Feature Writer: Unknown
Feature Title: The Nepi Convent
Story Codes: Religious, Satanic, Pedo, Abuse, Ritual, Snuff, WS. Hermaphrodites

The Nepi Convent

Sister Mary-Ellen and Sister Margarete walked through the dark halls of the orphanage toward Mother Superior’s office. With each step their habits opened to reveal their long silky legs clad in black nylons, their stilettos clicking on the cobble-stone floor. They were sinister sisters from a dark order that ran an orphanage from the confines of their secluded medieval convent.

They were bestowed the task of raising unwanted children for potential adoption to only a select few of potential “parents”. And they were also tasked with disposing of some of the unwanted, a task that they performed in a satanic ritual manner. As they reached the large wooden door of Mother Superior’s office they heard some faint stirrings from within. They looked at each other in curiosity as Sister Mary-Ellen knocked.

“Enter”, a voice from within called out.

The nuns opened the large door and walked in to the enormous dark room that was lit by candle-light and made their way to the huge oak desk where Mother Superior, Anna was seated. She was an elderly nun in her sixties but very well kept. She had a slender body and though the lines on her face showed her age, she still looked radiant. As the two sisters approached they couldn’t help but notice the flush complexion on Mother Superior’s face.

“Is everything all right?” Asked sister Margarete.

“Yes dearie, everything is fine.” Mother Superior replied as she pulled back her chair.

From their vantage point the two nuns standing, perched over to see what all the commotion was. There kneeling between Mother superior Anne’s out-stretched open legs was a small child, A girl of not more than three years old with her head buried in Sister Anne’s loins still eagerly licking away.

“That’s enough for now my little one, leave us. We will continue this later.”

Sister Anna said to the little tyke as she stroked the back of her head. The little girl jumped up and Sister Anne cupped her face and gave her a tender kiss on the lips and licked around her tiny mouth to taste her own discharge from the child’s face. The little girl then turned around and skipped out of the office.

“She’s such a good cunt licker that little one.” Remarked Mother Superior, “I don’t know how many times I’ve cum in her mouth.” She smiled as she watched her little sex slave leave the room. “And now to the business at hand.” She turned to her wards. “We have a situation of over-crowding in the nursery.” She continued. “As you know, we have a policy of eliminating undesirable children from our ranks and an obligation to our rituals. You do know what I’m talking about, don’t you?” She asked.

The two nuns nodded and with a smirk, Sister Mary-Ellen remarked. “Yes Mother Superior. We know exactly what you mean. We’ve already selected a few “undesirable” candidates for termination. Will you be joining us for the Ritual?” She asked.

Sister Anna replied with a sadistic smile.

“I just might. It’s been a while since this old pussy has tasted death.”

“Very well.” Sister Margarete replied. “We’ll prepare everything. Oh, by the way Mother Superior; we also have a young female apprentice that we are grooming for our sisterhood. She is very enthusiastic and has already gained some experience with our rituals. Do you mind if she attends?”

“Not at all.” Sister Anna said.

“I’d love to see how you have trained her in our ‘art form’.”

With that the two nuns turned around and left the office. Outside Sister Mary-Ellen confessed.

“My cunt is totally drenched, how about you?”

“Oh, yes, mine too.” Replied Sister Margarete.

“And I can’t wait to tell our little dominatrix the good news. She’s been asking when we would letter ‘play’ again with us. I even caught her abusing some of the infants in the nursery. I had to stop her from getting carried away. But it was so hot to watch. Mother Superior will be pleased at her performance.”

In a dark corner of the convent lay a large stone-walled dungeon where the evil sisters performed their satanic acts. It was lit by torches and there were a number of narrow benches that occupied the center of the room. And there were chains and manacles that were attached to the walls. Implements of torture also decorated one wall of the dungeon. The scene was set as a small parade of nuns clad in their black robes entered the dungeon chanting in Latin some satanic prayer.

The ones in the front were each carrying a small infant or toddler swaddled in white linen. Among the troop of nun was a small girl about seven years old. She had long blond hair and her smooth naked body was adorned in a black cape that was lined with bright crimson silk on the inside. She followed along with the procession into the room holding a lit candle.

Sister Margarete bent over and laid one infant boy of five months on a bench and unveiled the blanket to reveal his tiny body. He immediately shivered from the cold damp surroundings and began to cry aloud. The room was filled with the wail from the infant and almost drowned out the nuns unison chant.

Sister Mary-Ellen then turned to the seven year-old and in a soft voice said. “Sandra, the little one is cold. Why don’t you warm him up?”

With that the little girl, expressionless approached the crying infant and tipped the candle so that the hot wax dripped onto his torso which made him wail even louder. From the back of the room Mother Superior clapped her hands and the nuns immediately stopped their low harmonic chant. Then she approached the bench which was now transformed to an altar.

Looking at Sister Mary-Ellen and Margarete who stood behind the little girl she asked, “Is this your apprentice?”

“Yes Mother Superior. This is Sandra and she is very much a capable and willing participant in our rituals”. Sister Margarete answered.

“Then show me how she can silence this child. I want to observe her demeanor.”

Both Sister Mary-Ellen and Margarete nodded to the child. Sandra, still straight-face then mounted the altar and straddled the infant between her thighs. Her cape flung behind her. Slowly and rhythmically she began to rub her smooth hairless pussy across the baby’s stomach and chest and at the same time, she clamped her hands around the infant’s throat.

All the nuns stood and stared in amazement as the seven year old girl began to masturbate on the infant’s body all the while slowly choking him. The baby’s cries tapered off as he was now gasping for air. Little Sandra increased the tempo of her undulating pelvis on the baby’s tiny frame and stared directly into his face with a look of determination.

“Notice Mother Superior that even at a young age, Sandra’s pussy can still produce wetness.” Sister Margarete pointed out.

“Yes I can see the trail that she is leaving on the boy.” Mother Superior replied. “But can she orgasm at the same time that she snuff’s out the child? That’s the question.”

“She needs more practice Mother Superior.” Sister Mary-Ellen answered back. “Sometimes she still has a strangle hold on the infants that have passed away and hasn’t yet cum. We make sure she achieves her orgasm even after she has made her kill. She has a tasty cunt.”

“Hmmm.” Remarked Mother Superior inquisitively. “I’ll have to sample that for myself one day. But now let us join her”

All of the nuns with the exception of Mother Superior formed a circle around the bench-alter and opened their habits and exposed their panty less torsos. With their hands opening their vulvas they pointed their urethras at the little girl and her prey and in quick succession unleashed a stream of urine that showered the pair.

Sister Mary-Ellen took direct aim at the infant’s open mouth as he was still gasping for air. Little Sandra lifted her head up and looked skyward as she was nearing her climax and with her grip tightening on the soft throat of the infant, howled out her orgasm as the small infant finally succumbed to the chocking and drowning he was receiving. His eyes bulged and his mouth remained open even as the last drops of urine enter his mouth. Sandra then dropped her head in exhaustion and then looked toward the Mother Superior for acknowledgement.

“Very good, Sandra. I love your intensity. You’re an effective executioner. You will make a fine addition to our sisterhood.” She said. “But now, let me demonstrate another technique that only I can use. But maybe with practice and a little improvising, you will learn as well.”

Sandra couldn’t imagine what Mother Superior meant and looked confused though the other nuns knew exactly what she was referring to. On another bench-alter the nuns laid out a little infant girl of about four months in the same manner as they did with the infant boy.

The nuns now congregated around their new victim. Mother Superior approached the infant with Sandra by her side. She swung around and positioned herself above the infant and opened her habit to expose her long slender legs clad in black nylons and garter belt. But Sandra was more amazed at the dark hairy bush that surrounded Mother Superiors pink exposed cunt. Sandra never saw a cunt so big and hairy. Both Mother Superior’s vulva and labia extended out and formed a perfect cleft. But most fascinating of all was the four-inch protruding clitoris which was in fact a small penis, because Mother Superior Anna was a hermaphrodite.

“You see Sandra? Satan has blessed me with both sex organs that I can use. I will treat you to it when we are finished here.” She smiled sadistically at the little girl. “Now watch as I kill this tiny one.”

Sister Anne pointed her penis at the infant’s mouth bent her knees and slowly descended upon her. The infant for her part probably thought it was a nipple making contact with her lips and eagerly began sucking on it. Sister Anna let out a heavy sigh.

“Yes little one. Suckle on my penis-clit. Suck! Suck!”

The other nuns began to finger themselves at the sight of the perverse act that was happening before them as they all gathered closer to watch the torrid spectacle. The room was now filled with the sounds of wet pussies being stimulated. Sister Anna then began pumping her cock in and out of the infant’s mouth, slowly at first but then increased her tempo.

The infant began to fuss but Sister Anna held her head and was now ferociously throat-fucking the tiny infant, her cock now totally hard and erect at six inches. Blood started to trickle from the side of the child’s mouth and its eyes were open wide as Mother Superior continued her onslaught. Finally she forced the child’s head into her loins and with a cry of perverted ecstasy, orgasmed with multiple loads of sperm that shot pass the baby’s throat and directly into her stomach.

Sister Anna slowly withdrew her member from the baby’s mouth like a dagger which was coated in blood. Many of the nuns that surrounded the sacrificial altar orgasmed too, each one softly moaning to themselves as they came. But the infant was still alive, though barely, as it gurgled with semen and blood spewing from its mouth.

Sister Anna looked down, at the infant then descended upon it once more, this time with her open wet pussy. Her vulva completely sealed the infant’s face and she bore down on it with all her weight and still holding onto its tiny head which was being devoured by the old nun’s cunt.

No sounds can be heard and everyone was intensely focused on Mother Superior’s coup de gras that she was administering to the child. After about two minutes the infant’s limbs went weak and flopped over by its side. Mother Superior was breathing heavily then looked up and around her as everyone in the room was mesmerized by the sinister spectacle.

She released her grip on the baby’s head with her hands but the baby’s head remained totally inserted in her vagina. She lifted herself up with the baby dangling from her cunt and made her way to the center of the room, bent her knees and finally released the corpse of the infant from her killer cunt.

The baby dropped to the floor with a thud. Its lifeless body contorted and bloodied. Mother Superior then turned to little seven year-old Sandra.

“Now come over here little girl and clean off Mother Superior.” She commanded.

Slowly Sandra stepped forward and knelt to her knees before Sister Anna. Her cock still erect and glistening with blood as was her vagina.

“Don’t be afraid my sweet little thing. I just need you to pay homage to your Mother Superior the same way as all of the nuns here have since you are now part of our family”.

Sandra opened her mouth and began to take in Mother Superiors cock.

“That’s it my lovely. Slow and easy. Let your tongue wrap itself around it as to take it in.”

Sister Anna gently caressing Sandra’s head as she slowing thrust and drew back from the child’s mouth.

“Yes, you are doing fine.You learn so quickly. Now I want you to alternate between my cock and pussy. Stick your tongue inside me and run it up and down my slit then go back to sucking my cock.” She instructed.

Sandra’s face was now coated with re residue of infant blood, semen and the vaginal discharge of the older hermaphrodite’s sex. She now enjoyed giving oral servitude to her Mother Superior. After she had cleansed her, Sister Anna lifted the child off her knees and holding her chin looked into the little girl’s eyes and gave her a tender kiss on the lips.

“Now go wash yourself off, you are drenched in piss.” Mother Superior said with a smile.

Sandra was feeling so happy that she was now accepted by her new clan, skipped her way out of the dungeon. Mother superior then turned to the contingent of nuns that surrounded her, and asked.

“How many more do we have tonight?”

“We have another three year old baby boy.” Came a response from the small crowd.

Mother Superior looked over to see who replied. It was Sister Kasandra, a six-foot tall beautiful black Amazon woman.

“And how do you propose to enact your ritual.” Sister Anna asked.

Sister Kasandra smiled and pointed to the wall behind her where a young male toddler was shackled to the wall. As everyone looked on Sister Kasandra opened her habit to reveal her devastating body and the dagger strap-on she was wearing.

“I like my rituals messy.” She remarked.

And before anyone realized what was about to happen, she walked up to the youngster that was strung up at eye level, grabbed his face and pressed her mouth against his giving him a torrid French-kiss which lasted for a minute, forcing her tongue to probe into the unwilling child’s mouth. Then she partially released the child’s restraints which brought him at her chest level. Again she pressed herself onto the child, her enormous black breast engulfed his face and she began smothering him with her soft melons of death. But before he succumbed to her killer tits, she released the bonds and the three year-old landed on his feet to the floor.

Sister Kasandra’s strap-on dagger was now positioned at his chest. Without hesitation she thrust her pelvis forward and stabbed the child through the heart. The poor child could only wince in excruciating pain. Pressing herself against the wall she continued to stab the toddler a dozen more times, over and over again in quick succession, exhaling loudly with each thrust.

Blood flowed everywhere and after a delivering the final hard thrust which she kept in him for a few seconds, she finally withdrew herself as the child flopped to the floor, bleeding profusely at her feet. Looking down at her prey, she then peeled off her strap-on and straddled the child’s body which was still oozing blood. She then pressed her hairless smooth black cunt against the dying toddler’s torso began to sop up and ingest the blood directly from the wounds of her young victim through her vagina!

Everyone looked on in astonishment as the vampire nun filled her uterus with the life blood of an innocent toddler. She looked up at her cohorts and reveled in their look of disbelief on their faces. She continued to feast on the toddler and after she had her fill, Sister Kasandra stood up, blood dripping from her cunt, the dead toddler between her long outstretched shapely legs, his eyes looking lifelessly up at her.

Her loins and legs where coated in blood which seemed to contrast against her dark skin. Her cunt still opened and contracted as if it were still “feeding”. It seemed to have a life of its own. Then looking straight ahead, she let out a stream of urine that splashed over the baby boy’s lifeless body.

Breathing heavily she remarked. “I’m just claiming my territory now….This is my kill!….See; I told you I like it messy.”

Mother Superior smiled in approval but tried to appear unimpressed since she thought her own special arsenal was unique.

“Very good. .But too quick for my enjoyment. Now let’s dispose of our prey and resume our meditations.”

The nuns turned to exit the dungeon, but with their mouths still open in amazement to the unbelievable spectacle that they had just witnessed, Sister Kasandra followed behind, proud of her achievement and nourished by the blood of her young victim that was now coursing through her own veins.


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  2. That was a beautiful story. God the killing of the babies had me wetting my panties!!! I would have loved a little infant beating and then raping and killing. But still your story was so hot I love the killing and grinding pussy on the dead body. I would love to grind my wet infant loving pussy all over the corpes of a newborn I raped and tortured!!! Feeling the infant slut die while I’m having my fun is a beautiful and loving thought.

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    1. Hail Silky – Check out the blog “The Inquisition” – Christians do the best torture – and they hang 2 year olds – interesting right? XP

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