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CREATED: 06.11.2016 / REVISITED: 28.07.2023

Incubub 2


The Incubub is a fictional creature that is an embodiment less of evil than a representative of repressed desires: all those things you want to do but can’t, that you wish you’d done but didn’t. Incubub can and does do them all. It thrives off of sin and temptation, and if there’s any inclination to do something especially something wicked, the Incubub does it and coerces others to do the same. It has a particular fondness for sexual sins, and even more so for getting people to partake in sexual sins. The Incubub manifests in many dark forms, sometimes to scare and intimate with a large mouth filled with razor-sharp teeth, goat-like horns, and the shiny black wings of a bat; other times its guise is to tempt and seduce in the form of a young androgynous boy or girl.


After discovering the evil secrets of the INCUBUB, through what appeared to be an innocent pop-up children’s book, Lucy Thomas and her eleven-year-old son, Aaron, start their journey of mutual corruption and coercion. Unknowingly, they have unleashed an ancient wickedness that will not be sate until its salacious will is fulfilled over and over in a never-ending spiral of depravity. Both mother and son experience unexpected feelings and subconsciously begin to entertain profoundly sinful and sacrilegious thoughts. Lucy, who for the longest time has been depressed, lonely, and frustrated with her life – especially dealing with her hyperactive and demanding son, begins to fantasize about the both of them indulging in a pedophilic and incestuous relationship.

Lucy confesses, to some limited degree, these wayward thoughts to Father Williams, their local parish priest. She confides in him about the demonic influences she is under, but he offers no real assistance, and in fact, he secretly revels in her suffering and sexual persecution with deviant and twisted thoughts of his own. At the same time, Aaron’s fascination with the evil character in the book seems to bring forth a physical manifestation that seduces him and encourages him to perform sexual acts with his own mother.

As the story continues, we find that both Lucy and Aaron are on an inevitable collision course of incestuous sin. The INCUBUB book seems to have a strong hold over both of them and begins to extend its sphere of influence, bringing others to join the debauched devilment.


“No petition, hymns, or prayers, can stop these horrible nightmares. He knows your every little sin, Now, it’s time to play and let him in.”

Aaron jolted upright. He was still in his bed. His bedroom was in complete darkness – the blinds were still drawn across the windows. A dream? His heart was beating rapidly and his mouth felt dry. The bed sheets and the flannelette fabric of his pajamas were completely drenched through in his night sweats and clung to him uncomfortably. He reached over and switched on the bedside lamplight. The light flickered several times as he recalled the words from his awakening dream …

“… seduce her.”

Dream or nightmare? It had felt so real and so incredibly vivid; every detail seemed material; every feeling seemed irrefutable. He remembered the effeminate demon, the Incubub. He could still feel its nakedness behind him, pressing up against him, joined together as it violated his virgin anus. He had been so anxious. His fear had been palpable, as it whispered into his ear …

“… must obey! Completely.”

He felt dizzy, horny, and darkly inspired.

Aaron climbed out of bed and made his way down the dark landing. His mother’s bedroom door was still ajar. He entered, switched on the bedside light, and stood next to her as she lay in bed appearing to be fast asleep.


His mother turned.


“What is it?” his mother said.

She did not sound at all sleepy, maybe half annoyed at his intrusion.

“I’m scared,” he pretended.

She reached out and hugged Aaron tightly.

“My goodness, you’re soaked?” she said.

“Sorry, Mom,” replied Aaron

He was doing his best to look innocent, but his little cock was beginning to tent awkwardly against the wet flanneling material.

“Oh, dear Aaron. Better take off your wet clothing darling.”

Aaron stripped naked in front of his mom. It was the first ever that he had done this in his recent memory. He would have usually felt way too embarrassed to do such a thing, but tonight it felt different. Likewise, he would have expected his mother to look away, but she did not – instead her eyes narrowed. Without the wet material to contain his excited boner, his penis sprung and stood upright, pointing to the ceiling. His mother seemed to smile evilly at him. Without offering him fresh clothing, she pulled back her bed sheets and for the first time since he had entered her bedroom, he realized she was not in her usual shapeless nightwear. Naked beneath the covers, he could clearly see his mother’s small pointed breasts, thin physique, and freshly shaved cunt.

“He’s watching … isn’t he?” she asked.

Aaron nodded excitedly knowing everything that this implied.

Her hand reached out and gently touched Aaron’s little hard cock – pulling him closer. She kissed him, pressing her mouth over his while her tongue drove between his parted lips, groaning wantonly into his open mouth. Aaron felt his mother’s perverted hunger. Her skin was hot and clammy to the touch. The piquant sexual odor from between her legs was sharp and pungent.

“We should call to him … to offer praise don’t you think?” said his mother, “He knows your every little sin, now, it’s time to play and let him in.”

Having his penis played with made him feel lightheaded. Her touch was sensual and exhilarating – he did not want her to stop. Aaron’s fingers absentmindedly toyed with his mother’s nipples which were hard as nails. He leaned forward and took one into his hungry mouth suckling upon it. Her skin had a light vinegarish flavor. Now his mother’s fingers danced further between his legs, stirring and teasing his tight little balls at the same time still lightly stroking around the root of his throbbing little boy cock.

Aaron arched his back and closed his eyes.

“Nasty children play with he, whilst whorish mothers watch with gee. Devouring innocence around the clock, another warm place to stick his cock.”

“Arrghhhhhhhhhhh …” he groaned softly.

At last, he felt unafraid to express the pleasurable feeling that filled his nasty little mind and body. His mother’s fingers explored his young body feverishly – groping and pawing him as her new sexual toy. Aaron looked down and watched with interest as his mother’s lips closed around his aching boy cock, taking it in its entirety as well as both of his ball sacks into her wet warm mouth.

Her fingers pressed his concave buttocks forward against her face and the sharp edge of her front teeth brushed the delicate underside of his cock head and testicles as she began to suck down upon him, right down to the root. It felt as if she was trying to draw the very essence of his corrupted soul into her throat as she sucked greedily at his immature genitals. It felt so wrong, but so pleasurably right. His mother’s obscene sucking noises filled his ears and the intensity of his joy became almost overwhelming – his orgasm was arriving like a speeding freight train.


“GGGGGGGrrrghhhhhhh …” he groaned.

Suddenly, he felt the world explode behind his tightly closed eyelids and his narrow boney hips bucked involuntarily against his incestuous lover as he shot his clear boy semen into the back of his mother’s gullet.

Aaron felt weak in the legs. Spent. Drained. He leaned heavily against his mother’s shoulders as the feisty embers began to cool and his cock became limp.

She kissed him again. It was a passionate open mouth kiss. He tasted his semen inside her mouth and searched it out with his tongue, savoring the taste of himself as if it were the elixir of life.

“Lick me … lick my cunt, Aaron … I need you to suck my cunt now!”

His demanding mother aggressively pressed him downwards hard between her open legs, guiding his baby face towards her smelly wet cunt-hole. Aaron took to the task eagerly, prizing her greasy labia apart, sinking his face into his mother’s sour cave. His cock stiffened again immediately as he felt his mother’s relentless fingers rubbing and caressing his genitals back to full erection.


His mother’s groans let him know that he was doing a good job. It had a rancid taste, something between brine and vinegar. As his tongue lapped at his mother’s sopping gash, he felt something pressing upwards, like a tiny cock …

“Suck my CLIT boy!” she ordered.

Aaron lifted his drenched face from her dripping hole. There between the parted folds of her cunt, was a fleshy knob that seemed to be almost as big as his cock. Aaron took it between his lips and imagined what it would be like to suck his own cock. The thought was rewarded with the sensation of his mother’s fingers gripping tightly at his boy’s cock, jerking the foreskin back and forth. Another orgasm was building rapidly.


Lucy did not go to work that next day. In fact, she called in sick for the rest of the week. She sent Aaron to school. Returning home, she felt soporific but very hot and horny. She noticed how the odor of their sexuality permeated throughout the house. She closed the front door and immediately stripped naked. She left the curtains drawn to keep the room in darkness – a darkness that she closely associated with their demonic provocateur. Lying across the couch in the front room. Thoughts about her incestuous behavior made her feel conflicted – horny but guilty, excited but ashamed.

The corrupt book lay on the coffee table open on a page that showed some sort of calamitous occult ritual – naked witches danced around a young boy that was restrained before the demonic effigy of the Incubub. The witches all seemed to have engorged clits, which stood out from their pelvises resembling erect cocks.

“Evil joys for those that wait, with incestuous erring will celebrate. Children dance while depraved demons devour, the darkest rituals at thy witch’s hour.”

Lucy began masturbating herself contemplating the explicit drawing of the ritual orgy and the gathering of the naked witches and their incestuous underage lovers. Her eyes feasted upon the young seraphic boy, that resembled Aaron, as he lay on his back upon the altar whilst the witch priestess feasted upon his boy’s cock – wrapping her eager lips around it, sucking its little wet head. Around them, she could see the other naked witches with young boys and girls all feverishly masturbating and praying to the ghoulish face and enormous erect penis of the Incubub who looked on inspiring the dark lust between them all. Lucy marveled at the extreme size of the witch’s clits that were now so pronounced and elongated, pocking out of their hooded sheaths just below their pubic bones. She rubbed her own clitoris which felt even bigger than it had done the night before. She stroked it like it was cock, groaning and praying to the Incubub to take her.

“I want you,” said a whisper in the darkness.

“Take me. Make me yours.”

Leaning over the back of the couch, she pushed her backside out and parted her buttocks in homage to the demon, which she knew was waiting in the shadows. She felt a pair of small cold hands grip her thighs, followed by the pressure of a thick cock head pressing against her anus. Yes! Yes! Stick your cock in me. Fuck my filthy ass like your bitch!

“Arghhhhhhhh …”

She groaned as the feeling grew, opening her tight anus, and stretching her sphincter wider as the girth of the demon’s cock began to sodomize her.

Ring. Ring.

The doorbell rang.


Chagrin, Lucy nearly jumped from her skin! She turned to find that her demon lover was gone. She hated this intrusion. Who could be visiting at this hour? She waited for the visitor to go away, but the doorbell kept ringing.


Ring. Ring.

Lucy got up from the couch and solicitously looked through the curtains. She recognized the dark blue car that was parked crookedly across their driveway. It was her friend Suzy Shaw – another single mother. Suzy had a nine-year-old daughter, Trinity, and after her husband walked out on them both, had been struggling on a single-mother’s-pension.

Ring. Ring.

Lucy reluctantly donned a housecoat and went to the door. She would say that she was sick and send Suzy away.

Ring. Ring.

“Hi, Lucy,” said Suzy.

She looked depressed as usual.

“Hi,” replied Lucy pretending to be unwell.

“Heard you weren’t at work, so I thought I’d drop by just to make sure you were all right.”

“I’m all right.”

There was a pregnant pause as Suzy expected to be asked in and Lucy wanted to really not entertain anyone (except her Incubub). Finally, Lucy relented; opening the door in a gesture of submission and Suzy entered her darkened house.

“It smells really funny in here. You need to open the windows and let some fresh air in. It’s not good for you. Why is it so dark?” asked Suzy.

Lucy ignored her unwanted advice and questions but did not want to appear rude either. Lucy had always thought of Suzy as an attractive woman – though she looked malnourished and almost too fragile looking for most men, she was the kind of woman that Lucy could be attracted to. Feminine and demur. She had never acted upon these impulses before as she had, up to more recently, considered herself a normal heterosexual woman. Now it seemed the lines of sexuality were blurred. Having sex with her own under-aged son did not fit her expectation of normal either. It was a liberating experience.

Maybe a same-sex attraction was not such a stretch of her imagination. She felt burning hot and so fucking horny. Her cunt was still throbbing wildly. She wanted sex with demons. Giving into these supernatural forces seemed to have increased her libido tenfold and the intense power of her most recent orgasms was still vivid in her mind. She wanted to mount the face of her son again soon and get him to suck her engorged clitoris that was now bigger than Aaron’s own little boy cock.

“Tea?” offered Lucy meekly.

“I need something stronger.”

“Father Williams would not approve.”

“That old pervert.”

“What do you mean?”

Lucy looked genuinely shocked at Suzy’s unflattering description of the priest. He had always been a beacon in the night and a pillar of their community. He was beyond reproach.

“Haven’t you ever noticed how he stares at you?”


Lucy was truly a gasp.

Lucy fixed her friend a Screwdriver with more than a splash of cheap vodka. Suzy followed her into the kitchen, eager to talk further.

“Yes, and in confession … he’s always probing for sleaze,” Suzy giggled uncomfortably, “Last time I told him that I prayed to the devil whilst masturbating … you would have thought he’d have a heartache right?”

“Didn’t he?”

“No … he asked me to describe in detail what I did and then absolved me of all sin … I think he’s waiting for part two!”

Lucy’s face blushed at such open sacrilegious sentiment. For a moment she was lost in the sexualization of her own demonic entanglements that seemed to have driven her to commit the ominous sin of incest with her young son. She remembered how it felt touching his virgin penis for the first time … how he squirmed with sexual delight at his mother’s knowing touch – rubbing his foreskin back and forth; kissing the tip of his wet little cocklet; rubbing harder and faster; her fingers dancing over his soft white skin tantalizing his sensitized scrotum and perineum; rubbing, rubbing until finally, he screamed out loud for release, shooting his watery semen into her waiting mouth. Delicious. Divine. So taboo. The sinful shame had given her a spontaneous orgasm.

“I hope I didn’t offend you?” mumbled Suzy.


“I mean about Father Williams?”

“No offense taken … I’m sure you’re right … but did you really?”

“Really what?”

“You know?”

“Oh! I see. Did I pray to the devil?” Suzy looked hesitantly at her friend.

“Now it is I that have offended you?” asked Lucy.

Lucy looked into her friend’s eyes. There was a spark of something corrupt there – Lucy could see it and liked what she saw; she could also feel it spark sharply between her legs. The idea of sex with her friend had taken root and she was already considering her seduction. Her cunt throbbed hungrily and the Incubub moved inside of her, stirring her to new levels of nefarious passion. Something had drawn Suzy here? Could the Incubub have brought Suzy to Lucy’s side? A secret lover and a co-conspirator? Could she also be inspired to incest – sex with her young daughter, with Aaron, a foursome … Oh how delightful!

“Yes, I did,” Suzy finally admitted.

“Tell me everything!” Lucy said.

She saw Suzy’s excitement. A door seemed to be open, just like the door in the book. Lucy was the one peering this time.

“I … well, I was barely ten years old. You know how I hated Sunday school … hated the church. I hated god. I hated Jesus! I hated everything religious. I found my only solace in my love of this hatred …”

Her friend still looked unsure about telling more – as if Suzy immediately regretted her profound confession, even as the words left her lips. Lucy looked at her reassuringly and gave Suzy a big hug. They could have been consoling each other about an extramarital affair. They embraced each other tightly. Too tightly. It was more longingly than friendly. Lucy wondered if Suzy might be able to smell her sexual arousal. Still, she kissed Suzy’s face and lightly caressed her. She felt a renewed lust growing deep inside of her that was threatening to boil out of control.

“Back then,” continued Suzy emboldened by Lucy’s ready acceptance of her outward sacrilege, “As a mischievous ten-year-old, just discovering myself … you know … it all started innocently enough … exploring and touching … after I made myself cum … I started imagining all sorts of awful and deviant things … with both boys, I knew … and even girls that I knew … I began regularly prayed to the devil for the most powerful orgasms …”

Lucy grinned widely hearing these deviant words.

“I know what you mean.”

She knew the Incubub would be watching from the shadows. Its evil eyes would be burning with the wickedness and depravity that it craved. Was this all part of its plan? This must have been curated by the demon, she was sure of it. The image of the orgy resurfaced … the sacrificial offering to the perverted demon … the group of naked witches each corrupting their own children for the demon’s evil pleasure … it was a cult of female pedophiles inspired by the darkest desires of the devil himself… she could hear the chanting of the masturbating congregation … she saw the wayward priest, Father Williams, standing naked before their beloved demon’s effigy of the Incubub … his thick white cock buried deeply in the tortured anus of an unfortunate young boy no older than five. It was inevitable. It felt like an unstoppable force.

Lucy saw that Suzy had noticed the book laying open on the coffee table. She had forgotten to hide it. Her heart stopped for a second.

“What’s this?” she said turning the book to face her and looking at the debauched drawing that filled the page.

“Corrupt your children before my eyes, a human sacrifice to the Prince of Lies.”

“I … I dreamt about this … I was there … Oh my God! I can’t believe it. It’s so perverted …” Suzy babbled in an excited and elated tone.

“Yes … I know. I too have been praying to sexual demons,” said Lucy, almost proud of her deviant behavior.



“Forgive me Father for I have sinned,” said the young voice from behind the confessional screen.

“Confess thy sins,” answered Father William.

“Oh, Father in Heaven … please bless me … I have been a wrongdoer!”

“How can the blessed ‘Father in Heaven’ help my dear, if you don’t tell me what you think you have done wrong?”

The priest pressed for more.

He was trying to make out the obscured face. Usually, he immediately recognized the voices of his regular patrons. He could tell the voice was that of a pre-teen boy. Today, he seemed to be a problem trying to put a face to such a sweet young voice.

“Oh, Father … I see things.”

“What things my boy?”

“I see bad things … I see demons, Father … An evil demon appeared to me … and it tells me to do things …”

Most of the young boys started confession around seven or eight. He had heard their dumb nightmares and their ridiculous fears, but this seemed different. Genuine. And the sweet young voice … it sounded so familiar? Interested in the topic of the boy’s suffering and his confession, Father Williams really wanted to know the identity of the sinful lad.

“Go on my child … go on … what actually does this evil demon tell you to do?”

“Father … I’m afraid …”

“Go on.”

“I feel such guilt and shame …”

“My child, this is why confession is important. You can purge your soul of these inflictions … so purge thy soul of sin and guilt!”

“Father … the demon tells me to touch myself.”

YES! YES, thought perverted Father Williams.

He loved to hear confessions of sexual sin – especially from ones so very young. He immediately imagined a young naked boy stroking his own meat in the blissful joys of discovering the thrills of masturbation. How delicious they were and how the old priest longed to interfere with them … catch them at it and beat them naked across his thighs, all the while feeling their nasty little hard-on rubbing against his own fat veined cock. Cock-to-cock.

There were times that he prayed to the Devil, to deliver him a wayward altar boy or two for him to molest – a willing or unwilling participant in his blasphemous fantasies of pederasty, rape, and devilment. Sometimes, when he allowed himself the vilest of fantasies, his victims would be as young as four or five – deflowering them in his sexual deviances that knew no boundaries.

“Father … the demon tells me to suckle upon my mother’s breast … they tell me to kiss my mother’s anus and to lick my mother’s vagina.”

The priest’s cock immediately began to drool at the boy’s vivid description of the demon’s sinful schemes.

“Jesus Christ,” he muttered.

He crossed himself.

“Father … the demon said it is called INCEST? The demon said that the Devil loves his children to commit the sin of INCEST?”

Father Williams listened intently to the young effeminate voice from behind the screen. He almost could not believe what he was hearing. His own breathing had become shallow and rapid with the increasing sexual excitement. He was now imagining mother and child in a lovers’ embrace. He had heard so many confessions. He had heard all kinds of accounts of sexual sins but nothing quite like this … his ammonia-smelling pre-cum soaked through the dark fabric of his tunic as his raging erection threatened to burst from below his priestly gown. Salty perspiration ran down the side of his face and he wiped his brow crudely with the back of his hand. It suddenly felt intolerably hot on his side of the confessional booth.

“Incest is such a treasured game, fucking, sucking without guilt or blame.”

“Incest,” the priest swallowed hard, “Incest is certainly an abhorrent sin my child … but … what of your mother, surely she would have objected to such devilment and wickedness?”

“No Father … we have both seen the demon … he told her that she was to have ritual sex with me before it … for its wicked pleasure …”

Father Williams could no longer resist. He slipped his right hand inside his smock and grabbed his rigid flesh in his clenched fist. He rubbed it as the boy’s voice and corrupt narrative stirred him like nothing before.

‘Your mother submits to the demands of this sexual demon?”

Rubbing himself faster and harder with every passing moment.

“Oh yes, Father. She has sex with the demon nightly … she fucks the crucifix and prays out loud to the Devil. She has intercourse with the demon – as do I. It prefers anal to vaginal. I lick her cunt while it fuck her other holes. She has friends … several female friends … they are all witches … they all bring their offspring to our house – some of the children are as young as five years old. They meet in our basement which had been made into their demonic temple. They all strip naked and pray on their knees to this demon. They get the children to have sex with one another while their mothers watch … then they join in … sometimes my mother leads the ritual …”

“The demon … does it have a name, my child?” probed the agitated priest.

He felt almost giddy with arousal. This was incredulous. He wished he had recorded it, so he would be able to relive it word for sordid word.

“Yes, Father … the demon calls itself the INCUBUB.”


Father Williams remembered the conversation with the pathetic mother, Lucy Thomas over her troubled child, Aaron … he recalled the details of the demon’s appearance from the ‘Compendium of Demons’ … a skull-headed demon with horns, razor-sharp teeth, and a snake-like phallus that feed on the semen of young boys.

Thomas … YES young little THOMAS …

He now imagined young Thomas, the blond-haired little mite, bouncing around on the end of his thrusting cock as he buried its throbbing length down to his hairy ball bags inside the boy’s soft white bottom.

“Evil joys for those that wait, with incestuous erring will celebrate. Children dance while depraved demons devour, the darkest rituals at thy witch’s hour.”

“The INCUBUB?” repeated the priest under his breath.

‘Yes, Father … the INCUBUB appears to me like a kid … but I knew he is not really a kid at all. No, the demon looked more like a girl than a boy, but the demon had an erect penis the size of a grown man … the Incubub made me suck it and then fucked me hard in my bottom … it ate my semen … I know its wrong Father … but I wanted it … I needed it!

“A transgendered child-like demon with the cock of a full-grown man!”

Father Williams could envision it perfectly. How wild! He bucked suddenly, leaning back heavily against the back of the wooden confessional. His cock twitched uncontrollably and then began to explode with salty semen as it spurted.

“Araghhhhhhhhhhhhhhh …”

He groaned unabated with the tremendous force of his sudden orgasm. The wayward priest gasped for breath. This was no ordinary ejaculation. He spurted and spurted as his body convulsed, overcome with exquisite surges of the most perverted of pleasures.

“Ohhhhhhhhh …” he winded.

Finally spent, Father Williams found he was drenched in his own sticky semen. Thick globules had sprayed all over himself.

“Father? Father? Are you all right?” asked the young effeminate voice from behind the screen.

“Yes. Yes,” choked the priest.

“My mother said that you are one of us? She said to deliver a message, that the Incubub awaits you at our temple.”


Suzy sat in her car. She was not sure why she was there, parked outside our friend’s house in the middle of the day. She had heard that Lucy was unwell and had taken leave. Maybe she was there to make sure that she was all right? But as Suzy searched her thoughts, she knew that was not the case. They had been distant as friends recently. Not close at all. Yet she was here? Something else was calling her? Influencing her? Something had directed her here. She switched off the car engine but sat and pondered.

Lucy had been a good friend in the past. They had shared their troubles, well, most of them. She had some secrets best kept to herself. Lucy’s son had been responsible for a lot of mischief and the other mothers in their neighborhood had all but turned their backs on Lucy. They had ostracized her for the wrong reasons. She felt sad for Lucy. It was not her fault.

Suzy seemed to understand her; to empathize with her … it was hard being a single mother. She knew. Her own husband had walked out on her. She had never confided in anyone the real reason that he had left. She felt the embarrassment of being caught doing something she knew was morally wrong. Trinity had been too young to comprehend what she was doing … but her husband … caught her in the act and walked out.

Maybe he had been looking for an excuse to end their troubled relationship. Their lives together had been plagued with problems. At least he had said nothing to anyone else. Her dirty secret was safe… for now. As they lived in a strongly Christian-based community with highly moralistic neighbors, nobody would have understood. Her kink, as she thought about it, was socially not acceptable. She was a misfit. A freak. She would have been branded a pervert. Her husband had left forever and it was all her own fault. The shame and guilt were tremendous – but so was the power of the urges that had excited her so.

It had been a restless night. She had had the most bizarre of dreams. She could only remember it in parts – strange parts that made no sense other than that it had aroused her profusely, awaking to find her fingers sinking into the warm wet folds between her legs. There had been a ritual. Witches. Children. Nakedness. There was a demon that demanded and extracted a terrible price for sensual worship. Incest. Her daughter. Trinity. Naked.

She was pleasuring her daughter before the other women as they all encouraged her. Chanting. Kissing. Licking. Young boys. Young Girls. Even babies. Offered to this disgusting sex demon. There had been a dark joy in this illicit union. Witchcraft. Occult. Devil Worship. Orgasm after orgasm. Remembering these powerful fragments stirred Suzy more than she wanted to admit. She was desperate to touch herself again. Aroused. Wet. Excited. None of this made any sense.

She decided to get out of the car. Maybe a cigarette would calm her nerves. She had given up, but there were occasions, like this one, where it helped take the edge off. She checked her purse. Not cigarettes. Once out of the car, she found herself on the doorstep. She rang the doorbell. Ring. Ring. There was no answer, but she rang the bell again, again and again… she was unclear of her own insistence. She notice the curtains move and then after a short pause the door opened.

“Hi,” it was Lucy.

“Heard you weren’t at work, so I thought I’d drop by just to make sure you were all right.”

Lucy looked florid, but that did not surprise Suzy, as she had heard that Lucy had called in sick. But, she did not look flushed from illness but actually looked strangely foment. Suzy stepped inside the house and immediately noticed a pungent odor. It smelt a lot like raunch.

“You need to open the windows and let some fresh air in. Why is so dark?” she asked.

Her friend seemed to ignore her remark.

“Tea?” asked Lucy.

It sounded like a half-hearted gesture.

“I need something stronger.”

“Father Williams would not approve.”

Hearing the mercurial Father’s name immediately sent a strange shiver down her spine. She knew now that he was no man of god. No. He was deeply disturbed; a deviant in a priest’s gown; a pervert as much as she was. But like Lucy and the others, there was a time that she believed Father Williams to be a man beyond reproach. Stern but honorable. Righteous but fair. Now she knew differently.

“That old pervert,” answered Suzy.

“What do you mean?”

There was a surprise in her voice.

“Haven’t you ever noticed how he stares at you?”


Suzy remembered the way Father Williams had questioned her from behind the confessional screen. Probing for sleaze, filth, and perversity. What he asked could have been taken as concern for the sanctity of her Christian soul, but there was an undertone of debauched enjoyment – it was as if he was getting off on it.

“Yes, and in confession… he’s always probing for sexual sin,” continued Suzy, “Last time I told him that I prayed to the devil whilst masturbating … you would have thought he’d have a heartache right? No … instead he asked me to describe the whole experience in detail … saying that it was the ONLY way to absolve me of all sinfulness … can you believe that?”

There was a pause and then Lucy asked plainly.

“Did you really?”

“What? Pray to the Devil? Yes, I did,” she surprised herself at her candidness, she never told anyone before.

But there was something in her friend’s deliberation of her ‘confession’ that said that she wanted to hear it … needed to hear it … why?

“Oh, Suzy … Tell me everything!” asked Lucy.

Suzy saw her excitement.

Her face burned with extreme embarrassment. She had been so young at the time and so full of angst; besides her dislike for religious instruction, she had been exploring her sexuality in defiance of what she had been taught. At first, she could not understand what the fuss was all about. It felt so good to touch herself in her private parts – so why would it be wrong? When her Sunday school teachers told her that it was shameful, disgusting and a grave sin against God Almighty to touch herself that way, she saw it as an open invitation for further impish investigation.

But, why would God not want you to feel good? They said it was the Devil’s temptation … if the Devil was responsible for such delicious pleasures … then maybe she was praying to the wrong God? What would happen if she prayed to the Devil? It had been quite a revelation of sorts. She hated God for giving her a body to touch and play with … and then making it a sin to enjoy herself.

The Devil, on the other hand, seemed only too pleased for her to enjoy these new pleasures of the flesh. It gave her an extra thrill to think of the Devil maybe watching her touch herself in defiance of that stupid God. She hated stupid God. She decided there and then that she would pray to the Devil … Pray to him; thanking him for these pleasures and to give her more powerful orgasms; longer and harder! Yes! And whilst she played, her imagination was filled with all kinds of sexual thoughts about her and her young friends, both boys, and girls – unrestrained by the conventions of what was considered ‘normal’, the pleasures she imagined fueled her orgasms, like gifts and rewards from the Devil; longer and harder!

Suzy explained her story to Lucy. She had never told anyone this before. It was so unlike her outward persona. Her church-going friends would disown her. The stigma! She would become a social leper. Now she had barred her soul, she was not sure how Lucy would react. Understandingly, she hoped. Suzy felt cotton-mouthed. But, her shock confession seemed to only intensify her friend’s inquisitiveness.

Her friend reached out for her reassuringly. They hugged each other as if consoling one another … the embrace left Suzy feeling a little light-headed. She did not regret the confession. No … she was glad that the truth was finally out … it was a huge weight off her shoulders. Was this some kind of test; a test of their friendship maybe? As they embraced Suzy could smell the sweetness of Lucy’s sensual aromas. It was so inviting. Was her friend attracted to her? Was she harboring Sapphic tendencies too? Lucy kissed her tearing face lightly.

It was at that very moment that Suzy noticed the large book lying open on the coffee table – even from an upside-down position the highly pornographic images across the book’s pages captured her interest – Suzy was subconsciously drawn to it.

“What’s this?” she asked.

The strange drawing depicted an illicit orgy; of young children fucking their own kin; of an arcane occult ritual; of Devil worship … It seemed so familiar. Yes, she had seen it before … in an awaking dream … that had left her horny and wet.

“I … I dreamt about this … I was there … Oh my god! I can’t believe it. It’s so perverted …” stuttered Suzy.

“Yes … I know. I have been praying to sexual demons as well,” confessed Lucy.

Could it be true?

They both kissed hungrily. As their moist lips pressed desperately together their Sapphic passions flowed. They both opened their mouths wider and found each other’s wriggling tongues, worming their way between oily smudged lipsticks, as they explored each other. Breaking the kiss and panting with exaltation, Lucy asked …

“You said you were inspired by the devil? Have you ever been inspired to commit incest?”

“Oh my God … Lucy,” replied Suzy.

She choked a little on the words. Her dirty little secret was no longer so secret.

“Don’t worry … I just want to know if you have ever had thoughts … about it? You know, about sex with really young ones … corrupting them … poisoning them … and the wickedness of it all?”

“Have you?”

It now sounded like an intimate conspiracy.

“Yes. YES, I have,” answered Lucy, no longer caring about the consequences.

“Oh … Lucy,” it was like the floodgate had opened, “Well … when Trinity was much younger I use to play with her … when my ex was asleep or at work … I would undress her, spread her naked little body out before me so that I could kiss her in all her most intimate of places … I would kiss her tiny little sex and lick it while I touched myself.”

“You dirty fucking bitch! That’s so fucking hot Suzy!” encouraged Lucy.

“I must admit it felt so fucking horny … I mean I really got off on it … I came over and over … I couldn’t get enough … I mean who needs a man … when you have something so young and delicious to play with … unfortunately afterward I felt so guilty … I had been a really bad mother and an evil pervert.”

“Last night, I sucked my son’s cock and he came in my mouth. His cum was delicious.”

“You’re shitting me! … That’s so sexy!”

“Oh, Suzy … I’m so glad we share the same desires!”

“We need to masturbate … together … and pray to the Devil …”

Lucy and Suzy tore each other’s clothes from each other as their greedy hands molested each other’s most private parts.



“Nighttime is best to play with he, whilst others sleep, naughty fun will be. Playing naked in the dark you rub, touching your cock with Incubub.”

Aaron walked briskly home from school. It had been a typical day with untypical thoughts. His pocket rocket was throbbing. All he could think about was the nasty things he had experienced… and wanted to experience further. The book foretold much more debauchery to come. Throbbing.

His young and immature mind could only begin to comprehend the exciting new possibilities of endless liaisons in the worship of his sex demon. His hard little cocklet pressed excitedly against the inside of his school pants leaving a telltale wet patch. Throbbing.

Arriving home to a darkened house, Aaron let himself in and made sure the door was locked behind him. He was greeted with the sounds of sex – sweaty hardcore sex. He quickly stripped naked and followed the sounds that emitted from his mother’s bedroom. Standing in the darkness of the hallway, through the crack in the open door he saw his copulating mother on the bed with another naked woman. Throbbing.

He recognized the woman’s face, though flushed and contorted in sinfulness with hair plastered down in sexual sweat, as one of his mother’s closest friends, Mrs. Shaw. Their naked bodies glistened with moisture, locked together in an almost violent scissoring motion; desperately gripping each other’s extremities in their efforts to gain traction as they rocked back and forth, cunt-to-cunt, grinding themselves against each other and howling like cats on heat. Neither of them had noticed him standing back watching in the shadows as he stroked his hard little cock. Throbbing.

“They please me,” whispered a soft effeminate voice from over his shoulder.

Aaron was startled but elated to feel, once again, the electric touch of the Incubub. Its feminine hand lay over his, soft but cool to the touch, as he stroked his rock-hard cock. He felt the Incubub licking at his earlobe and fondling the cheeks of his backside. The duel effect of watching his own mother make love to another woman, combined with his demon lover’s caresses was almost too much. He bucked against the Incubub’s expert touch.

Pre-cum drooled from the eye of his cock, lubricating the cold fingers that stroked him so tenderly. Aaron stifled a groan of ecstasy, so as not to disturb his mother and her new lover – though he doubted she would be aware of anything but their own mutual pleasure by their expressive noises and torrid movements. He saw that the two of them now coupled mouth to mouth, pressing their engorged clits together. A first glance, he thought his mother had grown a penis – it looked long, thick, and phallic, and much bigger than the night before.

“She is turning,” said the Incubub, as if answering a question never asked, “She is becoming a demon servant; a cock demon.”

Aaron had nothing to add. He just accepted the word of the Incubub, who after all was the maestro of these strange happenings in his house. His mother’s clitoris resembled a circumcised cock, with a distinctive head and shaft. Her transformation was taking place before Aaron’s very eyes. His mother lifted Mrs. Shaw’s body as if were weightless and positioned her over her new cock and pressing it into her vagina began to use it to fuck her lover, as a man would take a woman.

“The woman must bring her daughter to us. The young one.”

“Trinity,” mouthed Aaron as he gave way to the Incubub who had taken over the pleasuring of his hard-on.

“You will rape her and offer her to me. She will resist you. You must be strong. You must obey me.”

“But what about her mother?”

The Incubub laughed.

“Her mother with is as your mother is becoming. A cock demon to serve me in hell.”

“Like the witches in the book?”

“Yes. Like the witches that abuse their children in my name … the evil has begun and nothing will stop it. You will be my greatest instrument.”

Aaron felt the Incubub’s penis, hard and long, pressing upwards between his legs, so that it was if he rode up it, its slimy length now pressed upwards against the underside of his own cock. The Incubub gripped both their shafts, rubbing them in unison as they watched Aaron’s mother fuck Trinity’s mother savagely.

“Come … I want you to see,” said the Incubub, stepping back from behind Aaron.

Aaron was disappointed that they had not continued their mutual masturbation – but was eager to know what the Incubub was up to.

They stepped quietly and walked away, leaving the two screaming women to continue their heated lust in the bedroom. Aaron followed his demonic lover downstairs. The Incubub pointed to the book that lay across the coffee table in the front room.

“Look and see,” it said.


Father Williams found himself completely naked. His lily-white body dripped with beads of sweat from his pleasured labor as he knelt upon the blackened altar at the center of their secret basement temple. The entire room glowed red and amber, lit with the incandescent flames of hundreds of fat-black candles that shimmered with the perverted energies of the priest’s evil congregation. There he was before the looming phallic incarnation of their demon god, the Incubub. The dank basement stank of a rancid mix of raw lust, human waste, and the fluids of sexuality.

The priest looked down in complete shock, as he seemed to awaken from a strange dream. He howled and gasped as the witches chanted insistently.

“Corrupt your children before my eyes, a human sacrifice to the Prince of Lies.”

His throbbing cock was buried balls-deep in the bowels of the limp boy child, whose lifeless body danced to the thrusting motions of the evil priest. He bucked as if have an allergic reaction. He seemed to only just become cognizant, realizing the gravity of his own actions that had led to the ruination of the life of the unfortunate boy that now hung naked against his flesh.

‘Oh, God?” he cried in earnest.

His face was filled with dread as he tried to disengage himself from whatever it was that he had been doing moments before. The body of the child slid with an audible pop from his still rampant cock as he reached his climax despite his resistance to participate past the moment of his awakening. His whole body shook and convulsed in unwanted pleasure as he unwillingly sprayed his semen over the unmoving body of the tiny child that lay face down upon the black altar – adding insult to injury.

“Corrupt your children before my eyes, a human sacrifice to the Prince of Lies.”

“What have I done? Oh dear God, what have I done?”

The naked witches circled him – each of the incestuous women masturbating vigorously upon the upturned face of their accompanying child. They all seemed unmoved by the priest’s plea of supposed innocence. The boy child was dead and he knew it. The internal injuries would have resulted in tortured death. He had killed it with his penis – willingly and dutifully before the Incubub – the impulse to rape the child had always been there in his darkest of fantasies, but to act upon it, to actually have done such a wicked and vile act?

He did not have in him, or so he thought. He was now a rapist; a pedophile rapist; and a killer. What had he done? How did he get here? Why was this happening to him? The demon must have made him do it. It must have been a spell – it was the witches that made him do it? He was innocent.

The priest felt his heart pound. It seemed his world was suddenly imploded as if his very moral soul had been catapulted into hell itself – overwhelmed, he closed his eyes as everything around him began to spin out of control accompanied by the feeling of falling into nothingness, down a bottomless pit.

He awoke with a sudden jolt. His room. His bed. A dream.

His cock was still hard as a rock. A dream – thank God. Just a dream! But as the relief of his guilt began to quickly fade … he thought about it again, this time he began to rub himself – feeling his flesh between his fingers, pressed against the firmness of his palm. A dream. He closed his eyes again. He imagined himself back in the darkened temple gripping the naked child. The tiny young boy resisted at first, as he held him firmly above his cock. No mercy was shown. The boy’s mother excitedly helped the evil priest offer the child to the demon. The boy screamed as Father Williams pressed his hard cock into the boy’s tight rectum. A dream. Just a dream. He held the child firmly and thrust it down upon himself, impaling it as the witches chanted.

“Corrupt your children before my eyes, a human sacrifice to the Prince of Lies.”

His fingers gripped his own cock tightly, his wrist moved furiously back and forth as his fantasy edged towards the orgasmic moment. A dream. Yes. Fuck the child. Fuck the child for the Devil. Fuck it to death. Fuck it. Fuck it. Fuck it. Yer. Oh, yer … rape the fucking child … kill it in praise of the Prince of Lies! Praise the Devil. Yes. Yes!

“Aaarghhhhhhhhhhhh …” he yelped.

His semen sprayed from the eye of his cock. He shot so hard that most of his cum sprayed directly into his own face. He licked his lips hungrily at his salty offering.

WOW! What a rush.

The evil priest contemplated what had just occurred. This was no dream. No. This was some kind of premonition? He thought back to the confessional. He remembered the effeminate boy and his vivid description of a demon visitation. The Incubub. This had something to do with that damnable woman, Mrs. Thomas. The boy had talked about the joys of incest. He had told him that he was one of them. He had said that they were awaiting him to join them. Dream and reality seemed uncomfortably blurred. What did it all mean?


Trinity looked coyly at her mother and her mother’s friend. She did not like Thomas’ house. It was creepy and old. She wanted to go home, but her mother had insisted that she come over to play with the boy, Aaron. She did not understand why the curtains were drawn in the middle of the afternoon and the house smelt weird. She wanted to cry, but she knew that it would do no good. Her mother was very insistent.

“Hi,” said the boy dressed in just his underwear.

She guessed it must be Mrs. Thomas’ son, Aaron. The other mothers said he was a troublemaker. A bad boy. Full of mischief. She did not like the way he was dressed. It was not proper to just wear underwear in front of a young girl? She knew that he was older than her by about two years and at their age that was quite a bit. He seemed strange. Dirty. Didn’t anyone else think it was strange that he just dressed in a pair of underwear? Why didn’t her mother say anything? Maybe this was normal in Thomas’ house? She held onto her mother’s skirt tightly.

“Well, Trinity. Don’t you think you should say hello back?” asked her mother.

No. It was more like an instruction.

“Hi,” she said reluctantly.

“I’m glad you could come over for a sleepover,” the boy added.

A sleepover? Why hadn’t her mom brought this up before? This was news to her! Now she started noticing other traits about the boy, like how his hair was so messy – unkept and greasy looking. His bare arms and legs looked unnaturally pale and his wrists looked so thin. He looked wild and untamed. She was beginning to be intimated by him, maybe a little afraid. She wanted to go home. This was a bad idea.

“Mom … do we have to?”

She looked at her mother, Suzy. Her eyes pleaded.

“Yes. Mrs. Thomas and I will be going to be busy and Aaron will be looking after you tonight.”

“Can’t I stay with you?”


“But I didn’t bring my pajamas.”

She hoped that that would change her mother’s mind as she held tightly to her mother’s skirt. It did not.

“You can sleep in your panties like Aaron.”

That sounded awful. In her panties with this boy? No way! Her mom and Mrs. Thomas were whispering back and forth. She strained to hear whatever it was that they were saying, as they kept looking at her and Aaron. It seemed that Mrs. Thomas had an enigmatic smile that was more unsettling than friendly – a bit like the disappearing and reappearing “Cheshire Cat” from “Alice in Wonderland”. She did not like that story as it was filled with creepy characters. Yes, she loved to read. She was good at it too, despite her young age. She was proud to be the best in her class. But all of this did not matter – she did not want to stay in the creepy old house with the strange boy.

“Let’s play upstairs in my bed … bedroom,” said the boy, offering his dainty hand. His gestures were very feminine.

“Go,” shooed her insistent mother, “And whatever Aaron says, you do, okay?”


“Do as your told. Aaron is in charge. You listen to him. I don’t want any trouble.”

She hung her head and reluctantly took Aaron’s waiting hand. It felt wet and clammy. She noticed that he was sweating a lot.

“I have a cool storybook for us to read together.”

“See, you like reading Trinity,” reinforced her mother, as Aaron pulled her to go upstairs.

Trinity wanted to let go of the boy’s sweaty hands immediately. It felt repulsive and he smelt unwashed. She relented and still holding the boy’s hand, she trudged upstairs behind Aaron.

She turned back a saw her mother kissing Mrs. Thomas. It was not like how she would kiss a friend – this was mouth-to-mouth. She could even see their tongues moving in and out as they continued to kiss with open mouths. She did not quite understand it, so she turned back to see that the boy was also watching their mother’s kiss until they both walked out the front door together.

“Let’s read my favorite book.”

“Okay,” answered Trinity.

She was shivering and was not sure why.

“Now our moms are gone, you can play with me in your panties,” added the boy.

Unconsciously she looked down at the boy’s underwear that was now tented in the front. She cringed seeing the outline of his erect penis straining against a slight wet patch through the thin damp material.


To be continued …


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