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Published: 06.02.2013 /
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Itchy In Her Cunny

Five year old Suzy had an itch in her cunny. Not that she knew it was called a cunny. Her mother would have much reproached her if her lil lips ever uttered that. In fact she had never heard the word. All she knew was that ‘down there’ was itching nonstop. Poor little Suzy… what else could she do but rub her cunny all day long?

It did not take long for her mother to see that and strictly forbid her to rub her puffy lil girl pussy. Suzy’s mother was a prude, of course, like many women from her generation. She had come from a very strict catholic family where sex was only mentioned when you were being taught how bad it was.

When she got married she was a virgin, and her husband, much older than she was, was eager to taste her nectar. But Suzy’s mom would not care for that…She knew she had obligations towards her husband but allowing him to kiss her THERE? That was not going to happen.

After all, she had been told that the only way God condoned sex was for procreation. Her husband soon understood that his advances would get him nowhere, so he settled for having a good house wife and fucking her every once in a while just for breeding. In fact, he didn’t care. There were plenty of whores in town.

Susannah Trent was born just over a year into her parent’s marriage, and she was soon followed by two other babies, Thomas, a year after herself, and Kirsten, two years after Tom. Her mom now had the house full of kids and another bun in the over. She was too tired to pay much attention to Suzy.

So when Suzy told her she had a very strong itch, her mother told her to wash it better, that it was itchy because she was a dirty lil girl. Oh, Suzy was so careful when taking her baths!!! She always washed herself completely and dried it off. It was true that her mother had stopped bathing her earlier than most moms too, because she was so busy, but Suzy knew she was doing it right!

Dirty lil girl… Those words echoed in Suzy’s mind for days… Every day she tried harder to wash herself even better. Suzy soaped her pussy so much and so often now that her slippery fingers could not help but find their way into her cunny hole. It was just a sloppy accident, but it had stung a little and when she took her finger out, there was the tiniest trickle of blood.

Suzy panicked. She yelled for her mother, but when her mother got there, the trickle of blood in her finger had disappeared, probably washed away by the bath water. Her mother thought Suzy might have been lying, but just to be sure, she wanted to inspect Suzy’s pussy.

She got Suzy out of the bath and told her to lay down on the bed and spread her legs.

Oh, lil Suzy was so very embarrassed!!!! But she did as she was told and her pregnant mother knelt down in front of her spread legs, and touched her pussy lips, pulling them apart and spreading them open.

Her mother did not really know what to look for, for she had never seen an open cunt before. There was no trace of blood, but her whole pudenda seemed swallow and red and puffy. When she heard the steps coming upstairs, her mother screamed: “George, come here a second.”

Suzy’s reaction was immediate: “No, mommy, don’t call papa. I…I…m… not wearing panties”.

“Nonsense” her mother replied “He is your father”.

As George walked into the room, he saw his wife kneeling in front of his daughter, holding her lil legs up, her face buried in Suzy’s pussy. His physical response was immediate: his cock was rock hard in ten seconds flat.

He was puzzled by seeing his prude of a wife with her face so close to a cunt while he had never managed to make her accept his face in hers! And he was a man who loved pussy… he had had virgin pussy, used pussy, wet pussy, dirty pussy, hairy pussy, trimmed pussy, he even had had teenage pussy!

But by God looking at his daughter like that he realized it was the most beautiful pussy he had ever seen! It was completely bare, not yet trouble by the slightest fur. It was puffy and smooth, it looked so inviting and sweet.

His instincts were to push his wife aside and dive right in to her pussy, licking it, kissing it, sucking it and biting it, but he used all his power to hold off until he knew what was going on. His wife quickly explained that Suzy has been having an itch for quite some time, and it seems it had bled in the shower, but she saw no blood.

He knelt beside his wife and inspected her pussy too. Poor little Suzy was so embarrassed the words escaped her. There were tears beginning to form in her eyes. Her father took over her mother’s role in holding her pussy lips spread apart and he quickly noticed her hymen was partially torn. It was just a tear, really, most of it still in place.

Still, he recommended her mother took her to the doctor right away, for a lil girl’s pussy must be kept healthy and intact. That is, until he could again have another chance to enjoy it, in the privacy of his room, without his prude wife present. The mere thought of being able to enjoy that tiny pussy was making his cock so painfully hard, he could hardly control himself.

His wife sent Suzy off to get dressed and wait for her downstairs, while she talked to her husband. As uneducated as she might have been, the woman was not a complete idiot. “George, I think Suzy might have been molested.”

Auch! The words startled him. As enthralled as he was by his new found attraction or his little girls pussy, he had not thought of that!

“Who…who do you think would have done that? Why? How?”

“I don’t know. Anyone… her teacher at school? Anyone on the street really! That girl is always rubbing her parts for anyone to see! I’m not surprised some men would see that as an invitation.”

“You can’t be saying this is her fault…” protested George, but deep down inside he was relieved to notice his wife’s mindset was to blame the girl, not the men who might have molested her. Even more relieved he was to see she did not accuse him.

“Oh, I have always known George, that girl is trouble… the way she used to walk around the house naked, with no modesty, no manners…! But we have to do something George! We must talk to father Peter! He will know how to take the devil out of our daughter.”

“What we must do is take her to the Doctor. You don’t know what happened. You don’t know IF anything HAS happened. You listen to me woman: you are not going to say anything to Suzy until you hear from the doctor.”

The mother was not convinced, but she knew better than to disobey her husband. She knew the Bible instructed her to be obedient and subservient. But she felt there was something wrong with her daughter. She just knew it. Otherwise why would her own cunt have gotten so wet when she was kneeling in from of her baby girl? She could feel the child’s erotic influence over her, in a way she had never felt before, with anyone, not even her husband! She knew there must me something evil about her lil girl. And she would have to figure that out.


At The Doctor’s Office

Hannah Marie Trent arrived at the Doctor’s office without an appointment and trying to keep the three children under control, in spite the heavy burden of her already advanced pregnancy. The Doctor’s assistant fit her as soon as possible, for she couldn’t have all those kids running around her waiting room. When they were finally taken in by the Doctor, she was already exhausted. She quickly told the doctor what had happened and he instructed lil Suzy to go change into a hospital gown and lay down on the bed.

The Doctor asked her to be present during the exam, once the nurse was not available, but Hannah was interrupted by her baby daughter Kirsten who needed nursing. She could not bear the thought of nursing her child right there in front of another man, she had never even allowed her husband to watch her breastfeed.

Many would say “Oh, but he is a Doctor”, but she had always been troubled by the idea of going to the doctor and having him examine her private parts. She always felt violated and when the speculum entered her vagina, it felt like incomprehensibly embarrassing and exciting. However, for a woman of her upbringing, the slightest excitement was felt like a sin, a big sin. So she dreaded every visit like she was being led straight to hell’s door.

She then asked the doctor if there was any quieter place she could go to while breastfeeding and that she would come back soon. Ah, there could be nothing sweeter to the Doctor’s ears. He of course led her to the furthest room he could think of, assuring her she would have total privacy – as would he. Yes, we all know that it is against the rules to have a doctor alone in his office with a small child, but here was a mother who insisted on leaving the room. He could not just ‘make’ her stay.

Not that he was upset in the slightest. He always loved an opportunity to look carefully at a child cunny, rub it and smell it up close, especially when there was no one watching, which was rare. Oh, but this he had a good half an hour alone with that pussy! When he came back to the office, she was already sitting on the bed, very embarrassed like only lil girls can be. He stood in front of her and instructed her to lay back down, while his hands touched her knees, parting them slightly.

Ah, he could smell the sweet scent of her cunny as he approached his face to her private parts…He then pulled her legs up in the stirrups and sat comfortably in front of her. He parted her puffy lips and looked inside, his fingers running the length of her pussy, rubbing it slowly while he examined her.

There was of course nothing really wrong with the girls pussy, except for a slight tear in her hymen. But that was not exactly a problem, because it would only make penetration easier for her when the day came. In his heart, he hoped it was him who would take her cherry. His mind quickly raced trying to think if a way of accomplishing that.

Lil Suzy, on the other hand, could not relax, being spread like that yet again, like when her mommy and then her daddy examined her…She felt she was getting slightly wet and she was very afraid she would pee on the doctor’s face every time he rubbed her. Somehow the doctor’s fingers felt different from her own. Noticing the slight shiver on the girl, the doctor asked how if felt when he rubbed her cunny hole. It was the very first time she heard that word.

“Cunny hole?” she asked.

“Yes dear, this is your cunny hole!” he said while tracing the edges of the tinny entrance to her vagina. “Is it itchy now?”

“a…a…lil” Suzy was a very talkative lil girl, but somehow words escaped her again.

“Does it feel better when I rub it like this, Suzy?” the doctor asked gently squeezing her whole mound in his hand while keeping his finger buried in the middle of her lips, strongly kneading her small clit.

She didn’t really answer but it was not necessary. He looked up to see her face was flushed and her eyes were teary. He came closer to her, his one hand never leaving her pussy, his other hand moving up to caress her gorgeous face.

“My darling girl, you don’t have to be worried. I am a doctor and it is ok if a doctor touches your cunny. But your cunny is hurt, baby girl. Just a lil, but it is. Has anyone else touched you cunny?”

She nodded.

“Who has touched it, honey?” he asked rubbing it even more intensely now, eager to hear the answer.

“My mom ,….. and then my dad. But…”


“But it was after I hurt myself”.

Now the doctor was intrigued. His first thought had been that both mommy and daddy were abusing her lil cunny, but it might not have been so. He investigated further.

“How did you hurt yourself, my darling?”

“I…I was taking a shower and I was washing it really, really well like my mom told me to.”

“I see… and before that? Had anyone ever touched you there?”

“No…only…” she hesitated.

“It is ok, honey. I am the doctor, remember? I need to know everything so I can treat you right”. His finger was so eager to going, he had to take his hand away from it all together. “Go on, honey, tell me” he said stroking her hair softly. “It is just that…I…I… rub it a lot. It is itchy. And I scratch it. And…”

“So, you like to rub it, right?”. This was unbelievable! Lying in front of him, there was a beautiful 5yo girl who had actually found the pleasures of rubbing her cunny all by herself! And because of an itch in her cunny!


“Now, listen to me honey. There is nothing wrong with that in general. But right now your cunny is a lil hurt and you will have to stop for a while. And I will get your mommy and daddy to put some ointment on it to heal. Now, wait a lil while I go get your mother, ok?”

He did not take her legs off the stirrups. There was something very hot about thinking of that girl with her legs spread open wide waiting for him in the room, the wind touching the wet skin of her pussy. He did not believe his cock could get any harder.

But it did. When he came into the small room where he had left her mother breastfeeding, he was surprised by the site of the woman with both breasts hanging out, one kid latched to each nipple: she was holding Kirsten, the two year, in one arm, while Tommy was standing on her other side grabbing hold of her large breast with both hands and drinking from it. Neither of them could say a word. She was too embarrassed to even move and the Doctor was just to horny to be able to stand in front of her with his raging hard on poking at his trousers. So he pulled the door slightly closed and said:

“Mrs. Trent, your daughter’s hymen is indeed partially broken but there seems not to have been any kind of abuse. I interviewed her and it seems that she really hurt herself in the shower. However…” he thought for a second. This was his chance to make her feel guilty and humiliated. H wanted to make her feel responsible for her daughter’s condition and mostly, he wanted to secure his right to privacy with the lil girl a while longer. So he opened the door again and looked her in the eyes as he talked.

“However, the reason why she was rubbing herself so hard is that she has had an itch in her private parts for a while now. You should have brought her to me right away and none of this would have happened. Now I am afraid she will have to undergo a small surgical procedure to remove the rest of her hymen. You see, hymens don’t heal and having an open wound like that will only make her subject to infections.”

Hannah was hardly listening to what he was saying, so embarrassed she felt for having her both breast exposed like that before him. She tried to take her boob away from Tommy but he grabbed it again, so the only result was that the doctor got to see her nipple with a streak of milk coming out of it, before the boy’s mouth found its way back. “So, do you want me to do the procedure now, or would you feel more comfortable scheduling another day?” He was bluntly starring at her and he was enjoying every minute of her discomfort.

“N…n…now. You can do it now…I should…” as she began to get up, he came closer and put his hand on her shoulders, forcing her back down before she could really get off the chair.

“Don’t worry, Mrs. Trent” he said looking deeply in her eyes, his throbbing erection only inches from her face. “You can comfortably stay here and keep breastfeeding your children. It is a beautiful thing and not many woman do it nowadays. I’m sure Tommy will grow up to be a strong man.” He stroked Tommy’s hair, pushing him slowly forward into his mother’s breast. In his mind he was really pulling his cock out and shoving it into Hannah’s mouth and fucking her throat senseless, then sharing his cock with both her kids until he came all over their three faces.

“Well, I have sent for your husband as well, he should here any minute and he will be with me in my office to oversee the procedure while you take care of the kids out here”. He didn’t stall any longer. He left her there and closed the door behind him, giving it one last look so he could imprint that scene in his mind.


The Procedure

Taking a little girl’s hymen required a tool only man had. But the opportunities to do this with a mother’s consent was rare, to say the least. He was careful to instruct his assistant he was not to be interrupted and that when the girl’s father arrived, he was to come right in.

There was not a minute to waste. He came into his office to find Suzy still with her legs up, and he just told her he would prepare her for the procedure that would make her cunny feel a whole lot better. He immediately started licking her pussy lips, first outwardly and then running his tongue through the inside of her folds. It was such a small juicy pussy…He could not resist, but better yet, he didn’t have to resist. He could simply sink his tongue all the way up her torn hymen, which he did, savoring her child juices with all his might.

Ah, this was heaven! However, his cock could not wait any longer, or he would spill his sacred seed on his trousers instead of the perfect pussy in front of him. For the first time since he came in he really paid attention to her. When he stood up, he could see she was panting and all flushed. He sunk a finger up her pussy and asked her if it felt good. The girl simply moaned and nodded.

“Now darling, I am going to make a procedure to take away your hymen, that lil skin you broke the other day and bled. This may hurt a little, but it is necessary. Will you be a brave girl for then Doctor?” he said those words intensilly penetrating her vagina with his fingers, opening and preparing it for his cock.

“y…y…yes, Doctor”

He did not need any more incentive. He positioned his cock at the entrance of her vagina and pressed. OOOhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh it felts good. He did not even play with it, because his arousal was so great, he knew he was minutes away from cumming violently. He pressed harder and watched as the head of his cock just made it past her entrance. She whimpered and her eyes teared up, but it was too late now. Nothing could stop him. Besides, he knew that with a lil time and patience, a horny girl like her would come to enjoy it. It must be done. So he pushed himself harder.

Ah, the moment of penetration can hardly be described. Only the lucky few who have had the chance of deflowering a 5yo girl can know exactly how it feels to have their cock enveloped by the warm fold of her tight warm pussy. She let out a muffled scream, but the power of her pussy on his cock would not subside. He pumped in and out only a few times, just the first two inches of his cock, but it was enough. He exploded inside her with more cum that he ever knew he had.

It took him a minute to catch his breath and remove his cock. When he did he finally realized the the girl’s father was standing at the door, paralyzed.