Feature Writer: Anna Laura
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Title: Sex School
Story Codes: Young, Sadism, NC, Rape, Snuff, Corruption, Incest

Synopsis: A very special school where young boys and girls can explore their sociopathic perverted desire without limits /

Sex School – Chapter One

Jane was perfectly on time for her class. It was the first day of a new course on sex education, and she was excited that her hard work in the previous months in organising the course had now been completed. She smiled, opened the door of the class and entered.

The sunlit, airy room was more like a seminar room than a conventional classroom: small tables and comfortable chairs, a white board and a screen for computer projections. Her new students were sitting there already, with their parents: four teen girls and four teen boys, accompanied by their moms and dads. Jane smiled, closed the door and addressed her audience.

“Good morning, and many thanks for being su punctual. This is the first day of an intensive one-week course, which I hope will be both instructive and enjoyable for you. I have met all of you, parents and children, during the admission interviews, and I am delighted to see you all here. I have invited parents to this preliminary session to make sure that we are all on the same page, so to speak, and that you all agree with the aims of this course.”

Jane smiled, and leaned against the edge of one of the small tables. She was wearing high heels and an elegant gray business suit on a white blouse, and had her blonde hair collected in a neat ponytail that made her look a few years younger than her real age (early thirties).

“There is no need for me to tell you that this course is only possible in a liberated, sexually relaxed environment like the one where we live. All of you young people are sexually active and uninhibited, thanks to the free, enlightened education that you received in your families, and thanks to the tolerant environment in our schools and social circles. As you know, however, the same enlightened attitude is not shared outside what I should call the elite of our society – the ever expanding underclass is much more backward, and we must be careful in what we say and do in the world at large. We can be very liberated sexually, but not too much outside the boundaries of our social circles – as I am sure you all understand.”

Jane stood, and looked smiling at the youngsters and their parents, most
of whom were smiling back.

“Now, I will continue my introduction for another half an hour or so, and I will be delighted to answer any questions that you all may have. After that, students’ parents will leave and we will start our course.”

Jane brought a hand to the neck of her blouse.

“Now, since we are going to talk about sex and to be very liberated about
it, I will take all my clothes off, and I invite all of you to do likewise.”

She took her jacket off and started to unbutton her blouse, in a nonchalant way; she was wearing no bra. She placed her blouse neatly on the back of a chair, then undid her skirt and stepped out of it, remaining completely naked in her high-heel shoes. Her figure was fit and she had small, pert breasts, and a firm ass; her pussy was compact and completely shaved. She was wearing a waist chain with a small cross, and a navel jewel.

Boys, girls and their parents were also taking their clothing off, with no hesitation and no fuss; they were clearly used to showing their bodies and had no problems with public nudity. Soon they were all nude, and sitting back in their chairs. Many of the men and boys sported erections, and clearly everyone thought it perfectly natural.

Jane continued.

“The purpose of this course is to help you explore your sexuality beyond what you have experienced already, and to help you explore your limits. You all have tried sex, often with your parents; some of the girls have got pregnant and have had abortions; you have all tried group sex. However, this course is about what society would call the dark side of your sexuality, which can be very rewarding and very exciting. I am referring to sex that your parents are already experiencing and enjoying, and that they would like you to be initiated to: non-consensual sex, and all that goes with it.”

Some boys and girls looked at each other and smiled. The erections of some of the men and boys became noticeably bigger, and some women and girls touched themselves. Jane felt her nipples hardening and smiled again.

“I see that you have talked about this already, as I had suggested in our pre selection meetings. Good. Non-consensual sex is illegal, as you all know, but it is widely tolerated in elite circles, provided – and this is important – that it is members of the underclass that are taken and used against their will. The government in theory protects their rights, but in practice… as I am sure you know, the expansion of the underclass IS a big social and political problem, and the government doesn’t much mind what happens to them, of course if things are done not too openly.”

“From your point of view,” Jane continued, “what matters is the development of your sexuality. You should be able to explore all fields of pleasure, including those that are in theory forbidden; in my view, and I am sure that you will all agree, there should be no limit to the expression of our sexuality – what matters is to find out what turns us on and what gives us pleasure, and then to find ways to enjoy it. It will be my task and my pleasure to guide you all in this voyage of discovery.”

Jane touched lightly her right breast.

“Now I have already talked too much and I will stop and take your questions.”

There were a few seconds of silence, then a brunette in her late thirties raised her hand. She was very attractive, with elegant, pert breasts, green eyes and long, shapely legs.

“Can you tell us a bit more about the exploration bit – can you tell us how much of what our children will learn in this course will be directed by you, and how much will be their choice, self-discovery so to speak?”

“It is a very good question.”

Jane smiled at the woman, who smiled back.

“I will give your children, from my experience and from what I know about adult lifestyle in our circles, the opportunity to experience and try for themselves some aspects of forbidden sex; the whole purpose will be for them to find out what turns them on and what doesn’t. They will be never obliged by me, or even exhorted, to do anything that they find less than sexually pleasurable.”

She crossed her legs.

“The point for them is to find out more aspects of sex to enjoy – but also to find the limits of what they do NOT enjoy, so that in future they will know how far to go, what to do and what not to do. We all learn by trial and error and your children are no exception; this course gives them the opportunity to experiment in a safe environment.”

“Thank you.”

The brunette smiled at Jane, took from her handbag a small beauty case and looked critically at her makeup.

One of the men raised his hand.

“Can you tell us a bit more precisely how far will the experimentation go?”


Jane had already talked about this with all parents, but it was good to re-state everything clearly – especially with the kids present.

“The answer is, as far as your children will want it to go. It will be safe to do anything they want and that excites them. As I said earlier, we will experiment on members of the underclass; as you may know, many youngsters are abandoned and orphanages are happy to… release them to elite people without keeping records and without asking questions. Since we should be completely open here, I am happy to confirm that all the people we will experiment with will be safely disposed of… snuffed, if you prefer. Snuff will not just be a safety feature though: it will be a key part of the forbidden sexuality that we are going to explore.”

A young teenage girl, aged maybe thirteen, raised her hand.

“Will you do the snuffing, or will we?”

“It is entirely up to you if you want to participate in snuff. If you find it arousing, you will be welcome to do it, but you don’t have to. You have to understand, though, that for reasons of safety it is better that the victims of non-consensual sex should be snuffed: it is illegal, and better if there are no witnesses.”

Jane laughed.

“It sounds strange, doesn’t it, my telling you again and again that you will do only what you are willing to do, while we are talking about non-consensual sex. But my point is, the tolerance that elite people like us enjoy depends critically on our solidarity with each other. To those outside our circle we owe nothing and we can use them as we like; but we stand together, and to enjoy life to the full, we need each other. This is why mutual respect is so important.”

Another woman raised her hand.

“Can you reassure me that the course will cover aspects of sadism? My husband and I enjoy extreme sex of a sadistic nature, on non-consenting people, and we both would expect our daughter to be introduced to these aspects.”

She looked at a beautiful brunette girl and smiled at her.

“Non-consensual sex and snuff are fine, of course, but we would really like if their sadistic sides could be explored too.”

“Certainly! I agree with you entirely, and I can assure you that sadistic sex will be explored. If your daughter enjoys it, she will have opportunities to experiment.”

Jane felt her nipples harden.

“I enjoy to indulge my sadistic streak from time to time, and I can tell you, I am never very worried about snuffing the people I use in a humane way.”

At this, several of her listeners laughed.

The brunette who had asked the first question raised her hand again.

“Can you confirm that our young boys and girls will explore sex with very young children, including babies? Provided they are happy to explore it, of course.” She added with a smile.

“Yes, of course.”

Jane was glad that someone had asked that question.

“In traditional society, there is a strong taboo against sex with very young children. We are far too liberated to bother about such antiquated ideas, of course, but it is still thrilling to break such a taboo for kicks. About babies – well, of course, abortion and infanticide are a very powerful way for a woman to affirm her sexuality over her traditional role as a mother. In my view, a truly liberated woman should have no qualms about abortions, including very late abortions, or indeed about snuffing her babies for any reason however trivial.”

Some of the women present nodded – Jane knew that some of them had done it, as she herself had.

A man asked, “Can you tell us more about the… psychological aspects of non-consensual and extreme sex? What happens if, for example, one or more of our children feel sorry for the people they are supposed to use sexually?”

“They will not be obliged to abuse anyone they feel sorry for.”

Jane was firm.

“However, that person WILL be abused by any of the kids who want to enjoy her, or him, and will then be snuffed. I don’t think it will happen, but you can never know.”

Jane paused for a few seconds, then added thoughtfully: “You see, roughly speaking, there are three kinds of reaction to abusing a helpless victims. Some of us are totally indifferent emotionally, concentrate only on our lust and pleasure, feel no pity during the act, no remorse afterwards. Traditional people would call those of us who are like that sociopaths. Other people ARE able to put themselves in the shoes of the victim, to empathize with the victim – they feel emotionally the victims suffering, and it turns them on; these people are the true sadists, who get an additional kick from the suffering of their victims.”

Some of the men and women in the audience looked at each others and smiled.

Jane continued.

“A third group also feel the suffering of their victims and feel genuinely, sincerely sorry for them – but their lust, their sexuality are so strong that their empathy doesn’t prevent them from enjoying sexually what they are doing.”

Jane caressed her breasts lightly.

“I will give you an example. A woman I know is like that. I have seen her pin down a young girl who was being raped by a man. She was sitting on the girl’s face with her pussy, adjusting her position to enhance her pleasure – and she was crying, really crying with tears in her eyes, and sobbing that she was sorry – but she had this most intense orgasm, and pushed down on the girl so hard that she killed her. When she saw what she had done she was all in tears, but she let that man have sex with her and had another orgasm. I really like her… she is very humane and compassionate, she is emotionally rich, but also very liberated and appreciates her sexual pleasures too much to let her sense of pity interfere with her sexuality.”

There were a few seconds of silence. A blonde girl aged about fourteen raised her hand.

“Can you tell us a bit more about yourself and your experiences?”

“Yes, of course. My parents are a very liberated couple, just like your parents; they explored their sexuality very widely, and I indulged in incest with them and with my brother. They let me plenty of freedom and I had sex with boys and girls; my first pregnancy was at thirteen, and I had an abortion.”

Jane smiled and touched her breasts.

“At fourteen my brother and I went on holiday to the Philippines with our parents and we had our first experience of non-consensual sex with a local girl that we picked up in the street.”

Jane giggled.

“It was very naughty of us because it was unplanned… but she looked so pretty and innocent, we really had to have her.”

At this, one of the women whispered something in the ear of the man next to her, who winked at her.

“My parents were not too thrilled that we had taken the risk to pick up a girl like that, but we enjoyed her together… then my mother killed her and after dusk she and dad disposed of her body.”

Jane felt her pussy getting wet.

“After that, I indulged in many extreme experiences, including sadistic ones. I had a few more pregnancies and abortions, and I experienced the thrill of killing my own baby.”

A tall, elegant blonde in high heeled sandals raised her hand.

“Can you tell us more about the gender aspect of this course? Non-consensual sex is normally associated, in the popular mind, with the rape of a female by a male. I have a daughter,” and she smiled at a beautiful blonde girl sitting next to her, “and I really want her to enjoy non-consensual sex in her own right and to the full, not just as a helper to a man.”

“I am glad you have raised this issue,” replied Jane. “You are right, in the popular mind it is the man who rapes and the woman, if there is one participating, is merely an accessory. This is a cultural and psychological barrier that my course is designed to break. Your daughter will learn how to rape and abuse females and males on her own, with other women and in mixed groups. There are many ways in which a woman can rape a man, as you know.”

Jane smiled, and the woman smiled back.

“Viagra can be used to keep a man erect against his will, while a woman uses him for her pleasure. As far as women are concerned, your daughter will learn how to emotionally manipulate a girl into giving her oral pleasure, and how to masturbate herself on a woman’s face… and more. Please don’t worry – I indulge myself in group rapes with my girlfriends, and none of us are shrinking violets in need of men to help us!”

The woman laughed and replied, “Neither am I.”

Jane looked at her wristwatch.

“Well, if you have no further questions, I suggest that we start. Your parents will pick you up at five this afternoon. This morning we’ll talk a bit more to get to know each other and to share experiences. We will then have lunch, and after that we will play with two lovely girls.”

Men, women and children stood up. The adults picked up their clothes and dressed again, said goodbye to their kids and to Jane and left. Jane and the kids sat again together.

“Now,” Jane said “I would like to ask you all a bit about yourselves – your experiences, what you like and dislike, what you expect from this course.”

The teens looked at each other. The girl who had asked about snuff stood up and smiled at Jane.

“My name is Natasha. I have started sex play when I was very young… actually, my mom told me that she and dad played with me sexually since my birth.”

Some of the other kids laughed, and a boy said: “I think all our parents did! Mom told me the same… she and dad used to fuck while she was breastfeeding me.”

Jane laughed too.

“I did the same with my husband, and we molested our daughters together. It was fun… I shouldn’t say ‘molested’ actually, they liked it!”

“It is good for kids, it removed our inhibitions,” intervened a lovely, lithe brunette.

“When I have kids, I will have sex with them from day one!”

“Anyway,” Natasha continued, “I am pretty au fait with consensual sex, but I know that mom and dad, and their adult friends, enjoy extreme sex when they go on vacation to places like the Philippines and Eastern Europe, and I want to join them. They love it and it sounds cool – mom told me some of the things they do and it always gets me turned on.”

“Do they do snuff?” Asked one of the young boys. His cock was very erect and he was caressing it openly.

“Yes!” said the girl. “They do as I think most people do, not just to be on the safe side but also because they enjoy it. Mom gets rather sadistic and drives daddy wild.” She giggled.

“Men like to see women being cruel,” said Jane. “It is something outside the old societal norms and they love it. When my husband and I enjoy a girl together, he goes wild if I get really cruel to her… and I love to tease him that way.”

“Do you enjoy torturing her, or is it just to tease your husband?” Asked one of the boys. “By the way,” he continued, “I am John, and I have taken part in some sadistic experiences with my parents, but just watching them.”

“Nice to meet you, John.” Jane smiled. “Yes, I don’t do it just to tease my husband – I enjoy being cruel, it gives me a kick and makes anything sexual that I do more intense. However, I only have orgasm if I have some sexual contact with my victim… just hurting and torturing her, or him, isn’t enough.”

A young brunette laughed and lightly touched John’s erect cock, saying: “I can’t wait to do it with you!”

Jane joined the general laughter, then said: “By the way – we will always be nude throughout the course. Please feel free to touch yourselves and to masturbate, even to orgasm, any time you like. However, whatever you do sexually I would like you to do it while watching or taking part in the class activity, without being distracted.”

One of the girls asked: “Can you give us an outline of what we will do during the week?”

“Sure!” Replied Jane. “But I would like to do it while we are having lunch. it is noon already and I would like to start our class at 2.00 PM.”

She turned and opened the door, and showed the way to a large room, well lit, where a few tables with hot and cold snacks had been laid out. She let her charges take places and choose their food, and grabbed a thin, hot baguette.

“This afternoon we will have one girl – I am sorry, I had said two but it was a mistake. We will take turns raping her, and I will give you a few pointers – it will really be an introduction to non-consensual sex: a gang rape, with no big frills. Tomorrow we will explore techniques for boys and girls: in the morning you will work in pairs, each pair using a girl. In the afternoon, gender-based group activities: the boys will rape a girl and a boy, and the girls a girl and the boy. On Wednesday we will explore sadism and torture and we will look at different ways of being cruel to your victims while enjoying yourselves as much as possible.”

Jane took a bite from her baguette, and after a few seconds continued.

“On Thursday we will look at emotional aspects and manipulation: in the morning we’ll have a mother-daughter pair, and in the afternoon two sisters. Finally, on Friday we will have a few very young children in the morning, and in the afternoon,” Jane smiled, “you will again work in boy-girl pairs and will play dad and mom, so to speak: each couple will have a baby to be snuffed, and you will look at ways to do it in a sensual and enjoyable way.”

“No day dedicated specifically to snuff?” Asked one of the girls.

“No,” replied Jane. “But every day we will kill our victims once we are finished with them. Before the end of the course, each one of you will have killed two of them, and we will explore different ways of doing it. Don’t worry, you will have the opportunity to experiment.”

Jane looked at the wall clock.

“Now, let’s chat a bit more over coffee and maybe have a smoke – by the way, I have some mild cannabis cigarettes for those of you who use drugs. Later on, we will go and start today’s class.”

Sex School – Chapter Two

They were standing before the door of a different room. Jane was outlining the day’s activity.

“We have a girl about your age – fourteen or so. Very pretty. She was abandoned and I picked her up from the orphanage. She is not tied up or restricted in any way, and she is dressed. It will be up to you to strip her completely and to restrain her so that you can take turn using her. Be careful, she will fight back. I want all of you, boys and girls, to have at least one orgasm each with her. I assume that the boys will simply rape her in her pussy and/or her mouth; the girls will probably have to rub their pussies on her face, because I doubt that she will be prepared to give you oral. However, you can use double dildos and rape her like the boys do. Fell free to hurt her, but make her last until everyone has enjoyed her. After that, we will have a short break and then we’ll kill her, again taking turns to try different ways. Is everything clear?”

“Yes!” Natasha answered for all. “Can we go in?”

“Just one moment, I was forgetting something. I would like you to try and use her while she is gagged, and while she is free to scream or plead. Both can be very exciting and are worth trying. Don’t worry about people hearing, the walls are thick and this villa is in a big garden.”

With this, she opened the door and they all entered.

The girl was beautiful, with a slim, athletic figure, dark brown eyes and long, blond hair. She was dressed in jeans and a sweater. She opened her eyes wide at the sight of the naked boys and girls, and of the woman whom she thought would adopt her, also naked. She stood up, with fear in her eyes, and looked here and there for another door.

John and another boy approached her and grabbed her firmly by her arms. Natasha stood in front of her, smiled and said, “Hi!”.

“Better gag her at first,” advised Jane, who was standing aside. “Here,
use this,” and she threw a cloth.

Natasha took it and pushed it tentatively against the girl’s mouth. The girl screamed and tried to kick her. Natasha jumped back.

“Two of you should hold her legs” advised Jane.

“Natasha, you don’t want her to bite you – used something hard to force her mouth open. Try this,” and Jane proffered a metal dildo.

Two of the girls moved to the sides of the youngster, knelt and took a firm hold on her legs. Natasha placed a hand at the back of the girl’s head. The girl screamed again. Natasha pushed carefully the dildo through her lips, following it with the cloth. She withdrew the dildo and the girl emitted muffled sounds, her eyes filling with tears. Natasha laughed delightedly.


“Now you have to get her naked.”

Natasha laughed excitedly and pulled up the hem of the girl’s sweater. She pulled it up on one side and slid one of the girl’s arms free, with the help of the boy holding it; she then did the same with the other arm. The girl had just a bra underneath, and Natasha unclasped it and threw it aside. The girl kept struggling and crying; they all could admire her young, pert breasts.

“Now the rest,” said Natasha, knelt and pull off the girl’s shoes and socks.

She then undid the belt of the girl’s jeans and started to pull them down her legs, together with her white cotton panties. The two girls holding her legs helped Natasha pull the jeans off, and the girl was naked. Some of the boys and girls applauded.

“Well done,” said Jane. “But remember, when you don’t have enough help, for example if there are only two of you, it is easier to tie the girl and just cut her clothes away with a pair of scissors.”

Jane smiled.

“Without cutting her skin of course, unless that’s part of the game!”

Some of the girls giggled.

“Now you can rape her” said Jane.

“I will start,” said a tall, good looking boy.

He looked at Natasha, then at Jane.

“Can Natasha help me? I would like her to have a close look at what I do to the girl.”

“Sure!” Said Jane. “I suggest that you place her on that table.”

She gestured towards a solid wooden table in the middle of the room, “and pin her there, taking turns. Let’s get round the table and watch.”

The two boys dragged the struggling girl to the table and laid her on it, with the two girls still holding her legs. The boy who had volunteered to start stood in front of the table and said to the girls: “Pull her towards me, I want her pussy to be just over the edge so that I can fuck her standing. Let her legs go, it will be more fun to watch her struggle.”

The two girls let go and the boy placed his hands on the girl’s thighs. She tried to kick and struggle, but to no avail. He placed the tip of his cock on her slit and laughed. “

Ready… steady… go!” He said, and started to push into her.

Natasha was standing next to the girl and was playing with her nipples; everyone else was watching.

“She is no virgin, but she’s tight.” Said the boy.

He was all the way inside the girl, and started to fuck her in long strokes. He looked at Natasha.

“Care to hurt her some? Mom says she always does it, she says men like the feel on their cocks.”

Natasha laughed.

“Yes, I’ll do something… Jane, can I beat her with the belt of her jeans?”

“Sure! But be careful not to overdo it… remember, others want to have their fun with her, and you don’t want to damage her too much yet. Your friends will want her still looking pretty and lively for their pleasure. In a gang rape, you must be considerate… not of the victim of course!”

Everyone laughed.

Natasha picked up the belt, smiled and said, ”Don’t worry Jane, I can be considerate if I wish. Not to her though…”

She raised her arm, took careful aim and lashed the girl’s breasts. The girl shook and let out a muffled scream. The boy laughed.

“Jesus, it’s gripping me, keep going!”

Natasha hit the girl again and again. The boy cried “fuck” and came. 
He waited a few seconds, then withdrew. The other boys and girls applauded him and Natasha. Jane hugged them both.

“Well done! Did you enjoy it?”

“Fuck, yes!” Replied the boy.

Natasha added: “I loved it, I didn’t have an orgasm but that’s for later…”

“Want to try now? Remember, you have to rape her as part of the course!”

Jane winked.

Natasha thought about that for a few seconds, then said: “Why not? I would like to sit on her face.”

“Then do it,” said Jane. “This is all about finding out what you like.”

“OK then, I will.” Natasha climbed on the table and positioned herself
on the girl’s face. “Jane, how is it done? Rubbing my pussy on her face?”

“Yes, but be careful to let her breathe… not time to get rid of her yet!”

“No problem.”

Natasha sat down carefully, adjusting herself. She changed position slightly, then said: “Here I go…” then, looking at one of the other boys, added: “Would you like to do her at the same time? It would be fun.”

Jane knew that the boy, called Marek, was her brother.

The boy walked between the girl’s legs.

“Sure!” he said. “Let’s play couple.”

Natasha giggled. Without ceremonies, the boy plunged his cock into the girl. She shook and struggled. Natasha laughed.

“Whoa! This is so hot, fuck her hard.”

The boy didn’t need encouragement, and fucked the girl hard and fast, breathing heavily.

He looked at Natasha and said, in a tense voice, “Cut her nipples with your nails… hurt her.”

“Yes…” moaned Natasha, and started to circle the girl’s nipples with her long nails.

The girl struggled wildly. The girls and the boys around the table were watching eagerly, making out or masturbating. Jane was about to caution Natasha not to ruin the girl’s nipples yet, but decided not to spoil the fun and remained silent, caressing her breasts. After perhaps two minutes, Natasha screamed and orgasmed, and her brother pushed wildly, shouted and came too.

Natasha was trembling and sweaty, with a wild look in her eyes. She grabbed the shoulders of her brother, who was still inside the girl, pulled him against her body and kissed him feverishly. They made out for a few minutes, then separated and stepped away. There was a round of applause.


About one hour later, the entire group was sitting in class. The boys and girls had freshened themselves and were sipping some wine provided by Jane, who was asking and answering questions.

“So, how did it compare with having sex with your girlfriend, or any consenting partner?”

“More intense in a way,” replied the boy called Paul.

“With Carly, she knows how to drive me wild and it is very hot, but with this one it was the thought that I was raping her that made it special. And watching Carly pierce her nipples with a needle just got me totally crazy.”

“Was it watching Carly, or was it the girl’s struggling and the way the pain was making her move and contract on your cock that was making it hot?”

“Watching Carly was unbelievable. The girl’s pussy contracted all right and gave me pleasure, but Carly is even better with her pussy.”

Everyone laughed and Carly, who was sitting next to Paul, playfully teased his cock.

She intervened, “I was soaking, even if I wasn’t touching her with my pussy. It was the thought of being so cruel to her just for fun that was turning me on.”

“Did you feel any compassion for her?” Asked another girl, Marcia.

Carly thought about it.

“Not really. I was trying to imagine how she must feel, frightened and in pain, but I couldn’t… it just didn’t register. I must be a sociopath!”

She winked at Jane.

Jane smiled and said: “I am the same. I never felt any compassion, or any regret afterwards. To me it’s just exciting, but I do need to have sexual contact to really enjoy myself.” She looked at the other boys and girls. “Has any of you felt any compassion for her? Please don’t be shy, it isn’t something to be ashamed of and it may make your sex more intense.”

“I did.” The brunette was called Rebecca and she was John’s girlfriend.

“I tried to imagine her emotions and I could feel it, I sort of….” She
looked at Jane as if asking for words, ”looked at me, at what I was doing to her, from her point of view, and I saw myself…”

“How did you see yourself?” Jane was interested – that was an unusual remark.

“I saw this girl raping and torturing me, so beautiful, liberated and self assured, so free from any scruples… she looked like a goddess!”

Rebecca looked at the others.

“And I FELT like a goddess… I have never felt so grown up, so liberated, so sexual, so totally alive!” She looked at Jane. “Can I have the first stab at killing her? I really want to do it! And imagine how she must feel… God if I think of it I feel weak in my legs.”

“Sure!” Jane replied. “Tell me – how do you want to do it?”

“With my pussy, but facing towards her, looking down into her eyes as I snuff her. I want her to know what I am doing and to know that I love it. And I want John to rape her while I snuff her… and anyone else to torture her, I want her to be in total pain… pierce, burn, anything.” She looked at Jane. “Can I do it that way?”

Jane looked into Rebecca’s eyes, light blue, icy but with a glint in them…. she felt a frisson of excitement.

“Yes, you can.”

Rebecca’s eyes sparkled.

Jane looked at the boys and girls.

“Do you have any comments, any questions, before we go back?”

“Yes!” The boy was called Robert, Jane remembered.

“Can you tell us your thoughts about extreme sex, whether it becomes addictive… more in general, how do you feel about its place in your life?”

Jane thought for a few seconds.

“Addictive? I am not sure it is. When I started, it felt addictive in the sense that every time I broke a taboo I wanted to break more. Having tried rape, I wanted to try snuff, and torture, and young kids. I think it was not so much an addiction but a desire to test my limits, to find out how far I was willing to go. I think that you will feel in the same way… to try and experiment. Addiction would mean being incapable to stop, and I honestly think I could stop if I wanted, I just don’t see why I should.”

She paused, collecting her thoughts.

“In my life now, extreme sex is more than anything else part of my social life. In my circle, men and women do it as a matter of course, it no longer feels taboo or particularly transgressive. I do it because I still enjoy it, it is more varied than consensual sex, and my friends all do it to varying degrees, we talk about it and share experiences and do it together. I still get a kick out of it even if in our circles extreme sex is more mainstream than taboo.”

“Have you found your limits? What are they?” Asked Rebecca.

This question was easier to answer.

“Morally and emotionally, none. I have no qualms about abusing, torturing and killing anyone if I like the thought of it. I have never felt any hint of sense of guilt or of regret. In practical terms, my limits are the obvious ones – to get away with what I like doing. If I see an attractive girl in the street, it would be fun to rape her there and then, but of course I don’t do it. Sexually, there are a few things that don’t turn me on: I am not into anal, either giving or receiving, and in generally water games – pee, saliva – don’t do much for me. And as far as sadism is concerned, I like engaging in torture, but I am fastidious and I don’t like it too messy: a lot of blood and gore turn me off. And to enjoy torture sexually, I need sexual contact with the victim, or with one of my friends.”

“What is the most cruel thing that you ever did?” Asked Marcia.

“I am not sure.” Jane thought about it. “Perhaps… have any of your parents told you about hunting in the Amazon?”

A few of the boys and girls nodded.

“Well, then you know. We have friends there and some of us have investments in mining and other industry in Latin America, and getting villages cleared for development is useful and good fun.”

Jane smiled.

“So, sometimes a bunch of us, men and women, go there on vacation and clear a village. We shoot the old and unattractive out of hand, rape and maybe torture the attractive ones, then burn the place down. Once a group of us women found a teen girl who somehow had managed to hide, and we had already started to burn huts and all… so we were a bit in a hurry.”

Jane felt her nipples harden, her pussy getting wet.

“We threw her in a burning hut, and we surrounded it on all sides… she tried to flee but we kept catching her and throwing her back into the flames, until the hut collapsed on her and she just crawled out… so I took a burning piece of wood and rammed it into her pussy.”

Some of the boys and girls gasped.

“We just stood around her, but she was still moving, so we beat her to death with burning branches.” Jane touched her nipples. “It was totally hot.”

Rebecca’s eyes sparkled. “Let’s go back. I am all hot… I can’t wait to kill her.”


“I am doing this just for fun.” Rebecca was talking in a tense, husky
voice, sitting with her pussy carefully placed on the girl’s mouth and
nose, moving slowly and pushing down hard to stop the girl from breathing. She was looking down into the girl’s eyes, smiling.

“My boyfriend is raping you and my friends are torturing you…. burning your nipples so that you thrash around and give me more pleasure.” Rebecca’s voice was tense and excited.

“I am close to orgasm and that’s when I want to kill you, and I want you to feel as much pain as possible…

Jane saw the girl’s eyes glaze over.

One of the girls giggled and said, “She is peeing herself.”

Rebecca screamed and orgasmed… the girl’s body slumped.


The boys and girls were dressing while Jane was talking with their parents.

“Everything went fine. None of the kids showed any qualms about raping, torturing and killing that girl. Rebecca was the only one to say that she empathised with the girl, that she could see herself through her eyes… and she was totally excited by it. She was very cruel to her.”

Jane smiled at the girl’s mother.

“Very cruel, very sexual, very self-confident… you have brought up a very hot young lady.”

The woman smiled.

“Yes… she is a hottie. My husband and I engaged in sex with her since her birth, and we involved her gradually in our sex life with our friends. After this course, she will join us fully. Did she manage to kill that girl, or did she need help?”

“I gave her some pointers beforehand. As you know, snuffing a girl with one’s pussy isn’t easy if she is struggling and if one is concentrating on her own orgasm. But she did well, very well… her first snuff is one that she will remember. I am sure she will love joining you adults in your games.”

Jane stood up.

“Do you have any more questions?”

“Just one,” said one of the moms. “My daughter has been having casual, unprotected sex with her boyfriend, her father, her brother and others. She is two months pregnant, and we would like her to go abroad, give birth and kill her baby, as I have done myself a couple of times and as you have done, too.”

Jane smiled and nodded in agreement.

“Is she going to try something like that in this course?”

“Yes!” Replied Jane.

“On Friday she and her boyfriend will be given a newborn girl from the orphanage and will be given the opportunity to abuse and kill her. I am sure it will be a very exciting sexual experience for her, as it has been for me, and for you.”

The woman smiled in agreement and stood up, imitated by the others. One of the dads opened the door and they all started to leave.

Sex School – Chapter Three

Marcia was riding the boy’s cock eagerly, while Rebecca was riding his mouth and nose with her smooth-shaven pussy. The two girls were moaning and playing with each other’s nipples as they were nearing climax. Jane, watching them with Natasha and Carly, was masturbating and nearing her own climax too. It was Tuesday afternoon and everything was going well.

The boy had been given a strong dose of Viagra in late morning. He was fifteen or sixteen and very good looking, with a nice, big circumcised cock. The girls had tied him solidly to the table – he was muscular and if allowed to fight back might have done some real damage. Rebecca, Carly and Natasha had raped him already, impaling themselves on his engorged cock. Viagra had not disappointed. On Jane’s advice, the girls had teased the boy to a solid erection and then had experimented with hurting and torturing him – not too hard, they wanted him to look good for them to fuck – and his erection had been very resilient.

Now he was approaching his fourth ejaculation, inside Marcia’s pussy and womb. The boy had been checked for STD and the girls had been happy to enjoy him with no protection whatsoever, as was the norm in their circle. Any unplanned pregnancy would result in an abortion, as usual.

Marcia and Rebecca started to French kiss, while pushing hard on the boy. They came loudly. It was time for a break, to be followed by the snuff of the boy, and of the girl that had also been raped earlier in the day.

Boys and girls sat together with Jane, sipping some wine and smoking, having refreshed themselves after the sexual activities of the day. Jane was happy. She had enjoyed some very hot masturbation watching the boys and girls, and the day’s activities had gone smoothly as planned. She had followed more closely the girls than the boys, mainly because the boys had found their way more readily; for them, in the end, “rape” meant fucking – pussies, mouths, whatever was available. For girls it was different, and it had been thrilling to see how creative they had been with their victims. Jane couldn’t wait to let them loose on a mom and her daughter, and on two sisters.

“OK, all.”

Jane raised her voice above the excited chatter.

“I would like to talk a bit about what we have been doing today. Give you my views, hear from you how you enjoyed your experiences.”

She paused for a few seconds.

“Boys first. I think that you have done very well both in subduing your victims and in enjoying them. From what I saw there were no problems, either practical or emotional. What are your own impressions?”

“It was fun” said Marek. The other boys nodded in agreement. “No problem in subduing them, it was hot to let them fight back a bit, they didn’t have a chance but it warmed us up. I wasn’t much into the boy but I fucked his mouth just to show him who is boss.” Boys and girls all laughed, Jane smiled.

“The girl was tight, I knew I was really hurting her and it made it more exciting for me. I fucked her mouth while John was fucking her pussy, she went crazy, I think she could hardly breathe.”

“She was really scared,” intervened Paul. “I loved it, I put my hands on her neck to make her think I would strangle her, and she went wild with fear.”

“Did you torture her at all?” Asked Jane.

“Yeah.” John’s cock was erect again. “Between fucks we beat her a bit just to keep her scared. After we had finished we went to town on her….” and he winked at the other boys.

“What did you do?” Asked Rebecca.

“We beat her hard on her pussy with my belt,” said John, “and then we smoked a couple of cigs and we stubbed them on her… since we are going to snuff her, we thought it didn’t matter.”

“True, you did right.” Jane smiled. “Where did you stub the cigarettes?”

“On her nipples and on her clit.” Marek laughed. “It was fun, it really hurt her a lot.”

“Well done” said Jane. “I am glad to see that you enjoyed it and you took the initiative to torture her. That’s what this course is about, express your sexuality, however dark your desires.”

She turned towards the girls.

“You also did very well, especially considering that in traditional culture rape is a male activity. Can you share how you felt doing it? To the girl and to the boy?”

“It felt great!” Rebecca was talking enthusiastically. “I felt so free, so sexual… it is really amazing.”

The other girls giggled and nodded.

“What did you enjoy most, raping the boy or the girl?”

“I liked both,” said Marcia. “But having a cock inside is really the best… with the girl, what I really liked was to push hard with my pussy on her face, as when we snuffed that other one yesterday. I had to be careful to let her breathe!”

“For me,” said Natasha, “the best bit was torturing her with my cigarette.” She looked at John. “We burned her nipples and her clit like you did. It felt so cruel, I loved every second.”

Carly nodded.

“Also fucking her with dildos… can we do it again when we snuff her?”

“Sure!” Said Jane. She looked at her wristwatch. “Talking about snuff… we have a boy and a girl to get rid of soon. How do you want to do them?”

Rebecca cut in, as if she wanted to preempt any other suggestion.
“Can we take them to the garden, tie them to a tree and beat them to death? We can do it all together, and besides, when they die they shit and pee themselves, they won’t foul up the house!”

The other boys and girls laughed. Jane smiled.

“You are very considerate. Yes, good idea. Let’s do it.”


The boy and the girl had their arms up, their hands tied to the branches of the same tree. Their bare feet were on the ground, their legs untied. Their bodies were accessible from all sides. They were both naked, and gagged; the garden was secluded and large, but Jane wanted them quiet. Jane walked close to the girl, looked into her frightened eyes and smiled, then looked at her body. She still looked good – a few bruises, and the burns of the cigarettes on her nipples and labia. The boy had several bruises and burns too. Jane caressed his cock, which was, amazingly, half hard.

She turned to the boys and girls and said, “Well done… and now, have fun! I will just watch.”

Rebecca had clearly taken the lead.

“I think we could start by beating their genitals… and then we could fuck them with some wood.”

“Yes!” Natasha grinned. “Let’s take turns!”

They used belts, and hit the boy’s cock and the girl’s pussy without mercy. Jane watched, caressing herself. After maybe ten minutes, Rebecca called a halt. She was sweating, her eyes were sparkling and excited, and she was breathing heavily.

“Right! How about fucking them now?”

“Let’s collect a few twigs!” laughed Marek.

All of them started to check the grass, picking up pieces of wood. When they were ready, they walked up to the boy. Marcia walked behind her and told the others.

“Hold him tight, I’ll fuck his ass.”

John and Marek grabbed the legs of the boy, and Marcia carefully aimed a dry twig at his butt hole. Natasha and Carly were watching. Marcia pushed the twig inside the boy’s ass, hard. The boy’s body convulsed in pain and he let out a muffled scream. Rebecca laughed.

“Fuck him a few times!”

Marcia obliged, fucking the boy hard and deep. After a few strokes,

Natasha said, ”Enough! Let’s do her now.”

They moved to the girl, who looked terrified and tried feverishly to avoid their hands. Two of the boys immobilized her, and Carly and Natasha took position in front of her and behind her. They smiled at each other and quickly, brutally, impaled the girl’s pussy and ass with their twigs. The girl let out an agonized scream, muffled by the gag.

Rebecca and Marcia laughed excitedly. “Fuck her hard for a bit!”

Jane was masturbating openly now. She was amazed at how quickly the boys and girls had taken to extreme sex – they were no longing asking her if they could do this or that, they were enjoying it and pushing the limit without any needs of encouragement.

Boys and girls were sweating and excited, eyes sparkling, laughing and joking. Carly and Natasha fucked the girl hard and and cruelly for a few minutes. They then stopped, leaving the twigs protruding from inside their victim.

“How about some burning, before we beat them to death?” suggested Paul.

Rebecca laughed.

“I have taken my lighter… shall I set fire to the twigs?” She looked at Jane.

At the suggestion, Jane was pushed over the edge and orgasmed violently.
She breathed heavily for a few seconds, then smiled.

“A very good idea, Rebecca. Please go ahead.”

Rebecca stood in front of the girl and slowly, cruelly twisted her burnt nipples.

“Let her legs go, I want to see her move,” she said.

She knelt, and carefully placed the lighter at the end of the twig. The wood was very dry, and the twig caught fire easily. Rebecca watched… in a few seconds the flame reached the skin of the girl, who thrashed around wildly. Natasha, Carly, Marcia and the boys laughed.

“Her back now,” said Marcia.

She took the lighter from Rebecca, knelt behind the girl and set the twig on fire. Again, the girl seemed to go crazy from the pain.

“The boy now,” suggested Natasha.

They all walked to him, and Natasha set fire to the dry wig protruding from his ass. The boy tried desperately to free himself, letting out agonized moans.

Carly said, ”Not fair! She got burned twice, he only once! This is discrimination!”

They all laughed, and Natasha said, “I hate discrimination.”

She walked calmly around the boy, knelt before him and grabbed his cock. Calmly, she lit a flame under his balls. The boy passed out.

“OK… time to kill them?” Suggested John.

The others nodded.

Jane suggested, “There are a few iron bars from an old greenhouse frame behind the corner. Care to use them?”

They took the bars, and went to the boy first. They didn’t bother to revive him – they all took turn and rained blows, one at a time, on his legs, arms and chest. His body slumped, a stream of urging flew from his damaged cock.

“Your turn now, sweetie,” said Marcia, looking at the girl.

She took a swing, and hit her leg, hard, breaking the bone. Natasha broke her other leg. Rebecca came forward, took a swing and hit her chest. They could hear bones break. The girl’s body slumped.


“I am sorry about the delay,” Jane was saying to the kids’ parents.

“They are all showering… they have beaten a boy and a girl to death and they were all sweaty, and wanted to freshen themselves.”

She smiled at the men and women sitting in front of her.

“Everything went well… I don’t even have to advise them now, they are really growing into this.”

“Any doubts, any qualms?” Asked Rebecca’s mother.

“None,” replied Jane firmly. “They are enjoying themselves, and they are completely merciless. They don’t even seem to consider their victims as human beings… they are aware of their pain only because it turns them on.”

She smiled at the woman.

“Rebecca is very sadistic and creative, she is incredible. Carly is also a sadist, I think. But the other kids are great too. You can be proud of bringing them up so liberated and sexual.”

“I think we are all proud of them. They will be able to enjoy the pleasures of life to the full, with no stupid moral hangups.”

Carly’s mom, a lovely, petite blonde, smiled.

“Tell me again, Jane… what’s the program tomorrow?”

“Tomorrow we’ll do sadism and torture,” said Jane. “We have already done some of that yesterday and today, but in a casual way; tomorrow we’ll be more systematic and we’ll look at different ways of doing it. Again, it will be on a boy and a girl.”

“I hope that Carly will take to it,” said Carly’s mom. “Next month we’ll go on a trip to the Philippines with friends… and I would love to see Carly doing something really cruel.”

“I am sure she will love it. She pierced the nipples of a girl while she was being raped, and she was totally soaked. She and Rebecca are probably sadists… I am not sure yet about the others. We’ll see.”

Jane stood up, and the men and women rose too.

Sex School – Chapter Four

“Torture,” said Jane, “has always been used, for many different reasons. Sometimes for sexual gratifications, as it is in our case; sometimes for hatred or revenge, against individuals or groups. The most frequent use has been to extract information or confessions – for example, torturing prisoners. I am not sure there is a real history of this, but openly acknowledged use of torture for sexual excitement doesn’t go very far – probably just to De Sade, two hundred or so years ago.”

“Anyway,” continued Jane, “let’s talk about torture in our case, as a form of extreme sex. It can be done in so many ways that you will have to find out by yourselves what turns you on or not, by trying different things.”

She sipped some wine from her glass.

“I do have a few pointers. First of all, find out what really turns you on. Think of Paul and Carly the other day” said Jane, smiling at the couple. “Paul said that what turned him on was watching Carly torturing the girl with a needle, more than the girl’s vagina contracting on his cock because of her pain. The pleasure and excitement was all in his mind. Carly said something similar: she wasn’t even touching herself and she had no sexual contact with the girl, but she was soaking wet because of the excitement of being cruel. I am different – I need a cock in me while I watch someone being tortured or while I torture someone, or anyway some other contact with my erogenous zones. We are all different.”

“My second pointer,” she continued, “is that it is essential to pace yourself. If you give the victim too much pain too soon, they may pass out, and have to be revived. If you do too much damage to their bodies, they may not look too sexy for you to find torturing them arousing.”

She drank more wine from her glass, and lit a cigarette.

“My advice is to start slow, give them pain without too much evident damage. Don’t go immediately for their erogenous zones: you want them to still look sexy to arouse you. Go for sensitive parts of their bodies, not too evident to the eye. If you wish to rape, do it early on, when they are still lively and looking good.”

Natasha raised her hand.

“Can you suggest anything that we can do that goes the way you suggest? Something that you do yourself?”

Jane smiled. She enjoyed telling about her sexual activities, especially the more extreme ones.

“I like to start by torturing a girl while a man rapes her. Not so much because the man will feel her vagina caress him better, but because he will get turned on by watching ME being cruel. I shift the focus of his sexuality from the girl to myself.”
Rebecca nodded in agreement.

“I like to use thin needles to pierce her nipples, earlobes, navel and maybe labia; thin needles can hurt a lot but draw little blood, so they can be used on her genitals without disfiguring her. I can use needles under her nails too, very painful.”

She paused for a few seconds, collecting her thoughts.

“Fishing hooks are good but are best left for later, they do more damage. Burning with cigarettes is hot, but at first I do it on the soles of her feet, or in her ass.”

“How about beating?” Asked Rebecca.

“I like doing with something not too hard, like a belt, at first, and normally when someone else abuses her or him sexually. I love doing it because it makes my heart race faster, my blood circulate… I feel more sexual. If you do it well, your victim will move about a lot and then person who is having sex with her, or him, will feel more pleasure… besides, will enjoy the sight of you being violent and cruel. At later stage, if I want to do real damage and get violent, I use solid stuff, wood or metal.”

Jane paused a few seconds.

“Be careful – beating someone up can be very arousing and you can lose control, which is a very sexy and exciting thing to do towards the end, when you want to kill your victim. That’s where you can do some cutting and burning too, for example on the cock of a boy.”

“You mean, cutting it off? Wow!” Marcia giggled. “That’s painful all right!”

“Well, be careful – if you cut it off, the boy will bleed to death. But you can cut off his testicles if you wish, or do some burning as Natasha did yesterday. Same with fucking them with objects – do it late, it will do much internal damage and probably kill your victim.”

“Can’t people be impaled and made to die slowly?” Asked Rebecca.

“Yes, and you can try it today if you want, but it isn’t easy. I have helped do it once, it was a very light girl and we impaled her through her asshole, but we tied her to another pole to make sure she went down slowly and suffered for some time. Some of the men raped her while she was impaled, and some of us women tortured her – burning, piercing and so on. We got bored in the end and we set her on fire.”

Jane was caressing herself.

“Actually, I think that this was the most cruel thing that I ever did – not burning that girl in the Amazon, as I said the other day.”

“Wow!” said Rebecca. “You impaled her, then burned her alive? Wow!”

“How did you felt about that?” Asked Natasha. “You didn’t have sexual contact with her… and you said you need that to really enjoy torture.”

“Yes and no,” replied Jane, teasing her clit openly. “I had sexual contact, just not with her. I was riding my husband and we were watching what our friends were doing to her. And I can tell you, we both loved it! His cock was huge inside me.”

At this, Jane moaned and came.

“That settles it then,” said Carly, her eyes sparkling mischievously.

“That’s how will do one of them today. If you have someplace where we can do it.”

“I do,” said Jane. “I have an old barn in the grounds that will be perfect for today’s activities. And we will have two boys and two girls t play with – two teens and two… a bit younger.”

She smiled.

“Much younger than we are?” asked John.

“Yes, a few years younger… under ten.”

Jane lit a cigarette.

“Many of us like to use children for extreme sex, including torture. Partly because it is still a taboo outside our circles; partly for practical reasons, because it is easy to get children from orphanages, or even to abduct them, and subduing them is easy. The drawback is that they are much more vulnerable than teenagers, and it is easy to go too far and snuff them too quickly.”

Jane exhaled some smoke.

“The same criteria apply to them as to older victims: start slow, make them suffer but build it up gradually.”

Natasha laughed.

“My parents use children a lot. They used to go abroad for the most extreme stuff, now they can do some here.”

“Most of us adults do. You will do it too on Friday. For today, it is more about helping you be gradual with torture – to learn how to pace yourself.”

She stood up.

“Ready to go?”

They all were.


Natasha and Carly were holding the girl’s arms from behind, keeping her stretched on the rough wooden table. Paul was fucking her, hard and brutally. Rebecca was hitting her breasts with a belt, trying to get her nipples at every blow. Jane and Marcia were watching and masturbating.

Paul’s voice was tense. “I am getting close. Can you do something really barbaric to her? Really cruel?”

Marcia looked at Jane.

“We are close to killing her, right? Can I do some real damage to her?”

“Yes, you can now… you have been doing her really slowly, time to let your control go and get wild.” Jane caressed herself faster. “At this stage, better let your most depraved lust take over and forget all limits.”

“Well then…” Marcia scrambled on the table, which wasn’t easy in her high heeled sandals.

She stood next to the girl’s head. Paul looked at her, nude, sweating and breathing heavily. She told Rebecca, “Stop beating her… can you burn her nipples? With your lighter, not with cigs?”

And to Paul, “Hold for a minute, OK? Don’t cum in her yet.”

“Sure!” Rebecca threw away the belt, picked up her lighter and placed the flame close to the girl’s nipple. Marcia looked at Paul, then at the girl, and placed her sandal-covered foot on her face, the heel poised on one of the girl’s eyes. She paused, then slowly pushed the heel down.

“Oh my God!” Jane gasped.

Paul almost froze, then grunted, “Oh fuck, fuck…” and pushed hard into the girl, who was wildly trying to free herself from her torment.

Marcia pulled up her foot, then stabbed the other eye. Paul was orgasming inside the girl. The other three boys had gathered around to watch. Marcia seemed possessed. She was breathing heavily, shaking in cruel excitement. She stood with one foot on the girl’s neck and started to press down. She looked at Jane.

“I will kill her this way… Rebecca, burn her pussy!”

Rebecca was wild too. She pushed the flame on the girl’s shaved labia, burning them, burning her clit.

Natasha, who was holding one of the girl’s arms, moaned, “oh fuck…”

She then placed the arm against the edge of the table. She pushed down hard. They heard the bone crack. On the other side, Carly did the same. Paul, who was standing between the girl’s legs, saw it and took hold of one of the girl’s legs and folded it back hard, breaking it at her knee. The girl moved so much that she slid sideways from the table, and rolled twice on her side.

They all stood around her; she was still alive. Marcia stood again on her neck, then shrugged.

“I don’t care. Let’s just leave her there in pain, she will probably die on her own.”

“Let’s use her as a punching bag for you girls,” proposed Marek.

He knelt and took the girl by one of her broken arms.

“I have a better proposal,” said Rebecca. “Let’s burn her alive.”

She looked at Jane.

“Is that OK? You have a bonfire place, she is gagged and she can’t flee,
broken as she is.”

Jane hesitated.

“Yes, you can do it on the bonfire… the smell will be unpleasant but it won’t last long. It is round that corner.”

“Lat’s gather some wood and leaves and start it,” said Rebecca.

They walked to the bonfire site, dragging the girl who seemed nearly unconscious. Rebecca and the boys gathered twigs and built a small bonfire. Rebecca lit it, and waited for the flames to grow. She and Marcia lifted the girl and threw her face down on the flames. She tried to scream, and succeeded in rolling sideways. She ended up close to Natasha, who laughed.

“I’ll finish her off with my pussy if one of you impales her with a branch or something.”

Carly turned away from the bonfire, looked around and picked up a cane.

“I guess this is used to support plants,” she said. She looked at Natasha. “Sit on her face, I’ll impale her.”

Natasha positioned herself carefully with her pussy over the nose and mouth of the girl, and started to push down, masturbating on their victim. Carly knelt next to the girl, and carefully pushed the sharp end of the cane inside her pussy. She looked at Natasha and laughed.

“I hope she can still feel pain!”

“Yes, she can,” replied Natasha. “She is moving against my pussy… I am close…”

The girl’s legs were moving in small jerks. Carly pushed the cane further. The girl’s body slumped, and some urine flew from her violated hole. Natasha came. There was laughter and applause from the boys and girls, who had gathered around watching. Some were making out, some were masturbating. Jane raised her voice.

“That was very erotic, for me at least. How about getting some sexual relief, have a shower and then lunch?”

They didn’t need much encouragement. Jane watched them, then the dead girl, and masturbated.


Lunch was very animated, much more than the previous days. Laughter, teasing, open sex and masturbation. Jane participated happily.

At the end of the meal, she asked: “I noticed that you are much more lively today. Is it the effect of the torture session this morning?”

“Yes, probably,” replied Natasha. “I felt more free, more… more like an animal. It was totally hot!”

The others nodded in agreement.

“It was like, barriers were falling, especially towards the end.”

Rebecca caressed her pussy.

“When we stopped worrying about doing too much damage… unbelievable!”

“It is for two reasons,” said Jane. “At first, when you go slow, the tension builds up because you are NOT giving free rein to your instincts: you try to do as little damage as possible, and to maximize the pain you are causing. At the end, when you let go, the tension is so much that you feel almost in another word. At first you have barriers… later you smash them down.”

“So that’s why we start slow,” said Marek reflectively.

“Yes!” said Jane. “You can try sometime if you wish, to go wild on a girl from the start, beating her hard, stabbing, whatever… you will see that it isn’t the same thing.”

“Besides,” said Carly, “for a real sadist, I think taking it slow means making it much more painful for the victim. You know what? I would like to spend time on my own, without being distracted, to torture a girl as slowly as I can, simply to find out what is most painful for her. Not so much to maximize my pleasure, to maximize her pain. Does it make sense?”

“But if you are a sadist, more pain for her means more pleasure for you, right?” Asked Marcia. She turned to Jane. “What do you think?”

“I have done what Carly says actually,” replied Jane. “A few years ago. I had taken part in group torture sessions, and I concentrated more on my feelings, and on the effect I was making on my friends, than on the pain of the victim. I wanted really to learn how to concentrate on pain. So, one day my husband and I picked up a young teen off the street – we were in the Philippines – and took her on a boat that we had hired. We gagged her and took her downstairs in the cabin while my husband was navigating the boat, I tied her up and I tortured her systematically…”

Jane’s nipples were hard again.

“How do you mean, systematically?” asked Rebecca.

“I mean that I tortured every bit of her body, to inflict as much pain as I could. I started from her hands and fingers: needles under the nails, then pulling her nails out, then breaking her fingers. Same with her feet. Then moving along her arms and legs, I burned her here and there with a cigarette. Then I went to town on her more interesting bits.”

Jane smiled. Everyone was listening intently.

“Of course I had let my husband fuck her first. I pierced her nipples, then I burned them with cigarettes and with my lighter. I pierced and burned her navel, then her clit and her labia. Then I cut nipples and clit off completely.”

Jane opened her legs and started to masturbate.

She continued, “I am not much into anal so I left her back alone, but I put a spiky metal dildo into her pussy to damage her inside. That drove her almost insane from the pain. After that I had a break and went up on the deck to fuck my husband. Then I did the wild bit, I beat her up really hard, I punched her between her legs, I broke her arms and legs. Then I called my husband to help me and we dragged her on the deck… there I stabbed her eyes out with my nails, I pushed a knife up her pussy to draw blood, and we threw her overboard… there are sharks in those waters.”

Jane caressed her clit and added, “Of course, she was still alive when we threw her overboard.”

Saying that, she came.

“Fuck!” Said Carly. “That was so barbaric… how did you feel while doing it, and afterwards?”

“Like a goddess… as Rebecca was saying the other day. Totally free from any constraints. I had looked for my limits, and I hadn’t found any. No sense of guilt, no compassion for that girl. I wanted her to feel as much pain as possible. If we had not been on a boat I would have burned her alive, slowly.”

She looked around.

“But of course, I had not concentrated on my pleasure, and although I felt powerful and free, the experience was not the best erotically. I really love the sexual contact while I do nasty things.”

There was a pause.

Jane said: “Anyway, I am really glad that you enjoyed this morning. Feeling those emotional and social barrier break is amazing… the feeling of freedom is intoxicating. Now… ready for the afternoon?”

“Yes!” Replied Natasha. “We have the kids now, right?”

“Right,” said Jane. “And again, you will have to start slow…”


They hadn’t been able to pace themselves with the boy: abusing his small
cock got them wild and they had beaten up too hard. Jane hoped that they
would do better with the girl.

“It is now nearly 2.30 PM, and your parents will come to fetch you all at about 5.00 PM. I think you should be able to make her last until them.”

“Do you think we can rape her, or will that kill her, small as she is?” Asked Paul.

“I suggest that you start with torture and build up the sexual tension. Rape and violence can come later. You should torture her for one hour and a half or two hours. Then, you could do her in pairs, taking turns: a boy raping her and a girl rubbing her pussy on her mouth and nose, until both have had an orgasm. You should try not to kill her by doing that – especially the girls should remember to let her breathe. After that… you will want to go wild and release all tension on her.”

“How about impaling her?” Asked Rebecca.

“You can do it but make sure that the cane or whatever you use stays put or advances very little. You could impale her in her anus, this way it will still be possible for the boys to fuck her later.”

“Do you really think we can control ourselves and keep her going that long without going too far?” Asked Marcia.

“You have too,” replied Jane. “If you are doing group sex with friends, and you have only one or two girls to use, you have to go slow… if you don’t, some of your friends wouldn’t have their fun. It is all about being considerate of others.” Jane smiled and added: “Needless to say, considerate to your friends – and cruel to your victim.”

Marcia laughed.

“OK… let’s see how long we can make her last.”


About one hour and a half later, Jane was much happier with her students. They had impaled the girl using a garden cane, and had tied her in a way that the cane would not be able to penetrate her too far; however, the end of the cane was jagged, so that any movement of the girl would give her pain. They had placed her standing, so that her body would be accessible on all sides, and had take turns torturing her, taking delight in devising crueler ways of making her move to increase her pain from the impalement.

They were all by now very nonchalant about torture, and could laugh and arouse themselves at the pain they were inflicting their victim, freely and without any hint of sympathy for her. Jane raised their voice over the banter and laughter.

“OK… you have only one hour now, and I think it is time to raise your game. You have done very well, but now I would like you all to use her sexually, in pairs, without killing her yet. In each couple, the girl will sit on the victim’s face and masturbate on her, making sure to let her breathe; the boy will fuck her, hard but not so much to kill her either, from shock or blood loss. I want all of you to have an orgasm on her. When all four couples have done it… you’ll have accumulated so much tension that you will go really wild.”

“We’ll start,” said Rebecca, and beckoned to Marek.

They untied the girl, and Marek removed the cane from her back. They placed her on the rough wooden table, Rebecca climbed on it and sat on the girl’s face. Marek stood between her legs and aimed his rock-hard cock at her slit. Everyone was watching, most boys and girls making out to release the sexual tension. Rebecca positioned herself carefully, leaned forward and kissed Marek. While they were kissing, he started to enter the girl, and she started moving back and forth, masturbating on her face.

They kept exchanging kisses, caressing each other, while increasing the tempo of their fucking and masturbating.

After a few minutes, she whispered, “I am there… can someone torture her?”

“I will,” said Carly.

She stepped forward and brought her cigarette close to the girl’s navel. Rebecca tensed, Marek grunted and both came, hard. There was laughter and some applauses. Rebecca and Marek disengaged from the girl and kissed, while Carly started to climb on the table.


Half an hour later, all couples had had their way, and the girl was still alive.

Jane smiled.

“Time to drop all limits now. I suggest to tie her to that beam in the ceiling so that her feet are on the ground and her body is available from every side… and you get wild.”

“All together, or should we hit her in turn?” Asked Natasha.

“As you like,” replied Jane.

Natasha stood in front of the girl. She stepped forward and kicked her hard with her high-heel shoe between her legs. Carly laughed excitedly, moved to the side of the girl and swung her arm back, bringing a studded leather belt with all her force on the girl’s chest. Boys and girls took their turns, raining blows on the girl.

After a few minutes, her body sagged. She was dead. Jane looked at her watch.

“That was hot, and on time. You made her last and those last few minutes were very exciting. Now get yourselves a shower, and I will meet with your parents.”


“They have had a false start this afternoon, they have been too aggressive on a boy, but they did very well with a young preteen girl: they paced their abuse very well, released their sexual tension while making sure to leave the girl alive for others, and at the end finished her very brutally. I really enjoyed watching them. They can take part in extreme group sex without causing problems or leaving others unhappy.”

Jane sipped some water.

“This morning they were very cruel with a teen girl and almost finished her by burning her alive; this afternoon they impaled a preteen girl. I think that they really have no limits as far as torture is concerned – they had no mercy, no compassion. Very carefree, very aroused… very sexy.”

“I am glad to hear that,” said Rebecca’s mother.

“Rebecca, for one, has been very turned on by the torture side of this course and she was very much looking forward to today’s activities.”

“I am sure!” Jane smiled. “She was the one who proposed to burn this morning’s girl alive, and to impale the younger one this afternoon. She is very sadistic.”

“I am too.” the woman stood up. “I can’t wait to see her in action!”

Sex School – Chapter Five

They were all wearing masks. Jane had explained why.

“Remember: we want to blackmail the mom and daughter, manipulate them emotionally, make them believe that, if they pleasure us sexually we will let them go. If they see our faces, they will understand it is all a ruse – we would let them see who we are only if we had already decided to kill them. So we wear masks. To make them take our threats seriously… we’ll show them what we can do by using this little one.”

Jane had pushed forward a young girl, preteen, naked and clearly scared.

“You can do anything you like to her, in front of our two victims. We’ll threaten the mom to torture her daughter if she doesn’t lick and suck us all to orgasm, same thing with the daughter. Any questions?”

“So, we enjoy them sexually without mistreating them too much at first, to let them believe that if they perform well they can walk free, and later on when they have satisfied us or when we get bored just abuse them as we like?”

Jane recognized Natasha’s voice.

“Yes,” replied Jane. “It should be exciting because you will have two women who will do their best to satisfy you, and will do anything you like; two slaves really. And later, when they finally realize that we have deceived them, the emotional side comes into play.”

Jane paused.

“It can go two ways, and I have seen people in both situations. You may feel sexually so happy and pleased by our slaves, that you will want to set them free for real. Or you may feel the emotional kick of using the deception to make them suffer more and to excite yourselves more. I have reacted in both ways myself.”

“How so?” Asked another girl, probably Rebecca.

“Once some of us abducted a mom and daughter, like today. We abused the daughter hard – one of the girls in our group hated her and she wanted to make her suffer as much as possible. With the mom, we played a different game… while her daughter was being tortured, some of us kept masturbating and teasing her so that she had a few orgasms, even when the daughter got killed. We wanted to fuck her emotionally, to make her body orgasm at the sight of her daughter being abused, and make her feel horrible at having sexual pleasure while watching her daughter’s torture. In the end we let her live and she married one of the men in our group, go figure.”

Jane paused again.

“On that occasion, I felt sorry for her and I was glad that we let her live. On another occasion, instead, I played a very mean emotional game on a woman I knew in another country. I became her husband’s lover and between us we fucked with her mind very cruelly, just for kicks: we let her find us fucking in her marital bed, and afterwards we played all sorts of games to push her insane… we topped it by abusing their baby and letting her find out. She killed herself. I loved the game, it was pure emotional torture, and her husband loved the game too. She was a shy, religious woman… it was great fun.”

Jane’s nipples were rock hard – she remembered how she and the woman’s husband had enjoyed teasing her and making her cry while they fucked in her bed in front of the baby.

“That must have been hot!” Said Natasha. “Can we go in? I can’t wait to play with them!”

“And to play with this sweetie,” said another girl, probably Carly, kneeling in front of the frightened preteen and smiling cruelly at her.

“It will be fun to show that mom and her daughter what we can do.”

“Oh, yes” said Jane. “No need to have any limits with this one – anything goes.”

The girl burst into tears. Carly laughed.


“Please stop this game. Please. It can’t be true. You can’t mean it.”

The woman was in tears. They had stripped naked her and her daughter and had secured their ankles and wrists with handcuffs. Jane had been very concise and matter of fact – both of you are our sex slaves for today. If either of you refuses to do what we want, we torture and later kill the other.

“You think we don’t mean it?” Jane sounded amused. “In that case, we’ll show you.”

She turned and pushed forward the unmasked, naked preteen.

“We’ll abuse her to show you that we mean business.” She looked at the masked girls and boys. “Who would like to start?”

“I will!” Said one of the girls.

From her hair, Jane knew she was Rebecca.

She beckoned one of the boys.

“Care to join me?”

“You bet!”

The boy grabbed the preteen by an arm and pushed her against the table in the middle of the room. He and the girl lifted their victim, and positioned her on the table, her legs dangling. The girl looked at the woman and her daughter.

“Have a good look, both of you!” She said.

She picked up the woman’s panties from the floor, climbed on the table and pushed the crumpled panties roughly into the preteen’s mouth.

She told the boy, ”Fuck her as hard as you can, I want to feel her move against my pussy!”

She sat on the girl’s face and kissed the boy, who pushed his cock into the preteen’s pussy.

Jane smiled at the woman and said, “Look well, darling. This is what we’ll do to both of you if you don’t play along.”

The couple were clearly enjoying giving a show to their intended slaves. The rape was hard and fast; the preteen struggled in vain. Jane picked up a belt from the floor and walked to the table. She hit the preteen very hard a few times on her small breasts. The woman burst into tears.

“Please stop, please don’t hurt her. I believe you, we’ll do what you want but please stop. Please stop hurting her.”

“No way!” Jane sounded amused. “look at this… ”

She lit her cigarette lighter, and moved the flame close to one of the preteen’s nipples. She looked at the woman and moved the flame closer, burning the nipple. The preteen thrashed about wildly, the boy grunted and came inside her.

He and the girl pushed their victim to the floor. Jane looked at the woman and at her daughter.

“We’ll rape and torture her again if you don’t do what we want. We don’t want to waste energy raping you: we want you both to serve us. Disobey, and we torture her – and then both of you.”

She put her foot, shod in a sexy stiletto-heeled sandal, on the preteen’s pussy and pushed the heel in, hard. The preteen screamed.

“Do you still think we don’t mean this seriously? I can kill her if you have doubts.”

“Please!” The woman was sobbing uncontrollably. “Let her be. Please. We’ll do anything you want.”

“Then start by licking me!”

One of the girls (Natasha?) sat on the table and opened her legs, exposing her shaved pussy. “Take it slow and give me a good orgasm or two.”

“And I’ll fuck your daughter,” said one of the boys.

The mom blushed and stammered.

“She is a virgin, she is not on the pill… please… use some protection.”

Everyone laughed.

“A virgin, wow!” Said Jane mockingly. “We never use protection. Don’t worry, we’ll give her an abortion pill once it’s over.”


“So, how did you enjoy the fun?” Asked Jane, sipping from her wine glass. They were having a break, having left their “slaves” safely tied up in the room.

“Yes!” said Carly.

They had taken their masks off.

“It was very sexy even if we just had sex with them, no torture and no extreme stuff. Seeing them so eager to please was really arousing.”

Some of the girls and boys nodded.

“How about the boys?” Asked Jane. “Did you find it too vanilla compared to raping them?”

“Yes and no.” Marek was smoking a cigarette. “It was less arousing than a rape, but having them doing everything I wanted was hot – she was a virgin and she had never done anything, I really enjoyed making her suck me while John was fucking her. I hope we got her pregnant… it would be fun if she had to have an abortion!”

“Does it matter?” Rebecca was smoking too. “If we kill them in the end, doesn’t matter if she is pregnant or not.”

“That’s a good point,” intervened Jane. “So, what do you want to do? Let them go as we promised, or abuse, torture and kill them? As I said, either is fine – it is entirely up to you.”

“I’d like to go all the way.” Rebecca smiled mischievously. “We have fucked with their emotions and I don’t see why we shouldn’t be really nasty to them. I would love to have the mom watch while we kill her daughter.”

“Me too” said Carly. “The sex was good, but I need something less tame now.”

Her nipples were hard.

“While she was licking me, I was thinking of burning her clit away.”

“I’d let them go.” John was smiling. “I don’t give a fuck about them, but the sex was great… and we have fucked their minds really good for life.”

“How do you mean?” asked Marek.

“They feel totally guilty for not agreeing straight away and letting us torture that little preteen.”

“But if we let them go,” argued Natasha “isn’t it unsafe? They could go to the police and get us into trouble.”

“Not likely,” said Jane “and if they did… we have friends in the police.”

“I have a way of making them safe and fucking with them, more, and having some extreme sex.” Marcia was smiling. “Let’s torture to death the preteen and make them watch, and let’s tell them that we do it to scare them so that, once free, they won’t have funny ideas about going to the police. They will feel so fucking guilty… it will really fuck their minds.”

“Especially if we masturbate or fuck them and make them orgasm while they watch!”

Marek was smiling excitedly.

“I really like this.” He looked at Jane. “Jane, what do you think?”

Jane thought about it.

“I like the idea, really. let’s go to town with the little one… and make it slow and cruel as much as we can. And make them watch it all.” She stood up. “Then we decide if we let them live or not. Ready?”


“We’ll let you go,” said Jane, “but we don’t want any funny games, like you going to the police about this. So we’ll show you what will happen to you both if you say just one word. And to make it more interesting, some of us will tease and masturbate you so that you enjoy the show.”

She turned, grabbed the frightened preteen by an arm, and hit her twice on the face, very hard, with the back of her hand.

“We’ll rape, torture and kill her in front of you. To frighten you and for fun.”

“Please! Please don’t. We’ll do anything you want, we will never say a
word. Please don’t hurt her.”

The woman was sobbing again.

“Oh shut up,” said Jane.

She hit the preteen again, then pushed her to the ground. She looked at the boys and girls.

“She is yours, go wild if you like. Make sure our two other friends see everything and make sure their bodies are pleasured. Perhaps they’ll turn perverts too.”

“It will be a pleasure,” said one of the boys.

He walked to the daughter, untied her ankles, then stood up, took her in his arms and French kissed her. His hands teased her clit. She was crying but her body was responding to his touch.

“We will fuck and watch my friends rape and torture that kid. My cock will be as hard as a rock inside you and I will make sure that you get aroused and have a good orgasm while you watch.” He kissed her hard again. “Keep crying, I like to make a girl cry, it turns me on.”

Marcia and Natasha had untied the preteen. Marcia looked at Jane.

“It is more fun to let her struggle.” Marcia looked at one of the boys. “Care to fuck her while we play with her?”


The boy lifted the preteen’s legs, spread them and entered her in one long stroke. Marcia held the girl’s arms, and Natasha, having lit a cigarette, started to burn her here and there. The boy who was fucking the daughter turned her head towards the scene.

“Look!” he said. “Fuck, that’s hot. I feel so big inside you, I hope they burn her more. I feel you getting wet, you like the view?” He laughed and started to fuck her faster.

The girl, still crying, was responding and was moving her hips following his movements. Her nipples were hard. He turned to Natasha.

“Burn her nipples, let my girl see it, I’ll make her cum.”

Natasha laughed and lit her lighter.

“Look here, sweetie!” she said, and pushed the flame close to one of the preteen’s nipples.

The girl burst into tears while the boy came inside her, and she orgasmed. The boy kissed her again and caressed her breasts. At about the same time, the girl’s mother had orgasmed violently, her horror and distress incapable of quelling the lust awakened by a boy’s cock and Jane’s intimate caresses.


About one hour later, the mom and her daughter had been driven almost insane by caresses, kisses, masturbation and fucking, which had made them orgasm again and again while they were watching with horror the rape, torture and killing of the preteen. Jane and her boys and girls, naked, sweating and aroused, had been treated to the excitement coming from the extreme abuse of their preteen victim and the sexual pleasures awarded by their unwilling slaves. Jane knew what would come next and it made her entire body tingle in anticipation.

She raised her voice.

“This was fun. Now…. are we agreed that these two lovelies should be set free?”

There was a pause. One of the girls (Carly, Jane was sure) broke it.

“If most want it this way, fine, but I’d really love to do them all the way. I am all excited and I want more. Sex with them was fun but too vanilla.”

“Yeah” said another girl, probably Marcia. “I would like to torture both.”

She looked at one of the boys, the one who had fucked the daughter and made her orgasm while watching the preteen’s torture.

“Would you like to fuck this sweetie again while I pierce her nipples?”

“Fuck, yes!” said the boy. “She is a hottie. Can you torture her, but let me kill her myself? I want to strangle her slowly and feel her pussy contract on my cock.”

Jane laughed.

“What does everyone think? Shall we enjoy them too?”

A few voices said “Yes!”

There was laughter. As Jane had expected, the mood had changed, thanks to the torture of the preteen. She turned to the two women, who had not understood.

“Sorry, darlings, but we all want some fun with you too.” She stepped forward and, before the woman could understand what was happening, she hit her pussy, hard and viciously, with her knee. The woman fell to the floor and doubled up in pain. Her daughter ran to her and knelt, but Marcia seized her by an arm, pulled her away and kicked her between her legs, hard. That was the signal. Naked boys and girls fell on both women, laughing – kicking, fucking, hitting. Jane heard a few lighters being lit and started to masturbate, looking at the action.


They were all sipping wine. Jane was happy.

“So, any regrets? Are you all glad that you changed your collective mind?”

“I didn’t change mine” said Carly, laughing. “I always wanted them dead. I really enjoyed doing the younger one” She looked at Paul, “especially while you were fucking her. How did it feel for you?”

“It felt great! I had liked fucking her earlier when she was sort of willing, but raping her, wow! Especially when you pushed your cigarette into her eyes, she went wild.”

He looked at Jane. “Carly is so sadistic, I have fallen even more in love with her! She is so fucking cruel… and I love strangling her, I felt like a god.”

“That’s how unrestricted sex is supposed to make you feel” said Jane. She stood up. “Now get a shower, while I have a chat with your parents.”

Sex School – Chapter Six

“Abortion,” said Jane, “has been a conquest for women, and not just in terms of the right to terminate an unwanted pregnancy. It is an affirmation of our sexuality against the traditional view that sees us as mothers more than sexual beings. In the past, our sexuality was subordinate to procreation; what mattered was making babies and looking after them. Abortion tells a different story: it tells us that WE matter, not the babies, and we can get rid of them as we like.”

Jane sipped some wine and lit a cigarette.

“Of course the contraceptive pill has been an even greater conquest in a practical sense; however, psychologically, taking the pill is still putting a limit on our sexuality because of the possibility of having a baby. To me, and to many other women, having totally unprotected sex, sex with no contraception, giving my body completely to casual sex, is very liberating, and abortion is my birth control method of choice.”

Marcia raised a hand.

“Isn’t it dangerous to have too many abortions?”

“Yes, it is,” replied Jane. “In Russia women have used abortion as a birth control method for decades, but one couldn’t have too many surgical abortions when it was still an invasive procedure. Nowadays, abortion pills have no consequences. For late abortions, recent methods based on hypnosis have made them really simple – but here we enter into controversial territory, because with these methods the baby is born alive and must be aborted outside the mother’s womb.”

“That’s the post-birth abortion people task about, right?” asked Natasha. “My mom has had one last year.”

“My mom too,” said Marcia.

“I have had one too,” said Jane, “and it is a very sexual experience. Of course we must be discreet because it is illegal – technically an infanticide – but I think it is by far the best way to dispose of an unwanted child. You have the possibility of enjoying months of pregnant sex, which can be very intense and exciting… it is all in the mind: much excitement comes from knowing that the baby was conceived casually just for fun, with the aim of aborting it.”

“When is the baby aborted? Immediately after birth?” Asked Carly.

“It depends on where you do it,” replied Jane. “Of course you need an Ob/Gyn to write a certificate of death saying that it was stillborn, and the birth can happen in his clinic or in your own home. There is no reason to do it immediately, actually, better wait until you have fully recovered from giving birth. I waited a week myself, and I breastfed the baby throughout, and of course ”

Jane smiled, feeling her nipples harden.

“My husband and I, and some of my girlfriends, molested and abused it through the week.”

“Did you kill it in an abortion party with your girlfriends, as my mom did?” Asked Marcia.

“Yes, I did. It was a celebration of female sexuality over motherhood. We took our turns using the baby sexually. She wouldn’t lick us but we masturbated on her face in turn… and we did naughty things to her to make it more interesting, and to make her move and struggle against our pussies.”

Jane giggled.

“Naughty things?” asked Natasha.

“You can imagine what we did,” smiled Jane. “I had fed her well through the week and I had made sure that the abuse that I and my husband had given her had done no permanent damage, so she was pretty lively. We finger fucked her hard, of course, pierced her sensitive bits with needles and burned them with cigarettes… we took our time and we had many orgasms.”

“How did you kill her?” asked Rebecca.

“I placed her face up on the floor and I sat with my pussy on her face to stop her from breathing, and I fucked her hard with my finger while I was on her… she was frantic, she struggled and gave me a very intense orgasm.”

Jane was leisurely caressing herself.

“How did you feel while you were doing it, and also during the week when she was alive, and afterwards?” Asked Carly.

“I felt excited, liberated, sexual… it felt great. I had no regrets and no qualms, not even a hint of pity for the baby. I encouraged my girl friends to do anything they wanted to it… just to do it slowly and make sure we could all enjoy her. We even discussed burning her alive as a sort of pagan sacrifice.”

“Wow!” Rebecca was masturbating openly now. “That would have been so hot, so sadistic.”

“Oh, we were very sadistic anyway even without doing that, I assure you.”

Jane was masturbating too, her voice tense.

“We were slow and very cruel. And anyway, a woman I know has done the burning alive thing. She and her friends made a bonfire and threw the baby on top, after abusing her. She managed to crawl out and they threw her back again.”

Jane tensed and came intensely. She breathed heavily for about a minute. Some of the boys and girls came too.

“Anyway,” Jane continued, “back to today’s program. You will have four newborn babies and four kids aged about four. Infanticide doesn’t have to happen shortly after birth. You can decided to get rid of a son or daughter a few years afterwards; it is up to you, if you can make it look like an accident it is easy and safe. Today you will experiment with infanticide – no limits on what you can do.”

She stood up, and walked to the door.

She stopped, and added: “And since watching you do it will get me unbearably excited, I will also have a newborn and a four year old to enjoy myself with.”

“That’s great,” said Marcia cheerfully. “I will enjoy watching you in action!”

“Oh, not just watching!” Replied Jane. “I want mine to be our playthings in a party setting, as I had with my friends. It will be a group thing as we have had already – but I will be participating actively, that’s all.”


About two hours later, the four boy/girl couples had enjoyed and snuffed the very young girls that Jane had provided them. As Jane had expected, the boys had wanted to fully fuck the girls while their girlfriends and sisters were sitting on them or abusing them, which had made their snuffing messy but very sexual. They were all sitting together smoking and sipping wine, while a fifth young girl was playing with a doll on the floor. She was naked, like all of them, but didn’t seem overly bothered by that.

“You have to imagine this scenario,” Jane was saying. “I am the mom of this girl and I am fed up with her; maybe she isn’t so easy to train sexually, maybe I am just bored – it doesn’t matter. I want to get rid of her and you are my friends, and I want to do it with you.”

She looked at the boys and girls.

“However, I want only the girls to participate actively this time: that’s how I do my parties. The boys are free to fuck the girls – you will see how we play and you will learn something about how liberated women have their fun.”

There were some giggles. John laughed and said: “Oh come on! We don’t always want to fuck the little ones, you know!”

“I am sure you don’t” said Jane “but for a man or a boy watching women’s cruelty can be very arousing, and I would like you to experience that.”

“How far can we go? Will you… direct us?” asked Natasha.

“Yes. I will be a bit like an orchestra conductor… telling you how to play this particular instrument of pleasure.” Jane smiled at the little girl, who smiled back.

“So… can we start?” Asked Marcia.

“Yes. To start with, I would like all of you in turn to enjoy her sexually: make her lick you, rub her on your pussy, whatever turns you on. Feel free to fuck her with your fingers or other things like small dildos or the heel of your high-heel shoes, hit her, make her cry, but nothing too hard yet, OK?”

“That’s fine.”

Natasha sat on the flow, reclining against the sofa, and opened her legs. She smiled at the little girl and beckoned; the little girl crawled close. Natasha’s nipples were hard. She took the girl gently by her arm and pulled her close; she kissed her, a deep French kiss that made the little one squirm.

When the kiss ended, Natasha smiled and pull the girl’s face close to her pussy, and whispered, ”Lick me here, honey.”

The little girl seemed puzzled.


Natasha smiled and indicated her pussy lips, and pulled the girl’s face closer. The girl tried to turn away. Natasha seemed mildly offended.

“Silly little virgin!” She said.

She turned to Jane.

“As a dominant woman, I rather resent this rejection. She doesn’t want to play with my womanhood… can I punish her?”

Jane smiled and leisurely caressed her breasts.

“Of course! This is a celebration of our womanhood, of the fact that our sexuality matters and the kids don’t. She deserves punishment.”

“So I’ll use my womanhood to punish her, and my high heels…”

Natasha undid the straps of one of her sandals and pulled it off her foot. She then grabbed the girl’s hair with her left hand and hit her, very hard, with her right hand. The girl burst into tears and tried to struggle free. Natasha laughed and pulled her down, pushing her face hard against her pussy, imprisoning her body between her legs. She took her sandal in her free hand, placing the heel at the opening of the girl’s slit, and turned to Paul, who was crouched at her side.

“Kiss me hard, and play with my nipples.”

“Fuck, yes!” Said Paul.

He started to kiss her and let his hands roam on her breasts, teasing her nipples. She responded to the kiss, and pushed the heel hard into the girl’s slit. The girl let out a muffled cry and tried to push free. Natasha, still kissing Paul, pulled her harder against her body, and started to fuck her with her heel. Jane watched intently, her nipples rock hard, an excited tingle spreading between her legs. After a few minutes, Natasha tensed and push the girl’s face into herself, hard; she came, still kissing Paul.

Natasha let the girl go and laughed excitedly.

“This was hot!” She turned to Paul. “Let’s watch what our friends do to her… you can fuck me while we watch.”

She opened her legs. Paul positioned himself over her, and entered her. The little girl had crawled round the corned of the sofa, still crying. Rebecca followed her, took her by the arms and looked at Jane.

“My turn… I will do the same as Natasha, see if she has learned her lesson.”

She hit the girl and told her, with a mischievous smile.

“Now you better lick me… or I’ll tear your slit apart.”

She pushed the girl to the ground and swiftly sat on her face, positioning herself carefully to let the girl breathe. She turned to the others.

“Can someone give me a needle or a pin, please?”

“Here!” Said Carly.

Rebecca took the pin and started to jab it lightly here and there on the girl’s body. She giggled and looked at Jane.

“This is really good, she is going crazy against my pussy! I’ll do some piercing now.”

She picked carefully one of the girl’s labia between her fingers, and slowly, carefully pushed the pin through the flesh. Jane felt her excitement grow. Rebecca looked at her.

“This must be really painful for her, she is moving so much.” Her voice trailed off.

She tensed, and with a sudden push she pierced the other lip, while a powerful orgasm washed over her. She pushed the girl off, the pin still inserted. The girl tried to flee, but was grabbed by Carly who threw her to the ground again, laughing. She knelt in front of the girl and looked mockingly into her eyes.

“Poor sweetie,” she cooed. “I will take that nasty pin off you… and stem that bit of blood.”

She sat on the girl’s face and asked Jane, “Can I have a cigarette, please?”

“Here,” Jane replied, having lit one.

Carly took it and inhaled, then pulled the pin off. She looked at Rebecca.

“I liked the way you stabbed here and there with the pin; I’ll do that with my cigarette.”

She started to push the cigarette here and there, briefly but enough to hurt. The girl was frantic, and Carly laughed.

“I love this… now I’ll fix that nasty wound from the pin!”

She pushed the cigarette close to the small hole and held it there.

Natasha, who was still making out with Paul, suggested: “Push it into her ass!”

Carly giggled and did so. The girl moved violently, and Carly came with an ecstatic moan.

It was now Marcia’s turn. She sat on the girl, who was crying and not even trying to flee, and said, “I’ll do something different now.” She took one of the girl’s hands, chose a finger and bent it backwards until it snapped. She laughed.

“She sure felt it… fuck, this is hot!” And did it again to another finger. Jane was watching and masturbating, breathing heavily. Maybe two minutes later Marcia came.

Now it was Jane’s turn. She felt completely sexual, tingling, excited. She opened her lags and accepted the girl from Marcia. She put the girl face up and bent her head back, so that she could push her pussy over her mouth and nose without sitting on her with all her weight. She started to scratch the girl’s skin with her long, sexy nails – her belly, her nipples, her damaged labia. She looked at the girls assembled around her.

“I like using my nails, it is very sensual and can be very cruel…”

She cut around one of the nipples.

“I am letting her breathe, on and off, to make my pleasure build up slowly.”

Her nipples were rock hard, her entire body felt on fire. She was breathing heavily. She felt her orgasm slowly building up, but she wanted to go slow, she felt an urge to be more cruel… she stretched an arm and picked up her lighter, she lit it and placed the flame close to the top of the girl’s slit. She pulled her lips apart, uncovering her clit, and started to burn it. She did it slowly, making sure that the girl could breathe, enjoying her frantic movements against her own pussy. She looked at the boys and girls.

“She is feeling a lot of pain, I want to drive her insane.”

She moved the flame along the girl’s slit, slowly burning it.

She looked up again.

“I am close to orgasm, time to kill her. I want her to die while I fuck her.”

She closed her legs, and pushed one of her fingers into the girl’s damaged slit, savagely. She started to fuck her hard; from her movements it was clear that she was using her nails to give the girl even more pain. She closed her eyes, felt her orgasm start – and pushed on the girl hard. She felt her slump as her orgasm washed over her.

The girls and the boys applauded, some laughed. Jame breathed heavily a few times, then stood up, smiling.

“Whew! I loved this. And you girls were really marvelous, abusing her as you did.”

“It was fun,” said Carly.

“How did you feel while killing her?” Asked Natasha.

“Like a goddess,” replied Jane. “Always do when I do this… not a qualm, no mercy. How about you?”

“I felt totally into it too,” said Marcia. She looked at Jane. “So, after lunch, the newborns… and we’ll do yours all together, like this one?”

“Yes, of course,” smiled Jane. “An abortion party.”

“So, for a change, can we… burn one alive?” Asked Carly. “I really would love that.”

Jane thought about it, and gave a gentle kick to the body on the floor.

“Why not?” She smiled.


The day was over. Jane, the boys and girls, and their parents were relaxing in the improvised classroom, smoking and sipping wine. They were all naked.

“From my point of view, it was very successful,” said Jane. “You boys and girls were very good. I could see no inhibitions, no hesitations, no qualms, and no mercy for the boys and girls that we abused. You are very sexual and very liberated, thanks in no small part to the very enlightened education that you received from your parents.”

She inhaled from her cigarette.

“We explored aspects of emotional manipulation, of rape, of torture, and we snuffed all our… sex toys. Each of you, on average, had full use of two of them, from babies to teens – and one adult woman.”

She looked at the parents more directly.

“In my view, all are ready to participate in full in your extreme pleasures; there is nothing in what you do that they haven’t tried. They will love it, and I am sure you will love having them with you.”

She sipped some wine.

“Any feedback, any questions, before we close?”

One of the women raised her hand.

“First of all I wanted to thank you. I am Carly’s mom, and she told me everything that you all did, and she loved every second. I could see in her behavior the effect of what she did. She sounds more adult, more liberated, more sexual. A woman, no longer a girl. I especially like that you set no limits and let them explore how far they wanted to go… some of the things that Carly told me about were very cruel, and I really loved hearing about them.”

She caressed her pussy.

“Today we went even more extreme!” Said Carly. “We did a few newborns this afternoon and Jane let us burn one alive, like in a pagan sacrifice. Rebecca and I did it, we did it real slow…”

“But we finger fucked it all right first,” giggled Rebecca.

Her mom laughed.

“You wouldn’t want a kid to die a virgin, of course!”

“We also had a lot of unprotected sex with the boys,” said Natasha. She giggled. “I bet we are all pregnant now!”

Another one of the moms laughed.

“If you do, don’t worry. Now you know what to do with the baby!”

Everyone laughed. Jane felt happy and excited.

“Well, yes, they have learned a few things about abortion.” She stood up. “Right. If there are no more questions, we can close the course. Thank you all again… and I hope to see you here and there, having fun!”


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  1. Thank you for this. I wish more men understood how freeing abortions were for us as well. Not only can there be tons fun while turning them into hamburger meat, but they get turned into excellent anti aging creams and erection pills. Killing babies is one of life’s pleasures we have yet to embrace.

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