpert and Lady Emma Helpert and their two young children, Ackley and Idil, seemed to be the perfect choice. And though she hated to leave her young sexual friends in Holy Oak behind, Father Henry had told her that formal education at a capital-style school would bring many latent benefits and refinements.

Sexualem perversa.

The demonic joys that she embraced would, of course, escalate in due course – be there a short pause for her to develop herself and one day take her rightful place a the right hand of the Divine One, and serve as a satanic priestess.


To be continued?


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