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CREATED: 19.04.2020 MAGGIE & HANNAH / REVISITED: 06.09.2023

Pleasure Has No Boundaries 4


The setting is now. Today or more or less. Hannah is Maggie’s younger sister. She has always been a ‘very good girl’ with a life dedicated to study and her Christian faith. Everything about her, since before she can remember has centered around church, prayer, choir, and the youth ministry. Her parents believe her to be an excellent achiever. They encourage her and adore her. After being awarded a full scholarship to study overseas, she moved to the UK.

However, insidious changes in her lifestyle had already begun to flourish way before her departure to London. These seem to have been instigated by her older Sister’s friend – Kris. Just like Maggie, Kris appears to have turned this mild-mannered Christian into something else. Over a number of incidences, unknown to her doting parents, young Hannah has developed an obsessive interest in same-sex couplings, satanic worship, perverted sex, and pedophilia.


  • Hannah (23) – Maggie’s younger sister, highly religious, adapt student, cute like a china-doll, used to love Korean dramas and the violin
  • Maggie (39) – our protagonist. Christian, Sunday school teacher, bi, shoulder-length hair, slim build, small tits/AB-cup, very attractive
  • Kris (49) – Maggie’s secret lover, Satanist, connected to the 14K triads and child trafficking, pedophile, petite, A-cup, shaven, short hair, slim build
  • Gin (13) – Maggie’s daughter, quiet and brooding, A-cup
  • Kim Ching Bi (20) – Hannah’s Korean flatmate, student
  • Grace & John (60s) – Maggie’s parents, both retired
  • Jeff (24) – Hannah’s first boyfriend, met in church


Hannah was now twenty-three years of age. She was living in a modest house in Enfield Town with her new Korean flatmate, Kim Ching Bi. And though it was some ten miles from the center of London, it was much cheaper than living closer to her university in Holborn. The commute was OK. She’d looked at several properties in the neighborhood – but this was the only one with a basement.

Enfield Town was, at first glance, a backwater. Mostly quiet and unassuming. But Hannah knew it better than most.

How her life has changed significantly.

Not just the big step of studying overseas. She looked at the UK and the US, but studying economics at one of the most sought-after schools in the UK was a great opportunity for someone who loved science and numbers. Yes, she was a long way from her parent’s humble government flat in Pasir Ris, Singapore, where it was always thirty-two degrees centigrade with ninety-five percent humidity.

… Not because she no longer was under the watchful eye of her over-protected parents, Grace and John, who doted over everything she did. They were so proud of her. They talked endlessly to their friends about her achievements, her accolades, her days at Raffles Girls School, and then at the National University of Singapore, her scholarship to the UK. She was the apple of their eye.

… Not because of her absence from her religion. She’s been always a dedicated and pious Catholic, a member of the youth ministry, and a singer and violinist in the church choir. She had studied the scriptures and had lived most of her youth following their doctrine.

… Not because, she broke off her three-year relationship with her boyfriend, Jeff, whom she’d met in church when she was very young. They talked about their life together (as husband and wife under God), and explored the idea of becoming Christian missionaries for God – to spread the Gospel.

No … it was none of these, yet all of these …

… Triggered during the previous year whilst she was still living with her parents in sunny Singapore. Her older sister, Maggie, who lived with her husband, Alfred, and her thirteen-year-old daughter, Gin, had come to visit them. It had been out of the blue and she’d been accompanied by a close friend, Kris.


Life had been so simple back then.

Hannah’s life choices had been always wholesome, righteous, and devout. Her parents, Grace and John, had always insisted their girls attend mass and Sunday school. Life circled around schooling, prayers, and faith. She proudly wore her little gold crucifix as she espoused the Catholic doctrine that she followed.

She’d met Jeff whilst attending the Katong Family Church as a very young child. They had practically grown up together. He was a year older. He was intelligent and very good-looking. Everything she could have wanted in a man. So they ‘dated’ for about three years, and during that time, they often talked about their life together, about the seriousness of their commitment to each other in holy matrimony, to their mutual faith and devotion to God and all his wondrous gifts.

Their ‘dates’ as she recalled were nothing more than holding hands whilst watching Korean dramas, or bumping lips at practice with the church choir (Hannah was an accomplished violin player); or hugging whilst reading the ‘good book’ together.

Of course, they would never have contemplated sex before married. Not even petting. That was not allowed. Jeff was the consummate gentleman, he’d never laid a hand on her. He was saving it for their wedding night. And though they’d intended to marry each other, one day … they both saw that day on the distant horizon, nothing urgent or immediate. Jeff was well-liked by both John, her retired father (who’d been an engineer), and her retired mother, Grace (who’d been a teacher). They trusted the couple to be alone together.

Privately, of course, Hannah had wondered what it would be like to be with Jeff, as her husband and her man. But her piousness and trust in God was so strong, that she would immediately dismiss any kind of sexual thoughts as unacceptable and sinful. She never masturbated … ever. Touching one’s self would be an affront to all things righteous.

All of this was about to change.


Hannah remembered it was like being hit by a freight train.

She’d been excited about her big sister, Maggie, coming to visit. It had been a long time since they’d seen each other, as Maggie lived in Hong Kong. Neither had really been in touch that often, regrettably. They’d, kind of, lost touch. Nevertheless, there was that feeling of happiness she felt about this reunion. Maybe a gift from God? A change to start over and rekindle their sisterly love.

Maggie arrived at Changi Airport on SQ861. It arrived in the early evening. Hannah’s parents had taken her to meet Maggie at the airport. Finally, her sister emerged from the arrivals hall. Hannah watched her sister through the glass windows of Terminal Three with her friend, whom she would later get to know as Kris, as they pushed their bags on a trolley. She didn’t understand it at the time, but something wasn’t right. She couldn’t place the thought accurately, as it was more of a shiver in her mind, that she took as just nervous excitement.

The welcome was brief and they traveled back to Pasir Ris, which was only a stone’s throw from Changi International Airport. The girls chatted excitedly on the way back in the car. Kris seemed very cool. Hannah got a strange vibe from her, but, really the reunion with Maggie had kind of been overwhelming.

Back home, the executive flat, where her folks lived, had meant that Maggie and Kris would have to share a room, but they seemed OK with that. Hannah wanted to talk to Maggie in the early hours, but her mother reminded her that she and Jeff had choir practice.

Hannah wasn’t sure what day it was, that life as she knew it began to unravel, only that it happened during the three weeks her sister stayed. This was when she’d got to know Kris. Maggie had been busy with things to do with their mother, and Kris had offered to take her out shopping. It had been fun at first, Kris had taken her to Orchard Road. Kris said that she was so pretty, but she should lose her ‘China Doll’ look and change her floppy conservative blouses and baggy jeans, as they did nothing for her.

“You should try something more daring … Be more outgoing … Let me show you …” charmed Kris, as they walked arm in arm around the crowded malls filled with tourists and locals alike.

Actually, it had been a little overwhelming, but she’d enjoyed the attention that Kris had showered upon her. Kris made her feel special. And while her overly protective parents weren’t around the pair quickly became thick as thieves going from boutique to boutique. Kris joined Hannah in the changing rooms and took pictures with her phone, as Hannah tried on outfit after outfit. Kris paid for anything she wanted. Caught up in it all Hannah began to discover a new ‘self’. A vain Hannah. A cool Hannah. A sexy Hannah.

They’d dine at expensive (atas) places. Kris seemed to go out of her way to spoil her. And naive little Hannah accepted it all. She really liked this feeling of being seen as someone special. Hannah had been a little shy about undressing in front of Kris. The older woman seemed to want to see her undress.

“You’re so pretty … That outfit is made for you … Try this one … Try it in this color …” asked Kris.

The old Hannah would have been horrified at the thought of same-sex couplings. Lesbianism was aberrant. A sin against God’s laws. But, Hannah was so caught up in the moment that she kind of got a kick out of Kris’s affections. She liked to be looked at by Kris’s lusty eyes. She became emboldened but her own action — so much so that soon she’d undressed completely, knowing that Kris was either taking pictures or videos of her and her mirrored reflection in the bright lights of the generous change rooms of the upmarket branded boutiques.

Kris helped her change from this and that, her fingers lingered upon Hannah’s soft virgin skin. It gave Hannah a secret thrill. She even felt a dampness below. Then Kris kissed her. It wasn’t like when Sam and her bumped lips. No, this felt totally different. Kris’s lips pressed firmly against hers, as her fingers lightly explored Hannah’s naked form. It had been the single most exciting feeling that Hannah had ever felt. Kris’s tongue plunged into Hannah’s mouth, like a wriggling serpent of wickedness. It was wrong. It was against everything she knew as acceptable — but she didn’t want “acceptable”.

Kris told her to cancel a few things to free up time, as Maggie and she would only be there a short time… so Hannah did. Jeff called her. She ignored his calls. Instead, she spent even more time with Kris. Hannah was supposed to attend a church gathering, but Kris took Hannah to a short-stay hotel. The room had no windows and the wall by the double bed was a single floor-to-ceiling mirror. They kissed passionately, and Hannah returned Kris’s advance with gusto. Kris told Hannah to undress while she videoed her.

Hannah put in a little show. A striptease. It made her feel wet. She felt so sexy. So alive. Her heartbeat thumped loudly as she revealed herself to Kris’s lecherous eyes.

Kris held Hannah from behind as they stood with Hannah facing the mirrored wall. Kris’s hands caressed her all over, leaving no part of her virgin body untouched. Hannah moaned as Kris’s expert fingers tantalized her tiny coned breasts. Her sensitive nipples became hard at the women’s touch, while Kris’s other hand stroked the fine hair that covered her mons. Electricity seemed to course through her entire body from head to toe. Again she moaned like a cat-on-heat willing Kris to put her fingers inside her. Kris told her to lay on the bed as Kris undressed herself.

Like Hannah, Kris was almost completely flat. Her lithe body was small and androgynous. Hannah liked it. Unlike Hannah, Kris had no pubic hair, as she was clean-shaven. Her cunt looked wet and swollen with sexual desire for the much younger girl.

Hannah lay down and Kris straddled her body. Their bodies touched each other unhindered by clothing. Kris seemed to squirm over her, their breasts touching, nipple to nipple, their pussies touching as they kissed deeply.

Kris had deliberately left off the room’s air-conditioning, and as they explored each other, they quickly became sweaty and damp. Hannah’s pussy was on fire. Kris moved down her sweat-coated body; first sucking her left nipple and then the right; she finally began to lick her furry little pussy. Kris’s touch found its mark and soon Hannah was bucking in her first ever orgasm.


Hannah screamed with unexpected delight at the strength of it. The sensation didn’t end there as Kris pressed her fingers inside both her pussy and her anus. Hannah came again. And again and again. Each successive orgasm bound her to this wicked woman; bound her to this wanton desire. There would be no way back


They changed position. This time Kris sat across Hannah’s slimy chest. They were dripping with perspiration and Hannah loved it. Her own fingers now eagerly played with her own cunt as Kris pressed her vagina over Hannah’s mouth. She tasted Kris. It was fishy, oily, and sour. But Hannah loved it. She sucked and lapped at Kris’s cunt hole as the older woman fucked her face.

”Ahhhghghhh … Fuck Christ. Fuck God,” moaned Kris.

The blasphemy seemed to have its intended effect on young Hannah, who was close to yet another orgasm. Kris pulled her hair back with force and rubbed herself, pressing her weight down on Hannah. Hannah in turn thrashed about in total whoredom as Kris urinated into her mouth.

“In the name of Satan,” hissed Kris, “I baptize you!”

Kris lay down next to Hannah, as they panted (out of breath) and they kissed again. Their urine-flavored mouths and worming tongues entangled as they exchanged Kris’s pissy fluids back and forth between them. Hannah began to jerk again and reached the crescendo of yet another orgasm on her own fingers. She’d lost count of how many times.

Kris didn’t stop there.

“Hail Lilith!” spat Kris, “Say it!” she demanded.

“Hail Lilith!” said Hannah.

Kris laughed and stood up again over Hannah and peed more. Kris pressed against her urethra, guiding her piss spray over Hannah’s face. Hannah opened her mouth willingly and drank from Kris’s salty flow. Soon Hannah’s hair and upper torso, as well as the entire bedding were completely drenched in Kris’s acrid piss.

Kris told Hannah that it was her turn. Kris lay down with her back against the piss-soaked sheets as Hannah stood over her. Hannah felt wicked. This was unexpected. Hannah fingered herself as she stood over Kris. Her body was shaking from the sheer pervertedness of their dirty love play. Hannah tried to pee, but her body seemed to resist.

”I can’t!” cried Hannah.

Was this the last bastions of her old Christian psyche that were trying to resist her new perverted nirvana? Kris smiled wickedly at her frustrations. Was it that she knew of Hannah’s internal struggle? Maybe the woman was enjoying Hannah’s fall from grace?

”Let the fuck go…” croaked Kris, ”Pray to Satan. Worship with me!”

With two fingers moving furiously in and out of her cunt, Hannah’s urethra finally gave way, cumming as a torrent of piss squirted out of her in every direction.

”Aaarghhhhhhc… Fuck! Hail Satan! Hail Krisc…” cried young Hannah.

”Fuck yer, bitch!”

Kris was in her own private bliss, bathing in the young girl’s golden offering. Her corruptive influence now taking over. Kris wildly fingered herself. She spasmed uncontrollably as she was overtaken by a gigantic orgasm.

They both lay back in their mess for some time. They kissed over and over. Kris lit a cigarette and smoked it (even though it was a non-smoking room). She offered one to Hannah. Hannah tried and coughed a lot.

“You’ll get used to it,” said Kris.

That’s when Hannah first noticed Kris’s strange medallion. It looked like a five-pointed star, but upside-down, inside the shape was the face of a goat. Kris saw Hannah’s interest and she held it out for Hannah’s inspection while she rubbed their sticky feet together.

”It’s called the Baphomet,” she explained.

Hannah had no idea what that meant.

“It is my symbol of freedom. Satan has no rules. Satan doesn’t judge me for my choices. If I chose to love another woman, there’s no punishment for that!” she explained.

Hannah hadn’t thought about it that way before. Everything had always been laid out in front of her. The Christian ideal. There was an order. There was a sequence. There were rules to be followed and consequences for non-compliance.

”To me, pleasure has no boundaries,” she added and began suckling upon Hannah’s piss-sticky nipples, “Your cunt needs to be shaved darling.”



Hannah had been mean quite to Jeff.

And she kind of knew it, but she did it anyway. They’d always been close, like two peas in a pod, growing up together in the same church. Maybe it was just a matter of bad timing. Her boyfriend, Jeff, had been very concerned about her apparent one-hundred-and-eighty-degree turn in her attitude towards her church commitments. It just wasn’t like the Hannah he’d grown to know. He’d been messaging her, but she’d not replied. Why was she ignoring him? It hurt deeper than he’d admitted to himself.

Finally, he thought it best to just go over to her folks’ place and see her. Her older sister, Maggie, had just left. Since then, Hannah simply wasn’t Hannah anymore.

When Jeff turned up at her parent’s house in Pas Ris, Hannah didn’t even come to the door. She just stayed in her locked bedroom. Grace, her apologetic mother, had to turn him away saying that poor Hannah wasn’t herself lately. That, of course, was an understatement.

Her mother had quacked on about Hannah being under the weather. Yes, poor Hannah, she desperately needed to rest. ever since her sister left, she was melancholic. Grace wasn’t a convincing liar.

Jeff knew all of Grace’s explanations were not true. He felt so dejected. But what else could he say? He remembered how things had got a little weird beforehand. She’d started to miss out on important sermons without notice. She’d even skipped her violin practice. She’s never been keen on horror movies before, but recently, all of a sudden, she’s taken a strong interest in the supernatural, occult, and some rather darkly-themed movies. Were these all signs?

Jeff decided that he needed to pray to Jesus for the strength he needed. Maybe it just needed some time? Maybe he’d write her a love poem or record her a love song?


Hannah had told her mother that she wasn’t interested in going to church. She quit the choir and youth ministry, all in the same evening. She’d even sold her gold crucifix and had used Kris’s online account to buy some new Jewelry instead. She wanted her own Baphomet necklace. A large one.

Kris had visited Hannah quite regularly in Singapore. Usually, she organized to stay with Hannah’s family. The two of them frequently disappeared to enjoy the privacy of short-stay hotels (after which, usually they couldn’t stay again in the same property more than once, because of the filthy mess they left behind).

Grace had grown to loath Kris. She saw red each time the evil woman came to stay. She saw Kris as having a very bad influence over her precious young daughter. Grace thought it might be just a phase. She dismissed her apprehensions. They both loved the ‘bragging rights’ about her achievements at the National University of Singapore; and now that she’d been awarded a full scholarship to the London School of Economics; they had been overjoyed and couldn’t wait to tell all their friends.

But Hannah didn’t actually care much about her mother or her father’s opinions anymore. Her parents never voiced their concerns out loud. But, Hannah saw it, in their body language and in their facial expressions whenever Kris was around. After all, she was their so-called ‘favorite’ daughter and she could get away with almost anything.


Even when Kris was away, the pair were never actually out of contact with each other. They were constantly sexting or masturbating together over FaceTiming. And when Kris came back to Singapore, she always brought lots of gifts for little Hannah. Many perverted gifts. Evil, Devil-worshiping gifts. They secretly made a demonic altar together in the rear of Hannah’s lockable wardrobe. They secretly prayed over Hannah’s unholy shrine to Lilith and Satan. Lilith, the first woman, was made of filth.

They offered her their blood, their urine, and their filth.

When Kris was away, Hannah diligently read the Satanic Bible (another gift from her dark lover). Hannah would pray to Satan and Lilith every night, masturbating for hours and hours with her long wooden dildos, each marked with secretive evil hexes for sexual magick that seemed to provoke the most forceful of orgasms.

She loved the feeling of evil and wickedness. It had become so addictive and obsessive to her. She craved more and more debauched excitement, pushing the boundaries until there were none left.

When they were together, they’d play evil sex games. They’d dress up as demons, with anal tails and horned masks. Like witches that prayed to the devil incarnate. They acted out Kris’s blasphemous fantasies of witchcraft and preternatural carnality together. It just got crazier and crazier. They shared in many blood rituals, performing black magick with their own menstrual blood, urine, and even feces.

Hannah had never felt more alive.

She looked back at her past life. Her Xian life. Her life with Jeff. Her life with the Katong Church… She’d been living in the cocoon … sleep-walking the entire time … Fuck that! She thought. Now Kris had awakened her. With sin and Satan. The world was her dark oyster.

This was about the time that Kris had first introduced Hannah into child porn. Hannah had embraced it fully. In fact, she became quite obsessed with it. She desperately wanted to fuck a little innocent child. To corrupt a child. Any child. Even an unbaptized baby.

Whilst away, Kris would drip-feed her child porn videos (all safely packaged with double passwords). These had started off with just young girls and boys, some as young as six or seven. These were videos of self-discovery, or mutual learning about the first steps in sexuality. Like sexual exploration and experimentation. The girls and boys all looked perfectly happy being naked together in front of the camera, as they touched, kissed, and frotted against each other.

This opened Hannah’s eyes to see another world, a very dark world, that she’d never even imagined before. Kris shared more videos with her. These involved adults as well as children. This was a game-changer. The material became successively more perverted. The adults, usually Asian women and men, got the kids to pair off with them. Sometimes it would be same-sex, sometimes boy with woman, sometimes girl with man.

More videos arrived. These involved multiple partners. They became much more abusive. Sadism. Bondage. Gang rape. Devil worship rituals. Hannah couldn’t get enough. Soon she favored non-consensual over consensual. Object rape, BDSM, and abuse over the more sensual and experimental activities.

Kris told her all about how she used to babysit her best friend’s daughter, Man Yi. She sent photos of Man Yi naked. She described how she secretly seduced the eight-year-old using black magick; then groomed her for perverted pedo sex and devil worship. Kris said nothing about Hannah’s older sister, Maggie. She never mentioned their perverted love affair at all.

Hannah’s interest in the dark arts grew. She wanted to be able to have the ability to seduce, to manipulate, to control. She was totally in awe of Kris’s occult powers. She wanted to know everything there was to know about black magick and witchcraft. And as Kris explained the evil pleasures, Hannah’s obsession with pedophilia deepened. They were the sweetest of fruits. Hannah had already developed so many new fetishes. She now dreamt of hermaphroditism, female sodomy, ritual human sacrifice, bestiality and abortion, sexual cannibalism, and even infanticide.

Kris made her a promise that she’d get an opportunity to have sex with a young one, once she was in the UK, as Kris had contacts through the triads there.


The time had come. Hannah had finally left the sunny shores of Singapore for the UK. Her parents had been very worried for her, but she convinced them that she’d be OK on her own. She had an Asian flatmate. They were to live in a very conservative little town on the outskirts.

In reality, she would not be alone for long as Kris would come to stay at her little house in Enfield – and the two of them would pick up from where they’d left off.

Hannah arrived alone at Heathrow at seven-twenty in the morning. She retrieved her bags and made her way out of immigration. London wasn’t like home. It was late April, and outside, the temperature in London was only ten degrees Celsius. Hannah wasn’t accustomed to the cold. She shivered and pulled her heavy jacket around her slender neck.

The summer term of the Master’s program at LSE started in the first week of May, so Hannah had only a couple of weeks to settle in. She’d sent photos of the house in Enfield to Kris. And Kris had some interesting ideas for re-purposing the basement and how they should set about redecorating it — in her Satanic style. Hannah reminded Kris about her promise. And Kris replied that she would not let her down.


The Enfield house was perfect. Actually, she’d wanted to have the place all too herself, but it was part of the School’s housing policy. She moved in a few days before her flatmate, Kim, arrived, and while alone she explored her own dark fantasies.

Hannah turned the central heating up to its highest, making the house almost sweltering. And though the temperature at night dropped to below ten degrees, inside it was like a sauna. She masturbated in every room numerous times. Hannah also took the opportunity to take lots of naked selfies and videos to send back to Kris. Kris expressed her pleasure at Hannah’s progress. They talked about all the things they would do together without anyone else to get in the way.

The internet wasn’t fast in Enfield (compared to the 5G in Singapore), but she kept all of the videos that Kris had shared with her on an external hard drive. For the next few days, before Kim arrived, she made it one long masturbation fest.


Kim Ching Bi was a twenty-year-old student from South Korea. Though she was a bright and intelligent student, she was also quite naive — especially when it came to same-sex relationships. Hannah had become quite adept at many perverted games, since meeting Kris. And, of course, Kim had no idea what the both of them had in mind for her. Kim had never been away from her parents in Taipei before. She didn’t look very happy. And she quickly became very homesick.

Hannah thought she was quite pretty. She wondered what her tiny Korean slit would taste like? Whilst sexting with Kris, her perverted lover had encouraged Hannah to act upon her desires to fuck her, saying it would be good for the both of them.

Could they all explore a perverted threesome? Kris said that she had plans for the basement and sent photos of gifts she would bring. Hannah could imagine the space becoming their own satanic temple. She loved the idea. Kris intended to set up another altar — much bigger than the small one that she left behind in her bedroom closet. This time they had the space for a large pentagram to be drawn across the concrete floor.

Hannah prayed on Kim’s nativity and had begun to make it a practice of frequently being semi-naked around the house in front of Kim. With the heat up most of the time, this was actually more comfortable. It started off in and around their shared bathroom. Kim had been initially a little uncomfortable about it. See another young woman naked or near naked. It just wasn’t something that they did in Korea. But Hannah pretended that they were ‘all just girls around here’ and there should be no need for either of them to cover up in the privacy of their shared abode. And Hannah’s complete lack of inhibition seemed to do the trick. Of course, she made sure that Kim noticed her freshly shaven cunt.

It was about the same time that Hannah had begun to leave her copy of the Satanic Bible lying around. Hannah began to wear her Baphomet jewelry, which was even more noticeable in her nudity. Kim initially pretended not to notice but secretly seemed to find it interesting.

It wasn’t long into Hannah’s nasty little campaign when Kim showed signs of loosening up. As her inhibitions began to break down, Hannah pushed even further. Hannah went as far as to leave her door ajar whenever she masturbated. Kim never came in, but Hannah was sure that the Korean girl couldn’t but notice the sounds and the distinctive aromas of Hannah’s activities as she continued to masturbate at every opportunity.

A few days into the start of the term, Hannah noticed that Kim had also shaven her pubic hairs from her pussy. She still was not doing any full-frontal nudity, but Hannah was sure it was an invitation. And Hannah fully intended to explore this bold step forward with her Korean flatmate.


At LSE the course work had been grinding. Daytime lectures. Night-time assignments. It went on and on. Their teachers reminded them, that they must pass all their tests, in order to maintain their scholarships. It was very stressful.

It was on one of these evenings, when they were both struggling to get through the expected workload, that Kim began to freak out.

“I just cannot do it!” she announced.

“Do what?” asked Hannah.

Hannah had been a little distracted as her horniness was overdrive. But there had been no time to act upon it. Each consecutive night, she’d just fallen asleep from all the pressure.

“I feel like puking! And my eyes are sore!” Kim added in her strongly Korean ascent.

“Hey … Look, we’re behind in the work, but ahead of everyone else. Why don’t we stop and just take the rest of the night off? We’ll be better in the morning?” inquired Hannah.

She was dressed in only a long singlet-type dress. It was barely a dress. But with the central heating on high, the place was very warm. She’d taken off her knickers and felt that familiar dampness between her legs. She wanted to fuck Kim. She’d wanted it for quite some time now.

Maybe this was the right time? She prayed to Satan for guidance.

Kim had been sitting on the floor in front of the coffee table. Her books and papers were spread out over its glass surface. She was dressed in her colorful baggy pajama bottoms with just a tiny crop top. She knew Hannah liked it warm, so she never wore too many layers. She stared down at the work and rubbed her sore eyes.

Hannah knelt down immediately behind her and gently rubbed Kim’s exposed shoulders. Kim began to purr.


It was a rhetorical question.

“Mmmmmmm …” groaned Kim, “Yes. That’s so nice.”

Hannah noticed how hard Kim’s nipples stood proud as they pressed outwards against the thin fabric of her simple white crop top. Hannah’s hands slipped downwards as she massaged Kim’s shoulders, taking the time to brush lightly against the tiny girl’s nipples. Kim made no protest. She didn’t flinch a muscle. She seemed to be enjoying Hannah’s fingers as they touched her through the thin fabric. She even closed her eyes as her body swayed in the same rhythm as Hannah’s fondling.

“You’re very beautiful you know,” said Hannah.

“Thank you,” replied a sleepy Kim, “You are more beautiful. I think.”

Hannah laughed softly.

She leaned forward so that the tips of her own erect nipples pressed harder against Kim’s back. At the same time, her fingers slipped beneath the fabric of Kim’s top, rubbing the pads of her forefinger and middle finger directly against the young Korean girl’s sensitive aureoles. Hannah teased the girl’s bullet-hard nipples, gently pinching them as her palms stroked the small fleshy underside of her, almost flat, bosoms.

“Mmmmmm …” purred Kim as she pressed back against Hannah’s braless chest.

Hannah stooped lower, and her moist lips brushed against Kim’s sculptured neck. Kim shuddered and then groaned with pleasure. Her hands caressed Hannah’s, encouraging her to fondle her breasts quite openly.

“Tell me about Satan,” asked Kim.

It wasn’t the question that Hannah was expecting.

“Satan is sin. Satan is desire. Satan is lust. Satan is sexual …”

“Tell me more …” purred Kim.

‘Satan is evil and taboo. He is the unclean one. From Satan comes all things wicked and perverse.”

Kim turned her head and Hannah kissed her flatmate on the lips. Their kisses were hot, wet, and full of passion. They kissed, open-mouthed, for several minutes before Kim broke their tongue kiss, panting with sexual excitement.

“Satan says that pleasure has no boundaries.”

“Where I am from, we don’t know the western demons so well. But, there are many who pay homage to a malicious female spirit. We call her call, Nu Gei. It means literally ‘female ghost’. But she is so much more than a ghost. She is feared by many, but revered and even worshiped by others. She is wicked and cunning. She is a sexual demon. She preys on young men and women and even children. She uses her sexual powers, to lure them, and seduce them. They say she sucks the sexual yang from them.”

Hannah was fascinated.

“Are you Nu Gei?” asked Kim nervously.

For some strange reason, Hannah felt flattered by this question.

Her first thought was that of her satanic lover, Kris. Kris had been the one who had brought the vile wickedness into her life. Kris had transformed her. Her pious life is gone. All she thought about was the delicious wickedness.

“And if I was, would you be one of those who worship her?” probed Hannah.

“Oh yes, I have secretly thought about her many times. It gives me a thrill,” aaid Kim, “I have masturbated myself while thinking about her. She makes me very wet. I imagine all the wicked things she does to entrap young boys and girls — collecting their souls … And yes, I masturbate will I think of you, Hannah … I have done so ever since we first met.”

“You masturbate while thinking of me?” Hannah sounded genuinely surprised at Kim’s out-pour.

“I knew you were a perverted demon as soon as we met. My flesh just tingled with excitement. The way you have no shame about showing me your sexy hairless cunt. I’ve spied on you while you play with yourself. I even tasted your dildos. I licked and sucked them … I knew you were teasing me. Wanting to corrupt me, turn me, make me hungry for you … And of course, you did.”

“You want to worship me?”

Kim nodded shyly as she bit her lower lip.

”Take off your clothes and bow done to me. Kneel before my cunt and taste me. Pledge yourself to your Nu Gei” demanded Hannah, impatient to cum.

Kim lifted her top over her head and then pulled down her pants. She was shaking as she stood naked before Hannah — shivering not from being cold, but from her uncontrollable excitement. Hannah hitched her skirt up over her waist.

“Lilith is Satan’s lover …”

“Then Nu Gei and Lilith are as one,” said Kim.

“We should worship them both … together.”



Gin was Maggie’s thirteen-year-old daughter.

Her school in Hong Kong had pre-selected her as one of the students to take part in a three-month foreign student exchange program with a British school, called St Mary’s School Ascot. This was supposed to be one of the leading Roman Catholic boarding schools for girls, aged between eleven and nineteen. It was located, some forty-five minutes from London, and set among a beautiful fifty-five-acre estate close to South Ascot.

Their motto was ‘Dei Gloriam As Maiorem’ which translated to ‘As the greater glory of God’.

She’d asked her mother’s permission to visit and stay with her Aunt in London whilst there. Her mother had said it was alright, as long as her aunt agreed.

Hannah had agreed.

She’d heard that Gin would be staying at St Mary’s School, which was about fifty miles away from Enfield (down the M25 ring road). She could collect her on weekends. Hannah hadn’t seen much of her niece in ages. Ever since her older sister, Maggie, had moved to Hong Kong they only crossed paths at Christmas and Chinese New Year. Hannah had seen a few recent pictures of her.

She wondered what the young girl would taste like. Incest was so thrilling. She thought about seducing her. Giving her to Satan. The nasty thoughts made her very wet indeed. At the same time, the whole situation seemed very risky. What if she rebuffed Hannah’s carnal advances and told her mother, Maggie, or her grandmother, Grace? But still, she couldn’t help but entertain this wicked thought, whilst masturbating and looking at the photos of the young, ripe, Gin.


The phone rang. It was Gin. She sounded very excited about being away from home and being in London. She’d talked almost incessantly. Hannah laughed at her. She had said to Gin, that she sounded so grown up. Gin seemed to have taken it as a compliment. They arranged to meet up over the weekend. Hannah borrowed a friend’s car (as she didn’t have one of her own) and drove over to pick Gin up from St Mary’s.

They were thick as thieves almost immediately bonding. Gin hugged her aunt and kissed her on the cheek. Hannah was enthralled by this immediate body contact and felt wet just from her niece’s greeting. She explained how they weren’t supposed to leave the school premises at all. Hannah was again surprised at Gin’s audacity as they sped away from the old red brick buildings of St Mary’s towards Enfield Town.

“Auntie?” Gin said.

”Hey, Gin. Stop calling me auntie. Hannah will do. Do you really think I look like an auntie?” snapped Hannah.

Gin laughed.

“No, Hannah,” Gin used her name as if trying it on for size, “Yer too sexy to be an auntie!”

“Sexy, me?” pretended Hannah, who knew full well that she’d dressed provocatively for the occasion.

”I think so,” replied Gin, a little hesitantly.

”Thanks. You’re pretty sexy yourself. All grown up!”

Gin blushed with a glowing face. Obviously, nobody had ever told the thirteen-year-old that she was sexy before.

“Do you like my dress?” Gin ventured.

”Yes I do,” answered Hannah, noting its shortness. She could even see a hint of Gin’s knicker line beneath.

“Mom would have a fit if she saw me in it … Don’t tell her Hannah. Please.”

“It will be our secret, Gin.”


“You can keep secrets right … Can’t you?”

“Yes. Why?”

“I don’t wear knickers,” said Hannah, grinning like a Cheshire cat.

“Ohhhh … That’s so cool.”

“Why don’t you take off yours?”

Gin giggled.

“Can I?”

“Yes. Take them off for me.”

Hannah reluctantly had to focus back on the road ahead as Gin pulled her plain white undies down over her knees.

“So, let’s not wear any panties over the whole weekend?”

Gin laughed excitedly.

“Can I share your bed?” asked Gin, as if they were on some kind of campout.

Hannah raised her eyebrow and glanced sideways.

“But, like a lot of adults, I sleep naked darling. Are you okay about that?”

“I’m a grown-up now,” replied Gin (almost defensively), “Maybe I will sleep naked too.”

”Yer. Let’s both sleep naked. But it has to be our secret, right?”

“Of course. I won’t tell a soul.”

Yes, thought Hannah … she couldn’t wait to fuck her big sister’s daughter. Things were progressing faster than she’d imagined. Hail Satan. And their sexy talk was making Hannah almost cream herself.


Hannah and Gin arrived at Enfield Town. Hannah had taken Gin for lunch at her favorite little French restaurant, where they served the best ‘huîtres naturelles’ (oysters natural). A natural aphrodisiac, there was something about their slimy fishy taste that was like eating cunt.

Hannah had learned that St Mary’s was quite strictly run and the Gin’s teachers rather militant. The Roman Catholic school endorsed a policy of caning miscreants that seemed rather archaic – and a bit different from the glossy photos of jovial cherubic students, smiling with braced teeth and ponytails, on their official website. Her former teacher, Ms Levert, was black. A tall negress. Gin hadn’t met many nigger people before. She said that if Ms Levert found out about her absence, she’d get into a lot of trouble. The other students all secretly called her the Voodoo Queen, as she had a wild head of dreadlocks and smelt of burnt things. Hannah thought that kids could be so cruel. Maybe Ms Levert’s reputation may be unfairly earned.

The conversation turned to the sleeping arrangements and then the showers. Gin remarked that she’d been a bit shy of showering naked in front of other girls – some as young as eleven, and others as old as eighteen. Hannah asked Gin if she ‘liked’ looking at the other girls. Gin confessed her curiosity. Hannah said that sometimes her Korean flatmate, Kim, liked to share a bath with her. Hannah said that they could have a big bubbly bath together if Gin liked. Gin said that it would be fun.

Hannah’s mind slipped into a recent memory of Kim in their shared bathroom.

It was past midnight on the night of the full moon. Their bathroom had been transformed into their place of lustcraft and was lit by scented black candles. They’d both been dabbling in black magick and praying to Lilith for orgasmic perverted sex with young ones — as it turned out that Kim, like Hannah, had a taste for very young girls. They’d schemed together about luring one of the neighborhood children into their basement. They’d fantasized about ritual rape. Hannah had previously shared her love of child pornography with Kim and they both had taken a blood vow to make it happen.

With the bath plug in place, she’d told Kim to lay on her back in their empty porcelain bath, as she balanced, with spread legs across its rim. Hannah’s hips swayed to the sound of the pagan drum and flute, as she looked down on her flat-chested lover. Both of them were fingering themselves slowly, teasing their clits and almost dribbling from their over-filled bladders.

They had both drunk several liters of liquids each. It had been a strange concoction of alcohol, coffee, orange juice, and Coke (not all together). The result would produce heady, strong urine (nothing watery about it). They’d also taken “Vitamin C” tablets, as Hannah knew this would make their piss turn bright yellow.

The nasty pair had both become desperate to relieve themselves, but Hannah had insisted on drawing out their foreplay until their bladders were also too painful to bear. Hannah chanted to Satan and Lilith as she sprinkled the dribble of her dark yellow urine over Kim’s prone body. Kim groaned and rubbed the pungent ammonia-smelling drizzle into her soft white flesh.

Finally, Hannah could hold back any longer.

She told Kim to kneel and open her mouth wide. She released her torrent of hot salty piss that she directed over Kim’s face and upper body, drenching her hair and making her black eye shadow run down her cheeks. Kim gulped down Hannah’s pungent brew, holding a mouthful of it, until Hannah stepped down into the shallow pool of her own piss. They kissed and Kim spat her mouthful of urine into Hannah’s mouth. The briny fluids sloshed back and forth between their mouths. Both girls were, at this point, masturbating furiously … almost at the point of orgasm.

Yes, Hannah agreed with Gin. It would be a lot of fun.


Hannah introduced Gin to Kim. They had rehearsed this because they knew that they were both too impetuous. They would ruin it. And they needed to immerse Hannah’s niece slowly – if they pushed it too fast or too soon it would not work out in their favour. This was the moment that they’d prayed for. Hannah had summoned the little witchcraft she’d gained from Kris. It wasn’t much, but it gave her the confidence to up the ante.

“So you’re Hannah’s sister’s daughter?” Asked Kim as she lightly pecked her on the cheek.

Her lips lingered, wanting to press firmly, seeking her open mouth and plunge her hot pedo tongue inside. But instead, she allowed Gin to ‘peak’ her back. Kim was dressed quite normally. She looked like a university student. Of course, Kim already knew the answer to her first question. But that was the point – it made it sound as if she wasn’t a pervert waiting to pounce.

“Yes. Hannah is my aunt, but I don’t think of her as an aunt,” replied Gin.

Hannah and Kim exchanged a knowing look.

“You’re certainly more grown-up than I imagined,” Kim added.

‘Grown-up’ was the signalling word. Grown-up meant ready for kissing. Grown-up meant ready for touching. Grown-up meant ready for fornication.

”Yes, I’m a grown-up now,” smiled Gin.

“I like your dress. It shows off your lovely legs,” said Kim.

Gin smiled at the compliment. She seemed very comfortable around them both already. Hannah hinted to Kim that maybe later they’d catch up again; that her niece and she needed some alone time.

“Come,” Hannah said, “I have a gift for you.”

Gin followed her aunt into the bedroom and Hannah closed the door, but left it slightly ajar, knowing that Kim would be watching everything. They both flopped down on king single bed, as there were no chairs. From under the pillow, Hannah pulled out a small boxed gift, wrapped in pretty paper.

”Open it,” she said to Gin.

Gin looked excited. Her small fingers tore open the fancy paper to reveal a small box. Inside the box was a black metal Baphomet hanging on a black bootlace string. Gin held it up in her fingers and looked at it admiringly. Obviously, anything from Hannah was treated with a kind of fantastical adoration.

”Wow!” Gin said. “What is it?”

”It’s a witch’s talisman,” answered Hannah, “It’s only for grown-ups to wear. It will ward off evil spirits,” she lied.

Yes, the part about being a witch’s talisman was true, but its real purpose was to attract evil, not repel it.

”Let me put it on you,” said Hannah.

She was excited about feeling up her niece. Hannah looped her legs over the bed so that she sat immediately behind her delicious young niece. Hannah wrapped the bootlace string around Gin’s slender neck. Her fingers lingered on the thirteen-year-old’s clavicles. Her hands couldn’t help but brush gently against Gin’s neck. Rubbing skin against skin, she, ever so lightly fondled her niece. Hannah took her time securing the evil talisman (that she’d masturbated with only minutes before leaving to collect her young niece, coating it with her cunt juices).


Hannah pointed to the full-length standing mirror, that had been placed so that it faced directly at their bed. Hannah stroked Gin’s long black hair, as her niece admired herself in the reflection. Gin made no objection to Hannah’s touches. She seemed perfectly okay, with the intimacy of their unnatural closeness.

“Thank you, Hannah, it’s wonderful!” said Gin.

Gin turned around to kiss her aunt on the cheek, but Hannah moved at just the same moment so that they met lips to lips. The kiss was short. But it left Hannah dizzy. Her head spun with lust. She almost plunged her tongue into the young girl’s mouth … almost … Hannah knew Kim would be touching herself as she watched everything from behind the open door. Hannah took a deep breath.

“See, it matches mine,” said Hannah.

She proudly showed Gin that she too wore exactly the same talisman.

“We’re going to have so much fun this weekend — you won’t want to go back to school.”

“What if I don’t?” asked Gin

They both giggled.


They’d chatted for a while, and then Hannah said something about bedtime. Hannah had lit some small tea lights. It made her bedroom look moody and seductive. The small scented candles gave off a sensual aroma that made Hannah even wetter than she’d earlier. She wanted her niece, desperately.

Hannah undressed slowly and deliberately in front of her niece and then lay down on the bed. Hannah’s eyes never stopped watching her niece. She noticed Gin’s breathing quicken. Hannah’s nipples were fully erect and her pussy was open, wet and her clitoris protruding from her hairless cunt.

Gin removed her clothing and Hannah grinned at her niece’s sexual arousal, which seemed to match her own. The night was very warm as Hannah had made sure the heat was on high. Gin lay back down on top of the bedding next to her perverted aunt.

“You have a lovely figure,” Hannah said.

Gin smiled nervously touching her hair.

“You look so much older than your years. So mature,” Hannah lied.

She liked the girl’s immaturity. She liked her flat chest, hairless cunt and lithe body. She liked the idea of corrupting this child … her sister’s daughter … drawing her into her web of perverted sex.

“You said that in the showers at school, you were curious?”

Gin blushed.

“Do you masturbate?” asked Hannah.

Again Gin looked embarrassed. Of course, she did.

“There’s nothing to be ashamed of. We’re family. It’s our secret. Did my ‘god-fearing’ sister say that it was a sin?”

Gin nodded. Hannah reached forward and toyed Gin’s Baphomet talisman in her hand.

“Well, I love masturbation. It’s so relaxing. I do as often as I can. In fact, I feel like it now. Would you like to do it too?”

She nodded. Hannah slid her thigh between Gin’s and pressed it against the young girl’s damp crutch.

“You know what, it’s even better if we do each other. You know, I masturbated you, while you masturbate me. What do you think?”

Gin seemed to dry swallow and nod again. Hannah didn’t hesitate. Her slender finger quickly began to explore her niece’s slimy hole. Gin gasped.

“Mmmmmm … you’re so wet Gin.”

Gin looked unsure. Almost apologetic about her obvious sexual arousal. Hannah brought her oily fingers to her own mouth. She sucked her fingers clean and then stuck them back up Gin’s tiny slit to re-coat them in her niece’s cunt juices. She brought her oily fingers to Gin’s mouth.

“Taste yourself,” she pressed, “You’re so delicious!”

Gin accepted her aunt’s corruptive finger. She sucked it and grinned.

“Hmmm … you’ve done that before? Haven’t you?”

Gin nodded.

Hannah held Gin’s hand and guided towards her cunt. Gin didn’t seem to need much coaching as she quickly began to finger-fuck her aunt with two fingers, sinking them into her overheated fuck hole right up to the third knuckles.

“Mmmmmmmm … Oh, that’s lovely …” groaned Hannah.

She grabbed Gin’s miscreant hand and brought it to Gin’s lips.

“Taste me,” ordered Hannah.

Gin sucked her own slimy fingers. She repeated the process, without being told. Gin eyes stared into her aunt’s as she sucked them provocatively.

“Good girl. You like my cunt?”

“Yes … Am I a bad girl?” she asked, “Am I a sinner?”

This was interesting, thought Hannah. She was almost role-playing.

“Yes. You’re very bad. A wicked little girl. But isn’t sin, so much better than being pious?”

Gin nodded and asked, “Is this incest?”

“Yes. It is.”

“Will I go to hell if I want more?” she asked.

Gin started to frot aggressively against her aunt’s upper thigh making it wet with her juices.

“Oh yes, most definitely. But remember … pleasure has no boundaries!”

Hannah kissed her niece hard. Their open mouths crashed together and tongues dueled back and forth between their spitty lips.

“Mmmmmmm…” groaned Gin.

Hannah’s groped at the young child’s posterior. Her middle finger penetrated the girl’s oily puckered little anus as their excited clits pressed together.

“God or Satan?” panted Hannah.

“Satan! Oh! Satan!” exclaimed Gin, almost hyperventilating.

Hannah looked up briefly. It was no more than a glance, but it signaled towards the darkened doorway where she knew her co-conspirator would be waiting.

Kim had been reeling. Her sexual tension had reached the point of no return. Her mind was consumed with lust for this small child. As she entered Hannah’s sinful boudoir – it seemed to her that their combined wickedness had cast its sexual spell over her flatmate’s tiny niece. And Kim was boiling over with eagerness to taste the fruits of their perverted lustcraft.

Gin had her back to the door and didn’t see the young student enter. Hannah’s Korean flatmate was completely naked. Her fingers were already feverishly busy between her thighs. She’d been waiting and watching for what had seemed an eternity and she was almost overcome with perverted lust. Now, only a few feet away from Hannah’s naked niece, she grinned with malicious intent.

Hannah saw the wildness in Kim’s expression. Hannah had laid back on the bed and had encouraged Gin to mount her face. She wanted to eat her delicious puffy slit; to plunge her wriggling tongue as deep as she could into the child’s virgin snatch.

“Aaaghhhhhhhh …”

Gin groaned as she felt her aunt’s mouth below her as it wriggled in and out of her virgin itchy cubby. Hannah licked feverishly at Gin’s entire perineum from anus to clitoris. Gin, in turn, was going wild with incestuous passion, fucking her aunt’s face as hard as she could.

Kim kissed Gin’s delicate neck. It was wet with the saltiness of sexual sweat.

“Satan be praised,” Kim groaned.

Gin jumped. She hadn’t expected anyone else to be there, but as soon as she turned and saw Kim’s nubile nakedness, the pair began to kiss each other deeply.

“Hail Satan!” replied little Gin.

Kim and Gin’s mouths fell into one another. Kim’s hand reached for Gin’s sweaty hair, pressing them together as they eagerly sucked each other’s faces. Now, the wicked threesome gyrated and frotted against each other with the heat of unbridled passion.

Kim broke off their first kiss. She looked devil-inspired and obsessed with wickedness. She stood up, and quickly mounted the bed so that her dripping wet cunt now faced the young child. Gin licked her lips. The fishy smell of Kim’s unclean gash was potent.

”Eat me. Fucking eat my filthy hole! Eat, you fucking little bitch!” she demanded.

Hannah looked up, over Gin’s hairless mons and watched Kim’s perverted thirst with glee. Hannah’s fingers sank deeper as she furiously fucked her itchy cunt, groaning loudly into Gin’s narrow furrow.

”Mmmmmmmhhhhh …”

Gin’s mouth closed over Kim’s slimy wet cunt. She held Kim’s slender hips to steady herself. Kim’s hands aggressively grabbed the back of the child’s head, so that she could hasten the process. She ground her hairless snatch mercilessly into the child’s face.

”Fuckkkkkkk … Hail Satan! Hail lust! Fuck, yer … arrghhhhhhhhh …” groaned Hannah’s bewitched flatmate.

The pair gyrated roughly against each other. Gin’s tongue probed the eager young student’s fuck hole, which was now gushing with a waterfall of pungent girl juice.

”Grrrghhhhhuuuu…” groaned Kim as she began to spasm in the throws of a long-awaited orgasm.

As if this was a trigger, at almost the same instant, Gin’s baby cunt began to quiver as her juices too, began to overflow — drenching her aunt’s face, neck, and hair. Hannah immediately began to quake, from the tips of her toes to the top of her head, as she reached a full-body-orgasm that made her jerk like crazy as if she was experiencing some kind of seizure … her body jolted with spontaneous spikes of intense pleasure as she literally screamed into her niece’s pussy.


To be continued …


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