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Published: 05.09.2006

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Egyptian Mummy

The theft of the Egyptian Mummy from the British Museum only warranted two paragraphs on page seven of the local papers. The Mummy had been unearthed in an unmarked grave with no artifacts anywhere near it and the museum archaeologists had no idea who it was. The Mummy had been stored in the basement of the museum and had never been on public display. By the time the reporters had written up the story of the theft however, the Mummy had been crated into a box labelled “Machine Parts”, and was being loaded onto a rusting old freighter sailing for New York.

After docking in New York harbor, the crate was unloaded onto the quayside and then onto the back of a truck. The harbor security only glanced at the paperwork to check that the crate and the papers both said, “Machine Parts” and both had the same serial number. Satisfied, the bored official waved the truck through and it speed off into the night.

“How can you be sure that the Mummy is that of Ankzeel?” the tall, distinguished man asked, as he followed the woman down the steep steps into the basement of the house.

“He is my soulmate,” she replied, as if lecturing to a child, “We were separated aeons ago and I was forced to live many lives without him. Now his Mummy has been found and I can hear it call to me as clearly as I can hear your voice, Hector.”

The man looked dubious but decided to remain quiet and the woman finished by saying, “As it was in ancient Egypt, so shall it be now. Ankzeel and I will rule together again!” When they reached the bottom of the stair, they entered the basement that consisted of a single massive room with an earth floor. Three candles were burning in one corner and shed a very dim light on a wooden crate that was lying opened. Reaching out to snap on a light switch, a single spotlight flared to life and shone its rays onto the Mummy that was propped upright on a metal frame. In front of the Mummy was a large stone slab about a meter from the floor. Intricate carvings depicting humans, animals and demons fucking in every conceivable position covered the alter and the man could have sworn that the dark holes where the Mummy’s eyes should have been were staring at the images of the orgy.

Walking to the Mummy, the woman knelt in front of it with her head bowed and said in a voice that was used to command, “Inform our followers that the time draws near. In four days time, on the anniversary of Ankzeel’s betrayal and death, I will command him to return to us and together we will rule again.”

“Yes Serena,” he replied. “It will be as you command.”

Hector Ramerez was of Mexican descent but had lived most of his life in America. He had a successful export and import business and it had been easy for him to arrange the shipment of the Mummy from Britain. He had been introduced to Serena about three years ago at a society party and had gradually been accepted into her circle of friends. She had eventually told him of her belief that she had lived many times before, but her only love had been Ankzeel, a sorcerer and ruler in ancient Egypt. He had ruled harshly however and had been poisoned. Before he took his last breath however, he cursed those who had taken his life and pressed a small papyrus scroll into Serena’s hand that contained the ritual to bring him back to life. Fearing his wrath, the men who had poisoned him, stole his Mummy and buried it in the desert in an unmarked grave.

When Hector heard the story, he dismissed it as rubbish or the wanderings of a deranged mind, but he decided to play along when he was told that on the eighteenth day of every month, the followers of Ankzeel gathered in Serena’s basement for an orgy that was dedicated to the sorcerer. He knew a lot of beautiful women that were Serena’s friends and if pretending to believe in Ankzeel allowed him to fuck them, Hector wasn’t going to complain. For the next two years, Hector spent many happy nights in that basement fucking his brains out with about twenty other people. It had came as a shock to him therefore when about a month ago, Serena told him that she had located Ankzeel’s Mummy. Thinking that all good things had to end sometime, Hector had no doubt that Serena would fail in trying to bring the Mummy back to life and that her fellow believers would gradually drift away. He would miss the orgies, but that was about all.

In the basement, Serena made ready for the ritual. The small papyrus scroll had long since crumbled to dust, but the words it contained had been copied faithfully into a leather bound booklet. Laying the booklet on the alter, Serena strode confidently into the darkness of the basement until she reached the far wall. In complete darkness, she pressed a particular stone and heard the sound of movement within the wall. A larger stone had moved to form a thin opening. Thrusting her hand inside, it curled around a wooden stick, which she pulled out and then closed the wall again. When she walked back into the light, she stared down at what she held in her hands. Known as “The Rod of Ankzeel” it was the source of the sorcerer’s power. Made from Cedar, the rod was about four-foot long and about one and a half inches in diameter. It was intricately carved along its length and the timber flared out at one end to encircle a perfect sphere of amber. Inside the amber, frozen as if in ice, was a scorpion with its tail raised, ready to strike. Laying it on the altar beside the book, Serena looked lovingly at the Mummy and stroked it gently as she whispered, “Soon my love. Soon.”

Four days later, the basement was lit with hundreds of flickering candles when Hector joined the crowed already standing expectantly in front of the Mummy. Everyone, man and women, was wearing a black smock that fastened around the neck and Hector knew, form past experience, that they would all be naked beneath. As he looked around the faces that he had to come to know so well, he was surprised and more than a little scared that everyone was looking at the Mummy with something that approached rapture and worship. Although he had never actually spoken about their beliefs, he had assumed that most of the people were what would normally be called swingers and came to the house once a month for sex. It would appear he was wrong however and that they all believed this crazy story about an ancient and powerful sorcerer who could be brought back to life.

Serena was kneeling on the floor, in front of the Mummy with the leather book open in her hands. She was dressed the same as everyone else except for a gold colored head-dress that depicted the sun, and in the center was a black scorpion, identical to the one inside the amber ball on the staff. He had never seen the head-dress before but before he could comment on it to the people around him, Serena rose smoothly to her feet and clapped her hands once. As the noise echoed around the chamber, Serena shouted, “It is time. Bring the virgin!”

Hector’s eyes widened at the shout and he looked around, as there was a commotion at the door. He had been completely out of the loop on this one, and he stared as six of the people that he knew so well came into the basement carrying a struggling and naked girl. She looked to be in her mid teens and Hector had never set eyes on her before. Glancing fearfully around, Hector took a couple of steps backward and away from the light. He didn’t know what Serena intended to do with the girl, but he saw no reason to expose his face to her. If she couldn’t see him, she couldn’t identify him later! The girl was completely naked and was being carried at shoulder level into the room. Although she tried to struggle, the twelve strong hands held her arms and legs and it was impossible for her to break free. It didn’t stop her trying however and she cried loudly, “Let me go you bastards. Let me go!” No one paid any attention to her cries and they took her over to the alter and slammed her down onto her back with enough force as to knock the air out of her lungs with a loud “Oomph.”

Serena rose smoothly to her feet and stepped up to the altar and looked down at the girl. The men were still holding her down and the teenager looked up at Serena with terror in her eyes. Serena’s mouth was smiling, but her eyes were cold and hard as she nodded to the men who were pinning the teenager’s legs to the stone shrine. They pulled the girls legs apart and Serena gazed down at her cunt. Unshaven, blonde pubic hairs covered her slit and Serena reached out slowly and ran her fingers over the girl’s sex lips. Her cunt was closed and dry and Serena looked around her followers and said, “We must make sure that the child is virgin.”

As her words echoed around the chamber, she bent her head down towards the teenager’s cunt and licked up and down her hole. “No,” the girl cried. “No, please don’t.” Despite this fear, Hector couldn’t help himself as he stepped forward and watched Serena’s tongue slide up and down her slit. As soon as she was wet enough, Serena’s tongue pushed inside the girl’s cunt, making her jump and her head tossed from side to side as she repeated her plea, “God, no. Please stop.”

By now, the teenagers slit was slippery with Serena’s saliva and the woman pulled her head back and opened up the teenagers hole with her fingers. She smiled when she saw the intact hymen and pulled the lips further apart to let those crowed around be in no doubt that the girl was a virgin. Cheering and clapping broke out until Serena held up her hand for silence. Once everyone was quiet, Serena said, “Its time.”

The followers all moved towards the altar and Hector was propelled along with them. Soon a circle had formed around the girl, who was still being held down on the stone slab, and the followers held hands. A second circle formed up around the inner one and Hector’s hands were gripped as he became part of the outer circle.

“Shit,” he thought, as he looked longingly at the doorway behind him. “I should have got out when I had the chance.” Standing straight, with both arms raised above her head, Serena intoned the ritual contained in Ankzeel’s book, that she had memorized. “By the power of the Black Scorpion I command the forces of darkness to heed my voice. Carry the words of power to Ankzeel that he may awaken. Infomel El Rasth,” she cried. “Commesh Ser Rentor Takeel.”

Hector may have been mistaken, but he thought he could feel a warm wind blow over his face, which was impossible given that they were in an enclosed basement. Before he could

give it any further thought however, Serena lifted up The Rod of Ankzeel and turned it lovingly in her hands. The teenager on the alter was sobbing and her eyes jerked around the room at the circle of people watching her. When her eyes came back to Serena however, they widened in fear and she cried, “NO. NO.” when she saw the rod. The Amber ball at the end was about the size of a tennis ball and somehow the girl knew exactly what was going to happen to her. Everyone seemed to hold their breath as Serena rubbed the ball up and down the girl’s sex and then screwed it from side to side as she pushed. The teenager screamed as her virgin fuck hole was opened wider than she would have believed possible and Serena continued to work the end of the rod into the girls cunt until the amber sphere was resting firmly against her hymen. Keeping one hand in the rod, Serena raised her other arm in the air and stared at the face of the Mummy.

The room was eerily quiet with the only sound being the sobbing of the virgin as Serena began to recite, “Infomel El Rasth. Commesh Ser Rentor Takeel.” Hector was now certain that he could feel a warm wind blow around the chamber as Serena chanted again, “Infomel El Rasth..” Her voice rose higher with every word. “Commesh Ser Rentor.” she cried, and then screamed the final word of power, “TAKEEL!” As the word reverberated around the room, Serena rammed the rod far up the girls cunt, ripping her hymen and causing her to scream and arch her back up from the alter, despite the weight of the men pinning her onto the stone slab.

A thin trickle of her virgin blood ran out of the girl’s cunt and she began to scream louder and louder. Hector couldn’t see why she was still screaming and he craned his neck to try and look over the circle of people in front of him. Serena had let go of the rod and it was sticking out of the virgin’s hole. As Hector watched, the rod began to glow with a red light. The light got brighter and brighter as the virgin screamed in agony when suddenly a shaft of crimson energy leapt from the end of the shaft and whirled around in the air. As if finding its bearings, the energy raced around the chamber at an astonishing rate before flying straight into the chest of the Mummy.

Hector’s eyes darted around the room as they tried to follow the path of the energy beam and he felt his breath catch in his throat when it passed through the bandages of the Mummy. As if the sight of the energy wasn’t enough, he was sure that the Mummy moved and shuddered when the beam struck. When the Mummy had absorbed the energy, the chamber seemed dark again, lit only by the flickering candles, and Hectors gaze fell on the young girl who was unconscious on the altar.

The room was deathly quiet as everyone waited expectantly, and he was just starting to wonder if he could let go of the hands of the people on either side and sneak out of the chamber. When he flexed his fingers however, the gripping hands tightened their hold, and he sighed silently. Serena had released her hold on the rod that was sticking out of the virgin’s cunt and she stood like a statue in front of the Mummy with both arms raised above her head. Hector was standing almost directly behind her and he looked at her back and then let his eyes drift up and over her shoulder to gaze at the Mummy. Everyone in the room gasped at the same time as the red light that had been emitted from the energy beam suddenly lit up the Mummy’s eyes and it jerked once.

“ANKZEEL!” Serena cried, “Ankzeel awakes.”

She quickly unfastened the cloak from around her shoulders and shrugged it to the floor. Serena stood naked for no more that a second before dropping to her knees in front of the Mummy and bowing her head. Hector couldn’t take his eyes from the bandaged husk as it twitched again.

“This can’t be happening,” he thought as the Mummy jerked as if receiving electric shocks. “It’s a trick. Oh God, please let it be a trick!” The red glow was getting stronger and the light streamed out of the holes for the eyes and mouth as well as the spaces around the bandages. Getting more and more intense until it was so bright that no one could bear to look at it, the light suddenly seemed to erupt with a loud bang and a piercing wail echoed around the room.

The light died down, and to Hector’s astonishment, and terror, the Mummy took a step forward and cried, “I’m alive!”

The hands were covered in thick swathes of bandage, which made them clumsy at removing the wrappings from around the body. Serena jumped to her feet with her eyes shining as she helped to tear at the strips of cloth. The flesh beneath was pink and healthy and when the chest was uncovered, Hector could see the tattoo of a black scorpion with its tail raised threateningly in the air. Serena pulled the last of the bandages from the hands and they both attacked the rest of the cloths. Within seconds, Ankzeel was standing naked before them and all the followers dropped to their knees. Hector was so much in shock that he simply stood with his mouth open until those on either side pulled him to his knees.

The only two people still on their feet were Serena and Ankzeel and he looked into her face and whispered, “Serena, my love. After all this time we are together again. You have done well.”

Blushing with pleasure, Serena bowed her head and said, “Thank you my lord,” and she made to fall to her knees. Anticipating her intention, Ankzeel gripped her tightly and lifted her effortlessly from the ground and pulled her naked body towards his own. With his head bowed, Hector peered upwards just enough to see the thick cock between Ankzeel’s legs stiffen and he heard Serena cry out as he lowered her cunt onto his shaft.

“For too long I have craved your cunt,” he snarled, “And I will have it now.”

“Take it master,” Serena cried, surrendering herself totally. “Take all my holes and shower me with your spunk.”

Ramming his cock into her body, they both cried out their pleasure and this seemed to be the signal for an orgy to begin. The kneeling followers jumped to their feel and tore off the black smocks. Falling on each other in a wild frenzy, hard cocks sought out any hole they could find and all the women were freely offering the use of every orifice in their body. Not wanting to be noticed, Hector also disrobed and crawled over and through the naked flesh. Twice he had to knock away a female hand that reached out for his prick, as he made his way slowly to the alter. The girl was lying motionless on the stone slab with the rod sticking obscenely out of her cunt. There was a terrible feeling of dread in the pit of Hector’s stomach as he reached up and touched her. Her flesh was cold and leathery and he knew immediately that she was dead.

Hector was stunned as he sat down on the floor with his back against the altar. He had just witnessed the ritualistic killing of an innocent girl, and what was even more disturbing was that he had also witnessed a thousand year old Egyptian Mummy come back to life. As these thoughts swirled through his mind, a young and beautiful girl had crawled over to him and was trying every trick she knew to suck his cock hard. As expert as the teenager was at giving head, Hector’s unresponsive prick had her beaten and she soon moved on to someone who was more interested. For the next few hours, Hector managed to keep himself in the shadows until everyone had fucked themselves to a standstill, and Serena clapped her hands for attention. She had spunk running out of both her holes and her tits were splashed with someone’s slime.

As the followers looked at her expectantly, Serena said, “My friends, this had been the night that I have prayed for through many lifetimes. You have all done well and will be rewarded, but now Ankzeel must rest. You will return here in two days time to hear the words of your Master. Go now.”

Hector was never so glad to be leaving Serena’s house and he had no intention of ever returning. The events of this evening were too fantastic for anyone to believe, so he buried them deep in his memory and called in some favors from his more normal friends. They were having a poker game when Ankzeel was being resurrected and they would swear that Hector had been with them. Satisfied that he had an alibi, in the unlikely event that the police should become involved, Hector considered his relationship with Serena and her friends to be severed.

Hector’s absence from the next meeting of Ankzeel’s followers was noticed but accepted. He regularly had business out of the country and Serena assumed that he was on a business trip. As the days passed however, Ankzeel became impatient to return to Egypt, where he had unfinished business, and for this, they needed Hector.

He got a shock when he opened the door of his house and found Serena standing outside accompanied with a tall man wearing a long trench coat and a wide brimmed hat, pulled low over his face. “S.. S.. Serena,” he stuttered.

“Hello Hector,” she said brightly, as she and the man pushed past and entered the house. “We haven’t seen you for such a long time!”

He tried frantically to think of a plausible excuse in the three or four seconds it took for him to close the door, but the words dried in his throat when he turned to face them and the man tore off the hat and the coat.

“I hate these garments that you call clothes, “Ankzeel snarled at Serena. “And I hate being cold.”

“I know, my love,” she replied soothingly, “But you must wear them outside so that you can move about unnoticed, and I can do nothing about the cold until we return to the Egypt.”

“Egypt!” Ankzeel said softly, and with reverence. “I long for it so much.”

As Hector watched their exchange, he looked at the former Mummy who was now wearing some form of leather or hide skirt type cloth around his waist. The rest of his body was uncovered except for a pair of sandals on his feet and his skin shone as if it had been recently oiled. Serena turned to Hector and said, “You were summoned to Ankzeel over a week ago. Why have you not obeyed the summons.”

Her voice was quiet and controlled, but he could also hear the edge of steel that it carried and he replied warily. “I was out of the country on business, Serena,” he began, “And I only got back …”

“You’re lying,” she interrupted. “Why are you lying?”

Before he could reply, Ankzeel stepped towards him with his right arm raised, and in his hand was his rod of power. “I’ll find out why,” he said as a ruby red glow was emitted from the ball of amber. Hector shrank back but the red glow enveloped his head and he stopped moving immediately. Ankzeel also remained motionless for a few seconds and then said, “He is not a believer. He was only with you for the orgies that you held in my name. He was thinking only of his cock!”

“Bastard!” Serena spat, “He deceived us both.”

“No matter,” Ankzeel said, with a shrug of his massive shoulders. “He will pay for his deceit with his life.”

The ruby red glow deepened in color and intensity until Serena shouted, “NO! No my love. We need him alive.”

The sorcerer looked at her as she explained, “He has the contacts to get us to Egypt without anyone asking awkward questions. After we are home, you can kill him if it is your wish.”

Ankzeel nodded head reluctantly and lowered his hand. The red glow faded away, but Hector’s eyes remained glazed. “He will do our bidding now,” Ankzeel said. “Instruct him!”

Three weeks later, an old freighter, owned my Hector’s company was on route for the Suez Canal. Before it got there, a towed motor launch slipped its tow under the cover of darkness and slid soundlessly into the Nile Delta. For the next two days, Ankzeel remained below deck while Serena and the unfocused Hector acted like typical tourists. On the night of the second day, Serena saw something that made her heart beat wildly and the blood pound in her veins. Calling Ankzeel onto the deck, she pointed with her finger, and they both looked in rapture at the outline of the Great Pyramid standing proudly on the Giza Plateau.

Standing behind Serena, the sorcerer wrapped his arms around her waist and whispered, “We’re home. After so many aeons, we’re home!”

She could feel his cock stiffen and press into her back and she wriggled her butt against the bulge She was wearing a light summer dress that wouldn’t look out of place on a tourist, but nothing underneath. Bending her over the side of the boat. Ankzeel pushed her dress up around her waist, and as he gazed in joy at the outline of the Pyramids, he slid his cock up Serena’s cunt and began fucking her. He knew that she would be wet. Somehow Serena was always wet and ready to fuck with him, and as the boat slipped through the waters of the Nile, his thick cock battered in and out of her hole and his balls slapped into her clit with the same rhythm as the water lapping against the hull of the craft.

Serena pulled down the front of her dress, feeling the material rip and let her firm tits spill out. As the most delicious feelings radiated out from her sex, she rolled her tight nipples in her fingers and relaxed into her climax. Slowly the intensity increased and her eyes closed as her breathing became labored.

Her clit was rasping over Ankzeel’s thick cock and being slapped by his balls at the end of every stroke. Suddenly she cried out and her body shook and shuddered. Her climax took control of her, and the sorcerer’s flashing prick held her their until she felt the first splatter of spunk hit her cervix. Being filled with cum propelled her even higher and she convulsed and twitched as Ankzeel continued to pump his load into her fuck tube.

When he released her, they stood entwined in each other arms as they watched the scenery, and Serena loved the dirty feeling of spunk oozing out of her cunt and running down the inside of her legs. The following day, they berthed the boat in a harbour and sought out a local camel trader. Having made Hector withdraw all his money from his banks and close his accounts, Serena and Ankzeel were able to purchase all the camels they needed for their trek across the desert.

Their destination was the Sacred City, where Ankzeel had ruled many years ago. They had a total of twelve camels. Three were used by Serena Hector and Ankzeel and the remainder carried all their provisions and tents. After two weeks in the baking sun, they were in an empty and featureless part of the desert and for a few days, Ankzeel had been looking worried. Eventually Serena plucked up the courage to say, “You are troubled, my love. What ails you?”

Ankzeel cast his eyes all around before he answered, “This is all wrong. The desert has moved and I can’t find the Sacred City. We should have reached it by now.”

After so many years and so many sand storms, there was nothing recognizable to the sorcerer and Serena asked, “Can you not move the sand my love? If the Sacred City is covered, can you not uncover it?”

Ankzeel groaned as he replied, “Even I cannot move every grain of sand in the desert. If I knew where the city was, I could uncover it, but I fear it s now lost forever!”

He slumped dejectedly on his camel, and for the rest of the day, they traveled in silence. Just before nightfall, Serena could see something in the distance, and as they got closer, they could see that it was a small village of some unknown tribe. “Look Ankzeel,” Serena cried. “Maybe someone in the village would know the location of the Sacred City. We should ask.”

The sorcerer’s face brightened and they stopped their camels and set up their tents. In all previous nights, they had set up one small tent that Serena shared with Ankzeel. As they fucked their brains out inside the tent, Hector was left outside to bed down with the camels for warmth. This night however, Ankzeel instructed that the large ceremonial tent be set up to impress the village.

When the sun had disappeared over the horizon, Ankzeel shouted on Hector to attend him. Hector’s eyes were completely vacant as he stood in front of his master, who was lying naked on some cushions. Serena’s mouth was working up and down his thick shaft, and although Hector could see what was happening, it had no effect on him.

“We are bored,” Ankzeel said to Hector. “Go into the village and get us a fuck toy. Make sure you’re not seen.”

Without a word, or any sign of emotion, Hector turned on his heel and left the tent.

Both Ankzeel and Serena were naked when he returned. They were gently fondling and rubbing each other’s genitals and watched as he came into the tent. An unconscious girl was draped over his shoulder and he lowered her onto the cushions and stood back. “Not bad,” Serena said as she leaned forward. The girl looked to be in her late teens and had black curly hair. Flawless skin covered her naked arms and legs and Ankzeel wanted to see more.

“Strip her,” he ordered.

Dropping to his knees, Hector swiftly removed her clothing, finishing with her panties. As he stood up, Serena took the girl’s underwear from his hand and sniffed the crotch. “Mmmm, that’s nice,” she said as she passed them to the sorcerer.

Ankzeel inhaled the girl’s fragrance and nodded his approval.

They crawled over to the now naked teenager and Serena knelt between her legs as Ankzeel took position just above her head. When Serena began gently slapping the girl’s face, she moaned softly and Serena continued hitting her harder and harder until her eyes snapped open. Taking a look at the two naked people around her, the girl’s eyes focused on Ankzeel’s thick prick that was waving about in front of her face and she opened her mouth wide to scream. If she had thought about her actions, she would probably have realized that opening her mouth wasn’t the cleverest thing to do. It was instinct however, and as she pulled air into her lungs in preparation for the scream, the sorcerer rammed his cock into her throat. The only sound that actually came from her throat was therefore a strangulated gag, and Serena giggled as she lay down between the girl’s legs and pushed her tongue unto her cunt.

Her body was bucking around as she tried to escape and she screamed around the sorcerer’s prick when Serena raised her fist in the air and brought it crashing down into her stomach. The girl tried to roll into a fetal position, but she couldn’t move her head to the side because of the cock in her throat. Instead, she pulled her knees up to her tits and covered her stomach with her hands. Serena smiled at this perfect position and she stared in delight at the girl’s cunt, framed between her legs, before she pushed her tongue between the outer lips.

Hector stood to the side, staring straight ahead and not even looking at the rape that was taking place just a few feet away. Although his eyes could see and react to what was happening around him, his conscious brain was controlled by the sorcerers iron will and he was nowhere near strong enough to resist. The girl had little choice but to suffer the rape. Although no words had been spoken, she knew instinctively that if she continued to struggle, she would get another beating, and she decided to remain docile and let them do what they wanted to her.

As Serena’s expert mouth worked on her, the girl’s body responded involuntarily and Serena lapped eagerly at the slime that was beginning to coat the walls of the unfortunate girl’s cunt. Although she was getting wet, the girl certainly wasn’t enjoying herself and she had to fight to pull air into her lungs past the thick cock that was rammed into her throat. Although she wasn’t a virgin and was used to giving head, she had never even seen a prick as thick as Ankzeel’s, and it felt even bigger as it fucked her throat.

The pain in her stomach was beginning to fade to a dull ache, and she moved her hands up to push at the sorcerer’s muscled torso and try to prevent his going any deeper into her throat. Her strength was puny compared to his however and he brushed her hands away with no more effort that he would make swatting a troublesome fly. Serena’s experienced mouth was beginning to have is effect on the girl and her clit was hardening and pushing free of its protective sheath. She teased the pleasure bud with her tongue and gently nuzzled it with her teeth until it was fully erect and the girl’s ass was squirming in response. Bringing the teenager so close to orgasm that she was within a few seconds of exploding, Serena suddenly pulled her face away and looked up at Ankzeel.

“She’s ready Master,” Serena said as she wiped the slime away from her mouth with the back of her hand. “Fuck her!”

The girl was very relieved when the thick shaft was pulled from her throat with a loud plop, but the relief turned to fear when she watched Ankzeel rise smoothly to his feet and take Serena’s place between her legs. Looking down at the massive prick, she seemed to me mesmerised by it as it waved about, but she whispered, “No. Please no,” and tossed her head wildly from side to side.

While the sorcerer pushed the head of his prick against her wet cunt, Serena straddled the girls head, facing her master, and squatted down. She was soaking wet and the girl could only stare helplessly as Serena’s open fuck hole descended towards her face. She was aware of Ankzeel’s strong fingers gripping her tightly around the hips, but she screamed loudly and piercingly as he jerked her towards his crotch and at the same time drove his hips forward. The first four inches of his cock stretched her open so much that lancing and burning pains shot through her abused cunt and her muscles involuntarily contracted. This made her fuck hole all the tighter and Ankzeel laughed loudly as he mercilessly continued to push more of his prick up her cunt.

The tortured girl’s cries were abruptly silenced as Serena dropped her cunt over her mouth and pressed down hard. All that could be heard now were muffled cries and the sharp whistling sound of air rushing up the girls nostrils as she sucked air into her body. Serena and Ankzeel were grinning at each other as they enjoyed raping the teenager and Serena looked over her shoulder at Hector. “Get your clothes off and fuck me up the ass,” she commanded.

Without hesitation, Hector pulled the coverings from his body, and by the time he was naked, his cock was hard. Crouching down behind Serena, the tip of his prick was only inches away from the young girl’s eyes and she could only stare in shock as she watched the shaft slide easily up Serena’s shit hole. Squirming her butt around to make sure that she had all of Hector’s cock in her bowels, she rubbed her dripping cunt over the girl’s mouth and nose as Hector started to fuck her asshole with long strokes.

With a roar of triumph, Ankzeel buried his prick fully in the girls cunt, ruining her cervix in the process, and he savored the moment before he began fucking her. The pain radiating out of the girl’s cunt was unimaginable. She had never been stretched so wide before and she desperately wished that Serena had made her cum so that she would have had more lubrication inside her hole. Although she was in agony, Ankzeel paid her no attention as he fucked her harder and harder. The teenagers eyes were wide open and they were filled with the sight of Hector’s prick sliding in and out of Serena’s asshole. The shaft was covered with streaks of the woman’s shit and the stench that was drifting into the girl’s nose was nauseating. At least Serena seemed to be enjoying herself and she cried, “Fuck me harder you bastard. Pound my fucking shit hole.”

As she encouraged Hector, she ground her soaking cunt and rock hard clit over the teenagers mouth and nose to stimulate herself even more. Grinning wickedly at the sorcerer, she reached forward to grip the girl’s shins and before the teenager was aware of what was happening, her legs were lifted up into the air and Serena tucked the girl’s ankles under her arms. The teenager was now completely helpless. She couldn’t move and she was totally exposed and vulnerable. For a few seconds, Serena watched the way her masters thick prick caused the young girl’s sex lips to be stretched into very thin lines of tight flesh and she could see the outline of Ankzeel’s huge cock beneath the skin of the girl’s stomach.

As he sawed it in and out, Serena shivered with lust as she felt the young girl gasp and scream into her cunt. Because of the way Serena had the teenagers legs pulled up, her butt had also been pulled off the floor and Ankzeel was able to get the maximum penetration. While he continued fucking the girl, Serena managed to worm her hand between their bodies and she pushed her index finger into the girl’s asshole. The pain in her cunt was so intense that the teenager never even felt her shit tube being penetrated, nor did she feel the finger being pulled out.

Serena moved her finger up to her nose and sniffed it appreciatively before offering it to the sorcerer. When Ankzeel smelt the teenagers asshole on his lovers finger, he understood what she wanted. Fucking the girl hard and fast for about a dozen strokes, he suddenly pulled his cock all the way back, and out of her body. The girl cried out into Serena’s fuck hole, at the unexpected release that brought fresh waves of agony as her fuck tube tried to shrink back to its normal size. It would take a while however and her cunt remained wide open and swollen.

She thanked her God for the end of her torment and she prayed that the sorcerer had climaxed and would now leave her alone. Her relief only fasted for a few seconds however before she felt the head of the shaft nudge against her asshole. A terrible fear gripped hr heart and her blood ran cold at the thought of what was going to happen to her. She twisted and squirmed as violently as she could but Serena was more that a match for her. Sitting down hard on her face and making it impossible to breathe, she held the girls legs in the air with an iron grip and although the teenager struck out with both hands at anything she could reach, it had no effect.

Ankzeel pushed relentlessly at the young girls shit hole, pressing her tight hole back into her body until something had to give, and it wasn’t going to be his iron hard cock. With a massive lunge forward, he ripped her sphincter muscle, and even muffled by Serena’s butt sitting on her face, her scream radiated around the tent as she was penetrated. Ankzeel also cried out, but his cry was pure pleasure and he continued to roar as he pushed deep into her bowels. He could feel the warm wetness of her blood and as he looked down to where they were joined, the red fluid was starting to cover his shaft.

Hector was still fucking Serena’s shit hole with a steady rhythm and yet his eyes remained glazed. She lifted her butt slightly from the girl’s face and giggled at the immediate sound of air being gasped into her lungs. Squatting down again, Serena dragged her throbbing clit over the teenagers face as she felt her climax approach. The tingling deep in her hole was intensifying rapidly and she just had time to look around at Hector and gasp, “Cum you bastard. Fill my dirty hole with spunk,” before she orgasmed wildly.

As she convulsed and shuddered, Hector did exactly as he was instructed and ejaculated his slime into Serena’s asshole. He did it in complete silence and not the slightest flicker of emotion or pleasure passed across his face as his cum rocketed up his cock and out of his piss hole.

Serena was breathing heavily as she recovered from her cum and she sat up straight and watched the sorcerer’s cock bugger the unfortunate girl. As he fucked, Ankzeel lifted up his rod of power and studied the ball of amber at the end, encasing the scorpion. Without breaking the rhythm of her thrusts, he turned the rod around and rammed the end up the teenager’s cunt. The young girl’s body stiffened but Serena had pushed her butt down hard into her face, forcing Hector’s softening cock out of her asshole. The rod glowed with a ruby red incandescence that coalesced into a mist that entered Ankzeel’s body through his nose and his mouth. The rod was taking the girl’s life force and it was going to be a close thing to see if the rod would kill her before Serena smothered her with her sticky cunt. The teenager was panicking and she tried with all her strength to escape but her efforts failed and the last thing she felt in this life was the sorcerer’s hot spunk splatter into her ruined shit tube.

Once they had cleaned themselves up, Serena and Ankzeel instructed Hector to take the girl’s body to the hills and dump it. The jackals would enjoy the feast.

At first light, Ankzeel dispatched Hector with an invitation to the head of the village to visit him and partake of his salt and wine. It was a ritual in the desert, and when the village leader presented himself, he found Serena and Ankzeel, dressed in their finest clothes and adorned with gold jewellery, waiting for him. He introduced himself as Solla, and although Serena told him her name, she introduced Ankzeel simply as, my companion. Solla was very young to be the head of the village at 38, and had only been appointed so because of the untimely death of his father. The position of leader hand been in his family for more generations that he could count.

Hector served the food and the three made pleasant conversation whilst they ate, as custom demanded. Once Hector had cleared away the food, Ankzeel steered the conversation towards the subject of the Sacred City.

Solla began to look very uncomfortable with this conversation, but because he had accepted food and wine in their tent, he couldn’t just get up and leave. After fifteen minutes of questioning, Solla eventually admitted that he knew the location of the city.

Ankzeel’s heart sang as he heard the news and he leaned forward expectantly and demanded, “Tell me. Tell me the location.”

“I’m sorry,” Solla replied, shaking his head. “The location of the Sacred City is a closely guarded secret. Only the male members of my family know of it and it is handed down from father to son.”

“TELL ME!” Ankzeel screamed, bounding to his feet. “Tell me the location of my city!”

“YOUR city?” Solla repeated as he to got to his feet.

“I am Ankzeel,” the sorcerer replied, drawing himself up to his full height.

“Ankzeel is only a legend,” Solla said. “A story to frighten children.”

“I AM ANKZEEL,” the sorcerer repeated, and shrugged out of the cloak he was wearing. Solla swallowed as his eyes took in the sight of the black scorpion emblazoned on the sorcerer’s chest. He had seen tattoos before, but this image looked almost real. Shaking his head with new conviction, he said, “No. You are not Ankzeel, and I will never reveal the location of the Sacred City to you.”

He strode out of the tent, but as he reached the front flap, the sorcerer’s voice said quietly, “Is that your final decision? Consider your words carefully. You may live to regret them!”

“It is my final word,” Solla snarled as he left the tent.

When he was gone, Serena asked, “Can you not make him tell you? Control him like you control Hector.”

The sorcerer glanced over to where Hector sat on the ground, waiting for an instruction. “No,” he replied. “Solla is much more strong-willed that that fool. He has always been taught to conceal the location of the Sacred City and the secret is buried too deep in his mind for me to reach.”

The silence that followed was almost tangible and Ankzeel looked at Serena and said, “It is time for you and Hector to leave. Spread the word that Ankzeel has returned and that any who follow me will be richly rewarded.”

As she rose to her feet to obey, he added, “Women as well as men. I need muscle, and I need cunt to keep the muscle content.”

For the next four weeks, Solla watch in concern as the tents around Ankzeel increased in number. Men came from all directions to follow the sorcerer, prompted by the promises of wealth and power and they brought their wives and lovers, together with their dogs. The Pharaoh Hound had been breed in Egypt for thousands of years. Originally used by the Pharaoh’s to hunt Hyena’s and other large prey, the animals were swift and muscular. Standing a few centimeters taller than the average Pointer, they were either a tan, or fawn color that blended with the desert sand and were now mainly used as guard dogs. Selecting four of the biggest and most powerful dogs, Ankzeel paid their owners well before he took them on leashes into his tent. Calling forth the power of his rod, the red glow enveloped the animals, and from that moment on, they were fiercely loyal to the Sorcerer and hardly ever left his side.

When Serena eventually returned, she was alone. She had kept Hector with her to use his cock when ever she felt the need, but now that she was returning to her true love, that need was gone. After letting him fuck her one last time, she plunged her knife into Hector’s stomach and smiled at him as he writhed on the floor in agony. The wound would probably be fatal, but it would take hours, or maybe even days for him to die.

“Ankzeel told me that you were never a believer and were only with us for sex,” she spat at him. “You will never think about sex again!” Reaching down, she gripped his soft cock and balls tightly in her fist. Squeezing as hard as she could, she watched in delight as his eyes bulged out and his body became rigid. The pain was indescribable and the woman laughed gleefully as she lowered the blade in her other hand and started cutting off his genitals. Hector screamed and his hands tried to protect himself. The razor sharp blade cut through his fingers just as easily as it cut through his manhood and Serena gave a cry of success as she stood up clutching the knife in one hand, and Hector’s cock in the other. Blood spurted from the severed artery, making it look like a final red ejaculation from between his legs and he could only stare in horror at the woman. Gradually, the stare turned glazed as his lifeblood drained into the sand and she left his body to be consumed by predators of the desert.

While he waited for Serena to return, Ankzeel had found out two important pieces of information. Firstly, Solla was the only person in the village who knew the location of the city, and secondly, he had a wife and daughter. His wife was thirty-five years old and his daughter was fourteen. On the same night that Serena arrived back, Ankzeel ordered their abduction!

When the sun rose the next morning and Solla found his wife and daughter missing, he amassed the fit men of the village and marched to Ankzeel’s tent. He had vastly underestimated the strength of the sorcerer’s followers however and they were quickly overpowered. When Solla was dragged into the tent with his arms and legs bound, the words of protest died in his throat when he saw his family. His wife was secured by ropes around her ankles to stakes driven into the firm sand and her wrists were similarly fastened to a timber beam running across the roof of the tent. Looking to the side, Solla saw that his fourteen-year-old daughter was restrained the same way and that both females had gags in their mouths. “What are you doing,” he cried. “Why are you hurting my family?” “Hurting your family?” Ankzeel repeated. “I haven’t hurt them at all. I wouldn’t do that until you arrived. I wouldn’t want you to miss the show.”

The sorcerer’s voice hardened and he looked at the two guards and commanded, “If he takes even half a step towards his wife or his daughter, cut the tendons at the back of his knees, but don’t kill him just yet.”

Nodding their heads, the two guards drew their curved scimitars out of their scabbards and stood ready to use them.

Turning to Serena, Ankzeel nodded once and then relaxed down onto a pile of cushions

Serena walked towards Solla’s wife, and the woman’s eyes showed fear as she pulled a long stiletto blade out from her belt. She stepped forward in front of the brunette and scrutinized the woman’s face for a few moments before walking around to her back. When she reached the rear she paused for a moment and suddenly her arm shot out and she grabbed a large handful of the brunette’s hair and yanked it back, forcing the woman’s head sharply back. The suddenness of the move had caught Solla’s wife by surprise and the pain was evident in her eyes as her head was forced back at an unnatural angle.

“Remember Solla,” Serena said, “You can stop this anytime just by telling us where the Sacred City is to be found.”

“The Sacred City,” Solla thought. “So that’s what this is all about.” Drawing himself up, Solla looked at his wife and said, “I’m sorry,” before her turned to Ankzeel and spat, “I will never tell you.”

Nodding her head in understanding, Serena said, “That’s good, and I hope you keep your word. You see, the more you remain silent, the more I get to hurt them.”

She turned to stare straight at Solla as she finished, “And I do love hurting people.”

She crossed over to his daughter and gently ran her fingers through her straight shoulder length blond hair that cascaded down over her face and just touched her shoulders. Brushing the hair away from the young girl’s face, Serena said, “I’m going to hurt your Mom real bad little girl, but you don’t have to feel left out. When I’m finished with her, I’m going to hurt you too.”

Like her Mother, she had a rag stuffed in her mouth and held in place with a gag. Her large blue eyes showed real fear at what Serena had said, and she shook her head wildly and looked imploringly at her father. Unable to stand his daughters gaze, Solla looked down at the ground and let the tears roll freely down his cheeks.

Serena turned to the men standing around the sides of the tent. They were Ankzeel’s body guards and she nodded towards the two females and ordered, “Strip them!”

The guards eagerly moved forward and without any hesitation, they started to rip and tear at what little clothing the women were wearing. Within minutes the two women were totally naked except for the gags around their mouths and Serena let the men grope at their tits and thighs for a few seconds before she clapped her hands once. The guards backed away immediately and took up their former positions, leaving Serena in the centre of the tent, studying their naked bodies.

Their ankles were restrained by rope, which was in turn tied to stakes driven deep into the desert sand. There was about two feet of rope between the females’ ankles and the stakes, and Serena called some of the guards to her and gave them instructions. Ankzeel watched intently as the guards untied the ropes from around the stakes and pulled their ankles closer to the stakes before tying them up again. This had the effect of forcing the women to open their legs wide apart and completely exposing their sex to their eager audience. Ankzeel smiled and nodded his pleasure. Serena was always very creative when it came to torture and it was one of the reasons that the sorcerer loved her so much.

Solla’s wife had large full breasts with big dark round nipples protruding from the centre of each firm mound. Her body was firm and yet supple from a life of hard work and between her legs was a mass of thick curly dark brown hair that extended from her lower belly and disappeared between her legs towards her asshole.

The daughter however had much lighter hair that hung straight down her back and small tits with tiny erect pink nipples in the center that pointed upwards. Her teenage body still carried the remnants of some puppy fat and her pale skin was unblemished except for a couple of bruises that were from her abduction. She had a small patch of dirty blonde hair between her legs and the deep slit of her cunt could be clearly seen between her parted thighs. The eyes of all the guards seemed to be drawn to that single spot in the room.

It was time to get the interrogation underway and Serena walked over to the large ornate brazier that provided heat in the tent during the night. This morning however it was ablaze, and she took two long pokers and pushed them into the fire to heat. She knew that everyone in the room was watching her and she heard both of the woman and Solla groan when they saw her preparations.

The daughter was sobbing loudly and her eyes were wide with terror as she watched Serena cross the room to stand behind her mother. Sliding her hands around to her flat stomach, Serena moved them up until she was cupping Solla’s wife’s tits. She started to gently massage the woman’s nipples and her experienced fingers gently teased and coaxed the nipples to tighten and harden. The woman was surprised and embarrassed at this unexpected behavior and despite her predicament, her body began to respond and relax.

When Serena felt the woman’s arousal, she dug her nails into the swollen nipples and squeezed as hard as she could, twisting and pulling the treats violently at the same time. The woman’s reaction was instantaneous as she screamed behind her gag and her body went rigid and started to shake. Serena kept the pressure up for a full minute before releasing the woman, and by this time the daughter was nearly hysterical and she strained and pulled uselessly at the ropes that held her. Solla as shaking but powerless to help his wife as he stood between the two guards and their drawn scimitars.

Very slowly Serena walked around to the front of the woman and said, “Understand that I have the power to inflict the most exquisite pain and torture on your body unless your husband tells us what we want to know.”

She nodded her head at a guard and instructed, “Remove her gag, and the girls.” Once his task was completed, the guard stepped back to his former position and Serena looked at the woman and whispered, “I suggest you talk to your husband.”

The woman remained quiet however, but that quickly changed when she saw Serena lift a handful of large needles from the floor. The needles were used for repairing the tents and the leather saddles that were used on the camels. They were all fully six inches long and thick enough to have an eyelet for the leather strips that were used for repair. The woman shook her head and cried, “Solla, tell them what they want to know. Please don’t let them hurt me.”

Solla couldn’t respond to his wife’s desperate plea and he looked down at the floor as she screamed, “Solla, you bastard. SOLLA!”

The smile on Serena’s face never faded as she took a needle and slowly pushed it into the woman’s tit. She screamed loudly and strained at her restraints as the agony exploded in her flesh. The second needle was pushed upwards, from the bottom of her breast until it came out the top. Thin trickles of blood ran from her tit and down her body as Sterna turned her attention to the other breast. The woman’s head thrashed wildly from side to side in a silent plea to every God she knew, bit it was no help. “Solla!” she cried, “Solla, why are you letting them do this?”

His daughter added her broken and ragged voice as she screamed, “Father, stop this. Stop these bastards hurting my mother!”

He flinched at the sound of their voices, as if he had received a physical blow, but he remained silent.

Serena shrugged her shoulders and started to mutilate the woman’s other breast, driving two needles through her tender flesh. With a loud groan, the woman sagged against the ropes that held her. She wasn’t quite unconscious but very close to it and one of the guards stepped forward and threw a pitcher of cold water into her face. The young girl looked over in horror at what was being done to her mother and her eyes grew even wider as Serena walked over to her and lovingly caressed her small tits.

“Don’t worry,” Serena said, as she waved more needles in front of the child’s face. “I still have lots of needles left for your gorgeous little tits. I’m going to really hurt you!”

The girl moaned and Serena giggled when she looked down between the child’s legs and saw that she was pissing herself. As her urine soaked into the sand, Serena pushed her finger into the spurt and licked it clean.

Leaving the distressed child, Serena saw that the cold water had revived the mother and she crossed back to her. She took the woman’s nipple between her thumb and forefinger and she smiled sweetly at her as she said, “These are the ones that really hurt.”

Taking a needle, she held the nipple tightly as she pushed the sharp spike straight into her tit and wriggled it around as she did so. The screams of pure agony and torment reverberated through the tent, but that didn’t stop Serena taking the other nipple in her fingers and repeating the action. The ropes around the woman’s wrists took her entire weight as her knees buckled and it took three pitchers of water to revive her.

Serena left the woman’s side to fetch a candle that she lit from the fire in the brazier. Before returning to the groaning woman, she stopped beside Solla and asked, “Do you want to tell us the location yet?”

Unable to speak, he just shook his head and she shrugged in response.

The woman’s eyes stared at the candle as if mesmerized and Serena raised her hand and beckoned one of the guards over. Sliding her long stiletto blade out of its sheath she handed it to the guard and said loudly, “If this bitch blows out the candle, stick this blade up her daughters asshole.”

Both mother and daughter looked aghast and the guard went to stand behind the child with the knife held threateningly.

Positioning the flame on the end of the needle that had penetrated the nipple, Serena held the tit steady and kept the metal in contact with the heat. After a few seconds the heat started to creep down the needle and into her flesh. Her screech was almost inhuman and Serena had to shout at the top of her lungs, “You can stop this any time you want Solla. Just tell us here the Sacred City is.”

The needle got hotter and hotter. Searing her flesh and roasting it from the inside as Serena continued to hold the flame in position until the woman passed out again.

This time it took a good five minutes to bring her around, but her knees still wouldn’t support her body and she sagged in the restraints. Her tits were covered with blood and the sweet smell of chard flesh was in the air. Still holding the candle in her hand, Serena looked down at the mass of dark pubic hair between the woman’s legs and shook her head.

“No wonder you only have one child Solla,” she said. “How the fuck are you meant to find her cunt in that forest?”

Lowering the candle, she held it between the woman’s legs and her hair became a ball of flame. She jumped and jerked like a puppet and the smell of singed hair filled the tent with its distinctive odour, and Serena played the flame around until only short stubble remained. Her cunt lips and clitoris could now be clearly seen nestling between her open thighs and the guards craned their necks for a look at her slit. Her hole was closed and Serena used a rag to wipe away the residue of the hair before she got onto her knees and pushed the end of the candle into the sand to keep it upright and lit. Pushing her face forward, she licked up and down the woman’s cunt lips, coating them with her saliva before worming her tongue into her cunt. The tip of her tongue quickly found the woman’s clit and she teased it and stimulated it until it started to swell. The mother was in agony, but despite the intense pain radiating out from her tits, her clit was responding to Serena’s tongue and was soon hard. Pulling her face back, she lifted a needle from the floor and was careful to let the woman see her doing it. “No. NO!” she screamed as Serena’s fingers rubbed gently over her clit and kept it aroused.

Gripping the hard pleasure bud in her fingers, Serena caused as much pain as she could by pushing the needle very slowly through the woman’s clit. She was still screaming hysterically as Serena took the candle and held the flame onto the needle. Yet again the female screamed, this time a blood curdling sound that seemed to shake the tent as her flesh sizzled. Finally she passed out again and Serena rose to her feet.

She was beginning to get bored with Solla’s wife and she could see that he had hardened himself to the fact that his wife was going to suffer terribly and maybe even die. She had seen him glance fearfully at his distraught daughter a few times however and she thought that she would have more success with the child.

Turning her back on the mother, she glanced over at the guards and said, “Use her as you will.”

The words were hardly out of her mouth before the guards crowded around the unfortunate woman. She screamed as one of the guards ripped the needle out of her clit, pulling her roasted flesh with it, and others clawed and mauled her tortured tits. The guards were all naked apart from a thin leather thong around their waist that held a rectangular piece of cloth that hung down the front and the back. It was normally just long enough to cover their cocks and their butts, but did nothing to hide their erections. The woman could do nothing to prevent a cock penetrating her cunt and she cried out as another guard rammed his prick into her asshole. As the two men double fucked her, the other guards waited their turn and Solla cried like a broken man but his mouth remained closed.

When the first guard had pumped his spunk into her abused cunt, he stepped back and an instant later, another fresh cock was driven into her hole. Serena pushed her hand under her skirt and gently rubbed her clit as she watched the guards sexually gratifying themselves with the woman. She watched the daughter’s face as her mother was repeatedly raped in both holes and she crossed to the child and whispered into her ear, “You’re next. Only another few minters and then you’ll know what real pain is.”

The child thrashed uselessly in her restraints as Serena walked over to the brazier slowly twisted the poker in the glowing coals as she waited for the guards to finish using Solla’s wife. When the last man had grunted and squirted his cum into the woman’s cunt, Serena pulled out a poker and she moved back to the woman. The inside of her legs was covered with spunk, blood and the contents of her bowels and she sagged on the ropes around her wrists with her eyes were closed, when she felt the heat from the poker. She opened her eyes as Serena jerked a needle out of her nipple and pressed the glowing tip of the poker into her flesh.

The agony was indescribable and her mouth opened in horror, but the pain was so extreme that her throat muscles were locked in a rigid spasm and only a strangulated croak was released. Gripping the ruined tit as tightly as she could with her hand, Serena twisted the tip of the poker back and forth, roasting the nipple and making it blister and sizzle. Although the mother couldn’t manage a scream, her daughter cried wildly in total horror. She hurled every verbal insult she could against Serena, and also her father for allowing this to continue, but nothing helped her mother. Serena held the poker in position until the cherry red glow had had died away to black before she removed it and stabbed it back into the fire. Pulling out the second poker, while one of the guards threw water on the woman to bring her round, she knelt down and jammed the searing metal against her clit. This time it only took a few seconds for her to slip into unconsciousness and no amount of water was going to wake her. Her brain had been so overloaded with pain that it had simply shut down.

Ankzeel was relaxing on the cushions, drinking wine from a golden goblet and gently jacking of his hard cock. He loved to watch Serena inflict pain. It was almost what the woman was born for and she was very good at it. Although she hadn’t been gifted with knowledge of her past lives, she nevertheless knew that she had always been involved with sex, bondage, murder and pain. She was also very experienced with torture and it was already clear to her that there was nothing that she could do to the woman that would make Solla give up his secrets. Shrugging her shoulders, she pulled a slim blade out of her belt and casually thrust it into the woman’s throat. The only sound in the tent was Ankzeel’s joyful laughter as he watched the woman’s blood spurt onto the sand floor but Solla’s wife had been more comatose that simply unconscious and she never regained her sense as he life ended. Her daughter however was completely distraught and she shook uselessly in the ropes that bound her and screamed at the sight of her mothers murder.

Once Solla’s wife was beyond any further pain, Serena replaced the pokers into the fire to heat up again and turned to the young, terrified girl and said, “Wasn’t that fun my dear? Now it’s your turn. Do you think that your father has anything to tell me yet?”

They both looked over at Solla. One of them with a smile on her face and one with a horrified look.

“Father?” the young girl pleaded, and she watched the tears roll down his face, but he stubbornly shook his head.

“Good,” Serena said with obvious glee. “I was hoping he’d say that.”

The child was shaking with fear as Serena looked up and down her body and walked slowly around her.

“What shall we hurt first,” she mused to herself. Cupping the girl’s small tit, she continued, “Maybe we could cut out your perfect little nipples and make you eat them.”

Serena eyed up the fresh young body of the fourteen year old naked blond girl in front of her. She was physically turned on by the sight of the girl bound by the ropes, and given different circumstances, she could have enjoyed the girl’s body. Now she had a job to do however and she blanked from her mind the sadistic torture and murder of the girl’s mother whose body still sagged lifelessly from the ropes and she was focused now only on what she intended to the daughter. The terrified girl had been temporarily struck dumb after being forced to watch her mothers torture and murder started to sob and cry out for mercy. “Please don’t kill me, I don’t know anything. Don’t hurt me, I couldn’t take the pain.” Serena walked around behind the girl and looked at Solla as she started to massage the girl’s neck. After a few moments she dropped her hands to the girls small but firm breasts and started to gently manipulate the small mounds, occasionally running a finger lightly over the girl’s small nipples. She lent forward and whispered into the girl’s ear, “You are lovely my dear, but I have to know what your father knows. Make him tell me and I wont have to hurt you or mark that perfect little body of yours.” With that she started to squeeze the girl’s nipples as hard as she could.

The girl sobbed and started to scream at the pain. “Please no, stop. Please, PLEASE!!”

Serena finally released the pressure on the girl’s tender nipples and started to gently massage her tits again. “You see it’s up to you,” she said. “Make him tell me.”

Her hands started to slide slowly down the girl’s body, caressing it as she went, occasionally stopping to pinch the flesh for a moment before slowly continuing on their way. Eventually the manipulating hands closed in on the small tuft of blond hair between the girls parted legs. Gently massaging the area between the girl’s legs, Serena started to slowly rub the girl’s cunt lips. She used one of her fingers to delve into the girl’s cunt itself and then withdrew to find her budding clit. As she carefully worked the swelling bud in her fingers to excite the girl she suddenly started to squeeze at the flesh she was holding. Only this time the sensitivity of the swollen clitoris in her fingers brought an immediate response from the girl. She screamed out in pain, sobbing, “Please no, stop. Tell her father. TELL HER!”

“All right,” Solla cried. “Leave her alone and I’ll tell you. Don’t hurt my baby any more.”

His head hung down in defeat and Ankzeel bounded to his feet.

“Tell me,” he demanded, with his face so close that his spit sprayed into Solla’s face. “Tell me where the Sacred City is.”

“I can’t tell you,” Solla replied with a shake of his head, “But I can guide you there. Two days ride and we can be at the Sacred City.”

“Agreed,” Ankzeel said with reluctance. He had waited hundreds of years to see the Sacred City and he could be patient for another two days.

“Release my daughter now,” he demanded, “And I’ll guide you to the city.”

Ankzeel’s laughter reverberated around the tent at the absurd suggestion. “You are in no position to make demands of me,” he snarled as the laughter died away. “Your worthless daughter will remain her with my guards while you guide me to the city. Any tricks and I will personally see your daughter staked out and fucked by every man in the camp before she’s killed!”

Solla was a broken man as he climbed on top of the camel and prepared to lead Ankzeel to the Sacred City. He had watched his wife be repeatedly raped and killed and the only thing that was left for him was his daughter. He knew that she had been brutally traumatized by what she had seen, but those mental images would eventually fade, and he prayed that one day, she might actually forgive him for what he had allowed done to her mother. The important thing was that she hadn’t been violated and he would do anything to prevent that.

Ankzeel had selected twelve guards and an assortment of women to accompany him and Serena on the trip to the city that Solla assured them could be done in two days. Just before they set off, Serena took aside one of the guards who would remain behind, and whispered her instructions.

“By the time we send you word that we have found the city,” she said, “I want every man here to have fucked that little bitch in every hole she has. When you’re all tired of her, stake her out and let the dogs fuck her. You can do whatever you want to her, but make sure that she stays alive until you get word that we’ve found the Sacred City. Once you have received the word, bring her to me!”

Smiling sadistically, and licking his lips at the thought of fucking such a young child, the guard nodded his understanding.

Without looking back to the tent that his daughter was in, Solla kicked his camel into motion and led the procession deeper into the desert. They traveled until dusk before setting up camp and Ankzeel’s eyes were shining as he took Serena into his tent.

“I can feel it my love,” he said. “We are close to the city. Very close.”

As he spoke, he removed his cloak and she automatically dropped to her knees and brought her face to within inches of his prick. As she watched, the precum on the end of his cock formed a drop so large that it threatened to drip off and she stuck out her tongue and pulled the slime into her mouth. She savored the taste as it slid down her throat and then bent forward to lick all over the head of his cock. The surface of his shaft began to shine with her saliva and she opened her mouth and sucked just the head inside. Swirling her tongue around the slit of his piss hole, she reached around to grasp a muscular ass cheek in each of her hands and pulled him closer to her.

This forced more of his cock to slide into her mouth and his thickness filled her to the limit. She shivered with lust at the taste of his prick and reached between his legs to cup his large balls in her hand. Very gently, she squeezed and tugged them, and began to bob her head on his cock, fucking him with her mouth. The sorcerer’s body went taut as she took his entire cock into her mouth and he could feel the head of his shaft lodge in the opening of her throat. At the same time, he felt the suction she was exerting on him, along with the movement of her tongue against the underside of his cock.. He was breathing hard as Serena’s expert mouth worked on him and he gasped when she started to bob her head, moving her lips back and forth on his cock.

As she drove his prick into her mouth, he felt her push up against the underside of his shaft with her tongue and force the head of his cock up against the roof of her mouth until he began to enter her throat. She paused there and swallowed several times, taking him deeper with every swallow. Her velvet like throat was as tight as a virgin’s cunt and he moaned as his spunk began to froth inside his balls. As she worked on him, she sucked even harder and moved her head faster and faster as she continued to massage his balls.

Suddenly, he knew he wasn’t going to be able to hold it in any longer and he groaned long and loud. His cock lurched in her throat as his hot, thick cum rocketed up the shaft and exploded into her mouth. The head of his cock swelled even larger and she could feel the pulses along the shaft as the first spurt went directly into her throat and slid down to her stomach. Pulling back her head and sealing her lips around the spurting tip, she took the rest of his slime into her mouth and milked every drop out of him by jacking his shaft with her hand. Having drained him, she let his spunk trickle delightfully down her throat and then licked his prick until it was squeaky clean.

As she sat back on her heals and licked her lips, he looked up in rapture at her lovers face, and was thrilled at Ankzeel’s expression.

“No matter how often you do that for me, you always exceed my expectations Serena. I have never met a girl who can suck a cock as good as you.”

She giggled as she climbed to her feet, still holding his softening cock in her hands. Looking down at it, she replied, “I hope that it wont stay like that for long.”

“Leave me for a while to rest,” Ankzeel replied. “Go and find some pleasure somewhere else and come back to me when the sun had gone down. Then it will be my turn to pleasure you.”

Serena grinned and she looked around the tent and noticed that they were alone except for the four Pharaoh Hounds. The guards were all busy setting up the camp and preparing a meal, so she said, “Perhaps Master you would let me have one of your hounds for company until you are ready for me.”

With a smile, equally as lecherous as her own, the sorcerer snapped his fingers and one of the large hounds immediately rose smoothly to his feet and looked up at Ankzeel.

“Go with her and do her bidding as if it were mine,” he said. Understanding every word, the animal walked over to Serena and sat down in front of her waiting for instruction.

“Good dog,” she said patting its large head. “Come with me.”

She left Ankzeel to his business and walked quickly across the sand to her own private tent. The hound padded noiselessly behind her, neither of them paying any attention to the bustle of the people all around that were preparing the camp. One she got into the relative coolness of her tent, she untied the door flap to let it fall into place and then tied it closed. In the desert, a closed tent flap was the equivalent of a “Do Not Disturb” sign, and she knew that no one would now interrupt her.

Expensive rugs and cushions were strewn around the floor of the tent and Serena shrugged out of her clothes and she walked confidently to the dog. She had to stand on her tip-toes to positioning her wet slit right on top of the animals nose and she whispered, “See what I got for you boy.”

The hound sniffed her hot cunt and Serena shivered as the dog swiped his long tongue over her slit and tasted her juices. She let him lick for a few seconds before she said huskily, “Now lets see what you’ve got for me!”

She dropped onto the rug and the animal made to follow her down and continue to lap between her legs, but she stopped him with a sharp command of, “Stand!”

Serena was on her knees and she rubbed her hands over the soft hair of the animals back and then down its flanks. The dog watched her with its tongue lolling out of the side of its mouth and Serena could swear that it was smiling at her. As her hand went underneath the hound’s belly, she held her breath as her fingers touched the furry sheath of its prick. She could feel that the hot tip of his cock was already pushing out of the sheath and her fingers were quickly covered with the animal’s precum. Gripping the sheath gently, she lowered her head to watch the prick lengthen as she jacked off the dog. As it lengthened, it also thickened and turned a much darker red. Her mouth was dry as she worked on the hound’s shaft, and by the time he was fully erect, his prick was as thick as her wrist and fully ten inches long.

“Oh you beautiful dog,” she whispered. “You beautiful, big cocked, dog.”

Releasing her hold on the animal, she licked her fingers as she pushed a few cushions under her butt, and under her head, and lay back. Opening her legs wide, she looked expectantly at the dog and said, “Come and get it baby.”

The animal moved between her legs and sniffed at her juicy crotch before his tongue began working.

“Yes, just like that baby,” she said softly as she felt the dog’s tongue playing over her swollen cunt lips and she lent back on the cushions and squeezed her tits and rock hard nipples. She trembled with arousal as she took both nipples between her thumbs and forefingers and squeezed hard. Moaning with pleasure, she placed both feet flat on the floor and raised her cunt up, pushing it harder against the canine’s mouth.

“Lick me,” she cried, tossing her head from side to side. “Lick me until I cum.!

The dog whimpered as he lapped all over her dripping hole, scooping up her juices and swallowing them down hungrily while Serena writhed beneath him. She took her hands away from her tits and clutched the sides of the dog’s big head as he flared his nostrils and breathed in her strong cunt scent. She pulled at his head, dragging him harder against her crotch, and the dog responded eagerly as his mouth worked at her soft, wet flesh. She could feel her climax bubble and tingle just below the surface and she opened her knees even wider and snarled, “Get your tongue up me you big fucker. Bury it right up my fucking cunt.”

She released her hold on the dog’s head and used both hands to haul her cunt lips wide apart, exposing her pink tube to the dog’s waiting mouth and the animal plunged his tongue deep into her hole. She was tight inside her fuck tube but the hounds tongue quickly wormed its way up until he was licking her cervix. The slime was pouring out of her cunt in torrents and the dog pulled as much of her nectar into his mouth as he could.

Serena released her cunt lips since the dog’s snout was now holding them open and she whimpered as she tightened up her sex muscles and gripped the thrusting tongue tightly. The animal whimpered as well and he was prancing from paw to paw as he tried to find the source of her delicious fuck sauce. His cock was rock hard and their was a pool of precum between his back legs that was staining the rug.

The hound’s hot, rough tongue plunged relentlessly in and out of her burning cunt and when he pulled out of her saturated fuck hole, he swiped his tongue along the length of her slit, and over her firm, throbbing clit. That additional stimulation was enough to send Serena into orbit, and she cried out, “Fuck, I’m going to cum,” just seconds before her body tensed and she became rigid. After a long moment where all she could do was screw her eyes shut and pant for breath, her muscles began to shudder and convulse as she crashed down on her back and flopped about on the floor.

Thick girl cum spurted out of her hole and the dog lapped up every drop before he speared his tongue back up her spasming cunt.

When Serena eventually recovered her senses and her eyes fluttered open, the dog was still between her legs and eating her cunt. Looking down her flat stomach she could see the animal’s long tongue as it disappeared up her cunt and she also caught a glimpse of the thick red cock that was hanging down between his legs. Slapping her stomach to get the hounds attention, she gasped, “Come here boy. I want to taste your lovely cock.”

Not completely understanding what Serena wanted, the animal raised his head away from her cunt and looked at her for further instruction. Calling him to her again, the dog padded to her side and she spun him around until he was facing her feet and then gripped both of his back paws and lifted them from the ground. Lowering his paws back onto the floor, one on either side of her head, she stared up at the canine prick and licked her lips. A constant drip of pre-cum flowed from the tip and she could feel the heat from it as it dropped into her skin and then rolled off. Opening her mouth, she lifted her head up and sucked the shaft into her throat. It was hotter that a human cock and tasted stronger, but she loved the depravity of sucking off a dog and her cheeks hollowed as she went to work.

The hound looked round at her for a while as he stood still and let her give him head, before his nose twitched at the scent of her aroused fuck hole. Moving his front paw so that he was fully straddling her body, the hound dropped his head back to her cunt and Serena groaned when she felt the familiar touch of his tongue. Her fuck hole was oozing out a steady stream of fresh, warm slime and the dog whined with delight as he alternately licked her clit and speared his tongue into her dripping cunt hole. While the horny dog continued to eat her out, Serena sucked hard on his cock, drinking down all the delightful precum and she slipped her hand under her raised butt and pushed a stiffened finger into her asshole. She loved the feeling of something in her shit hole and she drove her finger in and out in perfect rhythm with the dog’s tongue thrusts into her cunt.

The sex hungry dog was quickly driving Serena to another orgasm. He shoved the full length of his tongue up her cunt and she tightened her muscles around it, forcing it harder against the little sweet piece of extra sensitive flesh around her piss hole. She moaned around the cock buried in her throat, as the tingling in her sex became almost unbearable. She nearly cried out in frustration when the dog abruptly pulled his tongue out of her fuck hole, but before she could do anything, he licked at her hard clit, feeling the stiff bud pulsing beneath his tongue.

She tried to cry out that she was cumming, but her shout was muffled by the thrusting prick in her throat. The animal knew exactly what was happening however because a fresh flood of cunt cream splattered out of her hole and the dog lapped it up eagerly. Serena spat out the dog’s shaft as she started to shudder and she moaned and writhed about on the rug as the rasping tongue continued to hold her in climax. Waves of ecstasy washed over the woman, making her fuck hole spasm with lust, and her asshole clench around her thrusting finger.

She recovered much more slowly than she had after her first climax and by the time her eyes opened, her face was covered with precum that had dripped out of the hound’s cock. Pushing the animal away until her breathing steadied, she stared with undisguised hunger at the thick red prick and moved more cushions under her butt until her cunt was raised in the air. Looking straight into the dog’s eyes, she commanded, “Fuck me.”

The large tan coloured dog sprang forward, pinning her to the floor beneath him and she raised her legs in the air on either side of his flanks. Curling her legs around the hounds body and locking her ankles together, Serena slid her slime cunt along the surface of the dogs equally slimy cock and she shivered as the soft hairs of his belly stimulated her rock hard nipples. She could feel the strings of his hot precum dribble onto her swollen sex lips and she moaned with pure lust.

“Shit,” she groaned loudly. I need your cock baby. I really need your cock inside me.”

She could feel his hips begin to thrust forwards in an attempt to find her hole and she uncoupled her ankles and placed both feet flat on the floor. Raising her butt by arching her back off the floor, Serena opened her knees as far as she could and positioned her pink fuck hole in line with his prick. She rubbed her heaving tits and flat belly against his warm fur and moaned with excitement as she was consumed by her lust for the dog’s hard cock. With an excited cry, Serena spread her legs even farther apart and the large, tan colored dog suddenly thrust his hard cock into her soaking fuck hole.

“YES! YES! Fuck me,” Serena wailed, thrilled to finally feel the thick animal cock penetrating her cunt and she bent her knees and raised her hips higher into the air to make it easier for the thrusting dog. She humped her cunt up hard against the dog’s prick, crying out as it battered her cunt walls apart and drove deep until it nudged against her cervix. Crazed with lust, Serena threw her arms around the dog’s neck and lifted the top half of her body from the ground. Her feet were still planted on the floor and the muscular animal took her weight easily as his cock flashed in and out of her hole. A continual dribble of pre-cum ran out of her body as she was fucked and she loved the sensation of the hot shaft sliding in and out of her cunt. Clawing at the dog’s back with her fingers, Serena’s sharp fingernails dug into his muscular flesh beneath his fur coat and her knees opened as wide as possible as the hound continued to plunge the full length of his cock up her wet and clenching fuck hole.

“Oh God, that’s nice,” she moaned huskily. “Shove it all the way into me! Fuck me with your hot and hard cock.”

As if understanding every word, the dog barked in response and began fucking his prick into the priestess with long and incredibly fast strokes that made Serena’s body jerk and shudder violently. She clenched her cunt muscles around his pounding cock each time he fucked into her tube and she could feel her orgasm build inside her. As the intensity increased, her breathing rate also increased and she became desperate to climax. Thrusting her hips up at the rutting animal as fast and as hard as she could, her aching cunt hole was oozing a steady stream of cunt juice and animal precum that soaked both of their crotches.

She felt thrilling surges of her cum coursing through her and she gasped “Ahhhh, yes, yes, YES!”

Serena writhed lewdly beneath the hounds hard muscular body, before her eyes snapped closed and she stiffened like a board. Her teeth were gritted and the air whistled through them as the tendons in her body stood out like knotted cords. The dog continued to fuck her dripping cunt, and Serena cried out as her muscles released her and she began shuddering and convulsing. She arched her back sharply as she humped her crotch up, opening up her cunt even more to the dog’s prick and she groaned loudly when she felt the animal’s broad cock head striking hard against her cervix. It took all of her strength to cling to the dog’s neck as she orgasmed wildly over the red shaft that continually slid in and out of her cunt.

Thick girl cum now mixed with the precum pouring out of the hounds prick and it sloshed and slurped inside her hole as it was whipped up into an even thicker cream. Serena continued to convulse for long moments before the extreme pleasure of her climax died away to a more bearable level. Instead of satisfying her lust, her orgasm made her crave more and she was desperate to feel dog spunk spray into her cunt. The lust crazed woman raised her mouth up and pulled the dog’s furry face down. Drool was dripping from the tip of the animal’s tongue and she sucked the tongue into her mouth. Serena moaned when she tasted the hound’s saliva and she rubbed her tits and rock hard nipples into his furry belly. The large dog whimpered with bestial pleasure as he kept pumping his cock between the wet and swollen lips of Serena’s hole and he barked loudly when he felt her powerful sex muscles grip his shaft. The dog was fucking her smoothly and expertly, and when he lowered his head again, she pressed her lips to his and sucked his doggy tongue into her mouth. Her eyes rolled back in her head as she felt his saliva slide down her throat, her breathing grew even more ragged, and her body writhed violently as the dog fucked her closer and closer to another orgasm.

Her entire body shuddered with the force of the dog’s powerful thrusts and her tits jiggled enticingly beneath his body. She could feel the impact of every lunge on her pubic bone and she moaned happily at the delightful mixture of pain and pleasure that it produced. The dog barked as he felt his animal cum churning in his balls and his back paws started dancing on the floor. He knew that he would come soon and he sensed that the girl beneath him craved that moment as much as he did.

Serena sensed, as much as felt the slight change in the dog’s movements and her cunt muscles automatically clasped the red shaft reaming her slit. She pumped her hips up and down,

driving his hard cock deep into the sloshing wetness of her saturated hole, and strained for the release of her cum that was so close. The horny woman couldn’t get enough of the animal’s fat cock as it stretched her tight cunt walls to the limit. She continued to hump her crotch up toward the animal as he drove into her and she threw her head from side to side in a frenzy of bestial lust. Her tits throbbed painfully and her nipples were so hard and stiff that they protruded over half an inch from her flesh as she continued to lift her ass up from the ground and hump her juicy cunt against the dog’s thrusting prick. She moaned and screamed hysterically, clawing frantically at the dog’s furry back as her pleasure spiraled ever higher and her need to cum increased. The tan dog was barking excitedly now as he fucked his bloated prick ever deeper into the tightly clasping hole of Serena’s ravaged cunt and the spunk in his swollen balls demanded release. He felt Serena’s cunt muscles closing almost painfully hard around his cock and he howled and began to slam his loins harder against her as his balls swung heavily and slapped against her ass cheeks. As Serena’s cunt continued to grind over the dog’s cock, she felt his balls screwing up painfully against the base of his cock and he howled loudly as he came.

“YES!” she cried excitedly. “Cum, you bastard. Cum up me!” She groaned even more loudly as her own orgasm began. Her hands clutched the dog’s fur, and she thrust her body up against his as they came together. She held the animal against her quivering naked flesh as she savoured the heady sensation of his boiling hot cum filling her spasming cunt. Her hole convulsed violently around the dog’s prick, making him howl again and more and more girl cum flowed from Serena’s fuck hole, forming a slimy mixture as it mingled with the hot dog cum.

Waves of pure ecstasy crashed through Serena’s body making her shake and shudder beneath the dog as her tube was filled full of spunk and her nerveless fingers lost their grip of the hounds neck. She fell back onto the sandy floor with her cunt still held high in the air by the dog’s spurting cock and she surrendered completely to the gorgeous sensations rippling through her flesh.

As her climax ebbed, Serena felt the dog’s cock beginning to soften inside her. She let out a long sigh when the animal pulled his prick out of her with a wet popping sound. Collapsing back on the cushions, Serena gave a long, satisfied sigh and she closed her eyes.

When she eventually woke up, she could see the light from all the flickering torches outside the tent and she knew that night had fallen. The Pharaoh Hound had been curled up at her feet, but when she stirred, it sprang to its feet and watched her closely, waiting for an instruction or command. Stretching her lithe body, Serena wrinkled her nose at the smell of cunt and dog cum that came from her body and she knew that she badly needed to bathe. It was the middle of the desert however and in this location, water was more valuable than gold. Scrubbing her skin as much as she could with the clothes that were strewn around the floor and dowsing herself with perfume, she dressed in clean clothes and left the tent in search of her master. Following, not more that a pace behind, the dog shadowed her every move.

She had obviously missed dinner, and as she walked past the various tents the lighted torches inside cast well defined shadows on the material. Most were of people fucking, mainly couples, but a few of the tents had groups of naked bodies. She was tempted to enter them, but she knew that Ankzeel waited for her. Huddled against the camels for warmth, she saw Solla bound hand and foot and she sneered at him as she passed. The once proud head man of his village, turned his face away from the woman and thanked all the Gods that his daughter wasn’t with them. He would have been stunned if he had known what treatment his little girl was getting from the guards and the dogs left back at the base camp.

When Serena reached Ankzeel’s tent, she found him lounging on cushions and eating delicacies from a array of plates all around him. He was naked and a young teenage girl was sucking noisily and eagerly on his hard cock. Serena’s spark of jealousy lasted only for a second, and she smiled at the priest as she fully entered the tent. The young girl looked uncertainly at Serena, not knowing whether she should keep on pleasing the priest, or escape immediately. Serena’s reputation for hurting people that displeased her was well known, but the girl relaxed when the priestess smiled at her and nodded her head for her to continue.

“Well Serena,” Ankzeel said with a smile on his lips, “Did my dog please you?”

She had wiped all the dog cum away from her cunt before leaving her tent but the action of walking through the camp had made the spunk that was still inside her body start to ooze out and she could feel it drip down the inside of her legs as she sat down beside her master.

“He did my love,” she answered. “He pleased me very much.”

As she spoke, she moved closer to Ankzeel and offered her mouth to him. Hissing her deeply and pushing his tongue into her throat, they greedily swapped saliva until he pulled back and said, “Then you may keep him. He will be your pet and guardian, and if you want him to be, he will also be your lover.”

“Thank you Master,” she said with genuine gratitude. “Thank you.”

Serena’s eyes were automatically drawn to the sight of the girl sucking on Ankzeel’s prick. She looked to be in her late teens and she was using both her hand and her mouth to stimulate the priest. Pulling her own dress up to her waist, Serena rubbed gently at the slimy outer lips of her cunt and massaged the slimy dog cum into her skin. The Pharaoh Hound watched her closely, his eyes flicking from her face to her cunt and then back to her face, waiting for an instruction. Serena had other plans however and she waited until one of the other serving girls came forward to replenish the plates of food that Ankzeel was devouring. Catching the girls eye, Serena pointed to her drooling cunt and the girl immediately dropped to her knees and began to eat her out. The servant didn’t seem to object to the taste of dog spunk that was flowing out of Serena’s slit and she sucked out all of the slime and then concentrated on bringing the woman off. When Ankzeel eventually blasted his spunk into the servants mouth, Serena had already cum twice from the experienced tongue in her fuck hole and was in the middle of a third climax

The camel train set off early the next morning and had only been travelling for a few hours before Ankzeel suddenly stopped his camel. Serena had been riding out in front with Solla when she realised that her Master has stopped and she rode back to where he was sitting motionless on the camel.

“What is wrong, Master?” she asked fearfully.

When to turned his face towards her however, his eyes were shining and he pointed straight in front at the hills that were just coming into view.

“I recognise those hills Serena,” he said. “Through a narrow pass, we will find the Sacred City and we will be home, my love.”

Although his mouth was smiling, his eyes grew hard as he continued, “And then the people of this land will know fear! Aeons ago they rejected me and cast my body into the desert. Now they will pay. They will all pay!”

The distance to the hills was deceptive and the sun was beginning to go down before they reached them. With unerring accuracy, Solla guided them to a narrow fissure in the rocks and led them through. The fissure was so narrow that they had to walk in single file until the rocks abruptly opened up and the Sacred City was revealed to them. Some of the buildings were carved out of the actual stone cliff and others were free-standing with tall thin spires. Everywhere, the sand of the desert had invaded every opening and covered every surface like dust.

Sliding down from the saddle, Ankzeel stood in the centre of an open area and raised both arms in the air. He could be heard to chant, but no one could make out the words. As they sat on their camels and looked at him, a light wind began to blow. With every passing second the wind grew stronger and whipped up the sand so much that everyone jumped off the camels. It was like a sand storm and the camels immediately, and instinctively, got down onto their knees and then onto their bellies. The people took some shelter by burying their faces into the animals to protect their eyes and their mouths. Within a few moments, the wind died away as fast as it had come and when the people looked around, not a single grain of sand remained in the Sacred City. The buildings shone like new and the streets were uncovered to reveal intricate mosaics. Lowering his arms, Ankzeel looked around and nodded his head in satisfaction.

Slowly, everyone got cautiously to their feet and looked around in amazement. Even Solla was stunned by the sight of the Sacred City. Although he had been here many times before, this was the first time he had seen it in all its glory. There were many buildings grouped loosely around the central square in which they were all standing, but the most impressive edifice was the large temple that was actually carved into the rock of the cliff. Large and ornate statues stood guard on either side of the massive timber doors that were firmly closed. With the bottom of his black cloak railing across the sand, Ankzeel climbed the seven steps that led up to the door and raised both arms into the air. In complete silence, the two enormous doors swung open and he strode inside. Everyone was too shocked to react for a few seconds, but Serena recovered fist and she beckoned a guard to her.

“Somewhere in that temple, there must be a dungeon or prison. Find it, and put this worthless piece of shit into it.”

As she spoke, she nodded towards Solla, and a few seconds later, three guards surrounded the protesting man.

“Please no,” he wailed. “I have done everything you asked. Please return be to my daughter.”

Serena moved closer to the man, and in a voice that would have chilled the fires of Hell, she whispered, “You will see your daughter again, my friend. I guarantee it!”

As he was dragged away, she beckoned over one of the guards and said, “Return to the base camp and spread the joyous word that we have found the Sacred City. Order the camp to be struck immediately and bring all of Ankzeel’s followers to the City.”

As the guard nodded and turned away to carry out his instructions, Serena added, “Make sure that no one from the village follows you. If anyone is stupid enough to try it, let the sands of the desert be moistened with their blood!”

The dungeon in which Solla languished was a large underground chamber that was divided into individual cells by thick iron bars. During the day, the temperatures soared to a unbearable 45 degrees and at night they plummeted to minus five. With only the occasional lighted torch to break up the endless hours of total blackness, Solla had lost track of time and he had no idea how long he had been imprisoned. He was weak with hunger and only received the occasional ladle of warm water to satisfy his thirst. He was lying on the floor of his cell when he heard the unusual noise. He sat up and peered into the inky darkness but couldn’t make anything out until there was a shadow on the opposite wall from a flickering torch. As the torch came closer, the noises increased and the light grew brighter. Two of Ankzeel’s followers suddenly appeared from the tunnel and they dragged an almost unconscious naked body between them. Squinting into the unaccustomed light, Solla saw that whoever they were dragging was covered in bruises and had been beaten. He watched as they unlocked the cell next to Solla’s and threw the body inside. It landed face down on the sand covered floor with only the smallest of moans and Solla watched as the followers placed the torch in a metal holder on the wall before leaving.

Solla was about to crawl over to the bars separating him from the other prisoner when the body slowly rolled over and onto its back. Solla hadn’t realized that the prisoner was female and he could see that she had been repeatedly raped. Her tits were a mass of scars and teeth marks and her cunt had been so well used that it was gaping open and her entire crotch was one large bruise. He knew that the poor girls asshole would have been used just as much as her cunt and his heart went out to the unfortunate girl. The woman’s hair was plastered over her sweat covered face, masking her features and when her arm came up and dragged it away from her eyes, Solla cried out and hid his eyes with his hands.

“Daughter,” he cried. “My beloved daughter, what have they done to you? Why have they done this when I did all the asked?” Hearing her fathers voice, the girl’s eyes fluttered open and Solla crawled towards her. When her eyes focused, the girl spat, “You bastard. You fucking bastard!” Solla stopped as if he’d been hit by a physical blow and his daughter continued to rant, “You allowed them to kill my mother and now you’ve made them do this to me. All they asked was for you to take them to the city. You should have taken them, you bastard. You should have taken them!”

“Daughter,” He began, “I didn’t kno…”

“SHUT UP!” she screamed, “Just shut the fuck up. I hate you, you bastard. I fucking hate you!”

Solla’s heard sank at his daughter’s words, but an icy feeling of dread came over him when her heard a soft chuckle from outside his cell. He had been so occupied with his daughter, that he hadn’t heard Serena come into the dungeon.

“I don’t think she likes you any more Solla,” she said with a grin. “What a pity.”

Tears ran freely down Solla’s cheeks and he remained on the floor as he looked up at Serena and asked, “Why? I did what you asked. Why did you do this to her. She was the only thing I had left in my life that wasn’t tarnished.”

“Because I wanted to,” Serena replied happily and honestly, “And because I could.”

Before Solla could respond, she raised her arm in the air and snapped her fingers loudly. The two followers appeared seconds later from the tunnel and they were carrying a wooden stool. Serena must have already explained what she wanted them to do, because they unlocked the girl’s cell and placed the stool on the floor. Kicking away some sand on the floor exposed iron rings, and they hauled the teenage girl to her feet and made her lie over the stool with the top of it pressed into her stomach. Producing short lengths of rope, the quickly tied both her wrists and both her ankles to the rings and stepped back to admire their work. It was impossible for the girl to move more than a few millimeters and the stool raised her butt in the air.

They had made sure that her ass faced Solla’s cell and that they tied her ankles wide apart so that he could gaze on her abused cunt and asshole. Solla groaned at the despicable sight of his exposed child and he could only watch in horror as one of the men pulled out his hard cock and rammed it up the girl’s open cunt. She had been stretched so much in recent days that the actual penetration didn’t hurt, but she was so bruised and swollen between her legs that she cried out loudly. The other man walked up to her face and grabbed her hair to pull her head up. The tip of his solid prick was in front of her eyes and the young girl knew from past experience that any refusal to suck on the shaft would mean instant punishment. She also knew how creative the men could be when they wanted to hurt her, and she had no choice but to open her mouth and take the cock into her throat.

Solla shook his head, as if trying to clear the image from his brain and he hauled his weak body up on his feet and shook the bars of his cell uselessly.

“Leave her alone,” he pleaded. “Oh God, please leave her alone.”

Neither of the men paid him the slightest attention and Serena snapped, “The only God in this city is Ankzeel, and you would do well to remember it.”

Seeing that the situation was completely hopeless, Solla slumped back down onto the floor and cried pitifully, while Serena laughed happily and urged the men to fuck the girl harder. In the next few hours, a steady succession of men appeared and fucked the girl in every hole. To make sure that Solla didn’t miss anything, torches were kept burning on the walls, and when, at last, all the men were satisfied, a pack of Pharaoh Hounds were let into the cell and they repeatedly raped the teenager all through the night.

Keenly aware of Solla’s distress, Serena had went back to the temple to tell Ankzeel of the man’s suffering. After they had both finished laughing, Ankzeel looked at his mate and said seriously, “Now our work begins, my love. It is time to unite the desert tribes in their worship of Ankzeel. Soon I will be their God and you will rule beside me.”

As Serena beamed her delight, Ankzeel continued, “All who would resist will die most horribly and the sands will turn red with their blood!”

At the thought of all the carnage, Serena’s cunt began to moisten and she slid her hand under Ankzeel’s cloak and found him rock hard. As she jerked on his thick cock, she whispered in his ear, “Even if they don’t resist, please let me make some of them die horribly.”