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CREATED: 29.03.2020 / REVISITED: 06.09.2023

Pleasure Has No Boundaries 3


The setting is now. Today. Hong Kong. Maggie had followed her husband overseas to live a privileged lifestyle. A conservative housewife with a solid Christian upbringing, she was a virgin upon their wedding night. Now living away from her parents and siblings, she served in the local church as their Sunday school teacher – helping young teens and the youngest of the parish children. She had always had a fear of God Almighty and lived by her inherited stoic Christian values.

This, however, was all about to change. Maggie meets Kris. Kris is a woman from the opposite side of town. She is the opposite of Maggie in so many ways; and as a Satanist and practitioner of black magic, she introduces Maggie into her nihilistic world. Maggie is shocked and scared at first (and bored with her pious lifestyle). She cannot ignore her curiosity for this darker side of life. Kris sees Maggie as a conquest of her satanic corruption. Kris sets about to tempt Maggie and seduce her with illicit lesbian lust, an entree into a world of satanic rites, devil worship, pedophilia, and incest – to Kris ‘pleasure has no boundaries’ and the prize is Maggie’s eternal soul.


  • Maggie (39 – protagonist. Christian, Sunday school teacher, bi, shoulder-length hair, slim build, small tits/AB-cup, very attractive
  • Hannah (23) – Maggie’s younger sister, religious, student
  • Kris (49) – Maggie’s secret lover, satanist, connected to the 14K triads and child trafficking, pedophile, petite, A-cup, shaven, short hair, slim build
  • Gin (13) – Maggie’s daughter, quiet and brooding, A-cup
  • Alfred (55) – Husband of Maggie, Regional CFO of MNC
  • Amanda (8) – Sunday School child in Maggie’s church class,
  • George (42) – Maggie’s neighbor, George is Chinese, ex-banker, now no job
  • Betty (36) – George’s wife, attractive, airline stewardess, ambitious, bi
  • Gigi (8) – George’s daughter, petite, A-cup
  • Joyce (26) – George & Betty’s maid, pretty Filipino
  • Sister Louise (32) – sadist, attractive nun, pedophile
  • James & Jarold (12) – twin boys, cousins of Maggie
  • Lilly & Albert – parents of the twins
  • Ben (28) – couple in counseling (with Maggie), nerdy looking, virgin
  • Sally (24) – couple in counseling (with Maggie), small, petite, A-cup, virgin
  • Grace & John (60s) – Maggie’s parents, retired


Maggie had been fucking her neighbor, George, all morning. They’d both started out sniffing his wife’s fishy-smelling panties. Maggie loved the delicious smell and she encouraged George to gain an appreciation for it too. Actually, she had become very attracted to this tall, sexy woman and was looking forward with enthusiasm to their pedophilic foursome. Betty’s idea of a ritual was intended as Gigi’s initiation into devil worship. An event, Maggie couldn’t wait for.

Maggie had forbidden George to fuck her. And her word was not to be taken lightly. Especially if he wanted to continue to enjoy all the adulteress pleasures she gave him. In her mind, She wanted Betty to be totally frustrated with him; and more in need of the kind of sexual release she could only achieve with her and Gigi. He was just a puppet. She sometimes thought of George as her ‘living dildo’. Yes, it made her feel wicked to have him in her complete control.

She worked George up to quite a crescendo. He was totally drawing over her. He’d do anything she asked of him.

“Do you wanna smell your daughter’s cunt, George?”

She held a pair of her damp soiled knickers to his face.


George nodded. She held the dirty fabric up to his nose. He breathed in his daughter’s pussy fragrance.

“Nice?” she asked.

Again he nodded in affirmation.

“Do you want to fuck her then?”

His eyes said yes, but his lips failed to move.

“Does daddy want to fuck his baby girl?” She pressed, unsatisfied in his lack of verbal response.

Finally, he answered meekly.

“Yes,” he said.

“Yes, what? Say it!” she demanded.

Her hands ran down the front of her perspiration-covered body until then reached her groin.

“Want to lick this?”

She pulled her labia wide open and slid her tongue back and forth between her lips, mimicking cunnilingus.

“Then tell the truth, you incestuous little pervert.”

George’s thick cock was throbbing, pre-cum dribbled from its tip. The verbal abuse seemed to only excite him more (he’d become especially excited every time Maggie said ‘Hail Satan’). Maggie placed her fingers around the crown of his erection. It soaked her fingers in his slimy drool. Her tongue flicked across his piss slit as she began to rub his shaft vigorously.

“Am I wasting my time?” she said in mock anger, “Doesn’t daddy big dick want to make his daughter bleed? Come on Daddy her puss-puss needs to be stretched wide and fucked!”

His cock was jumping between her fingers. She loved playing with her food. After all, he was just fodder in her nasty little game.

At last, George said something affirmative.

“Yes, I want to fuck her.”

Maggie grinned at his verbal confession. She spread her legs wider.

“Bad boy … Now, make me cum!” she ordered.

George got down on his knees and slid forward, pressing his face to her overheated groin, so that his mouth covered her cunt hole. Maggie sighed. At last, his tongue entered her.

“No, don’t touch yourself … not until you make me cum first.”

Obediently, George stopped masturbating himself and focused everything on her pleasure. His tongue flicked her clitoris and then licked around her labia and then penetrated her fuck tunnel. As his tongue worked its up inside of her, Maggie closed her eyes and imagined it was Betty’s.


Lily and Albert were related to Maggie from her mother’s side of the family. They lived in Happy Valley, east of Maggie’s place on Hong Kong Island. They had twin boys, James and Jarold, aged twelve (Maggie’s cousins). Identical twins. They were both slight in height and lithe in body and very cute to the point of being almost effeminate.

Though Lily was a strong Christian woman and a regular at Church of the Saints, on this occasion she’d confided in Maggie that she’d felt ill-adapt to deal with the consequences of her issues. She almost wept as she confessed a dark family secret to Maggie in the hope that she would, somehow, know what to do.

“I have prayed and prayed,” she’d said, “I thought of going to Friar Mario, but I was just too ashamed.”

As the story unraveled, she told Maggie that she did catch the twin boys having anal sex. They were incestuous little faggots (not her words). Her mouth trembled saying the word ‘sodomites’. Maggie’s cunt immediately felt wet. Stabs of perverted pleasure rippled through her body. How wonderful, Maggie thought to herself as she pretended to be shocked and at the same time consolatory to the distraught mother, Lily.

Lily went on to say that when she confronted the twins about this incestuous and aberrant act, they seemed confused.

“In the name of the Holy Father, please Maggie, can you help us?”

Of course, she could. Maggie said that she would need to speak to the boys … alone. She said, she was sure that this was just a phase, that they were not damned to hell, and that it may take a little time, but she was sure that they could all get passed this isolated incident.

Lily thanked Maggie profusely. She even ventured a weak smile of hope.


It was Sunday morning at the Church of the Saints in Kowloon.

Sister Louise had a reputation at the Church for being extreme in her strictness, even towards the younger of the children. She wasn’t particularly popular in the parish either. In fact, most of the other clergy avoided her. Her zealousness was frowned upon. However that never perturbed her. Though she was still youthful, her attitude made her appear older than her thirty-two years.

And there she was standing at the doorway of Maggie’s Sunday school class. She looked like a smudge of a shadow dressed in her foreboding black habit. Her whitish face had a permanent grimace that made her appear unnecessarily austere.

The lesson was almost over when Maggie noticed the nun’s beady little eyes staring directly at her. Maggie nodded in her direction, acknowledging Sister Louise’s uncomfortable presence. Sister Louise returned the gesture in a cold and analytical way.

Maggie looked over at young Amanda, who was not paying attention to anything other than her art assignment, which happened to be painting a colorful nativity scene with a few of the other children. Though it was just a glance, Sister Louise’s eyes seemed to detect something. What was standing there for? What was she up to? Maggie had to know.


Albert, the father of her two cousins, James and Jarold, dropped them off at Maggie’s luxury apartment. He didn’t say much, just turned and walked away. He was obviously very embarrassed by the whole situation. Lily had phoned Maggie to thank her again. Maggie reassured her, telling her that it would not go any further than her and that this shameful thing would not be a problem.

Maggie had selected a time when she and the two incestuous twins could be alone without Alfred — without any interruptions. She’d spent most of that week, after hearing Lily’s confession, masturbating furiously to gay teen porn. She loved the way their smooth young boy cocks slid in and out of their lover’s anuses. Sodomy was so delicious. Incest made it ten times more lewd. She drooled at the thought of their delicious twelve-year-old bodies and hard cigar-like erections. She’d even gone back to the sex shop in Mong Kok to purchase a strap-on dildo. If the boys liked a good arse-fucking, then she should be the one to give it to the both of them.

The two boys were almost identical in every way. They even smelt the same. Would they taste the same? They’d dressed as if going to church, all neat and tidy with their shoulder-length hair neatly combed back. Their faces were cute and angelic. Two little cherubs. It was sometimes hard to tell them apart. They both looked very effeminate — more like little girls than boys. Maggie was instantly attracted to them. Her cunt throbbed just looking at them.

After Albert made his quiet departure, Maggie asked them to remove their shoes and socks and to sit in the lounge. They both looked scared and their discomfort made Maggie feel more in control than ever. She hadn’t really been close to her cousins and though they’d met her before, it had been under very different circumstances. Even still, they had no idea what she had in mind.

Maggie had dressed conservatively to greet their father. As soon as she’d seen their father off, she told them to sit tight and then quickly slipped away. Once back in the sanctuary of her bedroom, she changed into something more seductive. She donned her favorite short black ‘fuck-me’ skirt without any knickers. Maggie slipped on a translucent boob-tube top without any bra. The look made her appear like a young teen. She checked herself out in the mirror. Her rock-hard nipples were clearly visible through the thin white fabric of her tight-fitting top.

Excellent, she thought.

Maggie reappeared. The twins hadn’t moved. They looked like two twin rabbits caught in the headlights of an oncoming truck. Their nervousness was palpable. It was time to get the party started.

Maggie sat down next to them, as they sat side-by-side on Maggie’s soft leather ‘L-shaped couch. She looked sexy and she saw their eyes wandering over her more obvious physique.

“Why are you here?” she started, “Why have your parents brought you here?”

They both looked coyly at her, didn’t answer right away, but still couldn’t tear their eyes away from her thinly covered breasts. They mumbled something unintelligible.

“Do you know what sin is?” she asked.

They said a muffled ‘yes’ and lowered their eyes in shame. Yes, they were here to talk about what their mother caught them doing in their shared bedroom.

“It’s called incest,” she said, “And according to God, incest and sodomy are wicked acts of evil. Shameful. Disgraceful. Actually, God says that most things pleasurable are a sin. He says they’re the Devil’s playground. What did they think of that?”

James was the first to speak.

“Why is everything pleasurable bad?” he asked coyly.

“Because they just are … according to what God says. But, not everyone follows what God says.”

She let her answer hang out there for a while. The boys looked at each other. Curiosity crossed their angelic faces.

“Some people like to follow the Devil.”

Now they were hanging on her every syllable.

“Some people who worship the Devil, believe that incest and sodomy are wonderful pleasures – not to be scorned at, but to be celebrated and enjoyed to the fullest. Of course, people like that, keep these views secret of course, and you’d only know if you were one of them.”

It was Jarold who spoke next.

“So, if a person no longer followed God, but worshiped the Devil instead, they’d be able to do the things they like to each other?”

He looked nervous but also excited.

“Yes, they would.”

Maggie continued to talk in the third person as Jarold did, adding, “But in that circumstance, a person would need to make sure they didn’t get caught again … and of course to embrace the Devil. A person or persons, like that would need someone they trust, to guide them … to help them … to inspire and encourage them. And it would mean that they would need to reject God, hate God, blaspheme against God, and practice the worship of sex demons.”

Maggie opened her legs wider, causing her short black skirt to ride up higher. Her moist-shaven cunt was now clearly on display to her two pre-teen cousins. Their eyes sparkled brightly at the sight. They, again looked at each other. It was the secret communications of identical twins.

“If we wanted to pray to the Devil … if we, like, wanted to do Devil worship … is that something you could help us with?”

She liked their forwardness.

“Well, it would have to be our secret. A complete secret. And it will not be easy, the Devil will ask you to perform many unnatural sexual acts, not only with each other … but also with me,” she drooled.

“Yes, oh yes,” they both exclaimed excitedly.

They both looked eager to begin.

“Why don’t you both undress? The Devil likes it when we’re all naked together.”

She didn’t need to ask twice. In a flash, both James and Jarold were naked in front of her – their little boy cocks stiff with excitement. Her eyes drank them in as she devoured their sexually aroused nakedness. Maggie reached into her bag and produced two thick dog collars. The boys put them on.

“Now follow me,” she ordered.

Maggie led the two excited boys to her special room.

She’d prepared everything. Inside the room, the black curtains were drawn and the room was lit with many candles. The boys looked in amazement. There was a small mattress, covered in black plastic, lying in front of the mirrored wall. They had no idea what their cousin was like. She switched on the black-light and the walls immediately came alive with pornographic satanic symbolism. This was truly the ‘Devil’s playground’.

“Kneel. The both of you …”

They did as she commanded.

“And pray to Satan with me … pray for the sexual pleasure of incest … boy to boy. .. pray that you may both indulge in the illicit pleasures of sodomy … pray to me … your goddess … pleasure has no boundaries … Hail Satan … Hail Satan …”

“Hail Satan!” chimed the two incestuous boys.

Maggie was pleased that her evil little plan was bearing fruit. Kris would have been proud of how far she had come … how much she’d done. A passage she read came to her …

“Seek always to corrupt the pious, seek always to seduce the chaste … guide those who seek to serve the light into darkness, lead those who seek out the blessings of God to know of the Benedictions of Our Lord Satan. One of the greatest services we can perform for the Dark Lord of Hell is to induce those of the Light into the raptures of the darkness, but do not halt that induction once commenced, continue their descent into the spheres of Hell until they are no more than the playthings of the Demonic.”

Maggie ushered the boys together.

“God doesn’t want you to kiss each other. He thinks it’s a bad thing. That would make you feel bad about doing something the Devil says is beautiful. Fuck God I say … so show the Devil how you like to kiss each other.”

James and Jarold turned to face each other, still kneeling on the black plastic-covered mattress. As they embraced, their little cocks rubbed against each other as if they were dueling in a fleshy sword fight. Maggie watched with glee as they kissed open-mouthed. She saw their worm-like tongues feverishly exploring each other’s mouths.

“Excellent … come both of you … kiss my mouth too!”

Soon all three were exchanging passionate tongue kisses as they all mashed their mouths together. Maggie broke off their kiss.

“God forbids you touching each other’s genitals … he would say it’s a mortal sin. The Devil would say that you should enjoy these forbidden fruits. Fuck God. Show the Devil how you touch each other,” she commanded.

The little boys groaned and wasted no time in gripped each other’s identical cocks. Their identical fingers wrapped around each other’s thin cock shafts. They pumped their blood-filled flesh, up and down, as they began to mutually masturbate. It was a beautiful site, thought Maggie. Her cunt would need attention very soon. She’d enjoyed the joy of Sapphic incest, but this was another demonic treat.

“Suck my toes,” she said, pressing her pretty feet into James’s mouth.

His tongue lapped between her toes and then sucked her big toes like a cock. His wet little mouth seemed perfect for sucking.

“That fucker in heaven does want you ever to perform oral sex on each other … No that would be blasphemous! Incestuous! The Devil says to do whatever pleases you. Fuck Jesus. Fuck Mary. And show the Devil how much you both love sucking cock …”

James lay on his back on the mattress while Jarold lay in the opposite direction. They rutted against each other and engulfed each other’s cocks. They moaned loudly. It was obvious to her, that they’d been doing this for quite some time — maybe it was their own clumsiness — that allowed them to get caught by their pious mother, Lily. Maybe they needed a mother figure to abuse them.

Now, each took the other’s cock into their hot wet mouths. Maggie’s hand slipped beneath her skirt. She gasped as her fingers found their mark. Pressing her engorged clit, stabs of deviant pleasure flowed through her.

“Hail Satan,” she cried.

The boys’ mouths, too full of cock, couldn’t respond — they only groaned in their incestuous lust.

Maggie turned, as the door opened. It was Gin. She was already naked and fingering herself. She closed the door and stood next to her mother.

“Mmmmm …” she groaned as she looked on at the two boys in their wild sixty-nine.

“Mommy … I’m hungry,” cried Gin.

“Well darling, Satan provides!” answered her mother.

Maggie told the boys to stop and reluctantly they parted. Now, both sat on the mattress facing her and Gin. They immediately recognized Gin and smiled as she continued to finger herself as they watched.

“My Toy is hungry,” said Maggie, “I’m hungry! So, Hail Satan! And feed us.”

Mother and daughter knelt down in front of the boys, Maggie before James, Gin before Jarold.


It was only Monday afternoon. hubby was away again. Alone, Maggie sorted out her neighbor. Maggie sucked eagerly at George’s filthy cock.

He’d only just finished fucking his perverted Filipino maid in both her hot dank holes. Maggie loved the tangy taste of the pretty little twenty-six-year-old’s ass as she gobbled greedily at his dirty thick cock.

George told her that he had paid the loose slut fifty dollars for a fuck. But had found out that the price was going to be much higher — just to keep her mouth shut. Maggie smiled as George came hard into the roof of her mouth. Spurt after spurt of creamy fluids filled her mouth. She savored the taste of semen, pussy and ass.

The blackmail situation had actually been Maggie’s idea all along — Joyce and Maggie were to split the takings together. Joyce would make a lovely addition to Maggie’s growing list of playthings. The Filipinos were famous for black magic and Joyce was an avid fan of evil things. Maggie would introduce her to George. Of course, she would need to closely guide them in their worship.



Lily and Albert sat stiffly across from their young sons. Their mother, Lily, was visibly relieved to hear that things had gone well with her boys. She clasped Albert’s hand tightly. He said very little, maybe nothing at all. Maggie had informed them both that James and Jarold had listened to her closely and had seen the proverbial light.

Maggie had explained that they all had prayed together and now Lily’s sons truly understood God’s plan for them. They’d confessed all their transgressions and sins, and though Maggie was no priest to offer atonement, she’d promised to keep their family secrets to herself. Nobody would ever know.

The boys said that they were ‘sorry’ to their mother and father; that they understood they had been playing with fire; and that from now on, they would listen to Maggie’s lessons. Maggie interceded to say, that she would need to see the boys at least once or twice a week – just to make sure that the situation was stabilized. Lily couldn’t thank Maggie enough.

Maggie smiled at her young incestuous cousins as she vividly remembered what really had taken place. Yes, they had knelt and prayed, but not to God Almighty. No, their new god was no Christian god. And their prayers had been answered, not by angels, but by a perverted sexual demon …

… Her.

How she had come to love corrupting the pious. She’d observed Albert during the whole situation. He was obviously a quiet man. Reserved. Maybe a little secretive even? Whatever it was, he kept it to himself. Maggie pondered this. Her intuition said that Albert wasn’t as naive as his dumb churchy wife. Maybe she should invite him to join one of the ‘sessions with his boys’ in the not-so-distant future? Maggie got a stab of wicked pleasure at the thought of perverting him. Such a sweet revenge.

Maggie continued to consul Lily. She said that the boys listened to her and did exactly what she instructed. What she didn’t add was that after she’d observed their incestuous games together, indulging in simple masturbation and oral sex, she’d joined in to make it an incest threesome. How Lilly would have had a heart attack, if she’d known the things they’d actually done together already (and as Maggie saw it, this was only the beginning of their dark journey into wickedness(.


She’d been looking forward to trying out her new purchases — an eight-inch strapless dildo (for herself) and a six-inch strap-on (for Gin). She’d seen it used in numerous lesbian porn videos and had wanted to fuck their tight faggot arses with her long flesh-toned penis. Obviously a lot bigger than their little boy-sized cocks, she saw this as taking them both to another level of depravity.

The sexy device had a bulbous portion ( at right angles to the shaft) that she had inserted into her own vagina, the rest of its long flesh-colored shaft was external — it stuck out from her groin in a perfectly obscene way, and as it was almost identical in color to her flesh, it made her look like a well-endowed shemale.

Maggie had dressed the boys for the occasion. They each wore black thigh-high stockings. She’d applied black lipstick and heavy eye shadow to their faces. They still wore their black leather dog collars and she’d added a new addition of matching cock-rings. She’d even found little devil masks that covered their eyes, much like the one she’d seen in Kris’s last video. They looked carnivorous. The boys had both consumed a large quantity of fizzy lemonade (laced with a little vodka), that she hoped would be recycled, as their activities continued.

Jarold helped Maggie bind his own brother’s wrists to the ‘iron gym total upper body workout bar’ that hung from the ceiling. James stood on his tipsy toes stretched between the ceiling and the floor, as his arms were secured high above his head. He looked through the eye-holes of the devil mask at his reflection in the floor-to-ceiling mirror. The perfect offering to Satan’s sex demons. Maggie had put on some music that she’d found that sounded not so dissimilar to the pagan chanting that Kris always played during their pedophilic encounters — the Devil’s music.

Gin watched, whilst touching herself, recording all her mother’s nasty little games – so that they could both masturbate each other as they played back the perverted video over and over. Maybe, she should share the video with their father. Maggie was confident that he’d get a secret kick out of seeing his faggot sons being drunk and pegged by their incestuous pedo cousins. Maybe he’d be inspired to fuck them too?

Lily said that she’d been praying at the Church of the Saints every day. Obviously, she thought that God had heard and answered her prayers. Maggie’s new god was much more powerful them Lily’s absentee God. Praise be to Godre’el. Maggie wanted to laugh in her stupid, dumb-face but restrained herself — thinking about the first time she fucked poor little James …

She lubed up the strapless dildo with a generous amount of the clear gel, after finger-fucking his tight little ass-pussy. Whilst fingering his puckered little anus, she pressed even more lube up his poop-tunnel. He winched as her fingers entered him. She’d deliberately pressed deeper and deeper as her oily digits fucked his nether hole in and out, faster and faster, loosening his tight little sphincter.

What would he do with eight inches of solid dildo?

Meanwhile, Gin was busy recording the scene; Jarold had gotten down on his knees before James, masturbating himself, as he took his brother’s cock between his salivating lips. His black-lipsticked mouth engulfed James’s tiny cock and balls. James groaned.

As Maggie stood behind him, she watched over the boy’s shoulders, into the floor-to-ceiling mirrors, as she positioned the ass-splitting dildo against the boy’s white-fleshed rear. She leaned forward and grabbed his slight shoulders for purchase. Pressing the smooth curved end forward, it pushed against the greasy skin of his well-oiled spinster.

“Argh …” James groaned in response to the anal invasion.

Sodomy. He wanted it. He even pressed backward against her to meet the pressure of the dildo. The first two or three inches slide easily inside his well-lubed poop-tube.

“Argh …” he groaned again.

Maggie moved her hips back, taking her slick cock almost all the way out, but hovered at the edge of the inside of his rectum. With a gasp, she thrust forward again. This time her thick cock sank about six inches of its ribbed length into James’s immature body.

“Argh…” he gasped and clenched tightly at the restraints that held him firmly in place before the mirror. Balancing on his toes was beginning to be painful (just the way Maggie liked it).

“Yes,” moaned Maggie, seeing the effect she was having upon the young boy’s facial expression.

She thrust shallowly backward and forward — getting the small child accustomed to both the girth (which was much thicker than his brother’s boy cock) and the length (that was double the length of his brother’s) of her strapless.

“Oooohhhhmmmmmm …” squealed the boy as he was further impaled upon the plastic cock.

Jarold continued gobbling and jacking at his brother’s quivering cock. Jarold anticipated James’s body jerking as his brother responded to Maggie’s pounding.

“Fuck yer! Hail Satan!” cried Maggie’s daughter.

Gin was furiously fingered herself. She moved in closer and then all around, capturing all the illicit action on her mobile. Her mother grinned sadistically into the camera, as she ploughed the dildo into the boy’s rectum. Gin zoomed in on Jarold, as he jacked both himself and his helpless brother. Maybe Jarold wished he was the one. Maybe he got more turned on by being one of the perpetrators? It would be Long until it was his turn.


Maggie watched silently.

Amanda fidgeted as she waited impatiently for the two of them to be alone together again. Her grandmother was still fusing around. Then, she was finally gone, leaving them alone for the afternoon. Maggie too, could hardly contain her guileful pedophilic desires for the tiny child. Once the door had closed behind them, they embraced as lovers and kissed deeply. They drank from each other’s passionate lusts. Then, without any further words between them, they both left the lounge, where they’d entertained Amanda’s grandmother, moving quickly into Amanda’s pretty bedroom. Everything was pink, turquoise and lavender.

They wasted no time getting naked.

Maggie sat naked and upright on the bottom of Amanda’s girly little bed surrounded by soft toys and childish things. She opened her athletic legs wider and balanced on the tips of her pretty painted toes. Maggie hadn’t washed since she had sex with George and her cunt smelt of a mixture of her female cum and his spent semen.

Amanda knew instinctively what to do. She quickly knelt between Maggie’s parted legs and pressed her little face forward into the grown woman’s over-heated crotch. As her tiny lover’s mouth finally made contact with her wanton flesh.

“Ffffuuckkkkkkkk …” Maggie let out a long and gratifying wail.

Amanda’s small fingers clung tightly onto Maggie’s slender thighs as her puckered lips found their mark and pressed exquisitely against Maggie’s swollen clitoris.

Pleasure signals flowed like breaking waves in Maggie’s mind. So exquisite was the child’s tongue. Maggie’s fingers spread through Amanda’s hair as she held the child in a vice-like grip, urging her to persist with her selfish indulgence. Amanda made no protest as she only increased the veracity of her pleasuring.

“Yes! Fuck yes! Don’t … don’t stop … Argh … fuck, Jesus, fuck!” Maggie groaned.

How fast the child had become adept at knowing her … what she needed … what she demanded. Sharp thunderbolts of orgasmic pleasure sparked through her. Maggie’s fingers closed into fists of Amanda’s hair as she shuddered from head to toe. Maggie fell backward onto Amanda’s narrow cot. Released from Maggie’s grip, Amanda stood up and then climbed over Maggie’s waist until she sat straddled over her hips.

“Hail Satan, child … that was hot!” said Maggie breathlessly.

Amanda looked pleased with herself.


Maggie sat in the third pew of the ornately decorated chapel as the couple stood before Friar Mario to say their final marriage vows. It was a small gathering of friends and family for the wedding of Ben and Sally. They were both church regulars and had been vetted by her. She had been their pre-marriage counselor. Of course, she perverted the course of things. This was to be their special day (and night). And long after this holy matrimonial ceremony, there would be another ritual – a more insidious one, presided over by her on the night of their supposed consumption.

Ben was twenty-eight years old. Maggie thought he looked rather nerdy. Sally was twenty-four years old. She was pretty, petite, and quiet. In her hands, Maggie held their individual medical reports. The church was very thorough. Maggie had asked them to join her in the premarital counseling suite.

A nice description for a simple room in the parish, where she conducted her couples counseling work. It comprised two small fabric couches that faced each other over a low table covered with booklets and leaflets about various aspects of the pre-marital process. The room had a large window that looked out into a blind courtyard, so it felt very private. The walls were decorated with old-fashioned illustrated pictures of angelic marriage rituals, coupled with elaborately scripted letter forms of poetic marriage prayers …

“Lord, help us to remember when first met and the strong love that grew between us, to work that love into practical things so that nothing can divide us. Lord, we pray and put our marriage in your hands, Amen.”

She’d met them only once before and had been taken by Sally’s pretty face, almost child-like body and extremely quiet demeanor. She’d already allowed her immoral imagination to explore the pair of them, her and Sally, locking in a torrid tongue kiss, while pathetic Ben, just looked on. She looked forward to her seduction. The fall was such a beautiful thing.

On this occasion, they both seemed a little nervous, maybe in part because they required her approval to move forward and a bad report would mean that they may not be acceptable for marriage in their church. Maggie liked that. Keep them off balance. She’d ask both, to independently complete the ‘know your partners’ survey. Sally had done well. Ben hadn’t.

She reviewed their answers as they sat in from of her, and looked disappointingly at Ben. Supposedly both still virgins, Maggie was excited about the possibility of beginning their corruption. She asked them both if they had ever visited and looked at any inappropriate websites. She meant had they masturbated whilst looking at filthy porn sites. Sally said no. She sounded genuine. Ben also said no, but Maggie could tell that he was lying. She could tell that he’d seen plenty. She raised an eyebrow as he lied and his facial expression showed his discomfort with her knowing the truth.

For today’s session, Maggie had worn a long conservative coat, under which she also wore a very revealing boob tube that showed ample cleavage, her ‘fuck-me’ short black skirt without any panties, that showed off her elegant legs, and a pair of sexy high-heeled sandals. She dressed to illicit a reaction. Maggie got up from her couch and removed her coat, hanging it on the inside of the locked door. Returning to her couch, she sat down and leisurely crossed her legs, showing off her pretty feet with matching red nail polish that matched the color of her top.

Up until this point, Ben had not been enjoying this experience at all. Quite the contrary. But now, as his petite fiancé was distracted looking at some of the literature that Maggie had passed to her, his eyes popped wide open. Maggie secretly grinned at Ben’s complete inability to conceal his attraction to his female counselor. She now had his complete attention. She uncrossed her legs and then recrossed them again. This gave the young man a momentary glimpse of her clean-shaven snatch. His tongue lulled and his eyes bulged like a cartoon character. This was not what he’d expected in couples counseling.

Maggie resumed the interview as if nothing had happened. Contacting Ben, without Sally, was strictly against church policy. Fuck policy, Maggie thought to herself as she secretly schemed on her next move.


It was Sunday afternoon and the last of the students in Maggie’s class left, her assistant began to clear up.

Maggie decided that it was time to leave as she was keen to get back home. She’d been feeling very horny being around the young ones and needed to masturbate to some perverted child porn. Maybe she’d play with her daughter, Toy? That’s when she noticed that Sister Louise was still there. Lingering. What was she waiting for?

As Maggie went to leave, Sister Louise asked her if she could spare a moment. It sounded innocent enough. Only Maggie knew better. This zealot of a nun was nothing but a troublemaker. She was nosy and actually prided herself on being overly strict and authoritarian. The judgmental nun had been keen on advocating the use of the cane for bad children — but it had caused an uproar with the conservative parents. Actually, it had been somewhat of a public relations nightmare for the Church of the Saints. Friar Mario, as the Parish Priest, had to step in to handle the fiasco. Eventually, it had all blown over.

The nun wasn’t unattractive, actually quite the opposite. She had a very pretty face, a clear complexion, and her body quite toned, though it was hidden beneath the shapeless black habit. She just seemed to go out of her way to be mean to the children and unpleasant to almost everyone.

Maggie followed Sister Louise out into the refectory garden, like a naughty child about to be disciplined for some vague misdemeanor. The nun indicated that they should both sit on the low bench in the secluded garden. Nobody used the garden, so it was a private place.

“I’ve been observing you with the children in Sunday school,” she began, “I don’t like what I see.”

Maggie wasn’t exactly sure where this was going. It wasn’t as if she’d been obvious. She hadn’t given Amanda any special attention during class. Though she thought about fucking the child every minute of the lesson. So, what had the nosy fuck seen or thought she’d seen?

Maggie was about to stand up and leave. Then Sister Louise did something completely out of character. She placed her hands over Maggie’s.

“Don’t get me wrong, Maggie. As I see it, you let them get away with far too much. They cannot be trusted. They are always praying about our weaknesses. If you like, I can help you. If you let me.”

Maggie played innocent.

“Sister, I don’t know what you mean?”

The Sister’s fingers felt hot and clammy.

“Evil is everywhere. We must be vigilant. I see the Devil’s work. Even here in the sanctitude of our own parish. Hungry demons and evil perverts lurk around every corner.”

“I know exactly what you mean, sister. Spare the rod and spoil the child.”

“Yes. Exactly,” replied the Sister enthusiastically.

Her excitement was obvious. Yes, she was a sadist and from their brief encounter, Maggie got a glimpse into the nun’s secret sexual desires.


Sally had been so excited to tell Maggie all about their new house. They talked about the preparation for the big day but Maggie’s mind began to imagine all the nasty things we wanted to do to the both of them. Maggie had given Ben her mobile number. She knew it was against church policy, but she didn’t play by the rules anymore.

It was the following week that Maggie messaged Ben saying she was ‘feeling very horny and needed to be fucked hard’ — this was accompanied by a selfie of her, naked from the waist upwards. Her pert breasts were held in her fingers as she stared back at the camera hungrily. She then texted an apology and pretended that the message was intended for her hubby. Ben replied to her erroneous message with a smiley face.

Maggie sent him an image of a nun (from the waist down) with her knickers halfway down her thighs with the message ‘good girls with bad habits’. He responded with another Imogene of a crazy face. She asked Ben if he was alone and in private. He answered that he was. She used the Imogene of the grinning demon.

Maggie asked him if her erroneous message made his cock hard. He answered that it did. She sent him another picture of herself, this time completely naked — her cunt lips look swollen and excited. She asked if he was masturbating. He said he was. She told him that she was too. She said that she wanted to see his hard cock. He sent a photo of his hard-cut cock. She told him to cum and show his spent load. He came in his pants and sent the image to her.

She loved that he was so malleable. Easy meat. They made plans to meet up for a quickie. Yes, she would make him call his wife-to-be, Sally, whilst she sucked him and fucked him in their new house.



Maggie had been reading erotic stories and articles posted on a site called She’d been enthralled and inspired by the writings of a woman called Stacy, who recalled the story of her fall. The article was entitled, ‘How I became Lord Satan’s servant’ and the girl’s story told of how she’d been raised a good Christian and had tried to live her life according to the scriptures.

Stacy mentioned how empty she felt and though she’d continued to pray, nothing changed. So she continued to live her life believing that her faith would fill this void. Then one Sunday, whilst Stacy sat in church … she felt a warmth start to overcome her. She felt a sense of love and calm. She thought that finally, God had come into her, but instead, it was something completely unexpected. She said she suddenly felt aroused. Erotic thoughts crossed my mind. She tried to clear her mind, but these wicked thoughts continued.

Then, she heard his voice.

He was calling her. Stacy grew excited by the feeling of love that she was feeling. He continued to call upon her … telling her to cast off her old faith, and follow him. He said that her beliefs … even her faith were all a lie. As church ended, she left in a state of confusion. She got into her car and started to pray for guidance. A few moments later she was driving to a friend’s house for a barbecue.

On the way, she kept feeling a pull. It felt like a pull on her very soul. It was telling her to throw away her faith in God. The pull felt good. The emptiness was gone. Later that night, she logged online and started researching Satan. Stacy had never felt the desire to learn about Satan in depth before, but it felt so right to do it. The feelings she was having were growing stronger … she started feeling complete and truly loved.

The next morning she looked at her bible … and threw it in the trash. She dropped to her knees and called out for Satan to guide her. At that moment … she gave Satan her life. Sin and Satan. She felt the warmth flow through her body … her sexual self emboldened, no longer preoccupied with the constraints of Christian scripture, she felt her old life being stripped away, like a snake shedding its skin — as Satan’s lust ignited within. From that moment on, she became a very sexual person and she felt the wantonness to bring others to him.

Maggie saw the parallel between her experience and Stacy’s story. To her, it wasn’t just a narrative at all. It was her story too. Why had she abandoned her faith? Why had she searched for Satan that night? She remembered being filled with sexual lust. She began to masturbate and pray to him, not once or twice — but half a dozen times a day — every day … her lust only getting stronger and stronger until she sought after others, like her. Yes, Kris had been instrumental in her fall, but how much of it, was really her own longing for more than the pitiful emptiness that she come to recognize as God?

Maggie read another similar article about an Asian woman, called Michelle, who’d met her satanic mentor whilst on a plane.

Michelle, a deeply religious, married, and purely heterosexual woman in her late thirties, had been flying back to Hong Kong after a business trip to Singapore. She traveled for business frequently and though she thought she loved her husband, she’d also experienced a deep emptiness in her marriage, her faith, and her life. It was a five-hour night flight. She’d been seated next to a female passenger with a strikingly Gothic look.

The attractive stranger had short hair with a hint of hidden tattoos beneath her conservative clothing. Michelle politely acknowledged the woman, who introduced herself as Chrissy. After take-off, Michelle thought she’d relax and watch an inflight movie. Chrissy pulled a small black book from her bag. Michelle didn’t mean to notice, but saw the title was the ‘Satanic Bible’. It was a little bit of a shock, but her curiosity got the better of her and she asked Chrissy about it.

The enigmatic woman explained that she was a Satanist who believed in complete sexual freedom. Sin and Satan. Michelle was repelled at first but also attracted to this cocktail of unexpectedness. The danger felt good. She found her pulse racing for no apparent reason – like the impulse for flight or fight. Noticing Michelle’s ring finger, Chrissy complimented Michelle on how pretty she looked, and how much of a waste it was that she was married. Saying, how marriage was a Christian prison — and that sexual witchcraft and black magick were very much alive. As they continued to talk, Michelle became very aroused by Chrissy. She was so confident.

So worldly. Michelle was in awe. As the flight cabin lights dimmed, Chrissy took Michelle’s hand in hers and kissed her. Michelle didn’t resist. Quite the opposite. Chrissy suggested they go to the toilet where she finger-fucked her as she told her about the thrill of evil and dark things; satanic orgies dedicated to perversity; and the delights of sex with little girls; Michelle orgasmed. Soon after this experience, she left her husband and became involved in Chrissy’s coven. She said that this was the beginning of her journey to Satan and to her freedom.

Maggie felt elated when she read about the real-life adventures of these women. How lucky they were to have found what they had been missing out on … to find what they truly sort …


Ben waited eagerly at his apartment for Maggie to arrive.

Around Ben’s neighborhood, it wasn’t a place where she would be recognized. She’d dressed especially for this occasion in all black. Between the black strapless bra top and her tight-fitting black leggings, her bare stomach was in clear view – showing off her pretty bejewel belly piercing. She’d gelled her long hair and tied it back in a slick ponytail tight to her head. Her make-up said ‘sexy Goth’ and around her slender neck she wore a wide leather choker with the three silver letters that spelled the word ‘SEX’. Maggie felt especially delinquent tonight.

“You like?” Maggie asked.

Ben nodded enthusiastically. Maggie noticed how he was already salivating whilst looking at her. He was almost shaking with nervous excitement. Young boys, mmmmm … She smiled slyly as she already knew the answer before she even asked. Yes, she felt so fucking hot and horny tonight. Her pheromones were working overtime. The boy didn’t stand a chance.

“Get naked for me!” she ordered.

He did. His cock was already fully erect, standing to attention as he quaked with anticipation.

”Kneel down,” Maggie told him, “Kneel down here.”

She pointed to her pretty stiletto-ed toes (also painted black). Ben did as she ordered and knelt down immediately. Maggie removed his nerdy glasses and reached around his neck, placing an inch-thick dog collar with an attached chain leash.

“There! Know your place,” she patted his head as he looked upwards at her, ”Good doggie!”

She told him to walk on all fours, behind her, as she led him into his bathroom. Maggie ordered him to ‘sit’ (like her little sex pet) on the cool tiles, while she slowly removed her tight black leggings, rolling each of them down her elegant legs. She blew him a kiss. He watched impatiently — eager for sexual pleasure. Finally, she stepped back into her black patent leather stilettos, their metal tips tapped loudly as she walked around him.

Her cunt was still filthy from fucking her neighbor, George, less than forty minutes early. Her horniness had only increased exponentially since inviting Satan into her world (masturbating at least seven times a day). George had cum inside both her cunt and her asshole. She enjoyed cock in all her slick holes. It felt nasty to fuck two different guys, within an hour. A whore. She’d thought about making it a pejorative threesome. Yes, she longed to be double-fucked. Or even triple-fucked. Mmmmm. The idea of a satanic orgy where she was the center of attention… The idea was wild. Maybe another time?

Maggie stooped and slapped Ben’s hand away as he attempted to masturbate himself.

“Wait. Bad dog!”

She forbid him to touch himself until he made her cum with his mouth.

“Now. Before Satan … You must promise me … that I will be the first, to fuck your cock on your wedding night!”

Ben nodded and meekly answered, “Yes.”

“Yes, who?” asked Maggie mischievously.

”Yes, Mistress.”

“That’s better. Now lick your Mistress’s asshole! I’m very dirty back there … make me clean again … make sure you do it properly!” she barked in mock anger.

He complied. As he began to grovel beneath her, spent semen dribbled from her little dirty nether-hole. He must have tasted the slimy juice mixed with her own bum slime. He licked and licked and made no complaint. In fact, he seemed to rim her with even more gusto than before. Good dog!

“Now … Lick my dirty cunt you fucker!” she ordered.

She yanked the dog leash hard, pulling him closer to her deliciously slick, sperm-filled cunt-hole.

“Make me cum, doggie!”

It had been a long time since Maggie had heard anything from Kris.

Now, out of the blue, Kris began leaving messages for Maggie. What was her game? Maggie felt angry with Kris for just dropping out on her. Disappearing without a trace. Leaving her in the lurch like that. She gritted her teeth. Fuck her. She thought.

And then, Maggie got a call from Grace, her sixty-year-old mother, back in Singapore. She did call her mother regularly, but this time Grace sounded manic and very distraught. This pious old woman, she called mother, began weeping.

“Oh God. Oh God,” Grace said over and over.

Maggie tried her best to find out what all the fuss was about, as her mother wasn’t making a lot of sense. She said it had to do with Hannah.

Hannah was Maggie’s younger sister. There was a large age gap between them. Hannah had recently turned twenty-three. She had always been the studious type, with straight A’s and a great love of numbers. Her parents, Grace and John, had always been so proud of her and when she was accepted to study for her Masters in Mathematics, at the London School of Economics, they were elated.

Being the youngest, of course, her mother had always been very protective of her. Truth said she was the apple of her mother’s eye. Grace and John completely doted over every aspect of Hannah’s life. It was always, Hannah this and Hannah that; oh look at Hannah; did you know Hannah achieved this … it had been that way for many years. On top of all of that, Hannah had been a deeply religious person — even more religious than Maggie had been.

According to their mother, things had gone haywire.

It had been after Maggie’s home visit the year prior, just after Chinese New Year. Kris had paid for the trip. Maggie had traveled back to Singapore so that she could supposedly spend time with her family. Well, that was the cover story she told Albert. Kris had secretly joined her of course, so that they could spend lots of time together (without Alfred around) and continue to pursue their perverted carnal interests together.

They’d stayed for just over three weeks and in that time Maggie had noticed that Grace was very uncomfortable around Kris. They’d been very discrete about their nocturnal activities. If her mother suspected the two of them being involved sexually, she had never said anything about it; well, not directly to Maggie anyway.

It was during this period of time that Kris had first been introduced to little Hannah. Hannah was intelligent. Hannah was a total cutie. She was very pretty and looked like a much younger version of Maggie. Kris would have definitely fallen for her.

Maggie had thought nothing of it at the time. She had been too preoccupied with their steamy sex at night and activities with her mother during the day. But now she thought about it, when Kris disappeared from her life, it seemed that she must have returned to Singapore (not once, but multiple times).

“It all started with your friend,” said Grace, between heavy sobs.

The penny dropped when Maggie’s mother recalled how Kris had come over and stayed with them each time. And even though her mother didn’t like Kris at all — how could she say no to one of her eldest daughter’s closest friends from Hong Kong?

Had they been fucking? Holier than thou, Hannah? Prim and proper Hannah? Pious Hannah? Virgin Mary, Hannah? Anti-gay Hannah? Knowing Kris, she would have found a way to seduce little Hannah.

“I knew nothing good could come of this!” cried Grace, “Your father had said nothing, but I had a horrible feeling about this woman. I know she was your friend. But she had a way about her … a blasphemous way … a devious way.”

She didn’t specifically implicate Maggie in this, but, the thought lingered in Maggie’s mind.

Hannah left her family’s government flat in Pasir Ris, Singapore, to study in the UK. Maggie could have imagined that maybe Kris followed her there too. Maggie’s mother said that Hannah seemed resistant to return home for the holidays, claiming that she was now just too busy. And then there’d been photos of Hannah that she’d seen on social media; photos of Hannah dressed scantily and posing provocatively. Upon the wall had been a demonic symbol. All of this bothered her mother greatly.

“She looked like a harlot. John and I were shocked. Dressed in almost nothing at all. It was shameful,” her mother explained, “The symbol. What does it mean?”

This was all news to Maggie.

Her mother recalled that after Kris’s frequent solo visits, their youngest daughter became completely reclusive — locking herself in her bedroom for long periods of time. It was completely out of character for a young girl whose life had always been about the church, youth ministry, and the church choir.

After Kris’s visit, their daughter was like a different person. She’d no longer attended church; she quit the choir; and refused to have anything to do with her friends from the youth ministry. She stopped seeing her childhood sweetheart.

“Hannah stopped talking to me. She just disappeared into her room and locked the door. She wouldn’t join us at prayers and never talked to any of her church friends — they stopped calling after a while.”

Her mother had felt it all very unhealthy, but she really didn’t want to confront her ‘favorite’ daughter.

Then her mother went on to say that she’d made a horrific discovery.

This had happened whilst Hannah was away. Maggie’s mother was cleaning Hannah’s bedroom. There had been an unpleasant smell coming from Hannah’s locked cupboard. Her mother had forced the lock and was horrified by what she found.

There inside her favorite daughter’s wardrobe compartment was something that she described as an ‘Evil altar of Devil worship’ … there were weird sexual things, perverted drawings and occult symbology, pornography, black beads, satanic things, inverted crosses, black candles and a number of large wooden dildos; And at the center of this blasphemous altar was a demonic figurine that looked strangely phallic. The source of the offensive odor came from what appeared to be blood, urine, and even human waste that had been ritualistically smeared all over these objects.

“It was disgusting … I almost fainted,” she recounted as she once again burst into tears.

It sounded a lot like Kris’s evil altar — the one that Maggie had spread her own blood, urine, and feces over. What had transpired? Why would Hannah have any interest in these evil things? Had her pious sister been corrupted by Kris? Had she been seduced? Had they become lovers?

Maggie should have been shocked; maybe angry … but instead she’d become highly aroused by the incident; and as her mother, Grace, described the altar in detail, Maggie couldn’t help but masturbate furiously as she listened over the phone.


So up to this point, Maggie had been ignoring Kris’s calls. But this whole business with her little sister, Hannah, made Maggie anxiously excited.

And when she finally responded to Kris’s call, they’d talked for ages over the phone. The wickedness was back. Her mind was a blur of evil things. Yes, Kris admitted to it all to her. Confessed the seduction. She’d met up with Maggie’s younger sister. They’d had several weeks of filthy hot sex. It had been even dirtier and more perverted than Maggie’s initiation. The highly religious girl was like an unholy whore.

Like Maggie, her young sister had been very reluctant and shy to begin with, but soon got a taste for Kris’s wickedness, she had become obsessive. Hannah had gone wild. She’d done things with Kris that Maggie thought abhorrent. Kris boasted openly about how open her younger sister was to devil worship and sex with young children. And that was just the entree.

Pleasure has no boundaries.

Maggie had not expected this outcome. Kris had said that when Hannah had left for the UK to do her study. She admitted that she couldn’t get enough of her. And again Kris had followed her there, so that they could pursue more deviant activities, away from her parents’ watchful eyes, in a place that was rife with sin.

London had many places of devil worship; and many perverted cults of men and women, just like Kris. She’d even boasted of close acquaintances who had access to an orphanage of young destitute children run by pedophile nuns.

Maggie had to come up with an excuse to go to London. She had to see Hannah.


To be continued …


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