Feature Writer: Unknown
Feature Title: Hermaphrodite Sister
Story Codes: Incest, Intersex
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Hermaphrodite Sister

Boy, have I got a story to tell you. My name is Jessie. I am the oldest of three siblings. My parents only intended to have two children but they were given a surprise of twins during my mom’s second pregnancy. To top it all off I’m only 14 months older. I guess they wanted to have their kids as fast as possible.

Everyone assumed that my younger sister Jamie and my younger brother Jordan were fraternal twins. They very well may be. On the other hand it is my sister who has blurred the lines of reality for me. I had never expected nor was I ever prepared for what I learned a few months ago. It is time I share our family secret. It is time to get this off my chest and out into the open.

I had just finished up my first year of college and was home for the summer. It was exciting being back with Jamie. We were the best of friends in our youth. Despite our closeness our parents always insisted that she had her privacy. When we went swimming I always wore cute little swimsuits. Jamie was always put in a full one piece bathing suit and my parents insisted that she also wear swim trunks on top. To everyone else this seemed odd but to me it was normal, that was the way I was brought up. While I was gone my parents moved my bed into her rooom to make way for a guest bedroom, a never used guest bedroom.

Jamie was beautiful. She had the curves of a goddess. Her breasts were larger than mine, a sore point for me. Her skin looked as soft as freshly fallen white snow. However her personality was much different. She often acted boorish and powerful. She often acted masculine. To me this was normal. This was the way things had always been and I had no reason to question it. I had no idea she was a bit different until we were lying in bed having the conversation of our lives. Nothing like catching up after being at school for a year.

It was Jamie who started this part of the conversation. “Jess, can I tell you something? Something really secret. Something about me that only mom and dad know?”

“You can tell me anything. What are sisters for?”

“Well, I’m afraid you might not understand. Or that you might think I’m gross.”

“Jamie, it doesn’t matter what it is. I’ll always be there for you, even if I don’t completely understand.”

Jamie then got out of her bed and walked over to mine. “Mind if I get under your blankets with you,” she asked.

I smiled at her, “Of course,” I said.

Jamie climbed in next to me. “I think it might be easier if I just show you,” she said. Then she lifted her hips and pulled her pajama pants off along with her panties.

I gave Jamie and odd look. She took my hand and began guiding it to her crotch. “No, Jamie. I can’t do this. I’m not that type of girl. But if you are into women…”

Jamie cut me off, “It’s not what you think. Just please…”

I stopped resisting her as she continued moving my hand to her genitals. I felt skin, lots of soft warm skin, laying within her mound of pubic hair. “What is this,” I asked her.

“Jessie, I have a penis. I’m intersexed; a hermaphrodite.”

My eyes opened wide as our lives flashed before my eyes. I quickly began understanding our parents desire for Jamie to have her privacy. I knew then why I had never seen her completely naked. “But, but how?” My question seemed insensitive.

“Some genetic accident I guess,” Jamie replied. “I’ve always had a penis, and underneath it is my vagina.”

I reached down below her penis and felt her labia protecting her entrance. “So how do we know you are a girl?”

“We don’t really. That’s just how mom and dad raised me. And when I hit puberty and got these boobs they just figured they were right. Even the doctors are confused about me. They say I’m medically impossible. I have one testes and one ovary.”

“Holy shit.” My response was out of shock. She looked like a beautiful woman. She didn’t even have hair on her face from the extra testosterone in her body. Her skin was smooth. “So can you cum out of your penis?”

“Yes, I’ve jerked it off a few times. But I don’t know how to masturbate as a woman. I’ve tried and I just end up back jerking off.”

I didn’t really know what to say to her. I was full of questions and curiosity. “Can I see what you look like completely naked,” I asked.

Jamie was shy at first as she moved herself out of my bed. She stood up with her back towards me. She lifted her shirt above her head and I could see her curves. With her arms over her head, her plump breasts that I was so jealous of, bounced out to her sides. She stopped for a moment, “Jess, you promise you won’t laugh?”

“Of course not. I think you are beautiful.”

Jamie slowly turned around. Her hands were both down covering her genitals. I looked her in the eye and smiled. “Its okay,” I said. “I don’t care what it looks like.”

Jamie moved her hands and put them on her hips. Hanging from where her clitoris should be was a little cock. “It gets bigger when I’m horny, about five inches,” she said.

“Five inches huh? I’ve given blow-jobs and hand-jobs to a guy about that size. Not porn star sized but close to the average.” I reached my hand out towards Jamie’s penis and stopped short. “May I,” I asked her.

“Yes,” Jamie replied as she moved closer towards me.

I took her penis in my hand and began stimulating it. I jerked her off until that little penis of hers began to come to life. I watched as it stretched from its limp state into a rock hard erection. “Jamie, this is incredible.”

“You really think so?”

“Yes. I really do. You said you have one testes so where is your ball sack?”

Jamie chuckled a little. “I don’t have a ball sack. It is up here,” she pointed to the left side of her stomach, “right where my second ovary should be.”

“So can you cum? Does it shoot sperm,” I asked as I continued to rub her cock.

“If you keep doing that you will find out.”

I smiled coyly teasingly at her. “Well I want to know.”

I continued jerking her off as I moved in closer. I moved my head in close and tasted the tip of her cock. Jamie let out a gratuitous moan of pleasure. I quickly moved my head away, looking up at her. I shushed her with my lips and finger. The last thing we needed now was to let someone hear us. I moved back in and took her cock head in my mouth. Jess again let out moans of pleasure but this time she was much more quiet.

I continued sucking her cock with vigor. I would jerk her quickly when I needed to take a break. Unfortunately my arm gave out before she was done. “Oh, I’m so close,” she said.

I looked at her and bit my lip. “Let me get on my back. Then you can fuck my mouth until you cum,” I then took off my night shirt. “But I want you to shoot it on my chest. I want to see what your cum is like.”

I rolled onto my back and hung my head off the edge of the bed. Jamie moved her cock towards my face, which I took without hesitation. She fucked my throat hard and fast. She grabbed my tits as she fucked me and I did my best to try exploring her labia with my fingers. I felt Jamie’s body begin to tense up, it was time. I opened my mouth wide and allowed her cock to go free. She grabbed it and jerked a little until she shot a load all over my chest.

I was so curious as to what it looked like that I nearly forgot about my sister. I looked down and began rubbing it between my fingers. It felt like cum and it smelled like cum. I moved my fingers to my mouth and put a little bit on my tongue, it even tasted like cum. I rubbed the remaining cum into my skin.

Jamie motioned for me to slide over then she lay back down next to me. “Holy shit Jess. That was the most amazing thing anyone has done for me. It felt so good.”

“You mean you have never done that with anyone else?”

“No. I’ve made out with a few guys before and even let them play with my boobs but I always stopped it when they wanted into my pants. I’m still a virgin.”

“If it makes you feel any better I’m a virgin too. The only thing I’ve done is oral, but I’ve never gotten it back from any of those selfish bastards.”

“Oooh,” Jamie cooed with sympathy. “That’s too bad. I just found out that getting oral is pretty awesome.”

“Yeah, well thanks for letting me know.”

“Maybe we could do it for each other.”

“Oral,” I asked. “I just did it for you. And I don’t expect you to lick a pussy. Being that you are a girl and all. You are a girl, right?”

“I like to think of myself as a woman. I’m a chick with a dick.” We both giggled at the sound of it. “Jessie, I was thinking something more than just oral. I was thinking that maybe we could give each other our virginity.”

Jamie’s proposal was enticing. I was already very horny from sucking a cock. I was ready to rid myself of that nasty thing called virginity. “So would you wear a condom,” I asked.

“I don’t think I need one. Most of what I ejaculate is just semen. I have a really low sperm count. Like maybe ten each time I cum. The doctors said it would be impossible for me to get anyone pregnant.” Jamie’s words calmed my worst fears.

“Wow. Well in that case I think we should do it.”

Jamie suddenly acted very giddy and lightly clapped her hands together. “This is going to be so much fun.” She cuddled in close to me. “But first we’ll have to get your panties off.” She reached her fingers under the elastic band. I lifted my hips and she slid them off, dropping them to the floor.

I grabbed Jamie’s neck and pulled her in for a kiss. We began making out as she moved herself on top of me. Our nipples teased each other as her heavy boobs brushed against mine. It was a titillating feeling having another woman’s breasts brush against my own. Her semi-soft penis was rubbing against my clit. I had never felt so calm about being touched by another person. I was beginning to get very wet when I suddenly felt more fluid running down into my slit.

“Are you cumming again,” I asked my sister.

“No. That’s from my pussy. I’m so wet doing this with you.”

I’m not sure what it was about Jamie saying that to me, but I was instantly ready for her. My want for sex had turned into a need. “Jamie. You make me so horny. I need you to fuck me.”

I could feel Jamie’s cock begin to harden once more. She looked me lovingly in the eyes. Her dick made its way to my loving hole. We both took a deep breath and relaxed before she entered. Her cock slid effortlessly into my pussy. I could feel myself stretch to accommodate her. It hurt a bit and I whimpered slightly.

Jamie stopped moving, “Jess, are you okay?”

“Yes. That just hurt a little.”

“Do you want me to take it out?”

“NO,” I nearly yelled it. “Just lay here in me for a little bit and let me get used to you.”

Jamie relaxed her hips on mine but I could still feel her making little gyrations with her hips. “I don’t know how long I can lay still Jess.”

“Just fuck me slow.”

Jamie’s hips began moving. I could feel her dick move itself nearly out and then back in. It took a moment but it finally began feeling good to me. “Look at me,” my sister demanded. I looked up to her eyes gazing back down at me. “Don’t make this just sex Jess. Make love to me.”

I stared into Jamie’s eyes as I began to move my hips in a gentle unison with hers. Our emotions began to blend together as her dick continued to penetrate my pussy. In and out, over and over, she made love to me like I dreamed so many men might. Our souls were connected, lost in the thoughts of being fucked by my sister. I suddenly felt her body beginning to tense up. I knew what was coming. And nearly out of nowhere I was also filled with sexual tension.

Jamie started cumming. I could feel her ejaculate shooting forcefully inside me as an orgasmed simultaneously ripped through my body. Together we shook in pleasure as our bodily fluids mixed inside me.

I went limp as my orgasm passed as did Jamie. She collapsed on me, breathing heavily in my ear. “That felt amazing,” she gasped. “You are the best sister a girl could have.”

“No Jamie, you are the best sister. Who else could do what you do without getting me pregnant?”

Jamie finally had the strength to roll off me. “I don’t know about you but I would like to do this again sometime.”

“What do you mean sometime? We are going to do this all the time. No matter what it takes we have to make sure we are roommates at college next year.”

Jamie giggled, “Most definitely.”

I cuddled up to my intersex sister as we both drifted off to sleep.

PART 2 – Hermaphrodite Sister – Chapter 2

I wake to the warming rays of the sunlight which had made its way to my face. I felt someone next to me and the memories of my previous night had come rushing into my mind. I couldn’t believe the secret my sister had held on to for so many years. She had confided in me and together we both lost our virginity.

My eyes opened to the sight of Jamie smiling at me. “Good morning big sis.”

I smiled back at her. “Good morning sexy.”

“I’m so glad I found someone who understands. Someone who wouldn’t make fun of me.”

I sat up and straddled Jamie. She reached down and adjusted her dick so it was between my pussy lips. I started moving my hips back and forth, feeling her cock begin to harden. “We are going to have so much fun together. I wish I would have known about this earlier,” I said.

“Jessie, if we do this a lot then how are we going to keep it a secret from mom and dad? And Jordan for that matter? I can’t just pretend this isn’t happening.”

“Don’t worry Jamie. We will figure it out.” I continued sliding myself over her now rock hard dick. My pussy was getting wet really fast. I could also tell from the look on Jamie’s face that she was enjoying this too.

Of course things never turn out the way you want them to. I had imagined a morning of making love to each other followed by a fun day of sister bonding time. Unfortunately most sister bonding time is always interrupted by little brothers. Without knocking on the door or a warning of any kind Jordan barged into our room.

He saw me straddling Jamie with my tits bouncing as I rocked on her. He saw Jamie, her large breasts hanging off to her sides, as she moaned with pleasure.

“Holy fuck,” Jordan yelled. Both Jamie and I quickly came to our senses and I rolled off her as we both covered up under the blankets. “I always figured Jamie to be a lesbian but I never thought you were too, Jessie.”

“Shut the fuck up,” Jamie yelled back. “You had better keep your fucking mouth shut.”

“Or else what,” Jordan chimed in. “If mom and dad knew what you two were doing they would shit their pants.” Jordan was right and we all knew it. “So what are you two going to do for me so I’ll keep it a secret?”

I could see Jamie’s face being filled with rage so I decided to butt in. “What would you like us to do Jordan?”

“Fuck me too,” he said without hesitation.

Jamie and I both knew what he wanted before he even said it. She turned to look at me and I looked back at her. “So what do you think,” she asked.

I leaned in to whisper in her ear, “Do you want to fuck his asshole?”

I saw a beam of inspiration fill her eyes as she giggled a little. She whispered back to me, “That sounds like fun. He wouldn’t be expecting it if we can hide it until the last second. But should we make him use condoms?”

“Of course,” I retorted loudly.

We both giggled together one more time before we looked back towards Jordan. “You have to use condoms and you can’t ever tell anyone, ever.” Jordan listened as I gave him our counter offer.

“Fine, I’ll use condoms. But both of you had better be ready for me.” Jordan turned and quickly ran off.

Jamie laughed out loud. “This is going to be awesome. So how are we going to get him?”

“Just follow my lead,” I told her.

It didn’t take Jordan long to return with a condom in each hand. “I’ve got one for each of you.”

“So you only want to fuck both of us once,” I asked. My brother’s face went from smug to vexed nearly instantly. “Well, don’t just stand there with those condoms in your hands, take your clothes off so we can see what we are getting.”

Jordan took off his shirt revealing a thin but weak looking chest. Then Jamie joined in the fun, “I’ve seen better. What do you have in your pants?” Jordan turned around and pulled his pants off. “Well at least you have a decent ass,” Jamie spouted.

I had enough of this teasing. “Turn around and show us your cock.” My brother slowly turned around and gave us a side view.

“Oh that’s nice,” Jamie said. “Its a little bigger than…”

“SHHH. Don’t say anymore,” I said to Jamie. “Now Jordan,” I continued, “in order to fuck me you have to do one thing first.”

“What,” he asked.

I got out of bed and walked my naked body over to his. I ran my finger down his chest and gripped his cock. I then grabbed his balls firmly. “First of all you have to be quiet. We don’t want mom and dad hearing us all fucking.”

“Don’t worry about that,” said Jordan. “Mom and dad left earlier and said they wouldn’t be back until this afternoon.”

“Good,” I replied, “And the second thing is we want to play with your asshole first.”

“What? Why would you want that?”

“I want to see if you can take my little dildo. If you can you can have Jamie’s virginity.”

“Jamie is a virgin,” he asked exuberantly.

“She has never had a guy in her pussy. So I would say she is.”

Jamie jumped back into our conversation, “Jordan, Get your bitch ass on your hands and knees. I want that ass in the air.” Jordan complied with her demands without reservation. “Good boy,” she said as she obscured herself while she got up behind him.

“Could I at least get some lube on my asshole.”

“We could at least wipe off our pussy juice and slather it on his asshole,” I suggested.

Jamie smiled. “That sounds fine.” So together we wiped up our pussies and gave Jordans asshole a decent lubing. “Relax you little whore,” Jamie demanded. She stroked her cock a little, working up a bit of pre-cum. Then she moved herself to his asshole and began working her cock into Jordan’s ass.

“Is that a strap-on,” Jordan asked.

“Yeah, its a fucking awesome strap-on. Now shut your bitch mouth while I fuck your ass.” Jamie had worked her way into his asshole and started having her way with him. She moaned with delight and pleasure as he groaned in pain. It wasn’t long before I could see an orgasm being worked up in Jamie’s body. She pumped his ass a few more times before she screamed as a result of physical euphoria.

I will never forget the look on Jordan’s face as he realized Jamie was cumming in his ass. I could see amazement in his eyes with every shot of her cum. “What the fuck was that,” he asked in bewilderment.

“She just came in your ass,” I told him.

“How the fuck did she do that?”

I looked over at Jamie. “Show him,” I requested. “Now turn your sore ass around and look at Jamie’s naked body,” I told him.

Jordan turned around and gave Jamie a good look over. “What the fuck? Jamie, you have a dick.”

Jamie and I both laughed. “I’ve got a pussy too you little bitch.” Jamie then spread her legs and showed off her labia. “And if you keep that bitch mouth shut I might let you fuck it.”

Jordan’s demeanor went from shock to concern. “I’m so sorry, I didn’t know.”

I reached over for Jordan and hugged him. “I just found out last night. She has had to deal with this her whole life. The least we could do is help her not be self-conscious about it.”

“I fucking love you sis,” Jamie said right before she kissed me on the lips.

“This is incredibly hot,” Jordan said. “I’ll do whatever I have to in order to fuck you, both of you. Hey Jessie, are you a virgin too?”

“No, Jamie took my virginity and I took her dick virginity. But she needs you to take her pussy. What about you Jordan? Are you a virgin?”

“Fuck no. I’ve been with a few girls. So which one of you wants to have me first?”

I looked at Jamie. “Its up to you babe. My pussy has already been fucked.”

“I’ll last longer for the second one,” Jordan said.

“I better go first,” said Jamie “I don’t know how long I can take it the first time.”

Jamie lay on the bed while I helped Jordan roll on his condom. I could tell Jamie was apprehensive about this. She looked tense and very nervous. Jordan seemed oblivious to her body language and he took his position on top of her. I moved over next to both of them and placed my hand on Jamie’s head. She looked over at me. “Relax sweetie. It will hurt at first but it starts feeling good,” I told her.

Jordan had worked his way to her pussy and started sliding himself in. “Oh fuck,” Jamie screamed as he tore through her hymen. She grabbed the headboard tightly. We both continued to look at each other as Jordan did his business. I could see a little tear form in Jamie’s eyes. “Don’t cry babe,” this isn’t your first incest.

“I’m not crying about that. That fucking hurt more than you told me.”

I looked over at Jordan and he was fucking her as if she had been doing it for years. I slapped his ass with my open palm. “Slow the fuck down. Fuck her gently. She is a fucking virgin you dick.” Jordan complied with my demands while Jamie continued to look at me. It was as if she was trying to ignore his presence while imagining it was me who was fucking her.

“Oooh,” moaned Jamie. “Its starting to feel good.”

“I’m happy to hear that,” I told her. Maybe if you are lucky you could cum. But in true teenage boy fashion my brother started tensing up and quickly shot his load.

Jamie lay there nearly motionless as Jordan finished up. “Get that thing out of me,” she demanded. Jordan pulled his cock out and took off his cum filled condom.

Jordan stood up and looked down at his sister still lying there. “Well you must have enjoyed it, your dick is hard.”

“Shut up you stupid fucker,” Jamie said back to him.

“Well why don’t you two fuck and let me watch while my cock gets hard for Jessie.”

I could tell Jamie was obviously not enjoying our brother’s comments so I went and lay down next to her. “It’s okay sweetie. We don’t have to,” I told her.

“Let’s do it,” she said. “I want to show this idiot how to make love to a woman.” Jamie then tried moving to get on top of me.

“Not so fast,” I told her. “Let me be on top. Let me ride you. Let me make love to you.”

I could see Jamie relax as I suggested she stay put. I moved back up on top, straddling her as I had earlier that morning before we were so rudely interrupted. “Are you sure you are feeling well enough for me to ride you? Or are you still too sore?”

“I’m ready to do my sister.”

I leaned down and started making out with Jamie. Our breasts caressed each other as our bodies began heating up. Watching her get fucked along with our earlier foreplay had left my pussy dripping wet. I didn’t need much in order to lube up her cock. She easily slid into my pussy.

I stared into her eyes as I moved my hips up and down along her shaft. We connected emotionally and spiritually as we had the night before. Together we made love to each other, fulfilling each other’s needs. And together we orgasmed. My body shook as her dick shot its semen into me. I never looked over to see what Jordan was doing but I can imagine he was in awe at what we shared.

I lay on top of her as she spilled out of me, leaving a mess on top of her. “Wait, what the fuck,” Jordan exclaimed. “Why do I have to wear a condom but she can cum in you?”

“Fuck you Jordan,” Jamie quipped.

“Jamie, not so harsh,” I said. “Jordan, its because she makes semen but has a really low sperm count. It would be nearly impossible for her to get me pregnant.”

“That just sounds fucking weird,” Jordan replied.

I rolled off Jamie and she moved over to make room for Jordan to fuck me. “Come get your sloppy seconds,” I told him.

Jordan had already put on the next condom and gained another erection. He moved up on top of me just as he had done to Jamie. He seemed to move a little slower with me but I was completely wet. Not only was I lubed up from my own juices but also from Jamie’s cum. To Jordan’s surprise he easily slid into me. I could feel my pussy stretch a little more to make room for him. He was definitely bigger than my sister.

This time Jordan began slower. He took his time with me while doing his best to kiss my neck. He pumped my pussy with his cock, in and out he went. All the while I gazed into Jamie’s eyes, imagining as she did, that it was us who were fucking. I started moaning loudly with every thrust. He must have learned something from watching Jamie and I going at it.

Jordan did take longer with me than he did with Jamie but as all things go, so did he, or should I say cum? I felt his body tense up and his cock pulsing in me as his baby batter was caught in a latex dick glove.

Jordan moved off me and took off his condom. “Was that better,” he asked.

“It felt a little better than your sex with Jamie looked,” I responded.

“Maybe we could do this again later on,” Jordan suggested.

“Shut your bitch mouth,” Jamie said. “We’ll decide that.”

“Why have you been so mean to him today,” I asked Jamie.

“He has been an asshole since you went to college. And then he interrupted us this morning and made us fuck him.”

“Jamie, he has your virginity, or at least half of it.”

“You’re right Jess. Maybe we can let him back sometime to teach him how to do it right.”

I looked over at Jordan. I motioned for him to come in close to me. “Did you hear that? She might ask you back to teach you how to treat a woman,” I said to him. I then grabbed his neck and pulled him in. I gave him a kiss on the lips. “If you ever tell anyone about this I’m going to fake cry and claim you raped me.” Jordan’s face went from pleased to fearful. “Now get out of here and let me and Jamie have some time together.”

Jordan gathered up his clothes and meekly left the room. I lay back down next to Jamie and she cuddled in under my arm. “Hey Jess, do you still need more sex from me?”

“Only if you need it,” I told her.

“Oh no. My pussy and dick are both sore. But I would do it if you needed it.”

“Why don’t we get out of here then? We could go get some breakfast and spend some time together like sisters should.”

“That sounds good,” Jamie replied. “One more thing Jess. I love you. Not just as my sister, but I really love you.”

I smiled at Jamie. “I really love you too babe.”

PART 3 – Hermaphrodite Sister – Chapter 3

Nearly two weeks had passed since my sexual escapades with Jamie had begun. Of course Jordan tried to weasel his way into our fun nearly every morning. We had usually fucked our brains out at night and tried to be showered and ready for the day before Jordan was awake. No matter how hard we tried he always seemed to end up naked in our room. Despite Jamie’s protests, I gave him a handjob a few times to satisfy his needs. There was a clear lack of love between Jamie and Jordan that had developed while I was away at college.

One morning Jamie had been particularly harsh towards Jordan while rejecting him. I really felt bad for him. He wasn’t really doing anything we hadn’t encouraged. His actions were a direct result of hearing our headboard pounding up against his bedroom wall every night. Their bickering was really beginning to grate at me. I had to find out what had happened between the two of them.

As I said earlier it was about two weeks later. We lay together in bed as the sun began to rise over the mountains to the east. The first rays of sun had begun to make their way onto Jamie’s face. I smiled as she opened her eyes and looked up at me. “Good morning,” I cooed in a happy tone.

“Hey sexy,” Jamie replied and then asked, “What should we do today?”

“I was thinking that maybe we could lay here naked together all morning,” I told her.

“That sounds nice. But then Jordan will end up in here wanting to fuck us.”

“Come on Jamie, that is a small price to pay for a nice sensual morning together.”

“You mean together with Jordan?”

“I mean what the hell happened between you two while I was gone? I knew you never loved him but you were at least nice to him.”

“Jess, he just became a dick after you went to school.”

“What did he do that made him such a dick?”

“Well, it wasn’t that he became a dick as much as it was that he just kept showing it to me.” I couldn’t help but laugh hysterically when Jamie told me. “Stop laughing Jess, it isn’t funny.”

“So what? He would just come in and whip his cock out?”

“Yeah but then he would tell me to suck it or to help him feel good.”

When what I was hearing my laughter turned to sadness. Going between two emotional extremes was almost like being a fucking bipolar. I instantly understood her behavior. “Jamie, I’m so sorry I convinced you to let him fuck you.”

“It wasn’t your decision,” she told me. “After having sex with you I really wanted to know what it felt like to get my pussy fucked.”

“So you are okay that it was Jordan who did it?”

“Yeah, I guess. I did get to fuck his ass. That little sissy deserved it. I just kind of wish he was he treated me more like a lover, like you do, instead of a fuck toy.”

“Well, I’m glad to hear you aren’t upset about doing it but I’m still going to teach that little fucker a lesson.” I flung the blankets up into the air and off my nude body.

Jamie leaned up on her side, resting her weight on her elbow while her hand held her head up. “Go fight for your lover,” she jeered!

I was completely riled up. I wanted to beat the hell out of Jordan for being such an ass. The sexual harassment towards Jamie was unacceptable and I was on my way to extract payment for it, naked. I energetically burst into Jordan’s room, my tits swinging and my hair flying. I started yelling, “WHAT THE FUCK IS YOUR PROBLEM?”

Jordan jumped up out of bed after I had obviously just woken him. He pulled his cock out of his boxers then looked at me and smiled, “You looking’ for Jordan love?”

I barged up to him and slapped him across the face, a very audible sound of ‘bitch’ emanated from between my skin and his cheek. “Did you fucking think I wouldn’t find out?”

“What the hell are you talking about,” Jordan said confused?

“Shut the fuck up you little bitch. You are going to pay for what you did.”

“What the fuck did I do?”

“Shut the fuck up you little bitch, or I’ll slap you again.” Jordan looked at me like an abused little puppy. “Sit your ugly bitch ass down.” He did exactly as I commanded and sat down on his bed, his floppy dick still hanging out in the open. “Did you think you could treat Jamie like that without me finding out?”

“Will you just tell me what I did that has you so fucking pissed?”

I reached down and slapped at his limp cock. “You have a naughty dick,” I said. “Did you really think Jamie enjoyed seeing your ugly prick shoved in her face when I was at college.”

Jordan’s face turned red, not embarrassed red, but an oh-shit-I’ve-been-caught red. “I’m sorry I shouldn’t have done it.”

“That’s right you stupid fuck. Then you have the audacity to fuck her virgin cunt.” Jordan cowered slightly as I raised my hand again. “That’s right you wuss. Cower down before me.”

“What do you want from me? I can only say I’m sorry so much.”

“Shut your fucking mouth. I haven’t finished listing all of your offenses,” I said sternly. “Not only did you flash your nasty cock at Jamie and undeservedly took her virginity, but you also did it without making her cum. You fucked her when you should have made love to her.”

“I’ve never …”  SLAP! My hand reached his fleshy cheek at a high velocity.

“I’m not done yet. Listen to your sins,” I yelled. “After you prematurely lost your load while you were fucking Jamie you then continued your lackluster fucking in my pussy. I bet you couldn’t make a woman cum even if you wanted to.”

“I can …” Jamie stopped talking as he saw me raise my hand again.

“Then you continued to come into her room every morning begging for more weak sex. I can’t fucking believe I jerked you off while letting you play with my tits. You are undeserving of even looking at them.” I had finally had my fill, my enthusiasm was beginning to waver. “So what do you have to say for yourself?”

“I’m sorry. I’ll do whatever both of you want. Just let me into your bed with you sometimes.”

“You just don’t fucking get it do you? Still looking for pussy after you have been caught trying to take it. You are like the fat kid who gets his hand stuck in the fucking cookie jar and offers penance so he can put his hand back in.”

I had really pushed Jordan pretty far, he finally started crying. “I’m sorry. I really like both of you. I think you are both super hot. I think it is weird that Jamie has a dick too but I’m okay with that if you would just teach me to be better.”

I felt like a real bitch. I had made my own brother cry. I really didn’t hate Jordan and I really thought that if we included him sometimes we could have a load of fun together, just a big-assed sibling sex party. “Well,” I said, still acting large and in charge, “I’ll go speak to my client about this. I’ll return with her offer for your penance.”

I climbed back in bed with Jamie and she cuddled up under my arm. “Oh, sweetie, you are cold,” she said. “Let me hold your body to warm you up.”

I could feel her cock up against my leg, she was ready for more than cuddling, that was for sure. “Oh, thanks,” I replied, shivering a little on purpose.

“So tell me about everything. I want to know what he said.”

I told Jamie about everything. I told her about slapping him right after I walked in. I told her how I was domineering over him and how I informed him of his crimes against us. I told her of the second slap and about his apology. I also told her what he said about her, how he thinks she was really pretty. I told her he was willing to do anything we wanted.

“Do you want to have sex with him again,” Jamie asked?

“I wouldn’t mind letting him join in sometimes,” I said. “But I don’t want to do it if it would make you uncomfortable.”

“You will have to teach him how to use his dick. I don’t want him anywhere near my pussy until he figures that out.”

“Oh, that’s good,” I said, “What else should we make him do?”

Jamie and I lay there together and hashed out the proposed sentence for Jordan’s sins. All the while she rubbed my cunt with her hand, working up my wetness. I was really getting into the fingering I was getting when she abruptly stopped. “Go tell Jordan what we came up with.”

“Oh, don’t stop! I was really enjoying that,” I said.

“I want you to be horny when you tell him everything. I want you thinking about me when you are looking at him.”

“You are such a tease!”

Jamie pulled away from me and started pushing me out of the bed. “Go tell him.”

“Fine,” I said, “But I expect your dick to still be hard when I get back.”

I bounded down the hallway back towards Jordan’s room. I opened the door as before, allowing my breasts to jiggle and my hair to fly about. Jordan was laying down in his bed and jumped up again as I came into the room. Much to my surprise his dick was still hanging out of his boxers, pointing towards me at a half-erect stance. “Do you plan on keeping that thing out,” I asked as I pointed towards his dick.

“Sorry,” he said as he reached for it.

“No, don’t,” I said. “take your boxers off completely and let me look at your ass.” Jordan did as I asked and turned to let me stare at his ass. “Now,” I continued, “listen to our proposal.” I walked up behind him and stood as close as I could without my body touching his. “Jamie has agreed to forgive you and go back to being brother and sister. No sexual contact but no more bad feelings towards you.” I then moved my body against his and put my hand on his waist, “Or you can choose to do as we want and you may occasionally join us, when we want you there.”

“What would I have to do to join you?”

“You must first come to the trial. Then you will be confronted by your accuser and judged by me. Once you commit to the trial you agree to carry out the sentence as it is laid before you. Right now is your only chance to return to as things once were.”

“So I can’t know what I have to do before I agree?”

“You may contest any sentence and we can come to an appropriate agreement,” I told him. Then I reached my hand all the way around his waist and reached for his cock. He was inevitably hard, as I had wanted. I grabbed a hold of his solid shaft and jerked it a few times. “If you choose the trial be sure to show up in the nude.”

“Can I mess around with you sometimes? Without Jamie knowing?”

I squeezed his cock as hard as I could. “No,” I said. “It is either both of us or none of us. And don’t think I would ever risk the incredible love I get from Jamie for the crappy shit you call love.” I broke away from Jordan and left his room, shutting his door behind me. As I walked back into our bedroom.

I had planned on getting into bed with Jamie again but she was standing up. Not standing up on the floor, she was standing on the bed, jerking her cock. “I didn’t say you could jerk off without me,” I said.

“It ain’t gonna suck itself,” she said.

I couldn’t help but giggle with her after she said it. Hearing it from a guy always sounded so egotistical but hearing it from my sister was only comic relief. With Jamie standing on the bed her dick was conveniently located at a prime sucking location. I moved towards her and grabbed her cock, jerking it a little. I started working her dick head with my tongue, swirling around it. I could tell she was really horny. Her pussy was dripping with a shiny lubricant that smelled of her love for me. Her cock was also dripping a luscious pre-cum.

I was about ready to really start working her cock for her when we heard a knock at the door. I pulled away from Jamie, my saliva dripping from her dick. There was only one person who would knock on our door, after all, he was the only person home besides us.

“Come in,” Jamie yelled.

The door opened slowly and Jordan stood there naked with a proud erection. “I am ready for the trial,” he said.

I looked up and Jamie and she shook her head in the affirmative. Then she climbed down off the bed and stood beside me. I kissed her and then left the room so I was just out of sight. While in the hallway I heralded my entrance. “All rise for judge Jessie.” I walked back in the room and saw Jamie and Jordan facing me. I walked over to the bed and stood on it as Jamie had been when I got back into the room.

“Kneel before the judge,” I announced. Jamie quickly got down on her knees. I looked at Jordan and repeated myself, “Kneel before the judge.” Jordan complied with the personal request.

“This is the court proceedings for Jessie VS Jordan,” I continued, “Jordan you are here of your own free will to be confronted by your accuser in a trial by judge that you have heretofore agreed to. Jessie, you are here of your own free will to confront the defendant with your claims of crime. Do you both agree to grant me the authority to judge this case in accordance with fairness as I see it?”

“Yes ma’am,” Jessie squealed giddily.

I looked over at Jordan, “Yes, ma’am,” he said somewhat reluctantly, following after Jamie’s example.

I continued in our little trial. “Jordan, you have been accused of cock flashing, lackluster sexual intercourse, and attempted deception in order to receive more sexual favors. How do you plead?”

Jordan finally seemed to catch on to the little game we were playing. “To the charge of cock flashing I plead guilty. To the charge of lackluster sexual intercourse I plead ignorance. And to the charge of attempted deception I plead kind of.”

“He can’t plead ‘kind of’,” Jamie said.

“Order in the court,” I replied to Jamie. “I will not have this trial become a mockery.” I turned my attention back to Jordan. “Would you please clarify your plea of ‘kind of’ to the court?”

“I say ‘kind of’ because I knew that Jamie did not want me around but that Jessie was giving me sexual favors.”

I did not want to be put on trial myself so I tried my best to keep out of the accusations. “Let the record show that the plea of ‘kind of’ will stand as is. Let the record also show that Jordan understands Jamie did not want him here.”

Jamie looked a bit disappointed but seemed to accept my decree. I looked at her and said, “Jamie, will you please take the stand.” Jamie took a seat on the bed next to me. “Will you please account to the court your perception of the incidents leading up to this trial.”

Jordan and I listened as Jamie shared her side of the story. After she was finished I allowed Jordan to cross examine her story, asking questions as he felt necessary. The process was repeated, this time Jordan shared his story and he was cross examined by Jamie. A fair amount of time had passed during our trial so I ordered a court recess for lunch. “Return here in one hour,” I announced. “Return in the nude and prepare for sentencing.”

Jamie and I got dressed and had a nice lunch together. We aren’t exactly sure what Jordan did but when we got back home he was naked, standing in the hallway, waiting for the plaintiff and the judge to return. Jamie and I both took off our clothes and put them in our room. Jamie invited Jordan in and I announced my entrance as before. The pomp and circumstance preceded as it had earlier. I knelt on the bed, above both my siblings, ready to give Jordan his sentence.

“Jordan, you have been found guilty of sexual crimes against your sisters. Your sentence shall be as follows. For the crime of cock flashing you shall be sentenced to allowing Jamie to fuck your ass at her pleasure. Do you accept this sentence or would you like to counter it?”

“Why does she get to fuck my ass whenever she wants? I’m not into dicks or gay sex,” he replied.

“We have just begun the sentencing. The alternate for ass fucking is that we tell dad that you propositioned both of us for sex. And we let him do what he will. So will you go with the random ass fucking from Jamie or will you go with the wrath of dad?”

“Fine, I’ll take it in the ass. But she has to have some good lube and not just your cunt juice.”

I looked at Jamie and she nodded in the affirmative. “You will be given a good lube provided that you supply it,” I said.

“Fine,” Jordan quipped.

“For the charge of lackluster sex you are hereby sentenced to regular sexual intercourse with your sister Jessie until you have learned to properly make love. While engaged in this sexual training you shall have no other pussy besides your sister’s. Do you agree to this sentence?”

“That I can agree with,” Jordan said excitedly.

“Do you also agree to supply condoms for said intercourse?”

“Fine,” Jordan said. “Will I ever get to fuck one of you without a condom?”

I ignored his question and continued on. “Let it be known that Jordan agrees with both sentences handed down. And for the final charge of attempted sexual deception you are hereby sentenced to five slaps to be given at random over the next six months. Said slaps will be executed by Jamie at any magnitude that she sees fit. Do you agree with the sentence?”

“Five slaps at any time? What if I say no?”

“If you say no then all sentences heretofore shall be revoked and the dad sentence shall be carried out as previously discussed,” I replied.

“Fine, but do they all have to be across the face?”

I looked at Jamie. “No,” she said. “I may decide to slap your ass. Or maybe one day I’ll slap your nut sack as hard as I want.”

“Whatever,” Jordan said. “I’ll do it.”

Jamie jumped up and down, “Yes,” she exclaimed! “I won the trial.” She walked over to me and kissed me. I was so horny from fooling around earlier that I nearly couldn’t help myself. I attacked Jamie’s body as she had mine. We ended up on the bed, with her on top.

I looked over at Jordan, “Pay attention little brother; your training begins now.”

Jamie and I made out for quite a while. Her pussy was soaked and her dick was extruding pre-cum at a large volume. My pussy was also drenched in my own horniness. Jamie started kissing down my body to my breasts. She suckled each one, trying to give both of them equal attention. She moved her way down to my flooded pussy and began licking up the horny juice I was making for her.

Jamie worked my cunt up and down, moving her tongue along each of my outer labia and sucking in my inner lips. She worked my clitoris with her mouth while her index finger worked its way in and out of my vagina in a fucking motion. In a matter of a few short minutes I had been brought to the edge of orgasm. A few more licks and a little more finger fucking was all it took. My body began to spasm as the orgasm shook through me. My body buckled under its intensity. I couldn’t help but to squeeze my sister’s head between my legs. while I rolled over on my side.

After I let her loose Jamie took a deep breath. “Holy shit sis. That must have been one fucking incredible orgasm.”

I caught my breath and replied, “Oh I needed that so bad.”

“Good,” Jamie said as she moved her body back up on top of me. I started sucking her tits as she positioned herself to penetrate my sacredness. “Now are you ready to make love?”

“Yes,” I said, “Put your cum in me.” Jamie’s dick easily slid into me with no resistance. I traded between kissing her lips and sucking her tits as she fucked me. Slowly and gently she moved her cock back and forth. In return I concentrated my vaginal muscles and squeezed her dick the best I could.

Jamie and I fucked each other for nearly twenty minutes. In that time I had orgasmed two more times; Jordan had also lost his seed and now sat on the floor watching in awe. Jamie was coming close to orgasm, I could feel it happening. I grabbed her ass and guided her in and out. The moment I felt her cum beginning to shoot into me I pushed her in as far as she could go. I could feel each discharge of her semen splashed up to the back of my love tunnel.

Jamie and I continued to kiss until her dick limply slumped out of me. I could feel the copious amount of cum oozing out and running down my ass crack. She lay on top of me and I looked over at Jordan. “I hope watching has helped you learn a little. That is how you make love.” He could only continue to stare at both of us entwined together. “Now go and jerk off for the rest of the day, thinking of what you just saw.”

We both watched as Jordan’s tight man ass left the room. “I think this is going to turn out to be a whole lot of fun,” Jamie said.

“So do I,” I said. “So do I.”

PART 4 – Hermaphrodite Sister – Chapter 4

Things sisters do to their brothers for the sake of personal enjoyment can get downright mean. When it came to our sexual reeducation for Jordan, there was no holding  back. Jamie and I had spent the night after our mock court trial together, laughing and giggling about what we should make him do. I’ll tell you that the ideas were flowing, my pussy juice was flowing as was as Jamie’s cum! Of course it was our brother’s own desire for my pussy that he wanted to start so soon.

Jordan came happily strolling into our room the next morning with a condom in hand. He had been fully expecting to get his cock immediately inside me. Well, there were two problems with that. First of all, I was getting pounded by Jamie’s cute hermaphrodite dick when he came in and second of all, he had to earn my pussy first. We ignored him  at first, allowing him to watch us make love together.

After Jamie and I finished we cuddled and kissed a little before we heard Jordan’s demands. “Hey,” he said while taking off his clothes, “let me in there I need to be taught how to fuck.”

Jamie flung the covers back, she seemed to be much more comfortable in front of him since we found him guilty in our court of incestuous love. “Where is your anal lube,” she asked?

“I didn’t bring any,” he said.

“So did you plan on taking my prick up your dry ass?”

“No, I was going to have sex with Jessie.”

“Not so fast,” I said. “You can’t just come in here and put your dick in me thinking that how this all works.”

“Then what do you want me to do he asked?”

“You need to learn something about women,” I said. “You need to learn that we don’t always want to be immediately fucked when you flash your cock.”

“You always want to be fucked by Jamie,” he replied.

“Of course,” I said, “that is because I love her.”

“Oh you are so sweet,” Jamie said. We both then leaned in to each other and began kissing.

“But you don’t love me,” Jordan asked?

I broke off my kissing with Jamie, “As a brother but I am not in love with you. You see, a guy like you has to earn that from me.”

“Then tell me what to do,” he said.

“Well, mom has given us all chores to do while they are at work. I want you to serve me by doing my chores as well as Jamie’s.”

Jamie piped in, “Oh, I like that idea.”

“That would take me all day,” Jordan exclaimed!

“And that is what makes it a service to me,” I said. “Don’t worry, I’ll reward you for every chore you finish and if you do them all then you can do me.” Jamie and I both started giggling at what I had said.

“Fine,” Jordan said, “I’ll do them but only today.” He reached to the floor to pick up his pants.

“No, no,” I said. “Naughty boy! You stay naked while you do our chores.” He left our room looking rather annoyed.

“What kind of rewards are you going to give him for each chore that he does,” Jamie asked?

“I don’t know yet,” I said.” Something that will keep that dick hard.

“Oh, Jessie, you are such a slut.”

“Does it bother you that I am going to have sex with him? I mean we do have a good thing going here.”

“I only get a little jealous. But I want to watch this. If he gets good enough then maybe I’ll let him get his cock back into me.”

“I think you should,” I said, “the first time has got to be the worst sex any woman gets.”

We both went to the kitchen, just as naked as Jordan, to find some breakfast. He was fast at work cleaning the kitchen. He had to wash the dishes, clean the counters and then clean the floor. Both Jamie and I grabbed a bowl and cereal then we watched Jordan as he finished each task. He finished the kitchen floor just as we had finished eating our cereal.

“I’m done,” he said, “so what do I get for the kitchen.”

I took my bowl and Jamie’s bowl and put them in his hands. “First you will wash these two bowls, then I will tell you.” I slid my ass up on the counter top, right next to Jordan while he did as I asked. I spread my legs for him, giving a good view of Jamie’s cum slowly oozing out of me from earlier.

Jordan put the newly washed dishes away and looked down at my cunt. “Can I at least touch it,” he asked?

“I want you to do more than touch it,” I said, “I want you to eat my pussy for breakfast. Lick it clean with your tongue and you had better make me orgasm as well.”

He was a little hesitant at first but as soon as my brother got a few good licks of my pussy there seemed to be no stopping him. I couldn’t help but to moan with delight as he worked my cunt. “Start at my fuck hole,” I demanded. Stay there until I tell you to move. Jordan did as instructed.

I looked over at Jamie, she had leaned back in the chair and was stroking her semi-soft cock while fingering her own pussy hole. I was a bit surprised to see her working herself like that, I had never watched her masturbate before.

“Now start taking long licks up my slit,” I requested of Jordan. His tongue began to lick be from bottom to top. “From my asshole through to my clit,” I said. Jordan extended his movements and his tongue so that his licks went the prescribed distance. I moaned loudly with every lick of my pussy. At first, Jordan would take one long lick from my asshole to my pubic hair and then start back at my asshole. Before long he started licking back and forth between the two points. “There you go you little fuck,” I said, “now you are starting to understand.”

Jamie boisterously yelled, “He is jerking off!”

I slapped him on his head, “Stop touching yourself until I say you can. Now get up on my clit and focus your licks there; lick it, suck it, work it.” Jordan did just as I asked. First he vigorously licked my clitoris before he started sucking it in and out of his mouth. I could feel my orgasm began to build as he slowed a little, “Don’t stop you little shit! Keep going faster!” I could feel him working harder to keep me pleased. I started shaking in response to his efforts. An orgasm had passed through my body.

I grabbed Jordan by the hair and pulled him away from my cunny after my orgasm had finished. “Good boy,” I said, “you have passed the first test for the day.” I slid my ass off the counter top and looked at it. “It seems you may have to clean that off one more time,” I said.

“Yes, ma’am,” he replied.

“Oh getting formal on us now? I think I like that. What about you Jamie, do you like that?”

“Oh yes,” she said. “I like that too.”

Jordan wiped up my glistening sex juices from off the counter. “Now get that living room vacuumed,” I demanded.

“Yes ma’am,” Jordan said.

I made myself comfortable on the couch and Jamie joined me. I opened my leg and she knew exactly what to do, she cuddled right in. I fondled Jamie while we watched Jordan as he scurried about with the vacuum, trying to finish quickly. Instead we would both point out places that he had missed, giggling about each one. “You need to be thorough with a woman, just like you do with vacuuming,” Jamie said. We both giggled again.

After Jamie had finished vacuuming the living room he walked right up to us. I stared at his cock, it was a bit mesmerizing. I could see its veins were throbbing with blood. His cock head was as hard as I had seen it. “Your did looks like it needs to cum,” I said.

“Yes ma’am,” Jordan replied.

“Yes ma’am what,” I asked?

“Yes ma’am my cock needs to cum.”

“Well, why don’t you jerk it off. I’ll let you cum on my tits.”

Jordan began masturbating in front of his two sisters. “Isn’t your brother such a pervert,” I asked Jamie?

“Yes he is,” she said, “he is such a sexual deviant.”

I reached in and cupped his balls, “I may just give these things a squeeze as a punishment to our naughty brother.”

“Maybe you should,” she said. “What kind of weirdo wants to fuck his own sisters?”

We both berated Jordan as he jerked off for us. It didn’t take him too long before his dick started shooting it’s load. I squeezed my tits together to take the copious amounts of cum that my brother had produced. After he had finished I let go of my tits, allowing his cum to run down my body. Then I reached up and ran my finger up the underside of his cock, to make sure I got every last drop.

“Oh, look at your tits,” Jamie exclaimed! “Now they are all dirty.”

“Would you like to join me in the shower,” I asked Jamie.

“Sure thing sweetie,” she said.

We held hands as we walked to the end of the living room. I stopped and looked back at Jordan, “Well, what are you waiting for? We need someone to wash our hair.”

The image of three siblings crammed into a shower must have been a pretty sexy sight. Jamie and I faced each other, taking turns washing each others bodies. We had banished Jordan to the backside of either of us. “Massage my scalp,” I yelled at him. “You can’t just put the shampoo in and rinse it out. Make sure my head is clean.” Jamie giggled every time I had scolded Jordan. My sister and I had cuddled in close to each other, rubbing our bodies together while our brother scrubbed our scalps.

We finally had Jordan stand between the two of us. Jamie was behind him and I was in front. I used the bar of soap on his arms, armpits, chest, legs, and I spent copious amounts of time on his cock and balls. In the meantime Jamie washed his hair. “This is how you do it,” she declared. “You have to get in and massage your head, making sure you get it really clean.”

During our shower together Jordan hadn’t said much of anything. He quietly did everything we told him. We rinsed off his body and then Jamie asked for the soap. “Give me that soap,” she said. “I’m going to wash his backside.” I knew what she was getting at but I couldn’t help but laugh when I handed over the bubbly bar. I watched her as she washed off his back then she shoved that bar of soap deep into his ass crack. “You have such a dirty ass,” she said, “It needs to be cleaned up.” She really moved that bar of soap around his ass crack.

“Bend over,” she demanded, “I need to make sure this thing is clean.” Jordan quietly complied. I saw a look in Jamie’s eye and I could see what she wanted to do. She grabbed a hold of her erect hermaphrodite dick and guided it into our brother’s ass crack. With all the soap in there she effortlessly pushed herself into his asshole. Once he realized what she was doing he tried moving out of the way but I pushed him back towards Jamie. “If you want to fuck Jessie today the you are going to take my cock up your ass.”

Jordan continued to struggle a little so I straddled his head, holding it tight between my legs. Our brother was bent over, Jamie fucking his asshole, and I was holding him in place. It really must have been an uncomfortable situation for him but we were going to make him the lover we wanted and not the lover he wanted to be. My sister fucked him rather hard and I could tell she was enjoying the anal sex she was taking from him. It wasn’t too long before her orgasm face appeared.

After Jamie was finished with our brother’s ass I released his head from between my legs. Then we turned him around and rinsed out the newly fucked and washed crack.

Jamie and I dried ourselves off while we stared down Jordan, standing nude in front of us. “You only have a few more chores before you can have my pussy,” I told him. “You had better get dried off and get them done.”

“I don’t have a towel,” he said. I started drying his body with my semi-damp towel. Jamie joined me with her towel. I worked his cock and Jamie dried of his backside, including his ass crack.

Jordan got to work cleaning the rest of the house while we followed him around, giggling to ourselves as we watched him. “He does have a nice cock,” I told Jamie.

“I like it too Jessie,” she replied, “but it is really the only one I have ever seen.”

“Don’t worry babe,” I said, “one day you will find a guy who loves you for everything you have.”

“Do you think he would suck my dick,” Jamie asked?

“Do you have any idea how that sounds coming from a woman,” I asked? We both giggled together. “Why don’t we find out after he finished all of our chores,” I asked? “I bet we can get him to suck your cock.”

“Even though he says he is straight?”

“Absolutely, I think most guys would suck a hermaphrodite’s dick. I mean, shit, you have all the other girl stuff.”

“What about you? Would you lick my pussy instead of sucking on my dick? Would you start sucking my tits? You have said that you are straight and you haven’t done anything except kiss me and take my dick, everything you can do with a guy.”

“Well, I would be more than willing to suck your tits. We could do that for each other. And you did eat me out so I should at least try licking your pussy. I just don’t know if I can do it without feeling weird about it,” I said.

“Yeah and fucking your siblings isn’t weird?”

Jamie had a really good point there. We were in the middle of one of the most taboo social acts. “I’ll do it until I get used to it. It is the least I can do for you.”

Jamie smiled at me, “Thanks sweetie.”

“You know you will have to forgive Jordan sometime,” I said.

“Yeah, I know,” Jamie replied. “Maybe after I unleash my five slaps on him.” We both giggled again.

Jamie and I talked about random things until our brother had finished cleaning the house for us. Each time he would walk by I would either grab at his ass or dick. One time as he walked passed I got a good hold of his cock, then I gently kissed the tip before letting him go.

Finally Jordan stood in front of us, “I am finished,” he said.

I left Jamie on the couch while I inspected the house, looking for any corners our brother may have cut. I eventually made my way back into the living room with Jordan and Jamie. My sister was still sitting on the couch, her little girl dick was soft, resting against the side of her leg. “Well,” I said to my brother, “it looks like you missed one thing.”

“What is that,” he asked?

“Jamie’s dick hasn’t been sucked on today,” I said.

“I don’t like cock,” he said. “I won’t suck it.”

“Well, it won’t suck itself. So either you get down there and suck on that dick or I’ll have to do it. If I have to suck her off I won’t really be in the mood to fuck you.” I knelt down in front of Jamie and motioned for her to spread her legs. I leaned in and sucked that soft little prick of hers into my mouth. I could feel her erection building in my mouth as I continued to suck on it.

“Fine, I’ll suck her dick,” Jordan said. “But if you two ever tell anyone that I did this…”

I stopped him before he could finish, “We aren’t telling anyone about this, not a single bit of it. Get down here and suck on this thing.” Jordan knelt beside me and grabbed Jamie’s cock. He jerked her a little before taking her dick into his mouth. My brother bobbed his head up and down my intersexed sister’s dick while she moaned.

“How is he,” I asked?

“Not too bad,” she said. “A bit more clumsy than you are but he would get the job done if he sucked on me long enough.”

“Jordan,” she said sternly, “you have a dick and know what you want. Do the same to me.” Our brother slowed a moment and then you could see a definite change in his demeanor. As he continued to work Jamie’s cock it was easy for me to see that she was enjoying it much more.

Jordan stopped sucking and started jerking our sister. “Please don’t make me swallow her cum,” he said. “I don’t think I can go that far right now.”

I looked up at Jamie, she shook her head no. “It looks like it is okay with Jamie,” I said. “Just get her to cum and then you can fuck me.”

“I have a better idea,” she replied. “Why don’t you go get a condom and your anal lube and we can make a Jordan sandwich.”

“Mmmm,” I sounded off, “that does sound like a great idea. Jordan, we will meet you in our room. Do as Jamie says and get your anal lube and a condom.”

Jamie and I retired to our room. I lay on my back, preparatory for the missionary position. My sister stayed standing, waiting for our brother to join us. After he walked in Jamie had him lube his asshole and her dick. Afterward she had Jordan put on his condom and guided him towards me. I spread my legs, waiting for his dick which was a bit larger than Jamie.

My sister moved her dick in between Jamie’s ass cheeks. She penetrated his asshole and then whispered in his ear, “Now you can fuck your own sister but you had better not let my dick fall out of your ass.” We positioned ourselves so that Jordan penetrated my cunt.

Both Jamie and I stayed still while Jordan’s hips bounced between the both of us. As our brother fucked he received encouragement from both of his sisters, “Fuck us.” we both yelled. “Fuck your sisters.”

“Fill my pussy,” I moaned.

“Take my cock,” Jessie responded.

With all the foreplay and teasing we had done with Jordan throughout the day, it didn’t take much for him to cum. I could feel his cock pulsing with each stream of cum that filled the condom. Jamie pulled out of his asshole, and he pulled out of me. He stood up next to the bed and pulled off the condom. Neither Jamie or I had orgasmed.

My sister moved up towards me. She sunk her dick into my pussy and we both fucked until we orgasmed together. Jamie jumped up quickly after orgasm, which was not characteristic for her to do. Then she looked at Jordan, “You make sure she cums before you do,” she said sternly. Then out of nowhere she leaned back and let her open palm rip across his cheek. The sound was impressive, kind of scared me actually. “Four more slaps,” she exclaimed!

My sister jumped back in bed with me and cuddled up to me. “Would you like to come cuddle with us,” I asked Jordan?

He looked pretty pissed about getting slapped. “No,” he said, “I’m leaving.”

“Don’t be such a little bitch,” I told him as he walked out. “You agreed to the slaps!”

Jamie snuggled in closer to me, “Four more slaps and I’ll let him fuck me too,” she said.



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