Feature Writer: Amandas Hypno Lips
Feature Title: Whore de Ballet
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Story Codes: Lesbian incest, Corruption
Dedication: For Ilsa
Warning: This story contains sexual situations that should not be read by anyone who is either not old enough to do so or who would be offended if they did.

Whores de Ballet


Whores de Ballet – Chapter 1

The buzzer sounded somewhere back in the recesses of the house who’s door bell Isabel had just pressed and she removed her finger from the plunger. Nervously she ran fingers through her recently re-dyed hair, the wonders of Clairol covering the growing grey strands that now peppered her natural brunette locks.

Like a schoolgirl standing outside the heads office Isabel adjusted the jacket and skirt of her much worn black polyester business suit and waited. She glanced over her shoulder at her daughter, Jane, who smiled back from their beat up old car parked at the kerb just as the door opened. Isabel turned and smiled. A forced smile to be sure, but it was the thought that counted.

She had been practicing that relaxed friendly smile for days; but it was wasted, for as the door swung open, a young oriental in a maids uniform of black button through cotton dress, the white collar and cuffs matching the square apron worn around her waist, greeted her without emotion. “Can I help you, miss?”

The smile was exercised again as Isabel said. “Hello. Yes, I’m here to see Mrs van de Sar.”

Without a word the maid stepped back allowing Isabel to enter. With the door closed the maid headed down the corridor with a “Please follow me and I’ll let my mistress know you have arrived.”

Isabel followed, awestruck at the opulence of her former friends apartment.

“Please wait here.” the maid said as they entered the central living quarters before she headed off through one of the doors at the far end of the room.

Isabel looked around her old friend’s apartment like a kid in sweet shop, it was everything she had ever wanted in life, something like this.

Light flooded into the open area from the floor to ceiling windows with their gossamer thin nets that floated gently in the breeze. The white walls were sparsely hung with what appeared to be original pieces of art and doors led off the main area to presumably similarly appointed rooms.

Unnoticed, Kalin entered and allowed herself a small smile of self congratulation as she looked at Isabel’s expression as she stood on the polished mahogany floor looking around her. Kalin Leaned casually against a pillar, her expensive silk day dress flowing over her tanned body and asked, “So, you like my little town house?”

Isabel spun round at the sound of Kalin’s voice and completely forgot the smile. Isabel put her tongue back in her mouth and dimmed the green light shinning through her eyes and tried to smile, but the effort seemed too great as she managed simply. “Yes it’s very nice, you seem to have done very well for yourself.”

This brought a genuine laugh from Kalin as she said, “Well, it helped that I married the right man with the right heart condition; that got me my first million, but the rest is all down to little old me.”

“Of course this is not as grand as the house in the country or as cosy as the one on the beach, but I need somewhere in the city where I can entertain. Shall we?” Kalin said indicating two sofas separated by a low glass coffee table. The two women sat opposite each other and Isabel placed the leather folder she had been clutching under her arm on the table between them.

Kalin clapped her hands and almost instantaneously the young oriental maid appeared and said with a half curtsy, “Yes, mistress?”

“Coffee for two, Susi, and some of cook’s delightful cakes.” Kalin said in a tone that had become accustomed to command.

With another curtsy and a “Yes, mistress.” Susi left the two women alone.

“It was quite a surprise seeing you the other night after so many years.” Kalin said, her tone betraying a hint that she would have preferred it if they hadn’t met.

This time Isabel got the smile right as she recalled how they had met once more. They had bumped into each other at a party to celebrate the golden wedding of Mr and Mrs John Carlton. Well truth be told, it was Kalin who, expressing her mirth at some witty comment made by one of the other guests, had bumped into Isabel.

It was of course though Isabel who had apologized to the tall blonde in her midnight blue evening gown that displayed a fair amount of bare flesh and even more diamonds, even though the champagne Isabel had been carrying had spilt down her own maids uniform, not that dissimilar to the one Susi wore. For Kalin was the guest and Isabel the caterer, well on this occasion, hired help of a friend who also catered large parties, the sort of contracts that Isabel would have given her eye teeth to get.

“You should be more careful!” Kalin had scolded even as Isabel was offering her apology. Normally the staff refrained from looking at the guests, it helped that the hired help knew their place, but something made Isabel look up.

With eyes wide with surprise Isabel queried, “Kalin?”

Kalin lifted a plucked and penciled eyebrow as she actually looked at the maid, and suddenly recognition dawned, and a for a brief second fear flashed across her perfectly made-up face and without a glance at her companions took Isabel by the elbow and led her to a quiet corner of the room.

Glancing around to make sure no one was looking and more importantly listening Kalin allowed a small curl of the lip as she said. “Well, my little ‘Bella’. It’s been a very long time since we, er, worked together.”

Isabel actually blushed, as Kalin brought back memories of her past she had tried to bury years ago. They had met at college, two carefree, innocent undergraduates who found a liking for band substances and the high life.

At first they had just dabbled, and there were so many people happy to supply them with both, but eventually they had started to need rather than want them. Once again there were plenty of people prepared to fulfill their needs, but now at a price, and the price was their bodies.

When it had started it had been fun, Antonio had hired them the best couture and jewellery and got them invited to all the right parties and, fueled on drink and coke, they had almost willingly agreed to accompany usually older men back to their hotel suites for a night of passion. Antonio of course took what money was exchanged to ‘cover his expenses’, and soon the life started to catch up with them and the parties became less exalted and they needed more white powder to forget what they did.

They ended up being kicked out of college and would have probably had a short degrading life if Isabel had not been beaten up by one of her tricks who then raped her. The shock had finally brought her to her senses and she had told Kalin that she was going home to her parents. That was the last they saw of each other until that night, and, if she had thought about it, Isabel would have assumed Kalin was no longer alive, let alone attending parties such as this.

Neither woman said anything more for a few seconds, Isabel out of deference, Kalin out of fear of having her former life exposed.

The silence was broken by a young blonde woman dressed like Isabel who smiled at Kalin before half whispering to Isabel, “Mom, Andrea is getting in a flap, some of the guests have empty glasses.”

Again Kalin raised her eyebrow and echoed, “Mom?”

Isabel smiled her proud smile, this one not faux as she said. “Jane, this is Kalin, er Mrs…”

“Mrs van de Sar.” Kalin supplied. “How very nice to meet you, Jane, I knew your mom way back when we were er at college, tell me how old are you, honey?”

“I’m 17, Miss.” Jane ventured and noticed the glance that was exchanged between Kalin and her Mom, as Isabel moved closer, almost protectively to Jane’s side. The only good thing to come out of Isabel’s horrendous situation was Jane, so sweet and innocent no one could have guessed how she was conceived.

As Isabel handed her tray to her daughter, Kalin brought her mobile phone out of her small velvet purse and held it up, it flashed making Jane and Isabel blink, and Kalin gushed. “Oops, I’m so sorry, honey. I needed to phone someone and must have pressed the picture button by mistake.”

Isabel said to Jane, “Go and take these round, I’ll be right with you.”

Jane’s smile could have lit up the darkest room as she said. “Okay, mom.” and turning to Kalin said, “Nice to meet you Mrs van de Sar,” before disappearing into the thronging crowd.

“Do you have kids?” Isabel asked, trying to break the ice she felt encircling her heart

Kalin laughed, “No, no kids, but your Jane seems very sweet. Is she… ?”

Isabel scowled a warning look. “She is the most wonderful daughter any woman could hope to have, how she came into this life has nothing to do with it, all that is behind me, behind both of us I would guess.”

Kalin breathed a sigh of apparent relief as she agreed, changing the subject by asking. “Do you both work for the caterer full-time?”

“Actually,” Isabel said. “We have our own catering business, we are just subcontracting tonight to help out a friend. Although Jane is training to be a ballerina, we are just waiting to hear if she got the scholarship she applied for.”

“Oh, well in that case, why don’t you call round and see me, I hold no end of parties and it is so difficult to get decent help these days.” Kalin said fumbling in her purse once more and bringing out a card that she passed to Isabel, who slipped it into the breast pocket of her dress.

“Would you be free, say 10:30 this coming Wednesday?” Kalin asked.

“I think so.” Isabel replied, sounding unsure but knowing full well that she had nothing booked for the next two weeks.

“Great!” Kalin smiled. “I will see you both then, now I must get back to my friends, and I’ve kept you from your duties much too long already. Till Wednesday then, ten thirty sharp.” She said as she left Isabel standing alone.

Out of sight of Isabel, Kalin started a text message on her phone “New material (see pic) Mom and Daughter pair (d Ballerina!) No sealed bids, open auction, Friday 23rd 8:00” As she selected the group of recipients and pressed the send button several purses in the room bleeped as Kalin joined a group of women and fell easily in to conversation.

“I brought you some of our brochures.” Isabel said opening the folder and removing some poorly printed sheets of paper.

“Oh that’s okay, Bella. I’m sure you and that lovely daughter of yours will be able to provide just what I need. Talking of Jane, is she not with you? I thought you were in this together.” Kalin said, not moving to take the proffered sheets and so Isabel returned them to her folder.

“She’s outside in the car, I usually handle all the details, Jane just helps with the preparation and the serving. But I’m surprised you need outside caterers, Kali, you seem to have staff of your own.” Isabel said, and as if on cue Susi returned with a silver salver replete with coffee and the most delicate looking fairy cakes.

“Susi, you’ll find a young woman sitting in a car outside, could you please ask her to join us, oh and bring another cup.” Kalin said as Susi set the tray on the table.

Isabel started to object but Kalin shushed her as Susi left on her errand, “Don’t worry, Bella I have no intention of talking of our past, as I’m sure you don’t, oh and by the way I’d prefer it if you called me Mrs van de Sar; Kali, seems so inappropriate somehow.”

Isabel silently seethed but managed to coax her mouth into the merest semblance of a smile, “Whatever you say, Mrs van de Sar.”

“So, Bella.” Kalin continued, choosing to ignore the tone of Isabel’s voice, “How’s business.”

“We’re doing okay.” Isabel said, sounding anything but convinced.

Kalin let her eyes rove over Isabel’s tired suit and said, “Yes, I’m sure you are.”

“Look!” Isabel snapped. “I do what I can. Yeah so it hasn’t been easy bringing up Jane all alone, the first two years I was a complete mess, but I sorted myself out and now…”

She was cut off in mid flow as she saw Kalin look towards the door and smile as she stood. “Jane, how sweet of you to join us.” Kalin said, her smile warm and welcoming as she looked at the cute blonde, Jane was no taller than Susi, but even dressed in her white top, knee length pink skirt and trainers, she had the grace and poise of a dancer.

Isabel spun around to check that Jane had not heard what she was saying, and assumed from her relaxed appearance that she hadn’t.

Jane approached the two women, her ponytail bobbing to either side as she walked. Kalin held out her hands towards Jane, who was a little non-plused, but took the hands in hers and smiled. “Thank you, Mrs van de Sar. You have a lovely home.”

“Well aren’t you just the sweetest thing ever.” Kalin said as she continued to hold Jane’s hands looking up and down her petite frame that Kalin at five ten, even without her heels, towered over. Kalin finally released Jane’s hands and sat once more on the sofa, patting the seat beside her in invitation.

Jane shot a querying glance at Isabel who nodded almost imperceptibly and Jane sat, smoothing her skirt as she sat demurely, knees together, her back ramrod straight as she perched on the edge of the seat her hands resting on her knees.

“Bella tells me you are going to be a ballet dancer, honey.” Kalin gushed,

Jane smiled at Kalin’s use of the diminutive for her mom, but said. “I hope to be, yes. I’ve won a place at Madame St Croix’s starting this fall.” Her face dimmed a little from its customary brightness as she added. “Well I am if we get the scholarship.”

“Oh I’m sure you will, honey.” Kalin reassured, patting Jane gently on the knee. “I mean, who could be more deserving than a sweet girl like you, Where have you applied for the scholarship?”

Isabel shifted uneasily, uncomfortable at discussing family business with someone else, especially Kalin van de Sar, and she certainly didn’t like the way Kalin left her hand on her daughters knee.

“Well first we went to the local education board, but apparently they see ballet as elitist and don’t give grants on principle, so now we’ve applied to the Hillingdon Foundation, their board meet tomorrow so I should find out in a couple of days.” Jane explained in far more detail than Isabel was happy with.

“The Hillingdon Foundation?” Kalin mused, before finally shaking her head, and, making a mental note to phone Joyce Shenton, the Foundation’s chairperson, as soon as Isabel left, she lied. “I’m sorry I haven’t heard of it.”

“Anyway.” Isabel interrupted. “About this party you want us to cater for?”

“Ah yes the party.” Kalin said, accepting the change of subject with equanimity and finally removing her hand from Jane, but not before giving her knee a small squeeze of encouragement. “I’m having a few friends over on the 24th, I’m not certain of the numbers yet, probably between 30 and 40 but I can let you know nearer the time.”

Isabel picked up a pad from her folder and started scribbling.

“It’s nothing too formal, so it will just be Canapes, and a cold finger buffet and of course champagne; but I have a little man who supplies the bubbly, so you will just be responsible for the food. The ladies, did I mention it was ladies only? Well the ladies are very particular, so I think maybe fifty a head should be about right. Do you think you can cover that? I assume you charge the standard twenty percent on top for preparation and serving.

Actually Isabel normally added ten percent, if she was lucky, and that was on occasions where the hosts quibbled about a tenner a head. She did the calculation on her pad and then did it again just to make certain. She swallowed as she looked at the numbers in front of her, even at thirty people that was three hundred straight, let alone what she could make on discounts for the food. ‘I can clear five, maybe six hundred in the one night.’ Isabel thought to herself, ‘and even with 40 we can handle it between the two of us.’

“Yes.” Isabel said, “I’m sure we can handle that.”

“Wonderful.” Isabel said, “and of course if my guests like what you have to offer you might get extra work.”

“How often do you entertain?” Isabel asked, trying not to sound too desperate.

“Oh once or twice a week, I have one on Friday, but obviously I had organized that before we met.” Kalin said, dangling the bait before a very eager fish.

“And will Jane be helping you serve?” Kalin slipped in, once more turning her attention, though to Isabel’s relief not her hand, to Jane.

“Yes. Why?” Isabel answered guardedly.

“Oh I just thought that such a pretty girl might have other plans for a Friday night, you must have a string of boyfriends.” Kalin oozed like an embarrassing aunt at a wedding.

Jane blushed and bit her lip before replying with a glance at her mom. “I’m too young for boyfriends. And anyway ballet takes up so much of my time, and mom says there will be plenty of time for boys and parties and things later.”

Kalin glanced up at the hidden camera in the light fitting that was recording the whole meeting before responding. “Your mom is so right, sweetheart. There is all the time in the world, you shouldn’t rush into things like that, so much better to save yourself, I bet you haven’t even been kissed yet.”

The rosy glow on Jane’s cheeks turned a fiery red as she admitted she hadn’t and Kalin heard the sound of folding money being counted.

“Anyway.” Kalin said with a cheery smile. “Do let me know how you get on with your scholarship, and Bella if there is anything I can do,”

Isabel tried to return the smile but failed and said “I’m sure we can manage on our own, thank you, Mrs van de Sar.”

Again Kalin ignored Isabel’s tone with the aplomb only those used to the higher reaches of society and bitchiness can and clapped her hands. “Susi, please show Bella and her charming daughter to the door, until a week Friday then.” Kalin said ending the interview.

As soon as Isabel and Jane had left, Kalin removed the DVD from the recorder and put it into her computer for a little judicious editing whilst she phoned Joyce Shenton who certainly owed Kalin the odd favor.


The manila envelope was sitting on the mat waiting for Isabel as she came down the stairs of her small rented house. She picked it up and looked at the back and sure enough the return address was to the Hillingdon Foundation. With great effort she resisted the urge to rip it open even though it was addressed not to her but to Miss J Wearing.

Isabel busied herself in her kitchen setting the table for breakfast and placed the still unopened letter in the place that Jane usually sat in and waited for her to come down.

“Hi mom.” Jane said and accompanied it with her habitual peck on Isabel’s cheek.

“Morning, sweetheart.” Isabel said flipping another pancake on the griddle, trying not to watch Jane as she saw the envelope. Jane sat down slowly and fingered the brown envelope as if trying to discern its contents merely by touch.

The tension was almost too much for Isabel who said a little too sharply. “Aren’t you going to open it? It won’t bite.”

“You do it.” Jane said holding out the missive to her mother. “Please.” she added.

Isabel loved her daughter so much it would break her heart if she hadn’t got the scholarship, there was no way, even if Isabel did get extra work from Kalin that she would be able to meet the twenty thousand a year fees, let alone the cost of the costumes for practice and shows the students were expected to provide.

With shaking, flour spattered fingers, Isabel took the letter from her daughter almost as if she did expect it to grow teeth and savage her. With a show of bravado and a smile for Jane, Isabel opened the envelope and removed the white sheet it contained. She had not read beyond the ‘Dear Miss Wearing, we are sorry to inform you… than the blood drained from Isabel’s face despite the pounding her heart was doing.

“Well, Mom. What’s it say?” Jane asked eagerly anticipating the celebration dinner Isabel had promised her.

Without looking at Jane Isabel folded the letter and said, “They’ve put off the decision for a week, apparently the chairman is ill or something.” She slipped the letter into the pocket of her slacks and passed a plate of pancakes to Jane. “Don’t worry, honey.” Isabel said as she tried to hold back the tears she could feel welling up behind her eyes. “Only another week then we’ll know.”

Jane looked sad but not devastated as Isabel knew she would be if she knew the truth. Jane had spent every spare hour when she wasn’t at school or more lately helping her mom with some function or other, dancing or training or both. It couldn’t all come to nothing just because some snotty nosed high society type didn’t like her address or something. Her only hope now was Kalin and even though she hated having to do it she knew she would ask for her help, ‘she did offer’ Isabel tried to convince herself but it still left a nasty taste in her mouth.

“You better get ready for school, honey.” Isabel called from upstairs after she had sobbed herself out in the bathroom. “Can you phone Charlotte and ask if her mom can take you, there’s some stuff I need to sort out about Kali’s party.”

“Okay, mom.” Jane said from the foot of the stairs. “and Mom? It will be all right, won’t it, the scholarship I mean?”

Isabel’s heart did break and it was all she could do to stop herself flying down the stairs and hugging her beautiful little girl, protecting her from such a cruel, cruel world. But she didn’t, she just said softly. “Yes, sweetheart. Everything will be okay.” And in that moment she knew no matter how bad a taste it left, she would phone Kali and, if necessary, beg her to help.

“I will see if my mistress wishes to be disturbed.” The unmistakable voice of Susi said down the phone in response to Isabel’s request. Isabel could certainly detect an oriental touch to Susi’s voice although she spoke with perfect, if somewhat abbreviated grammar.

Isabel was beginning to think she had been cut off when once again Susi’s soft but efficient voice swam down the phone. “My mistress is unavailable to take your call right now, Miss Wearing.”

Isabel was just about to plead for just a quick word when Susi continued. “She say’s if you would like to visit she would be pleased to receive you at home at twelve o’clock. Shall I inform my mistress that you will attend as requested?”

“Er, yes, er please do that, Susi.” Isabel stuttered a little thrown off balance.

“Thank you Miss.” Susi said, the dialing tone substituting for punctuation or pleasantries.

Isabel looked at the phone and shrugged. ‘I suppose it can’t hurt to visit her.’

The door was opened by Susi, dressed exactly as she had been the other day and her face bore exactly the same detached indifference. “Please come in, Miss. My mistress is taking a spa. Please follow me.”

Isabel followed the trim figure of Susi through the lounge and out through a door at the far end, Isabel could not believe how far back the apartment went; for behind the first door was a small corridor with four other doors leading off. Susi opened one of these and a draft of warm scented steam billowed out into the corridor.

“Please.” Susi said, holding her hand in the direction from which the steam had come. Isabel smiled and entered a room tiled floor to ceiling in white, even the marble floor was white and in the center was a sunken tub with jets of air bubbling the water. At the far end of the tub sat Kalin, arms out either side, a glass of champagne in one hand.

“Bella.” How nice of you to visit again so soon, there’s no problem with the dinner arrangements for next week I hope?”

On the way over to Kalin’s, Isabel had rehearsed her speech, refining it for all the possible reactions she thought Kalin might raise, but in none of her scenarios was Kalin in a bath. “No Kali, there’s no problem with the party, it’s…”

“Well?” queried Kalin, “I’m sure you remember I said I was entertaining tonight so I wouldn’t expect you to pop round just for a social chat, come to think of it even if I weren’t entertaining tonight…” Kalin left the sentence unfinished but the intent was plain enough.

“Its Jane.” Isabel said almost in a whisper.

Kalin looked genuinely concerned as she said “What ever is the matter? Has she been in an accident or something?” She signaled to Susi who had stood just inside the door and in response the maid quickly fetched a white silk dressing gown and held it, standing a couple of feet behind her employer.

Like Venus rising from the sea, Kalin stood, the foam slipping softly from her smooth skin that belied her 36 years of age, not to mention the ravages of a heavy drug habit in her youth. Isabel could only stare in complete admiration, a sentiment that Kalin most definitely cherished and had hoped for when she invited Isabel round.

Susi helped her mistress into the gown, its thin fabric turning translucent on contact with her wet skin and had that effect of making her seem even more naked than before she wore it. She tied the belt neatly at her waist and slipped her feet into a pair of fur trimmed mules.

“Follow me, Bella and we can discuss it in more comfortable surroundings.” Kalin said as her heels clicked on the marble floor. Susi opened the door for her mistress and followed her and Isabel out of the bathroom and across the corridor to an almost identical door. Kalin stood by the door until Susi opened it for her with a small curtsey. “That will be all for now, Susi.” Kalin said as she walked into the room, Isabel trailing in her wake.

The room was red, from the velvet curtains via the flock wallpaper, the drapes hanging from the four poster bed with its satin sheet to the red deep pile carpet, even the upholstery on the chaise longue was red brocade. ‘Looks like a tarts boudoir!’ Isabel thought to herself.

Kalin seemed even more striking in her white robe against such a backdrop and Isabel had a feeling she knew it as she watched Kalin spread herself on the chaise longue, her hand indicating a matching upright chair, its wooden frame gilded to a shine. “So, tell me what’s the matter, Bella.”

Isabel took a deep breath and explained about the scholarship and how she had not told Jane yet because Kalin had said if there was anything she could do they were to let her know. Once she started the whole sorry tale just seemed to flood out of her, trailed closely by more heart jerking tears.

Kalin simply laid there examining her nails until the sobs quietened. “And what, Bella, would you like me to do about it?”

Through the tail end of sobs Isabel shook her head and admitted, “I d… don’t know. I know I t… treated you bad when I ran out on you, and you’ve no reason to want to help me now; but Jane’s whole future depended on her getting that scholarship. I love her dearly but even I have to admit she isn’t the sharpest knife in the drawer, but when she dances, she’s a natural.”

Kalin allowed herself the first thrill of satisfied revenge but quelled it for now, ready to savoir it in full later. “Yes, Bella, you did run out on me, even though I begged you to stay or take me with you. I don’t suppose you have any idea what I went through those next six months. But we agreed to not discuss that time. Let me make a few phone calls. Come back here about nine and I’ll let you know what I’ve managed to do.”

Isabel’s heart leapt as she saw a light at the end of her dark tunnel and would have hugged Kalin except something about her detached demeanour stopped her. Even in her distress Isabel could not help but marvel at how wonderful Kalin looked, and so instead, she wiped a last tear from her eye and said “Thank you, Kali. Jane really deserves a break in life.”

Kalin smiled, but it didn’t touch her eyes as she clapped her hands. As the door opened she said. “Miss Wearing, is leaving now, show her to the door, Susi. Oh and she will be returning this evening but I don’t want my guests disturbed, so if you can show her where the servants entrance is, she can use that tonight.”

Isabel knew when she had been dismissed and stood. “Thank you, Kali,” Isabel started but at Kalin’s raised eyebrow and glance at Susi she corrected herself. “Er Mrs van de Sar, Jane will be so grateful.”

Kalin’s smile was warm as she said. “Oh I’m sure she will be.”

“You sure you’ll be all right? Isabel asked as she applied her lipstick, rolling her lips to smooth the colour. “I just need to sort out some details with Mrs van de Sar.”

Jane looked up from her book at the kitchen table, pencil in hand as she made notes. “Of course, mom. I’m not a baby you know. Anyway I’ve got this homework to do.” Her face turned sad as she continued, “It’s geometry so I will be here a while.”

“You’re my baby.” Isabel said softly as she leaned down and kissed her daughter lovingly on the cheek and then used her thumb to wipe away the trace of lipstick she left behind. “Well?” She asked, striking a pose. “Will I do?”

Jane put on her appraising look as she checked out her mom’s new grey suit and pink blouse. “You look fine mom.” She decided with a grin that said, ‘you always look fine.’

“I’ll take a cab as she’s having some function or other tonight so I doubt I’ll be able to park within blocks.” Isabel said as she checked her appearance one last time in the hall mirror before heading out to hail a taxi.

As the cab passed the front of Kalin’s house and turned down the alley at the side that served as access to the ‘servant’s entrance’, Isabel realized she had been right about the parking. She paid off the cabbie and ignored the muttered complaints about the meager tip, she had after all given more than she could afford.

Almost as if she had been waiting for the knock, Susi opened the door and Isabel did a double take; it was the same Susi, but her maids uniform had certainly changed! It was still black but this time satin not cotton and the white collar and cuffs were now a lacy frill around the short puffed sleeves and the scalloped neckline that displayed Susi’s small, but perfectly formed breasts to perfection.

The ensemble was topped off with a lace trimmed white apron tied with a large bow at the back, and a white lace choker with a thin black ribbon running through it that matched the thin band on her head.

Susi’s black stiletto-heeled boots added four inches to her legs, bringing her almost to the same height as Isabel, and the tops of her black stockings could just be seen below the short skirt that flared out over several layers of net petticoats.

It was her makeup however that really grabbed Isabel’s eye, grabbed it and held it. Dark and sultry purples surrounded her deep brown eyes and highlighted her pronounced cheekbones, and her lips were the reddest, glossiest Isabel had ever seen, and as Isabel watched they formed themselves like liquid rubies around the words. “Good evening, Miss Wearing. My mistress asked that you await her in the dressing room. Please, follow me.”

Without a backward glance to see if Isabel was indeed following her, Susi walked elegantly, her heels clicking on the polished wood floor as her hips swayed seductively from side to side. Isabel could hardly take her eyes off the way her skirt moved, the petticoats swishing gently against her seamed stockings.

As they walked, the sound of voices and music got gradually louder and Isabel assumed they were getting near to where the party was being held. They turned into the corridor that housed the rooms Isabel had visited that morning but passed them by.

Isabel almost bumped into Susi as the maid stopped beside another door and lifted a key from her cleavage that was suspended from a gold chain around her neck and unlocked the door. “Please.” Susi said indicating that Isabel should enter.

Isabel stepped into the room closely followed by Susi who closed the door behind her and all sound from the gathered throng vanished. This room was as functional as the red room had been decorative. The floor was black and white check and a counter ran along one wall that only had a mirror surrounded by light bulbs to break the white monotony, In front of the mirror was what looked like the sort of chair you would find in an expensive beauty parlor.

The only other items of furniture were a white leather sofa and a small glass table that held a small plate of finger food, a glass of champagne apparently freshly poured from the bottle that now sat in a silver ice bucket and a pitcher of what appeared to be home made lemonade and 4 glass tumblers.

“Please help yourself to some food and a drink, Miss Wearing, whilst I go and inform my mistress that you have arrived.” Susi said with all the bonhomie of an icicle.

“Please call me Bella.” Bella said with her warmest smile.

“As you please, Miss Bella.” Susi replied flatly. “I will have to lock the door behind me as guests have a habit of wandering about. My mistress may be a little while so please, sit and enjoy your food.”

As Susi opened the door the sounds of the revelers invaded the quiet space once more, only to die away as the door was closed, the only sound now the turning of the key in the lock and the gentle crackle of bubbles rising to the surface of the champagne flute.

Idly Isabel lifted the bottle from the bucket and marveled when she saw what a rare vintage it was. Normally she tried to refrain from alcohol, well aware of her addictive personality, but she had always had a particular weakness for champagne and she couldn’t resist sampling it, just to see if the year really did live up to its much vaunted reputation.

The bubbles burst on her tongue and continued to fizz as the extra dry wine flowed down her esophagus, leaving behind the wonderful after taste that brought a sigh of pleasure. With glass in hand, Isabel sat on the sofa and picked at the food on the plate and waited.

She was halfway down her fourth glass when she heard the key turn again in the lock and the door opened. The party was obviously now in full swing, the music and the voices louder and punctuated with female laughter.

Isabel was about to stand but the champagne seemed to have gone to her head via her legs. “Bella, thank you so much for coming at such short notice.” Kalin said as she entered followed closely by Susi who locked the door behind her, banishing the sounds of frivolity.

Kalin, Isabel noted, was an absolute vision and she found herself thinking of how soft her body had been the few times they had ‘worked’ together, and even the times they had just cuddled for companionship.

The only real color in the whole room as far as Isabel’s eyes were concerned were the red of the other two women’s lips and Kalin’s hair and the green satin of Kalin’s dress that matched her eyes and the emerald and diamond choker around her long graceful neck.

Isabel tried to speak but her mouth seemed dry and she sipped the remains of the champagne as Kalin saved her the trouble. “I hope you don’t mind, Bella, but I have a small matter to attend to before we can begin to discuss your sweet Jane’s problem.”

“No, Kali, that’s fine I’m quite comfortable here.” Isabel managed as she lifted the now empty glass to her lips, although she didn’t really notice the absence of liquid.

Turning to Susi Kalin said, “Would you fetch Mrs Travers and young Wendy, Susi.”

Susi smiled for the first time Isabel could remember, but there was no mirth in it, although what sentiment it did convey Isabel was at a loss to discern. As Susi left, Kalin picked up a tube of lipstick from the counter and, looking in the mirror applied a touch up coat to what appeared to Isabel to be an already perfect mouth.

Still looking in the Mirror Kalin said “I’d appreciate it, Bella if you would refrain from speaking whilst I see to my little bit of business.” The door opened again and a young brunette, probably not much older than her Jane entered, dressed as your average teenager in jeans, check blouse and trainers. She was quickly followed by a woman nearer to her and Kalin’s age, although neither Mrs Travers nor Isabel wore their years as well as Kalin.

“Ah Wendy, Mrs Travers, how sweet of you to join me.” Kalin said with eyes for Wendy alone.

“The pleasure is all ours isn’t it, Wendy.” Mrs Travers said sounding like any stage mother Isabel had ever met, and she had met more than she cared to remember.

“So, Wendy, Have you been enjoying yourself with all your little friends?” Kalin asked like a kindly Aunt.

“Oh yes she has, Mrs van de Sar. She loves coming to your parties and meeting the other girls.” Mrs Travers answered for her daughter who gave her a glance that Isabel couldn’t quite read.

“Does one of the guests want to chat with Wendy?” Mrs Travers asked, failing completely to eradicate the sound of desperation in her voice.

“Yes, Mrs Albright wishes to converse for a little while, you don’t mind do you, Wendy?” Kalin said.

“Of course she doesn’t mind, that’s why we are here after all, isn’t it.” Mrs Travers once more spoke on behalf of her daughter and even Isabel could see this trait was begging to grate against Kalin.

“Why don’t you pour Wendy a nice cold glass of lemonade, Susi, then you can see to her makeup and hair, Mrs Albright doesn’t want to chat to someone who hasn’t made an effort with their appearance.” Kalin said and before her sentence was finished Susi was filling one of the tumblers from the iced pitcher. As she replaced the jug Susi reached into a small pocket in her apron and removed a little brown vial. She removed the top and let five drops of the colorless contents drip into to the glass.

Even in her semi-inebriated state Isabel was horrified and was about to alert Mrs Travers when she saw the look of anguish on the woman’s face which was quickly accompanied by a shake of her head. Isabel still felt uneasy but went with the flow, it seemed so much easier to do that than make a fuss, and anyway the girls mom didn’t seem to be concerned so…

Susi gave Wendy the glass and, after encouragement from her mom to drink it all up, she downed the sweet and sharp mixture in one long drought which made Isabel feel even thirstier, and before she knew what she was doing she had refilled her glass from the now rapidly emptying bottle.

Kalin took the glass from Wendy, and despite Isabel’s concerns Wendy didn’t fall in a heap on the floor, in fact she couldn’t discern any change in the girl at all.

“Why don’t you sit in the chair and let Susi do what Susi does best, Wendy.” Kalin said before turning to Mrs Travers. “And I think you should return to the others, don’t you?”

“Oh yes, of course, Mrs van de Sar. Now you be a good girl and do what Susi and Mrs van de Sar tell you, honey.” Mrs Travers said before leaving the room and closing the door behind her. Susi locked the door and then stood behind Wendy and started to pull the girls hair back with her blood red nails.

“That’s a good girl.” Susi said softly, looking not at Wendy’s hair, but at the reflection of the girls eyes in the mirror.

Kalin sat beside Isabel on the sofa putting her arm around Isabel’s shoulder as Susi continued her whispered one-sided conversation and her fingers continued to finger comb the girls hair. “That’s Susi’s pretty little girl. Just relax and let Susi make her little girl very, very pretty. Just relax and listen to Susi.”

Isabel wasn’t sure if it was the closeness of Kalin or the champagne or the way Susi was referring to herself in the third person, let alone what she was saying, but she suddenly started to feel hot in that way she now only normally felt in the company of her vibrator.

“She’s ever so good.” Kalin sighed, so close to her ear that Isabel could feel the breath on her neck.

“I taught her everything she knows, but she is such a treasure, I don’t know what I would do without her now.”

Isabel wasn’t exactly sure what Kalin meant, she was too fascinated by the girl and the maid. She didn’t even notice at first as Kalin started to run her fingers through Isabel’s hair. But the sensation, a memory of times gone by floated through her mind and she felt safe and calm just as Kalin said she would be.

“Can you hear what she’s saying, to her pretty little girl, my Bella?” Kalin asked softly

“She’s telling her to relax, to let her body and mind relax, so that Susi can make her even prettier than she already is. She’s saying just relax, my Bella, my pretty Bella, just relax and listen to my voice as you watch Susi’s lovely red lips entrancing the pretty little girl and feel me stroking your lovely hair.

“That’s right, my Bella.” Kalin encouraged as she felt Isabel let out a soft sigh. “Do you think Wendy is getting aroused as Susi slowly strokes her hair and speaks relaxing words, do you think Wendy is relaxed like you, my Bella, aroused like you?”

Isabel couldn’t take her eyes of the two young women and she was aware of her pussy and nipples responding to Kalin’s commentary.

“Wendy, is just like you, my pretty Bella, soon you will both be so relaxed you can’t keep your eyes open any longer, but it’s alright, my Bella, I want you to close your eyes just as Wendy has done.”

Isabel managed to force her eyelids open to look and sure enough Wendy was now fast asleep, with Susi massaging her temples and still speaking softly and with a last sigh her eyes closed.

“Very good, my Bella.” Kalin said, “Now Susi is going to transform our pretty little Wendy into a whore for one of my clients, would you like to watch, my Bella?”

“Yes, Kali.” Isabel said dreamily.

“Then open your eyes, my Bella, open your eyes and watch as Susi turns the pretty Wendy into a whore, but you will remain in that lovely trance where you feel all warm and aroused and where all that matters is what I tell you, my Bella.

As if waking from a deep sleep Isabel’s eyes slowly opened and she heard Kalin telling her how pleased she was with her Bella.

Wendy too had opened her eyes and her chair had been turned so that she looked blankly towards Isabel and Kalin although it was quite evident that she wasn’t actually seeing anything. Susi was standing behind her pulling Wendy’s hair away from her face, holding it beneath an elastic hair band.

Taking a stool, Susi sat in front of Wendy and began her work. From the counter she took a jar of liquid foundation and a small wedge of sponge which she dipped into the creamy mixture and started to smooth it over Wendy’s fresh clean skin. The base had been thinned with moisturiser and it all but dripped from the sponge each time Susi dipped it.

The foundation was so sheer that even after 5 or six coats it was all but invisible, simply creating a uniform canvas on which Susi was to paint a masterpiece.

Taking a large brush and some almost white powder Susi set the base to a matt finish and then removed a photograph from the pocket in her apron and held beside Wendy’s face, moving her head from side to side.

“Angie’s face is brighter, the cheekbones a little more pronounced and her eyes are bigger.” Susi said loudly enough for Isabel and Kalin to hear adding almost as an after thought. “And the mouth is smaller, the lips fuller.”

Susi swiveled the chair and searched through the various items on the couch and selected a jar of bronzing powder and a large fluffy brush and returned to face Wendy. She applied a light dusting to her forehead, nose, cheeks and chin lightening the tone of Wendy’s skin.

Although Isabel couldn’t hear the words, all the time Susi was working she was talking to Wendy. “She’s telling our pretty Wendy all about my client’s desires and what she must do to fulfill them.” Kalin said as if reading Isabel’s thoughts. Kalin snuggled closer, one hand resting on Isabel’s thigh the other on her breast and she whispered about what Wendy would do and how arousing it was for ‘my Bella’ to watch her being prepared.

Next Susi applied a little highlighter to Wendy’s cheeks and a slightly pinker powder just below her eye sockets lifting the cheekbones to more accurately copy the face in the photo which she once more held beside Wendy’s face.

A little more bronzing down the sides of Wendy’s nose slimmed the bridge and a little highlighter on the tip copied the slightly upturned nose in the picture.

To make her eyes look larger Susi traced a thin line of white eyeliner as close to the upper and lower lash lines as she could then gently applied lash curlers lifting the lashes out and up. Before she applied a coat of mascara she lightly powdered the lashes making them thicker and giving the mascara something to bind to.

Whilst the first coat of mascara was drying Susi selected a cake of amethyst eye-shadow to emphasize her lovely blue eyes and with her softest brush she lightly dusted the inside of Wendy’s orbs applying slightly more over the center and still more over the outer edge, a further dusting of bronzing over the lids made the color look very natural.

By now Isabel, aided by Kalin’s words and hands was getting hotter and hotter, her breathing quick and shallow.

As Susi applied the second coat of mascara Kalin whispered “Just her pretty kissable lips now, my Bella, and she will be ready to go to work, whoring herself with some rich older woman, does that idea appeal to my Bella, a young innocent girl being fucked by an older woman, like a mother fucking her daughter, or in this case an aunt fucking her niece.”

Isabel’s soft groan was confirmation enough for Kalin.

Taking a pink lip liner, Susi traced a line just outside Wendy’s natural lip line and just in from the corners and with her ring finger she gently smudged the line outwards blending and blurring the edge. A small brush painted an almost white lipstick within the new boundaries.

Taking a soft brush she lightly powdered the lips before adding another coat, using two lipsticks one darker than the other. The dark pink was applied to the top of the upper lip and the lower part of her bottom lip, with the lighter tone on the rest, bringing the lips out, making them plumper. More powder and another coat was applied before Susi took an almost red lip liner and painted in a faux shadow under the middle of Wendy’s lower lip. When she was happy with the effect Susi applied a little gloss to the center of Wendy’s lower lip giving even more fullness to her natural looking pout.

With the makeup complete Susi stood and turned the chair back towards the counter and removed the hair band and started to brush Wendy’s lustrous brunette locks before tying it in two bunches with sapphire blue silk ribbons.

For a second time Susi smiled and, pleased with her handiwork, she turned Wendy to face Kalin once more. “Is she acceptable, mistress?” she asked, eager to hear any praise from the woman she loved more than life itself.

She was rewarded with a warm smile and a vocal “She is absolutely perfect, Susi. Don’t you think so my Bella?”

All Isabel could think of were the thoughts planted by her friend, and again she moaned softly as she imagined what was soon to happen to the young girl who was now standing before her, an absolute vision of natural beauty, just waiting to be ravished.

“Take Wendy to room 5 and I’ll see to Bella and Mrs Albright.” Kalin said and Susi took Wendy’s hand in hers and led the obedient young girl to her fate.

“You want to watch as an older woman takes a young girl for the first time don’t you, my Bella?” Kalin asked, her voice soft and warm.

“Yes.” Isabel replied hungrily.

Kalin’s smile was full of triumph as she said “And you will, my Bella. But not today; you won’t get to see Aunty Helen seduce her young niece, but you will dream about it, the idea will come unbidden when you are aroused, the thought of watching as an innocent young girl is seduced by an older woman.”

“But right now, my Bella, I want you to close your eyes again and sleep and when I return you will wake and remember nothing that has happened, you will think you fell asleep through too much champagne.” Kalin instructed and Isabel’s head lolled sideways as she slipped off to sleep, encouraged by Kalin “That’s good, my Bella, sleep now, my Bella. Sleep and forget, my Bella.”

With surprising tenderness Kalin laid Isabel out on the chaise lounge and planted a small kiss on her forehead before she left her alone, locking the door behind her.

Room 5 was decked out as a teenagers bedroom, with a large double bed, dresser and a few posters of pop stars on the walls. Various soft toys sat or lay on the dresser, chair and floor. The bed was freshly made with stiff cotton sheets and folded neatly at the foot was a pair of sapphire blue silk pajamas that matched the ribbons in Wendy’s hair.

“Take off your clothes, Wendy.” Susi said. “And as you remove them you will become less Wendy and more Angie.”

Without any sign of embarrassment Wendy started to undress as Susi told the emerging Angie who she was and how she was to react based on the specifications provided by her Mistresses client.

When Angie was completely naked Susi passed her the pajama bottoms, they had a drawstring fastening and open fly, the legs ending about mid calf. As Angie stepped into the trousers Susi tied the drawstring loosely before picking up the jacket.

Susi had to admit the pajamas the client had brought with her, apparently an un-given gift for her niece, were rather nice. The jacket had a scalloped lace trim about 2 inches wide from the neck to the hem and fastened, just, with a single shoestring bow, tied level with Angie’s nipples.

“Sit on the bed, Angie.” Susi said, and as the young woman complied, Susi fetched a small brown bottle from the dresser. “Tip your head back, Angie.” Susi commanded as she unscrewed the bottle’s top that housed a small dropper.

Susi held the tip of the pipette over Angie’s eyes and squeezed the rubber teat, releasing a single clear drop into each. The liquid made the whites of Angie’s eyes clearer and her pupils dilated which, in combination with the subtle use of mascara and eyeliner Susi had applied earlier, gave Angie a lovely doe eyed look, again in accordance with the client’s instructions.

Leaning over the bed Susi took the pillows from either side and put one on top of the other in the center and instructed Angie to sit with her back against them, legs straight out in front of her. She picked up a book and gave it to Angie saying, “Look at the book until Aunty Helen comes in, she will say ‘Hello, Angie.’ And from there you will know what to do.”

With glassy, un-focusing eyes, Angie stared at the pages of the book, waiting for the trigger to be pulled and the instructions Susi had implanted whilst she was doing her makeup and dressing her to be activated.

Satisfied that she had done everything to her mistresses satisfaction Susi left Angie alone.

In Kalin’s office Helen Albright sat across the desk from Kalin, pen in hand, cheque book on the desk. “It is Wendy, the brunette, isn’t it?” Helen asked as she wrote out twenty thousand, her hand hovering over the place where her signature would go.

Kalin smiled, “Yes, Helen. The lovely Wendy is even now waiting in her room reading a book before bed, dressed in her lovely blue silk pajamas, just waiting for her Aunty Helen to come and kiss her goodnight.”

Helen swallowed hard and fought to control her slightly shaking hand as she signed on the dotted line and passed the cheque across the wooden space between her and her pimp.

“You don’t know how long I’ve dreamed of this, Kalin.” Helen said, her voice betraying her nervousness.

Although Helen had been attending these gatherings for nearly a year now, this was the first time she had actively participated, preferring in the past to watch as one of the other guests spent time with one of Kalin’s ‘special young women’. Not that anyone would be watching tonight, Helen had paid double for an ‘exclusive meeting’, the extra to defray the five hundred each spectator normally paid for the privilege of watching.

“And she’ll be just like I described?” Helen queried again.

“Exactly as you described, Susi is a very talented coach, you won’t know you are not with your sweet little niece, and Wendy will remember nothing afterwards I promise.” Kalin said, the last part to prevent the next inevitable question all first timers asked.

“Would you like to change?” Kalin queried.

Helen looked bashful as she said. “Yes, please I’ve brought a nightdress and wrap I’d like to wear.”

“Then,” Kalin said as she stood, “Lets not keep your lovely young niece waiting, I’d hate for her to fall asleep before you got to say goodnight.”

“What?” Helen said sounding a little disconcerted until she saw the smile lighting Kalin’s face and couldn’t help but join in, her tension easing a little.

Kalin showed Helen into a dressing room and gave her the key to room 5 as she said, “Now don’t forget when you open the door you must say ‘Hello Angie.’ Just that and nothing more until Angie responds, as you know it takes a couple of seconds or so for the training to assert itself.”

“And when I’m, er, when I’m finished?”

“Just say “You look very sleepy, my Angel.” Helen told her. “She will start to become drowsy and fall asleep, you can leave as soon as you’ve given her the command or wait until she is a sleep, it’s up to you. When you leave Susi will come and take care of her.”

“Thank you.” Helen said, and sounded as though Kalin had given her the world, which she thought was just about right.

Wearing a long, gossamer thin pink nightdress beneath a matching silk dressing gown, Helen tried to steady her shaking hand as she fumbled with the key, hoping the noise wouldn’t affect the ‘training’ Wendy had received. With a small creak the door opened and Helen stepped inside, turned and locked the door behind her. She looked to the wall at the side to make sure a poster had been placed over the two-way mirror the other guests would normally use to view proceedings as they fondled themselves or each other as the mood took them.

Satisfied that she was alone Helen looked at the young girl apparently reading a book and her breath caught in her throat as, for an instant, she thought it really was her niece. Kalin had made her that offer, but the quarter of a million price tag, not to mention her sense of decency had prevented her from accepting, not that she hadn’t given it plenty of thought.

Helen licked her lips and tried to steady her voice as she said to the young vision sitting on the bed seemingly unaware of Helen’s presence. “Hello, Angie.”

Slowly Angie lifted her large pretty eyes and looked towards Helen. “You’re my Aunty Helen.” Angie said and Helen was about to reply when Angie continued. “I’m staying at your house while my Mommy goes to a convention. I’m reading a book before bedtime and you have come to kiss me goodnight like you always do when I stay with you.”

The words were pronounced without emotion, like someone reading the back of a cereal packet and Helen wondered if she had done the right thing, she wanted a night with her innocent little niece not an automaton. But she waited a little while knowing that sometimes it took a while for the new character to kick in.

She didn’t have to wait long before Angie’s perfect, but slack face tightened in to a smile as she said “Hello Aunty Helen. Is it bedtime already.”

Helen breathed a sigh of relief and said “Yes, honey. Time to put the book down and go to sleep.”

“Will you kiss me goodnight first?” Angie asked and Helen felt her heart flip.

Taking the book from Angie, Helen turned down the bed as Angie pulled her knees up to her chin. Helen patted the bed and said. “Come on sweetheart, lie down and let Aunty Helen tuck you in.”

As Angie stretched out her legs once more and wriggled her bum down the bed until just her shoulders and head were propped up on the pillows, Helen caught a glimpse of downy pubic hair through the open fly of the silky pajama bottoms. She lifted the sheet and placed it over Angie’s legs about halfway up her thighs before she sat on the edge of the bed, her weight pressing down on the sheet, pinning Angie’s legs, stopping her moving.

“Do you like the pajamas I bought you?” Helen asked.

“They’re very nice, thank you, Aunty Helen.” Angie said, a slight apprehension sounding in her voice. “I don’t think Mommy would like them though. Can I leave them here so I can wear them just for you.”

It was all Helen could do to stop herself jumping on the young girl there and then but she somehow managed to control herself, saying as she brushed a loose lock of hair from Angie’s forehead. “Why do you think your Mommy wouldn’t like them, sweetheart?”

Angie, looked embarrassed, and her long eyelashes batted demurely as she said. “Because they are, well, they are sort of… sexy.”

“And your Mommy doesn’t want you to look sexy?” Helen inquired casually placing her hand on the bed the other side of Angie.

“No.” Angie said softly, a hint of sadness tingeing the solitary word, before explaining. “She says that girls that dress sexily are just sluts, the sort of girls she says who touch themselves.”

“Touch themselves?” Helen queried with a raised brow.

Again Angie couldn’t look Helen in the eye as she said with a nod of her head. “You know; touch themselves; down there.”

“Oh.” Said Helen, “and you don’t touch yourself do you, sweetheart.”

“No.” replied the young girl biting her bottom lip before continuing. “Well I did once, when I was in the shower.” She looked up at Helen through her long lashes, the perfect picture of innocence as she continued. “I didn’t mean to, Aunty Helen. I was just washing myself and I touched my pussy and…”

“And what, sweetheart.” Helen encouraged, her hand drawing back to rest on Angie’s silk covered hip.

“It felt funny and I wanted to keep touching it, but I thought about what Mommy said and I stopped.” Angie all but whispered, and then a look of fear stole across her sweet features and she pleaded. “You won’t tell her will you, Aunty Helen? Please, Aunty Helen, I didn’t mean to, but Mommy would be cross and… punish me.” By the end of the sentence Angie’s voice held the prospect of imminent tears.

Helen smiled reassuringly, her hand sliding gently up Angie’s hip as she said, “No, Honey, I won’t tell your Mommy.”

Once more the lashes batted as Angie said. “I do love you, Aunty Helen.”

“And I love you, Honey.” Helen replied gently. “That’s why I bought you these pajamas. You are such a pretty little girl, and you are growing up so fast, you ought to know what it is like to feel sexy, to feel loved. It’s not slutty to touch yourself, sweetheart. I do it all the time.”

Angie looked shocked and stammered. “Y… you do?”

“Whenever I can.” Helen said with a conspiratorial wink. “I suppose I’m something of an expert.”

Angie giggled, a sound like water babbling over stones in a brook. But the laughter stopped as she felt the tips of Helen’s fingers brush across the top of her mound. “Please don’t, Aunty Helen.”

“Don’t what sweetheart?” Helen asked as her hand slipped inside the open fly of the young girls trousers, and started to trace small circles in the soft downy hair with her long red finger nails, drawing a gasp from Angie. “You mean, don’t do this?”

Angie just bit her lower lip and looked up at her Aunty.

“Its alright, sweetheart.” Helen assured her. “Your Mommy won’t find out. Does it feel nice having Aunty Helen stroke you like this?”

Barely above a whisper Angie replied “Yes.”

“And do you really want me to stop?”

Angie didn’t answer and Helen smiled, “Is it making you feel funny, sweetheart? Like when you get butterflies in your tummy, only lower down?”

A small, almost imperceptible nod of Angie’s head confirmed Helen’s diagnosis and Helen couldn’t help but notice Angie’s nipples standing out in bas-relief through the thin fabric of her top and she asked. “And do you feel funny anywhere else, Honey?”

With a look of total embarrassment Angie confessed, “My titties.”

“How do your titties feel, sweetheart.”

Angie swallowed and bit her bottom lip before saying. “They ache and my nips feel sort of tender.”

“Do you want me to take a look?” Helen asked as she slowly pulled on the tail of the bow holding the jacket closed with her other hand, watching as the loop shrank and vanished. Without the restraining knot the left hand side slipped, the silky material sliding easily over Angie’s soft skin, only failing to reveal the treasure below when the lacy trim snagged against the hard nub atop the mound of delicious young flesh.

Like a librarian handling a rare edition, Helen took hold of the trim and lifted it free and away, exposing a firm nubile breast. “Beautiful, my angel.” Helen sighed as the hand inside Angie’s trousers moved further down, her index and middle fingers either side of Angie’s puffy pussy lips drawing a small gasp from her young niece.

Helen watched the rise and fall of the naked breast and before her eyes the nipple continued to crinkle, redden and harden, crying out to be touched, kissed, suckled. But Helen knew she had all the time in the world and as her fingers squeezed together slightly, pressing the swollen lips between them, she unveiled Angie’s other breast.

“Do you want Aunty Helen to show you how to kiss, sweetheart?” Helen asked, and without waiting for an answer bent forward, taking great care not to touch Angie’s tits. Her lips brushed against the young girl’s softly, the tip of her tongue tasting the hint of lipstick and powder.

At first Angie didn’t move, she didn’t try to stop Helen but neither did she respond as Helen pushed her tongue between Angie’s lips, breaking into the young girls warm mouth.

Helen moved her fingers, her ring finger replacing the middle which now rested on the still closed pussy lips, pressing down gently and forcing out the first drops of sticky juice. She rolled the finger, coating it in Angie’s lubricant before opening the gap to touch the pearl pink inner lips.

A groan sounded deep in Angie’s throat and tentatively she responded to Helen’s searching tongue, even pushing hers into Helen’s welcoming mouth once or twice as the finger slid up and down, the tip pressing against her tight hole each time it passed, drawing forth more honey.

Helen felt Angie’s pussy quiver as the first tiny shock sprang forth and she broke the kiss to look at her darling’s face, eyes wide with surprise. “Nice?” Helen asked with a smile.

“Are my darling’s titties still aching? They look like they are. Do you want Aunty Helen to touch them now, sweetheart? To make them feel all nice just like your pussy?”

Angie closed her big eyes and nodded as if steeling herself. Tenderly Helen touched the side of Angie’s breast, the backs of her long red nails sliding along the firm milky smooth skin, circling round and up towards the puckered summit. As her finger and thumb closed around Angie’s nipple the middle finger of her other hand slipped effortlessly inside Angie’s pussy.

The young girls muscles clenched around Helen’s finger, Angie’s eyes opening wider than ever as a pre-climax shudder wracked the girls nubile body. “Do you want Aunty Helen to stop, sweetheart?” Helen asked, knowing that nothing short of wild horses would make her anyway.

Through shallow gasps Angie spluttered, “Please don’t, please It feels so nice, Aunty Helen.”

Helen licked her lips and with deliberate slowness dipped her head, her lips surrounding Angie’s other nipple as her finger slipped in and out with greater speed, the only limiting factor was Helen’s fear of scratching the sensitive skin with her long red nail.

Teasing the nipple with her tongue Helen rolled the other between thumb and index finger, switching breasts several times, her red lipstick leeching onto the sensitive nubs making them look redder than ever.

By now Angie was moaning out loud, her head rocking from side to side as the new sensations flooded her body, threatening to over power her mind with their intensity. Helen felt the soft body she was so intent on stiffen, her finger gripped by powerful muscles as the orgasm found its release, the sensations bouncing back and forth between breasts and pussy. Angie let out a shriek of pleasure as her whole world changed in that one explosive act.

Helen continued to suckle the firm breast until she felt the spasms fade to mere tremors. Lifting her head she looked at Angie’s perfect face, flushed now and damp with sweat but the smile was enough to melt her heart. “Was that nice, sweetheart?” Helen asked as she let her finger slip out of Angie’s quivering pussy.

“Oh, Aunty Helen!” Angie all but sobbed with pleasure. “That was wonderful. You are wonderful. Why would Mommy not want me feel like that?”

“I don’t know sweetheart, but I think it would be better if we didn’t tell her, don’t you?” Helen said as she idly traced circles on the young girl stomach.

“It will be our little secret.” Angie said with a smile.

“And.” Helen smiled. “How does you’re your pussy feel now?”

“It’s a little sore,” Angie said sadly “And if I move it sort of tingles, but in a nice way. And my titties still ache a little.”

Untying the belt of her dressing gown as she stood and letting the robe fall to the floor, revealing her still nice body, her arousal evident through the sheer material of her nightgown Helen said. “I can think of a way of helping with that.”

Helen reached out and slowly undid the drawstring top of Angie’s pajama bottoms. Angie just lay still watching not wanting to stop whatever her lovely Aunty was going to do next.

Turning back the sheet Helen took hold of the top of Angie’s trousers pulling them down, Angie helping by lifting her buttocks clear of the bed, sending a sparkle through her still buzzing pussy.

Placing her hands on Angie’s knees, Helen open the young girls legs, exposing the source of the scent that now filled the room, and drawn to it like a bee to a flower Helen knelt between Angie’s legs and bent her head and started to kiss the insides of the girls sweat salted legs.

Her kisses were soft, like the touch of a butterflies wings, moving steadily up towards the still quivering quim. With the tip of her tongue Helen gently lapped up the sticky juices, savoring the heady aroma, her saliva soothing the throbbing pussy and bringing a soft whimper from Angie.

As she had finger fucked her little niece, Helen had assiduously avoided contact with Angie’s pretty pink pearl of a clitoris, always intending to feast upon it later, saving the most sensuous of experience for last.

Deeper, and deeper Helen thrust her tongue into the seemingly inexhaustible supple of honeyed juices. She reached out and took hold of Angie’s right hand and guided it to the young girls breast, showing her how to fondle it herself whilst Helen concentrated on her pussy.

Moaning with pleasure and bucking her hips, forcing her pussy against her aunt’s face, Angie thought she was in heaven, only to find she hadn’t yet reached those heights before when Helen finally allowed her tongue to lave the young girl’s clit.

The shock almost made her scream but having felt it once she knew she wanted to experience it again and again, and Helen was only too happy to oblige as Angie lifted her other hand and massaged her left breast. Faster and faster Helen flicked the engorged pleasure center until Angie did scream, her body bouncing up and down as the climax flowed through her like lightning.

When Helen had once more licked the girl’s pussy clean she lifted her head and laid down beside her beautiful innocent little girl. She put her arm around her pulling Angie on to her side, her head resting on Helen’s aching bosom.

“Thank you, Aunty Helen.” Angie said gently unaware of the tear forming in Helen’s eye, although whether it was a tear of happiness, relief or disgust with herself even Helen couldn’t say.

For a while they just lay together Helen reliving the fantasy in her mind, Angie just drifting in a post orgasmic haze. Suddenly Helen felt a finger stroking the top of her thigh and heard Angie ask, “Do you want me to show you what I learned today, Aunty Helen?”

“You don’t have to, my angel.” Helen said, even though it was part of the fantasy she had related earlier to Kalin. But she needn’t have worried as Angie whispered after planting a soft kiss on the outside of Helen’s breast. “I want to Aunty Helen.”

Without further words Angie kissed her way down Helen’s body leaving little damp patches on Helen’s thin nightdress. When she was kissing the top of Helen’s mound she started to pull up the hem of the nightie slowly revealing the flesh it so blatantly didn’t hide.

With Helen’s pussy now open to the air Angie changed position kneeling between Helen’s legs just as Helen had done to her. And aped the older woman’s motions. Helen however did not need any encouragement to fondle her breast with one hand while the other rested on Angie’s head, her fingers entwining in Angie’s silky locks.

All the time that Angie was ministering to her Aunt’s needs she looked up over Helen’s mound through those long dark lashes, the very picture of the innocent slut and Helen couldn’t look away.

As her climax neared Helen nearly cried with frustration as she felt Angie stop and say “Aunty Helen?”

“What, sweetheart. Please don’t stop now.”

“I won’t Aunty Helen, only…”

“Only what?” Helen couldn’t control herself much longer, at this rate she thought she be finishing herself off as usual. But once again Helen was worrying unnecessarily for just before she felt Angie’s expert tongue flick her clit once more, Angie said in a little girl lost voice that was completely at odds with the words. “Will you cum on my face, Aunty Helen?”

Helen was not normally a squinter but those words and that tongue and the voice and the eyes and the lashes and ohhhhh.

Angie didn’t flinch and spent the next five minutes licking her Aunt’s pussy as clean as her own before crawling back up the bed and flopping almost totally exhausted next to Helen in the place she had occupied earlier.

“You look very sleepy, my Angel.” Helen said at last and immediately Angie stifled a yawn.

“I do feel a little tired, Aunty Helen.” Angie said dreamily. “Will you kiss me goodnight now?”

Angie tilted her head and looked up at her aunt, her hair in some disarray, the pretty blue ribbons long since dislodged.

Helen managed a final smile, one that was filled with love and pride and she let her lips find those of the sleepy little girl in her arms. The kiss was warm but not passionate and soon Angie was fast asleep, her breathing regular and deep and Helen laid her on her side. She got off the bed and re-robed before walking to the door. With a final longing look at the sleeping beauty she had paradoxically just awakened she left.

Outside Susi was waiting. “Have you finished, Madame.” She asked.

“What?” Helen said, still overwhelmed by the whole affair. “Oh yes, thank you Susi.”

“And was the young girl satisfactory, Madame?”

A soft smile lit up Helen’s features as she replied, “She was excellent.”

“Shall I wash and iron the pajamas for you to take, Madame, or do you want us to keep them till next time?”

“I don’t think there will be a next time, Susi.” Helen said a little sadly, suddenly aware that now she had fulfilled her fantasy she couldn’t relive it.

“That is a shame, Madame.” Susi replied. “For with our special techniques, each time could be a first time. Do you ever brush your real nieces hair?”

Helen was a little unsure of what Susi was getting at, but un-looked for she saw in her mind, her sweet little Angie sitting in front of a mirror whilst her Aunty Helen brushed her hair and… And the seed was sown. “Would you keep them here just for now, I might collect them next time I’m here.” Helen said and inwardly Susi smiled.

Quietly Susi opened the door to room 5 and stood just inside looking at the young girl lying on the bed, she was curled into a little ball her sweet backside pointing towards the door and the maid.

With some gentleness Susi stroked the sleeping girls silk covered shoulder and whispered. “Time to wake, Wendy my sweet.”

The words burrowed their way into Wendy’s sleeping consciousness and eventually her eyes opened. “Hello, Susi.” She said, the remaining tatters of sleep haunting her voice.

Gingerly Wendy sat up facing Susi who withdrew a handkerchief from the pocket in her apron and gently dabbed the small smudges of Helen’s cum that marred her expert cosmetic created face. “Did the lady hurt you, honey?”

“No.” Said Wendy. “She was very nice.”

“Do you want Susi to make you forget, honey?” Susi asked softly as she returned her hanky to her pocket.

Wendy’s head nodded her agreement and slowly took the hand that Susi proffered with a kindly look and allowed herself to be led out of the room and back to the dressing room to have her makeup, and her memory of the night removed.

Whilst Helen was seducing her little niece, Kalin returned to the room where Isabel still lay fast asleep, dreams of seductions filling her dreams just as Kalin knew they would.

“Bella. Bella.” Kalin called softly and Isabel opened her eyes, blinking in the bright light of the room. “I’m sorry I left you for so long, Bella. It is so difficult to get away sometimes.”

Sitting up and smiling, Isabel apologized for falling asleep, “Must have been the champagne.” She reasoned incorrectly, all memory of her previous meeting with Kalin safely hidden where only Kalin could release it.

“I’ve had an idea about how we can help your lovely little Jane, Honey.” Kalin enthused as she sat next to Isabel taking hold of her hand as she did so.

Welcoming any straw to which to cling Isabel asked what it was.

“Well,” Kalin started. “You know the party you are catering, well there are going to be some very influential women at the gathering, and I always like to have a small entertainment slot.”

“Yes,” Isabel allowed, the ‘and’ remaining unsaid

“As you and Jane will already be here I thought Jane could dance for us, and beforehand I will discretely let people know that such a rare talent will go to waste for want of a measly amount of money.”

“Twenty thousand a year is hardly measly!” Isabel pointed out.

Kalin’s laugh held genuine mirth as she said “To some, no, to all of my guests it isn’t. I’m certain I can convince at least one to sponsor her through college.”

“But why would they do it?” Isabel wondered out loud, bringing another round of laughter from her friend.

“Because they can, providing I sell it right, give them something, oh I don’t know say a few private dances a year and appeal, not to their better selves, but to their competitive sides, you know if you don’t then Shelley Smythe will and then when Jane is a famous ballerina who do you think will get the best ticket to those wonderful opening nights.

“You don’t have to tell Jane, just say I asked as a favor as my planned entertainment had fallen through, and I am the client and need sweetening up for all those lucrative contracts I might be able to get you.”

Isabel wasn’t wholly convinced, she had hoped that Kalin might sponsor Jane but it didn’t look like that was going to be the case, so she simply shrugged, it was the only game in town and she needed to be a player so she agreed.

“Splendid!” Kalin said, squeezing Isabel’s hand lightly. “Don’t worry about a costume for Jane, I’m sure I can sort something out, just phone Susi with her measurements and she will sort everything.”

“Now I really must run and see to my guests, honey. Susi will come and show you out.” Kalin said as she stood and left Isabel alone once more.


Whores de Ballet – Chapter 2

By the time Isabel got home, it was way passed Jane’s bedtime, but the light was still on in the living room, and as she opened the door, she could hear the TV. She walked through the kitchen and was pleased to see that Jane had tidied up after finishing her homework. ‘She really is a good girl.’ Isabel thought to herself with pride.

She was about to call out as she stepped into the room, but stopped as she saw Jane fast asleep on the couch. She had obviously been watching the TV, her back against the upholstered arm, legs pulled up, and, as she fell asleep, her right leg had fallen sideways, her short pink skirt ridding up so that Isabel could see her daughters white cotton panties.

Isabel found herself looking at the way the soft cotton bulged over and moulded itself to the hidden mound beneath and suddenly she remembered how Kali had put her hand on her daughters knee that first day they visited her house.

Without being aware of it, Isabel squeezed her thighs together as she felt the first tinglings of arousal. She quietly stepped out of her high heeled shoes and ran as fast, and as quietly, as she could upstairs and locked the bathroom door behind her.

In a frenzy she pulled down her hose and panties and sat on the toilet seat, her legs wide apart. Her index and ring fingers flanked her pussy squeezing inwards as her middle finger pressed down, the tip of her thumb rubbing her sensitive clit whilst her other hand fondled and squeezed her breasts.

It had been a long time since Isabel had found release without a vibrator, but right now with the intensity of her arousal she knew such aids would not be necessary.

This was so unlike her, a part of her mind noted, but it was drowned out by the overwhelming need she felt. Normally she would start slow, imagining the foreplay her fantasy man would engage in, before finally climaxing as he thrust his hard cock inside her. But not tonight, no, tonight it was all about urgency, the need to cum and she didn’t have the time to construct a full-blown fantasy, relying instead on the myriad images that swam uncontrolled through her mind.

It wasn’t until after the final release and she was slumped back against the cistern that Isabel spared any of her thought processes to analyse those visions. Her face burnt brightly as she recalled them, all involving young girls and older women, even to her dying shame the one that finally tipped her over the edge, her own sweet Jane lying on the sofa just as she had left her, but with Kali sitting beside her stroking her cotton covered pussy.

“You all right, mom?” She heard Jane ask through the locked door.

Isabel swallowed hard and called back. “I’m fine honey, just needed to dash up for a pee as soon as I got in.”

“Okay.” She heard Jane say. “You just sounded like you were in pain or something.”

Again Isabel’s face flushed, she had in the past always made sure she was alone in the house before turning to her needs. Suddenly her pussy started throbbing again as she thought of Jane hearing her masturbate. But this time the need was not as insistent and she shouted out to Jane. “Make your mom a cup of coffee, honey.”

As the sound of Jane’s footsteps descended the stairs Isabel splashed water on her face and replaced her panties, noting with further disgust just how wet they were. The hose she consigned to the waste bin, as she realized she had snagged them in her hurry to get at her pussy. ‘It must be the champagne, I’m not used to it these days.’ Isabel told herself and with that consoling thought she went down to join Jane in the kitchen.

As Isabel entered, Jane was just filling her cup and she smiled a greeting adding. “You sure you’re okay, mom?”

“Yes, sweetheart, I’m fine. Sorry I left you alone for so long only Kali was in the middle of throwing this really big party and I ended up sitting waiting and had a couple of glasses of champagne.”

“Mom.” Jane said sadly. “You promised.”

“I’m sorry, honey. It was only a couple of glasses.” Isabel lied, remembering the upturned bottle in the ice bucket as Susi had escorted her out.

“Honey?” Isabel queried. “I have a favor to ask.”

“What?” Jane replied, putting down her cup and joining her mom at the table.

“Well,” Isabel started. “You see Kali normally has some form of entertainment at her parties. Only she’s been let down and she asked, as a special favour, if you would mind dancing.”

“Oh, mom.” Jane said dejectedly. “You know I don’t like to do ‘party pieces’.”

“I know, honey” Isabel said as she reached out and took hold of her daughters hand, squeezing it gently, noticing how smooth her skin was. “But this is such an important party for us, sweetheart. This one party could set us up with all the other guests for any functions they have.”

With a resigned smile Jane acceded with the solitary condition. “But just this once, I don’t want them thinking I come as part of the catering.”

“Deal!” Isabel glowed. “Kali said she’ll sort out a costume, don’t worry I’m sure it will be tasteful, I’ve just got to ring her maid in the morning and give her your measurements.”

Thinking of Jane’s measurements drew Isabel’s eyes inexorably to the firm, nubile mounds that her t-shirt displayed to such great effect, and Isabel realised just how grown up her daughter had become.

“You sure you’re okay, mom.” Jane queried, and Isabel realized with disgust, that she had been staring openly at her own daughters breasts, watching the mateial strain with each inhalation.

“Er, yes I’m fine honest, honey. Just a little tired. I think I’ll turn in now.” Isabel said as she rose from the table and placed a warm kiss on Jane’s cheek. “Don’t stay up too late, honey.”

In her room, Isabel discarded her clothes in a pile on the floor before kneeling on the bed. Her hand slipped between her thighs, her face buried in the pillow to gag her moans and squeals as she brought herself off again, before collapsing in a trembling mound and drifting off to a troubled sleep.

The following morning Isabel woke late, the edges of dreams that had haunted her all night, refusing to fade completely away with the daylight.

‘I really must lay off the champagne!’ Isabel chided herself as she pulled on her long satin dressing gown and headed for the shower.

Isabel loved Saturday mornings, she could lie in and the pamper herself with a long hot shower. With the bathroom already filling with steam she opened the cubicle and stood beneath the spa spray, feeling like the water was scraping away the cares of the week.

Lathering a sponge she started to lathe her skin in the foaming suds and instantly she felt her nipples harden and the tingle start in her pussy and she lingered with the sponge, and wondered whether Jane ever played with herself in the shower.

It was a perfectly ordinary thought, one any mother, worried about her daughter’s development might have, she reasoned, but her reaction was anything but normal even if she didn’t admit it at first.

Her minds eye filled with young flesh streaming with water and her hands mirrored the image, not violently like the previous night but slow and soft, a young girl exploring her changing body, experiencing the new sensations, watching as her tender nipples crinkled and darkened in response to her fingertips and the thoughts of her mother showing her how much she loved her.

That thought was too much for Isabel and her knees trembled as her juices squirted, mixing with the water and flowing down her shaking legs.

Tears streamed down her cheeks as she slowly slid down the wall of the cubicle, her face flushed from excitement and shame, her pussy still twitching, sending small after shocks through her body.

“Mom, breakfasts ready.” Jane called from the bottom of the stairs, bringing Isabel back to her senses. Unsteadily she stood beneath the spray, washing away the telltale tears before drying herself and, wrapped in her dressing gown, descended to the kitchen.

Jane was already seated, tucking into a bowl of muesli. “Morning, mom. You sleep okay?” She asked solicitously.

Memories of the previous nights dreams still haunted the edges of Isabel’s mind and unbidden the blood rushed to her cheeks as she muttered that she had. As she poured her coffee, she glanced at her beautiful daughter, her hair in loose bunches, framing her fresh clean face. A cropped top hugged her pert nubile breasts stopping short of the waist of her grey jogging pants showing her firm toned stomach that could only belong to a dancer.

Isabel took a deep drought of the hot dark brew, the caffeine steadying her frayed nerves. She looked at the clock and gasped. “Look at the time, honey! I’ll get dressed and take you to class.”

Her sentence was punctuated by the sound of a car’s horn and Jane gulped the last of her juice as she stood and said “It’s okay, Becky’s mom’s on driving duty today.”

Isabel sighed with relief that it wasn’t her turn to ferry Jane and her friend Becky across town to their ballet lesson, and even better it meant she had time to herself. The car horn blared a second time as Jane picked up her kit bag. Isabel walked to the door and opened it and looked down the path to where Lisa Steven’s silver convertible was parked, and as it wasn’t raining, Lisa as usual had the top down.

Around the same age as Isabel, Lisa too was a single parent, but unlike Isabel her situation was as a result of her husbands death, and the compensation and insurance had left her financially comfortable. Lisa smiled and waved as she lent across and opened the passenger door. “Hi, Issy.” She called and Isabel smiled her reply as Jane squeezed passed her.

Patting the seat beside her, Lisa called to Jane, “Come on, sweetie, Aunty Lisa’s running a little late.” Although not related, both Isabel and Lisa where ‘Aunty’ to the other’s offspring, neither wanting to be Mrs, but neither had they brought up their daughters to address their elders by just their first name.

After pecking her mom on the cheek, Jane hurried down the path and placed her bag on the back seat beside Becky before climbing in beside Lisa and closing the door. With a wave towards Isabel, Lisa put the car into drive and sped off down the road.

Even before she had closed the door behind her, a tingle accompanied a film in Isabel’s mind. She shook her head as if trying to dislodge the pictures that streamed across her vision. She stumbled into the living room and all but collapsed onto the sofa, her satin gown falling open, revealing her hardened nipples, the aroma of her arousal already filling her nostrils. Unable, and now unwilling to stop the fantasy, she let her hands roam over her aching, tingling body.

Lisa looked in the rear-view mirror and returned her blonde haired daughter’s smile before, with practiced ease, she adjusted the mirror so that from the back Becky could see Jane’s hands clasped on her lap.

With one hand on the wheel Lisa let her other hand rest on top of Jane’s, feeling the young girl tense at her touch. “Come on, sweetie, you know you want to let Aunty Lisa touch you, sweetie.” She said as she gently prised Jane’s hands apart. She lifted the nearest to her bright red lips and kissed the tip of each finger.

In the back Becky’s breathing became shallow as she squirmed on the seat, banned by her mom from touching herself, such pleasures belonging to her loving mommy.

“Good girl.” Lisa said, as she placed Jane’s hand between her own thighs, squeezing it against her pussy and preventing Jane from removing it as she put her own hand on Jane’s flat, toned stomach.

Becky whimpered as her frustration grew, bringing a smile to the corners of Lisa’s mouth. “Why don’t you help your little friend to relax, honey.” Lisa said as her long red nails slipped beneath the elasticated waist of Jane’s jogging pants.

Becky reached forward and pulled a leaver at the side of Jane’s seat, and slowly the back of her chair reclined until she was almost flat. “Let mommy see Jane’s pretty titties, honey.” Lisa commanded as her fingers slid further towards the treasure they sought, pushing inside Jane’s white cotton panties, the material pressing her hand firmly against the shaven mound beneath.

Again Becky whimpered and Jane felt Lisa’s thighs squeeze even tighter in response to the sound she so loved to hear. With trembling hands, Becky took hold of Jane’s cropped top and lifted the stretchy material up and out, freeing Jane’s nubile breasts, the nipples hard and crinkled as her body responded to the mother and daughter’s ministrations.

Wedging her knees against the steering wheel, Lisa once more adjusted the rear view mirror, this time to allow herself to see the pert breasts of her daughter’s best friend, watching as Becky’s expert hands slid over the softly yielding flesh, her head bending to kiss Jane’s partly opened mouth.

As Becky’s tongue slipped between Jane’s lips, so Lisa’s finger parted and entered Jane’s pussy, feeling the young girl lift her backside in response, welcoming her in.

Isabel cried out, echoing her daughter in her mind, as the orgasm set her whole body on fire, the sweat and cum glistening on her naked thighs. Isabel sagged, her body aching from exhaustion and desire, her pussy throbbing against her fingers, but still the fantasy played out in her mind, her vision filled with her daughters ecstatic face as she heard Lisa say in response to yet another whimper from Becky. “It’s okay, honey. Mommy will let you sit in the front on the way home.”

The words alone were enough to ignite another climax, the muscles of her pussy clenching against her invading fingers.

Isabel didn’t know how long she lay in a post climactic daze, only returning to the world at the behest of the insistent ringing of the telephone. Gingerly, she stood and without bothering to fix her robe, she lifted the receiver.


Whore de Ballet – Chapter 3

“Is that Isabel Wearing?” A voice with hint of an oriental accent asked. Adding as Isabel dreamily confirmed that it was. “My mistress would like to talk to you; please hold the line.”

Normally Isabel would go ape at being put on hold; but right now her mind was still reviewing the images that had seemed so real. Half in desire, half in disgust that she could get so excited at the idea of an older woman, one whom she and Jane both trusted, abusing her little girl. She didn’t know how long she stood there, the vision of her violated daughter making her nipples crinkle and her pussy throb.

For a brief instant she was aware, a voice saying “Hello, my Bella.” And then the action replay of her fantasy returned, a voice seemed to be speaking but Isabel was unaware of what it said, but Bella listened carefully to everything her mistress’s hypnotic voice told her, feeding the desire that smouldered so close to the surface.

“I’m afraid my mistress, is not available, Miss Wearing. Perhaps you could give me your daughter’s measurements.”

“My daughter’s what?” Isabel queried, the erotic images still fogging her brain.

“For her costume, the one she will dance in on Friday.”

“Oh, yes.” Isabel said and woodenly reeled off Jane’s vitals.

“And yours?” Susi asked.

“Why do you need mine, I’m not dancing?” Isabel asked, but provided them when Susi explained it was for her uniform.

“Thank you, Miss Wearing.” Susi’s voice said just before the receiver went dead. Isabel just stood there holding the phone to her ear as if still on hold, exactly as Kali had instructed her subconscious, Kali’s Bella.

“Mom? Mom, you home?” Jane called as she entered the kitchen, but she found it was empty and so walked in to the living room.

“Mom?” Jane queried, a hint of worry in her voice as she saw her mother standing stone still, the telephone receiver clamped to her ear, her back to the door.

Jane’s voice broke the spell and wordlessly Isabel returned the phone to its cradle. “Did you forget something, honey?” she asked.

“Forget something? I’ve been gone nearly four hours. Are you alright, mom?”

Like a slow motion replay Isabel turned towards her delicious daughter, her robe still open, billowing out as she circled, her thighs still glistening slightly from her earlier orgasm, her breasts firm and the nipples aching to be consumed by Jane’s warm wet mouth.

“Mom!” Jane exclaimed as she averted her eyes from her mother’s naked body.

Something in Jane’s voice penetrated Isabel’s torpor and she realized the reason for her daughter’s anguish. Quickly she grabbed the errant robe and retied the belt, covering her still yearning body.

“I’m sorry, Honey.” Isabel apologized. “I didn’t sleep very well and I must have dozed off on the couch after Aunty Lisa picked you up.”

The last phrase brought a bright red flush to Isabel’s cheek as she remembered what she had been dreaming about, ‘was it a dream?’ she wondered, but the flush stayed.

“You don’t look well, mom.” Jane said with concern.

“I think I’ll go lie down for a bit, would you mind making your own tea?”

“No of course not. By the way who was on the phone?”

“The phone?” Isabel queried.

“When I came in you were on the phone and then you put it down, who were you talking to?”

Isabel really couldn’t remember being on the phone and so covered with a. “It was a wrong number, honey.” She still seemed in a daze as she asked “What time is it, sweetheart?”

With a worried expression Jane glanced at her watch, “Nearly two.”

“Oh. I’m going to be late, I have an appointment with Sylvia at three.” Suddenly having a purpose seemed to blow away the fog that had so befuddled her. “There’s some juice in the fridge.” She said as she went upstairs to finally get dressed.


Amazingly, Isabel managed to get a parking spot right outside ‘A Cut Above’, and so was actually a couple of minutes early for her bi-weekly wash, trim and blow. She entered the small salon and stood by the reception desk, waiting to be noticed. Seeing her there, Sylvia excused herself from her current client and came out to greet Isabel with a friendly peck on the cheek as she always did.

About the same age as Isabel, Sylvia had been cutting her hair ever since they’d moved in to the town. “I’m just finishing Mrs Greigson, I won’t keep you long.”

Isabel was about to say it didn’t matter and that she wasn’t in a rush when Sylvia appeared to think of something and said. “I don’t suppose you’d let Angela wash your hair, she’s our new trainee, only started a couple of weeks ago?”

Her hair was one of the few things Isabel was vain about and she trusted Sylvia and wasn’t too keen to let such a raw trainee near it. But she knew that everyone had to start somewhere and at least Sylvia would still be doing the trim and styling and so she relented graciously.

“Angela; shampoo please.” Sylvia called loudly and excused herself as she went to finish Mrs Greigson’s blue rinse.

Like a spare part, Isabel continued to stand, waiting for the appearance of the trainee.

“Are you the shampoo?” A bored voice asked, and Isabel turned to see a slip of a girl looking at her, she couldn’t have been much older than her Jane.

‘The things some girls wear!’ Isabel thought as she appraised the white cotton bandeau top that just about covered her small firm breasts. Her midriff was bare save for a topaz navel stud from which hung a little jeweled flower. Isabel took an instant dislike to the girl; she hated anyone being rude or surly, especially if they were working in a service industry. “I am Mrs Wearing, and yes, I am the one who needs her hair washing.”

The girl smiled and Isabel thought she really ought to do that more often, for it lit up her elfin features no end. “Sorry, Mrs Wearing. Please follow me.”

The girl turned on her two-inch kitten heeled mules and started to walk towards the sinks. Isabel followed, watching the girls boyish hips and small arse that were squeezed into an impossibly tight pair of black jeans, a small crease that appeared momentarily at the top of each thigh as she walked provided the only real definition of her buttocks.

Isabel settled herself into the comfortable black leather chair and Angela pumped the lever at the back, raising the chair on its central pillar. Something about sitting in such a chair and looking into a mirror gave Isabel a sort of displaced déjà vu, causing a shudder to run down her spine.

Slowly Angela rotated the chair and let the back recline, the leg rest coming out to support Isabel’s legs as her neck finally rested in the depression in the front of the sink.

One of the reason’s Isabel continued to come to Sylvia was, that despite her brassy blonde hair and penchant for heavy makeup, Sylvia seemed to have missed the course at hairdressing college where they teach them to talk incessantly and ask inane questions, the answers to which they have no interest in. Sure Sylvia asked how Isabel and Jane were keeping and such but didn’t overdo it, and she remembered anything Isabel told her. Unfortunately for Isabel Angela appeared to be top of her class in that subject. All the time she was wetting, shampooing and rinsing Isabel’s hair she never let her mouth close for more than a couple of minutes, even butting in when Isabel tried to tell her she wasn’t going on holiday this year, to tell Isabel all about where she wanted to go.

Eventually Isabel just gave up listening, and it was at that point that she became aware of the young girls perfume and how she kept bumping her bare midriff and, as she lent over more, her breasts against Isabel’s arm. Stray drops of water landed on the girl’s top making it slightly translucent, her soft pink flesh beneath adhering to the now damp cloth.

So just as Isabel was actually starting to enjoy being so close to her, Angela announced “All done, Mrs Wearing.” And started wrapping Isabel’s wet hair in a towel and tying it turban style.

As Angela returned Isabel to an upright position and turned her to face the mirror once more, she said apologetically “Sorry if I seemed a little brusque earlier, I do like working here, it’s just all I get to do is wash hair, make the coffee and sweep the floor.”

Isabel suddenly felt sorry for the girl and very nearly offered to let Angela cut her hair, especially if it meant remaining close to those deliciously small breasts and watching the little flower hanging from her navel twinkle in the light as it bobbed around when she moved.

Her dilemma was solved however when Sylvia returned from showing her elderly client out and said. “Thank you, Angela. Now why don’t you go and sweep up round the other chair and then make me and Isabel a cup of cappuccino.”

With a smile to accompany a ‘see what I mean’ look exchanged via the mirror, Angela walked away, Isabel’s eyes fixed on her petite derriere. “Lovely isn’t she?” Sylvia said as she removed the makeshift turban. Isabel looked into the mirror and saw a smiling pair of very red lips beneath a two twinkling eyes.

“What?” Isabel said, pretending she hadn’t heard. “I was miles away.”

Sylvia stayed true to form and let it ride saying simply, “Today’s pay day, so I think I might give her a little something extra to make up for the drudgery, they get paid a pittance while they are training you know.”

Isabel just nodded and let Sylvia do what she did best.


When Isabel got home there was a note on the kitchen table telling her that Jane had gone round to her friend Pauline’s to study and would be back before ten, their agreed curfew time. It added that Isabel should forget the housework and get a little rest, which brought a loving maternal smile to Isabel’s mouth.

She yawned and stretched and decided she would take Jane’s advice and go and lie down for half an hour or so.

The late afternoon sun beamed in through the window making her room almost unbearably hot and so Isabel pulled the drapes. She undressed and lay on the bed, the only sound the languid ticking of her bedside clock that had originally annoyed the life out of her, but now she missed it if it wasn’t there.

She let out a deep sleepy sigh as she turned and looked at the clock which told her it was a couple of minutes off five. ‘Sylvia should be shutting up shop around now.’ She thought, and the video in her mind set itself to play.


Angela put the last of the freshly cleaned cups in the cupboard and looked around nervously, Sylvia was nowhere to be seen and slipping her shoes off she walked quickly to the door. With trembling hands she turned the handle and tried to ease the door open silently, but it refused to yield, the double locks were already secured and the closed sign turned to the outside world.

“Have you forgotten it’s pay day, honey?” Sylvia said as she stepped into view.

With a quivering lip Angela looked at her mistress, dressed in a tight fitting black latex catsuit, her blonde hair pulled back into a bun. The six-inch heels and platforms on her thigh length leather boots made her tower over her diminutive trainee.

“Well, honey? Mistress is waiting.” Sylvia said as she closed the gap between them, her fingers lifting Angela’s chin forcing the young girl to look at her.

“P..Please, mistress. Please don’t make me pay you again.” Angela almost sobbed, the previously confident young woman now close to tears.

“But, you are here on work experience, you’ve done the work and now it’s time for you to get the experience only a proper mistress can give.” Sylvia said as she took Angela’s hand in hers and led her back into the salon.

Obediently, Angela climbed into the chair. Sylvia, Remembering the struggle last time, was pleased and told her little pet so. The she drew a length of shiny black latex with a large knot in it from her belt, where it had hung with four similar strips but without knots and asked. “Are you going to be a good, quiet little girl this time, or do I need to gag you again?”

Angela had hated the gag, the knot, forced between her teeth as her mistress squeezed her cheeks, forcing her mouth open, the latex tied tightly behind her head. She could taste it now as the smell of rubber triggered the memory.

“I’ll be quiet.” She said, almost too softly to hear, and was rewarded with another ‘good girl’

“But I don’t think we can dispense with the bindings though just yet, my sweet.” Sylvia said as she proceeded to tie the girl’s wrists to the arms of the hairdresser’s chair, the latex, normally so yielding was now stretched to its limit, allowing Angela only the smallest movement, and no hope of escape.

A loud click accompanied Sylvia’s foot as it started to press the lever, the chair lifting on its central pole, like an offering being raised before an altar.

“Please don’t.” Angela whimpered as Sylvia nibbled her ear, her tongue flicking the flowered earrings that hung from holes so recently made, while her fingers with their long red nails played with the matching stud in her navel before scraping up her torso, searching out the elasticated band below her breasts.

As Sylvia’s expert tongue slipped inside Angela’s ear her fingers found her top and lifted it up and over her tiny tits, exposing the rose pink, puffy nipples, which were eagerly sought by the tips of fingers and thumbs to be squeezed and cajoled into crinkled hardness, with a soft ‘good little girl’ breathed into her now wet ear.

With surprising gentleness, Sylvia placed Angela’s feet at either side of the large footrest and used the remaining two strips of latex to bind her ankles to the two poles that fastened it to the chair.

Kneeling, Sylvia reached out, her finger and thumb poised and Angela whimpered, knowing what was to come, but she also knew if she objected her mistress would force her to wear the gag again. With expert precision Sylvia pinched the girl’s left thigh in exactly the same spot as last time, where slowly fading bruises were now being coaxed back in to livid life.

Still gripping the tender flesh, Sylvia lifted her hand, pulling the trousers and the trembling girls skin. The trousers’ high lycra content allowed it to be pulled much further than Angela’s flesh, which snapped back leaving Sylvia holding just the stretchy material. With her free hand she picked up her recently sharpened hair scissors and sliced through the taught fabric just beneath where she was pinching it like a hot knife through butter. As the blades severed the final strands the material shrank back with a soft splat against Angela’s skin, leaving an almost perfect circle, the focus of which were the two rapidly rising welts.

With mock concern, Sylvia bent and kissed the bruising flesh, then like the long hand of a clock marking the hour she let her long red nail slip beneath the stretchy trousers, lifting the fabric like a small tent. The wickedly sharp blades of her scissors closed on the roof, and with a soft ripping sound closed together, the Lycra threads pulling the rent apart in an inverted V.

Ever further the finger burrowed, chased by the hungry jaws of the shears, the pursuit halting a couple of inches below the waistband, the milky white flesh of Angela’s left thigh exposed for her mistress’s pleasure.

Sylvia moved her hand so that it now hovered over the young girls right thigh, bringing forth and involuntary whimper, that fortunately her mistress decided to leave unpunished. As the finger and thumb descended Angela tried to flatten her leg to the chair, but knew better than to try to move it to either side.

Once again, with unfailing accuracy Sylvia found the exact spot and the pinching digits closed before lifting and cutting the stretchy material. After another honorific kiss, the scissors carved their unrelenting path up the girl’s thigh. With the right leg now perfectly mirroring the left, the scissors turned, forging ahead to unite the two, the material curling away and gradually exposing a thin black lace strip that held an almost translucent, lace trimmed black triangle that was supposed to cover the girls decency. Finally the two rents were joined and the Lycra cloth rolled away exposing the young girl’s thong.

“Mmm, so pretty.” Sylvia breathed as her finger traced the lacy edging from the left, down almost to the girl’s asshole and then back up the other side. “Almost seems a shame to.” Shame or not, the scissors sliced first one and then the other strap and she peeled away the gossamer thin cover to reveal the prize beneath.

With just the tips of her fingers and nails, Sylvia explored the area around Angela’s light pink lips, the small downy blonde hairs, almost invisible to the naked eye but deliciously apparent to Sylvia’s fingers. “See, my sweet, I told you they would grow back.”

Angela was all too aware of their regrowth, for the last two days every time she stretched or bent, one of them would catch in the material of her panties, pulling it hard until she could find somewhere private and push her hands down her trousers and ease her panties away, freeing the trapped hair.

“That’s just one of the benefits of working at a beauty salon, sweetness. Especially if your mistress owns it as well, it means you get to have free treatments.” Sylvia said as she reached for the warmed jar of wax and a bundle of thin strips of cloth. As she applied the hot wax with a wooden spatula, Angela winced, but Sylvia soothed as she applied the first strip of cloth that soaked up the wax. “Don’t worry, my pet, the heat is nothing compared to.” And she ripped the cloth away pulling the freshly sprouted hairs with it.

A scream escaped Angela’s mouth followed by a string of apologies and pleadings not to be gagged again.

Sylvia smiled even as she painted the next strip of wax. “Lets see if you can control yourself this time, and anyway it can’t possibly hurt as much as the first time we did this.” Again the strip was ripped mercilessly away. Angela bit her lip to stop herself crying out; and if the pain was less than the first time, it was marginal at best.

Strip by strip, like a farmer harvesting a field, Sylvia waxed her playthings pussy until every last hair was removed, her fingertip inspection confirmed it, even as the attention made Angela whimper, though now out of building desire as she knew the worst was over and she would soon receive her reward, her ‘something extra on pay day’ just as her mistress had promised.

But before Sylvia bestowed her generosity, she applied a soothing balm, rubbing it into Angela’s baby soft skin, removing the powdery residue left by the waxing, building Angela’s frustrated need to an almost incandescent level, the scent of sex and menthol filling the air.

Squirming against her bonds and the leather chair, Angela forgot about keeping quiet, right now she couldn’t care less if her mistress gagged her, just as long as she did what she was doing.

Lips met lips and Angela bucked, pushing her pussy against her mistress’s mouth, pleading for her to slip her tongue inside her, and Sylvia obliged, tasting her slave’s honey, her tongue dipping in and out, her lips brushing the girls engorged clit bringing her to the brink of ecstasy time after time, till the young, bound girl didn’t know where she was, or who she was, all she knew was the need.

Fingers were playing with her nipples, squeezing the puffy buds that had darkened as her arousal mounted. Suddenly her mistress’s tongue was no longer searching for Angela’s nectar and the girl pleaded for her to return, to complete what she had started. Her left nipple was on fire as Sylvia pinched it, just as she had the young girls thighs. “I think we should pierce this next, don’t you, honey?”

Angela heard the words, even knew what they meant, but she didn’t care, she needed to cum, and so she all but screamed her agreement, a scream that continued as her orgasm finally set her body on fire.


Isabel sagged back on to sheets that were drenched in sweat and cum. She didn’t know how long the vision had lasted, or how many times she had climaxed. She lay naked, neither awake nor asleep, until the damp sheets turned cold and a shiver brought her back to reality. She was close to tears as her mind tried to make sense of what was happening to her.

Gingerly, Isabel propped herself up and looked at the time, it was nearly eight O’clock. She determined to go for a shower, her only consolation being that at least this time the fantasy had not included her lovely Jane. That was a mistake.


“Miss Wearing?” Angela said as she looked down hungrily at Jane who was sitting on the large red leather sofa reading an out of date magazine, her finely toned dancers legs crossed, allowing just the faintest glimpse of her white cotton panties beneath her short denim skirt.

Jane looked up at the source of the voice and couldn’t believe that someone who worked at her mother hairdressers would dress like that in tight black latex jeans and a semi transparent bandeau top. Through the top, Jane could clearly see the small flowered piercing hanging from one of her nipples, apparently part of a set that matched those in her ears and navel. “I’m Angela, my mistress asked me to prepare you for your treatment.”

“Mistress?” Jane boggled.

Angela laughed, a girly, bubbling giggle that belied her appearance. “Sorry I mean Sylvia, the owner. We call her that sometimes and I guess it just slipped out.”

Jane smiled, remembering the names they gave some of her teachers and the fear that they would address them by their nickname oneday. “You had me worried there for a second.”

“Would you follow me please, Miss Wearing?” Angela asked.

Angela watched as Jane’s lovely legs uncrossed and she rose in one fluid motion, saying, “Call me Jane.”

“This way please, Jane.” Angela said, holding out her hand in the direction of the treatment chairs.

Angela’s hand went to her recently pierced nipple as she followed the ballerina, her eyes fixed on her arse and thighs. “Just here please.”

Jane settled herself into the comfy black leather as Angela adjusted the headrest. “So what can we do to you today?” Angela asked.

‘That’s a strange way of putting it’ Jane thought but said. “I’m doing a recital this Friday, so I’d just like a quick tidy up if that’s okay.”

“Oh I’m sure we can manage that.” Angela said with a hidden leer as she swept a black nylon cloak over Jane and tied it at her neck, and, although unknown to Jane, to the metal pole holding the head restraint.

Jane was about to say something when she felt the cloak tighten across her chest and stomach, pinning her arms to her side. In the mirror she saw Angela tying straps behind the back of the chair, a look of triumph mixed with lust on her fine elfin features. “I think it is common to shout for help at this point, Jane.” Angela said as she completed her binding.

Jane didn’t need asking twice and opened her mouth, not to cry for help, but to scream the place down. Her lungs had just filled when, with the speed of a striking cobra, Angela’s hand was covering Jane’s mouth, the latex gag filling the void. “I can’t believe you fell for that one.” Angela said as she secured the gag beneath Jane’s ponytail, the latex stretching the girl’s mouth into the parody of a smile.

“My mistress will be with you shortly, I’d advise against struggling.” Angel said before walking away and leaving a struggling Jane alone.

“My pet should have told you not to struggle.” Sylvia said as her strong talon like fingers held Jane’s head in their vice like grip. “See to her legs, pet.”

Jane felt hands on her ankles and strained to look down and saw Angela, on her knees, binding Jane’s feet to the chair. A collar and metal leech that ran to her mistress’s belt had been added to Angela’s already weird attire.

“I’m so glad you decided to come to me, my sweet. Your mom and Aunty Lisa have told me all about you, its just a shame neither of them are here to see me start your transformation.” Sylvia said in a voice like liquid chocolate.

Jane tried to scream, but the gag was very effective. A muffled sound sneaked passed the rubber knot as Sylvia wrapped Jane’s ponytail around her hand and pulled back sharply, holding Jane’s head fast against the chair. With deliberate slowness, and via the mirror, in full view of Jane, Sylvia removed a pair of scissors from her belt. Not the small delicate instrument she used for trimming, but what appeared to be a large pair of pinking shears, the interlocking teeth squealing as they opened and closed.

Even with the pain of her hair been pulled Jane struggled as she realized what was going to happen. “Just relax, sweetheart. Your mom was beginning to find your lovely silky blonde hair just too attractive and so she asked me to.”

She didn’t tell, she showed, the jagged blades crunching their way through the root of Jane’s pony tail which was held aloft like a trophy once it had been separated from her head. “Look after this, my pet. And if you are a good little doggy I might make a tail for you with it.” Sylvia said as she threw the dismembered hairpiece towards Angela, who was now sitting on her haunches, panting happily.

Tears ran down Jane’s face as she saw what this madwoman had done to her hair, especially as she had said it was her mom’s idea.

“Oh look pet, she’s crying like a little baby.” Sylvia sneered. “Shall we give her something to take her mind off losing her pretty hair?”

Angela whimpered her agreement and took the shears from her mistress and started to cut a long slit up Jane’s skirt, even the heavy denim cloth failing to resist the razor sharp triangular teeth.

With her more accustomed scissors, Sylvia started to re-dress Jane’s hair, and Angela cut away Jane’s cotton panties, exposing her virgin pussy, well virgin save for her Aunty Lisa’s fingers and tongue.

Angela’s little whines finally caught Sylvia’s attention and she smiled down at her pet, who, with her task completed, was waiting for her reward. “Go ahead, pet. But don’t make her cum. That’s my privilege.

If Angela was disappointed, she certainly didn’t show it as she bent her head to Angela’s musky pussy and started to lap. Jane tried to ignore the sensation, but it was impossible as the silver ball on the end of Angela’s tongue stud slid up between her pussy lips before flicking her clit at the end of each stroke.

Sylvia appeared satisfied with her work, Jane’s luscious golden locks now transformed into short almost fur like covering, save for two pointed clumps on top that Sylvia set with a strong hair wax. Sylvia watched her charge, seeing her breathing become more rapid as she gave in to Angela’s attentions. “Careful, puppy.” She warned. But it was too late and even with the slick ball of latex filling her mouth anyone that heard Jane would have known she was cumming. With a smile of triumph Sylvia fastened the velvet collar with it’s little gold bell, claiming Jane as her new little kitten.


Whores de Ballet – Chapter 4

The incessant buzzing woke Isabel and she looked blearily at the clock which told her it was six in the morning, but it was Sunday and with relief she hit the stop and returned to the ghosts that haunted the black void of her dreams.

When she finally woke, her dreams still shrouding her mind with images she dare not examine, the clock informed her it was gone twelve. She rose like a sleepwalker and showered, concentrating on nothingness, trying to prevent the powerful images that had so strongly taken over both her body and her mind.

She pulled on a robe and went down to the kitchen. Through the window she saw Jane lying in the garden on a sun lounger in her tiny yellow bikini and she instantly looked away, reciting the seven times table. She knew she daren’t go outside and that at any minute Jane might come in, and Isabel really couldn’t trust herself. Quickly she went upstairs and got dressed.

Back in the kitchen she opened the window with her eyes closed and called. “I’m just going out for a bit, don’t stay in the sun too long. See you later.”

Before Jane could reply Isabel had locked the window and was heading for the door, exerting a Herculean effort to stop herself thinking about Jane getting too hot and asking Isabel to help apply some after sun.

Once in the car and driving nowhere in particular, Isabel found that concentrating on the road helped to clear her mind, although she looked straight ahead every time she passed a young woman for fear of triggering one of the vivid fantasies.

By the time Isabel returned, it was nearly midnight, and because she had school the following day Jane had already gone to bed, although she was still awake, waiting anxiously to hear her mom get home. Normally Isabel would have popped her head around Jane’s door, but she really didn’t want to expose herself to temptation, so she crept to bed quietly, carrying a half bottle of vodka she’d bought on the way home, hoping the alcohol would help to get her to sleep.

The spirit did its thing and the next thing Isabel knew was Jane softly shaking her shoulder and saying. “Mom, its eight o’clock, I’ve got to go to school, I don’t want to be late as I’ve got double English this morning with Miss Carlton. I’ve left the coffee pot on. I’ll see you tonight.”

Before Isabel could stop her, Jane had bent and kissed her moms forehead. Through sleep-blurred eyes Isabel couldn’t quite see the clothes Jane was wearing to school, although the skirt did seem a little short and the white shinny blouse a bit tight, and those black Mary-Jane’s over white lace trimmed ankle socks were just so cute. Isabel let out a soft moan as her body started to tingle and her mind went blank for a second before igniting a vision so real she couldn’t separate fantasy from reality.

Jane giggled as she unfolded the note she had been passed by Theresa and read ‘I think Miss Carlton is a dyke, don’t you?’ She looked at her English teacher who was currently writing their assignment for that week on the blackboard. If asked, Jane would have named Miss Carlton her favorite teacher; she always took an interest in what her pupils were doing, and for Jane that meant a lot. About as old as Jane’s mom but in wonderful shape, Jane had to admit she was pretty, she just wished she didn’t look, and during class act, so severe with her auburn hair in a tight bun and her dark rimmed spectacles. But Jane had never thought she was gay, but then again, who knew?

Jane looked at Theresa who winked and whispered ‘pass it over to Tara.’ Jane refolded the note and held it out to the small redhead to her right, making a ‘whisting’ sound to try and attract her attention. With the note in open view Theresa opened the lid of her antique wooden desk a couple of inches and let it snap shut with a resounding ‘clap’.

Miss Carlton spun around on hearing the noise; she insisted on her charges being quiet at all times during her lessons unless they were answering one of her questions. The first thing she saw was Jane Wearing’s arm rapidly retracting, a piece of paper obvious in her hand.

“Jane Wearing!” Miss Carlton shouted, making Jane and the rest of the class jump. “Stand up.”

With a glance of hatred directed at a grinning Theresa, Jane slowly stood to her feet, her cheeks burning a bright red.

Turning to face the class properly and pushing her glasses up on her nose Miss Carlton pointed to a spot on the floor in front of her. Jane didn’t need words to know she had been summoned and the blush burnt brighter as she tried to surreptitiously drop the damning note on to her chair.

“Bring the piece of paper with you.” Miss Carlton said in her soft, low and very commanding voice that all the girls in the class recognised as meaning she was in no mood for any of their ‘antics.’

Retrieving the note, Jane held it in her rapidly sweating palm, hoping it would dissolve before she reached the waiting teacher; it didn’t, and reluctantly she held it out in response to Miss Carlton’s outstretched hand.

With the note delivered, Jane hung her head, toying with the hem of her short grey pleated skirt and looking at Miss Carlton’s strappy black sandals that displayed her painted toenails perfectly; the three-inch metal heels making her ankles look trim.

Jane looked up her teacher’s nylon clad legs to the hem of her tight, mid calf length pencil skirt, the fine dark material seeming to mould itself to her long toned legs. A broad black patent belt with a diamante buckle separated the skirt from her white satin blouse. Through her eyelashes that were level with Miss Carlton’s black velvet choker with its cameo broach, Jane looked further up to bright red lips that were not smiling.

“Take this and return to your seat.” Miss Carlton said as she handed the note to Jane after appending something in her neat fluid hand. Jane read the curly script and her heart sank. ‘Remain after class and we shall discuss this further.’

As Jane walked disconsolately back to her desk, the rest of the class avoided her gaze, all except a still grinning Theresa, who whispered as Jane sat down. “That will teach you, miss posh ballerina!”

Jane ignored her and just wished the ground would open up and swallow her; her only consolation being the fact that if she got the sponsorship, she wouldn’t have to come here any longer and put up with the taunts about her beloved dancing. Through tear soaked eyes she looked at the board and copied the instructions Miss Carlton had returned to writing.

When the bell went, Jane, like all the other girls in her class, put her books in her bag and headed for the door, trying to be as inconspicuous as she could. It didn’t work of course, Miss Carlton allowed her to get as far as the door before calling her name. She stopped and felt a hand squeeze hers encouragingly and looked to see Tara smiling, not a smile of triumph like the one Theresa wore but one that offered sympathy and possibly, solidarity.

Jane returned the smile sadly as Tara let go of her hand and left with the others, leaving Jane and Miss Carlton alone. “Please close and lock the door.” Miss Carlton said softly, and with a sigh Jane did as she was told, the click of the lock sealing her fate, totally cutting her off from the outside world because Miss Carlton had put a poster over the small window advertising a production of ‘The Taming Of The Shrew’. A smiling Petruchio stood next to a kneeling redheaded Katherine, who still managed to look defiant despite the red cloth gag preventing her from speaking.

As Jane turned, Miss Carlton once more pointed to the floor in front of her as she rested her pert backside against the lip of her large oak desk, her slim ankles crossed daintily.

“So.” Miss Carlton said as Jane stood before her. “Shall we discuss the note you were passing to Tara?”

“I didn’t write it, Miss. Honest.” Jane pleaded her innocence.

“I know that, I have been your English teacher for the last three years, if I don’t recognise my girls’ handwriting I don’t know who would. However you were the one passing it to Tara, although I strongly suspect it was actually penned by Theresa even if she did try to disguise her hand.”

“I’m sorry, Miss. It won’t happen again I promise.”

“There is no question of it happening again.” Miss Carlton said as she idly picked up a wooden ruler from her desk and flexed it almost to breaking point between her hands. “What we are here to talk over is this occurrence.”

“I said I was sorry, Miss.” Jane tried again, but it was obviously not going to work.

Jane’s worst fears were realised as Miss Carlton, still flexing the ruler, asked. “Do you know what a dyke is, Jane.”

Jane hated talking about sex, she kept thinking her mom was going to sit her down for that all important ‘birds and bees’ chat that mothers and daughters were supposed to have, and up till now she had been spared, but now she had to talk about it with her teacher!

Swallowing hard, Jane managed to say. “It’s a slang term for lesbians, Miss.”

“Very good; and lesbians are?” Miss Carlton enquired.

“They are women who have sex with other women, Miss.” Jane almost stammered she was so embarrassed. The temperature of the room felt like it had increased several degrees, especially next to Jane’s cheeks.

“So according to your note.” Miss Carlton began, adding as Jane started to protest. “The note you were passing too Tara, you think that I am a woman who likes having sex with other women, is that correct?”

“That’s what the note said, Miss, but I don’t really think that.” Jane defended herself.

“So, then I can only assume that you wanted Tara to think that I was, probably on account of her sexuality, you were wanting to tease the shy girl with thoughts of having sex with her teacher, is that the case?” Miss Carlton parried for the prosecution.

“But Tara isn’t a…” Jane started to object but when she thought about it, she realised that she quite possibly was and not only that but seemed to have a crush on Jane as well. Jane was old enough to know that these sorts of things did happen, especially in an all girls’ school, she just hadn’t put two and two together.

“I didn’t think.” Jane admitted, remembering the squeeze of hands and the consoling look as Tara left.

“Finally we get to the truth of it.” Miss Carlton noted, slapping the ruler in to the palm of her hand with a resounding splat that made Jane jump. “And what if I am a lesbian, does that make me any less of a teacher? I have had to put up with the sneers of ignorant little girls throughout most of my career, I moved here to get away from them, so you can imagine how I felt when I read that note.”

It took a couple of seconds for the import of what Miss Carlton had said to sink through to Jane’s consciousness, bringing forth an involuntary gasp as it finally hit home. It had never occurred to Jane, and probably not to Theresa either that Miss Carlton might actually be a lesbian.

“You see how your thoughtless actions have consequences, Jane? I mean here you are locked in a room with a woman who has just admitted to you that she likes to have sexual relations with members of her own sex.”

Jane felt more vulnerable than she could ever remember being in her whole life; even worse than when one of the drunken guests at a party she and her mom were catering had tried to grope her as she was alone in the kitchen pouring some drinks. At least then her mom was there to protect her and knee the creep in the balls as she came in and surprised Jane’s assailant. But here she was totally alone and as she glanced at Miss Carlton she could see her teachers hard nipples pushing against the silky material of her blouse and knew she was the cause.

“You can’t touch me, there are rules.” Jane bluffed, wondering what Miss Carlton would do if she made a run for the door.

Miss Carlton smiled as she pushed herself off the edge of the desk and picked up a small golden key on a long chain from out of the pot where she kept her pens. “Rules, yes there are lots of rules, miss Wearing.

“Did you know at my previous school I also taught law as well as English?” Miss Carlton asked rhetorically as she unlocked the tall thin wooden cabinet that stood against the wall near the door.

“No of course you didn’t, how could you.” She reasoned as she took out of the cupboard a long black academic gown and tasselled mortarboard. As she removed the items Jane was almost certain she saw a long curved handled cane, just like you see in some old movies, but Miss Carlton closed the door before she could be sure.

“For instance, did you know.” Miss Carlton asked as she put on the cap and gown, fixing the ungainly headwear with a couple of Kirby grips before removing the large metal key from the classroom door. “That the rules actually state that all teachers with a degree should wear academic dress when teaching, and especially if they are supervising a pupils punishment?”

Jane of course didn’t know that, but the school was founded years ago and she suspected that a lot of rules were now more honoured in the breach than in the observance.

Now correctly dressed to administer punishment, Miss Carlton set about finding a very good reason to do just that. “I’m sure you are however aware of section 56 of the school regulations, the one that deals with the schools uniform policy. In particular sub section twelve that states, ‘Pupils will only wear items of clothing prescribed in Appendix B’. Well are you au fait with that section, miss Wearing?”

“Yes, miss.” Jane replied, not quite certain where this was heading, she knew that she was okay on that front.

“And have you read the said appendix lately?” Miss Carlton asked as she flicked the hem of Jane’s skirt with her ruler.

“Yes miss.” Jane affirmed. “White blouse, grey skirt, white socks and black shoes.”

Miss Carlton smiled indulgently. “That is not its exact wording though is it, Jane? What it actually states is, ‘A white cotton blouse, a light grey pleated skirt no shorter than one-inch above the knee, white knee length socks and black lace up shoes.’

“Tell me, miss Wearing is your blouse cotton?” Miss Carlton asked as she rubbed a small portion of the obviously man made fibre between her finger and thumb making Jane step back pulling her blouse free from her teachers grip.

“I don’t know, Miss.” Jane admitted and pulled the bottom of her blouse out from her skirt and looked at the care label that informed her it was one hundred percent polyester.

“Well?” Miss Carlton enquired, tapping the ruler against her palm menacingly.

“No Miss.” Jane admitted, “It’s not cotton, it’s synthetic.”

“I see; then following the rules you yourself invoked, you shouldn’t be wearing it should you?”

Jane bit her lip, but the increased speed with which Miss Carlton was slapping the ruler against the palm of her hand informed her, as well as words ever could, that her teacher was waiting for an answer. “No, miss.” She reluctantly conceded.

“Then you had better take it off.” Miss Carlton said, somehow managing to keep her voice soft, gentle and low, just as the bard prescribed.

“You can’t be serious.” Jane spluttered.

“Oh but I am, my dear. I am very serious indeed. Take it off now or your punishment will be all the harder.”

“You can’t make me do this.” Jane sobbed softly even as she undid the buttons and slipped her shirt off. Conscious of her tutor’s eyes that seemed to be fixed on her pert little breasts that weren’t yet big enough to need a bra; Jane covered them with her arms.

“Good girl.” Miss Carlton encouraged, very pleased that Jane’s arms were otherwise engaged as she took the ruler and measured the distance between the hem of Jane’s skirt and her knees, a full four inches, even taking the distance from the top of her very shapely knee.

“Nowhere near long enough, my girl. Take that off as well.” Miss Carlton said sternly, her voice and demeanour telling Jane she would brook no arguments.

With one arm still covering her delightfully small breasts, Jane tried to release the clip that fastened the wrap around skirt, but it was impossible one handed, and so the ever helpful Miss Carlton said. “Here let me.”

With the fastening undone the heavy material fell away, sliding over Jane’s firm buttocks and exposing her white cotton panties until her free hand covered them.

“Of course the shoes and socks are not regulation either; but I think I have made my point don’t you, Jane?” Miss Carlton asked.

“What point?” Jane sobbed, looking through rapidly watering eyes.

“The point that it is not nice to be humiliated, and this is when there is just the two of us in this locked room, imagine what it would feel like to be derided in front of a class of school girls as you tried to do to me and Tara?”

“I understand, Miss, and I really am sorry, Miss.” Jane blubbed, wanting to wipe the tell tale tears from her eyes but not wanting to uncover her decency.

“Good.” Miss Carlton said. “Now about your punishment.”

“B..But I th..thought this was my p..punishment, Miss.” Jane cried, the tears now flowing quite freely.

“Ah but I thought when you mentioned rules earlier you were referring to the amended rules on corporal punishment, the ones that now state that a teacher shall under no circumstances lay either a hand or any implement on a student as a form of punishment. Wasn’t that what you were alluding to?”

Relieved that her teacher was aware of that particular new rule, Jane found her voice again. “So what do you intend to do to p..punish me, Miss?”

“Oh I intend to put you over my knee and spank your pretty little arse.” Miss Carlton said a little triumphantly as she drew from the pocket of her gown a pair of black velvet opera gloves.

“B..But you c..can’t! You just s..said so!” Jane objected. But in this court, Miss Carlton was acting not only as prosecutor, but also as judge, jury and executioner.

With deliberate slowness Miss Carlton wiggled her fingers into the tight fitting gloves before pulling them up to her elbows in a well-practiced fashion. “I said I couldn’t lay a hand on you, my darling, and because I’m wearing these lovely gloves I won’t. Rules are all about interpretation. And anyway, I have a get out clause, the one that allows corporal punishment if it is sanctioned by the girl’s legal guardian, and as this was your moms idea.”

Jane’s face turned white. “S..She wouldn’t!” Jane wanted to scream the denial but it ended up coming out like a plea for reassurance.

Miss Carlton smiled as she lifted her hand, her index finger outstretched and placed it against Jane’s trembling lips, a soft “shhh” escaping her pouting mouth. “Oh but she did, the last parents’ evening, she told me she thought you needed a little discipline, and she couldn’t bring herself to do it, so she asked me if I would.”

The finger across Jane’s mouth descended, following the line of her chin, down her throat and as Miss Carlton moved slowly around her captive, she traced across Jane’s delicate collarbone until she stood behind her, the gloved fingers resting on Jane’s upper arm.

Jane felt Miss Carlton’s other hand stroke softly over her panty covered buttocks before moving upwards, resting a few moments at the base of her spine before continuing up the delicate, dancer poised S of her backbone, then out to mirror the other at the top of Jane’s arm.

Resting her head on Jane’s shoulder Miss Carlton gently pulled the young girl back to rest against her wonderfully firm bosom, her mouth so close to Jane’s ear that she could feel her teachers warm breath as she whispered. “I would have done it sooner only I needed to enlist the delicious little Tara to help me.”

Jane was devastated, betrayed not only by her mom but also by the girl she considered her friend, her mind was screaming that it wasn’t true but her voice seemed to have deserted her. She didn’t even notice at first when Miss Carlton’s gloved hands started to move down her arms as she confided. “Not that I didn’t enjoy turning Tara of course; she was such a sweet, innocent little thing, and she tastes divine.”

The soft velvet hands continued to caress Jane’s arms, the left going straight down, the right turning at Jane’s elbow before moving across her chest. Taking hold of Jane’s wrists, and gently, but firmly moving them away from the treasures they protected she breathed. “No need to be shy with me, honey. Your mom told me what a little slut you can be sometimes, always running around the house half naked, practicing your ballet where she can watch you, your lovely supple limbs and tasty pert breasts teasing her.”

“Its not true.” Jane sobbed as her hands were moved behind her back, wrists crossed in the small of her back.

“Shhh.” Miss Carlton soothed. “All that matters now is that we are here, just as your mom wanted and just as me and Tara planned, the little minx wanted to watch, just as I’m sure your mom would if she could.”

A soft piece of silk cloth was dexterously wound around Jane’s wrists, tight enough to restrain but soft enough to cause no pain. Then Miss Carlton’s hands snaked over the young girls body, making it tingle despite her predicament, her soft pink, puffy nipples darkening as they hardened. “See.” She teased, her tongue flicking her captives ear lobe. “Just like your mom said, you like me touching you, perhaps you are pretending it’s your sexy mom doing this to you.”

Pressing her pussy against Jane’s firm, spankable buttocks, Miss Carlton cupped the girl’s breasts, covering them in warm dark velvet, her palms pressing against the aroused nipples, her fingers kneading the soft flesh. “Mmm” she breathed, her hot breath on her ear making Jane shudder. “Just right, nice and firm; ripe and ready for tasting. But not just yet, first we have to do what your pretty mom wanted us to do.”

Jane shuddered as she felt Miss Carlton’s glossy lips kiss the side of her throat before the fondling hands were removed and Miss Carlton was no longer pressing her sexy body against her, but nimble fingers were playing with her long blonde hair, twisting strands into a central plait. “There. Now you look like a proper ballerina.”

With the tail of the makeshift plait tickling Jane’s back between her shoulder blades, she stood, waiting submissively for her tutor to fetch the hard backed chair from behind her desk and position it next to Jane. Holding the edges of her tight skirt, to keep it smooth over her thighs, Miss Carlton sat and patted the tops of her thighs saying, “Across here, please, miss Wearing.”

Jane didn’t know what to do, what could she do, her mom had asked this woman to spank her, and so she bit her lower lip to stop it trembling and complied, her flat stomach in contact with her teachers thighs, her breasts hanging free over the side. Miss Carlton adjusted Jane’s position, ensuring the young girls pussy was pressing against her thigh, her head hanging lower to present her firm buttocks to Miss Carlton’s experienced hands, her feet two foot apart making her balance on her tip toes, the muscles in her legs taught like cords. Satisfied, the teacher announced that the punishment could begin.

Every muscle in Jane’s toned body tensed, awaiting the first spank. But all that happened was Miss Carlton began stroking the clenched buttocks beneath Jane’s cotton panties. “Just as your mom requested, I will spank you; and after each stroke you will say how many you have received so far and thank me, do you understand?”

Jane nodded, but Miss Carlton wanted to hear the words and so she said “Yes, I understand, Miss, you mean like ‘one, Miss. Thank you, Miss?’

Miss Carlton smiled and told Jane that was exactly what she meant and asked rhetorically. “Shall we start?”

This time the older woman didn’t wait for an answer; lifting her gloved hand she brought it down with a resounding splat as velvet met cotton. If Jane had thought that the soft material covering her teacher’s hand would soften the effect of the spanking she was sadly mistaken, and a cry of shock and pain escaped her, her knees buckling pressing her harder against her tormentor’s lap.

“You will keep your legs straight.” Miss Carlton instructed, emphasising the point by slapping the backs of Jane’s thighs adding. “And since you failed to count that one, we will start again, as we will each time you forget to count and thank me.”

Moving Jane’s tied hands back in to the small of her back, giving herself a clear view of the panty covered backside, Miss Carlton raised her hand again, pausing at the top of the arc before bringing it down on the still virgin buttock, expertly placing the spank in the same place as the first that had landed on the other cheek.

Her years of dance training allowed Jane to hold her legs straight and as soon as the cry of pain had died on her lips she said. “One, Miss. Thank you, Miss.” And was rewarded with a ‘Good girl’ and a gentle stroking that somehow seemed to magnify the heat in her arse.

Three more slaps followed in quick succession only allowing Jane time to count and thank her teacher. Then Miss Carlton paused stroking the warm cheeks, her gloved fingers slipping between Jane’s trembling thighs, rubbing against her cotton covered pussy. “I don’t think we need these anymore.” Miss Carlton said as she started to peel away the panties, exposing a pair of now rosy red cheeks, and started to move them down Jane’s thighs until they were fully stretched by the separated legs just above her knees. “I always think that is the perfect place for a school girl’s panties.” She observed before lifting her hand once more and delivering four hard slaps on the now bare flesh.

Miss Carlton was quite impressed with Jane’s stamina, most girls would have collapsed in a quivering heap on her lap by now, but Jane, for all her sobbing, managed to hold her legs in position perfectly. “I almost think you like this.” She mused as she let her index finger press against Jane’s pussy lips, her thumb touching the sphincter of the your girls anus.

She lifted the finger to her face, the velvet pile flattened and glistening with the first traces of Jane’s pussy juices. “Your mom was right, you are a little slut. I’m so pleased I accepted her offer.” Two more slaps landed, punctuated by Jane calling the score, although each word was now clipped, a breath taken between each.

Once more Miss Carlton teased the helpless girls pussy, as her other hand started to fondle her breasts making Jane moan softly. After four more strikes Miss Carlton’s finger slipped inside Jane, the sudden pleasure making her knees buckle just a little before she recovered her control. The hand playing with Jane’s tits suddenly moved, grasping the base of her plait and pulling her head back savagely. “You total little tease.” Miss Carlton sneered as her finger twisted and probed the girl’s dripping wet pussy. “You little fuck toy, coming on all innocent but inside you just want to be taken by older women, I bet you even want your mom to finger fuck you, you slut.”

The words hurt Jane more than the slaps or the hair pulling but despite herself she felt herself nearing orgasm. “That’s right my little slut, cum all over my velvety fingers, scream with pleasure as I fuck your slutty brains out.”

Jane’s cry of pleasure echoed across Isabel’s bedroom, harmonising with her own before she slipped into a semi-sleep, the scent of sex haunting and taunting Isabel as she cried with anguish, while Bella revelled in the fantasy, anticipating the reward she had been promised by her new mistress.


Whores de Ballet – Chapter 5

When Isabel finally returned to the waking world, the air in her room was still heavy with the scent of her earlier arousal, her sticky cum still glistening on her thighs, and tears streamed down her face as she was powerless to stop the fantasy that had fuelled that smell from flashing like a strobe across her minds eye, the imagery still capable of arousing her despite her sobbed pleas for it to stop.

Isabel didn’t know why, but she believed, almost beyond reason where faith lies, that if she could just make it to the party at Kali’s on Friday before she acted upon the dark desires that filled her mind, everything would be okay, and so she determined to stay as far away from her lovely daughter as she could until Friday.


“Hi mom.” Jane called out as she swept happily in to the kitchen after school; but the room, and the house were empty, and there was not even their customary note on the table to tell Jane where her mom was.

For a few seconds Jane thought about crashing out on the sofa, not watching whatever soap was on, but her bag, digging in to her shoulder and weighed down with homework, nagged at her as effectively as Isabel ever had and so, after fixing herself a glass of orange, she set about her homework.

When Isabel finally came home, she found Jane still in her school uniform fast asleep, her head on her homework. She felt the first tingle as she stood behind her but gritted her teeth as she woke her and said. “Sorry I’ve been so long.” She couldn’t bring herself to add her customary ‘honey’, something about the word threatened to tip her over the edge she had so successfully avoided since waking on her cum soaked bed that afternoon.

“I’ve had a long day, had to go do a pitch to a new client, but I don’t think I got it.” Isabel lied, and seeing the ‘sorry for you’ look in Jane’s eyes and anticipating the comforting hug that always accompanied it, she withdrew and left without another word, only stopping to pick up the carrier bag with the pint bottle of vodka she’d left by the door.

She sat up in bed thinking of nothing, just staring straight ahead until she heard Jane climbing the stairs, she gulped the remains of her spirit and pulled the covers round her, pretending to be asleep when Jane popped her head around the door to say goodnight, she even let her breath catch slightly in the back of her throat, feigning a soft snore.

With a worried frown, Jane closed the door and headed off to bed, and when Isabel was certain that Jane was safely in her room, she sat up and refilled her glass, chasing the rest she needed towards the bottom of the vodka bottle.


“Mom, mom.” Jane said as she shook her mother’s shoulder. “I’m going to school, I phoned Aunty Lisa and she said she’d take me.”

Isabel opened a pair of bloodshot eyes and quickly closed them again, her head pounded and her stomach felt like it was about to dispose of its contents at any moment, but something about what Jane was saying filtered through and Bella stirred, “I suppose it’s your turn to sit in the back.”

“What?” Jane queried.

“Yeah, you just keep playing little miss innocent and run along to your Aunty Lisa or you’ll be late for English; and we both know how much you enjoy being taught a lesson by Miss Carlton, I’m just surprised you’re not wearing that sexy denim skirt, but then again I haven’t seen it for days, whatever happened to it I wonder.”

“Mom.” Jane said, her hand trying to squeeze Isabel’s shoulder. “I don’t know what you’re talking about, mom.”

Bella shook herself free of the comforting hand, burying her face into the warmth of her pillow.

“I’ll see you later. Try and get some rest.” Jane said, looking suspiciously at the empty tumbler on Isabel’s bedside cabinet.


By eleven, Isabel had managed to shower and hold down a glass of orange juice and some toast and was beginning to feel almost normal, the thumping headache finally receding to a dull nagging throb.

She spent the morning and most of the afternoon cleaning the house, finding that throwing herself into some job or other made it less likely that she would start to daydream. With the house clean and the washing done, Isabel started to compose her shopping list for the things she would need for Kali’s party. She wanted to make as much as she could from this one, but she was also aware that she was effectively on trial, not just by Kali but by her presumably wealthy friends, and so she made sure her menu was varied enough to showcase her talents.

A few quick phone calls to her suppliers and the planning was complete, and she looked forward to Thursday when she would be able to start the initial preparation.

An hour before Jane was due home, Isabel scribbled a note telling her daughter that her tea was made and in the microwave and that she was off to see another client and for Jane not to wait up as it was an out of town meeting. There wasn’t a meeting of course, but Isabel just needed to get away from temptation.

When Isabel managed to get through Wednesday without a single fantasy, well at least without one than had the power to render her almost insensible whilst it played itself out, she began to hope everything was getting back to normal, admittedly, small images kept springing unwanted in to her mind but with effort she managed to stop them taking root and flowering.

Thursday found Isabel a whirl of activity, happy for the first time since she’d opened that letter telling Jane she hadn’t got her sponsorship, although thinking of that sent her mood spinning down again. When Jane arrived home Isabel asked her to do her homework upstairs. Jane wanted to help but a single picture of Jane with dabs of flour on her face, her hands sticky with dough as she stood naked save for a plastic apron, was enough to almost trigger Isabel’s internal video system and she assured her she could cope and added, “Anyway you’ll lose a night tomorrow when we serve at Kali’s function.”

“And dance!” Jane said, screwing up her face to show she still wasn’t happy with idea; however, Jane seemed incapable of being anything but pleasant for more than a couple of seconds and a smile replaced the frown, her features slipping easily in to their plain but pleasing norm.

Isabel tried very hard not to think of Jane dancing; her supple limbs… ‘No!’ she screamed in her head, and the looming vision reluctantly retreated, though Isabel knew it was there, just waiting to flare into life at any moment. Bella wanted to watch it, but her mistress had told her to ease up over the last couple of days and stop the tormenting of her alter ego. In their own way, both Isabel and Bella were looking forward to Friday night.


As soon as Jane arrived home from school on the Friday night, she and Isabel started loading their produce into a van she had borrowed from Penny, one of her friends; she had hoped to be able to use Penny as another waitress but Kali had said she would provide any extra staff, all she needed from Isabel was the food, herself and of course her daughter.

“You ready?” Isabel called as she locked the back of the van.

“I think we forgot something.” Jane said as she came down the path holding 2 large plastic bags that held their waitress uniforms.

“Oh, sorry. I meant to tell you, Mrs van de Sar will be providing our uniforms, ‘so that we match the rest of her staff.'” Isabel said. “Just put them in the back and we’ll get off.”

Fortunately Isabel managed to park right next to the servants entrance, and was greeted, if that was the word, by Susi, wearing, Isabel was relieved to see, her normal maids outfit, not the pantomime thing she had worn the previous Friday. “Follow me.” Susi said, not offering to help carry any of the trays.

Susi led them to a huge kitchen that Isabel would have killed to own, there were large industrial size ovens and catering class equipment that must have cost thousands. “You may do any last minute preparation in here. And then put out through here.”

Susi pushed through double swing doors that led into a corridor that ended in the large room where Isabel and Jane had met with Kalin. The furniture had been rearranged to provide a large airy space. Along two of the walls were tables covered in white linen cloths and bearing huge floral arrangements where the food would be presented, although the waitresses would be expected to circulate with trays of both food and drink.

The party was not due to start for another three hours, so Isabel and Jane set about their tasks and soon the tables were laden with trays of appetising delicacies covered in cling film, just ready to be opened, consumed and, Isabel hoped, enjoyed.

The things that would be served hot were prepared and with over an hour to spare Isabel and Jane sat down in the kitchen to wait.

Their rest didn’t last long however as Susi arrived followed by 3 pretty, but slightly surly looking girls about the same age as Jane. “Miss Wearing, I’d like you to meet Wendy, Gwen and Penelope.” Susi said, introducing a brunette and 2 quite attractive blondes. Something seemed familiar about the brunette but Isabel couldn’t recall where she had seen her before and was wondering why Susi was introducing them to her.

The mystery was solved however when Susi informed Isabel that the three girls would be helping her serve at the party. Isabel couldn’t believe what she was hearing, they were hardly out of school and had probably never worked in the catering industry before in their lives, and yet it would be Isabel that was judged not just on her cooking but also on the manner in which it was served, and the half grunted greetings the girls had given her hardly boded well. She tried to explain to Susi, but all she said was that it was what her mistress wanted.

“I need to explain to the girls what their duties will be tonight in addition to any you may require, so I will bring them back here half an hour before the first guest is expected to arrive. In the meantime, it might be advisable for you and your daughter to get dressed in your uniforms, so if you would follow me please.” Susi said, and without waiting for an answer, set off with the three girls and now Jane and Isabel following in her wake.

Susi stopped in the corridor and told the three girls to wait there for her, to which they replied, almost in unison, reminding Isabel of children saying good morning to their teacher, “Yes, Susi.”

As Susi was still wearing her normal outfit both Jane and Isabel assumed they would be getting the same; they were wrong. Susi opened a door and ushered mother and daughter inside. The room was functional; reminding them of a gym changing room, only it wasn’t athletics clothes that hung on the pegs.

Above a slatted bench that ran the length of one wall hung five almost identical black satin dresses on pink padded hangers, the only variance their size and the writing on a plain brown parcel label that was tied to the hook of the hanger.

“You’ve got to be kidding.” Isabel said, although in her heart of hearts she knew from her previous visit that Susi, in all probability wasn’t

“There is no joke, Miss Wearing; you were advised when you accepted the contract to provide the catering for my mistress’s party that you would do so wearing the uniform provided. Provided I might add, at considerable cost to my mistress.” Susi informed them without the slightest hint that she would even understand the concept of a joke let alone be a party to one.

“You will find your outfit clearly labelled, please remove all your own clothing, everything you need has been provided. When you are dressed please return to the kitchen as my mistress may wish to inspect the food before her guests arrive. I will go and instruct the other servants and then, after they too have dressed, I will bring them through to you.” Susi informed them solemnly before turning and leaving Jane and her mom alone together; alone and in a situation Isabel was definitely uncomfortable with.

“Oh my, I see what she meant about everything being provided!” Jane giggled as she opened one of the white cardboard boxes beneath the bench seat.

Isabel turned to see Jane holding up a pair of black silk French knickers and seamed hold-up stockings in one hand and a pair of black leather ankle boots with vicious stiletto heels in the other.

“Look you don’t have to wear this stuff.” Isabel said, even as a part of her mind she thought had fallen silent wanted to see her wear it very much!

Jane grinned and said, “Well I might have felt a bit worried if Mrs van de Sar hadn’t told us it was a ladies only night.”

‘You sweet innocent child’ Bella thought, and a flush rose on Isabel’s cheek.

“Come on mum, it’ll be fun; and its not like they are some cheap ‘trick or treat’ outfits, they must have cost a fortune.” Jane encouraged as she put the items on the seat and felt the quality of the dress’s material. “Even the netting is organza.” She told Isabel as she started to get undressed.

Isabel quickly turned away, apparently inspecting her own dress, and she had to admit it was quality merchandise. Without looking towards Jane, Isabel unzipped her dress and, after removing her bra, rapidly put on the black satin creation. The dress was really well tailored and there was no way anyone other than a contortionist would have been able to fasten the concealed back zip. “Can you do me up, honey.” She asked, turning her head just as Jane started to pull on her new underwear.

Jane’s toned trim body was beautiful, and Isabel only just managed to suppress a groan than seemed to form in the back of her throat as Jane pulled up the slinky knickers, her downy fuzz vanishing beneath the black silk veil, her small pert breasts with their puffy nipples just crying out to be kissed.

To hide the blush on her cheek, Isabel turned her back on her daughter who started to pull up the zip, the satin moulding itself to Isabel’s midriff, forcing her to hold her breath, and she was glad she hadn’t trimmed a little from the measurements she had given to Susi for vanities sake.

Hidden beneath the flaring skirt, Isabel pulled down her panties and replaced them with those Kali had provided, the soft silk swishing against the organza net leaving her pussy feeling almost naked.

“My turn.” Jane said happily and Isabel was relived to see that Jane had pulled on the dress and was waiting for it to be zipped. Isabel had never really noticed just how sexy the curve of Jane’s spine was, her bum sticking out pertly at the bottom of an elegant S. Banishing those thoughts from her mind with difficulty, Isabel fastened the dress and sat down to pull on the stockings that were delicately sheer.

Jane also pulled on her stockings but try as she might, she couldn’t get the seams straight and reluctantly Isabel helped her out, although having such intimate contact with her daughter brought an unwanted flush to her cheeks.

Although Isabel habitually wore heels, they were seldom as high as those of the boots Kalin had supplied and it took her a few moments to get her balance right. Jane on the other hand could probably have counted on her fingers the number of times she had worn heels, but having spent seemingly half of her life dancing en point, found there was no problem, still managing to walk with an easy grace Isabel found hard to believe her other staff would be able to copy.

Isabel wasn’t happy with the visibility of Jane’s stocking tops, but no way was she going to try and pull them higher, and Jane seemed to quite like the idea as she was completely unused to wearing hose of any description let alone seamed stockings, and they made her feel very grown up.

“We better get back before Mrs van de Sar decides on a spot inspection.” Jane said with a grin, adding. “And it wouldn’t surprise me if she wanted to inspect her staff as well.”

Isabel joined in the laughter but a part of her really did expect such an inspection.

On returning to the huge kitchen Jane helped her mom to put some of the food that needed cooking in to the ovens and had just sat back down at the table when Susi returned with the other waitresses who were now dressed identically to Jane, Isabel and Susi, except the new arrivals all wore theirs off the shoulder, the elasticated top stretching across their wonderful breasts.

At least Isabel assumed they were the same girls, for not only had their clothes and makeup changed, but also their personalities, all three smiling and listening intently to the instructions Isabel gave them. Surprising her even more was the fact that, like Jane, they seemed to have no problem at all walking in the high-heeled boots; their only concession appeared to be to shorten their stride a little.

“Ah, all here, how wonderful.” Kalin commented as she walked in to the kitchen dressed in a long petrol-blue silk gown and dripping diamonds, which Isabel guessed correctly were real. Jane smiled, Isabel nodded her head in acknowledgment of her employer, but Gwen, Penelope and Wendy all dropped exquisite curtseys.

“I trust Isabel has given you your orders, girls.” Kalin asked the three Barbie clones who, now in total unison replied. “Yes, Mrs van de Sar.”

Reserving her warmest smile for Jane, Kalin looked at the young woman and said. “Our little ballerina, I am so pleased you agreed to dance for us tonight, I’m sure you’re your mom has told you how grateful I am.”

Without waiting for a reply Kalin said “Ah I know.” And she reached out and arranged Jane’s top to match those of the other three before lifting Jane’s long flowing blonde hair and laid it over one shoulder. “That’s better.” She said approvingly and Jane felt herself blushing a little

Turning to Isabel Kalin said. “I hope you don’t mind, but after the first round of drinks and canapés have been served, I might need to borrow Wendy for a little while.” It was couched as a request but Isabel knew better than to object.

“Oh, and while I’m on the subject of the service requirements.” Kalin continued. “I’d prefer it if the girls, and I of course include your lovely daughter in that, could circulate with trays, I’m sure your talents will be much better utilised ensuring their trays are correctly filled and displayed.”

This time Isabel was going to object but before she could get a word out Kalin said. “I knew you would understand.” And turning to the girls said. “Come along now girls, my guests will be arriving any minute.”

Inwardly Isabel was fuming, but she had too much invested in this night to make an issue of it with Kalin and so she simply followed the others in to the main room.

Taking trays from the table Isabel passed two containing glasses of orange juice and champagne to Jane and Penelope and trays of canapés and sweet meats to Gwen and Wendy and they took up station beside the entrance to the main room whilst Susi went to open the door as the first guests arrived.

For the next fifteen minutes there was an almost constant stream of wealthy women coming through the main doors to be greeted by Kalin with an air kiss and the exchange of pleasantries before they moved on to take a glass, almost exclusively from the tray Jane was holding, and quite often they spoke a few words to her, which seemed to Isabel to be quite out of character.

When the last guest had arrived, Susi returned to the main room and Isabel refreshed the girls’ trays and set them to circulating amongst the guests. From her station by the table Isabel watched as the maids worked their way through the throng.

Isabel was a bit nonplussed at the way the guests responded to the maids, far from ignoring them, as was the norm for such functions, they seemed quite happy to break off their conversations and chat to the girls, non more so than with Jane. Isabel was relieved to see that, at least with Jane, they seemed content to talk, whereas with the others, hands were placed familiarly on hips, shoulders, thighs or backsides, although the girls didn’t seem to mind, or for that matter even notice, continuing to smile politely and respond to whatever the woman was saying to them.

A little distracted Isabel didn’t notice the tall brunette in a mauve satin gown approach her and almost jumped as the woman said. “I understand from Kalin, that we have you to thank for the delicious food.”

“Yes, Madame.” Isabel replied turning towards the sound and being greeted with a warm smile from a woman about the same age as herself. “I’m glad you are enjoying it.”

Again an easy smile accompanied her words. “Oh very much so, and I also believe that the lovely Jane is your daughter.”

Isabel swelled with pride as the woman continued. “I can’t tell you how much we are all looking forward to her performance tonight.”

“Thank you, Madame.” Isabel said, “She really is a wonderful dancer.”

For a moment the woman looked a little perplexed, but then the penny dropped. “Oh of course, she’s a ballet dancer, it had quite slipped my mind, I’m sure that must make her ever so supple.”

Isabel was about to express her own confusion but the woman simply turned and merged back in to the throng, and as Isabel watched her go, she realised that neither Susi nor Wendy were anywhere to be seen, leaving just the three girls to wait on the guests, however Isabel was relieved to see they seemed to be coping.

For the next half an hour the three remaining waitresses returned several times to have their tray replenished, which Isabel took as a good sign that her fare was being at least as well received as the vintner’s champagne. On one such occasion Jane said. “These are really nice people, mom. They seem really interested in me and the other girls, and they aren’t stuck up at all like I thought they would be.”

“You be careful, honey.” Isabel warned. “I’m sure they seem very pleasant but they are the guests and the waitresses shouldn’t get ideas above their station.”

“Oh, mum.” Jane said with a smile as she turned back to the gathering.

Isabel watched Kalin as she worked her way through the throng of women, evidently aiming to speak to Isabel with the way she skilfully handed off each woman who tried to engage her in conversation. Finally she reached her destination and took one of the champagne flutes from Isabel’s salver.

“Well I must say.” Kalin said, sounding genuine. “You have certainly lived up to your sales pitch, I’m sure you will be inundated with orders in the very near future.”

Unable to hide the smile of pride, Isabel simply accepted the compliment with a gracious nod of her head, just as she noticed Susi approach Jane and relieve her of her tray of canapés, pass it to Gwen and then lead Jane away from the gathering.

Watching where Isabel was looking, Kalin said. “Susi is just going to take your lovely daughter to prepare for the entertainment. She really has made quite an impression on some of my guests already you know.”

After taking a small sip from her glass, Kali replaced it on Isabel’s tray and clapped her hands theatrically in front of her face. Immediately the sound of conversation and laughter ceased and all eyes were turned towards their hostess. “Ladies.” Kali said with a warm embracing sweep of her arm. “Our entertainment for the evening will begin in around an hour. In the meantime if you would like to make your way to viewing room two, I think I can promise you something to make the time fly, and of course whet your appetites for the main event.”

Gwen and Penelope stood either side of the entrance to the corridor that lead off from the main area, holding trays onto which the departing guests placed their unwanted glasses and unfinished snacks. In no time at all Isabel was alone in the room with Kali.

“Would you mind serving drinks in the viewing room?” Kalin asked. “You can put those down I’ve arranged for fresh glasses and bottles to be provided.”

Without waiting for a reply Kalin headed off in pursuit of her guests, quickly followed by Isabel. Halfway down the corridor Kali went through an open door. The room was larger than Isabel had expected and most of the guests were already seated on a collection of chairs and low backed sofas that faced one wall that had red velvet drapes covering what would be the only window.

As Isabel entered, the general hubbub abated a little as Kalin indicated the table with the drinks. “I won’t keep you waiting long ladies.” Kali assured the throng. “Just let the maid give you another drink and hopefully Helen and Wendy, or should I say Angie, will be ready to commence their little play.”

The conversations recommenced as Isabel circulated, offering either champagne or fruit juice to the seated audience. When everyone had taken a glass, Isabel returned to the table to find Kalin standing there with a glass in each hand, one of which she held out to Isabel saying. “Thank you, honey. Now why don’t we drink a small toast to the success of the party and to your delightful daughter.”

Turning to the assembled women Kalin raised her glass and said. “Ladies; a toast to the caterer, her delicious daughter who will very soon perform for us and of course Helen and Angie.”

As one, the guests raised their glasses and took a sip of the contents. Turning to Isabel who had merely let the fizzing champagne touch her lips for fear of over indulging and ruining her so far excellent work, Kalin encouraged Isabel to finish her drink saying that she had certainly earned it.

Assuming that she was being dismissed, Isabel drained the glass and placed it on the table and asked. “Will there be anything else, Mrs van de Sar?”

“I don’t think our guests will be needing any further refreshments for a while.” Kalin said.

Isabel was about to leave the room when Kalin took Isabel’s elbow in her hand and guided her to the sofa directly in front of the drapes that was currently occupied by a tall blonde woman in a classic black cocktail dress. “May we, Jennifer?” Kalin asked politely and Jennifer smiled as she moved to one side.

“Make yourself comfy.” Kalin said.

Still unsure of herself Isabel sat down at the other end of the settee. “No, why don’t you sit in the middle, honey.” Kalin encouraged. “You will have the best view from there.”

As Isabel moved over, Kalin took the remaining seat and Isabel found herself between the two socialites, feeling hemmed in and more than a little uncomfortable with the situation.

Almost as soon as Kalin had settled herself, the lights in the room dimmed to almost blackness and the talking ceased. With a soft hum the curtains in front of Isabel slid open to reveal what Isabel at first thought was a TV screen, from which a young brunette woman sitting in front of a dressing table that abutted the wall stared back at them. She was wearing a blue silk pyjama top that fastened with a single shoestring tie level with her nipples that just showed through the thin material. Isabel suddenly realised that it wasn’t a screen at all but a window into the adjoining room.

The girl simply sat motionless, her unfocused eyes staring into the room. “She can’t see us.” Kalin said. “If she sees anything at all it’s her own reflection.”

Putting a hand on Isabel’s knee, an action mirrored by Jennifer, Kalin asked “Don’t you recognise her, honey?”

Something did seem strangely familiar about the girl, but Isabel couldn’t really identify her.

“It’s your little waitress, Wendy.” Kalin enlightened her friend. “But she’s been transformed by Susi, you can remember that, my Bella. Remember sitting in my makeup room and watching Susi first entrance, and then turn her into a little whore.”

The use of the name Bella unlocked the memory that flooded Isabel’s mind and she half gasped, half moaned in response. “That’s right, my Bella” Kalin encouraged as her hand slid slowly up Isabel’s thigh, Jennifer copying the action smoothly. “You watched her being transformed, and you wanted to watch as she whored herself with an older woman. You couldn’t then, but you can now, my Bella.”

This time the response was simply a soft groan of desire, helped to the surface by the two hands slipping beneath the hem of her short skirt and gently parting her thighs. “I know you’ve been dreaming of watching, my Bella, such vivid, deliciously sinful dreams. And now your dreams will come true. For even as we watch this little play, your darling, innocent little Jane is in that same makeup room with my Susi. By now she will have drunk her lemonade and Susi will be stroking her temples as she puts her to sleep and turns her into the little whore you imagine, no, the whore you want her to be.”

Isabel knew she should object, should run and rescue her darling baby girl, but the fingers of the two women that were stroking her silky panties, and the soft breasts pressed against her upper arms were more than sufficient restraint and just then the door in the room beyond hers opened and the play was about to start and for the moment Bella forgot about Isabel’s lovely daughter.

“Hello Angie.” Helen said as she closed the door, her voice relayed to the adjacent room by hidden microphones that were liberally placed around the whole house. She was dressed as she had been the previous time in a see through pink nightdress beneath a satin silk robe, which brought the odd murmur of approval from other members of the audience.

Isabel watched as the face, that until now had been motionless and slack save for the occasional languid blink of her long lashes, came slowly to life, a half smile playing around her sensuous lips as she looked at her beautiful Aunty Helen in the mirror before asking in a voice that was soft and almost pleading and would have touched Isabel’s pussy if it were not already throbbing from the attention of Kalin and Jennifer. “Hello, Aunty Helen. Will you brush my hair before you put me to bed?”

Helen approached with much greater confidence than she had the first time and tried to put out of her mind the watchers she knew were just the other side of the mirror that was filled with the face of her beloved niece.

Standing behind Angie, Helen reached over the girls shoulder to pick up the wooden brush, her breasts pressing lightly against Angie’s silk covered back. Helen’s long red nails scooped Angie’s soft hair back over her shoulders and just for an instant Bella imagined Susi doing the same, not to Angie, but to Jane who would be wearing the same blank expression as Angie had, just waiting to be animated by her older lesbian lover.

“Such lovely hair.” Helen all but sighed and was rewarded by a smile and the faintest hint of a blush as she started to pull the bristles through the already silky smooth hair.

Almost as an aside Helen asked “Did you tell your Mommy about what we did last time you stayed with me, honey?”

Sadness swept across the young woman’s face as she bit her bottom lip before replying with the merest shake of her head. “No Aunty Helen, I kept it a secret like we agreed. She would have been sad and would’ve had to punish me.”

“Would you have felt better if she had punished you, sweetheart?” Helen asked, her eyes once more fixed on the young woman’s face, knowing the power unabsolved guilt can have over one so young. A faint nod and the inability to meet her Aunt’s eyes were answer enough.

“Would you like me to punish you instead, honey, then you can forget all about it.” Helen asked as she continued to brush her niece’s hair. Again the hint of a nod supplied the only answer Helen wanted.

“If you are sure, sweetheart.” Helen said as she let her hand rest on her niece’s shoulder before sliding down, brushing against the silk clad breast to take her hand. Obediently Angie stood and allowed her Aunt to lead her to the large bed. Helen dropped the brush on the thick quilt and turned Angie to face her.

“If we are going to make this mean something we have to do it properly, don’t we, honey?” Helen asked, only just able to keep a quiver from her voice.

“Yes, Aunty Helen.” Angie replied, sounding anything but sure.

Without waiting for any further acknowledgement, Helen reached out and untied the drawstring waist of Angie’s pyjama bottoms and then let go, the soft silk whispered as it slid down Angie’s soft smooth skin, drawing a few gasps of excitement from the watchers behind the wall, but Isabel didn’t here them, she was now squirming under the ministrations of her two captors, her eyes glued to the scene before her, hearing only their voices and not that of Kalin as she built the fire within her Bella with wicked, wonderful words and promises of what was to come.

Helen now sat on the edge of the bed sideways on to the two-way mirror and patted her lap. Gingerly, Angie lowered herself across her Aunt’s thighs, her beautiful round arse pointing straight towards the hidden audience. “That’s right sweetheart.” Helen encouraged. “Palms flat on the floor, legs nice and straight and a little apart.”

Angie wriggled herself into the position her Aunt required, giving the drooling, unseen women a glimpse of her lightly furred pussy as her top slid to her shoulders, exposing her pert, aroused breasts. The gentleness with which Helen arranged Angie was somewhat at odds with what would follow, but Helen reasoned that the girl had, at least in a manner of speaking, asked her to do this. ‘Perhaps’ she thought. ‘Next time I will get her to ask, or even beg to be spanked, for Helen was passed convincing herself that there would be no next time, for what, she reasoned was the point of having money if not to indulge ones fantasies every now and then.

“Now you know I don’t want to do this, sweetheart.” Helen lied convincingly, for in truth she had thought of nothing else since Susi had planted the image of her brushing her niece’s hair, the need for punishment arising, at least in part, from her own guilt over what she had done to Wendy and what she wanted to do to the real Angie. This new fantasy stopping her revelling in the memories of her first encounter with one of Kalin’s special girls, and even making her reconsider Kalin’s now much more reasonably sounding offer to let Susi spend a little time with the real Angie.

Despite what she had said, there was an air of eagerness in the way she raised her hand and brought it down hard with the sort of slapping sound that can only be made by a palm connecting with a young, round buttock.

Angie let out a little squeal, as much in surprise as in pain, and one of the women watching reached her first orgasm of the night just from that sound, well the sound and the finger of her friend that had been exploring her for the last few minutes.

A second smack followed the first landing on the still virgin buttock and, quite entranced, Helen watched the pink hand prints materialise on the previously milky white arse making her squeeze her thighs together to enhance the tingle that was humming in her pussy.

By the time the sixth splat had landed, Angie was sobbing softly between squeals as flesh met flesh, her beautiful backside swinging from side to side, her pussy pressing against her Auntie’s thighs adding a warm pleasant sensation to the mix, the boundary between pain and pleasure becoming blurred in the girls mind, preventing her from objecting as Helen started to stroke the reddening flesh lovingly, letting her fingers slip down to Angie’s rapidly dampening pussy. “That’s my brave little girl.” Helen soothed before stopping and retrieving the brush from her side.

“Just six with the back of the brush, my darling and all will be forgotten, no more guilt about what we did the last time you stayed with me.”

Angie’s pleading for her Aunt not to do it, turned into another squeal as the makeshift paddle made contact with the sexy little crease that marked the end of her thigh and the beginning of her tight little arse. “Shush, sweetheart.” Helen cooed even as she raised the weapon again. “Not long now and then Aunty will make her little baby girl feel all nice again.” ‘And give me a reason to punish you next time.’ Helen thought to herself lasciviously.

In the adjoining room, Helen’s words, although not Angie’s rising sobs and pleadings, were all but drowned out by moans and squeals of pleasure as the assembled voyeurs fucked themselves and each other as the story unfolded before their eyes. Not least from Isabel or Bella, the two personalities now subsumed into a new whole, a being capable of both maternal love and an almost overwhelming desire to see young girls, even, no especially her own beloved Jane, ravished by older women, and that she readily accepted included herself, the self she now thought of as Kalin suggested it to her, as Isabella.

Isabella wasn’t even aware of her fingers as they slid in and out of Jennifer’s tight pussy giving the attractive blonde the release that Isabella so craved for herself. But Jennifer and Kalin had no intention of letting their captive off so lightly as they continued to tease her pussy through her panties with their fingers, and Jennifer suckled Isabella’s now exposed breast.

“Just imagine, my Isabella, what you will feel like when it is Jane playing the whore to whoever bids the most to be the first to enjoy her young ripe body.” Kalin whispered breathily in Isabella’s ear, sending more shudders of longing through her tormented body and mind.

As the brush descended for the final time Angie’s resolve gave out and her arms and legs refused to hold her in the position her Aunt had put her into and she sagged against her Auntie’s legs, sobs wracking her body, making her even more aware of the arousal she felt in her pussy and breasts.

“There, there, sweetheart.” Helen said softly as she once more caressed Angie’s wounded rear. “It’s all over now, my angel. Come and lie on the bed and let Aunty Helen make you feel better.”

The sobs, although not extinguished, were certainly reducing as Angie allowed her Aunty to help her to her knees. Her legs quivered slightly and threatened to refuse to support her as Helen stood and gently held Angie’s hands and lifted her beautiful niece to her feet. “My bottom hurts, Aunty.” Angie sobbed softly, tears staining her pretty face.

“I know, sweetheart.” Helen consoled as she rearranged the girls dishevelled top, covering, at least for a while, her perfect little titties. “But you will soon feel much better, and you won’t have to worry that your mommy didn’t punish you for keeping secrets from her, especially such naughty, but oh so very nice secrets.”

Angie’s lips quivered as she tried to assume a reassuring smile, to let her lovely Aunty Helen know that she was grateful for everything she did for her, but the effort proved too much and she gratefully let Helen lay her face down on the bed. Once again Angie compliantly let her Aunty position her, this time on her knees and elbows side on to the spying viewers behind the mirror towards which Angie’s pretty, but tearstained face was turned, her cheek resting on the supporting mattress.

With a knowing smile on her face for the benefit of her audience, Helen walked to the dresser and picked up a jar of cold cream and returned the bed where she knelt at Angie’s side away from the mirror, for from experience, she knew how annoying it could be to block the view of the paying public.

Turning the top slowly, Helen undid the jar and dipped in three fingers, scooping out a sizable dollop. “This should make your botty feel a little better, sweetheart.” Helen said as she started to work the cooling balm into Angie’s reddened flesh, eliciting a little sigh of relief from her niece. “That’s right my darling little girl, just let Aunty Helen make her baby girl feel special and loved. I bet your mommy wouldn’t do this if she punished you, would she.”

The tears had now all but dried and Angie sighed her agreement. And in the room next door, women who had only come because of Kalin’s description of the punishment Angie would receive turned their attention to their companions who had ministered to them earlier, now it was the seducers’ turn to watch avidly, letting those they had fondled earlier return the favour. Isabella didn’t look away though, Kalin had told her to watch and Kalin’s words were Isabella’s thoughts, her very reason for being, for only by obeying her mistress would she be able to satisfy her growing needs, and so she stared straight ahead while she finger fucked the two women either side of her.

Helen let her hand dip once again into the jar of ointment and smoothed it lovingly into Angie’s wonderful cheeks, her other hand going to her niece’s stomach before sliding towards her breasts. Moans of pleasure now replaced the sobs as Angie let her wonderful Aunty Helen touch her breasts, the hand that had just been massaging her bare backside moved down the top her thigh before slipping between them as Angie eagerly spread her knees at her Auntie’s bidding.

The white cream mixed with Angie’s honey, lubricating her Aunt’s fingers, allowing them to slip easily inside the young woman who squirmed her bum in the air extracting the greatest amount of pleasure from her auntie’s fondling.

A scream of pleasure broke from Angie’s lipstick smeared mouth, causing a cascade of orgasms in the adjoining suite. “Better, darling?” Helen asked when she felt the convulsions ease. Angie’s breathing was too fast and shallow to allow her to respond but Helen knew from long experience that such an orgasm could not help but make a girl feel better. With a gentle pressure Helen helped her exhausted niece to her knees, but stopped her from sitting back on her haunches saying. “Stay like that sweetheart, Aunty Helen wants to show you a way we can both cum together, would you like that, honey?”

Angie couldn’t think of anything she would like more and said as much. Helen quickly discarded her now crumpled robe as Angie untangled herself from her pyjama top that had long since ceased to provide any practical purpose.

Helen lay on her back and positioned her head between her niece’s sticky thighs, breathing in the aroma of sex that exuded from above. With her hands on Angie’s still warm bum, she positioned her niece’s pussy just above her mouth and said, “Now you lean forward and lick your Aunty Helen’s pussy and I’ll do the same for you.

With a girly giggle that nearly made Helen cum, Angie did as her Aunt had suggested and remembered all her Aunt had taught her, using lips and teeth and tongue to devastatingly good effect.

When aunt and niece had both cum, Angie could no longer remain on her knees and collapsed into a heap. Helen turned around and cradled the young woman in her arms, the young woman’s cheek against her aching breast and she gently rocked her for a few minutes before saying, a little reluctantly. “You look very sleepy, my Angel.” And deep within Angie’s brain a trigger was pulled and she yawned her agreement. Helen continued to hold the beautiful girl until certain she was a sleep and then grabbed a pillow and rested Angie’s head on it before picking up her robe and leaving her sleeping soundly.

At the same time that Helen spoke the phrase that sent Angie back into her trance, the drapes closed across the window and the lights in the viewing room slowly came back to near full strength, accompanied by not a few rounds of applause in appreciation of the performers.

“Time to go to sleep now, my Isabella, Susi will wake you when it is time for you to perform for me.” Kalin whispered and almost instantly, Isabella’s eyes closed and she slumped back against the sofa, her fingers still inside Kalin and Jennifer’s pussies.

“Aw, you could have let her finish me off, first.” Jennifer said jokingly as she eased the slippy digits out of her sex and laid the limp hand on Isabella’s satin skirt.

Kalin returned her friends smile and said. “I’ll make it up to you, honey, I promise. And thank you so much for helping me out at such short notice.”

“It was nearly all my pleasure.” Jennifer retorted, adding. “And I will hold you to that, the last time I was here I spotted an absolutely gorgeous little redhead, looked like she was half elf.”

“Ah, yes, Miranda, a lovely sweet little thing, with a tongue that seems far too big for her little mouth. I’ll make sure she is here the next time you are over.” Kalin said as she recalled the girl from her quite recent private audition.

“On the house?” Jennifer asked hopefully.

“Let us say at a generous discount.” Kalin countered and Jennifer smiled her agreement, even as she was thinking about what her elven maid would wear.

Turning to the other guests, some of who were in various states of undress and arousal, Kalin said. “Please take your time and help yourselves to a drink, I’m afraid our maid appears a little indisposed, although Gwen and Penelope will be happy to attend to your needs in the main room.” Adding as she cut Jennifer off before the blonde could make a quip. “Your refreshment needs. Although of course if either take anyone’s, fancy…”

With a final glance at the sleeping Isabella, Kalin left the room to finalise preparations for the auction.


Whores de Ballet – Chapter 6

Isabel heard a voice calling to her through the fog of her arousal, she had, she thought, been dreaming of watching a woman seduce, spank and fuck her beautiful young niece.

The voice was still speaking, bringing her back to a reality she didn’t want. What she did want, was to put her hands down her damp silk panties that were sticking to her skin, soaked in her own juices. Her hand moved but was held and the voice continued, audible now to her sex clouded mind, repeating for the third time. “Time to wake up now, you’ve been dreaming, but now you must wake up.”

Isabel’s eyes flickered open and she found herself looking into the impassive face of Susi; and her bright red lips were moving slowly “Come along. Your daughter was dancing and slipped and has turned her ankle and my Mistress thought you ought to come and see her.”

Concern lined Isabel’s face and she jumped up, almost colliding with the oriental maid in her hurry to get to her injured daughter. She was almost at the door when she realised that the top of her black satin dress had slipped down, totally exposing her left breast. Pulling it quickly up and over her tit, she left the room and click-clacked down the corridor as fast as she could in her impossibly high black stiletto ankle boots.

She had expected the main lounge to still be thronged with guests, but apart from Jane and Kalin, it was empty. Jane was sitting on the floor, her left leg stretched out in front of her, the right bent and her knee pulled up to her chest as she rubbed her ankle. Her pink satin ballet shoe, with its matching ribbons that criss-crossed over her shapely, white stocking clad calf, offered no support at all to the twisted joint.

Kalin was knelt beside the injured waif, her arm protectively draped around the young girl’s shoulder murmuring in the ballerina’s ear.

Although she wanted to run to Jane’s aid, to look after her as she had always done, Isabel just couldn’t trust herself, especially as from the way Jane was sitting, her tutu, that with its tattered edged layers of chiffon looked from a distance as if it was made from white feathers, was pushed up, exposing the lacy briefs she was wearing beneath, the material was so sheer, Isabel was certain she could see Jane’s pussy through it, or was that just her over active imagination?

Looking up, Kalin smiled as she saw the conflicting emotions flash across Isabel’s face. “Ah here she is, honey.” She said to Jane with a small squeeze of encouragement.

Jane looked up, her pale eyes just managing to hold back the tears, and Isabel had to control her desire to run over and throw her arms around her. She looked beautiful with her hair neatly coifed into a French pleat, her long graceful neck, redolent of the swan she had just been evoking so elegantly in her dance, merging into bare flesh above the corseted top of her outfit, the half cups, trimmed with white downy fur that managed to enhance her small breasts to perfection as the light picked out faint traceries of gold thread that continued the feathered motif.

“You should have seen her dance, Isabel.” Kalin said, sounding as proud as Isabel would have been. Well, maybe Isabel wouldn’t have been too proud to see her darling child dance before the lecherous guests, Kalin giving them all a chance to change their sealed bids, and several had done so, the winner pledging one hundred and fifty thousand for the chance to be the first to choreograph her own dance with the nubile but still virgin ballerina. But Jane hadn’t been aware of any of that, she had been too engrossed in the dance and, of course, the trance Susi had so expertly weaved as she prepared her for the performance.

After the auction was over and everyone was congratulating the winner, if not sincerely, then at least eagerly as they anticipated the culmination of the evening, Jane had climactically fallen to the floor to rounds of applause. As the guests moved off to the viewing room, Kalin had talked to her, telling her how she had fallen and twisted her ankle, and Susi was despatched to fetch her mum.

“I don’t think it is too serious.” Kalin said comfortingly. “But, just to be certain I think she should see a doctor. My physician lives just next door.”

In reply to the look on Isabel’s face that Kalin correctly interpreted as stemming from a lack of funds, she added. “Don’t worry; I’ll pick up the tab. It’s the least I can do, if Jane hadn’t agreed to dance for me this would never have happened. Susi will tell you how to get there.”

No sooner had Kalin said this than Susi, who had entered as silently as a ghost, despite wearing identical boots to Isabel, all but whispered next to Isabel’s ear. “Just relax, Isabella, and you will be at the doctor’s before you know it.”


Isabel sighed as she looked up from the three month old copy of Vogue, she glanced sideways, and not for the first time, her eyes were drawn irresistibly to the small area of flesh between the lacy tops of Jane’s stockings and the bottom of her frilly tutu, her eyes moved up until she was watching the slow rhythmic rise and fall of her daughters breasts and almost imagined she could hear the white ribbons that laced the garment up the front groan in protest as she breathed in, and for a moment she imagined pulling the tails of the bow and releasing the soft fleshy mounds.

“The doctor will see you now, Miss Wearing.”

Isabel jumped at the sound, her head whipping round, but Jane just continued to stare straight ahead, oblivious of both her mother’s previous inspection and the young blonde nurse who stood just outside of the door beside which they had been waiting for what seemed like hours.

“What?” Isabel queried.

The nurse took a deep breath, pushing her breasts against the tight white material of her uniform that was unzipped almost down to the navy blue elasticated belt that cinched her waist. “I said. ‘The doctor will see you now, Miss Wearing.'”

Still Isabel didn’t move and the nurse tapped the toe of her high-heeled white pumps impatiently. “The doctor is very busy.” She said and Isabel turned to Jane saying. “Come on, Honey.”

“Just you, miss.” The nurse said, explaining. “As you are a new client, the doctor needs to ask a few questions and as your daughter is injured, the doctor thought it would be better to see you alone first and explain what is going to happen.”

This made at least some sense to Isabel and she reached out to put the magazine back on the table from which she had taken it. Or at least she thought she had, for there was no table, in fact the waiting room seemed to be just a long corridor that reminded Isabel of Kalin’s house.

A little disoriented, Isabel stood and dropped the glossy mag on her chair and followed the nurse into the brightly lit doctor’s office, her eyes fixed on her buttocks that swayed pleasantly as they were squeezed together by her tight skirt that didn’t quite cover her stocking tops that, Isabel noted, were the same pattern of lace as Jane’s.

The room, which was almost devoid of furnishings and decorations, was dominated by a large black leather upholstered examination table that rose out of the floor on a central pole like a dentist’s chair, and an old fashioned oak desk, behind which the doctor sat writing on the back of a buff record card, and in front of which was a black swivel chair.

“Miss Wearing, doctor.” The nurse announced, her voice now more breathy and girly than it had been as she had addressed Isabel, and she twirled a lock of her curly hair that had escaped from her crisp white paper nurses cap, as if waiting for a reward.

“Thank you, Gwen.” The doctor said as she looked up from her notes, pushing her black-rimmed spectacles up her slender nose and sitting back as she gave Isabel a long appraising look, the corners of her glossy red lips lifting into an easy smile. “Please sit down.”

Isabel lowered herself into her chair as the doctor said. “I’m Dr Charlotte. Please tell me what happened.”

“We were at a party.” Isabel started, but was interrupted by Charlotte.

“A fancy dress party I presume? It isn’t very often we get a sexy French maid and a ballerina in the surgery.”

Suddenly realising what the pair of them must look like Isabel smiled and said, just as nurse Gwen perched on the corner of her boss’s desk, giving Isabel a lovely view of her thigh, “Oh, no, you see…”

Charlotte smiled at the nurse and from the breast pocket of her white lab coat, she pulled out what Isabel at first thought was a thermometer or a thin white pen, but turned out to be a flat red sugary lollipop that she passed to Gwen, who took it and started to lick the glistening top with long, languid strokes of her tongue.

Turning her attention back to Isabel, Charlotte said. “It’s alright; I know you were at one of Kalin’s parties, you serving and your daughter providing the cabaret.” She let her hand almost idly move to Gwen’s knee and gently moved up to caress her stocking covered thigh. “As was I.” She added, pleased with the look of confusion on Isabel’s face, a look that was not helped as Charlotte continued. “In fact we still are. You see, I paid a very large sum of money, Isabella, to spend time with your lovely daughter.”

The use of her new name made Isabella feel strange, the desires she had been suppressing for so long threatened to overwhelm her, especially as Gwen continued to lick her lolly, whilst Charlotte stroked her thigh.

“I, I don’t understand.” Isabella said. “Kalin wanted someone to sponsor Jane through her course.”

Both Charlotte and Gwen laughed. “You really think we are so altruistic. Heaven forbid. No we were bidding to have the honour of deflowering your precious, sweet, innocent daughter, and for an extra grand I got Kalin to throw you in as well.”

“No way!” Isabella said, even as she thrilled at the idea of seeing in reality what she had dreamed about so often these last few days.

“Kalin said you’d object.” Charlotte lied, for it had in fact been Kalin that had suggested to Charlotte that Isabel be included in the ‘play’, as she liked to call her clients liaisons with her unwitting prostitutes. She had even sweetened the pot by offering Charlotte half her money back if Isabella refused to go along with it and spoiled her enjoyment, although if that did happen, Charlotte could simply restart the encounter without Isabella, although after it had been suggested, Charlotte found it did add a certain piquancy to her own fantasy.

“What we are going to do, me and your ex-waitress, and now my nurse, Gwen, is fuck your darling daughter while you watch.”

Isabella was about to object, but Charlotte was not finished, she leant forward earnestly, her light blue eyes glinting behind her glasses, and removed her hand from Gwen’s leg, and Isabella couldn’t help but look at the swelling mounds beneath her starchy white coat.

With the doctor no longer showing her any attention, Gwen dropped the half licked lollipop into a bin and stood behind and just to the side of Charlotte as the doctor continued. “And when we’ve finished, if you’ve been a very good girl and not interrupted, well…”

She didn’t need to finish, for Gwen’s actions spoke louder than words ever could. She placed her red nailed hands on her skirt and with a sinuous wiggle of her hips the tight skirt slowly rose to reveal her bare, shaven pussy.

“That’s right.” Charlotte confirmed. “As a reward for being a very good girl, you get to play with a very naughty little girl.”

Isabella felt her breasts tingle in anticipation and was once again aware of how nicely damp silk felt against her skin as she imagined how sweet Gwen’s pussy would be, how wonderful it would be to feel her squirm with pleasure as she came in response to Isabella’s tongue.

But Charlotte wasn’t finished, the bait had been taken but the strike remained to be made. “And if you are a very, very good girl, and encourage where appropriate, well then, maybe, I’ll let you play with Jane as well as Gwen. And the beauty is, that when we have finished with them, Susi will take them both away and they will return completely unaware of anything that has happened. It’s why we put up with Kalin’s exorbitant fees.”

Isabella could hardly get her breath and her heart pounded beneath her aching tits, and even though she knew it was wrong, when Charlotte asked her if she was ready, her head seemed to nod of its own accord.

“In that case.” Charlotte said to Gwen, “I think you should go and bring in the patient.”

“Yes, Doctor.” Gwen said, in her girly voice and walked towards the door, her still bare arse swaying with each step. As her hand touched the handle she stopped as Charlotte asked. “Haven’t you forgotten something, nurse?”

Biting her bottom lip, Gwen turned to face Isabella and Dr Charlotte saying at first. “I don’t think so doctor.” But when she saw where both women were looking she giggled and struggled, but finally managed to pull down her skirt, hiding Isabella’s promised reward.

“That’s better.” Charlotte said with a grin. “We don’t want the shy virgin ballerina to get the wrong idea, do we?”

Gwen managed to force the skirt back in to position before lifting her hands to her breasts and pushing them up to their plump best as she said. “Or even the right idea at the wrong time.”

“Oh, precisely.” Charlotte agreed as she stood and moved around the desk, leaning against it, one black booted leg crossed over the other at the ankle, her white coat splitting to the last button and displaying, for a woman who was at least as old as Isabel, a shapely bestockinged thigh as she waited for her purchase to arrive.

She wasn’t disappointed as Gwen returned with Jane who hopped on one leg, an arm around Gwen’s shoulder for support that was helped by Gwen’s arm that snaked around her back and under Jane’s arm, her fingers resting against the cup of Jane’s white basque.

Appearing concerned, Charlotte approached nurse and patient and helped to support her as Gwen guided Jane to the bottom of the four-foot high examination table. Isabella, for all she wanted to cry out and warn her offspring of what awaited her, simply sat and watched, just offering a smile as Jane looked in her direction.

“Let’s just pop you on the table.” Charlotte said as Gwen adjusted the top that was split in three, the bottom part dropped and the top third was tilted at forty-five degrees to act as a backrest. Even with Charlotte’s hands resting on Jane’s corseted narrow waist helping her, Jane failed to make the high table top, her flouncy skirt catching on the edge.

Helpfully, Charlotte said, “Here, let’s make you a bit more comfortable.” Her hands, that still rested on Jane’s waist now slipped round to the small of her back, found the fastening just where Kalin had said it would be and the light, feathery skirt came away in Charlotte’s hands, revealing bare flesh between Jane’s sheer lacy panties, that did indeed fail to completely hide Jane’s unsullied pussy, and the bottom of her corset, and Charlotte found it almost impossible to suppress a groan of desire, as did Isabella, but for now they both needed to maintain their guises of doctor and concerned mother.

With the skirt passed to Gwen, who quite unceremoniously dropped it beneath the table, Charlotte replaced her hands on Gwen’s now naked waist, feeling the dancers toned musculature, and as Jane hopped, Charlotte boosted her on to the table. “I must get that table lowered.” Charlotte said as she feasted her eyes on Jane’s panties with their pearlescent lace butterfly that seemed to be drinking from the sweet source beneath the flimsy material.

“Now just sit back and relax and let me have a look at that naughty foot.” Charlotte said, bringing forth a warm smile from Jane as she let her back rest against the warm black leather and felt Gwen take her wrist in her delicate fingers as if feeling for a pulse.

As Charlotte put one hand behind Jane’s left knee, the other gently cradling the back of the calf, Jane sounded a little embarrassed as she said. “Er, doctor, it’s the right leg that’s hurting.”

Charlotte looked up and explained. “I know, honey, but everyone’s legs are different, so you need to examine the good one to see what, if anything, is different on the other.”

Turning to Gwen, Charlotte said. “Until we can get the height of the table adjusted you better raise the sides, nurse. I’d hate for Jane to jump and fall off.”

“Yes, doctor.” Gwen replied and put Jane’s arm across her lap as she reached down and pulled up a six-inch high restraint made of chrome plated tubes and locked it into place before going round behind Jane and repeating the action on the other side.

Whilst Gwen was fixing the sides Charlotte was caressing Jane’s calf in a way that Isabella did not think was exactly professional. Moving fractionally forward as she squeezed Jane’s ankle so that her satin shoed foot was just pressing against Charlotte’s pussy the doctor said. “Now just wiggle your toes for me.”

Obediently Jane did as her doctor requested and Charlotte stroked the side of her satin shoe as the toes rubbed against her and Charlotte had to choke down a moan of pleasure. “I think it would be better if we take these shoes off.” She said as she rested Jane’s foot more firmly against her before reaching out and undoing the ribbon that was neatly tied in a bow beneath the girl’s knee.

Like someone unwrapping a Christmas present, Charlotte gently unwound the baby pink silk ribbons before finally removing of the soft slipper.

Licking her red glossy lips in anticipation, Charlotte traced the delicate arch through the silky stockings making Jane jump, but Charlotte had a firm hold at the back of her ankle and Jane’s squirming against the tickle only increased the throb in the doctor’s pussy. After a few seconds she relented as Jane giggled, “That tickled!”

“Right, now we know how your good leg feels, we can have a look at the poorly one,” Charlotte said as she finally released Jane’s foot, adding with a warm smile. “I promise I won’t tickle.”

The whole process was repeated and Jane was quite surprised that she felt no pain in her ankle as Charlotte examined it and proved herself a liar as she tickled the right foot at least as much as she had the left.

“Well, I can’t find anything wrong, it might just be a muscle strain, but I think we ought to make sure.” Charlotte said as she stood once more.

“Can you take her pulse please, nurse.” Charlotte asked and once again Jane found her wrist lifted by Gwen’s delicate hand. After a few seconds Gwen said. “It seems a little fast, doctor.”

“Are you sure?” Charlotte asked, sounding a little concerned, and took hold of Jane’s other wrist to confirm the nurse’s judgement. With Jane distracted. Gwen moved to the door and wheeled a large black cylinder on top of which was a circular dial and a long plastic pipe that ended in a clear plastic mask.

“Hmm,” Charlotte sounded a little concerned. “It is a little fast, especially for someone as obviously well conditioned as you are, my dear. Maybe we should help you relax a little before we continue with the examination, that’s alright isn’t it mommy?”

Even if Isabella had realised that the mommy Charlotte was referring to was her, it is unlikely she would have noticed she was being addressed, for her eyes were fixed on the nurse who had opened the valve and raised the mask to her face and taken a couple of deep breaths before letting the hand that held the mask drop to her side. Her eyes were fluttering as her free hand went to her breast, bright red nails standing out starkly against the material of her dress through which her now erect nipple was clearly visible.

“Mom?” Jane queried and reluctantly Isabella dragged her gaze away from Gwen and towards her daughter.

“What, honey?” she asked, annoyed at the interruption.

“I was asking if it would be alright to give Jane a full examination.” Charlotte said as she continued to hold Jane’s wrist, well aware that Isabella knew exactly what she meant. And then, as much as a cue to Gwen, who was still out of Jane’s view she added. “Once she’s nice and relaxed of course, that’s okay isn’t it, mommy.”

This, Isabella knew as Gwen moved silently to stand next to Jane, was the moment of truth, she could object and Charlotte had said she would stop, or she could satisfy her desires and betray her lovely daughter. She glanced at Gwen who blew her a kiss and pushed out her chest, reminding Isabella of what her reward would be; and her decision was made. She even dared to hope that Charlotte would think she was being very, very good as she smiled at Jane and said. “Yes, honey, I think you should relax and let Dr Charlotte do whatever she wants to you.”

Gwen smiled, licked her lips and raised the mask in front of Jane’s face, for an instant Jane tried to move her head but she was too slow and the mask was pressed over her nose and mouth, muffling the protest that Isabella tried to ignore, especially the sound of anguish as she called out futilely to her mom for help.

She tried to hold her breath and would have flailed at Gwen, but Charlotte had grabbed her free arm, holding them both across her firm stomach. Gwen was stronger than she appeared and Jane was unable to move her head to either side and eventually she had to breathe and her lungs filled with the anaesthetic gas, her pounding heart rushing the narcotic round her body to her brain and her struggling became feebler, her eyes rolling up into her head and Charlotte nodded to Gwen who lifted the mask just before Jane passed out, her head lolling to one side as the restraining pressure was released.

“Well done.” Charlotte said, “Both of you. I’m so pleased you agreed to go along, mommy.”

“So am I.” Gwen added and blew another pouted kiss towards the seated Isabella.

Jane moaned softly, her head lifting just a fraction before falling back against the raised backrest. “Keep her at that level, nurse, until I’m finished prepping her.” Charlotte said, obviously wanting to continue the medical fantasy, which was helped by Gwen’s reply of “Yes, doctor.”

Taking another deep breath from the mask herself, Gwen watched Jane like a hawk putting the mask over her nose and mouth each time she appeared to be coming too. Meanwhile Dr Charlotte busied herself fixing two stirrups to the end of the examination table and, as Gwen lowered the backrest back to the horizontal, Charlotte, almost reverentially, lifted Jane’s legs and placed them in the stirrups before tightening straps over each ankle and just below her knees.

With Jane’s legs now secured and her silk covered pussy on open display, Charlotte bent her head to Jane’s feet and sucked on her toes, her lipstick leaching into the damp white stockings, while she rubbed her hand over her own pussy, just as Isabella was doing, her legs spread almost as wide as her daughter’s.

“I think that’s enough, nurse.” Charlotte said. “Help me to fasten her hands.”

Working like mirror images, the two medics put padded cuffs on Jane’s wrists and attached them to the tubular guard rails with loops of leather that would allow Jane to move her hands between the two upright tubes but no further. “You can make her a little more comfortable now.”

Jane moaned as she started to return to consciousness and Charlotte returned to Jane’s feet, kissing the insteps and sucking her toes whilst she waited for Jane to recover. Gwen contented her self by playing nurse, holding Jane’s now manacled wrist or feeling her brow as if checking for a fever.

“W..What are you doing?” Jane slurred through the anaesthetic haze.

When neither Dr Charlotte nor her nurse answered she tried to sit up and realised that she was bound to the table with the good doctor looking at her through Jane’s parted legs that were secured in the metal stirrups. In a panic she turned her head towards her mom who seemed to be just sitting and watching what was happening, her hand down her black silk panties.

“Mom, help me please!” Jane pleaded, but it wasn’t until Jane almost reapplied the mask that Isabella seemed to respond to her daughter’s distress. In an instant she jumped up out of her chair, leaving it spinning in her wake. She grabbed the mask from Gwen’s hand and said. “I’m so sorry, sweetheart. I’m not sure what came over me, I think Kalin must have drugged me or something.”

Gwen glanced at Charlotte who shook her head, warning the nurse off from interfering, and as Isabella lovingly brushed a stray lock from Jane’s forehead, she continued. “I think they did something to you too, something to make you forget what the doctor is going to do.

“They said if I’m a very good girl and let them do what they wanted, I could screw nursie, and she is so sexy, I was really tempted.”

“Mom, please, you’re scaring me.” Jane whimpered, and for a second Isabella’s smile reassured her, that is until she said. “But what really tipped it was when they said that if I was a very, very good girl I could fuck you as well. And Mommy wants to fuck her little girl so badly.”

Horror flashed across Jane’s trusting face, her eyes filling with tears as her mother’s words broke her heart.

“So you see, sweetheart.” Isabella said as she pressed the mask to her daughter’s face. “Mommy has to be very, very good.”

As Jane lapsed once more into unconsciousness, her mind was filled with the lascivious look on her own mother’s face as she contemplated screwing her own flesh and blood.

“I think that deserves a reward, don’t you, nurse.” Charlotte said as she stood next to her blonde assistant and whispered something in her ear that made her giggle and nod her head.

Once more Gwen hitched up her skirt, just enough for Isabella to see her mound before it was covered by Gwen’s hand, her index finger slipping easily inside her dripping sex. She withdrew it and walked around the table to where Isabella stood shaking with desire, her tongue licking her red glossy lips in anticipation. Gwen stood behind Isabella, her chin resting on the maids bare shoulder and lifted her honey coated finger to Isabella’s mouth, holding it just out of reach, teasing her with the scent before letting her lick it clean whilst Gwen fondled Isabella’s tit through her silky top.

A moan from their patient put an end to Isabella’s reward. “I think she has had enough gas for a while, perhaps we should muffle her moans for a little while. Any ideas?” Charlotte asked.

Isabella leered as an idea sprang into her mind and she peeled her damp panties away from her pussy and eased them down her legs, the air filling with the scent of Isabella’s desire.

She balled the gossamer thin garment and as Gwen forced open Jane’s mouth, Isabella pushed the sex soaked silk inside, muffling any further protest. The thought of Jane sucking her Mommy’s cum soaked panties was a turn on for all three unbound participants and Charlotte was eager to continue the show. “Which one of you two would like to unwrap our pretty plaything?” Charlotte asked; and both Gwen and Isabella let her know that they both wanted to.

“Well.” Charlotte mused as she let her nail trace along Jane’s bound foot making the young girl squirm. “Since mommy got to put her panties in her mouth, I think it is only fair that nurse Gwen gets to untie that lovely corset.”

Isabella pouted her disappointment, but watched eagerly as Gwen pulled the bow, the silky ribbon slipping free easily. She proceeded to hook her long nailed finger beneath the places where the two sides crossed and then lifted, the loose ends swishing as they ran through the brass eyelets, each time the bodice opened a little more until the ribbon was pulled free and the garment fell open, exposing her perfect small breasts to the appreciative audience, both in the room and those watching via the several hidden cameras that relayed the scene to the sex hungry women in the viewing room.

“I think our little girl needs a little encouragement.” Charlotte said between planting kisses on the soles of Jane’s feet.

“Like this, Mommy.” Gwen said as she started to caress Jane’s breast watching intently as the nipple responded, crinkling and puckering, almost asking to be kissed. Ignoring Jane’s panty muffled protests Isabella mirrored the nurses actions.

“You don’t mind me calling you Mommy do you?” Gwen asked in her huskiest voice that made Isabella’s pussy tingle, both from the tone and the words, the thought of screwing this sweet young thing while she cried out “please fuck me, Mommy!” gave Isabella her first orgasm.

Whilst Isabella and the nurse continued to tantalise and tease Jane’s breasts, Charlotte took a pair of long bladed surgical scissors and slipped her finger beneath the gusset of Jane’s panties and started to cut the material just inside the edging, following the seam up to where the butterfly’s pearly wings spread out above her virgin pussy. With small strokes she traced the edge of the wings before moving down the other side, removing the thin piece of cloth and revealing the treasure it had concealed.

This time she couldn’t cover the groan of desire that issued from deep within. “So pretty.” She breathed, “and she’s never even been kissed. That is such a shame don’t you think nurse?”

Not needing any more encouragement, Gwen bent her head, her long curly hair falling either side of Jane’s face and covered the girl’s mouth with her own. Jane didn’t seem to resist and her body arched slightly, offering up her breasts to her mothers eager attention.

Charlotte let her nails trace spirals in Jane’s downy pubic hair, postponing touching the little pearl that was hidden beneath slightly swelling lips. “She tastes of you, Mommy.” Gwen said as she straightened and licked her bright red lips and Isabella came again.

“Do you want to taste your daughter?” Charlotte asked as slipped her finger inside Jane’s moist pussy bringing forth a muffled moan from Jane.

Isabella shuddered as her body ignited once more. “It sounds like your daughter is as big a slut as her Mommy.” Charlotte noted as she offered her finger to Isabella’s eager mouth.

“And it looks like she wants you to kiss those luscious breasts, nurse.” Charlotte suggested as she pulled her finger free from Isabella’s warm, wet mouth and smeared the saliva and lipstick on Jane’s pussy before she undid her crisp white coat, letting it fall to the floor, leaving her standing in boots, stockings and a half cup black leather bra. Cum glistened on the doctor’s pussy and she coated her finger with it before transferring it to Jane’s, adding to her mothers saliva to lubricate her shiny pink shell like cunt.

Jane continued to moan and squirm in delight as Gwen’s expert tongue slid over her aching tits, even the panties in her mouth added to her growing pleasure, her fire that Susi had banked with words was fanned to life by the attention of the three women.

“I think a number 3, nurse.” Charlotte said as she continued to tease Jane’s virgin pussy.

“Yes, doctor.” Gwen said as she reluctantly lifted her mouth from Jane’s breast, only for the girl’s mother to take over with relish.

Occupied as she was, Isabella didn’t see Gwen fastening the straps around Charlotte’s waist that held a large pink latex double dildo in place, one half slipping easily inside Charlotte’s dripping wet pussy. “Share and share a like, girls.” Charlotte said, and nurse and mother both concentrated on Jane’s breasts, their warm wet mouths smearing the small mounds with a mixture of saliva and red lipstick, breaking only to kiss each other passionately across Jane’s needy body.

“I think the gag can go now, nurse, and I’m sure the lovely Jane would like to watch as I fuck her for the first time.”

Long nails pushed into the girl’s mouth and withdrew the dripping panties. “Do you want to put them back on, Mommy?” Gwen asked as she passed them to Isabella, who at that moment could think of only one thing she would prefer to feel against her pussy, and as that thing was what had soaked them anyway, she was happy to settle, at least for now, for second best.

As Mommy pulled the dripping panties back on, Gwen quickly lifted the top third of the table again, pressing a pedal that lowered the table and Jane looked through her bound spread legs at the dominatrix who stood between them, her strap on prick a mere inch from Jane’s previously untouched pussy. Hands massaged Jane’s breasts and both nurse and mother planted kisses on the girl’s cheek, neck and ears. “Do you want me to fuck you whilst your mommy watches, baby?”

Jane’s breathing was so shallow, she could hardly gasp out the words. “Yes, please fuck me.”

The tip of the dildo rested against Jane’s pink lips, and she tried to struggle against her restraints to push her pussy against it, to feel it inside her as her mom kissed her and fondled her breasts. “Shall I fuck your little girl, mommy?” Charlotte teased, pressing just enough to lubricate the tip.

“Yes! Fuck that little slut; make her scream with pleasure, make her cum for her mommy!” Isabella hissed with desire.

“Well.” Charlotte said. “If both mommy and her baby girl want me to.” She placed her hands roughly on Jane’s thighs and pulled her towards the huge rubber prick; her arse slid easily on her juices that had dripped on the leather surface until it was overhanging the edge, her legs bent almost double as she hung from the stirrups. The dong nearly bent in two before it found the true, honey coated path and filled Jane’s cunt to almost bursting, and she did scream with desire as Charlotte pumped back and forth, her hands holding Jane’s feet and all the time the doctor and her patient locked their eyes on each other.

With Jane now fully occupied, Isabella and Gwen embraced, their tongues twining in each others mouth as Isabella unfastened Gwen’s belt and pulled the zipper down eagerly exposing the girls wonderful body. In turn Gwen yanked hard, pulling down the elasticated top of Isabella’s dress and releasing her breasts that Gwen couldn’t wait to suckle, like Mommy’s good little girl.

Unable now to distinguish one climax from the next, Isabella wrapped the fingers of one hand in Gwen’s hair, knocking the cute white cap to the floor and pressed the young girl against her aching tits while the other hand finger fucked the nurse.

Still entwined, maid and nurse fell to the floor as they heard Charlotte rasp at Jane. “Don’t you dare cum yet you little slut!”

Gwen squeezed her breasts as Isabella tasted young pussy for the first time in years, and found it tasted better than she could ever have hoped, and just as she had dreamt, Gwen squirmed beneath her calling out. “Fuck, me Mommy! Fuck your slutty little girl with your tongue and make me cum, Mommy!”

Glancing down at the two women on the floor, Charlotte’s body caught fire and she all but screamed. “Cum for me now you little slut!”

Jane’s body responded to the command and she bucked and yelled out her pleasure so that it was almost impossible to distinguish doctor from nurse from patient.

Placing her hands on Jane’s backside, Charlotte pushed the girl back up the examination table, the dildo wobbling as it slid free. “Mommy, I think your little girl needs cleaning up.” She said with a smile before asking Jane, “Would you like that slut? Do you want your mommy to come and lick your slutty little cunt clean whilst I go and fuck my nurse?”

Jane’s smile was no less lascivious than Charlotte’s as she replied. “Oh yes doctor!”

Isabella did not need asking twice and she knelt at the bottom of the examination table and lapped at her daughters pussy, long slow strokes that teased and tormented her baby girl who begged her to use her tongue on her as she had on the nurse, to fuck her with it.”

What is a mommy supposed to do? Her baby girl wanted something, and she couldn’t deny her. Her mouth covered the throbbing pussy and her tongue flicked and drove making Jane squirm just as Gwen had; Gwen who was now on her hands and knees as the doctor fucked her from behind.

If it were a race, Charlotte won, quickly followed by Gwen who was still gasping for breath as Charlotte held the anaesthetic mask over the girl’s nose and mouth until the nurse slumped unconscious to the floor.

Jane came again, replenishing Isabella’s supply of honey as Charlotte put the mask over the girl’s face, Jane didn’t struggle this time, her body was exhausted and she looked trustingly into the doctors eyes before her eyelids fluttered and closed.

With nurse and patient sleeping soundly Charlotte stood behind the kneeling Isabella and stroked her hair, letting her fingers entwine in the soft locks. “You were a very, very good girl, Isabella.” She said and the maid had her last orgasm as her head was pulled reluctantly from her daughter’s pussy and the mask was pressed to her face. For a moment she was surprised that she couldn’t smell anything other than the latex of the mask and then, just as it had with the girls, the trigger fired and she fell into a deep sleep.

Charlotte unfastened the dildo and with a final gasp of pleasure pulled it free from her pussy and dropped it beside the sleeping maid and with a final smile for the benefit of the hidden cameras she left the room.

“Was everything satisfactory, Miss?” Susi asked as Charlotte stepped in to the corridor.

“Excellent.” Charlotte replied and left Susi to clear up after her.


Whores de Ballet – Chapter 7 (Epilogue)

Isabel heard a voice calling to her through the fog of her arousal, she had, she thought, been dreaming, and oh what a wonderful dream! She wanted to return to it, to feel her lovely young daughter and the sexy little nurse, but the voice kept calling to her, repeating her name, ‘Isabel’ until she could resist no longer and she opened her eyes. She had been half expecting to see Kalin’s maid, Susi, but it was Kalin herself who sat beside her on the red velvet sofa.

The dream had seemed so real and she asked. “Is Jane okay?” and instinctively she looked down to check her dress, but it was all in place and Kalin was answering. “Jane is fine; she danced wonderfully for my guests and right now she is with Susi who is helping her change. She’ll be along soon.”

As Isabel thought about falling asleep on the job she was close to tears as she said. “I really don’t know what happened, Kalin; I can’t believe I fell asleep in the middle of your party.”

Kalin’s smile was warm, and she patted Isabel’s knee comfortingly as she said. “It’s okay, I know how hard you must have worked to get everything ready and what with the champagne and the lights going down before the video started.

“I was just telling you about the film, a fantasy about a girl who has a whole different life on the other side of her bedroom mirror, not exactly my choice but it was Glenda’s turn to choose, and the next thing you are fast asleep with your head on the shoulder of Jennifer, the blonde lady you were sat next to.”

Isabel wished the ground would open up and swallow her, especially as Kalin continued. “And it seemed you were enjoying your dream much more than we were the film. But, don’t worry, the girls coped admirably and everything is cleared away and the most of the guests have left, I think all in all you made an impression on everyone.”

The wattage of Kalin’s smile doubled as she glanced towards the door and said as she stood, “Here’s the star of our show, my very own prima ballerina.”

Isabel glanced over her shoulder and saw Jane, Susi and a woman with grey hair enter the salon. With Kalin standing Isabel felt a little uncomfortable sitting and so she too rose to her feet.

“Oh, mum! You’ll never guess!” Jane blurted out before remembering her normally exquisite manners and blushed as she apologised to Kalin.

“There’s no need to apologise, sweetie.” Kalin said. “I know how excited you must be, but I think I should introduce your mum to my guest. Isabel, I’d like you to meet Candice St Croix, titular head of the Madame St Croix School of ballet.”

Isabel didn’t know whether to shake hands, curtsey or what, but the need was removed as Kalin continued. “And, Candice this is my old university friend and of course Jane’s mum, Isabel Wearing.”

If Isabel had given it any thought she would have assumed that the head of a ballet school would be at best aloof, however Candice’s smile was warm and genuine as she said. “Pleased to meet you, Isabel. I was most impressed with your catering and Jane is a wonderful dancer, I can see why we accepted her in to the school.”

Although Jane was almost hopping with her desire to tell her mum her news, Kalin seemed not to notice as she explained to Isabel. “After you told me about the scholarship and I asked Jane to dance for me, I admit I got cold feet, I know you said what a great performer she was, but you are after all her mum and hardly unbiased and, although then I only knew Candice by reputation, I phoned the school and asked her how good Jane was.”

Here Candice broke in and continued the tale. “I also knew of Kalin from a mutual friend and so I was happy to take her call and although I had to admit I hadn’t personally attended Jane’s audition, if my deputy thought she was good enough to win a place then she would be more than capable of performing for a gathering such as one of Kalin’s legendary parties.”

Once more Kalin took over. “Well, as I said we knew of each other and so we arranged to meet and I told Candice about the Hillingdon Foundation rejecting Jane’s application for a scholarship.”

Isabel couldn’t believe Kalin had said that with Jane in the room and she glanced at her daughter who continued to beam like a half wit as Candice cut in, “Stupid bunch the lot of them, wouldn’t know a deserving cause if it jumped up and bit them. They’ve only ever awarded one scholarship to one of my girls, but they still use my school’s name in their literature as if they keep the place running.”

If the two women had only recently met it was amazing the way they seemed to gel as Kalin said. “So over dinner we decided to start our own charitable foundation, the sole purpose of which will be the awarding of scholarships for young girls to attend our school.”

“That’s right.” Candice chipped in. “With Kalin’s contacts we should be able to run the school much better, which is why Kalin has kindly agreed to not only chair the foundation but also accept the post of bursar so she can take an active interest in the girls we sponsor.”

Just as Isabel was beginning to think, ‘this is all well and good but what does it have to do with me?’ Jane couldn’t control herself any longer and blurted out “And I’m going to be the first recipient!”

The world suddenly became a much nicer place for Isabel and forgetting about Candice, Kalin and most especially the fantasies she had been having recently she hugged Jane to her and almost cried as she said, “Oh sweetheart, I am so pleased, please forgive me for not telling you about the other one falling through, I just couldn’t bear to think of how upset you would be and Kalin said… Well it doesn’t matter now, does it.”

Jane returned her mums hug and told her that of course she forgave her, “I love you mum.” She whispered just for Isabel.

“So you see, Isabel, Jane really is our prima ballerina, the first of many I hope.” Kalin said.

“And there’s one other thing.” Candice put in. “I need a new head of catering and wondered if you would like the position, obviously it won’t normally be as glamorous as tonight’s affair, although I’m sure ballet recitals will become a defining part of Kalin’s parties in future, and the girls no doubt would welcome a little extra funding for helping to serve.”

Kalin smiled and shrugged her elegant shoulders as she said, “Okay so maybe I’m not totally altruistic, but Jane’s performance certainly made the evening. I do hope you will accept Isabel, Susi has already agreed to work at the school as a make-up artist and costume designer, so we will all be together.”

“Oh please say yes, mum. It will be so great having you there as well as Mrs Van de Sar and Susi.”

Something about Kalin not being totally altruistic sent a shiver down Isabel’s spine. “Can I think about it?” She asked.

“Of course.” Candice said, not sounding disappointed. “Just let Kalin know as soon as you can.”

“Susi, why don’t you take Jane and Isabel to the changing room, I assume the other girls have already departed.” Kalin said as she sliped her arm through Candice’s and the two walked to the sideboard as Susi ushered Jane and Isabel away.

“I’ll phone Isabella in the morning and sort it.” Kalin said as she passed a champagne flute to her new partner.

“To our new corps de ballet.” Candice said as she clinked her glass against Kalin’s.

“I think whores de ballet would be more appropriate.” Kalin said with a grin, and the two women drank to their future.


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