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The term is Acquired Savant Syndrome and refers to patients who have suffered from a serious head trauma or brain disease that causes a significant latent change in their mental ability. They are from the accident or incident literally transformed. There seemed to be a correlation between the impairment of development of the left hemisphere of the brain and the development of this syndrome, which for some reason affected mostly males, with over ninety percent of diagnosed cases being male.

Savants have abilities that can be considered super human and though they usually manifest themselves as being able to complex mathematical calculations without any prior knowledge of such things; they can gain incredible artistic abilities, like playing entire symphonies with only hearing the music once, and without any formal musical training; they can paint and draw realistically or with their fervent artistic talents conceive fantastic images never seen before. Though these occurrences are unusual, they do happen.

The expression ‘knowing without knowing’ is also applicable in these cases; where a patient has an intuitive sense of what to do, even though they may never have participated in anything similar previously. This is also true of clairvoyant savants or psychic savants, who have been said to have telepathic or mind-reading capabilities. There are those who find this incredulous, but there are those who strongly believe in their fortunetellers-like abilities, to read the future … To see that which others cannot … To bend the will of others to do their will.

In ancient times, these savants were thought of as a truthsayer or oracles … They were afforded advisory positions to great kings and queens, as high priests and prophets. In the Middle Ages, it seemed that their abilities were attributed to satanic influences and many were persecuted, tortured, and put to death, claiming their supernatural abilities appertained to influences of demons. Now, in more modern times, we are still skeptical. We no longer treat them like the boogie man, but their abilities are scrutinized as unnatural, and many are overlooked as frauds or fakes.


Joseph Black was thirteen at the time of the accident. His parents and siblings died in a headlong collision. Joseph, by all rights, should have died too… But he did not. He sustained serious head injuries and was in a coma for many weeks. Upon waking, relatives said he was like a different person. He was definitely changed by the incident … However, the degree of this change was not fully realized. What was obvious was his knowledge of things that he could not possibly know … Some said they felt him read their minds; some claimed he made them do things against their own will; while others accused him of being evil. Joseph’s best fried as Andy Dolan. Andy had had a secret crush on his best friend. The accident had been a shock at first, but as Andy prayed to the Devil for the fulfillment of his young homosexual desires, he saw significant changes in Joseph’s demeanor that filled his horny little mind with new possibilities.


“Beware of false prophets, who come to you in sheep’s clothing but inwardly are ravenous wolves” — Matthew, chapter 7, verse 15.

Joseph Black’s first thoughts were conflicted. His body refused to move. He felt cocooned. Even his eyes seemed fixed in their ability to glimpse more than what lay immediately before him. He heard voices, some of which he recognized, most of which were unintelligible. He slept again. He remembered tumbling. He remembered the physical violence. Glass smashed. It felt brutal. He saw flashes and heard the screams of his family members. And then there was silence.

He found it hard to comprehend what had exactly happened only that he knew intuitively that it was not good. Something seriously bad had occurred. And he was in some kind of purgatory … Neither heaven nor hell … He saw flashes of light. A caring voice. A cradling hand. He felt like a newborn. The voices seemed to echo about inside the hollowness of his vacant head, like the sound you could make inside a long narrow tunnel. Was he in a tunnel? Was he trapped somewhere?

Ironically, there was a truth about this. Though the conscious thought in Joseph’s mind had not been able to grasp his own predicament; he was trapped inside his own damaged body. He could not move. The head injuries that he had sustained during the car accident that had killed both of his parents and his two siblings, could have also killed him outright. Yet it had not. And now he lay alone in his hospital bed. He had been there for quite some time. But to Joseph, he was unable to feel the passage of time. Whether it had been six hours or six months, his mind could not crystallize his own consciousness; so he slumbered, not ready to re-emerge from his cocoon or chrysalis.


Andy Dolan was thirteen at the time. He was an impish boy, small and scrawny. He stood alone, his face pressed up against the glass. He had been Joseph Black’s closest friend for a few years. They were school buddies, best friends, and had grown up together. He teared seeing his friend in the intensive care facility of the New Park Hospital. Through the misty glass window, he saw the tubes and sensors that hooked Joseph up to the machines that now kept him alive.

The accident had been a shock to everyone in their community. The doctor had said that it was a miracle that he had survived, where his parents and siblings had all perished. They were gone now. Their funerals had all taken place a month ago and still Joseph lay there comatose, with only the rhythmic beeping of the ventilator to break the silence. He was told that his injuries had been severe. And with serious head injuries to the left side of his head, he may be affected by left hemisphere dysfunction and frontal and temporal lobe damage. Maybe his cognitive reasoning would be affected. Chances were slim that he would awaken without some form of disability. Some, with his prognosis, did not even awaken. Andy missed his dear friend.

Andy had a secret that he had never shared with Joseph; in fact, he had never shared this with anyone. He had deep feelings for his friend … Strange queer feeling … He had had a crush on him for as long as he remembered but had never acted upon his sexual compulsion. It scared him. Was it because he’d be taught that it would be an affront to God Almighty? Was it out of fear of realizing these unwanted feelings? Was it out of fear of rejection? Was it out of fear of humiliation? It was probably all of these and more. New Park was not exactly a progressive place. Things moved slowly there …

Homosexuals were thought of as freaks, queers, and sinning sodomites … They did things that were not acceptable, not Christian, and definitely not Godly. So Andy kept his feelings to himself. He had no reason to believe that Joseph could have ever reciprocated these feelings of love (and lust) that he had … Joseph had always seemed so straight; so upright and a proper Catholic boy. His entire family had been wholesome and entirely exemplary. No, what Andy felt about his best friend was wrong and he knew it. It was evil and had been a source of both frustration and joy. He wiped the tears and searched his pocket for a tissue.


Joseph felt a disruptive presence. He could not explain it, even if his life depended upon it, but he felt it. He was no longer alone. His strange abstract world seemed to be shared with a significant other … It was his best friend Andy. They had grown up together. They knew everything there was to know about each other … Or so he thought. But in this strange messed-up sickness, he felt Andy’s love for him. He felt him reach out through the fog that seemed to engulf him; and for the first time in all this sleepless, restless experience, he felt the pull of their strong and emotional ties.

There was something unexpected in all of this love. Maybe it explained why it was Andy. He began to see Andy in a new light. Before there seemed to be some unmet expectations; he felt a new kind of frustration; and in his inexperience of such things, it only served to confuse. It made no real sense until he felt a new excitement grow deep within himself, not of ego but of id.


That evening at home, while his mother and father were preoccupied with the usual television soap operas, Andy made his way upstairs to his small bed. There was only enough room for his bed, a wardrobe, a narrow bookshelf, and a small bedside table with a lamp. He closed the door and slipped into his pajamas. There was a dressing mirror behind his door and he looked at his reflection as he stood in the low lamplight in his pajamas.

He remembered the time that he and Joseph had had a mock fight. They had been wrestling with each other on the living room floor dressed only in their bathing shorts. Andy had been laughing so hard, he almost wet himself, as Joseph tickled his rib cage as they struggled against each other, rolling around on the living room carpet. Andy secretly enjoyed the sensation of skin against skin; feeling the warmth of his best friend’s flesh pressed against his; even the small hairs of Joseph’s forearms brushing against him.

He felt so horny. Joseph had pinned him down and Andy began to get an erection. His fun turned to fear. What if Joseph accidentally felt him in this unfortunate state? In reality, Joseph never did, but just thinking about the possibilities made him hard as nails. He looked at the state of his groin as his penis strained against the inside of his flannel pajamas. He touched his boner through the soft fabric.

Ohhhhh … It felt good. He turned a memory into a fantasy, imagining that it was Joseph who had had the boner and he accidentally rubbed his leg against it. Mmmmm. Yes … He’d waste no time in letting hot young Joseph know that he was equally excited; rubbing his boner against his friend’s. Firstly rubbing their erections against one another through the thin material of their bathing shorts; then, as they eagerly pulled their shorts down their legs, finally rubbing their flesh together … Frotting cock to cock.

He slipped his hand inside his pajamas and began to stroke himself. His cock was already a little damp with some pre-cum juices that had oozed from its tip. He stripped naked watching himself as he luxuriated; stroking his cock and imagining that it was Joseph’s. He imagined sucking Joseph’s cock; rubbing his balls; playing with his anus. He stripped naked and stopped briefly and opened the bottom drawer of his bedside table where he kept a few intimate playthings. He donned a black plastic Halloween mask that had the features of a devil.

He loved to imagine that he had the power to make people do things, like a kind of mind control, that he could manipulate their will to bend it to his … Much like the devil, he believed was capable of doing to lesser beings; to cow-like men and women whose weak-mindedness was malleable to the power of darkness. Evil felt so good. It made his cock drip with copious lubricant.

His demon fantasy was taking things to the very edge for him. He feared his blasphemy would be considered a heinous crime and resorting to any recognition of the antichrist in any form would result in personal catastrophe … But still, it turned him on beyond anything else he could imagine. Sometimes in the past, he had succumbed to his religious fears; but tonight was not one of them; tonight he felt extra horny … Extra deviant … Extra nasty.

Dressed in his carnival demon mask he watched himself thrust his narrow little boy hips back and forth whilst gripping his penis tightly in his clenched fist. He felt so wicked.

“Praise the Devil,” he whispered hoarsely under his breath.

His moral phobia and guilty fear were palpable, but the sexual buzz of incredulous … His heart beat faster and faster as his cock slime drooled from the tip of his hard little pencil dick.

At that moment, he heard a noise from the landing, almost outside his bedroom door; he quickly tore the mask from his face, grabbed his pajamas, and jumped beneath the bedclothes. His heart was beating dime a dozen and he could feel the good rush to his ears. He tried to control his breathing as it would give him away if one of his parents entered his unlocked bedroom. The footsteps seemed to pass by. Nothing happened. False alarm. It was probably his dad using the upstairs toilet. He heard the toilet flush which confirmed his prognosis, but he still waited patiently. His heart still pumping hard, and his throat was dry as he lay very still faking sleep.

When he was absolutely sure that the coast was clear, he carefully peeled back the bedclothes and stood up (little on his bare feet). He re-positioned his nasty little mask. His little cock immediately began to throb again; it was so hard and wet at the tip. He rubbed his foreskin back and forth, once again watching the little demon in the mirror.

“Praise the Devil,” he whispered once again.

He grinned, feeling even more devilish than before.

Now, the demon did a little dance, thrusting his demon cocklet back and forth. It made Andy feel like spurting there and then, but he slowed the pace of his masturbatory worship so that he could make the feeling last longer. He momentarily wondered what his young friend, Joseph, would have made of this weird behavior. Devil worship and masturbation. He would probably never have anything to do with Andy again. But then, if Andy prayed hard enough, and believed hard enough; maybe the devil would grant him his dearest wish. Yes, he longed to share this nasty game with sexy little Joseph! His cock throbbed pleasurably as his orgasmic delight mounted.

Yes, if he sold his soul to the devil, then maybe his wish would come true.

“Praise the Devil! Praise the Devil! Praise the Devil!”

The demon’s balls contracted tightly and his genitals quivered from their root to the tip, pulsing like never before. Oh fuck, the demon boy bit his lip to stop himself from screaming as he bucked wildly and spat his watery demon-cum slime over the dressing mirror. His heart was almost jumping out of his chest. He gasped for breath. Fuck. Fuck. Fuck, he thought, as he began to compose himself; he came so hard he nearly woke the entire Dolan house up!


Joseph found his mind drifting into the world of illusion, of dreams … or maybe premonitions?

He was not sure what exactly he was looking at, but he quickly recognized the place to be his best friend’s bedroom. It was somewhere he’d been before, many times, as they were growing up together. Close friends. School friends. Church friends. They had played ‘hide and seek’ there; make-believe ghosts and monsters; pretended that they were both astronauts … but the sensation that Joseph was getting had none of these childish moments …

It was a rather queer kind of feeling at first. Strange. Something bizarre. It was queer in more ways than one. He was looking at his best friend’s room … as if staring out from behind the door mirror; not behind itself, but from the angle he was seeing, Joseph would have to actually be inside the mirror itself. That was of course impossible. But there in front of him was his best friend, Andy. Andy was staring straight at the mirror; straight at him, but seemed to not see Joseph there … Andy starred, obviously at his own reflection. He smiled wickedly and started to touch the bulge in the front of his pajamas. Joseph looked on in complete surprise. He watched intensely as his young friend first stripped naked before him, whilst continuously stroking his hard little penis. Masturbation was a sin. Joseph was totally enthralled by his friend’s abhorrent behavior … but excited by what he witnessed.

Andy stopped briefly and opened the bottom drawer of his bedside table, then donned a black plastic Halloween demon mask. Again he approached the mirror, seemingly fixated on his own demonic image. The little demon began to thrust his narrow little boy hips back and forth whilst gripping his penis tightly in his clenched fist. Joseph could see the clear ooze dripping from the end of the demon’s erection. He subconsciously licked his parched lips.

“Praise the Devil,” he heard the little demon whisper quietly (almost apologetically).

Now, the demon did a little dance, thrusting his demon cocklet back and forth. It seemed there was anguish in his devil worship … as he wanted something … yes, he felt it … the demon boy was thinking about him … about what he would make of this nasty game … it seemed his young friend was getting off on this thought as his orgasm gained momentum … the boy was offering his soul to the devil to grant him a lustful wish … a chance that he could be having anal sex with his best friend.

“Praise the Devil! Fuck Christ! Praise the Devil! Praise the Devil!”

Joseph was greatly aroused by this whole chain of events … He knew it was wrong and against the laws of God, but still, he could not help but feel impassioned by it. He watched as the demon boy bit his upper lip to stop himself from screaming as he bucked wildly and spat his watery demon-cum slime over the dressing mirror surface. The demon gasped for breath.



“You shall not lie with a male as with a woman; it is an abomination.” — Leviticus, chapter 18, verse 22.

It had been six months almost to the day when there was a change. Andy rushed to the New Park Hospital when he heard the news. Joseph was no longer in the intensive care ward but was now in one of the regular private rooms on the third floor that looked out over the wooded land that circled the New Park Hospital. Inside, of course, only direct family were allowed, so Andy had to wait outside. Joseph’s Uncle Billy Black and Aunt Samantha Black (the sister of Joseph’s mother) were already there when he arrived. More relatives that Andy recognized but could not remember their names, filed in and he sneaked in with three of Joseph’s cousins. The hospital nursing staff did not notice him there.

It seemed that young Joseph was finally awake, but seemed insular. He did not acknowledge anyone. He just sat there in the bed staring out the window. His relatives talked among themselves, just happy to see him out of the coma. The doctor said that this was all to be expected, that he would need time, and that they all needed to be very patient with him. He had been through a lot in the last six months. He was still broken, but his awakening was a very positive sign.

Andy hung around. Everyone had left one by one. He needed to use the bathroom, though there was a bathroom attached to Joseph’s room, Andy felt uncomfortable using it and instead used the ward toilet down the hall. When Andy returned he saw that Joseph was up out of bed. He gave Andy a fright. He was standing about two feet away from the window silhouetted against the early evening sky. His hospital gown that had been loosely tied, had fallen from his shoulders and now the boy stood completely naked with his back to the door.

Andy did not want to scare him with any sudden sounds or movements, so he carefully made his way to Joseph’s side. He kept looking to the door, expecting a nurse or a doctor to enter at any moment, but the ward was quiet and tranquil. Andy’s heart rate was elevated for the wrong reasons and he knew it … But he just could not help himself. Joseph’s eyes were transfixed on the distant horizon as if he were waiting for something or someone. Andy touched his hand gently. There was no reaction. Andy looked closely at his dear friend.

He could clearly see the whitish remains of the accident scares. Though his hair was growing back over the scar tissue on his head, the injuries were still very noticeable … but that was not what caught his attention. He noticed that Joseph was fully erect. His penis stood upright to attention as he gazed straight ahead. A piss hard? Andy subconsciously licked his lips. How many times had he imagined sucking his best friend … Taking his cute penis into his hot wet mouth and drawing it in as far as he could? He had imagined its taste, its texture, and looking at him now seemed to be so wickedly tempting.


Something base and uncontrollable had been happening to him since the dream he had about Andy’s room and the little demon that had so excited him in its masturbatory fantasy. There was a sexual excitement like nothing he’d experienced before and it had blossomed into a yearning to behold. A desire to touch and be touched. His disobedient body seemed to form its own reactions to this stimuli and he found himself standing naked, staring out of the hospital window.

His movements seemed distant and out of his conscious control, yet his body had moved on its own accord, without assistance … As he stared blankly, his lucid mind indulged in Andy’s perverted demon sex fantasy. Was it fantasy? Was it real? The thought teased him. Had he had astral-traveled and witnessed something that actually had occurred? Things were pretty fucked up. But still, his sexual arousal was obvious as he stood naked by the window. The yearning was getting stronger … Lust coursed through his mental and physical being. Then he felt Andy’s presence nearby … he wanted to share his feelings with Andy, his emotions with Andy … his repressed desires for the same pleasures that he now knew that Andy desired …


Andy had returned home before it got dark. He was unsure what he should have done. He knew that he could not leave his friend there, standing in front of the window (hard as nails). Against his own willingness, he had left Joseph’s private room and had gone in search of one of many ward nurses. He never mentioned anything specific about Joseph, only that he was up and standing at the window. He had picked up his hospital gown and had dressed him so that he would be discovered by the nurses in a more ‘decent’ state. When he got home, he failed to mention anything to his parents about his friend’s standing performance. This mother and father were sitting in front of the television and he slipped passed them and went straight upstairs to his small bedroom. He needed to be alone. He actually felt quite good about himself. He had resisted the evil temptation of touching his friend in the most intimate of places … Taking advantage of his catatonic state to feel him up, to wrap his lips around the boy’s tasty-looking cock. Yes, he had done the right thing, but still regretted being such a little a pussy! As he saw it, he had thrown away a great opportunity. What was he saying? He felt conflicted, and confused, but still extremely lustful. He needed to jack off immediately and he did, repeatedly for the entire evening. He fell into a blissful sleep dream of Joseph’s nakedness.


After school, Andy returned to the hospital. Joseph’s physician, Doctor Wright, was running some tests, so everyone had to wait outside. When the doctor reappeared, he invited the family back into Joseph’s private room. Andy slipped in too. Joseph was sitting up in bed, but still staring into space. The doctor announced that Joseph was making some slow but steady process. There was a string of long and technical terms that Doctor Wright used, but Andy just watched his dear friend closely, waiting for a simple blink or a wrinkle in the corner of his mouth … Nothing.

Feeling a little peckish, Andy went to one of the ward vending machines for something sweet to eat. It was like a ghost town in the ward. Again, he was the only one there as Joseph’s evening vigil seemed to have left early. Andy opened the door to Joseph’s private room and saw Joseph standing by the window, again completely naked. Andy’s heart beat faster. His cock lurched in his pants.

He swallowed hard and saw that his friend was no longer facing the window, but facing him as he stood at the door. He closed it and leaned back against the solidness of the door. In the dim light, he could make out Joseph’s stiff penis as it pointed directly at him. Fuck. He wanted it. Andy checked the corridor. It was completely void of life. Nothing moved or made a sound. Emboldened Andy stepped forward and knelt before Joseph’s groin. His hand snaked out and touched Joseph’s stiff organ. It felt incredible … Better than he imagined. He leaned forward and took it in his mouth. He sucked upon its length with glee. He lapped at the boy’s ball sacks. It was delicious.

“Urghhhhh …”

Joseph made a guttural sound. Andy immediately looked up. Joseph’s eyes seemed to look in his general direction but seemed not to focus specifically on him. He continued to suck him and cradle the loose flesh of his testicles. He began to stroke Joseph with his right hand, as he sucked the tip of his penis and his left hand dropped to touch himself between the legs. He was incredibly horny. He knew with every fiber of his body that what he was doing was grossly wrong, and sinful, but he simply did not care. God would surely strike him down. But despite his fear, all he wanted was Joseph to cum in his mouth as he rubbed the bottom half of his lover’s cock. Andy’s lips created a wet vacuum over its bulbous meatus head. His tongue did somersaults over the delicate skin, licking the underside of the frenulum.

“Urghhhhh …”

Joseph made another deep guttural groan and his hips began to rock ever so slightly back and forth so that his cock slid up against the roof of Andy’s mouth. Andy sucked harder and was rewarded with the warm slippery taste of pre-cum.

“Urghhhhh …”

His sleepwalking lover’s hand seemed to rest upon his shoulders. Andy felt his grip as Joseph thrust more urgently against him. Andy’s own balls felt as if they’d explode in his pants. Fuck this was so hot. His fingers gripped his own boy-cock and rubbed himself vigorously … He was so close to his own ejaculation. And then it happened, Joseph shot his salty semen into Andy’s waiting mouth …

“Arrrtghhhh …”

It almost made young Andy gag, as spurt after spurt of Joseph’s seed slid down the back of his throat. It sent him over the edge too and bucked against his fist and spurted his semen inside his school pants.

Andy was in shock that it actually happened. But no sooner had his friend ejaculated than he panicked. What if Doctor Wright walked in right that moment? What if one of the ward nurses dropped by to check on Joseph? He stood up and wiped his mouth. Joseph did not move. His cock glistened wetly with Andy’s saliva. His heartbeat was almost too much to bear.

Andy pulled Joseph’s gown over his shoulders and was about to slip out the door when the sharp squeak of a trolley wheel outside caught his attention. He froze. The rhythmical squeak began to disappear as the trolley and the trolley’s owner traveled further down the corridor.


Joseph, once again, found himself standing naked by the window again. Now his same-sex attraction was more of a carnal compulsion. He felt a distinctive hotness and horniness about his being. Aroused by these new prickly urges, his entrapment became even more apparent. A prison for his mind. His cock was on fire. He wanted Andy to touch him in intimate places. He wanted to be sucked, licked, and masturbated by the little demon. He felt turgid, but at the same time, helpless to express these new and powerful desires.

He saw in the window’s reflection the shape of his friend as he entered the private hospital suite. Joseph turned around to face him. It took everything he had to make his broken body move. But he did it. But now they faced each other. He knew he would come. He knew that he felt the calling as much as he did. He thought of Andy dressed in his little demon mask, dancing and masturbating as he prayed to the Devil. He knew exactly what Andy was thinking and feeling … because he felt the same way.

Andy looked nervous. Super nervous. Joseph could tell that he was unsure of what to do. But Joseph knew he would not leave him. He wanted something from him… and he wanted something from Andy. He reflected on all the time they spent together; how differently he had felt; and how different he felt now … There was deep perverted lust that guided the both of them, a dark script that was laid out to be followed … Andy had been granted his demonic wish … And Joseph’s body was responding to that calling … He saw Andy kneel before him.

He felt Andy’s touch.

He felt his friend’s wantonness. He saw his friend’s wickedness. Andy wasted no time in taking Joseph’s aching organ into his mouth – his warm, wet mouth closed around Joseph’s turgid cock. Holy fuck! It felt so fucking good! Yer! Fuck! Joseph was screaming in his mind. Delirious with forbidden pleasure. Andy’s tongue was driving him crazy as his fingers rubbed the shaft of his needy cock.

“Aarghhhhhhhhh …” he screamed inside.

His balls tightened as their salty fluids shot upwards, cannoning into the back of Andy’s greedy throat.



“While they promise them liberty, they themselves are the servants of corruption: for of whom a man is overcome, of the same is he brought in bondage.” — 2 Peter, Chapter 2, Verse 19.

Andy was firstly surprised and then worried when he discovered that Joseph was no longer in his private hospital room. Discharged, that’s what the station nurse told him. The lad had gone home with his Uncle and Aunt, earlier that day. Was he better? Yes, the lad was very coherent.

“Aren’t you Joseph’s friend?” asked Doctor Wright.

“Yes, I am,” answered Andy.

His consciousness with prickling, but the good doctor smiled warmly.

“I believe that Mr. Black and his wife took him home a few hours ago. Joseph has made a remarkable recovery. He is one lucky kid. We all fully expected the worst, but it seems that he has made a full recovery with no obvious side effects.”

“That’s incredible.”

“You are completely right. It’s truly a miracle of God. He is blessed. And now we will all need to keep a watchful eye on him. You have been with him all along. He’s lucky to have such a caring friend.”

“Thanks. I am just glad that he is okay.”

“Well, you’d better run along now. I’ve got my rounds.”

“Thank you, Doctor.”

Andy felt guilt stab him. But, he was truly glad that Joseph had recovered from whatever it was that had him under its spell. He wondered if he would remember anything about what he had done to him, whilst deep in his trance. Would he expose him as a queer pervert? Andy felt his pulse quicken. Shit. He began to regret his rash actions. A violation. A sinful act. A wicked wish come true. What had he got himself into?


Joseph waited patiently. His Uncle and Aunt had brought him back to their home. It was a nice place and not too far from where Joseph knew Andy lived. At least in the isolation, Joseph’s thoughts were his own … everywhere else it seemed that at random intervals, his mind could become cluttered with the thoughts and feelings of others. It was like a flood. He found it difficult to control and sometimes completely overwhelming.

He desperately wanted to see Andy again. His whole being craved it … as he remembered every detail of their last encounter … how Andy had made him feel at the moment of ejaculation. It had been intense. It had been so fucking powerful. His mind had gone into instant overload. Fuck … he wanted to feel it again … and again … and again …

Still, he waited. His Uncle Billy and Aunt Samantha dressed him in his Sunday best and led him to their car. He could clearly hear his Aunt Samantha’s thoughts of sadness towards him, but there was also I hint of resentment towards his intrusion into their private lives maybe? Billy and her had chosen not to have children of their own for a reason. And Joseph’s situation had put them both on the spot. An obligation. Uncle Billy’s thoughts were less intrusive … between work and paying bills, he had other practical priorities and Joseph seemed to be the least of his worries right now.

They arrived at the local church. The bells ran and the calamity of thoughts washed over him and Joseph felt a bit of nausea trying to gain focus. He thought of Andy and there was some momentary purchase in reality. They were greeted at the door by the rather young and effeminate priest, Father O’Conner. He smiled crookedly as he held Joseph’s hand.

“God has a mission for you my son. He saved you for a reason.”

“Do you really believe that?” asked Joseph’s Aunt Samantha.

She wanted to believe it (Joseph could hear). She looked sad and wiped a tear from her cheek.

“The boy has been through so much trauma, no wonder he is so withdrawn.”

“Give him time Mrs. Black. Give him time. He will return to us when he is ready. In today’s sermon, we will give thanks for this heavenly miracle.”

“Thank you, Father,” replied Joseph’s Uncle Billy.

The church was packed for the service and the hymns began.

“Praise Him, praise Him. Praise Him, praise Him. Praise with us the God of grace,” sang the Choir.

Joseph kept his eyes on the large crucifix that hung directly over the decorated altar. He couldn’t help but notice the contorted body of the crucified Lord Jesus Christ, the Son of God, who had died for the sins of man. Had his family died in such pain? He remembered the cries and then the silence. Had it been truly instantaneous? It was almost too much to bear.

“Praise the Lord. Amen,” said the high-pitched priest.

Joseph had felt a strangeness when the effeminate priest had taken his hand. Wet and limp. At first, his touch had just felt sweaty and unclean; then polluted; then poisonous. He knew that Father O’Conner was supposed to be a Man of God; a so-called pious man; a pillar of their community and beyond reproach. But there was something else that did not seem right about him, as if he was telling a devious lie. Joseph felt this twisted lie. A sacrilegious lie. An evil lie that ran against the priest’s oath to all that he claimed as true and sacred … He felt Father O’Conner’s sexual desire … dressed as a nun … was the priest a transvestite pedophile? A deviant and perverted pedophile? Fucking a goat… The baphometic penis demon shitting over a crucifix … He was swimming in the wickedness of the priest’s thoughts of molestation … urine drinking … demonic forces moved inside of him.

Joseph saw, or imagined he saw, recent memories of the priest’s endeavors … he saw a young naked boy, a tiny thing, being held by the priest as he sat upon a perverted satanic throne. He looked like a demon … this memory mixed intermittently with the vision of Andy, dressed as the boy demon masturbating naked … the priest was naked and erect; his penis about to spear the young naked boy as he prayed out loud …

Andy whispered, “Praise the devil …”

Joseph remembered ejaculating into Andy’s willing mouth … the priest pressed his cock upwards to violate the struggling infant … horrific … exciting … deviant … pleasure …

As quickly as these thoughts had formed, he felt the thoughts of others … he welcomed the distraction … there were so many thoughts … all kinds of thoughts … it was like being shouted at from all sides … drowning out his unexplainable compulsion towards the wayward priest.


Andy did not dare to show his face for a while. He kept a low profile, as he was truly worried about what would happen next. It was not until the following Sunday, in church, that he saw Joseph again.

“Praise the Lord. Amen,” said Father O’Conner.

“Amen,” replied the congregation.

The young priest was making one of his long speeches, praising the Lord and praising the local community for coming together in a consequence of the great tragedy. He talked about Matthew and Rosli Black, Joseph’s mother and father, and how they had been such loving parents and such pillars of the community. He talked about Louise and Lenny, Joseph’s younger brother and older sister, who had passed before their time. They were all in a better place, in the house of the Lord. He made special prayers for their surviving son, Joseph, who it seems was returned to them. All faces turned to look at the forlorn boy sitting with his Uncle and Aunt. It was of course a miracle of God’s work that the boy had survived according to Father O’Conner.

All the time Andy thought about how Joseph had been at the hospital before his release. After that first clumsy encounter, when he had managed to suck him off, Joseph seemed to sense when Andy was in the room. He had been still, like a statue, but as soon as his family members left, he seemed to become animated. From the drooling catatonic, he became sexually aroused. His hard little cock was a testament to this. Fuck Andy loved to suck Joseph’s delicious rampant cock. Andy had found a way to make sure that they would not be disturbed by jamming the side table against the door. Emboldened by their privacy, he had stripped completely naked before his new lover. He took his time, no longer rushing … But licking and sucking Joseph’s genitals and anus whilst jacking himself off at the same time.

“Praise the Lord. Amen,” said Father O’Conner.

“Amen,” replied the congregation with gusto.

The sound of Father O’Conner’s high-pitched voice brought him back to the church. The choir was in full swing with its rendition of ‘Praise, My Soul, The King Of Heaven.’

“Praise Him, praise Him. Praise Him, praise Him. Praise with us the God of grace,” sang the Choir.

He winced. Guilt ensued him. Andy had prayed to the Devil, the Adversary, and had pledged his soul to Hell. He was no longer an innocent. No, he was an accomplice to an unseen crime. A crime against the God of grace.

“Praise Him, praise Him. Praise Him, praise Him. Praise with us the High Eternal One.

Was it all a coincidence or had the Devil really granted him his perverted wish? But things had changed so rapidly, with Joseph no longer in the hospital. Andy felt a pang of disappointment and fear at what would happen next. Would Joseph realize what he had done? Would he expose him as a faggot, a queer, a pervert, a sodomite? He couldn’t help but tear.

“Praise Him, praise Him, Praise Him, praise Him, Praise with us the God of grace.”

The songs of praise ended and so did the service. People around him were collecting up their children and leaving the long rows of wooden pews. His mother and father got up to leave. He wanted to shrink away too … To disappear. He was about to leave when he looked up and noticed Joseph standing by the side of his Uncle Billy and Aunt Samantha. His expression was vacant until his both Uncle and Aunt turned away. Joseph gave an almost invisible grin and for the briefest of moments, Joseph’s eyes looked directly into Andy’s. Andy’s cock turned instantly rigid in his Sunday pants. Joseph said nothing but turned and followed his relatives out into the daylight. Andy felt breathless. He was sure it was a sign.


Joseph had tried to reach out to Andy after the mass. But in the flood of noise, all he managed to do was to offer his friend a glimpse of a smile. Joseph hoped that he would see Andy again soon. But how? He felt his bodily motor control returning … could it have something to do with his deep desire to be with Andy? He was not sure, but he also was cognitive of the expectations of others. While he remained remote, his so-called extended family did not expect much from him. He could be a ghost. They simply got on with their meaningless lives around him. He heard their thoughts, felt their feelings … and hated most of what he experienced. He just wanted to be left alone … well, maybe with the exception of his newfound curiosity and lusting …

The incident with the strange priest had shaken him in a way that he had not expected. He remembered glimpses of the struggling infant as the evil priest began to violate him … the sick fuck! He wasn’t the only one … within the time that Joseph had left the sanctuary of the private hospital room, he had been bombarded with all kinds of sick and twisted thoughts and feelings … and memories too … he had to learn how the block them out … block out the sickness … find peace within his own head! It was driving him insane.

Joseph began to realize that others around him seemed to sense his strange ability and some moved away to avoid him being able to read their most intimate of thoughts. After all, everyone has a secret that they don’t want to share, and in Joseph’s mind, it was all a melting pot of unwanted gibberish.

Even though he accepted his Aunt Samantha’s guilt and resentment; she had a hidden side that, at first he found repugnant … her sexual fantasies were pretty twisted for a so-called family member … but then, why should they not be? She hated herself, for the incestuous love of her sister.

“Was this a punishment from God for our unholy and perverted sexual union?”

Joseph realized that this had been going on since they were both pre-teens and continued into their adult lives, right under the noses of both his father and his uncle.

We all have secrets, he thought to himself, as he imagined being inside of Andy’s anus … pressing his hard little prick up his best friend’s slimy poop tube, fucking him hard and rubbing his cock as their sweat-wet bodies pressed tightly together … mmmm … he wanted more cock.


Andy lay in his narrow little bed tossing and turning. It was late; very late. He tried but found that he could not sleep. His mind was far too wild with wayward ideas. He thought about how over the last few weeks he’d heard more strange stories from friends and family that talked about Joseph’s miraculous recovery.

They said that Joseph still had periods of vagueness and awareness; and that how his own family found him like a stranger among them. But he was still Joseph, though he seemed at times to be either inward and unavailable; increasingly he was becoming more aware of his surroundings, of people, and of other things. His lucidity had increased to the point where he seemed to know things that he had never been taught.

It was very weird. To know things you have never been taught? What exactly did that mean? Did someone call him a savant? A savant? Andy asked more and they told him that Joseph seemed to know foreign languages including Latin and supposedly spoke like a preacher, quoting from the bible and knowing strange things about Christianity and other more oblique religions, as if he had been an advanced student of theology. This had even caught the attention of Father O’Conner, who had said something about divine inspiration … That Joseph must have received the gift of the Holy Spirit.

Andy idly played with his cock. He desperately needed to take a piss. His little bladder ached. His cock when rock hard as he remember the look he got from Joseph. He looked right into his polluted soul … Like he says all the nasty things that he had in store for Joseph, if only they could ever be together.

He flicked on his bedside lamp and immediately put a warm yellow glow. Climbing out of bed and slipped out of his pajamas and stood before his mirror. He felt so fucking horny all of a sudden. He grinned and grabbed his plastic devil mask. Fuck, his bladder was close to bursting. He really needed to pee. That’s when he got a nasty little idea. Taking the empty drinking glass from his bedside table, he donned his demon mask and paraded again before the mirror. He watched the demon closely as it urinated into the receptacle, filling it with a pungent dark amber fluid. Its strong acrid smell did not deter him from bringing the nasty waste to his eager lips. He gingerly sipped the acidic liquid.

“Praise the fucking devil,” he exclaimed taking a mouthful of the salty piss.

The demon jacked his cock as hard as he could, rebelling in his own private debauchery.

“Praise the fucking devil. Bring Joseph to me! Praise the fucking devil. Bring Joseph to me!” the little demon chanted over and over.

“Arrrghhhhhhhh …” groaned the demon finally in the mirror as it shot its load directly into its own face.


To be continued?


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