Feature Writer: HotTee666

Feature Title: Luscious Temptation 3

Published: 01.06.2020

Story Codes: Blasphemy, Sacrilegious, Incest, Priests, Nuns, Devil Worship, Satanism, Church, WS, Transgender, Pedophilia

Synopsis: Young Brennan discovers himself and the pleasures of Satan.

Note from XP: This has got to be a favorite of mine. HotTee666 builds a fantastic story and weaves into it some of most beloved fetishes. Be patient and let it build – a rewarding delight that I hope he follows up on part 3. HAIL LVST XP

Luscious Temptation 3

Chapter Twelve

Morning’s early light brought me to my senses more quickly than usual. Rather than being irked by the day which awaited me, I felt alive and invigorated, ready to join others in school. A quick glance of my night stand clock confirmed that I was awake well before the alarm would sound. In the shower, the pulsation of warm water covered me with a sensation of cleansing—something which I didn’t want—I shifted the shower controls to remove the hot water and felt the cold water splashing across my body. That was more like it! Now, I felt alive!

I did notice that my small, boy penis had become even smaller with the chilly shock of frigid water but I didn’t care. I caressed it and felt it respond which made me smile with desire; I knew that this new day would bring even more tests and tasks, all which I earnestly welcomed.

After drying off my petite body, I coated my toothbrush and then noticed that the lipstick from the prior night still covered my lips. Hmmmm … I guess I shouldn’t press things but I did love how my lips appeared. A quick kiss blown to myself in the mirror, it was time to dress. I then remembered all the dainty, feminine underwear that mother had purchased for me and my boy penis began to respond—yes! I chose a pair of red panties—satiny and smooth, for the day. Red reminded me of Sister Deanna and I always wanted to be reminded of her—I then noticed that mother had purchased new school-color pants for me—these were all from the girls’ department. I tried on a pair and looked in the mirror … my how my round boy bottom looked so much more pretty. I saw that there were several decorations on the upper part of the slacks—cute little rhinestones in the shape of hearts—well, my belt should cover those.

I remembered that mother was going to support me and I would be able grow my hair out—finally!—The days of having a cute short haircut were gone—though Jacob was out of the picture for a while, I didn’t want some other punk to take his place and tease me about my short hair. Plus, I wanted to look cuter and that meant I needed my hair long enough to be styled—pretty, sexy—like mom … like Sister, like … a girl.

I surprised my parents as I entered the kitchen. It had been months since I was up early enough to see them both having breakfast. I greeted dad with a warm hello and then gave mother a long hug; with her soft kiss on my forehead and her touch of my bottom, I was certain that she had no remorse about last night. I know I didn’t … and I wanted more.

“Hiya dad. Good morning!” I said in a warm tone.

“Hi … good morning, son. Ready for school? Your mom said a couple of kids got hit by a car yesterday. Do you know them?” he asked.

“Oh, them? Ya … I know them both. Mom and I walked up to see the accident. They’re both in my class. One of them was the kid I told you about – again and again, the one who always picked on me. You were gonna talk to his dad about him…” I said, knowing that he never did, that he believed I should work it out and that I should pray to Jesus to ask for that boy to find the right path and be a good person. Fucking asshole. I got beat up six times by that punk and his gang because my dad was a fucking pushover who always wanted his damn bible. Note to self—remember to spit on that book—.

“Well, son …” he said in his usual—let’s pray about it voice—“We should say a prayer for them both. I am sure that he is already thinking of the accident and the errors of his way and I’m sure that Jesus will help him become a better person. I know … Brennan-Joseph … why don’t we say a prayer right now, before I go off to work?”

He then reached and grabbed my hand as well as mother’s.

O fuck this—I thought to myself—What the actual fuck—you fucking idiot, that kid made fun of me every single day and you want me to pray for him? Fuck you! I’ll show you what a prayer to our Lord is really like!

“Dad, we should light some candles, like we do in church … in Jesus’ name,” I suggested.

Dad nodded his head and motioned for me to find the blessed candles he had in the hallway cabinet. Though he expected me to return with a single votive, I brought back five.

“Why so many candles, son?” he asked me.

“Well …” I replied as I looked at mother, “Two are for the two boys who got hit and three are for the holy trinity!”

He smiled at how I had connected it all. I then found a book of matches and lit them, wondering if he noticed that I had placed them in the shape of the pentagram. I saw that mother noticed. We smiled a wicked smile. She knew. I could tell.

“Heavenly father,” (Satan my Lord) “Please show your love and caring for these young boys,” (Lord Satan, thank You for showing Your power and embrace of my soul as You guided those punks to their current fate), “Help them in their recovery and …” (May Your Demons haunt them as they lay in the hospital in pain), “May your love help their family feel your love,” (And may Your Demons visit their parents with nightmares of fear and despair), “In your name,” (In the name of the most Infernal One, my Lord, Satan), “We ask this. Amen.”

I smiled at mother, our hands warm and tight as dad finished his prayer. She had been watching me throughout his prayer and knew that I was focusing on my own requests. With the prayer concluded and the candles extinguished, dad bid a good day to us and left to go to work.

“Well … that was a bunch of shit!” mother said, beating me to it. “Those little fuckers deserved the pain they’re in. But I think you and I should have a little bit of fun with their parents, and all the rest of those kids who picked on you. What do you think, Brenny?”

I smiled at my new and improved mother. Nodding yes, I then began to think of just what we could do, it had to be diabolical. As I sorted through my mind the faces of the kids in my class, I quickly dismissed those who had caused me no harm, those who were just the usual—kid type of kid—and also deserved no punishment, and then those, in my class and in the other classroom of fourth graders, who seemed to go out of their way just to be confrontational. They were the ones who needed to feel the pain … seven times seven.

Chapter Thirteen

Memories hidden, memories exposed—Flashback— 

“Hon, your sister called and said she was in the neighborhood and wanted to stop by,” mother said to my dad.

I looked at his face which was the perfect example of dread. I knew that he didn’t have much personal or free time, and for the little time he did have at home, he was either doing yard work or reading the bible.

I hadn’t seen Aunt Levidia in months … or was it over a year now? She used to live in the foothills overlooking the city and every so often we would visit her for a summer get together with her and dad’s other sister and her children. Aunt Levidia never had children and never married, for that matter, so most all of her energy was focused on her career as a professional pianist. I do recall that she had promised to give me piano lessons and I do seem to remember that I had some basic understanding of the music scale and the keys on the piano and few lessons where she sat next to me on the piano bench to guide my hands onto the proper keys. But other than that, everything seemed a blank.

“Does she have to?” he replied, not hiding any of his own anxiety. “It’s my only free afternoon. Why is she stopping by? Couldn’t you tell her we were busy or something?”

“Oh? My dear husband wants me to lie?” she shot back, an obvious retort to silence the discussion. “Hon, she’s your sister and you haven’t seen her in ages. We can be gracious and welcome her into our home. I think it’s important that Brenny has a relationship with her and your sister Evelyn as well. He hardly ever sees his cousins—that’s not fair, is it?—I think the last time he saw Levidia was … two years ago? I think that may also be one of the few times that I’ve seen her, as well! She seems like such a sweet woman, too.”

She then directed herself to me. “Brenny, your Aunt Levidia will be here in an hour. Go wash up and put something cute on. You know how formal she is. Let’s make a nice impression, shall we? She’s hardly seen you and I want her to also know that I’m raising her favorite nephew properly.”

“Yes, mother,” I replied.

Mother then gave me a warm hug and whispered, “I had a wonderful chat with her … don’t tell your father. They had an argument when you were about five years old and she said he’s been unkind ever since. She sounds like a very special woman and I hope that this will be a chance for you to get to know her … who knows, maybe even go spend a weekend with her! Who knows what you will learn!”

I looked at her, a little bit confused. I guess I wouldn’t mind learning how to play the piano or organ and I did remember that she had always brought me some sort of toy when I was younger. She loved to give me big hugs—little bits and pieces of my memory were rekindled—how she would hug me and gave me dozens of kisses whenever she desired. I couldn’t understand why dad became so alienated from his only family. Their parents had died in a brutal car crash years ago, well before I arrived, and left the three of them alone, young adults who suddenly lost their matriarch and patriarch.

“Are you dressed?” mother asked as she also called out to dad that his Levidia had arrived.

I entered the living room wearing the light blue top and tight slacks which mother had purchased for me. Underneath, I wore my lacey pink panties; I was quite certain that though the pants were tight and shaped my boy bottom nicely, that the color of my panties was obscured.

“Answer the door, hon … say hi to your aunt. I’m sure she’ll be so surprised to see how you’ve grown!” mother directed.

Dad was still nowhere to be seen. Odd.

I opened the door to greet my aunt. I had a faint memory of how she looked—full figured—with strawberry blonde hair, not too short and light makeup. I seemed to recall that she enjoyed wearing black or red and that she had what others referred to as an eccentric sense of humor. I couldn’t remember exactly what that was based on—my strongest memory of her—was from when she came to the house for my fifth birthday party and she had hired a traveling zoo to be surprise entertainment. I remember … dad, being upset that suddenly there was a giant python in the house and in the backyard, there was a donkey, a monkey, some ravens and some very bizarre insects.

I was fascinated, I remember, in seeing all these animals, especially being allowed to hold the giant serpent. Dad was irritated … I couldn’t remember—mother’s response—Only a few kids in the neighborhood showed up for the party—that seemed to be the face of things to come—Dad told me that ‘something had come up and the parents sent their apologies and blah blah blah…’

I didn’t care, not really. Well … kinda I did. I hadn’t done anything at kindergarten to make enemies. I couldn’t understand, then or now, why the other kids wouldn’t want to attend the party. Odd how one’s memories are triggered back from the nether regions of one’s mind.

I had no idea if, or what, Aunt Levidia would have for me this time. And there she was, a giant smile and her long arms engulf me. Mother stepped forward and welcomed her into our home, and in watching, noticed that they whispered to each other as their lingering hug slowly ended. Still no sign of dad.

“Come in! Come in! My god, Levidia, it’s been way too long. It’s been, what … three years? Even then, it was such a brief get together. I hardly had any time with you but I feel like somehow I know you very well,” mother said as they walked into the living room.

“Brenny, take your aunt’s coat and purse and place them in the hall closet, sweetie” mother directed. I did as told and thought I’d have a little fun, swinging the purse from my arm as I had seen many women do.

“Well, aren’t you a little doll! Work it, sexy!” Levidia called out. I enhanced the sway of my bottom and then turned to give them a little wave. They both smiled.

She then said, “You know, that is the cutest little bottom I’ve seen in months!”

Mother excused herself as I came back into the room and sat next to my aunt. Mother puttered about making cocktails for the two. Aunt Levidia asked me—the usual small talk things—how is school, how are those priests and nuns, how are the kids.. any cute girls? Are there any cute boys? She asked that last one, I thought, in a way to trick me but I wasn’t sure. I told her that I had a few friends and about the accident and who those kids were. I told her only a very small slice of my new friend Peter; she replied that I should have him over to play and maybe a sleepover. She asked me if I thought he was cute and I shrugged my shoulders but she pressed me more, asking me what he looked like how tall he was, all of the particulars of his appearance.

I smiled and thought to myself how thrilling that would be. Mother entered just then and hearing about a sleepover, agreed, and asked me to give her his contact information so that she could arrange that with his mother. I did mention that I thought he had bladder problems as he had to pee really bad when I first met him. They pressed me for details and I realized that I was saying too much. I did tell them that I had to help him with his zipper as it was jammed.

They looked at each other and giggled but then Aunt Levidia said, “Well, Brenny, you be careful. Someone could have walked in on you two and may have thought that you were playing with his small little boy penis. So be careful if you do that again!”

And then mother said, “Yes, love … do be careful. Especially if you touched his little boy dick.” She then looked at me and asked, “Did you … touch his little boy penis, Brenny?”

I looked at her. What a question to ask me in front of my aunt!

“Well … did you?” Levidia asked, now.

“Well … he was having trouble and I could tell that he was losing control. I didn’t want him to pee all over himself … or all over me.” I said, with all sincerity.

“Oh, honey, no, I agree. You wouldn’t want him peeing on you while at school” mother replied and then she touched Levidia’s thigh and they both laughed.

Finally, Aunt Levidia decided to change the subject. “So … where is that fun guy brother of mine? He doesn’t want to see his big sister? I think I’m gonna cry!”

And then both women laughed again as they sipped their cocktails.

She continued, “No loss. I didn’t really care about seeing him anyways. I came here to see my most favorite nephew and you as well!” she said to me and mother, “Sweetie, I have a present for you, but it wasn’t ready when I drove by the store. They’re assembling it right now and I got a text that it’s ready. Wanna go with me to go get it?” she asked me.

“Sure!” I replied, not even knowing what she had gotten me.

Levidia then turned to mother and said, “Well, tell my brother that we’ll be back in about thirty minutes … and I’m so glad to see you again! You look just radiant and even younger than when we first met!”

She then gave mother a hug and a soft kiss on the cheek. Mother responded in like fashion but then I saw that their lips grazed each other, a moment of hesitation, and then hand holding.

In the car, she had me buckle up. She drove a small foreign car and the passenger seat wasn’t very far from hers. Levidia touched my thigh and told me how she missed me so. As we drove away, she began to tell me about all that she had been doing since she last saw me—trips across the country performing at civic auditoriums, some colleges and then for fun, she did guest gigs at night clubs. She told me to reach into her purse and to find the side pocket, which I did. Inside that, she had me take out several ash trays and dozens of matchbooks, each from different clubs and bars from across the country. I looked at each in amazement, each item serving to show me where she had been.

“Maybe someday you will travel with me for a week. I’d have to get you a disguise for you to go into the nightclubs though,” she said as she looked me over. “I don’t think I could yet sneak you in as a short man, but … I just might be able to dress you up as a young woman!”

I looked at her with some level of concern; she loved to tease me, that I knew. But was she kidding now or serious? “Um … I … how would I?” I started to fumble a response but had no idea what to say.

She then looked closely at me and smiled.

“Sweetie, from what I see right now, with a little makeup and your hair longer, and maybe some cute three inch pumps, you’d be such a pretty young woman! You just watch.”

She then had me take a pack of cigarettes out and then to take one out for her.

“Find the lighter, too, Brenny,” she said. I did as asked and held the lighter for her to take. She looked at me, and then the road. “Sweetie … traffic here is awful! I need to keep my eyes on the road. Why don’t you light it for me, first, OK?”

And with that, she handed the cigarette back to me, her lipstick marks already coating the tip.

“Oh, go on. I’m not telling you to smoke it, now am I?” she asked, making it all sound so innocent. “Even though … well … you know … when your dad was your age, we used to sneak cigarettes all the time!”

I couldn’t believe what she had just told me. The look of awe on my face was way too obvious and she smiled, then touched my thigh.

“Honey, I have so many secrets to tell. Why don’t I pull over and tell you a few right now, should I?”

I nodded yes and she looked about and then drove down a side street where she parked near an open field.

“Well … take one more puff of my cigarette,” she said and then reached to take it from my lips. “Oh my, you have lipstick on your lips. Does that … remind you of anything?”

I tried to play dumb. Yes, it reminded me—of all kinds of things—which I wouldn’t have considered before the past few days’ events. “Um … no Aunt Levidia … not … really, I don’t think.”

“My sweet boy .… let me help you remember,” she said as she told me to turn around and reach over the seat to fetch her a medium size black cloth bag she had on the back seat.

The large hoop handles were intricately decorated with wood carvings and wrapped leather. I felt her hand on my hips as I attempted to turn to bring it back to the front seats, with her hand resting on my bottom.

“You have the cutest little bottom. What brand pants are these? I think I’ll buy you more, they show you off so nicely!” she said as she looked at the garment tag. “Oh—I see you are wearing Bongo Jeans. Aren’t those a girl’s brand?—”

I mumbled that I didn’t know and that mom had bought them and I just put them on. I hoped that I could hide the fact that I loved them and loved how they fit … and that I really wanted her to buy me more of them.

“Well … I have worn men’s clothing before and no one said anything. Should I buy you a few pair while we’re at the mall, Brenny? Would you like that? Maybe some real cute, pretty colors,” she asked.

I nodded yes, yes, I would.

Aunt Levidia looked at me and then brought out two drinks, one which was a soda that she took for herself and the other, which she handed to me, was in an insulated metal bottle.

“I made this up just for you. I had a feeling that you were ready … to know” she said as she opened the bottle for me. “Now, drink it all gone … and I’ll tell you about the last time I was at your home. It’s time for your memory to come alive!”

I wasn’t sure what to expect—some vile, unbearable concoction—or, who knows what. Instead, the drink was frosty cold and tasted refreshing, with a hint of banana and tropical something or other. It did leave a bit of a tingle on my lips and tongue as an after effect but otherwise tasted really good. And with the last taste and the glass tilted up, a frosty coating covered my upper lip. Aunt Levidia reached over with her finger to capture the last bit and then slid her finger onto my lips and tongue, prompting me to lick it clean. She smiled with approval.

“So, Brenny,” she started as she touched my thigh. “Do you remember … when you turned five, and I was at your home?”

I replied the little bits that I had slowly begun to recall. But the rest, all of the rest of that day, remained a blur. I closed my eyes, thinking that perhaps that may help me focus. While that may have helped a little to remove visual distractions, there was something else—something powerful—which started to open up my memory well beyond my expectations. Was it the drink? Something in her concoction? I didn’t know and I didn’t care. I began to remember details, not just of the day but of specific discussions and people. This included a woman who didn’t seem familiar at all.

“Do … you … remember? Brenny? What do you see?” she asked, her hand moving up and down my thigh.

“I … see a woman. She is in the house … and she is … talking to dad. And to you … and to me. She … is sitting at the kitchen table, she came in from my parent’s bedroom. She had given dad a hug and then came into the kitchen …” I said, the images swirling around, I wasn’t sure of the order for what I was—seeing—“And she is reaching to hug me. She is wishing me happy birthday and … she called me—son—But … who is she? Why … did … why did I call her—mom?—”

Aunt Levidia looked at me, resting her hand at the top of my thigh. She took a deep puff from her cigarette as she began to tell me of the unknown.

“Honey, why don’t you get me another cigarette, and I’ll tell you as much as I can,” she said as she put the cigarette out, exhaling the smoke towards me. I inhaled the sweet menthol aroma as I extracted another VS120 from the pack. “Light it for me, Brenny … and let me tell you …”

“Well … as you know, I love to play tricks on people. I always have. And … that woman, the one you remembered—you helped me play some really fun tricks on her—You … and I .… she was a funny, superstitious woman, and it was such fun—you and I laughed so much—do you remember?” she asked.

I nodded no.

“It was your birthday and I paid quite a bit to get that zoo to show up. I thought your parents would love it but your mom was mad at me and your dad … my brother … well, he got weirdo religious so he’s just lost in that damn bible,” she said as she looked at me, wondering how I would respond to her reference to that holy book. She saw me smile and she continued.

“Take that one, Brenny. Smoke that Virginia Slims and I’ll get another one,” she said, and I didn’t contest her order.

I held onto the lighter and lit her cigarette, her hands holding mine softly. She brought my free hand to rest on her thigh just as she returned her hand to my thigh.

“Inhale, slowly, honey … and, you know, that drink I made you? I made it especially for you—to help you remember me and our last special time together—You had forgotten, I know—you were only five—and I didn’t think you were ready to explore—so much—not when I knew I wouldn’t be around to guide you. But now, now … I know it is time for your mind to be opened up, for your caged memories to be released … just close your eyes and remember that special day,” she said, “Let me tell you a few details and close your eyes, open your mind … and remember.”

Aunt Levidia then shared with me, “So … on your birthday, I wanted to do something special. Brenny … this is our secret, OK?” she said as she ran her finger up over my crotch.

I smiled and nodded yes, I understood and then replied to her that I would not tell anyone.

“After she had a hissy fit over the serpent being there and that you were holding it, letting it wrap around you, she ran to their bedroom and slammed the door. Your dad then went to the bedroom to comfort her, I guess. He grabbed his bible and that was the end of that. But that left me alone with you and I wanted us to have a special bond. So … you and I went to the family room, as the zoo show had now wrapped up. And I asked if you wanted to play some tricks on your mom. You were mad at her because you thought it was her fault that none of the kids showed up to your party. So you were more than happy to help me,” she said, a broad, wicked smile emerging on her face.

And then I began to see, to recall so much that had gone on that day.

“Yes, Aunt Levidia, you showed me some cockroaches which were scurrying around in a small container. And then you asked me ‘would you let these go in your mom’s bed in a couple days? That way, she can’t say that I did it. And I laughed and said sure. You gave me a big hug when I agreed to do it. You loved it, that I would do it, I could tell. You then took your lipstick out and looked at me as you tried to freshen your lipstick,” I said as images of our chat unfolded in my mind, each becoming clear and each leading me to the next chain of events.

“You toyed with me as you made like you couldn’t cover your lips correctly. You asked me to help, if I could. And I took the lipstick from you and applied it to your lips perfectly. You asked me—‘do my lips look full and pretty?’—and I nodded yes. You then asked me how I knew how to do that … and then you asked me if I had put lipstick on before.”

She looked at me as I began to remember this, as it felt like doors of my house of memories were suddenly opened up. She saw that I was remembering and that I was sitting there with her, unphased.

The images continued, “I blushed, and you brought me to sit very close to you; I moved and I was just to the side of your lap.”
Aunt Levidia then said, “I placed my hand on your … crotch, sweetie, as I saw that your little boy penis was hard. I told you that it was OK to tell me the truth, that I thought it would be great if you did put her lipstick on and even all kinds of makeup. And you knew I was being honest with you and admitted that you had. It was then that I gave you a small kiss … on your lips. And I looked at you and saw the lipstick on your lips. And I told you that you had lipstick on and your lips looked so pretty.”

I continued to feel all these moments become part of who I am. It felt amazing, thrilling, surprising, but also, like I knew it all, all along—I just needed to look—I then began to add to her disclosure,

“And I felt my lips, coated, and felt like it was so perfect. I pursed my lips like I wanted to kiss. And you were caressing my little penis. I remember … that feeling … my little penis pressed against my undies. It felt amazing, I didn’t want you to stop.”

“That’s right, Brenny. I could sense it. And I loved it .… but then suggested that you needed your own lipstick color, and I gave you a bright pink lipstick which I had in my purse. I then painted your lips and took a picture of you with my phone. Do you know that I keep that pic as my screen saver?” she asked and I felt so special.

“I then asked you if your little boy penis was OK because you were so hard. And you told me that you had to pee. I told you that you should just, then, go—go ahead and pee—I brought a small cup out from my purse, it was gold in color and you held your penis to go but you lost control and peed onto my face! I must tell you that I was very surprised and I know you were afraid that I was mad. But I wasn’t … I giggled licked it all from my face and told you to finish peeing … and then to drink it …”

“And … I did!” I said, feeling so hard and aching as my still very little penis was hard but pressing against my tight slacks and panties.

“Brenny … would you like to put lipstick on again? Just like you did that day, honey?” she asked me. I nodded … slowly … yes. She then took out an identical lipstick tube with the exact same color and scent as that day, four years earlier, and painted my lips.

“Have another Virginia Slims, Brenny … just like … we did that day,” she said. I shivered as I felt like a dozen doors to my memory suddenly swung wide open.

“I asked you if you had ever kissed anyone and you told me no—so I leaned over and placed my lips on yours—We kissed slowly and then I slid my tongue into your mouth. I said to you ‘just like the serpent, sweetie … do you feel my tongue? Let the serpent tongue into you, baby’ and you did, your mouth opening wide, kissing and sucking on it, which I loved so. It was then that I tested you a little bit more, Brenny …”

“Yes, Aunt Levidia, I remember … you … you asked me to call you …” I began.

“… To call me … mommy,” Levidia added. “Yes, darling, that’s right … I had never had children and I asked you to call me ‘mommy’ so that I could hear it from the voice of such a sweet, young angel. And you did … you called me that from then on. It was our little secret.”

“Yes … mmm … mommmy,” I said to her, feeling so different. I took another deep puff from the long, slender, feminine cigarette. “But … mommy … who … how did …?”

“A little at a time, darling,” Aunt Levidia said, “It’s best to wait to ask questions until you remember every bit of that day, OK?”

I nodded in agreement. I inhaled deeply and then closed my eyes, thinking of what happened next.

“And then you asked me ‘how about another trick on your mom … this one, this one- is a dead bird … place it on her car, under the windshield wipers’. You looked at the dead animal with a look of shock and fear. You told me to not fear death, that even in death, this little bird will be alive as it shows itself to your mom … we both laughed as you added ‘just think of how scared she will be when she sees it … and not able to say that I did it! Won’t that be such fun?’ And I nodded that I would do it, that I wanted to do it.”

You watched me as you sensed that more and more of my memory had been freed. I then saw that you had unbuttoned your blouse, exposing a great amount of your ample bosom. I couldn’t help but stare, your breasts were so full and were pressing out, much larger than … Sister’s or mother … mother? Leila is not my mother?!

“I see that you still love to gaze upon my breasts, Brenny. Just like you did that day. Do you remember how you kissed and suckled on them, as I called you ‘my baby’ and you said ‘thank you mommy’? I loved it and was so glad that your parents remained in the bedroom. I loved watching you suck on each of my nipples and I saw that you were getting my milk … that your mouth was full of my breast milk … I had been taking hormones to make them larger and to make milk production—Brenny, your auntie’s pussy was so wet when you sucked on them—And honey … mommy’s pussy is soaking wet now,” Levidia said as she moved in her car seat.

She moved her free hand down between her now open legs, her tight dress pulled up and barely covering her panties.

I felt hot as I heard her words now and envisioned all of her actions from then. I loved how that day had turned out and all that I had done. I loved the wicked tricks that we had planned, that mommy had wanted to do—and that I did do—All of it, to make mommy happy and to make mommy pleased.

“I do remember mommy … that I called you during the week to tell you how the first trick was carried out. How I became so hard in doing it and how my little pee pee throbbed, and I peed each time … and I drank it.

“Go on, my son … Oh how I’ve missed you so. You probably didn’t know that I often would park and watch you while you were at recess and when you walked home from school. I missed my sweet young boy so much and so wanted you with me. I had.. I have, so much to teach you, to show you, to help you be all that you want,” Aunt Levidia said as she brought my hand down to touch her very damp panty. “Go on, darling … tell me what you remember happened after that.”

“Well … I … remember … after kissing and touching your breasts … after I sucked on them so much, that you were caressing my little penis and told me how it was so pretty; that you had me take it out of my undies and you stroked me, showing me how to touch myself. I couldn’t believe how good it felt when you did that, mommy. And your words … I remember them now, completely … ‘Brenny, if you think that touching your little pee-pee feels good, then you will go crazy when you feel a mouth kissing and sucking and kissing it.’ I remember how I was confused, not understanding … and then you showed me, putting your lips on my little penis. And I saw your dark red lipstick marks all over it…”

My mind drifted as Levidia guided my hand over her, now, very damp, panty and as she caressed my boy penis.

“Go on … focus … tell me what you remember … tell mommy,” Aunt Levidia pleaded.

I tried to focus, to not let my physical sensations distract me, even as she began to caress me, pulling my little penis out for her enjoyment.

“Um … you caressed and kissed my little penis. I remember how it was so hard and felt like it was going to explode. And then you continued telling me about the pleasures that awaited me, ‘Brenny, there is nothing like feeling your little penis being aroused, feeling it become hard from being touched by someone else … think of how good that feels, sweetie. Feel how good it feels to touch it … feel it … hard, growing … think of a cock, growing … of sexy, wet lips, just like mine … just … like yours … coated with luscious lipstick.. kissing your cock … of lips, wanting to feel a—man cock—become hard … of your lips, touching … a cock. It feels so good, Brenny. You should think about it … all the time. Of your little penis being touched. Look at my painted lips, my son … how it makes them creamy … doesn’t it feel good?’

And I licked my lips and felt the lipstick on me—how it felt and the scent and the creaminess as you had coated my lips so many times—it felt so good. Your words became ingrained in my mind—of how your touch felt so good, how your lips felt so good, how I wanted it more and more. And you continued to teach me, mommy—‘Lipstick is temptation for men, Brenny. I saw how you became aroused as you painted my lips … and how you became so hard and aching when I kissed your little pee-pee. Didn’t it feel so good, honey? You must think of that feeling, how good it felt … lipstick on your little penis. Lipstick on a man’s penis—lipstick on cock—Lipstick on man cock—It feels so good—It feels so good—It feels so good. Repeat it with me, my son. Repeat what mommy says; think of what I say; dream of it—let those images of your little penis covered in lipstick fill your mind and desires. Think of lipstick … on a man’s penis … on a man’s cock.’

And I repeated the words with you, saying each word, feeling my mind expanding, the image of my penis being sucked and kissed and licked—and I loved it—‘Lipstick on your little penis. Lipstick on a man’s penis … Lipstick on cock—Lipstick on man cock—It feels so good—It feels so good—It feels so good.’

“Yes, mommy,” I repeated your words, my eyes closed, I fell into a trance … I fell under your spell, mommy. “… Lipstick on my little penis. Lipstick on a man’s penis—Lipstick on cock—Lipstick on man cock—It feels so good—It feels so good—It feels so good—

“You continued to teach me and guide me, mommy—You want it. You dream of it. You will look at your cock and think of lips on it, of it being touched and caressed. Soft hands, small hands … and bigger hands … any hand—you want it—Touching you. Your lips … paint them. Cover your lips with the lipstick mommy gave you. Every chance you get. You want it. You want it. Think of cock … Think of mommy’s words … delicious, cock. Feel your little penis as you picture cock. Coat your lips as you think of cock. Think of lips on cock. Think of wet, creamy lips on your little penis. Think of … your wet, creamy lips … on cock. Paint your lips. Think of cock. Want cock. Say it … say it for mommy. Say it … for mommy—”

And I repeated your words, making them my words, mommy.

“I want it. I dream of it. I will look at my cock and think of lips on it, of it being touched and caressed. Soft hands, small hands.. and bigger hands … any hand—I want it—Touching me. My lips … I will paint them. I will cover my lips with the lipstick mommy gave me. Every chance I get. I want it. I want it. I will think of cock … Think of mommy’s words … delicious, cock. I will feel my little penis as I picture cock. I will coat my lips as I think of cock. Thinking of lips on cock. Thinking of wet, creamy lips on my little penis. Thinking of … my wet, creamy lips … on cock. Painting my lips. Thinking of cock. Wanting cock. For mommy—yes—for mommy.’

All of that day’s events flooded my mind; I looked at Aunt Levidia, at mommy, her fingers guiding mine on her, now, drenched, bare pussy. Her gaze, her stare, at me was daunting, her eyes glassy as it seemed she was there but not. Mommy stroked my little penis and I felt it begin to spasm and wetness began pour out. My little boy cream coated her fingers, as much as the other night when I wore panties to bed. Mommy looked at her hand, now pooling my boy cum and smiled.

“My baby boy knows how to cum now; I’m so proud of you. Now, for your special treat,” she said as she looked at me with a devilish smile. “Now … taste it. You must never waste cock cum. Taste it; want it, again and again.”

And with those words, she brought her hand to my lips and poured all of my boy cum into my mouth. She then slid her fingers into my mouth, thrusting several in at a time for me to lick them clean.

“Don’t swallow; not until I tell you to. Taste it, Brenny. Let the taste and feel of that delicious cream fill your thoughts. Someday, soon … maybe … you will see how much cock cream will come from a man. If … you want.”

I licked her fingers and savored it all, just as she guided. I looked at mommy and nodded my head, then told her that I wanted to learn more, that I wanted to know.

“Mommy … I only saw dad’s penis once, by accident, when I didn’t know he was naked. His penis wasn’t that big … are all men’s penises just a little bit bigger?” I asked her, curious and confused.

“Brenny … maybe you can spend the weekend with me and you will find out. Would you like that?” she asked.

I nodded yes and she gave me a big hug and wet kiss.

“We should be getting you back home, Brenny,” Levidia said. I looked at her, a bit surprised and disappointed. “Oh, my pet. I already have your birthday present in the trunk. I just wanted some time with you alone, away from your parents.”

Mommy saw me suddenly smile with joy and she hugged me to her bosom.

“You silly boy. You think I forgot? Silly” she said as she tickled me and I squirmed and giggled. “You are so cute, your voice is so pretty. You could be my little girl.” She paused then noticed a clothing store in the strip mall across the street. “I know … let’s go see if we can quickly find you something cute for you to wear … K?”

She didn’t wait for my response; she started the car and drove into the parking lot, then told me to hurry with her.

The store was fairly empty as we strolled down the aisles … past the boy’s section and then stopping in the girl’s clothing section. Aunt Levidia then looked at a variety of slacks and shorts, sizing each up for how they were cut and the fabric of the material; she held several up to me then finally settled on two pair of soft pink stretchy jeans, a pair of cutoff shorts and tops to match. As she guided me to the dressing room, she told me to stop, asked me what shoe size I wore and then raced down the shoe aisle to find me several pairs of women’s decorated sandals and high heels.

“You deserve the complete look, Brenny. I want you to have the complete look—complete sexy, pretty young girl look—” she said as she scooted me into a dressing room. “Now, come out after you try each on, I want to see.”

While I initially hesitated, I felt driven, guided, by my wonderful mommy, my Aunt Levidia. The pants were much tighter than anything I had ever worn and I realized that my little boy undies were causing the pants to look odd. When I showed myself to mommy, she also saw that and assured me that she would have that resolved when I visited her. She then stressed that we needed to hurry and she ended up buying all of the items. I held the large bag of new clothing on my lap as we raced back to my home.

As we prepared to head back home, mommy stressed again the importance of our secrets, made sure that I had my own lipstick to hide in my bedroom and wiped away any remnants of my new pink lip color. As she held my hands, she told me that she would make nice with my parents and that she would ask them for me to visit her the next weekend.

“Remember, mommy needs you to keep our secrets,” she said … and I did.

As we drove, I knew I had to ask Aunt Levidia one confusing question, something which had unfolded in my mind into a twisted shape of confusion. Who … who was that woman? The one who called me son and was in the house, in my parent’s bedroom? Aunt Levidia touched my hand as she began to share details which somehow had been blocked in my memory.

She took a deep breath and then explained to me—“Your dad, Evelyn and I all lost our parents in a terrible car crash. And at the center of it was your mom … that woman. She was the cause of the car accident and our baby sister, Evelyn, went into a deep depression which she’s never recovered from, even as an adult and a mother now. You mother demanded that they all travel, in the worst of weather, because she needed to go to church. Her damn, fucking Catholic Church. She was in the car but survived; everyone else died.”

She looked at me, wondering how I was processing it all. I looked at her, absorbing these details.

“So … I was mad at your mother. Very mad. But I tried to forgive and forget, but she thought that I was attacking her, on every thing I did. Brenny,” she said as she took another puff, “She got to thinking that I was a witch! Brenny, can you believe that? A witch! Me!” she said and laughed, “So—I decided to play along—I did have fun with her. I decided to explore the occult and to study witchcraft. I would leave little items in your house for her to find after I left. Little things—with pins in them—Because I knew she thought it was witchcraft and because she was so sensitive to it. Your dad told me what her superstitions were and asked me and begged me to stop … I laughed at him and told him they both needed to grow up,” she said as she looked at me to assess how I was processing all of this.

She saw that I was following her words in detail and that my little boy penis was hard again. Aunt Levidia knew that I was hers to teach and have as her own.

Chapter Fourteen

Flashback (continues)

We pulled up to my house to see dad and mother in the front yard, puttering around in the yard. We both waved to them and I ran up to them and gave them a hug, then told them, loud enough for Aunt Levidia to hear, that she was super nice to me and that we went to a big store to pick up the toy that she had bought for me—oh, and that she also bought me a triple scoop ice cream cone!—I was all happy and cheerful and the epitome of a five year old boy celebrating his birthday.

I saw my parents look at each other and then mother smiling at my aunt, which then prompted my dad to suggest that we have the birthday cake and open presents. I loved being the center of their attention. When I opened the big box present, both parents seemed surprised and pleased at the gift—me?—Not so much. It was an old, antique looking desk, a globe and a small but high quality keyboard. Where were my toys? Brenny was not happy. But the gifts seemed to please my parents. As evening approached and the festivities ended, mother tried her best to apologize for the absence of my classmates, blaming one of the other kids for—suddenly—having a pool party and, who cares anyways as they’re not good kids and I should just find some books to read instead. I looked at my aunt who gave me the ‘o bullshit’ look and I nodded in agreement.

My parents then said they had one more present for me and they got up to go to their bedroom. It was then that Aunt Levidia pulled me to her and said, “mommy got those presents to make your parents feel good. I have your real presents at my home and I know that you will love them. But here—I brought these for you—these are a pair of panties that I found at a vintage clothing store—and your mother said you should read? Then start with this, but keep it hidden from her- the bitch.” (A whisper which I heard, and then smiled at you). “Study it, when you are alone. Get your mother to take you to the library and find the books about witchcraft, the occult, and—the Devil—You will need to sneak the books out as you are too young to check the books out yourself. Don’t be afraid … do it.”

I ran into my bedroom and hid the book on the side of my bed, along with my lipstick.

“So … I must get going, but Brenny does want to visit with me—next weekend—I have a performance at St Joseph’s Church and I think it would be a wonderful experience for him to enjoy church music and see his aunt perform,” she explained.

She then told them about the event and that the parish priests were very grateful that she had volunteered to perform. My parents seemed dumbstruck as they must have thought they were the only ones who were religious. So, it was set. My parents were not able to counter her and dad said that it should be a great experience for me, and a chance for them to have some time alone—that there was a Christian weekend retreat they could now go to—Aunt Levidia and I looked at each other, our hands touching under the table, out of their sight.

The week seemed to drag on forever; my parents never mentioned the weekend or my aunt or anything else. I thought it would be best to hold off on all of the tricks; I didn’t want to get mother feeling odd. But I had to take one step; even at the very young age of five, I was able to read most books and I found the book that my aunt gave me to be an enticing study. In it, I found reference to the different—tricks—that Aunt Levidia planned and I smiled, feeling wicked and feeling my little penis become engorged. I loved that feeling and wanted to feel that way all the time.

I called my aunt when my parents were outside—a whispered, hurried call—to detail how I hid the roaches in her bed and knew that she would find them by herself, as dad had a second night job and came home late. I told mommy how mother had shrieked, a loud scream which actually woke me up. I had to take my panties off before I slowly walked to her bedroom to see what was wrong—as if I didn’t know—Mother said there were bugs in her bed and screamed again. I told mommy that I had to force myself to not smile or laugh. I said I hated bugs and then looked at the roaches which were scurrying around the bed and then I let out a girly scream and ran away. Mommy laughed when hearing all this and told me that she was going to have a very special present for me for doing this- and agreed that I should hold off on the rest until the following week. She then asked me if I had ever looked through mother’s dresser—I admitted that I had—Mommy seemed to know about mother’s apparel as she then said I should look again at all of her lingerie, especially the ones that she might be hiding. I didn’t understand but told her that I would.

Mother seemed to be hovering in the house, a sense of tension had come over her since she found her bedside guests—I loved it—she was always so pompous and a know it all type, always so ladylike and making me feel like I was nothing. I wanted to play the rest of the tricks on her—and more—I wanted to make the potions that were in the book that mommy had given me. Each time I thought of all this, I felt my little penis grow and become so hard. And each time, I would go to the bathroom and touch myself until I felt like I did when she caressed me. But it wasn’t the same. I wanted to feel a hand on my little penis; to feel lips on my little penis. To feel … cock … growing … from my touch, from my lips. At first, I thought these were not the right things to think of but then I gave in and thought of what a man’s cock would look, feel … taste like. How many years would I need to wait until I would find out?—It seemed hopeless—no friends and no cousins or brothers to play with.

Finally, Friday arrived. I had called my aunt one more time just to be sure she had not forgotten or had a change of plans.

“Hi … mommy? It’s your Brenny.”

She sounded so happy to hear my voice and to have me say hello to her in that way.

“Yes … yes mommy—I did go look into her dresser—She had gone off to visit with the neighbor lady and thought I was taking a nap. I looked into a box that she had tucked in the very back of one of the drawers.”

I was about to tell her what I saw and all the details inside but she told me to hush- that she had a vision of what I had seen and she wanted to see if she was correct.

“Yes darling, my sweet boy. I have been counting the days until we see each other again. Are you excited?” How was I supposed to answer that? “I have been planning for your visit all this week but, Brenny—I’ve been planning this for weeks—months, really—Ever since that day—now, you behave and I’ll see you on Friday morning. I already spoke with your dad and he is excited about his stupid religious retreat. Good … let them go. Fuck them both!” she said and then we both giggled.

Aunt Levidia told my dad that he’d be at the house to pick me up around 10–10.30 am Friday; she arrived at 9.55 am and I tried to not show all my excitement about being with her and getting away from my parents. Mother had packed my suitcase and made sure I had four pairs of undies, as well as my boring t-shirts, all ironed. I was worried that she wouldn’t leave my side and I wanted to be sure that I brought—my special book and lipstick—and I wanted to put the panties on that mommy had given me—I had taken special care of them to make sure they remained fresh and pretty—I didn’t expect mother to miss the boring white cotton panties that she wore; did I dare take the satiny white panties that she had nestled away in that box in her dresser? She never wore them, not that I could tell. There was a matching girdle and sheer nylons and other very fine under garments, which never seemed to be used. I did find a note in the box, buried in the very back in a silver-tone envelope—I trembled as I read it—it appeared to be a love note to her, telling her how the person wanted their wedding night to be a special event as they became one. But all of the items seemed to be in their original wrapping, fine tissue paper separating them all; I was careful in how I touched them and memorized how each was set in the box. I stole the panties. I wanted to wear them. And into my little suitcase they went.

After brief greetings over a cup of coffee, mommy said we had to get going which matched my parents sense of urgency to also leave. A quick hug to them both was sufficient; they barely seemed to bother with their adieus. Fine with me. I climbed into mommy’s car after placing my suitcase on the back seat. She then told me to take the small bag that rested on the floor and to bring it up to the front.

With a final wave goodbye, we were off. It felt amazing to get away. This really was the first time that I had ever gone anywhere without my parents- though other kids had trips to amusement parks or the beach, I was never invited. Fuck them. Fuck them all.

Aunt Levidia smiled at me and, with safe distance from home, she took her lipstick from the car center console and painted her lips.

“How do my lips look now, Brenny?” she asked me. I smiled and nodded my approval. “Did you do as I told you, sweetie? Did you think and dream just like we did last week?”

“Yes mommy. I did … I … thought of my little penis and having it touched and kissed. And of wearing lipstick … And …” I replied.

“Look in that cute little bag; it’s all for you, my pretty one. I went back to the vintage clothing store and … well, you’ll see. Now, light your mommy a cigarette. And, put your lipstick on … you remembered it, didn’t you?” she said.

I nodded yes and then pointed to my pocket. She reached over to touch it and then placed her hand on my crotch, feeling my already growing boy penis. I felt warm—it felt so good—.

I foraged through the bag and saw all kinds of makeup and perfume, a pack of VS120s, just like the ones she had, as well as a pretty lighter that was adorned with rhinestones and some other shiny gems. Inside, I also found a pretty purse; mommy told me it was all for me and that I should put all my new items inside so that they wouldn’t get misplaced. I opened each item from its packaging and then found its own special place in my purse. Inside the purse, I discovered a cellphone. She smiled and told me that she and her friend had gotten it for me so that I could talk with them any time I wanted without having to use the house phone, and that we could then share pictures. I felt amazingly special and reached over to give her a hug. She smiled and told me she did it because I was her special son and wanted me to know how much she loved me.

“Honey, do you want one of your mommy’s special drinks? This one is to make your body feel tingly. I think you’ll like it” she said as she handed me the cold, insulated bottle.

I sipped briefly as she watched. A few minutes passed before I began to feel like every part of my body was hyper sensitive. My fingers, my lips, my tongue … my nipples and my little boy penis—everything felt like it was on fire—not hot, but warm and overwhelmed by touch.

I looked at her as she told me to get her a cigarette and also one for myself. Lighting one for her and then another for myself, she made an abrupt stop and scolded me.

“What have I told you about smoking women’s cigarettes and how you should look?” she said in a stark, harsh voice.

I looked at her, surprised and scared by her tone and I began to cry.

“Oh, my pet. I’m sorry … but you must always, always, make yourself pretty. Now, take your lipstick and show my how you do your lips up. And then … tell me why?”

My tears subsided as I placed the tip of the creamy lipstick to my lips and then began coating them.

“Is this better, mommy?” I asked.

She smiled and ran her fingers over my crotch, causing my little penis to respond even more so than from her earlier touches. The sensations ran all over my body as I let out a soft, feminine moan.

“We’re just about to my house; honey, I have a friend who I want you to meet. He’s a very close friend of mine and I’ve told him all about you. I think you’ll really enjoy becoming friends with him. He’s the one who bought the phone for you as well as the makeup,” she said, “Oh, I think you’ll love this, honey … he’s really sexy! He said he understands that you want to understand more about how and when you will grow up and he will gladly talk with you. Did I mention that he’s really good looking? And he wants you to know that he’s helped other young boys to learn about their bodies and their needs. I can’t wait for you to meet him—the funny thing is that his name is the same as your dad’s—that won’t bother you, will it?”

I shook my head no and said I would do my best, then I smoked my cigarette, holding it just as she did. I loved seeing my lipstick on the tip of the long cigarette; after several more puffs, I finished the drink she made for me. A few minutes later, nestled in the foothills overlooking the city, we arrived at her home. While it looked old, it also showed that its owner cared for its appearance. Dozens of pots of various sizes and shapes adorned the walkway to the front door; a myriad of vines and rose bushes dotted the side of her house and the scents were intoxicating. I told her how I admired her home and that the plants were so much more than anything my parents had.

We entered her home to find myself in the midst of a grand piano and several large couches. Off to the other side, a dining room connected to the kitchen and what looked like a small den. Aunt Levidia took my hand and guided me down a hallway towards the bedrooms. She stopped to point out her bedroom bedecked with dark red walls and a massive four poster bed.

“Your bedroom is right next to mine; that way, we can check in on you during the night,” she said with a sly smile.

She directed me into the guest bedroom to show me what she and her friend had purchased for me. Inside the finely crafted oak dresser, I found delicately stacked panties in a variety of colors and styles, the next drawer held the clothes that we purchased together. As I reached to open the top drawer, she held my hand, stopping me, telling me that this drawer was to be opened only after—dinner and drinks and some special time with her friend—I then began to wonder just what could be in there, but I understood that I had to wait. Mommy then opened my suitcase and held back a laugh.

“Oh, I see your mother must have packed all of this for you. What a stupid bitch she is, don’t you think … son? You don’t mind that I call her that, do you? She is a … cunt. A fucking, stupid, Christian cunt. Say it with your mommy, Brenny. Call her those words with me. She is a fat, ugly, smelly, fucking cunt!”

I couldn’t say it loud enough with her and the tingly sensations became even more intense as each word exited my mouth. Yes—mother is a fucking—smelly, ugly bitch. I echoed her words and then said she is a bitch and that I hate her for ruining my party and any chance to have fun. Fuck her! Mommy smiled.

“Let’s get that shitty clothing off you and have you dressed properly for our dinner—But first—let’s take a bath and get ourselves smelling pretty and feminine.”

After undressing, where mommy thought it was a great idea to just discard my clothes altogether, she laughed and then took my hand to go into her bedroom where I watched her slowly undress. We then entered her bathroom where a large, claw-foot tub was already prepared with quite warm, scented water—Dozens of black candles dotted the room—by whom? She climbed into the bathtub and then beckoned me to follow her; she guided me to take special care in washing myself thoroughly and then guided my hands to wash her entire body. She didn’t seem to mind whatsoever that my soapy hands rested on her breasts; she made sure that I was equally attentive to her bare pussy and full, round ass. Mommy then reached for a vial which was on a small side shelf; from it, she poured a pungent oil onto my forehead and then my heart and, as she had me stand, onto my small penis. She then began to speak in words I did not understand.

“Brenny—mommy has a special present for you—You were forced to be baptized when you were born; now you are a young boy and able to make decisions. I blessed you in the name of my Lord, I offer you His pleasure and power … if you repeat after me. Think of all that we have done in such short time; know that I will do so much more with you and for you—if you ask to be taken into my church—it is something that we call a ‘coven’. Do you wish for this? If you do, then say the words Ave Satanas. Ave Domini Inferni,” she asked me.

I remembered all of it. And I thought of how I felt when she gave me such pleasure, such discovery of my body and what I had been told were forbidden. They were denied to me because they were all enjoyable- smoking, having drinks, touching, kissing … wearing lipstick—wearing girl’s clothing—I wanted it all.

“Yes … yes mommy. I do wish for this. Please, guide me. Teach me. I ask to be part of your church. I ask for this, please. Ave Satanas. Ave Satanas. Ave Domini Inferni.”

I saw that she was very pleased with me and how things were evolving. Seeing her happy, after she had done so much for me and with me, made me smile as well. She leaned forward and gave me a deep kiss. I felt her tongue slide into my mouth like it did the first time—feeling it, just like the Serpent’s tongue—I felt goose bumps all over me but I wanted more.

She was certain that I was ready for more.

“Brenny, I want you to truly know all that I have spoken of. All of it. It’s time for you to dress and for you to take your—first communion in your new church—It is time for you to also meet our priest, who is the friend I spoke of, the sexy man I mentioned who helped pick out your gifts. Dry off and come into your bedroom to get ready.”

I then saw her walk away, just a black robe covering her, and barely at that as she had it loosely tied at her waist, revealing her breasts and bare crotch.

After drying myself thoroughly and applying the scented powder she had left for me, I walked down the hallway, a small towel around my waist. Entering the bedroom, I saw that mommy had laid out an assortment of garments on my bed—a frilly dress in red and black, black heels, a platinum blonde wig and lingerie—undergarments which looked identical to what mother had in her secluded box in her dresser—I looked at those items in amazement—aside from all of these being in black, they were smaller versions of what mother had, but never wore.

I looked at them in puzzlement- how did Aunt Levidia know what mother had? She was explicit in telling me not to describe the items I saw. Surprised but wanting to show her, I reached into my small suitcase and extracted the panties I stole from mother’s drawer.

And then I showed her.

“Look mommy! How did you know? Those panties match the ones you have for me! I brought them … stole them … from her drawer so that you could see them—but it’s like you already knew!—”

Aunt Levidia smiled and then told me as she helped me dress.

“Brenny, my sweet one, it was a long time ago … those items were the wedding gift your dad gave her. I helped him pick them out. He spent his entire paycheck to buy them all. But he told me, after their wedding night, that she refused to wear them, that the items were those of a whore. He was so upset. He sensed that he had made a mistake and that she wasn’t the fun, playful woman he was lead to believe.

“He cried, knowing he had promised to his god that he would remain married. I told him he needed to leave her or to just take her, forcibly—to get her drunk and fuck her and make her wear it or to kick her out—I told him that he should just rape her—to fuck her again and again until she submitted, but he wanted to be a—good husband—and look at your dad now. That bitch. That useless bitch—That is what your mother is—you know it. You need to know it. Do you agree Brenny?”

I looked at her; I knew how hard dad worked and how mother sat around all day, doing some housework and little else. I felt the panties that were hers, the panties that she probably never wore, and that made me mad. I looked at the lingerie that mommy and her friend had purchased for me and I couldn’t wait to wear it all. I knew then that mommy was right—mother was a useless bitch—And I said those words loudly so that mommy heard me and knew I meant it. Mommy knew that I was rejecting the woman who resided at home and that made her glad. Seeing her smile made me feel good; I sensed that I was going to learn all that she had spoken of.

Whereas I hated getting dressed at home for some special adult function, here, I couldn’t wait to put each of the items on. Following ten minutes of makeup application, I was ready to put all of these delicate items on. The tiny corset fit around my waist and mommy tightened it so that my feminine boy curves became even greater. Before she put the dress on me, she suggested that I look in the mirror—She stood behind me as I turned and looked at myself—the heels made my legs look longer, the nylons, cinched to the garter belt, highlighted my already shapely legs. And then the corset- it pushed up my boi breasts (I was always a little bit chubby) so that it looked like I had breasts. Oh my god, I thought to myself … I wanted them bigger! I loved how they looked and wanted to have full breasts just like mommy!

Aunt Levidia admired her handiwork and smiled at me, then took several pics with her phone. She then had me model a bit which I loved doing. Finally, she had me lift my arms as she slid the dress on over my head. I couldn’t believe how pretty I looked and how sexy I felt.

“Brenny, your next sacrament awaits. My sexy friend, Asmo, is my priest and my teacher; he will guide you to receive the body and blood of our God. He is a charming, sexy man and will be your mentor as well. Do as he says; I am here with you,” she said as she completed a final touch to my lipstick.

All of these images and memories encompassed so much time and so many interactions; I would later learn that a—lifetime of events—can be processed by the human mind in just a matter of seconds.

Mommy guided me into her living room where a small fire glowed in the fireplace. Five large black pillar candles were also lit, each at the tip of a large five pointed star embroidered with silver thread into a plush, red rug. And then I saw him step forward, his tan flesh visible and highlighted by the reflection of the flames. Like mommy, he wore a long robe, though he had silky black pants which flowed as he walked towards me. His long dark brown hair swept back, framing his smooth face. I stepped forward at mommy’s urging and accepted his extended hand. I was ready.

Ave Satanas. Ave Domini Inferni.