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Feature Title: Satan Children 1

Published: 31.01.2020

Story Codes: Erotic Horror, Satanic, Demonic, Succubus, Evil, Zoo, WS, Religious Fetish, Incest, Young Ones


Satan Children 1

Raised on sperm and cunt by satanic parents. The Satan Queen had chosen this community after a county fair emulsified them all with Satan’s love. Ten young families to provide her ten fucks to send out to deliver Satan to the masses.

It would take years, but time meant nothing in hell for Satan’s enjoyment. Each family gave birth to little darlings already full of Satan in the same month. All girls as she had not found boys that much fun.

From birth they were fed various forms of sperm form animals rich with Satan from the new feed stocked in the small satanic fuck town. The town had devolved into fuck and suck anywhere. Woman would drop to suck each other’s cunts when they felt the need that was now constant.

Any man hard was given a mouth, ass or cunt to fuck. both sperm and cunt slime a delicious treat.

Baby shit was never wasted scoop out of diapers to be added to brownies or just eaten like pudding. Baby shit was just too wonderful to waste. Mommy breast milk rich with Satan. Feeding bottles full of daddy sperm and horse, goat, and bull sperm for those that had breeding bulls.

Mommy’s would lick the tiny asses smeared with baby shit. By two mommy mouth or daddy mouth was used for potty training.

Family soup consisted of child, mommy and daddy piss and garden vegetables. With baby shit brownies and horse sperm ice cream. Dog sperm was just too hard to capture and did not freeze well or make her cereal as milky as horse cum so thick and whitish it looked and tasted like cereal with cream.

By four each girl had found their little pee slits were fun to play with no longer needing diapers mommy licks down there were always available.

The entire town had soaked up Satan’s love. Now holding a form of black masses but the church did not have a basement. They used the platform and regular altar. The platform had various X’s and stocks and now displayed crops and whips instead of normal purple and silver church décor. The huge cross of that fuck Christ displays a huge Jesus cock phallus with stairs for women to mount it and hang on to fuck away. Sometimes the choir teens would take turns during the sermons of the true lord rang out gloriously over the naked congregation.

The slim teen girls sang so much richer when impaled by the fake Christ or the huge hard wood dildos glued to their benches. The organ lady had her own her bench with a foot pedal separate from the organ to drive it up and down. She had always been the best but now so much happier and when she hammered the organ keys in continuous cunt flooding orgasm. Their church never sounded better as orgasms filled each with Satan’s love.

The reception before black mass was needed. The candles on the altar were all cock shaped and blown out so they could cool for use. Some women would go out to get fresh horse sperm for coffee as others filled the punch bowl with mommy piss and some slices of fruit to make it look festive. Their black masses were as close as they could get as there were no blacks. They made do with all the farm hounds that raped anything they could capture. Hound cocks never retreading hanging long thick and marble white, red and purple with blue veins. The female hounds, some pregnant were available fuck holes for the men.

The pinnacle on the church replaced with an enormous cock phallus painted some the drips of white looked like streams of sperm with a satanic pentagram on the front for all to see the true faith. The huge pitchers of warm horse sperm as the congregation drifted in. the naked little child sluts had been holding and licking the cock of whatever daddy they sat on.

The tiny demons worse or better than mommies depending on your view, would hold their piss even though they could have gone earlier. The mommies were not fooled and knew they loved being held up over the piss punch bowl to fill it more as moms helped other daughters with fingers up their asses and biting their tiny tit dots. They would cheat with the coffee sperm cream pouring some on their sperm cookies and shit brownies until they were caught.

By six the little girls could help their mommy’s fist fucking mommy cunt and lick the bigger and longer mommy clits. Sometime going to help daddy who could beat off in their tiny mouths barely over the piss sperm slit.

The fucks loved the hounds too getting to hold the warm long hound cocks always dripping and tasty. The more they would lick something would grow down by hound balls given them more hound meat to lick. Mommies found ways to churn sperm into a kind of butter for pancakes or biscuits. Mommies let some jars of sperm get rancid to sip as they did mommy things.

The town was rich with Satan as hearts darkened pumped Satan through all their bodies. Perhaps one of the Satan Queens best projects.

Daddy was really pissed off. The little fuck slut daughter had gotten in to the dog pens. They were money for them as breeders and they were scheduled for the next day. Our tiny slut here fucked and sucked all the damn dogs. She was not supposed to be fuck meat until she was eight and get daddy cock first up her slut child cunt. The goddamned dogs better be able to breed by tomorrow. Our little fuck here sucked it all down as is dripping dog sperm from her ass and pussy, just look! Get your ass over the fucking pot and don’t complain if it is hot. This stew could use a little more of your pussy and as much dog sperm you can push out.

The Satan sperm food at the county fair had so mentally bent entire towns they were extensions of the filth in hell with the Satan Queens love, husband and lord, Satan. She had a time table, but the little girls were as close to Satan spawn as any human could be. Born of satanic parents and fed Satan out of mommy fuck crazed teats and bottle-fed daddy sperm saturated with satanic filth. The girls were fucks before they were born coming out of wombs horny sluts.

A school close by was the largest around and prom night was coming up. Many teens were set to fuck and get fucked as tradition for horny young meat. This might be fun to play with as the Satan Queen started planning. Why make them go find dirt roads or hidden fields and just fuck each other when they could have an orgy prom. The prom queen could suck off the prom king in front of the others up on the stage to get things rolling. Then the prom queen stripped, and gang fucked by all the horny teens that had very nasty thoughts about her already so just make her a slut fuck cock sucking whore. It would be like a high school prom black mass.

The they could all just fuck and get nasty right on the dance floor. No dirt just pumping out fuck filth all over the gym wood floor. So many had hidden ideas. Some girls had very nasty lesbian thoughts and some boys very nasty thoughts about all the teen cock meat in the showers. It would a great party!

It was the perfect place to attack and turn to her lord. Very meager budget food and decorations would have been sparse. Like angels the troop of religious mission angels and their young leader offered their assistance. They were a true godsend as the gym was decorated like an expensive disco not very religious, but the teens loved it. And so much food and punch being served by the tiny angels. The Satan Queen loved the satanic English teacher as she performed so well for her and her love Satan. She just did it so well being so kind and innocent as well as the tiny kids they could capture hearts before capturing souls. Turn normal humans into pure horrid fuck before they even knew what was happening.

The teens were quite easy as well as the chaperones. The volunteer chaperones damn well knew what the teens would be doing as many had gotten pregnant on their prom night and horny to see the students, they taught match up for fuck partners. They had all been through it and had some thoughts about their students wishing they could see them fuck but many wanted a taste of the young fucks. Proms were just a horny festival of fuck to begin with. But the food and punch were so delicious as it was usually overlooked, they and the teen students just came back for more. The tiny angels that had saved their prom staffed tables of Satan sperm delight that seemed endless.

They could have never afforded such a sound system pumping out the best and most popular music as bodies got closer and teen feels. The hard beats had the girls gyrating and pumping so nasty the chaperones should have intervened but holding their own fuck meat as lesbian inclined just loved watching the teens be so naughty and the male teachers wondered what some of the teen cock meat would taste like or feel like fucking down their throats.

All was coming out very quickly as they kept drinking the punch and eating the wonderful food. Very, very nasty thoughts so unforgiving as leaders of the teen flock. The flock they had been entrusted with by the entire community was getting very bad students and young teens right in front of them and they loved it.

You were very bad today baby. Fucking and sucking our dogs like that. I’m sorry mommy, I just get horny. Daddy had settled down realizing his stud dogs would recharge quick and fuck almost any hole. This is good fuck stew honey. Our baby’s cunt pussy really adds something with dog sperm. Thanks hon but I think baby here needs to be punished for what she did. I think she needs to be daddy fucked if she wants to be a fuck slut whore like me.

Apparently, she does not want to wait to be a fuck whore and I can save your sperm if you make her sit on your daddy cock in the kitchen the big bowl will catch most.
Daddy fuck had been her fantasy and told she would have to wait. Big daddy cock would feel so good up her baby pussy even though it was baby dog fuck pussy and her baby mouth was a dog cock sucking machine. You have seen the dogs. They would come close to her. All curled up and hiding in corners she really did a job on them. She probably has some dog sperm up her ass too. Don’t you baby. I’m sorry daddy it just felt good when they got the wrong fuck hole. You know how my ass gets now and just opens. I like things in my slut ass daddy.

Finish up slut. Get the bowl honey and lets just fuck her. Find something to stick up her ass. Oh, thank you mommy, daddy! Totally demented fucks as filthy and nasty as anything in hell but up on earth. Just humans saturated with Satan’s love.

The prom was going splendid as it was time to crown the king and queen. The most beautiful dream fuck prom queen had one young firm titty out as her perfect dress was unzipped down to her perky ass. Her date and soon to be prom king had finger fucked her on the dance floor as one young female teacher chaperone wanted just one taste of her teen pussy.

She was what every boy beat off about for years and one of her titties was out and just like in their masturbation fantasies. So firm. So white. Perfect puff nipples. Her date and soon prom king had the largest cock among the boys, and it was very hard.
She was crowned as her precious prom dress puddled on the stage. She had not worn a bra or panties knowing and wanting this night. Get her young pussy fucked and not just played with. Real hard fuck.

She had earned the privilege. She had been so nasty shaving of her tiny pubes just dusting her pussy bulge. He had complained as it would get stuck in his teeth. They were just normal kids and found ways to help each other without doing the nasty. Parents only said not to fuck, really not have sex, but meant fuck so sucking was OK. She was not a good cock sucker yet, but he was big. She did like sucking his cum and swallowing it.

Rather tasty in her opinion. But he did not like her tiny hairs and she hoped mommy dressing her would not see her very nasty deed. Mommy knew her baby was preparing to be fuck just like she did years ago and did notice but more praised her baby’s young pussy meat. Hers use to look that darling once.

The prom queen was naked and stunning as every boy dream and many girls and teachers. She was dripping, darling and horny as fuck. Look at your naked slut fuck prom queen! You all voted me and here I am a horny slut. I would like to thank the missionaries for the wonderful decorations and food. I know we are supposed to dance but I am naked now and the king needs his crown. Sinking to her knees in front of all her friends the prom king cock went right down her prom queen throat.

Pulling back for a breath and a word. This is what all of you wanted. Watch me be a slut. This is what all of you wanted. she shoved her mouth and throat as prom dresses just started coming off. One girl slightly embarrassed she had worn panties as none of the others had any.

One of the angels and just a tiny child unzipped one of the teacher chaperone hidden lesbian’s dress and there were no complaints. All of the so innocent missionaries were naked now as another came to her as the first assassin was lick her ass. Teach had not worn panties just wanting to relive how nasty she was on her prom night. She had her dress just right not needing a bra for some teen to fumble with. Oh, she remembered that night of fuck. Her lesbian issues were newer and just thoughts knowing what all the young pussy would get her in trouble but wondering what they might taste like. Sucking a young pussy had been one of her increasing fantasies. Her husband had a huge cock and fucked her hard and his sperm was delicious even though she could not throat it like the prom queen was doing the prom king.

Teach chaperone still had nice firm titties and some child was holding and sucking them. Her body well maintained to be as good of fuck for her darling husband that brutally fucked her, she had no idea why her lesbian dreams and nasty thoughts came from. She had all the orgasms any woman could want almost nightly so why was she thinking about girls and pussy and lesbian. She was pure straight and a teacher. She could not possibly! It was nasty and filthy to like this. Just kids doing things she had only dreamed of.

The most beautiful student throat fucking cock up on the stage like a naked slut. Her realm as she thought watching her be the real whore, they all wanted. So much young titty and cock on the dance floor. So much young fuck and all the young pussy meat as tiny things kept coming to feel her and lick her. Her husband would probably not approve but she was helpless as her nastiest lesbian thoughts were being done to her.

She had kept her still nice pussy bare just like her husband wanted when she wore that bikini barley covering her tiny thing long ago. Her fuck thing he fucked so hard. So why did pussy sound at all good? Hell, she had a dream life already.

But pussy. Young pussy. Tasty young wet pussy. And so much of it right in front of her as kids sucked her titties that only her husband sucked. She was truly melting. She now had some Satan in her.

The entire prom had Satan, eaten and drinking Satan. Her eyes went wide and bright as the satanic English teacher and leader all naked now and not as innocent demanding she kneel. You belong to us now you slut. You have thought about it for a while haven’t you whore? You want to be a cunt sucking slut and eat all that teen pussy. Well eat this you fuck!

Teach got undiluted Satan as cunt slime just went in as she sucked. The more she sucked the more she wanted. Innocent angel children doing nasty things to her titty’s ass and pussy. Turned completely now with no human control left. She was slut and pure slut.
Now go get what you really want slut. The queen awaits. The prom queen is all covered in sperm now you fuck so crawl to her. Go up there and clean her with your mouth. You like sperm but you really wanted her pussy. Its not much a pussy now, it is cunt as most have already fucked it.

The prom queen loved her friends voting her and now eating or fucking her. Up on the stage as she wanted girls came to kiss her sperm mouth and suck her sperm covered titties as all the boys fucked the prom queen. One of her friends she had only distant thoughts was twisting her precious titties so hard it hurt but made her horny.

They were friends just comparing nasty panties parents would not approve. But friend had looked at her like a hamburger and fries that one afternoon. Her titties were being twisted and chew like French fries by her very best friend. Her best friend had a domination fantasy to own her. Just treat her perfect body like a personal fuck toy. Her best friend had plans for years to own her and make her a sub-slut for her domination fantasies. A dominant mistress was coming out so deeply hidden she wanted to own and control the prom queen first.

Young wife, teacher, chaperone was all animal crawling through teen fuck and filth slippery on her knees. Wet pussy some fucked on either side as she crawled pushing many aside, she might come back to. Just pure satanic lesbian was going to eat that prom queen in front of everyone. Chew her body, her body that stirred nasty thoughts every fucking day in the halls or class rooms when she so opened her slim legs before crossing them. Making her see her nasty panties and driving her nasty thoughts. Her parents did not buy her panties as not much was covered on her teen mons, she had tired to continue being a good teacher.

Crawling through teen fuck slime and so much other young pussy but all of it could wait as she went for that slim bitch up on the stage being a fuck slut for cock. She should not like cocks unless she had permission. Her best friend whispering how she would be owned and allowed to fuck with her permission from now on. Now let teacher have your slut body you fuck.

Teacher do you like being slapped when you suck teen cunt? Eat and lick all that boy sperm of her just to suck pure cunt slime. Teach are you a whore too? Well you act like one so lets just slap your ass as you suck teen cunt. Teach liked that a lot. Trusted to chaperone and keep them safe she was now chewing a teen and being spanked as she probably deserved. Such a nasty teacher. Lesbian or bisexual all fuck meat herself now. Anything and as nasty as possible as the rest of her students watched.

I have the bowl dear and she licked the plates clean. Just turn the chair some so I can see what your cock does up her slut hole. I want to see it spread on daddy cock and lick her tiny clit while you hold her. I will most get in the bowl, but her tiny clit will really stick out once you get her slut fuck all the way down. She wants her daddy, but she has only held it. You will have to force her down baby. But she is slick and wet for her first daddy fucking. She has been so good sucking her daddy and eating all her sperm and she was a very bad girl fucking and sucking all our dogs today.

Now get on daddy you dog fuck. Yes, let mommy get daddy just right for your whore dog cunt. You are too tired now after all the dog fucking so let mommy help you. Mommy held her tiny hips. Honey you will need to push down on her shoulders. Oh, baby I wish you see her tiny clit coming out as your cock just makes it bulge so tender and precious, I bet any touch will make her very sorry for fucking our dogs.

You hold her hips baby I think she won’t move and let me play with her tiny clit. Her clit is getting bigger baby. Remember when you fucked mine out? She is filling the bowl already baby. She was a bad slut today, but she is a good slut so fuck her hard and make her clit as big as you did mine.

Our baby’s tummy is already bulging I wish you could see your baby slut fuck from this angle honey. Her slim body and her dots look like hard pebbles. Such a darling really all horny all the time. Let our baby feel all of daddy cock punch right through her body to make the rest of her bulge with daddy cock. Oh, I can feel you in her tummy now. Her clitty is getting bigger or just being pushed out. I may need another bowl she just squirts so much. Fuck our baby and fuck her hard.

Balls deep on her daddy, hold me up daddy. Where I will get titties someday, but it still feels good. I love you daddy and feel all of my daddy making me feel different in different places. Mommy likes my bigger clitty as it is more to suck. Mommy makes me feel good too. I just love you both so much!

The so revered teen all voted to be their prom queen was turning lesbian sub-slut up on the stage as her best friend kept pestering and hurting her titties. You have wanted my cunt, haven’t you? You have wanted to suck my cunt, haven’t you? If I give you my cunt you will suck and eat anything won’t, you baby? Yes mistress. Teach shove your fist up our slut. You can be my assistant. Just look at all that pussy out there! Together we can own it all.

Somebody go get those children and thank them! All of your pussy and cock meat will get a very good prom night you fuck’s. These children will destroy you. Give the prom king to their leader and see if he lives.

Now fist fuck my bitch hard as he eats and sucks her mistress. She is a natural. The darling of the school is just a slut.

Mommy you have some clips in the kitchen and my clit is out enough now.

Prom night was not so one dimensional to just serve lesbians. The two male teacher’s and entrusted chaperones had fantasies. One saw all that young pussy tease and teach had a big cock for their little fuck holes. He felt no love or tenderness as his cock rape fucked and slam fucked the little sluts. All their teasing young bodies taking bras off in bathrooms to tease the teen boys. They had teased him too and he fucked every one of the sluts. Don’t show pussy bitch unless you want this. Teach was really big and gave them a life lesson with lots of whimpering and apologizes for doing it to him but keep fucking teacher! Teach me harder to be good student and girl. I will never wear those panties again. I won’t wear any teacher. No teach she was not as bad as me! Well I will be in class.

The other male teacher had very different hidden and nasty thoughts, but the Satan Queen was equal opportunity helping young ladies get their deserved place up on earth. He could be a candidate sub for some mistress that just like cock sucking men that dominated them for so long.

Teach was doing his very best as teen cocks rubbed his face as the kids were kind enough to find a cushion for the back of his head so it would not bounce on the wood gym walls. All very new to this he quickly found he liked being throat fucked more. The teens so inclined got him all comfy for teen throat fucking. Get teen cock and teen sperm so young and creamy and giving him his fantasy so hidden and so deep. If his darling slender wife found out, she would most certainly leave him.

Holy shit he had no concept of how wonderful cock would actually feel in his mouth and down his throat eventually as he could feel every throb and pulse and cock vein just whoring his teacher mouth. But the teens were kind enough to get a small mat, so his head did not bang. His head was wet and slippery with his sweat and teen cum the boys could hardly get a grip to slam fuck his face. Each and every teen cock had just wonderful different veins and pulsing throb. The prom went on and he forgot about his darling wife so trusting and good fuck.

The Satan Queen heard his thoughts about his so young wife finding her slim body already in bed as she had been on prom night duty too and it may be hours before her hubby came home to fuck her like she too was his teen slut. The thoughts just filled her brain. No, he would not want to watch. Watch her fuck and suck sperm out. He would never let big black cocks fuck me and suck it out. He never would eat cum. Why was she even thinking about being a fuck slut and big black men just raping her small body over taking her and helpless used and fucked? Why was she having these new thoughts?
Her husband made her happy already as she ripped her dainty bed panties just barely covering her bare young quim. She had always been a tiny thing and never got much more than some pussy dust right at the top she easily shaved off to keep her little girl look for her husband. She had always had a somewhat submissive streak.

Back in third grade when her and her friends snuck off to their hidden club house with no bossy old parents telling them what to do, they could be kids and do nasty things like getting naked and do some practice kissing. Compare different parts. One wanted to play doctor. She would be the patient with mysterious disease for all them to figure out before the patient died. She was always the patient. She could have been a doctor too but did not mind being the patient. Diseases growing that required deeper inspection as tiny fingers had to get in her tiny holes. She really started liking that part. It was real nasty and felt good already. Having to turn over for the doctors to see if it was in her back hole now. Then again on her back as maybe it was in her tiny tit dots as a girl doctor kept searching up her pussy hole. No, she did not being the patient at all.

It was her beginning of feeling helpless and having no control. It followed her throughout junior high and high school. Always the smallest but so friendly she was not picked on. All of her old friends seemed to love her even though she was quiet and a bit mousy. Her girlfriends just loved washing her small body in the gym showers and the lesbian teacher/coach liked to watch. Her orgasms had started quite early and all them loved when she shook and moaned the way she did. Not really owned or a real sub-slut she just liked being trapped by naked bodies as soapy slimy as her. Her little titties had come out in tiny cones and ultra-sensitive. Only wearing a still child training bra to hide her always hard young nipples. She really did not like panties at all but wore them. She would have preferred to feel naked and vulnerable. Some teacher might see her bare little pussy and think she was a bad girl.

Ten teen friends had a sleep over at the richest ones with the biggest house and huge basement playroom. Everyone wanted to just hold her tiny doll body once they were all naked in a much better hidden fort. No childish doctor games as nine naked girls bigger than her but slim perfections of young hard tit and not very innocent pussy. Not lesbians in the truest sense. They just liked to play sometimes with each other and not have some teen cock that hardly did anything for them. Girls knew what girls needed. She would just lay back as nine slim horny bodies would soon have her, but they all let her suck titties and lots of them. She liked this new thing too.

Kissing was no longer practice but deep wet tongue sucking all slobbery. Spit and saliva dripping down on teen titties as it was used like body cream. So many hands and fingers on her tiny pussy and so small ass. Some where between pants and whimpering they laid her out like a meal. They had not gotten around to pussy sucks yet but that was on tonight’s agenda. Nine naked and a but slimy firm teen girls went all over her tiny doll body loving to see her shiver the way she did. So sweet and tender but one very horny thing and she came so darling.

One of them had waited too long and got ahead of the plan going all the way down her tight tummy and right on her tiny pussy meat. She just whimpered as her entire body was one erogenous zone. Every touch lick or suck turning her brain to pure fuck mush. Play with me!

She just lost all control grabbing the closest pair of slim hips up over her face and pulling some teen cunt on her mouth. If they could do it to her she wanted to see what one tasted like. Oh, she really like that part learning how to eat and suck cunt. Her first went off with lots of teen fuck slime she eagerly swallowed. The night’s agenda in fast forward as all wanted some of her pussy and she wanted every damn one of theirs.

All agreed that girls were better. Real orgasms with none of the fumbling around in cars with boys that did nothing for them anyway. It was good that nine girls were with her as she just wanted to suck pussy many could rest. She tried kneeling as for some reason being on her knees was exciting to her, but the girls complained as her pussy and titties were not available for them to play too. It was so unfair! But having young wet cunt ride her tiny face and sucking mouth as her tiny body could be played with at the same time. Many had enough of her mouth as teen pussy was getting sore but still gave her feels as she ate any pussy that wanted another orgasm.

She was the most popular girl in school and teachers were confused. She was not a cheerleader or anything but even the popular girls seemed to just love her.

Graduating with grades just enough to qualify for college. All packed up as her parents got everything in her new college dorm with three other young girls. She would love college. The entire floor was girls, so little was worn. Communal showers it did not take long as the girls sized each other up. Who had the biggest titties or who had the best titties? She won that contest hands down. Why was a mystery as he hardly had much but just something about her oozed sex. Many would wait for her to shower and get as close to her tiny body as possible without being to overt. Just accidentally bumping. Can you help with my back? Game on as girls came to help so eager to touch and wash her just like the gym shower.

Wash her hair and just be close. Getting closer to washing her so tiny pussy. The she turned to one washing her hair and kissed her in thanks as it felt so good. The poor girl startled just grabbed her tiny body in a deep soul-searching kiss. The tiny thing was maddening, and it only took two weeks to turn an entire dorm floor of girl pussy for her to suck and play with. One very big sleepover of tit and cunt for four years.

Mommy was had bloody Mary come for her monthly visit but it just mommy taste better. She got to help mommy stay clean, so no nasty pads had to be put on her mommy’s cunt. She knew she would be needed more the first day as that was the heaviest flow and when the tasty lining shed from mommy uterus. OK baby go help daddy with the breeding and you were a good girl not sucking and fucking them last night. I guess daddy cock up your fuck was pretty good. I will be OK for at least an hour, but I will save it for you. Thanks mommy. She loved helping daddy on breeding days. All of the doggies all horny as the bitches to be bred could hardly wait. It made her daddy horny too.

She was a lot of help and made the breeding much easier for the dogs. Daddy would pick a pair after reviewing the request sheet. So, like a good little girl sucking and wetting the new dog pussy while getting one of her friends all hard. She knew when she had them ready bringing one of her boys to the bitch. She just loved watching the huge dog cock plunge in making the bitch whimper as her boy would lock up deep and tight, so all his doggie sperm started new puppies.

She made the breeding go faster and daddy loved watching his tiny slut work. All the doggies were curled up as dog sperm soaked to make puppies. They might wake up and fuck more but the most important was done.

The kitchen smelled wonderful as usual what ya cooking mommy. Daddy’s friend herd is getting to big so he brought us some young very tender bull balls. The vegetable mash is in the oven, but the gravy needs something. Oh, good you are hard honey, I figured the little slut had suck it all out like a brat again. Do you mind fucking her again? Is that OK baby if daddy fucks you again? It will make the gravy better if you squirt a lot so try hard. Let me get the bowl. Oh, I have a full glass of bloody mommy slime if your are thirsty. Thanks mommy. Pick me up daddy but wait till I get it right. Yes, baby fuck. Oh, I let your friend throat fuck me honey, it was the least I could do to thank him for fresh young bull balls. They fry up so nice and barely need much flour or seasoning.
The gravy had to be thickened some as baby was very horny and squirted nicely almost filling the big bowl with just enough room to push out daddy sperm. She liked helping mommy cook.

Just one regular family sat for dinner with a quick Latin prayer to the lord Satan for a wonderful meal of fried bull balls and vegetable mash all fertilized with cunt slime and piss enriched with pure satanic madness. The gravy of daddy sperm and little girl squirt to cover it all. Baby drank mommy menstruation blood. One her favorites. Total demented fucks.

She was not the best student and never was, but the entire dorm helped her though term papers and test preparation. Her English professor was really young and liked getting her cunt sucked so English was a breeze. She had eaten the entire dorm and some moms that visited their daughters. Moms started visiting more and young daughters would twist mommy tits as she sucked them. Yet she was not lesbian really. Girls were just better for now.

Not until her junior year did one big boy pay any attention to her seeming liking small tits and little girls. Her first date in some cheap student sub shop just off campus so students could walk to it.

He was a very big boy and she was so damn tiny. But he talked to her and listened and kind. She could not eat the huge sandwich and wrapped it up wondering what was next. Her tiny engine all revved up. Would he kiss her? Would he hold her? Could she possibly hold him? Is his cock big too? So many questions all scrambling around. Walking back, he stopped her so kindly asking if he could kiss her. You bet your mother fucking ass you can kiss me!

Boys are not allowed in my dorm. Well my roommate is gone for the week on some family emergency if you would like to see may room. But I like you and don’t want to scare you. I am sure lots of boys like you and get pushy and I don’t to be like that with you. Are boy dorms any different? Do have big showers and stuff like mine? We have no privacy at all. If you are sure we can let you see. If you don’t mind just a quick peek.
Barely before he could close the door or lock it she was all over him. He was just too fucking much, and she was too fucking horny. Thank god it was Friday afternoon and classes were over for the weekend.

She could see the fucking showers later quickly taking his clothes off before he could utter a word. He was the most beautiful thing she ever saw. Do me now. His hands were shaking like autumn leaves afraid to maybe rip a button. She had not worn a bra or panties for a year now naked in an instant. He gasped. Lay back and let me get use to this, I have never done it.

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Is this ok to kiss it here? What about if I lick it some? Oh down here these look real pretty, can I play with them? They feel like warm puppies but big warm puppies that want to be held. Is this OK? I have heard some girls suck boys, but I don’t think I can with yours, so I hope you are not mad. I can try some if that’s OK. God just take me quick before she kills me!

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So, you like me? You like me a lot you said. More than you fathom. But I am not sure about the puppy thing. It seems I am not enough when you call it puppy. Baby you have a very big puppy and I like it when puppy gets so big and naughty with his kitty. So that’s how it is, bad puppy and tiny innocent kitten? I was just playing baby. I actually like it baby. Big bad puppy getting naughty with his kitten. So does this mean I am your kitten, for reals? Only if you want baby, I will never hurt you ever. Well then hurt me just a little please and teach kitten how to be better. Kitten can only lick but will learn baby. I will keep trying that part I know you want. Maybe if you hurt kitten some kitten will learn to be nice and not use her kitten teeth when I play.

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