THE DEVIL’S ADVOCATE by Amandablonde

Feature Writer: Amandablonde

Feature Title: The Devil’s Advocate

Published: 26.04.2020 /Ravishu

Story Codes: Supernatural, Rape

Disclaimer: The characters and events depicted in this work are fictional. The author does not condone or promote any unlawful activity such as is depicted in the story. By continuing to read this work you acknowledge that you are an adult who wishes to read works of fantasy and fiction for the purpose only of fantasy.

The Devil’s Advocate


Amanda MacDonald was one of the most famous defense attorneys in California. She only dealt in sex offense cases and specialized in the most heinous crimes, involving multiple rapes and other related offenses. She was much in demand as she had never lost a case. Beautiful, in her thirties, her long blonde locks cascading over her shoulders, she was a distinctive figure around the law offices in Sacramento. She always wore a smile and was in good humor. Nobody disliked her. Even the District Attorney was a supporter, who never failed to praise her character and ability whenever he could.

The present case presented Amanda’s most serious challenge so far in her career. The defendant Carlos Rodriquez was the most depraved sex offender in the State, having abducted and raped over one hundred teen girls in a reign of terror over two years. Almost all his victims had been snuffed but one, an African American had survived and was the prosecution’s star witness. Now, Carlos and Amanda sat in court as the charges were read. It was a huge list and as the charges were read , Amanda’s left hand snaked out below the table and found Carlos’ cock through his pants. Amanda silently caressed his cock under the table as all the depraved details of the charges were read out. Carlos remained impassive, slightly spreading his legs to give Amanda access to his cock and balls. Amanda unzipped his fly and her hand probed into his jocks, caressing the naked skin of his cock as the details of the abduction, rape and murder of each girl was read out. Carlos leaned across to Amanda, whispering to her what he would like to do again to the girls if he was able. Her hand became more affectionate, trailing around the head of his cock and along the shaft. As he orgasmed and his cum spurted into Amanda’s cupped hand, she rubbed his cum along the shaft of his cock and then withdrew her hand, ostentatiously licking her fingers.

As usual Amanda was supremely confident. She called no evidence when the prosecution closed its case, apart from presenting a video of one of Carlos’s crimes that he had made himself. Amanda asked that the jury be shown the video. Amanda knew that the video was especially graphic and showed in detail the sex crimes Carlos was famous for. She had carefully hand picked the jury, of eleven men and one woman, the foreman of the jury. Amanda knew what they would make of this. After two hours in camera, the jury returned. The female foreman announced the verdict of not guilty on all charges. There were cum stains on her dress and cum still visible on her face.

Carlos’ supporters in the gallery burst into applause as Carlos was acquitted on all charges. Amanda then stood and asked that the girl be placed in the care of Carlos as her lawful guardian and with no stain upon his character. The application was not opposed by the District Attorney, who smiled at Amanda and reached across to shake her hand. “Well done!” the man said, “Another triumph for you!”

Amanda allowed the District Attorney to give her a peck on her cheek. She knew the poor fool lusted after her and she made use of that when necessary. Amanda leaned across to Carlos and gave him an address on a piece of paper.

“Bring the slut to this address tonight. I want her to pay for what she did to you.”

Carlos smiled as he closed his fist round the paper and they prepared to leave.


The luxury penthouse apartment belonged to a friend of Amanda. There was quite a crowd there by 10pm when Carlos arrived. Carlos has a loyal fan following amongst women members of the Daughters of the Confederacy and over twenty who were known to Amanda and trusted were here to watch him wreak his revenge on the girl who had betrayed him. Carlos was ushered up to the penthouse by building security and the crowd cheered him as he entered, punching his fists in the air in celebration of his acquittal. Amanda kissed him full on the lips and caressed his cock through his pants. Then she unzipped him and took his cock in her mouth and sucked on it lovingly, running her tongue around the head and along the shaft. Carlos stood with his legs apart, hands on hips and a smirk on his lips as he watched his attorney pleasure him.

“Where is that fucking little slut?” he asked.

Amanda paused in her worship of his cock to answer, “In the bedroom. Want me to fetch her?”

“Yeah,” he replied simply as a murmur of anticipation ran round the room.

Amanda stood and gestured to one of the women to bring out the girl. She disappeared into the bedroom and emerged a moment later dragging the screaming, sobbing girl by her dark curly Afro hair. Amanda tossed her long blonde hair in contempt and spat in the girl’s face. The girl was dragged to a coffee table in the middle of the room and held over it. Carlos casually removed his clothes and experimentally stroked his cock. One of the women set up a camera to record the action so it could be enjoyed by more of Carlos’s supporters at a later date. Amanda handed out riding crops to six of the women who began to beat the girl savagely, calling her a slut and a whore. She wailed and cried, making Carlos and his supporters laugh in delight. The girl was turned and held face up on the coffee table as the six women lashed her ass. Amanda forced open her mouth and inserted a ring gag, securing it to the back of her head. Carlos came forward and shoved his cock hard down the girl’s throat, causing her to gag as the women beat her with all of their force.

“Fucking little slut!” roared Carlos as he skull fucked the girl, his big hands on the back of her head and his cock ramming into her throat like a piston. “Flip her over i want to rip open her cunt and snuff her!” snarled Carlos.

He pulled out of the girl’s throat and four women flipped the struggling girl onto her back and spread her legs obscenely wide. Two women knelt and pulled apart her cunt lips, exposing her purple bald cunt.

Carlos strode purposefully between the girl’s spread legs and without warning rammed his cock hard into her obscenely spread cunt.

“Take this whore!” he snarled as he brutally thrust into the child, causing her body to spasm and her eyes to roll back in her head.

Carlos had taken her cherry the first time he had raped her and this time was pure pleasure. He raised his arms in triumph once again as the women urged him on and he bucked his hips forward.

“Look mom no hands!” he quipped.

The women laughed and cheered.

“GIVE IT TO HER HARD!!! RAPE HER RAPE HER!!!” they called out in lust.

Every woman who was not engaged in holding the girl down was openly masturbating, their eyes feasting on her torment.

After several minutes of brutal raping Carlos could feel his climax building. He wanted the girl to struggle and die as he came so he placed his hands around her neck and began to squeeze. It had the desired effect. The girl began to struggle desperately and her spasming cunt massaged Carlos’ cock. Carlos squeezed harder and the girl began to buck and thrash in the firm grip of the women. He began to growl like an animal and went wild ramming his cock into the girl’s cervix. Just before her struggles died away and her life fled Carlos orgasmed, shooting huge loads of cum into the girl until it oozed out of her cunt and ran down her legs. Several women scooped his cum up on their fingers and eagerly licked it off as if it held magical properties. Carlos pulled out so that the women could suck the last of his cum out of his cock and lick the girl’s juices off the shaft. He stood like a God with his hands on his hips, as the women worshiped him.

Amanda called security to come and remove the girl’s body then suggested everyone retire to the bedroom. A huge screen on the wall at the foot of the bed began to play tapes of Carlos’ previous rapes and Amanda had planned an orgy to complete the night. Carlos lay back on the bed and the creamy skinned nubile aristocratic women crawled onto the bed with him to continue their worship of their rape god. Amanda smiled and fingered her clit as she watched. Another happy client, she thought and another mass rapist free to continue with his activities. Amanda knew that she had done well and that she would be very well paid for her work. The money was important but what was more important was that Amanda loved her job. It was her passion. She looked at Carlos adoringly as she climbed onto the bed and took up a reverse cowgirl position on his cock, facing the screen so she could enjoy all the action.

Amanda has a new client. A grade school teacher is accused of molesting several of the girls in his class. Amanda works late in her office reviewing every detail of the prosecution’s brief of evidence against her client. Amanda is determined that this man will be acquitted and go free. She has never lost a case and this one will be no exception. Amanda calls the man in for an interview. He is quite short and pudgy. Amanda can understand why a man like this might be drawn to innocent unresisting prey. She takes down his side of the story, that the girls have lied because they dislike him and he has disciplined them. Then Amanda asks the man about his sexual preferences, whether he uses porn, his choice of porn, what turns him on. Amanda explains that she must ask these questions so that he will be ready when the prosecution asks him about what they found on his home computer when his apartment was raided. When he is gone, Amanda mulls over how she will run the defense. An aggressive cross examination of the girls was a must of course but how will Amanda deal with the huge trove of violent rape and underage porn seized by the cops?

After reviewing the images and films taken from her client’s computer Amanda decides that the best approach will be to empanel a very broadminded all male jury. She will insist that all of the material be shown to the jury. Her pitch will be that the range of human sexuality is very broad and that the private consumption of this material at home does no harm. It does not prove that her client did anything. His story could still be true. Amanda will invite the jury to search their own minds and be honest with themselves. Did they not find it arousing? Did they not fantasize about being in the situations depicted in the material. Did they not picture themselves violently raping those young girls depicted in the images and films? Amanda will dress in her sexiest outfit and play up to the jurymen. She will mentally suck and fuck them. She will guide them down the path of perversion until they accept it all as quite normal. She will deftly have the jurymen identify with the accused, and they will see themselves potentially on trial as well. They will defend themselves and hence defend the accused. Amanda looked again at the most graphic and sadistic images and smiled to herself. Yes, that was the way to win.


Amanda continues the story in her own words.

At my last trial when I got the child porn addict acquitted I noticed a distinguished looking man watching me closely in the public gallery. He approached me as I was leaving the court and asked to speak to me. He introduced himself as Marcel Dupree, who I knew to be one of the richest and most powerful lawyers in New York. He said that he had a proposal to put to me. I was interested of course. Basically he said that he had heard of my work and my record and wanted to hire me for his firm. He had a particular case that he needed me for and advised that if it all worked out as he anticipated there would be a partnership in it for me! Now he really had my attention. California was great of course but New York City is the Big Apple and this was too good an opportunity to pass up.

I made the arrangements to move as soon as I could and in two weeks I was sitting in Marcel’s office which I have to say was WILD. The art works round the walls were highly erotic, depicting sex between demons and women and girls, and I could not take my eyes off them. Marcel smiled as he noticed my interest. He explained that he had bought them in Europe at a Christie Art Auction some years back. Apparently they were the secret property of a member of the Romanian royal family who fled the communists after the war and then he needed the money.

“You like them?” asked Marcel. “I love them. They are simply amazing!” I replied honestly.

Marcel pondered for a moment and then asked if I had organized somewhere to live in the city. I explained that I was staying in a hotel in Queens temporarily. He suggested that I move into his apartment building on fifth avenue. I was amazed. He told me that it was only offered to senior partners and family members but in my case he would make an exception. I asked about the case I would be working on. He responded that I would meet the client tomorrow but that, in brief, he was one of the firm’s richest and most powerful clients. He had been charged with raping and murdering his wife. There had been rumors of marital troubles and her body had been found on the sidewalk after she was thrown from their penthouse apartment sixty floors above. I sucked in my breath. I had read about this case, and I couldn’t wait to get into the action. The accused man was not only extremely rich and powerful but he was also reputed to control the underage sex trade from Latin America.

Marcel took me to his apartment building after our meeting. He showed me up to what was to be my apartment and showed me the key. He turned the key and ushered me inside. The place took my breath away. It had huge semi circular windows giving views to Central Park. It was luxuriously furnished and in every room there were expensive art works on the walls. Nothing unusual but copies of European masters. Marcel went to the bureau in the bedroom and took out what looked like a remote control. He handed it to me.

“You had better be prudent about showing these works in their altered state.” Marcel asked me to point the device at the painting above my bed.

I did so and gasped. The picture morphed into something truly astonishing!

It was a dynamic work which moved as one watched it. It depicted four succubi holding down a young teen girl of indeterminate age while a man was savagely raping her, as seen from an elevated angle. His cock was visible ramming into the girl and all the participants looked up towards the viewer. The succubi gazed upward with expressions of pure evil. The face of the man was a mask of thrilled lust, while the face of the teen was one of pain and terror. I noted that the scene was reflected in a large mirror at the end of the bed so that one could lie in bed and watch it.

“What do you think of it?” asked Marcel, looking at me intently.

“I think it might keep me awake!” I responded sincerely.

I could picture myself lying in bed masturbating as I watched that image move and shimmer.

Marcel laughed. He asked for the name of my hotel in Queens so that he could have my luggage brought around. He bade me good afternoon and told me to report to his office at nine the following morning.

My luggage arrived within the hour and I spent some time unpacking and arranging my things. Once done I stepped out of my apartment and decided to explore the building a little. There were two other apartments on my floor and I knocked on their doors to introduce myself. Both times someone answered. On one side my neighbour was a black woman, Sarah, who lived alone. She worked in trans national finance with the firm. She was spectacularly beautiful, in a statuesque way, with the motions of a gazelle. She was also very friendly, in fact almost too friendly I thought. The other apartment was occupied by a couple, George and Mary. He worked in labor relations with the firm and was still at work. Mary, his wife answered the door. She was a handsome woman in her forties, with a focus on office gossip about who was sleeping with who. She seemed to be the person to know to get in with the in crowd.

I got into the elevator and went down for a walk round the block to check out the neighborhood. When I got back I was joined in the elevator by a guy about my age who I had seen at the office when I first arrived there. He had been speaking Italian on the phone in a loud voice and did not notice me. I noticed him though. He was really good looking and athletic and I was instantly attracted to him. Now he smiled enigmatically at me and introduced himself as Oscar, in charge of IP at the firm. I would have liked to engage Oscar in conversation but he was not alone. Two preteen girls, dressed like hookers, pressed themselves into his body and stared provocatively at me. Oscar explained that he was having a party in his apartment and that I was welcome to join them. He was on level sixty-six, way above me and seemed to be a senior figure in the firm and close to Marcel. I asked if he was related as he looked like Marcel. He did not reply and began french kissing the girls.

I begged off the party and got out at my level. I had some take out chinese food with me and after eating that I chose to have an early night, so I would be fresh for the morning conference tomorrow. As I expected I would I masturbated in bed to the reflection of the image of the young girl being raped while being held down by the succubi. I came in a shuddering orgasm, and slept deeply afterwards, dreaming vivid dreams of Marcel and Oscar.

I was up bright and early the following morning and had time for a morning jog and breakfast before heading to the office. I felt great and eager to meet my new client. I saw Oscar on the way to Marcel’s office. He noticed me this time and winked and smiled at me. I smiled back and waved cheerily, wondering what had gone on at his party the previous night.

When I got to Marcel’s office he explained that we would be going to the client’s home for the interview. I was surprised as it was not consistent with protocol, but Marcel explained that the client was under house arrest as a condition on his bail and had to wear an ankle bracelet. We caught an Uber to the apartment building on east side forty second street and after buzzing the client we went up to the penthouse which occupied the entire top floor. The elevator opened right into the entryway and I was dazzled by the opulence of the place. The decoration was not really to my taste as it was overly decorated but it stank of money and the views over the East River were to die for.

Our client was seated on a sofa. A tough looking self made man who introduced himself: Karl Buchmann. Draped over one arm of the sofa was a stunningly attractive brunette looking elegant in a chartreuse figure hugging gown. This was Morgana, Karl’s sister. Karl caressed her upper thigh as the interview began.

Marcel explained that I would be leading Karl’s defense and ran through my experience and record. Karl raised an eyebrow. He said that he relied on Marcel’s judgement and accepted his guidance. I took over then and went through the brief of evidence. The forensic evidence showed Karl’s semen in his wife’s body. Karl explained that they had had sex the morning of her death. I noted that there was also semen from five unknown males in her body. We agreed that our defense would postulate a home invasion and gang rape before the woman was thrown off the balcony.

Time of death was 8 pm. Karl was adamant that he left the apartment at 7.30 AM and had not returned. We needed to place Karl away from the apartment.

Morgana smiled and spoke up, “Karl was with me and his personal assistant Chelsea at my place on 64th Street from 6.00 PM until the following morning.”

“What were you doing in that time?” I asked innocently.

Morgana smiled, “We had dinner, watched porn, snorted some cocaine and had a ménage a trois for the rest of the night.”

Now it was my turn to raise an eyebrow, “And will Chelsea corroborate this?”

Karl interjected, “Chelsea will say what she is fucking told to say OK?”

“OK but I will need to proof her to make sure she can stick to the script.”

“No problem.”

Karl was adamant that he had no reason to kill his wife. He had more money than he could spend and all the sex he could handle with numerous women, including his sister Morgana. He hand snaked up under her dress and Morgana slightly shifted her position on the couch, leaning in to her brother.

I ran through what I knew of Karl’s business dealings from the firm’s files. He owned a chain of brothels, a porn production company and porn cinemas, and sponsored prostitutes from Latin America. We knew most of these were under age but I left out that bit. I also left out what we knew of his illegal porn trafficking. But I did ask whether his wife might have been blackmailing him.

“No way!” He insisted, “the bitch loved all of my shit and was cool with it. And don’t tell me about blackmail. I am blackmailing most of the politicians in this fucking city. I know all their dirty little secrets!”

I smiled. We could use that if necessary. Perhaps an enemy of Karl’s could have organized the break in, gang rape and murder of his wife.”

Karl smiled too: “Yeah that could be. Good girl. You’re smart. I can give you some names to feed to the cops if you want. I know guys in the force you know. I scratch their back and they watch mine.”

His hand was working under Morgana’s dress, caressing her sex. She put her head on his shoulder and smiled at me.

I could see that Karl was a very cool customer. I kept making my notes and asking questions. I was totally professional and dedicated to ensuring that Karl got acquitted. We stayed about an hour more going over the information and preparing our defense.

Finally we were done and headed back to our office. Marcel explained that Karl was one of his oldest and most favoured clients. His business was worth a lot but just as important was the friendship and shared values between them. He squeezed my knee as he said this. I placed my hand on his. “You can rely on me Marcel. I am totally dedicated to your interests and those of your clients.”

“I am glad we understand each other. I am having a party at my place tonight Amanda. Oscar will be there. I would like you to come.”

“Yes of course Marcel, I would be delighted.”


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