Feature Writer: Son of Sandman
Feature Title: Ode to a demonic joy
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Story Codes: Satanic, Blasphemous, Supernatural
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Published: 23.08.2003
Disclaimer: This is an adult fantasy story. It was inspired by the adult comic book ‘Convent of Hell’ by Noe, as well as the story Incubus (formerly Succubus) by Personanongrata. The story has a bit of incest and a lot of religious profanity, so if either offends you then read no further.


Ode to Demonic Joy

Chapter 1

Sister Agnes and Sister Mary were late. They had hoped to get to the convent before sunset, but the old bus they were traveling on was struggling with the steep hills and was already way behind schedule. To make matters worse the convent, like so many others, was reclusive and some way from the route of the bus. The prospect of having to walk the several miles from the bus stop to the convent in pitch darkness was something they didn’t relish.

Finally, the bus reached the stop and the two nuns disembarked, carrying their meager belongings in small suitcases. Sister Agnes, the older and more responsible of the two, took stock of their situation. Neither of the two nuns knew the surrounding area very well, this being the first time either of them traveled in this area. Night was falling and the autumn chill was starting to creep into their bones.

“We’d better find some alternative place to spend the night.” Sister Agnes said to Sister Mary.

“I see a farmhouse over there, maybe a mile away.” Sister Mary replied, indicating a westerly direction with her hand. Sister Agnes squinted her eyes.

“Yes, that looks like a convenient place to stay.” She said, hoisting her suitcase.

In the rough terrain the walk took the better part of an hour. The farmhouse was a small one, but well tended. Sister Agnes knocked on the door, hoping their late arrival wouldn’t upset the farms’ people too much. The door was opened by a gorgeous young blonde girl, about 16 years of age. She invited the nuns inside and fetched her father. The farmer, a stocky man of about 40, greeted the nuns warmly.

“We are members of the St. Catherine’ Convent down on the plain,” Sister Agnes began. “We’re on our way to Our Lady’s Convent, but were delayed. I was hoping we could spend the night here and continue our journey tomorrow morning.”

“No problem,” the farmer replied to the relief of the two nuns. “We have a spare room you can sleep in. My name is Jonathan, this is my daughter Samantha,” the farmer pointed to the girl that had opened the door, “and this is my daughter Clara,” indicating an 18 year old stunning brunette that had joined them. “But the convent is more than 10 miles away. If you want I can give you a lift over there tomorrow.” Jonathan concluded. Sister Agnes heartily accepted his offer.

Samantha showed the nuns to their room and after freshening a bit they joined the small family at dinner – a simple, but very nourishing meal. As usual when in company Sister Agnes was reserved but polite, while Sister Mary, only a little older than the farmer’s daughters chatted throughout the meal.

The conversation, mainly small talk about the local area and the climate, lasted awhile longer once the dishes were cleared of the table, but soon Sister Agnes excused herself and she and Sister Mary retired to their room, tired after their day long journey.

The guestroom was in the back of the house. Its one bed was barely large enough for two persons. Sister Agnes contemplated asking the farmer if he had another bed, but decided not to impose any further on his generosity. The inconvenience could be tolerated for a single night. The two nuns changed into their nightgowns – retrieved from their luggage – with their backs turned, their ingrained modesty making them shy about naked flesh like all good brides of Christ. They recited their prayers in unison before crawling onto the old bed and turning off the light.

Before long Sister Mary began to gently snore, the young nun having no trouble falling asleep in a strange bed with another person beside her. But Sister Agnes couldn’t sleep. She tossed and turned on the bed, trying not to wake her sleeping sister. Abruptly she noticed that Sister Mary had stopped snoring. Instead her half-opened mouth was now emitting low moaning sounds. Then Sister Mary started squirming on the bed, moving her head left and right and gyrating her sensuous hips. Sister Agnes realized that Sister Mary was having a wet dream. Despite her prudence Sister Agnes knew very well what a wet dream was, having had a few herself over the years. She believed they were induced by demons trying to seduce her, so she tried not to linger too much upon them, trusting that a confession would spirit out the demons. But now, as she lay there beside the warm body of Sister Mary, those dreams started to come back to her. The memories mingled with the soft moans of Sister Mary and Sister Agnes started to sense the uncomfortable feeling of arousal. She desperately tried to bottle it up, as she had so often did in the past, but this time it proved to be impossible with the wriggling body beside her fueling her own repressed fantasies.

Sister Agnes rose from the bed, fleeing from the sexual tension that threatened to overwhelm her. Wiping her hot, sweaty brow she looked down on the bed on Sister Mary. For the first time Sister Agnes noticed how beautiful the young nun was. She scrutinized the angelic face, the slightly parted lips, the tip of her tongue visible through perfect white teeth. Running her eyes down Sister Mary’s body she noticed her ample breasts and long legs, the thick woolen nightgown failing to disguise her loveliness. Sister Agnes shook her head, trying to clear her head of these sinful thoughts and the even more sinful images that followed. She needed fresh air. She left the room and went to the living room at the front of the house. There she opened a window and drew in deep breaths. The cold air calmed her a bit. After a few minutes she was getting the shivers so she closed the window and left for her room.

On the way back she started to again her low moans. ‘What is wrong with me?’ she thought, ‘now I’m hearing things.’ But the noise was not in her head, neither was it coming from the spare bedroom down the hall. The noise was coming from the room of Clara, the older of the farmer’s two daughters. Sister Agnes noticed that the door to the girl’s room was slightly ajar and with her curiosity awoken she peeked inside. What she saw shocked her to the very core of her being.

On the narrow bed Clara was lying naked with her legs thrown high into the air. Her face was contorted in sexual bliss. And wedged between her legs was her father, furiously fucking his young daughter. Sister Agnes wanted to scream and run away from the wicked sight, but her feet were rooted to the spot. She watched the two sweaty bodies slam into each other on the bed, grunting and gasping. In all her 35 years she had never witnessed anything like it. She wasn’t totally ignorant in sexual ways – she knew about intercourse and the birds and the bees, as her mother had so gently put it years and years ago, but she’d never imagined anything like the frantic coupling taking place before her eyes. And the fact that this was an act of incest made it even worse. Yet she couldn’t avert her eyes. Was it her curiosity getting the better of her, or was it something more sinister connected to her own feelings of arousal only minutes earlier? She couldn’t tell. But she recognized the feeling of arousal rising again within her, making her head spin and her body felt like it was not hers anymore.

Her mind took her back to when she had just hit puberty back in her childhood home – to the night she had accidentally spied on her parents making love. Throughout the years Sister Agnes had always felt guilty about her immoral act of voyeurism, not the least because of the sexual arousal she had felt at the sight of her parents fucking. She hadn’t seen all that much – it was dark and the bed covers hid most, but the animalistic sounds and the sight of her mother, normally so solemn and reserved, in throes of orgasm was something that could still moisten her vagina if she let her mind linger on it for too long. And now, with the similar, but much more revealing scene before her, these guilt-ridden images from her past were back with a vengeance.

The couple on the bed had now changed positions – farmer Jonathan was now lying on his back while Clara straddled him, lowering her engorged pussy onto her father’s cock. For the first time Sister Agnes got a good look at farmer Jonathan’s cock. It was the first cock she had seen in her life and it looked enormous. Stiff and throbbing with an angry red tip it looked big enough to cleave poor Carla in two. Clara deftly directed her father’s cock into her pussy, as soon as contact was made Jonathan started to piston in and out of the pussy, which eagerly engulfed the rock hard member. The depraved sight coupled with their cries of pleasure was making Sister Agnes dizzy, the shaken nun staring in unbelief. Mingling with the sounds of the fornicating family members was a wet sloshing sound coming from their genital areas – made by farmer Jonathan’s thick member as it withdrew from his daughter’s tight pussy flowing with cunt-juices. The father lewdly fondled his daughter’s firm, high-riding breasts, knitting the stiff nipples between his strong fingers. After a few moments of furiously riding her father’s cock Carla leaned down for a more relaxed fucking, Jonathan now thrusting his cock as deep as he could into Carla’s cunt.

“Oh, yes, fuck me deep and hard, daddy!” Carla moaned into her father’s ear before she moved her head and kissed him passionately.

Watching aghast, Sister Agnes finally managed to tear her eyes away and retreat to her room. The shock over what she’d seen fought with alarming feelings of excitement inside her. Fortunately, Sister Mary had now fallen into deep sleep. Sister Agnes climbed into the bed, her mind a turmoil. Silently she prayed for ease of mind and to escape from this house of sin unscathed. She fell asleep in few minutes, but her dreams were troubled, filled with anxiety and sinful images.

Chapter 2

The next morning Sister Agnes awoke at dawn as always, but she still felt dead-tired. The astonishing events of last night slowly came back to her and she shivered. Sister Mary was already up – Sister Agnes hurriedly put on her robes, not wanting the innocent young 20 year old to be corrupted by the evil farmer. Her mind was already conjuring horrible images of farmer Jonathan ravishing Sister Mary and she rushed to the kitchen. But when she entered Sister Mary and the whole farmer family were seated around the kitchen table, happily eating breakfast like any normal people. Sister Agnes cursed herself silently for her foolish thoughts and joined them at the table. ‘Maybe last night was just a bad dream. It can happen when you sleep in an unfamiliar bed,’ she rationalized. And yet the glances that Jonathan and Clara sent each other seemed to speak volumes, like two lovers silently communicating their affection for each other rather than the innocent glances one could expect between father and daughter. ‘I must be going crazy,’ Sister Agnes thought, ‘How should I know how lovers look at each other.’ She glanced at the younger daughter, Samantha. ‘I pray for her sake that this is just my imagination.’ But finally she gave up trying to deceive herself, she knew what she had seen last night – farmer Jonathan and Clara fucking each other like wild animals.

After breakfast Jonathan said he would get the truck ready. All of a sudden Sister Agnes remembered that she had agreed letting him drive her and Sister Mary to the convent. She tried to find a quick excuse to back out, but none came that wouldn’t offend the family. Reluctantly she returned to her room with Sister Mary to fetch their suitcases. Back in the room, while they were packing their nightgowns, she contemplated confiding in Sister Mary and enlist her help, but she brushed the notion aside as soon as it surfaced – she couldn’t tell the innocent nun about the dreadful things Sister Agnes had witnessed. Not the least because in doing so she would have to admit to watching the fuck session for several minutes, something she now felt deeply ashamed of.

So the two nuns climbed into the back of the old pickup truck alongside Clara, while Samantha was up front with her father. The bumpy ride was made bearable with bags of hay. The truck drove on the main road for a few minutes, then turned onto a old gravel road. Sister Agnes and Sister Mary sat side by side with their back to the steering house. Clara casually sat across from them, the wind twirling her hair around her head. She was clad in skin-tight jeans and a revealing t-shirt. When Sister Agnes met Clara and Jonathan this morning she’d looked for any signs that they had seen her watching them. She now began wondering again, but Clara gave no indications that she knew. So Sister Agnes let her mind drift to the younger daughter Samantha, alone now in the front with farmer Jonathan.

Sister Agnes watched the countryside rolling by, the serene beauty of it setting her mind at ease. But no sooner had she relaxed than an all-too familiar sounds invaded her ears. Sounds of sex and unbridled lust. Returning from her pastoral reverie Sister Agnes noticed that the noises emitted from the truck’s cabin. ‘Oh, no,’ she thought, ‘this can’t be happening, not in broad daylight!’ And yet the noise was unmistakable. The slurping noises conjured lewd images in the mind of Sister Agnes, images of young and innocent Samantha eagerly sucking her father’s enormous penis, using her pink little tongue to tease the hard shaft and throbbing crown, her small hands playing with his hairy balls. Sister Agnes had to use every ounce of her willpower to exorcise the images from her fertile mind. She looked at Carla. She had a coy little smile on her pretty face, obviously she heard the noises too and knew all too well what was going on up front. The girl leaned casually back on the haystack she was sitting on, her hands roaming her scantily clad body. Sister Agnes glanced at Sister Mary. The young nun stared in amazement at the girl in front of her, her eyes following the hands as they pinched the erect nipples through the thin fabric of the t-shirt, then traveled southwards to her crotch. Sister Agnes also felt compelled to watch as if some unseen force was steering her, although she ashamedly suspected it was simply her own libido taking momentary control. The moans from the cabin coupled with the young girl in front of them lewdly feeling herself up combined to have a spell-binding effect on the innocent nuns, their minds in turmoil as they experienced at once the most erotic and the most depraved moments of their sheltered lives.

Sister Agnes wanted to shout for Carla to stop her self-pleasuring, or for farmer Jonathan to stop the truck and let them out. But her mouth was dry and she couldn’t utter a word. She sat there immobile as Carla removed her t-shirt in one swift motion, her youthful tits bouncing joyously in the cool morning air.

“This isn’t the first time you’ve ogled my breasts, is it Sister Agnes?” Carla asked teasingly, holding her breasts up as if for closer inspection. Sister Agnes’ face became beet red. Carla looked over to Sister Mary sitting there with her mouth hanging slightly open as if she was frozen in disbelief at the sights and sounds assailing her. She was also visibly perspiring despite the temperature.

“Oh, didn’t Sister Agnes tell you?” Carla teased. “She spied on me last night when I was fucking my father. She stared so hard I feared her eyes might pop out,” she finished laughing. Sister Agnes hid her face with her hands, her awful secret out in the open. How could she now judge the farmer family when she herself was so obsessed with their activity? Luckily for Sister Agnes her traveling companion was in no state to comprehend what the teenager had just said, so enamored was she. Carla never missed a stride in her exploration of her own body, now she had one of her hands buried under her jeans, furiously massaging her swollen cunt. She was enjoying the situation enormously. Masturbating in front of these two women of the cloth intensified her feelings to the tenth degree. The electrifying pleasure-waves bolting from her crotch were making her dizzy with lust. She started humping her pelvis up, her eyes boring into those of the younger nun. The nun was getting caught up in the moment and her hands were unconsciously exploring her own body’s erogenous zones. It was as if time had stopped flowing around them, they took no stock of their surroundings, their concentration focusing solely on their young nubile bodies responding to the touch of eager hands. The innocence of poor Sister Mary was being exploited horribly, she was now the victim of feelings she didn’t comprehend and had thus never learnt to control. She felt as if her body had taken on a life of it’s own and was now responding in ways she was totally unfamiliar with. Like a small boat in a vast ocean of emotions she was lost and adrift, a passive yet not quite unwilling passenger in her own body aflame with glorious, sinful lust.

Sister Agnes tried to cover her ears and squeeze her eyes shut to block out the knowledge of the hot, sweaty bodies around her and the moans they were emitting. It didn’t work. She grabbed the crucifix hanging around her neck and tried a prayer. It was hopeless. ‘I should at least try to save poor Sister Mary from falling from grace,’ she thought, but she could barely keep herself from following suit to her fellow sister, which now had both her hands buried in her crotch, massaging her inflamed pussy through the thick habit. Slowly her hands were inching the hem of the habit up and before long she was stroking her bare thighs. Her white panties were already soaking wet with her pussy juices. Sister Mary’s beautiful face was contorted into amazed ecstasy, never before had she witnessed anything of this sort, let alone touched herself in such a shameful way. The girl in front of her was teaching her new ways of pleasuring her body every second and before long she had her habit up by her waist, her sticky fingers exploring her steaming pussy with vigor, pumping in and out in rhythm to that of Carla. Deeply ashamed Sister Agnes desperately wanted the same, the fire in her loins driving her crazy.

Fortunately for Sister Agnes she didn’t have to fight the temptation for long because the truck arrived at the convent. Carla leisurely put her cloths back on as if she didn’t care if she was seen naked by the inhabitants of the convent. Sister Mary, snapping out of her lust-filled haze, hurriedly covered herself, sneaking furtive glances around her. Sister Agnes breathed a sigh of relieve. Finally they had made it to the convent. Unscathed perhaps, but definitely not unspoiled. Sister Agnes thanked farmer Jonathan courteously, the big smile on his red face the only sign of the successful fellatio few minutes earlier. She watched the truck drive away before joining Sister Mary in the final steps into the convent. Neither woman spoke a word of what had just transpired. There was a lot on their mind and they weren’t quite sure how they were supposed to act. Sister Agnes decided that what she needed most of all at the moment was a long hot bath.

Chapter 3

Soaking in the tub in the bathroom assigned to her Sister Agnes put the events of the last 24 hours at the back of her mind and tried instead to focus on the task at hand. Our Lady’s Convent, being an old and established convent, had through the ages collected a huge amount of religious relics and artifacts, books, statues, holy relics and similar items. These items had never been examined carefully or fully catalogued and this was the task Sister Agnes had come here for. Sister Mary was her assistant. She wasn’t a learned archivist as Sister Agnes was, but there were many menial tasks that needed to be performed, such as filing and packaging.

Sister Agnes wondered what kind of items they might come across. Most of them were undoubtedly fakes or mundane things with no religious significant. This was especially true for items that supposedly belonged to saints or other holy figures, these were almost always forgeries. But Sister Agnes had visited enough convents to know that all had at least some items of great interest and there was a fair amount of rumors about the great treasures hidden in the vaults of Our Lady’s Convent, which must mean that there was at least something to be found there. The convent was very rich, it had for a long time received the youngest daughters of prominent and zealous families in the region and been paid handsomely for it. These girls had been raised a very sheltered lives; at very young age they had been sent to a catholic school where every minute of their life was watched and directed. By the time they arrived at the convent having finished their novice hood they were well-versed in the scriptures, but, at 18, had little or no knowledge of life outside the convent. The high walls of the convent were not only intended to protect the convent from thieves and scoundrels; they also shielded the nuns from the outside world. The same could be said of many other convents, and although Sister Agnes’ order was not quite so strict as the Order of the Holy Lady regarding travel she knew that she was privileged to be allowed to travel on the outside. Thinking back to the events with the farming family she realized this privilege came with a burden and she saw the wisdom in keeping the convents isolate.

After her bath it was time for Sister Agnes to pay a visit to the abates. Walking the corridors of the convent Sister Agnes saw the nuns at work. They had a beautiful garden where they grew much of the food they needed. They also had looms where they weaved not only their cloths, but also tapestries with religious motives. There also was a good-sized library, located above the rooms where the religious artifacts where stored. She also noted that most of the nuns where quite young, most of them had only taken the cloths in the last few years. She recalled that all nuns above the age of 50 went to another convent nearby that had a spa and much better medical facilities. Sister Agnes, only half past thirty, felt oddly old and out of place. Once she entered the offices of the abates she saw that she had been somewhat wrong, as the nuns that worked there were near her own age. Obviously, the younger nuns handled the menial tasks. News of Sister Agnes arrival had already spread and she was shown directly into the chambers of the abates. The abates was perhaps a decade older than Sister Agnes, making her one of the older inhabitants, but she looked remarkably good for a woman nearing 50. Sister Agnes prided herself on her analytical mind and she studied the woman before without overtly staring. The abates, Katrina was her name, was a little shorter than Sister Agnes, perhaps 5′ 5″. Sister Agnes knew she came from Eastern Europe and she could see the Slavic resemblance, but she also noticed a more exotic trace. She suspected the abates had some Armenian blood in her, or even Persian. The overall effect made the abates, with her black hair and dark eyes, stunningly beautiful, Sister Agnes admitted to herself. Coupled with a curveous figure obvious even through her tent-like garments and full, rounded breasts made Sister Agnes feel a bit envious and what…? Intrigued? Yet there was also a hint of sadness in Katrina’s eyes and the just-visible scarecrows by the side of her mouth and eyes told Sister Agnes that this was a woman that had had her share of soul suffering in the past.

After going through their formal greetings abates Katrina gave Sister Agnes the keys to the storage rooms, as well as an incomplete inventory list.

“This list is more than 40 years old and it was never finished, but at least it could help you start out.” Katrina explained.

“Why was it never finished?” Sister Agnes enquired, flipping through the neatly written list.

“I can’t say for sure. This was before my time, of course, but I’ve heard some stories. From what I can gather the nun that was compiling the list snapped one day and went berserk. She took two of her sisters with her before being brought down. But other stories say she didn’t go mad, but had simply ran away with a couple of other nuns. In any case, I doubt it had anything to do with her work, at least I’ve never heard any rumors regarding that.”

The two of them made some small talk for another 10 minutes, then it was time for mass. The rest of the day went by in a blur, Sister Agnes tried to focus on the tasks at hand in preparation for her work. She only met Sister Mary briefly during dinner, as both of them were unpacking their belongings, which had be sent ahead and arrived the day before. After the evening mass Sister Agnes was becoming rather tired. Obviously, her sleep had been erratic last night and the day had been tiring as well. But before going to bed she decided to drop in on Sister Mary first. The two of them had to settle earlier events and come to grips with it, so they could put things in order again. She found Sister Mary in the chapel in deep prayer. Sister Agnes waited patiently for the girl to finish before approaching her. Sister Mary was, thankfully, her old self, shy and full of innocent piety. After assuring herself that Sister Mary was not overtly disturbed by the recent events Sister Agnes told the young nun that she had to confess at the earliest opportunity to cleanse her spirit anew. She then followed Sister Mary to her bed chambers and ordered the her to go to sleep, hoping that a good night’s sleep would expel the most emotional memories, including when Carla exposed her dirty little secret from the night before. When she was about to leave, Sister Mary, now snuck in her bed with the covers up under her chin, asked: “Sister Agnes, will you stay with me until I’m asleep?”

Sister Agnes sat by the bed and Sister Mary grasped her hand in hers. Sister Mary smiled shyly, “I have some trepidations,” she confessed, “as if some impending doom is looming over us.” Sister Agnes smiled and brushed a lock the girl’s hair from her forehead.

“You are just emotionally upset, my child. It is making you sense things that aren’t there.” Sister Agnes said in a comforting tone. “Hush, now and go to sleep.” She finished and smiled reassuringly. Her words seemed to sooth the young girl, though she still clasped Sister Agnes’ hand firmly. She closed her eyes and before long she was deep in sleep. Sister Agnes sat for a few more minutes, feeling maternal love for the young girl she was responsible for. She decided that the two of them would start their work early next morning. Sister Agnes knew from past experience that nothing was better for letting time, the great healer of body and soul, pass than hard work one could get absorbed in. She rose from the bed, tucking the bed covers around the sleeping girl on the bed. The memory of Sister Mary’s exposed sex flashed through her mind for an instant. Not a girl – a woman, Sister Agnes thought forlornly as she left the room.

Chapter 4

The convent’s library offered a good view over the countryside that rolled out beneath the hill the convent stood on. Like many convents and monasteries Our Lady’s Convent had been built in a remote and desolate area. In fact, until a road had been built up to it some half a century earlier the only path leading to the convent had been a narrow sheep-path. From where she was standing by the library’s westernmost window Sister Agnes could still see it winding its way down the hillside like an old scar. Despite the furnace burning in a fireplace at one end of the large room she now stood in she still shivered from the cool morning air. She only hoped that the storage rooms down below her were warmer. Standing beside her was Sister Mary, a stack of notebooks and the old inventory list in her hands. Sister Agnes had decided not to brooch the subject of their experience yesterday with Sister Mary, but rather have them delve into work. Taking Sister Mary by the elbow she steered her from the window and towards the basement door.

“Let’s go to work,” she said more cheerfully than she felt. Our Lady’s Convent, despite its beautiful location and majestic architecture was, somehow, a dreary place, where the spirit never soared. The Order of the Holy Lady was a reclusive one, with strict rules regarding visitors. The order praised solitude and chastity above social guidance or charity. It was a world on to its own, where even time seemed to stay away. Sister Agnes even wondered whether the Lord felt welcome here.

The stairwell down to the basement was damp and Sister Agnes feared for the condition of the relics if the storage rooms were so also. But once she entered she found them arid, yet cold. The storage area was divided into several rooms of various sizes. Most of the relics were on dusty shelves, though some where still in boxes strewn over the floor. Glancing at the inventory list that Sister Mary handed her it took her only a few minutes to figure out the storage arrangements.

The two of them started at the top of the list, relics in the outermost storage rooms, and worked themselves down the list, inching ever deeper into the basement. Sister Agnes uncovered and inspected the items and dictated notes for Sister Mary, compiling a new and updated inventory list. Sister Agnes didn’t spend much time with each object,

Chapter 5

That night Sister Agnes dreamt of the cellar. More specifically, she dreamt of the hidden room. She felt as if she was in some strange dreamlike state halfway between sleep and awake. She was aware of herself, her body and her thoughts, even if everything else spoke of being a dream. It was like she had entered someone else’s dream. She saw herself walking through the cellar, her pulse racing. A voice in her head cajoled her onwards, but she couldn’t say if it was her own or not. It felt like someone else, but the voice whispered things only she knew, things buried deep in her mind that she had never told another and was afraid to remember even herself. But the voice knew and it used these repressed memories and guilt-ridden fantasies to excite and tempt her.

The door to the small room stood ajar and a strange light emanated from within. Sister Agnes knew she shouldn’t enter it, but she had no control over her feet. Stepping over the threshold she saw that the source of the eerie light was the box she had opened earlier. The lid was thrown back and a piercing, hurting light streamed from it, casting the walls of the enclosed room in weird, disturbing shadows. Yet the shrunken object – the words demon penis popped into her mind – was clearly visible lying in the box, beckoning her. Only know did Sister Agnes become aware that she was naked, her flushed skin covered in sweat, streaming from her body. She felt an aching need in her chest and loins and the voice in her head urged her to grab the object. Images flashed through her mind of pleasures she had never known, the power the possessor of the demon penis had, and what unspeakable things it could do. She saw herself along with Sister Mary in the chapel, naked, the two of them writhing in each other’s arms embroiled in unholy pleasures. She saw the Mother Superior and other sisters join them, eagerly exploring each other’s bodies with their tongues and fingers. Sister Agnes had never considered herself to be homosexual. She hadn’t even considered herself to be heterosexual, but, like all good nuns should, asexual. She knew the close community found in cloisters could sometimes lead to temptation and sin of the flesh, but she had always considered herself above that. The images flowing through her mind told her otherwise and it confused and scared her; it was like she didn’t know herself anymore. Sister Agnes watched in part horror part lust her trembling hand reaching out, her fingers stiff and outstretched as every nerve on her body longed for the penis, to touch it, hold it, use it. She could already she how the once shrunken object was expanding, flexing its power like a lion waking after a long night sleep. It pulsed and throbbed evilly, eager to once more give and get pleasure.

“No,” someone said. “No, I wont take it!” Only then did Sister Agnes recognize her own voice. The words surprised her. She wanted to take it. She needed to take it.

“No!” her voice said again, this time louder, more assertive. Slowly she became aware of the struggle inside her. She could almost visualize the bitter struggle between her moral believes and her painfully aroused libido. With the awareness came determination. Determination not to give in to her baser instincts. Determination to uphold her religious believes and rigors. She saw her hand hover hesitantly over the demon penis, she couldn’t draw it back, couldn’t move her feet away. But she could do something else. She could wake up.

Drenched in sweat and entangled in the bedcovers from her restless sleep Sister Agnes woke up with a start. It took her a few moments to become aware of her surroundings and slow her breathing down. She clearly remembered her dream – if it was her dream, that is. A wave of unease and nausea swept over her. The dream seemed too real, she couldn’t just discard it as something trivial. Having dealt with the occult and the supernatural for so long, Sister Agnes knew better than that. There was something sinister going on here, and all signs pointed to that hidden room in the cellar. The box and its demonic ingredients were only the top of the iceberg, of that she was sure. There was something else lurking in the shadows, but she didn’t know what and she was afraid to find out. Unless she was careful this could not only jeopardize her own salvation, but the salvation of countless others. Suddenly, she thought of Sister Mary. She had been exposed to the same evil influences.

“Oh, no!” she cried and jumped from the bed. She rushed from her room, not even taking a moment to put on a robe over her nightgown. Running down the corridor, her heart in her throat, she threw herself at the door to Sister Mary’s room. It was empty. The bedcovers were all tangled and the lingering odor of sweat and sexual arousal clung to them. Putting her hand on the mattress, Sister Agnes felt it was still warm – Sister Mary had left only minutes ago.

Sister Agnes could only imagine what horrors the young girl had just went through. Though she herself might not be experienced in the ways of the world, at least she had 15 years more experience than Sister Mary to build up her defenses against the lures of the devil. The strong images that still swam in Sister Agnes’ mind and could easily make her break out in sweat if she let her thoughts linger too long on them – these same images had assaulted poor Sister Mary and overwhelmed her resolve. Helped by the memories from the farmhouse of Sister Mary writhing on the bed having a sexual dream, Sister Agnes could all too easily picture Sister Mary descent from a virtuous sister of the cloth to a beast, lost in the throes of sexual frenzy. She had fought, there was no doubt about that. She had probably prayed and begged for divine help in her hour of need. She would have willed herself to think calming thoughts, serene and righteous. But the vile influences of the demon rod could not be denied, could not be stopped from invading the young mind, there to fertilize and germinate, domineering the imagination and perverting the pure thoughts. Who could say what state Sister Mary was in now, having given in despite her valiant struggle? Perhaps it was not too late to safe her, to turn her back from the road of damnation she had so rudely been forced upon.

Sister Agnes ran from the room, tears running down her cheek as she cursed herself for being so stupid. First, in opening the hidden door and then not to realize what sinister powers could have infested themselves in Sister Mary and herself. The library was pitch dark and she had to slow down unless she wanted to break her neck. Stumbling towards the cellar door she began to doubt whether she was in any condition to tackle what foul forces lay in wait downstairs, having already gotten hold of poor Sister Mary. After all, it was only a few minutes since she herself had just escaped their vile clutches and the images were still vivid in her mind. And her body was nowhere close to the self-control she liked to exert over it. Just as the night before she could clearly feel how aroused she was, her nether regions were on fire, with juices running down her inner thighs. Her nipples stood stiffly, sending electrical shocks through her body each time they rubbed heavily against the course cloth of her nightgown. Hesitating by the door to the cellar she was afraid to go further. She needed assistance.

Chapter 8

Sister Agnes had no idea how Sister Mary had managed to poison the minds of the nuns breakfasting in the dining hall. Whatever it was it only seemed to affect the nuns in the hall, as she and the three nuns with her didn’t feel any arousal.

The same could not be said of the nuns in the hall. It was obvious they were now struggling with the sudden, bewildering feelings of inner turmoil and lust. They were aligned along two long tables running down the length of the hall. Those that were sitting alone could indulge the fire in their bodies by inconspicuously using one hand to rub themselves through their habits under the table. Sister Agnes guessed that as long as their lust didn’t build any further they probably could escape without more overtly displaying their shameful state. But the nuns sitting in groups were another matter. They were desperately trying to compose themselves, fidgeting on the benches red faced and sweating profusely. Every now and then a small sigh would escape their lips as another stab of desire coursed through them. Sister Agnes could only imagine how they were feeling, she had never experienced such a powerful need deep within herself as these poor women were experiencing. Something had to give.

Then a pretty little redhead sitting bunched between two sisters let out a loud moan and planted her hands on her perky breasts, rubbing them vigorously in plain sight. The other nuns stared open-mouthed. But their faces didn’t register reprimand or even shock. Only lust and longing. The redhead thrust her chest forward, alternatively massaging her tits in her hands and using her fingers to tease her swollen nipples. Her sisters sitting around her watched enthralled, not even noticing their own hands now running over their own bodies.

Meanwhile, on the other table, things were also getting out of hand. Sitting in the midst of a group of her sisters was an authoritative sister in her early thirties. Her voluptuous body was shaking with pent-up lust, her eyes squeezed shut and her hands held the edge of the table so hard her knuckles were white. Her blonde tresses were glued to her sweaty forehead. The other nuns around her were watching her, as if they were waiting for a sign from her allowing them to give into their wanton lust. Some of them had their hands clasped, as if praying that the authoritative nun might shake off her desire and safe the lot of them. Others were watching as if they secretly hoped they’d be allowed to give in to their indulges in total abandonment. They did not have to wait long, as the voluptuous blonde suddenly released the table and grabbed the sister sitting next to her. Pulling her face towards her own the blonde fastened her mouth over the other’s and began to noisily kiss her. In only few moments the two of them were at it like rabbits, kissing and licking each other’s faces while running their hands over each other’s bodies.

Back on the first table the red-head was becoming totally lost in her own abandonment. She now had her habit up by her waist, displaying her white thighs and soaked undergarments. Suddenly the nun sitting on her right side dived her head between the red-head’s legs, excitedly running her tongue over the panty-clad pussy mound. The red-head moaned even louder, her whole body convulsing in spasms as a powerful orgasm raced through her. Opening her lust-glazed eyes, her tongue lolling obscenely out of the corner of her mouth, she thrust her hips forward while pressing her hands on the back of the head of the young nun between her thighs. Her panties had now been ripped apart, exposing her engorged pussy leaking cunt-juices. The teasing, sexy smell was more than the other nuns around them could bear and they attacked each other in a sexual frenzy where reason and composure had long since withered away, leaving only all-consuming desire and lust that had to be quenched.

The same scenario was developing on the other table, as the nuns went at each other seeking outlet for their crazed sexual lust. Those nuns that until now had been secretly rubbing themselves sitting in some corner joined in the fray and everywhere Sister Agnes looked she saw either nuns furiously masturbating in plain sight, or two or more nuns ripping their habits off and licking and sucking every bit of flesh in sight.

Sister Agnes felt not only her eyes being assaulted by the gruesome sight, but also her other senses. A strong aroma of sex juices hung in the air and the cries of pleasure were building to a crescendo as one sister after another had the most powerful, or the first, orgasm of their lives, only to build up to another and then another. The scene in the dining hall was now like that of the worst brothel or harem, with dozens of naked women writhing on the floor and tables eagerly using their tongue and fingers to pleasure others and be pleasured themselves. Any signs of decency, composure or religious piety had long since vanished. Sister Agnes knew it was time to leave, as there was nothing she or the sisters with her could do to help their poor, unfortunate sisters. Although Sister Agnes was sure that the nuns screaming in pleasure in the dining hall didn’t see themselves as being unfortunate.

She was about to ask her untainted sisters to turn and leave with her, when she saw that Sister Mary had joined the fray. She had entered through the door leading to the kitchen and now stood in the middle of the dining hall, stark naked stroking her enormous cock, reveling in the sight and sounds around her. Seeing Sister Mary’s dripping cock made Sister Agnes realize what her possessed former friend had done. Sister Mary had snuck into the kitchen after mass and proceeded to dispersing her demon seed into the food laid out for breakfast. Sister Agnes could picture the scene quite easily; Sister Mary, her habit up around her waist, squatting over the soup pot, furiously jacking off until glob after glob of the corrupting white seed sprayed out and mixed with the soup. The whole thing probably only took a couple of minutes, completed while the kitchen staff was out fetching fresh milk. By the time they returned Sister Mary had her habit back in place, an innocent smile on her lips. At least it meant that she and her little group of sisters were save, as none of them had yet eaten.

Looking back into the dining hall Sister Agnes saw that a couple of sex-crazed nuns were kneeling in front of Sister Mary, enthusiastically licking and sucking her cock. Both of them were quite young and Sister Agnes was sure neither of them hadn’t even seen a cock before in their lives, let alone touched one. But the same had applied to Sister Mary only the day before and only went to show that once the lust had taken you experience didn’t matter.

Sister Agnes noticed that the two younger nuns in her entourage, Sister Karen and Sister Eliza, were craning their necks to get a better look at Sister Mary. She realized that she hadn’t told the two nuns about Sister Mary’s transformation, which explained their curiosity at such a spectacle. All of a sudden the curtain they were hiding behind ripped and Sister Eliza tumbled on the floor. She had been leaning too heavily on the curtain and her weight had ripped it. Sister Agnes looked up and saw that Sister Mary was looking at them, as were several of the other nuns, a hungry look in their eyes. She knew there was no time to waste, she hoisted Sister Eliza to her feet, then turn and ran. She heard the other three nuns follow close on her heels, but she feared more than them might follow.

Once outside Sister Josephine took control and guided them to her classroom. She didn’t take the direct route, but twisted and turned through some narrow corridors to throw any pursuers off the scent. The ploy worked as none followed them into the classroom. Only when Sister Agnes had made sure they were not being followed did she notice that the classroom was still occupied by the young nuns Sister Josephine had been instructing earlier in the morning. Obviously, when Sister Josephine told someone to stay, they stayed, even if it meant missing breakfast. For the first time this morning, Sister Agnes could afford to smile. The rest of the convent might be lost, but at least they now had six more allies, albeit young and confused.

“We cannot stay here,” Sister Josephine said. “They will find us eventually and we can’t barricade this room adequately. I suggest we move at once to one of the secure rooms in the inner building. The masonry is strong there and so are the doors. We should hurry before the… orgy in the dining hall ends. Once we’re there we can decide what to do.” The other nuns quickly agreed and again Sister Josephine led them through twisting tunnels and secret doors to one of the large rooms at the back of the convent.

“This was once the room of the abates, before the new section was built a century ago,” Sister Josephine explained while she locked the door. “There is water and toilet here and this door can withstand a siege. Now all we need is some food and time to think. But first, we shall pray.”

A table in one corner held a large cross and the ten shaken nuns knelt in front of it. Sister Josephine led the prayers. Sister Agnes had never prayed as fervently as she did now, because she feared only a divine intervention was enough to save them and this convent from falling into the evil clutches of the devil. But maybe even a miracle was not enough.

Chapter 9

The nuns stayed holed up until noon, paralyzed with trepidation and indecision. Hunger finally drove them from their lair. It was decided that three of them would make their way from the room to the kitchen, bringing back as much food as they could carry. Sister Josephine, having intimate knowledge of the layout of the convent, led the group, followed by Sister Agnes and Sister Karen. The convent was a sprawling place. Once it had held twice as many sisters as it did now, leaving a lot of sections deserted. The group stayed out of the inhabited quarters as much as they could, but still they sometimes had to take detours when they happened upon other nuns. Invariably, these other nuns were engaged in sexual activities, shamelessly frolicking and fornicating with each other. The sight of their former sisters and brides of Christ lessened into wanton hussies only bent on pleasuring each other ripped their hearts out and by the time they entered the kitchen area they were all silently weeping in sadness. The kitchen was empty and the group quickly filled empty sacks with as much food as they could hold. They were careful to take only food from the pantry, as they didn’t know what food in the kitchen itself might be contaminated with Sister Mary’s demon seed.

“This is enough,” Sister Josephine declared. “Let’s head back.”

“We must make a detour,” Sister Agnes said. “I must go to my room and fetch some books on the occult. They might hold the answer to how we can defeat this evil thing that is threatening to take over the whole convent.”

Sister Josephine regarded Sister Agnes for a few moments, before nodding her head. Sister Agnes knew the risk they were taking, but she also knew it was necessary. She had no idea what they could do on their own; the books were their only chance.

The group hurried to the living area. There were more nuns here and on a few occasions they almost stumbled right into full-blown orgies. But they remained hidden and thanked the Lord for the fortune of not running into Sister Mary. Sister Agnes could only imagine what she was up to.

Once in her room Sister Agnes quickly dug out her trusted bag of books she always carried with her. The bag contained the most vital and comprehensive books on the occult she knew and she only hoped they contained the information they needed.

The group left as quickly as it entered, Sister Agnes hoisting her bag over her shoulder along with the food sack. The weight almost brought her to her knees, but she gritted her teeth and carried on. Sister Josephine was even more careful on the way back. Several times she had them waiting in some dark alcove for minutes on end before proceeding. In a way, Sister Agnes fumed with impatience over the delays, but at least they gave her the opportunity to unburden her load. Hoisting it back over her shoulders was increasingly becoming a test of willpower and just when she thought she would give up, they finally arrived. She let the sack and her books slid to the floor with a loud sigh, massaging her aching shoulders.

The nuns attacked the food with vigor and Sister Agnes felt how her spirit lifted as her strength returned. Soon, the group was chatting excitedly about their possibilities, their mood not nearly as bleak as it had been in the morning.

“The big question is,” Sister Josephine said, “whether we should try to leave the convent, or stay and seek a solution ourselves.”

“I think we should leave so we can get in touch with higher church authorities, maybe they know what to do.” Sister Eliza said.

“I’m not sure,” Sister Agnes replied with her mouth stuffed half full with bread. “I have as good a knowledge of the occult as anyone in Rome, and I think we should stay here and fight this evilness from the inside. If we leave, we may never have the chance of entering again. Remember, this convent is built like a fortress.”

The nuns debated the matter for hours, discussing the situation from every possible angle. Despite Sister Agnes’ arguments, in the end the overall consensus was to leave the convent and call for outside assistance. Sister Agnes was disappointed, but she had to agree with Sister Josephine, that their little group was not likely to succeed.

“We will wait here until it is dark before leaving,” Sister Josephine was saying. “We have to cross the front yard and we don’t want to do that in broad daylight.”

The nuns settled in, some of them went back to praying, others sat quietly chatting, giving each other support. The half a dozen young nuns were still confused about the whole state of affairs, even after Sister Josephine explained the gist of it. Their pure, innocent minds just weren’t capable of fathoming such a monstrous development. To some extent, Sister Agnes envied their peaceful ignorance. Yet it also scared her, knowing their ignorance also made them easy pickings, just as the earlier episode in the dining hall had demonstrated all too clearly. Steeling her resolve, Sister Agnes was determined not to let the same demonic powers that had corrupted the rest of the convent get to these girls, she would make their safety her responsibility.

With renewed vigor, Sister Agnes started to rummage through her bag of books and set out in search for a solution; if one of these books provided an answer, she was determined to find it. She poured over the ancient texts for hours, until her eyes were bleary and her head ached. She hadn’t found anything yet. It was now time for evening mass, which Sister Josephine directed. After eating dinner Sister Josephine suggested they would rest so they would be fresh later in the night. The nuns arranged their sleeping places as best they could and, after making sure the door was securely locked, were soon fast asleep.

Sister Agnes was asleep almost the moment she closed her eyes. Having lived a sheltered, unadventurous life for so long the dramatic events of the last few days wore her out. Then the dreams started. She knew these dreams. They were the same she had had the night after discovering the secret room. The lewd images she had witnessed the past couple of days mingled with her own repressed sexuality, creating a heady mixture that had her sweating and moaning in no time. Female flesh rolled before her eyes, offering itself to her. Naked nuns with nothing but their veils crawled around, over and under her, pressing their fevered bodies into hers, probing her every orifice with their tongues and fingers. It felt so wonderful. So free and vibrant. An existence where nothing mattered other than pleasuring and being pleasured. She felt as if these words where being whispered to her, suggestive and friendly. It would be so easy to give in. To join her sisters in Sapphic delights now and forever. So easy.

Somebody was shaking her, but Sister Agnes rolled over and tried to re-capture her wonderful dream. But the shaking was persistent and she grudgingly opened her eyes. She was about to lash out at whomever had awaken her when the reality came crashing home. She had almost given in. Maybe had, if she hadn’t been woken. Sister Agnes looked up into the eyes of Sister Josephine, whose mouth was set in a firm determination. Sister Agnes looked around and saw that most of the sisters were already awake. Those that weren’t were thrashing around, moaning. Sister Josephine moved over to them and shook them until they awoke. Sister Agnes felt shame pour over her, and by the look in the eyes of the other nuns, she wasn’t the only one feeling embarrassed.

It was now the middle of the night and Sister Josephine ordered them to get dressed and ready themselves for leaving. Sister Agnes was glad to occupy her mind with something else and before long the ten nuns were ready.

Sister Josephine led the little group out, reminding everyone to stay quiet. The nuns quickly moved through the silent convent and were soon out in the air. Sister Agnes took deep breaths, sensing her jingly nerves sooth as the fresh night air filled her lungs. Sister Josephine urged them on and they made their way through the front yard, pressing their backs against the walls wherever possible. Soon they were at the gatehouse. To Sister Agnes’ dismay she saw light in the windows. Creeping close they peeked through them. What they saw took their breaths away. Inside the small gatehouse a full-blown orgy was taking place. At least eight stark naked nuns lay around the floor kissing and licking each other. In the middle of the room, sitting on a chair, was Sister Mary, laughing and screaming with pleasure. She had one nun lodged between her thighs furiously licking her pussy, while another nun was riding her cock like her live depended on it. She bounced energetically up and down the thick shaft, her face a mask of utter bliss.

The sinful sight was mesmerizing the young nuns, but Sister Agnes and Sister Josephine managed to avert their eyes. Then the two of them hurriedly ushered the other nuns away. It was obvious they were not going to escape through the http://www.intrafood.netday, she now desperately wanted to get away. She feared falling asleep, fearing she would give in to the loathsome dreams of desire. But there was no choice in the matter, they had to stay here for another day at least.

The group that had set out an hour earlier in high spirits, entered the dusty chambers they now regarded as ‘home’ with despairing hearts. None of them relished the thought of spending another day here.

Sister Josephine took Sister Agnes aside, leading her to the small bathroom that adjoined the outer room.

“We must do something, and that quickly. I fear for the souls of the young nuns, they haven’t got the experience we have in fighting the guiles of the dark one. Did you find something of use in those books of yours?”

“Not exactly. I have found no specific references to a demonic penis that attaches itself to female bodies, seducing them. But I have found some texts that mention to the same kind of powers. I think the evil forces we are dealing with are not those of the penis itself, but where it comes from.”

“The hidden room?” Sister Josephine asked. Sister Agnes nodded.

“I think we must try to bar it up in order to cut the connection between what powers lie behind it and the demon penis.” Sister Agnes said.

“Would that be enough, you think?”

“I hope so. At least that’s the only thing I can think of.”

“Then that is what we must try. You stay here and try to find out more in those books of yours. I’ll take a few girls with me to help me board up the door to that cursed room.”

Having said that, Sister Josephine left Sister Agnes and immediately picked out three of her young protégés to follow her on this dangerous mission. Sister Agnes wanted to talk this over a bit more, but she didn’t have a better idea and decided to allow the forceful Sister Josephine to try out this daring move. Maybe it would work, and if it didn’t they would just come back and think of something else. There was no harm in trying, was there?

Chapter 10

The small group set out quickly, while they still had the cover of darkness to hide their movements. Sister Agnes closed the door after them, already starting to count down the couple of hours Sister Josephine said they would be gone. After securing the locks she turned back to her books. There had to be something…

Sister Josephine decided not to enter the cellar through the main entrance in the library, but through another little used entrance much closer. Again, she praised her curiosity as a young girl when she first entered the convent. She had spent weeks wandering around the old convent, discovering places few if any had visited for years, even decades. Her intimate knowledge of the layout of the convent had sure come in handy these last few unbelievable hours. She still had a hard time coming to grips with what was happening – her beloved convent, once a place of peace and quiet, had suddenly turned topsy-turvy and she had only a faint idea why and how it had all happened.

Sister Josephine was skeptical that bordering up the door to the hidden room would accomplish much, but that didn’t deter her. At the very least, it would mean that Sister Mary could no longer communicate with what evil forces lay behind the door. The mission would also have the important side effect of raising the spirits of the young nuns. Sister Josephine knew how important it was for them to feel that something was being done. She suspected that if the lot of them had cooped up in the dusty room for hours, with nothing to do but think about their impending doom, then their morale had quickly drained, leaving them easy pickings for any ruse Sister Mary decided to pull. No, Sister Josephine was determined to keep the young sisters busy, she was not going to let them fall prey to some foul plot conceived by the twisted Sister Mary.

The short journey down into the cellar was uneventful. The parts they traveled through were uninhabited and they met no one. They entered the cellar at the back end, but the hidden room was actually closer from here than the main entrance. Before making their way to the room, they first stopped by to pick up some wooden planks and tools. Armed with this they arrived at the hidden room. The door was still firmly closed and there was no sign of anything untoward, except from a faint light from under the door. Sister Josephine sighed in relief, as usual her pessimistic character feared the worst.

She quickly sorted her companions out and set them to their tasks. Before long they had boarded up the door, apart from a mere foot at the bottom. They had run out of planks and Sister Josephine sent one of the young girls, Sister Agatha to fetch more. Suddenly, she saw a surge in the light coming from under the door, but before she could warn the two sisters kneeling by it to back away the lowest part of the door shattered into fragments, bathing the nuns in otherworldly light. Sister Nina, kneeling closest screamed in terror as two hideous tentacles shot through the opening, one wrapping itself around her throat, the other grabbing her by the waist. The tentacles were the color of flesh, with red bulbous heads oozing white fluid. The tentacles began to drag poor Sister Nina under the broken door, the girl feebly pulling at the tentacles.

Sister Josephine shouted at the other girl kneeling right behind Sister Nina gaping at the sight.

“Sister Margaret, seize her, don’t let her be dragged in! Sister Agatha! Come back here now!” Sister Josephine shouted, trying to get some sort of control over the fast-evolving situation. Sister Margaret grabbed Sister Nina by the knees and started to pull back. Sister Nina was already half way through the opening, but Sister Margaret managed to drag her back until her head was back out. But the tentacles wouldn’t let go and Sister Margaret wasn’t strong enough to pull Sister Nina completely free. Sister Agatha was now back and Sister Josephine ordered her to help. The passage to the door was too narrow for Sister Agatha to squeeze by, so she had to grab Sister Margaret by the waist and pull at her. The three of them knelt in their awkward positions, frantically trying to disengage Sister Nina from the assaulting tentacles, with Sister Josephine standing behind them shouting encouragements.

No matter how hard the three girls pulled they never managed to drag Sister Nina further than a little outside the door. Each time they seemed to be succeeding the tentacles started pulling a bit harder, negating their efforts. Soon, the three young nuns were panting, desperation setting in. All of a sudden, the tip of the tentacle wrapped around Sister Nina’s throat plunged into her mouth, muffling out her scream of fear. The tentacle forced its way deep down her throat, then swiftly pulled out again before thrusting in once again. It started to rape her mouth mercilessly, still wrapped around her neck.

The other tentacle made its move moments later, releasing Sister Nina’s waist only to plunge down between her legs and into her habit. From there it quickly moved upwards, dragging the hem of the habit along with it. It surged over her backside and along her back, appearing again at her neckline. The tentacle continued to writhe inside the habit of the terrified nun, ripping it slowly at the seams, exposing more and more of her tender flesh. In the space of only two minutes Sister Nina’s habit lay in tatters by her knees, leaving only her bra and panties. But the tentacle wasn’t through yet, it squirmed between her breasts, ripping the bra off in one stroke, then doing the same with her panties. Sister Nina was now kneeling there naked, her mouth stuffed with one tentacle while another rubbed every inch of her body.

Sister Margaret had lost her grip momentarily while the habit was being ripped off, but she now again held Sister Nina by her bare knees, grunting in effort, her face only inches from Sister Nina’s exposed buttocks.

Sister Josephine had watched the proceeding with dismay. She was wracking her brain for some solution, but none presented itself. She listened distraught to Sister Nina’s muffled cries. Her dismay grew when she noticed her cries began to change in tone. It seemed she no longer was crying in pain and terror, but in wondrous joy. Indeed, when Sister Josephine peered at her face just visible under the door she saw that Sister Nina’s face wasn’t registering fear and revulsion any more, but amazed pleasure. Although one of her hands still grabbed the tentacle in her mouth, it wasn’t trying to tug it out, but forcing it further in.

“Get her out! Now!” Sister Josephine shouted in frustration. Reason told her she should get the other two nuns out of there and leave Sister Nina be, but her pride and protective nature overrode reason, compelling her to urge the other girls to get Sister Nina safe. Sister Margaret and Sister Agatha redoubled their efforts, but to no avail. With Sister Nina no longer trying to get free the other nuns could hardly budge her.

Sister Nina was now totally gone, a willing participant in the depraved assaults of the twin tentacles. She gobbled on the tentacle in her mouth like a seasoned whore and moaned in ecstasy as the other tentacle briefly touched her engorged pussy, which was now leaking cunt-juices profusely, covering her inner thighs and dripping on the floor. She now had both her hands thrusting the tentacle into her mouth and no longer supporting her body. Her chest lay against the floor and she brazenly rubbed her aching nipples against the rough stone texture. The move thrust her ass into the air and Sister Josephine noticed with disgust how the muscles in her pussy and ass were rapidly contracting like a bitch in heat. For a moment Sister Nina removed the tentacle from her mouth.

“Lick me, Margaret, please lick me. I need it so badly!” she moaned, before resuming her slobbering work on the tentacle.

Sister Margaret looked up momentarily from her position between the legs of Sister Nina, but disregarded the obscene words. If she was at all affected by the inflamed pussy right in front of her face, she didn’t show it and Sister Josephine admired her resolve.

“That’s it, Sister Margaret. Don’t listen to her. Let’s just get her free and then we can all leave,” she said encouragingly. Sister Josephine refused to belief that Sister Nina was beyond redemption. She was such as nice, piteous young woman that traces of decency must still be left in her despite all evidence to the contrary.

“Please, Sister Nina, fight the temptation, I know you can. Just listen to the voice of our Lord in your heart and you can defeat this evil. You are strong, you can do it. Please listen to me!” Sister Josephine went on, hoping her voice would get through to the young nun in her lust-filled mind. ‘She couldn’t succumb so easily,’ Sister Josephine thought. ‘Her faith is strong, she must be able to fight this.’ Just then, the tentacle roaming the body of young Sister Nina made a sudden dash for the struggling Sister Margaret. It weaved around her before streaking between her legs, much the same as it had did earlier with Sister Nina, dragging the habit up her legs and over her back.

“No! Watch out!” Sister Josephine cried out in warning. But it was too late.

Ripping off the undergarments with equal vigor the tentacle wrapped itself around Sister Margaret’s waist and held the panicky sister in a vice. The tentacle didn’t stop there, instead the tip of it drove down, squeezing between Sister Margaret’s ass cheeks, where it rubbed against her ass and pussy in the most obscene manner. Then, it changed course slightly and forced its way into Sister Margaret’s ass. The distraught nun screamed in pain, tears streaming down her lovely cheeks. The tentacle plunged several inches in, then started pounding Sister Margaret’s asshole forcefully.

“No!, Please, take it out!” Sister Margaret cried. “Please, Sister Josephine, make it stop! It hurts!”

Sister Josephine couldn’t take it, she grabbed one of the hammers they had used earlier and started hitting the tentacle fucking poor Sister Margaret as hard as she could. But the sponge-like tentacle yielded easily to her blows and never even missed a stride. Sister Josephine gave up in disgust, throwing the hammer away.

The thrusting tentacle pushed Sister Margaret into Sister Nina’s backside, Sister Margaret now had to place her hands on Sister Nina’s quivering bum to keep herself steady. Sister Margaret kept her tear-stained face downcast, but this meant the top of her headgear actually rubbed against Sister Nina’s pussy, making her shout in pleasure.

The tentacle buried in Sister Margaret’s asshole suddenly ejaculated, spewing hot cum deep into her bowels. Sister Margaret screamed, then let out a sigh of relief as the tentacle withdrew from her ass, its tip still dripping.

The two tentacles now resumed their attempts to drag the nuns under the door. Sister Nina, with no one holding onto her, went quite easily, mewling in pleasure as she disappeared under the door. But Sister Margaret fought the tentacle that had just finished raping her tooth and nail and Sister Agatha did the same. The tentacle managed to drag Sister Margaret up to the door, but no further.

“I have her, Sister Josephine,” Sister Agatha declared triumphantly.

“That’s it,” the older nun replied. “Now don’t let go of her. Sister Nina may be lost, but we can still safe Sister Margaret.”

The sister in question had quit crying, but an occasional sob still wracked her naked body. Her eyes were firmly closed, as if she was trying to fight some inner demon. Sister Josephine guessed that the seed deposited by the tentacle was slowly corrupting the mind and body of the young nun. There wasn’t a moment to lose. Maybe if they could get Sister Margaret out and rushed her back to Sister Agnes, she would know a way to reverse the evil influence of the seed.

Sister Agatha sensed Sister Josephine’s anxiety and used every ounce of her strength to pull out her fellow nun and close friend. But in her frantic haste, she didn’t pay enough attention to Sister Margaret.

Beads of sweat covered her forehead and it was obvious her body was in a state of high arousal, though she still managed to keep it bottled up. Yet a momentary slip of her resolve was enough to make her sphincter contract, sending a gob of demon seed sailing from her ass and directly into the mouth of Sister Agatha grunting right behind her. Sister Agatha blinked in surprise, then started coughing and spewing.

“No, don’t let go!” Sister Josephine shouted, but Sister Agatha didn’t hear her. Sister Josephine shoved the nun away and grabbed Sister Margaret by her feet just as she was about to disappear under the door. Throwing herself backwards, she got enough momentum to drag Sister Margaret back out, but only just. Settling herself on her knees, still holding firmly onto Sister Margaret’s ankles, Sister Josephine began a tug-of-war with not one, but two tentacles holding onto Sister Margaret.

Sister Agatha was lying on the floor, still trying to clear her mouth of the foul seed, though she knew she had already swallowed much of it on instinct the moment it entered her mouth. She crawled over to a crate and sat up, clasping her hands in prayer.

Sister Margaret seemed to hardly notice that she was being pulled forcefully this way and that. Her body was almost limp, her hands unconsciously running over it, teasing every erogenous zone they could find. When she felt the first onrush of tingling sexual emotions in her, she had focused her mind on the Virgin Mary, praying in her mind for absolution from her torments. The image of Christ’s mother had kept the worst at bay, keeping her mind free even if her body had already betrayed her. But it was becoming increasingly difficult for her to focus, the image kept changing, instead of the serene Virgin Mary standing before her she suddenly saw Sister Nina, naked and dripping wet. Then the image changed into Sister Mary, with her huge cock proudly protruding from her loins. When Sister Margaret finally managed to see the Virgin Mary again the image had changed. The serene face was now a mask of lust and her modest robes had been replaced by a garter belt and socks and nothing else. Her sex beckoned and when she opened her arms inviting Sister Margaret to join her, she couldn’t refuse.

Sister Josephine sensed that Sister Margaret was lost, yet her stubborn will would not let Sister Margaret go, while there was still chance to safe her. She saw that one of the tentacles was making its way towards her, but she beat it back while still holding on to the young nun. The tentacle assaulted her again, but she managed to repel it a second time. Then the tentacle grabbed her by the wrist, leaving her only one hand free to pull on Sister Margaret. She didn’t know how much longer she could hold out, but she was not going to leave Sister Margaret behind. She looked back and saw that Sister Agatha was still deep in prayer.

“Sister Agatha, go back. Leave us and go tell Sister Agnes what has happened here. If I manage to free Sister Margaret we will join you soon,” she shouted. She noticed the futility in her voice, but also the steely determination not to retreat. Sister Agatha looked up and surveyed the scene before her, the delirious Sister Margaret oozing sexuality and the struggling Sister Josephine kneeling behind her.

Sister Josephine tried to shake off the tentacle holding on to her wrist. She even tried to bite it to pry it lose. It didn’t work. The other tentacle wasn’t even trying to pull Sister Margaret in now, instead it was allowing her to suck on to it with total abandonment. Tears of frustration formed in Sister Josephine’s eyes as she tried to gain control of the situation. Then she felt hands on her ass and looking back she saw that Sister Agatha was on her knees behind her.

“That’s it, Sister Agatha,” she shouted hopefully. “Pull us out.”

But the hands on her ass didn’t pull. They roamed her broad backside, exploring it. Sister Josephine looked Sister Agatha in the eyes in alarm and saw that Sister Agatha had a faraway look in her eyes, like that of a person listening to the commands of some inner voice that had been silent all her life. The hands roaming her ass were moving down, stroking her thighs, then calves. Then they started moving back up, this time on the inside of Sister Josephine’s habit.

“No, Sister Agatha! Don’t do this,” Sister Josephine pleaded. “Go, go back. Please, don’t do this!”

Sister Agatha’s assault was relentless. Soon, the habit was bunched up around Sister Josephine’s waist and Sister Agatha literally ripped her panties off. Her hands again began exploring Sister Josephine’s backside, now much more adventurous. They quickly found their way to Sister Josephine’s pussy, merrily rubbing the hairy twat.

Sister Josephine gasped when Sister Agatha’s pink tongue touched her clit. She wasn’t the least bit aroused when Sister Agatha began her assault, but her body couldn’t deny the pleasure it was being given. Yet Sister Josephine didn’t despair. The other nuns had given in because of the evil powers that had entered their bodies and corrupted them. Nothing of the sort had happened to her and she was confident she could quash any sexual feelings she would have. If only Sister Margaret would stop wriggling her pretty little ass right in front of her…

Sister Agatha had never licked a pussy before in her life. She hadn’t even contemplated such a thing. To her, like most women of the cloth, the genital area was a zone of forbidden pleasures that any God-fearing person should stay well away from. Even her monthly periods made her cringe in shame. But now she was happily licking and sucking on the pussy of her teacher, whom she looked up to and admired much. She so wanted to please her, to share with her the feelings that had taken hold of her body and mind. At first she had used her tongue tentatively, engaged in such an unfamiliar, but oh-so exciting, activity. She slowly increased her pace, spurred on by the first signs of arousal in the target pussy. The smell that teased her nose was the sweetest and most exhilarating she had ever encountered, it was driving her mad with desire. Her mouth, lips and tongue were all over Sister Josephine’s cunt and Sister Agatha could feel the tension slowly easing out of the body she was assailing. When she trust a finger up Sister Josephine’s but she finally got the response she had been waiting for; a loud moan escaping the lips of her mentor.

Sister Josephine’s mind was in a turmoil. At first, feelings of despair and wild panic had built up, only to be overwhelmed by feelings of deep desire. Sister Josephine had had her share of sexual arousal in the past, all thankfully conquered, but this new feeling was unlike anything she had encountered before. It was like a sexual awakening deep within her, a sexual revelation that threatened to unravel everything she stood for. She imagined it something akin to animalistic lust, primal desire that overrode everything else. Next to this irresistible feeling things such as reason and logic paled. Even thinking was hard. Sister Josephine had once read what the signs of arousal were, faster pulse, heavier breathing, stiffening nipples, hot and flustered skin. She was sensing all those things now. And why did Sister Margaret have to have such a lovely, lickable cunt?

The tentacle holding Sister Josephine’s wrist let go. The nun didn’t notice, her eyes transfixed on Sister Margaret’s pussy in front of her. Neither did Sister Josephine notice when the tentacle slithered into her habit, pressing against her hot flesh. When her cloths were ripped from her body she hardly blinked. Her pussy was now on fire, the focal point of her pent up desire so great that it hardly seemed to fit in her body. Sister Agatha was squealing in delight at all the yummy cunt-juices flowing from the pussy she loved to lick and caress.

With shaking hands, Sister Josephine dragged herself towards Sister Margaret, who was still contently slurping on a tentacle-cock. A small voice inside Sister Josephine’s head was screaming ‘No!’ as the lust-crazed nun pushed her tongue into the pussy-folds of Sister Margaret, to the latter’s great delight. But the rest of her was screaming ‘Yes! Yes!’ and the moment her tongue hit Sister Margaret’s pussy she felt herself cum so powerfully she literally saw stars.

Fifteen minutes later the three nuns were still at it. Sister Agatha and Sister Margaret were now engaged in a frisky 69 – a term neither had ever heard mentioned, but which they were now eagerly finding out all about. Meanwhile, Sister Josephine was entertaining the two tentacles, with one stuck in her throat, while the other rode her ass. She was standing upright and so powerful were the thrusts of the tentacle in her ass she was lifted into the air with each upward thrust. If her mouth hadn’t been fully occupied she would have screamed in pleasure. Instead, she let a small mewl suffice.

Another fifteen minutes later there was no sign of the nuns, or the tentacles. The lower half of the door was still a gaping hole, but the eerie light was very faint. It still managed to illuminate the floor in front of the door, littered with habits ripped in half, destroyed undergarments and a shoe that once belonged to Sister Josephine. She wouldn’t need it where she was now.

Chapter 11

Sister Agnes paced the floor, anxiety marring her otherwise beautiful face. Sister Josephine had said she and her group would be gone two hours, but now almost four hours had passed since they left. Dawn was already upon them and Sister Agnes feared for the worst. Once again, she contemplated sending someone to search for them, but, as always, discarded the notion as foolish. If something had befallen them then searching for them would likely trap the searchers the same as Sister Josephine. Sister Agnes didn’t know which was more terrifying to contemplate: losing the morale support of Sister Josephine or discovering what horrors could ensnare such a strong willed woman.

Sister Agnes glanced at the other nuns sitting around the room on dusty chairs. They were the picture of despondent glumness. Although Sister Agnes was still not ready to give Sister Josephine up for good, she knew that it was now up to her to raise the spirits of the small group and keep them functional and sound. Moving her eyes from the nuns to the books laying scattered around a table in the corner, she felt her heart sink. She still hadn’t found anything of use. The books were her only hope, if they didn’t turn something up all they could do was cooping up in here until their food ran out.

The nuns had stayed up all night, their attempt at rest last evening had failed and their nerves were on the edge. Sister Agnes knew that nothing could be accomplished, no new ideas would emerge, unless they got a good rest. She ordered the nuns to go to sleep. To be on the safe side one of them would remain awake. She herself would take the first shift.

The five nuns were fast asleep in a few minutes, leaving Sister Agnes to pace the room again. The only window in the room was a thin slit and the thick walls prohibited any decent view from it. All she could see were some distant hills and a sliver of a skyline. As she feared, she soon noticed her sisters were having a restless sleep. They twisted and turned in their makeshift beds, frowns creasing their young faces. Sister Agnes was unsure whether she should wake them or not. In the end, she decided against it. The other nuns already knew what to expect in their dreams, making them prepared to fight the temptation. More importantly, they needed their sleep, however restless. If they continued shaking each other awake every time they had a bad dream they would never get any rest at all, driving them crazy in no time. Still, a line had to be put somewhere and when Sister Eliza started to rub her crotch obscenely Sister Agnes gently moved her hand away. The young nun didn’t wake and her sleep seemed to ease somewhat.

Taking her rosary in her hands, Sister Agnes knelt before the sleeping nuns and prayed for them to stay strong in their faith. She was happy when she noticed that as time went on the nuns finally seemed to slip into deeper sleep. Indeed, Sister Eliza was now snoring loudly. After two hours Sister Agnes felt her own eyes were becoming very heavy. She shook Sister Karen awake and told her to take the next shift.

As she expected, lewd dreams assailed her almost the moment she closed her eyes. She allowed them to run their course, taking care not to get emotionally attached. She wasn’t totally successful, whatever forces were behind these enticing dreams pulled every trick in the book to get to her. When she saw Sister Josephine and the Mother Superior engaged in a hot lesbian encounter, she almost lost her control. Seeing these strong women hungrily devouring each other’s pussies was so debasing, yet at the same time strangely arousing.

When she finally woke up it was already early evening. Her body was hot and sweaty, but she felt rested and vibrant. The other nuns were also up and after dining they held a mass of a sort. Sister Agnes felt saddened that this small group was probably the only one still maintaining the praying schedule in the convent – they were all that remained; the last of the pure brides of Christ. She conducted the mass, taking extra care to include in their prayers a plead for the Lord to give them strength. ‘God, how they needed that,’ she thought.

During the mass Sister Agnes was disturbed to occasionally find herself letting her gaze unwittingly linger too long on the shapely curve of a bosom or a hip on the young nuns in front of her. She had never before been enticed by the shape of the woman figure and she put it down to lingering effects from her sleep, but it still upset her, making her falter once or twice during the mass. She also thought she saw some of other nuns make furtive, but telling, glances at each other, but she wasn’t sure what exactly she was actually seeing and what see imagined she was seeing.

Only when the mass was over did she sense how aroused she was. It was not the brazen, lustful kind of arousal that demanded attention, but the more sinister type that snuck upon you and lingered just under the surface threatening to break out at any moment. She was thankful for her industrial-strength bra, or her nipples would be clearly poking out, and her pussy was hot and bothered. A slight touch as Sister Karen brushed against her passing by was enough to send jolts of sexual energy directly from her loins to her brain. Sister Agnes hurried over into the corner and stuck her nose in a book. The other nuns were probably in a similar state as she, but she was too pre-occupied in reigning in her own lust to perceive it clearly.

Thumping through the book in her hands, not really able to focus on anything but a paragraph here and there, she finally gave up and went to have a glass of water. Two of the young nuns were back in their beds, sleeping, Sister Karen was reading the bible out loud, rocking back and forth in her chair. The third nun from Sister Josephine’s class was kneeling by her feet, listening intently while nodding her head, her hands crossed over her chest like she was trying to keep them in check. There was no sign of Sister Eliza.

“Sister Karen, where is Sister Eliza?”

“She went to the bathroom, Sister Agnes.”

“Has she been in there long?”

“Quite awhile, I think. I… I wasn’t really watching her,” came the hesitant answer. Sister Agnes frowned. It could be justifiable, but something told her this was not the case. She hesitated for only a moment, before striding to the bathroom and bursting in without so much as knocking. It was as she expected. Sister Eliza was sitting on the old toilet, a wooden plank with a hole cut in it leading into an old sewer system that, miraculously, still worked. Her habit was up by her waist and she had both her hands in her crotch, two fingers on each hand deeply embedded into her cunt. Her face was contorted in pleasure, her eyes glazed over. She glanced at Sister Agnes, but kept on pleasuring herself unabated. Sister Agnes stormed in and pulled Sister Eliza’s hands from her wet pussy, splashing cunt juices all over the place. Sister Agnes dragged the other nun to her feet so the habit slipped back down her legs. She was furious, but she also felt her own arousal starting to boil over, so she kept her mouth shut to maintain her composure.

Sister Agnes led Sister Eliza back into the main room. The younger nun was slowly regaining her senses and her face was now beet red in shame. Sister Agnes let go of her hand and she scampered away. Rousing the two sleeping nuns, Sister Agnes gathered the lot in front of her.

“Listen, we are all going through a perilous time,” she said, deciding it was best if this came out in the open so they could deal with it together. “We are all experiencing lack of control over our body and this frightens us. We have feelings we know are forbidden, but which suddenly seem so sweet and satisfying.” The other nuns were now looking at each other more openly, obviously glad that they weren’t the only ones fighting inner demons. Sister Agnes continued:

“We cannot fight these evil powers alone, we must do it together and through God. Unity is our strength, if we stay divided these powers will overwhelm us one by one, but if we look out for each other we can make it through this ordeal. Sister Eliza fell from grace just now, because she was all alone, she had no one to lean on. Her error shows us the importance of staying together, to give each other strength. From now on none of us will ever leave the sight of all the others. This goes for the bathroom too. I know this will be inconvenient, but it is necessary. If one of us slips for a moment it is vital that another of us is there to pull her back.” Her little speech was having a remarkable effect. The prospect of being on their own in this struggle had disheartened them all, but now the thought of solidarity raised their spirits. The nuns returned to what they had been doing, except Sister Eliza of course, which joined Sister Karen in her bible reading. Sister Agnes returned to her books and finally had the peace of mind to focus on her work.

It was now getting close to midnight. By routine they should all have been fast asleep by now, as the morning mass was only a few hours away. She wished they could fall back into the normal routine of a convent, but this was impossible in the given circumstances. She felt that higher authorities would certainly forgive them this slight misdeed, what with all the other goings on in the convent. It was not as if their slight transgression came anywhere near the sins being committed by their former sisters in other parts of the convent.

Hours passed and the atmosphere was finally getting amiable and relaxed. The nuns spent their waking hours reading the bible and praying, in between short spells of fitful sleeping. The dreams where not any easier to handle, but the support they gave each other kept the seducing powers at bay. The bathroom breaks had been embarrassing at first, but soon became at least bearable, though never easy for the modest nuns.

Sister Agnes had finally found a text in one of her books that could be relevant to the situation. It was a description written some four centuries earlier by a Dominican monk about the seducing powers of demons, how they often used dreams as a vehicle to get to their victims and certain artifacts that existed that were filled with these powers. The text didn’t specifically mention the demon penis, but she was finally on the right track. It was now early morning and her eyes were getting heavy. She decided to take a short nap so she could scrutinize the text completely fresh. The other nuns were up and around, reading quietly or praying softly.

She quickly fell asleep and soon was dreaming. But this dream was a pleasant one, she found herself wandering in the garden outside her own convent down on the plain. The sun was shining, birds were chirping and she felt completely at peace, a million miles from any evil. She entered the convent, but when she walked through the outer door she found her not standing in the red-tiled foyer she knew so well, but the paneled gatehouse of Our Lady’s Convent. But the day was still pleasant and she calmly moved from one room to another. It was like she was an invisible eye floating around. Idly, some analytical part of her brain still working in her sleep noted that the dream seemed extremely realistic. The colors were so vivid and she could not only see, but also hear and smell. She drifted deeper into the convent, noticing how serene everything seemed.

Entering the living quarters she thought she heard some faint sounds just at the edge of her hearing, but she couldn’t quite make them out. They seemed to emanate from more than one place, though. Suddenly, a door down the hallway opened and out came a completely naked woman! Sister Agnes recognized her from the dining hall earlier as the pretty little redhead that was one of the first to succumb to the seductive powers of Sister Mary. The nun didn’t seem to see her as she skipped down the hall before entering another room. Inexorably, Sister Agnes found herself floating after her, entering the same room moments later. There, lying on a small cot, was the petite redhead. But she wasn’t alone. Another nun, wearing only her headpiece, was kneeling in front of her, lapping at her cunt with fierce eagerness. A crucifix was dangling down from her neck, bumping her large breasts. Sister Agnes didn’t know why she focused on this fact, but it certainly made the whole scene even more obscene and perverse. Again her point of view changed, she felt herself moving closer to the nuns. Soon, the entire backside of the nun pleasuring the redhead filled her vision, giving her an intimate view of her private parts. The most striking feature was the pussy, it was red and puffy, with thick cunt lips and a prominent clit. The inviting opening glistened and oozed, matting the black pubic hears and giving off a heady aroma. Panning in over her back Sister Agnes got the same close-up treatment of the mewling redhead’s cunt and the pink tongue relentlessly stabbing it.

No longer feeling at peace Sister Agnes was confused and bewildered. What was this dream? Was it her own overly active imagination short-circuiting into her libido, or something else entirely? She didn’t get time to think this over, as she again swooped out into the hallway. She entered another room, this one with no less than four nuns entangled in a mass of hungry mouths and spasming cunts. She didn’t linger there for long, leaping into yet another room, again with nuns pleasuring each other with their fingers and mouths; then another, with two nuns cuddling up next to each other in quiet contentment after some hard lovemaking; then another room and another. On the way Sister Agnes realized that the faint sounds she had heard earlier in the hallway was the muffled sound of sex, making her realize just what went on in the convent while she quietly slept in another part of it.

Just thinking of the room she occupied, she jumped to it, hovering near the ceiling surveying the room. She saw her own sleeping form, a frown creasing her forehead. The three young nuns, former pupils of Sister Josephine, knelt in a semi-circle in what seemed to be a prayer. This pious sight calmed Sister Agnes’ nerves. Sister Karen sat reading her bible as before, while Sister Eliza napped in a chair. Sister Agnes saw Sister Karen gently shake Sister Eliza awake, saying she had to go use the bathroom. Sister Eliza yawned and followed her friend to the adjacent room. Sister Agnes’ dream-wraith followed.

Sister Karen was sitting on the wooden plank, careful to lift her habit only as much as was needed. She hunched over, her hands hugging her knees, trying to be as decent as possible. Sister Eliza stood by the door, staring down at the floor. But Sister Agnes noticed Sister Eliza casting fleeting glances at Sister Karen, most notably between her legs. Licking her lips, she finally gave up trying to keep her eyes on the floor and started to openly stare at Sister Karen. Sister Karen was oblivious to this, she finished her business, then reached down to pull her panties back. She happened to look up then and seeing Sister Eliza hungrily staring at her, she blushed fiercely.

“Please don’t look at me like that, it’s not right.”

“It’s… I don’t care. You’re so beautiful,” Sister Eliza replied, fighting her urges. She took a step closer to Sister Karen. Sister Karen hurriedly pulled her panties up, but Sister Eliza’s hand shot out and stopped her. Sister Karen stood there with her panties around her knees, confused and close to tears.

“Don’t do this. We can’t. We must be strong,” she whispered. Sister Eliza snorted and pushed her on the chest, causing her to fall back on the wooden plank. Then Sister Eliza knelt in front of her, dragging the panties back down to her ankles and forcing her legs apart. Sister Agnes tried to scream out in her dream, but naturally nothing came out.

Sister Eliza feasted her eyes on Sister Karen’s exposed pussy. It was the most beautiful thing she had ever seen. She had dreamt so often about it, dreamt of touching it, kissing it, caressing it forever. And now here it was in all its glory. Sister Eliza reverently put her right hand on the cunt-mound, gently rubbing it with her palm. Sister Karen squirmed where she sat and tried to close her legs. But Sister Eliza had already planted herself firmly between them.

“Please, Sister Eliza. Don’t do this. I beg you,” Sister Karen pleaded. Her pleads fell on deaf ears. All that Sister Eliza could think off was the incredible sensation in her palm as it rubbed against Sister Karen’s pussy, rousing it. She lowered her head and tentatively stuck her tongue out, letting the tip gently part the outer lips, then running it upwards until it came into contact with the clit hiding in its little hood. Sister Karen gasped.

“No, no, no, no!” she chanted, shaking her head. She tried to push Sister Eliza away put the angle was awkward and Sister Eliza was too strong, too determined. Her laps at Sister Karen’s pussy were becoming more forceful and soon she had her fingers in there as well. Tears were now streaming down Sister Karen’s face and she was still pleading for her friend to stop, but in a small voice, filled with doubt and guilt. Involuntarily, her hips made small thrusting movements, Sister Eliza’s tongue broke down her resolve like a sledgehammer as it danced around her pussy.

Sister Agnes woke with a shout, the three young nuns eyeing her curiously. She dragged herself to her feet, shaking off her sleep-grogginess. ‘It can’t be true. The dream can’t be true,’ she thought. As soon as she had her body under control she ran to the bathroom, shouting over her shoulder to the young nuns that they should keep praying.

Barging in, her hopes that all might be well were quickly dashed. The scene before her was right out of her dream. Sister Karen sat on the toilet, her legs spread out, while Sister Eliza knelt between them with her face glued to Sister Karen’s pussy, hard at work.

“For shame, you two!” Sister Agnes shouted, slamming the door behind her. She grabbed Sister Eliza by her throat and dragged her to her feet.

“This is all your doing, you harlot! Have you no self-restraint?” She pushed Sister Eliza away from Sister Karen, then turned to the latter.

“Cover yourself up, we can still fight this, together,” she said more gently. But Sister Karen didn’t cover herself, she just sat there matter-of-factly, displaying her dripping pussy. Sister Agnes suddenly felt her stomach tighten. The situation was not as much under her control as she thought.

“I don’t think so, sister. We don’t want to fight it any longer. We want to embrace pleasure,” she heard Sister Eliza say behind her. Suddenly, she found strong hands on her back and before she knew it she was down on her knees inches away from Sister Karen’s cunt. She recognized the scent assailing her nose from her dream. Sister Eliza pressed her hands to her head.

“Lick her, sister. She loves to have her pussy licked and you must make amends for so rudely interrupting my cunnilingus,” she said.

“Yes, lick me. Stop babbling and put that tongue of yours to some good use,” Sister Karen harmonized.

Sister Agnes fought Sister Eliza’s hands. The smell was making her heady, but she easily fought its allure. The two nuns fought for a minute, then Sister Eliza eased her grip, but didn’t let go.

“All right, I guess we can persuade you some other way,” she said. Sister Karen bent forward and grabbed Sister Agnes’ arms, while Sister Eliza grabbed her ankles. They held her between them, then turned her over and let her fall on her back. The wind was knocked out of her and as she struggled to regain her breath, Sister Eliza had pushed her habit up to her waist and spread her legs.

“No! Let me go, you fiends,” she tried to pull herself free, but Sister Karen’s grip on her wrists was too strong. She was trapped. She tried to scream for the young nuns in the other room, but the walls were thick and the door massive. All they would hear were some faint sounds that meant nothing to them.

Sister Eliza admired the white smooth thighs, bending down and started planting small kisses on them. She forced her body further between the legs, spreading them further apart. Sister Agnes looked down in panic, seeing her panties and bare legs exposed.

Sister Eliza slowly kissed herself up the thighs, getting closer to her objective with every kiss. When her tongue touched the panties she didn’t rip them off right away. Instead, she kissed around them, then used her fingers to pull them slightly aside, planting more kisses all around Sister Agnes’s pussy.

Sister Agnes had steeled herself when Sister Eliza’s assault began, but all this teasing and taunting was driving her wild. She could handle the temptations that crashed in and then out again, but this cat-and-mouse game was beyond anything she had encountered before. She didn’t know how to behave, Sister Eliza’s tender kisses were sending strong impulses raging through her. But the knowledge that this was just the beginning, that things would get much more intense once the kisses started landing on her exposed pussy, this knowledge was eating away at her resolve.

“Just… Just do what you want to me, but I will never give in,” she panted. Sister Eliza just laughed scornfully. With one swift stroke she ripped the panties off. Keeping her eyes locked on Sister Agnes’s she slowly lowered her mouth until it completely engulfed the whole pussy, her tongue teasing the red flesh. Then she started to eat her out in earnest.

Sister Agnes shuddered and let out a small moan. She knew it would be good, pleasure was the weapon of the evil one after all. But why did it have to be this good? She was becoming frantic. The evil powers had poisoned her dreams and her mind and now they were claiming her body.

“Please, no. Please, sister, think of your religious responsibility. Recall your faith in God. You can still be saved!” It was her last resort, if she couldn’t win this fight herself she must try to get the others to turn from their evil ways.

“Listen, Sister Karen. It’s not too late. Abandon this evil path. God is good. He will forgive you,” she pleaded, crying. The feelings in her loins were overwhelming her, making it hard for her to think straight. She could feel how her pussy was moistening up, yielding itself to Sister Eliza’s persistent tongue-job. The pleasure was getting to her, she could feel that. She felt her priorities shift. Her faith didn’t seem all important anymore. Indifference to her body’s need seemed like a sin to her now, sin that she could only atone for by making up for lost time. ‘No, this isn’t right. This isn’t me thinking,’ she tried to reason. But even reason, the rock around which she had built her world, suddenly seemed insignificant in comparison to passion and pleasure.

She had given herself to God twenty years ago, but now she felt ready to abandon him and give herself to another. ‘You’re weak’, she thought. ‘You don’t deserve to be the agent of God. You deserve what is coming to you,’ she reasoned. Maybe it was the truth, or maybe just an excuse to give in. She didn’t really care.

An hour later she reemerged from the bathroom. Sister Karen and Sister Eliza still had some unfinished business with each other, what with them having given her their complete attention for the whole hour. She could still feel the taste of Sister Karen’s exquisite pussy on her tongue and she smiled. She had donned the habit again, but remained naked underneath. The feel of the rough fabric rubbing against her raw nipples and bare thighs kept her in a high state of arousal.

The young nuns were still praying, sitting on their haunches rocking back and forth. Now that she was seeing the world in a different light Sister Agnes immediately noticed their cute asses straining the cloth. She walked over to them, squatting behind them.

“Now it is time to teach you to fight temptation, girls.” The young nuns looked at each other confused, but said nothing. They didn’t question the commands of their superiors, Sister Agnes knew, and chuckled inside. It would come in handy now, making their conquest all too easy.

Not able to resist any longer, Sister Agnes placed a hand on the buttocks of the girl on the right. She slowly trailed it lower.

“You have been fighting visions in your dreams, right?” she asked. They all nodded. “Visions of wet pussies and tantalizing breasts,” she teased. The girls blushed at the vulgar words. Her hand was now cupping the pussy of the young nun, rubbing it through the cloth. She continued for another minute before moving her hand to the girl in the middle, feeling her up in much the same way.

“Yes, these images in your dreams, they sure are tempting,” she continued. “But they are nothing compared to the real thing.” This she knew from experience. “When something tempts you in the flesh, it is very hard to resist. So you must learn.” Her hand was still rubbing the girl in the middle, now her other hand cupped the girl on the left. The girls were getting flushed and were sending each other quizzical looks, but still they remained still under Sister Agnes rude ministration.

Finally, she stood up and moved in front of the girls. She dragged a chair over so it was positioned right in front of them. She sat down and crossed her legs.

“Do you think you are ready to face temptation in the flesh? To fight it?” she asked. The girls were unsure were this was going, but nevertheless promised they would succeed any test she put before them.

“Very well then,” she replied, planting her legs on either arm of the chair. Then she slowly dragged her habit upwards, until her pussy was in plain view. The young nuns stared in shock, their eyes the size of saucers. Sister Agnes smiled to herself, she couldn’t wait to have these nubile young bodies crawling all over her. She moved her hands to her crotch and began shamelessly to play with herself. The sight of the three lovely faces gaping at her was turning her on big time and she came within minutes.

“You see, girls. You feel the temptation. You feel it pull at you. You want to touch yourself. You want to crawl over here and stick your tongues up my pussy. This is temptation in the flesh. You think you can take it?”

She continued to talk to the girls, getting ever more vulgar and trashy. All the while, she masturbated furiously, climaxing several more times. She could she they were lost. With no one to pull them back, they slowly slid of the edge and plunged into an abyss of lust and desire.

One by one they came crawling closer. The one in the middle came right up between her legs, only stopping when her face came into contact with a pussy that seemed like the size of the world to the befuddled young girl. The others watched in fascination as their sister began licking and sucking, their hands going to their own pleasure mounds. Sister Agnes smiled and helped them undress.

It was time for evening mass, but no one in the room noticed this insignificant matter. And even if they did they certainly weren’t going to interrupt their lovemaking for it. No way. Sister Agnes sighed in contentment as she came down from yet another orgasm. This was the best day of her life. She looked around at the five other nuns lying around her, naked like her. Yes, definitely the best day of her life.

A fleeting image of a big cock, a fabulous body and a familiar face flashed through her mind. She stood up and unbolted the door. Walking towards the living quarters, she felt it was time to renew an old friendship. The thought made her cunt tingle in anticipation.




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