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Feature Title: Little Orphan Sally
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Author’s Notes: Alice clutched at her head as her lower body cavorted up and down, legs unfolding to straighten and quiver as the mounting mammoth wave she had been surfing finally succeeded in tumbling over her. It carried her breathlessly along with it as it rolled and rolled within her, swirling and spinning, tossing her upon its dying flow until beaching her upon the low couch, spent and tranquil, Sally’s withdrawing fingers causing a last lurch of her loins and a ripple to her belly muscles.

Little Orphan Sally

Life in Our Saviour’s Orphanage was a drudgery; menial and repetitious. It was run by a group of nuns, and they ensured the children in their care were well mannered, obedient, and disciplined.

The children, aged from babes to fifteen, were uniformly dressed in plain grey uniforms, the boys strictly segregated from the girls. Punishments were frequent, quickly and severely given, delivered for the slightest of offences, often with malicious scrutiny. The children’s days were monotonously the same, with only Sunday mornings given over to worship and prayer. Otherwise, the children were expected to work, eat when told to, study, and sleep. If they weren’t busy between those four tasks, then they were given idle tasks, like counting pencils, sheets of paper, or beans, or otherwise punished for being lazy or negligent.

Most of the orphans had been there from birth, or soon after. Some arrived later, if their parents died and there was no other family for example, but they were rare and were always set apart. Those who had been there all their lives hated the newcomers for having enjoyed a life they could never know, and the newcomers kept away from the ‘lifers’ because they were different; hard as granite, cold and unloving.

The Nuns taught the children that their only pleasure was to be obtained from working or studying hard. The Lord blessed those individuals. Blessed are the meek, for they shall inherit the earth. Games were for sinners; a distraction to work and study. Playing was frowned upon; it detracted from working and learning, therefore it came from the Devil.

What pleasures the children had, they were kept secret from the nuns. And the most common pleasure was a nocturnal activity which called for two or more to share a bed.

If they were found out, it would mean a beating, often in front of the whole orphanage. A doctor was also present to deliver smelling salts so the sinner would feel every one of the fifty lashes that were the normal award for such behaviour.

Hence not many dared defy the nuns.

But there was some, and Sally was one such child, one of four girls in St Agatha dormitory who, once lights were out and the large building had fallen silent, would creep from their beds to visit one of the younger girls, one too shy, too frightened, or too in love to stop them. Being compassionate, the nuns only beat the instigator; so many of the younger girls pleaded with their elder, dominant partners to make sure that any Nun coming upon them would know that they were reluctant partners, pressed into it.

For Sally, there was a terrible dark thrill to be had from creeping from her bed so late at night. It was as good, nearly, as coercing one of the younger girls into becoming her lover, teasing the child with soft kisses and loving hugs until the child consented to more devilish advances. Sally, hardly into her teens, was already well practiced in such coercion, teasing her until her young body craved for more, then further teasing, until she consented to do things to her mentor, things the Nuns taught were the Devil’s own work.

Just being out of bed would get her ten strokes of the martinet, a wicked length of leather the nuns kept at hand, just for such as she. But the nuns slept soundly most of the time, and so she and her similarly excited brethren would pass each other in the darkness, each of them using some method to lead them to the person they wanted.

Sally counted beds, letting her hand run lightly over each one until she reached the one she wanted. Other’s counted steps, or softly and daringly called out their lover’s name to wait for a softly answered guide.

Sally, having reached the bed she wanted, pulled off her nightgown, the only thing she wore, before drawing back the covers to slide within the bed. Clara silently made room for her, too nervous, ashamed and excited to do otherwise. She was barely eleven and Sally was a strapping thirteen year old, budding breasts and a little tuft of pubic hair testament to her puberty. She stood a foot taller than Clara, and she knew how to look after herself too, her nails groomed not so much for beauty, but to discourage any of the bigger girls from picking a fight on her.

Sally had long since learnt that size and strength weren’t the only factors important to winning a fight. The willingness to inflict pain and disfigurement were of far more value, and Sally had only had to prove it once, for other to take note and back away.

Clara whimpered as Sally slid her hands around her dainty waist, feeling her firm young flesh through the thick and starched cotton of her nightgown.

Sally, a frequent visitor to Clara’s bed, already knew she was slender and small, but getting to know her once again with her hands was always exciting, quickening her breath as she imagined her mouth, lips and tongue following her fingers, feeling, tasting and inhaling Clara’s young and barely developing body.

“We shouldn’t,” Clara murmured nervously, just as she often did as she felt Sally begin pulling her nightgown off. Her legs came together too, closing on her treasure in an effort to hide it from the older girl. As if that would stop her.

Sally chuckled, well aware of Clara’s coy little games. And yet she the young girl had a passionate streak within her.

Sally smiled in the darkness and, with the gown around Clara’s waist, slid herself astride of the girl’s thighs to finish pulling the gown urgently upwards and off, over her head, but to remain caught up in her slender arms, imprisoning them.

Clara’s legs were warm under Sally’s own, her belly flat, her chest small. With her arms stuck over her head in her rolled up gown, Sally was free to bring her hands down, over her trunk, then down the sink of her belly to the small and smooth hill of the younger girl’s pubis.

“Please, don’t” Clara whispered, trembling with the sudden touch against her sensitive pubis.

Someone giggled from the darkness and Sally grinned. “You know you like it,” she told the child beneath her, dropping her head so she could inhale the scent of her freshly washed hair, then stroke her cheek with her own before tasting the skin of her neck.

Sally’s hands rose again, taking their time to renew their friendship with Clara’s gentle curves, her smooth skin, the warmth that radiated from her, and the hardness of her body beneath her skin, harder here and there, softer elsewhere.

“We’ll get in trouble,” Clara whimpered, Sally’s finger making her squirm, her breath to quicken as it grew short and urgent..

Sally lifted a leg to bring her knee down against Clara’s tightly linked thighs, and pressed it downward until it sank between them, levering Clara’s to either side of her own, sufficiently parted for her hand to slip between and feel the warm soft skin of her inner thigh. “It’s worth it though, isn’t it?” she teased. She dropped her head and blindly found Clara’s mouth with her own. They kissed; or Sally kissed her, probing with her tongue until Clara’s lips reluctantly yielded to let Sally in.

“Please, Sally,” she begged, her breath washing over Sally’s face as their lips parted.

She smelt so lovely, Sally thought. Her free hand slid down the girl’s chest and felt her fluttering belly as she went towards her crotch again, her excitement building.

“What will you do for me if I don’t?” Sally asked softly, teasing her young lover.

Her finger traced the smooth line of flesh between Clara’s abdomen and her thighs, following the soft and tender skin towards Clara’s crotch and Sally’s other hand, knowing the rise of her vulva would interrupt the passage of her hands.

“Sally,” Clara whispered urgently, beginning to quiver.

“Tell me,” Sally urged, her hands nearing each other, slowing as they did so.

“It’s dirty!” Clara told Sally fiercely, stopping to gasp and jerk as the older girl’s fingers pressed against the outer curve of her vulva. “Don’t!” she begged once again.

Sally moaned instead, and heard moans from down the darkened dormitory, and giggles, and the movement of bedsprings, heavier breathing and little gasps. She moved her head down, lifting her bottom into the air as she searched for, and found, Clara’s tender little nipple.

Clara was only eleven, and still owned such small little teats; still those of a child, and yet so terribly sensitive. Sally knew this from experience and sucked until the younger girl gasped and arched, her arms struggling in the rolled up confines of her nightgown.

“You like it,” Sally accused her, lifting her mouth to pass a hand over Clara’s chest and small developing breasts to feel the engorged thimble of flesh and the warm wetness of her saliva.

“I don’t want to be thrashed,” Clara whimpered.

“Then you know what you have to do, don’t you?” Sally teased. She slid up to kiss Clara on the lips once more, stroking her face as their tongues played with one another’s, Sally’s body bending to press down on Clara’s.

“It’s dirty!” Clara panted, freed to talk again.

“Which do you want? Make up your mind,” Sally told her softly but urgently. She didn’t mind what her choice was, or told herself she didn’t. Waiting for a reply, she began moving down Clara’s trunk, as if her decision had been made, and watched the silhouette of her face in the small amount of moonlight coming through the nearby window, smiling at the agony on her face as she strove to make up her mind.

“Ok, ok!” she groaned. “I’ll do it.” Clara breathed.

Sally stopped her descent at the base of Clara’s breastbone, hands on her warm flanks and her lips on her smoothly descending skin. Her little pink treasure was just a little further down, its scent coming up to her from under the covers to hint at girlhood and excitement. But she had elected the other, and while her head felt disappointment, her body felt new exhilaration.

Clara was such a little pussycat; always worried the nuns would come in, always afraid they might judge her an equal partner, or an instigator in their little games. Yeah, Sally nearly 14, and she just eleven!

Sally had arrived at a solution and Clara, screwing her face up in disgust, had complied, driven by poor choice to select what she thought was gross, just to keep from being beaten.

Sally’s descent astride the slender young form of her lover reversed, and Sally drew her thighs further up Clara’s young trunk, legs spreading to pass over her, her little spread pussy sliding over the skin of the young girl’s warm her chest.

She met the top of the bed and used the headrest to help her straighten, her legs passing Clara’s shoulders.

Sally’s pussy hovered above Clara’s neck while she looked down to look at Clara’s half-dark face.

“Remember, no faking or I push you on top!” Sally whispered fiercely.

There were more giggles from down the dormitory, but mostly the sounds of panting and rhythmically moving bedsteads softly creaking to and fro while the moonlight made weird shape of the two bodies under the covers.

Sally gripped the top of the painted iron bed and slid her pelvis forward, bringing her crotch over Clara’s face and biting her lip as she felt her breath wash over the top of her thighs.

“Do it!” she urged, waiting tensely for that first timid touch. It came, a sudden and slight lick sending spiralling knives of pleasure shooting into her groin.

Sally groaned, hung her head, gripped the bed, and shook as she waited for the next timid touch.

It came, pressing that little bit more daringly against her slit, sliding that little bit further into the hollow of her pussy mouth.

“Come on!” she gasped, shaking with her need to have her little tongue explore her down there.

Clara’s head rose and, eyes closed, she licked at Sally’s open furrow, a slide that took her warm wet tongue from the very rear of her vaginal slot, all the way to the front, flicking out across the swollen bump of flesh at its helm.

Sally flung her head back with delight and gasped with the fierce pleasure it brought her. “Oh yes!” she all but sang, and waited breathlessly for the next touch, quivering with want and seeping with lust.

Clara’s tongue wriggled at Sally’s slit, teasingly worming just a little into her warm dell, then retreating, laden with Sally’s juices.

As the pleasure of Clara’s tongue spiralled up, into her body, Sally pictured her savouring her flavour to decide whether to do it again, the time of her monthly cycle dictating the flavour she received.

“Yes, again,” Sally urged with a breathless whisper, sliding her knees further apart and offering Clara her peeled open pussy.

Sally bit her lip and sobbed with delight as the little pointed tongue delved deeper into her sensitive slit, sweeping over her tender skin to recover more of her sweet wetness. And again and again, moving deeper, her tongue sweeping wider for that tart flavour she had come to enjoy.

Sally hovered above her in bliss, panting and groaning, holding the bed as her legs threatened to give way.

Her little lover pressed her face more ardently to her crotch, licking with fervour, her nose pressing against her pubis bringing yet more excitement to her groin.

The lights were suddenly turned on and, wincing against the sudden brightness, Sally froze and stared at the black clad women marching in, their faces set in scowls as they marked the beds where there was more than one girl.

Sister Ann looked toward where Sally knelt, astride Clara. The woman scowled, a look of horror flowing across her features as she realised what they were doing. “You disgusting child!” she cried, and marched forward with even greater speed to grab at Sally’s neck and pull her forcefully off of the little girl beneath her.

Clara knew immediately what had happened. “She made me, Sister. She forced me to!” she cried, terror behind her eyes as she saw others being dragged away too.


Sally and the three other girls were ordered back into their nightgowns, and then pulled into the Doctor’s waiting room, a small and plain room where the nurse normally sat, instructing the children to prepare for his regular check of their health. There, they were made to wait, one of the Sister’s remaining there to make sure the girls didn’t speak.

She scowled at them, looking from one to another, her expression never changing. “You despicable lot!” she told the girls fiercely. “Well, we’ve had enough of your dirty, filthy ways,” she told them.

Sally grew worried, wondering what she meant, and looked towards the others. They looked back with similar looks of nervousness, their worries growing as the time slid by and nothing happened.

Sister Agnes returned and told the girls to stand. “Now turn and face the wall!” she told them sharply.

They did so, glancing nervously at each other as they hesitantly obeyed her.

The door opened again behind the girls, and the Mother Superior walked by, talking to a companion in low tones, explaining something about the orphanage as she guided the person through, and into the Doctor’s surgery.

“Face me!” Sister Agnes demanded. “We have someone who may be interested in taking one of you, though why he should want such a filthy child, I have no idea,” she spat.

A man!

The four girls gasped and looked at each other. A chance to escape. A man too!

“I know what your filthy little minds are thinking, don’t think I don’t,” Sister Agnes said, looking at each of them in disgust. “He’s not here to make you one of his family. Oh no!” she chuckled. “He’s here to hire you as his slave!” she cried, grinning towards the four girls wickedly.

Before the children could quite take it in, the door to the surgery opened and Mother looked out and waved to the nearest of the four to follow her in. It was Jenny, and the tall and muscular girl went in, her head bowed, the door closing behind her to leave the remaining three wondering what would happen.

They waited in silence ten, fifteen minutes, and the door opened and Jenny was thrust out, hands to her eyes as she wept, her gown over her arm and otherwise naked.

Sister Agnes took her swiftly to one side and pushed her against the wall.

“Next,” Mother Superior called, and the next in line, a short girl called Emily, swiftly hurried into the surgery.

Sister Agnes reached behind the Nurse’s desk and brought out the two rod used for thrashing the girls for serious misdemeanors.

Jenny saw it, and her weeping grew more intense, her head shaking in denial, even as the nun approached her.

Sally and the others watched in silence as the first rod was positioned across the front of Jenny’s thighs, and her arms taken so they could be bound to the rod, just below the elbow.

It forced the weeping girl over, presenting her bottom for her forthcoming punishment, but the nun placed the second rod behind Jenny’s calves and fastened her wrists to it. This forced Jenny to keep her legs straight, and therefore stopped her from being able to lower her bottom, ot attempt to absorb the pain with any movement.

The waiting girls looked towards one another with new fear as the nun brought out a brand new birch, its twigs still sitting in water as a means of keeping them supple.

“Right, you disgusting little harlot!” Sister Agnes said, fairly spitting the words out as she gathered the sleeve of her gown, and bent her arm back for the first strike of Jenny’s unhappily presented bottom.

It descended, the tips whistling through the air, and landed savagely against Jenny’s unwillingly offered bottom, scoring the pale skin with the first lacerations and bringing a wail of pain from its owner.

“One!” Sister Agnes proclaimed, her eyes alight with fierce joy as she inhaled through her nostrils and bent her arm back to deliver the second.

It swept down, landing abruptly across Jenny’s bottom and adding new lines to those already freshly made. Jenny screeched and anted, her eyes wide and blank as she struggled to prepare herself for the nest forty eight such strikes of the Birch.

The door to the surgery opened once more, a scant few minutes since closing, and a softly weeping Emily was pushed unceremoniously out. “You can give this one her due too, Sister Agnes,” the nun was told, Mother Superior nodding her approval.

“Next! Come along girl!” Mother said sharply, her fingers beckoning towards Sally, the next girl in line. Sally stepped obediently forward and felt herself propelled into the surgery.


Mat Jones stopped playing with the stethoscope from the doctor’s desk and looked across at the child the Mother Superior was bringing in. The girl was thinner than the last child, and taller. Her short hair would have made her look boyish were it not for the small breasts clearly pushing her nightgown outwards. She glanced back at him nervously, perhaps as nervous as the last child, and yet with an added quality, as if gauging him.

“And who s this?” he asked pleasantly, smiling towards the child as he wondered if this one would show some backbone, some quality worth developing.

From just outside the door came another howl of agony followed by the sound of sobbing. Perhaps none of the girls would suit him, in which case he hoped the mother superior would allow him to witness their punishment.

“Her name’s Sally,” Mother told him, her voice hard and firm. “She turned 14 just last month and so far has had ten birching. This episode tonight will be her eleventh, her fifth for this despicable habit of hers! She works hard enough, intelligent when she puts her mind to it, but she doesn’t take authority, and she’s perverted!” she spat.

“Perverted, eh, Sally,” Mat repeated, watching her glance towards the nun with obvious distaste. Her rebellious nature made him smile slightly, just an upward touch to his lips.

The child looked back at him and shrugged. Her glance did more than just glance at him though; it took in his expensive jacket and his well polished shoes, his comfortable shirt and warm looking sweater.

Her look may have made other men think twice, for the look told him that this child would not be easily cowed.

Into the silence that had come with the man and child assessing each other, came another sharp screech of pain, and more loud and uncontrolled sobs as her chastisement of her sins continued.

Mat smiled as he saw Sally wince. Two had failed to satisfy hi, and she was probably wondering what it would take for him to choose her.

“I need a companion for my two girls, one is barely thirteen, the other eleven,” he explained. “someone to keep an eye on them when they are alone, but also to help school them, and help correct them if they’re naughty,” he told the girl.

Sally nodded eagerly. “I can do that,” she told him earnestly. “I’m good at school work, so I can help them with their sums and stuff. And I know how to look after younger girls,” she told him, her voice and manner showing an eagerness he’d never know existed in her, just looking at her moments before.

“So I hear,” he said, and his smile broadened.

Sally blushed and looked to the floor, chewing her lip as she realise that he knew everything about her and Clara.

There was another screech from outside, dissolving into tearful sobs. But the silence in the room lengthened and Mat let it, watching the girl as she stood awkwardly before them, her eyes fluttering as she tried concealing her tears. He guessed the pain of loosing this chance to escape the orphanage would probably hurt her more than the beating she was going to get for having sought comfort from a younger girl.

“You seem so certain you could do the job,” he said, and she looked up in sudden hope. “So certain,” he repeated. “If only you could prove that to me,” he said softly, and he watched her, hoping she’d understand, and respond.

Sally swallowed, her mind tumbling over as she tried thinking of what she could do or say that would change his mind and have him choose her; her over the others. Jenny gave another sharp scream as she received another stroke of the birch, the aftermath making her sob and whimper.

Mat’s smile grew as he saw the dawn of comprehension on the young girl’s face. She looked at him in the hope of seeing some confirmation, and licked her lips as she saw his smile broaden.

“Well?” he asked.

Mat watched the lanky adolescent girl blush and then glance nervously towards the waiting Mother Superior, no doubt wondering what the old lady’s reaction was going to be.

In for a penny, in for a pound, he thought for her, relaxing as he watched the girl begin to lift her nightgown, her eyes searching his face for some sign of acknowledgement.

He nodded very slightly, and watched her slim chins appear, followed by grazed knees, and warm, smooth and slender thighs; the thighs of a child, but with a tone and supple curve that spoke of a girl child.

Mother Superior grunted and gripped her hands together still tighter, but was otherwise still.

Encouraged by her lack of reaction, Sally looked hopefully toward the gentleman and lifted her gown above her crotch, her heart in her mouth as she daringly showed herself to her very first male, and right in front of the Mother Superior.

Mat let his eyes be drawn to the narrow vulva protruding girlishly from between the child’s slender young thighs. She had developed a tuft of hair, seemingly springing from the apex of her little rounded slit, but it by no means marred or detracted from the child’s rounded vulva, nor the curve of her pretty little pubis.

“Do you think you can teach my little ones to do the same?” he asked.

The Mother Superior made a noise and reached for her cross. She closed her eyes and held her face towards the heavens as she prayed, and Mat grinned and looked hopefully towards the young girl displaying herself.

“Do you?” he asked.

“I can try,” Sally told him, her sex moistening with warmth as she thought of it. Another like Clara to tease and cajole, to watch her perfect innocence slowly melt under the heat of physical pleasure and attraction.

Mat smiled and softly chuckled, his eyes once again going down to admire the little sex famed by her thighs and slender hips, hip bones jerking aggressively upwards from the slope of her lower belly. “Come here,” he told her, and waved her forward. “No, keep your gown up,” he added as she moved to let it fall again.

She blushed, licked her dry lips and crept forward, fear and excitement mixing to make her jerk and shake, her belly feeling tight, her crotch moist and hot. Another scream and loud weeping from outside strengthened Sally’s resolve.

“Bent forward over the desk,” Mat urged, standing back to give her room.

“Are you going to hit me?” she asked timidly, glancing up at him worriedly, totally unaware of how erotic she looked, her pretty young face devoid of makeup, her eyes large and nervous, her lips apart as her breath quickened.

Mat smiled and shook her head. “I need to know you can do as you’re told, Sally,” he told her. “Can you?”he asked.

Sally took a breath and obeyed the man, her heart in her mouth as she stole herself for anything he might do to her. None of it could be worse than having to stay in the orphanage, not now the Mother Superior had seen her expose herself to an adult male. The woman would whip her for days on end for having done such a thing, and right in front of her.

The thoughts kept her busy as she rested herself across the doctor’s table, and felt the gentleman’s shoes edge her feet apart. She blushed and bit her lower lip, holding onto the table and trying not to think as, with her legs now well apart, she felt him begin to lift the back of her half gathered nightgown.

Sally hung her head and concentrated on the Mother Superiors voice and the litany of prayers she sent to God, begging him to help this girl of sin, turn her from the wicked pleasures of the flesh and guide her to the righteousness of work and education. There was another scream from outside, and another fit of breathless weeping that slowly died away, out of hearing.

A finger touched her, and Sally gasped and shook, all thought, all hearing gone. All her senses were suddenly focused on the feel of the finger as it commenced at the apex of her bottom, and moved down.

Mat stood over her, smiling as he felt her jerk and heard her breath catch. Just recently turned 14, he thought, admiring her trim young bottom, the light blond hairs at the small of her back, and the indent of her backbone. He slid his index finger along the short crease of her buttocks, letting it brush both cheeks at the same time, feeling the tiny hairs on the curve of her skin while his finger curved with her flesh round, and under.

He stopped at the indent of bottom and thigh, listening to her pant and feeling moisture on the soft tender skin he was touching. A press, and he’d uncover her girlish secrets, be able to glimpse her young sex, that place where Carla had licked, had probed for the girl’s sweet essence.

He watched as his finger moved on, no longer brushing firm young girlish buttocks, but grazing the petals that framed her little virginal slot, that trimmed it with bright pink flesh, flesh that rose to join in a bulb that had swollen over the precious morsel it protected.

He could hear her panting and swallowing, could see her trembling, her toes seeking greater purchase on the cold tile floor as she prepared herself for meteoric release. From outside came another sharp scream, followed by the uncontrolled weeping of the girl receiving her dues. Sally seemed unmoved, but perhaps was too driven by his light touches to have heard anything beyond her thumping heart.

His finger teased, touching just enough to have her reach the edge of sanity, but not beyond. He could even smile as, breathless and panting, she groaned with frustration and arched her pelvis backwards, spreading herself for him, willing him to finish her.

But he hadn’t finished. One more test of her willingness.

“Reach back, young Sally,” he told her softly, a now moist fingertip continuing to tease her sex. “Open yourself, so I might see,” he urged.

Mother Superior cried out and pushed her hands to her cowl-covered ears while her prayer took on a more strident, more personal note. And outside, the girl shrieked and wept, blubbering for forgiveness through her agony.

“Do it, Sally,” Mat urged of the young girl.

Sally reached behind and below. She didn’t reach back for salvation from the orphanage, or to spite the Nuns. She did it because her body screamed for her to do it.

She reached back and gripped the base of her bottom, pulling cheek from cheek and the soft flesh within, pulling until cool air travelled across her little bum hole and the pouting, yearning hole of her cunny.

“Good girl,” Mat told her, and rewarded her with a special touch, one that didn’t stop as she approached the brink, but kept pressing, kept moving languidly across her hooded clitoris, bringing her on once, twice, perhaps a third time depending upon how you counted, enough to leave her shuddering and gasping, staring at the floor in astonishment while aftershocks ran uncontrollably through her limbs.

“Yes, this one will do, Mother,” Mat told the kneeling woman, examining his moist finger. “Have her delivered to us tomorrow. She’ll only need the one set of clothes,” he told her, while outside, one of the unlucky girls howled in her pain, and wept. Jenny’s punishment hadn’t even reached half way yet.


Sally stared in awe at the detached house Sister Frances had dropped her off at. A tall privet hedge had hidden the house from the road, but as she’d entered the drive, she had found herself facing it; a large and well maintained property.

Mr Jones stepped out to meet her and she walked forward with greater confidence, blushing under the smile he gave her.

“Hello Sally,” he told he, and put an arm around her shoulders, guiding her into the house. “The girls are eager to meet you, but first I wanted to show you your room, and have you meet Sarah, my wife,” he explained.

“Yes, Sir,” she nodded, the thought of meeting the family making her nervous. What if they didn’t like her?

They climbed the stairs to the first floor, and there, among the other bedrooms, was one for her very own.

“Just for me?” she marveled.

“There’s a door that connects directly to the children’s shared bedroom,” he showed her and she nodded. “We’ll buy you some clothes and other things, and this room will look livable, but you’ll spend most if not all nights with Sarah and I in our room,” he explained.

“With your wife,” Sally breathed, trembling as she thought of doing it with a woman, a fully mature woman.

Mat smiled. “She’s eager to meet you,” he told her, and led her from the small room, across the hall, and into another bedroom, this one much, much larger.

Bay windows looked out over an expanse of carefully maintained lawn, but in front of it stood a vanity table, and seated on a stool combing her long hair, sat Mrs Jones.

The woman turned to smile a warm welcome, and Sally saw that she looked quite young and pretty, certainly too young to have had a thirteen year old child. She had startling blue eyes and long light hair, and the legs that escaped her dressing gown were long and slender, with a sheen to her fine skin.

“So this is Sally,” the woman stated, her voice as warm as her smile while her eyes slid smoothly over the young girl’s slender form.

“Hello Ma’am,” Sally replied, fumbling a curtsy.

Sarah Jones laughed and shook her head. “You must call me Mother, and Mat there, Father. The children call us Mum and Dad, so we don’t want you calling is the same as they, but you must never call us Ma’am and Sir,” she said with a smile. “Why, people would think we hadn’t really adopted you, but just bought you to be our slave!”

Mat chuckled and ruffled Sally’s shorn hair. “What do you think of her?” he asked his wife.

“Dear me Mat! I can’t tell with those dreary clothes she’s wearing!” she answered, and smiled at the child. “Now Sally, will you undress for me please?” she asked.

Sally, in awe by the elegant and beautiful lady nodded, and then fumbled with her cheap and worn clothes, removing the few she wore to quickly stand nude in front of the lady, licking her lips and praying fervently that she would like her.

Sarah did. She liked the speed with which Sally had removed her clothes, and she liked the child’s pale complexion, smooth skin and slender curves. She liked Sally’s small breasts perched high on her chest, nipples still ghostly pink and nubile, the skin so marble like in its smoothness.

Hard work and small meals had kept Sally lean, and her growing spate through puberty had lengthened her young body, stretching her belly inwards until her pubis looked absolutely aggressive in the way it rose, curving outwards with smooth grace, the tuft of short curls adding to her beauty.

Mat tells me you were discovered astride an eleven year old, having your pussy licked. Is that right?” Sarah asked while her hands idly undid the knot on the rope tie of her dressing gown, then opened it to reveal herself in a silken and floral nightgown that fell from the pinnacle of her breasts to just below her crotch.

Sally stared and licked her lips. “Yes Ma’am, Mother,” she told the lady, quickly correcting herself.

Sarah smiled and uncrossed her legs, a stab of excitement entering her as she saw the child’s eyes dart down to her legs to watch them unfold. “You must remember to do we ask, Sally, otherwise we’ll have to punish you. You understand that, don’t you?” she asked.

“Yes Mother,” Sally breathed, quivering as mixed feelings coursed through her.

“That’s good. Now, I want you to show me how you licked your little lover’s pussy,” Sarah told her, and slid her legs apart, a hand holding the hem of her nightgown up, above her crotch.

Sally stared at the smooth and hairless crotch her new other presented to her, inner labia protruding thickly from the smooth outer to become knotted together in a thick seam of pink flesh. Above it, upon her curved pubis, a single line of closely cut hairs bisected her pale skin, an exclamation to her wondrous sex.

Sarah didn’t berate the child for her slowness. In truth, the look on the girl’s face excited her, swelling and moistening her sex, preparing it for the assault of the young girl’s mouth and tongue.

“Come along,” she murmured instead, her thighs arching outward while her free hand went down to tug at her prepuce, baring her clitoris and furthering her excitement.

Sally crept timidly forward and, glancing between the two adults, knelt at the woman’s feet to gaze yet again at the mature sex presented to her.

She inhaled the soft scent emanating from the woman and groaned. Too intoxicated, she brought her mouth to the woman’s thighs and kissed the warm and soft inner surface, once again inhaling the wondrous scent of mature woman.

The pleasure and relief she’d gained from Clara, and the two previous holders of that position, paled into insignificance as Sally drew her face deeper and deeper between the thick and soft inner thighs of a mature and knowing woman. She loved the feel of the skin against her lips and cheek, and inhaled the aroma that surrounded her as she kissed her way towards her Mother’s sex.

“That’s a good girl,” Sarah murmured, parting her thighs as she looked down and watched the child kiss and stroke her upper thighs. “You’re going to teach our two girls to do this too, aren’t you?” she asked, smiling her warmest smile as the little tongue licked at the top of her thigh.

“Yes Mother,” Sally agreed, turning her head to the woman’s waiting sex and admiring it from up close.

“Come along now,” Sarah told her, her belly pulled inwards in her efforts to watch the child’s small mouth descend upon her furled sex.

Warm breath flowed across her sex, a pleasant sensation that was quickly followed by the tentative brushings of Sally’s lips as she ran them along Sarah’s full lipped sex, feeling the resilience and their warmth before extending her tongue to taste them.

Sarah let out her breath and smiled at her anxiously waiting husband as Sally used her tongue to part the woman’s thick labia and reach for the juice waiting within.

Sally licked deeply, knowing she was going to enjoy the woman’s taste. And she did, enough to press her head more firmly to the woman’s crotch, and there lick eagerly from her sheltered sex slot, dragging the sweet juices out and into her mouth.

“That’s my girl,” Sarah purred, stroking the girl’s hair while the tongue stabbed into her and curled, dragging out her wetness. The tongue slid higher, drawing her labia apart and spreading wetness upwards, towards the apex of her sex.

God girl, good girl,” she breathed, feeling her excitement rise as the tongue drew her sticky flavours from her, and returned to add moisture from her saliva.

Her labia unfolded and spread like wings, ironed out with the help of Sally’s tongue as she feverishly licked the sweet tasting lubricant that surfaced on Sarah’s sex.

“So feverish!” Sarah exclaimed, preparing herself for a rapid orgasm as the young girl eagerly attacked her vermilion folds, spreading them apart, flicking them, pulling them with her lips.

“She’s a prize, isn’t she?” Mat beamed.

“Oh God yes. Hold me!” she gasped, and shuddered against her husband as Sally’s eager lickings finally rose to her swollen and extended love button, rudely licking it to bring the woman to a sudden and sharp orgasm.


Sally was allowed to shower, after which she was shown new clothes. Each item was like a prize, and Sally held and stroked each before putting it on. Her underwear was new, with pretty flowers on the pants and matching bra. Her ankle socks had a pretty pink ribbon running beneath the frilly edging, just like her blouse had pretty pink edging on the sleeves, and little pearl buttons all the way to the collar. Her skirt was a thick tartan, wrapped about her and fastened with a leather buckle, a large pin fastened at the hem to hold it all together.

She stood, and weeping, ran to Sarah to hold the woman about the waist, head tight to her torso as tears of happiness cascaded down her cheeks.

“There, there,” Sarah told her briskly, pushing her away and pretending not to have been moved by the girl’s affectionate outburst. “It’s only clothes, and if you’re going to cry over little things like that, then we’ll have to give you something proper to cry about!” she told her.

“Yes Mother,” Sally agreed, and wiped her tears and looked at herself in the mirror again.

“We’ll get you a pretty hair band to put in your hair, once its grown a bit,” Sarah told her.

“But right now, the kids are eager to meet their new companion,” Mat told them with a smile.

The girls were downstairs, seated beside each other in the sitting room, Alice to the left of her elder sister, Anne looking eagerly towards her as Sally entered, drawn forward by the two smiling parents.

Anne, Alice; this is your new companion, Sally,” Mat told them, beaming at his two pretty daughters.

Sally smiled, a trifle nervous as she looked at the two pretty girls she would soon be spending most of her time with. She would be their companion and friend, and yet she would help them with their homework and illicitly begin coercing them towards becoming little sluts for their parent’s pleasure. And also, if and when necessary, she would punish them.

Looking from one child to the other, Sally hoped they’d be good to her. They were both pretty, the elder taking after her father to gain the same square jaw and road shoulders as he, while Alice, the younger child, had the look of her mother, with long light brown hair that hung freely to the small of her back, and with limbs that had yet to fill out, but held the promise of being long and lithe.

“Why don’t you show Sally the garden, girls, and then perhaps show her your room?” Sarah suggested, smiling warmly towards all three youngsters while her eyes scrutinised the three for any signs of early dislike.

Alice as first to jump up. “Come on. I’ll show you Ben, my rabbit,” she told Sally, taking her hand and pulling her along.

“It’s really ours, but I let Alice feed it,” Anne told her.

“My, but that’s gracious of you!” Sally told her with a straight face.

The two girls, with less than a year between them, looked towards each other for a few moments, then burst out laughing and followed Alice towards the hutch, placed outside under the kitchen window.

Sally had never had a pet and she quickly realised how much she had missed. The girls showed her how to hold the grey, flop-eared rabbit, and how to groom him, what food he ate and how they tidied his cage regularly, and put him on the grass so he could hop around for a little while, never straying far.

“You’ve never had a pet?” Alice marveled, the eleven year old continually dragging Ben back towards her.

“We either studied, cleaned, ate or slept,” Sally explained, sitting on the grass cross legged while she watched Alice play with the rabbit, and waited to see if either girl would try to peek under her skirt.

“You must be terrific at math then. I hope you can help me, because Daddy says he’ll spank me if I don’t get at least 16 out of 20 on my next test,” Anne confided.

“Do you get spanked often?” Sally wanted to know.

“Oh, no, well, only when we’ve done something bad,” Alice admitted.

“Mummy says you’ll be spanking us in future,” Anne murmured, looking worriedly towards Sally.

Sally shrugged. “The Nuns in the orphanage used either a Martinet, which is a thick piece of leather, like a belt only broader, a switch, which is a very slender bamboo that hurts like crazy, or the worst, a group of birch twigs. Those really hurt!” she told them. “So I shouldn’t think a few slaps of my hand is going to do much,” she admitted.

“But you wouldn’t use anything else, would you?” Alice pleaded.

“It will depend how naughty you are,” Sally told her teasingly. “I bet your dad has some good long belts I could swing over your little bottom!” she told the young girl, grinning in mischief.

“You wouldn’t!” Alice cried, her eyes wide. “Mummy would never let you,” she claimed.

“I bet your bottom is just perfect for spanking,” Sally teased, and reached for her.

“No, no!” Alice squealed as Sally drew her slowly towards her, Sally’s free hand seeking to turn up the young girl’s dress while she in turn tried stopping her.

“Help me, Anne!” Sally cried, grinning with fun and excitement as little Alice tossed and turned, nimbly avoiding Sally’s reaching hand while struggling to free herself from the grip of the other.

Anne smiled and joined in the mille, grinning along with Sally as the two of them got Alice down on her front, and then proceeded to slide the back of her dress up until her little cherubic bottom was bared, thick white girlish panties gathered deep into the crease of her buttocks.

Sally pressed her hand to one little cotton covered cheek and squeezed the resilient orb. “I think that’s a good and spankable bottom, don’t you, Anne?” she asked.

Anne grinned and pressed her own hand to her little sister’s other bottom cheek, and nodded, her cheeks brightening as Alice squealed in mock terror and succumbed to the older two taking it in turns to feel and squeeze her bum.

“No, now children, Not so loud please,” Mr Jones called from the French Doors.

Sally and Anne let Alice go, and the girl rose and pouted, her cheeks glowing from their game. “I’ll get you both for that” she promised.

“Come on, let me show you my room!” Anne cried, and quickly stood to pull Sally up behind her.

“OUR room!” Alice squealed, hurriedly putting Ben away so she could run after them, catching them just before they entered the large shared bedroom.

“This is my bed!” Alice informed Sally, rushing over to the nearest single bed so she could jump on it and grin as she pulled her teddy down from the pillow.

The beds were well apart, and still there was carpet space for playing on. Then there were desks against the far wall where they could do their homework, with shelves upon the wall full of books, CDs and DVDs.

“You two are so lucky,” Sally murmured, staring at all the luxury.

“Some of my friends at school have a room all to themselves,” Anne mentioned, glancing from Sally to her little sister, who promptly pushed her tongue out at her.

Sally thought of her own room, adjacent to theirs but four times smaller. She was glad she wouldn’t be expected to sleep there. She doubted she could have done so, all on her own.

“So, what work are you doing at school?” she asked. She went to Anne’s desk and had a look. There was a history book entitled European History from 1919 to 1939, while an open Geography book detailed the different type of rocks to be found. A shuffle of papers revealed a maths exercise book with Quadratic Equations on it.

“I can’t get the math at all,” Anne admitted quietly. “Have you done these?”

Sally nodded. The Nuns had taught her those over two years before. “And you, Alice?” she asked, and strolled over to where the young girl already sat, legs swinging above the level of the floor, a chewed pencil in her mouth.

“Don’t do that,” she told the child, and Alice pulled a face and withdrew the pencil from between her teeth. The eleven year old was studying Roman England, the water cycle in Geography, and the beginnings of algebra in math, while a half open science book described acceleration and the early tests Galileo had conducted and later published in 1637. Sally nodded, one early fear evaporating as she realized that she was well advanced on what both girls were doing.

“I don’t understand how A+ 8 can equal 10,” Alice ruefully admitted.

“Well, even I understand that!” Anne teased.

Alice mimicked her for a moment, then resorted to sticking her tongue out again.

Sally smiled, not because she thought it funny, but because her job was beginning to look easy.

“Will you teach me first, Sally?” Alice begged, and turned her large and pleading eyes on the new girl.

Sally decided to begin helping the girls with their school work straight away, and moved between the two of them, helping them overcome a problem, or better understand a piece of work, before moving on to the sister to do the same.

Time flew by, and before she knew it, the girls were easing cramped fingers and tense necks, and all of them were feeling pangs of hunger.

Anne led the way to the kitchen and introduced Sally to their maid, a young Chinese girl their Daddy had rescued, apparently. The girl, by her figure, was older than Sally, and yet her height and demure made her seem younger. Dark hair had been cut around her round face while a uniform of blue and white stripes showed off her slender and young looking body, flat shoes keeping her short.

“Su-Lin is not doing very well,” young Alice told her softly, when the maid was out of ear-shot. “Daddy and Mummy are for every having to punish her for being so bad,” she explained.

Anne nodded. “They must spank her really hard, because she really squeals.”

“I don’t think Mummy and Daddy know that e know, because they only punish her late at night,” Alice told her in confidence.

“We’re just awake, sometimes,” Anne quickly added, her cheeks glowing.

Sally, a little more aware of their parents true nature than they, watched the maid and came to her own conclusions. But unused to having anyone do anything for her, she was quickly helping the maid, and urging Anne to do the same, fixing their own drinks and preparing the table while the maid, Su-Lin, made the sandwiches for them all.

Anne still didn’t understand Quadratic Equations and begged Sally to help her some more.

“We’ll go out and play for a little while, and you can both show me the rest of the house. Then we’ll do some more work,” she told them.

Anne was placated, and Sally urged them to go out into the garden ahead of her, leaving her alone with the young maid.

Su-Lin went to gather the empty plates and gasped as Sally caught her wrist and held it still. “How long have you been here?” Sally asked as Su-Lin turned her questioning face towards her.

“Six months,” Su-Lin answered.

Sally pulled on the wrist she held, forcing the Chinese girl to each further over the table, bending supplely across it, her leg held straight, up against its edge.

“Please, Missy,” Su-Lin whimpered.

“Haven’t you learnt yet?” Sally teased, her free hand lifting the back of the maid’s uniform to find her nude beneath it.

“Well, well,” she remarked, excited by the rolled lips she could feel protruding from between the tightly clasped thighs of the whimpering maid. “Who told you not to wear any panties?” she asked.

“Mrs Jones, Missy. I am to be available for whenever Mr Jones wants me,” Su-Lin whimpered, her pelvis tossing side to side as Sally’s fingers began a knowing examination of the Chinese girl’s privates. Outside, Su-Lin’s vulva was warm but dry, the lips smooth and hairless, while inside, within their joint, Sally’s finger found her warm and moist, her little Asia cunny ready to grip the finger that Sally lid into her.

“Has he had you?” Sally asked in awe as her finger slid with ease inwards, up to her knuckle.

Su-Lin hung her head in disgrace, whimpering with embarrassment as she nodded.

“I bet he has a big one,” Sally murmured, withdrawing her finger to look at the gleaming digit scented with Su-Lin’s vaginal excretions.

“It hurts,” the Chinese girl confided. “It stretches me so much!” she breathed.

Sally let her go and licked her finger. “We will talk more about this,” she promised.

“No, no! You must go!” Su-Lin told her urgently. “If you stay, Mr Jones will do it to you too, I know he will. You must go now!” she urged.

Sally chuckled and shook her head. “I hope he does,” she told the shocked Asian. “And I hope he’s got a nice big, long cock,” she added, the image of it making her moisten.

She hurried outside where the girls were waiting for her, and they ran about, playing Tag, then Catch before going to the swing and climbing frame to dare each other into climbing, hanging and walking along the high beam. Sally cajoled the others as she brazenly showed off her panties by swinging high or hanging by her feet from the beam, until both children were also doing it, laughing and blushing, squealing and hugging themselves with their daring.

Time flew by, and as it began to darken, Sally let Anne and Alice show her round the large and spacious house, the children grinning at the marvel on Sally’s face as they showed her the library, the dining room, the study, the utility room, adjoining double garage, guest room over the garage, and then returning to the bedrooms where there were three in all, two with their own bathroom, the master bedroom with a separate dressing room too.

Returning to the bedroom, Sally encouraged the girls to do some more sums until it was time for dinner. It was eaten at the family table in the kitchen, Su-Lin silently serving them all while the girls’ spoke excitedly about everything they’d done with Sally, and how much she had helped them with their school work.

“You seem well advanced on the state schooling system,” Mat remarked.

Sally shrugged. “There was little else to do at the orphanage,” she admitted. Also, the Nuns used a ruler on the back of our hands or thighs if we weren’t quick enough in our learning.

“Something these two should bear in mind,” Sarah said, eyeing her two with a sharp eye.

“Yes,” Mat chuckled. “Feel free to give them a sound spanking if they don’t do as they’re told,” he said, and winked at his startled children.

“Yes, Father,” Sally agreed, and ate on, enjoying her meal.

The girls returned to their large bedroom and continued their homework, often sighing with frustration as Sally shook her head and demanded better from the two of them.

At seven she stopped them. “Alice, it’s time for your bath. Anne, you are to do five of those equations on page 10,” she told the older girl. “Anything less than four correct, and you’ll receive three strikes of your ruler on your bottom for every additional problem wrong,” she warned.

“Three!” Anne wailed, her eyes looking in terror at the evil looking questions on page 10.

“Come on! You should know these by now!” Sally told her, and accompanied Alice into the children’s own bathroom.

“I have to go toilet,” Alice told her, stripping off her top, and then her socks.

“Go ahead then,” Sally told her, pointing her chin towards the toilet. “No one is stopping you,” she pointed out.

Alice blushed and squirmed with indecision. “Er, we do it in private here,” she pointed out meekly.

Sally laughed and hugged her for a moment, delighting in the topless girl’s smooth and tight young skin. “Don’t be silly, Alice. The three of us aren’t going to have any secrets from each other!” she stated.

She stood back and looked at the eleven year old, smiling at her embarrassment. “Now take off your skirt,” she ordered.

Alice obeyed, although it made her feel still more awkward. “Now draw your panties off,” Sally told her, admiring the girlish panties that hugged the child’s narrow hips

Alice had never felt so embarrassed, yet she did it, squirming as she straightened again, her hands meeting at her crotch as she hid herself from the older girl.

“Now, sit and do your business,” Sally told her. “You know, in the orphanage, there were 14 girls to a single dormitory, and there were no doors or curtains, or anything in the whole room, including the bathroom and toilets,” she explained.

“What, you all saw each other!” Alice gasped, sitting on the front edge of the toilet seat, her fist pressed to her groin as she tried not to make a noise at what she was doing. None the less, a turd smacked the water loudly, followed by a sudden release of pent-up air. Then her pee made a tinkling sound as it cascaded against the porcelain bowl before sliding into the water.

“Saw, heard, and smelt,” she nodded. It was a fact of life, and a convenience for those older girls looking for a younger girl to share their nights with.

“Come along,” Sally urged, waiting beside the filled bath while Alice blushingly wiped herself clean, then stood.

“Can I have some bubble bath please?” she asked.

“Bubble Bath?” Sally repeated.

It was on the shelf, in a bottle shaped like a jolly pirate, his hat as a bottle top. Alice showed Sally how just a squirt quickly filled the bath water with soap bubbles. The young girl then climbed in and sank into the water, a happy smile on her face as she disappeared beneath the thick layer of bubbles.

Sally let Alice play for a while, and then began removing he clothes. As she slowly stripped, she was conscious of the growing silence from the bath as Alice stopped her playing to watch, her eyes big and round.

Undressing in the orphanage had been an easy and seldom lengthy task. There was little to take off, and what there was seldom if ever had buttons, buckles or other complicate fastenings. Now though, there were the little pearl buttons to undo, then the buckle at her side, and the little fidgety clasp on her bra before she could stand nude in front of the wide eyed stare of the young girl.

Sally enjoyed the feel of those eyes on her nakedness and slid her hands over her firm young breasts, smiling as she felt her nipples tingle and press into her palms. Her hands swept on downwards, over her belly to meet at her groin, one to stroke her pubic hair, springy curls released from their captivity in her panties, the other to slide between parting thighs to re-acquaint themselves with the sensitive lips of her sex. Alice’s wide eyed stare only served to make her still more excited.

She walked past the girl to sit upon the toilet bowl, and sighed as she released her bladder. Alice had turned in the bath to watch her, and Sally parted her legs to let the young girl watch her stream escape her labia and disappear into the toilet.

Alice noticed she was being watched and blushed, her blushes growing brighter as Sally laughed.

Still smiling at the inquisitive child, Sally reached between her legs with a piece of tissue, dabbing away the last of her water before rising to approach the bath and the timidly waiting young girl within it.

“Can I join you?” she asked, raising one leg onto the rim to watch with a smile as Alice’s eyes were drawn to her crotch, to stare at Sally’s girl bits.

“OK,” she murmured.

Sally slid into the water and noticed how it gave her skin a slightly oily feel, an added smoothness that was pleasant. She sat up, water below her small, high breasts, and let Alice watched as she caressed them with soap and water, tickling her nipples into stiffness.

“Let me see yours,” Sally told the young girl.

“I haven’t got any, yet,” Alice told her, sitting up and looking down at her chest.

Sally reached for her anyway and stroked her chest where the small pad of early breasts could just be felt, below the tiny thimble of her nipples.

“They’ll grow soon,” Sally told her, soaping the child’s chest and rinsing her down with the bubble filled water.

“I want ones like Mummy,” Alice proclaimed, looking at Sally’s.

“What’s wrong with mine?” Sally asked, pushing her shoulders back and thrusting her chest forward, displaying the cherished orbs of her breasts to full advantage.

“They’re a bit small!” Alice told her, giggling and blushing brightly.

“But they’re firm!” Sally pointed out, and took Alice’s hands to lead them up to her bust so the young girl could feel them. “See?” she asked the child, tingling within as she saw the look on the girl’s face as she felt Sally’s breasts against her palms.

“Go on, squeeze them!” Sally urged, and giggled mischievously as she felt Alice’s little hands do that. “You’ll have titties like mine as you grown, and get curls down below, like these,” Sally explained, rising in the bubble filled bath to show off her slender young sex, the little tuft of curls seeming to sprout from the very apex of her smooth edged slit.

“Have you got any hair down there yet?” she asked.

Alice shook her head, her ears burning as she looked on the pretty sex just a foot from her face.

“Come on, let me see,” Sally urged.

Alice giggled as she pushed aside her embarrassment and rose onto her knees, like Sally in front of her. Bubbles clung to her pale skin, but Sally was there to slide her hand along Alice’s smooth skin, brushing them away to leave the young girl completely nude in front of her.

“I can see some blond hairs,” Sally told her, bending for a closer look at the steep and full vulva curling enticingly between her slender young thighs.

“Are there?” Alice asked hopefully. “Where?”

Sally reached out again, this time to run he finger counter to the little blond hairs she could see running along Alice’s pubescent pubis. Hence her finger began right on the front edge of the girl’s slit, and ran upwards, away from it and towards her navel.

“Do you think they’ll darken soon?” Alice asked, hunching over herself in an effort to see the miniscule hairs.

“Depends,” Sally told her, dropping into the water once more and cupping it to lift and slide over her breasts. The sudden coating of hot water brought her nipples erect and she squeezed them to feel the sensation rush into her chest and groin.

“Depends on what?” Alice asked, her fingers now sliding gently over her pubis as, having not seen the hairs, she tried to feel them.

“How often you masturbate, of course,” Sally told her. “Everyone knows, the more you masturbate, the sooner you’ll reach puberty,” she said teasingly.

“Masturbate?” Alice murmured, looking down at herself and wondering how to ask what it meant.

Alice didn’t need to. Sally giggled and told her, making the younger girl glow still brighter.

“I don’t do that,” Alice told her, her face burning.

“I bet you do, just not often, and not all the way,” she told her. Sally had plenty of experience of young girl and their sexual awakening. And she knew all about helping it along too.

Alice licked her lips and slid down into the water again, wondering if she should admit to it or not.

“It’s all right, Alice,” Sally chuckled, reaching for her to stroke her arm comfortingly. “You don’t have to tell me. I’ll find out soon enough,” she teased.

“It’s only a game,” Alice confessed, looking into the bubbles as her hands idly played with them. “It started because I got scared at the noises at night, those coming from Mum’s and Dad’s room. Anne let me get into her bed, and she started this game,” she murmured.

Sally reached for Alice and turned the girl so she could sit between her legs and rest back against Sally’s chest. Sally then gently stroked her upper body as she continued to tell of their secret and nocturnal game.

“We had to take off our night gown, and then lie still while the other tried to make us move by just touching with one finger.

“At first it was easy, because Anne’s more ticklish that me, but then she changed the rules and we’re not allowed to win by tickling. It has to be some other way,” Alice finished.

“So, in the end,” Sally concluded, her hands sliding up the young girl’s thighs to meet at her little soft crotch. “you touch each other there,” she said.

Alice drew in a sharp breath and nodded, a groan escaping her as Sally’s clever fingers plucked her open, the gently stroked within.

“Sally,” Alice whimpered, pleasure beginning to grow.

“It’s all right,” Sally murmured. She dropped her head to kiss and lick Alice’s neck and shoulder, her fingers doing what they had done many times with others; bare the little girl’s love button, then softly and gently play with it, until the girl could stand it no more and would jerk and quiver, gasping breathlessly as her orgasm overwhelmed her.

Alice was no different, perhaps a little more timid, but far less frightened. She knew what was coming, and sat in the water quivering, waiting for the pleasure to ascend upon her, claim her and lift her.

Sally felt, then heard the tell-tell signs, and knowing what was coming, softly urged the young girl to let it happen. “It’s coming, it’s coming,” she whispered teasingly in her little ear, fingers holding the resilient labia apart while her index finger stroked around Alice’s swollen prepuce, sometimes over it, along-side it, pressing softly, then firmly, until Alice’s orgasm was imminent, at which point Sally touched her more intimately, bringing on her pleasure spike and smiling as the child clung to her raised knees, gasping with the pleasure that screamed a release, and then echoed deep within her.

“You won’t tell Anne that I told you, will you?” Alice begged as, a big towel around her, she dried herself.

Sally immersed herself in the large, warm, soft towels, inhaling their pleasant fragrance while luxuriating in the warmth of the bathroom. Such is heaven, she thought, and then smiled at Alice and kissed her gently on the cheek.

“Don’t worry, Alice. Your secret is safe with me,” she answered.

Back in the bedroom, Anne was nervously looking at her work, and while Alice got ready for bed, climbing into her nightgown and combing her long dark hair, Sally stood beside Anne to look down and mark her work.

“Two wrong,” she told the slightly younger girl, and circled the girl’s mistakes to highlight the simple errors. “You need to remember to do everything inside the brackets first,” she reminded her, putting down the pencil and sighing.

“That will mean six strikes,” Sally told her.

“Oh! That’s not fair! It was only a silly mathematic problem!” Anne complained.

Sally looked at her, watching as the girl folded her arms and pouted. “Get up and go to the bathroom, Anne,” she warned.

“Or what? You’ll call daddy, I suppose,” Anne teased.

Alice watched from across the room, halting the comb in her hair as she stared wide eyed at what was happening.

Sally smiled, her eyes cold as she looked at the seated child. “Do you think I need your father just to make you do what I want?” she asked softly but sharply. “Do you think all the girls in the orphanage liked each other, that there weren’t bullies, those that liked hurting others, stealing from them, ganging up on them? Do you really think your stupid little bit of stubbornness is going to stop me getting you into the bathroom for ten sharp spanks on your bum?” she asked.

Anne blushed and looked away. “You said six,” she reminded her, her eyes moistening as she came to realise she would have to do what she was told.

“Those that don’t do as they’re told straight away have strokes added. It’s going to be twelve in a minute, if you don’t hurry into that bathroom and take your clothes off really quickly!” Sally warned.

“Oh! That’s not fair either!” Anne squealed, but she s already rising, running to the bathroom door with her hands already peeling her blouse open.

Sally, on the way to following her into the bathroom, stopped to point a finger at the younger sister. “And don’t you go listening to this door, or anything!” she warned. “I want to find you in bed and ready to sleep by the time I get back!” she told her.

Alice grinned and nodded. As if she’d ever do such a naughty thing, and she giggled with the thought of it.

Sally closed the bathroom door and looked towards Anne. Sally knew Anne had turned thirteen, but the child still looked like a lanky twelve year old, her breasts mall dumplings high on her chest, the nipples baby-pink and small. Her belly was flat and her hips yet to swell, and yet short dark hairs fanned across the lower curve of her pubis with a handful curving from one pink-hued labia to the other, soft guardians to the lips parting.

“Please Sally, you won’t do it hard, will you?” she begged, hands coyly meeting to hide herself under Sally’s piercing gaze.

Sally thought of how Anne looked twelve years old, and sounded like a ten year old, whining to get out of her due punishment. She’d always hated listening to girls whining to the sharp faced nuns. Didn’t they realise the nuns took pleasure in hearing the orphans beg?

“If you and I are going to be friends, you need to learn to take your punishment without complaint,” Sally told her, and for the second time that evening began shedding her clothes.

“It’s all right for you; you’re used to it,” Anne complained.

Sally slid from her panties to straighten in front of the younger girl and feel her eyes on her, sliding from the high perch of her breasts, down the slope of her tight belly to her crotch where that little thatch of fine dark hair sprung.

“You never get used to it,” Sally told her. “If anything, each punishment gets harder, because you know how much its going to hurt,” she explained.

“Now get in the bath and reach for the wall, pushing your bum out towards me,” Sally explained.

“In the bath?” Anne asked.

Sally nodded. “That way, if you lose control, you won’t pee all over the floor,” she said, hiding a smile. A simple hand spanking shouldn’t have Anne losing control like that, but it did make the girl pale slightly with the thought that it might..

Anne got into the bath, her lower lip caught between her teeth as she worked on not saying anything.

“Legs apart,” Sally told her, watching her get into position facing the tiled wall, then lift her arms to lay her hands flat on the tiles before then dipping her back and thrusting back her small, lean and compact bottom, the short meeting of her cheeks half parting, teasing the eye to search for her anus, hidden within their depth.

“I’m going to be kind to you, seeing as its your first time,” Sally told her, and moved round to place herself at Anne’s side. She reached out and placed her hand on Anne’s bottom, gentle stroking it. Feeling the softness of her skin before drawing her hand back.

The first stroke landed, and Anne gasped and jumped, flexing and panting slightly as the sharp explosion of pain slipped deeper and deeper into her cheek.

Sally slid her hand over the imprint it had made just moments before, and squeezed the resilient cheek, watching her fingers pull cheek from cheek while listening to Anne’s breath catch.

She drew her hand back once more, waited a moment to watch Anne clench her cheeks in preparation for the pain, then delivered a second had slap, this time to her further small and rotund cheek.

“Sally!” Anne gasped, jerking as the sharp pain sped into her little rear.

As swiftly as it shot into her, it softened, rubbed away by Sally’s hand as it stroked and squeezed her back there, kneading her flesh until one warm sensation was replaced by another.

The hand stopped and Anne groaned, her head bowed as she waited for her third spank.

It landed, the swift spiky heat racing after it, halted as the hand squeezed and caressed again, fingers daringly sliding within her crack.

The fingers departed, the hand rising away from her. On the one hand, Anne could sigh and relax from the added tension the intimate caress had brought. On the other, another slap was about to land, and she tensed in anticipation.

Sally smiled as she delivered another slap, a good firm strike on the plumpest part of Anne’s rear. It caused another forward jerk, then a slow and breathless return, quivering slightly as Sally’s hand began its gentle kneading of the tingling flesh, fingers turned to slide under the cheeks, discovering moist and tender flesh that made Anne gasp as it was touched.

“You’re excited,” Sally announced, trailing her moist fingertip back, to anoint the young girl’s anus with her own moisture.

“I’m not!” Anne gasped, jerking from the inquisitive finger.

“So you prefer if I just used my hand like this?” she asked, and delivered a sound slap to Anne’s bottom, one given without an accompanying stroking.

Anne gasped and then groaned. Her bottom rotated as she was forced to endure the slow itching heat that had been driven into her from her slap without the comforting, pleasuring touches she had been also given.

Sally gave her another sharp slap, driving her flattened hand into the fullest part of Anne’s bottom to then smile as the child bit her lip and sobbed through her teeth, her bowed body shaking as she tried absorbing the blossoming spanking sensation.

“Do you want my touch, or my slap?” Sally asked, whispering it into Anne’s ear while the girl continued her slow recovery of her last spank.

When Anne didn’t answer quickly enough, Sally delivered a further harsh slap to Anne’s firm young bottom, landing it upon the fullest part of her small rear to find herself smiling as Anne wailed and squirmed.

“Keep your hands on the wall,” Sally warned, seeing Anne was tempted to reach back to rub at her own bottom.

“You have only to ask,” Sally teased softly, her hand hovering above Anne’s bottom ,near enough to feel the heat radiating from it.

No answer. Sally raised her hand, her fingers tingling in anticipation of landing sharply against that pretty little bottom, when Anne sobbed and shook her head.

“Please,” she whispered in a voice that was hardly heard.

Sally hesitated. “Push it out for me,” she said.

Anne shook as she obeyed, pressing her bottom well out and hiding her burning face as she felt herself exposed.

“Now, tell me,” Sally murmured, lying her hand lightly on the curve of her offered bottom.

“Please, no more spanking,” Anne murmured.

“Don’t tell me what you don’t want,” Sally told her. “You must tell me what you want,” she said.

There was silence, and Sally made to lift her hand, when Anne suddenly spoke.

“Touch me,” she said, all in one breath, while her body shook.

Sally smiled and let her hand descend, following the steep curve under Anne’s little bottom while her fingers trailed teasingly along her anal crack. Her smile broadened as she felt Anne’s quivering grow, and heard her breath quicken.

“The nuns hated it when they found their smacking excited one of us,” Sally recalled. Her fingers slid beneath Anne’s bottom, their plucking making the girl gasp and pant.

“They’d beat you harder, or award a second beating,” she explained, delving within to coat her fingertips with Anne’s slippery wetness. He fingers moved and pressed, listening to Anne’s shortened breath to know where she was most sensitive. “Some were sent to the doctor,” she recalled. Sally smiled as she recalled the screams that came through the surgery door, the smug look on the nun’s faces, the wonder in the girl’s softly spoken explanation as, later, after dark, they’d listen to the story of her taking.

Anne was panting and rocking, her sex open and slick with moisture. Sally moved her fingers back, flicking out of the mouth to the little cunny to then slide smoothly backwards, onto the little corrugated ring of her bum hole.

“No!” Anne gasped, tensing.

“Why not. You like it there,” Sally told her. Her finger returned to gather fresh warm wetness, and anointed her bum hole with it, her finger tip beginning to press inwards.

“No, please,” Anne whimpered.

“There no hiding from me,” Sally told her.

“I don’t want it. Not there,” Anne breathed.

Sally pushed her finger into Anne’s bottom and smiled as the child shook. “There. Isn’t that nice?” she asked, the tip of her finger dipping in and out of Anne’s anal ring, educating it into accepting the sensation.

Anne panted, her eyes wide but unseeing.

“Unless you want me to finish your spanking,” Sally teased.

“No,” Anne told her. She bit her lip and craned her head back. The finger went in and out. Sensations spiralled within her, then surged. She couldn’t think, could hardly support herself, just keen as an orgasm stronger than anything she’d previously felt was ignited by the finger in her bottom.

Sally watched, holding her finger tip submerged within the girl as muscles rippled and tensed under her smooth skin, tensing through her climax, then rippling through the aftermath.

“Remember, this is what happens to naughty girls,” Sally warned her.


The children were asleep. Sally had showered, dried, and for the very first time in her life, had powdered herself in talc.

Dressed in her nightgown, she trod lightly across the passage to knock on the parents door, blushing brightly as Sarah Jones answered it. “Good girl! I knew we’d not have to come and fetch you,” she said, moving aside to let Sally in, and letting the child see the room.

Su-Lin was there, timidly trying to hide her nudity while, seated in a comfortable chair sipping a drink and watching her, sat Mr Jones, also nude, his manhood erect and standing in front of him.

Sally had never seen a naked man, let alone one that was sexually excited. She stared, the size of it shocking her, the sight of it exciting her. The two sensations set her to shaking, a part of her wanting to run and hide, the other wanting to kneel before him and stare it at, touching and inhaling it, earning all there as to know about it.

“You’ve not seen one before?” Sarah asked, watching her and her reaction.

Sally shook her head and licked her lips. “Is he going to do it to me?” she asked, afraid to, and yet wanting to.

Sarah laughed. Mat grinned and put a hand around himself, stroking his erection and looking again towards the nakedness of the young Chinese girl.

“Seeing as how you’re a total virgin when it comes to men, we thought we’d introduce you slowly to his cock,” Sarah explained.

“How are the girls coming along?” Mat asked. He put his drink down, released his cock and leant forward to take a hold of Su-Lin. He dragged the unwilling girl onto his lap and grinned as he placed his erection between her legs, the head standing above her thighs.

Sally gave them a quick resume of what she’d done, and found out. Sarah nodded. “We wondered what they would make of Su-Lin’s little squeals,” she told Sally.

“Well, neither of them have shown any real unwillingness,” Sally told them. “It just depends on how quickly you want me to bring them on,” she told them.

“What would you do if they were new to the orphanage?” Mat asked, his moving hands making Su-Lin squirm, her face a mirror of her unhappiness.

“I would have to decide which I wanted the most, and get her into my bed as quickly as possible,” Sally told them.

“Competition?” Sarah asked, smiling knowingly.

Sally nodded. There were at least three girls in each dormitory who would think it their right to ‘introduce’ newcomers to life at Our Saviours. Only an early challenge by the likes of someone like Sally would stop them.

“So, which do you think would be the easier?” Mat asked.

Sally licked her lips and glanced at Mrs Jones before she decided to speak. “It’s not the easiest that you should bring on first,” she explained. “It’s the eldest. You have to do Anne first. Then, even if she’s not completely happy, when she sees Alice being brought on, she’ll come to terms with her new life,” she explained.

“When?” Sarah asked while her husband nuzzled Su-Lin’s neck, his hands moving from her pointed breasts to her neat little crotch.

“Three days?” Sally asked.

“You have two,” Sarah told her, and smiled. “Now, let’s go have some fun!”

Fun, to begin with, was Sally kneeling astride her new mother’s face and having her little pussy licked. And while Sarah’s long tongue delved into Sally, torturing the young girl by the clever way it was used, she got to see Mr Jones and Su-Lin doing it.

The comfortable chair was brought up to the side of the bed so Sally would get a close look at the proceedings, and Su-Lin was put over it, her upper body bent over its back, out of sight, while her legs were spread and her pretty little oriental sex laid out for the taking.

Sarah’s breath washed across Sally’s crotch, and the woman’s long tongue reached impossibly deeply into her little cunny. Meanwhile, no more than four feet in front of her, Mr Jones held his cock and, bending his knees, drew the rubbery tip through Su-Lin’s fledging sex, drawing her labia apart and exposing the girl’s bright pink interior.

Sally squeezed her little breast, finger and thumb coming together behind her aching nipples, while Mr Jones held his breath, a hand on his massive erection, the other holding Su-Lin still.

Wide eyed, Sally watched the man’s thing begin entering the young maid. The man’s breath hissed out of his as his sinking staff made the maid’s sex bulge outward, around it.

Sally whimpered and rotated her pelvis with the urge to have her prepuce licked. The tongue, inside her cunny at the time, curled, drawing out her succulent wetness, and flicked forward to drive its tip under the hood of her prepuce.

Sally sobbed. She’d seldom felt such finesse. Hands, large but feminine, rose to grip her haunches, then moved back to her bottom, the fingers digging into her resilient flesh, parting her until her bum hole was left defenseless.

Mr Jones finished easing himself into the child bent over the chair in front of him and stopped to regain his breath. Sally could only stare, his loins up against the maid’s buttocks, his cock all but stuck inside of her, squeezed into her little cunny.

Mr Jones pushed Sally forward slightly, and with a catch of her own breath, Sally felt the warm and slippery tongue attack her bum hole. She’d rarely found anyone at the orphanage to succumb to licking her bum hole for her, but Mr Jones was not only licking her back there, but was thinning her tongue and pushing it into her, forcing her to open her rear portal to have it wriggle inside of her.

Mr Jones held onto Su-Lin’s hips, holding her still as he drew all but the tip of his long wand from her cunny. It gleamed, visibly throbbing in front of Sally. Then he was pushing back in, a look of anguish and pleasure on his face as he forced all of his cock back into the squealing girl.

Now that Sally could heard Su-Lin’s squeals for herself, she knew why it had worried Alice so, for it wasn’t the sound of lust, so much as grief. It delayed Sally’s pleasure, but not by long. The woman’s tongue fluttering between her clitoris, her cunny and her bum hole could not be denied for long. And the man’s quickening pace, despite the wails it brought, was not a sight she could have ignored.

Having learnt over years, Sally’s orgasm was silent. She tightened her grip of her small bust, the pain adding to her lust as it imploded within her, rising so incredibly from her anus as much as her sex, rising in a crescendo that made her shake with delight.

Mat had no such constraint, and he welcomed his release with a strident cry, holding himself in the depths of the wailing Asian as he filled her with his seed.

The night was far from over. The adults sat on the end of the bed and the children were put to pleasuring them with their mouths.

Sally fondled her new father with some curiosity, weighing his balls and watching his reaction as she lifted them, pulled and squeezed upon them. Then his cock, using her hands and fingers, teasing, learning, and smiling knowingly as his breath shortened.

Having proved to herself that she could control the man’s strident cock, Sally began to learn to use her mouth, first to run her tongue along the shaft, quickly finding the underside was the most tender, then to suck on it, lick the spongy head within her mouth while allowing her saliva to leak down the shaft where her hands could capture it and work it into the skin.

His hand came to her head, pushing it gently down on his shaft as his breath shortened and quickened. She stroked him with greater speed and suckled the head, grinning inside as she heard his groan. He was going to come soon, Sally could guess it, and she laboured hard to bring him on, hands on his staff, lips tightening around the shaft as it swelled.

He cried out, the hand on her head tightening, holding her there as spurting sperm erupted into her mouth, filling it with the unique taste of male seed.

As he shrank, so Sally lifted her head, swallowed and licked her lips. She grinned proudly up at him, giggling at the look of satisfaction written all over his features.

He was done after two orgasms, but that didn’t stop him lying back with his legs bent to his chest, demanding Su-Lin lick the large and dark ring of his own anus, pumping it with a stiffened tongue while Sally attended to Mrs Jones.

Sally had plenty of experience in licking other girl’s sexes, and not only enjoyed it, but took pride in her ability. So Mrs Jones wasn’t lost on the girl’s skills, but found herself drawn ever upwards, and yet held back from her own orgasm.

The woman panted, her chest beginning to ache with her ever greater need for oxygen, and yet still the girl’s tongue delved and probed, exciting the woman past anything she’d so far experienced.

Only when Sally truly felt the woman would become numb to any further touching, did she apply herself fully to bringing the woman off. Then it took her tongue, a hand to pull her pubis upwards, further extending her clitoris from it home, and two fingers; one to enter the woman’s clasping bottom hole, the other to drive into her cunny, pressing harshly to the front wall where the most intense orgasms could be given.

Experience and knowledge fled under the strong animal sensations released within her crotch by Sally’s clever fingers, mouth and tongue. A cry was torn from Mrs Jones, even as her body was jerked into an arch, her thighs straining to close and her hips tossing in an effort to evade further touches as intense, violent pleasure was released from deep within her.

Sally fought on, giving Sarah Jones her first ever multiple orgasm, an orgasm in which she could only shudder and fold upon, breath, voice and muscle control driven from her by the strength of her pleasure.

On her way back to her room, Sally silently moved to the girl’s door and, gently opening, listened.

The girls were awake and breathlessly whispering to each other, their low voices suggesting that they were huddled close together in one bed.

Sally crept in and turned on the light. Across the room, the hump over which the duvet moved was flung back and the two girls peered out, their faces mirroring their shock.

“Alice, get back into your bed,” Sally told the younger girl.

“We were just playing ‘House’,” Anne told her, blushing with Alice as the little girl slid out of the bed in the nude, then struggled to find her discarded nightdress before hurrying back to her own bed.

“Do you know what girls get when they lie?” Sally asked.

Anne’s blushed turned to paleness.

Sally went to Anne’s bed and drew down the covers, creating a bolster while also revealing that the older girl was also nude. “Get over the covers, bum upwards,” Sally told the girl.

Anne swallowed and slowly rose. “Please, Sally,” she whimpered.

Sally sighed. “Are you going to tell me the truth?”

Anne chewed her lip and nodded. She then hesitantly explained the game they played, her story matching that of her younger sister.

Sally nodded and pointed a stern finger towards the girl. “Lie to me again, ever, and I’ll take the skin off your bottom!” Sally warned her, and made her exit.


Sally sat in the kitchen the following morning and savoured a hot and milky chocolate, a drink they had only received once or twice a year at the orphanage. Sally knew the drink would lose its distinction now she could have it whenever she wanted, so she was savouring this cup.

Su-Lin came and went as she did her duties. She looked towards Sally occasionally, but Sally ignored her. Mrs Jones appeared around mid morning and, seeing Sally, smiled at her and came across to stroke her hair. “I can’t wait for your hair to grow out again so you’ll look like a normal girl,” she murmured, and kissed her on her brow.

She went across to pour herself a coffee and sighed as she found it empty. “That stupid girl can’t even make sure there’s enough coffee in the pot.”

“Su-Lin!” she called.

At the sound of that strident voice, the young Asian girl came rushing through, a look of terror on her face.

“Look! No coffee!” Sarah shouted, holding the pot up for her to see.

“Oh, so sorry. I’ll make a pot now,” Su-Lin cried hurriedly.

“Too late now, you stupid Chinese wimp!”Sarah told her. “Get your clothes off, right now!” she told her, and turned away to stride across the room to the broom cupboard.

Sally sipped her hot chocolate and watched with idle curiosity as Su-Lin speedily shed her clothes, all the while casting nervous glances to where Mrs Jones stood, going through the broom cupboard contents.

The woman found what she wanted and came striding back, rolling up her sleeves. She carried a bunch of slender reeds, the type used to make patio brooms. There were about a dozen branches, bound at one end of the 14″ length but left uncut and uneven at their far end.

Su-Lin looked terrified as she began to turn and bend, timidly offering up her rotund bottom. Sarah stopped her and spun the crouching, whimpering girl around. “Get on your knees, you whimpering cow!”

Now the girl looked even more terrified, and visibly shook as she got onto her heels, her hands clasped together and reaching out to beg at her mistresses knees.

“Stop that!” Sarah barked. “Arms behind you, or do you want me to have Mat do this to you” she asked.

Su-Lin shook her head violently from side to side and reluctantly pulled her arms behind her, beginning to cry as she pushed her chest forward.

There was an evil gleam behind Sarah’s eyes as she straightened over the kneeling girl and drew in her breath. Sally had seen that look on some of the nuns faces as they got ready to ‘save’ you, for your own good. Sally had learnt to keep away from them.

“I WILL teach you,” Mrs Jones told the sobbing, shaking girl, and swept the bound reeds round, sweeping them across the Asian child’s chest.

Su-Lin howled and clutched at her trashed flesh, her breasts marked by long scratches left by the passing of the rods, the vivid red lines growing deeper towards their very tips.

Sally licked her lips, disturbed by the tingle between her legs as Su-Lin forced herself erect again, tears gleaming on her cheeks as she slowly drew her arms back, offering up her shaking chest once more.

“You WILL learn!” Mrs Jones screamed, and brought the reeds down in a back handed sweep that ensured the girl’s breasts were uniformly marked from both sides.

Su-Lin screeched and danced on the floor, squirming uncontrollably as the pain swept deep into her firm young breasts.

Sarah took a deep and steadying breath and flung the reeds down at Su-Lin’s feet. “Put those away, get dressed and make some bloody coffee,” she told the weeping girl. “Sally, come with me,” she said.

Sally followed the lady into the sitting room and, seeing the woman begin to remove her skirt, got down onto her knees in obedient readiness.

Freed of her skirt, her panties slid down recently shaven legs to end up lying on the discarded skirt. She sat down and moved her crotch to the chair’s edge.

“Hurry,” she said.

Sally needed no urging. She dived between the woman’s outstretched thighs and began to lick at the furrow, licking the wetness from labia and inner thighs before delving into the slit to drink the fluid filling her conch.

Fingers joined in, pulling at her labia, teasing her vagina mouth, her uterus and prepuce.

Mrs Jones began to pant. Her hands came down to guide Sally’s mouth where she needed it, and Sally stopped her playing to concentrate on bringing the woman to satisfaction.

In minutes the woman was there, and Sally’s face was rising with the woman’s crotch as it lifted off the couch to hover in the air, quivering as she gave down more sweet spending, her warm thighs shaking with muscular tension to either side of her.

“Oh, that was good,” she sighed. For a moment she as still, savoring the afterglow of her climax, then she rose and began dressing again. “I have the Women’s Guild coming round this afternoon, so when the girls get home from school, I want you to keep them quiet, or even better, out of the house,” she told Sally.

Sally nodded and watched silently as Su-Lin crept in carrying a cup of coffee for her mistress, her head submissively lowered.

“What’s that, coffee?” Sarah asked. “No, I don’t want coffee. Go make me a cup of tea,” she told the whimpering girl, sighing and shaking her head as the maid shook and made the cup rattle in its saucer.

The girls wouldn’t be home until the afternoon, so Sally went into Mr Jones’s study to satisfy her curiosity on the subject of the books she’d seen in there when being shown around the house. He had many books, and being a neat man, the books were segregated into subject matter, with fiction of to one side.

Sally curled up on the couch with a small pile of National Geographic magazines and was soon engrossed in them, time flying by so it was with some surprise that she saw Su-Lin coming in to tell her the girls had returned home, and were changing out of their uniforms before coming down for a bite to eat, and would she like something too.

Sally put aside the magazine she’d been reading and stopped Su-Lin as she turned to go.

“Those reeds across your breasts. It looked painful,” she remarked.

Su-Lin gave a sharp little nod. “It hurts for a long time afterwards, too,” she said, nodding again, like a formal bow, almost.

“Have you put a salve on the grazes?” she asked, standing.

“A salve? Oh, no. A punishment should not be relieved, otherwise it is not a punishment,” Su-Lin explained.

Sally smiled and shook her head. “True, if the punishment is carefully considered, so it matches the sin,” she told the girl, leading her to the kitchen where she knew there was a small medicine cabinet. “Bt when it is given in haste, in anger, then the after-pain is unnecessary.”

She found a cream for small cuts and grazes, and told Su-Lin to lower her uniform to her waist.

Bra-less, Su-Lin’s conical breasts pointed upwards, her light oriental skin providing a soft tone to her skin, and darkening her nipples to a rich and dark cherry. The cuts from the reeds travelled in short lines of varying length, growing deeper as the maid’s breasts swelled upwards. The skin was torn and, at their deepest, had drawn drops of blood that had hardened in the wounds.

Sally put the cream on her finger and gently drew it along each graze in turn, Su-Lin catching her breath as the cream stung her deeper cuts. Slowly, with the girl blushing, her nipples grew, extending upwards into stiff points.

“Your breasts are tender,” Sally remarked, stroking the firm young cones, ostensibly to work the salve into the cuts, but taking a delight in feeling the stiffened nipples and seeing the skin grow flushed.

Su-Lin licked her lips, her breath growing slightly louder through her parted lips. “You can stop now, thank you,” she murmured timidly.

Sally continued, now openly taking the girl’s nipples to turn them in her fingers. “I will stop when I wish. Do you understand?” she asked the maid, and looked into her eyes as she waited for a reply.

The girl’s eyes lowered, watching her nipples being squeezed and pulled on, her chest beginning to rise and fall with her greater effort to breathe.

“I want to watch you come,” Sally murmured. “Lift your dress,” she ordered.

“I don’t, I’ve never,” the girl stammered, meekly obeying Sally and beginning to slowly gather her uniform about her waist.

Sally looked down at the plain white panties the maid wore, noting the similarity to those provided by the nuns; plain and baggy, thick and long lasting.

She drew them down while Su-Lin clung to the uniform rolled and gathered about her waist, holding it tightly as Sally finished exposing her. Her hips shook and her breath broke as she waited, in obvious nervousness, for Sally’s touch.

“You have a nice skin colour,” Sally murmured, touching the maid’s flank and running her fingers along the slender plain of her hip. She was more mature than Sally, her breasts larger, a different shape, but fuller about their base. Her hips had swelled, giving weight and shape to her upper thighs, a shape Sally ached to gain.

Sally stroked Su-Lin’s thighs, her mouth parting to allow her to breathe more deeply as her thoughts moistened her sex. She felt the shaking of her body through her flesh, increasing as Sally moved her fingers along the warm flesh, across to her sloping belly.

“Smooth skin too. There would have been a dozen girls wanting to lay with you in the orphanage,” Sally complemented her. It was perhaps an over exaggeration, but it had the girl jerk and lose her breath, her eyes rising to look at Sally.

“Girl with girl,” she whispered.

Sally nodded and smiled. “Like Mrs Jones and you, and me,” Sally agreed. Her fingers met the soft and silken hair of Su-Lin’s pubic hair and combed it while watching the girl lick her lip and shake.

“I was taught; girl on girl, bad,” Sue-Lin panted.

“Does this feel bad?” Sally asked. Her fingers ran down the outer side of the girl’s labia, stroking with gentleness to bring her slowly, slowly on.

“Which is nicer?” Sally asked, fingers now squeezing Su-Lin’s labia together, her closing fingers working gently against each other, just enough to quicken Su-Lin’s excitement. “This, or Mr Jones putting his thing in you?”

Su-Lin blushed.

Sally leant towards the girl and waited for her face to slowly rise, positioning her lips for gentle kissing.

Su-Lin’s lips were full and succulent, parting with an erotic reluctance to allow Sally to flick her tongue within her mouth, just as her fingers slid along her furrow, pressing it open so her digit could slide into the warm and moist haven within.

“Mm,” she breathed, pressing the girl against the counter as her finger delved into her slit and learnt the contours of her vulva.

The wetness grew, and Sally’s finger worked all the harder to have the extra liquid passed around, worked fully into the girl’s slot.

Su-Lin panted into Sally’s face while her hands gave up on her uniform to grip Sally’s shoulders instead.

Sally sank her head to the upper slope of Su-Lin’s breasts to kiss and suck on the flesh, one hand between her quivering thighs, working their best to bring Su-Lin over that edge, while the other gripped and squeezed her nearest breast, tilting it up so Sally could bathe the beaten nipple with her saliva and rasp her tongue across its tenderised flesh.

“No, no, I don’t want to,” Su-Lin began to pant, her hands struggling to push Sally away from her.

Sally’s fingers were bathed in liquid heat, fluid covered labia parting easily to the two straightened fingers that Sally swept back and forth, sometimes entering Su-Lin’s response little cunny mouth while, at other times, sliding past it to ram her fingers against the tightly meeting cheeks of her bottom, the last defence to the oriental child’s quivering little anus.

“No, no!” the child breathlessly whimpered, twisting and turning, yet unable to close her thighs against the double fingers sliding smoothly back and firth between her pussy lips.

“Yes you do,” Sally answered. She gave up her grip on Su-Lin’s breast to rush it down and back, to grip the girl’s full bottom cheek and pull it from it’s twin.

“No!” Su-Lin sang, rising on her toes as she tried levering herself away from Sally.

Sally pressed her two slippery coated fingers into Su-Lin’s vagina and grinned at how responsive her passage had become, educated into becoming so through repetitious fucking by the stout man of the house. Those fingers, coated in fresh slippery dew, ran smoothly forward to press the girl’s prepuce down, sandwiching her clitoris between rapidly rubbing fingers and the hard seat of her pelvic girdle. And as Su-Lin’s eyes and mouth opened in startled shock of the pleasure storm released inside of her, the fingers left the stamping of her clitoris to rush back, across the tightly clenched sphincter of her vagina, to invade her nether hole.

Sally slid half a digit into Su-Lin’s back passage and watched with a wide grin as the girl’s startled expression evaporated under a second convulsive and prolonged orgasm. The shock of it made the oriental girl lunge towards Sally, where she held her for all her life was worth, her body loosing control of itself as pleasure echoed within her, beating off her chest, her crotch, her belly, legs, back, thighs, bottom, to leave her gasping and quivering in the other’s close embrace.

“Was that nice?” Sally teased, watching Su-Lin’s slow recovery.

The girl blushed and turned away. “We should not do such things,” she murmured, her body bowed as she reached down for her half lowered panties.

Sally took the opportunity to slap the offered bottom, and as the girl jerked upright, grabbed her hair to pull her face close to her own.

“We do what I want, understand?” she asked.

“But I am Mrs Jones’s maid,” Su-Lin sobbed.

“Her first, and me second. What you want does not count!” she pointed out. “Understand?” she ordered, pulling harder on the girl’s hair.

“Yes, yes!” Su-Lin wept.

Sally heard the girl’s arriving and released Su-Lin to turn and smile at the children, enquiring after their day and what they had done.

“I got my first ‘B’ in Maths today,” Anne beamed.

“Your first! My, my!” Sally chuckled, causing Anne to blush slightly.

Su-Lin quietly served up sandwiches, milk and crisps, and sat down quietly in the corner to wait for the children to finish.

They chatted excitedly to Sally who had many questions about school, their friends, and their teachers. As they finished, Alice earning a scowl as she cleaned her hands on her jeans, Sally explained about their mother wanting silence, so she suggested they go out to the small out-house and sit there instead.

“There’s nothing to do out there,” Alice complained, leaning back so Su-Lin could take her plate.

“Well, why don’t we invite Su-Lin to come play with us? I bet she knows plenty games,” Sally smiled.

Su-Lin shook her head and waved her arms. “I know no games,” she offered.

“Oh, I’m sure you do!” Sally teased. “What about those that Mr Jones taught you?” she asked.

Su-Lin’s face was a picture of horror, embarrassment, nervousness and fright. Her hands rose higher as she tried warding Sally off, but the orphan just smiled. “Come along, girls!” she called. “We’re going to have a really exciting time!” she giggled.

Anne took Sally’s arm and held it as they walked along the garden path to the distant hut; a large wooden structure with front panels that could be folded back on fine days, but otherwise kept the hut secure, and private.

“Does Daddy do something to her, to have her make those sounds she makes at night?” she asked softly, full of curiosity.

“Well, of course he does,” Sally told her, grinning at the girl’s surprised expression. “Question is, can we make her sound like that too,” she giggled.

Anne’s expression turned to a grin too, and with added excitement she walked along beside Sally to reach the hut, a fresh and excited spring to her step.

The inside of the hut was pleasant and comfortable, with a bar to the back of the room, high stools in front of it, and comfortable low cane furniture placed around a low and large coffee table.

Anne had watched her parents often enough to know how to switch on the wall lights, and turn up the heating. Alice, meanwhile, raided the small fridge behind the bar to reappear carrying cans of Coke for each of them, while Sally watched, and Su-Lin stood idly to one side, a nervous look in her eyes.

“Do you know why you’re here?” Sally asked her, gently stroking her arm while smiling softly towards the timid girl.

The girl shook her head, but her eyes held a suspicion and looked about her in the hope of some escape.

Sally smiled and gently moved her hair back, behind her ear. “The girls are growing, and they want to see what causes you to make that noise you make, late at night,” she explained.

Su-Lin blushed and hurriedly looked away from the three of them. “It is private. Mr and Mrs Jones would not like me telling anyone,” she mumbled.

“Well, we can play that game, or instead, I can show the girls how we were punished whenever the nuns found us in bed together with another girl,” she told the room.

The girls gasped, Alice’s eyes widening while Anne’s face coloured. “They used the branches from a birch that stood at the back of the orphanage. Four or five put together, tightened at one end, left to scatter and open out at the other,” she explained. “I could show them, using your bottom. I could show them how it struck, how it hurt, how it cut the flesh of our bottoms,” she murmured, moving closer to Su-Lin to nuzzle her neck and stroke her hair.

“Would you like that?” she asked, her free hand resting lightly on her belly to feel the child’s quickened breath. “Or shall we show them what Mr Jones does to you most evenings, while Mrs Jones looks on?”

“Mummy watches?” Alice gasped, her eyes becoming large ovals.

“Oh yes. She loves seeing your daddy at work, doesn’t she, Su-Lin?” Sally asked, teasing the poor maid, smiling at her while she quivered and fought to control herself.

“They will punish me, if they know,” she mumbled softly.

“Then we will all promise to be silent about today. Yes?” she asked the others.

Mouths full of Coke, Anne and Alice nodded their head in eagerness, Anne also giving the Girl Guide Promise, while Alice crossed her heart and promised to die, for good measure.

“And anyway, they would not punish you as badly as I,” Sally reminded the maid.

The table was moved off to one side so one of the low and comfortable chairs could be put in front of the couch. With a cane surround, the large oval cushion created a reclined chair, nice for intimate moments, and perfect for naughty girlish games.

Anne and Alice giggled and held each other, watching with bated breath and glowing pink face while Sally steered Su-Lin onto the bed-like seat, and then knelt beside her to oversee the development of the game.

“Now first, she has to bare herself to them both, don’t you, Su-Lin?” Sally told the girls, and leant over the reclining maid in order to undo the belt at her waist, and then open the large and easily parted buttons of her single piece uniform.

“They will beat me if I don’t, or send me back to China!” she whimpered, looking from one to the other in the hope they understood.

“Yes, we know,” Sally soothed, the politics totally beyond her. She drew the uniform apart and allowed the girl’s to see Su-Lin’s conical breasts, her flawless skin marred by the healing welts that scoured her rising flesh, her belly, her flared hips and the thick white panties that hid her crotch.

“Your mother had cause to thrash her breasts,” Sally remarked, tracing one of the more vivid cuts and smiling as Su-Lin’s precious little nipple swelled and extended.

“Wow, does she like that?” Anne asked watching, mesmerized, as Sally’s fingers reached the dark stud and flicked it.

“Her breasts are very tender,” Sally mentioned while Su-Lin looked up at her with large and trusting eyes.

“Are you going to take her panties off too?” Alice wanted to know.

“In a minute,” Sally nodded. She wanted to tease them first, and smiled at the two children as she slid her fingers down the slope of Su-Lin’s breast to then travel off her rib-cage and over her tummy.

Sally’s fingers edged under the narrow waistband of Su-Lin’s panties, and the maid clutched at Sally’s wrist, stopping the fingers from going any lower while she panted for breath.

Sally looked down at her, waiting for the Asian girl to look back at her, her slanted eyes filled with nervousness. “You will let me do this, or I will have Alice get me branches from the garden while Anne and I tie you down over one of the stools so you can be thrashed properly. Which do you want?” she asked.

With a long and deep whimpering sound, Su-Lin relinquished her grip on Sally’s wrist, and panted as the hand slid deeper within her panties, sliding through the short hairs on her pubis to then curl and follow her body’s descent between her legs.

“Open your legs,” Sally urged softly, a fingertip on the maid’s furled sex just above the joining of her thighs.

“Please,” Su-Lin whimpered

“I’ll not tell you again,” Sally warned, invoking an age old saying of many of the nuns. Few girls continued their awkwardness after that term was uttered; fewer still ever did it a second time.

Sally watched Alice and Anne, watching their eyes stare at the maid’s parting legs and the shape of Sally’s fingers under the thick but stretched gusset. They were both aglow, their eyes wide and their mouths half open, both girls so alike despite their age differences. Heads close together, they looked along the widening gap of Su-Lin’s thighs to where her panties had once been crushed up against her sex, now eased away by Sally’s industrious fingers.

“Don’t!” Sally said, seeing Su-Lin look up at her and moisten her lips in readiness to beg again. “Not another word,” she warned, and slipped her moistened finger from where it had been stroking the maid’s soft flesh to add to her other hand to ease the girl’s panties from her hips, dragging them all the way down, and off.

Throwing the panties aside, Sally took Su-Lin’s knees and pulled them apart, widening her crotch and exposing all of her sex to the eager girls’ eyes.

“Now, let’s see, what does Mr Jones do exactly? Isn’t it something like this?” Sally asked.

Her fingers parted Su-Lin’s firm but yielding vulva, two straightened fingers turning in her slit to let the children see the maid’s bright pink and gleaming wet furrow.

The maid looked away, whimpering softly, her face suffused with colour while her parted thighs shook with the effort of leaving them so.

“You have to imagine my two fingers are your father’s thing,” Sally explained, lodging the tip of her digits into the maid and feeling the surrounding walls contract to grip them.

She pushed them savagely inwards, just like Mat Jones had done the previous night, a gleam to his face as one strong thrust had enveloped him in the Asian child’s hot little cunt. Sally felt the same responsive ripple of Su-Lin’s vaginal passage, opening and closing about her turning fingers while vaginal fluids seeped over and between her digits, preparing them for further thrusts.

Her slick, juice covered fingers drew away, and re-entered with as much force as before, pushing up Su-Lin’s pelvis and making the girl gasp.

Sally looked at the two sisters and grinned at them as her finger rapidly pistoned the Asian girl’s sex, her strokes causing soft slurps to sound as she captured air within the girl’s passage.

Slowly, as Sally continued to push her dual fingers in and out, Su-Lin began to make noises from deep in her throat. Her hands clutched at the cushion to either side of her and the tendon of her neck began to stiffen. Her chest heaved and squealing, weeping, grunting sounds came from her.

“That’s the noise!” Alice squealed, staring avidly at what Sally was doing between the girl’s thighs.

Anne looked too, looking flushed and hot, her body itching, demanding to be caressed. She stared at the gleaming, soaking fingers being pumped in and out of the maid’s young sex, Sally’s fist punching her vulva, flattening the fleshy lips outward in her eagerness to drive her fingers as deeply as possible into her, and Su-Lin was lifting her crotch, keening like a wounded animal as her pleasure overflowed her sex and coated Sally’s fist.

Sally stopped her pumping, her arm aching, and let the breathless and panting maid fall back onto her seat, her exhaustion allowing the girls an unobstructed view of her sex, post orgasm, the labia glowing, folded open, flesh gleaming with a thick coating of her spend.

“Daddy put his thing in there?” Alice asked softly, staring at the little hole as it slowly closed.

“Of course, he’s larger than my two fingers,” Sally explained, picking up Su-Lin’s panties so she could wipe her digits clean.

“Bigger?” Anne exclaimed, her eyes fixed on the length and girth of Sally’s fingers and trying to imagine them pushed into her tight little cavity. She had only recently begun teasing a finger tip into her own little pussy, and she did it very carefully, her digit well soaped in the bath before hand.

Sally laughed. “Remember, baby’s pass through the same channel,” she reminded the girls. “It’s very, very flexible,” she told them.

They didn’t look convinced.

Sally shrugged and looked down at the recovering maid. “Turn over and lift your bum on your knees,” she told her. “Legs wide open too,” she remarked, rolling up the sleeve of her blouse.

“No, please,” Su-Lin whimpered. “I’ve been good,” she whined.

“Shall I tell Alice to get those branches?” Sally asked pointedly.

Su-Lin groaned and turned slowly onto her front before bringing her knees up, lifting her haunches in the air while hiding her face over the far side of her chair. Her knees parted and, with it, the slim fig of her sex was opened and left to hang between her legs like a ripe and exotic fruit, her pee sized clitoris glowing from its hood, the mouth to her cunny still leaking her succulent syrup.

Sally slid an arm around Su-Lin-waist and gripped her tightly as she once more inserted a finger into the girl’s sex.

The children watched with avid attention as a second finger was added, and then a third, Sally’s thumb and little finger bet downwards over each other.

Whimpers were heard from the bent figure of the maid, largely ignored as the children waited, eagerly anticipating another finger.

Sally turned the steeple of her fingers and flexed them against the yielding passage of the Asian girl’s vagina, pressing once moment, rubbing her clitoris with her thumb the next as she both excited the girl, and brought more moisture to her inflamed sex.

Su-Lin began squealing once more, weeping and grunting, her toes curling and her back dipping as her sexual tension built within her once more.

Sally extended her thumb and little finger within the steeple of her fingers and applied it to Su-Lin’s back-thrust sex, the thick wetness coating her and Su-Lin’s crotch aiding her efforts to stretch the girl’s vagina about the widest part of her palm.

The children sat silent, watching with large round eyes as, right in front of them, they saw Sally’s hand become engulfed by Su-Lin’s very pink and moist sex, her vagina closing around the knuckles and the palm, until just Sally’s wrist remained outside.

“Oh yes,” Sally breathed, turning her hand and grinning as Su-Lin’s vocal respond filled the little hut. “She’s coming again,” she told the wide eyed girls, feeling it happening about her hand, feeling the heat and the convulsions, the tremors and rippling.

Sally pumped her hand back and forth slightly, fixed in place within Su-Lin’s gripping birth canal and yet able to pull and push the whole passage back and forth.

Su-Lin squealed and wept, Chinese tumbling from her lips as the fierce sensations sent her off on another orgasm.

Sally giggled and waited for her convulsion to die away before she carefully removed her hand, drawing Su-Lin’s vagina partially out, before the dilated passage would expand still further and let the hand withdraw. The girl then collapsed, senseless to the rest of the hour as she slowly recovered from her ordeal.

“So you shouldn’t be afraid of those strange noises you hear at night,” Sally told the girls, once again cleaning her hand and fingers on the front panel of Su-Lin’s panties.

“Does Daddy really do it to her while Mummy watches, or did you just make that up?” Anne asked, glowing from inside.

Sally nodded and shuffled forward on the rug until she knelt in front of the girls. “They do me too,” she confessed.

The girls’ eyes bulged from their sockets and their jaws hung to their chests as they stared in shock at the girl at their feet. “No!” they cried, nearly as one.

Sally nodded. “I’ve not taken your daddy yet, not up there, but that’s only because I’ve only ever done it with girls,” she explained. “But I took him in my mouth, and he spurted his stuff there,” she assured them.

“I don’t believe you,” Anne cried, still staring wide eyed at her.

“I’ll tell you what,” she suggested. “When you start hearing those sound again, don’t go hiding under the covers, but go through your parents’ dressing room and into their bathroom, and peek in on us from that door, see what’s happening,” she said. “They always leave that door a bit open, just in case they want some oil or something,” she explained.

The children looked at one another, seeking each other’s agreement before they dared to nod.

Sally grinned. It would be fun, having the parents do her while she knew that their children would we watching.

“Now,” she said. “Who wants me to diddle them?” she asked. “I bet seeing Su-Lin getting it has made you all wet and sticky down there,” she giggled.

As she spoke, she reached for the button of Anne’s jeans, only to have the girl squeal and jerk away.

Sally stopped to look sternly towards the girl, waiting until the child had started to blush and gnaw on her bottom lip before speaking again. “Come along, Anne. We want to be good girls, don’t we?” she chided.

“Everybody’s looking,” she whimpered, tensing as Sally’s hands approached her again.

“Everybody!” Sally chortled. “And you’ll see Alice getting the same in a few minutes,” she explained, her words causing the young girl to squirm and blush, her eyes lowering for a moment, before being drawn back to Sally’s fingers, now expertly undoing Anne’s jeans.

“Lift!” Sally urged.

Anne bit her lip and obediently lifted her haunches, her blushes becoming bright as he jeans were swept down her slender legs, her little cotton panties following off her bottom before her clenched thighs stopped them going further.

The jeans were pulled right off, and Sally made a big play of straightening the legs and folding the garment properly, just to let Anne settle a bit before returning to the girl and reaching for her panties.

“Do I have to,” the girl whimpered. “Can’t Alice go first?” she begged.

“You’re older, so you probably need relief more than your little sister. Lift!” she demanded, her fingers already teasing the narrow part of the panties downwards.

Anne fairly glowed as her haunches rose once more off the low couch, and she glanced at her sister, hoping the younger girl wasn’t looking. But she was, staring with great intent at the little bit of Anne’s privates that showed, now she sat with her bare legs tightly clamped together.

Sally allowed her a moment, and then pointedly tapped her tightly clenched knees. “Come along,” she urged. “You don’t want the alternative, now, do you?” she asked.

Anne made a face, and yet drew her knees reluctantly apart, her blushes growing brighter, the further her thighs slid from each other.

Alice was once more mesmerized and, seated right beside her sister, had an eagle eye’s view of Anne’s young but developing sex as it unfolded with her parting thighs, labia parting enough to reveal her already swollen prepuce, together with a teasing glimpse of milky wetness lying deep in the crevice of her labia.

“Do you have to look!” Anne cried, her hand sliding over her crotch to hide herself.

Alice blushed and Sally slapped the hand away and sat up, the better to reach Anne’s coral-like sex.

Anne had a pretty sex, still pink and young, flesh smooth and firm. Her labia, while firm, yielded willingly to Sally’s stroking fingers, their edges brightening as they drew apart, skin glowing where it swelled.

“There, isn’t that nice?” Sally remarked, fingers tickling the base of Anne’s little slot, while the thumb of her other hand gently teased her clitoris, rubbing the protective flesh around it to make it sing deep inside Anne’s belly.

Anne didn’t answer, but looked down at herself and the fingers stroking her. She ignored her watching sister while the swelling warmth teased her into spreading her thighs that little bit further apart, enough to pull her slot that much wider.

“Yes, lovely, isn’t it,” Sally crooned, massaging the child’s intimate flesh and watching the moisture trickle from her virginity to slide towards her secreted bottom hole. Her tickling fingers picked it up and anointed her short little slit with it, quickening the girl’s pulse.

“Are you going to come for me,” Sally crooned, watching and waiting, her fingers teasing the child closer and closer to an orgasm.

Anne panted and licked her dry lips, a whimper escaping her throat as her pelvis began to jerk upwards, growing need overcoming youthful coyness.

“Imagine Daddy watching us,” Sally breathed.

A new warmth suffused Anne’s face and, with darling little squeals, her hips jerked upwards and she was coming. She bit her lip and closed her eyes, her legs straining with the effort of lifting her crotch into the working fingers of her mentor. And Sally continued her evil little touches, forcing the child to spasm again and again before her lurches dislodge her fingers and closing thighs denied her the opportunity to continue.

Sally grinned down at the exhausted but glowing girl, and turned to the waiting younger child, smiling into her questioning look.

“Come along, Alice. Off with your jeans and panties,” she said.

Alice knew better than to argue, and a part of her didn’t want to anyway; she just felt it was appropriate.

Rocking her body, she scooped her jeans and panties off her bottom, then raised her knees to peel them all the way off, Sally helping by dragging at the legs of the jeans.

In no time they were off, and Alice looked expectantly towards Sally as she levered her thighs wide apart and felt her little slit gape.

“Oh yes, look how moist and ready you are,” Sally teased, fingers sliding through the young girl’s cutely shaped little pudendum where secreted fluid had already made the girl’s sex slippery.

Alice gasped and jerked as Sally’s fingers slid artfully over the cutely opened little vulva and her eyes looked up towards the orphan, openly inviting the older girl to touch her in any way she wanted.

Sally smiled in reply. She was expert at this. She had spent years cultivating younger girls, grooming the wide eyed innocents into dropping their panties and allowing her hand between their thing young thighs.

Alice was easier than most, less resistant, more innocent. Or perhaps the games she’d played with her older sister had prepared her, given her an inkling of the pleasures that were to be had by another’s fingers in her slot. Whatever the reason, Alice lay back and lifted her pelvis, offering up her little pink sex to Sally’s fingers, gasping and jerking with each fresh and intimate touch.

“Mm, nice, isn’t it,” Sally teased, wanting to go down on the little girl and lick her lovely rich slot and knowing it was too early.

Anne leant over and watched the fingers move across her little sister’s spread sex, watching them lightly stroke, pull, scrape, nudge and press. There was a skill there, she realised, and watched with the aim of learning it.

Sally grinned and indulged her. She let her see her finger nudge Alice’s little swollen clitoris, and see the reaction in the little girl. She let her see her finger catch the little drop of nectar slipping from Alice’s little cunny, and slide it forward to anoint the length of her valley.

Alice’s breath shortened and little whimpering sounds began as her body demanded release while leg muscles began to ache.

Sally’s smile was all-knowing and her finger movements expert. “Here it comes,” she whispered to Anne, two fingers and a thumb turned to press upon the child’s offered sex, the thumb to press upon the helm of her prepuce, driving flesh against the throat of her clitoris and pressing it to her pelvic bone. Her index finger, meanwhile, wriggled into the mouth of the girl’s virginity, toying with her and letting the walls tighten about her, while the middle finger drove between her clenched bottom cheeks to press against her moist anus, teasing her with thoughts of a rear invasion.

Alice clutched at her head as her lower body cavorted up and down, legs unfolding to straighten and quiver as the growing wave she had been surfing finally succeeded in tumbling over her. It carried her breathlessly along with it as it rolled and rolling within her, swirling and spinning, tossing her upon its dying flow until beaching her upon the low couch, spent and tranquil, Sally’s withdrawing fingers causing a last lurch of her loins and a ripple to her belly muscles.

“There,” Sally proclaimed, inwardly pleased with the children’s progress. “Now, off to your room and do your homework, and I’ll be along a little later to check on it before dinner,” she told them.

“I’ll go and see to Mrs Jones,” Su-Lin murmured, standing and straightening her uniform.

“Not just yet,” she told the maid, and waited for the children to leave before pulling Su-Lin to the couch. “Lay along it,” she told her, and reached under her skirt to peel her panties down.

Su-Lin watched the removal of Sally’s panties in silence as she first sat, then laid herself down along the couch.

She knew what was coming and licked her lips, moistening them while she had the chance; Mrs Jones had a penchant for using her in the same way.

Sally lifted the back of her skirt and sat herself upon the maid’s face, squirming into a good position before sighing and biting her lip with delight. “Yes!” she hissed, feeling the tongue extend into her moistness.

Sally opened her legs and squirmed, loving the feeling of the tongue worming through her, of the power she felt as she moved to control her pleasure.

She had always been careful in the orphanage. You couldn’t be too forceful, too strong, to the little ones, lest they tell, or others senior to you gang up to teach you a lesson. Whatever sexual games were entered into, it was always consensual, even if the youngster was a little innocent of your true intent.

But now, alone, seated on Su-Lin’s face, Sally didn’t have to worry. She parted her legs and ground her sex down on the nose, mouth and chin of the maid beneath her. She held the girl’s hair and thrust herself against the chin while feeling her nose against her clitoris. She slid forward and sobbed delight as she felt the tongue flick her bottom hole.

Images from the last half hour tumbled through her memory, raised in lights behind her closed eyelids, and she keened with her pleasure, for once in her life allowing more than a suppressed sigh to escape her as pleasure made her jerk and writher on the face beneath her.


The girls did their homework in near silence while Sally, sitting on one of their beds, searched their school books for information she didn’t yet have, finally settling on a history text she’d not seen before. She found she missed the intense study of the orphanage, and the long quiet periods in which she could just sit and learn.

When the children had finished, Sally reviewed the work, suggesting changes here and there, and then followed them down to dinner.

Sally glowed with the feel of being part of the family as she sat down with them, listening to their talk and encouraged to join in by Mr Jones who sat at the head of the table. Su-Lin served them in her usual quiet manner, although the quick glances she gave Sally and the girls were very telling for anyone watching.

After dinner, and a little bit of TV for the girls, Sally took them upstairs for their bath and bed. The girls fell silent as thoughts of the night ahead began encroaching on them.

“What if the door is closed?” Anne asked.

“It won’t be,” Sally assured her.

“What if they see us!” Alice cried, her face a picture of horror.

“So make sure they don’t!” Sally told her.

“Who’s going first?” Anne asked, already down to her cotton bra and panties, referring to the waiting bath.

“We’re all going together, in the shower,” Sally told her, admiring the lanky girl and the shapely little breasts held teasingly within her B cup cotton bra.

“What, the three of us?” Alice asked, her shoulders thrust back as she tried making the most of her own little A cup titties.

Sally smiled and slid easily from her dress. She allowed the girls a good chance to stare at her free standing breasts, her nipples sprouting with the tension of forthcoming sex, then bent to drop her panties, turning so the girls could stare at her little bottom and the dark crease in which her bottom hole lay.

“Last one in gets four spanks!” Sally called.

The room was suddenly full of shrieks as the two sisters rushed to get through the door together, Sally directly behind them. Alice got in first, under Anne’s guarding arm, and she had a foot in the bath first too, with Anne close on her heels.

“I was first!” Alice claimed, jumping up and down, beaming happily and glowing with her own rising excitement.

Anne giggled and turned towards Sally. “But you were last!” she claimed. “That mean YOU get the four spanks!” she grinned.

Sally pouted and made her own way into the bath, her pussy growing moist as she saw the girls’ eyes dart to her crotch as she parted her legs to climb in. “Yes, I guess I am the last one in,” she admitted.

“Who gets to spank you?” Alice asked excitedly, her eyes fairly twinkling with excitement.

Sally smiled down at her. “Why don’t you each give me two?” she asked.

“A cheek each!” Anne squealed excitedly while her sister licked her lips and looked down at Sally’s bottom.

Sally finished turning, then put her hands on the tiled wall in front of her to thrust her bottom out, dipping her back to tighten the curve of her arse as much as possible, the way the nuns often had her stand.

“I’ll go first,” Ann told her little sister as the younger child slid under Sally’s arms so she could stand on the other side of her, ready to land her hand smartly on Sally’s nearer cheek.

Sally waited, her legs slightly parted, her bottom offered. She felt Anne’s hand lightly touch her as she prepared. Then it was gone, returning a moment later in a sharp slap that flattened her little pert rear for a moment.

This was not the agony of the birch wielded by a mean and vicious nun, this was the tingling heat of a girlish slap that sent trickles of pleasure into the seat of her sex, flooding it with excitement.

“One,” Sally breathed.

Alice giggled as she prepared her hand. She’d seen Anne deliver a slap, and she wanted to do better. So her whole upper body twisted as she drew her arm back. Then she brought it round and down, landing with a sharp sounding slap upon Sally’s nearer cheek.

Sally crooned and swayed slightly, her face rising as she felt that warm tingling glow seep deeper into her crotch. Her clitoris, untouched, swelled and throbbed, a hot point at the forefront of her sex.

“Two,” she sighed.

Anne decided Alice’s approach was better. The mark of Sally’s bottom was much brighter from Alice’s slap, than her own. Her hand sneaked out to touch Sally’s bottom where she meant to spank her, and the older girl groaned and pushed her bottom further out, as if welcoming her spanking.

Anne licked her lips and squeezed her thighs together, conscious of her growing excitement as she drew her arm back, turning her upper body as she did so in order to deliver a resounding slap to Sally’s little bottom cheek.

Sally gasped. The strike was like having a knife piercing her sex, sharp and hot, lancing deep into her cunny. She quivered, desperately wanting to put her fingers to her vulva and rub, rub until her clitty exploded and that marvellous glow could enshroud her.

“Three,” she murmured as the hot knife faded and her cunny quivered with its loss, seeping excitedly as it waited for the next strike.

Alice, grinning from ear to ear, giggled as she openly stroked Sally’s nearer bottom cheek, her fingers daringly curled inwards to slide down her half parted seam, teasing the orphan with thought of the child entering her back there.

Alice’s grin died as Sally groaned and bent over a little more, thrusting her bottom still further out and tightening her cheeks.

“Go on!” Sally urged softly.

Alice swept her arm down to have her hand slap loudly into the taut sphere presented to her. And Sally sobbed and swayed, delighting in the glorious heat that it had thrust into her. Would a man’s thing feel as sharp, she wondered, hovering on a sea of bliss, its risen tide too low to take her over the dam’s edge.

“Touch me,” she whispered into the silence that had fallen after her last slap of punishment.

Anne and Alice looked from up from Sally’s bottom to look at each other.

“Please,” Sally panted, pushing her bottom out and parting her legs a little further. Her sex hung between her legs, pulsing with life.

Anne’s fingers were there first, an index finger extended to timidly slip between the rolled lips of Sally’s vulva. She licked her lips as she felt the hot liquid coat her fingertip, then began exploring the crevice, pulling it along her slot in the same way she’d do to herself.

Alice, a moment too late behind her sister, chose instead to lay her hand on Sally’s outthrust bottom and, having absorbed the heat and felt the smoothness of her skin, squeezed the little cheek. It willingly parted from its twin allowing both girls to not only see Anne’s finger as it lodged within Sally’s little cunny mouth, but to see her corrugated little anal ring and watch it flex in response to Anne’s finger.

“Yes, yes!” Sally breathed, her eyes closed as she imagined further abuses of her young and virgin body.

Mr Jones towered over her, a hose for a cock. Mrs Jones was feeding her finger into her, preparing her for the monstrous manhood, and Su-Lin looked on, wide eyed and staring, impaled in an overturned stool.

Sally hung her head, clenched her hands and keened as she came, shaking upon the innocent touches of the two children, jerking as their unknowing fingers brought fresh thrills to her sensitive crotch.

She straightened, finished squeezing her aching breasts and turned to smile upon the two quiet children.

“Thank you,” she told them, and kissed each warmly on the lips before turning the shower on and cascading them all with refreshing warm water.


It grew late. Sally went through to the children’s room and saw their eyes blink in the darkness.

“I’m going through now,” she told them. “Wait five minutes, then go along to the dressing room and creep in as we planned,” she reminded them.

She saw them nod and walked out to cross the hall and knock softly on the master bedroom door.

Matt answered it and grinned at her. He was naked, his cock not quite what she had fantasised, but still looking hose-like, half erect and hanging over his broad ball sack.

“Your mistress couldn’t wait any longer,” he told her with a chuckle.

Sally looked towards the bed and licked her lips. Mrs Jones was on her hands and knees on the bed, her knees on the edge while Su-Lin, naked and kneeling on the rug between the woman’s knees, licked with fervour between her thighs and buttocks, her tongue running the length of the woman’s anal crease and vulva, her tongue artfully parting the thick and extended inner lips to enjoy the sweetness of her inner wetness.

Sally shed her nightgown and, nude, lay down across the bed to place her head under Mrs Jones’s heaving chest. As she took a poised nipple into her mouth, closing her lips behind it to suck it fully into her mouth, her legs opened to show the husband her gleaming sex, youthfully pink, smooth and near hairless.

He was kneeling at her feet almost straight away, his fingers shortening he breath as he drew her young sex apart, his eyes peering avidly into her.

So small and delicate,” he murmured, his cock rock hard again.

Mrs Jones shook the girls off of her and stood, smiling at them both. “I am such a lucky lady,” she purred. “So, what shall we do next,” she murmured, hands on her full breasts where her fingers could tug on her nipples.

“I want to have this girl,” Mat told her, his hand stroking himself while the other cradled his full balls. His eyes were all on Sally, moving from her small and high breasts, down her slender form to the little slit between her widely parted thighs.

“I’m ready,” Sally admitted. Her thoughts were full of how it would feel; to have him enter her, to have him pump his skewer back and forth, and then to feel him splatter her with his seed. Would she fall pregnant straight away? Would they look after her through her pregnancy? Such thoughts were secondary to the want between her legs, and she felt particularly naughty in spreading her thighs as far as she could, then leaning back to show him how her cunny could pout, just dying to feel him stretch her to her limits.

She stared at the man’s quivering erection, half of her trying to imagine how it would feel, pushing its way into a passage only ever opened by fingers fully a fraction of its size, and half imagining the children peering out of the darkness of the adjoining bathroom, staring wide eyed at their naked parents, their father fully erect, their mother turning to Su-Lin to have the maid press her open mouth to the front of her sex.

“Lay down Mat,” Mrs Jones told her husband as she used both hands to draw Su-Lin’s open mouth more fully to the helm of her slit, between which her engorged clitoris stood, swelling anew as the maid’s tongue lavished it.

Sally felt both light headed and excited, her body trembling with the thoughts tumbling over and over in her mind. The man was following his wife’s instructions and, lying on the rug, was holding his stiff cock upright, unaware that just beyond the open bathroom door, his children was watching him, no doubt staring in awe at his wonderful cock.

“Go sit on it, Sally,” Mrs Jones told her, her legs held akimbo to allow the girl at her feet to feed upon her swollen flesh, lapping and sucking, even pulling at it.

Sally stood and with a single step, moved astride the prone man. She felt his eyes bore into her chink and reached down to open herself, smiling as she envisaged her excitement dripping from her to anoint his belly. She bent her legs and used her fingers to hold her slender petal-like sex apart, knowing she was brightly pink and gleaming within.

“God, she looks so good!” Mr Jones cried.

Mrs Jones pushed Su-Lin from the apex of her crotch and stepped forward, the better to see Sally impale herself on her first male member. The woman glowed with excitement, and Sally wondered what the girls would make of their nude mother and her extreme pleasures.

She squatted fully on her heels and felt the head of the cock nudge her inner thigh. His hand moved it to leave a trail of slime across her warm skin before the head was lodged within her open slit.

Panting, Mr Jones moved his cock back and forth, unfolding her, nudging her prepuce, teasing her cunny mouth.

“Go on, darling!” Sarah urged her.

Sally whimpered and descended upon the shaft. Thoughts of the children watching her fled as she felt the hot head of the cock push its way into her love hole, her slick young passage stretching to accommodate it, the stretch hurting in a pleasant, excited sort of way.

“God, she’s tight!” Mat gasped, and reached for her, holding her just as she held him, hands on his wrists as her legs flexed, controlling her descent upon his hot and pulsing shaft.

Eyes wide, panting hotly as she tried finding her breath, Sally rocked lower and lower upon his member. Although fingers had long since taken her hymen, her passage was still virgin tight. Each rock allowed him to pierce her that much more, opening her, stretching her, like she’d never been pierced before.

“Good girl,” Mrs Jones murmured, helping to hold her as Sally felt her bottom touch Mr Jones’s legs. “He’s all the way inside you,” she smiled.

Sally looked down and whimpered. Just the last inch, the very base of his cock was beyond her sex. Otherwise, he was within her, pulsing and burning, making a place for himself that kept her back straight.

“Now, move,” she was urged.

Exquisite sensation both shot and flowed from the tug of his member as she moved upon it. Out or in, molten pleasure made her blood race and her breath quicken.

“That’s the way,” Mrs Jones told her, her hand stealing beneath her bottom to feel the wetness coating her husband’s wand as Sally moved more fluidly back and forth, whimpering in time to her timid impalements.

Sally sat upon Mr Jones and groaned, a swelter of sensations flooding into her lower body. Her eyes went towards the bathroom door and the darkness further on, knowing the two children would be staring at her, their innocent eyes locked on their father’s cock where it entered her, forcing her sex to bulge out, around it.

She continued staring at the hidden girls as she rose, pulling herself up, along the shaft on which she had been skewered, the slide along his throbbing lance sending still more pleasurable sensations spiralling up from her cunny.

“Go on, Sally. Fuck my husband,” Sarah Jones told the young girl while her hand continued to reach under the child’s buttocks to grip the base of her husband’s cock and, squeezing it, have it swell and throb within Sally’s gripping young sleeve.

The girls’ presence diminished in Sally’s mind as the need to rise and fall grew within her. The sensations were overwhelming, bursting inside of with each descent upon his throbbing lance.

Sally fell onto her outstretched hands, gripping Mr Jones’s chest while his hands cupped the base of her bottom to steer her up and down upon him. His pace quickened with his mounting pleasure, his hips rising to drive his cock with greater force into her hot and tight young sheaf.

“Come, come, come!” he begged her, his teeth gritted together as his eyes devoured the small push of her breasts from her chest, nipples standing like thimbles from their sweetly tinted bases.

Sarah Jones delighted in the view of Sally’s rump rising and falling, her cheeks widely parted, her darling little pink anus pouting, just above the stretched mouth of her vagina where it slid smoothly along the gleaming shaft of her husband’s cock.

Sally screamed as she came, her hands clenching on Mr Jones’s chest as his cock pounded in and out of her convulsing cunny. The pleasure was all consuming, cresting time and time again, driven through her by the swift pumping of his cock in and out of her, stretching her to his full length, forcing her to whimper with her exhaustion.

Sarah felt her husband’s cock begin to throb with the onset of his orgasm, and pulled it from the young girl’s cunt, just as the child reached the apex of her rocking. She dropped her mouth over the succulent head, and pumping the slick shaft, sucked vividly on the swollen head.

Sally’s youthful flavour filled the woman’s mouth; thick and sweet, a flavour filled with adolescent promise. And swiftly following it, the spurts of salty man’s seed that coated her mouth and gullet as she swallowed, filling it with its distinct flavour.

Mat was too exhausted to do more, but Sarah was not, and with the flavour of her husband still fresh in her mouth, she turned to Su-Lin and called the girl over to have her sit on the carpet with her back against the dressing table stool.

It was relatively easy to have the Asian child rest her head back upon the stool, and even easier for the adult woman to then sit upon her head, crooning with delight as the child’s facial features were pressed pleasingly to her crotch.

Sally toyed with Mr Jones’s cock as his wife slid her crotch back and forth across the maid’s upturned face, the stool upon which her head lay ensuring the face stayed in place as Mrs Jones pushed eagerly downward, meshing her swollen clitoris against her chin, and then her nose while forcefully spreading her full inner lips .

Sally was certain the children were still watching, and leant across their father’s thigh so she could slide her tongue over his half-sleeping shaft, drawing the flavour from it while also extending it a little further.

“Lick, you little trollop!” Mrs Jones gasped, but to the maid beneath her, not Sally. Her breasts hung heavy in front of her as she leant forward, the better to lift and lower her crotch on the feeding girl beneath her, sliding her excited sex back and forth to feel the contours of the child’s face at her sex.

Sally gazed into the darkness beyond the half open bathroom door and licked the cock she held upright in front of her, licking the shaft of its flavour, then the drool that ran thickly from the tip, all of it helping to lubricate and allow her hand to slide up and down the long pole.

“That’s it, right in there,” Mrs Jones panted, holding the child’s chin in one hand, and her breast in the other, her engorged nipple extended from between her finger and thumb.

Mr Jones’s hand came down to wrap around and guide Sally’s, quickening the pace and gripping his burning shaft more tightly. His breath quickly became laboured, his eyes fixed on his wife as she ground her crotch into the face of the labouring maid.

“Yes, yes, I’m there!” the woman cried in triumph, swivelling her loins downward while the girl clutched at the lady’s thighs and drummed her heels on the carpet.

Sally’s tongue scraped the underside of the man’s cock, directly beneath the eye, and felt his organ swell in conjunction to his own almighty cry.

Sperm shot from his cock to splatter Sally’s face, and she allowed it to, staring past the splatter across her eye and into the dark bathroom, willing the children to watch their father spend across her face and leave it dribbling with his weak seed.

She would have loved the opportunity to go to the girls’ and slide her hand onto their pussy’s, certain to find them moist. It would make a lovely end to the evening, to watch them each spend upon her clever fingers. But Mrs Jones wanted her to remain with them for the night, and wrapped her arm about her as she settled down to sleep, denying her any chance of slipping out.


Sally found herself moved to tears the following day as, with the girls off to school and Mr Jones at work, Mrs Jones took her into town and proceeded to buy her a whole new wardrobe of clothes.

The young girl didn’t know what to say as pretty underwear was put on the counter, followed by some more adult items. Then blouses, T-shirts, skirts, dresses, ribbed tights, socks, shoes and small items of makeup were all heaped upon the counter for the serving girl to hurriedly fold and pack.

They ate in town, and then continued shopping, obtaining an overcoat, a swimsuit, nightgowns, vests, jeans and soft shoes, all of which needed trying on.

Afterwards, as they returned to the car laden with shopping bags, Sally hugged the woman, softly weeping against her belly while a hand awkwardly patted her head. “We can’t have you looking like a wayward orphan while you’re in our house,” Mrs Jones explained.

“You must allow me to do something special for you,” Sally murmured, once they were in the car and unable to be overheard.

Mrs Jones smiled and stroked her short hair once more. “How are you getting along with the children?” she asked.

“Very well. They are both lovely, and both excitable,” Sally told her.

“You’ve been playing with Su-Lin,” Mrs Jones told her, driving expertly into the heavy traffic of the town centre.

Sally shrugged. “She’s easily bent. Do you mind?” she asked.

“No. Quite the contrary. She seemed far more willing last night. Her previous habit of whining whenever we did something she didn’t like was quite off-putting,” she explained.

“Your whipping of her breasts might have done that,” Sally suggested, but Mrs Jones shook her head.

“I’ve thrashed her before, for being tardy in her chores. No, you bring something new. You’ll have to show me,” the woman grinned.

There was still an hour before the girls got home from school when Sally and her new mother arrived back at the house. “Just dump the things on the bed, then we’ll see what you can do with Su-Lin,” Mrs Jones told her ward.

Sally did as she was asked, returning to the lounge to find Su-Lin already there, on her knees and whimpering softly as she anticipated another bout of painful punishment from the older lady.

“Go ahead Sally. Do what you want with the girl,” Mrs Jones told her while she sat down and lit a cigarette to watch comfortably from the sofa.

“What has she done?” Sally asked.

“Done, not done? Does it matter? Punish the girl, make her more obedient,” she was told.

“Go into the garden and fetch me five branches from the birch tree,” Sally told Su-Lin. “If you choose badly and force me to have to get my own, then you will receive a punishment from both of them,” she was warned.

With her head downcast, Su-Lin hurried off to do as she was asked, leaving Sally to remove all but her panties.

“You have such lovely breasts,” Mrs Jones told her as she blew out tobacco smoke while gazing fondly at Sally’s highly perched little breasts.

“Anne’s are becoming quite pretty,” Sally remarked, taking the opportunity to stroke her own and purr as her nipples extended.

“Mat is quite eager to see her nude and take her, you know,” she was told.

“Perhaps we can blindfold the girls, then bring them in nude to stand against a wall, their legs apart, and listen to us all?” Sally suggested. At which point Su-Lin returned, carrying five slender Birch branches, each already stripped of leaves, each showing a good tendency to bend.

She handed them over a little reluctantly, then waited, clearly nervous, while Sally examined each one, going so far as to test them through the air.

“They’re good. Remove your clothes,” she told the Chinese girl.

Su-Lin didn’t ask if that meant all her clothes, or just her outer clothing. Instead, and nervously eyeing the branches that Sally was now drawing together into a bunch, she removed all her clothes, one after another, laying them neatly to one side before standing straight, a glow to her cheeks at her nudity, a nervousness to her eyes as she anticipated her thrashing.

“Mrs Jones has demanded this punishment because you have displeased her,” Sally told her, stroking the Birch twigs in her hands. “Each time you fail to please your mistress, I will punish you again, and with each punishment, I will add a stroke. Do you understand?” she asked.

Su-Lin chewed on her lower lip and nodded with a jerk of her head, her eyes staring wide and fearfully at the wicked implement she’d been forced to select.

Sally gathered two large cushions and dropped them onto the low coffee table standing in front of Mrs Jones. She then instructed the girl to lie on her back on them, making herself comfortable before telling her to lift her legs, bending them upwards until she could wrap her arms around them, holding them to her chest.

Mrs Jones put out her cigarette and stood. She eased her panties off of her hips, and then sat again, adjusting herself until her hand was under the opened waistband of her skirt, her parted legs allowing them access while its drape hid herself from the two young girls.

Su-Lin waited, gripping her legs and burning with the knowledge that her privates were on display, her sex turned up, clearly visible between her upward folded legs, her bottom hole similarly exposed as her buttocks, brought to tightness with the bending of her legs, had parted to expose her clenched anal knot.

“Thank me after each one and I may be disposed to make each stroke a light one,” Sally offered.

Su-Lin swallowed and gulped for air through her nervously constricted throat. “Thank you,” she murmured.

Sally smiled, took up position, and brought the bound rods down so that they landed firmly across the apex of both well presented cheeks.

Su-Lin’s eyes widened as the hot sharp pain bounded rapidly into her bottom, searing a path for the heat that quickly followed, spreading itself throughout her loins.

“Thank you,” she heard herself say, her attention held inescapably by the swelling heat in her haunches.

The birch fell a second time across the taut spheres of her bottom and she cried out, quivering as the hot pain sped with greater ease through her lower body, making her pant and shake.

“Thank you, thank you,” she repeated, hoping she’d not left the words too late.

“It rushes up into you, doesn’t it?” Sally enquired with a knowing smile. She bent and stroked the red lines her strikes had produced, watching the Asian girl’s labia brighten and her bottom hole quiver.

She didn’t need an answer to know she was right. She delivered the third, and resumed her stroking of the Asian’s bottom, fingers coming teasingly close to the girl’s labia in which Sally could already see her pearly juice gathering.

Sally had met many nuns in her time, and she had met many types. For the most part, they were stern but fair, giving physical punishment when necessary and seldom making an issue of it. Some were openly sadistic in their punishments, seeking to maximize the pain and lengthen the punishment for as long as possible. Yet others gave punishment as necessary, but wielded it in such a way that many girls came away glowing afterwards, sometimes shaking in confusion because, for all the pain they had experienced, they had also felt something else; a strange pleasure that confused and perplexed, and that often led to a strange love between the nun and the girl. Sally had seen, and had learnt.

So Sally knew how to deliver a punishment the girl would remember afterwards with excitement as much as trepidation; a landing of the birch rods to the proudest, tightest part of her bottom, followed by a light caress that which would soon defeat the pain and transfer it to pleasure.

Su-Lin quivered and panted. Her eyes, glazed, stared towards the ceiling as conflicting sensations ceased their battle and joined together in heating her nether regions.

Her legs crept apart, for all she held them just as tightly to her chest. Her bottom rose, shaking as it waited for the sharp caress of birch rods, for the immediate agony of their landing changed quickly to hot pleasure, bathing her in a heat that melted her sex and left it open to Sally’s light touches.

“Do you promise to be good from now on?” Sally asked softly, her fingers teasing the base of Su-Lin’s slot until her weeping cunny was exposed, gleaming entrance walls pulsing with want, brightened by the flow of blood to the skin surface.

“Yes, yes!” the girl answered, panting hotly and quivering as she strove to come.

Sally held her pleasure off, whipping the rods down, her aim directed at the upward facing base of Su-Lin’s bottom, the soft flesh tightened and stretched, its curves no longer protecting the swollen and pink vulva of the girl, split open between her thighs.

“Agh, no. I’ll be good, I’ll be good!” she screeched, true pain flooding her belly and loins.

“Will you?” Sally teased. Her fingers slid into the parted anal crease and slid along the taut flesh to reach the indent of the girl’s anus, there to stroke the corrugated ring, teasing it as Su-Lin panted and quivered, tear filled eyes staring at the ceiling.

“Yes, yes,” she gulped.

“Be good for me,” Sally urged softly, a finger straightening, its tip poised at the quivering centre of Su-Lin’s bottom hole.

A noise came from deep in Su-Lin’s throat, but she didn’t whimper or sob, nor jerk to evade the slender young finger that was easing her anal sphincter apart, and then pressing slowly but firmly into her fundaments.

Sally drove the finger to the first knuckle, then waited for Su-Lin to acclimatize herself to the foreign body partially in her bottom before Sally eased it a little out, to drive it even deeper. Slowly, one slide after another and using her own anal grease to lubricate her passage all the way inwards, Sally pumped her finger in and out of the girl’s bum hole until her knuckles and palm met with her flesh, her complete index finger submerged in Su-Lin’s clammy hot, tight little bottom.

“Good girl,” Sally murmured, and dropping the birch twigs, slid her fingers into the apex of Su-Lin’s puffy sex. She pulled aside the protective lips of her vulva to squeeze the child’s swollen prepuce between her thumb and finger.

Su-Lin arched, her eyes now closing as she shook with the unholy pleasure bursting through her reserve and claiming her. Arched, held there in an agony of delight, her body began to relax, only to jerk anew as Sally moved her fingers slightly, and a fresh tumulus of sensations re-conquered her body.

Breathless and exhausted, the maid was finally allowed to come down, collapsing over the coffee table, panting for breath and totally spent.

Sally withdrew her finger from the girl’s bottom, licking her lips as she felt it tighten about her, vainly seeking to keep it within her. Removed and sticky from her natural grease, she offered it to Su-Lin, holding it poised above the girl’s mouth.

Su-Lin looked at her, her expression unreadable. Then her head rose, and with an open mouth, she first licked the digit, and then inserted it into her mouth to wash it in her saliva before releasing it again.

“Good girl,” Sally told her, and raised her eyes to those of Mrs Jones, watching her inhale and relax, her own orgasm slowly softening her features.

“We will see what changes that brings to her,” Sarah remarked, withdrawing her finger from her moistness, her sex too sensitive for further pleasure. But the children were due home soon, and she didn’t want the sitting room smelling like a brothel. So Su-Lin was told to dress and get a snack ready for the girls, and Sally was left to her own devices, and chose to go into the study again, picking more National Geographic to read.

After the children had changed and had their snack, Sally supervised their homework, setting the girls some additional pieces in order to help bring them from middle class students, to top of the class students.

Both girls seemed to have recognized when to do as Sally instructed, and neither of them quibbled, but set to work, both clearly relieved when Sally gave her nod to the content and called a halt to further work.

Sally changed into one of her dresses for the evening meal, and suffered Mr Jones making remarks about how she looked, blushing in front of the two giggling children while Su-Lin served efficiently, and silently.

Dinner over, the girls rushed through to watch TV while Sally stayed to help Su-Lin clear the dinner table.

“Tonight,” Mr Jones told her, his wife sitting beside him, waiting for him to explain. “Sarah and I have agreed, and we want you to lead the session,” he told her with a grin.

“Lead?” Sally asked, stopping to gaze at them.

Mr Jones chuckled. “You will decide who does what, and when, and how,” he told her.

Sally licked her lips. “I can bring the girls in?” she asked.

“If you think them ready,” Mrs Jones nodded, and Mr Jones grinned, his eyes twinkling with mischief.


Alice came out of the bathroom, a large towel wrapped about her slender small from and glanced at her bed before looking about her. “Where’s my nightgown?” she asked.

“You won’t need it tonight,” Sally told her, pretending to be preoccupied with her reading.

“Won’t need my nightgown? Why not?” Alice asked, her complaint getting the ear of her older sister who also stopped to listen in.

“You’ll be on display in your parent’s room tonight,” Sally told her casually, while she continued the pretence of being interested in the book in front of her.

Alice’s jaw seemed to hit her chest as she stared wide-eyed at Sally. “What, like this?” she gasped.

“No, stupid!” Sally laughed. “You’ll not have the towel around you,” she told the girl, and stood up with a comb in hand, ready to begin combing the child’s long tresses.

“And me?” Anne asked softly.

“Yes, you’ll be there too,” Sally remarked off-headedly.

“Bare, in front of Daddy?” she gasped, her face coloring.

Sally nodded. “Neither of you will see him, or your mother, or me or Su-Lin either,” she told them. “You’ll both be wearing a blindfold.”

“Blindfold!” the girl’s chorused, now both blushing brightly, both clearly suffering from an equal measure of excitement and fright.

Sally sighed and stood up in front of the two of them. “Now, listen!” she told them sternly. “I’ll be there, and I’ll be deciding what happens, and what doesn’t happen,” she explained.

“But he’ll see us,” Anne breathed, her eyes distant.

“Every little inch,” Sally agreed. “Because you’ll not just stand there, I’ll be having you bend too, and spread you legs really wide,” she warned them.

“In front of everyone!” Alice screeched, while Anne just gazed off into the distance, her tongue running slowly over her upper lip.

“Go bathe,” Sally told Anne. “And make sure you clean yourself well,” she added, making the young girl blush.

“It’ll be fun,” Sally told Alice, going back to doing her long hair.

“I’m scared and excited too!” Alice proclaimed, jumping up and down and squirming, unable to sit still for even a moment.

Sally sighed and recalled the first time she felt another girl getting into her bed. Maria had been fourteen then, and Sally had been only nine. She still remembered the thrill of being chosen by one of the leaders of the dormitory, and the dread of things to come, unknown but hinted at.

“You’ll be fine,” Sally murmured. “They won’t hurt you, I promise,” she told the little one.

They fell silent for a while, and then Alice spoke up again. “Won’t I get to see Daddy’s thing up close?” she asked.

“Perhaps, if you’re really good and do everything I whisper in your ear,” Sally told her, hugging the eleven year old and making her giggle.

Sally then rose and went into the bathroom. Anne was sitting up, the soap in her hands, but the girl sitting still, her eyes looking blankly at the cloudy water. “I can’t do it,” she murmured, and glanced up at Sally nervously. “I can’t go in there and stand in front of Mum and Dad totally nude,” she gasped, tears beginning to fill her eyes.

Sally knelt beside her and put an arm comfortingly about her wet shoulders. “It’s all right,” she murmured, letting the girl cry and stroking her smooth young back until she had stopped.

“Feeling better?” Sally asked.

Anne nodded and wiped her eyes. “Yes, thank you,” she murmured.

“That’s all right. We all get nervous, our first time,” Sally told her. “I’m sure you’ll be fine,” she said.

Anne stiffened and bit her lip. “You mean, I still have to do it?” she whimpered.

“Of course,” Sally said, and smiled. “You have to overcome your fears, Anne,” she explained gently, taking the soap so she could begin washing her, delighting in the smooth young skin, made more so by the application of the slippery soap. She reached between Anne’s hunched shoulders and gently caressed the small bulbs of her breasts, loving their tight and unforgiving feel.

“What are you afraid of?” she asked gently.

Anne didn’t answer, but sat hunched over herself in the water, tears dripping from her eyes.

“Is it that you’re not as mature as your mother is?” she asked.

“A little,” Anne admitted with a sniff.

Sally chuckled. “Men love young girls. Your Dad is dying to see you. He doesn’t want a fully mature woman like your mother, he wants a young girl, his daughter, and he hopes you have a long, long time to go before you fully mature,” she explained.

Anne showed a little blush, but continued to stare at the water, now gnawing at her lower lip too.

Sally washed her bowed back, then patted her, urging her to sit on her lower legs, lifting herself partially from the water. “What else?” she wondered.

“What if he doesn’t like me?” Anne asked timidly.

“Oh, he will, Anne,” Sally told him. “He’s going to want to do all sorts of things, and I’m going to hold him back!” she told the younger girl, her tone making the child smile slightly.

“Onto your knees,” Sally urged.

Anne obeyed, blushing slightly as Sally began to wash her bottom and the top of her thighs. “Perhaps you’re worried of what he might think of you, standing there nude for him, his little girl. Are you afraid of what he’ll think if he finds you all moist and hot down there?” she asked.

Sally punctuated her question by reaching between Anne’s slender thighs to feel yielding lips and, pushing a finger between them, slide into thick and hot wetness.

Anne gasped and turned her burning head to one side. “Girls at school get called Sluts for letting boys touch them up,” she confessed.

Sally chuckled and shook her head. “More fool them, letting a boy who tells-tales do it to them.”

She used a hand to continue stroking and kneading Anne’s taut little bottom, and the other to bring soap to her pubis, and then between her legs, stroking her to have the child pant and rock her hips with the added excitement.

“Your daddy isn’t about to tell anyone what he’s done to you, and the way I plan to have the evening go, he’ll always be left wanting more,” she chuckled.

“What will mummy say?” Anne panted, fighting for breath as her slender hips rocked with greater and greater abandon, back and forth in a counter to the direction of Sally’s cleverly working fingers.

“Don’t you know that your mother wants to see her husband take his little girl?” Sally asked, genuinely surprised by the girl’s naivety. “I don’t know who makes the decisions outside of the bedroom, but in the bedroom, its your mother who calls the tune,” she told her, continuing her steady excitement of the younger girl’s sex; kneading the young labia, stroking within with teasing touches that rasped infrequently over her stubby prepuce and quivering little anal ring.

“Just imagine,” Sally breathed, watching the girl pant and her closed eyes flutter, a warm flush pervading her cheeks. “Imagine your Daddy’s cock slowly rising as he stared at your nude body.”

Anne gasped, her hips jerking forward to quiver with the strong delight coursing through her. Her breath catching, her hands moved, one darting to her little pointed breast to squeeze the young little orb, the other to grip Sally’s wrist, pushing the hand against her while her orgasm rushed through her.

“You’ll be fine,” Sally murmured.


With the girls’ help, Sally found some of their old clothes and, rifling through them, chose outfits that the girls could start the evening off with.

Anne clearly looked more comfortable when allowed to enter the master bedroom wearing something, even if it was an old T-shirt that was far too small for her, and which Sally had cut, removing a large portion to leave the girl’s belly bare. Together with a pair of shorts that had to be partially cut along the outside of the leg and hip to allow her to fit into them, the girl looked positively mouth watering.

Alice got into the spirit of the game and found some stretch cotton shorts that clung to every curve of her body; an affirmation if any were needed of the eleven year olds slender, lean nubile shape. Her top was an old bikini top of string and pretty patterned triangles that, good for an eight year old, were teasingly small for an eleven year old.

The children giggled as they paraded in front of their mirrors, turning and twisting, trying out different poses to find what worked best. And Sally got the thick black hair bands she would use for blindfolds.

“I’m wondering if I need to gag you both too,” she murmured, looking at them while biting her lip as she tried gauging the risk of them losing their nerve and beginning to complain.

“I don’t!” Alice stated.

Sally smiled. Alice clearly didn’t. She was high on excitement, jumping up and down, dancing on the spot; she was so filled with adrenaline.

“No, I don’t either,” Anne told her, and her answer was more carefully given, producing a blush as she realised that, by her statement, she had agreed to whatever was to happen to her.

Sally stepped up to her to kiss her gently upon her quivering lips. “I’ll look after you,” she promised softly.

“Can we go now?” Alice asked eagerly.


Nude and just a little bit cold, Sally knocked on the door and smiled towards the two blindfolded girls as she waited for it to be opened from within. Su-Lin looked out and shyly smiled as she widened the door to allow Sally and the blind girls to enter.

Mr and Mrs Jones were seated, he on the comfortable chair and she on her dressing table stool, both nude but for the dark stockings on Mrs Jones’s legs and the hair clip in her hair. They watched from their perches, their eyes alight and tongues running across their lips.

The girls glowed, masks hiding their eyes. Their cheeks were warm and Alice giggled. Gently, with as few touches and whispered words as possible, Sally led them to the wall where she had them stand, their faces turned towards it, their hands at their side, their legs widely parted, enough to allow their parents to see how their overly tight shorts slid under their proud little bottoms to press intimately into their little slits.

The parents stared, their eyes sliding from one child to the other, sliding down slender figures to stare at their juicy little bottoms, Anne’s more curved and weighty than her little sister’s, Alice’s more sharp and tight than that of her elder sister.

Sally drew Su-Lin to the bed and silently got her to adopt a kneeling, bent forward pose, bottom high in the air, her legs spread outwards to leave her Asian sex poised there, cleanly cut lips spread with arousal. With a dipped back, her unfurled labia showed their gleaming inner surface, her cunny pouting rhythmically as her pearly juices seeped from her.

Sally furthered her excitement with deft touches, bringing the girl swiftly to a peek with little finger slaps of her swollen clitoris and fleeting entries into her pouting little cunny, teasing it into opening expectantly for her.

The parents watched, their attention alternating between their fidgeting children and the show Sally was rapidly giving them. They watched, idly stroking themselves, as Sally replaced one pumping finger with two, pumping and turning them, stretching them apart to have Su-Lin pant as her cunny mouth was stretched.

Then a third finger, Sally’s face showing the effort it took to drill them into the tight vaginal sphincter before it loosened and allowed her to vigorously pump the girl’s vaginal passage.

Su-Lin came again, squealing and shaking, her sex flowing freely with her slippery excretions.

As the quiver and jerks of her pleasure spike ebbed and left her relaxed and glowing, Sally fed her whole hand into the girl’s cunny.

Mr and Mrs Jones rose to walk forward, watching with excited expressions and dribbling sexes, watching as Sally pulled her hand out, and pushed it back in again. Each time she did, Su-Lin cried out and shook, her hands to her head as the hand at her sex was pushed inwards until just the wrist remained in view, and was then drawn out, dragging her resilient cunny mouth outward until it stretched to allow Sally’s palm to escape her.

“Dear God,” Mr Jones muttered, his cock swollen and erect, the head glowing while pre-cum dribbled from the eye and dropped in a long line slowly to the floor.

Sally drew her slick hand totally from the Asian girl’s cunt and let the adults watch it slowly close upon itself, quickly regaining it previous tightness, still more pearly juice slipping out of it to gather at her prepuce.

“Relax,” Sally breathed.

Her finger tested Su-Lin’s anal ring, circling it, anointing it with the girl’s own fluids before dipping a finger into her backside.

Su-Lin clutched at the sheets beneath her and keened.

The finger slid smoothly into her behind, and Sally rotated it for good measure before drawing it out and licking it.

“Wait, let me get it ready for you,” Mrs Jones cried, just as Sally moved to slide her finger back into Su-Lin’s upward turned bottom.

The woman gripped the maid’s offered bottom, and pulling it apart until the little anal ring was partially opened anyway, dropped her mouth to press her tongue into the girl, stabbing it into the little ring of muscle to have her hot saliva flow into the child.

Su-Lin panted breathlessly, still gripping the sheets while she stared towards the two waiting children. The tongue stabbed in and out, thickly wet with saliva, and then left, departing to allow Sally to use her finger once more.

Two fingers, straightened and pressed tightly together, slowly invaded Su-Lin’s upturned and meekly offered bottom, bringing with them a keening and a panting from the maid as she felt their slow push into the depths of her behind.

Sally gradually turned her two fingers, then pulled them leisurely outwards, a grin reserved for Mr Jones as he gripped himself and panted hotly with lust.

“Did you do this at the orphanage?” Mrs Jones wanted to know, watching Sally’s fingers flex the little pink anal ring, then dive into her depths again.

“Not often,” Sally admitted. “Not many would let me,” she told them.

“But you liked it,” Mr Jones asked.

Sally nodded and added a third sticky wet finger to the other two, to push them into Su-Lin, forcing them into the girl’s little backside, ignoring her panting groans and squeals.

“Your cock would fit in here,” Sally remarked, slipping her fingers clear for a moment, just to show the man the maid’s open sheaf, warm pink flesh gleaming within, anus parted enough to have let him slide into her backside. “But then, you’d not have it ready to give to Alice and Anne, would you?” she teased.

Mrs Jones grinned and stepped forward to take Sally place beside the bent over maid. In moments, her own, longer, fingers were sliding smoothly in and out of Su-Lin’s behind, delving deep into her spongy bottom hole before slipping out again, awakening a pleasure in the child that she’d not experienced before.

“She likes it,” she observed, a quickening pace making Su-Lin pant and quiver, short little gasps signalling her steady rise towards another orgasm.

“We should tease her more,” Sally said.

Sue Lin shook her head, her eyes closed, her eyelids fluttering. “No, no, please!” she begged them. If it were possible, her back dipped that little bit more and legs, already well apart, edged a little further out, offering herself up to whatever they wanted of her privates.

“If the girls weren’t here, I’d give her to Mat,” Sarah said, licking her lips as she pushed her two fingers back into the maid’s bottom and felt the walls constrict about her, then open with a quiver, welcoming her to do what she wanted.

“Bring her off then,” Sally said with a shrug.

The woman did so, pumping the Asian child’s open bottom hole with two fingers of one hand while the other stole under her to slide between her legs and squeeze her prepuce.

Sally watched her two conscripts, noticing their jerk as they heard Su-Lin’s agonised squeal as she succumbed to her anal-driven orgasm, grunting and sobbing as the pumping fingers continued through the muscle clenching spasms of her climax, continued through her collapse and bending, continued until she was too senseless to feel anything any further and just lay, spent, upon the bed.

At which point attention returned to the waiting children.

Sally sauntered over to them and waved her crusty fingers under their noses, smiling as they inhaled the scent and then equally blushed, Anne licking her lips and quivering too, perhaps more aware of what it would mean; to have a finger pumped in and out of her little virgin bottom.

“Daddy and Mummy are here, watching you,” Sally whispered, turning the girls to face the room and soothing them with a slide of her hand along their bare backs. “Breath deeply,” she urged, conscious of Alice’s girlish excitement, and Anne’s adolescent nervousness.

The girls shook, each for their own reasons, blindfolded and left to imagine how their parents may be looking at them, their young bodies only partially hidden.

“Oh, they look so lovely,” Mrs Jones whispered, her hands about her naked husband’s arm.

“They certainly do,” Mr Jones agreed, his voice deep with lust as he stared at the shorts, cotton stretched around unyielding flesh, molded to the firm curve of young pubis, tapering bellies and hard hip bones.

Sally had brought scissors with her and picked them up from the floor to use on little Alice’s bikini top.

Cutting the string about her slender torso left the little triangles of colored cotton to loosen across the little uprights of her delicate nubile nipples. It brought the parents’ attention to the small upward curve of recently developed breasts, skin so pale the little blue veins beneath the surface showed.

Teasing the parents as much as the children, Sally trimmed another inch off the bottom of Anne’s already shortened T-shirt, and now it hung suspended from the crown of her little breasts, the hem just hiding their smooth upturn.

“You tease!” Mr Jones accused, his voice gruff with longing.

Sally nodded and, standing behind Alice so the girl could lean back against her, cut the rope about her neck and allowed the bikini top to drift to the floor.

No one watched it flutter away. Their eyes were stuck upon Alice’s precious little breasts, the pads so delicately announcing the child’s recent move towards puberty, even if it was some years off still.

Sally slid her hands about Alice’s midriff, purring in the young girl’s ear as she felt the child quiver with nerves. Her hands slid over the child’s trunk, her belly and chest, settling at last upon the pads of her breasts where her nipples stood like thorns, baby pink but hard as rubber, their flicking bringing a short gasp from the girl, enough to make her father lick his lips.

“Shush,” Sally whispered, sensing Alice was about to whimper. The girl whimpered and licked her lips, her face suffused with a colour that spread to her upper chest and parts of her tightly in-drawn belly.

“Now, stay still while your mummy and daddy stare at your little titties,” Sally whispered in her ear, sliding her fingers away and smiling as Alice shook with their departure.

Sally went behind Anne and stroked the girl’s back, her lean and bare flanks and her taut young belly. The girl panted and shook, but remained as silent as she could, her head turned up as she tried looking under her blindfold.

“Isn’t she lovely?” Sally asked of her parents, her hands rising to just slightly lift the cotton do the girl’s shorn T-shirt, enough to have the material rasp across her soft and delicate nipples, bringing them erect, and to expose a little more of the underside of her breasts where they rose smoothly from her ribs.

Mr Jones’s manhood was jerking up and down without having to be touched, and Mrs Jones was licking her dry lips, her thighs gently sliding against each other as she trickled onto their smooth inner surfaces.

Sally lifted and lowered the fabric of Anne’s T-shirt, continuing to irritate her darling nipples until she was certain they had extended to their fullest, then allowed the fabric to fall against her bust once more, the worn and thin T-shirt faithfully molding itself to the girl’s high young breasts where now her nipples pointed upwards, desperate for relief.

Sally purred against Anne’s neck while her hands once more stroked her belly, her waist and her flanks. Anne was quivering and her breath had shortened. “You’re being watched by two hungry adults!” Sally said teasingly, and took up her scissors again, this time to cut through the back of the shorn T-shirt to leave it hanging precariously from Anne’s gently sloping shoulders.

“Here we go,” Sally murmured, once again teasing the new teenager, stroking her arms before rising to pluck the loosened fabric from their support, and allow it to slid all the way down, and off.

“There!” Sally announced, holding Anne still as she stood exposing her upper body to her parents, nipples achingly erect on their tender looking beds of ripened strawberry flesh. Such delicacy demanded attention, and received it. As the girl quivered, Sally’s hands stopping her arms from covering herself, the parents gazed avidly at her, their eyes wide and their mouths open, their flushed faces and excited bodies talking for them.

“Ooh, I think daddy likes you!” Sally teased, her hands sliding from Anne’s arms to slip up onto her breasts from below, squeezing the tender nipples outward, towards the watching parents.

Anne gasped, her legs quivering as she drizzled her spend into her overly tight shorts, belly rippling and her body glowing in its announcement of her status. And her mother softly chuckled, her eyes devouring her child’s arousal before turning to see if her husband had noted it, and his own over-excited state.

“Poor Mat is going to come, soon as he’s touched,” Mrs Jones chuckled.

“Can he wait until his daughter’s have finished stripping?” Sally teased. “I mean, we don’t want any of his seed splattering their clothes now, do we?” she asked with a grin and twinkling eyes.

She released Anne’s firm little breasts and ran her nails down her front, purring again as Anne reacted to the touch by sucking her belly in, unintentionally making it easier for Sally to undo the button holding her cut shorts in place. The zip undid itself, unraveling and allowing the fabric to peel apart exposing pale young skin that tapered downward with erotic smoothness. Now, only her widely parted legs held the last garment in place, and Anne knew it, as her quivering attested.

“Now, don’t go anywhere!” Sally said jokingly, gently slapping Anne’s bottom, the outer portion left uncovered by the small and inadequate shorts.

Anne whimpered, but the sound was lost on the parents, whose attention followed Sally back to their younger daughter.

“Hands on your head, and bring your legs together,” Sally told her, stroking her hair, so nicely hanging behind her back, tied there with a little ribbon.

Alice did so, her cheeks blooming in colour as she prepared for the final piece of clothing to be drawn from her. The ‘shaking’ illness seemed to move from one child to another, diminishing with Anne to worsen in Alice as Sally smiled to the eagerly watching parents as she turned Alice around to show them her little lean bottom once more.

“No words,” she murmured to Alice, her warm breath coating her little face before Sally proceeded to lean forward, a prelude to drawing Alice’s tight little stretch-cotton shorts down. Her thumbs slid along the waistband, easing it from where it had dug into Alice’s skin, and then she was easing it downwards, inverting it as the gusset refused to part with the flesh it held, stretching it again, until it burst from its haven, the padded gusset appearing to the parents, the cotton gleaming with the rich wetness the young girl had given down during all her teasing.

The eleven year old was left bare, her little pale bottom facing her parents, and they gazed avidly at her young flesh, at the nubile dip of her back and the swift rise of her buttocks, at the short crease and the pert slide downwards, curving enticingly in towards her hidden sex, young slender thighs held together against the prying eyes of her parents.

Sally eased the fabric off of one foot and stood, sliding her hands along Alice’s fair skin and delighting in its texture. “Are you excited?” she asked the blindfolded child.

Alice fought for breath between licking her lips, and then sharply nodded, her face suffused with excitement.

“Let me feel,” Sally whispered, her mouth against Alice’s shell-like ear, her eyes on the watching parents and Mrs Jones’s hands as they wandered up her flanks to capture and maul her full and jutting breasts.

Alice emitted a little girlish whimper, and her bare feet inched timidly apart, stopping all too soon for those who watched, but enough for Sally to spear the apex of her slender young sex, pressing an extended finger deep into her young slit.

Alice gasped and shook. Sally grinned, her finger entering the girl’s slit to find her hot and wet, soaking with excitement.

“Oh, you naughty girl! So wet and hot!” she gasped.

Alice caught her breath and shook, her legs flexing as she came on Sally’s delving fingers and the thought of her parents watching her, of their eyes sliding over her nakedness.

No sooner did Sally feel the girl relax from her pleasure, that she was turning the girl, once again smiling towards the naked parents as they got to see Alice in the nude, her pretty little slit, devoid of hair, glowing with love, lips unfolded and parted, her flesh gleaming brightly from within.

“Legs well apart, Alice,” Sally told her, pinching her tit-bit of nipples to smile as she jerked and squirmed.

The child panted as she meekly obeyed, her parted thighs letting the split curve of her youthful sex just hang there, perfectly poised for cupping upon an adult hand, or having a tongue run along its crack, gathering the wetness that clung within, waiting for an excuse to escape her.

Sally would have stayed with Alice, stroking her body and pulling at her vulva, helping to part and open it, exposing her tender young parts to the full, but Anne waited right beside them, still glowing, still breathing quickly, her head cocked to help her hear every slight move, every groan, murmur, every whispered comment that went on around her.

“It’s your turn now, Anne,” Sally whispered, turning the girl towards her and kissing her gently on the mouth while her hands teased her studded nipples. Anne’s sweet breath exploded within Sally’s mouth as her nipples were squeezed and pulled, drawn up to lift the girl on tip-toe, panting and whimpering.

“Hands on your head, legs together,” Sally murmured, breaking their sweet kiss and licking her lips of the child’s flavour.

“I can’t stand this!” Mr Jones sobbed, watching his teenage daughter’s legs close, and in doing so, bring weight to her delectable little bottom.

Mrs Jones laughed and hugged his arm, and yet she was as flushed as he, if not more so, her chest and belly glowing with her arousal, her thighs gleaming with her dribbling wetness.

“Your father is sporting THE biggest erection EVER!” Sally told Anne as she completed the lowering of the zip, and took a hold of the garment over each slender young hip.

Anne bit her lip, her glow becoming brighter as she steeled herself for her forthcoming nudity. And Sally waited, enjoying the tension she created in the family. It was almost palatable, and certainly added to the juices seeping from her own little cunny, sliding with a tickling sensation along her inner thighs, halted when her thighs brushed together to create a gleam coating to her skin.

Slowly, tantalizingly, the denim was drawn off of Anne’s slender hips, baring the gentle tone of the child’s skin and bringing groans from the parents, as much as from the child.

Sally watched them as she bared Anne’s saucy little bottom to them; a neat little bottom with a short but deep crease, turning sharply yet smoothly towards her sex, still hidden between thighs that had commenced broadening with puberty.

“Do you like her bottom?” Sally asked, letting the shorts go so her hands could slide up the back of Anne’s thighs and capture the twin globes of her little cheeks.

Both parents groaned, their bodies held still as their eyes became fastened to Sally’s gently squeezing fingers.

Anne whimpered and quivered, biting her lip and snorting softly as she fought the urge to run away and hide. Sally grinned and squeezed a little further, knowing the action was parting the child’s young cheeks and giving the parents a moment’s glance at her little anal rosette.

“Would you like to see more?” Sally asked.

Mr Jones’s moan said it all. Mrs Jones licked her lips and smiled.

Sally rose and kissed the breathless girl again, loving the quiver to her lips and the wash of her hot and agitated breath over her face. “Lean forward, Anne,” she murmured, a hand caressing her narrow flank. “Lean forward and push your bottom out to wards your daddy,” she whispered teasingly.

Anne bit her lip and shook as she forced herself forward. Sally’s free hand rose to press against her budding breasts, squeezing them in turn with a gentleness that brought fresh pleasure spikes into her yielding young body.

Her face met the wall and she stopped to pant against it, quivering uncontrollably as Sally’s two hands met at her bottom, and drew the resilient cheeks hard apart.

“My, but look how little she is,” Sally murmured, teasing the parents while the feel of Anne’s trembling teased her, soaking her in her own hot flows. Her fingers grew close to the ring amber ring, pulling it partially open to expose the healthy pink of her anal chute, clenched against the rape of their eyes.

“I can’t stand this,” Mr Jones groaned while yet another string of fluid dropped slowly from the eye of his cock to the carpet.

Sally released Anne’s bottom and stood, straightening the panting child. Once she had straightened, she turned the girl towards her parents, helping her as she shook, supporting her as she urged the young girl to part her legs and let her parents have a good look at her little flowering sex.

“Isn’t she pretty?” Sally asked, framing the softly haired pubis with her fingers, emphasising the swollen shaft of Anne’s prepuce where it ran along her cleft, erect and engorged, dying to be caressed.

“She’s a darling,” her mother admitted.

“She’s gorgeous,” her father breathed.

Anne quivered, her teeth sandwiching her lower lip as she shook, exposed before her parents, nude and spread before her father.

“Kneel,” Sally told her, having to repeat it before Anne understood and obeyed, the older girl helping her while she kept her hands on her head and her knees well apart.

“Your daddy needs relief, Anne,” Sally told the girl, leaving her side for a moment to go to Alice to do the same to her; drawing her forward to kneel beside her sister, both young children facing slightly inwards, towards each other.

The parents waited, watching Sally as the nude girl moved about their children, easing the girls into the position she wanted them in, and gazing hotly at the two girls, the eleven and thirteen year old so clearly at different points of development, and yet both so alluring.

Satisfied, Sally stepped up to the man and led him slowly forward. She stopped him a foot from the kneeling girls, the blindfolded children unaware of how close their father’s throbbing and jerking cock was from their flushed young faces.

Sally knelt between them and took their right hands, guiding them upwards, towards their father’s visibly throbbing phallus. “Very gently,” she warned them.

Anne was first to feel his stork and gasped. Alice followed suit, and while Anne timidly traced the length of her father with her fingertips, Alice slid her hand about the shaft, her mouth hanging open as she gauged his thickness.

“Isn’t that cute?” Mrs Jones remarked, watching from one side. “One wants to know its length, while the other wants to know his thickness.”

Mr Jones panted, his eyes wide and his breath hurried as he watched and felt his children handle him, their confidence growing with every second, so light hesitant touches soon turned to stroking and kneading, sometimes squeezing, sometimes pulling.

“I’m going to come!” he gasped, pleading eyes turned to Sally.

“Chest out, Anne,” Sally told the youngster firmly.

Anne blushed as she did as she was asked, a little sudden and startled cry escaping her as her father’s hot seed splattered her little upturned breasts and chest, adorning her with pearly drops and sprays that clung thickly to her smooth young flesh.

“Good girl,” Sally murmured to the panting girl, kissing her lightly on the cheek before calling Su-Lin over.

“No!” Mrs Jones cried, and came hurriedly forward to drop to her hands and knees in front of her swaying daughter.

Sally returned Anne’s hand to her hair and stood behind the girl, holding her erect, her chest thrust out, while her mother lent forward to begin licking her husband’s seed from the child’s warm skin.

“Do you feel that,” Sally purred, loving the feel of the girl’s back against her own tight young breasts. “That’s your mother licking your daddy’s seed from your titties,” she giggled.

Anne’s breath caught and she quivered, coming as her mother’s tongue slid along her skin, capturing a spray of seed and sliding up one little breast to tweak its little nipple. With the seed still in her mouth, she covered the budding teat with her lips and sucked. Anne gasped and shook, a little groan escaping her as new pleasure assault her again.

Sally moved round to Alice and, kneeling beside the young girl, drew the child’s hands to her father’s shrinking pole. “Stroke him,” she urged softly, her body close against the little one’s back.

Alice was quickly showing herself to be the more adventurous of the two children, and licking her lips, set to work drawing the loose flesh around his stork back and forth, its hardening and lengthening making her glow with her success.

“Good girl,” Sally whispered, stroking her arms, her belly and her chest, the child’s father looking on from above them, panting with his renewed excitement.

“Do you like your daddy’s thing?” Sally asked.

Alice remembered not to speak and nodded, a wicked little grin on her face as her fingers, looking extremely small around the now hard shaft of her father’s penis, gently stroked the burning and stretched flesh.

“Would you like to taste it?” Sally asked, whispering the audaciously naughty words into the child’s ears while her fingers squeezed themselves between her thighs to stroke the petal folds of her sex. “Would you like to make your daddy’s thing grow even bigger, because you licked it?” she continued.

The thoughts and fingers made her quiver. The thing in her hands burnt and pulsed, the oldest form of communication repeatedly saying to her; yes, yes, yes.

Alice nodded, a jerk of her head as the thought and fingers brought her on, made her explode inside and melt outside.

Sally’s chuckle made her burn, while the feel of her father approaching her, presenting her with his hard man thing made her feel weak.

“Just hold it up and lick it,” Sally was telling her, her hand guiding hers, her other hand gently pressing her reluctant head forward.

Alice whimpered, and then did it, turned her head up to lick the underside of her father’s manhood, licked it to feel it burn against her tongue; burn, pulse, jerk, throb, bound.

“Oh, Jesus!” Mr Jones sobbed, his eyes betraying his disbelief as, legs bent to help his little daughter reach his cock, he shook and panted, watching her lick with ever increasing pleasure.

“It tastes nice, doesn’t it?” Sally beamed.

Alice nodded, a puppy at her bowl. So Sally drew her back and ran her finger tip across her half open mouth. “Open, Alice. Daddy needs his little girl to clean him and make him right. You know what I mean, don’t you?” she teased, whispering the words into the girl’s ear and watching the affect it had on her.

“Open wide, Alice, because Daddy has a big, big cock to give to his little darling,” she teased.

Alice shook, but obeyed, a look of eager anticipation on her face.

Mat shuffled forward and, hotly panting, let himself be guided into his younger daughter’s waiting mouth.

“Oh God!” he gasped. “Oh Christ, she’s sucking me!” he cried.

Alice was, her lips having closed around the shaft directly behind the swollen and tender head. Her tongue moved to lap the strange but pleasant, exciting flavors from the rubbery flesh, then swallow, unwittingly sucking on it as she did so. And having got a good reaction from her father, the clever young girl repeated the move, each swallow making him gasp and groan, each swift suck bringing more thick juice for her to savour.

Sally left her to play, well aware that Mr Jones would take some time to come again, following his earlier spray right across his elder daughter’s developing chest. She returned to the older girl, finding that Mrs Jones had finished cleaning her daughter’s chest, and was now adding a burnished tone to her little breasts by sucking upon her young teats.

“Nice, eh?” she crooned in Anne’s ear, watching the girl pant and lick her lips, her face glowing from the driving pleasure she was getting. “But it’s time to give back some pleasure,” she told the girl.

Mrs Jones rose from her daughter’s little breasts and licked her lips. “On the bed, I think,” Sally told her, and led Anne forward, still on her knees and blindfolded, while her mother strode over to the bed to lie down, her hands imprisoned under her buttocks as she anticipated Sally’s next game.

Anne panted, unaware of how delicious she looked, coming towards the bed on her knees, her youthful pubis moving as she did, long and slender legs inviting the eye to slide between them where a gap at her crotch allowed the eye to creep along her slit and admire the flushed tone to her skin.

Sally knelt beside Anne and, taking her hands, placed them both upon her mother’s belly.

Anne’s breath quickened as her fingers gently explored the subtle contours of her mother’s middle, one hand slowly creeping upwards to meet with the sharp slope of her rib-cage, the other then extending downwards, her breath quickening as she met with her mother’s sharp hip bone, then the upwards slope of her pubis, only recently shaven.

Sally smiled as the breathing of both mother and daughter shortened, the mother able to watch the daughter as her hands timidly traversed the hills, dips and plains of her naked body, the daughter blushing under her blindfold, timidly moving her hands towards her mother’s privates.

The hands moved individually, as if one waited for the other to find new terrain before it could move on. So Anne’s right hand timidly ascended her mother’s breasts, a little shy gasp escaping her as she came upon the stiffened nipple, just dying to have her toy with it.

“Pinch it!” Sally hissed, pressing herself against Anne’s back and sweeping her hands around the girl to have her thumb and fingers stretch to embrace her young breasts, offering them to the woman’s eyes while her thick rubbery nipple was timidly squeezed.

“Harder!” Sally urged.

Anne panted and obeyed, her breath breaking as her mother groaned and moved her legs against each other.

“Now feel her wetness!” Sally urged. And she breathed hotly into the girl’s ear as she watched her left hand assail her mother’s pubis, then blindly turn to align her fingers with her thick lipped slit.

Trembling within Sally’s embrace, Anne timidly slid her finger along her mother’s nether lips, her breath rushing from her as she felt her parting fingers release a wash of slippery wetness onto her digit.

“In, in!” Sally breathed, watching the young finger unfold the mother.

Anne’s finger bent into her mother’s sex and slid along the wet and welcoming valley, welcomed by parting thighs and the opening of the woman’s vagina.

Panting, her unseeing face hanging down, Anne fed a finger into her mother, a semblance of a return after thirteen years absence.

Sally’s fingers were doing the same to her, approaching from the front and the back, sliding over the taper of her belly and the proud curve of her blossoming bottom to meet at her crotch, open legs allowing knowing fingers to unfold her, spread her, enter her.

Anne quivered in glorious delight, her right hand remembering to pinch the nipple between her fingers while the other, remembering the maid in the outhouse the previous day, extended a second finger and, with delicate precision, slid that also into her mother.

“Oh yes,” Sally breathed, flattened fingers squashing the girl’s swollen prepuce to her pelvis while the other dipped in turn between her tight little cunny, and her even tighter little bottom.

Anne sank her two fingers into her mother’s love tube, immersing her fingers in the hot wetness to feel the walls constrict to grip her, and at the same time felt her own body convulse from the pleasures Sally was sparking off in her.

“Mummy!” she wept, sobbing with the incredible delight forced upon her.

“Yes, yes darling!” her mother replied, arching into her daughter’s hands to shake with orgasmic bliss, clitoris and nipples standing proud, swollen and brightened with infused blood.

“Well done!” Sally complemented the girl, and drew her away from her mother, to where Mr Jones had been standing, his hips thrust forward to help his younger daughter continue to suck and lick on his gleaming member.

“Time to swap over,” Sally told the panting man, drawing Alice’s hands and mouth away from her father’s saliva coated cock to have her kneel to one side, her hands returned to her head, her slender young legs parted to let them all see how swollen and ripe her pink young sex had become.

Anne was positioned in her place and blindly led to lean forward, first to grip her father’s member, to then pant over it, stroking it against her cheek, her nose and forehead while she inhaled the aroma of his crotch.

Finally, panting and breathless, she held it in shaking hands and kissed the ruby head. Sally, light headed with excitement, softly urged her on, willing her to kiss the dribbling end, anoint her lips with his ooze, then, with a delightful little groan, to accept it into her mouth, sucking cautiously on it.

As Anne’s nervousness dissolved under the rising tide of sexual gratification, Sally moved to pull Alice erect and lead her willingly to where her mother sat, patiently waiting.

“You liked licking you Daddy, didn’t you, Alice,” Sally asked, kneeling beside the girl and silently urging Alice’s mother to part her legs and bring her juicy ripe cunt to the edge of the bed.

The mother obeyed, and leaning back on one outthrust arm, used her other to unfurl her ripe and protruding inner lips, spreading herself for her blindfolded daughter.

Alice nodded and giggled, licking her lips suggestively.

Sally grinned and slid her hands over the child’s trunk, delighting in her warm and smooth flesh, every curve and dip of her body slight and smooth, like that of a bed-cover before someone has got beneath it.

“Would you like to taste Mummy now?” she asked the girl.

Alice blushed, squirming with delightful child-like innocence while Sally, unseen by her, drew her finger through Mrs Jones’s sex to have the tip thickly coated in her wetness, then drew it to Alice’s mouth.

“Taste,” Sally whispered, depositing the thick slime on her lower lip.

Alice tasted, then smiled, and then extended her tongue for more.

Sally gave her the finger to finish licking it of what remained, and then softly whispered to the young girl, guiding her forward and down, drawing her off of her heels so her bottom was poised in the air, the rolled lips of her sex open beneath it. Head drawn back, Alice began to timidly lick her mother’s shaven vulva and her mother’s fingers, savoring the taste before returning for more.

Su-Lin knelt behind Alice and slid her hand under the girl’s tight little rump to feel the glazed lips of her sex, stretched taut by her position, exposed and available to play with, exciting the child while she slid her tongue through her mother’s sex and flicked the bulbous little bulb at its helm.

As Mrs Jones panted and softly urged her daughter into reaching into her crevice harder, softer, higher, lower, Sally retreated to where Mr Jones stood, a hand on Anne’s head as she bobbed it back and forth upon the final inch, inch and a half of his manhood. Her cheeks blew in and out as she licked, then sucked. Her hands gripped his powerful thighs, fingers biting into his muscular flesh as she accepted his quickening thrusts.

“He’s going to come in you,” Sally told her in a hot little whisper.

Anne snorted through her nose. Sally could almost see Anne’s eyes in her imagination, staring blankly in front of her as her mouth was used by her father, his breath sounding ever louder and more urgent in her ears, his glands swelling, his thighs knotting.

“His going to spurt his seed in your mouth,” Sally repeated. Her hand slid to the back of her head to hold her ready for it. The other slid behind him, her index finger squirreling between his tight and hairy buttocks to search for his moist anus.

“Christ girls!” he cried. His hands tightened in Anne’s hair, holding her abruptly still as, legs quivering, his loins jerked back and forth with the strength of his shooting sperm.

“Yes, yes!” he repeated as spurt after spurt was sent into Anne’s mouth, until he was too breathless to do anything more than jerk with the aftermath of his rigors.

Sally let Anne slide off her father’s softening penis, and covered her mouth with her own, sharing the sticky seed between them until all that remained was the aftertaste of salt and, something else, something distinctly male.

“One last thing,” Sally whispered to her.

Mrs Jones had dropped to the carpet in front of her youngest and was rapturously kissing her child, thanking her for the pleasure she had given her with her tongue. Sally drew Alice up and, as one, laid the two blindfolded children on their backs upon the bed, their legs overhanging the edge.

The parents, tired but still adventurous, watched with interest as Sally spread her charges legs, letting the girls whimper and hide their faces under their arms as she exposed both little chinks to their fullest.

“The last bit for tonight,” she promised them, running her nails along their inner thighs to smile as their tummies tightened and their thigh muscles clenched.

Sally led the parents to positions kneeling between their children’s spread thighs and, glancing at the bedside clock, told them they had just three minutes to bring their children off, before switching places.

Su-Lin stood beside Sally to watch as Mr Jones slid his tongue across Alice’s bald but proud pubis making the girl jerk and gasp, before his tongue lowered between her legs. As the sharp sensations from his tongue knifed into her, her hands came down to grip his head, his strength too great for her to divert his tongue from its artful flick of her tender little prepuce.

Mrs Jones was more languid in her approach, and took a delight in kissing and breathing over Anne’s inner thighs, exciting the girl and making her breathless well before her attention and breath turned on her adolescent crotch. By which time she was swollen and open, flushed with excitement and yearning for her parent’s touch, probably unaware that it was her mother.

Alice came inside of two minutes, her knees rising either side of her father’s eager administrations while, her hands clasped to the back of his head, she held him there are her fiery pleasure threw her head back while stretching and arching her back.

Anne took longer, her mother expertly licking her little trough, teasing the girl into whimpering in want, spreading her legs and lifting her crotch. At last, when it arrived, it brought a sharp cry from the girl and a quiver of her sex against her mother’s mouth, her flushed face tossing back and forth.

“Change places. Five minutes!” Sally proclaimed.

The parents grinned at her as they shuffled past each other, sliding easily between young legs spread wide by their previous encounter. Now, while the girls floated on the afterglow of their last and recent orgasm, their parents assaulted them once more.

Tender young sexes were touched, stroked, licked and sucked upon. Little fragile clitorises were urged into swelling once more, skin glowing. Seeping juices were gathered on the tips of adult tongues, savored and swallowed, savoured and spread. Little cunny mouths were diligently explored, quivering entrances tested, and tasted. Laboured breath filled the master bedroom as blindfolded children squirmed under their parents’ lips, mouths and tongues, young and slender hips kept in place by hands that dwarfed their slender forms.

Now it was Anne who took her pleasure first, jerking nearly upright as her father’s vigorous tongue lapped hungrily at the base of her vulva, bringing her to a sharp explosion of pleasure.

Alice followed, stretching her young torso and keening as she shook upon the thrilling flicks of her mother’s tongue upon her exposed clitoris, womanly fingers holding the hood back, away from the over-sensitive tip.

Sally and Su-Lin took the children to their beds and removed their blindfolds. Tired but glowing, the girls crawled naked into their beds and were asleep in seconds, smiles on their relaxed faces.

Sally and Su-Lin returned to the master bedroom where Mr Jones lay, waiting for the Asian girl to try and revive him, while Mrs Jones waited for Sally, her grin promising her hours of pleasure.