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Feature Title: The Devil Queen and the Little Girl Scouts

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The Devil Queen and the Little Girl Scouts

Just happy little girls skipping home from school. Proud in their new brownie clothes. They had cookies to sell. The thirteen drifted apart to their own homes when each heard the same groaning upstairs. Mommy always had someone helping her. Plumbers, yard men they were always something helping their mommies. Today one saw the moving truck that brought them new furniture. They were really big and real black, and mommy kept moaning.

Grabbing their bags of cookies, they went back out to search for someone to buy their cookies.

Satan’s Queen had selected this neighborhood of dog fucking pedophiles. They were always looking for new meat and young boys and girls to turn into fuck toys. The monthly parties were now held every weekend. Parents returned home to find the dog sitter holding their nine year old. Naked. A twelve year old was on the sofa as well equally nude. The three huge dogs were asleep on the carpet worn out as they had fucked the little sluts all night. They had discussed the dog sitter and their little girl but agreed their daughter was still too young.

One tiny brownie rang the doorbell of the twelve year olds house when the door finally opened. The slim woman apparently just woke up with he hair all messy and a small robe loosely tied. The little girl noticed how hard two things poked at the top of the robe because they were right at her eye level. Fearing she had come too early the woman looked at her. Her mommy cunt drooled just looking at the small thing. Her brown eyes and long brown hair captured her small face and brilliant smile.

“I am selling cookies for our troop”.

The little thing definitely had one cookie she wanted. The child could be eight or ten. Hard to say. She invited the child in as her robe loosened. She held a small box of cookies in her tiny hand. The hand would fit so easily up her fuck cunt if she was patient.

The girl could not stop staring at the stiff woman titties because she did not have any yet.
The woman led her in and sat her on a sofa that smelled different. The entire living room smelled the same. She sat like all little girls unaware her tiny white cotton panties could be seen between her slim legs. She never gave her pussy much thought knowing none of the boys were interested in her. She use to hate boys but something was now different about them. The mom dog slut sighed at the sight. The panties were obviously old and too tight hugging the little cunt meat in young camel toe.

The mom regained her composure knowing patience was the best. Which is your favorite darling? The tiny thing pulled out a box, but she was not supposed to eat them. Can we share them dear? The child looked at her as the robe kept opening. Oh, don’t worry I will buy all your cookies. Would like some milk? She could not believe the very first house was buying all her cookies nodding and smiling. Dear God, she was precious. PATIENCE!

The woman came back with two glasses of milk but now the robe was completely open. Girls were suppose to get hair but she had none. She apologized as she held her robe shut and sat beside the little girl sharing cookies and milk. She asked about the brownie uniform as she fingered the small vest. It had some patches on it as the child explained each one.

The pointing at each one started to push her titless chest and even though she did not have tits her nipples were starting to get sensitive. The woman had an arm around her feeding her cookies. The stiff tits were back out as the robe opened again. She wondered what they would feel like now and when she got some. Her little vest was pulled off as the woman held her so warm. Now she only had her white shirt, brownie skirt and panties tight one her young pussy.

One nipple got near her face and she licked it. She was startled and ashamed knowing she had done something very bad, but the woman assured her everything was alright. You can play with them if you want. I was just like you and you will get some soon. I know I could not wait for mine. The girl grabbed both as the woman cupped her hard young muffin. She held the titties as her shirt was unbuttoned. Her slim chest and darling nipples suddenly felt so warm. Her sensitive tit dots were being sucked. The hand removed her little brownie skirt and now she only had tight white panties and her little socks and shoes.

The hand started to cup her pussy muffin harder when the hand reached inside her panties almost ripping them as they were so tight. She started to suck the woman’s hard tits harder when a finger touched her young slit. Her panties were off in an instant and the woman’s robe was off too. The child was feeling many new sensations. The pedo mom felt the wetness coming out of the tiny slit and was done with patience as she knelt on the carpet and held the tiny legs up near the child’s head as she took her first lick. Her entire slim body was so pink. Her tiny ass revealed a prefect pink anal star. She licked it too.

She started to lick and eat the perfect young fuck meat. Ass to cunt to the hidden clit as the pussy opened. The tiny lips spread as she licked and sucked. So young and fresh. The child had no idea of what she was feeling other than very nice. Her little butt would lift up as her body shook. When her pussy lips finally opened up her tiny clit nub was exposed to the attacking mouth and tongue. She had no where to grab but the head of the woman sucking her fuck holes. It had taken only an hour to get the thing naked. The child was learning all about orgasms.

Her trembling tiny body was in warm arms of naked woman with hard titties as her little muffin was being held. She started to look at the body poking her fingers at the bare pussy. The woman explained she shaved it as her small fingers kept poking and feeling it. It was very wet as she brought her hand to her mouth for a taste.

The woman holding her started to shake watching the child eat her cunt slime. The small thing with brown eyes and long brown hair looked up at her for permission and got a nod and assurance she could look and explore anywhere she wanted.

“I was just like you once.”

The child got between her legs but did not have to raise them as hers had been. The woman put her own legs up around her ears opening her ass and cunt to the child. Her clit stood up as her lips had been fucked open so many times. Men, dogs, women had fucked or fisted her at the fuck parties. The tiny pink tongue took a tentative lick before she drove her face into the cunt meat. Her sharp tiny teeth hurt as she chewed. Welcome pain. Dogs often chewed her like she was food. The child was playing with her asshole unsure if she wanted to lick it. The woman reached down to capture a small hand and bring it to her spread cunt fuck. Tiny fingers started to push up her fuck until all were in the silky wet hole. Her tiny hand then her arm was pulled in. The mom moved the sucking biting mouth to her hard clit.

The twelve year old walked in hoping mommy would not see her after being so dog fucked all damn night. She barely got any sleep once she found her little sister two doors away where the doggies were. She and her sister kept getting pushed up when the horny dogs wanted to fuck. Her mommy was on her back with a small arm up her cunt. The nine year old was right behind her. Both girls just wanted to get to their rooms as dog sperm just kept dripping out. The nine year old knew the little girl fist fucking mommy. The kids stood for only seconds before stripping down and joining mommy and little brownie with most of her arm inside mommy. The room already smelled like so much sperm from dogs or men as well as cunt slime and women that squirted all over the room.

Another rang a door bell when a big man opened the door. It was obvious she was selling cookies. She was one of the oldest at ten being held back because she was a very slow developer. Not the best grades. The man only wore shorts that seemed to have something big hanging down. Loose and thick tube down one leg of the silky shorts. She trembled as she said she was selling cookies. Yes you are please come in and show what you have. The girl had curly red hair and freckles on her nose and face.

Crimson green emerald eyes. The tube seemed to get bigger as she said yes sir. They sat as he asked if she wanted a soda or something to drink. She shook her small head as she opened the cookie box to show him what she had. Her little titties had started, not much yet but they poked more than any other girls. She still did not need her first bra, but definitely needed something to keep her nipples down Anything would be better than the way they poked out hard and young and tender. They sat of the sofa as she accidentally put her hand on his huge cock. She just reflexively grabbed it like a huge handle.

It was so big and thick. Her entire body went red due to her fair skin. He seemed not o notice as he let the child show him all the cookies, she had except one in her panties. She was lifting up from bending over to her box and saw the cock head that had escaped his shorts. Down his leg it poked out just enough for her to see the huge wet cock head. She had only heard school yard rumors about boys and cocks and sex, but now she saw one. Were all boy cocks this big? She could not speak as the man helped her. Something was wrong with her little pussy. She might be pissing and it made her all the more embarrassed as her slim body stayed flushed red. The big man hand reached around her and accidentally brushed one of her hard nipples. She wet his sofa.

Something was terribly wrong as her pussy would not stop. He stroked her red curly hair to settle the child. She had come to the one house in the neighborhood with the man that had the biggest cock. twelve thick long inches many wives stayed away from. It was as big as her tiny arm and the cock head kept showing more. He held her body telling her he would buy all her cookies but she forgot why she was here at all. The big arm and hand around her and molding what little titty she had. She started to settle but kept staring at the long cock. Three inches were out of the leg hole.

None of this was by chance. Satan’s Queen had led the girl to his house. She knew the little girl’s thoughts about boys and cocks and sex. She knew the big man would be kind even though his cock could destroy he was still one of the pedo-fucks. Dogs whimpered when he was nude, and wives would scramble back to their husbands. The child reached back to try to hold it. Her pulled her vest off and unbuttoned her shirt. Her chest and body pulsed. Next her little skirt as she helped him pull off her tiny pink panties. When he pulled off his shorts the girl looked startled.

The cock was almost as big as she was. Forget her arm it was huge. He did nothing to her as he sat next to her cupping her new chest and titties. She whimpered as her pussy made a bigger mess. The thing would break her apart, but she held it. Now the man was holding her little pussy meat all wet. He looked at her small body with her red curly hair, freckled face and freckled chest. Her tit had just started and were just hard young tubes.

Her nipples had preceded her bulging all red and puffy. Her bulbs so sensitive she barely had anything to really hold or cup. The wet cock head was right in her face when a finger started to search her pussy meat. Complete total overload for her tiny body. She licked the huge cock head but could do little else. She both hands to hold it as she tugged at it. What she wanted out of it she did not know, but it was big and hard and warm. The finger kept spreading her open as her entire chest was massaged. Both tit tubes when the finger sank in. She was frantic squirting all over the man’s sofa and now the carpet.

Her pussy would not stop as her body shook. She tried to get the cock head in her mouth but it was impossible. She fastened her tiny lips to the head and strained to tug up and down but she could barely hold it. A finger went up her tiny pucker as the cock flooded her mouth. She just started swallowing as the strong rich sperm filled her mouth. She was now a cock sucking sperm loving little girl. Two fingers up her cunt and one in her ass the darling just kept sucking and gulping globs of man sperm.

The man held her and licked what sperm of her face as he rubbed her little pussy fuck all over the huge cock tube. She was beyond horny as she had to stand and nuzzle the cock head against her fuck hole. She started to cry when it would not fit. She pumped and pushed but only got as much as she had sucked. Just the tip still felt good. She had hours before mommy would be home and spent the afternoon getting finger fucked in her ass and pussy. Her tit tubes had swollen, and she swore they had grown some.
He sucked them and her pussy flooded his body.

Another brownie rang a bell. Four dog fuck mommies were having coffee discussing the various ways they had been fucked. Which dog or man had the best cock and which young cunt tasted the best. They all agreed they needed new fucks to play with. Boys or girls or new dogs when the bell rang. The host gasped. The small thing holding a cookie box had long blonde hair down behind her knees. Longer than her tiny skirt. Her bright face and blue eyes the mom let her in. The other women held their breath. God had delivered them an angel. More like the Satan queen delivered them meat. Fresh young fuck.

The ladies were already so horny the child was stripped as the women all got naked. She had not even given her cookie sales speech when a mouth was on her pussy. Four women were on her like leopards. Tit and hands rubbed her everywhere. She was fuck meat before she could say a word. Lesbian fuck meat for now she was just what the women wanted. Wet tongues were all over her and up her ass. Like kittens or puppies this was much better. She had to be held up as her legs gave way.

Mouths sucked on her chest even though they had nothing to suck on. She had trembled a bit when her little pink pucker was licked wondering why anyone would lick her back there, but now she loved it. No one hurt her just licked and sucked on her. Maybe her pussy was still too small and tiny to be fingered fucked, but her tiny body was just a delight. The small thing was allowed to sit when she started to explain she was selling cookies.

Two naked women on each side of her naked body she was shushed. They would buy all her cookies. The startled thing looked at titties and bare cunt. They all looked at her tiny body like she was something to eat. Her tit dots and most of her were red. She was 8 and the youngest. She had argued with mommy that she would be safe and would not go too far. She was a big girl now and had cookies to sell. Mom relented as she scampered her tiny body in her brand-new brownie uniform and purple cartoon panties.

The women showed her all about cunts and titties and how to put her arm in cunt. She was such a darling and eager. She learned about clits and some just liked them sucked softly but others wanted her to bite. They spread her legs and showed her where her hole was and where her clit would come out. Every lesson about her girl parts some woman would lick at her. She got to suck on nipples as she was turned into a new fuck slut. They weren’t sure if she could suck a cock but knew the men would just love her. The dogs would have to be held away as the all agreed she was to small and the dogs could not care. Holes were fuck.

They would have to bring the slim darling very carefully into their pedophile dog fuck group. Her small pussy was so tight she barely got wet. Her body was wet from ass to pussy and tit dots from all the tongues. Yes, they had to be careful with her.
The child was all dressed as she held the huge cock. She did not want to leave it even though she could not do much with it. She loved what came out. She turned as he patted her small butt asking if she could come back tomorrow.

It would be Saturday and she had no school and would be there in the morning so they would have all day for her to play with his cock and get her little pussy finger fucked. She would be there at 9 sharp.

The next brownie was led to another home with three doggies. They were very big but always licked her and let her pet them. She waited and was about to leave when the door opened. The woman was holding her robe. The dogs had fucked her all morning she was sweaty. Her hair was a mess. The nine year old started her speech about selling cookies when she was pulled inside so the door could close. The dogs sniffed her. One licked up her skirt and on her panties. She tried to say anything when the woman pulled her the fuck dogs had made her insane.

All damn morning one after another the three dogs took turns. She pulled the child in and had her naked sucking on the small pussy. One big dog got back on so big he could lick her face as her pussy was chewed and sucked. One dog leapt on the sofa over the girl’s head. His long-wet cock brushed her face. It pushed against her mouth until she let it in. The woman was dog knotted once again when she shoved a finger up the girls ass tube and chewed at the young pussy meat. Yes, yes I will buy your damn cookies as she sank two fingers up the virgin ass. The child obviously like dogs licking her as he put the tiny thing on her tummy and spread her small legs. The dogs went crazy on her pussy.

The mom held her with two fingers up her ass as the long wet tongues licked her pussy meat getting it more open. The child shook when her little pussy lips revealed her clit. It was over. The child was dog fuck as soon as her young clit was licked. Maybe not fuck yet she would come over and let the dogs lick her as long as the woman would put fingers up her ass. The dog at her face had to be controlled before it could ruin her mouth and throat. The woman reached to hold the knot as the dog emptied in the little mouth. Dog sperm overflowed and dripped all over her. She liked dog cum but it was just too much. She did like the pulse in her mouth but could not swallow fast enough.

The woman licked her face clean and held her tiny legs up to present the finger fucked ass to the dogs. She held her fingers that she had up the ass to one dog and now her ass was dog pussy to lick. Just another hole for them to use. Her ass kept spreading open as one dog dug inside. The woman held her pussy meat as dog after dog ate and chewed and licked her ass meat. The child was as insane as the woman. Her ass pucker just opened to let the dogs reach deep in her anal fuck. She was gaping like an ass fuck whore and loving every it all. She forgot about her pussy or the fingers up her cunt holding her.

Another door the child started to walk away when the door opened. She turned to see a slim woman holding her robe closed. The plumbing van was out on the street so she figured someone would want her cookies. The lady looked ragged. Her long hair was mess and her face was wet. A big black man came up behind her looking down at the young fuck meat. Invite the girl in. four more back men were in the living room. All naked with huge black cocks. The slim wife was thinking she had help with the five big black plumbers, but the small fuck was selling cookies.

The plumbers had been fucking her cunt, ass and mouth for an hour. She smelled as did the entire house. The child did not like to wear panties but loved her new training bra. It made her feel all grown up. Her tits had just blossomed over a year and she was just getting use to having them. She did not like to wear panties as her little pussy was always wet now. Figuring it would dry some as air drifted up her small skirt. Trembling as she sat with five huge black men naked with huge cocks, she started her speech about cookies when her muffin was cupped.

Her little pussy meat had gotten really weird when she took showers. It had started to feel so different when she rubbed the wash cloth all soapy. Her new titties were the same. She had puffy nipples that would just bulge when she washed them.

Her eyes kept glancing at all the huge cocks. She had heard about them and what they did to make her and other babies as her mommy and daddy often woke her up trying to make another baby as her mom had explained. She did not know why her mom made so much noise. It sounded like it was hurting her.

She barely got her cookie box up to show them what she had to offer. A huge finger touched something up her skirt on her pussy. Her little blouse was unbuttoned, and her precious training bra was pulled off. The very big finger rubbed deeper as another big black man pulled her little brownie skirt off. She sat naked with five huge black men and the mommy had removed her robe. The child barely noticed her as all the black cocks stiffened. The finger touches her young pussy had found a new place. She gasped and reached to just hold something as her body shook.

The first ever touch on her cunt meat by someone other than her hand in the shower.
Fresh young pussy rang another bell. The older woman opened the door to see such a young thing and she loved young pussy meat. She had helped train many to be fuck or cunts to be sucked or cunt suckers. God, she loved little girls and fresh young fucks to suck.

“Yes, child come in.”

The little girl saw lots of very big things that looked like her daddies’ cock. Some were bigger but all looked wet. The widow had five dogs out in the kennels behind her house. Her husband had suddenly died years ago but she kept up with the very lucrative dog breeding and training to fuck humans. She often had to tell couples to wait. Her hounds constantly fucked and there was an endless number of dogs, but they had to be trained. So many wanted to help her get them trained but she always held them away. She had her own process as the dogs would sell for ten thousand or more. Bred specifically for huge cocks.

Trained to fuck humans it took time to get them to get them away from dog pussy and fuck human asses and cunts. They responded best when someone sucked on their cocks and there was an endless supply of men and women eager to cock dog cock. The child showed promise. She liked her little pussy touched and felt. The child also seemed to like when her little ass star touched. So pink and young and new. She really liked doggies not aware of what the doggies really wanted.

The naked little thing was being showed how doggies really liked to be licked and just one taste of dog precum. The tip kept squirting as she put her small mouth on it. Just something about dog cum tasted so good. The woman held the knot, so the child was not dog cock throat fucked. Not yet. The small thing seemingly unaware three fingers were up her ass. The woman had already started her dog fuck assistant to help her. Her body just quivered as she sucked dog.

It was Friday as the party pedophile dog fuckers gathered. The dog sitter had been caught. The nine year old and the twelve year old trembling she might see someone that knew her. The house was huge but not everyone could fit in the fuck room.

They were the newest meat fucks in the neighborhood. Everyone wanted them when the front door opened. Now they knew they were would never be able to go back to school, the three God teen boys saw them naked. Every girl in the school would just die to have one date, but they were all naked with spread legs. Titties and bodies on full display to the Gods of the high school.

The twelve year old just started squirting. She had no idea what was happening. But when the teens stripped down with hard cocks that had fucked every woman in the room stood out stiff. The smallest was nine inches of fuck and thick. She fainted sure she would never go back to school. She was not ready for anyone to see her titties or young cunt meat. The cheerleaders and popular girls had tits. No one would want her yet.

The soft kiss on her mouth woke her like a sleeping princess waiting for her prince. One of the gods sucked on her tender nipples. The ten inch cock rubbed on her and she just started squirting. She had no idea she was a nymphomaniac squirting fuck. Her pussy would not stop as just her nipples got sucked. Then the boy kissed her, and she just grabbed him. Whatever he wanted she was his.

The Satan queen had hand selected her knowing the girl needed her first fucking.
The little girl sat naked on the couch holding onto two big black cocks as her tiny pussy was fingered ever deeper. She had found porn on her tablet and was fascinated about the big black men. Wondering how the big things fit. The white girls seemed to really like them, one after another.

The fourteen year old was supposed to be babysitting her young sister. She had just had her first ever date. The boy held her young tit stalks. They were rather more like long tubes. The tips were just huge bulbs of pink puffy young titty nipple. She had just last night actually felt a cock but would not let the boy take off her shirt. She was so ashamed as she had made her little shorts and panties so wet. No boy would ever ask her out again. She had been ramming fingers up her cunt all morning when she realized her little sister was gone. She saw the little bike and knocked at the door. She had only managed to pull on a tank top and tiny shorts hoping she would find the brat and get back to slamming her pussy as she felt she was so close.

She had on a tight sports bra and three shirts hoping to hold her tubes in last night. The boy fumbled around trying to get to her young titties. She was so scared he would hate her if he saw them. He got flustered and gave up. Her long young hard banana tits wanted to be felt. Her friends made fun of her in gym showers. Called her names like banana girl or worse. They had made her so self-conscious that something was wrong with her.

She knocked on the door where her little sisters small bike laid on the ground. A big black man opened the door instead of the woman she knew lived there. Today all she had was a soft tank top and tiny shorts barely covering her pussy. She did not expect men would see her as she walked fast. Her tubes bounced all the way rubbing her nipples on her tank. She just hoped she would find her little sister and get back to slam fingering her pussy.

She stammered at the sight of the huge black man. Naked the long black cock hung down and looked wet. It was right in her face.

“I’m looking for my sister sir.”

“Please come in.” as the huge fuck meat swung.

Her sister was sitting between two other big black men naked and holding cocks. The woman was on her knees licking her pussy meat and finger fucking her. The men were rubbing her young chest and new little tit bumps. She would lean over and lick at the cocks.

A big black man was behind the woman finger fucking her little sister getting fucked by a huge cock up her ass. He would push and she would push her fingers harder. Her little sister looked happy and darling. She never thought of her as darling, just a brat. She had such nice tits and a small pink pussy. The big black man cupped her pussy she had been fiercely fingering all morning but on her tiny shorts. She saw her little sister’s small brownie uniform and her cookie box off in a corner.

The big black man grabbed her long unusual tit tubes through her tank top. She watched as her little sister went from just licking the big black cock to sucking on the end of it.

Her little hips pumping as the woman fingered her tiny pussy meat. Her tank and tiny shorts joined her little sister’s brownie uniform. She was all naked unable to hide her long tits. Her nipples had been puffy all night and got even worse when she tried to finger herself. Her little sister was moaning and went rigid. Her tiny hips up off the couch. The woman sucking at her tiny pussy. The man held her by her titties and her 14-year-old cunt.

The huge black cock up along her back. She got what she had been trying to do to herself all morning as she orgasmed while her little sister had one too. She could see her little sister had two long fingers up her tiny pink pussy. The small muffin was puffy and what should be a small slit was all red, puffy and swollen was completely opened. Her coral interior on full display as the big black men held her tiny legs spread.

The man holding her led her to a big chair never leaving her pussy meat or long titties. She sat in his lap as eleven inches of black cock up between her legs. She watched as her little sister coughed and swallowed.

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She had the second orgasm of her life. She licked at the huge cock head that seemed to be crying. She could lick deep as the cock slit opened for her tongue. The man twisted her banana tits like toys. It caused her some pain, but she loved it. The more he pulled and twisted the puffier her nipples would get. Burgeoning pain bondage slut fuck. Her long tits perfect for binding. The more they were hurt the bigger her nipples would get. They might just pop off.

She beat her little sister on the second orgasm. The long stiff cock rubbed her clit as she was being molested. She had no idea her titties could feel so good. She had been so focused on her pussy. Someone bit a puffy nipple, but her eyes were closed. The woman loved pain sluts. She liked to hurt them into orgasm. The long tit tubes would be fun to bind. Obviously the more they were squeezed the bigger her nipples would get. If she could just get her alone for an afternoon down in her basement.

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The teen god waited for her next orgasm before he removed her hymen. It was shredded by thick cock head, but she did not notice. No pain at all just orgasm. The rest just sank in. From five inches deflowering her 9 went up her tiny cunt. Her little tummy did bulge. The cock was so deep it had no where to go. Every pump showed the huge cock head in her tummy. It was obscenely erotic. The dogs were scratching at the back door. He had seen what happens when the dogs fucked.

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