Feature Writer: StuffItInn

Feature Title: Destroying her

Published: 11.01.2019 /

Story Codes: Satanic Couplings. Domination, Mind-Control, Devil Worship

Synopsis: Fucking up your girlfriend and fucking her daughter

Author’s Notes: Before I say anything about the following, I’d like to give a shout-out and thank you to MrMalphas for editing this story. Outstanding job and a big thank you! It took a while to complete this as life kept interrupting, but here is the bridge from the prequel to the original. I (we) edited the prequel and original to work better with what I originally posted. The following is the first three parts in one easy to use location. As for a continuation, not sure. Perhaps if the mood strikes me. As for Samantha, that is a side story you could expect to see at some point as I have already started writing that one. Anyway, enjoy and feedback is always welcome.

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Destroying her

Part 1

I’d been dating Heather for about six months. We were a pretty good match and had great sex. We were both in our late 40’s. I felt my life to be on the upswing after my divorce from a cheating whore who couldn’t keep her legs closed. Heather was different… In a way. You see, she couldn’t close her legs either, but only for me. We joked that if we’d met when we were younger, we would have 15 kids by now. As it happened, together we had none. She did, however, have three daughters. Of the three, the oldest was the only one I had yet to meet.

Heather told me Carla would be visiting, and wanted me to meet her. I had some concerns: Carla, she explained, liked to “rebel.” Lately she’d been trying out different personalities, so I wasn’t sure what to expect.

The day Carla was scheduled to arrive, I went to Heather’s house with an open mind and no expectations. One piece of intrigue: Heather had said Carla’s latest foray into her personality search was “goth”. That idea piqued my curiosity. Understand, throughout our relationship, I’d held a secret from poor Heather: My secret addiction to blasphemous porn. Knowing I wanted to keep this kink hidden, I had to put on my poker face for Carla.

I got to Heather’s and was welcomed with big hug and slutty kiss from her. I rocked my head back and questioned her. “What was that for?”

She looked at me. “I just am feeling very happy right now. Carla got home about an hour ago and I have to say, my worry of introducing some psychotic goth chic to you is gone. Seems she has finally found God.” She let out a lighthearted sigh, one of delight. Being a devote Christian, the thought of Carla’s soul being brought into the light must have touched her deeply. If only she knew what type of man she had in her arms that very moment.

“That’s great!” My deception, though not perfectly acted, went unnoticed. We broke our embrace and went into the kitchen to finish preparing dinner. While working on the main course, Heather realized she was missing a key ingredient. I offered to go to the store, but she insisted on going herself, as she knew exactly where to find what she needed. She left, so I grabbed a beer and sat down in the kitchen to work on it.

“Hey…you must be Alex.” I looked up from my drink and was met with a vision of pure beauty. Short, feminine stature. Dark, shoulder length hair styled tastefully, full shiny red lips, hefty tits that sat proudly on her chest, tanned silky looking legs, and two of most gorgeous blue eyes. Those eyes…they hinted at something dark. Composing myself, I stood up and approached her with my hand out.

“Yes. You must be Carla.” Fuck, those eyes… Gorgeous. She wore a light sun dress that really showed off her tan. It wasn’t low cut, but showed just a hint of cleavage. Displayed prominently on her dress between her tits was a cross…oddly, the cross was upside down. From the construction of the necklace, I realized that the cross could hang either upside down or right-side up. I wondered if she’d attached it in a hurry, and failed to notice the error?

After taking in this vision of beauty and feeling her soft supple skin, I tried pulling my hand back. Carla held firm. “I can see why mom is into you.” Her forwardness jolted me; she just grinned at me with a spark in her eye. “She says you’re the best she’s ever had.”

I was totally taken aback. What the fuck was happening? And what in Christ’s name was I supposed to do right now? My dick was getting hard. I thought I’d sit down to hide my erection. Carla shot down that plan immediately. She pulled me in “No, sir, I always hug new friends!” She let go of my hand. One arm wrapped around my neck. Her free hand began searching for my dick. She whispered in my ear, “You and I are going to have a lot of fun together. I’m going to make you experience more pleasure than you ever thought possible.”

I about nutted right then and there. This woman was a sexy little harlot. We ended the steamy embrace timely enough; Heather had just walked back in. She was overjoyed to see that Carla and I had met. I caught myself in time not to roll my eyes – I couldn’t stand the bullshit that goes with meeting the relatives of a lover. Still, I worried of Heather finding out what had just happened between Carla and I. Carla soothed my anxiety by shifting, like a chameleon, her whole manner to that of a prim and proper holy woman. The bubbly slut of five minutes ago would, now, convince the Pope himself of her devotion to God.

Dinner went by rather quickly. Heather and Carla were talking about their religion and God and all that shit. All I could do was sit in confusion, eat, and continue to drink. Food was good, the conversation okay… But all I could think was What the fuck is this Carla up to? I did notice one thing, Carla’s cross had been reoriented upright. So it wasn’t a mistake. Still, she sold herself as a Christian so convincingly that by the end of dinner, even I felt baffled.

We finished our meal and retired to the living room. Heather put on some music and we all took a seat. As Heather sat down, she spilled her wine. Stupid cunt. After a little panic, Heather went to the kitchen for a towel. Carla poured her mom another glass of wine. They cleaned up the mess and had a seat; Heather next to me and Carla across from us. As we chatted a little, I soon felt Heather slumping against me.

“Finally! Fuck! I thought that religious bitch would never pass out!”

I looked at Carla. She just smirked at me and stood up. She started to undo her dress. Torn between tending to Heather and looking at this vision of pure sexuality, I froze. Carla was not wearing a stitch of clothing under her dress; those fucking incredible tits were huge, firm, and high on her chest without the help of a bra. She crossed over to me so fast I couldn’t believe it. As she straddled my lap, she roughly shoved her mother to the other side of the couch…I was pinned in place but didn’t care. Fuck me, was all I could manage to think.

“Motherfucker! I’ve been having a hard time controlling myself the last few hours!”

“What the fuck is happen…” My confused tongue was cut off by Carla as her slutty mouth devoured mine. After a long, sloppy kiss, she pulled away and looked right at me.

“I can see it in you, Alex. You get off on evil, corrupting women. You love it! Guess what? I love it too! The second I saw you I knew we were going to have some fun together. Oh, fuck, I love this game!”

“What game? Is Heather ok?”

“She’s fine…I just slipped her a little something extra to put her to sleep.”

“So…what now?” I didn’t know what to say.

“Now? Now we fuck! We fuck and we fuck with mom. She’s so out she won’t know what we are doing.”

“What…what the fuck is going on? I thought you were all into your religion?” She laughed.

“I am! Just not in the way you think. I praise a God but that God is Satan! I want to do his work! Mom thinks I found religion because I want her too. What she doesn’t know is that I am a wolf in sheep’s clothing. So much fertile ground in her church to corrupt…I’m getting wet just thinking about it”

My mind reeled. I got so hard I couldn’t think straight. By this time, Carla had freed my dick from my pants. She stroked. By the time I worked my pants off, she had dropped her soaking cunt down to my engorged nuts. Hot… Fuck… She bounced up and down on my dick, looking into my eyes, and then shoved my face in her tits…she may be from hell, but this was heaven. My face now wonderfully buried, Carla began to talk.

“Isn’t this bliss? Knowing you’re cheating on my mom with her daughter? You are a true Satanist, Alex! This is getting you off and you know it! Feel it! Feel the deceit! Feel the power! You want to know something? In a few months, we are going to destroy mommy…shes’ going to eat my pussy…lick my asshole! She’s going to hate every second of it, but you and I are going to love it!”

I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. I also couldn’t believe I was enjoying it. I wrapped my arms around Carla and began to slam her down on my dick. “Yes! Fuck me harder, Alex!” I nutted deep in Carla’s cunt. My orgasm lasted longer than any in my life. Carla stood up and moved to the end of the couch where her mother’s head had fallen. Heather lay on her side, her upturned face blissfully unaware of her daughter’s plan. Carla lifted a leg up over her mom’s head and squatted down. In an scene of pure perversion, her sloppy cunt waited over her mother’s mouth.

“Moment of truth, Alex. Open moms mouth so I can spurt your cum in it.” The pure sadism in her eyes…I couldn’t resist. I reached over and opened Heather’s mouth. Carla smiled approvingly, closed her eyes, and relaxed. My jism flowed freely from her cunt into the mouth of mommy-dearest. She really got down in there and rubbed her shaved pussy on Heather’s lips. She looked up at me, “Get behind me…time to fuck my ass!”

I didn’t need to be told twice. I got up, and took position behind Carla. What I saw was heavenly hellish. Her ass was as delicious looking as I suspected, but it was her tramp stamp that really got my blood flowing. Where most women have some stupid rune or other trendy tattoo, Carla had a pentagram. As I lined my dick up with her puckering asshole, she looked back over her shoulder and smiled.

“Shove it in hard! Don’t hesitate! And keep in mind, your next load is going in my mom’s mouth as well.” As she finished her sentence, she wore that evil smirk. I drove my dick home. It was tight, but slid right in as if I’d been fucking her ass for hours already. Sadly, fucking this demoness in her ass made me nut in fewer than ten strokes…she didn’t care. She just casually sat her asshole over her moms mouth and pushed, laughing the whole time.

I fell back on a chair and watched in amazement. Carla finished up and sat down next to her mom. Calming herself from the rush of sadism, she turned her attention to me.

“I want to break this woman. I want to make her hate her life so much that she doesn’t want to live anymore. Will you help me? Will you help me do my Lord’s work?” I slowly began to stroke my re-hardening dick and simply nodded yes. She told me to ready my soul, that little smirk crossing her luscious lips yet again. She said we better clean up as her mom was starting to come around.

By the time Heather woke up, Carla and I were back in our original seats. Dressed up, we acted out concern. The charade had begun. I couldn’t wait until the end of this evil ride.

Part 2

The next month passed in a blur. The sheer amount of fucking clouded my mind. When I wasn’t fucking Heather, I was fucking Carla. To be clear, I only fucked Heather out of my duty as her boyfriend. Before Carla, I thought Heather’s cunt to be the pinnacle of orgasmic pleasure…How mistaken! Sex with Carla was unearthly.

Throughout our affair, Carla told me how she wanted to defile her mother. She explained in detail her need to demoralize her, destroy her sense of purpose, and basically drive her to a point where she would feel no sense of worth on this planet. Without fail, these plans made me cum harder and with more jizz than humanly possible. Carla loved it.

Carla also wanted to commit the ultimate sin against God by fucking on the altar of her “church”, but to keep up the image of good daughter and good boyfriend, we hadn’t done that yet. Meanwhile, she settled for the taste of her mom’s pussy on my dick and the thrill of knowing that my dick would be in her mom’s mouth after being in Carl’as ass…she came every time she thought of me polluting Heather’s mouth with my shit covered dick.

Then, all of sudden, Carla cut the sex off. She told me to carry on as usual with her mom, and everything would become apparent in good time. Fortunately for me, that time came about a week later.
I was hanging out at Heather’s when Carla showed up with a friend. As it happened, Samantha knew both Carla and Heather. They were very close. In fact, I’d met her before. A good looking woman; 39, married, nineteen year old son. She always struck me as a strange match with her husband and son, both of who you might call “computer nerds.” In my opinion, at 5’9”, 140 pounds, and a good set of C-cup tits, Samantha stood way out of Hubby’s league.

That being said, I’d never looked at her with a devious mind. With Carla however, those thoughts started to change. Pretty smile. Pretty eyes. Decent complexion. Okay hair. Most striking though was her obvious nervousness in the presence of the three of us. We all sat and chatted. Heather made us drinks, then took her spot next to me on the couch. I had a flashback to the last time Heather sat next to me and Carla across from us…I gave Carla a knowing grin that she returned.

Carla broke the icy tension with a simple statement. “So, mom! Samantha and I were talking last Sunday, and she really wants to get more involved with the church. We spent the week sort of going over some of her options.”

“That is so wonderful, baby! I’m so happy you are taking to the church’s mission!” Heather then looked at Samantha, “So what do you think you want to start doing?”

Samantha seemed to snap out of a haze, flashed a smile and said, “I’m not really sure yet. Carla has presented so many options in the last week that I’m not sure which of the Lord’s tasks I want to take on. I’m excited to get started though.” Her face glossed over and her eyes drifted down to Carla’s legs.

Heather, oblivious, followed up, “What options have you thrown out there?”

Carla smiled that gorgeous smile at her mom and began to babble about holy missions of the church and what-not. I half-listened to the conversation while finishing my beer. By the time Carla ended, all three ladies had finished their glasses of wine. I thought for a moment that Carla would “offer” once again to get more wine for them, but to my surprise, Samantha did.

We continued the conversation as Samantha returned with the drinks. About fifteen minutes and half a glass of wine later, I once again felt the familiar slump of Heather against my arm.

“Is she out?” Samantha asked the question with both curiosity and excitement as she absent-mindedly licked her lips.
Carla, eyes gleaming at me over her glass of wine, simply moaned confirmation. She put the glass down and stood up, never breaking eye contact with me, and began to undress. I needed no further invitation and could’ve cared less that another person sat by; my clothes couldn’t get off my body fast enough. My dick already stood hard as Hell.

“Alex, I’ve been working with Samantha on her calling to the Lord.” She gave a sly smile and wink, “Our Lord, Satan that is.” She giggled and looked at Samantha. “Get up and get naked, Sam. This is your initiation into the sexual bliss you’ve been seeking.”

Samantha got up and Carla helped her strip. I drank in the sight, letting it feed my lust. My senses nearly overloaded. Here stood two naked women, ready to fuck. Carla sat on the couch across from me and spread her legs. Her pussy dripped heavily from lust. I noticed Samantha enjoying the show too. In fact, she might have had more devilish desire on her face than I did! Carla locked eyes with her female admirer, and commanded her to kneel and begin eating. As Sam went to work, Carla looked at me, grabbed Sam’s head and smashed the nervous woman’s face right into her wicked cunt.

“Fuck yes! Suck on my clit!” Carla rolled her head back. “Enjoying the view, Alex? I bet you’re wondering what the fuck is goin on…Oh Fuck!!!” One orgasm. “Seems Samantha here has a hidden side to her. She’s been unfulfilled in her faith and family and wants to commit delicious sin for her new Lord and Savior…my Lord…FUCK!” Two orgasms. “Seems she wants to embrace Satan and live a life of fulfillment for herself…mmmmmm…by the way, Alex, her pussy won’t fuck itself.”

Once again, I needed no further instruction. I got down on my knees behind Samantha and began to penetrate her extremely wet pussy. I rocked my hips hard. Samantha’s pussy swallowed my dick as she moaned into Carla’s pussy. Only sin feels this good, I thought, loving my life.

“Samantha has told me some of her dark and perverted little secrets over this last week. Seems she’s a little disappointed in her life. No love, no excitement, no thrill. She wants to feel alive, so I set up this little meeting for her to see how great Satan can be. Oh Fuck!” Third orgasm. “Truthfully, I wasn’t sure she would do it. But, as soon as mommy passed out over there, I knew she wanted to be a bad little girl…in fact, I think she needs a little spanking, Alex.”

Still drilling Samantha’s soaking wet pussy, I gave her ass a firm hard smack. Samantha shuddered and moaned into Carla; Carla looked me in the eye. As she did, she began massaging her beautiful tits, twisting her hard nipples between her thumb and index finger.

“Samantha has been telling me how she is disappointed in her weak, useless son. She’s ashamed of what he’s become because he isn’t a man…he’s weak and she is shamed by him. FUCK!” Fourth orgasm. “So, as you fuck her pussy like a real man should, I’m going to tell you what we are going to do to her worthless offspring.” At this moment, Samantha squirted all over my dick; this earned her another smack on her ass.

“We’re going to kidnap him. Hold him in a cell somewhere and let Samantha degrade and humiliate him as she desires.” Brilliant, I thought, but Samantha’s excitement dwarfed my fascination. She squirted again on my dick and moaned loudly. I responded with another hard smack on her ass. I really hope that hurt, you slut. Carla simply giggled.

“I want to do it! I want to sacrifice my worthless son to Satan! Hail Satan!” Samantha was drunk with excitement. “This is bliss! Cheating on my husband! Lesbian sex! I want it all!” She screamed into Carla’s pussy. “Your dick should be lubed up enough to fuck my ass now! Do it!” As she yelled this, she squirted again on my dick. I withdrew from her cunt and shoved into her ass…a little tight, but slid in well enough. I began to edge near orgasm, myself.

“She also wants to watch us fuck mommy!” Carla giggled again. My seed started to boil. “She wants to lube up her ass for you so you can fuck her ass as well.” Really, really close now. “What do you think, Alex? Should we let her?” I came…I came a lot and deep in Samantha’s ass. Sam shuddered as she came again and Carla rocked her beautiful head back and came as well. It was a glorious sexual experience and we fell into a heap. I began to catch my breath, but still had my mind on Heather’s ass.

“I’ve never fucked your mom in her ass.” I stated it rather than exclaimed it. Carla merely looked at me curiously.

“I never would have thought that. I figured she was sexually active enough to have done anal.”

“She says it’s unholy.” Carla laughed. I smiled. Samantha was an absolute wreck after being fucked hard for the first time in her life.

Carla then spoke, “That actually gives me a much better idea. Maybe we give her some ‘wine’ and by time she comes to, your dick is in her ass and her face is in my pussy.” She was very excited at this idea.

“It would be a lot more fun if we exposed to her that we are fucking before she passed out. That way, when she wakes up, she’ll realize it wasn’t a dream.” I almost didn’t get this out of my mouth and Carla was dropping her sexy mouth on my mouth and shoving her tongue in with gusto. We broke the kiss and she looked me in the eye with an approving smile on her face.

“I fucking love it! Sam! We have to clean up a few things! You can start with cleaning Alex’s dick with your mouth!” Samantha was immediately on my re-hardening dick. Carla then got up and walked over to her mother. She was doing something I’d never seen before from her. It was some form of ritual as she stood above her mother and was chanting something. I haven’t a clue as to what she said and I didn’t care because Samantha had my attention. I grabbed Sam’s head and began to fuck her mouth with more energetic thrusting. Carla then finished and spun around.

“I know you are wondering what I did…don’t worry about it. Just a little spell to help with our goal. A week from tonight, we do it!” She was extremely excited as she told me this and began to rub her clit. “It will be a glorious moment for us and for Satan! I cannot wait! Cum with me, Alex! CUM FOR ME!”

As she said this, she came and I about blew Samantha’s head off. I shoved my dick hard down Sam’s throat and she choked…cum exiting out her nose as she couldn’t take it all. I fucking loved it and my dick didn’t soften at all. Carla saw this and put her head next to Samantha’s at my dick. The two women looked up at me for a moment until Carla began to lick my cum from Sam’s face. Sam’s tongue licked in return and I slid my dick between their mouths.

Carla brought her eyes up and met mine. “For the glory of Satan…”

The following week couldn’t go by fast enough. I could hardly focus on anything. The prior Sunday ended with Carla, Samantha and I “checking” on Heather. Heather worried for her health. Unfortunately for her, I didn’t fuck her much that week, or do anything else with her for that matter. I played the dutiful boyfriend but inside, I laughed at her. This coming weekend was going to be glorious.

When the day rolled around, Heather felt better. I stayed with her near the end of the week. Carla did not stay with us, as she was off corrupting Samantha. No worries, the day had arrived. Excitement gripped me. Heather invited Carla over for dinner and we all ate. Carla confided that she spiked Heather’s dinner with something to prolong the time between consumption and her passing out. After we ate and went into the living room, Heather began to show signs of the drug taking hold.

“You ok, honey?” I asked with mock concern.

“Yeah…just getting a little sleepy.”

“Why don’t you take a seat.” As Heather sat down, I began to fuck with her. “You want to know something, honey? I thought I loved you, but I really don’t.” Heather’s reaction was one of confusion. The drug was taking hold and the veil between reality and her stupor was lifting. As I told her this, Carla stepped in front of me. I wrapped my arms around her waist and began to kiss her neck. She smiled down at Heather.

“You heard him correctly…he wants to see you suffer. And I’m going to help him.” She began to take her clothes off and her mom’s eyes widened. “You’re a worthless person, mom. Worthless! Alex is too much of a man for your worthless being. When you wake up, you’re going to be very confused, but Alex and I, we are going to be very excited in your confusion and pain.”

By the time Heather passed out, Carla and I were completely naked and fucking. Carla bent over her mother as I railed her from behind. Heather started crying before she had passed out, not understanding what was going on. Her confusion only fueled Carla and me. We thoroughly enjoyed her delirium.

Heather’s lights went out and, as if on cue, Carla and I came hard. After we returned to earth, we prepped for the next phase. We stripped Heather and tied her hands behind her back. While knocked out, Carla degraded her verbally. She drilled into Heather’s subconscious just how worthless a human she was. Carla degraded Heather repeatedly. I sat there stroking my dick, doing my best not to cum so I would be ready to degrade a conscious Heather. As Heather started to awaken, Carla gave me a look that said it was time to make this happen.

With Heather face down/ass up, I got behind her. Carla slobbered all over my dick to lube it up so I could jam it into Heather’s ass. Heather couldn’t do much with her hands tied behind her back, but I could grab onto the hands and rope to help shove my dick in her ass. And I did…I shoved my dick in hard and that seemed to wake Heather.

“What…what is happening?”

“Whatever do you mean, mother? You are just a little mouse that fell into my trap.”

“I don’t under…ow! What are you doing, Alex?!” Tears fell from her eyes as she strained to look back at me. Carla grabbed her by the hair and twisted her head back forward.

“Now, now! Alex is just doing what comes natural to him. Just like me, we are just having a little fun!” I really started to pound into Heather’s ass. “Alex said he never fucked your ass…what a shame.”

Heather was very confused. “Carla?! Baby?! What happened? Why are you doing this?!” She sobbed as she asked these questions. She didn’t know who corrupted whom. What she didn’t know, Carla and I were born this way.

Carla wrenched her mom’s head to where she could force eye contact with her. “You holy bitch!” SLAP! “I am your Goddess and Alex is your God! You will address us as such!” SLAP! Heather cried some more and I drove my dick in harder.

Carla lined up her pussy with Heather’s face. I could see the excitement in her eyes. The smile on her face was one of a woman who was drunk with power…drunk with corruption…filled with evil intent. Her incredibly sexy smile showed her truly evil ways as she lined up her glistening pussy with her mothers face. Heather cried and closed her eyes. As if this would stop Carla.

“Look at my pussy, mom! You will eat this pussy to show your Goddess your complete submission!” Heather refused, infuriating Carla. Carla grabbed a handful of Heather’s hair and craned her neck upward to an unbearable angle. “LOOK AT ME!” Heather’s eyes sprang open.

“Your Goddess commands you to lick her pussy! LICK! NOW! STICK OUT THAT FUCKING GOD-LOVING TONGUE AND LICK!” She slammed Heather’s face into her pussy and looked at me with an absolutely evil smile and began gyrating her hips. I was getting close.

Part 3

“SUCK MY CLIT, YOU CUNT!” Carla was screaming at her mom as her orgasm was about to hit. “SUCK IT! SUCK IT! SUCK IT!…YES!!!!” Her orgasm erupted within her body. Not mine…not yet. My dick was still hard and still pounding in her mom’s asshole. Heather was crying through a mouthful of pussy, tears streaming down her face. This did nothing but spur me on. I grabbed a handful of Heather’s hair and pulled her head up to mine and spoke into her ear.

“You remember the first time we fucked? I wanted you so bad…wanted your sweet ass and tits and to be with you. Not now. Now I only want you as a fuck hole and to watch you suck your daughters pussy.” I was whispering, but still loud enough for Carla to hear. Carla was smiling with an evil glint in her eye. Heather? Well she was a wreck; sobbing and shaking as her world crashed around her. This, of course, only fueled my lust to defile.

Carla began to rise up facing her mother and looking her right in the eye. “This is really all your fault, mom. You never should have introduced me to Alex.” She looked at me with a sly smile on her face, running her hands over her tits. Then she slowly lowered her left hand to her pussy saying “I’ve always been a selfish bitch, but the moment I looked into Alex’s eyes, I knew I’d found what I was looking for. Too bad for you I had already accepted Satan when I met him…it only took a few visits to him to unlock his dark side.” She was rubbing her clit and pinching her nipple as she told this story, further driving my desire to destroy her mother’s ass.

“I know you think I grew out of my goth phase, but I didn’t. I’ve embraced it entirely and I love it! I love the corruption! I love the lying! The total destruction of a person’s emotional state!” Heather was basically an emotional wreck. The build up to this moment was incredible, knowing Carla and I were going to destroy her to a point where she might even consider doing the unthinkable.

“Do it Alex. Cum in this worthless sluts ass! Do it!” It took only two more strokes in Heather’s ass and I nutted in her bowels. We both began laughing as I came and let go of Heather, letting her collapse in a crying heap. Carla pinned her mom to the bed with her right foot, spreading her legs a bit as she opened her pussy, letting her golden piss flow splash on her crying mother. She laughed, as did I.

“This is all you are worth…a toilet for me to piss in and on. Of course, you could always end it. End your life knowing you lost your daughter, your lover, and your self-worth. Knowing this will be the only thing you are good for. But if you do…” She paused while she shoved her tongue in my mouth, moaning from the evil thoughts in her head. “If you do, mom…be sure to let us know. We want to fuck while we watch you do it.” We kissed again as Carla began to stroke my constantly hard dick. I wondered which way this would go…


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