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AUTHORS NOTES: So this is part two. Thanks again to Shellshock for his narrative outline for this interesting blasphemous story. I hope you like my treatment and storytelling. As in the previous chapters, please forgive me for taking artistic license, as some situations, characters, and sequencing have been altered from the original. I will post the original narrative outline in the posts section for anyone interested in submitting a similar proposal. What I liked about Shellshock’s outline was that there was enough detail to frame the content and enough latitude for me to put myself into it.

STORY CODES: Blasphemy, Sacrilege, Young, Incest, Rape, WS, Supernatural, Demonic, Satanic, Abuse, Corruption, Evil, Devil Worship, NC, Sexual Sin, Sex Demons.

CREATED: 16.04.2019 / REVISITED: 20.10.2023

Requiem Of Sins 5


It was a time before mobile phones and the Internet. The folks in the small village of Holy Oak got around on horses and carts. It would be a day’s travel to the nearest town. These were not prosperous times and many live in dolor, awaiting in hope of happier times. Joseph and his wife Laura, are typical of the Holy Oak villagers — simple hardworking folk, trying to raise their families in the scarcity of difficult times. Their daughter, Willow, is a young and precocious ten-year-old with some very strange ideas about sex and religion. These ideas were imparted by their village priest, Father Henry Druss, and his corrupt pedophile wife (and their Sunday School teacher), Samantha Druss. In his hour of need, Joseph turns to Sister Novice Melissa. His situation becomes untenable and his family falls into jeopardy. There is a sinful powder cake, ready to explode, into a revelry of wickedness and corruptive demise.

This then, is a story about an omnipresent evil, arousing, disturbing, and utterly blasphemous, that exists among us. Simply said, some people just want to watch the world burn.


  • Willow Chadwick – innocent and youthful face, acolyte of Samantha (10)
  • Joseph Chadwick – father, laborer, a violent man, now tired of life
  • Laura Chadwick – mother, once pretty, haggard, frigid
  • Novice Sister Melissa – new novice in the parish, youthful (13)
  • Samantha Druss – satanic priestess, Sunday school teacher, wife of priest
  • Father Henry Druss – subverted priest, follows her wife diligently
  • Angelique Volkova – older witch and healer, Satan worshiper
  • Bobby, William, Peter, Louise, Jasmine, Katherine, and the twins, Ronald and Wilma Rutman (corrupted children)


It was almost 5.00 p.m. in the afternoon and the winter skies over the village of Holy Oak were already darkened with the usual seasonal chill. The Chadwick’s ragstone cottage was warm and inviting. The fireplace crackled and Laura Chadwick, wife and mother, busied herself with the final preparations for their evening meal — a simple, but filling concoction of vegetable stew. There was nothing elaborate to their rural lifestyle.

The heavy wooden door creaked and opened wide. Momentarily there was a cold gust of wind as Joseph Chadwick, the husband of Laura and father to their only child, Willow, returned home from a hard day’s work in the fields yonder. He hung his heavy jacket and sat to remove his footwear. The smell of smoke, food, and humble living had a welcoming effect on this stoic man who showed his age and his tiredness from the hardships he endured. This was also true of Laura. She was also haggard — once a pretty young thing, she was now sour and frigid.

“Where’s that girl?” asked Joseph.

He was talking about Willow, his only daughter. She had always been such a very attentive and good child — not like the neighbors’ children. Ronald and Wilma Rutman’s twins were a handful. Some say they’d changed. Laura didn’t understand it.

“Willow!” cried Laura out the small window.

The door opened again and Willow entered. She was a dash of a girl. Waifish and small for her ten years, but disproportionately precocious, Willow was always full of questions — but that was nothing unusual for a child her age. The smell of her mother’s vegetable stew caught her attention. Suddenly she was ravenously hungry.

“Get washed up first,” ordered Laura.

The family sat down at their modest table.

“Bless us, oh Lord, and these thy gifts which we are about to receive from thy bounty through Christ our Lord. Amen,” prayed Laura.

“Amen,” responded Joseph.

“Amen,” said Willow.

Laura served each of them and hungrily, they all began to devour the hot stew.

“What’s up with those Rutman children?” asked Laura.

“What do you mean?” inquired a disinterested Joseph, who was more focused on the consumption of the hot stew than the domestic issues of their local neighborhood.

“Well, I just don’t know. They’re playing up something bad. Out of control, I heard.”

“Nothing a good hiding couldn’t sort out!” answered Joseph.

He was an angry man, quick to temper and violent in his ways.

“Yes, that’s always your way,” she turned her attention to Willow, ”Have you noticed anything strange Willow? I mean, you attend Sunday School with them, right? What’s going on there?”

“Don’t know,” lied Willow with a mouth full of stew.


What was it that Willow didn’t tell her mother and father? Did she know why the Rutman twins (Ronald and Wilma) were not the same? Did she know why many of her young Sunday School friends had been irreversibly changed? Of course, she did. She grinned wickedly to herself. She thought about some of the other members of her little Sunday School class. There were the boys: Ronald, Bobby, William, and Peter; and the girls: Wilma, Louise, Jasmine, and Katherine. What fun they all had together under the watchful eye of their teacher, and the wife of the village priest, Ms. Samantha Druss.

She recalled a recent encounter, where their so-called teacher had introduced them to a sexual demon. It had been a little scary at first — in the bowels of the old church crypt at all. There was something archaic about the place. It smelt of burnt things and an erotic pungency. The ceremonial candles … so many candles, burning with an iridescence that made their naked bodies all glow in blood reds and sanguine oranges.

Ms. Druss was no Sunday School teacher. They all knew that now. And they all savored the wickedness that she showed them, as they conjoined together in mutual masturbation as they all prayed to Satan for the power of the demonic orgasm.

On that particular evening, the priest, Father Henry had joined in their witchcraft ritual. He was no priest – well, not a priest of Christ or God Almighty. He was infused with the devil incarnate. He had taught them what perverted fun it was to drink his, and each other’s, urine as they all took turns at playing with his man-sized cock under the close direction of Ms. Druss, their satanic priestess.

It had been the Rutman twins who had been chosen to perform oral sex on perverted Father Henry — he’d ejaculated his foamy-white semen over their piss-wet faces. Yes, the Rutman twins were as corrupted as the rest of her Sunday school class.


The loft was dark. The blinds were drawn tightly across the narrow windows. It stank of nasty toilet things. The floorboards creaked as the satanic priestess stepped into the shadow world. Her senses sharpened and the vellus hairs stood upright on her neck. A nervous bead of sweat ran down her naked back.

“Sexualem perversa … sexualem perversa …” repeated the raspy voice from within the darkness.

“Hail Divine One,” addressed the young devotee.

“… You must bring her to me,” the dark voice insisted.

“But Divine One, she is not quite ready,” came a subservient response.

“I DON’T CARE! I have waited long enough!”

“But Divine One, to move prematurely, she may not yield to your letch?”

“Excuses. Excuses. EXCUSES! ENOUGH! Sexualem perversa … Bring her to me by the week’s end!”

“Yes, Divine One.”

The satanic priestess, bowed lowly in the blueish darkness as she carefully retreated. Even though it was too dark for her eyes; her nostrils could see; her earlobes could see. She observed the ancient rites and rituals.

“Sexualem perversa … NO EXCUSES! Week’s end!”

“Yes, Divine One.”


Willow sat in the soapy shallow water of what was their meager bath. The water was warm, relaxing and soon her fingers couldn’t resist a little naughtiness. She slipped a single digit into herself, pressing it deeper, and she moaned quietly. It felt so wicked. Unexpectedly, the bathroom door opened and her father entered. Her hand shot from between her legs and her heart pumped with nervous excitement with the prospect of getting caught whilst sinfully masturbating.

“Oh, sorry! I needed pee … I didn’t realize you were bathing my child.”

Her father sounded genuinely embarrassed by his sudden intrusion.

“Oh Father, it’s alright,” said Willow. She turned away in embarrassment. “It’s okay, please don’t mind me.”

Her Father seemed almost paralyzed. He obviously needs to pee badly, but not in front of his naked bathing daughter.

“You need to pee, right?”

“Yes. Yes.”

She watched him closely as he turned away from the sight of her nakedness and stood in front of the toilet bowl. She saw his hands open his pants and take out his cock. Her naughty little cunt buzzed with a new kind of perversity.

There was shortly the sound of a nervous dribble as her father began to urinate into the toilet bowl. Willow was mesmerized. She was drawn to the sound of her father pissing. She wanted to see. To see his ‘thing’. To watch him piss. Willow’s father shook the last drops from his bladder.

“It’s so big,” she said.

Unaware of Willow’s voyeurism, until that point, he tries to turn away in embarrassment.

“Willow! You should not be looking,” he barked.

“Sorry father … I’m just … I’m just being curious about sex,” she answered.

“Where do you talk about such things?”

By now, her father had covered himself.

“It’s just that everyone else at Sunday School seems to know stuff and they talk about it and I’m the only one who has no idea,” she lied.

“Well … all in good time Willow. All in good time.”

With those few words, he left as quickly as he could, but not without glancing upon her nubile nakedness that shone in with a silky wetness in the candlelight.


It was Sunday and Willow’s father had decided to take his daughter to school. He had been upset about the incident in the bathroom and wanted to talk with Willow’s teacher about the situation. If anyone was to talk about sex education, it should be done properly.

Samantha Dross welcomed the students at the basement door to the Sunday school class. It was immediately after the Sunday Mass and as the adults left to do other Sunday activities, the young children gathered inside awaiting eagerly to the start of their class. Joseph introduced himself as Willow’s father. Samantha sent Willow ahead, into the class, as Joseph came straight to the point.

“Aren’t they a bit young? I mean, to learn about sex?” he asked.

Samantha was a small, elegant woman. She was also the pastor’s wife. She had an air about her that was quietly confident and yet sensually alluring — especially to men like Joseph, who were deprived of any sexual release from their old and frigid wives.

“Mr. Chadwick. May I call you Joseph?” she gently held his arm in a way that appeared comforting but was calculated to stir his libido, “Sex is a topic of great importance … don’t you think?”

“Err … Yes, but …”

“And you are not the only parent to raise a concern. Let me say, it is about God’s design … that a man will lay with a woman, and that in the sanctitude of holy marriage, shall consummate their vows and bear child, as our parents did, and their parents before them.”

“But … what about the more … kind of … sensitive topics? If Willow should bring it up — is it best I change the change subject?”

“May I ask you, does Willow show a natural curiosity about such things?”

“Well … yes. I guess …”

“Then it is the right time. You must be honest with her. Children can tell if you are not telling them the truth. They are perceptive young things. They need your guidance. Your love and nurturing on such delicate matters.”

“Shouldn’t it be … like, my wife? Wouldn’t Laura be better to tackle this?”

“Joseph. I can see you are deeply troubled. But just be honest and open. You are a good father and will be a good teacher,” she smiled warmly.

She knew that she was having an effect on the hapless farmer.

“If you encounter a problem, I promise I will be there to help you through it. Now, if you will excuse me, I must get the Sunday school class underway.”

Joseph thanked the teacher and left quietly. He appeared to be calmer and more confident about his situation. If Willow needed to know something, then it was God’s will and he would do his best.


Samantha entered the basement classroom. It was good and well that this room was locked behind her and without windows to attract any prying eyes, as all the children were already naked.

The teacher slipped from her gown. Her pubic hair had been trimmed neatly into the shape of an introverted cross. As the gown fell to the floor, Samantha beckoned young Willow to her. She sat in a seat-less chair, below which a young girl, Katherine, lay face-upwards. She looked no older than eight years old. Young Katherine lifted her face until it met with the warm loins of her beloved Sunday school teacher — her little tongue drove as deep as she could into the woman’s overheated cunt.

Samantha groaned as she watched all kiddy orgy was already in full swing. Strutting naked with the glow of sexual sweat, Willow approached her teacher.

“Your father is concerned,” said Samantha drawing the child to her flat, boy-like chest.

“He is torn. He is trying to be a good Father.”

“But, I swear … I didn’t do anything,” she pretended.

“Liar. Fucking little whore. He was horny. He was excited.”

“It’s just that he wants me, Mistress. It was so easy to tempt him.”

“Satan be praised.”

She kissed Willow on the mouth. Their tongue twisted together like two demented eels, as Samantha’s hands roamed over the child’s body.

“But … I am getting ahead of myself. Did I give you permission?”


“Then I guess you must be punished in the appropriate way!”

“Mistress?!?” chimed Willow.

She submissively knelt down between Samantha’s open thighs.

Samantha stood up above the rim of the bottomless chair so that her cunt was no longer in contact with the other child’s mouth. She held her piss lips open.

“Don’t you dare spill a drop!” she ordered.

A hot cascade of yellow piss drenched Willow’s upturned face. Samantha aimed her piss spray into the child’s open mouth.

“FUCK YER! HAIL SATAN!” she cried.

She rubbed her oily clit and continued to empty her bladder into the open mouth of the masturbating child before her.



The satanic priestess stood at the doorway to the loft. She steadied her nerves and held Willow’s hand tightly. Their palms were both sweating and it made their grip more difficult. Her heart pounded in her own ears.

“Just do exactly as the Divine One says,” reminded the satanic priestess.

Willow nodded obediently. She was naked beneath her translucent-white confirmation dress. Her other hand she gripped a small bouquet of small white flowers. They both stepped nervously inside the dark loft. The sound of their bare feet on the hard wooden floor echoed the room’s inky hollowness. They held each other’s hands tightly. The satanic priestess brought Willow to the center of the room and stopped. A raspy voice broke the pin-drop silence.

“At last,” it said, “Sexualem perversa … Remove that ridiculous outfit and discard the pathetic flowers.”

The satanic priestess helped Willow the best she could in the darkness.

“What is taking so long? You know how I have waited for this moment. Do not test my patience further.” Urged the raspy voice.

Willow now stood naked in the pitch blackness.

“Open your legs, child … Sexualem perversa … OPEN YOUR LEGS!” it persistently ordered.

The young child complied.


Willow had waited for his mother to leave. Their church had asked for volunteers and being a good Christian, her mother, Laura, felt obligated to assist. She was gone, leaving Willow and her father to do the nightly chores.

Alone and dressed in just a thin skimpy dress, she climbed upon her father’s bare legs and sat against his lap.

“Father tell me about sex.”

Joseph swallowed hard and tried his best to be clinical. Describing how a man puts his penis inside a woman so that his semen can fertilize the ovum.

“But how does a man’s cock become stiff and hard?”

“It’s the flow of blood,” he answered.

“But doesn’t the woman need to suck it first? Doesn’t a woman need to masturbate him, rub it between her fingers, and make him hard? And then lick and suck his cock and balls until they are almost ready to cum.”

Masturbation. Oral sex. Sucking. Licking. Cumming? He hadn’t anticipated any of this.

“Does it hurt when you have anal sex? Is it better to have the mouth of a young boy or girl, or is it the same?”

Sodomy. Bisex. Joseph was well past his comfort zone.

“Well. I mean. It’s really only something that should happen between a man and a woman.

A husband and wife. It is God’s will that they have children together,” he mumbled incoherently.

“What about the women that sleep with men for money? Whores, who willingly please any man or woman that needs sex?”

“Well, I don’t know much about that,” he pretended in avoidance.

“But isn’t it nice, just to fuck and suck? To do it just for the pleasure of it? Fuck for pleasure, father?”

Willow subtly squirmed upon his lap. Her father’s cock was definitely responding. He even shifted his position, so that his excitement would not be so obvious.

“It’s … sinful. It’s a sin before God. No … Sex is only right, in the context of Christian marriage, Willow.”

“It’s sinful then? Is it sinful to want to please your lover? Does mother please you? Does she lovingly stroke and suck your beautiful, big cock, father? Does she beg you to fuck her in all her holes?”

Her father went to lift her from his lap — and pushed her to the point of no return. But Willow’s hand pressed against his erect penis.

“I know she doesn’t father. I know she’s a frigid bitch. She doesn’t pleasure you anymore … she hasn’t done it for years. And you. You are the man. A big strong man with a beautiful cock to worship.”

Her father looked paralyzed in fear. He could obviously not deny his enchantment in his daughter’s incestuous seduction. Part of him wanted to run. Part of him wanted her to put her dainty little hands inside his pants — and rub his engorged cock until he orgasmed. He felt bad. He felt wicked. He felt so fucking horny.

“I think we need to change the subject,” he announced.


The next day was a blur.

But as Laura left to go to help out at church, Willow and her father looked at each other in a different way. He’s been arguing with his wife. He was the man of the house. He was the master. He should be respected. Why was it that their lives had become so insipid? So devoid of any love and passion. Dare he say … their sexless life!

She’d said something about her disappointment in him … his lack of prowess … his lack of standing in the village … who did he think he was demanding her attention, that he obviously did not deserve? Master? Man of the house? She laughed in his face. Now Joseph was stirred in frustration. Frustration stirred to anger. Anger to outrage. And husband and wife parted in an awful mood.

Willow was there to comfort him.

He was deeply upset. Emotionally wounded. How dare she say those things. He was a man and should be respected as the head of their house … no matter what! Finally, he seemed less resistant to her sensual advances. She kept it subtle at first. Encouraging him. It seemed that Joseph even welcomed her advances. She sat again on his lap. The naked flesh of her legs pressed against his — as he sat in only his underclothing.

She slipped her hands inside the thin material of his cotton pants and began to stroke his stiffening manhood — pulling his loose foreskin back and forth across the engorged head of his pre-cum wet cock head. All the time, she whispered in his ear, that she’d be there for him … that he was the master … that he should not have to beg his wife for the sexual pleasure he deserves … that he should just take her … it was his God-given right!


Upon Laura’s return to their humble cottage, she found Willow fast asleep in her bed. She felt bad about the argument with Joseph. She’d said a few things that she did not mean — or maybe the whole thing just got out of hand. Anyway, she thought about her husband. He’d been a good man. A God-fearing man with strong Christian principles and she regretted her words. Hopefully, she’d be able to make amends.

She looked at their barren marital bed. Yes, they had not been intimate for a long time. Maybe the last time was when she got pregnant with Willow. A long time. No love. No passion. Exhausted, she stripped to change into her nightshirt.

Joseph appeared. Had he been hiding? This was not like him … Now, he stood naked before her. He looked sexually excited (seemingly impassioned by his daughter’s secret suggestions). “Take her. She is your property. Take your pleasure with her.”

“Lay down,” he ordered.

“Don’t be a fool,” she said, her anger returning.

Willow had been faking her sleep. Now she crawled forward to the edge of the curtained doorway. Watching from the shadows, she had front-row seats. Silently she prayed to Satan to egg her father on — to fuck her resistant mother, now, there, before her eyes.

“It’s late,” she reminded him.

“I don’t care.”

He grabbed her roughly and threw her down on the bedding and then he was on top of her. Laura was furious.

“Get off!” she demanded.

But Joseph was stronger than her and soon he was pressing himself between her legs. She was dry and unaccommodating.

“Get off me!” she cried.

Willow watched and masturbated furiously. Yes …. FUCK HER. She heard the begging cries of her mother as her gruff father began to dry fuck her. She watched, almost delirious in the knowledge that this was her doing — she had been the instigator of her mother’s rape. Hail Satan! Hail Satan! She prayed as her orgasm boiled up to the point where she had to muffle her own scream of ecstasy, as she came hard and long… over and over … in multiple orgasms at the pitiful sight of her mother’s sickly demise.


Joseph returns from working in the fields. He remembered how subdued and frightful Laura had been in the morning. It saddened him deeply. What had overcome him? Breakfast had been very awkward. But, at least she knew now that he was the boss.

“She gone to grandma’s. She said that something about grandma being unwell …” announced Willow.

It was a sobering moment. But Joseph didn’t care. He saw through this lame excuse. But, he’d done nothing wrong in the eyes of his God. He was the man of the house. He should not be denied satisfaction.

Willow was wrapped in a thin, damp towel as if she’d been bathing. Her nubile young body seemed to have an iridescence glow across the orange-red firelight. His eyes could not help but notice her semi-nakedness and not in a nurturing way. Without any warning, Willow began to cry. It was all an insidious ploy, but it seemed to get her father’s attention.

“Why are you so upset Willow?” he asked, “Your mother will be back.”

“I just … I just don’t understand …” she stammered (convincingly), ”I just don’t understand why she could be so disrespectful to you?”

Willow threw her delicate arms around her father’s neck, hugging him tightly, pressing herself against him. Her towel fell away. It seemed that in her emotional state, she was unaware of her sensual nakedness — pressed against her father in a provocative manner.

“What do you mean?” asked Joseph.

The blood was already rushing to fill his eager cock.

“It’s a lie. Grandma isn’t sick. It’s a lie. She’s a bad mother and a bad wife.”

Willow began to grind her hips against her father’s erection.

Joseph’s head was pounding. He tried to pull away, but Willow clung tightly, pressing herself against him against his raging hard-on as he struggled against his undeniable arousal. He’d never felt so horny in all his life. He’d never been this excited with this wife. The thought of fucking his own daughter disgusted him. Repelled him. But he knew he was powerless to stop this incestuous craving.

“She should be grateful for all that you provide. Love. Shelter. Food … but instead the selfish bitch calls you names, disrespects you, treats you like a bastard … I love you Father … I would never disrespect you … or refuse you anything … ANYTHING!”

He was lost to any sense of reason. An incredible sense of power and unbridled lust filled his being. He now pressed back against Willow’s gyrating hips — his hard-on standing out at right angles; his balls tightened; as his entire body shook with depravity.

Her cunt was dripping with girl juices at the thought of devouring her Father’s cock. She wanted it inside her … filling her holes … her mouth, her cunt, her anus … Yes! Satan be praised, tonight she would have him. Tonight he would fuck her and cum deep inside her — impregnate her with his incestuous seed. The fall would be so delicious!


“Touch yourself … Sexualem perversa … Touch yourself and make yourself wet …” ordered the raspy voice.

Willow couldn’t see anything. The room was blacker than night. But still, she sensed her latent voyeur. The sound of its voice was no more than a few feet in front of her. She gyrated her hips and rubbed a single digit between the shallow clef of her pussy lips … it was sensual not lewd … delicate not overtly slutty. She played with herself, almost innocently before whatever lay in the demanding darkness.

‘YES …. YES … Sexualem perversa … That’s it … do it faster …”

Her cunt was now soaking wet from her own illicit touch. It turned her on to do it before her unseen voyeur. She let out a soft moan.

“Show me how wet you are … show me the wetness of your figures!” ordered the gravelly onlooker, “Taste yourself … suck your naughty fingers … mmmm … that’s it masturbate yourself for me … show me your willingness to sin …”

She could hear the slapping of wet flesh. Was her voyeur masturbating at the sight of her little show? Yes, the sound was of wet flesh. Cock flesh. The smell of a fetid odor met her nostrils. It stirred her. She groaned louder, sticking three fingers into her cunt hole, moving them in and out to the same rhythm as the sound of the beating of wet flesh before her. She wanted to see. She wanted to see what her voyeur looked like – but it was so dark. She felt herself approaching an orgasm as she inhaled the offensive smell of something sour … something rotten … something disgusting …

“Stop!” commanded the voice from the blackness.

Willow gasped. She didn’t want to stop. The build-up was so overpowering. But she remembered the satanic priestesses’ words … “Just do exactly as the Divine One says.” She panted. Her hands fell to the sides of her body as she swayed slightly.

“Excellent. Now, come closer,” it beckoned.

The sound of wet flesh had not stopped. She gingerly stepped forward one step and a time. She felt lightheaded.

“That it … mmmmm … sexualem perversa … now open your legs wider …”



Joseph couldn’t stand it any longer. He was filled with a lustful rage as he grabbed Willow by her narrow wrists and pulled her arms above her head. His sweating face pressed against hers. Their open mouths met with wild abandonment. His thick tongue filled her mouth with a great sense of urgency.

Like a man possessed, he forced his naked daughter backward onto the sheepskin carpet that lay before the fireplace as he continued to hold her tiny hands over her head. With his sheer body weight against her, she was pinned down. But Willow was not afraid. Quite the opposite. She was as lusty as he was, and thoroughly enjoying his incestuous lust. She wriggled against her father’s groin, teasing his cock to breaking point.

Joseph gasped. He momentarily lifted himself away from his daughter’s body and pulled his pants down far enough, so that his rigid cock could escape its bindings. He groaned and pressed her waifish thighs further apart. His cock thrust forward against her slimy little hole. She was ripe. Ready. And gasping.

“No Father … No Father … we shouldn’t … this is wrong!” she lied and gasped as he finally penetrated her.

But Joseph was beyond any reason. His cock was already inside her immature cunt. He was like a wild animal.

“Ohhhh! Father … Stop! Father! Stop! It’s too big. It’s hurting me!” she lied again and again as she grinned ear to ear.

He panted and pressed his cock to the hilt. Fucking her as hard and as fast as he could. Her words seemed to wash over him — serving only to fuel his immoral desires.

“Ohhhhhhhh! FUCK! Oh! FUCK! STOP! STOP!”

Willow gritted her teeth. Screamed out loud, she felt the rush of orgasm overtake her as her father grunted like a wounded bull and finally ejaculated … sending his incestuous seed to fill her baby cunt.


The morning found Joseph in a dreamy daze. He awoke, alone and naked — spread across the sheepskin carpet by the extinguished fire.

Where was Laura? Where was his wife? He remembered their angry argument and that she had left for her mother’s on the excuse of some pretense of illness.

He then remembered his daughter, Willow. Her young succulent body. His mind seemed to flicker back and forth. Her flattish chest and pointed nipples. A dream? A nightmare? The tightness of her vagina. The feeling of her legs wrapped around his midriff. He remembered his crazy lust. The see-saw motion of his cock defiled her virginity. He remembered her screams that told him to stop! What had transpired?

He got up and washed his face. Was it some sick kind of dream of seduction? A dream of him, forcing himself upon her. He remembered her screaming. Raping his own daughter? Surely not?

Joseph was alone in the cottage.

Daylight brought an unbearable reality. He still could not believe his own actions. Joseph got down on his knees and prayed like never before. What had he done? Oh God, what had he done? He prayed to God. He prayed for forgiveness. How could have done such an unforgivable act?

The door opened and standing silently and timidly against the morning light was Willow. Poor Willow. Poor innocent Willow. He was a monster. He was a rapist.

Willow stepped forward and he threw his arms around her waist.

“I’m so sorry … I … I don’t know what overcame me … please forgive me … please forgive me Willow …” he begged and cried like a baby.

“Father … It’s okay.”

“I’m a monster. I cannot believe it. I don’t know what I was thinking. Please forgive me!”

“Oh Father, there’s no need for this. It was just human nature. You are a man. You have needs. Sexual needs. It is her fault,” she lied.

Joseph looked up at his daughter. His face was wet with tears.

“Such a powerful man should not be held down by such a frigid bitch of a wife. A wife that cannot or refuses to take care of him. A woman that cannot even satisfy him.”

She stroked his hair which was now plastered to his sweaty head.

“I know what you need. I understand your feelings. You have nothing to fear. It will be our secret. My body is yours,” she pretended to confess.

Willow gently took her father’s hand and pressed it against her puffy little tits. His fingers lightly squeezed her tiny mounts. She smiled as her hand felt against his naked groin. His cock twitched in her tiny fingers.

“Oh, Father. My body is yours. And yours is mine,” she said.

She gripped his cock tighter. Squeezing his shaft as she lent forward and took her father’s cock head between her warm lips. He moaned in total disbelief.

“I will do things that she will not,” said Willow, licking her father’s cock like a lollipop, “I want to you cum in my mouth. I WANT TO EAT YOUR SEED FATHER … Your daughter’s cunt is wet for YOUR BIG COCK … I worship your cock, Father … WANT YOU TO FUCK MY BUM HOLE! CUM ALL OVER ME! DRENCH ME IN CUM, FATHER!”


Laura stood outside the cottage. It was close to sunset. Their home looked so serene. She hated to lie and regretted her own haste. Joseph was just a man. A hopeless man at that. He had wanted her affection and she had made him feel like a fool. She had said things that were mean and unnecessary. Now, he had forced himself upon her. That was sure. Was that so unforgivable? Should she give him another chance? God said that we should forgive those who trespass against us. After all these long years … She couldn’t just throw away their marriage. Their vows (for better or worse) … They had promised to love each other (in sickness and health) … Maybe it was a kind of sickness. Lovesick?

She walked to the door.


Willow squirmed and gave a small high-pitched squeak as she felt a wetness touch her between the legs.

“Be still. Be quiet …” order the voice.

It was closer than before. She felt fearful. She felt like turning and running. The wetness began again. It touched her gently. Caressing. Probing.

”Open your legs wider. I will not hurt you … not yet.”

“Do exactly as the Divine One says.”

It was the reassuring voice of the satanic priestess. Willow was breathing heavily … panting incoherently … She tried to steady herself.

The wetness rubbed up against her sensitive clitoris. It brought an unexpected pleasure.

The wetness traveled downwards and pressed inside her. It licked her. It lapped at her insides. It was tasting her. She heard its gasp of sensual enjoyment. It found her appetizing.

The penial tongue began to penetrate her. Hot and wet. Soft yet firm. Like a long wriggling worm burrowing upwards inside her tight little fuck tunnel. Beyond the length of any human tongue or appendage, bigger than her father’s cock, the wetness reached upwards inside her guts. It moved in and out and twisted around lubricated in a mixture of saliva and her own girl juice. It reached upwards, further and further … penetrating her with a new kind of fullness.

A dark god or a sexual demon? She groaned in sheer delight. Oh yes, more, please more …


Laura didn’t say much. Neither did Joseph or Willow.

Life in the small cottage seemed to return to normal. As if the events of the past few days had never happened. She wondered if that was a good thing. Maybe she should speak her mind? Maybe she should clear the air? Maybe she should just let sleeping dogs lie? As they readied for bed, events began to unfold of their own accord. As she undressed, intending to don her familiar night shirt, Joseph approached her. He stood naked. His cock pointed upwards, hard and throbbing with sexual need.

“Joseph,” she said quietly, “I have not forgiven you for raping me. I think you should calm down. There will be nothing between us in bed … not for a while at least.”

Joseph looked distant. Uncaring. His hand stroked himself in an unfamiliar way. A sinful urging. He had the look of a man who would not take ‘no’ for an answer. Laura felt afraid immediately. Was he to force himself upon her again? Tonight? Every night? What demon possessed her husband to be so selfish and uncaring? He stroked his cock impatiently.

“Joseph!” Laura’s voice sounded fearful, “Stop this behavior. You must repent your actions before God Almighty.”

As she spoke, their bedroom curtain parted. There standing in the doorway was Willow. She was completely naked. Her fingers were between her legs, busying themselves with masturbation (mirroring that of Joseph). They appeared detached. Possessed by sexual spirits.

“Willow,” said Laura in complete and utter surprise.

“You return to my Father’s house, but you refuse him his needs? What kind of wife is that? You should not speak of repentance before God Almighty. It is you who should be begging for HIS forgiveness. For HE is the master of this house. HIS pleasure is your duty!”

Laura’s anger was palpable. She raises her hand to slap her child, but Willow is too fast and sidesteps her so that Laura’s hand misses wildly.

“Bend over before HIM. Offer yourself to HIM. See how HIS cock is ready for your undeserving cunt, Mother.”

Laura is dumbfounded. Angry. Confused.

Joseph seems to use the moment to take matters into his own hands grabs her and throws her onto the bedding. He grabbed her by the neck and pressed her violently against the mattress.

“YES FATHER! YES! Take her father. Take what’s rightly yours. Fuck the unworthy bitch hard!”

His rough strong hands grip her throat, bruising her skin and causing her to gasp for breath. The fight seemed to leave her body and it became limp and malleable. Laura blacked out.

Joseph looked up.

“Leave her father. My cunt is wet and waiting for you. Come let me pleasure you again … and again … use me, use your incestuous lover … I will not refuse you! I am yours. You are my GOD! I worship your COCK! FUCK ME! FUCK MY HOLES, OH GREAT ONE!”

Joseph looked down momentarily upon the stillness of his wife. He seemed not to care. And then turned. He refocused his sexual desires upon Willow’s nubile young body. His hunger was omnipotent. Salivating. Breathing heavily. She looked so sexy. Horny. Her slender fingers moved in and out of her eager little cunt, pumping her wetness in anticipation of his incestuous penetration. A true temptress. Yes. Her cupidity filled him with a perverted new passion.

“Come to me. My man, my GOD!”

His cock twitched. He wanted nothing more than to fuck her hard — as he’d done all the previous night. She seemed akin to his desires, his needs, she’d offered herself over and over … never sate, never tiring of his needs. He’d cum in her mouth. Fucked her in every position. She’d talked like an evil slut — demanding more and more depravity from his bottomless pit … Drawing and feeding his most deviant of desires out into the open. He’d tasted the sweetness of her young tight cunt. So strawberry sweet. Not sour and flabby (like Laura’s frigid hole).


It was now the early hours of the morning. Everything was still.

Willow had waited until her father was fast asleep. Exhausted from his sexual labor. He snored loudly. Nothing short of an earthquake would awaken him from this deep slumber.

Willow felt her father’s semen dribbling from her hairless slit. Her baby clit was hard again. It stood out from the fleshy hood as she rubbed herself slowly and deliberately, thinking about her father’s corruption. Yes! Hail Satan! She dipped her finger in his cold slime and she brought it to her mouth. She tasted his salty seed. Unholy. Depraved. She was a perverted sexual demon. Praise the dark Lord!

Willow lay down next to her mother’s unconscious body.

“Mother,” she said softly, “I love fucking my Father. Did you hear me? I said, I love it when he cums inside me. When he fills my baby cunt with his filthy seed,” she laughed quietly, “He doesn’t know it, but he does the Devil’s work. He’s such a fucking loser! He will burn in hell, Mother. And you will be there with him … You have no idea what the Devil has in store for you both in HELL! Hail Satan!”

Willow pissed in her pants, soaking them in her warm urine, and then pulled them down her legs. Taking the soaked fabric, she jammed it into her mother’s mouth. She then covered her mother’s nose and mouth as she began to asphyxiate her.

“Mother … It’s time … Time for you to die. Sexualem perversa … I can’t wait to piss on your grave!”

Her mother’s body started to react, but Willow used all her strength to choke her off. The Devil inside her urged her onward.

“Die! Die you fucking bitch!”


To be continued?


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