Feature Writer: Nada Bits /
Feature Title: How Lust Starts /
Story Codes: Religious, Blasphemy, Satanism, Bi, Young /
Synopsis: A young boy finds lust from religion  /
Author’s Note: Apologize for not knowing how to make the blogs or whatever I receive from your site, but have some thoughts /


How Lust Starts

I was very young tiny white boy in an Episcopalian church eager to be the best acolyte. My single mommy worked at the church as the secretary and we polished all of the religious wear that adorned the alter. As I grew I helped with the wine and the sacred wafers that represented the body and blood of Christ.

The sainted priest often fondled my little head and praised me. Sometimes the praising hug holding me close as the turgid truncheons of cock meat pulsed against my slim white torso or face as I would look up to a loving smile. My mommy worked for cock and was often brutally fucked on his loving desk like a whimpering whore.

She never sought money as she was a cock whore and worked for cock meat in her horny cunt or mouth and often both for her sperm thirst. It would be a few years for her little boy, me, to learn about the true meaning of service. That loving priest was suddenly reassigned and my saintly serving mother was dismissed like trash as a new very young blonde became the new secretary.

My service to the church diminished as my mother, my cock sucking fuck slut sperm whore of mommy, searched elsewhere to provide service. As I felt devastated at the sudden shift in my life I was embraced by many other men that knew of my dedication and my mommy. Now I know the lust of Satan was forming in my mind, but at the time life was confusing.

My tiny white cock meat started getting hard all the time as little girls wore tight shirts budding with hard nipples and small shorts or jeans that accentuated their young cunt flesh. Soon I found lust and Satan would guide me for the rest of my demented life. Young cunts and budding titties love to be sucked on.

Men liked to hold different parts of me now as I found new ways to use my mouth for the service of the loving people surrounding me. Young budding girls and many older men suddenly loved me. While my devotion started in a church there was a new vibration or sensation steering me.

Pure lust for the juice of anything that pumped or just dripped in slimy delicious fuck filth. I would suck on anything in my new service to lust. Often given rides as my head was shoved on hard pumping cocks of the many daddies with young daughters that I figured and licked.

Many of the men often went hunting for days and the pious wives let me help around their homes, many the mothers of the young cunts I ate often, as they would hold me in fond loving embrace against their horrid smelly hairy cunts demanding I suck out the sperm and their cunt slime from their husbands brutal fucking that very morning as they went hunting in Mexico where the service was often thirteen years old and every wife knew. For me all was the same as fuck juice was just fuck juice.

Young cunt or old hairy and smelly, young hard tits or big fucking bags with purple tit tubes I had to pull on hard as I sucked cunt. Hard wet cocks forced in my mouth as I became pure lust and fuck meat, just a cunt sucking or cleaner of fuck filth from any cunt and a cock sucking sperm whore. Something had replaced my service and understanding of the church with a much more consummating thirst for Satan’s guidance. Pure lust fuck filth became my life.