God Hates Transgendered Women by Brother Brad – Non-Fiction

Writer: A Visual Sermon By Brother Brad

Subject: God Hates Transgendered Women

Link: MEWE / 28.06./2022

God Hates Transgendered Women

Learn the truth about shemale sodomy! Fuck the fool that died a virgin on a Roman cross!

The so-called God, pretender to the ultimate throne, doesn’t want anyone to experience the freedom and exquisite pleasure of sliding your hard, bare cock into a tight hot ass-pussy — feeling her balls slap against yours — when you are completely buried in her cunt. Or to discover the joy of taking her clit-stick into your mouth and sucking until you feel its entire length in your throat; as she shoots her load.

And He certainly doesn’t want you to know the unholy joy of offering up your own asshole to her cock and feeling her cum deep inside you, filling your man-womb with shemale sperm … But Stan wants you to be able to experience that please. Yes! Reject the false joy of. “Heaven”. The true Heaven is to be found in embracing all the delicious alternatives to traditional, bring heterosexuality to be sampled in the depths of Hell.


We were created to be sexual beings. Satan not only offers freedom to enjoy, he encourages the full and free use of our flesh to enjoy all the pleasures of sexual lust. Hail Satan forever!

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