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Empress 1


The Indians over the centuries have worshiped many gods, some good and some definitely evil. Mayong (Assam) in northeastern India was famed as the ‘Land of black magic and evil witchcraft’. It is here, worshipers of Ma Kali, the Mother Goddess or Dark Empress, were said to have performed human sacrifices in efforts to appease her lustful appetites. Ma Kali has been sometimes depicted as a ferocious goddess dancing on the corpse of Shiva, making him erect so that even in death she can receive his seed. It is said that Kali was black because she was beyond human comprehension. Says the Mahanirvana Tantra — Just as all colors disappear in black, so all names and forms disappear into her — her nudity was both primeval and fundamental. Extreme perverse sexual pleasure was a key part of Kali’s divine worship and was thought of as paying homage.


The Empress is the mother goddess of sexual invention. The Empress is fertile sexuality, her vibrant body, attractiveness, and hypersensitivity; she can use at will against those who oppose her will. She renders them weak and docile with her sexual powers. Passionate indulgence. She adores the sexual organs and will worship them openly without shame. Her esteem manifests itself in overt sexual acts and delights in both fellatio and cunnilingus. She is the instigator of all lustful pleasures. She chooses her lovers, male, and female, young and old, with authority over her passions. Her nature is the door to divine sexual pleasure. She offers a rich harvest of intense sexual pleasure as a reward for her worship.



Tara cried out loudly just as she awake. It was still dark in her bedroom and the sudden flood of light from the passageway hurt her eyes, as her mother rushed to her side. Tara was panted out of breath as if she had been running a marathon, and her nightgown was drenched in her own perspiration.

“Tara, it’s all right … I’m here babe. It’s just a bad dream,” comforted Jill, her mother, as she wrapped her arms around her little child and held her tightly.

Tara sobbed deeply into her mother’s soft chest. “But it’s the same bad dream every night … I am being …” in mid-sentence, Tara stopped. Her nightmare was not something she felt comfortable sharing with her mother or her father … in a flash, she remembered that moment, just before we awake … unable to move from pure fear of a naked black-skinned witch.

“You’re safe now my love.”

Her mother’s reassurance had quelled the hysteria and panic of this horrid nightmare.

George, her father stood at the bedroom doorway silhouetted against the hallway light. The precocious little eleven-year-old could see that both her parents were very tired from their broken sleep, but also both very concerned about her. Momentarily, it made her feel a little better, but the acute anxiety still haunted her.

“Don’t worry my dear, the other kids are still fast asleep,” said George.

He quickly checked on Tara’s eight-year-old brother, Leo, and her nine-year-old sister, Jaime. “Come, Jill, let’s get back to bed.”

“You go back and lie down, you have work in the morning … I want to make sure Tara is all right,” assured Jill to her husband.

“Okay, love,” George answered sleepily as he slowly made his way back to their bedroom down the hall on the first-floor landing, “I’ll leave the hall light on then.”

Jill turned to her daughter, Tara, who was still wrapped in her arms.

“You’re sweating profusely my dear,” she noted, “You’re going to have to change your nightgown again.”

“Yes, Mom,” Tara awkwardly acknowledged, “I don’t know what’s wrong with me. I have the same horrid dream every night. I see this evil witch with black skin … she’s chasing me and I can’t get away,” Tara left out the part about them both being naked, “I think she wants me to drink her blood.”

“I’ve been speaking to your father and we’ve decided that tomorrow, he’ll take you over to your Aunt Lucy’s place in the countryside … maybe a change of scenery will help you get over these anxieties. It’s best for you not to be here for a while. We both agree that you may feel a lot better with some country air to help you.”

“I don’t know Mom. I want to be here with you guys.”

“I understand, but you cannot go on night after night like this. It’ll be just for a couple of weeks… you’ll have fun with your Aunt. You know how much she loves you. Now, do you want me to stay with you tonight?”

“No Mom, I’ll be okay,” reassured Tara.

Her mother gave her a kiss on the forehead and made her way back to bed. Jill switched on the bedside lamp and closed the door behind her.

As soon as her mother had gone back to bed, Tara pulled back the damp bed sheets. She retrieved a clean nightgown from her closet. Stripped out of her damp clothing that had clung to her skin, leaving the used nightgown in a crumpled heap on the floor.

The summer nights were uncomfortably warm sometimes, but it had been her succession of nightmares that had left her tired, irritable, and fearful of these horrid visions that had been so incredibly vivid.

She could still see the face of the black witch. Unlike witches here in fairy tales with broomsticks and a pointed hat … Tara’s witch was more like a female warrior with blue-black flesh, her four arms each carried a weapon, around her neck she wore a necklace of skulls, and upon her head an evil crown … Tara had a vivid recall of the witch, standing over her completely naked. She looked up and could not help but stare at her blue-black breasts and protruding vagina. In her dream, Tara was the not only one that had been naked … there were others who also gathered and danced in the worship of the black witch that they called Goddess … though she had been very frightened, her dream had also given her strange a feeling between her legs.

Tara’s heart thumped loudly inside her chest as she stood in front of the mirror and looked had how her body was beginning to change. Her chest was no longer completely flat and as her fingers brushed against her delicate little nipples they responded with an erectness that she had not experienced before. She felt a strong urge to pinch them and pull them. She remembered how the other girls in her dream had thrust their hips back and forth in such a vulgar manner … it made her feel wet.

Instead of changing into her nightgown straight away, she checked that her door was securely closed, and then returned to standing naked in front of the mirror. She examined herself, her fine bone structure and fragile-looking physique. Her nimble little fingers touched the delicate folds of her tiny labia. The sensation was unexpectedly thrilling … it felt naughty touching herself naked in front of the mirror.

Without thinking about it, she remembered how the evil witch had forced her and the others to do all sorts of disgusting things to themselves and each other. Subconsciously, she pushed her finger inside, up to the first knuckle, and felt the wetness at the shallow entry to her vagina … this had been what the evil witch had been doing to herself, snorting and moaning with her fingers moving constantly in and out from between her long blue-black legs. She remembered the witch moaning loudly in her self-pleasuring as she toyed with her necklace of human skulls.

Tara felt a little lightheaded but lay back on the bed and continued touching herself. Tara’s fingers soon became coated in her sweet juices as she slowly finger-fucked herself for the very first time and brought her hand to her mouth and tasted herself as she remembered vividly watching the evil witch doing the same whilst the naked girls danced around her in a bizarre and scary ritual.

She felt a pang of guilt … this is the part of the dream she had not told her parents about … how she had screamed and awakened just at the point when the evil witch pulled her face against the sticky wetness of her blue-black hairless vagina. It terrified her … but excited her … both at the same time.

Her breath had become short and shallow as the pleasure became irresistible … she could not believe how good it felt to be so bad. Conflicted with this thought, in a moment of Christian consciousness, she thought that she must stop. It wasn’t good to do this, she kept telling herself. God, Mother Mary, and all the saints could see what she was doing and they would definitely not approve.

But, regardless her fingers seemed to have a mind of their own. They would not stop. She imagined the evil witch dominating the pre-teen girls, forcing each of them, in turn, to lick her soaking wet slit. This submission to evil seemed to make the warm and ticklish pleasure intensify; and like a flash of lightning in her mind, she began to shake and quiver uncontrollably. The sensation erupted like a volcano … beginning between her legs and spreading throughout her whole body with a quaking of incredible delight.

Still panting from the explosive force that had left her eleven-year-old body with a satisfied glowing sensation, she instinctively felt she had done something wrong. How could she contemplate such vulgar thoughts? How could she seek enjoyment from the thing that had terrorized her night after night?

She hoped that her parents had not heard her. She certainly blamed this digression from her usual God-fearing self, on that evil witch whose actions could be nothing more than simply perversion and wickedness. She quickly pulled her dry nightgown on, switched off the table lamp … and for the first time in a long while, she felt the tenseness leave her body as she immediately fell into a deep and restful sleep.



Tara’s father, George, and his older sister, Tara’s Auntie Lucy, sat drinking tea on the stone patio in the garden. Her country home was absolutely beautiful at this time of the year. Set amongst the rolling hills and woodlands of Surrey, it was surrounded by peace and tranquility. It was a warm summer’s day and the sunlight ducked in and out behind the soft white clouds as they marched slowly across the horizon.

“Nightmares?” asked Auntie Lucy.

“Yes. We’ve simply run out of ideas … I have talked to a few specialists and their advice is simply patience,” said George.

“What are these dreams about?”

“Something about a black-skinned goblin or witch or something like that.”

“She’s been watching one too many horror movies I am sure. And you both need a rest too. Don’t worry, some time out here will do wonders for her, I am sure. And by the looks of things, so good for you and Jill … you look so tired and worn out.”

Tara skipped along the gravel footpath as she always did when visiting her Aunt’s house. From the rear of the house, there was a steep embankment that led down to the rest of the garden which was located at the bottom of a hill. The sweeping path cut into the side of the slope and made it easy to reach. The sculptured gardens and flower beds were meticulously kept and the bouquet of summer filled the air.

As she reached the edge of the property, she was able to get a glimpse of the adjoining gardens of the equally impressive estate next door. Their high stonewall blocked most of the view, but a narrow gap in the stonework gave Tara the opportunity to notice a strange-looking gazebo … its style was very ethnic. Arabic or Indian maybe? She was about to go back up the hill when a young voice caught her attention.

“Hi, I am Usha, what is your name?” said the tiny voice with a strong Eastern accent.

“Hi, I am Tara,” she answered.

“Ah, you are the Star?”

Standing on the other side of the gap in the wall was a small brown-skinned girl about the same age as Tara. Her long black hair was pulled back into a tight ponytail and she wore a brightly colored halter neck top and matching skirt decorated in glittering silver threads and shiny beads. Her belly button was pierced with a tiny gemstone. Her almond-shaped eyes were an incredible shade of azure blue that contrasted her coffee-colored skin.

“Star?” asked Tara.

“In Hindi, my mother tongue, your name, Tara, means the Star. I haven’t seen you here before?”

“I am staying with my Aunt. Do you live here?”

“My family built this place. Would you like to come over and play?”

“Yes, ok, but I need to tell my Aunt where I am, she might get worried.”

“Sure, I will wait here for you.”

“I won’t be long.”

Tara, smiled to herself, she had made a new friend. She quickly ran up the pathway that ascended the embankment to find her father and aunt still talking.

“Is it okay if I go and play next door with Usha?” asked Tara, panting out of breath from the uphill run.

“Usha?” asked George.

“Usha Sarin. She’s … a rather strange young girl from next door.”

Turning to Tara, she added, “I think it’ll be fine, just be back by suppertime. You’d better say goodbye to your father because he’ll be going home and you won’t see him for a couple of weeks.”

Tara smiled, hugged her dad, and kissed her aunt. They could see her excitement about making a new friend, as she skipped off once again down the steep embankment disappearing to the rear of her Aunt’s large property.

Lucy shook her head and smiled.

“I heard from one of our neighbors that the Sarin family originally came from Mayong in the northeastern region of India. Strange bunch. Mayong was famed as the land of Indian black magic and witchcraft … They’ve lived here longer than our family. They keep mostly to themselves usually … never known her to talk to anyone before.”

“You seem to know a lot about this mumbo-jumbo?”

“You forget that I did Eastern Studies at university. Always had an affinity for the ‘mumbo-jumbo’ right!”

“Sorry, didn’t mean to sound … you know.”

“Interesting name, Usha, it literally means demon princess. They are a very eccentric family … don’t worry, I’ll keep a close eye on Tara.”

Usha was waiting patiently when Tara arrived back. Tara’s nibbled body had no trouble getting through the narrow gap into the adjoining garden.

“This is really cool,” complimented Tara, as she looked at the dramatic vista created by the strange Indian garden decor.

It was definitely not your usual English country estate. The trees, scrubs, and flowers were all unfamiliar and rather exotic … she could believe the aromatic smell of Usha’s garden. It was like being in a different world.

Usha took Tara by the hand. It was a strange feeling that Tara had not expected. Usha’s hand was firm and cool to touch and her small fingers wrapped around Tara’s palm in a firm grip.

“Come, let’s play together in my little temple.”

Tara accepted Usha’s hold on her hand and the two new friends walked through the strange garden towards a small stone structure.

“Is this where you live?” asked Tara.

Usha laughed. Even her laugh sounded very ethnic.

“No, I live in the house at the front of the property. I like to play here, as it is out of sight of my parents. They never come down here and I have the freedom to do as I please.”

“I like your colorful outfit,” said Tara.

“I have others in my little temple. Maybe you would like one to play in … it’ll be fun to dress up, after all, you are a star.”

“What like a movie star?” asked Tara naively.

“No … in my religion to be the ‘Star’ is not to be afraid, it embraces all … it encourages and delights in all forms of desire.”

The words sounded strange from the mouth of one so young, but Tara put it down to their obvious differences in cultural heritage.

“Well, that can’t be true of me,” Tara admitted, “The reason my parents sent me to stay with my aunt is that I have been having bad dreams …” She stopped herself, but Usha looked at her very curiously, “Well I have had nightmares.”

“What do you dream about?”

Tara contemplated her answer.

“Just weird bad things.”

Usha smiled with bright white teeth and gently touched Tara’s face.

“You must embrace the bad as well as the good … it is what the mother goddess says.”

“Who’s the mother goddess?”

“Her name is Kali. She is one of the gods that my family worships. She is fearful but brings great joy.”

“Kali,” whispered Tara to herself …

“Well, let’s not dwell on bad things here Tara. Come with me.”

Usha squeezed her hand and pulled her inside the temple.

Usha led Tara into the dimly lit stone structure that served as Usha’s temple playhouse. Inside, as Tara became used to the light, she admired the finely treated walls with friezes painted in the Indian style that depicted life and times from their ancient culture. The floors were covered with exotic carpets and the child-sized furniture was authentic in its design.

“This place is incredible Usha. You must be very wealthy?”

“My family has many investments … well that is what my father says.”

“From the outside, it looks small, but inside it seems much bigger. I love these paintings … you must feel very special.”

“My mother says that I am a princess … and as my older sister is away studying, I get spoilt all the time. I like it very much.”

Usha pulled Tara to a large chest overflowing with many items of ethnic clothing. She pulled out a skimpy, almost transparent-looking outfit and modeled it against Tara’s slender physique.

“You’d look great in this. Why don’t you put it on?” encouraged Usha.

“It’s a bit revealing don’t you think?”

Usha laughed.

“I guess so, but who’s going to know? If it makes you feel better, there’s another one here and I’ll wear that too. It’s just us girls darling. Nobody ever comes here except me … and my special friends.”

“Am I one of your special friends?” asked Tara.

“You could be.”

Usha lent forward and kissed Tara softly on the lips. At first, Tara was a little shocked to feel a buzz from the girl-girl kiss. She pretended to take it all in her stride … maybe that is how they do things in Usha’s culture?

Without another word, Usha stripped out of her outfit. She seemed to take her time changing into the gossamer thin outfit. Tara was stunned at Usha’s lack of self-consciousness about being naked in front of a girl that she just met. She was mesmerized by Usha’s beautiful coffee-coloured skin.

“Don’t be shy Tara,” encouraged Usha as she slowly donned the outfit that concealed nothing. Her small puffy little chest and hairless vagina were completely visible through the delicate fabric.

Tara hesitantly removed her top, shorts, and conservative cotton underwear, until she too was naked. Now it was Usha’s turn. She made it no secret as she watched her new friend strip naked.

“You look beautiful just as you are, it is almost a shame to cover yourself.”

Usha helped her into the outfit that too left nothing to the imagination. As Usha’s skin brushed against hers, Tara felt tiny electric shocks that in turn instigated a new horniness.

“Come now, let me teach you a special dance. It is a dance we do for the Goddess Kali,” announced Usha as she led Tara into another small room in her little stone temple.

Tara was a gasp at the lewdness of the paintings that covered the walls of this square-shaped room, its floor littered with decorative cushions. The dancing figures in the murals were all completely naked. She could not help noticing that all the male dancers were all erect … Tara had never seen anything like it. It was simply strange but at the same time, she could not help but become increasingly aroused.

She certainly did not want to offend her new friend, but it was difficult to conceal her surprise. Usha acted as if everything was normal and as she put on a small music player and the room immediately filled with strange pulsating and rhythmical Mridangam drum.

Usha made her hands swivel at her wrists and then gyrated her thin hips, bucking back and forth seductively in time to the erotic beat of the Mridangam.

“Come … Tara dance with me. Lose yourself in sacred music.”

Tara watched her new best friend performing this unusual and sexy dance and tried to move in a similar way, but found that she felt clumsy and inept at it, to begin with.

Usha laughed.

“It’s harder than you think right?”

“Yer, I can’t do it like you.”

“It is your first time. What do you expect? Come here, I will teach you to move your hips correctly.”

Usha stepped behind Tara and placed her small brown hands on her hips and moved them to the throbbing beat. It felt strange to this weird Indian girl holding her firmly and moving her like a puppet to this even stranger erotic music … but she liked it … she was not sure why, but her continued arousal seemed to intensify at the touch of our new friend.

“Burai devi ke lie hastamaithuna Kali (masturbate for the evil Goddess Kali).”

Tara did not understand the language which her new friend spoke with such gusto. It sounded magical and chant-like. She felt Usha’s body push against hers. Her hips began to bump and grind against Tara’s bottom and through the soft fabrics that rubbed back and forth against her hard little nipples and pulled against the wetness of her groin, rubbing directly against her exposed clitoris … she tried to not breathe so heavily and pretended not to enjoy the sensations. As Usha gyrated against her, Tara could not but help feel how hard Usha’s nipples were as they pressed against her skin.

“That’s it, see your body is moving much more in rhythm,” praised Usha.

As Tara’s body responded to the hypnotic tempo, Usha began to push one of her thighs between the cheeks of Tara’s bottom, brushing against her anus and vagina.

Tara swallowed. She felt a little giddy, overwhelmed, and unsteady on her feet as she lent back to meet the thrusts back and forth with Usha’s movements. Usha’s hand moved up from Tara’s hips. Usha rubbed the soft palms of her hands directly against Tara’s hypersensitive nipples as Tara felt her friend’s hard little buds pressing against her back.

Tara let out an unconscious low moan as her breathing became more and more erratic in Usha’s pre-teen Sapphic seduction.

“Maharani Kali burai mam mujhe usaki atma ko de (Empress Kali, evil mother give me her soul) … that’s it Tara … lose yourself in the ecstasy of the dance.”

Usha kept one hand making soft circles on Tara’s nipple, while the other hand moved southwards and pressed against her pussy, pulling the fabric so that it formed a camel toe between Tara’s delicate folds of flesh.

Tara’s mind was in two places. She could not ignore the sexual pleasure her new friend was giving her, but at the same time, she felt it was wrong and pulled away.

“Sorry, Usha. I … I think I had better go.”

She almost stumbled as she stepped forward and away from Usha’s hold … trying to gain control of her posture; and the willpower to resist the exotic spell that Usha seemed to have cast over her. She grabbed her clothes from the floor and rushed out of the little temple.

Usha watched Tara leave all twisted up inside. Usha smiled to herself. The seed had been sewn; there would be no turning back for her new best friend.



Tara quickly changed out of the skimpy Indian outfit before returning back to her aunt’s house at the top of the embankment. Her heartbeat was still thumping in her chest from the sheer adrenaline rush and her crotch felt damp from her animal sexual arousal.

She would have to return the outfit, but at the same time, she did not want to put herself in a compromising situation with Usha again. The girl was just too strange; no she was more than strange. Nothing made any sense! Why had she hated it and loved it both at the same time?

“Did you have some fun?” asked her unsuspecting Aunt Lucy bringing her back to reality.

“Fun? Oh yes, Aunt Lucy, it was … interesting.”

It was not a lie. Interesting was a good way to describe it. She hated herself for the way she felt. It was confusing, scary, and kind of thrilling … hot and cold, sour and sweet.

“Why don’t you have a quick wash before supper is on the table? I made your favorite, fish fingers, mashed with baked beans.”

Tara smiled.

Tara went upstairs to the room that she always used as a bedroom, whenever she came to stay with her aunt. It was bigger than her bedroom at home and it had its own bathroom attached. Tara hid Usha’s outfit in her rucksack and washed herself thoroughly.

Dinner was a blur and as she excused herself for an early bed, she kept thinking about Usha and the weird feelings that she had experienced. She had kissed her aunt good night and was alone once again to say the Lord’s Prayer.

Once in her light summer pajamas, she knelt beside the best and started to recite her prayer. But instead of thinking of Christian things, the thought of the evil black witch crossed her mind. Kneeling not to pray to God, but to kneel to this evil sexual goddess.

She thought about the painting on the wall of Usha’s little temple, of the naked dancers … prone and erect and having sex with each other. At the same instance, she began to feel damp between her legs. Her hand immediately snaked inside her pajama bottoms and fingered her itchy little pussy. How she had enjoyed the feeling of Usha’s touch earlier … how she wished she had stayed and enjoyed more of the delights that her friend had to offer.

Striping out of her pajamas again she opened her rucksack to retrieve Usha’s saucy Indian outfit. She remembered how sexy her new friend had looked in it and how she had touched her through the delicate fabric. She could still smell her sexual arousal in the translucent fabric. Tara began to rub the fabric against her face and then lick at the slightly damp crotch area.

Tara remembered Usha’s words … when describing the meaning of her name … “The Star encourages and delights in all forms of desire …” So if she was the Star, how come she feared the unknown … the evil witch that had haunted her dreams for the past year now, no longer seemed to fill her with dread, but filled her with a new sexual desire.

Against her better judgment, she found herself standing in front of the dressing mirror as she once again donned the revealing outfit. It felt sexier than nakedness and nasty because of the illicit connection with the promiscuous little Usha. Soon she was gyrating in the mirror and moved as Usha had shown her. She rubbed the palm of her hands against her erect nipples, just as Usha had done, and rubbed her finger back and forth pushing the soft fabric into the groove of her dripping wet pussy.

It felt deliciously naughty and soon she pushed her hand inside the outfit so that she could sink two fingers as far as she could into her aching pussy, as she rubbed the nib of her clitoris simultaneously. She wondered what it meant to be one of Usha’s special friends

In her mind she imagined the soft brown skin of her wayward friend as they lay together face-to-face rubbing their itchy pussies against each other … in frottage, as she kissed her soft lips, then probed Usha’s mouth with her hot little tongue.

She gasped to stop herself from almost screaming, as the sensation hit her like a freight train… her knees felt weak and her body quivered ten times more than the first time she touched herself. A mini flood of fluids cascaded down the inside of her legs. At first, she thought that she had peed herself, but the smell of the sticky fluids told her otherwise.

Just then she heard someone in the hallway. She jumped quickly into the bed cloths and pulled them up to her chin.

“Everything alright honey. No bad dreams?” called her aunt from behind the door.

“Everything’s all right Auntie. Good night.”



The whole of the next morning Tara struggled with and contemplated what to do next. She felt bad running out on Usha at such an intimate moment, but she had been a bit spooked by the whole seduction. She could not deny her newfound attraction to Usha, but she was scared of what that meant and confused about her own feelings.

By the early afternoon, Tara could no longer contain herself. She grabbed her rucksack and went down to the bottom of her Aunt’s garden. She climbed effortlessly through the hole in the wall and crossed the exotic garden towards Usha’s little temple. It was quiet inside the garden.

From the doorway, she could see Usha sitting cross-legged with her back to the entry. She was chanting something softly to the slow beat of the Mridangam.

“Om Krim Kalyai namaḥ, Om Kapalinaye Namah, Om Hrim Shrim Krim Parameshvari Kalike Svaha.”

“Usha?” Tara timidly whispered, not wanting to scare her in her trance-like state.

“Tara … I am so glad you came back” replied Usha without turning around.

It was as if she had been expecting her at any moment to return.

“I am so truly sorry that I ran off yesterday … I was …”



“And now?”

“Well. I’m here.”

“I am glad you came back.”

Tara stepped cautiously forward and noticed that Kali was sitting completely naked in a lotus position with her eyes closed. Tara’s eyes roamed across her sexy petite body. She had an unobstructed view of her small, undeveloped breasts. Her puffy black nipples stood proud upon her coffee-coloured cones.

“Like what you see?” asked Usha still with her eyes shut.

Tara did not answer right away. She just simply blushed as she realized that she had been so obvious.

“Come Tara … shed your clothing and pray with me to Kali, your mother goddess.”

It was an unusual invitation but Tara accepted. She was keen to take up from where they had left off the previous day. Tara’s heart raced with anticipation. She hastily undressed and sat down to oppose Usha. She tried her best to match Usha’s posture and position, trying to overcome her own nervousness.

“Who is the mother goddess?” asked Tara.

“Shhhh! Close your eyes.”

Tara did as she was told. She took a deep breath. Tara tried her best to relax, but it seemed that the silence was crowded out, by the loud thumping of her heart against her chest cavity. Her nakedness and proximity to her sexy friend were also affecting her escalating pre-teen libido.

“Oh mother goddess, we make you an offering of our passion … our pleasure is freely given in worship of your greatness … Maharani, mujhe isa sapheda kutiya ke cehare para hastamaithuna (Empress, let me masturbate on the face of this white bitch).”

Tara listened intensely to Usha’s every word. The strange words excited her. She opened one eye to sneak another look at her sexy little friend only to find her standing only inches in front of her face. Usha’s hands first rested delicately on Tara’s shoulders.

“Close your eyes, Tara.”

Tara could feel the light touch of Usha’s fingertip as she caressed Tara’s face gently. She felt Usha’s hand reach behind her head, stroking her sandy blond hair and then gently pushing her forward against the smooth skin of her pubic area.

“Kiss my yoni.” Tara had never heard the word before, but she needed no explanation. Tara excitedly pressed her lips against her friend’s flesh and kissed the softness of her pubic mound. Her skin was dry and warm against Tara’s lips. One of Usha’s hands guided her further down while the other began to spread the lips of her vagina.

Tara’s eyes sparked as she momentarily looked upwards seeing the brightness of Usha’s smile, encouraging her to continue.

“Kiss it Tara … mmmm that’s it, now put your tongue inside my yoni … taste the dew of the mother goddess.”

Usha playfully pushed Tara onto her back and turned around, sitting behind her head, so that she faced her feet. She leaned down and kissed Tara’s mouth tasting the hint of her sexual juices on her lips.

Tara wanted desperately to continue the softness of the kiss, but Usha had other plans. Sliding her knees forward she straddled Tara’s head to mount her upturned face as the beat of the Mridangam seemed to increase in tempo and intensity.

“Meri yoni khane apa sapheda kutiya (eat my vagina you white bitch).” The foreign words sounded strangely alluring and inviting to Tara. “Lick me out …. Sex me with your tongue… SEX ME! SEX ME!” she urged.

For a moment it seemed the softness was gone as Usha rode Tara’s face hard, rubbing herself against her open mouth, chin, and nose. Tara lapped eagerly at her soaking vagina that now brashly rubbed back and forth at quite an uncomfortable intensity.

Tara’s hand slipped between her legs and began to masturbate her as she sucked on Usha’s spurting pussy. But Usha smacked her hands away from her pussy and sat up. Tara’s face was saturated in Usha’s juices.

“You are mine. You will only pleasure yourself when I allow you. Do you understand?”

It all felt like a weird game.

Tara nodded, not quite understanding Usha’s dominance over her … though she felt an unconscious need to please her new lover … to do whatever she wished.

“Burai mam mujhe usaki atma ko de (evil mother give me her soul).”

Usha lowered herself back onto Tara’s upturned face and resumed her excited thrusts over Tara’s mouth as she grunted in selfish pleasure.

Throughout, Tara’s hands remained at her side, though she was desperate to touch herself… Usha was quickly approaching her first orgasm and screamed lewdly as she bucked in the throws of her climax to the humping beats of the Mridangam that came to a thumping crescendo at the same instance.

Panting sharply for a moment, Usha sat up from Tara’s face. The residue of her orgasmic delight seemed to boost her pace. She quickly stood up and smiled down at the vanquished Tara. Her face was drenched and her hair matted from Usha’s juices as if she was marking her territory.

“Kali, the Mother Goddess is pleased with your obedience Tara” announced the triumphant Usha.

She seemed animated and full of bubbles; conversely, Tara felt completely drained and remained for quite a while just prostrate on her back.

Finally, Tara sat up and Usha knelt behind her back. She gently played with damp her hair and caressed her breasts. Tara purred like a kitten. Usha lent forward and kissed her earlobes. She spoke slowly and kept her mouth very close to Tara’s ear.

“Tara … repeat after me … Maim prastava …”

“What does it mean Usha?” asked Tara.

“Just repeat my words exactly … Maim prastava (I offer) …”

“… maim prastava” repeated Tara clumsily.

“Apane apa se (myself to the) …”


“Apane apa se,” repeated Usha impatiently.

“…apane apa se…”

“Maharani Kali, Danava mam (Empress Kali, demon mother) …”

“… danava mam … But, what does it mean?”

“What it means darling is that you are mine.”

She kissed her gently and twisted Tara’s nipple in her fingertips.

“It also means that our little initiation ritual is complete.”

Tara was not sure about the meaning but lapped up the attention and gentleness of Usha’s continued seduction.


“Yes …” she answered with anticipation of further pleasure.

“Would you like to sleep over? I mean, you will have to ask your aunt … but we could have a whole night together … what do you think?”

“Oh, I’d love it, Usha. Please. Please can we do that?” Begged Tara as Usha’s hand-stretched across her stomach and gently teased at the line between her thigh and pubic mound.

“Do you think you can convince your Aunt?” Usha asked the loaded question.

“Oh, yes, I am sure my Aunt will agree. But what will your parents say?”

“Don’t worry about them. In fact, my mother will ring your Aunt and she’ll ask her for you.”

“She’d do that?”

“Of course, my mother and I are very close.”


“So, you go back to your Aunt’s house and my mother will call your Aunt … and then I will come over to collect you in about an hour or so. And by the way … no touching yourself unless I say so … I want you to save yourself for me tonight. Promise?”

“Oh yes Usha, I promise.”

Usha sank her mouth across Tara’s mouth. She tasted the strong scent of her vaginal juices throughout Tara’s mouth as she vigorously tongue-kissed her. Her fingers danced across Tara’s wet pussy lips … touching so teasingly … promising greater pleasures to come … as long as she played Usha’s seductive game.



Tara’s Aunt Lucy hung up the phone. In all the time she had lived next door to the Sarin family, this was the first time she had actually ever spoken to any of them.

“Well, I’ll be damned?” she said to herself.

Just then the doorbell rang.

“I’ll get it,” shouted Tara enthusiastically.

She ran down the corridor and opened the front door to see young Usha standing on the porch.

“Hi Usha,” she said excitedly.

“Hi, Tara. Everything all right for tonight?” asked Usha with her cheeky white smile.

“Yes … seems you two have been plotting together” taunted Aunt Lucy as she appeared behind her niece at the open door.

“Please. Can we?” begged Tara, looking upward at her Aunt.

“Sure you can. Come in my dear …”

“Usha. My name is Usha.”

“Oh, of course. Usha … like the Sister of the Night.”

Usha shrugged pretended not to understand Tara’s Aunt’s words.

“Well, I just got off the phone, talking to your mother,” said Aunt Lucy. Turning to Tara she responded, “Now take a clean nighty, and don’t forget your toothbrush.”

“Thanks. I love you Aunt Lucy” said Tara kissing her Aunt’s face.

The two girls left together.

“Tara,” Laughed Usha, “You won’t be needing a nighty, because we’re going to be naked all night long …”

“Yes Usha, I was hoping we would.”

They kissed each other quickly, then skipped hand-in-hand down the long gravel driveway and across the long manicured lawns that lined the front of the adjoining properties until they came to the gate of Usha’s enormous house.

Usha opened the large front door and beckoned Tara into the impressive entry hall of their indigenously designed home. The grandness was echoed in the double-volume height supported by ornately carved pillars with ivory and alabaster inlays and an equally ostentatious sweeping staircase leading to the second-floor balcony that ran around the entire room. Large paintings of Indian deities in heavy gilt gold frames adorned the deep burgundy and burnt orange walls.

“Wow,” said Tara as she stared at the conspicuous opulence of ancient Northern Indian style, “It’s like an Indian palace. Not that I have ever been to one … but if I had, I bet it would look just like this.”

“Thank you … you must be Usha’s special friend, Tara?” it was Usha’s mother.

“Special friend?” Tara said under her breath.

Tara could not help but stare at the attractive woman dressed in a brilliant white sari with silver threads that glowed iridescently. It was like looking at a slightly older and taller version of Usha, with the same floorless coffee-colored skin and piercing almond-shaped blue eyes. Her translucent sari, though slung across her chest and shoulder, left her tight stomach fully exposed, highlighting an identical gem attached to her belly button, just like her daughter’s.

Tara realized that she was staring.

“Sorry, for you know … staring, but you are both so much alike … you look like sisters.”

Usha’s mother laughed.

“Thank you. I will take that as a compliment. Dr Sarin, Usha’s father, would also be very happy to here that too. You may call me Kali” she responded with a heavy Hindi accent, “You are every bit as pretty and petite as Usha described you.”

“Kali? … the mother goddess?”

“Why yes. Young devadasis (sex slave to the gods) you learn so quickly.”

Usha wrapped her arm around Tara’s waist and pulled her tightly against her side.

“Maharani (Empress) … I mean Mommy, can we play in the naughty bathing room?”

“Oh course. The servant boy, Gupta, has prepared it for ‘us’ already.”

Kali put her hand gently on her daughter’s face and kissed her lightly on the lips.

“Isn’t she just so delicious?” she said rhetorically.

“Mommy! Don’t forget Tara,” said Usha in mock anger.

“Of course darling,” replied Kali, and then she kissed Tara in a similar way.

Tara felt uncomfortable with Kali’s kiss … in a similar way to the first kiss she had had from Usha. It was soft and alluring, slightly moist and her lips were ever-so-slightly parted … she could have sworn that she felt the tip of Kali’s tongue on the edge of her trembling lips.

“And you are exquisite too my love … what fun we are all going to have together.”

Usha took Tara by the hand and led her up the staircase to the upper-floor landing. Tara was already shaking inside with anticipation.”

“Why do you call it the naughty bathing room?” asked Tara as they entered one of the rooms that led off the upper floor landing.

“You’ll see.”

At the center of the bathroom was an oval-shaped sunken bath that was big enough for half a dozen people. At one end the water cascaded from a statue of a sacred yoni (vagina). Looking up, Tara could see that the ceiling was decorated with ethnic paintings of a scene depicting a group of naked women, some simply bathing, others embracing and kissing, and others in various sexual acts.

“Do you see now?” laughed Usha as she stripped naked.

Tara watched her lithe-some young body slip into the water. She resurfaced and drew her hands through her wet long hair.

“Come on in Tara, the water is lovely.”

Tara stripped naked. She put her legs into the steaming hot water and sat on the edge of the bubbling spa bath. Usha quickly moved close to her and put her arms around her waist. Tara lent forward and kissed Usha passionately on the mouth. Usha’s tongue snaked inside Tara’s mouth as her hands drew her toward her dripping-wet body.

Tara slipped into the water, without stopping their kiss, and Usha wasted no time grinding her hips against Tara’s, so that their hairless pussies rubbed together, clitoris to clitoris, under the surface of the bubbling water.

Usha’s finger pushed against Tara’s tiny sphincter until her digit sank into her anus up to the second knuckle. Tara moaned into Usha’s mouth enjoying the unusual feeling.

“Is there room for one more?”

Tara looked up in shock to see Kali watching them making out. Kali just smiled at Tara’s realization of her voyeuristic pleasure … Tara noticed the rhythmic hand movement beneath the folds of her sari as she watched the two young ones in their underwater frottage.

“Oh, mommy. Please join us. Tara is so beautiful. She tastes divine.”

At first, Tara was almost mortified at the sight of an adult catching them in such a lewd act. Her heart thumped loudly inside her head … but she could sense the lustful incestuous connection between daughter and mother and how they both wanted her to join them in their taboo liaison. Usha and Tara moved closer to the edge of the bath. Closer to where Kali stood above them.

Kali removed the top of her brilliant white sari and fondled the delicate underside of her dark brown c-cup breasts. They were perfectly shaped hemispheres with a gentle taper to her jet-black areolas and bullet-hard nipples. Tara noticed that both her nipples were pierced with silver loops. Kali groaned softly and she pinched her pierced nipples. It was a hypnotically seductive strip and Tara wanted nothing more than to suckle on them. She could not believe how turned-on she was, how she desired to be part of this mother/daughter seduction … how hungry and eager she was to explore this perverted threesome.

Usha’s hand had slipped between Tara’s legs and began to rub the exposed tip of her clit in slow deliberate circles. The power that Usha had over her young friend was evident, Tara was putty in her hands craving the rhythmical sexual delights she felt as Usha finger-fucked both her pussy and anus.

Kali unpinned the lower portion of her white translucent sari and as it fell into the bathwater, Tara watched and admired Kali’s slender brown legs, pronouncedly bony hips, and clean-shaven vagina. The skin around her genitalia looked darker than the rest of her body and that seemed to emphasize the obvious pinkness of the inside of her vulva as her moist labia were already swollen from her recent masturbation.

For the first time, she realized how much jewelry her mother was wearing, from her long dangling earrings, heavy necklace, rings on her fingers and toes, pierced nipples and belly button … and a tiny narrow chain around her waist.

“Kale raksasa mam ki mutra pine (drink the urine of black demon mother)” chanted Kali, parting her labia to expose her urethra as she began to urinate over both Usha and Tara from her standing position.

Her warm pee showered the girls and Tara followed Usha’s lead, trying to catch as much as she could in her open mouth, as Kali directed her golden spray over their upturned faces. It was as Tara had dreamed … just as the black witch had done.

Kali smiled at Tara’s efforts. Her bladder was now empty, she too climbed into the warm water with her daughter and her daughter’s lover. Kali held Tara close to her and kissed the youngster on the mouth, tasting her own nasty waste in the child’s mouth. Usha watched her mother closely, enjoying the corruption of the young white child, who would be their willing devadasis (sex slaves to the gods) to use all night long.

Kali looked directly at her daughter saying, “Apane pita aura bahana aja rata lautane ke (your father and sister return tonight).”

Usha beamed at her mother with even greater excitement.

“Hama apane linga ke lie isa pesakasa karani cahie (we must offer this one to his penis)” her mother added pulling both then young girls onto her pierced nipples, “Suckle upon me little white child, just as Usha has done all her life. We will begin fucking in my bedroom.”



Kali effortlessly slipped out of the steamy water and pulled on her bathrobe. The two giggling girls followed and donned a bathrobe each; and without a further word, they followed her next door into Kali’s personal boudoir. Tara had never seen anything remotely like it before. Its harem style was quite an erotic playground… Tara thought it was devilishly fascinating and scary all at the same time. She tingled between her legs just being there.

The room was furnished with large stone statues of Indian sex demons… Ma Kali, Shukracharya, Andhakasura, Hiranyaksha, Hiranyakashipu… Even in the dim lighting that came from the large fat candelabras that dripped with long stalactites of black candle wax, Tara could see that every wall was adorned with elaborate fine tapestries that looked as if they should belong in a museum of ancient culture, only that their content was highly explicit. Together they formed a perverted Karma Sutra of evil black-skinned demons depicted with extremely exaggerated sexual organs.

Kali was already lying across the low four-poster bed that faced a large ornate mirror. The bedposts were short, no high than a child’s waist height, each ornately carved into the shape of an erect penis. In fact, the entire bedroom seems to be dedicated to a highly phallic theme.

It room was filled with the potent aroma of incense laced with sexual pheromones and aphrodisiacs intended to encourage even greater promiscuity. Tara removed her robe and looked at her naked reflection in the floor-to-ceiling mirror as she swayed, like a snake to its charmer, to the exotic beat of the Mridangam. Usha stood immediately behind her. She could feel Usha’s hot breath on her slightly damp neck.

She felt Usha’s nakedness push hard against her as her friend’s small hands gripped her hips and drew them both together. Usha’s mother watched the reflection of her daughter’s practiced seduction, as she began grinding against Tara’s small buttocks. Usha reached around Tara’s torso to gently cup her tiny breasts; playfully rolling each of her hard little nipples between her fingers for the voyeuristic pleasure of her openly masturbating mother.

“Mujhe sapheda kutiya ki pesakasa (offer the white bitch to me)” commanded Kali to her more-than-willing daughter.

“My mother says … that she would like to see us dance together” explained Usha.

Her mother nodded in approval of her own daughter’s cunning ways.

“Just like we did in the little sex temple. Dance, for the pleasure of Ma Kali … the mother goddess … our sex demon goddess …”

Turned their heads towards each other, Usha kissed the side of Tara’s mouth seductively, her long pink tongue snaked outwards and parted Tara’s lips, at the same time her right hand trailed downwards across Tara’s stomach, tracing a line between her breasts, her bellybutton and down towards Tara’s sensitive pubis.

Tara let out an unconscious moan but felt somewhat conscious of the fact that this was all happening in full view of Usha’s mother whose reflection looked on approvingly. She had never seen a grown woman naked before tonight, and Usha’s mother was a beautiful example of sensual Indian elegance … from her perfectly formed breasts, narrow hips, and muscular legs.

Tara was mesmerized as she watched Kali’s long fingers stroke herself. One hand parted her dark labia exposing the pinkish flesh inside; while the other dug three digits into her vaginal opening, her wrist thrusting back and forth in time with the beat of the Mridangam.

Tara couldn’t remember exactly how they had ‘danced’ together before; but the horny combination of watching herself, the powerful incense, and the electric fingers of her seductive friend was animating her … making her thrust her hips to the throbbing beat, grinding backward against Usha as she began to masturbate Tara with one hand and herself with the other.

“Do you love us Tara?” asked Usha.

Tara nodded.

“Will you do anything for us?”

Again Tara nodded.

“Come then, before we make love with my mother … there is a little ritual we must both perform.”

“What is it, Usha?”

“Come, I will show you.”

Usha lead her to the edge of the bed upon which her mother lay until she was standing almost on top of one of the bedposts. Usha kept Tara’s body swaying with the increasing pace of the Mridangam and then moved to the opposite bedpost. Kali watched and after thrusting four fingers into her vagina she brought her wet hand across the top of the phallic post, rubbing it like a real penis and at the same time lubricating the wooden linga with her vaginal secretions. After one, she repeated the ritualized sequence on the other.

Now, Usha moved over the top of the pole on the tips of her toes and then rested the head of the wooden penis against the opening of her vagina. Tara watched and copied her actions. Usha sank slightly downwards so that the linga penetrated her by no more than a couple of inches and waited for Tara to follow suit. She did. Tara felt strange to have something so big pushed inside herself.

Kali moved across the bed until she was kneeling in front of her daughter. Kali rested her hands upon her daughter’s shoulders and pushed downwards. Tara watched as more of the wooden bedpost disappeared inside her opening. Usha gasped and seemed to enjoy the sensation immensely. Her mother suckled upon her daughter’s tiny nipples and pushed again. Usha moaned loudly as she slid further down the dildo-like bedpost.

Kali shifted position and knelt on the bed in front of Tara. Tara was not sure how much further the wooden penis could go inside of her. She had never put anything other than her fingers inside herself. She had been tempted to masturbate with carrots and other smaller vegetables but had been too scared of hurting herself.

“Follow Usha,” said Kali as she lent forward and kissed Tara’s mouth briefly.

Kali fingered herself and then offered Tara her sticky fingers, forcefully pushing them into her mouth. Tara tasted Usha’s mother for the first time and was momentarily distracted as she felt Kali push her downwards so that another two inches of wooden linga penetrated her; she pushed down a second time until six inches of bedpost had already entered her tiny body.

Looking across at Usha, she could see that her friend had begun to glide up and down on her bedpost, as she vigorously rubbed her clitoris in time to the complex twanging beat of the Mridangam.

Tara tried to control her rapid breathing pattern. She inhaled sharply taking in more of the potent aphrodisiacs as she slowly moved against the linga; raising herself up and then allowing the dildo-like bedpost to slip further inside her, each time, increasing her tempo, the depth of penetration and the gusto of her movements.

Kali watched the two pre-teens perform for her, as they both daughter and lover danced upon Shiva’s linga to the strange and intoxicating beat.

“Release yourselves on Shiva’s linga … Kala raksasa ka palana karana (obey the black demon),” chanted Kali.

Usha’s movements became even more vigorous, taking even more of the long wooden pole inside her, as she cried out in the ecstasy from both clitoral and vaginal orgasm. Wave after wave of pleasure hit her she finally slipped off the post and fell onto the bed in front of her mother. Watching her perverted friend masturbate on the wooden dildo sent Tara over the edge too as she felt a surge of unparalleled pleasure burn inside her. She too, slipped from the juice-coated linga and onto the bed with Usha. They both held each other and kissed passionately.



Dr Naga Sarin and his fourteen-year-old daughter, Danava, watched the highly explicit performance of the young girls through the large two-way mirror. Naga, who took his name from the hooded snake demon, now sat naked upon a padded throne as Danava got down on her knees to pleasure her father in an expected manner with both hands and mouth. Naga’s long black penis still smelt of boys’ anuses. Danava licked it like candy as she lovingly drew his filthy foreskin back and forth.

They had both just returned to their homeland of Mayong in the northeastern region of India, where Naga was revered as a so-called ‘holy guru’. He was well practiced in the ways of tantric yoga, meditation, eastern medicine, and hypnotism, but he had gained significant notoriety and wealth because of his exploitation of the black arts of Indian witchcraft. It was said that it was an ability handed down from father to son, but as he was orphaned at a very early age, it was rumored in local lore that his abilities had been bestowed upon him by an ancient snake demon.

Mayong had, for over a thousand years, became infamous for many dark and evil things. It was implied that some ‘holy gurus’ still offered human sacrifices and even practiced ritual cannibalism, especially those worshipers of the evil goddess Ma Kali. This was of course all true, and Naga was known widely as a purveyor of this own brand of wickedness. He was feared and considered untouchable. His sexual tastes for very young children were no secret and for those seeking his favor, the offering of child sacrifices or child devadasis (sex slaves to the gods) was frequent. To those who may have found him objectionable, most were too scared to ever say or do anything about it. And of those who did stand up against him, for whatever reason, their unnatural death was assured.

His wife, named Kali, had also gained similar status inside the community of black magic. Some described her as a succubus, a sexual demon; others had likened her to her namesake, Ma Kali the Destroyer, the black-skinned demon that stood above Shiva and made him erect even in death, so powerful was her evil magic … she too was worshiped as a living ‘deity’ known by the secret name ‘Maharani’ (the Empress).

Together, the couple’s love of perversion was secretly celebrated in Mayong. But there, they also had many jealous rivals. So far away from their beloved Mayong, the Sarin family had been able to remain unnoticed for years and their precious anonymity was maintained intact. But their smoldering sexual needs still remained unsatisfied and Naga may have taken one risk too many. He felt that the time for them to move was near, as their enemies may be close. Watching the girls masturbate upon the phallic bedposts had been an unexpected surprise and distraction from these ominous matters.

Now he now needed more than just his daughter’s incestuous mouth. The white child would be soon dancing on the end of his own linga, but there was no need to rush as the evening was still young and he looked forward to Kali’s seduction of the white slave.

Naga grunted, signaling for his daughter to stop her oral pleasuring and to assume a bent position across his lap. Without any consideration for his daughter’s pleasure, Naga thrust himself against her warm rectum as she held the flesh of her buttocks apart. How he loved sodomy, especially very young boys. Their cries of pain were music to his ears. His daughter was a little too old for his tastes, but she was merely there to service his needs, as he watched his twisted family seduce some young fresh meat.


In the boudoir, Kali beckoned the girls to her side. She signaled to young Gupta, the obedient boy servant, who silently entered with an ornate silver goblet in his hand. Neither of the girls seemed to have even noticed him until he stood next to the bed in subservient attention to his mistress. His head had been shaved and he was naked to the waist, dressed only in a just a short black dhoti in the tradition of lower caste servants.

He avidly watched the masturbating girls as they both slithered up to the Maharani. His youthful eyes drank in the sensual beauty of the two young ones and felt the familiar stir his loins that tented his dhoti whenever he was in the presence of the evil witch’s sex magic.

Kali snarled. Back in Mayong, she would have an army of such young boys, to take the edge off of her bottomless sexual appetite. Her perverted orgy rituals had been the talk of the Indian occult community, going on for days at a time. She had regularly bathed in shukra (semen) to preserve her flawless skin. Here, she had to be more opportunistic.

Usha and Tara watched intently as Kali slipped her hand into the folds of Gupta’s dhoti and fished out his stiff black penis. Tara had never seen an erection up close and was fascinated by how big and fat it was sticking out from between his legs.

“Come child… milk him for us,” encouraged Kali.

Usha held Tara’s shaking hand and placed it on Gupta’s erection, showing her how to cup his balls and masturbate him as Kali held the silver goblet ready to catch his shukra offering. He had been forbidden to ever pleasure himself and his only release was under the strict instruction of the Maharani. He had disobeyed once before, spilling his seed without her approval, and for that, he was whipped to the edge of unconsciousness. Usha smiled at Tara now keenly rubbing the servant’s excited organ. She could feel the fullness of his sweaty sacks … he would have a delicious load of them to share.

“Faster,” urged Kali impatient for the salty taste of the boy’s semen.

Tara found it exciting rubbing a boy’s penis for the first time … it made her feel powerful when he throbbed in her hands and moaned at her vigorous hand movements. In no time his pre-cum flowed across her fingers, lubricating the piston-like friction. His pleasure, of being touched intimately by a white child was obvious. His diet consisted of large amounts of onions for the explicit reason to thin the consistency of his seed … just the way Kali liked it.

He muffled his moans not to anger the mistress. He knew that she despised him … to her, he was nothing more than an object to be used sexually … his pleasure was of no concern or consequence … and his delicious spicy sperm was the only reward she wanted. There had been others like him, their exact fate was a mystery to Gupta … but all he could think about for the moment was the pleasure he felt from the delicate fingers of the white one.

Tara wondered what it would be like to wrap her lips around his thick crimson knob and feel it pulsing in her mouth. Having experienced Shiva’s Linga, the thought of having his long penis inside her tight vagina made her fluids dribble down the inside of her thighs.

As quickly as it started, Gupta gasped and jerked uncontrollably, shooting his watery semen into the wide lips of the goblet. Kali smiled at the size and consistency of his load that he had deposited into the silver vessel. Usha lent forward and sucked the residual from his still-erect phallus. Kali looked at her approvingly and waved him away.

“I want you to bring your siblings to me … to offer them to us … you will drink the elixir and become one with us.”

“But how will I do that?” asked Tara.

“Where our family comes from in North-eastern India,” said Kali to Tara … “In a place known as Assam, there is much evil … people are afraid of what they don’t understand and in their ignorance, they look to their spiritual gurus for guidance. We teach them to drink the elixir and then offer their young to us to appease the demon gods … the elixir contains powerful magic and will help you find a way to do our bidding … it is a mixture of the three fluids of sin … urine, semen, and moon blood … this concoction … in past times, it was offered by our temple whores to those whom we wished to enlist.”

Kali placed the goblet beneath her daughter’s crutch and after a short hiss of her acrid urine, she positioned it beneath her own vagina. She held her stomach and skillfully allowed the third ingredient, a small trickle of her menstrual blood, to flow into the goblet.

“Usha has already shown you the pleasures of sin and soon you must pay homage to Ma Kali and the Linga of my Guru of Demons, Naga – he watches you at this very moment and after you shared the elixir with us, you will see the world in a very different way … and you will be ready for his penetration … after which your journey to sexual slavery will be complete.”

Kali offered the oversized goblet to Tara, who held the goblet in her hand as Kali and Usha moved around her. Kali pulled Tara towards her, so that their vaginas rubbed directly against each other, while her daughter ground hard against Tara’s rear. The pair of them pushed a hand downwards between their slimy perspiration-coated bodies to insert their fingers into Tara from both the front and the rear … two fingers each into her dripping vagina.

“Drink Tara … Kala raksasa ka palana karana (obey the black demon),” chanted Kali and Usha in unison.

Tara brought the tainted concoction to her lips. Her pussy was on fire and the pressing beat of the Mridangam was reaching a crescendo. Kali and Usha moaned from sheer excitement, for once their black magic was consumed, Tara would do anything and everything they wanted.

Tara tasted its sourness, bitterness, and saltiness, as she swallowed a small mouthful of the potent elixir … allowing some of it to spill forth from her mouth down the front of her tiny breasts. She sank immediately into a dark euphoria. She felt the boudoir spin out of control as the toxic magic filled her mind, body, and soul.

Sparks of light fired all around her as the fiery Indian sex gods grinned and groaned. Their rigidity began to flex and their stone state began to transform with ghoulish animation. All around her, the black androgynous demons with their exaggerated sex organs began a wild sex dance with terrified young boys dressed in black dhoti. And then Tara saw her, in all her glorious venom. The great mother of evil with her dreaded necklace of human skulls; her four arms each welding a weapon of death; looked down at Tara from an elevated throne; her legs splayed wide as a gushing river of crimson poured forth from between her open vagina.

The black-skinned demons yelped and screamed as they caught the young boys and tore away their dhotis to reveal the boys’ erect penises, before impaling them upon their demonic phallic appendages. Tara cringed at their ambiguous screams of pain or pleasure … part of her psyche did not want to watch this depraved orgy, while her shadow-side gloated in perverse excitement urging them to perform greater and greater deeds of blasphemy and debauchery for her Maharani’s entertainment.

As the elixir’s clarity began to disperse, like particles of smoke cloud drifting in the wind, Tara’s mind slipped back into the moment she could see her Aunt Lucy’s face. She wondered how shocked she would be if she only knew what Tara had been up to. A brief pang of guilt gave recognition of the sinfulness of her adventure … she smiled at her own sinful thoughts and deeds, as the knowledge of sin only compounded the extent of her immoral excitement.

As she began to gain all her senses back, she could feel Usha licking from residue from her mouth… Usha’s tongue was sweet, hot, and wet. Behind her, stood the shape of a large naked man. His skin was jet black and his erect penis twitched. Standing next to him was a smaller female that closely resembled Usha.


She focused on the voice that echoed within a dark cave.

“Tara” …. She recognized that voice of Usha’s mother … that strange and enchanting woman who had her spellbound with a web of mischievous pleasures. Kali and the unknown girl pulled Tara’s legs apart. Her body felt limp, weak, and very relaxed from the aftereffects of the elixir.

“Tara … this is my older daughter, Dana.”

She noticed Dana smirking and playing with herself. Her features were almost identical to Usha’s and Kali’s – their family resemblance was very strong. Tara’s eyes then lifted upwards towards the larger dark figure who was now standing ominously between her open thighs … she could see that Kali and Dana were both taking turns in massaging his engorged penis and heavy testicles as they seemed to be guiding its tip towards Tara’s vulnerable vagina.

“This is Naga. Guru Naga. My husband and your new master … you must give yourself freely to him. Worship Naga with my daughters. Offer yourself to him. Call his name as they do.”

“Naga. Naga. Naga. Naga. Naga …” they all chanted and his penis began to push against the folds of Tara’s flesh.

Its sticky length began to enter her with little or no resistance. It filled her with its pulsating girth pressing upwards into her immature cervix.



Tara crept back into our Aunt Lucy’s house. It was mid-morning and it seemed that her Aunt was out doing some errands. She took a short shower. Her body felt bruised all over and she had a dull headache. She had left Usha and her family all still sleeping. The soreness between her legs was acute, but unaccounted for, and as hard as she tried, she could not remember a lot of the details of the night before.

The last thing she remembered clearly was waking up to find herself on a small bed in what must have been Usha’s bedroom … but there had been no sign of Usha. Her clothes had been laid out and she had been dressed in her pajamas. There was nothing specifically untoward, but she could not deny n a strangeness that had left her feeling very weird and with the desire to go back to her Aunt’s place. She was sure that she would see Usha later that day … but for the moment she wanted to be back in her Aunt’s place.

She found her mind was coursing with a new suggestiveness and swimming amongst impious possibilities. Distant words about her siblings seemed to seep through the erotic fog of her subconsciousness. Despite her soreness, her fingers could not resist stroking her outer lips and the small neb of her clitoris that had emerged from its tiny sheath.

Her wetness was compounded by a strong sexual hunger that remained unfulfilled. Leaving the sanctity of her bathroom, she stood completely naked in the upper hallway of her Aunt’s house. It was something that she had never done before and the thrill of discovery filled her with bizarre excitement. She masturbated as she walked down the hall and stood outside her Aunt Lucy’s bedroom.

Curiously, she opened the door to her Aunt’s room. She found the bed clothing unmade and the bed still warm from the night before. For the first time, she began to see things in a different light. She first noticed the position of the dressing mirror as it faced the open bed sheets; she could detect a slight aroma upon her Aunt’s bed cloths that hinted at sexual arousal; she noticed the edge of the magazine beneath her Aunt’s pillow that looked suspiciously explicit. It was.

Removing it from beneath the pillow, she could clearly see the cover image of Sapphic entanglement of two naked girls engrossed in mutual oral sex. Pornography … it made Tara’s mouth immediately dry and her heart pump harder. Her fingers continued their onslaught on her genitals. It was almost like an electric shock as it became obvious to her, that her dear old Aunt had been masturbating over this magazine whilst watching herself do it in the dressing mirror … a thought that gave young Tara an unfamiliar lustiness.

She began to wonder what her dear Aunt Lucy would look like without her clothes … laying prone and naked whilst fingering herself. She was much younger than her father and well-kept. Now she realized why her Aunt never married. As she turned the creased pages of the old soiled magazine, glancing at the pictures of girls, her age, engaged in lesbian sex acts. It felt completely indecent and obscene … but something unseen seemed to will her to keep masturbating the entire time. She brought her nasty fingers to her lips and tasted herself whilst gazing at herself in the oval dressing mirror from the very spot that her Aunt had been.

She could imagine her Aunt stealing a perverted glance at her niece’s sexy young budding breasts and nubile body at bath time. Yes, she had been there many times … secretly touching herself at the sight of her own kin. And then there had been the feeling of a not entirely wholesome and lingering touch, as her Aunt had lewdly pretended to help her bath with a tiny washcloth. Her Aunt had definitely used these opportunities to ‘feel her up’ under the false pretense of making sure she was completely clean in those special places.

Surely her Aunt would not want anyone to find out about these things … she could use this to get her aunt to invite her siblings over for all the wrong reasons… she would do anything not to be exposed … so what if her Aunt caught her masturbating in her bedroom, looking at the same filth that she had done some few hours earlier?

Tara jumped onto the bed and looked at herself in the oval-dressing mirror.

“Look at me now Aunt Lucy, watch me be a dirty girl in your bed …” she said under her breath.

The possibilities were interesting. What other interesting things could she find amongst her Aunt’s very personal things she could use to manipulate the situation? These thoughts began to rush forward from a place she could not willingly trace. She had never had ever thought of this kind of depraved thing before. What was wrong with her? She was not sure, only that she was enjoying this nasty little journey.

As a youngster she had hidden things from her sister in the space beneath the drawers in her dressing bureau … she wondered if she’d find anything in her Aunt’s. Carefully, she removed the bottom draw and snaked her hand into its base. She could feel more magazines … a mother lode. She brought them out into the light … all the soiled publications depicted young girls and boys. They were disgusting. Even the pages smelt funky. Tara laid them out on the carpeted floor, selecting the most perverse images she could find of young children and adults … titles called Children Love, Lolita Sex, Nymph Lover, Lolita’s Pissing, Lolita Masturbation, Fucking Children, Incest Family, Pre-Teen Sex and Child Love …

She smiled to find several pairs of her own underwear in her Aunt’s possession … what was her aunt doing with her dirty and soiled underwear? There was a long black vibrator and other tools for vaginal penetration … it was a treasure trove of toys for Tara’s new game of blackmail. She held the vibrator under her nose and smelt the bouquet of arousing scents. So this is what her Aunt’s vagina smelt like. She licked its unclean surface. It was wrong. This was a violation of her Aunt’s privacy. It was wrong because they were directly related … a six-letter word crossed her mind … incest. Her Aunt was a sexual pervert … a total deviant. She squealed with excitement. Incest. Incest. Incest.

She turned the obscene phallic object on and held it as it buzzed loudly in her hand. She brought its curled point, first to her left nipple and then to the right. Its vibrations immediately made them hard as bullets … then she trailed down across her flat stomach wall and over her boney pubis, finally to bump and grind against her clitoris where she pressed it hard against herself as the strong quivering brought her an immediate rush … all the time starring at the cornucopia of perverted images strewn across the floor in front of her.



“Tara … what … what … are you doing in my room?”

It was her Aunt Lucy.

“Oh, my God!”

Her face was flushed with the look of complete and utter horror, of dread and guilt, mixed with panic and confusion.

If Tara was supposed to be scared or embarrassed at being caught red-handed … she was not. Quite the opposite, she felt excited by it … only moments before she had considered the situation and then it happened. And there it was.

Lucy could see exactly what her niece was masturbating to, as Tara continued unabated pushing her Aunt’s vibrator in and out of her oily slit. Its soreness only accentuated the nastiness she felt. She made no attempt to conceal her actions and her face showed no embarrassment nor regret for standing naked before her Aunt … masturbating herself with her Aunt’s large dildo half embedded inside her pre-teen body.

Lucy was frozen to the spot. She thought she was going to be physically sick. She could see her most private playthings on full display and it was obvious that her niece had been purposefully searching around in her bedroom, shamelessly going through her stuff … but there she was, her glorious niece, her vibrator stuffed up her pussy. It made Lucy’s juices flow instantly.


Lucy went to say something … anything to break this unbearable tension. Tara put her finger to her Aunt’s lip.

“Shhhhh” she responded and stood even closer to her shaking Aunt. The vibrator buzzed noisily between her legs as she kissed her Aunt’s mouth. It was not a loving kiss of a niece and her Father’s younger sister… but an invitational kiss of wickedness that said that she should undress immediately, slip between the bedclothes with her new incestuous lover and prepare to blaspheme before god, the saints, and all the angels.

Their eager tongues danced back and forth between them as Lucy struggled against the urge to stop and run away from the situation. She was the adult. She should know better. This was her fantasy but was not too late to stop? This was rapidly turning into abuse … she would be the sexual abuse of a minor … of her brother’s child no less? She was supposed to be her niece’s godmother … Christened by the priest in the eyes of the entire congregation … she had a duty of care over this young and impressionable child. Everything about this was wrong.

She thought about her brother … her happily married brother … with his three kids and loving wife. She was sure that they had never even realized her sexual preference for other women, especially young women … the younger the better. Their heterosexual blindness never saw the sordid thoughts that lurked just beneath the surface of their sister and sister-in-law … of her extreme salaciousness.

‘Sexual predator’ that what she would be labeled; she never usually allowed herself to even contemplate this, but that is what it was, and that is what she was, and fucking her niece was so hot … she was prodigious, visceral, irresistible. Her hands explored her niece’s naked back as she drew her closer. The devil could take her soul tomorrow, but today she would bed this nymph.

Lucy broke the kiss and reached between her niece’s legs to remove the buzzing phallus. She turned off the obscene sound. There was a pregnant silence. She brought its dull black surface to her lips and her tongue licked across its sticky penis head. She tasted her niece for the first time. She had dreamed of this seduction a hundred times before. She dropped the vibrator and pushed Tara backward and onto the bed … as she stripped silently, her clothes fell to the floor next exposing her pierced nipples and heavily tattooed vagina … Lucy wasted no time in quickly kneeling between her kin’s open legs eager to devour the real thing.

“Arrrghhhh … Aunt Lucy …” Tara moaned as she felt her expert tongue plowed in between the lips of her sore cunt.

The sounds of oral sex stirred a recent memory inside her mind of her strange new friend Usha. Like glimpsing the fragment of a dream, she saw them both naked and heavily petting each other; she saw Usha’s mother, a beautiful and powerful woman nursing them both against her perfect bosoms; she saw herself holding the erect penis of a young boy just as he ejaculated; she saw her master’s long black cock as it filled her until she felt it hard against her cervix. The elixir still stirred in her system … liberating any bastions of wholesomeness.

“Aunt Lucy … I have to go pee-pee,” she said demurely.



Aunt Lucy hang up the phone and smiled at Tara evilly. She had not stopped masturbating during the entire phone conversation.

“Well?” asked Tara impatiently, but submissively kneeling between her aunt’s open thighs, licking the fresh urine from her wet fingers as they moved in and out of her dribbling pussy.

“It seems we have been invited to the Sarin,” replied Lucy.

She moaned grotesquely, pushing her niece’s face hard against her thrusting pelvis as she finally emptied her bladder into her niece’s mouth.


It was the first time that Lucy had actually walked up the Sarin’s drive-away, despite having been neighbors for a few years. Apprehension made Lucy’s palms clammy with perspiration and she held onto Tara’s hand tightly as they approached the door that swung ajar.

“Hello Tara,” greeted Kali, “And you must be Lucy?”

“Yes, I am.”

“I can’t believe that it took your beautiful niece to bring us all together?”

“I know. I never intended to impose. You seemed a very private family. But I am so excited that we finally get to meet.”

Usha greeted Tara with a lingering kiss and was followed by her older sister, who did the same, kissing her directly upon the lips … something that was conspicuous to Lucy who immediately felt a flush of Sapphic thrill.

“These are my daughters, Usha and Danava.”

She gestured towards her daughters both dressed identically to the mother in elegant white saris, lined with gold thread, matching ear and nose piercing and each with a delicate gold waist chain. Their hair was pulled back into a high bun, with a long ponytail-like extension descending on one side.

Much to Lucy’s surprise and excitement, they both kissed her in a similarly passionate fashion to the way they greeted her niece. She was breathless with spontaneous sexual arousal from her mysterious neighbors.

“My apologies for my husband. He has some business to attend to … so it will only be us girls… please make yourself comfortable … we will be taking some refreshments in the day lounge. I hope you don’t mind, but we are very traditional in the Sarin household, and enjoy our little formalities.”

Kali pointed in the general direction to the rear of the house and then took Lucy by the hand. It felt like an immediate kinship, a bonding between all, as if they were old friends meeting again after a brief separation.

Kali lead her into an intimate space formed from three sides with deep lounges and recessed low tables, no more than six inches from the floor. Three of the four walls were covered with long dark patterned drapes, with the far wall covered with a gilt-framed mirror that gave the small room a much larger feel. Finely woven rugs covered the floors and the ethnicity of their cultural heritage was very evident throughout. Soft mridangam music complemented the aromatic fragrance of Ylang Ylang intended to heighten sexual awareness.

As they all sat down cross-legged, Lucy was mindful of the shortness of her skirt and the fact that she was wearing nothing beneath it. She had dressed Tara in a similarly provocative fashion and from where Lucy was seated; she had a good view of her niece’s exposed sex. Kali sat next to Lucy. She too could see what was on display but pretended to be unaware. Her two daughters sat on either side of Tara. Usha stroked Tara’s bare arm and they looked knowingly at each other as Tara’s pussy throbbed with anticipation. Usha kissed her mouth, while Danava openly fondled her breasts beneath her strapless boob tube. Breaking her kiss with one sister, Tara then kissed the other, as Usha’s hand explored beneath Tara’s skirt feeling her very wet vagina.

Lucy marveled at the openness of her niece’s sexual response with these two exotic dark creatures whose movements undulated to the exotic drumbeat of the mridangam.

“Interesting choice of name … Danava, of flowing juices,” remarked Lucy.

“So, you are familiar with elements of our heritage, Lucy?”

“Eastern studies at university. I did my post-grad research on Indian Occult. As a young adult, I found I was always drawn to the more sinister aspects of these sub-cultures … their openly sexual religious practices and orgy-like rituals … a teen can find them rather steamy and exciting … be it in the so-called name of further education.”

“I am intrigued. To think we have been living next door to each other for so long … and I would have loved to share our first-hand experience with these most exotic of matters. And so there is no hiding about the origins of my own namesake?”

“It is one of the reasons for my eagerness to meet you … Kali … the Empress.”

“And so revealed is my true nature … Look at how our children are bonding already.”

They both smiled at each other knowingly.

“Your taste is exquisite,” sighed Lucy as she tried unsuccessfully to control her growing arousal.

“Then you would appreciate the murals that I have painstakingly reproduced in this room. Usually, when we entertain, I must conceal them … but now we are Sisters of an understanding … let me share with you, the true beauty of our beliefs.”

Kali clapped her hands and Gupta appeared briefly to draw back the patterned drapes to reveal the highly erotic frescos that adorned every surface of the intimate space. The unmistakable style of Mayong painting, rich in the colors of their Indian sub-culture and unashamedly perverse in its content, the sexual interaction between adults and children of all ages in a ritualistic orgy of worship to the Goddess Kali.

Lucy was a gasp.

“It’s incredible … an absolute masterpiece.”

“The artists were from my hometown of Assam. They worked slavishly for many months on it. I am pleased to share it with one who can see past the raw sexual aspects… and appreciate the more divine and spiritual thirst for lust that my family embraces. Duṣṭa ki prasansa (praise the evil one).”

“Duṣṭa ki prasansa (praise the evil one),” repeated Lucy, “Forgive me… my Hindi is a little rusty.

Kali laughed out loud.

“You are certainly full of surprises Lucy … and I must say that your niece is very beautiful … especially from this angle,” remarked Kali very casually to Lucy.

She had noticed how Lucy had gazed lustily at her two young ones from the minute she had walked through their front door. Seeing the young ones in their early foreplay was an instant aphrodisiac.

“Thank you. And your daughters are the spitting image of their incredibly beautiful mother,” answered Lucy.

Kali beamed at the obvious compliment and leaned across her guest, kissing her on the mouth, pressing their lips together with more than just a hint of her tongue. Lucy’s head span with pure lust.

“Why don’t we suggest that the girls remove their troublesome clothing, so we can both appreciate their youthful beauty unfettered, while they entertain us with the erotica of Indian dance?”

“Yes … yes … that would be truly wonderful Kali.”

Kali took Lucy’s hand and slid it between her open legs. Lucy was completely besotted. Beneath her thin sari, Lucy felt Kali’s dripping wet cunt. It was hot and open.

“Your yoni is beautiful Empress,” Lucy remarked as she withdrew her wet fingers to taste Kali’s pussy slime.

They kissed again … a longer and deeply passionate kiss.

“Why don’t we get naked too? Watching our incestuous young is so divine, don’t you think? Usha … Dana … mujhe pyasa lagi hai ke lie laṛaki pesaba (I am thirsty for girl piss.)”

“You have trained them well,” added Lucy removing the last of her clothing.

Kali studied Lucy’s waifish body … her eyes magnetically pulled down towards her clean-shaven crutch.

“You never mentioned that you had been initiated into a snake-god cult before?” She asked.

Kali ran her fingers across Lucy’s nipple rings and then across the ethnic snake forms of her tattooed genitals. The two intertwined serpents’ heads facing inwards, made Lucy’s vagina even more pronounced.

“It was a long time ago.”

“Then we are truly sisters who must share more sona (gold).”

Usha and Danava grinned deviantly at each other at how fast the evening was slipping into complete debauchery.

Usha retrieved two decorative silver flutes from the side table and each of the sisters began to carefully urinate into them. Tara was already fingering herself as she watched the girls’ shamelessness whilst performing this lewd act.

Taking the flute offered by Usha, Lucy drank a generous mouthful.

Savoring its slightly salty taste, she said, “Delicious my dear, you have sone mem badala gaya pani (turned water into gold).”

Kali took the flute of warm urine from her older daughter and emptied the glass in one gulp. She licked her lips.

“Your familiarity with our myths is most pleasing. Yes indeed, it is an old fable and one that is widely celebrated by the drinking of sona (gold) … I am sure that Dr Naga, will enjoy you.”

“As I look forward to ‘enjoying’ him.”

“What has Tara told you?” laughed Kali pushing forward onto Lucy’s fingers, so they penetrated deeper into her oily cunt.

“Only that his cock is as thick and as long as her forearm. He sounds wonderful, Kali … a murga danava (cock demon) … the pleasures of an empress are so divine.”

“All this talk of cock is making me hungry. Shall we indulge in an appetizer of tight young yoni before some main course of linga, Lucy?”

“Duṣṭa ki prasansa (praise the evil one),” replied Lucy drawing Usha’s lithe young body towards her greedy mouth.

“Come Tara … thwart me no longer, let me enjoy your pretty yoni,” barked Kali.

Tara quickly stood in front of the seated Empress and pushed her hips forward giving her full access. Both women devoured the other’s young and then swapped over … and then swapped back yet again between the three girls. The girl’s squirmed as their mothers fucked their vaginas as deep as their tongues would go.

“Delicious,” moaned as Lucy sat back from licking her daughter’s twat.

“Rasadara aura svadista (juicy and delicious) … only surpassed by the taste of virya aura masika dharma rakta (semen and menstrual blood).”

“The elixir?” asked Lucy.

“And I was thinking that I was going to need you to use it on you … to break your will and have you fall on your knees before me.”

She laughed.

“I am willing to serve you. The rewards you offer are too much to resist.”

“Then Sister-in-Sin, be it known that we may not be too much longer in this place … we had planned to take Tara and her siblings as tokens to appease the gods … the plan was to use you under the influence of the elixir to deliver them to us. But I see another way … join us and you will have many young sons and daughters of Assam to service your every sexual perversion.”

“Then it will be done.”

“Let us celebrate with a blood offering.”

Kali nodded and young Gupta entered. Dressed only in his black dhoti, he knelt next to his mistress and awaited her instructions.

“Remove your dhoti and lay on the floor in front of us … so that our girls may use you for our mutual amusement.”

From beneath the edge of the carpet, Kali retrieved a sharp curved blade and held it hidden behind her back.



George and Jill arrived with the kids, her eight-year-old brother, Leo, and her nine-year-old sister, Jaime, in tow. George locked the car out of habit. The house was very quiet. They made their way to the rear of the house to find Aunt Lucy and their eldest daughter, Tara, sunbathing on the rear porch. It was a cloudless warm day and their entire family was all over-dressed for the heat of the midday sun. George loosed the collar of his shirt and rolled up the sleeves.

Tara and Lucy lay across the wide subbed. Tara was dressed only in the bottoms of her skimpy lilac bathers and her Aunt Lucy lay next to her, with eyes covered in sunglasses, in just a translucent summer wrap. Both seemed happy with their flat boyish chests fully exposed to the warm rays of sunshine.

“Anyone home?” called George as he stepped out on top of the stone porch deck.

He stopped in the doorway, effectively blocking the doorway from his wife and kids. Seeing his sister, Lucy, without her top on was somewhat of a surprise. He had never seen her bare-chested since they were little kids. He never knew that she had pierced nipples and could also make out the uncovered portion of her serpent-like tattoo as it undulated across her narrow hips, and flat stomach.

“George,” replied Lucy lazily.

She made no attempt to cover herself, nor any movement to suggest she was going to either.

George’s eyes carelessly crossed over to her daughter’s pubescent body.

“Tara, don’t you think you had better put something on?”

“Leave her George. Stop being a prude. She’s enjoying a suntan without strap marks. Why don’t you all make yourselves at home.”

“Stop being a killjoy George. It’s a hot day,” harped Jill as she stepped outside with the young kids, one in either hand.

George only grunted and grabbed a deckchair next to the plastic blow-up paddling pool, filled with inviting water that was now warm from the sun.

“Can we play in the water Mom?” asked Leo.

“But you haven’t got your bathers?” said Jill.

“It’s only us. Let them play naked,” suggested Lucy, watching them from behind her opaque sunglasses.

“Go on then.”

The kids screamed and stripped down in seconds.

Jill had never seen her sister-in-law’s pierced nipples and was equally intrigued by the ethnic ophidian design that disappeared below the waistline of her sister-in-law’s sun wrap.

“Come and join us on the subbed Jill,” offered Lucy, suddenly aware of Jill’s unbroken stare at her sister-in-law’s semi-nakedness.

“I … um … thanks Lucy but I didn’t bring any bathers either …” blushed a reluctant Jill.

“George isn’t staying long … so it’ll be just us girls and the little ones until tomorrow. You can borrow a pair of mine … wait here, I will get a pair.”


Lucy watched from behind the long netted curtains as her brother’s car disappeared down the long gravel driveway. It would be easier without him around. Lucy felt intoxicated with excitement and found it hard to stop her base desires from consuming her outward appearance of rational behavior. She beckoned Tara to her side. They tongue kissed wildly, then Lucy whispered words only for her niece to hear.

The pair returned to the rear deck and saw Jill tending to the younger children who were now paddling in the small inflatable pool without their clothes on. Lucy had prepared a glass of what appeared to be spicy tomato juice for Jill. She accepted the glass and moments later it was empty. It was now inevitable. It would not take long for the elixir to moderate her behavior. She knew that Kali’s magic was very potent.

Both Aunt and niece were eager to show their new mistress and master their devotion to the Way of the Serpent. They had even suggested that the children remain behind with them, to give Tara some time with her siblings, as part of her recovery. But Jill had insisted on staying. So Lucy had now got around this obstacle in their plan with the help of the elixir. It would make her seduction all too easy.

It had tasted rather spicy, like the consistency of a Bloody Mary, but with a taste, Jill could not place. Maybe it had been alcohol because she now felt immediately very lightheaded.

Lucy could relax now and let the events of the afternoon unfold. It made her instantly wet, as she allowed herself to contemplate the unthinkable things she was about to do to her young niece and nephew with the aid of their own mother.

Lucy and Tara now lay completely naked across the big sun bed.

For a moment, Jill imagined the pair of them openly fingering themselves … she felt dizzy from the initial effects of the elixir as it began to unravel her psyche… the expression on her face showed an inner torment as she fought against these new and strange feelings.

Jill, had been reluctant to sunbath, but now her sexuality raged inside, as an unfamiliar attraction towards her sister-in-law and an even more insidious feeling of sexual arousal whilst looking at her own naked children … not just Tara, who was sprawled out across the sun-bed, but also Jaime and Leo as the innocently played in the shallow water of the padding pool. As much as she tried not to look, the more she felt compelled to visually explore Lucy’s pussy… her piercings and a weird tattoo that she found magnetic.

“Come on Mommy, lay down with us. I’ll rub in some of Auntie’s suntan oil on you.”

Jill moved very slowly, as if in a daydream … trance-like, she stripped down, casually tossing her clothing aside, and stood naked next to the day bed. She was usually very shy about herself, after giving birth to three children, her body had never quite returned to its original shape and she was very conscious of the whitish stretch marks across her lower abdominal area.

“Make room for mommy …” said Lucy to her niece.

She made no attempt to hide, as her fingers played with the smooth outer lips of her greater labia… “Mommy needs to lie down, while we shave all that hair from her cunny … make it nice and smooth just like her daughter’s and Auntie Lucy’s.”


To be continued …

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