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Nihil Sine Nefas (Nothing Without Sin) 1


The Foster family is a loving Christian couple, Susan and David with two adorable children, Sally and Steven. They’d tried to have a third child but unfortunately had been unsuccessful to conceive. So, after exhausting all their options, they decide to adopt Nina, a cute ten-year-old from the local orphanage. But things aren’t always what they seem. The truth involves Susan’s wicked sister, Sara, who dreams of incestuous and blasphemous things, and her plot to pervert her sister’s perfect family and draw them into her demonic fold.


“There is no sinner like a young Saint.” — Aphra Behn — “Lust’s passion will be served; it demands, it militates, it tyrannizes.” — Marquis de Sade

Susan Foster tossed and turned. She had not slept easily in weeks and had even resorted to taking a mild sedative to help her try and break the cycle of restlessness. In the first light of the morning, she watched her handsome husband, David, as he lay at her side. Her fingers lightly brushed the stringy muscles of his upper arm as he slept. He was her strength, her pillar… the one thing in her life that had always been constant.

She quietly slipped from the comfort of the bedclothes and donned her warm housecoat. She tiptoed past the bedrooms of her two young children, Sally and Stephen, as they lay asleep in their childish dreams. How she loved them. They gave her life meaning and joy. Though David and she had tried to give them a new brother or sister, their attempts to date had been unsuccessful.

David had already resigned himself to the fact that, by the grace of God, they had two healthy children, and that it just was not meant to be. Susan had felt differently. She had even ventured into the city to consult a ‘fertility expert’ who had professed to an all-natural way to become pregnant and she had tried to follow their suggested regime of herbs and vitamins, as well as timing their lovemaking to her fertility cycle. She had abandoned these attempts after only a few sessions, as the whole subject of discussing such intimacy with strangers, even though they were doctors, made Susan feel very uncomfortable. She had prayed to the Lord for the strength to carry on and had hope in his ultimate wisdom.

Susan walked barefoot out onto the decking of their first-floor balcony that overlooked a sculptured garden. Her housecoat held back the chilly breeze from Susan’s athletic body. Their nature-inspired home had been architecturally designed in glass and natural materials to accent the scenic woodlands.

They had moved to this predominately rural neighborhood soon after the kids were born, to escape the hassle and bustle of the big city. The time had passed quickly as Stephen was already eleven years old and Sally was just nine. The quiet village life and straightforwardness of local folk had suited Susan, who really did not care for the sinful ways of those rude city people.

The golden rays of the rising sun beamed across the horizon and gave the morning a radiant start. Though it was getting a little colder, with the onset of autumn, she braved the temperature in appreciation of the quietness of the moment. With only the sounds of the forestland around her, her mind was clearer.

Sara, her twin sister had made a suggestion that teased its way to the front of her mind. Though they looked identical, Sara and she had never been close, despite the nearness of the ages. Sara was very different from Susan. They were chalk and cheese. In Susan’s mind, she may not have been the complete angel … but her sister was a demon.

She had left home before finishing high school and had disappeared for long periods of time, choosing to live, what Susan had thought was an unchristian lifestyle of blasphemy, fornication, and perverse excessiveness.

At some level of her consciousness, Susan was aware of the bitter resentment she felt towards her errant sister. She had tried to ‘forgive those who trespass against us’ as the ‘good book’ told her; but she deeply felt the psychological pain that her sister had inflicted upon her, from an early age, with the teasing, tormenting, and bullying … not to mention the physical abuse.

Susan considered her twin to be an evil person. It had been through a phone call to her parents, who lived upstate, and during a mother-daughter talk about the discontinuance of her so-called fertility treatment, Sara had mentioned to her mother the possibility of adoption.

Susan always viewed everything that Sara did with great suspicion. There was nothing that she did without an ulterior motive. Even being around her parent’s home, meant that she was up to something. She was such a schemer, a user and simply was not to be trusted. The very fact that she had been the one to suggest the possibility of adoption was also the very reason to reject it. But still, Susan saw some sense in its consideration.

Forgive me Lord; this demon of a sister makes my flesh crawl.

In her mind she pictured being able to give a poor and unfortunate child a new beginning, a new family, and a new life … it would be what God had intended in his merciful goodness. It made her feel like she would be completing their family and at the same time giving hope and charity to a disadvantaged child … yes it was the Christian thing to do. Should it be a boy or a girl? It did not matter… they would love him or her as one of their own.

“Here you are,” said David stepping out into the cold morning air.

Susan could smell the fresh coffee that he carried in two mugs.

“Didn’t want to wake you. Just couldn’t sleep.”

“You’re thinking about adoption, right?”

Susan smiled. Her husband knew her so well.

“We could try again,” he suggested.

“Yes, you’d like that. Somehow all the science takes the feelings out of our lovemaking … don’t you think?”

“No Suzy …’ he said.

He pulled her into his arms and kissed her neck passionately.

“Not here.”

“What are the neighbors watching,” laughed David.


Susan’s mobile bleeped with an unopened message.

“Something from Sara.”

“What does that evil little witch want?” exclaimed David

David had no time for the woman he had once called a blasphemous whore to her face.

“She is up to something and everything involving your sister ends badly for everyone, except her.”

“She was inquiring about our visit to the orphanage, David. I feel exactly the same as you … but please be civil, she is still my twin sister … no matter what.”

The trip to the orphanage had been a rather upsetting experience. There were so many needy children and neither, David nor Susan, felt they could pick one child over another. They had left even more confused.

“Sorry, I don’t mean to be like that. It’s just that she is always up to something. Like the other day at your parents … your father told me after she left that they found she’d stolen a few of your personal things, photos, jewelry, and stuff like that … she’s probably using them in a voodoo ritual.”

“David, please.”

“Okay, okay. I’ll stop now.”

“She mentioned a young girl called Nina. She’s ten years old and her parents had placed her in foster care since she was very young. She said that she thinks she’s perfect for our family and wanted to bring her over … she’s even sent a picture … look … she’s so sweet.”

David looked at the picture on Susan’s phone. Nina was cute. She looked angelic and her long dark hair, slender face, and pale complexion … it made her look like Susan did when she was much young.

“She’s very cute,” affirmed David.

“It can’t hurt? We could always say no?”

“How old did you say she was?”

“Sara said she was ten years old,” replied Susan.


Sara strutted around the bedroom of her luxury penthouse apartment. She had done well for herself and was never satisfied.

Stepping away from the panoramic city view, she stood in front of the full-length mirrored wall that stretched the length of her enormous bedroom. She looked at herself. Her pampered lifestyle had made sure that she was always groomed and looking her best. She provocatively lifted the hem of her silky camisole. Her palm traced the outline of her flat stomach that had no signs of stretch marks or anything of the vulgar disfigurations of childbirth. Her nipples stiffened beneath the silk fabric and she allowed her fingers to slip downwards over her pierced labia as she admired the softness of her freshly shaved vagina. She could feel the slight wetness begin to build as it always did just before she masturbated.

She thought about the sweet young thing she had brought back from the club, two nights before and how they had made out in the taxi on the way home to her apartment. She had enjoyed their eye contact and had wasted no time in getting acquainted. A few drinks later, they left together. Her mouth tasted of lipstick and cheap whisky. They could not keep their hands off of each other. It always turned Sara on to act like a complete slut. They had put on quite a little show, provocatively tongue-kissing each other, and then vigorously fingered each other in the back seat, as the voyeuristic taxi driver watched them the entire time.

Their sex had been exactly what Sara had needed … a fast and dirty one-night-stand … though the girl had not even been eighteen, Sara longed for an even younger lover. She rubbed her finger back and forth across a dripping slit and used the wetness to tease her fully erect clit. Her mind had slipped into a distant memory of pre-teen flesh against together … a hot but uncooperative lover that she had forced to lick her between her legs … the domination was such an extra thrill, even at such a tender age, the urge to do dirty and perverse things was a thrill unto its own… the more perverse the bigger the thrill.

She loved to fantasize about blasphemous things … demonic things … they always gave her an extra thrill … like masturbating with religious objects always got her off.

Just then her mobile rang.

Fuck! Who could be calling me?

Sara recognized the number. It was her stupid god-fucking sister, Susan. She smiled with gritted teeth.

“Hope I didn’t wake you?” asked Susan timidly.

“No, I awake. So, what’s up?” Sara continued to masturbate as her sister spoke.

“You mentioned the orphan girl, Nina. I talked to David about it and we thought it would be good to meet her.”

“Sure. I spoke to the nuns only yesterday and they said that they are happy to bring her over to your place. She’s been in their care for some time and the chance to place her in a good home is something they have been hoping for.”

“Thank you, Sara, thank you.”

Susan had never actually said those words to her sister before, as she had never done anything selflessly until now. Susan was still a little shocked by the whole thing.

‘It’s nothing. I have to go.’

The phone went dead.

Sara had been punishing her breasts and squeezing her bullet-hard nipples throughout the entire conversation. Thinking it was kind of kinky playing with herself as she talked to her dumb god-fucking sister. She remembered back to when they had been much younger … Nina’s age … she had first discovered the pleasures of masturbation and had been combining her nocturnal pleasuring with many evil fantasies about her young nubile friends, but her favorite fantasy … the one that never failed to get her off big time, was about fucking her own sister in the church … or better still in some perverted satanic rite.

She first heard the word ‘incest’ from Sunday school. The priest had been talking about sins of the flesh and the subject of inappropriate touching between siblings. Sara had been so wet just by this thought alone — anything inappropriate gave her a bit of a thrill. She had prayed to the devil, offering her soul.


Susan watched the car pull into their driveway. She was nervous about this meeting. A nun, dressed in a grey habit, and the small girl emerged from the stationary vehicle. The doorbell rang.

Susan answered the door. She smiled from ear to ear. Nina returned the smile to the woman that nun had told her would like to be her new mummy.

“Hello Nina, my name is Suzy.”

Nina smiled again.

“Hello Mrs. Foster, my name is Sister Juliana from the Holy Mary’s Home. I hope we haven’t held you up, we got a little lost in this unfamiliar area.”

“It’s no imposition Sister. Please call me Susan.”

“Thank you, Susan,”

“Please — please, come in.”

They stepped into the warmth of the Foster’s lounge. A log fire burnt with a welcoming heat.

“May I take your coats?” said David appearing from the stairwell, “I am David, Susan’s husband. Thank you so much for making the trip out here Sister.”

He shook the Sister’s hand and gestured towards the leather lounge.

‘This is Nina. She is ten years old. Say hello Nina.’

“Hello, Mr. and Mrs. Foster. It is so nice to meet you both. Thank you for inviting Sister Juliana and me to your lovely home,” replied Nina.

Her voice was as sweet as a lark, her pose that of a ballerina and her confidence of adult.

“Please call us Suzy and David, Nina,” replied Susan.

“Suzy and David it is,” said Nina and gave them both a big hug.

She is so adorable.

“So what are your interests, Nina?” asked David.

“She has excelled at her schoolwork and has expressed an interest in the faith. She is charming and always well-behaved,” said Sister Juliana.

“I also like painting and drawing,” added Nina.

She looked around the ultra-modern interior of Foster’s home, with its scattering of ecliptic art from various countries around the world.

Susan noticed Nina’s alert eye. She had the spark of awareness and intelligence that intrigued Susan. It was a far cry from the feeling of desperation and depression that she and her husband had felt at the orphanage. Dare she be the one? Susan could help but notice her striking physical features; her blue-black hair hugged the creamy paleness of her flawless face. She reminded her so much of old photographs of herself at this age. It was uncanny how she could easily pass as her own daughter.

As David looked into her large dark eyes he found them filled with a mystery that was enchanting. She was perfect and he could see that his wife had already made her mind up. He knew her well. The rest was more formality than anything else. He felt a profound feeling of delight in knowing that Susan was happy — the introduction from Sara had already faded into a distant memory.


It was Sunday morning and everyone was excited about her arrival. It had been a week until Nina had finally become officially part of the Foster clan. The paperwork was already underway, but emotionally Susan already had another daughter. She could not wait for Sally to meet her new big sister and for Stephen to meet his new little sister. She looked at Nina’s photo on her phone, almost every hour, in a magical wonder of what had happened. She had very excited to tell Father Dominic about Nina, to welcome her into their local church.

Susan’s mobile bleeped with an unopened message.

It was a message from Sara asking how it worked out with Nina. Susan sent a text reply saying that they were going through the adoption process and that Nina would be with them sometime today.

David had prepared Nina’s bedroom. Her room shared a bathroom with Sally. The two girls were going to get along fine. It was so exciting. Sally was already talking about the games and fun they were going to have as sisters. Even young Stephen, who was usually more interested in computer games, had shown some attention to his new sister’s arrival.

“Mommy, will Nina becoming to school with us?”

“Yes, Sally, of course, she will.”

“It’s going to be so much more fun having a sister.”

Susan kissed her daughter and stepped outside for a moment. She reflected on those words. Her own experiences had been so different. Her own sister had been a sexual monster. But Sally and Nina were going to get on like best friends — she was sure of it — sure like she had been sure about Nina from the first moment they had met.

They had planned for the whole family to attend the early evening mass with Father Dominic, at the village church, and then return for a home-cooked roast. It would be such a wonderful welcome for Nina.

The adjustment would take some time. There were all sorts of everyday details to work out, like schooling, extracurricular activities, wardrobe — it would take a little time.

The doorbell rang. Everyone jumped. She was here finally. It was a happy moment. The children rushed to be the first to open the door. There she stood with Sister Juliana.

“Welcome home,” announced Susan as she wrapped her arms around the tiny ten-year-old.

“Thank you, Suzy.”

“You can call me, Mommy — if you want.”

“Thank you, Mommy,” replied Nina

Nina wrapped her arms around Susan’s waist. They all crowded around. The children were eager to give their new siblings a welcome hug.


Sara and Sister Juliana kissed passionately.

Their slim athletic bodies clung together in a coating of salty sweat from the Sapphic love play. Sister Juliana spat on Sara’s erect nipples, massaged the slimy wetness across her chest, and then took each nipple in turn into her hungry mouth. The longer portion of the crucifix was deeply embedded in Sara’s pussy as the nun slowly fucked it back and forth. Their mouths met again and their tongues wrapped around each other as Sara groaned into her evil lover’s mouth.

“Sin is so wonderful Sara — the Devil provides such sublime delights for the unfaithful.”

“May we both be condemned to hell forever.”

“Ave Satanas.”

“Arrrgghhhhhh —“ moaned Sara as the Sister continued her sacrilegious onslaught, plugging her deeper and deeper with the blunt wooden implement.

“You’re sister is so delicious. She is truly identical — just being close to her made me very excited … you must promise me … promise me a threesome!”

“And what of little Nina — did my sister recognize the resemblance?”

“She fitted right in. Your sister suspects nothing. It will be such a delightful fall … to witness such wickedness as the two of you with that sinful child … whose mouth and tongue are truly enchanted by the Devil!”

“Arghhhhhhhh … and soon that tongue will work wonders on my god-fucking sister,” Sara hissed.

A low knock echoed on the Sister’s door.

“They have arrived Sister Juliana,” announced a voice from the other side.

The Sister removed the crucifix from Sara’s pussy, which looked annoyed at the disruption in their pleasuring.

“They? My dear, Sara — and flesh meat — let us continue our conversation later and please join me and the other sisters in the inspection.”

“Oh, the Devil’s work is never done.”

Sara loved inspections. There would be those that would cooperate, maybe reluctantly at first, but with the right persuasion applied — and then there would be those how who would resist — they would make such wonderful conquests for the demons of the orphanage.

How delicious the conquest.



“Is it for you mankind, to pronounce what is good and what is evil?” — Marquis de Sade

Susan tucked little Sally into her bed and gave her a kiss on her lips. Her mommy always left the bed lamp on for her, as she was still afraid of the dark. Sally loved the attention she got from her beautiful mother, especially at bedtime. She was always there for them … with just the right amount of love and control. Sally knew that she could get away with a little more with Daddy than she could with Mommy … but she knew both their limits.

It felt great knowing that Nina, her new big sister was just next-door. Their bedrooms were joined via their bathroom which had an entry from both rooms – it was going to be their girl world and it was going to be so cool sharing lots of girly things together. As Nina had no toys … Sally had wanted to give her some of her own. Mommy and Daddy had already bought her lots of new things of her own … like the artist aisle and paints and lots and lots of new clothes.

Nina was just changing as Susan opened the door. She made no attempt to cover her complete nakedness in front of Susan, and it was actually Susan who went to cover her eyes in modesty for her new daughter.

“We’re family now,” assured Nina as she hugged her naked body against Susan.

“Sorry,” Susan laughed nervously at her own silliness, “Of course, I just didn’t expect you to be comfortable so quickly Nina.”

“In our home, the nuns made us bath together … so I was kind of used to others seeing me without clothing. If it makes you feel uncomfortable?”

“No, no, nothing like that, Nina, it’s just me being silly … if you are comfortable with it … it’s a positive sign … my love.”

“You called me love?” said Nina excitedly.

“Yes, we loved you the minute we met you, darling.”

“Oh, you’re such a wonderful Mommy. I want to love you back.”

Nina jumped into Susan’s arms. It did not feel like a daughter-mother thing, as much as Susan tried to convince herself so. The young girl’s nakedness sparked a pang of guilt that made her feel very uncomfortable. She carried her to the bed and put her down onto the bedclothes.

So innocent, so pure — what is wrong with me — why does it excite me?

Susan busied herself with some brand-new pajamas for Nina to wear.

“It’s been a long and exciting day for all of us. Time for you to get some sleep, as Mommy and Daddy have a big day tomorrow.”

Nina slipped in between the crisp new bed sheets and rested her head on the pillow. Susan when to give her a peck on the cheek, but just as her lips went to touch Nina’s skin, Nina turned her head, so that their lips bumped gently. She was used to doing this to her younger daughter but felt a little spasm of discomfort kissing Nina this way so soon. She broke the kiss.

“Thanks, Mommy, I love you.”

“Yes Nina, we all love you very much.”

As she closed the door behind her. Nina’s fingers immediately found their mark — jabbing them against her itchy sex.

Susan felt hot and randy. She needed her husband’s cock.


The house was finally quiet. David and Susan got ready for bed. After stepping out of the shower, David had a white towel wrapped around his waist. While he was still in the bathroom, Susan had slipped into a naughty negligee, its gossamer-thin material was almost transparent and made her body feel very sexy.

As David stepped back into their bedroom, he stared at Susan as she gave him an alluring look. She had not done this for years. Her mouth was dry and her heart beat loudly against the inside of her ribcage. Even when they were both trying to get pregnant, she had not dressed for sex. Not this way. He wasn’t complaining, just looked a little puzzled.

He felt his penis becoming aroused beneath his wet skimpy bath towel as his sexy new wife, standing across the room, touched her own breasts provocatively through the revealing material.

Maybe it was something to do with the fact that there was no longer a pressure to become pregnant, that she felt sexy and wanted her husband to respond to her urgent passion. She felt naughty and playful — maybe just a little dirty — Susan slowly and deliberately walked towards him. She was a cock teaser tonight. As she got close she bent her head to her husband’s chest and kissed his nipples. Her hands took hold of the towel and she pulled it away so that she could admire the response to her sexy moves.

David’s cock twitched with anticipation. He loved the way he made him feel. He said nothing. She said nothing. But their bodies communicated.

Susan knelt in front of him and took his erect cock into her warm mouth. She had not performed fellatio on him since before the kids were born and her own boldness shocked her. She felt so horny.

David moaned as he felt the roughness of her tongue move eagerly across the sensitive head of his cock, while her red lips glided up and down his shaft. One of her hands gripped his balls, squeezing them as if to force their contents into her mouth, whilst her other hand pumped the base of his shaft. It had been a long time since Susan had done such a thing, and even then, it had been so timid and almost with distaste. Susan sucked his cock like a porn star, his hands held her firmly as he fucked her face.

Susan’s pussy was on fire. She needed to touch herself. She needed to put her fingers inside her cavern of heat. She could hear her husband’s pleasure as he moaned and thrust his hips into her mouth. Her pussy fluids dripped as three of her fingers sank into her needy vagina. She pushed them in and out, twisting them, as she thrust her hips onto her hand so that her knuckles ground against her erect clit.

The two of them were so engrossed in their love play, that they had not noticed their bedroom door open. Nina’s eyes stared at the scene before her, the sight of her new mother with her mouth stuffed with a thick hard cock as she masturbated herself, sent tingles down her spine. Nina could smell their sexual arousal. She slipped her hand inside her pajama bottoms as she watched. It felt good to put her fingers inside herself as she watched her new mother intensely.

David could not hold back any longer. His whole body shook from the incredible orgasm building towards its crescendo. He had never cum in his wife’s mouth before as she said that she had found it distasteful. But he had passed the point of no return, his balls began to boil over, as his cock spurted thick salty sperm into her open mouth.

Susan felt the convulsions trembling through her husband’s body. She knew he was about to blow his load directly into her mouth. Something she had never allowed to happen before. But as the combination of her greedy sucking and fist-pounding masturbation brought him to the very edge; her mind divided, twisted, and turned like two opposing forces — from revulsion to lewdness — indecency to licentiousness, disgust to vulgarity!

The flood of salty fluids into her mouth sent her over the edge too, as she came with her fingers jammed as far up her cunt as they could reach. She had never realized how exciting it was —doing something she felt was so degrading!

David gripped her shoulders for support; spurt after hot creamy spurt filled her mouth, as the intensity of his orgasm made his legs turn to jelly. He could not believe that he had cum him her mouth. As he regained his composure he lifted her to his feet. She had another surprise in store for him. As she kissed him open mouth, he could taste himself — their tongues exchanged the brackish fluids back and forth until they had both swallowed copious qualities of his semen.

Susan now pushed David down between her legs. Her cunt juices flowed in sticky trails down the inside of both her legs as she pulled her husband’s mouth into her itchy pussy. Her pubic hairs were drenched and matted together with the wetness from within. She ground her hips against his face as his tongue began feverishly licking and sucking at her hairy fuck tube.

David found his cock fully erect again in only moments since his cum as his rabid wife thrashed her groin against his mouth. Her juices cascaded across his face as he swallowed as much as he could. As he lifted his eyes up the length of her body, he could see her eyes closed and her hands punishing her rigid nipples. It was as if she was possessed with sexual energy — the likes he had not witnessed in their relationship before. Susan moaned loudly as her vagina squirted female ejaculate into his more than willing mouth.

Nina bit her lip, to stop herself from crying out as she came watching her new parents perform these lewd acts. It was almost as good as watching the elderly nuns have sex with the children in the orphanage. Nothing quite compared to the debauched sex she had had with her own birth mother. But this was only her first night in the Foster’s home and there was much to look forward to here. Slipping quietly away, Nina was ready for some fun of her own.


Sally slowly awoke to the gentle whisper of a voice. Sally thought she could smell something fishy. It was still dark in her room and this confused Sally as she thought she might have overslept or something.

“Are you awake Sally?” asked the whisper.

“What time is it?”

“It’s about three in the morning. I’m scared being on my own … can I sleep with you?” pleaded the desperate whisper.

“Sure — that’s cool,” Sally replied in a lethargic voice.

She was still half awake and half asleep.

She felt a warm body lying next to her. At first, it cuddled up to her, and again she could smell a funny odor. It wasn’t unpleasant, but very noticeable. She could feel Nina’s hands turning her body to face her. She did not resist. Her new big sister was going to be her best friend. They even looked alike. It was so cool …

Nina kissed her gently on the cheeks.

“I love you, Sally.”

“I love you, Nina,” she returned, still very groggy from the early hour.

Nina kissed her softly on the lips.

“Thank you for being my little sister.”

Nina pressed their lips together with a little more forcefulness. Her hand slipped under Sally’s pajama top and lightly stroked her bare back.

‘Mmmm… that’s nice’ said Sally. She was not used to this kind of close contact. ‘Is this what sisters do?’

“Yes, Sally, and lots more. Do you like me touching you?”

“Yes, it feels so nice.”

Nina kissed Sally again, but this time opened her mouth and pushed the very tip of her tongue between Sally’s lips.

“What are you doing?” asked Sally inquisitively.

Though she was very sleepy, she found the experience pleasurable, especially from her new sister.

“It’s called a French kiss Sally. It’s what special sisters do to each other.”

“Hmmm — it’s nice. Do it again.”

Nina kissed her mouth and ran her tongue across Sally’s lips.

“Do you want to be my special sister, Sally?”

“Yes, I do.”

“I love you, Sally.”

This time Nina kissed her full on the mouth. Her tongue snaked between her open lips and searched her mouth passionately.

Nina’s hand slipped around the front of Sally’s pajama top and her fingers slowly made circles around Sally’s puffy little nipples.

“Oooohhhh — that tickles.”

“Do you want me to stop? I’m sorry Sally. I am very bad. I’m a very bad sister to you …” whispered Nina into her ear.

“No Nina of course you’re not bad.”

“Sally … sometimes being bad can be a lot of fun!”

“How do you mean?”

“Have you ever done something that you weren’t supposed to do … and instead of feeling guilty … you kind of felt it was fun?”

“Yes. I suppose so … yes I know what you mean Nina. It’s naughty but it’s nice at the same time, right?”

“Something like that — so you wanna be bad with your special sister?”

Nina kissed Sally again and this time Sally returned the kiss, pushing her tiny little nine-year-old tongue into Nina’s mouth.

Nina took this as a yes.

“Special sisters like to be naked with each other when they French kiss.”

Nina wasted no time. She stripped from her pajamas and then helped Sally to do the same. At last, they were both naked beneath the sheets. Nina drew Sally closer. She pushed her thigh between Sally’s legs until her leg rested again over Sally’s pussy. Sally could feel the heat from between Nina’s legs as her pussy rubbed against Sally’s leg. Her hands roamed freely across Sally’s naked chest, squeezing her nipples as she lowered her mouth to suck each one in turn.

Nina kissed her passionately again and then encouraged Sally to touch her immature little breast mounds. With a hand behind Sally’s head, she pushed Sally’s mouth onto her right nipple.

Sally instinctively suckled her gently.

“Doesn’t it feel naughty being special sisters?”

Nina’s thigh rubbed back and forth across Sally’s pussy.

“Mmmmmmmm …” replied Sally as she sucked eagerly.

Obviously, her leg was beginning to have an effect.

“Can we be bad like this every night after mommy and daddy go to bed?” Asked Nina, pulling Sally’s hair to steer her from one nipple to the next.

“Yes Nina, I’d like that.”

Sally’s thigh was now rubbing harder against Nina’s sex with equal gusto.

“Let’s rub our pussies together.”

“Mmmmmm …”

Nina’s cunt was very wet, itchy, and horny. She desperately wanted her new apprentice to lick her out — but also didn’t want to rush things — they had all night and every night from now on. It was just like her mother had taught her.

“What is that funny smell, Nina?” asked Sally.

“It’s my pussy. Do you like it?”

“At first, it smelt a bit funny … but I kind of like it now.”

“When you get a little older, yours will have its own perfume too.”

“Let’s do something nasty …” Nina said as she put her finger just inside Sally’s vagina, coating it in her wetness.

She brought the finger to her face, smelling Sally’s aroma…

“You smell lovely.”

“Do I?”

Nina sucked her finger.

“You taste nice too.”

Nina put her finger into Sally’s pussy again and offered it to her. Sally gingerly smelt her finger.

“Suck it …”

Sally did. It was not so bad.

Nina took two of Sally’s fingers and pushed them as deep inside her as she could, right up to the second knuckle, to make sure they were well coated in her cunt juices.

“Uraghhhhhhh …” Nina moaned at her momentary penetration. It felt so good. She then brought the sticky fingers up to Sally’s face, “Now taste mine. If you love me, you’ll suck my fingers clean.”

Sally did not want to disappoint her special sister and complied despite her doubts.



“It is always by way of pain one arrives at pleasure.” — Marquis de Sade

Breakfast was fast and furious. The Foster house was running unusually last this morning. Sally and Stephen were already at the breakfast table when Susan shouted upstairs to Nina to hurry up.

“David dear, can you pop upstairs and hurry Nina up, we need to leave in fifteen minutes or we’ll be late for school.”

Susan went back to the choirs preparing the school lunches.


David put down his paper and walked back up the staircase.

After knocking a number of times on the door; then calling Nina and getting no answer; David finally opened the door and peeped in. Nina stood with her back to the door; her hair was still in one towel and another around her chest covering from his view.

“Sorry Nina — Didn’t realize you were still in the shower. Your mother is running a little late … can you be down in fifteen minutes?”

As Nina turned slowly and as did, her towel slipped from her body, exposing herself in full view of her new father. Instead of being shy and trying to conceal herself as he would have expected … she took her time, bent down, and retrieved the towel from the floor … all the time, her eyes never left her to focus on his. David’s eyes betrayed him, as they took in her childish beauty with a hint of excitement. He felt an unfamiliar wickedness in taking delight in this unfortunate mishap. His cheeks burned with embarrassment at the attention he had obviously displayed in front of his new daughter.

“It’s okay, Daddy … I like you looking at me. Why don’t you come in and close the door …” Nina added as she opened her legs a little wider and gave him a provocative grin.

David dry swallowed. He felt a lump swelling in his pants. He quickly turned away to conceal his sexual arousal.

There must be another explanation …

David disappeared without another word. The incident had caught him off balance and he tried to rationalize it as a misunderstanding. His cock throbbed inside his pants, telling him that it was no misunderstanding.

When Nina finally came down the stairs minutes later, David had already left for a full day in the city.

“Come on … in the car all of you,” announced Susan, herding them out the front door.

Sally and Stephen had their regular routine of school; and Susan managed the drop-offs and pick-ups between getting their new daughter settled, as well as running a few errands for the local church group that were an important part of her life.

Susan stopped the car outside the small village school. Sally and Stephen were dressed in their blue and green school uniforms and held their satchels of books, stationery, gym wear, and lunch boxes.

The school bell chimed.

They both kissed Nina and their mother goodbye as they both climbed from the SUV and headed off through the noisy schoolyard.

Susan watched them disappear into the sea of uniformed children all making their way up the steps into the two-story school building.

She had figured that, though schooling was extremely important to normalize her new daughter’s life, they both needed some mother-daughter time before the trend-mill of education began in the village school for young Nina. Their relationship needed to develop … it was so nice being a mom.

“Well, it looks like it’s just you and me today Nina,” said Susan, turning around from the front seat.

Nina sat quietly in the back seat. She looked so angelic. With Sally and Stephen gone for most of the day, it would be good for the two of them to get to know each other better.

“So I thought we’d head to the village market for a while. We’ll look for some new things for you. This afternoon, Sally and I have some errands to run for the church charity group, so Stephen will be home and the two of you can play until we’re back in the evening … sounds like a plan?”

Nina nodded enthusiastically.

She had looked forward to playing with her new brother. She had noticed how he stared at her when he thought she was not aware, especially when she had been undressing at bath time. She had deliberately allowed him to get a good look at her naked body. By the small bulge in his pants, she knew he was interested. Watching her new mother eat her husband’s cock, the night before, had really excited her. Though corrupting with her little sister, Sally, had been a lot of fun; she looked forward to some penis fun.


Stephen held Nina’s hand like brother and sister in the doorway, as they both watched their mother’s SUV pull out of the driveway.

“What do you want to do?” asked Stephen trying to be the big brother.

“You choose, I just like being with you,” she answered coyly.

Stephen felt important and in command of the situation, something that was completely new to him, as Sally acted far too young and never showed any interest in his activities.

“You have internet right?” asked Nina.

“Yes, but we’re only supposed to use it when Mom and Dad are around.”

“Why is that?”

“Cos — I think it’s because there’s stuff on the internet that we’re not supposed to see.”

“Like what?”

She was leading him and he did not realize where she was going with the conversation.

“Errr — adult stuff I guess — like dirty porn pictures.”

“But you’re big enough and mature enough, to handle adult stuff — right?”

“I guess so,” he hesitated.

“I think it would be cool seeing dirty pictures with you.”

Nina’s hand was curled around his and she lent her weight against him.

“Really, you think so?”

Stephen could not believe that his new little sister, the perfect little angel, was interested in such things. It spurred him on.

“Come on then …”

Stephen and Nina went into David’s office. The desktop computer was logged off and password protected.

“Dad doesn’t realize … but I know his password … it’s like the same for everything.”


Nina watched his fingers carefully as he entered the keyboard characters S-U-Z-Y-1.

The computer purred into life, bending to Stephen’s command … he launched a browser page and hit the private browser key.

“What’s that for?” asked Nina watching him at work.

“It makes sure that no one knows what we looked at.”

“That’s clever,” affirmed Nina as they sat side-by-side on the same desk chair.

It was obvious that Stephen had done this before and covered his tracks so that his parents did not know he looked at online porn.

“What sort of porn would you like to see?” asked Stephen.

Nina smiled at him sheepishly and blushed.

“Oh, I get it. You’re shy, right?”

He felt very macho.

“Yes I am … don’t tease me, please. I don’t want you to think I’m bad or something. But I’m just curious about seeing naked people — maybe pictures of adults fucking.”

Stephen was a little taken aback. Not so much in her choice of words, but that she should even know the meaning of these words. But then again she was not that much younger than him and the boys at school talked about these sorts of things all the time … maybe it was the same at the orphanage? He saw a devilish little streak in his new sister that she had revealed to him … his discomfort fought with his burning curiosity about this pretty girl … he felt a sexual tension between them … and though she was not of his blood, the brother-sister relationship seemed to multiple the taboo nature of this indulgence.

“Are you sure Nina?”

He asked hope for affirmation and permission to proceed with this little game of delightful foreplay.

Nina placed her warm hand against his bare leg and smiled to herself. The playful naughtiness of her demeanor was turning on Stephen; she basked in the sensation of sinful thoughts and potentially evil deeds that they could do together with no one else around to supervise them.

“Yes let’s look at adults fucking,” she said with evident excitement for their situation.

Stephen’s hands trembled a little and found a mouse and keyboard.

Pornographic images appeared before their eyes … naked couples engaged in all sorts of sexual activities … naked breasts … erect cocks and shaved pussies …

“Doesn’t it make you feel funny between your legs looking at dirty pictures?” Nina asked as her hand rested against the bulge in Stephen’s shorts.

He let out an unconscious moan as Nina squeezed his erection through his pants.

“Do … Do you want me to stop?”

She lifted the pressure that she’d placed over his little bulge, hinting at her intention to stop.

“No … No … P-please don’t stop,” his voice was low and breathy.

Nina pressed harder and then with both hands continued to unzip his shorts and put her hand inside. She wrapped her delicate fingers around his fully erect penis and began to stroke his foreskin lightly back and forth across its angry purple head. She could feel the dampness of his pre-cum between her fingers.

“Do you masturbate when you look at porn?” she asked slyly.

“Yes, when I am on my own.”

“Does white stuff come out?”

“Yer … do you think that’s gross?”

“No. Not at all. I like it. I think it’s so hot …”

More pornographic images of naked guys with girls … girls with girls … and even guys with guys filled the screen. The image on the screen showed a guy sucking a young boy’s dick.

“ Oh! That’s hot!,” Nina whispered, like a co-conspirator, in Stephen’s ear, “Do you ever wonder what it would be like to do that to a guy?”

“What? Like, suck him off?” Stephen looked somewhat hesitant to answer and ashamed of his inability to categorically deny this.

“I like looking at both boys and girls — so your secrets are safe with me — besides, you better tell me the truth, or else I won’t suck you off after this,” a confession and an offer made.

“You would want to do that?”

Nina didn’t give an answer; instead, she bend down and gently sucked the tip of Stephen’s wet cock. Stephen suddenly trembled all over. He nearly blew his load.

“‘Tell me more.”

She let him recover somewhat. She felt control over Stephen … as he wanted to confess to her his nasty little secrets too.

“Well kind of … I like seeing pictures of girls with cocks … like they’re girls with breasts and all that … but they have cocks too,” he confessed.

“Show me what you mean.”

Nina increased the pace of her rhythmical hand movements as Stephen loaded up some of his favorite tranny porn … guys sucking trannies … trannies sucking guys … trannies sucking each other … there was rimming … and tons of anal sex …

Being tossed off while looking at these filthy images together with Nina was the last thing Stephen ever imagined could happen. But there they were … he loved it, really loved it. She had brought him close to the edge of ejaculation and his hips bounced to meet the stokes of her tightly clenched fist as it moved up and down his excited organ.

This was all great blackmail material. She had struck the jackpot with him … now she knew his dirty secret fantasy … she’d be able to manipulate him to do anything she wanted.

“Let’s try something interesting,” she suggested.

Still holding his cock, she led him into their parents’ bedroom. Nina sat Stephen down in front of his mother’s dressing table.

“I think you’d make a cute girl … a cock girl,” stated Nina with a soft and considerate look across her face.

She could imagine him dressed as another daughter, sliding up and down on his father’s rigid cock.

Stephen smiled, he had loved to sneak into his mother’s wardrobe and masturbate with her silky and sheer underwear. Nina was so different, she seemed not to judge him as queer or other such names that embarrassed him about what he really liked.

“Let me make you look like a girl … a girl with a delicious cock … would you like that?”

Stephen nodded and Nina placed a bobbed wig over his head. She adjusted it in the mirror and lined his lips with a touch of lipstick. She added the smallest amount of eyeliner and stood back to admire her work.

“Oh my god … you look so cute … you could be Stephanie?”

They both sniggered. Nina noticed that Stephen had not stopped masturbating throughout the entire process of his simple transformation.

“I wish I had a cock for you to suck Stephen — but do you wanna see my cunt?”

Such a word should never have come from the mouth of such a beautiful young child … but it did.

Nina did not wait for an answer. Standing behind him in the dressing mirror, she lifted her short plaid shirt under which she had no knickers. Her vagina was tiny and tight looking, with the puffiness of her tender age … but her clit was fully erect and moist with arousal … Stephen could smell her pheromones.

“Lick it, Stephanie. Lick your sister’s cunt!”

Stephen was completely mesmerized. He took hold of his own cock to continue what Nina had started and knelt between her open legs. His heart beat hard and his breathing was shallower as he first tasted his new sister. She held his head and guided him where she wanted him to lick her, using him like a masturbation device.

“That’s it get your ‘cock lady’ tongue inside me.”

She imagined the image of her new mother doing the same with her new Dad … how she longed to have sex with the both of them … to have that open wet pussy over her mouth while her daddy’s big cock filled her tight cunt.

“Eerrrrrrrgghhhhh …”

Nina came on her brother’s face as she held in position. She recovered quickly and pulled her skirt off completely. She knelt next to him and kissed him on the mouth so that she could taste herself in his mouth.

“Let’s get naked like the people in porn. I want to suck you until the white stuff shoots in my mouth … but I don’t want you to stop licking me.”

Stephen nodded and undressed in a hurry so that she won’t change her mind. All he could think about was his gratification. She pushed Stephen onto the rugged floor of their parents’ bedroom and then laying in the opposite direction, lowered herself onto his upturned face. His tongue sorted out her wet funnel perfectly. She ground her pelvis against his face which quickly became saturated in her juices. All the time her hands kept him close to the edge of orgasm with her slender little fingers.

A pearl of pre-cum pooled on the top of his cock. Nina lapped it up and then took his penis into her mouth. It took only a few moments before he began to buck beneath her. Nina too began to cum at the same instant as her new brother began to shoot his sweet boy juices into the back of her throat. Again she thought of Susan and David.

Dismounting her incestuous brother, Nina kissed Stephen on the mouth again, just as she had witnessed her new mother do to her new father. Nina feed him the taste of his own cum as they continued to kiss passionately like experienced lovers.


Susan’s mind was not on her charity work, not even in the slightest. She kept blushing at the thoughts of the night before and how she had lost herself in their wild lovemaking. It made her very horny and this combination did not sit well with her at the church.

“Sally, I don’t think we will stay too long today. There are a lot of things to do at home with your new sister. So I’m going to let Father Dominic know that we have to go soon.”

Sally nodded. Her mind was thinking about her experience with her new sister … she hoped that she would come into her bed again tonight. Susan approached Father Dominic. He was busy as usual.

“Father, we must leave early today. Still settling Nina into her new home. I hope you understand?”

“Yes, my child. I hear that Nina came from St. Mary’s Orphanage — I am a little troubled about that place. I would like to ask you about your experiences with Sister Juliana — when you have more time.”

“Of course Father.”

Susan’s mobile purred in her pocket. It was her twin sister’s number.

“Excuse us, Father.”

“Hi, Suzy.”

“Oh, hello Sara.”

“Just wanted to know how things are?”

It was not like her sister to take any notice of what happened in her life … or anyone else’s for that matter. But Susan was grateful for her introduction to Nina.

“Well, just at church at the moment, how about you?”

“Fine. How’s it working out with young Nina?”

Susan’s enthusiasm picked up.

“Oh, she is such a darling. She’s just perfect. I think she’s settling in well. I have to get her into the local school system soon … but I don’t want to rush her.”

“I’d like to see you all some time?”

This was awkward. She knew what David would say. Actually, she had been afraid of something like this popping up.

“Well … er … yes of course,” she stuttered.

Sara knew is stuttered when she lied.

“I will pop over this coming weekend then,” she said, not leaving much room for negotiation.

“Well, the spare room is now gone. It’s Nina’s room now.”

“I can always share.”

Susan felt a slight queasiness in her stomach. She could believe that she had agreed to anything … especially without checking with David. But she had been put on the spot.

“Good. I will see you all sometime on Saturday. See yer.”

The phone went dead, but the nausea continued.


Susan had just sent the children to bed. David was not going to be back tonight, as his meetings in the city were running late, so he had messaged her that he intended to stay in a city hotel. Susan decided to take a long bath to relax her fatigued body. She had reluctantly told David about the dilemma with her evil twin and he had not really reacted. She had been rather surprised, as he would have usually had an allergic reaction to the situation.

She wanted to put the troubles of the day behind her — she had earned some time for herself. The calming aroma of exotic bath oils and essences filled her senses. She lay quietly in the steamy hot water; there was no sound; no distractions; just the gentle flickering of a dozen tea lights that multiplied against the reflective bathroom walls in her private sanctuary. She felt at ease and carefree finally; also lightheaded and dreamy. She imagined David changing his mind and coming home to find her in the bath … she imagined him stripping naked, his passions for her steamy and demanding … his excited genitals showed their eagerness to penetrate her…

Susan’s eyelids were feeling very heavy … her eyes slowly slid closed. She could not resist the sensation of touching herself beneath the waterline, as she fantasized about her adoring husband. First, her fingers touched her breasts, teasing her nipples until they were hard … and then her fingers traveled south across her flat stomach; they began to explore the sensitive cavern between her legs.

It felt so arousing as she teased her erect clit with her left hand, whilst her right hand petted her sensitive labia. She pushed first, one and then two, and then three fingers inside herself … imagining David’s rigid cock-meat slowly fucking her in their watery paradise. As she momentarily fluttered her eyes open, she caught the reflection of a small child standing near the open bathroom door — it was Nina.

Susan sat up suddenly as the water splashed loudly.

She wasn’t sure how long she had been there; or whether she had witnessed her masturbating. Suddenly Susan was aware of her own nakedness and though the bubble bath suds hide most of her body beneath the waterline, her aroused breasts and erect nipples were totally exposed. Even in the low iridescent candlelight, she could see Nina’s face and dark piercing stare.

‘Nina, can’t you see I’m in the bath?’ She said, doing a lousy job of hiding her annoyance about the intrusion into her privacy.

“Mommy … I’m so sorry … but I can’t sleep.”

It was the sweetness that soothed, but her eyes seemed to tell a different story. Susan’s instincts as a mother fought with her need for her own privacy. She was angry that her self-pleasuring had been interrupted but deeply guilty of even allowing herself to be so selfish. Nina did not stop looking at her.

“Can I join you Mommy … please … please …”

Susan had not expected her to say something like that, and while she was still trying to collect her thoughts. Nina stripped and climbed into the hot bubbly water facing her. Susan had drawn her knees together and had subconsciously covered her breasts with her forearm. She felt like a stupid schoolgirl.

This was her daughter now.

They were both naked in the bath … but she had done the same very thing with her natural daughter many times before … so why did this feel so different? Susan did not understand herself. It was like being in the bath with a total stranger … She found her eyes wandering across her new daughter’s body and at the same time felt Nina was checking her out too.

“Mommy, you are so beautiful.”

“And — so are you.”

Nina showed off a little. Displaying herself without any hint of shyness. Susan tried to relax. Maybe Nina had not seen anything. She was letting her imagination run away with … this wasn’t like taking a bath with that monster … Sara … she had done vulgar things in the bath … Susan shook her head to get rid of that thought. Nina knelt in the warm water and took the soft sponge. She rubbed it over herself and then gently up and down Susan’s legs. It felt tingly and nice.

“Mommy, your skin is so soft … does this feel nice?”

“Sorry baby, mommy is not feeling very well. I didn’t mean to be rude to you … it’s just very late and you should really be in bed fast asleep.”

“But I’m not, and enjoying a bath with my new mom is so much better.”

She had all the answers. Susan unconsciously responded to the movement of the invigorating feeling of the sponge against her. Her legs parted as Nina sat up on her knees in the water and stroked it back and forth from her feet reaching up over her knees and to the top of her thighs. Nina’s hand guided Susan’s legs down again below the warm water as she stretched out and lay back enjoying this welcoming sensation.

“I love you, Mommy.”

“I love you too, Nina.”

Susan went to say something else and then changed her mind; this actually was a beautiful mother-daughter moment, and she should spoil it. Nina rubbed the soapy sponge across the top of Susan’s thighs, over her stomach and lightly caressing the material up and down her arms. It was such a sensuous feeling. She could feel Nina’s legs straddling her thigh, forcing her legs further apart, as she worked up her body. Even the contact between the youngster’s naked flesh touching her own; legs against legs, felt soothing and stimulating. Susan closed her eyes.

Nina replaced the sponge with her small hands, directly caressing her mother’s wet body unfettered, as Susan’s resistance gave way to the innocent enjoyment of the moment. Nina rubbed her vagina discretely back and forth against Susan’s knee. She wanted to masturbate directly on her mother’s face as she watched Susan smiling in response to her more vigorous massaging.

“You like this, Mommy?”

“Oh, Nina … it’s lovely … thank you …” replied Susan sleepily … as she started to drift into a peaceful abyss.

She listened to the evenness of Susan’s breathing … the calmness of her chest rising and falling rhythmically. Nina’s pussy was on fire, as she recalled her last bathing session at the orphanage with her real mother and the nuns … their communal bath had been filled with naked children all fornicating with the adults … the nun had called it their ‘Baptism in Sin’ … saying … ‘Sex without sin is like food without taste.’

Nina allowed her palms to gently brush against Susan’s nipples. Rubbing them gently back and forth with a feather-light touch. They immediately became hard and pointed.

“Sex without sin is like food without taste,” she repeated out loud.

There was no response from Susan — she was fast asleep. Susan’s sleeping body continued to respond where her conscious mind would not allow. Nina leaned forward and put her delicate lips over the right nipple, drawing it into her mouth, so that she could suck it ever so gently bringing the blood close to the surface. She had shifted her stance so that she straddled the topmost portion of Susan’s leg, such that her knees hovered directly over Susan’s vagina. Lifting her head from Susan’s chest, she could see that her new mommy was deep in sleep, yet her still body responded to her sexual advances.

“Oh, Mommy … you’re so delicious … I loved watching you suck Daddy’s cock … I can wait to do that too … but right now, Nina wants to have to fuck you so much.”

Nina racked her tiny fingers through her new Mother’s pubic hair. She pushed two fingers between her labia and rubbed them back and forth as the wet sloshed around her. She pushed two fingers into her own pussy and then pasted a light film of her sexual lubricant across her sleeping mother’s lips.

“Mommy likes what her nasty daughter is doing to her? Mommy won’t remember, but Mommy’s body will want more of Nina.”

Nina bend down to her new mother’s face and kissed her lips, gently at first and then rougher and firmer, pushing her tongue between them and as they surrendered to her hot wet tongue she began to explore her mother’s mouth.

Nina put her entire hand inside her mother’s cunt, pushing it past her wrist; trying to get her hand as far inside her mother as she could.

“Does mommy like fist-fucking?”

The carelessness of happiness and the indifference of sexual joy; she used her other hand to quickly bring herself off. Susan’s body reacted in a state of sexsomnia … Susan’s body quaked in orgasm without awaking, in unison with her new daughter. As the young girl climbed out from the bath, she was careful not to awaken her … slipping away into the night … before Susan began to stir from the strangest of sexual dreams …

By this time, the water had become cold and the tea lights fading. She stepped out of the bath and let the water out. She grabbed a thick towel and dried herself. She must have fallen asleep in the water. She recalled feeling highly aroused and remembered that she had been masturbating at one point. Her pussy felt very sore – it must have been one hell of an orgasm! In her dream, she recalled something vague and weird about little Nina and how sexy she had found her. She shook her head and tried to dismiss this unacceptable thought.

After checking on her own kids, she looked in on both Stephen and Sally. Everything was as it should be. Susan decided to make a special pit stop at Nina’s room. She opened the door and from the hall light shining into the room, she looked at Nina’s angelic little face cuddled up in the bedclothes. She quietly knelt beside her bed and gave her a kiss on the forehead.

She felt that Nina’s hair was a little damp as she stroked her head softly. She also noticed Nina’s bare shoulders and pulling back the bedclothes … Nina was completely naked beneath the sheets. She kissed Nina again, this time, she kissed her lips … as she slipped her hand beneath the bedcovers and stroked her bare back and thighs. Susan’s heart beat fast with the excitement of fear of being caught doing something completely inappropriate to her sleeping daughter.

Nina could feel her new mother touching her. It had started as a gentle caress that was both loving and enduring … but her touch seemed to linger around her erogenous zones … her mother was touching her up and Nina could tell by her elevated breathing that she was excited about this. Nina decided to play along. Her tired and sleepy state, helped her fake her unconsciousness and she slowly turned onto her back as if doing it in her sleep; at the same time, she opened her legs wider to welcome Susan’s advances.

It was an interesting game they both were playing … Nina knew exactly how it was going to end … but for now … she wanted to enjoy her mother’s struggle with these new and unexpected feelings … her seduction was well advanced.


Father Dominic knelt quietly in prayer. He was greatly troubled by a situation he was unclear about. It would need investigation and he was not one to jump to any conclusions without the appropriate evidence.

It had come to his attention that there had been talk about St. Mary’s Orphanage … some rumors about strangeness there … talk about devil worship, human sacrifice, and the clergy providing pedophiles with children from the orphanage. Of course, he thought this was all ludicrous. He would need to speak to Sister Juliana to straighten this out.

He had also been curious about a large number of unmarked graves in the local cemetery. As a relatively new priest in the area, he was unclear about the specifics of the circumstances … and he certainly did not put these two thoughts together.

He would visit the orphanage. That way, he would be sure that everything was fine.



“Lust is to the other passions what the nervous fluid is to life; it supports them all, lends strength to them all ambition, cruelty, avarice, revenge, is all founded on lust.” — Marquis de Sade

The day passed like a blur. Travel. Work. School. More travel. Homework. It was late again in the Foster residence. After a quick take-away pizza, David and Susan eyed each other. David had thought of nothing since their encounter two nights before. As the kids were preoccupied watching the television, his hands slipped between her legs. She playfully brushed his hand away, teasing him. They kissed passionately; exchanging tongues and spit as their mouths worked feverishly together.

Susan stood up. Her mind was filled with both guilt and with deviant sexual thoughts … her moist cunt itched for more of Nina, but her mind desired what her body accepted. She desperately needed to figure this out. Maybe if she talked around the subject with David … no she couldn’t … he would be horrified with her, saying she was a demon like her twin sister …

I just need a good fucking in my holes to sort me out!

“Come on you kids. Nina starts school tomorrow and it’s been a long day, so it’s an early bed for everyone tonight. No arguments now. I want to see clean teeth … into your PJs.”

The three of them scrabbled up the stairs as the adults cleared the dishes.

“I have a little something for you, later,” said David, as he quickly grabbed Susan from behind and drew her towards him.

She could feel his cock thickening inside his pants. She lent back and ground against it as David’s hands snaked under her top, groping her bra-less breasts.

They both laughed a little too loud, as the kids noticed their playfulness and preoccupation with each other. David’s mind also burned with secret guilt for the arousal he had felt earlier that day. Though he tried to suppress the thought … his lingering arousal began to bother him. He needed to talk to Susan. He had no idea what to say, or what she would think of him … she’d probably divorce him if she knew the truth. When they both finally came upstairs, David disappeared into the bedroom and Susan went to check on the kids. The two girls were snuggled up together already beneath the sheets of Nina’s bed, each cuddling their favorite soft toys.

“You two … I think you need to be in your own beds.”

“Please, Mommy … Please … We promise to be very quiet …”

“Okay … but if I hear anything, you’re going back to your room Sally!”

“Yes, Mommy,” they both said together.

Susan switched off the main lights, leaving only the bedside light, and hurried to her bedroom. Stephen’s door was already closed and as she peeped inside, she could just make out his shape beneath the bedclothes.


Nina turned to Sally and held up her soft toy.

“They need to kiss good night.”

Sally put her doll’s face against that of Nina’s and they both made kissing sounds together.

“That’s not a proper kiss. Let’s show them how to kiss properly,” said Nina.

Nina put her mouth over Sally’s and drove her tongue into her mouth. Sally responded back and as they embraced Nina’s hands immediately searched for Sally’s most sensitive parts of her body.

“Let’s get naked,” she hoarsely whispered.

Sally was an eager student and was naked as quickly as her new sister. They embraced each other again and this time, rubbed their genitals directly together, humping their damp pussies against each upper thighs. Nina pushed the bed clothing off the bed so that they both lay in the lamplight completely exposed.

“What if Mom or Dad comes back?” asked Sally.

“Didn’t you see them kissing each other?”

“Yes, I did.”

“They will be too busy fucking each other to worry about coming back to check on us.”

Nina pinned Sally down playfully, sucking at her tiny nipples and Sally pretended to resist. Nina sat on her flat chest facing her legs. She leaned forward and dug her fingers into Sally’s pussy and she brought her wet digits to her mouth … tasting her pussy juices like a connoisseur. At first, she lay horizontal to Sally and then sat up as she brought her pelvis across her face so that she smothered her with her pussy.

“Lick me, Sally, lick your special sister in our secret place.”

Sally’s heart beat faster than it had ever done before. This felt so naughty and dirty, especially with the funny smell right above her face. She gingerly put her tongue out and lapped at Nina’s aroused pussy.

“Lick my cunt faster. Eat me out. Errrrghhhhh …” she moaned as she began to rub herself frantically back and forth across Sally’s pretty little face, “Eat your special sister’s cunt … taste her dirty pussy …”

The seduction was over … now Nina thought was only for her own pleasure. She had imagined making Sally her little cunt slave from the minute she had set her eyes on her … and what a willing little cunt slave she was. Nina ground her pelvis across Sally’s upturned face. She could feel her tongue burrow its way up into the wet fathoms of her oily pussy, as it dipped its salty lubricants like exotic honey.

“Aarrgghhhh …” Nina came suddenly.

Nina tilted her pelvis forward so that Sally’s tongue dragged across her perineum and then between her buttocks.

“Lick my bottom, Sally … lick my bum hole clean for me … taste your special sister’s shitter …”

Sally complied with everything her special sister asked of her. The bedroom door silently opened and in the slit of the door, silhouetted against the light in the hallway Nina could make out that it was Stephen.

It was exactly as she had planned. Nina beckoned him inside in and he carefully closed the door behind him. He stripped out of his pajamas and stood touching himself as he watched the two young girls making out on the bed in front of him. He couldn’t believe how arousing it looked… Nina rode his baby sister’s face as she pleasured herself.

Stephen climbed onto the bed and stood in front of Nina so that his hips were parallel to her face. Her hands reached out for his cock and balls, bringing them to her warm, wet mouth. Nina’s virginity had been lost a long time ago. She longed to feel his cock inside of her and though it was a poor substitute for his father’s cock, it would do … for now … also, she equally she looked forward to witnessing Sally being deflowered by her incestuous brother … but there was plenty of time, she should not rush such debauched delights.

“Arrrrgghhhh … suck me … suck me …” moaned Stephen as Nina’s fist thrust up and down his cock.

He was not to be disappointed. Nina’s mouth closed around his tool, taking it entirely into her mouth, balls and all, while her fine-boned finger dug upwards into his dirty itchy anus. Nina pushed her cunt back across Sally’s mouth. She was not aware yet that above her, her own brother had joined their late-night party.

Nina stopped sucking Stephen and raised her hips up so that Sally’s mouth was then disengaged from its oral duties. At first, Sally was shocked that her brother was there. His erect cock glistened with Nina’s saliva. Sally sat upright on the bed, as Nina sat next to her. Nina encouraged her to touch his penis. It was the first time Sally had ever seen an erection, let alone feel one. There was a taboo thrill in the air, as she wrapped her tiny fingers around its girth and squeezed it tightly.

“Softy …” said Nina as she placed her hand across Sally’s and draw both their hands up and down his penis.

It was her first lesson on how to pleasure her own brother.

They both smiled mischievously at each other as they jerked his foreskin back and forth. Stephen couldn’t believe that his own sister was masturbating him, it felt completely wrong and sinful … much more sinful than even Nina’s seduction … but it was the sinfulness that excited him with its taboo delight. Nina no longer needed to guide Sally; she jerked her brother with one hand and frigged herself with the other. Nina reeled in their corruption. It felt almost evil what she had done… but the wickedness was rewarded with an intense thrill and excitement … and there was still so much nasty fun to come


Susan closed the double doors to their bedroom suite and leaned back against them. The chest was tight with anticipation. Her naked husband sat on the bed opposite … his cock was already stiff and needy of her attention. Susan dropped a red scarf from around her neck across the standing lamp, the only light source, making it darker and more shameful in its reddish hue. It had been two days since the inspiring evening that had led to a resurgence of sexual passion between them … stronger than before … different than before … like a stoppable poison-drug mixing in their veins…

Susan lifted her dress suggestively and seductively over her shapely thighs, her husband looked on as he stroked himself slowly, enjoying her red-light striptease. She dropped the hold again, and this time pulled each of her shoulder straps in turn, down her arms, flashing her perfect breasts and pert nipples. Her hips gyrated slowly and thrust forward as she fucked an invisible lover for her voyeur, deliberately taunting him.

Susan snarled enticingly. She turned her back to him and bent forward to bare her naked buttocks, parting them and sliding a slender finger over her anus and down to her newly shaved cunt lips. She had never done something like this before and shaved all but a pencil-thin patch of public hair, that extended up from her vagina towards her navel. It made her feel like a whore of Sodom and Gomorrah. Wickedness filled her mind. Her pinkish labia was clearly inflamed with sexual desire. Susan rubbed her exposed clit shamelessly.

The smoothness reminded her of how sexy her new daughter’s pussy was … so innocent … so nasty … a thought that went against every fiber of her mind and soul … went against everything that she believed in as a Christian mother … it disgusted herself to think she could ever contemplate the sexualization of any child, let alone her own daughter. But all the same, the provocative thought had crossed her mind, disturbing her, taunting her, and exciting her beyond anything else she had ever imagined … something deep in her repressed memory … something that was left unfulfilled.

He slid from the bed and knelt on the carpeted floor in front of his temptress. David nearly creamed him at the sight of her hairless cunt. His hands thrust faster and faster up and down his cock as she danced like a total slut before him. He could not tear his eyes away from her freshly shaved cunt.

There was something devilish about it; slick and open … but also in a way pubescent, like the fanny of a wanton virgin … like a virgin child … dare he say, like his new daughter. He knew this taboo thought was sick and perverted … but excited him beyond anything else he had felt before.

“You like it I see?” hissed Susan.

She thrust her slender hips slowly back and forth as she watched him in an almost masturbatory prayer.

“You like it because it makes me look whorish … or more like a virgin girl?”

“Both … you stir a demon inside me when you act like a whore …”

“Tonight I will be a total whore … To convert a demon pervert, from my Christian husband? What does that mean? Am I tempting you with wickedness?”

David loved her blasphemous tone … if only he could break the ice without spoiling everything.

“Yes you are … would you think ill of a demon to confess a sacrilege … to take a young virgin into our bed would be a thrill for this demon …” confessed David.

“Then we are both feeling very wicked tonight, my lovely sex demon … I too long to share a young virgin with my demon husband,” Susan desperately wanted to purge her own conscience … “But how young is young enough for your sordid tastes tonight my demon?”

David paused.

His heart was in his throat. He wanted so much to share his desires with the one he loved, but was equally afraid of her response … should it be negative. He looked into her eyes trying to gauge her appetite for this taboo topic and then answered really nervously. She pushed his hands from his cock … and dragged her painted nails down his shaft, then gripped the base of his cock as she awaited his answer.

“Nine, maybe ten years old.”

He could not actually believe that he told her that … she would call him a fucking pervert and demand a divorce. He would burn in hell forever … Susan’s hands began to masturbate him … showing her approval of his answer … Her heart fluttered at David’s sinful suggestion. She lean forward and kissed his mouth reassuringly … masturbating very slowly to keep him on the edge. An evil smirk crossed her face …

“I will not be angry my evil lover … but tell me honestly … have you ever had any sexual thoughts about … our new daughter?’

David swallowed hard.

Again David felt compelled to share his feelings despite the dreadful long-term damage of the consequences. He looked down.

“Y…yes I am ashamed to say.”

He expected the worst.

But Susan’s grip on his cock remained firm, in fact, she increased the pace of masturbatory inquisition. Susan felt a weight lift from her soul at her husband’s lustful confession. Could it be true? She hoped so. The carnal thoughts of lust, of imagining the two of them seducing their new daughter … it was so taboo … so forbidden … his words opened a floodgate. She placed her hand beneath his chin and looked him in the eyes; as she squeezed the shaft of his cock as hard as she could.

“It pleases me that we both share this fantasy …” Susan sounded out of breath, “Lick my cunt. Lick it as if it was … Nina’s … offer her to me … so that we may both enjoy this blasphemous fantasy within the sanctuary of our bedroom … let us share our darkest of fantasies while we make love … spare me nothing … for nothing will shock me my love … for I have imagined gross indecencies and unchristian thoughts and found their unjustness to my liking.”

David fell upon her aching pussy, licking and sucking on her fleshy lips fiercely.

“You are a delicious evil succubus tonight … tempting me with the flesh of one so young and tender … like Lilith corrupting Adam and Eve in the creation of the original sin … tempting me with Nina’s virgin flesh …”

“A virgin ask for … a virgin you will have …”

Susan’s cunt juices drenched his groin as she positioned herself over her husband’s cock. Squatting downwards, her hands guided his cock, not towards her eager vagina … but against the rosebud of her anus.

“Arhhhhh … you’re truly a whore of Sodom … an evil pedophile whore …”

“We are both pedophiles, then … condemned to hell for our evil thoughts.”

They kissed each other.

“Mmmmmm … you want a virgin … then fuck my virgin rectum … aaarggghhhh … a blasphemous fuck,” urged Susan at the edge of her first orgasm.

“Sacrilege … urghhhh … what secrets we share tonight … mmmmm … they make me want you more … my she-devil,” replied David pushing his cock head deep into her filthy bowels.

“Imagine you’re fucking Nina. Feel how tight her cunt is around your filthy cock … fuck her hard my demon lover … HELL … I want an orgy with all our children! Incest is so divine …”

“Uurrrghhhhhh ….’ David screamed as he ejaculated deep in her rectum.

Susan masturbated furiously, convulsing as she came over and over.

“Lick me clean,” she barked.

David got down on all fours and lapped up his own cum from her seeping anal cavity as he imagined the unimaginable … an incestuous orgy with Nina, Stephen, and even little Sally.


Nina climbed on top of Stephen and hovered above his groin. She positioned herself and then lowered her hips slowly descending down the length of his pre-teen cock. She used her body weight to take her down to the base of his shaft until her cunt was up against his tiny balls.

“Aarrrrggghhhhhh …” moaned Stephen as he lost his virginity inside his new sister’s pussy.

Sally had mounted her brother’s upper body, facing Nina, and began to rub her crutch over his face, as Nina guided her actions.

Nina lent against her special sister and they embraced and kissed, both their bodies moved up and down, back and forth in rhythm with each other as they pleasured themselves on their brother.

Stephen’s breathing was heavy and erratic … he was close to orgasm. Before he had a chance to cum. Nina slide from his cock and switched positions with Sally. She wanted him to have his first orgasm inside his baby sister … sealing their incestuous love affair forever.

Nina helped Sally in her virgin awkwardness. She held Stephen’s cock at the opening of her tiny vagina, using its head to spread her miniature labia.

“This is going to hurt a little … but it will feel really good afterward.”

Nina lacked the words to describe the sensation, but knew this feeling all too well, having lost her virginity to one of the older boys in the orphanage, followed by a number of the nuns, each wearing increasingly longer and thicker strap-ons. She eased her new sister onto her brother’s organ, which was now at the slight opening to her vagina, hard up against her delicate hymen. Sally looked at Nina nervously … Nina smiled, placed her hands on Sally’s shoulders, and pushed downwards, driving Stephen’s penis more than halfway inside her tight virgin pussy. Blood ran down the remaining length of his shaft to the base of his cock. Nina’s fingers retrieved some of the pinkish discharge and tasted it. Stephen’s hips bucked upwards, taking his cock further inside her. Sally bit her lip and grimaced with the initial pain of penetration.

“It hurts Nina … it hurts …”

Nina kissed her mouth and held her steady as Stephen began to piston his busy little cock in and out of her … eager to reach the orgasm that Nina denied him.

“Relax … the pain is only temporary … soon it will turn to pleasure.”

Sally kissed her mouth again. She felt the pain and the pleasure intermingle. Pain gave way to the fullness of his tiny cock inside her deflowered cunt and soon she was riding him.


The morning passed uneventfully and with all the kids in school and David gone for the day. Susan found herself with a day to herself. She would usually busy herself with household chores and projects that she did for her kids. But today she felt very different. She reflected on their mutual confession the night before.

It highly aroused her every time the thought crossed her mind. It was not like any arousal she had ever felt in the past. Not like a fantasy about something romantic between David and her. With each successful thought … she experienced an extreme dryness of the mouth, followed by an acute wetness between the legs, then a shortage of breath, and finally a sudden surge in heart rate. It attacked her restraint, impaired any self-control and eventually destroyed her willpower… She splashed her face with cold water and stared at her face in the mirror.

Nina …. Nina … Nina …

Susan looked down and found her hand inside her sweatpants, massaging herself through her drenched underwear.

What has come over me? I have become obsessed …

But her hand had not withdrawn from her pants. In fact quite the opposite …

“Nina … mmmmm … Nina … mmmmmm …”

It felt good moaning her name out loud as she rubbed herself harder against the soaked material of her g-string, her thoughts raced ahead.

In her fantasy she stood hand-in-hand with her husband, both of them nude, in a lush overgrown garden. The air was filled with pollen dust that sparkled in the defused light, and the tranquil sounds of nature surrounded them. The fragrance of sickly sweet blossom masked the, more, base aroma … of primal fertility and sexual arousal. Susan’s first thought was of Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden … but this was not of God’s creation … she knew it was an evil place … the Witch’s garden … As they made their way through the light undergrowth, shadowed by the crooked arms of ancient apple trees, they came across a beautiful sleeping pre-teen girl … she looked so innocent, so naive and so pure.

She stirred gently in restless sleep, turned and moving as if to a soft melody. Susan looked upon her untainted form … her nubile naked body, her small pubescent mounds, and completely hairless slit.

“Oh, Nina … Oh, Nina …”

She knew at that point that this young cherub was of her own flesh and blood … that she was in great danger in the Garden of the Witch … it was then and only then that she came to the realization … that she was the Wicked Witch … Susan felt an influx of power, a sense of corruption that flowed through her veins, as the excitement began to grow in anticipation of her power over the situation … her husband was already erect as he crouched over the child, lifting her restless body to position it for his penetration.

She could do anything … she could awaken and leave this evil place … Susan cried … she broke a sweat and felt hot and flushed … her stomach turned somersaults as she tried to fight the sexual urges that sort her participation in this sordid ritual … she wanted to taste her virgin blood on the length of her husband’s cock … she wanted to squat over her, smother and face-fuck her.


David’s phone bleeped. He looked at the number. It was his sister-in-law. He wondered what that crazy bitch could want. She had tried to come onto him discretely a few times at family events and though he found her very attractive, he had rebutted her advances without disclosing them to his wife. Though Susan and Sara were identical in every way physically … the metaphor that came to his mind was they were like an angel and a demon.

“David,” she drooled.

“Sara … what do you want?” snapped David.

“David, I was trying to get my sis, but her phone is switched off. I just wanted to ask if you could pass her a message … but while I got hold of you … I have been thinking about you lately …”

She had made it known that she enjoyed sex without limits, that anything goes, which she had let David draw his own conclusions too. David would usually dismiss anything she had to say or do as manipulative at best. But for some explainable reason, he didn’t hang up.

“And what exactly were you thinking about Sara?”

He had never dared to flirt with this perverted witch of a sister-in-law before. His cock twitched.

“Well, David … I think this is the first time we’ve had a civil conversation … not that I get off on anything civil … in fact, I’m masturbating as we speak.”

David was not surprised at her forwardness … but was surprised that he was actually still on the line.

“David … I’m glad you didn’t hang up on me.”

He’s interested in something …

“Sara, what do you want from me?”

“Come on, we’re way past that. You know what I want. You can trust me to be very discrete… Why don’t you drop by my apartment? I was asked to do some babysitting … and thought about a threesome … you and me and something very young?”

“Boy or girl?”

“Now that’s more like David! You’re making my cunt even wetter. Which one would you prefer? Hmm … maybe one of each?”

“How do intend to get away with this?”

“I like it. You’re really showing promise for the first time. Let’s say, I have many friends who share my common interests … You know me — I can arrange anything!”

David couldn’t believe that he had actually contemplated this madness … what was he thinking … the witch would expose him to his sister and ruin his marriage.

“Don’t get cold feet on me David … you practically have me cumming on my fingers talking about doing perverted things together … if you’re worried about me telling Susan about us, forget it, that boring Christian bitch can go on living her fairy-tale … I just want a hell of a party and you to join in.”

David held the phone away from his ear and rubbed his face.

“I’ll be there in an hour.”


David’s imagination ran amuck. His cock remained in a constant state of arousal for the entire journey to his sisters-in-law. The concierge took the car keys from him and after directing him through the private lift lobby, called Ms Everest on the security phone. They exchanged a few brief words and then he ushered David into the lift.

“Thank you,” said David nervously.

“You’re welcome. Ms. Everest is expecting you.”

The lift door opened directly into her high-rise penthouse. David stepped into the entry area. Sara was waiting for him, dressed in a simple one-piece tunic, and tied at the waist with a simple white rope belt. Her stilettos clicked loudly against the marble floor and as she turned against the light, from the floor-to-ceiling windows, David could see right through her clothing to her breathtaking nakedness below.

“Very punctual David, I like that in a lover.”

She stepped closer. Sara traced the shape of his jawbone with her bright red-painted fingernail, and then she kissed his mouth softly while her fingertips squeezed David’s bulge. She quickly unzipped his fly and slipped her hand inside his pants, taking a grip on his erection and pulling out.

“I can see you’re horny for to some fresh pre-teen action darling …”

David pulled her tightly towards him and returned the kiss.

“Mmmm … you waste no time … my pussy is so wet too …”

She broke their kiss and led David into her bedroom still holding his cock in her hand. The blinds were drawn and lying across the bed were two pre-teen children, one boy, and one girl. The boy was dressed in just his underpants and the girl, whose hair was in pigtails, was also in simple cotton panties without any top.

David looked at her small little mounts that were yet to develop into breasts. They reminded him of Nina … how he longed to fuck Nina … David wondered for a second how Sara had managed to pull this little liaison together, but then in the next second, his mind was focused on the little orgy that was about to begin. Would they resist and would he have to force them to have sex with the adults, or would they be willing participants in this taboo game … he didn’t have to wait long as watched Sara tongue kiss first the girl and then the boy.

Sara was pleased to see David’s enthusiasm as he began to undress … their pedophilic tastes were well-matched. His cock was stiff and pointed directly at the young boy. She looked forward to seeing him sodomize the young boy, while she sucked his little wiener … how she loved the taste of young boy cum … almost as much as young girl cum.

He had not noticed it until that moment, but on the large wall-mounted plasma was a kiddy porn flick … they must have been watching before he arrived … in the movie, there were several adults with small children ranging from the ages of seven up to thirteen years olds. All were naked and involved in oral sex. A small boy licked the cock of a well-endowed teenage boy like it was a lollypop, while a man in his thirties sank his snake-like tongue into the tiny vagina of the wriggling nine-year-old. They were all happy, smiling faces … doing disgusting vile things … he felt perverted and evil … he would have to get a copy for himself.

“They are all having so much fun, aren’t they children?” asked Sara, “Yes, they are Ms. Everest, is the correct answer.”

She smiled wickedly.

Sara whispered for David’s ears only.

“I will have to change the movie in a second … as this is a snuff movie.”

“I want a copy,” added David.

“Sure David, we are moving in leaps and bounds together today.”

Sara knelt in front of him and showed the children David’s beautiful appendage … her hands guided up and down it; cupping each of his balls; she took the tip of it into her mouth, then kissed his shaft, and then licked his sacks … all the time making noises of great appreciation.

“Come here, both of you … See how delicious a grown man’s cock can be.”

The two young ones scurried across the bed to be close to Sara … they stood on either side of David … each taking turns kissing and caressing his cock and balls. David couldn’t believe the scene that he found himself in. Sara changed the video. More explicit kiddy porn … this was obviously an incest video, showing the various family members of a father, mother, two daughters, and a son. All the children were pre-teen. The father was having anal sex with the son, while the girls watched and fingered their mother.

Sara undid her rope belt and pulled the tunic over her head so that she was also naked. As the young boy began to suck David’s cock, Sara removed his underpants and stroked his tiny cock. The small girl watched impatiently to one side.

After a short while they changed places with each other, and again Sara removed the little girl’s cotton underwear and fingered her tiny pussy, as she licked and sucked at David’s penis. By now, his cock was weeping pre-cum as it bubbled from his piss slit and down his shaft.

Sara walked across to her bedside table and reappeared with a video camera. She pointed at the children as they both brought their small mouths on either side of David’s cock.

“Ms. Everest is making a movie. Say hi, to everyone.”

The kids waved and then continued their oral copulation.

David lay down across the large bed and the young girl attempted to mount his cock. Kneeling over his lap she rubbed the tip of his erection against the outer lips of her tiny tight pussy. The boy straddled David’s chest and with a little encouragement pushed his hips forward, so that David could take his small cock into his mouth. All the time, Sara continued to video. She paused only for a moment to mount the video camera onto the tripod that pointed it downwards onto the bed. Sara sat on the edge of the bed and touched herself as she lent down to David’s ear.

“So shall we make our own snuff movie?” asked Sara, looking directly into David’s eyes … “We can’t leave any witnesses … can we?” She smiled wickedly … “Yes David, I am joking…”

David smiled meekly at her sick joke but imagined his sister-in-law was capable of anything.



“Last night you were, unhinged. You were like some desperate, howling demon. You frightened me … Do it again … Woman’s destiny is to be wanton, like the bitch, the she-wolf; she must belong to all who claim her.” — Marquis de Sade

Father Dominic parked the car and walked across the dry fallen leaves toward the orphanage building. The old orphanage was in need of attention and though they never seemed to have problems with charitable contributions, very little seemed to be actually spent on their infrastructure. The Father knocked on the door and waited. In no time a young attractive nun appeared and welcomes the priest into the entry of the orphanage. She showed him to the reception and announced that Sister Juliana would be along very shortly.

Everything seemed as it should. He pinched himself. How foolish he felt … how would he open this strange conversation with the good Sister … was he to say ‘Oh by the way are you offering sacrifices to the devil and procuring children for local pedophiles?’ No, he could say this … he would make this an introduction or familiarization with the institution … an offer of help from the parish maybe … that would be less confronting.

“Good morning Father, it is so good of you to visit the orphanage,” greeted Sister Juliana dressed in her traditional and conservative grey attire.

“Good morning Sister, thank you for entertaining me at such short notice.”

“I know you have not been long in our community. We should have invited you earlier. Please forgive us … distractions with the business of the orphanage and it is a large commitment for the limited nuns running this establishment.”

“Of course, and being a little off the beaten track, one does get lost in one’s duties for the Lord.”

“Amen, my Brother.”

Sister Juliana felt a shiver of suspicion towards the motivations of this new priest and his rather surprised visit. If the priest had dropped in the day before, it would have been a different story. His predecessor, Father Peter, and she had a clear arrangement … he had shared their secret to satisfy his own sexual needs … but this new priest … what did he know? What did he want?

“Well, I just wanted to extend my pastoral assistance to the orphanage and let you know I fully support the important work you all do for the unfortunate children,” said the priest.

“Thank Father, we need all the help we can get. Now, if you don’t mind, the work here is very demanding … and I must return to do my duties … unless … there is anything else?”

The priest felt it was inconclusive. He didn’t trust this nun. It was something about her slickness and over-confidence that stirred his curiosity. He found it hard to believe any of these wild rumors … but even harder to believe that any institution of the church would be involved in devil worship or organized pedophilia …

“Well, Sister, there was one last thing … I was thinking about inviting a few of your orphan children to a special church day … if you are busy, would it be possible for one of your sisters to introduce me to a few of your flock?”

It might have been too hasty to think that she could have dispensed with this priest. He was persistent. Sister Juliana considered her options. She could say no at the moment … she could say yes, but on another day … she could limit his access to reception.

“You are very generous Father. It would be great for some of our older children to participate … please excuse me one minute … so I can find a sister to bring a few of the older ones to meet you here.”

Father sat tight. He felt he was being shown only what the sister wanted him to see … he was thinking of another way to find out more.

“Thank you, Sister Juliana.”

The Sister disappeared. Sometime later, Sister Joanna appeared with three orphans in tow. The children were teenagers, two girls, and one boy, and should be no signs of abuse or mistreatment. They happily accepted the Father’s invitation to the special church day … and without anything further to say, the young nun showed him to the door.

He was gone. Sister Juliana and Sister Joanna watched him leave from behind the heavily netted window.

“He knows something. He will need to be disgraced,” said Sister Juliana.

The three children waited impatiently as they knelt at Sister Juliana’s feet … she stroked their upturned faces like one would pet a dog.

“What do you have in mind Sister?” asked Joanna.

“Something simple … like blackmail … maybe carnal knowledge with one of these sexy young girls or maybe a boy? Hmmm, sound interesting … we can make it a very special church day for this priest … by the time we are finished with him, he’ll wish he stayed in his parish …”


Susan closed her heavy eyes.

In her mind, she pictured herself at the feet of her twin sister, who was dressed in a long shiny latex coat, thigh-high latex boots with spiked heels, and long latex gloves. Her basement had transformed into a dungeon with grilled bars, restrains of every kind, and a large portrait of the Baphomet, naked and very erect. Her children were all dressed in simple one-piece gowns that cut off just below middle thigh height. They were all daisy-chained together by dog collars and rope. Against the wall was her husband completely naked and bound by the wrists and ankles… his cock had never looked stiffer.

It was if she could hear a choir of staccato voices singing hymns of praise to an evil god, their lyrics were obscene and blasphemous. As she looked upwards, she could see her twin sister standing above her. She opened her long leather coat and pulled Susan by her dog collar towards her hairless cunt. Susan could smell her sister’s arousal and see her juices running down the inside of her shapely legs.

They were equal and opposites; like day and night; like an angel and a demon … she wanted her… she wanted to pleasure her sister … as she had wanted so many years ago … like a dream within a dream … the clarity of her seduction … it had been Susan that had first instigated their early sexual games … she was the Witch, not Sara … she was the one that had first seduced and willfully engaged in their incestuous fornication … she had taken her twin sister’s virginity with a vibrator from their mother’s bedside table.

She had coaxed her … kissed her and brought a shame that twisted her memory of these events … light to dark, day to night, good to evil, innocence to corruption.

Her eye now looked down upon Sara, kneeling naked at her feet. She was dressed for sex and pulled her sister’s crying face towards her itchy pussy. She needed Sara’s tongue between her legs … She wanted to humiliate her, debase her, defile her … piss in her mouth … she was nothing but her sex slave.


The school was out, but Nina couldn’t find either Sally or Stephen. She made her way to the drop-off and pick-up point outside the school perimeter, where Susan had told her to wait. The SUV was already there. Susan could see Nina walking towards the vehicle. She flashed the lights and put the electric window down.

“Hi sweetheart” she called.

“Where are Sally and Stephen?” she asked.

“Oh, they’ve gone with some school friends for supper and play … David will bring them back late tonight … it’s you and I this evening kiddo.”

Nina smiled as she climbed into the car next to Susan. She reached over and kissed her on the mouth. It was more than an affectionate kiss … it lingered much too long and Susan thought she felt the tip of Nina’s little tongue push between her lips. Her heart beat faster.

“Oh, Mommy… I’m so glad …” Nina pouted and added … “But Nina has been a bad girl today.”

Susan smiled at her naughty little temptress. She wondered what she would do next. She didn’t have to wait long. As they pulled away from the curb and out of sight of any prying eyes, Nina removed her stained cotton panties from beneath her dark plaid skirt. She folded them inside out and smelt the dirty crutch area.

“My pussy makes my panties smell funny Mommy.”

Susan watched with wild anticipation.

“Let mommy judge for herself.”

She stopped the SUV in front of a small park area off the main road. It was secluded and private.

Nina leaned across and presented her dirty underwear to her new mommy, who immediately sank her nose against the greasy patch. Unsatisfied with her examination, she first licked and then sucked the material between her lips. Susan had lost all sense of right or wrong. All she wanted was more of this sex child.

“Yes, You’ve been very naughty Nina,” she said in mock anger.

Nina climbed in front of Susan and leaned against the steering wheel. She opened her legs and lifted her school skirt above her waistline.

“Mommy, I’m very dirty down there …”

Susan sank her face between Nina’s tiny thighs and licked enthusiastically at her pussy. She sucked on the girl’s tiny clit as it reacted to her tongue.

“Oh Mommy, that’s so good … I have been wanting you to do this to me from the first day I arrived … oh, Mommy, I love … lick me more … lick it inside too …”

Nina panted, her tiny hands grabbing handfuls of Susan’s hair as she thrust against her face, bucking and moaning lewdly.

“Mmmmmmmmm …. Mommy … Nina wants to make pee-pee!”

Susan was very horny but hesitated for a moment, afraid that someone might see what she was up to. She could smell Nina’s sexual arousal … and Nina could smell her new mother’s. The thought of this slut daughter pissing in her mouth … of this perverted Lolita seduction was almost too much.

“Nina … let’s quickly get home darling … we need somewhere more comfortable and private.”

Nina climbed over into the back seat.

“May I touch myself on the way back, Mommy?”

Susan watched her through the rear vision mirror. She adjusted it so that she could get a better view of her naughty daughter’s antics.

“Mommy would like to see that Nina.”

“Are you going to punish me?”

“Only if Nina doesn’t do the nasty things that evil Mommy wants.”

Susan could see Nina in the back seat through the rear vision mirror. She slowly lifted her plaid skirt to show, her new mommy, her tight little pussy as she began to push a slender digit in and out of her hole.

“Mmmmmmm … Arghhhh … I love my evil Mommy,” she moaned in enjoyment of her own fingering.

Nina brought her fingers to her mouth and sucked them and then put them back inside her pussy.

“Does Mommy want a taste of Nina’s pussy?”

Susan nodded and Nina dripped her fingers back into her hole and then leaned forward and presented them to Susan. Susan sucked the honey from her new daughter’s fingertips. They had arrived home. Susan opened the door and Nina stepped out of the vehicle. They quickly went inside and Susan took Nina to her bedroom, sweeping her up into her arms, she threw her onto the unmade bedding. Both frantically undressed. Susan straddled Nina’s face…

“I want to taste Mommy’s pussy … especially after Daddy fills it with his salty cum …” teased Nina as she attached herself to Susan’s wet cunt.

Her tiny fingers held Susan’s piss flaps apart as she dug her tongue as deep as she could into her new mother’s fuck hole. Susan was in complete ecstasy … she thrashed around moaning lewdly.

“Ahhhhhgggggg … fuccccckkkkkkk …”

Panting out of breath she looked down at the tiny girl between her legs.

“Where did you learn these sorts of things?”

“From my other Mommy,” Nina offered.

“… Other mommy?”

“She said it was a secret … well until the day that I licked you out!”

“Who did, baby?”

“Auntie Sara,”

Susan pulsed …. The penny dropped as she realized at that moment, that this was her twin’s daughter … Nina was her niece … it explained the close resemblance between Nina and her own family … it also explained Nina’s ease with her seduction. Sara had taught her own daughter very well. At such a tender age the girl was already an expert at the art of cunnilingus.


Susan watched the sunset. The sky was a fiery collision of dark crimson and brilliant orange, framed by the silhouetted shapes of leafless trees that surrounded their extensive property. A flash of lightning lighted up the night sky for a split second … and moments later the distant sound of thunder out of synchronization … another flash … another clap … almost rhythmical … again and again …

She realized now that it had been no random sequence of events. Nina was not an orphan at all… yes she had been at an orphanage and may have been abused by the nuns … but probably had enjoyed every minute of it. Now Nina had been brought to her lair … she was the daughter of her promiscuous and perverted twin … she was her niece. Her husband would get a big kick out of it, but he would have to wait his turn … the orgy of innocence was to be such a tragic but delicious feast. Susan finally understand that it was ‘Nothing without sin’ …

The rainstorm belted down and lashed against the large glass panes. Dark sheets of loud water washed them over and over. From the outside, the house looked completely dark, with only the occasional shimmer of what looked like the open fireplace. Sara was soaked to the skin, her long black hair plastered to her forehead and shoulders. Her short strapless dress was almost translucent with wetness … revealing that she had no underwear. The door was ajar as she stepped onto under the Foster’s portico. She stepped inside and kicked off her shoes. Her sister stood facing the open fireplace. The undulating light from the roaring flames licked at her naked form. As she turned, the room lit up in a flash of brilliant lightning.

Their eyes met … as if each was looking into a great mirror. Susan watched her twin standing with her wet clothing clinging to her shapely body as she stood by the doorway … they were identical in every way. Their eyes never left each other for a second. Susan stepped forward and they embraced fervently.

Without words, Sara felt her sister’s hand drawing her wet body onto hers as she let out a low moan. Susan pulled Sara’s wet clothing over her waist and her palm pressed against Sara’s naked bottom. Her other hand pulled the strapless dress down under her pert breasts so that their nipples touched exquisitely. She could feel the heat from her twin’s dry body as Susan’s hand pulled her head forward so that their open mouths crashed together. Their tongues touched for the first time in over a decade … sexual memories of their perverted love affair flooded her mind as if they had never stopped … she could see two tiny girls, no older than ten years … laying in a sixty-nine position, feverishly eating each other out … boiling over in sexual enlightenment, as the joy of their first mutual orgasm swept through their tender bodies.

Susan’s repression gave way to the power of their incestuous lust … the two sisters ground their cunts together once more as they had done as pre-teens, passionately exploring each other’s identical bodies as if there was no tomorrow. Gasping from the forbidden thrill, finally Sara broke their Sapphic kiss.

“Thank you,” whispered Susan.

Sara just nodded.

She knew exactly what her sister meant. They had always been able to read each other’s thoughts … this had made the mutual seduction so natural. Her ‘thank you’ was for the gift … her niece that had been the catalyst; rekindling their love that had been banished in Susan’s religious denial … as it opened the gates once again for their deviant affections. Sara slipped from her wet clothing and shook the rainwater from her hair. Susan took her twin by the hand and led her upstairs.

“I have missed making love with you,” said Susan … “Nobody understands me better than you.”

“And no one ever will. We are one mind in two bodies … we both enjoy the same things … even your choice of husband … he is delicious.”

“I know … he is ours to share from now on!”

“And what of your niece, isn’t she just irresistible?” asked Sara as they entered Susan’s bedroom.

Sleeping across the top of the bed clothing was Nina, curled up and hugging her teddy bear.

“Yes, she is. And her cunnilingus is superb. You have taught her well,” complimented Susan.

They both lay down on the king-size bed and stroked her naked form.

“She will be so happy to see us both here together.”


Father Dominic opened the door to his private office in the refectory. Standing in the doorway were Louise and Sister Joanna. He remembered her from the day he visited the orphanage. It had been a very strange day. Louise looked no older than fourteen. A quiet, unassuming girl, Father Dominic immediately warmed to her demur demeanor. He invited the two of them into his office and offered them some refreshments.

“I wasn’t expecting to see you so soon,” said the priest to Sister Joanna.

“Well Father, you mentioned then children being involved in the parish … a special church day, I think you mentioned to Sister Juliana?”

“Yes of course, but that isn’t for some time yet.”

“Well I was taking young Louise for a doctor’s appointment and I thought I would drop in … I hope it isn’t inconvenient?”

“No, of course not; I hope everything is all right?’ he looked directly at young Louise.

“Yes, Father,” she answered with a shyness that was completely disarming.

“Well, glad to hear that.”

“Maybe Louise could help you out today? I have some errands to run before I return to the orphanage …” asked Sister Joanna.

“Oh. Okay, I am sure we can find something for Louise to do.”

“Well then, I will leave the both of you together … and I will be back in the late afternoon. Remember to obey the good Father, Joanna.”

Father Dominic stood and opened the door. Sister Joanna was gone and the priest looked at the young timid girl sitting in his office. He wanted to believe that everything was above board … he wanted with his heart and soul that he could just disprove all the poisonous whispers.

“So Louise, what do you like about the orphanage?”

It was a fair enough question he thought.

“Oh Father, I don’t like being at the orphanage at all. I long to have a family, to be someone’s daughter, to have a father and mother to call my own.”

She began to cry quietly.

He could see the emotions he had stirred. He felt guilty even asking her anything about her life at the orphanage.

“’m sorry. I didn’t mean …”

Louise hugged him around his waist. Her dainty little hands held him, while she wept into his cassock.

“Child … I understand … the church is your family … Sister Juliana is your mother …”

He sat down next to her and allowed her to cry on his shoulder.

“But she has so many needy children to mother. I miss having a father of my own … a strong man to hold me.”

The priest could feel her small wet face pressed against his neck. It felt so sad. He wished the orphanage could help her find a new home … with the loving family that she deserved. Her small hand lay across his lap, at first, as if by accident until she began to rub her hand against his genitals. The Father reached down and pushed her hand away. He was shocked by the girl’s apparent forwardness. Louise pressed her mouth across the priest’s, smearing her lipstick across his mouth and jaw. She tore open her blouse, scattering the buttons across the stone floor. She looked the priest directly in the eyes and licked her lips.

“Fuck me, Father … I wanna be a dirty fucking slut … fuck my hot little cunt.”

“Child, what in heavens do you think you’re doing?”


Nina stirred from her deep sleep. At first, she thought she was seeing double, but then she realized it was both her new mommy and her real mommy sitting on the bed next to her. It was really difficult to tell which was which, without their clothes on, they were completely identical. Her eyes traveled downwards from their slender necks, across their perfect breasts, and finally to their pouting hairless pussies.

Both were already masturbating themselves as they looked upon their lust child. They both smiled at her without saying a word … a smile that evoked a sense of perverted passion toward her. Susan leaned forward and kissed her twin sister, full on the mouth. Nina watched as the two of them kissed deeply and passionately with all the gusto of lovers divided. Their tongues plundered each other’s mouths, twisting together.


They broke their kiss and looked at her illicitly.

“Yes dear,” they both answered.

Even their voices were identical.

Nina smiled widely, as she could not tell one from the other. She felt a deep sexual excitement in the pit of her tiny stomach … like thousands of butterflies being released at the same time … tickling her from the inside out.

“Isn’t this wonderful?” asked Susan, her hand began fondling Nina’s tiny pussy, rubbing her a pussy juice across her outer lips and down towards her nether hole.

Nina gasped at the tingling sensation of her new Mother’s finger bumping her tiny clit. She gently inserted her finger between Nina’s pussy folds.

Bringing her damp finger to Sara’s mouth she added, “Mommy wants a taste?”

Sara hungrily sucked on Susan’s finger and reciprocated the gesture.

“Mmmm … she tastes so divine,” answered Sara, licking her painted lips.

Susan kissed Nina gently on the lips. She pushed her back down upon the bedclothes, while Sara changed her position so that her mouth hovered over Nina’s flat chest … her pink tongue snaked out. As Susan held Nina down with her arms above her head, Sara kissed in small circles around her aureoles, with each kiss, getting closer and closer to her painfully erect nipples. Nina gasped in complete ecstasy, as the seductive onslaught of these two sexually potent women, began to unfold.

Susan pushed her pointed tongue between Nina’s yielding lips. Her tongue pushed between her lips exploring behind her teeth and up into the roof of her small mouth. Susan moaned directly into her mouth, savoring the delicious taste of her new daughter, as her hands firmly held Nina against the bed.

Sara kissed her way across Nina’s nubile torso, stopping once she reached the slight depression in her navel, sucking on the flesh for a moment before traveling toward her groin. Nina’s pussy was burning with desire to be touched … she tried to move, but Susan held her firmly … her juices flowed from within her canal of passion … she longed to be licked out.

Sara’s soft mouth kissed her pelvic bone, along the top of her legs, and downwards between her inner thighs. She saw Nina’s pink lips swollen with excitement and could smell the lust radiating from her daughter’s dripping gash. Her hands held Nina’s legs wider apart and firmly against the bed sheets as she tried to buck her hips in frustration desperate for some direct attention on her clit and pussy.

“Aaargghhhhh …” Nina screamed as she almost spontaneously came.

Nina gasped to regain her breath and her mother’s oral pleasuring had only just begun. Sara’s mouth now began to cover Nina’s vagina with long, soft licks as she tried to draw the flavor of her daughter into her own mouth. She sucked on the delicate outer lips, sucking on, first one and then the other. At the same time, she pushed a slender digit into Nina’s tight little anus, pushing in as far as she could, and slowly finger-fucking her delicate rosebud. Sara’s tongue darted like a hummingbird in-and-out of Nina’s hot fuck hole, just deep enough to tease, but not enough to satisfy.

The women changed positions. Sara now kissed her daughter’s mouth.

Nina could taste her sweet cunt juices in Sara’s mouth. She shivered in lustfulness, as her waist twisted and gyrated against the restraints of these two perverted twins. She felt herself edging towards another enormous orgasm as Susan’s mouth clamped over her syrupy pussy.

Susan’s mouth explored every centimeter of Nina’s well-lubricated hole, drilling her thick tongue as deep as she could, working its way upwards to the hooded clit of the tiny sinner.

“Arrrghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh …”

Nina screamed into her mother’s open mouth, as the intense sensation of climax ripped through her young body. Her back arched against the bedsheets and her mind blanked out.


Sister Joanna stood at the doorway. She smiled to herself.

Father Dominic pushed the child away from him and looked at her in complete horror. It was as if he had looked into the eyes of a demon.

“Father Dominic … what in God’s name do you think you’re doing to this young girl?” shouted the hysterical nun as she leaped into the priest’s office, “You should be ashamed of yourself, for taking advantage of an innocent orphan!”

“What are you talking about? You don’t understand.”

“Oh yes, I do. You filthy pervert!”

“No Sister, it wasn’t like that!” pleaded the priest.

Louise was crying and holding her torn top together. The Sister angrily pulled the under-aged girl away from the panic-stricken priest. Standing between them. He still was in complete shock and couldn’t believe what was going on. The noise and pandemonium attracted a small crowd of onlookers from inside the parish. Three women had already gathered at the doorway and hurried toward the sound, wondering what all the commotion was about. One look at the lipstick-covered priest and the crying girl … with a torn blouse … was enough for them to jump to an obvious and shameful conclusion.

He looked completely stunned … like a rabbit caught in a car’s headlights. With nowhere to run… his feet felt weak and immobile. Sister Joanna held the girl behind her and faced away from the gathering outside in the parish. She leaned forward and whispered to him.

“Sister Juliana will be very disappointed with you Father. You had your chance … now you’re completely fucked!”

Sister Joanna escorted the girl away and fled the scene. The damage had been done. The priest would be disgraced. He would no longer be a threat to the orphanage. Louise would be well rewarded for her part. As their car pulled away from the scene, Father Dominic ran from the crowd that had been steadily gathering.


David arrived with the two young children in tow. It was very quiet in the Foster home. He locked up the home and told Stephen and Sally to wait downstairs. He flicked the television on to keep them occupied for a while so that he could investigate further.

Satisfied that there would be no interruptions, he removed his coat and walked upstairs. As he opened the bedroom door, he saw Nina asleep across the four-poster bed; her naked body strewn across the bedclothes immediately inflamed his most perverted desires.

His cock throbbed and leaked pre-cum into his pants as he gazed at her chest as it rose and fell in tune with her breathing. Her small, but distinctive buds stood proud from her chest, pointing upwards like little cones of desire. His eyes traveled across the depression in her navel, and downwards between the twin peaks of her hips, towards the hairless cunt and slightly open slit.

Still completely naked and holding each other around the waist, Sara and Susan watched from the bathroom doorway. They could see David’s eyes burning with depraved desires for the young girl.

“Isn’t she exquisite?” said Susan to her husband.

David looked up and saw the twins observing him.

“Go on, darling,” urged Sara, “Fuck her, while we both masturbate.”

They both joined him at the bedside.

Susan kissed her husband on the mouth. He devoured her with his forcefulness. Sara untied his belt, as the two women began to undress him.

“Where are Sally and Stephen?” asked Susan.

“Downstairs,” David answered.

“Sara … you can help my husband?”

“I want his cock in my rear. I have been looking forward to it.”

Susan grabbed her bathrobe from the floor and stepped out of the bedroom to attend to her children. She did not want them to miss the opportunity to witness their father make love to their new sister. Nina stirred in blissful rest and opened her sleepy eyes. She looked up and saw her new father standing over her, next to the bed.

His eyes were focused on her sex and she felt the ticklish tingle of his sexual attraction. His penis looked enormous compared to her new brother’s … she could almost feel the rush of blood flowing through its bluish veins as they pulsed with excitement, standing firm and erect above his heavy balls for her.

Her real mother, Sara, knelt next to him and Nina watch her mother’s fingers as they drew his foreskin back across the angry purple head of his pre-cum dripping cock … holding it forward towards her.

“Come my child. He awaits you,” she commanded.

Nina sat up and slide her body forward to the edge of the bed, her small hands extended in curiosity to feel the warm thickness and rigidity of her new father’s throbbing shaft. It was the first time she had touched a real man’s cock. Her tiny fingers guided over the pearl of pre-cum that oozed from his piss slit and she brought a naughty fingertip to her lips to taste his hot salty liquid.

Sara watched with encouraging eyes. She vibrated with sexual heat. Her fingers were already working her stiff clit as it pocked forward from its skin hood, rubbing up and down the front of her labia and intermittently furrowing into her wet fuck hole.

“Lick it, darling, lick the big cock for me,” she added.

Nina didn’t really need any prompting, as she had imagined this moment many times before … now it was here, it felt almost surreal. She leaned forward, and her mother guided David’s rod into her warm open mouth. Her tongue began to make rapid circles around the head, lavishing it with firm kisses that were quickly followed by bolder sucking … taking the entire bulbous head in her orifice.

Her delicate fingers wrapped around his heavy ball sacks. She could feel the heat coming from within them. She weighed and squeezed them in her palms as she continued her oral attack. Susan had arrived just in time. The two youngsters watched in awe and disbelief. Neither had ever seen their father naked … now in plain sight, they watched as Nina attempted to suck on his rigid cock. Still dressed in her bathrobe, Susan knelt beside her children, to bring her face next to theirs at the same height. They were both completely mesmerized. Susan whispered to them.

“Don’t be afraid. Just watch your new sister.”

David moaned uncontrollably with the sublime pleasure of the moment.

“Uuurrggghhhhhhhh …”

It was better than he had imagined. The child’s innocent look, combined with her practiced mouth, was almost too much to take. His body convulsed as it sent a cascade of creamy white sperm … ejaculating into her mouth and across her upturned face.

“Look Sara … how your new father appreciates you … this is a sign of his love!”

Sara quickly began to lap the spilled salty seed from her daughter’s face. The daughter and mother kissed mouth-to-mouth, exchanging the mixture of sticky cum and saliva back and forth. David lay down on the bed next to Nina. His orgasm had left him exhilarated and exhausted.

“Wow,” said Sally, as she stood with her hand under her school skirt.

“You will have your turn soon my love. Yes, and so will you Stephen … we’re gonna dress you like a pretty girl and let you ride your Daddy’s big cock,” replied Susan, as she held them in her arms.

“I can’t wait,” said Stephen, “I wish I could have tasted Daddy’s white stuff.”

“You will darling … tonight and every night.”


Returning to the orphanage, Sister Joanna could see Sister Juliana waiting impatiently for them in the reception. She was not dressed in her usual grey attire, but a plain long black robe. Standing against the fading light, it looked almost translucent, her perfectly shaped body, silhouetted against the window.

“It is done, Sister? Is it done?” asked Sister Juliana impatiently.

“Yes, Sister … everything went exactly as you said it would. Little Louise did her part.”

“Excellent. Father Dominic will no longer be a problem, his reputation will be tarnished and his word immediately discredited … if he dares accuse us of anything, his conjecture will not be taken seriously.”

Sister Juliana smiled at Louise with a grimace on her face.

“Come child …’ she beckoned the young one to her side.

Sister Juliana cupped her face in her hands and smiled. Leaning even closer, Sister Juliana kissed her on the cheek … then kisses her lips … then pulled her closer, closing her mouth around the child’s, pushing her tongue between Louise’s open lips. Sister Joanna watched with a twinge of jealousy. Sister Juliana broke the kiss and looked at Joanna. She snarled as she noticed the look on Joanna’s face.

“Praise be to Almighty Satan our Savior.”

Sister Juliana’s hand reached across and rubbed her fellow Sister’s crotch through her investment. Sister Joanna returned the gesture.

“Let all his slut wives celebrate this small but important occasion, with some special appreciation for both of you … come we have been waiting…”

The three make their way up the wide staircase in the formal entry to the huge solid wooden doors to the grand hall of the orphanage. Two young Sisters stood holding the doors open for the three to enter. Closing the door behind them, Sister Juliana takes to a small podium at the front of the great hall. She is surrounded by the nuns dressed in plain black robes and children of the orphanage all clad in tiny tunics barely covering their genitalia, as they all sit ready for a great feast to begin.

“At the Awakening Moment of the Mother Predato r… Lilith, the Black Serpent looked upon the children … her first desire was to satisfy her hunger and to devour them … but instead, she brought them to her cunt and baptized them in menstrual blood and sexually copulated with them … Sisters of Sin … we are the Brides of Satan and our vampiric lust tonight will be satisfied as we give thanks to our Lord of Darkness …”

Sister Juliana signaled Sister Joanna and Louise to join her at the podium.

“Tonight we celebrate with the joining of a young boy child with his seduction by a knowing young girl child … so we may watch her spill his seed and offer him to the Sisterhood … come Louise pick a boy of your choice and lead him to the altar … Sister Joanna and I will help you in your initiation …”


It was already nightfall by the time Father Dominic stumbled his way onto the grounds of the old orphanage. His mind was filled with rage … he felt that he had been set up, but just couldn’t fathom the motivation … unless his suspicions about improper behavior at the orphanage were true.

Oh God let me be wrong!

The brush-off from Sister Juliana was still fresh in his mind, but more so the immediate accusations of Sister Joanna that gave no quarter about the circumstances in his office with the young girl. He was not sure how he would explain this to the authorities. And he was certain that this event would bring about a very serious reprimand for him as the parish priest. He could almost hear the words of his accusers, calling him a pedophile priest that had tried to molest a child in his care.

Father Dominic shuddered. The only way out of this mess was to press forward. He had no choice, and if he had been wrong about the orphanage, at least he would leave office knowing that the children were safe … he could live with that … but, if he was right, his actions would be shown to be that of an innocent priest used as a pawn in some sort of twisted charade … at the end, it had to be about the children and their safety … if these nuns were truly sex demons, he had a duty to perform … to expose them and destroy their evil … and deliver the orphans into safety.

He could see the upper floor lights from the grand hall of the orphanage and looked for a way to reach the windows from the outside of the building. His youth gave him strength and dexterity that the older priests would not have had and climbing to the roof line, without attracting attention, proved to not be too difficult. He edged along the roof line until me was just below the stain glass windows of the hall.

Reaching up with both hands, he pulled himself upwards, so that his eyes were level with the window ledge. Though the windows where old and the glass warped through age and heavily tinted, he could see that the hall was filled with nuns and children, they seemed to all be focused on the activities happening at the front of the grand hall, where an oversized altar had been placed.

The Father could make out the faces of two nuns; he thought they were both Sister Juliana and Sister Joanna. They stood on either side of a naked young girl … he immediately recognized the face of the young Louise, the girl that had been screaming in his office only a few hours earlier… he watched her kneeling over the body of a small naked boy, who was laid prone over the altar, and with the Sister’s help, she seemed to be rising and falling upon him.

Oh my God, she is having intercourse with the boy … and the Sisters are aiding this abomination … and all the other nuns and children are watching …

It was only then that he noticed that all the nuns and children were masturbating themselves while they watched in obvious excitement … he wanted to scream at them to stop …

Oh, Holy Mother Mary!


The Foster’s bedroom was a hive of activity. Susan and her two young children, Sally and Stephen, stood patiently watching her twin, Sara; straddle her own daughter’s face. Susan’s husband, David, had already recovered from the strong orgasm, that had led him to cum all over the girl’s face, and now stood, proudly erect again as he rubbed the tip of his cock against Nina’s tiny pussy.

Susan removed her dressing gown and instructed the children to strip down. The six naked bodies gathered around the four-poster bed. Susan took the video camera from her bedside draw and began to record her sister as she face-fucked Nina in long, deliberate strokes.

“Uuurghhhhhhh …’ she moaned dragging to hot, wet pussy back and forth across Nina’s eager mouth.

David was ready. His cock throbbed with urgency as he longed to stab the girl’s dilated cunt opening. The tip of his cock had already been in close contact with her labia, pushing just inside, but not yet penetrating … her cunt juices glistened in a mixture with David’s pre-cum.

Susan brought the children around to appreciate the full view of this moment, and stroked David’s anus, as she urged him to push forward and enter the young whore.

Sally and Stephen began to mutually masturbate each other, thrusting their groins against each other’s hands as they watched their father begin to enter Nina’s stretched pussy. Stephen pushed a finger into his finger as her tiny fingers wrapped themselves around his little penis.

Nina’s body tensed as she began to feel the large bulbous head of her new father enter her over-stuffed pussy.

“Mmmmmmmmghhhh …” she moaned into her mother’s cunt as the girth stretched her wider than anything else that she had inside her before.

Sara watched over her shoulder and thrust her cunt harder against her daughter’s wriggling tongue.

“Fuck her hard David … fuck her hole …” encouraged Susan as she frigged herself wildly, “That’s it … fill her with your beautiful cock … mmmmmmmm …” she moaned, lost in the perverted ecstasy of the situation as she continued to record their home movie.


To be continued?


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