Feature Writer: Nada Bit /
Feature Title: The Devil Queen takes over a Disney cruise ship by Nada Bits /
Story Codes: Religious, Blasphemy, Young, Lesbian, Zoo /

Synopsis: A satanic sex cruise /


The Devil Queen takes over a Disney cruise ship

The cruise staff had been infiltrated with demon fucked devil worshipers. His Queen had done so much to entertain him and fuck so many he was setting up something for her. A cruise ship of children and parents that he knew had hidden thoughts about kids, and their own children. He even selected the manifest to ensure at least the thought of pedophile and incest was already deep. The ship held 4,000 but this cruise had 2,000 passengers and 1,600 crew staff. The staff was a mix of fuck and horny young teens.

Each knew ship assignments and were amazingly strong and good at their jobs. The boys were all hung at least eight inches of cock. The girls had perky titties and bare wet pussies. The crew was obedient and went about their duties like any other cruise The Lord Satan would give them direction when he wanted them to fuck the passengers. Especially the kids. There was a teen disco and places to escape their parents. There were five different venues for preteens and three different for kindergartens. The staff was very good at making sure everyone was happy. The parents could fuck each other without any concern about their kids.

Every beverage had a special ingredient. Every bite of food had some on it. It was Satan’s own sperm.

The ship had not left the dock yet as everyone had a drink be it adult or creamy milkshakes or sperm infused sodas. The passengers were all horny as the ship pulled away from the dock. Teens were either hard or wet. Little girls and boys were feeling different. They started noticing the staff that were braless and showed titty whenever they bent over to be help.

The crew staff boys never hid the swinging fuck meat loose in their shorts. They were all so kind to everyone, but mommy’s and daddy’s all stared at tits or bulging cock. Each had different hidden so much desires. Some daddies looked at cock and some mommies looked at young tits wondering what the muffin in her tight shorts showing off a darling camel toe would taste like.

Each child or teen or parent had a different secret filthy thought. The Lord Satan had selected them because he had sensed it in all of them. It started as the ship left the harbor and each passenger got a second beverage. Everyone was squirming. Maybe it was the cruise of a life time for parents and kids. Two-week cruise out in the ocean with sun and fun. Kids taken care of and no worry.

The captain addressed them all over the loud speakers. I welcome you all and thank you for choosing Disney Cruises. We are all here to make your experience special. Please ask any of us for anything. We are here to serve you. Dicks were already getting hard and pussies getting wet. None expected the cruise of their lives would be like this.

Satan himself could appear if more of his sperm was needed. But usually he sent his servants in hell with gallons of his fuck for the kitchen or the bartenders.

He was delighted and just knew his Queen would love this as she sought out more fuck filthy concepts up on earth.

Dinner was served by girls and boys with nice braless titties and long swing obvious cocks. Something for everyone.

The Captain announced they were now in international waters. Many of you had indicated a clothing optional voyage. Our crew works hard, and we will be in hot climates. I urge everyone to use yours or our sunscreen. Ask any of them to get or apply more whenever you feel the need. Make sure your children are covered and safe. Above all we don’t want anyone harmed. Any one of the crew will apply fresh sunscreen upon request. Be assured not one child will be exposed to sun until they are thoroughly covered and creamed. Lastly should anyone want any crew member to be dressed in your quarters or when you are being served in anyway, you only need to ask. Not one word. Welcome aboard and do not hesitate to ask any of us for something. The weather looks good, but it will be hot. We have several areas for you to cool off. Our staff is dedicated to keeping your children safe and will bring your young ones in if they see any sign of any feeling the heat. I am always her for any of you should you have any concerns. Please enjoy desert and let’s have a good experience. Perfect naked bodies swarmed the dining room. Each had several plates or bowls of something. Desert had not been ordered. Every child got the ice cream they wanted. Every parent was equally served with tiramisu or chocolate cake and every desert known almost instantly placed as each had requested. Not one mistake as each got what they wanted. Everything served by naked young bodies.

International waters as the servers warmed everyone up to the what they all wanted. Young firm titties and bare pussy, dangling cock meat. The chef made everything with the freshest Satan sperm.

The loud speakers came on with a female voice. All the kids are invited to our sleep over night. They need nothing as we have the rooms set up. One hand shot up from a mother infatuated with all the young pussy meat. Just tonight? No mam every night as your children or anyone wants. And we do have separate rooms for your older children. You can visit anytime in any room, but I assure you they will be very happy. We have movies and games, but we will make sure they are safe and sleep. Its all part of our service.

Satan’s sperm had infused and released them. Not one stitch of cloth at breakfast. The cruise staff had everything set up for any desire. The kids all sat naked together on benches no longer fearing what they looked like. Everyone had been held warmly and kissed and assured they would get titties and cocks. It took time. The staff was beyond wonderful.

The teen tables and some more developed preteens. Some of the boys had very big cocks and some of the girls had hard titties and puffy cunts. Just not enough room on a ship to make another room. No one seemed concerned.

Most importantly everyone was happy.

Eating or drinking Satan sperm for only one day everyone had a happy face. As they all drifted out the staff, naked young perky girls and hung cocked boys encouraged each to use their sun screen. Satan infused sunscreen. Not one mommy refused any service anyone delivered anywhere on their bodies.

The more anyone ate or drank the hornier the entire ship got. Day two of a two-week cruise everyone was fuck crazy. Honey is that our little girl over there sucking cock? Daddy’s cock of ten thick inches would not stop being hard or sticking up. No need to be embarrassed as every cock and every pussy was hard or wet and fuck ready. She sure seems good at it. Damn she swallowed. She does that dear. That much? That is a big cock!

The mommy was trying to continue when he pulled her over. Instantly she was silent. But honey that was so big, plunge and silence. She is too young, plunge and silence. She is our daughter, plunge but she is only, plunge. How does she, plunge. But that cock in her mouth looked like it is stretching her face. Plunge of hard cock. In front of everyone her silky ass was just right there. Cock up her cunt she was still trying to talk but her husband kept fucking her on the open deck. But she is only eleven the mommy whimpered. She had lost concept of what she was presenting with her cunt full of cock and her tiny ass spread. But honey when he shut her up with a hard kiss. Just let her suck cocks. We will have fun and just let her have some. The lick on her ass was warm and soft. She was so exposed and spread she forgot about her ass and exactly where she was on earth. Her ass was fuck and she completely forgot about her display on a deck of naked people because long hard cock was fucking her. Her daughter was sucking cock and she only wanted one answer as so many tongues licked her ass.

Satan knew she wanted her ass fucked while her cunt was packed with cock. She had no idea of who or how many had fucked her ass went she woke to her small child kissing her. Her tiny lips still wet with sperm. You really like it darling? Lots mommy but you were asleep, and I could not get to where everyone had fucked you. Daddy held your legs up and lots of mommies sucked around where daddy’s cock was in your hole. The fuck hole you showed me that I came out of. Mommy I have fuck cunt now. Last night on the deck when everyone fucked you someone got behind me while I was sucking your pussy. Mommy I sucked out so much sperm out until some cock shoved. I really tried to be a good girl but you were asleep and lots of mommy’s an daddy’s helped me.

Mommy open your legs. No mommy my hole is nasty full, NO MOMMY!

The entire deck of Satan’s Disney cruise had so much food for breakfast. Third day no one said a word. Every mommy and daddy knew their girls or boys had at least been finger fucked or sucked. Not one virgin on this Disney Cruise.

All the little girls were comparing, and pinky swore to tell the whole truth. One tiny thing stunned them all at the girl table. It just tasted good. She barely had bumps. She was one of the preteens. I don’t know why I just liked it! She retaliated with you got fucked and I have not been fucked. She would not stop as she ranted about her cock sucking and sperm drinking knowing her little sister was fucked first. Then they whispered and kissed wet sperm slimmed mouth to her young sister that got fucked first. Nothing was fair. But she did love her sister.

From day three on not one person wore any cover, everyone ate and walked around naked and fuck ready with hard cocks and wet pussies. Titties of all sizes looked red and hard as little girls ran around cover in Satan’s sperm sun screen. Tan lines that were so tantalizing were starting to disappear. Boys and men walked around with hard cocks. Teen cocks many dads wanted to suck off. Mommies wanted to suck and fuck them too. Little girls got use to seeing cocks and stopped giggling as it made their little pussies quiver and wetter. No longer caring about their titties as there was always someone that just loved them just as they were. The Captain had announced that any of the cruise staff was available to any and all adding to the amount of available fuck and suck the cruise would offer.

The sun deck smelled of fuck, sperm and cunt floods. Some women squirted and others pulsed out creamy white. Cocks never went soft. The teen disco had turned into a fuck den as the dance floor was covered with washable mats. The staff used squeegees to gather up as much fuck as they could for the kitchen staff. Every meal had a mix of everyone’s fuck. The kids areas had turned into pussy licking and comparing and lots of cock sucking practice.

Dad only had to glance at one of the male staff in the right way and there was somewhere for the dad to suck off a young hard cock and eat sperm in private as they were not ready for just everyone to know they liked to suck cocks too. Moms snuck off with some little staff girl to suck her cunt after mauling tight hard young titties equally concerned about everyone knowing they liked their own cunt juices and wanted to taste other cunts.

Lots was discussed the night of day three as families went to cabins for some sleep. Horny as fuck but tired and needed sleep. Satan’s cruise staff never needed sleep as some dads or mommy’s would wake up and walk around for something to suck or fuck or get fucked.

Day four was more open. The huge Disney screen showed porn all day. Something for everyone. Gay cock sucking making dad’s and boy’s squirm. Lesbians sucking titties and cunts. Mom’s and girl’s getting gang banged full of sperm and getting all the sperm sucked out by dad’s and mom’s. Something for everyone on the screen at all times.

Moms bathed their little girls in Satan’s sperm sunscreen making very sure their little pussy muffins and asses were thoroughly safe from the harsh sun rays. Dad’s made sure their little boys cocks and balls were equally safe, their boy asses too. Buckets and bottles of Satan’s sunscreen were always available.

One dad had enough of the staff boy bring him and his wife drinks with his hard-young cock sticking out and just said fuck it. Pulled the slim body to him and swallowed his cock. When his wife reached over to stroke her husbands huge stiff cock while he sucked the teen meat they had some knew connection. She licked his ear and whispered how good he was at sucking cock. Please don’t swallow all of it and give me a good wet kiss. Hold his balls too dear just like you like me to do when you fuck my mouth. Make him cum quick as he is on duty. Mommy look! It took a while to find her so young cock sucking daughter.

There was her little girl with some parents. God she was growing up and had darling bulging puffy tit bumps. Some mom was sucking her little titties that would need more sunscreen and she was sitting on the daddy with a huge cock up her little ass. “I got it all mommy” she yelled as if she had just bravely jumped into pool for the first time all by herself. Mom was so proud of her and she had such a precious young ass and body for fucking. Her teen son had such a big cock just like her husband’s and she had always wanted to suck it and maybe fuck her own son.

Maybe she would get her wish. But her husband was sucking cock right now and she wanted to watch that as well. She licked his face as the staff hips bucked into her husbands’ mouth. The staff teen’s balls were tight, and the piss tube pulsed as the cock throbbed. Let me have some dear. The dad pulled off the cock and held to his wife’s face as she quickly fastened her mouth on the pumping cock. She got three strong wads of sperm of Satan infused teen sperm. She let the teen go and kissed her husband with a mouth full of cum and he had kept some in his mouth too. They shared the sperm as they found a new bond for themselves and their family, a new fuck crazy family open and sharing like never before.

Her little girl was standing beside her as mommy and daddy shared and ate the young cum. Mommy looked at her darling’s new ass fuck hole. It was dry and before she could ask her little girl said all of those mommies cleaned me mommy as raised glasses met her eyes. But I do need more sunscreen, so I won’t get hurt. Mommy was wiping more on her as a little thing walked up. Oh mommy this is a friend I met yesterday and we played with each other’s pussies in the play room yesterday and she told me all about ass fucking, but she likes to suck cunt and likes hers sucked.

You don’t have to, but it was her daddy that fucked my ass. And look mommy as she turned around for sunscreen on her sucked off tit bulbs, I think they are a little bigger, but she has better ones to suck. The darling blonde child girl stood silently and startling beautiful. She does not speak much English yet, but she is learning new words all the time. She is from Sweden as the darling stood by with her dark tanned body and perky tits. She is a year older, but her family never wears clothes. Her brother will be here soon, and she sucks his cock but she likes cunt better.

The silent girl had a very puffy young cunt meat and stiff poking titties. Mommy wiped her daughter with sperm sunscreen and spread her legs. That was all the English she needed as she attacked wet mommy cunt meat, invited or not she ate the cunt. The silent child thankful it was not all full of sperm she would eat but it was not as good as pure cunt juices. Mommy get more up my ass as it will get fucked more and it feels so good, please.

Her husband went over to shake the hand of the couple that had so wonderfully fuck his little girls ass with ten inches of hard cock standing out. He had not cum since last night and was packed with sperm. The mother of the girl sucking his wife’s pussy meat was equally startling and the cock that was up his child’s ass was as long and thick as his. As he shook hands with them, he wondered if the cock would fit in mouth with his child’s ass slime still wet on it or the mom form Sweden wanted to be fucked. Both happened very quickly as he switched to shake the hand of the dad that had fucked his daughter’s little ass, the wife swallowed his cock like it was nothing.

The teen boy brother should up to watch his little sister eat pussy, she always wanted pussy but would suck and fuck. The mom had no idea where her husband was as she beckoned the huge hung teen closer with a crooked finger. The little thing was chewing her pussy and clit and getting deep in her cunt and the slimy cock got closer to her face. Obviously, the teen had just fucked something but still hard as hell.

The young hung thing could do wonders to her ass, but his sister was chewing her pussy and she did not want that to stop. Her little ass fuck child brought wet fingers to her face she had just pulled out of the Swedish girl’s cunt saying, “See how good she tastes mommy?”

Mommy sucked her daughter’s hand and started to cum, but the girl was strong and held her hips. She reached out to the hard-young teen cock, but he brought it to her. Her lick at the wet cock head tasting cunt and sperm. Some cunt had been fucked by this cock somewhere on the ship and she got to lick it all off. Delicious fuck slime.

She brought the boy teen closer as she started squirting. The sister was making her insane but held her, she could cum for hours but cock was right there in her face and she had the cock head in her mouth. She had no gag reflex and loved to be throat fucked.

Suddenly the sun was somehow shaded from her. A crowd had developed around her and she was on full open fuck display. It was one secret fantasy she had never let out. An audience watching her be a fuck slut. Satan damn knew. Satan was letting everyone loose but wondered when he would bring his wonderful fuck filthy earth raping queen for the festival, he was setting up for her. She had brought him such new joy and was off in an Amish town destroying every Amish belief.

The teen cock sank in her mouth at the same time the teen’s dad’s cock sank in her husbands’ mouth. The Swedish mom had his cock down her throat, and he had her husband’s cock in his throat.

Kids loved slime parties and they were all comfortable with the differences of body parts. They were over it all and having fun. Nude little fuck bodies having the best fun ever. Titty bumps and boy cocks all over each other. The slime they wanted cascaded all over them as little girls got their first finger fuckings and boys got their first cock sucking or feel of titty. The kids were all delighted. The slime like everything on the cruise ship was rich with Satan’s sperm. The kids could not really fuck but they could play and discover all the different body parts as they squirmed around naked in Satan sperm slime. Girls learned that boys were not really so bad, and boys learned that girls could be fun too. The kids learned that neither were as icky as they once thought.

The kids really could not do much but the little girls got small fingers up that hole where they only thought pee pee came out. They liked fingers up their holes lots. The titless little things really started to like boys on this cruise. They inspected the boy parts even though they were small they were interesting and had all that tasty Satan sperm slime they were learning to be cock suckers.

Little boys were learning they had holes that liked girl fingers up their asses. Girls had two holes and boys had only one, but they were learning. The little boys did not know they had a button up their shit holes that really made them feel good. None could orgasm yet, but Satan’s staff was training them to be fuck and service to the lord Satan. For now, they were learning they were not as icky and creepy and even though they had different body parts and acted different they could all have fun together. All the little fingers were the perfect size for each other as they squirmed around in Satan’s sperm slime.

The teens cock was down her throat up on the sun deck. The sister was relentlessly chewing her pussy meat and licked her ass.

A scream turned every fuck ready attention to the other side of the sun deck. The staff had set up a sort of slip and slide and covered with Satan sperm moms were sliding all over it but one slim thing had a firm grip on her hips. Her little perky pink ass up like she kept slimming around overwhelmed some dad and he held her hips and ram fucked her ass right in front of his wife watching him fuck as she sucked a staffer’s cock. Her hubby just loved ass and she liked every way he fucked her.

Her cunt, ass or throat he was a wonderful fuck and very good. He could fuck anyone into a dream state. The slim mom he was ass fucking had her face in the slime and gurgling. Her hubby was very good. She was a very good cock sucker and throat fuck always eager for sperm. She often snuck off saying she was going to some spa but went to a kennel not far away. She had been dog fuck for years.

She grew up with dogs as her daddy had a kennel. She helped from when she could walk. The doggies always sniffed her and licked her. She only had a small sun cover and her little panties hiding her tiny quim. She had to bend of course to fill or do anything and it spread her panties tight to her pussy making her young cunt smell so much more available to the horny dogs.

Every day she helped and really started to like the dogs licking her. She was just growing up. One day she wondered if she did not wear any panties, she was all of ten years old and her tit bumps were starting on that day one dog licked her little pussy bare of any hair and unprotected by panties.

But the dog tongue licked her tiny ass too. Dear God it felt so good. Her little titties hurt and she really did not have any titties. But she had young pussy that was just starting to get wet when she started to think about sex. She did play with her pussy at night, but she really liked the way the dogs made her feel. She never wore panties when she helped her daddy after her first dog licking.

One morning her daddy was confident to leave her to feed and water and take care of the kennels as he had to go to town for supplies. He would be hours, but she assured her daddy she was OK. She made sure the truck was out the long gravel drive before she stripped off her cover. Her little bumps were rock hard a she cleaned up the kitchen and washed all the dishes. She would do anything for her daddy, but she was growing up and horny. She cleaned the kitchen quickly so she could go take care of the dogs.

Walking out the back door totally naked made her quiver. Her young bumps never felt so hard. Something in her tummy was very strange. The dogs smelled her from the first step out of the house. The girl was fuck and smelled like fuck.

The cruise ship let all the kids have an hour with their families for lunch or just get together before the teens and kids went back to the separate areas. Slimmed little bodies showed daddies and mommies their holes that a boy had finger fucked, and daddy he likes his hole finger fucked just I like all of mine. Daddy when can I fuck? Eat some food he says as his cock was up. Can I sit on your lap daddy?

Dear God the child was on him with his cock sticking up between her tiny legs. Any move his tiny daughter made rubbed her little pussy meat on his hard cock. The child kept telling her daddy how she had finger fucked boys and girls as she ate chicken nuggets and a few French fries. I liked when they put fingers up my holes. Mommy when will I get titties to play with? The staff should us all about nipples and titties today and then they showed us how cocks should be sucked. But daddy the cock would not fit when I tried. I love you daddy as she held his hard cock for one more chicken nugget and the scampered away back to the slime play room.

Boys had returned and were finding out boys could finger ass too. But the little girls streamed back in and now they did not think they were icky. They learned all about kissing and tongue sucking and just where to finger holes. Best play room ever.

People brought food. The teens had destroyed her. The sister had chewed her pussy and ate her cunt as her brother fucked her face. For an hour she squirted and sucked. She was sweaty already when they switched, and the girl sat on her face and the boy ram fucked her. God the girl pumped cunt cream so rich and the boy could fuck. Some mommies tried to help her sticking fingers up her ass or licking her tits as two teens raped the living shit out of her on a sun deck in front of 2000 people and the entire crew staff now everyone knew she was fuck meat. Women tried wet towels and tried to get her to drink something as her squirting cunt would not stop. She was in another dimension away from everyone. She was total complete fuck meat.

The tiny naked thing walked out to the kennels. Daddy would be gone for hours in town. Her body shook as she really did not know what she was up to, but every part of her body tingled. Even her tit bumps felt strange as she walked to the kennels naked. Every step she took made her pussy lips rub between her tiny legs. They were getting so puffy from the dogs that had licked her. They were starting to poke out now and she just got so wet for some reason.

The teens from Sweden had fucked her into a coma in front of so many people. The staff was called to check her but she pulled the little slim thing that was checking her blood pressure on her face and ate her cunt. Apparently, she was alive.

The vast buffets of food had nothing over all the young bodies and all of the parents were making some of the teens look at the moms and dads. It varied but they exchanged looks.

The mom was finally taking a few bites and drinking fluids when the young nurse raced in and gave her the deepest kiss. Way out of bounds for any staff member on any cruise ship, even Satan’s. The silky young nurse squirmed her way to sit beside her. No idea she was a gorgeous piece of fuck. She came to take care of her cunt eater. Damn well wanted her healthy and alive. Sometimes licking her cunt eaters face to get her to take one more bite or some drink as she whimpered in the ear, she had not had her pussy sucked all day. No one fucks me and it will be just pure pussy. Take another bite please. Take a sip you need something. I must get back to my duties but just call if you need me.

Satan summoned his dogs into a separate chamber. One was already dog fuck and he knew lots had interest. His staff would keep them fucked.

The naked kennel 10-year-old trembled at every step. Something very knew was about to happen. She was naked and her bumps were hard. Her little pussy just got wetter. She damn well knew she would be licked. The dogs love it when she stopped wearing panties. She had not even had her first period yet but her tube of fuck did get wet and her little titties hurt so much. The naked thing was just helping her daddy in a different way her titties ached at every step. Something was real different today, this morning, her daddy away could not help her or save her.

All those doggies were very big. When they licked at her something started to come out. It looked wet like it needed to be wiped. It dripped, they all dripped, and they were all so big but never ever harmed her. The dogs seemed to love her. She was on her tiny knees when one doggy got really close. She just trying to get everything just like her daddy wanted but the pink tip kept getting bigger. It was coming out and looked longer and not as pink. It was really getting long, and it was just right there. It was dripping out so much she took one lick. The doggie changed right in front of her. Now it was very long and had white and red and purple, but it looked like it needed her to help it. Why else would of the doggies that loved her and never bit her get so close. She sucked the tip and loved the doggies so much more.

The cruise staff nurse came to their cabin and nestled with her cunt eater. She was just a precious young fuck that liked pussy and girls and now she was in love with a mommy that had sucked her. Your husband can fuck me, but I want your pussy.

No one seemed to be able to sleep on day/night four. Parents had no idea where their kids were and went out with wet cunts and hard cocks. Their darling boys and daughters were all in the disco room turned orgy. The kids had migrated to their older siblings. The sperm and cunt rooms. The finger fucks wanted more.

Moms and dads drifted in to just watch their children fuck and suck. Each pointed at their own admiring how deep their darling was getting cocks so deep. Tiny butts on display and eager for fuck. Teens were eating young pussies every mommy had wanted to suck on. Daddies wanted to suck on all those cocks or fuck their little girls spread open fuck meat. Son cock meat was hard, and mommy’s and daddies wanted to suck them. Young sperm and very young wet young pussy. Fuck holes or suck holes and poles to suck. They let their kids have fun and went to the sun deck. The kids would join them later for an hour with their parents.

The staff was ready for the fuck crazed adults. Every sun bed had a huge dildo and big bottles of Satan sperm sunscreen. The stall welcomed then each individually with hard long young cocks or wet pussies and perky tits. Moms and dads bent down to suck on a cock or a pussy and everyone fondled the darling titties. Those that had been with families last night came to them to give them all a deep kiss with warm wet sperm. None lingered as the sun deck had become a fuck deck. The huge Disney screen had a constant stream of everyone’s kids fucking and sucking and parents that had been fucked. It was magical as anyone could check to see how their kids were getting along or watch themselves fucking or being fucked. They only had to think, but each got a view of what they wanted.

The staff and each other smeared Satan sperm sunscreen on each other. The staff was always ready as little young fucks rubbed hard thick daddy cocks and balls. Mommy’s got their cunt meat and asses not only covered but up their fuck holes. Daddy’s held their legs high so the male staff could finger the rich cream up their asses. None had really slept last night but none were tired. Barely 7 in the morning the sun was hot and all were encouraged to get some breakfast. The buffet was a splendor of all the sperm and fuck cunt slime the staff could get for the kitchen staff. Everyone ate someone else’s fuck fluids with their eggs or omelets and the cream gravy was just that, cunt juice sperm gravy. Everything was basted in fuck fluids.

They ate and went back to the sun/fuck deck even more horny. Safe in the knowledge their teens and tots were being fed and taken care of. The little ones were held with fingers up their asses by some staff member and helped to eat more Satan sperm rich food.

One daddy had been putting more sunscreen on his wife and she held his hand to her cunt. Pulling it deeper. Her screaming and orgasms caused a crowd to gather. She had wanted this for so long. To be a sub fuck her husband would use and fist fuck, make her be a nasty slut for him and now any and everyone. Watch her be fuck or fuck her. Make her suck cocks and eat sperm. Make her a whore.

Mommy’s held her tits as her husband fisted her cunt tube. They helped her twist up on her knees as the fist in her cunt never left. Her cunt packed with a hand her ass was on display to all. It was wet from the sperm sunscreen. Her ass pucker winking as her husband’s hand massaged her fuck. Sometimes his fist tightened and rubbed on her g spot. Bent over as she was her tit tubes hung and filled with blood making her nipples get long and puffy. Her husband would open his hand inside her cunt and finger her uterus, the two fingers started to open and spread it. Women she did not know were holding and twisting her hanging tits and rubbing her slimmed ass. Like all the other asses onboard it was tight and small. Her hanging puffy tits were being mauled. Some finger went deep in her ass, then two, then hands held her ass open and someone’s fist went in. Just what she has always wanted but never told her husband she was a slut on display. A submissive fuck for use.

Her gasping for breath made her open her mouth when a long cock sank down her throat. She had not gotten to lick the head or kiss the cock it just went in. She liked precum and build up when she sucked cock and always had since she had sucked way back on boy cock at fourteen. Just the beginning of her fuck needs. Her mouth ass and cunt full she wondered what her little twelve year old was getting along just as the first orgasm hit her. She needn’t worry as her daughter was sucking cocks, any cock in the teen fuck room that had been a disco. Just like her mommy.

The tiny twelve year old was getting her little pussy and ass fingered. Just yesterday she had gotten her first real kiss. From a girl with tongue and the girl fondled her young titties and played with her pussy slit. The girl was older at thirteen and only slightly bigger titties and was just getting the hair she had been waiting start on her own muffin. Having never thought about girls her mind had been on boys. But the older thirteen year old was so soft and warm and kissed her really good. Touched her pussy really. Fondled and squeezed her very new titties really good. Both young girls were drenched in fuck slime from all the fucking in the teen disco fuck room.

The twelve year-old dared to hold one of the girls thirteen year old tits as a finger kept stroking her hairless slit as it dipped deeper in her fuck slot. She was making out with a girl and she was playing with her titties and little pussy. So warm and soft not like boys that did not know where to play on her young body. The girl pushed her back in fuck slime ate licked down her neck.

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