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Published: 24.08.2019

Story Codes: Erotic Horror



The Devil Queen in Japan

Most of Japanese women had so little hair on their small mounds to begin with. Tiny daughters had even less. The most any Japanese woman had was a wisp of black silk right above their wet pussies. Their little girls had none.

Little Japanese girls did grow up differently showing fuck mounds and titties that may remain small and moistly hairless and the tiny tits may never fill an a-cup bra. But each and every one was born fuck.

Girls were basically useless in Asian culture as they were too small to tend fields or lift anything.

Men from other cultures thought they were delightful. Moms and thought so too as they were often left out of meetings on trips and were ravenous cunt eating pussy sucking lesbians that loved the small darlings.

Asian culture taught duty and obedience and many tiny over puffy girls were hotel maids or fuck trash in brothels. Born to be fuck they got very good very young just to survive. Tiny tits were the first to announce their young fuck status when they entered a hotel room to change bed linens and clean bathroom’s and vacuum.

The turgid young tits poked obscenely against any uniform as they had no bras. Few even had any panties covering their naturally hairless little fuck muffins.

All little girls got wet pussy’s as they wondered about life. Get fucked or be fuck as their little fingers danced across the cunt bulges when they went to bed. Stiff young titties that probably would not get much bigger ached.

American, Arab and so many cultures of wives were left alone in hotel rooms.

Most Asian females, especially Japanese looked like little teens well into their 30s. Maybe one-in-one-hundred had more than tiny brown nipples. Maybe one-in-one-thousand liked brutal pain brought up to be fuck for abuse. Many suffered through it, but the Devil Queen sought out true pain fuck sluts. Any part of the tiny bodies could be abused and only made them convulse in orgasm.

The Devil Queen was very selective as a new production for love and Lord Satan.

Huge swollen nipples hard to find in the first place. Pain loving fuck filth with huge thick still puffy young nipples were the target. Silky barely haired little pussy was just common. The Devil Queen wanted big puffy nipples and tiny silky haired cunt.

The bigger the nipples on tiny tits made the best for pain. Any pussy could be turned into whipped swollen meat fuck holes.

Japanese known for firm tits and silky delicately black-haired pussy hair were considered delicacies by woman and men. So slim and tender.

Japanese maids entered hotel rooms knowing they could make more in one day than they would ever get from just being a maid in a year.

The reason none wore panties or bras unnecessary anyway. Wives from several cultures were stuck in hotel rooms as only men did business.

They only came with their husbands for young cunt too eat and chew and suck. Every Japanese maid knew this and the youngest got the biggest “tips”.

Every move in their small uniforms managed to show cunt meat and tiny ass. Every removal of sheets made their little titties rub against their blouses making them poke out more obscenely.

They might be twelve or they might be thirty, but they all had girl cunt and girl titties. The only reason wives allowed such cultural demands as they came with their husbands. They loved cunt. Many wanted their own little budding girls but would not admit it.

The wives would sit in silky robes as the young fuck flesh taunted them. Many whimpered at every glimpse of young slim practically hairless pussy.

The maids knew this very well and when they knew they were in the presence of a pedophile lesbian, maybe bisexual, wanted young fuck. Young titties. Young girl dripping in their sucking mouths.

As the trapped exclude wives so accidentally let robes open the maids knew they were on.

Beds done and clean they innocently dusted the coffee bending over in front of the trapped wives hungry for girl.

Tiny uniform skirts had been shortened well beyond standards and uniform shirt buttons so accidentally got loose to display tiny tit cones as they put on the fuck displays as horny as the wives watching them.

All fuck rampant and sex hungry. Every Japanese maid knew why the wives pretended to be as obedient as Japanese culture waiting alone and horny in hotel rooms as the men conducted business.

Once the silky robes provided by the hotel completely opened and the wives started to fondle wife cunt in full lust masturbation the maids knew they would be tipped. Pressing their little quivering fuck as back and skirts rising above their slim hips as they dusted right in front of the pedo-wives.

The wives were equally cock hungry and pussy hungry, just fuck hungry and horny.

The Japanese maids always came in twos and once the silky robe opened one stood behind the sofa softly fondling tit of some horny wife.

The maids had done this so many times they knew every signal and this one wanted pain. Fuck pain, fuck filth anyway these tiny maids could deliver and any cunt she could suck out. Girl cunt juice as long as she was “tortured” by these slim girls.

Many had distant thoughts of their own children as they dissolved into fuck filth.

Rampant pedo-fuck as they she had two tiny things making her pure fuck.

The maids knew every moan, they were sisters, one 12 and one 14 but they almost identical as they were suddenly naked and their tiny bodies not unlike her own little girls just a bit darker.

The fourteen year old was behind her and was fondling her much bigger tits. The silky robe had drifted off and down behind her rather small butt. Her titties perky with stiff nipples that were normally puffs, large puffs but normally soft. Bigger than her molesters but not by much.

Her fuck filthy head went back to her own little girl as the twelve year-old sat naked and dainty pushing her slim hand into cunt. Tiny tongue danced delicately over her mommy clit that stood out hard.

Another moan as her perky tits and nipples were getting squeezed by the sister fourteen year old. Every moan the wife emitted as the twelve year old ram fisted her let the fourteen year old she and her sister had somehow stumbled upon a pain fuck loving slut fuck.

The fourteen year-old twisted the perky nipples harder as her twelve year old sister ram fucked her arm in slut cunt. The more her nipples were hurt the more she gushed along the slim arm in her cunt.

The twelve year old knew exactly what to do a she bit very hard on the ladies clit. Pain slut would not describe this lady. Pure pain lover pedophile had a few thoughts about her little girl until she bucked so hard she almost broke the smaller girls arm. The little twelve year old just bit harder causing more convulsions.

The wife pedophile filthy incest minded reached down to grab the tiny thing making sure the tiny fist strayed firmly planted in her cunt tube to pull her slim legs and body up and over her shoulders and chewed very young pussy, sucked very young wet girl as her titties were being twisted and pulled.

Now lost in pedo lust she sucked the twelve year old hard and bit until she was dry until the tiny thing whimpered and was out of girl. She pulled her tit twisting maid over the back of the sofa in perfect cunt eating position. Slim legs spread so wide her pussy just opened and the crazed wife ate the small pussy even harder.

The slim hand in her cunt tube stopped pumping as the 12 year old was gasping in violent young orgasm. Now fourteen year old pussy was wet and ready in perfected position to be eating, chewed, sucked.

The wife’s perky titties and pain loving nipples were no longer being tortured as she ate girl, girl cunt, girl pussy and sucked out girl fuck.

The young slim Japanese maids had the most marvelous puffy huge nipples she had not had a chance to get to. The unusually big nipples still looked very hard.

She paid them both or tipped them both one thousand dollars each as they struggled back into their tiny uniforms. None knew each others language as the two sisters wobbled still in teen orgasm.

They stumbled out with five times more money they could ever make in five years, maybe 20 years given their status.

They finally understood they were to return promptly at seven. Their shifts were done at five. They bowed their small bodies as best they could still on wobbly slim legs as they had to help each other out.

Her husband would love these young fucks as he was hung with 10 thick inches of fuck meat. She would get to chew and suck every drop of her husband’s sperm out of the little girls and teach them the proper way to use tits. She would use little girl ass and nipples as her filthy head filled with fuck lust.

The Devil Queen had most certainly found the best hotel in Japan to get really nasty with fucked up parents thinking their own children as two tiny Japanese girls were more than eager to be fuck filth.

Neither comprehended the size of cock that awaited them. The two sisters wobbled still dripping girl and still shivering. What ever would happen at seven they did not know but each wanted more pain.

The husband was struggling and trying to concentrate as his thick 10-inch cock was getting semi hard knowing what his wife was doing and setting up. Hoping it would be better than the last trip as the tiny thing screamed at the sight of huge fuck meat. He could fuck for hours. Wife loved it but both had something even deeper they had not shared. Japan at least let them live out some of their fantasies keeping them away of raping their own. Throat fucking two little girls and mommy turning them into bisexual fuck equally savoring cock and cunt, hopefully mommy cunt first.

Husband and wife sat and ate some Japanese food as a silent small knock on the door caused the husband naked and huge ten inch thick fuck meat lead the way.

Two Japanese sisters were dressed very differently, no hotel uniforms. No panties as they both knew why they were there and bras on the slim bodies ridiculous, except for their bulging tit bulbs. Thick turgid tubes of young girl tit that loved pain and were here to get as much pain as they could.

The little Japanese maids were startled when the door opened and a huge 10 inch cock was basically eye level, mouth level, suck level neither would need to even bow or bend for what they knew why they had come.

The two little girls did not understand any other language, but they knew fuck. Tiny shorts dropped revealing small silky black wisps of young pussy. They ripped their tiny shirts off presenting themselves. Tiny tit tubes but huge puffy nipples that already harden as they could not stop staring at the thick huge fuck. Each hoping they would get their fuck chewed had no expectation of something so long and thick and already dripping wet.

The huge man and husband had to scramble the girls inside the door and used a foot to get the little girl clothes out of the hall just to get the door closed. The tiny Japanese girls shivered and the twelve year old could not hold back as she bent ever so slightly to suckle the huge cock head. Her long black hair was pure silk as much as her tiny mouth. It dangled across her tiny ass. She whimpered as the huge fuck had no chance of getting into her little mouth as she suckled the precum out of the huge piss slit. Barely in the door she was quivering.

Very naked and very slim with some titties that may not get much bigger, but huge puffy nipples.

Having no concept of how she would get this huge fuck in her.

Little girl whimpers were universal, but all delivered the same willing fuck readiness.

Her fourteen year-old sister was already face planted in the shaved wet wife cunt knowing she would be used as her tiny ass got briefly fondled and her little ass received a very hard un-lubed finger that was pure delight. With her face buried in bare cunt her titties would have to wait for welcome pain.

Asian culture had little use for females. Many were simply discarded at birth, but some were secretly saved and allowed to live.

Most were just fuck, family fuck, village fuck, cock sucking fuck sluts, sperm drinking throat cunt, ass cunt and regular girl cunt. No respect in Asian culture as they were rather useless in fields that needed males.

Asian men also normally had small cocks while visitors in hotels were from all over the world. Coming to this hotel just for young fuck pedophile dreams to be carried out. Most thinking about their own children but too afraid of consequences. They would love to rape their own.

Their children back home were ram fucking twelve year old pussy with hairbrush handles as they wondered why daddy would not let them sit on daddy laps. They all loved the stiffness of daddy on their tiny pussy meat. Boys that had finally grown enough to have pulsing cocks were constantly masturbating over the sights of mommy tits whenever mommy bent over in loose morning robes. None had seen real cunt or pussy at any age.

The two Japanese little maids at twelve and fourteen loved the huge foreign cocks. They loved the sadistic woman treated like useless fuck that twisted their huge nipples.

Just getting a job at this hotel required vigorous interviews. They all had to strip naked so every aspect of their slim tiny bodies could be evaluated. The hiring staff was mixed but mostly male. The few females had been hotel fuck and better knowledge of what their visitors sought.

Tiny child bodies, tiny cone tits with huge puffy nipples that hardened as soon as they got naked for their interview. The sisters came from some province just thankful they had been allowed to live.

Standing naked in a room of men and some older women fuck were already dripping girl out of precious young pussies just dusted with silky hair. Perfect and very horny as they had heard what happened at this hotel.

Men and the few women twisted their hardened tit tube nipples making them flood girl as the pain they now savored made each little girl squirt girl and the tinniest hips gyrate in pulsing pumps. The clit and pussy part of the interview made the collapse as the two tiny bodies shook in orgasm. They were hired.

As the twelve year old tried to suck the huge cock barely able to get tiny lips over the huge cock head just quivered in orgasm. The huge man twisted young tit in huge hands. The sisters were had been assigned to clean this room upon request.

These hotel guests were very specific about age, tit size and the nipples that loved pain. Girl pussy that loved pain. Fuck and horny.

Back home the children they harbored evil pedo thoughts were just getting too horny. Daddy did not rub her slim chest anymore as she squirmed her little panty covered girl meat on daddy, thick huge daddy as he would stroke her small chest did not know how her once tit dots were so damn sensitive already. Once those dots started bulging daddy got nervous. The young soft warm flesh of his little girl made his 10 inch thick cock so damn hard he might rip the tiny panties.

The Devil Queen knew this family better than they knew themselves.

The fourteen year old brother was old enough now babysitters were not required as they went abroad to live out fantasies. He also had a very thick eight inch cock that made his mommy quiver when ever he hugged her. The very small twelve year old sister had just started titties and she was very proud. She never put anything now as she went to shower hoping daddy would see her new titties and the wisp of hair just dusting her little muffin. Her very horny wet muffin.

Her big brother left his door open just to hear any disturbance as he was left in charge of the house. That did not stop him from his frantic masturbation. He produced thick globs warm white boy and could do so hourly. His little sister did not help his personal dilemma.

Both kids had heard the screams coming from mommy and daddy’s room, the grunting animal sounds as their parents thought about the trip to pedo land in Japan.

The little sister with her new little titties walked naked to the kitchen. Her so small ass and tiny body was not like his mommy fantasies he had only inflamed when hugged his mommy in the kitchen very aware mommy had no panties yet. Nestling his teen cock hard in his silky shorts made mommy quiver and wet her legs in cunt. Just a tender kiss on her cheek from her own son made it worse or better as she had filthy thoughts deeply hidden about her own children. Incestuous thoughts and very filthy. Her tiny precious daughter just budding, and she well knew her daughter’s little pussy had to be in young full blossom as she had been at that age.

Mommy was very young when the first thoughts of being fuck as her own titties started to tear her little chest as they just got more painful and tender. Any touch as she showered mad her quiver and she damn well knew what her little girl was going through. Huge teen son cock rubbing her ass and her little girls’ titties shaking under child night shirts. Tiny panties did not help.

In japan she took out her frustrations on the slim fourteen year-old riding her wet pussy all over her slurping sucking mouth. Mommy was an equal non biased slut. Cock or cunt was game. She chewed the young maid pussy as the slim thing pulled her hands to her sharp titties showing her the abuse she loved and savored. Words that would not have been understood were unnecessary. Pain fucks knew each other regardless of culture.

Daddy had driven all ten inches of huge cock into the twelve year olds throat holding the tiny head like a fuck toy. The small thing was squirting all over the floor as she pulled the huge hands to her tit tubes and squeezed the hands hard showing what Japanese pain sluts wanted.

Back home the brother heard a noise downstairs and relented another jerk off to see if the house was safe. He was still very hard as his eight inch fuck so hard it barely wobbled.

His naked little sister was at the refrigerator and bending over as she was searching for something. Her ass was so small it had no way to conceal her little pussy. Even her tiny pink ass was on full open display.

The little sister barely startled stared at her brothers hard cock stiff and wet. Her little pussy dripped young girl as she whimpered. Finally, her brother was looking at her. She had done so many accidental things hoping he would notice. She had watched him masturbate and had seen every thick wad of boy pulse out glob after glob.

The tiny thing had always loved her big brother but now things were different. He had protected her at school and was always so kind. Now she had tits and a very wet pussy. She saw her big brother staring at her tiny body. Huge strong brother has huge to her and very hard.

She collapsed right in front of the open refrigerator as her tiny body quivered no longer knowing what she was looking for as she bent her slim naked body presenting her as fuck to her own brother.

Big brother grabbed her small body up off the floor while she trembled and squirted girl so much someone would have to get a mop before mom and dad got home. He placed his quivering little sister on the counter and sucked her tiny fuck dry. He only so delicately fondled his sisters’ new titties but that made it worse. So new and so sensitive she convulsed wrapping her slim little legs around her big brother’s neck. So tiny her little legs had no chance of wrapping around any other part.

The floor could wait as he very tenderly brought his little sister to his room. So tiny and light, so tiny and just prefect, very horny little sister.

The big brother tried to lay her little body down, but she was in attack mode. Her loving brother’s mouth on her tiny virgin pussy made her lose her mind. Tonight, she would be fuck and parents would not be home for three more days.

She crawled over her wonderful brother slithering her tiny body and her new tit tubes and her wet fuck as she crawled all over her big brother. His huge 8-inch cock had been interrupted as she had made a noise in the kitchen in the hopes her big brother would see her new budding horny girl body. Some little girls already know they are fuck from the first touch of their tiny pussies.

Her tiny pink mouth could only lick her big brothers wet cock head. Her tiny mouth would have to grow some more but her tiny tongue made her big brother shake. Big brother absolutely loved her little new tits and huge puffy nipples, her entire tiny warm body was beyond concept.

The little sister stared into his face in pure love and youthful lust. Licking his eyes and lips as she nestled her virgin meat. The head of brother cock just against her quivering fuck and her new titties rubbing all over her big brother made her squirt girl gushes.

Big brother tried to control her tiny hips, but she would not have any of that. Tonight, she would be fuck and brother fuck. She slapped him every time he tried to hold her tiny body, quickly licking his lips.

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She would finally be fuck that had mixed in her head. Seeing her huge daddy as she came out of showers had already how anything that big would possibly fit. Mommy sure seemed to like daddy and she most certainly loved her big brother that had just licked her little virgin pussy on the kitchen counter.

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Four solid inches of brother cock ripped through her virgin hymen in a frantic push as her brother sucked just one of her new titties. She had done so much to reveal her new body to her entire family as she walked naked down halls. Daddy would no longer let her sit on his lap to rub her girl fuck. No longer rubbing her chest as she budded.

Her face looked crazed once her young hymen was gone. Sitting on her big brother that rubbed her new titties now that he finally gave up trying to control her.

Plunge after plunge finally nestled her little pussy clit hard on her big brother. She was finally fuck. Most girls her age got fingered and played with and talks of love, she was real fuck on her wonderful brother that could only stare at her tiny face. Pulling his sister down once she had implanted her tiny cunt meat on brother cock, huge brother cock.

Their parents off in Japan were ripping two young girls to shreds. The young girls not only expected it but loved it. Now the more abuse they got the more they quivered. The tiny twelve year old was insane now as her puffy tubes were tugged and twisted. She was sitting on ten inches of thick cock as her sister was being ass fisted.

Mommy was still eating her little pussy meat as the teen gushed. The more pain she got the more she wanted. The tiny twelve year old was getting more cock in her pussy, now young cunt as it continued to widen. She whimpered but loved it. It hurt incredibly. She loved it.

Daddy was shoving huge thick ten inches in and up a twelve year old as he thought about his daughter. Mommy was devouring rather painfully a fourteen year old pussy thinking about sucking her son and her daughter.

Mommy and daddy would not be back for three days. They were off living out pedophile lust they could have easily found right at home.

The maids were tipped so much they would eagerly return for any fuck filthy treatment that was far from harm. They loved it as the youngest not only any aspect of girl cunt on huge ten inch thick man. Both were eaten and fucked and fisted. Mommy had sucked out all of daddy sperm from the twelve year old so hard the tiny thing had three more orgasms. The fourteen year old ripped mommy to shreds as she fisted and bit cunt, chewed nipples into purple tubes. Let themselves be fuck and pure fuck loving every moment of abusive treatment any where on their slender bodies. They would be back next morning to “clean” the room and made sure it was the only room they on their schedule.

The Devil Queen was not sure what platform would make the best production for her Lord Satan as the developing family filth was getting so wonderful. Best to just watch these fuck crazed humans for now.

The next morning in the Japanese hotel room the twelve and fourteen year old maids simply walked in to “clean” and immediately stripped carefully folding their uniforms and placed them on the floor. Already wet and horny their huge puffy nipples were not puffy, but turgid tubes. Four young titties and slim brown bodies presented themselves for fuck and abuse

The unusually large young puffs were so hard not just because they showed up horny, but because they showed up adorned. Tit tubes had very harsh sharp toothed clamps practically biting the young tits off.

Tiny cunts revealed the same clamps on young girl clit meat. Sharp teeth biting their young reddened clit meat. Mommy and daddy were sitting naked on the couch as the girls presented themselves to be fuck, to be abused. Daddy’s huge ten inch fuck was hard and sticking up. Mommy’s tits still purple and bruised as she gushed mommy cunt in fluid streams.

Mommy and Daddy were amazed as the two maids presented their tiny asses. The two had fashioned ass dildos out very rough bamboo. They could not afford anal plugs and had no where to buy them. Neither had used any lubricant as they loved the harshness of the rough bamboo up their little girl asses, pain sluts. They both performed the filthiest acts of dusting and cleaning as they spread their slim legs in open display anytime they bent. The tiny Japanese cunts dripping girl.

Two rooms down the hall similar young fucks were tied spread eagle on a bed 11 and 13, big puffy nipples being ripped at, young cunt flesh being horridly chewed and bitten as another couple was living out pedophile lust. Pedophile fuck filth that they would love to be doing to their children. Their little girls were discovering how wonderful the family dog truly was. Those two tots were nine and eleven preteens with tiny asses and just tit bumps. They had been left alone against law as they were both so capable and very grown up. The two were indeed a representation of the best little girls with fantastic grades and wonderful gymnast. But they were both fuck or wannabe fuck harboring young girl fuck nasty concepts.

Their mommy and daddy had two young girls tied spread open in Japan and they were naked little things back home. They had never liked clothes and did want titties someday and anytime mommy and daddy were gone they danced their little slender bodies naked as they would help each other get titties.

Doggy smelled girl. Doggy kept them safe. Doggy loved to lick pussy. Doggy had a huge cock usually hidden when mommy and daddy were home, but the two tiny things he loved and would give his life for if anyone even tried to get in the house was whimpering.

Two preteens left home alone preened their slim bodies, naked slim bodies and opened their legs any time doggy nuzzled his huge cold wet nose against their young fuck.

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Their own Mommy and Daddy were raping the living shit out of two tiny Japanese twelve and fourteen year old maids that had no limits in the pain they wanted, pain they craved. Fuck pain and abuse pain.

The blatant display of the young bodies dangling tit clamps and clit clamps was just too much.

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Two preteens were now dog sperm sluts. So wonderful young girls with great grades and gymnast that could spread their slim legs up and around their small necks that Mommy and Daddy had only seen covered in gym meets in tiny small gymnast leotards. Each refusing panties or anything the little girls displayed tiny camels. Very young fuck clams that opened against the thin material. Little girl clams could only present young girl meat as they went through the routines.

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Open exchange of children in Japan was not really sanctioned but brought in so much revenue it was not discussed and just allowed. Pure fuck filth above and beyond any conceivable thoughts they hid deep in demented minds. Girls were considered useless family burdens. Foreigners flocked to hotels known to openly allow child abuse. The children loved it. Girls out numbered boys twenty-to-one and the boys were always booked months ahead.

The dog cock licking preteens had no idea doggy was just becoming a full family fuck toy, sex toy.

Mommy and Daddy were whipping two teen maids to shreds as they were tied spread wide open for every brutal stroke. Tit mounds and huge normally puffy thick nipples rigid and stiff. Every lash made them squirt girl fuck, very young girl fuck both mommy and daddy loved to drink. Pussy whips made their slim hips raise for more as squirt turned to white frothy girl cream. Silky white girl cream pulsed out. Rich tasty girl cream. Daddy would have preferred boy cream.

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