Feature Writer: Wet Amber
Feature Title: The Pedophiles 2
Story Codes: Pedo, Anal, Extreme underage, Zoo, young girl-donkey


The Pedophiles 2

Carole and Jason Gibson had arrived in Bangkok only a couple of days ago and had already bought the services of a cute little six-year-old girl called Ti Lee. After taking her back to their hotel room, they had both fucked her in every hole she had before letting her leave the next morning.

As she sat on the bed and watched her husband put the last of their belongings in the case, Carole thought back to the child’s body and she could feel her cunt start to moisten.

“God, I wish Ti Lee hadn’t been so good,” she moaned as she rubbed the crotch of the denims. “She tasted so sweet and I could have sucked on her cunt for hours.”

“You did suck on her cunt for hours,” Jason reminded her, and then continued, “But why do you wish she hadn’t been so good?”

Carole shrugged her shoulders and replied, “Because she might spoil the other little girls we have. What if we don’t find anyone as good as Ti Lee the whole trip?”

“We’ll find them,” Jason assured her, “And they’ll be just as sweet as Ti Lee and just as eager to open their little legs for a few bucks!”

His wife moaned softly at his words, and wished that she had worn a skirt so that she could get her fingers onto her cunt easier. She had slipped on a fresh pair of high cut panties after she had showered but she knew that they would already be stained with the juices that were leaking out of her slit. She glanced at her watch to see if they had time for a quick fuck to calm her down before they left the room, but just at that moment, Jason lifted the now closed case onto the floor and picked up the telephone receiver.

The phone was answered immediately and he said, “Suite 623. We’re ready to check out.”

After the receptionist had assured him that a porter was on his way for their luggage, he placed the receiver back in the cradle and looked as his wife as he asked, “Ready?”


Jason and Carole were both successful lawyers back in The States and they regularly took vacations in the Far East. It was the best place in the world for them to indulge in their favorite pastime of fucking children. In America, they would have been discovered very quickly and locked up for a very long time. In the Far East however, if you were careful, and if you knew the right people to talk to, you could get anything you wanted.

As a special safeguard, Carole and Jason never stayed more than a few days at any one place and they were now packed and ready to depart for their flight from Bangkok to Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam.


Once airborne, they relaxed in their first class seats and clinked their Champagne glasses together.

“Here’s to Vietnam. Its always been good to us,” Jason said.

Carole nodded her head and lowered her voice as she added, “And here’s to all the little girls in Vietnam who will sell us their little cunts and pink assholes.”

They both chuckled as Jason replied, “You’re a dirty bitch Carole Gibson. That’s why I love you so much!”


After landing at the airport, they were ferried to their luxury hotel by limousine and shown straight to their suite of rooms. After a quick shower to wash away the grime on her journey, Carole walked naked into the bedroom and laughed obscenely at the sight of her husband. Jason was naked on the bed with his erect cock pointing straight to the ceiling. Carole’s panties were pressed to his nose and she knew that they had to be very ripe after the dirty and perverted conversation they had whispered to each other on the plane. Talking about their pedophile preferences always got her wet and she could see from where she stood that her underwear was heavily stained from her slime.

“You like that smell?” she asked huskily, although she already knew the answer.

“Mmmm, I love it,” he answered as he opened his eyes and looked over at her.

While she had been in the shower, Carole had shaved her cunt, as she usually did, and made sure that her mound was smooth and baby soft. She knew that Jason preferred it that way because it made her slit look like a young girls, and she swayed her hips suggestively as she walked over to him and said in her little girl voice, “I’ve got a tight little hole that smells just like those panties. Would you like to smell my hole?”

Recognizing her role-playing voice immediately, Jason said, “I would love to do that little girl. Come closer so I can smell it.”

Carole was sucking her thumb like a baby as she got onto the bed and straddled her husbands face. Squatting down, she lowered her cunt towards his face and stopped when she was only an inch away.

“Can you smell it now?” she asked in the small voice.

The scent of her arousal was actually flooding his brain and after inhaling deeply a few times he said, “Lower your cunt little girl so I can taste it.”

“You want to taste my pee pee hole!” Carole said in mock amazement. “That’s very dirty. I don’t think I can let you do that!”

“It will make you feel nice,” he countered and Carole teased him by pretending to think about it for a few seconds and then said softly, “You promise it will make me feel nice?”

“I promise,” he replied.

“Well,” she said slowly. “I guess it will be okay. I like feeling nice.”

Carole lowered her sticky cunt onto Jason’s mouth and she moaned softly as his tongue swiped over her outer lips. She closed her eyes as she felt Jason’s tongue push between her sex lips and into her pink tube. Resisting the urge to push down and grind her cunt onto his face, Carole stayed still and savored the sensation of being licked out.

She could feel the familiar rush begin to build up inside her body and the knowledge that she would soon be out looking for some young girl to abuse was really getting to her. Without any other warning, the tingling inside her cunt suddenly increased a thousand fold and she was rocketed into orgasm. Shuddering and shaking, she cried out as her fuck tube spasmed and splattered her load of girl cum onto Jason’s face. He loved the way her cunt clenched and jerked as she climaxed and her tightly closed asshole did the same. His tongue was eagerly lapping up as much of her slime as he could capture and his eyes feasted on the complicated little dance that both her holes were doing.

As the waves of ecstasy died away to be replaced with a deeply satisfying glow deep in her sex, Carole moved her crotch away from her husbands face and slowly crawled between his legs. His cock was rock hard and pointing straight at the ceiling but she didn’t touch it. Instead, she studied it carefully and then looked up at his face and said in a little girl voice, “Your thingy is all red and hard. Why is it like that?”

“That’s a cock,” he replied helpfully, “And it’s all hard because you let me lick your pee pee hole.”

Carole smiled at him as she slithered up his body and kissed him on the mouth. The lower part of his face was covered with her cum and she licked at the slime on his chin and said, “I like the taste of my pee pee hole too.”

“I told you it was nice,” he replied, “And do you know what also tastes nice?”

Carole shook her head and Jason said, “My cock tastes nice.”

Carole giggled as she slithered back down between his legs so that her face was only millimeters away from his hard prick. He could feel her hot breath on his shaft and Carole watched in delight as a small drop of pre-cum oozed out of Jason’s piss hole and sat proudly on the tip of his cock. Looking up at him she asked, “Do you want me to taste your cock? Do you want me to put it in my mouth?”

“Yes,” he moaned softly. “Suck it into your mouth.”

Carole’s finger reached out and gently scooped up the drop of pre-cum and brought it to her nose. She inhaled the scent and said to him, “It smells funny. Does it taste good?”

“Try it,” he said huskily. “You’ll love it.”

Carole pushed her finger into her mouth and allowed the pre-cum to flow over her taste buds and Jason asked, “Do you like it little girl?”

“It tastes nice mister,” she replied. “Can I have some more?”

When he nodded his head, he watched his role-playing wife open her mouth and suck the tip of his prick inside. Although he was expecting her touch, it still made him gasp and his toes curled as her tongue swirled around the tip and probed his piss hole. She might be playing the part of an inexperienced child, but there was nothing inexperienced about Carole’s mouth. Her tongue swirled around the sensitive tip of his cock and then pushed into his little piss hole. As she licked, she was also sucking hard and Jason’s breathing became faster and faster and his moans became louder and louder.

Carole knew form experience that her husband was close to spurting his load, but she wanted his slime in her cunt. Raising her head with a loud slurp, she allowed the thick prick to slip out of her mouth and she smiled up at his and said, in a little girl voice, “My little pee pee hole is all itchy again. Will you make me feel nice again?”

Jason’s chest was rising and falling rapidly because he had been seconds away from his cum and he nodded his head and replied, “If you sit on my cock, then we’ll both feel nice.”

Carole’s brow wrinkled in confusion as she enjoyed the role-playing and she looked down between her legs and asked, “How can I sit on your cock? There’s no place for it to go!”

“It’ll go in your pee pee hole and feel good,” Jason promised.

Carole pretended she wasn’t convinced however and she chewed her bottom lip as said, “I don’t think it will fit. Its too big.”

Smiling at her convincing act, Jason replied softly, “Let’s try.”

Shuffling up the bed, Carole squatted over his prick and watched as he rubbed the head over her dripping slit and then held it right on the entrance to her hole.

“Sit down slowly, little girl,” Jason instructed, “And we’ll see if it will fit.”

Carole giggled as she lowered her hips and felt her outer lips open up and then grip the sides of Jason’s shaft. As her hole swallowed the cock, she looked straight into his face and whispered, “It fits!”

Wriggling her hips, she took every millimeter of Jason’s cock up her cunt and then began bouncing up and down on it. Despite her wetness, Carole’s hole was still tight and Jason wasn’t sure how long he was going to be able to last.

Reaching up to cup and knead her tits, he said softly, “Tomorrow, we’ll get you a little girl to fuck. She’ll have the tightest little cunt you can imagine and her juice will taste sweet.”

Carole groaned at his words and she bounced her cunt faster on his cock while he continued, “She’ll have a pink asshole and you’ll be able to finger and smell her holes as you abuse her.”

Carole’s face was flushed and her breathing rapid as she listened to her husbands lurid descriptions. She wanted to hear more and he didn’t disappoint her.

“You can sit on her face and hold her tight cunt open as I push my cock into her. I’ll fuck her until I cum inside her and then you can suck all the slime out of her slit.”

That final description was enough to take Carole over the top and she cried out as her orgasm exploded inside her and she shuddered uncontrollably. The muscles inside her fuck tube rippled and spasmed and Jason flopped back on the bed as he felt his spunk being milked out of his balls. It rocketed up his piss hole and sprayed into Carole’s sloppy hole, holding her deep in climax. Completely exhausted by both their traveling and their fuck, Carole and Jason drifted off to sleep and dreamt of being surrounded by hundreds of naked children, all eager to offer their bodies and their tight little holes to them.


Ho Chi Minh City wasn’t like Bangkok where if you went into the right bar, you could get any form of sexual service you wanted. Here the police were under tremendous pressure to stop the sex trade and in the last few years, they had nearly succeeded. Now, if you wanted underage sex, you had to have contacts, and Jason and Carole were well known to a very knowledgeable cab driver. Miguel had been born and raised in Mexico and had moved to Vietnam about ten years ago. He never talked about the reasons for the sudden departure from his native soil, but one drunken night he had revealed to Jason that he could never go back to Mexico.

Early the next morning, Jason made the call to Miguel and arranged for him to pick them up outside a nearby bar in an hour. As they sat in the sun and sipped their drinks, waiting for Miguel, Carole attracted many admiring glances, but she ignored every one of them. Seeing the effect his wife was having on the local population, Jason leaned over the table and whispered, “That last guy that walked past is really checking you out. That’s the third time he’s passed.”

Carole flashed her perfect white teeth in a grin and Jason continued, “If you were a whore, I could make a fortune from you.”

“I am a whore baby,” Carole told him huskily, “But only for you.”

She had dressed in a white tee shirt without and bra beneath. The tight material molded itself to her every curve and the knowledge that she was about to find a young girl to fuck had her nipples hard and long. A very short black skirt was around her hips and she had to be careful when sitting down if she didn’t want to flash her black thong panties.

The cab that Miguel drove was very different from the limousine that brought them from the airport. The Russian built Trabant had originally been black, but was now so blistered with rust that it was difficult to tell. Three large cracks ran through the windshield and it was good that Vietnam had little rain at this time of year because the tyres had worn away all trace of a tread. Climbing into the worn interior of the cab, Jason shook hands with Miguel who greeted him warmly.

“It is good to see the two of you,” Miguel enthused. “It has been too long.”

“It’s good to see you as well Miguel,” Jason replied, “Especially if you can still get us what we want.”

The man grinned widely, exposing his broken and stained teeth as he confirmed, “Whatever you want in Vietnam, Miguel can get. Tell me exactly
what it is.”

“A young girl,” Carole replied immediately. “Very young, around six or seven, not well used, and a nice innocent face.”

The cab driver nodded slowly and said, “Six or seven is very young. What do you want her for?”

Both Jason and Carole thought the question so absurd that they just looked at each other.

Realizing their thoughts, Miguel quickly raised his hands in a placating gesture and said, “It’s okay, and I know that you want to fuck her. I just ask if you want to do anything else to her?”

Still not understanding exactly what he was asking, “Carole echoed, “Anything else?”

“Si,” Miguel said. “Some Americans come here and want to fuck, others want to hurt. I need to know what you want to do so that I can get right girl!”

“Fuck them,” Jason replied. “All we want to do is fuck them. Now, can you help us?”

“I can help,” Miguel assure them, “But it is not safe any more to try and get a child in the City. I take you somewhere safe.”

When Jason and Carole agreed, they settled back in the musty seats and looked out of the grimy windows as Miguel headed north to Thu Dau Mot and then turned east into the interior of the country towards Gia Nghia. The further they went, the more the road deteriorated until it was little more
than a rutted track full of potholes. While the ancient car’s suspension creaked and bounced as it tried unsuccessfully to absorb the rough terrain, Carole noted that the signs of poverty in the few shacks they passed was getting worse. As if reading her thoughts, Miguel turned and flashed them a broken toothed grin as he said, “We get close now. Soon we get to village where they are so poor, they will let you fuck anything for American dollars.”

Carole grinned at him as her cunt moistened and she reached for her husband’s hand and squeezed it tightly. She was getting really horny thinking about a innocent young girl that they would both suck and fuck and it took a supreme effort of will to keep her fingers away from her cunt.

Less than a mile further on, Miguel wrenched the steering wheel to the left and the car slithered up a track that was hardly wide enough for it. The branches of the trees and shrubs on either side of the track whipped against the windows and then they burst into a clearing with about a dozen mud and straw shacks built on stilts. Chickens darted out of the way of the vehicle and mangy dogs with their tails between their legs barked loudly and circled the car warily.

Pulling to a stop, Miguel turned to face them and instructed, “Stay here. Do not get out of the car.”

Without waiting for their response, he opened his door and jumped out.

The unexpected arrival of the car and the barking of the dogs had brought the entire village out and they stood together as a group as Miguel approached them.

Neither Jason or Carole could hear what he was saying, but he occasionally pointed to them, gesticulating and nodding his head. Whatever he said seemed to work because some of the women ran back to their huts and emerged with their children. Some were clearly too old to meet Jason and Carole’s explicit requirements and a few others looked anything but cute.

Two children immediately took Miguel’s attention and he separated them from the crowd and then dismissed the rest with a wave of his hand.

He said something to the remaining two mothers, which was obviously a request to see their daughter’s cunts because both girls lifted up the front of their frayed dresses. The contrast between the two sex slits was dramatic. One was the unmarked deep slit that you would expect to see between the legs of a six-year-old girl, whilst the other was red and open.

Not only had the child recently been fucked, but she must have been the village slut because her hole looked very well used. Dismissing her with another wave of his hand, Miguel guided the remaining child and her mother over to the car as Jason wound down the window.

“I’m sorry Senior,” Miguel said, “But there is little to choose from. Only this one girl in the village. If you don’t like her, there is another village about two miles further on. There will be girls there.”

The child’s face was grubby and the plain cream colored dress she was wearing looked ancient and was only just hanging together. Her feet were bare and both her arms and her legs were just a bit too thin to be healthy.

Despite the poverty however, and the two strange faces that leered at her through the window of the cab, the child managed a smile and Carole warmed to her immediately. Before she could say anything however, the mother pushed her six-year-old daughter closer to the car and said in broken English, “She good fuck. Tight cunt. Tight, tight cunt.”

Jason turned to look at his wife and check if she wanted the child or not, but the mother mistook his action for some kind of refusal and she stepped close behind her daughter and jerked up the hem of her dress. Catching the movement from the corner of his eye, Jason swung his head back around just as she stiffened a finger and rammed it into the little girl’s slit. The child grimaced at the sudden assault and she automatically rose up on her tiptoes to minimize the penetration.

“Good cunt,” the mother cried as she pulled her finger back out and stepped up to the car window. Holding her finger out she continued, “You smell. Good cunt. Tight cunt. You fuck her now!”

Both Carole and Jason sniffed the finger and inhaled the girl’s scent before Jason asked his wife, “You want her?”

“God, yes,” Carole whispered. “Lets get her somewhere and do the little bitch.”

Turning his attention to Miguel who was standing quietly at the side, Jason said, “Ask her how much.”

Miguel related the question to the mother in her own language and them gasped at her reply. Without translating it for Carole and Jason, he launched into a tirade of abuse at the woman that lasted for a full thirty seconds before she could get a chance to reply. When she finally did speak, whatever she said seemed to calm the cab driver down and he nodded his head.

With a small smile on his face, Jason asked, “What the hell was all that about?”

“I’m sorry Signor,” he replied, “But when I asked her how much she asked for one hundred dollars.”

Although that amount of money was chicken feed to him, it was a very large amount to these people but before he could respond, Miguel continued, “It was my fault however for not speaking properly. The hundred dollars was for buying the girl. Its ten dollars if you just want to use her!”

Carole’s mouth dropped open and she said in astonishment, “She would actually sell her daughter for one hundred bucks?”

“Si,” Miguel confirmed. “You give her one hundred American Dollars and you can drive off with the child. Then you can fuck her, or beat her or even kill her. As long as you’ve paid the money, she doesn’t care!”

“Jesus,” Carole whispered, as her husband handed a crisp ten-dollar bill to the mother.

After snatching it out of his hand, she pushed her daughter towards the car and then started talking very quickly to Miguel. As she finished speaking, she shouted loudly and a few seconds later, another girl came running.

Shaking his head with wonder, Miguel said, “This is her other daughter and she’s eight or nine. The mother isn’t quite sure. She’s offering her for another five dollars and she says that the two sisters will fuck each other for your entertainment.”

The girl had dirty black hair and a small oval face that was streaked with dirt and a bruise just above her left cheek. Her simple dress was baggy and revealed little of her body shape but Carole could tell that her tits were beginning to swell and she was sure that the child would have been well used.

Neither Jason nor Carole had to really think about the offer. The sister was too old for their tastes and they both shook their heads. Still trying to get them to part with more money, the mother began speaking again and this time Miguel translated, “She says that they have a donkey in field just outside the village and that for five dollars you can watch the sister fucking it!”

“She takes a donkey’s cock in her cunt?” Carole said in a disbelieving tone.

Miguel related the question to the mother and then interpreted the reply.

“She claims that her daughter will take the cock up her cunt and fuck it until the donkey cums inside her,” he said.

Jason looked at his wife and Carole said, “Maybe later. Lets get ourselves warmed up and fuck…” She trailed off and looked at Miguel and asked, “What’s her name?”

For the very first time, the child opened her mouth and spoke. “Tuyen. I called Tuyen.”

Smiling at the child, Carole nudged her husband to open the car door and then said, “Get in Tuyen.”

The child sat in the back seat between them and Jason said to Miguel, “Take us somewhere quieter. We don’t need an audience.”

Grinning happily, the cab driver got behind the wheel and threw up a cloud of dust as he spun the wheels and raced out of the village.

They had only traveled about half a mile or so when then came to a corpse of trees and Miguel pulled to a stop in their shade. By the time he had applied the parking brake, Carole had turned in her seat and her hands were running all over Tuyen’s body.

“Shit, she’s gorgeous Jason,” Carole breathed as she looked into the child’s face and felt her firm, but thin body beneath her dress.

Tuyen smiled at Carole even although she hadn’t understood all of what she’d said. The child still had the same smile on her face when she was told to take off her dress. Indicating what she wanted by sign, the young girl eventually understood and lifted her butt from the seat as she dragged the dress over her head. She was completely naked now and she dropped her clothing onto the floor of the cab as she watched Carole’s eyes study every inch on her body.

Glancing at the two men in the cab, Carole said, “This would be easier if we got out.”

Looking around her at the parched grass, she looked at Miguel and continued, “Do you have a blanket, or something?”

“Si Seniorita,” he said. “I have something in the trunk.”

He opened the door of the car and Carole and Jason watched as he removed a faded traveling rug and spread it on the ground. While he stood back
and admired his work, Carole opened the car door and looked at the little girl as she pointed to the rug. Tuyen understood immediately and she slid out of the car and quickly got onto her back, on the rug. As Carole climbed out of the back seat, she could see Miguel stare down at the little girl’s naked body, and she could also see the large bulge in the front of his pants.

For the first time, she realized that they were going to abuse a fuck a six-year-old child while the cab driver was watching them. There was a few seconds of doubt, but then she gave a mental shrug because there was nothing she could do about it.

Jason had got out of the other door and he stood under the tree they were parked beside to get out of the fierce sun. He was content to relax and watch his wife take the lead in fucking the six-year-old and he licked his lips as he looked at the little slit between her legs and tried to imagine how it would feel to squeeze his cock into her tight tube.

Miguel returned to the car and rummaged on the floor in front of the passenger seat. Jason caught the movement and watched as the cab driver walked over to him carrying a bottle of clear liquid in his hand. Screwing off the top, Miguel took a long swallow before handing it to Jason.

“Good stuff,” he enthused. “I make it myself!”

Even the smell of the liquid was powerful and as Jason swallowed the first mouthful, it felt like he had swallowed pure fire. He coughed as it burned its way down and his voice was hoarse as he blew out his cheeks and gasped, “Jesus! What the fuck is that?”

Miguel laughed at him and then nodded his head in approval as Jason took another swallow. It didn’t get any smoother, but at least he didn’t cough and splutter this time and he moved forward to hand the bottle to his wife.

Carole’s eyes had feasted on Tuyen’s flat chest and pink little nipples, and she was now staring at the slit between the preteen’s legs. Her mouth
was dry and her eyes never left the child’s cunt as she raised the bottle to her lips and gulped down a couple of swallows before wiping her mouth with the back of her hand. Handing the bottle back to him, she said, “Yeah, good stuff!”

The preteen could see that Carole was staring lustfully at her cunt and she opened her legs wide and asked innocently, “You fuck me now?”

As much as she would have loved to do exactly that, Carole’s cunt was flowing like a river and the crotch of her little panties was transparent
and plastered to her slit. Before she got down to the serious business of abusing the child, she desperately needed to cum and she shook her head reluctantly at Tuyen’s question and replied, “Soon baby. First though, you have to do me.”

The thought flashed through the woman’s head again that Miguel was still with them and he would be able to see everything that they did to the child. He would also see Carole naked and she thought about sending the cab driver away. As they were in the middle of nowhere, that was easier said than done, so she gave a mental shrug and decided to accept the situation.

She was a natural exhibitionist anyway and it wouldn’t be the first time she had fucked in front of strangers.

The girl didn’t understand what Carole had said and she watched as the woman rose to her feet and reached under her skirt to skim her panties down to her ankles and kick them off. Pulling her skirt up around her waist she then lay down on the rug and then pointed to her cunt, and the child suddenly understood.

As she crawled between the woman’s legs, Tuyen stared in wonder at Carole’s cunt. Her own fuck hole, and that of her sisters, were completely hairless because of their young ages, but she knew that her mothers cunt was covered by a forest of black hair. She couldn’t quite work out why this American woman’s hole was bald, but she lowered her head and swiped her tongue over the puffy lips.

Carole moaned softly, and then moaned a bit louder when Tuyen’s tongue slid into her sloppy fuck tube. The preteen knew exactly what to do because her mother used her and her sisters for her satisfaction. Even when she was too young to walk, her mother would push Tuyen’s head between her legs and instruct her how to lick cunt.

The little girl slurped at Carole’s juices as her tongue pushed deep into her hole and stimulated the tender flesh. Desperate, and almost pleading for a cum however, Carole looked down over her flat stomach at the top of the preteen’s head and hissed, “Get your fingers up me. Fingers! Fingers!”

Recognizing the word, Tuyen pushed two fingers up Carole’s cunt and fucker her for a few seconds before adding a third. The little girl was again surprised at the difference between her mother’s cunt and this American woman’s. Not only was Carole shaven between her legs, but her fuck hole was much tighter. Tuyen could easily get her little fist all the way into her mother’s hole but with Carole, she couldn’t get more than three fingers.

That number of fingers seemed to satisfy the woman however and she cried out, “Yes! Just like that. Finger me hard and bring me off!”

Again, the child didn’t fully understand the foreign words, but there could be little doubt as to their meaning. She raised her head away from Carole’s dripping cunt and concentrated on ramming her fingers in and out of her fuck hole as fast as she could. The woman wailed but the little girl knew that she was doing the right thing when Carole planted the flats on her feet on the ground and arched her back off the rug. She humped her
cunt into Tuyen’s thrusting fingers and the loud rasping noises of her thick cunt slime echoed around the glade and a steady stream of juice flowed out of her aroused hole.

Miguel and Jason watched the scene in front of them and the cab driver exclaimed, “Your wife Senior is a very hot lady!”

Jason could only nod his agreement as he rubbed at the bulge in the front of his pants.

Tuyen’s arm was becoming tired and there was a dull ache in her little muscles, but she kept finger fucking Carole as fast as she could. From the way the woman was moaning, the preteen could see that she was very close and she was determined to bring her off. It was very important to the child that the American’s were pleased with her and they would maybe give her some more dollars.

Carole’s breathing was becoming ragged and her back was arched high off the rug. Although her feet were planted firmly on the ground, her knees
were wide apart, allowing the child’s hand full access to her sex, and she suddenly cried out loudly as her body arched higher until only her feet and the back of her head were on the rug. Her body became as stiff as a board for a few seconds and then she started to shudder and her back crashed onto the ground.

Tuyen’s fingers were torn from the woman’s body as she convulsed and writhed on the ground and the child was content to lick her sticky fingers as she watched.

It took a long time for Carole to recover and the first thing she saw was Jason and Miguel grinning down at her. She smiled back as her head turned around and focused on the child who was now sitting patiently beside her. As soon as her eyes fell on the preteen, her lust returned full force and she pulled the child onto the rug beside her.

Rolling her onto her back, Carole got to her knees and stared down at the gorgeous, but grubby, naked body.

Tuyen’s was completely flat chested, but her little pink nipples were rock hard and Carole eagerly lowered her head and sucked on them, one after
another. As she sucked, her eyes gazed down over the child’s flat stomach and at the little puffy mound of her cunt. She was sure that she could smell the slit between Tuyen’s legs, and she was certain that she could smell her own cunt!

Carole’s hands ran all over the little girls body, touching her everywhere, except between the legs. She was deliberately teasing herself, but after a few moments, she couldn’t resist any longer! As her fingers pushed across Tuyen’s stomach and over her little sex mound, the preteen spread her knees and drew her feet together and her ankles up towards her butt. Pushing her hand lower, Carole touched the little girl’s cunt for the first time and she was surprised to find the slit both hot and wet.

Raising her head from Tuyen’s nipple, she looked up at her husband with a look of rapture on her face as she said softly, “She’s wet!”

Carole’s voice was breaking as she spoke and her hands were trembling from the lust that was coursing through her body. Shuffling on her knees down to the child’s hips, she stared down at the wonderful sight that met her eyes.

With her knees stretched apart, Tuyen’s cunt had started to splay apart and lewdly display her pink fuck tube. Lowering her head until her nose was only a few millimeters away from the inviting slit, Carole inhaled deeply, pulling the scent of the preteen’s arousal into her nostrils. As the smell filled her head, Carole felt light headed and she pushed out her tongue and swiped it over the sticky cunt. The sweet flavor seemed to explode in her mouth and hit her senses like a sledgehammer. Her head reeled as she licked harder and pushed her tongue into the little girl’s hole.

Tuyen lay still and let the woman lick her for a few moments, but the feelings that her cunt was sending to her brain meant that she couldn’t remain still for very long. She started to moan softly and then her butt gradually started to squirm in little circles before it slowly came off the ground. The circling motion changed into little thrusts of her hips that pressed her cunt harder against Carole’s mouth and the moans the child was making were becoming louder.

The little girl wasn’t used to this type of treatment, but she loved the sensations that Carole’s tongue was producing. Her first experience with fucking had been when she had wandered too close to a couple of the village men who were sitting drinking and playing a complicated looking game with pebbles and sticks. One of the men suddenly grabbed her arm and snarled, “Just what I need! Fresh fuck meat!”

Before she knew what was happening, she was dragged onto his lap and thick fingers were being forced up her cunt. She screamed when the other man violated her virgin asshole and the sounds of her distress brought her mother running out of the shack that she called home, brandishing a wicked looking knife that she was using to cut up some vegetables. Seeing what was happening to her daughter, she crossed quickly to the men, with the knife out in front of her. The argument that followed lasted for about half a minute because when the men offered her a full bottle of the alcohol they had made, she was quite happy to let them fuck her daughter.

“It’s about time you learned to use your holes,” she growled at the frightened child before she went back to the shack, clutching the bottle.

Both of the men raped her that evening, and neither of them bothered with any foreplay. They fucked her dry and the little girl was in agony for days. Since then, she had learned not to stray too close to any of the village men, and also learned that she could run fast and hide in lots of small spaces. She occasionally got caught and fucked, but most of the time it was more by the young boys in the village and they had smaller and thinner cocks than the men did.

All this flashed through her mind as she pushed her slit harder against the woman’s mouth and the most delicious tingling spread through her flesh.

Soon, her movements became slightly jerky and she was crying out in her own language that only Miguel could understand.

As he shared the liquor with Jason, the cab driver nodded at the child and said, “She says she’s getting the feeling! I think she’s about to cum.”

As Jason nodded his understanding, Tuyen’s movements became very jerky and uncontrolled as her cries got louder. Carole continued licking the child out and her tongue pressed into the small swelling that would someday be a fully formed clit. Even in its immature state however, it could still do what it was designed for, and the preteen writhed and shuddered as she climaxed.

As Carole moved her head back, the child flopped back onto the traveling rug and curled into a ball as her body continued to convulse.

She lay there with eyes closed and there were a few more short jerks before she slowly recovered and stretched back out again.

She grinned up at Carole, who was still kneeling beside her and she didn’t understand her when the woman said, “You’re not finished yet baby. That was just so I could taste your cunt!”

Tuyen’s legs were closed as Carole pushed the palm of her hand between the child’s thighs and they automatically opened again with her knees wide apart. The preteen had always associated fucking with pain, but she loved the way Carole had brought her off with her mouth. If the woman wanted to do her again, Tuyen was very happy to let her.

The preteen’s hole was wet and slimy from her last cum and her fuck hole was slightly open. Carole gazed in delight at the erotic sight and then rubbed her palm up and down the smooth slit. She could feel the slime trails that this produced on her skin, and her palm moved with a rotating motion as it moved over the six-year-old cunt.

Tuyen chewed on her bottom lip and her eyes had closed to no more than slits as she enjoyed being molested. The gorgeous tingling of her last cum had receded, but she could feel that it was starting to build again and she desperately hoped that Carole would make her cum again.

That was exactly what the woman intended to do and she cupped the preteen’s sex mound and increased the pressure as she continued the circular motion. Her reward was even more cunt juice washing over her hand and Tuyen’s hips bucked up at her hand.

She grinned down at the aroused girl and moved her hand slightly before sliding a finger deep into Tuyen’s hole. The child gasped loudly as she
was penetrated, but the gasp turned into a moan and her hips started to buck faster. The tingling feeling was intensifying rapidly and her eyes flew open to stare up at Carole’s face. It was a silent plea to keep stimulating her and the woman stiffened another finger and pushed it inside the little girl’s fuck hole.

Tuyen groaned loudly as the second finger stretched her , but the pain seemed to add to her arousal and Carole’s face was a mask of lust as she hissed, “You want to cum baby? You want me to bring you off?”

Although not understanding all of the words, Tuyen understood the meaning and she cried, “Yes! YES!”

The two fingers were sliding in and out of her cunt, but now Carole curled them to press into the roof of the child’s fuck tube and jerked them up and down with so much force that she was lifting Tuyen’s ass on and off the rug.

The little girl cried out loudly, but not because she was in pain. The woman’s fingers were producing the most amazing feelings that the child had ever experienced and within a few seconds she began to buck wildly, cumming so hard that her entire body shuddered and convulsed uncontrollably.

The child had neither the experience nor the words to describe the sensations that flooded every sense she had. The waves of ecstasy were intense and she felt like she was flying in the air and that there was a beautiful numbness that was spreading through her body. Numbness would normally mean lack of sensation, but this numbness was the exact opposite.

As Carole continued to finger the preteen furiously, Tuyen could actually feel the waves of pleasure flow through her flesh. Every new wave built on the previous one and her climax intensified to such a level that she was no longer aware of her surroundings. She didn’t know that she was screaming and that her body was jerking like it was being electrified. She didn’t know that in the middle of her orgasm, her bladder muscles went into spasm and powerful jets of her piss were squirted out of her cunt and arced high into the air before falling back to the ground.

Eventually, it all became too much for the little girl and the sensory overload forced her brain to shut down and she slipped into blissful unconsciousness, but she was still twitching and shuddering as Carole pulled her fingers out of her body.

Carole sat up with her eyes shining with lust and her chin and fingers still wet with Tuyen’s slime. She grinned at her husband as she said, “I
really need to cum again baby, but I just have to see your cock inside this little slut. Fuck her for me Jason. Fuck her hard!”

It took quite a few minutes for the child to recover her senses and she groaned loudly as she stretched on the rug. She slowly sat up and looked
down between her legs at the hole that had given her so much pleasure.

Glancing up at Carole, who was now standing beside her husband and licking her sticky fingers, the child said a few words.

Carole looked at Miguel, who smiled as he translated, “She says, thank you!”

Carole grinned as she poked Jason in the ribs and hissed, “Fuck her!”

Moving out from the shade of the tree, Jason changing places with his wife and felt the strong sun on his back. It was frustrating to think how much better this would be on a king sized bed in an air conditioned hotel suite, but all his doubts vanished as he gazed between the little girls legs at her puffy and red cunt. Tuyen’s slit was glistening with Carole’s saliva and also her own cunt juice as Jason stretched out his hand and gently opened her hole wider.

Carole had shuffled to the side and she sat back on her heels and watched her husband closely. She was also aware that Miguel had moved around so that his eyes could feast on the child’s naked body and he also licked his lips at the sight of Carole’s exposed flesh.

Jason’s throat was dry as he stared at the pink fuck tube that was in front of his eyes and he could see the preteen’s hard little clit that poked out of its protective hood. He gripped his hard cock and rubbed it up and down the child’s sticky slit, before he slowly pushed forward. The silence was broken by two simultaneous gasps, one of lust from his wife, and the other from the little girl as she felt the first inch of his prick open up her hole.

“Yes,” Carole hissed. “Fuck her Jason. Get your cock up her tight little cunt.”

Tuyen was on her back on the travelling rug and she knew that her mother would beat her severely if either of the American’s complained about her, so she thrust her hips upward and cried, “Yes. Yes you fuck me. I have good tight cunt for you to fuck!”

The child’s hole was hot and slippery from her recent cum but after the first inch of penetration, her tube became very tight and she gnawed on her bottom lip as Jason increased the pressure. Standing at his side, Carole was almost beside herself with lust and she had three fingers jammed up her cunt and was dripping her juice onto the rug as she cried, “Deeper! Get your cock right in that little slut and fuck her hard!”

Seeing movement out of the corner of her eye, Carole swiveled her head to the side and saw Miguel standing at her side with his hard prick in his hand and his eyes constantly flicking from Carole’s body to the little girls.

Jason pushed slowly into the preteen’s cunt and the little girl raised her legs in the air and wrapped then around his thighs. She was so small that her legs couldn’t reach any further and she was biting her bottom lip in pain as her immature fuck hole stretched to accommodate a full sized prick.

He had about three inches inside her body and Jason stopped for a rest and also to let Tuyen recover. The child was clearly terrified of offending the couple however, and of angering her mother, and she cried out, “No! It fit! It fit! You get it all in and fuck my cunt!”

The child’s words were like music to Carole’s ears and she echoed the sentiments as she said, “Deeper Jason. Fill the little bitch with your cock.”

The sun was beating down on Jason’s bare back, but that wasn’t the only reason he was sweating. Fucking preteen girls was what he lived for and the sensation of having such a young cunt wrapped around his prick was heavenly. He looked down at the incredible sight of his thick cock stretching her hairless cunt lips so much that they were just very thin strips of flesh, before taking a deep breath and pushing his shaft all the way to the bottom of her tube. With about four and a half inches of cock inside her, Jason could actually feel her tiny cervix against the head of his cock and although there was still a fair amount of his shaft outside her body, it didn’t seem to matter. Taking his weight on his arms, Jason slowly moved his cock in and out of Tuyen’s slit and was grateful for the lubrication of his wife’s saliva and the child’s own juices. There was some resistance, but that only added to the wonderful sensation around his shaft.

Tuyen was being stretched wider that any girl of her age was designed to be, but she didn’t complain in the least, and after a few moments, she actually started to lift her hips up from the ground in time with Jason’s thrusts. Changing position, Jason sat back onto his heels and his hands gripped Tuyen’s butt at the same time and dragged her with him, keeping his prick buried up her cunt. He gazed down between her open legs at were his cock was stretching her hole wide open and took a tighter grip of her butt cheeks as he pulled her on an off his shaft. Carole dropped to her knees beside him and she kissed him deeply, their tongues dancing together before she asked huskily, “Does that feel good Jason? Is she tight?”

“Oh God, she is so fucking tight,” he hissed, “And it feels amazing.

Carole’s fingers were busy in her own cunt as she moaned, “Fuck, I wish I had a cock. I would love to feel what you’re feeling right now!”

What Jason was actually feeling was a desperate need to cum. Watching his wife molest the preteen had gotten him hard and leaking pre-cum and now Tuyen’s very tight fuck hole was gripping him like a vice and producing tremendous friction on the sensitive head of his cock. He was close to spurting and he started to jerk the little girl’s cunt on and off his prick faster and faster.

Carole knew that he was close and she hissed, “Do her hard Jason. Fill that little slut with cum!”

His eyes were closed and his teeth gritted, making the tendons in his neck stand out like knotted ropes. The air whistled through his teeth as he desperately tried to stave off his cum for a few more seconds, but it was of little use. When his thick slime started to rocket up his piss tube, he cried out loudly and pulled the child hard onto his prick so that the tip was jammed against her little cervix. A second later, his cock erupted like a fire hose and his balls clenched like a powerful pump, forcing every drop of spunk into the preteen’s cunt.

When Jason finally finished spurting his slimy load into the preteen’s body, her cunt was still so incredibly tight that it held his softening prick like a vice. Pulling back until his shaft began slipping out of her hole, Jason let the preteens muscles push him fully out and he grinned at the large drop of white spunk that oozed out of her slit. Rolling to the side, he lay on the rug with his chest heaving while Carole dropped to her knees and fastened her mouth over the little girl’s cunt. As she sucked the cum out of Tuyen’s hole, the child began to squirm and moan softly.

Jason’s cock had really stretched her and had caused her a lot of pain that she hadn’t shown on her face. Now however, Carole’s soft and experienced tongue was making her feel good and a soft tingling feeling was deep in her stomach and radiating through her body. Her little moans became louder as the tongue in her fuck tube went deeper to find more cum, and the tingling feeling intensified.

The little girl could hardly believe that she was going to cum again and she loved Carole’s mouth. As soon as she was alone with her sister, she was going to teach her all about sucking cunt, but right now, she simply closed her eyes and pushed her hole harder against the woman’s wonderful mouth.

A few seconds later, the familiar rush between her legs soared in intensity and Tuyen shuddered and shook as another powerful climax exploded inside her. Although Carole knew that the child was having a cum, she continued sucking and licking until she was satisfied that she had managed to drink down all of Jason’s slimy load. Only then did she release the girl and let her sink back down onto the rug.

It had been a good fuck for both Carole and Jason and he relaxed back on the rug and basked in the afterglow. There was a slight breeze and Carole raised her knees in the air and then fanned them open to let the air dry off her cunt and she savored the pungent, thick smell of her arousal as it drifted into her nostrils.

Miguel had been standing at the front of the car smoking an endless supply of cigarettes while the Americans abused Tuyen and he now came around towards Carole. She had pulled her tee shirt back down over her tits but her skirt was still up around her waist and she had no idea what had happened to her panties. While they were fucking the child, Carole knew that Miguel had been watching them closely and she now made no attempt to cover her cunt from his gaze.

Tuyen was sprawled on the rug with her legs open and a trickle of juice and cum oozing out of her bruised slit. Her eyes were closed and she was motionless. Nodding towards the unresponsive child Miguel cleared his throat and said to Carole, “Are you finished with her?”

She glanced at the unresponsive child and then back to Miguel who was now rubbing at a hard bulge in his pants. Shrugging her shoulders, Carole said, “Have her if you want.”

With a leer that showed off his stained and broken teeth, the cab driver reached around Carole’s side and gripped Tuyen by the ankle. He pulled her towards him and she moaned softly when he transferred his grip and got hold of her arm. Lifting her into his arms and cupping her tight butt with his hands, the little girl’s eyes were still closed and she put her arms around his neck and snuggled her face into his chest. She was so exhausted that she just wanted to sleep and she was unaware that Miguel had unzipped his pants and freed his rock hard prick. Carole watched with interest and nodded her approval of the eight-inch long shaft that stuck out from between the Mexican’s legs.

He took a couple of steps towards the front of the cab and Tuyen’s eyes flew open when he banged her ass down on the hood and stepped between her legs. The little girl’s cunt was positioned at just the correct height for the cab driver and she cried out loudly when he lunged forward and rammed his cock up her already abused fuck tube. Lifting her back into his arms, but this time with his cock buried deep in her cunt, Miguel pulled her small body on and off his shaft.

Carole turned around on the rug to get a better view of the preteen’s slit being penetrated by the cab driver, and a few seconds later, Jason moved beside her and they gently stroked each other as they watched Tuyen getting fucked.

Miguel wasn’t trying to give the child any pleasure and he was solely concentrating on his own cum. Watching the two American’s abuse and fuck Tuyen had got him really horny and all he wanted to do was to spurt his load into her tight hole. He could feel the familiar rush build up in his balls and despite gritting his teeth until the veins and arteries in his neck bulged and throbbed alarmingly, he couldn’t stave of his climax.

Jerking the child into his chest and holding his cock deep in her cunt tube, he gasped and moaned as his spunk raced up his shaft and blasted out of his piss hole.

Tuyen jerked in his arms as he erupted inside her and he held her tight until the very last drops were milked out of his balls.

Once Miguel was finished he allowed the preteen to rest in the front passenger seat and the adults began to pull their clothes back on. Slowly, the little girl recovered and lay still on the seat, unsure if they were finished with her yet. She had another load of spunk up her cunt and was gaping open after being fucked so much, and she was disappointed that Carole didn’t seem to have any interest in sucking it back out of her hole.

When Jason and Carole were ready, they all climbed back into the car and Miguel drove them back to the village. As soon as the wheels had stopped moving, Tuyen’s mother was beside the car but she wasn’t interested in her freshly fucked daughter. She barely gave the child a glance before she was talking quickly to Miguel. Turning around in his seat, the cab driver said, “She wants to know if you want to watch her other daughter fuck the donkey. Seems that it will take a few moments to prepare.”

While the conversation was going on, Tuyen opened the door of the cab and got out. She was still naked and carrying her crumpled and dirty dress
in her hand as she walked over to stand beside her mother. Sperm dripped out of her cunt and onto the ground between her feet and the inside of her thighs were shining with a coating of slime. From out of nowhere, a large mongrel dog appeared and pressed his nose between the child’s legs.

Without even looking down at the animal, Tuyen opened her legs and let the dog lap up the cum that was oozing out of her hole. Shaking her head in wonder, Carole could feel her own cunt moisten as she wondered if she was about to see a dog fuck as well as a donkey fuck!

Jason looked at his wife and he could tell from the way her eyes sparkled that she was more than interested and he nodded to the driver and said, “Tell her to get ready!”

There was another hurried conversation between Miguel and the mother and then the cab driver directed Jason and Carole back into the car.

As he started the engine, Miguel said, “There’s a field on the other side of the village where it’s a bit quieter.”


They had been sitting in the blistering sun for about 15 minutes before they heard movement behind them. The mother lead the procession consisting of four men and she also held the rope that was around the donkeys neck.

Sitting astride the animal was the naked nine-year-old girl and immediately behind her was Tuyen. Carole felt a pang of disappointment that the mongrel dog wasn’t with them. Now that the nine year old had removed her dress, Carole studied her body and she could tell that the child lead a hard life. Her tits were small and no more than the size of an average peach. Her ribs were prominent in her chest showing how thin she was and her arms and legs were also on the skinny side.

As they grow up, all children receive bruises and scratches and the nine year olds body had its fair share. The difference was that her bruises were concentrated around her tits, cunt and ass and it was obvious that some of the men who used her liked to play rough.

As they got closer, they could see that the girl was swaying gently on the back of the donkey and it was Tuyen, who was sitting behind her, that looked like she was holding her sister on the animal’s back. The girl’s eyes were glazed and unfocused and Jason hissed to his wife, “They’ve drugged her up to the eyeballs. I don’t know what they’ve given her but she’s really high!”

Hearing what Jason had said, Miguel leaned closer and said, “They’ve given her Gyanr. Its made from the root of some plant and makes you feel good. If a girl takes enough of it, it makes them very horny.”

Carole absorbed the information as the girl slid from the donkeys back and stood unsteadily on her feet. She squatted slightly, at the same time pulling open her cunt with her fingers, and lewdly displayed her fuck hole to Jason, Miguel and Carole. Her pink tube gleamed in the sunlight dripping with juice and the cab driver informed then, “That’s the Gyanr.

It always makes a whore juicy!”

Carole was stunned at the sight of the saturated cunt and even although the child was just a little too old for her particular perversions, she had to resist the temptation to step forward and press her face between the girl’s legs. Her heart was beating fast as she watched the developing scene and she was desperate to see the preteen’s cunt stretch to take the donkey’s cock.

Although the animal had a rope around its neck, another noose was thrown over its head and two of the men held a rope each. While the preparation was going on, the nine-year-old came over to stand in front of Carole.

Turning around so that her back was towards the woman, the young girl bent over at the waist and used her hands to pull her ass cheeks open. Carole gazed with delight at the pink little asshole that seemed to wink at her enticingly and she couldn’t resist stretching out her hand.

Despite what Miguel had told her about the Gyanr, Carole didn’t believe that the slime dripping out of the girl’s cunt was all natural. She thought that her mother must have used something to grease up her daughters hole and when her fingers made contact with the preteen’s open slit, she scooped up some of the juice. Bring her fingers to her nose, the smell was pure cunt and when she sucked the juice into her mouth, she was stunned to find that it was the girl’s natural secretions she tasted. She glanced at Miguel who had an, “I told you so,” look on his face and she couldn’t help the grin that spread over her face.

Dipping her finger back into the young girl’s cunt, she then spread a little juice over her tight asshole and gradually increased the pressure.

Both Jason and Miguel leaned closer to watch her and she gradually wormed her finger into the child’s shit hole.

“Fuck, she tight,” Carole said in surprise. “I guess she uses her cunt more than her asshole.”

Both of the men licked their lips in response as they both tried to imaging the sensations of forcing their pricks into the little girl back hole. From out of nowhere, Tuyen suddenly appeared and she watched Carole finger her sisters shit hole for a few seconds and then pushed her hand into the nine hear olds cunt. She fingered her with three fingers before pulling her hand away and offering it to Jason and Miguel.

“You taste,” she instructed. “Chanja have juicy cunt and she taste good.”

It was the first time any of then had heard the nine year olds name but they were both more interested in the slime covered fingers that were being waved in front of their faces than getting an introduction. Jason went first and sucked one of Tuyen’s fingers into his mouth and licking it clean. It was slightly stronger that Tuyen’s juices but still delicious and Miguel obviously agreed because he moaned softly as he too sucked the little girls offered finger. Happy that the men liked the taste of her sister, Tuyen slithered down on the ground in front of Chanja and glued her mouth over her sister’s saturated slit. It was something that they had obviously done many times before and Chanja giggled happily, as she was stimulated in both of her holes.

Two of the men had each taken one of the ropes that was around the donkey’s neck and the other two stood idly and waited until they were called upon to do something. The girl’s mother was squatting down at the side of the donkey and was gently jerking on its cock. From where they were standing, Carole, Jason and Miguel could all see up the mothers skirt to the mass of black pubic hair that covered her crotch, but the sight did nothing for any of them.

When the animals cock started to drop, the mother shouted something in her own language and Tuyen immediately pulled her face away from her sisters cunt and scrambled to her feet. Her chin was covered with slime and Chanja turned to smile at Carole as she pulled her asshole off the
woman’s probing finger. As the nine-year-old trotted over to her mother, Carole sniffed her finger before popping it into her mouth and sucking it clean.

When the mother got to her feet, Chanja dropped to her knees and crawled under the donkey. She reach out to slide her hands over the animal’s prick and a small shiver of lust went up Carole’s back as she watched the shaft swell and stiffen. The mangy beast was as underfed as the girls were, but it certainly hadn’t affected his cock in any way. The shaft now resembled Chanja’s arm and it was still swelling. Even although the nine year olds cunt was dripping with juice and it had been well used, Carole could tell that fitting the donkey’s cock into it was still going to stretch her to the limit.

She couldn’t wait to see the little girl taking the cock inside her and she grinned at her husband when she felt his hand slither down her back and under her skirt. She didn’t know what had happened to her panties, but she was glad she wasn’t wearing them now.

She pressed back against Jason’s hand as it went lower and gave a growl of pleasure when his fingers pushed into her butt crack. His finger slid
up and down between her ass cheeks, greased by the moisture and slime that was already there and she was desperate for him to penetrate one of her holes.

The donkey began to toss its head and bray as the girl rubbed her hands all over the huge cock and stroked the wedge shaped tip over her budding tits and her stomach. As she rubbed, her hands stroked the black and pink shaft until thick pre-cum bubbled out of the wide piss slit. Soon her brown colored skin was glistening with trails of the animal’s slime and she glanced over at the Americans to make sure that they were watching her.

She grinned over at them and then squatted back on her heels and opened her mouth. There was no way the young girl could take the donkey’s cock into her mouth and she concentrated on gluing her lips around the head and pushing her tongue deep into its piss hole. The animal snorted and his feet danced on the ground as the preteen worked on him, and the two men holding the ropes around its neck tried to steady him. Thick strands of the beast’s slime frothed out of both sides of Chanja’s mouth as her cheeks hollowed and her hands jerked on the massive cock. The more she sucked, the more pre-cum poured into her mouth and the donkey’s flanks quivered as her fingers moved over the shaft and her little tongue licked out his piss hole.

Carole was breathing heavily as she watched the child work on the animal and she moaned softly when Jason’s fingers slid over her dripping cunt and pushed inside her tube. She kept her eyes on Chanja as she rested her head on her husbands shoulder and he turned to kiss her. Their tongues were in each other mouth, sharing their saliva for a few seconds before they broke apart to watch the young girl again.

When the donkey neared his orgasm, he brayed wildly and his hindquarters were trying frantically to fuck the little girls face. The muscles in the
arms of the men holding the ropes strained and bulged as they did everything they could to stop the animal rearing up on its back legs, but Chanja continued to suck and jerk the throbbing cock. Suddenly, the donkey’s balls pumped his load into his piss tube and Chanja’s cheeks ballooned out as her mouth filled with donkey cum. The slime poured from\ her mouth as she pulled her face away and the spurting prick jerked like a fire hose. Slime blasted into her face and torso, running down her skin and covering her until she looked like the star of a massive bukakki move.

The child grinned at her success in making the donkey erupt and her hands jerked on the thick shaft until the spurts stopped and the last of
the animal’s slime just oozed out of his piss slit. Bending her head forward, the little girl slurped and sucked the head of the cock until it was completely clean.

When Chanja got out from beneath the donkey, her body was dripping with its cum, and she smiled at the American’s and took a bow. Although Carole was turned on by what she’s seen, she was disappointed and felt that they had been conned. The money they’d spent was supposedly to see the preteen getting fucked by the donkey and not just to watch her suck it off. Before she could say anything, Tuyen appeared in front of her and asked, “You like the show?”

Carole found that she was too polite to complain, so she just nodded her head. Grinning with pleasure, the child then said, “You watch what happen now. Now she take the donkey’s cock right up her cunt!”

That was when Carole realized that they hadn’t been ripped off and what they had just seen was only the start of the show. As she looked over at the donkey, she could see the girl’s mother on her knees and pulling on the animal’s prick to get it hard again. The donkey brayed loudly and stamped its feet, but the woman’s skillful hands soon had the shaft hard.

Carole was surprised that the animal could recover so quickly and she watched Chanja take a step closed to the donkey. What happened next had obviously been done many times because everyone knew exactly what to do and where they should be.

The four men each stood beside one of the donkey’s legs and the two at the front were holding the ropes around the animal’s neck. Chanja squirmed back under the beast’s belly and she lay on her back with her arms and legs stretched out. As if choreographed, each of the four men bent down and the two on the front gripped her wrists while the other two took hold of her ankles. When they effortlessly lifted her in the air, Chanja’s mother took hold of the donkey’s cock and positioned it against her daughter’s cunt.

The child’s small tits were rubbing against the soft hair on the donkey’s belly as the two men holding her ankles started to pull her back, and onto the beast’s cock. The head of the animal’s prick was like a flared wedge and was much wider than the rest of the shaft. Chanja’s cunt would have to stretch wide to take it and she was crying out in pain.

Completely ignoring her daughters cries, her mother shouted at the men pulling on her ankles to pull harder and the muscles in their arms bulged as they obeyed her.

The donkey brayed and the preteen screamed for a few more minutes until the head of the cock forced its way into her cunt and then the screams died away. Carole wondered how the child was actually going to fuck the donkey, but the men had it well rehearsed. The front two pulled her off the cock, but kept the head inside her tube and then the men at the tail would pull the girl back onto the shaft. They quickly got into a rhythm and Carole reckoned that the little girl was taking about six or seven inches of donkey prick up her cunt.

Carole’s fuck hole was streaming its juices onto Jason’s hand as he gently finger fucked her. Noticing the huge lump in the font of his trousers, Carole freed his cock and wrapped her fist around it as they watched the show. The cab driver was standing at the other side of Carole and he took her hand and placed it over his own cock. When Carole looked down, she was tempted to jerk her hand away, buy she enjoyed the thought of jerking off both men at the same time and

Jason’s finger pistoned in Carole’s cunt and the walls of her hole quivered and sucked it deeper. Her body shuddered, her toes clawing at the ground and she swayed dizzily and fell against Jason as the spasms exploded in her fuck hole cunt. She humped her slit against him and her fuck juices gushed into his hand as he finger fucked her to a massive climax. As she writhed, completely helpless, both of her hands jerked on the cocks she was holding.

The donkey’s flanks quivered and he brayed loudly. His head tossed wildly as he tried to shake off the robes around his neck and rear up, but the men lent back, putting all their weight on the rope and keeping all four hooves on the ground. They could do nothing about his hind quarters however and the donkey began thrusting his hips and pounding the preteen girl like a mare in heat. Chanja wailed and screamed as she was fucked and when her mother barked a command, the men holding her ankles pulled the little girl’s legs further apart.

Although she must have seen the show before, Tuyen looked up at Carole’s flushed face and said, “She really getting fucked hard this time. She be sore for long time!”

It seemed a gross understatement to the American woman and Carole shook her head in wonder at what these peasants would do for a very small amount of American dollars.

The men holding Chanja were not gentle and her lithe body was writhing like an eel as they tried to make her take more of the cock. As the huge donkey prick reamed out her cunt, the animal hee-hawed as if he’d lost his mind, and he humped her as hard as he could ramming his huge shaft in and out of her cunt.

The donkey’s eyes crazed with lust and his ears flattened against his head as he suddenly reared up and jerked the ropes out of the hands of the men trying to restrain him. With his front hooves flailing wildly in the air, he balanced on his hind legs and rammed his cock in and out of the nine-year-olds gripping cunt.

The men holding the child were helpless to do anything but support her weight. They couldn’t pull her off the donkeys pounding cock and if they had released her, gravity would have pulled down with her cunt being held on the animal’s shaft. This would probably have broken the preteen’s back, so they held on tightly and let the beast fuck the naked girl.

In his crazed state, the donkey lunged forward and the preteen girl screamed loudly as more of the shaft was driven into her fuck tube. Her head thrashed from side to side and she writhed and jerked but couldn’t free her cunt from the thrusting prick as the animal reared again and pranced on his back legs while his front hooves pawed the air. His flanks shuddered violently and he brayed loudly as his cum exploded into the naked girl’s hole. After only two squirts of his massive load, Chanja’s fuck tube was full of slime and it sprayed out around the thrusting cock until the animal’s balls were completely empty.

Carole was in sexual ecstasy to see a preteen girl being treated like this and obviously Miguel and Jason were enjoying the show. Although she was jerking on their cocks, she was doing it gently so that they would last longer and Miguel gave a groan and then his prick jerked in her hand as a fountain of hot spunk sprayed onto the ground. A few seconds later and Jason matched him and it was like a small boy’s pissing contest, each of them trying to spurt further that the other. Jason won, but only just.

It took another few minutes for the donkey to quieten down and the men were able to regain their hold on the ropes around his neck. Releasing their grip on the young girl, Chanja slowly slid off the prick and Carole’s mouth dropped open when she realized how much of the shaft the child had taken. It was impossible to even consider that the preteen’s cunt tube was that length and Carole knew that the donkey’s prick must have been in the child’s womb.

Carole shivered at the depravity of what she had just witnessed and she couldn’t help but notice that all four of the men had been effected and that the front of their pants were bulging. There was a brief conversation between the men and the mother who then called Tuyen over to them. While the mother led the donkey away to recover, little Chanja was still lying in a crumpled heap on the ground with donkey cum running out of her battered cunt.

Turning her attention back to the men, Carole could see that they were expecting payment for their work, and that the payment was Tuyen. When they led her about a hundred yards away, they bent her over a fallen tree trunk and the first man slid his cock up her cunt. Whilst he fucked her, the other three men formed an orderly queue behind him and waited their turn.

With the show being over, Jason, Carole and Miguel trudged back to the car and climbed inside. The interior was like an oven and Miguel immediately started the engine and turned the aging air conditioning up to maximum.

As the temperature slowly reduced, the driver turned to the couple in the back seat and asked, “What now my friends? Back to your hotel in the City, or more fucking?”

Carole would have preferred both. It would have been perfect to take Tuyen back to the hotel and they could fuck her all night. When she voiced this suggestion however, the cab driver shook his head and said, “It would be a considerable risk. The hotel know that you do not have a child with you and if you suddenly turn up with one and take her to your room, they will ask questions and contact the authorities. You can bribe most people in Vietnam to look the other way, but you can’t bribe a whole hotel!”

Both Jason and Carole looked disappointed, but they could see the sense in what Miguel had said.

They looked at each other as they tried to decide what to do and the cab driver cleared his throat and said, “If you don’t mind, I have a suggestion!”

Jason looked at him and said, “Okay Miguel. We’re listening.”

“There is a village, about an hours drive from here. I have many friends there including the village chief. Normally I don’t take people there because it is a rather unusual village. However, knowing the two of you as I do, I think you will like it.”

Whilst the Americans trusted Miguel, it was a rather open statement he had just made, and to make sure that she understood correctly, Carole looked closely at the cab driver and asked, “But there will be girls there, and we will be able to use them?”

Miguel’s face lit up with a grin as he replied, “Many little girl’s will be there and you will be able to do what you like to them. You will also be able to spend the night there in a clean bed, and it you want to have a child for the whole night, that will be agreeable.”

He stopped speaking for just a few seconds, before he added, “For a price, of course.”

The Americans looked at each other for a few seconds and Carole gave a small nod of her head. Grinning at the cab driver Jason said, “You have a deal, my friend.”

Miguel was also smiling as he started the car and drove off. Glancing down at the floor of the cab, Carole saw her little black panties there and she bent down and picked then up. They were soaking wet and she licked her slime trails from the material before pulling her underwear back on.


The countryside they were passing through was quite desolate and barren but Carole sat up interestedly when she spotted a collection of huts in front of them. Tapping the driver on the shoulder she asked, “Is that a village Miguel? Will there be girls there?”

Shaking his head, he replied, “That is a strange place and we won’t be stopping there.”

When she asked why, he explained, “The same family have lived there for generations. They were all fucking each other and the children were born stupid. You wont find what you want there.”

Although he wasn’t stopping, the state of the road through the village was atrocious and he had to drive at walking pace. As they passed the huts, Carole and Jason began to see what he meant. An older woman with her skirt pulled up around her waist was sitting outside her house in a rickety chair and openly masturbating. She watched the car as it passed, but kept on rubbing her hairy cunt that had dozens of flies buzzing around it.

At the next hut, a goat was tethered to a stake and a young boy was standing behind it, holding up its tail, and sliding his cock in and out of its cunt. He had a strange and vacant look in his eyes and the way that the goat was munching unconcernedly on the grass as it was fucked, told Jason and Carole that it was well used to this treatment.

Every hut seemed to have a dog chained up and they barked and snarled as the cab drove by, showing their yellow fangs and pulling as hard as they could in an attempt to break the chain or rope that held them. At one particular hut, a naked girl had a chain around her neck. She was filthy and her eyes held a menacing stare as she snarled and foamed at the mouth, just like the dog that was tied up next to her.

Looking out of the window, Miguel gestured with his hand and said, “You see what I mean. Completely fucking crazy!”

Although the results of the interbreeding were obvious, Carole found it quite arousing and she was going to suggest that they stop, until she saw a middle aged man come forward to the road they were traveling on. He moved as fast as his deformed foot and leg would allow, and he had a vicious looking machete clutched in his hand. That changed her mind about stopping, and she sat back in her seat.

As soon as the road surface permitted, Miguel pushed down the gas pedal and put the village behind them in a cloud of dust.


About half an hour later, they came to another village, and Miguel looked at them in the cracked rear-view mirror and said, “This is where we will get girls!”

Jason and Carole sat up interestedly as the cab pulled to a stop, but they didn’t like the look of the old man that was staring at the car intently. Around him were four bare chested men who looked like they would cut someone’s throat just for amusement, and Jason touched Miguel on the arm and said, “I don’t like the look of this Miguel. Are you sure about stopping here?”

Nodding his head, the cab driver assured him, “Its okay. I know him, he is the headman of the village and only two things interest him. Fucking, and American dollars!”

The headman watched Miguel get out of the car and both Jason and Carole were relieved when his face broke into a smile that revealed the one stained tooth he had left. They couldn’t understand the conversation, but a number of times, the cab driver pointed to them, and each time he did so, the headman nodded his head.

A few moments later, Miguel came back to the car and said, “There are many girls here and you can have your pick of them. The headman is called Tivelli, and he invites you to his house.”

“Can’t we just pick a girl?” Carole asked, glancing at the headman and the four males around him. All were naked except for a loose fitting flap of material that tied around their waist.

“That would not be wise,” Miguel answered the American woman. “He is honoring you by inviting you to his house, and if you refuse, he may well refuse to give you a girl!

“And you believe that this is safe?” Jason asked, for reassurance.

“Yes,” the cab driver replied. “Completely safe.”

Seeing that they had little choice in the matter, Jason and Carole got out of the car and shook hands with the men, one by one, as they were introduced. The houses of the village were little more than mud huts, but in the centre was a massive structure that dwarfed everything else. Made from bamboo and other timber that they couldn’t identify, you could probably have fitted every one of the other dwellings inside the headman’s house. Obviously, being the headman had its privileges!

The room they were shown into was quite small with no furniture except for a threadbare carpet. The headman sat down and crossed his legs, and then so did his four protectors or bodyguards. Miguel indicated that they should follow suit, and a few seconds later they were all seated in a rough circle.

Tivelli made a short speech, which Miguel translated as a welcome and his pleasure to do business with them. Jason and Carole smiled and nodded their heads and Tivelli clapped his hands once. A young girl came into the room carrying little cups on a flat piece of wood, and a larger metal vessel. She was about eleven or twelve years old and was wearing nothing except a very short skirt. Her little tits were swelling her chest and her skin was a light brown color and completely flawless. Although both the Americans admired the child’s body, she was too old to excite them and they just watched as she bent down to place the cups and wooden tray on the ground in front of the headman. As she did so, her little skirt slid up her legs and both Carol and Jason had the perfect view of her cunt and tightly closed little asshole.

Having done her duty, the girl straightened up but stayed in the room and one of the bodyguards whispered something to Miguel. Turning to Jason, the cab driver said, “This man wants to know if you want to use this girl?”

He didn’t even have to look at his wife and Jason immediately replied, “She’s too old!”

When Miguel relayed this back to the bodyguard, he grinned and nodded his head. He then raised his finger and the girl instantly came to stand at his side. While Tivelli poured tea out of the metal container and into the cups, Jason and Carole watched the guard’s hand move under the child’s skirt and she moved her feet apart as his finger went up her cunt.

The headman placed cups of black and sweet tea in front of his guests and in front of Carole, he also placed a small glass filed with a milky liquid.

As she looked at it, Miguel leaned close to her and whispered, “Tivelli has a sense of humor. That is Gyanr, and if you drink it, you’re saying that you want him to fuck you. Only drink the tea!”

When Carole raised the tea to her lips, leaving the Gyanr untouched, the headman threw back his head and laughed loudly.

The tea drinking seemed to be some form of ceremony or ritual, and everyone was silent until it was finished. Seeing that Carole was aware of the significance of the Gyanr and that she wasn’t going to drink it, Tivelli took the cup and handed it to the guard on his right. It was passed around until it reached the guard who was fingering the child.

Giving it to the girl, he watched as she drank it down and then he pulled his finger out of her body.

Tivelli nodded his approval, and then poured out more tea for himself and his guests. Obviously, only the first cup was part of the ritual because everyone now visibly relaxed and started talking. Neither of the Americans could understand a single word, and they relied on Miguel to translate anything that was important.

Carole took the opportunity to look around the room but her eyes kept being drawn back to the young girl who looked to be in some form of distress. Her thighs were tightly pressed together and her ankles were crossed, as if she desperately needed the toilet. As she watched, Carole could see that every passing minuet was making the girl worse until she was hopping from one foot to another. Just as Carole nudged Jason to attract his attention to the girl, she moaned and pressed both hands into her crotch.

Although both of the Americans loved to watch little girls pee, they couldn’t understand why the child didn’t go and find a toilet, or at least ask permission to go. The guard was no longer fingering the little girl, in fact he seemed to have lost all interest in her until he noticed Carole and Jason staring at her.

Grinning at them, he pointed to the now empty cup of Gyanr and then at the preteen.

It didn’t make any sense to them because such a small cup of liquid couldn’t have made the child so desperate to pee, nor could it have reached her bladder so quickly. To signify that she didn’t understand, Carole shook her head, and shrugged her shoulders at the same time. Barking something to the child, the girl lifted up the front of the short skirt she was wearing, opened her legs, and both the Americans gasped in astonishment.

Her almost hairless cunt was swollen open and thick trickles of her cunt slime ran down the inside of both her legs. They had never seen anyone who could produce so much fuck sauce as this little girl and they were speechless. Not only was she running with girl juice, but the smell of her hole was now filling the room and Miguel leaned over to them and said, “It is the Gynar. Tivelli tells me that she is a very juicy girl, but when they give her the drug, her cunt flows like a river. It also makes her very horny and very soon she will fuck all the men here and beg for more!”

That was when Carole realised that the young girl wasn’t desperate for the toilet. She was horny and desperate for cock!

Before either of them could reply, Miguel beckoned them closer with his finger.

“This is not a typical village,” he began. “Here, Tivelli is almost a king. He protects and provides for all the people in his village, and in reward, he is given two things. The first is this house to live in.”

When the cab driver fell silent, Jason prompted, “And the second?”

The cab driver had a suggestive leer on his face as he replied, “The second thing is, that he takes possession of all the children that are born in the village. Most of them are his kids anyway because it would appear that any female is available for him to use, but even if a female gets pregnant by someone else, Tivelli gets the baby.”

“What does he do with them all?” Carole asked.

“He has some form of harem going on here and the women take care of and raise the children. Tivelli them pimps them out to anyone who can pay him. Not only is he the village chief, he’s also a whore master!”

Carole and Jason glanced over at the chief for a second, and them turned their attention back to Miguel as Jason asked, “So, how much does he charge?”

The cab driver shrugged his shoulders and replied, “It appears to depend how many children you want, the child or children you pick and what you want to do to them!”

Before they could reply, they were startled when the drugged girl suddenly cried out loudly and dropped onto her hands and knees. She lowered her head and shoulders onto the floor, keeping her ass high in the air and displaying her holes like a bitch on heat. As she wiggled her ass, she was crying out, “Fuck me! Fuck me!”

Miguel grinned and he looked at the American’s and said, “It’s the Gynar. It makes girls very juicy but also very horny. They can only last so long before they need to cum!”

As he explained it to Jason and Carole, the bodyguard got to his feet, and to the cheers of his friends, he squatted down behind the young girl and teased her by rubbing the tip of his cock up and down her dripping slit. Every time she was touched, the preteen pushed her butt backwards, trying frantically to capture the shaft with her fuck hole. The guard was in full control of the situation however and he grinned around the room as she squirmed and groaned.

Carole could see that the guard’s cock was a good size and nice and thick. Just as she had started to wonder how much of the prick the young girl could take, the guard gripped the child’s ass and rammed his cock up her cunt. It was a brutal thrust and the preteen screamed loudly but the guard completely ignored her plight and continued his lunge until he was fully inside her. Stopping only to draw breath and smile at his friends, he began fucking the girl furiously, making her small body jerk and shake with every thrust. The effect of the rutting pair wasn’t lost on the other three guards who all congregated behind the pair, each fisting a rock hard shaft. They were waiting to take their turn with the preteen who was going to have to satisfy them all.

Tivelli smiled his approval at his guards as he rose to his feet and said something to the cab driver.

“He says to follow him,” Miguel interpreted. “Now we go to find you a little girl!”

The Americans got to their feet and stretched their limbs for a few seconds before following Tivelli to a door at the rear of the large room.

Just before she went through the door, Carole glanced back at the preteen girl who was still on her hands and knees. The guard who had been fucking her had just cum in her cunt and she cried out when he pulled out of her hole. Her cries continued until another guard took his place and she moaned happily as her hole was penetrated again.

They emerged into a long corridor and were nearly at its end before the Tivelli stopped and spoke to Miguel. Turning to the Americans, the cab driver grinned and said, “He says he’s got something special for you. He’s sure you’re going to love it.”

Carole’s heart was starting to beat a little faster and her cunt was moistening nicely at the thought of abusing another young girl. There was a clear look of disappointment on her face however when Tivelli opened the door and they saw a girl who looked around fourteen or fifteen. There was no denying that the teenage girl was beautiful with a gorgeous body, but she certainly wasn’t what Jason or his wife was looking for. Opening his mouth to remind Miguel that they only wanted young girls, he promptly shut it again when Tivelli held up his hand. The headman spoke rapidly to the cab driver, who nodded his head vigorously. Looking at his friends Miguel smiled and said, “Don’t worry. This girl isn’t for you. She’s the mother!”

“The mother!” Carole exclaimed, just as a child came through the door of an adjacent room.

The little girl was dressed in a simple one piece dress that seemed to be the general rule in this country and her small round face was simply adorable. As soon as her eyes fell on the child, Carole’s mouth became dry and her cunt juice began dripping into the crotch of her panties. She knew that her husband would be as hard as a rock just imagining what he could do to the preteen and she gently brushed the back of her hand over his crotch.

The bulge inside his pants was massive and she giggled softly and turned to speak to Miguel. The cab driver was deep in conversation with Tivelli however and she had to wait for a few moments before the words were translated.

“He wants to know if you like,” Miguel began. “She’s four years old and Tivelli assures me that she hasn’t been used much!”

“Four!” Jason breathed in excitement.

Both and Carole had abused children of that age before, and even younger, but he had never actually fucked a girl who was less than six. A look of concern passed over his features and he looked at Miguel and asked, “Can she take cock?”

After relaying the question to Tivelli, the cab driver replied, “She will take your cock in whatever hole you want Senior. Tivelli says that it doesn’t matter if you hurt her or make her bleed. She has to be stretched in all her holes and he doesn’t care who does the stretching.”

The headman said something else to Miguel, who translated, “He wants to
know if she’s suitable and if you want to keep her for the night.”

Both of the American’s nodded eagerly and the headman barked some orders to the mother who was still sitting on the floor. She immediately sprang to her feet and waited while Tivelli spoke to Miguel.

After a few moments, Miguel smiled at Jason and Carole and explained, “I have been invited to stay with Tivelli tonight. Seems he has a few girls that he wants to get pregnant, and he’s asked me to help! This girl will show you to where you can spend the night and she will leave her daughter with you. Do not give her any money. We will pay Tivelli in the morning.”

They watched as both men left the room and Carole felt the teenage girl touch her arm, and in very heavily accented English, she said, “You come.”

To emphasize her intentions, she beckoned then with her hand as she lifted her child into her arms and led them back into the corridor.

Tivelli’s house was much bigger that they had first thought and because it seemed to consist of a multitude of extensions and additions, the corridors were a virtual maze. Eventually the girl stopped outside a door and waved the American’s through. Jason and Carole found a large straw filled mattress on the floor covered with remarkably clean linen. There was a pitcher of water on the floor and apart from these two items the room was bare. The teenager laid her four-year-old daughter on the bed and then spat onto the fingers of one hand. Pushing the child’s legs open, she rubbed her saliva onto her baby’s tiny cunt and then straightened up and glanced at the waiting pedophiles. With a small smile, and something very like a curtsy, the teenager left the room without a backward glance at her daughter.

Even before the mother had closed the door of the room, Carole’s hand was inside her own panties and stroking her clit.

“God, she’s beautiful Jason,” she breathed lustfully. “Do you think she can cum yet? If she does, she’ll taste as sweet as honey!”

He could see his wife’s fingers dance furiously under the cover of the wet panties she had been wearing all day. By now, the crotch was just one massive stain from her juices and her cum and anyone standing within a few feet of the horny woman couldn’t help but smell her aroused hole.

Grinning at his wife, Jason asked, “You want to go first?”

Smiling her thanks, Carole nodded her head and started to remove her clothes as she walked towards the bed. The little girl watched her carefully and she was surprised that Carole didn’t have any hair between her legs. None of the women in the village shaved, or even trimmed, their pubic hair and Carole’s hairless sex mound was a revelation to her. She had little time to dwell on the thought however because the woman pulled her to her feet and then took her place on the bed. Although she couldn’t understand English, it was obvious what Carole wanted when she opened her legs wide and pointed to her cunt.

This was something the child was familiar with and she had been eating cunt for years. Even before she had been weaned from the tit, her mother regularly placed her baby’s face onto her cunt and let her suckle in her clit.

Crawling between Carole’s legs, the girl eagerly lapped at her dripping fuck hole and with her ass high in the air, Jason was able to stand behind her and gaze at the erotic sight of her two fuck holes. Stepping closer, he pushed one finger deep in her cunt and held it there, savoring how hot and tight the hole was. Pulling his finger out, he sniffed it appreciatively and then moved round to offer the finger to his wife.

“Her cunt,” he said simply, and Carole eagerly opened her mouth and licked his finger clean.

The girl was doing a far better job of sucking Carole off than she had thought possible. Although Carole was very horny, the child knew exactly where and how to lick her and she could feel the familiar tingling deep inside her cunt.

Jason had moved back to the child and he stiffened the finger that was still wet with his wife’s saliva and pushed it straight into the girl’s asshole. She cried out in pain at the unexpected penetration and Jason slapped her hard on her butt and growled, “Keep sucking.”

The young girl could tell from the tone of his voice what was expected of her and she kept licking Carole’s cunt even although her ass wriggled and bucked under the assault of Jason’s finger. No one had ever abused her poop hole before and the little girl was shocked that Jason would do so. If he thought her cunt was tight, it was nothing compared to her asshole.

He was willing to bet that her pink back hole was cherry and the thought made him moan softly. Pulling his finger out, he went back to his wife who was watching him closely. Before he could say anything, Carole asked, “Her asshole?”

When he nodded his head, she practically grabbed his wrist and pulled his finger into her mouth. The earthy flavor exploded over her taste buds and the combination of the depravity of what she was doing, and the stimulation of the child’s mouth, were enough to take her over the top and she climaxed wildly.

Having completed her task, the little girl sat back on her heels and rubbed her fingers over her asshole to try and lessen the burning pain.

She glanced from Jason to Carole and then decided that she should just remain quiet and motionless until they instructed her what to do. She knew that she was going to be fucked but didn’t know when.

Carole recovered a few minutes later and she groaned loudly as she heaved herself off the bed and walked over to where Jason was standing. He was the only person still wearing clothes and Carole knew that that wouldn’t be for long. When she had got off the bed, the little girl rolled onto her back and automatically opened her legs.

“Shit Jason,” Carole exclaimed staring down at the docile child, “I want to see you really fuck that little girl! Even just thinking about it is making me drip.”

Jason however was chewing nervously on his bottom lip. His cock was as solid as an iron bar inside his straining pants, but even although he looked at the little girl with pure lust, he was still unsure about fucking her.

“You know she’s way too young,” he said to his wife. “There’s no way she’ll be able to take my cock up her cunt.”

The child couldn’t understand a single word of what was being said and she was content to stay on her back with her legs open, displaying her small and tight sex. She could see that both of the American’s kept glancing between her legs and was surprised that neither of them had tried to fuck her yet. The naive child had been fucked twice before, by two different men in the village. They had both been gentle with her though and had only penetrated her a couple of inches before they shallow fucked her hole. Although there had been some pain when she was stretched, it was nothing that she couldn’t stand and no worse that her mother had warned her about. She had no idea that the American pedophiles would have very different ideas!

Carole was almost shaking with lust and there was no way that she was going to accept a single objection. Without taking her eyes away from the little girl’s cunt, she replied, “You heard what Tivelli said. He doesn’t care how much you hurt her or how badly you rip her up!”

Stepping closer, she rubbed her hand over the hard bulge in his pants and licked the lobe of his ear as she whispered, “Come on baby. Fuck the little bitch. I want to see your cock inside her cunt!”

It didn’t take any more than that to convince Jason. Kissing his wife, she returned the kiss with an open mouth while still kneading his bulge.

Pulling away, he started to take off his clothes and he could see that the child studied his hard cock as it sprang free. By the time he was naked, Carole had sat down on the bed beside the child and removed the course material that passed for her dress.

Crawling between the little girls legs, Carole licked her dry lips as she watched her husband rub the head of his cock up and down the child’s cunt, covering her sex with the pre-cum that was oozing out of his piss hole. If the little girl’s cunt had looked small before, it now looked tiny compared to Jason’s thick prick. The difference in size was mind-blowing and just for a second, he had doubts again about penetrating her. Carole had no such doubts however and she leaned close to the child and whispered, “You’re going to get fucked baby. Your little hole is going to get stuffed by hot cock!”

The little girl had no idea what the woman was saying to her and she made no response.

Jason took a deep breath and was just about to push forward when Carole cried, “Wait a minute Jason. Do it the other way. Get her on top of you!”

He looked at his wife, unsure why she wanted the change of position, but he shrugged his shoulders.

Gripping the little girl’s arm, Carole indicated for her to get off the bed and Jason lay down and then rolled onto his back. Physically moving the girl into position, Carole eventually got her on top of her husband and pulled her down by her legs until her crotch was rubbing against his hard prick.

As he lay on the bed with the small child draped over him, Carole crawled between his legs and slowly licked up the length of his cock.

Jason remained still, enjoying the sensation of Carole’s mouth and then suddenly, it was gone. Looking at the child, he saw a dreamy smile form on her face and he knew that Carole was licking her. Probably licking both of her little fuck holes if he knew his wife, but whatever she was doing, the child was enjoying it!

After a few moments, Jason felt Carole’s hand grip his cock and position it at the entrance to the girls slit. He couldn’t see his wife’s face because it was still between his legs and only inches away from where he was about to be joined with the girl.

Despite any remaining concerns, Jason couldn’t resist any longer and he slowly raised his hips, pressing the blood-engorged head of his prick between the smooth and hairless cunt lips

As the head of his cock spread the child’s hole open, Carole began licking the spot where they were joined, starting at the base of Jason’s cock and all the way up to the little girl’s cunt lips. She spat on his shaft and spread the saliva around with her tongue trying to work it into the girl’s hole. There was little chance of her succeeding however because the child’s cunt was stretched around the tip of Jason’s prick like an elastic band. As he pushed his hips up again, the pain in the little girls fuck tube intensified and the girl also raised her ass up to try and reduce the hurt.

Unfortunately for her, Carole noticed what she was doing and she placed the flat of her hand on the child’s butt and pushed downwards. With Jason’s hips pushing up, and Carole’s hand pushing down, the girl had nowhere to go and she cried out as the shaft stretched her immature cunt much more than it was ever designed for.

“Fuck her Jason,” Carole cried. “Get your cock all the way into her.”

Carole had three fingers jammed up her cunt as she watched Jason’s prick penetrate the child millimeter by millimeter. The little girl was crying and writhing about, trying frantically to do anything that would lessen the indescribable agony she was suffering. Her cunt had already torn and trickles of her bright red blood were running down Jason’s cock and dripping from his balls. The sight did nothing to diminish Carole’s lust
however and she pushed down even harder and forced the little child to take even more of her husbands cock.

Her fuck hole bottomed out at about three and a half inches and Jason could feel it when his prick was hard against the child’s cervix. Her hole felt like a hot vice and he was about to start fucking her but Carole hadn’t realized that the girl was fully plugged. Pushing down harder and harder, Jason suddenly felt the resistance on the head of his cock vanish and the child screamed loudly and her eyes almost bulged out of her head.

He knew that he had smashed through her cervix and his cock was now inside her womb. It was such an erotic thought that he almost spurted his load and he had to grit his teeth for a few seconds and only a massive amount of willpower stopped him emptying his balls.

Seeing that his prick was now sliding deeper into the distressed girl, Carole cried, “That’s it baby. Make her take it all! Fill the little slut with your gorgeous cock!”

The child was incoherent as she was penetrated and the tears flowed freely down her cheeks. Jason paid no attention however and he suddenly lunged upward and rammed the rest of his shaft into her hole. He couldn’t believe that he was ball deep in a four year olds cunt and Carole shouted, “Yes! Yes baby, you did it!”

He savoured the feeling for a few moments and then started to slowly lift the girl on and off his cock. It was at that point he realised just how close to spurting he was.

“Fuck I’m going to cum inside her,” he groaned. “I’m really close to shooting!”

“Ooohhhhh yes, cum inside her,” Carole urged her husband. “I want to see your spunk ooze out of her little cunt and I’ll suck it out of her hole.”

Groaning loudly, he pushed another half inch of his cock into the little girl before feeling his balls pressed tightly against her immature sex mound. A mixture of slime and blood was dripping from his balls and his body spasmed as he approached his climax. Although the little girl’s brain had almost shut down, her cunt was still gripping him like a vice and he gritted his teeth as he tried everything he knew to stave off his cum.

“Yes!” Carole hissed as she glanced up at her husbands face and recognized the expression.

The look was one that she knew well and it said that he was about to climax. She lowered her head again and her tongue expertly snaked around the shaft of Jason’s cock and over the stretched cunt lips of the screaming child.

She was shaking with lust as she watched the cock piston in and out of the bloody preteen fuck hole and her heart lurched when she heard her husband cry out. Jason’s balls clenched like a powerful pump and spurt after spurt of his thick cum splattered into the child’s fuck tube.

Jason continued to bounce the little girls almost unconscious body up and down his shaft until his balls were empty and this forced trickles of his cum out of the preteen’s body. As the cum started to ooze out from between where the little girl and Jason were joined together, Carole’s started lapping up the sticky cream coating his balls and the child’s cunt.

The spunk had a rich pink hue and contained the metallic flavor of the girl’s blood, but the taste was exquisite and Carole jerked and shivered as she orgasmed over the fingers that were still jammed up her cunt

She hardly took time to recover from her cum before she pulled Jason’s prick out of the little girl’s cunt and lifted her ass up to her mouth.

She pushed her tongue as deep into the bloody cunt as she could get, and then pulled her head back and opened her mouth to let Jason see how much cum she had managed to collect. By now, the cum was bright red, but Carole didn’t mind and she grinned at him in delight as she closed her mouth and swallowed.

For the next minute or so she tongue bathed both the senseless girl’s cunt and asshole, making sure she cleaned up every drop of spunk that had been fired into her body. By now Carole had managed to lift the little girl to the point where she was practically hanging upside down and she glued her mouth over the immature fuck hole and sucked as hard as she could.

The erotic sight made Jason’s prick jerk again and he could feel it stiffen and thicken. When Carole had sucked as much slime out of the child’s body as she could get, she glanced down and grinned when she saw Jason’s shaft. Dropping the child onto the floor at the side of the bed, she crawled on top of Jason and kissed him deeply on the mouth, while she raised her hips in the air and dropped her saturated cunt right on top of his cock. A few seconds later, they were fucking furiously.


After the exertions of the night, it wasn’t surprising that Carole and Jason slept well into the morning. Even then, it was only a loud knock on the door that roused them and Carole automatically pulled the sheet up and over her naked body before she said, “Come in!”

It was Miguel who opened the door and his eyes fell on the little girl who was still curled in a foetal position in the corner of the room. He could see that the inside of her thighs were covered with blood and she was lying in a pool of slime that had leaked out of her battered hole during the night. Nodding his head, he gave the Americans a grin and said, “Fuck, you sure did her good!”

Before they could reply, they heard lots of laughter and play screams from outside and Jason jerked his head towards the covered window and asked, “What’s going on Miguel?”

“It’s their version of Kindergarten,” the man replied. “All of the children are allowed to run where they please and the men run after them.”

It seemed a bit strange to the Americans, but Carole couldn’t resist asking, “What happens when they catch them?”

Miguel gave her a look that said he thought it was a stupid question and then answered, “They fuck them of course. Tivelli sent me to get you to see if you would like to play. There are still lots of little girls to be caught!”

Cason and Carole turned to look at each other and gradually a grin spread over their faces.

“Go back and tell Tivelli that we would be delighted,” Jason said. “We’ll be there in a few minutes!”



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