Feature Artist: Wet Amber
Feature Title: The Pedophiles 1
Story Codes: Pedo, Anal, Extreme underage


The Pedophiles 1

Carole and Jason Gibson were both thirty-seven years old and had been married for six years. They were lawyers practicing in Chicago but with different firms. Jason was mainly involved with Corporate Law while the bulk of Carole’s work was with the Public Prosecution Service. They were both respected in their particular fields and Jason was in line for a partnership in the firm next year.

The nature of their work meant that they both pulled down an excellent wage package but the downside was that they simply didn’t get to see
much of each other. When they did, to was usually for a hurried lunch or a quick fuck somewhere. Both had a heavy sex drive but because of their careers, they had postponed starting a family.

Carole was tall and slender with a toned and firm body. She never seemed to get time to visit the gym on a regular basis but the nature of her work, always rushing from place to place, kept her fit. She was five foot eight inches tall with a 34B-24-34 figure, and a high-cheek boned face framed a pair of smouldering sexy dark eyes. Her shoulder length coal black hair framed her face and was the only hair on her body.

She wore smart and expensive designer suites to the office and was always immaculately dressed. Her working colleagues would have been shocked however if they had seen some of the outfits that were in her wardrobe and worn only for her husbands pleasure.

Jason was as lean as his wife. In college he had been one of the stars of the running team and still regularly exercised with a 10 or 12 mile run.

He was exactly 6 foot tall with dark blonde hair and a finely chiselled face that always seemed to be smiling.

Two or three times a year, the Gibson’s took a foreign vacation. They explained to all their friends, that this time was necessary to make up for the demands that their careers took on their time together, but the main reason was to let them indulge in another common interest.

Carole and Jason Gibson were pedophiles, and they loved young girls. The younger the better!

None of their friends had the slightest incline that the Gibson’s were perverts. Neither Carole nor Jason ever made any attempt to contact other pedophiles and never downloaded anything from the Internet that could have been considered obscene.

They were content with Carole dressing up in pigtails and little girl outfits to let them act out their fantasies and they waited patiently until vacation time when they would jet off to the far east.

They were sitting in the bedroom of their hotel in Bangkok, working their way through the mini bar. They had arrived in the early hours of the
morning and spent most of the day sleeping in their air-conditioned room before rousing themselves to go out at night.

“How young do you think we’ll get tonight?” Carole asked as she raised the miniature bottle of vodka to her lips and swallowed the fiery liquid.

“As young as you want honey,” her husband replied with a grin. “Although probably not any younger that that baby you tongue fucked the last time we were here.”

“Oh God, do you remember that?” Carole groaned with her eyes
shining. “That was hot.”

They had been in Bangkok about three months before and took a shortcut down one of the back streets to get back to the hotel. Carole spotted a
mother sitting on a doorstep cradling a baby in her arms. The baby was naked, probably because the mother couldn’t afford clothing, and Carole’s eyes feasted on the infants little slit between her legs. The mother didn’t speak much English but Carole eventually made her intentions clear and for $2 the mother stood up and held her baby girl’s legs apart to let Carole lick her immature fuck hole. There was a slight taste of stale piss around the baby’s cunt but Carole’s tongue quickly washed that away and she slid her tongue as far as she could into the infant’s cunt.

The baby gurgled happily as she was tongue fucked and Carole knew that this wasn’t the first time that the baby had been abused because her hymen was already missing. As she sucked and wriggled her tongue inside the baby’s slit, she idly wondered what had been inside her cunt and popped her cherry. In Bangkok, girls didn’t remain virgins very long.

After she was finished, the mother pulled up her skirt and offered them her cunt for $5. Even although Jason was hard as a rock from atching his wife, the woman’s cunt looked very slack and smelled like it hadn’t been washed for days. With a smile of thanks, he politely declined her offer and contented himself with hustling Carole back to the hotel and fucking her brains out.

Carole shivered as she remembered the taste of the baby and she raised new miniature vodka bottle in the air and said, “Here’s to liberated mothers who will let us fuck their babies.”

“I’ll drink to that,” Jason said with a grin as they clinked the bottles together and then swallowed their contents.

Carole looked at the Gucci watch on her wrist and realized that it was almost time for them to be going out and skipped off the bed. “I’m going for a shower,” she announced.

Jason was dressed in an open necked casual shirt and shorts and Carole was in a tight crop top and black mini skirt. She wasn’t wearing a bra and her thong panties were the smallest ones she had been able to find in the sex shop back home. The triangle of material at the front wasn’t even enough to cover her sex properly and at least one of her cunt lips normally hung out of the side and the waistband was held together by a tied bow on both hips for easy removal.

They were walking hand in hand to a bar that they knew well and were soon sitting comfortably on wooden stools behind the long, straight bar.

In front of every bar stool, a naked girl danced on top of the bar and there were the usual assortment of girls walking around the bar trying
to sell their bodies.

Jason ordered them a drink from the girl serving behind the bar. She spoke very good English and, while she was pouring the drinks, she offered to let Jason and Carole fuck her in the cunt and asshole for $10. She simply shrugged her shoulders when they refused and went down to $5 for just her cunt. Jason shook his head with a smile and asked where the owner of the bar was. The girl looked up at the clock on the wall and replied that he was due in soon.

The girl dancing in front of Carole was about 18 years old with firm 34A tits that rippled as she gyrated to the music. Her cunt was mostly shaven with a small tuft of jet-black hair at the top. She was obviously aroused because her cunt lips and the inside of her thighs were glistening and Carole’s nose told her that it wasn’t sweat. She glanced over to the girl dancing in front of her husband and judged her to be a little younger with a completely hairless sex mound.

Underneath the front edge of the bar, there was a narrow shelf strewn with sex toys. As she sipped her drink, Carole watched Jason lift a white colored dildo that was around 6 inches long and the girl above him, who had been watching him carefully, started to gyrate and turn her back upon him. She bent over, arching her back and clutching her ankles to open up her ass crack and throw her young cunt backwards towards his face. Laughing, he slowly pushed the thick white toy into the tight hole until it was seated deeply inside her. She moaned loudly and wiggled her ass, but kept still otherwise and Jason looked over at his wife and winked.

Carole smiled back at him and then scanned the shelf with her eyes. As Jason fucked his whore with the plastic shaft, Carole picked up a black
dildo that was about eight inches long, two and a half inches in diameter and shaped with a slight bend.

At either side of the Gibson’s, other dancers were either getting fingered or taking some form of sex toy into their bodies. At the end of the bar, one of the dancers had got down from the bar. She was sitting on a man’s lap and from their movements, she had taken his cock up her cunt.

Carole was the only female sitting at the bar, but that didn’t bother in the slightest and she sniffed the powerful smell coming from the dildo in her hand before indicating for her dancer to get down onto the bar top.

The dancer kept gyrating to the music until she was lying upon her back, with both bare feet on the bar top. She kept her feet together and opened her knees slowly and kept opening them until they were almost touching the bar. Carole admired the dancer’s suppleness and she gazed on her almost hairless cunt. The position of her knees had pulled her slit open and Carole could see right inside the pink tube with the bubbling juices inside. She rubbed the tip of the plastic shaft up and down the girl’s hole for a few seconds before pushing it up her cunt. The dancer gasped and arched her butt from the bar top as the dildo slid deep. She took it easily, and Carole’s fingertips touched her swollen sex lips feeling the moist heat from her body. She wiggled her ass against the stage, grinding and rubbing the imitation cock inside her cunt as Carole held the dildo firmly in her hand.

Jason had selected a much smaller dildo with his free hand and had eased it slowly into his dancer’s asshole. The girl was rocking back and forth fucking both her holes on the plastic shafts and moaning that she was about to cum. Jason couldn’t make up his mind if she was really orgasming or just acting, but when the muscles in her thighs and her cunt began to spasm and her hot cunt sauce dripped out of her front hole, he knew that\ it was the real thing.

Carole’s hand was nearly a blur as she flashed the fuck toy in and out of her dancer’s cunt. Her fingers were coated with the girl’s juices and she was finding it hard to keep a grip on the slippery shaft. Suddenly, the dancer cried out and her butt arched high off the bar top as she climaxed.

Her body went rigid and she gasped for air as the waves of ecstasy jetted through her.

Carole held the dildo inside the girl’s body until she collapsed onto the bar and then pulled it out and licked it clean.

The dancers provided an interesting distraction for the Gibson’s but little more. The girl’s they were fucking were much too old to and they were looking for a younger girl. Much younger.

Carole had just finished bring her dancer off and was licking her fingers clean of cunt juice when she caught a movement out of the corner of her eye and she gently nudged her husband. Jason turned to follow her eyes as the owner of the bar walked into the premises. Her was a big man who had once been well muscled but it had now turned mostly to fat. Wearing a white tee shirt and matching shorts, he went behind the bar, carrying a thick wallet and address book combination in his hand.

Jason nodded at Carole and gave each of the dancers a $10 bill before getting up from the bar stool and crossed over to the fat man. The owner
recognized him immediately and clasped him in a bear hug that nearly lifted his feet from the ground.

“It is good to see you again, my friend,” he enthused in his perfect, buy heavily accented English. “But where is your beautiful wife?”

As the owner spoke, his eyes swept the bar and his face broke into a wide grin as he spotted Carole. He quickly let go of Jason and with surprising speed for such a big man, galloped over to the bar stool. Carole was on her feet as his arms wrapped around her, but not for long. He easily lifted her from the floor and whirled her around. She was still slightly dizzy when he returned her to her feet and kissed her on both cheeks. By the time he had done this, Jason had crossed the room and was standing beside them. The owner draped an arm around their shoulders and drew then close.

“Do you want the house specialty tonight my friends?” he asked in a soft voice.

When they both nodded enthusiastically, he threw back his head and laughed loudly as he ushered them behind the bar, through a door and into what her called a private room. In truth the room was definitely not private. It looked out the rear of the premises instead of the busy main street but was still open fronted onto a quiet and dimly lit side street.

The room had only six tables with wide spaces between them. Two were occupied.

A middle-aged couple sat at one while two men in their late twenties were at another. As Jason and Carole chose a table, Jason pushed a bundle of American dollars into the owner’s hand.

There was a small bar in the corner of the room staffed by a girl who looked in her late teens and the owner clapped his hands and indicated
that she should bring drinks.

As she set the drinks on the table, she smiled seductively at the couple but the owner waved her away. “Go away slut,” he said. “You’re not what
they’re looking for.”

As she slunk away, he turned back to Carole and Jason and said, “I will find you something younger.”

As they waited, they glanced around the room but avoided making eye contact with anyone. Carole was looking towards the table where the two men were seated and she noticed a movement under the table. Looking down she could see a girl beneath the table and she was sucking alternatively on their cocks. Before she could point it out to Jason, a teenage girl came into the room and crossed to the middle aged couple. As she placed a fresh drink in front of them, the man lifted up the back of her skirt and wormed his index finger into the girl’s asshole. Pulling it back out, he offered it to this wife who sniffed it appreciatively. From where Carole and Jason were sitting, they could see that the man’s finger was streaked with the waitress’s shit and his wife eagerly opened her mouth and sucked it clean.

Carole’s cunt had begun to tingle with excitement and she gripped Jason’s arm and squeezed it tightly as she looked at him and said, “I’m getting horny. What the fuck’s keeping him?”

They didn’t have much longer to wait until the owner came back, leading three girls. They were all dressed in a simple white dress and had bare
feet. He lined them up and pointed at them in turn as he said,” This is Mia who’s 11. This is Casa who’s 9 and this little one is Ti Lee. She’s just had her sixth birthday.”

Both Jason and Carole barely glanced at Mia because she was too old and Casa was also dismissed in their minds. Ti Lee however was just the
right age and still looked like a normal child. Jason hoped that she hadn’t been used too much because he liked them tight.

The owner saw the way they were both looking at the youngest girl and he knew that they had made their decision. He took Mia and Casa by the arm and took them out of the room.

Ti Lee stood quietly with her hands clasped in front of her and waited until the owner had left with the other two girls. She then surprised Carole and Jason by asking, in almost prefect English, “Would you like a drink.”

Carole smiled at her and nodded her head as she gave her order.

Ti Lee turned around and went behind the small bar and began pouring the drinks. The girl who was already tending the bar tried to help but Ti Lee raised her bare foot and kicked her as hard as she could between the legs.

As the girl staggered backwards clutching her sex, Ti Lee snarled something in her native tongue and turned back to finish preparing the drinks.

She carried the drinks over to the table on a tray and set it down before placing a glass in font of the couple. As Carole took a long drink from her glass, the child pulled the front of her dress down and showed them her young tits. Up until a few months ago she had been completely flat chested but she was very proud of the very small swellings that would develop into breasts.

They were a very light chocolate color and topped with darker nipples that were hard and erect. As Jason leaned forward for a better look, Carole reached out and lifted Ti Lee’s skirt. She was wearing a pair of white cotton briefs that were heavily stained and the child pulled out the waistband to let them look inside. Her cunt consisted of a deep slit between her legs that was completely hairless and Carole moaned at the erotic sight. Her own cunt was wet and she knew that her husband would be rock hard inside his shorts.

Ti Lee covered herself up again and smiled as she accepted a dollar tip and went to stand beside the bar until she was needed again.

At the middle aged couples table, their waitress was wriggling her ass around on the man’s lap as she tried to take his cock up her asshole. Her face was set in a grimace and she looked to be about ready to give up. Suddenly the woman rose to her feet and gripped the girl by the shoulders.

Using all her weight, she forced the waitresses body downwards and the girl cried out as the man’s prick was forced up her shitter

Everyone looked towards the table as the waitress screamed and the middle-aged woman smiled her pleasure as she sat down again.

The man calmly picked up his glass from the table and took a long drink as the girl started to raise and lower her back hole on his cock.

After a few moments, she stopped and turned her head to look over shoulder at him. Neither Carole or Jason could hear what she said, or his reply, but the girl raised her butt up to the head of his prick and lifted up the hem of her dress. She was almost bent double as she strained to see the cock that was inside her but when she was satisfied, she turned back to the man and nodded her head. He nodded his agreement and she raised herself up until the shaft dropped out of her bowels. She hovered around the table obviously hoping for some form of tip but the woman waved her away.

The man’s cock was pointing towards the ceiling and thickly covered with the waitresses shit as the woman bent forward and sucked it into her mouth. She was moaning as if tasting some great delicacy as her mouth and tongue went to work cleaning the shaft.

It was now obvious what the couples particular fetish was, and Carole shook her had slightly and held up her empty glass. Ti Lee was standing at the bar and she immediately started pouring another round of drinks for them.

When the girl came back to the table, she pulled down her panties again and began masturbating. She had her back to the other tables indicating that this was a private show for Jason and Carole and she slid one finger into her bald cunt as she looked at them and said, “If you want to fuck me, I do it cheap.”

Carole loved how the child looked so sweet and cute and at the same time so slutty as she stood in front of them sliding a finger in and out of her cunt.

“Honey,” Carole explained, “We’re going to take you back to our hotel and fuck your little brains out.”

Ti Lee smiled and nodded her understanding and pretended to think for a few moments when Carole asked, “How much to stay with us tonight?”

She was still masturbating as she replied, “$10.”

Carole shook her head in amazement. Ten bucks would hardly buy her a coffee and sandwich back home and here was a 6 year old girl who was prepared to sell her body to strangers for that meager amount. Ti Lee saw the woman shake her head and immediately thought she was rejecting her offer. She quickly bowed her head and said, “I’m sorry. I meant to say $5.”

Carole laughed gently and said, “It’s okay Ti Lee. You’ll get your $10 and maybe lots more.”

The little girl smiled her delight and reached out for Carole’s hand and pulled it onto her sex. She was moist but she quickly juiced up under Carole’s expert fingers especially when she slid a finger into her hole. Carole was surprised at how tight she was and it was obvious that she hadn’t been used too much yet.

She pulled her hand away and sniffed her fingers before licking them clean with a happy smile. Ti Lee was also happy because Jason gave her another dollar tip when he paid for the drinks and she pulled up her panties and went back to the bar.

At the table where the two men were sitting, the girl on her knees below the table had sucked them both off and as she got to her feet, she scraped some spunk from her cheek and sucked it into her mouth. She looked to be in her late teens or early twenties and was wearing the same simple white dress that all the girls seemed to wear. Her firm 36B tits were nearly falling out of the loose fitting and low cut dress as she bent forward to pick up the dollar bills that were on the table. One of the men reached into his shirt pocket and took out some more money and there followed a brief conversation that Carole was unable to make out. The outcome was that the girl sat on the table and swiveled around until her feet were pointing at the two men. She slowly inched up the hem of her dress and the men bent forward in anticipation.

Carole only had a side on view of what was happening and she didn’t expect to be able to see the girls sex but she gasped in surprise when the bottom of the dress was lifted high enough to reveal an erect cock. She had seen pictures of the lady boys before but had never seen one in real life before. She nudged Jason to get his attention and they watched as the two men seated at the table fondled the girls/boys tits and sucked on her/his cock.

The vodka that Carole and Jason were drinking wasn’t very strong and they were gulping it down, more to savor the coldness of the ice in the overheated bar than any desire to get drunk. Ti Lee had seen that their glasses were almost empty and she brought them a refill.

This time she stood beside Jason and lifted her dress to let him finger her slit. Jason bent his head forward and pulled down the front of her dress with his other hand to suck one of her hard nipples into his mouth. Letting it go with a loud plop, her licked his fingers clean of her cunt juice and reached into his pocket to peel off a $5. The child’s face lit up and she crumpled the bill into her tightly closed fist.

Without a word she knelt and crawled under the table and Carole heard unzip his pants. Carole reached out to hold Jason’s hand as his eyes closed and his mouth fell open. The 6-year-old was obviously sucking him off and from the rapture on his face, she was making a good job of it.
Carole squeezed her husband’s hand tightly as she felt Ti Lee’s hand on her leg slowly moving up her thigh. She spread her legs wide, letting her short skirt ride higher as the child’s small hand reached her crotch. The small triangle of cloth that covered her sex was soaking wet and the little girl easily got two fingers up Carole’s hot and shaven cunt.

They now both had their eyes closed as they concentrated on the child’s touch. Her hot mouth was driving Jason crazy as her tongue swirled around the sensitive head and the tip pushed into his piss hole.

Her fingers were also busy inside Carole’s fuck tube. She had pushed the two fingers deep and curled them slightly to stimulate the most sensitive tissue just above the urethra. Carole had no idea how such a young girl would know how to best stimulate her but she definitely did.

Ti Lee was very busy beneath the table as she tried her hardest to please her customers and Carole suddenly stiffened and gasped, “Fuck, the little bitch is going to bring me off. Oh God I’m cumming”

Jason didn’t even hear what his wife had said as he concentrated on his own release. His slime was beginning to boil in his balls and when Ti Lee forced the tip of her tongue back into his piss hole, it pushed him over the edge.

The little girl felt him buck his hips only a split second before the first jet hit the back of her throat.

Not a single drop of spunk leaked out of the tight seal between her lips and his shaft and she used the same hand that was clutching the $5 bill to milk him dry and hold his load in her mouth. She knew that Carole had already orgasmed and she eased her fingers out of her hole and climbed out from beneath the table.

Carole’s eyes had just fluttered open when the child stood in front of her. She tilted her head back and opened her mouth and Carole groaned lustfully as she saw her husband’s spunk inside. She carefully lifted he child onto her lap and glued their lips together. They played with the slime for ages, pushing it back and forth and sucking it between their teeth before eventually swallowing about half each

As Ti Lee got down from Carole’s lap and went back to the bar, Jason turned to his wife and said, “Jesus. That was the best 5 bucks I’ve ever spent.”

As they recovered from their climaxes, they watched the action at the middle aged couples table. The waitress had taken the man’s cock up her asshole again, clearly to cover it with more of her shit and was bouncing her hole over his shaft. She could see that Jason was watching her and she lifted her skirt to let him see the shaft that was buggering her and also to show him her cunt.

Her dark pubic hair was neatly trimmed but her fuck hole looked open and very slack. She had been well used and he wouldn’t have been surprised if one or more babies had slid through that tube. The man signaled that she’d done enough by griping her shoulder, and she rose up and let his prick slide out of his body. She didn’t move quickly enough for the woman who pushed her to the side and slurped her husband’s stinking cock into her mouth. Carole idly wondered why the woman didn’t just eat out the girls shit hole and she turned to Jason and shrugged her shoulders.

The amount that Jason was drinking was having an effect on his bladder and he got up from the table and walked towards the toilet. Ti Lee followed him into the stall and insisted on holding his cock as he peed. He could feel his prick begin to stiffen but managed to empty his bladder before he got fully erect.

Once he’d finished, the little girl licked the last few drops of piss from his cock and she looked up him and asked, “Do you want to fuck me now?”

He nodded his head and was surprised when she led him by the cock out of the restroom and back to the bar. Carole watched them approach and Jason sat back down on his seat as the child climbed onto his lap with her back towards him.

Her stained panties looked to be about two sizes too big for her and were so loose that it as very easy for her to pull them to the side. She sighed happily as she sat down on Jason’s prick and although the front of her dress covered her sex, Carole knew that Jason was embedded to his balls in the little girl.

She was just able to get her tiptoes onto the floor as she straddled Jason’s lap and began riding him. Her fuck hole was hot and tight and he felt like he was being wrapped in wet velvet.

She slid her dripping little cunt up and down Jason’s throbbing prick, raising herself up until only the head of his shaft was inside her hairless
hole and then lowering herself back down. Her muscles rippled along his prick as it slipped wetly inside her hole and he groaned loudly.

Carole reached forward to lift the hem of Ti Lee’s dress and she watched as her husband’s shaft fucked the little girl. Ti Lee took the full length of Jason’s cock up her cunt with every downward motion and her eyes were only slits as she rode the prick. She groaned softly with every downward stroke that stretched her sopping little cunt and filled her body with intense pleasure. And from the sheen on Jason’s cock, Carole could see that the child was getting wetter. It wasn’t just her eyes that told her how horny the little girl was, because the strong smell of her cunt wafted up to the woman’s nose and made her own fuck hole drool.

Jason reached round and began to fondle and squeeze her protruding little nipples as she bounced faster and faster. At the same time, he slipped his other hand between her legs and spread his fingers up over her hairless mound.

She was still too young to have a fully formed clit but Jason’s fingers found a small hard swelling and rubbed it with his fingers.

The effect was instantaneous she screamed something in her own language as her back arched and she jammed her cunt hard on Jason’s cock. He felt a deluge of hot girl cum flood down his cock and balls as Ti Lee’s body began shuddering. Her cunt muscles spasmed around his cock milking his shaft and she rubbed her hairless mound back and forwards as she climaxed and Jason gasped as his second load of spunk blasted out of his prick and splattered into the child’s hole. His jets of cum caused Ti Lee’s body to jerk as she climaxed again and another flood of preteen cum juice poured from her hole.

Carole was so aroused at seeing the young girl cum that she just had to bring herself off with her fingers.

When they had all recovered, Carole and Jason decided that they had had enough of the bar and they took Ti Lee by the hand and led her out and onto the street.

It was only a short walk back to the hotel and up to their second floor room.

Ti Lee stood demurely in the center of the room with her hands clasped in\ front of her while Carole threw her bag onto a chair and Jason snapped on the lights and pulled the thin drapes closed.

Carole pulled her crop top over her head and kicked off her skirt as Jason got undressed. She kept on her thong panties but her cunt lips were so swollen with lust that both of her sex lips were hanging out on either side of the soaked triangle of material that was meant to cover her hole.

She rubbed the palm of her hand between her legs as she turned to the girl and said, “Okay baby. Let’s see that little body of yours. My horny husband has already had you up the cunt and now we want to see that tight little asshole of yours.”

Ti Lee slipped her dress from her shoulders and stepped out of it as it fell to the floor. Her dirty and wet panties were just balanced on her hips and they quickly joined the dress and she smiled as she posed naked for them.

The child was a delight to Carole’s eyes with tiny breast buds and bare mound between her legs and she could just see the very top of her slit
“Get onto the bed baby,” Carole said huskily, and watched as the girl crossed to the bed and sat on it with her legs wide apart. Her cunt lips were almost non-existent and they could see directly into her hole. She pushed a finger right up inside and pouted at them.

“I’m still nice and tight,” Ti Lee said as she wriggled her finger about inside her hole. “And I’m getting wet.”

“Show me,” Carole said huskily as she moved closed to the bed and knelt down on the floor.

The child pulled her finger from her cunt and placed it at the entrance as she brought her other hand to the opposite side and stretched herself
open. Her cunt was pink inside and glistened with moisture as she smiled up at Carole anticipation. Deep inside her hole, there were still clumps of Jason’s spunk and Carole’s sex flooded at the sight. As she glanced around, she could see that Jason’s cock was as hard as an iron bar and a thin trickle of pre-cum leaked out of his piss hole.

“Turn around baby,” Carole instructed after gazing at the erotic sight for a few seconds. The little girl rolled onto her stomach and raised her butt in the air. Balancing with her head on the bed covers, she reached back with both hands and pulled her ass cheeks apart.

Carole gasped in delight as her little puckered hole was revealed. It was the same light chocolate color as the rest of her skin. As she got older, the skin around her back hole would get darker, but for now it was the same color and made the sight even more erotic to Carole and Jason.

“Do you want her again, Jason?” asked Carole as she got to her feet and turned to her husband, kissing him hard on his mouth
Her tongue slid down his throat and they swapped saliva for a few moments before she drew her head back.

“Fuck her, Jason,” he hissed. “I want to see your cock slide into her little shit hole!”

“Now?” he asked with a smile. “Do you want to watch me do her.”

Ti Lee was watching them as they aroused each other with their words and she kept her sliding her fingers in and out of her cunt. Carole changed her mind and shook her head.

“I want to suck her first,” she said. “I want to taste her sweet juice and suck what’s left of your spunk out of her cunt.”

She kissed him again and shuddered as he ran his hands over her tits and pulled at her nipples, squeezing them hard and then sliding his fingers
off the ends. Carole was consumed with lust and she broke the kiss and began walking towards the bed. She had only taken a few steps however when she stopped and crossed her legs with a groan.

“Shit,” she said. “I really need to pee.”

She straightened up and went into the bathroom and had just sat down when Ti Lee came through the door and squatted down in front of her. Carole looked at the child and then asked, “Do you want to watch?”

Ti Lee nodded her head and Carole opened her legs wide as she started to flow. A couple of short spurts shot out between her cunt lips before she sighed and let go completely. The child watched the heavy stream of urine splatter down into the pan and she inhaled deeply savoring the smell.

When Carole had finished, she reached out for the toilet paper but the child’s outstretched hand stopped her.

“I clean,” she said simply and indicated that she wanted Carole to stand up.

A few drops of piss fell out of her cunt as she stood up and she groaned as Ti Lee bent her head forward and swiped her tongue over her slit.

“Oh fuck, that’s nice,” Carole gasped, moving her legs further apart as she looked down.

Ti Lee licked her for a few more minutes before putting her hands on Carole’s hips and making her turn around. Carole was now bent over the toilet bowl looking down at her piss as the child pulled her ass cheeks open and started rimming her back hole. The powerful smell of her yellow waste invaded her nostrils as Ti Lee’s stiff little tongue slid into her shit hole and pushed as far as it could into her bowels.

Carole’s head snapped up and she muttered, “Oh God,” as the preteen’s tongue pleasured her. Whilst she was licking out the woman’s asshole, Ti Lee raised her hand and pushed two fingers into Carole’s dripping cunt. It only took seconds for the child to realize that two fingers were nowhere near enough and she inserted the other two.

Carole had been very horny before Ti Lee even touched her but being shallow fisted in her cunt with a six-year-olds tongue inside her asshole was too much for her and she cried out as a massive orgasm erupted inside her. The burning in her cunt became unbearable and her muscles contracted and forced rivers of girl cum to flow over the child’s fingers, and at the same time, her clutching asshole tightened around Ti Lee’s tongue.

The little girl gradually slowed her movements and then pulled her face and fingers away from Carole’s body. The woman’s hands tightly griped the seat of the toilet as she shuddered and Ti Lee sat back on her heels and licked her fingers clean as she waited for Carole to recover.

When Carole’s cum eventually receded, she straightened up and turned around to gaze down at the child kneeling at her feet.

“Shit, that was nice baby,” she said as her eyes swept over Ti Lee’s upturned face and down over her body. She could see that the child’s nipples were hard and sticking out from her almost flat chest and her eyes continued downwards to the juncture of her legs. She couldn’t see the little girls slit because of the way she was kneeling but the vision of her lying on the bed as still fresh in her brain. She reached down and gently pulled Ti Lee to her feet as she said softly, “Time to get fucked.”

When they went back into the room, Jason was lying on the bed with Ti Lee’s panties pressed to his nose as he gently pulled on his cock.

Carole’s face was a picture of lust as she led the child over to the bed and pushed her onto her back. Jason pulled the panties away from his face and he watched as his wife folded the little girl’s legs back with her knees almost touching her chest and dropped her mouth to her slit. She lay full length half on the floor and slurped at the tiny cunt as Ti Lee reached out for Jason’s prick.

Carole’s mouth was soaked with the child’s juice as she lifted her head and looked at the husband. “Shit, she tastes gorgeous Jason. She’s really wet and sticky.”

She spent the next few minutes making sure that her tongue got every last drop of Jason’s spunk out of her fuck tube before her head went lower and she sucked on the child’s asshole. She stiffened her tongue and probed at the little hole but although Ti Lee tried to relax her muscles as much as she could, Carole could only manage to get the tip of her tongue into the little girl’s body.

She ran the tip of her index finger over Ti Lee’s shit hole before pushing it inside causing the child to groan.

“Fuck, she’s tight,” she gasped as she struggled to get a second finger into the little girls body.

Even with the slime oozing out of Ti Lee’s cunt and pooling around her asshole and the saliva from Carole’s mouth, the woman had to push hard to get the second finger in and the hot flesh gripped her fingers like a vice.

Her eyes were shining with lust as she looked at her husband and said, “Fuck her. I want to see your cock stretch her hole.”

Jason pulled the child into the center of the bed and knelt between her legs. Ti Lee looked down at his prick that was dripping with pre cum and
she opened her legs wide as he took a firm grip of her thighs and pushed her knees back to raise her shitter. Carole reached out her hand, gripped Jason’s shaft and positioned it against the little girl’s back hole.

“Push,” she hissed.

The first few millimeters were effortless but then the child’s shit tube became like a tight fist. Ti Lee bit her bottom lip hard and screwed her
eyes shut as Jason increased the pressure. She was so tight that Jason’s cock was stretching her skin and pulling it into her hole along with his shaft and she cried out in pain.

Jason’s fingers were digging in to the tender flesh around the top of her legs as he tightened his grip and Carole’s eyes were glued to the shaft as
it inched slowly up Ti Lee’s asshole.

The child was breathing with short and heavy gasps as she mumbled incoherently in her own language as a thin trickle of blood ran down her chin from where she had bitten her bottom lip too hard.

Jason had about half of his eight-inch cock inside Ti Lee’s bowels and he stopped for a minute to rest. He was breathing hard too, and he looked down to where they were joined and wondered how much more the little girl could take. He had just started to consider fucking Ti Lee without going any deeper but Carole seemed to read his mind. She swung her leg across Ti Lee’s face, facing her husband and pushing her dripping cunt down onto the child’s face and snarled to Jason, “Bury it.”

He gave his wife a stupid and lust-filled grin as he pulled his cock back a couple of inches and then slammed it forward.

Ti Lee’s piercing scream was muffled by Carole’s cunt pressing over her mouth, but her body went rigid as a searing pain shot through it. Jason was fully inside her asshole with his balls resting in her ass crack and he looked into Carole’s face in triumph.

Jason rested for a moment and then took a deep breath as he began to bugger the child. Carole hoped that Ti Lee hadn’t passed out with the pain but she smiled as she felt the little girl’s body move beneath her. As Jason’s cock reamed the six-year-olds back hole, thin streaks of blood coated his prick as he pulled back and Ti Lee’s tight shitter wiped it clean as he pushed back into her body. The burning pain in her asshole was slowly diminishing as it had now stretched as much as it had to and the feeling of the cock sliding up and down her shit tube had a soothing effect.

As Ti Lee’s tongue started to work on Carole’s fuck hole, Carole jammed two fingers up the little girl’s cunt and began finger fucking her. Carole could feel her husbands cock on the other side of the thin membrane as he drove in and out of Ti Lee’s shitter and she could feel the familiar rush build between her legs.

“Jesus,” she said in a whisper as she looked up at her husband. “I’m going to cum again.”

Jason’s face was screwed up in concentration and his teeth were gritted as he fucked the child. He had been extremely aroused before he even got his cock into Ti Lee’s body and the tightness of her back hole was too much for him.

“Shit, I’m cumming too,” he gasped as he slammed his prick deep and sprayed his spunk into the little girl’s asshole. Carole’s fingers could feel Jason’s cock spurt his load and she closed her eyes as she climaxed. Her body vibrated and her cunt muscles spasmed showering Ti Lee with her girl cum.

It took several minutes for Carole and Jason to recover and, as Carole slid to the side, Jason pulled his cock out of Ti Lee’s gaping asshole and collapsed onto the bed. Carole had rolled onto her back and closed her eyes as her breathing returned to normal. She was unsure how long she lay there but her eyes opened when she felt the bed move.

Ti Lee had got to her feet on the bed and straddled Carole’s face as she squatted down. The child’s shitter was red and swollen and the hole was still lightly open as she positioned her butt over Carole’s face.

Carole watched in fascination as a small white blob streaked with bright red blood suddenly appeared from Ti Lee’s back hole. The blob got larger and longer, becoming a slimy rope that oozed out of her until, after just hanging there for a few seconds, it slowly fell onto Carole’s tongue, which was trembling in anticipation. Carole shivered as the warm slime slid down her throat and she eagerly opened her mouth for more. Ti Lee managed to push another four gooey clumps of cum out of her asshole and into Carole’s mouth before lowering herself to let the woman’s tongue clean the remaining spunk out of her.

Ti Lee never managed to get any sleep that night. Carole dozed for about an hour while Jason pounded both of the child’s holes again, and when he was eventually satisfied and rolled onto his back to sleep, Carole woke up and continued abusing the young girl. They kept this up until daylight brightened the room and they gave the delighted girl $20 and let her go.

The young girl could hardly walk because she had been fucked so much and both her cunt and asshole were gaping open and sore. She was rich however, having made about thirty bucks from Jason and Carole, and smiled happily to herself as she made her way back to the bar to find new customers.


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