Feature writer: Wet Amber
Feature title: Convent From Hell 2
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Author’s Note: Adapted from the original graphic novel by Noe and Barreiro
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Convent From Hell 2


Time moves differently in hell. Sometimes slower, sometimes faster, but always differently. Satan was sitting on his throne and Sister Juana was at his feet and jacking on his hard cock. The ex-nun had been converted to devil worship with most of the sisters of the Cloistered Convent of the Marionite Sisters and they had enjoyed themselves immensely until the authorities had become suspicious and Satan had been forced to retreat back to hell.

Juana had been the Mother Superior in those days and she still wore her nuns habit because it pleased Satan to have a nun worshiping his prick. A large black dog came padding into the room and walked over to them. Juana automatically pulled her long habit up to her waist and opened her legs to let the animal get to get cunt and she looked up at The Devil and decided to speak.

“Will you allow this unworthy slut a question Master?” She asked.

Satan looked down at her and his deep barrelled voice rumbled, “Very well. Ask your question.”

“Master,” she began. “What has happened to all the other nuns who were at the convent with me. I used to see them all but I haven’t seen any of them for a while.”

“They are doing my business,” he replied darkly.

Even although Juana wanted to say more she bit her tongue and said, “Yes Master,” as she raised her butt slightly as the dog’s tongue slid up her cunt.

Satan looked at her for a long time and suddenly clapped his hands. The dog looked up startled, and raced away and Juana cringed at his feet.

“Do not be afraid Juana. You have done nothing to displease me.” Satan said.

She looked relieved and he continued, “But I have work for you to do and it is time that you joined your friends.”

Juana gave him her full attention as he went on; “Your friends have been away these past months infiltrating a children’s home for the retarded.”

He looked down at her and asked, “Do you know what retards are Juana.”

“Yes Master,” she replied. “They’re people whose minds are underdeveloped.”

That wasn’t the answer Satan was looking for and she cringed on the floor as he roared, “THEY’RE BASTARDS!! THEY’RE ALL BASTARDS AND I FUCKING HATE THEM!!!!”

The room seemed to shake with the fury in his voice, and when it died away, there was complete silence. Juana was shaking on the floor with her hands covering her ears and a petrified look on her face. As the last echoes of his voice died away, he sat back down on his throne and in a more normal voice he said, “Do you know why I hate them?”

She shook her head and swallowed hard. “No Master,” she said in a small voice. “I hate them because God loves them so much. He thinks they’re special.”

He leaned forward bringing his huge demonic face closer to Juana and his rancid breath washed over her as he continued, “No retard has ever worshiped me, and that is why they deserve to be hurt, humiliated, tortured and ridiculed.”

He sat back and waited until Juana got up from lying prostrate on the floor and sat back at his feet.

“Your sisters have taken over the home from the normal nuns over many months.” he informed her. “They now wait your arrival.”

Juana’s brow furrowed at his reference to many months but she then remembered about the strange timelines in hell and she nodded head. She stood up in front of the demon and bowed her head.

“Command me Master,” she said.

Beelzebub smiled and said, “Your friend Sister Mary has just killed the Mother Superior in a most hideous and creative way. You will take her place and I’ve arranged for forged papers to be sent to all the relevant authorities confirming you appointment.”

He waved his hand and the air behind her shimmered. As she looked around, three huge men appeared all dressed in black and each had a massive black dog sitting at his feet on his right hand side.

“This will be your security team. They are part of my personal guard.” Satan informed her.

“Make no mistake Juana,” he continued. “The guards and the dogs will obey your every command. You are in charge of this mission.”

The ex-nun squared her shoulders and bowed low as Satan said, “Do not disappoint me child!”

Satan waved his hand in the air and an ornate door shimmered into existence on the far wall. It was heavily and beautifully carved and inlaid with timbers from all over the world together with patches of red leather that shone like new and Juana recognized it instantly. She turned to face her Master as he spoke again.

“Go my child. Your friends are waiting for your orders. Make those fucking retards suffer.”

“Yes Master,” she responded, and took a last look at his thick cock that always seemed to be rock hard, as she walked to the door and went through into the blinding white light.

When she exited through an identical door in a dark windowless room, a shadow detached its self from the opposite corner. Juana’s face lit up when she recognized her friend Mary and they embraced with a most unsisterly like kiss. Mary’s tongue was inside Juana’s mouth within seconds and she parted woman’s fingers press into her crotch below her habit. As they pulled their mouths away from each other, Mary good to see you Juana.

“We’ve been waiting for you.”

Before Juana could respond, the three guards and their door and Mary was momentarily  startled and then her hungry eyes devoured their muscular bodies. Even the sight of the black dogs made her cunt wet and she nodded her head in approval as she said, “If those are for us, this assignment is going to be good. Are those the same kind of dog that we had in the Convent?”

“They’re our security,” Juana replied, and she then smiled and added, “And yes, the dogs are the same type.”

Mary eyed the guards and the animals hungrily and then said, “Come on. Let’s go and meet the others.”

\The hell dogs were specially bred by Satan to have a high intelligence and they could understand human speech. They could be the most viscous of creatures, were taller that a Wolfhound, and averaged around three and a half feet from the ground to their shoulders. They all had a shiny jet-black coat of medium length soft hair and a double set of sharp teeth that had the capability of elongating rapidly if they were threatened. They were bred primarily for the defense of the Devil and his Demons but were also highly trained in sex. This training could be used either to rape an innocent or to pleasure one of Satan’s worshipers.

From their time in the Convent, all the sisters could testify that the dog they were given one of the best fucks they had. As they went into the corridor, Juana realized that they were in a basement that was largely unused and she followed Mary upstairs and into a large assembly hall. There were about 20 nuns gathered in one corner and they all crowed around Juana as she came into the room. She recognized most of them from the Cloistered Convent although some faces were new to her and there were a lot of smiles and kissing as she went around the room.

The guards had followed Juana into the room and she introduced them as Kram, Luap and Retep. Mary’s brow furrowed at the strange names that were complete meaningless to her, until Juana explained that it was Mark, Paul and Peter spelt backwards. The Mother Superior had no idea how she knew this, but the information was just there in her head. Juana looked at Mary and nodded towards the door. The nun understood the silent instruction and they left the room. As she closed the door, Juana glanced back and saw Sister Angela unzipping Retep’s trousers and pulling out his cock while another nun was on the floor giving head to one of the dogs. She smiled as she quietly closed the door and turned to her friend.

“Okay Sister Mary,” she said very business like, “Show me the place.” “Certainly Mother Superior,” the nun replied with a smile. “Follow me”

Sister Kate had been at the retard school for three months and the only cocks she had seen in that time belonged to the male retards. She had tried the alter candles and had masturbated with anything she could get her hands on that was even slightly cock shaped, but nothing could satisfy her like the real thing. Even the other nun’s tongues and fingers weren’t enough.

She walked boldly over to Kram and sank to her knees in front of him. Reaching out, she gripped the waistband of his pants and she looked up and into his face as she unbuttoned them and pulled down the zipper. The guard wasn’t wearing underwear and as soon as the zipper came all the way down, Kram’s cock sprang free and nearly hit her in the face.

She gasped in delight at the horny sight and her cunt immediately flooded. His prick was massive, fully 10 inches long and very thick with a sack of huge balls hanging at the base. Kate’s eyes were transfixed on it. It was thickly veined with a huge purple head and she licked her lips and moved her face closer. She inhaled deeply savoring the smell that she craved so much and then cupped his massive balls in one hand and held his prick with the other. Her hand slid gently up the shaft to the head and then all the way back down to the root.

The thought of this monster stretching her cunt open almost made her dizzy and she slowly lowered her head further. Kate’s tongue flicked out and speared the small drop of pre-cum that had bubbled out of Kram’s piss hole and she pulled the slime into her mouth and savored the exquisite taste. The guard watched her closely and dropped his hands onto the back of her head and pulled her forward again. Kate opened her mouth wide and started to take his shaft inside. She was really straining her mouth but managed to take in just about 4 inches and she began to bob her head up and down. Her saliva was making his cock glisten and gradually she increased her pace and her pressure. Her throat slowly opened and she was able to take the giant prick deeper.

Kram was groaning at the friction of her hot velvet like tissue, and the nun’s nostrils were flared wide as she fought for breath every time she drew her face back. After a few moments, Kate had managed to take all of his cock and she felt his course pubic hair on her nose and chin with every thrust. On the other side of the room, Luap sank into a leather recliner and hauled Sister Marion onto his lap. He had already kicked off his pants and his rock hard cock was every bit as impressive as Kram’s. He pulled Marion’s habit up to her waist, but the horny nun swiftly untied the rope belt around her waist and pulled the habit over her head. She tore off her wimple as Luap bent forward to suck her left nipple into his mouth. Like all her other sisters, Marion wore nothing beneath her habit and she gripped the guard’s cock and raised herself up to rub the head over her dripping cunt as he suckled on her tit.

She positioned his shaft at the entrance to her cunt and pressed down. The slime inside her fuck tube eased the penetration but she was still being stretched wide open and she threw back her head and gritted her teeth as she squatted lower.

When she felt the root of his prick contact her pubic mound, she gasped a lung full of air and cried, “YES!! Yes, you fucking big bastard. Fill my cunt with your gorgeous cock.”

Luap pulled his mouth away from her nipple with a loud plop and smiled up at her as he moved his hands around to grip her ass cheeks and pull them apart. She had been concentrating so much on taking the guards prick into her body that she never noticed Luap’s dog sitting quietly at his master’s feet but watching everything intently. When his master pulled Marion’s ass cheeks apart, the dog rose smoothly to his feet and took a couple of steps forward to lick at the nun’s puckered asshole.

Her head whirled around at the animal’s touch and she moaned and said, “Oh yes, lick my shit hole boy. Lick my dirty hole while I ride your master’s big cock.”

Marion started bouncing her stretched hole up and down Luap’s prick and the dog’s head moved with her so that his tongue never left her asshole. She could feel the animal’s tongue becoming more and more insistent and she made a conscious effort to relax her back hole and groaned loudly when the dog’s tongue wormed its way inside her bowels and thrashed about inside her shit tube. The familiar rush was just beginning to build up between her legs as she working towards her cum, when the guard suddenly gripped her hips, pulled her hard down onto his shaft and held her still.

For one dreadful moment, Marion thought Luap had cum before she was ready but the smile on his face eased her mind. Before she could open her mouth to ask why he had stopped however, the dog raised itself up on his hind legs and draped his front paws over her shoulders. The animal’s red and slimy cock nudged against her shit hole and she moaned as she realized that they were about to double fuck her. When the dog’s hot prick made contact with her asshole, she pushed back just as the animal drove forward and she cried out as its cock slid fully up her shit tube.

Kate had taken all of Kram’s prick into her throat and he held her by the hair and pumped her mouth with his monster. The lump in her throat was clearly visible on every inward stroke and the nun loved the feeling. She had just started to wonder if the guard intended to hose the back of her throat with his spunk when he suddenly pulled his cock out and pushed her to the floor. Kate lay on her back and she placed both feet flat on the floor and arched her back up to pull her habit up to her waist. She then lowered herself back onto the floor and pulled her knees up to her tits and held them there with her hands. Looking up at the guard she pleaded, “Fuck me. Any hole you want but please fuck me.”

Her cunt was completely shaven, because that was how Satan liked them, and the lips of her slit were swollen with lust and glistening with her juices.

“Go ahead Kram,” she encouraged. “Treat me like a horny slut and make me scream.”

He laughed throatily as he stepped out of the pants that had been bunched around his ankles and dropped to his knees. He could smell her bubbling hole and he shuffled forward and nudged the purple head of his shaft against her opening.

She had been growing her hair ever since she had been converted to devil worship and strands of it were escaping from her wimple as she squirmed in the floor. She tore the wimple off and shook her head as she looked down her body at the cock touching her fuck hole.

As she watched, Kram began to insert his thick shaft and Kate opened her mouth wide and took huge breaths as it pushed her cunt lips wide apart and slid in inch by inch..

“Oh fuck,” she moaned as her hands caressed her tits beneath her clothes and pulled at her hard nipples. Kate was now screaming obscenities as Kram pulled her on and of his prick and her head thrashed from side to side, tossing her hair about wildly.

“Fuck me, you bastard. Pound my fucking cunt with your big cock,” she cried as she bucked her hips upward to match his thrusts.

His balls were slapping loudly against her ass cheeks with every thrust and the long strokes, rasped his shaft over her throbbing clit.Sister Janine was on the floor and underneath one of the dogs, sucking its dripping cock into her mouth. She was lying on her side with one hand on the hot shaft whilst her other hand was under her habit with two fingers jammed up her cunt. The animal stood quite still as she worked on his prick and watched Sister Ann come towards them. The horny nun pulled up the hem of her robe and sighed happily as she straddled the animal’s head. As the dog’s tongue swiped over her slit, she opened her legs wider and crouched down slightly. “Inside baby,” she

muttered. “Get your tongue inside me.”

Sister Faith was lying naked on the floor with her legs wide apart while Retep ate her out. His fingers were holding her cunt open while her sucked out her juices. While he was kneeling between her outstretched legs, he could feel someone pull down his zipper and unfasten the waistband of his trousers. They were quickly pulled down to his knees and a hot wet mouth closed over his cock. At the same time, a tongue pushed between his ass cheeks and rimmed his tightly closed shit hole. Angela and Martha didn’t want to be left out of the developing orgy and had crossed the room to Retep. As Angela’s expert mouth worked on his prick, Martha pushed her stiff tongue past the resistance of the demon’s anal ring and into his bowels. As Faith raised her knees up to her tits to let Retep have easier access, the demon could see that the nun has

a string of Rosary beads hanging out of her asshole. Only the last two beads were visible and the rest were firmly lodged in her shit tube.

The last dog was lying on his back on the floor while Sister Teresa squatted over him and took his thick cock up her cunt. She sighed happily and then watched Sister Isa sit down over the animal’s head and move her fuck hole over to his tongue. Teresa and Isa held onto each other for support as the dog pushed his tongue deep into Isa’s body and Teresa started bobbing her hips up and down, taking the full length of the animal’s prick up her cunt.

Ann’s hole was dripping with dog drool and she desperately need a fuck. She tore off her clothes and got down on her hands and knees and presented her sex to the animal. As Janine let his cock plop out of her hot mouth, the dog stepped forward and mounted Ann’s body in one smooth motion and she prick, and push it into way when the dog thrust take a tight grip around her waist.

She gasped loudly as her cunt walls expanded and the beast’s prick sank all the way to the bottom of her hole and she cried, “Yesss you big bastard. Fuck my horny cunt.”

reached behind her to take hold of the animal’s position.

She quickly pulled her hand out of the into her and she felt his powerful front paws Ann groaned and gurgled as she felt the dog start to fuck her at an astounding rate and she lowered her head to the floor and gazed in rapture at the thick red cock flashing in and out of her slit. The dog was thrusting so fast that his shaft was a blur and his long and dangling balls arced up to slap against her hard clit at the end of every thrust.

“Yeah, fuck her hard boy,” Janine urged as she knelt down beside the rutting animal and watched his cock work. “Fill her hot cunt with your spunk.”

Janine’s own fuck hole was oozing out more and more girl juice and she moaned right along with Ann as she plunged two fingers into her cunt and masturbated furiously.

Ann’s cunt was slick with fuck juices, as well as dog saliva and the animal’s cock fucked her easily with long and deep strokes. Each of his thrusts brought excited squeals from the aroused nun and she felt the familiar rush build up between her legs.

Marion’s mouth hung slack as she was double fucked. The dog pounded her shit hole at a furious rate and Luap gripped her ass cheeks and effortlessly bounced her cunt up and down his shaft. The two cocks were making both her holes tighter and even although her cunt was drooling fuck juice, Luap could feel his spunk begin to boil.

Faith was writhing on the floor under the assault of Retep’s tongue. She had already had a small orgasm which just made her hole wetter, but she could feel that she was building up to a big one. Her clit was throbbing as it was stimulated and the ecstasy radiating out from her sex reached every part of her body and even made her fingers and toes tingle.

She was moaning continually as her head thrashed about when she suddenly gave a loud gasp and her body stiffened and became completely rigid. She cried out as her climax exploded inside her and she shuddered and convulsed on the floor like a fish out of water. As she flopped about, Retep took hold of the two beads that were hanging out of her asshole and jerked them from her body. Her shit hole opened and closed rapidly as each separate bead was pulled out and she moaned and groaned at this extra stimulation that prolonged her orgasm.

While the orgy was happening in the assembly room, Mary led Juana through the building until they reached a room that opened out to the street outside.

“This is the reception,” she began. “The front door is always locked with a security system so people can’t just walk in off the street.”

Juana nodded her approval and Mary continued, “Through the main door, everything on the left hand side is for us. Dining room, kitchen, offices, the assembly room that you were just in and dormitory type sleeping areas.”

“Dormitory!” Juana cried.

“Don’t worry,” Mary said. “The girls have pushed all the beds together into a big play area. The room smells like a fucking whorehouse but we’ve had some great fun.”

Juana smiled and said, “Okay. Carry on with the layout.”

“Right,” she said. “Well, at the end of the building is a small Chapel. Oh that reminds me, we need alter candles. Lots of them.”

“What’s happened to them all?” Juana asked.

“They’re in the dormitory and covered in shit and cunt juice,” Mary replied with a giggle. “They’d make a hell of a smell if we tried to light them.”

They both laughed and Mary continued with her briefing. “Everything on the right of the corridor is for the retards. There’s a play room, male dormitory, female dormitory, toilet and shower block and a dining area. There’s also a TV room and a games room.”

“Okay,” Juana said nodding her understanding. “What have you done so far.”

“Not much,” Mary admitted. “We just killed the old Mother Superior a couple of days ago and we were instructed to wait for you.”

She looked at her friend and said, “I have made a couple of changes however and I hope you’ll approve.”

“Go on,” Juana said.

“Well, I’ve changed the kids dormitories into mixed sex ones and the TV only shows hardcore porn now. It seems to be working out well because one of the little female retards has already been raped.”

Mary smiled when Juana said, “Well done.”

The Mother Superior looked around and her eyes fell on a camera mounted in the corner of the room. She pointed at it and asked, “What are the cameras for?”

Mary shrugged her shoulders and replied, “I don’t know. I guess they must be part of an old security system.”

“It’s not old,” Juana said as a small red light winked at her on the side of the camera.

“That camera is still active. Dispatch someone tomorrow back to the Master and tell him we need someone with a knowledge of security systems and computers.”

Mary nodded her understanding and Juana turned to her and said, “Now you can show me where I’ll me sleeping and we’ll both be more comfortable if its got a double bed!”

“It has,” Mary confirmed as she reached out to lightly brush her fingers over Juana’s tits,

“But I don’t think your going to get much sleep tonight.”

The next morning, Juana showered and went straight to her office. Mary had already left to join the other nuns working with the children as the Mother Superior settled herself behind her desk. She spent a couple of hours going through paperwork and signing anything that required her signature, telling herself that this was all necessary to keep up appearances of a normal business for as long as possible. When she was finished, she stood up and stretched.

Her eyes fell on a painting on the wall and somehow she instantly knew what it was. She crossed the room and pulled on one side of the frame. It came away from the wall easily as the opposite side was hinged and revealed the wall safe. As her fingers made contact with the black dial, the combination sequence flashed into her brain and she spun the lock expertly. She whistled softly to herself as she opened the door and saw that the safe was filled with cash.

“The Master has been generous,” she thought, as she let her fingertips caress the money.

Closing the safe again, she took a telephone directory down from a shelf and spent the next hour on the phone. Satisfied, she stood up and left the office.

She found most of the other nuns in the children’s play area and got her first look at the retards. She crossed over to Mary who was changing over the porno disc in the DVD player, and asked if there had been anything from the Master about the computer expert.

“I sent Isa early this morning,” Mary replied, “But she hasn’t returned yet. She shouldn’t be long.”

Juana nodded her head and as she looked around the room, she asked, “How many have we got?”

“Fourteen,” Mary replied. “Six boys and eight girls, although we can sleep twenty.”

Most of the children were walking around with a dazed or vacant look on their faces. Some were drooling from their mouths and others had jerky and uncoordinated movements. Juana’s face twisted in disgust at the sight and she understood how her Master could hate the little fuckers.

“Oh, by the way, “ Mary said happily. “We’ve found our rapist.”

Mary indicated that Juana should follow her and they went into one if the dormitories.
A girl, who looked to around 9 or 10, had been tied face down on a bed with her wrists and ankles securely fastened. She was naked and an older boy had his impressive cock buried up the girls cunt as her fucked her from behind.

The girl’s hands were curled into fists and she was crying hysterically as she was brutally raped.

“How did you find him?” Juana asked, raising her voice over the child’s loud cries.

“Easy,” Mary replied. “We just staked the girl out as bait. We didn’t have to wait long.”

There were two thin trickles of blood flowing from the girl’s battered cunt and the boy looked at Juana warily as she reached between then to scoop up some of the red liquid and suck it off her finger. Seeing that the nun wasn’t going to stop him, the boy started pounding the child faster and harder.

Juana closed her eyes and formed the name Kram in her mind. A few seconds later, the guard appeared at her side and waited for instructions.

“Wait until he’s finished,” she said nodding her head towards the rutting boy, “And then fuck the little bitch up the ass. If she wants to cry, I’ll give her something to cry about.”

Kram smiled sadistically and nodded his head.

Juana turned to Mary and said, “Come to my office. We need to talk.”

Juana had just sat down behind her desk and motioned for Mary to take a seat, when the door opened and Sister Isa came into the room, leading a strange looking demon. Apart from its face and its cock the creature was covered in thick black hair and stood over 6 foot tall Its hands had long thin fingers but in place of its little finger was a wicked looking talon.

Its feet were hoofed like the Master’s and it looked straight at Juana, and in a thick voice said, “The Master commands me to take your orders.”

Juana nodded and said, “You’ve seen the security cameras?”

“Yes,” the demon replied.

“I want them converted into web cameras,” the Mother Superior began. “Mount them on some from of stand or tripod with long leads so we can move them to where we want.”

As the demon nodded his head, she continued, “Next, we need a web site. A pay site that’s untraceable. All the money goes straight into the Master’s account. Can you do it.”

Nodding again, he repelled, “The server holding the web site will be in Hell. No one will be able to trace where the camera images come from. The rest is easy.”

Juana smiled and commanded, “Do it.”

She dismissed Isa and the demon and turned back to Mary.

“Do we have transport?” she asked.

“An unmarked van,” Mary confirmed. “Its parked in the alley out the back.”

“What about normal street wear?” was the next question.

“Not really,” Mary replied. “Although our receptionist has every day clothes.”

“We have a receptionist?” Juana asked in astonishment.

“Wait there,” Mary said, getting to her feet. “I think you might recognize her.” When Mary came back to the office, Juana immediately recognized the girl with her. “Sarah,” she said in surprise as the got up from the chair.

Sarah had been a newlywed who had taken a wrong turning with her car one stormy night and ended up at the Cloistered Convent of the Marionite Sisters. The nuns had killed her new husband as she watched and converted the girl to Devil worship. Juana kissed her full on the mouth and was delighted when Sarah pushed her tongue into her mouth and raised her palm to cup her tit.

“It’s good to see you Juana,” Sarah said breathlessly as she broke the kiss. “And you,” Juana responded with genuine affection.

Sarah was dressed in a normal blouse and skirt in case anyone would want to come into the reception from the street and Juana nodded her head in approval and said, “You look perfect. I have a job for you.”

About half an hour later, Sarah left the office with a hand drawn map, a list of items, a set of van keys and a large sum of cash from the safe. Later that afternoon, Juana walked into the play area. There wasn’t much happening and she nodded and smiled at Sister Faith who was sitting on the floor with her habit puled up to her waist as she showed a little boy how to push some plastic shapes into her cunt. The child was David Martin who was 7 years old and he had been born with a malformed brain. His mental age was uncertain and he hadn’t even learned to walk yet. Faith opened her legs wider as the boy pushed his fingers into her slit, trying to get at the sphere that he had just pushed inside.

Juana made her way into the first dormitory but it was empty apart from the young girl she had watched being raped this morning. The child was still tied face down on the bed moaning continually and Juana crossed over to her and pulled her ass cheeks open. She could see that the guard had obeyed her orders and the girl’s shit hole was bloody and bruised. There was still some spunk oozing out of her raped cunt and her asshole was still open enough for Juana to see the guards cum deep inside her bowels.

The child jumped and thrashed around on the bed as she felt the nuns fingers between her legs, but Juana ignored her and pushed her thumb roughly up her shitter and at the same time jammed her first two fingers into her battered cunt. The girl screamed as Juana held her like a bowling ball and her butt rose up as far as her restraints would let her to try and lessen the pain. The Mother Superior had a sadistic grin on her face as she squeezed her fingers and thumb together and forced her nails into the child’s already tortured flesh. Fresh blood appeared and coated her fingers and she kept slowly increasing the pressure forcing more piercing screams from the retards throat. She didn’t stop until the girl gave a choked groan and passed out from the pain. As she let the child slump back down on the bed, she licked her fingers clean and went into the other dormitory.

She had wondered where all the nuns were and now she had found six of them who were crowed around one of the beds. She went over to see what was happening and found a boy tied down to the bed with Sister Bernadette squatting on top of him and taking his erect cock up her cunt as the rest looked on. Someone had sucked the child hard and tied a thin string very tightly around the base of his prick and his balls. The string was so tight that it prevented the blood from flowing back out of the boy’s cock and he was writhing in agony as the nun took her pleasure.

She suddenly began to shudder as she orgasm-ed and she sat down and held the shaft inside her until she had recovered. When Bernadette got down from the bed, Juana gasped and her own cunt began to drip as she understood the pain her sisters were inflicting on the child. His cock and balls were purple and bloated because the blood flow had been cut off and the head of his prick was red and battered. Obviously, Bernadette hadn’t been the first to fuck the child and as she watched Bernadette get down from the bed, Sister Isa climbed up and pushed the shaft into her fuck hole. The boy cried out at the stimulation of his bruised and beaten shaft and more tears flowed down his cheeks as the rest of the nuns encouraged Isa to fuck him hard and they rubbed themselves between their legs, waiting for their turn.

Sister Mary saw Juana and came over to stand beside her.

“The boy bit Sister Angela as she tried to feed him,” she explained, “So they all decided to teach him a lesson.”

As Juana nodded, she continued, “They’ve been fucking him constantly for the past two hours, and when they’re finished, they’ll get another six to take their place.”

Juana laughed and she glanced around the dormitory and glanced at a 7 year old girl tied to the corner bed.

“What’s up with her?” she asked, “And why is she wearing a diaper?”

“Dirty little bitch pisses all over the place,” Mary said. “It was easier to confine her to her bed than to clean up after her.”

“Put her back into normal put a web-cam at the foot of the bed website. A lot of people will pay to Juana thought for a few seconds and panties and keep her tied up. We’ll that will give a live feed onto the see a little girl wet her panties.”

Mary grinned and nodded her head. There was suddenly a noise and then and Juana and Mary went out to investigate. They found Sarah struggling with about a dozen heavy bags and ran to help.

“Did you get everything?” Juana asked as she led the way to her office. “Yea,” Sarah replied, “And some extras.”

The bags were all unmarked and they threw them onto the floor and began unpacking them and stacking the contents on the desk. The first few bags all contained clothes and consisted of a couple of peephole bras, lots of crotch-less panties and posing pouches for the boys. They were in the smallest sizes that Sarah had been able to find in the sex shop and Juana nodded her head in satisfaction.

“Right,” she said. “We’ll give these out to the Sisters. I want all the children dressed in them at all times. Take all their other clothes and burn them in the furnace. They either wear these or go naked.”

The other bags contained various sex toys together with some leather restraints.

“These are for us,” Sarah said as she opened the last bag. “I’m getting fed up with altar candles.”

As she spoke, she pulled out five black dildos, each 8 inches long and as thick as her wrist.

“I spent so much at the shop that the guy said he’d throw in six dildos for free,” she explained.

“He short changed you,” Mary said with a grin. “There’s only five here.”

Sarah smiled as she shook her head and raised her skirt. She was wearing a pair of black panties that were so thin that you could see right though them and the last inch of the sixth dildo could be seen sticking out of her cunt. Juana had been horny all day and hadn’t managed to do anything about it yet but the sight of Sarah’s aroused sex was too much. She lifted the bundle of sex clothes and dumped them into Mary’s arms.

“Get the retards into these,” she commanded. “If they resist, hurt them.”

As Mary left the office, Sarah was still holding her skirt up and Juana sank down on her knees. She could smell the girl’s hole as she gripped the waistband of the thin panties and skimmed them down to her ankles. As Sarah stepped out of them, she clenched her cunt muscles and slowly pushed the dildo out of her fuck hole and into Juana’s waiting hand. She caught the fuck toy and sniffed it eagerly as she stood up. As Sarah watched, Juana licked all the slime from the surface and then threw the dildo onto the chair and opened her mouth.

Sarah could see her cunt juice pool inside Juana’s mouth and she stepped forward to kiss her gently on the lips. She curled her tongue and flicked it across Juana’s soft lips, getting the first taste of her own hot hole and then dove her tongue into Juana’s open mouth. The Mother Superior gently bit down on Sarah’s tongue as it played with her own and she grabbed the girl’s ass and pulled their crotches together. Gripped by pure lust, Sarah put her arms around Juana’s neck and kissed her hard as their tongues danced together.

As they swapped saliva, Juana’s fingers moved between their bodies to unbutton Sarah’s blouse and push it off her shoulders. The girl wasn’t wearing a bra and Juana cradled her tits in her hands and rubbed the hard nipples with her thumbs. Sarah moaned into Juana’s mouth as her body turned to jelly and her cunt flooded as her erect teats were stimulated.

Juana puled her face away from the horny receptionist and said huskily, “I can smell your cunt.”

“I know,” Sarah replied. “I can smell it too.”

Juana laughed and reached out to grip the front of Sarah’s skirt and pull her back to her body. As they kissed again, Juana’s hands went around the girls waist and unfastened her skirt that dropped to the floor with a soft rustle. Sarah felt the cool air on her hot flesh and her thighs tingled as she gripped Juana’s habit at the waist and pulled it up. They had to stop kissing again to let Sarah pull the habit over the nun’s head and Juana tore off her wimple and tossed it onto the floor.

The skin of her toned calves and thighs tingled in the cool air, in contrast to the aching heat of her dripping sex and Sarah stared at Juana’s perfect body. The tight ass, and firm stomach muscles, the beautiful black hair that kissed her neck and shoulders, and her gorgeous pink cunt lips that were swollen with lust and glistening with her juice made her mouth go dry. Sarah’s fuck hole became even wetter at the sight and she reached out for a bag under the desk and pulled it open.

“I bought this as well,” she said pulling out a double-headed dildo and smiling broadly.

Juana nodded her head in approval as she plucked the fuck toy out of Sarah’s hands.

“Good idea,” she said, “But I need to cum right now honey.”

She pushed Sarah onto her knees and straddled her face. As Sarah’s tongue came out, Juana gripped the back of the girl’s head with one hand and ground her soaking slit into her face.

“Just a quick one, “ she gasped softly. “Bring me off. I’m so fucking close already.”

Sarah’s tongue slid easily inside Juana’s sloppy hole and she sucked and licked out all the juices she could while the Mother Superior used the girl’s nose like a dildo and rubbed her burning clit over it. The warm feeling spread through Juana’s butt cheeks as she masturbated on Sarah’s face, bucking her hips back and forth and covering her face with her slime.

“Nearly there,” she gasped as the tingling started and she cried out when Sarah unexpectedly pulled her face back and sucked Juana’s hard clit into her mouth and clamped it between her teeth.

“Shit,” Juana managed to say before Sarah bit down hard and rocketed the woman into orgasm.

There was a rushing noise in her ears and flashing spots like fireworks behind her eyes as Juana climaxed wildly. Sarah’s face was already soaked with the woman’s juices but now the thick girl cum poured out of Juana’s cunt and dripped from Sarah’s chin onto her tits, to run down her body and she held the Mother Superiors clit tightly between her teeth for a few more seconds before letting her go. As soon as she did so, Juana’s trembling legs gave way and she slid gently to the floor with her eyes tightly closed and her chest rising and falling rapidly. Sarah sat back on her heels until Juana began to recover and her eyes fluttered open. She was lying on her back and Sarah slid her naked body on top, rubbing their tits and nipples together and spreading the cunt slime onto Juana’s body.

Juana lifted both her hands to hold Sarah’s face steady as she licked her cum from it and when she was satisfied that the girl was clean, she smiled at her and said, “Where’s that fucking dildo?”

Sarah picked up the cunt snake and wriggled off Juana’s body to let her spread her legs apart. Juana’s fuck hole was soaking and Sarah had no trouble in pushing the latex cock into her lover’s body.

She stopped with about 6 inches buried up her tube but Juana bucked her hips up from the floor and gasped, “Deeper.”

Sarah managed to cram almost 10 inches in before she felt the dildo nudge against the woman’s cervix. Juana then reached down to hold the fuck toy inside her body while Sarah lay on the floor and scooted down to position her cunt at the other end of the dildo. She inched her butt forward and took the imitation cock slowly into her hole until she was completely full. There was still about six inches of the plastic shaft unused between their bodies as they both reached out to clasp hands and pull themselves into a seated position. They both groaned together as their fuck holes adjusted to the new position and for the next few moments, the only sound was their heavy breathing as they rocked their butts on the floor to move the dildo in and out of their cunts. Every movement forced the end of the toy against their cervixes and the plastic shaft was thickly coated with their combined juices.

Juana stopped moving and she raised her legs to encircle Sarah’s back. Although her feet couldn’t quite touch each other, she dug her heels into Sarah’s flesh and waited until the girl adopted the same position. Next, they raised their hands to grip the others upper arms and locked eyes as Juana whispered,

Sarah swallowed hard and count, “One…..Two….” Sarah tightened her grip their heels into the others back and pulled themselves forward.

They screamed together as the double headed dildo battered through their cervix and lodged in their wombs just like The Masters cock did when he fucked them. Their chests heaved and their hearts hammered inside their rib cages as the searing pain gradually receded as they looked down between their bodies. Their cunt lips were almost touching and less that in inch of the dildo that joined them was visible as they began squirming their butts again to saw the plastic shaft in and out of their bodies.

The dildo was having an effect on them but was much too slow. Juana let go of Sarah’s arms and put her hands flat on the floor behind her back. She waited until Sarah copied her example and then arched her back and bucked wildly. Sarah did exactly the same and both their butts were off the floor as they fucked themselves on the imitation cock. Their cunts were dripping their slime onto the floor as they worked towards their own climax and Sarah suddenly threw back her head screamed in ecstatic release. Juana was only seconds behind her as she too shouted her cum and they both crashed to the floor shuddering and convulsing.

Quietness returned to the room as the two women lay on the floor with their chests heaving and their eyes closed until they recovered and eased themselves backward, pulling the long dildo out of their fuck holes. As it fell free, it splashed into the huge pool of cunt cream that had formed where they had been sitting and they left it there as they climbed unsteadily to their feet.

Debbie Foster was 11 years old and the eldest of the children in the home. She had been born with the umbilical cord wrapped tightly around her neck, starving her brain of oxygen. The result was that she had the developing body and the looks of a healthy girl approaching her teens but with the brain of a three to four year old. She had got up that morning but didn’t well. It hadn’t helped when one of the nuns came and took all her clothes away and made her wear some strange underwear. Nobody washed her any more or talked much to her and she walked aimlessly around until a sharp pain in her stomach made her largely unused brain think about the toilet.

Somebody used to come with her to the toilet and wipe her once she was finished but now she went by herself and let her panties soak up piss that clung to her sex lips once she was finished. She didn’t have the sense to realize that she didn’t have to pull down open crotch panties to pee but she did it out of habit, letting her fingers play in the stream as she normally did. This time her fingers were tinged with red, and once she was finished pissing, a trickle of bright red blood ran out of her cunt and into the pan. The girl had no idea what a period was and the only thing she could relate to was when she had cut her finger on a knife that someone had left lying around. That had hurt, and although there wasn’t any pain from her cunt, she started crying and became very agitated.

The nuns noticed it as soon as she returned to the playroom and Sister Faith turned to Mary and said, “What’s up with her?”

Mary looked between the girls legs and said, “She’s got her period and from the way she’s acting, its probably her first.”

“Will I get her a tampon or a towel?” Faith asked.

“No,” Mary said with a grin. “Let her drip.”

By the time mid afternoon came around, Debbie had calmed down but the material around the opening in her crotchless panties was soaked with menstrual blood and the inside of her thighs were also heavily soiled. One of the dogs had come into the room and was taking a great deal of interest in the child who had to keep pushing his snout out of her crotch.

Juana was standing in the doorway and she giggled at the unwanted attention the girl was receiving from the animal. She suddenly had an idea and she closed her eyes and pictured the animal in her mind. The dog immediately left the child and sat in front of the Mother Superior, looking up into her face awaiting instructions. Within a few seconds, she could hear the click-clack of the claws of the other two dogs on the timber floor as they raced towards her.

As they all sat in front of her, Juana looked at the bleeding girl and whispered, “Fuck her.”

All three dogs instantly stood up and they padded towards the girl from three different directions, cutting off and chance of escape. While the first dog who had continually tried to lick Debbie between the legs had been a nuisance, there was something different about their eyes now. Something frightening. She tried to move to the side but one dog cut her off, and when she tried the other side, another dog stopped her. Their tongues were hanging out the corners of their mouths and she had no idea why they all had thick red things hanging down from between their back legs. The girl raised her hands and curled them into fists as she held them tight against her chest and stared at the advancing animals.

The dog in front of her bared its teeth and gave a low warning snarl and she screamed and jumped back. As she did so, the dog at her side lunged forward and gripped her bare ankle in its teeth and pulled her off balance. She collapsed onto the floor and made the mistake of getting onto her hands and knees and trying to crawl away. The first dog was on her in an instant and its front paws wrapped tightly around her waist and gripped her like a vice. Its cock was rock hard and all eight inches of it rammed up her virgin cunt in a single lunge.

She screamed loudly as her hymen was shredded and her cunt walls were forced further apart than they had ever been before.

She tried to fight him off but he was too big and too strong and she became even more terrified as the animal started to fuck her. The dog’s weight forced her shoulders to the ground and his cock came fully out of her body every time it drew back. With every forward lunge, the animal’s prick speared her fuck hole again and forced the blood that was pooling inside her body to be sprayed out. The girl moaned and groaned as she was raped and every thrust was opening her up further as the dog’s knot began to swell.

The animal fucked her at a furious rate and his knot had swollen to the size of an orange when he slammed it deep and held still. Debbie cried out as the white hot demon spunk lanced into her cunt and her body twisted and writhed around the shaft inside her body.

The other two dogs were waiting their turn at the girl and one of them crawled beneath her raised butt and lapped at her hole. The fucking dog was still pumping his load into the girl with his knot making an effective plug. After a few moments, the knot began to shrink and the animal’s cock pulled back

with an audible plop. The child groaned as a torrent of blood stained dog cum poured out of her cunt and splattered onto the floor between her knees. Before she could even think about moving, the second dog mounted her and began fucking her. The pain in her cunt was beginning to lessen as it had stretched as much as it had to, to accommodate the animal’s shaft and although her brain didn’t function the way it should, there was nothing wrong with the rest of her body. Her clit had swollen out of its protective sheath and her cunt had juiced up.

She would have had no idea what the word aroused meant, but the feeling coming from between her legs was making her very happy. She had stopped struggling and she was moaning now for pleasure as the second dog stroked his prick in and out of her cunt. The animal beneath her was still lapping at her hole and driving her wild as the long tongue rasped over her clit. The dog cum and her own secretions made it easy for the animal inside her and she began to push back as she felt its knot start to swell.

A few other nuns had gathered around Juana to watch the child being raped, and Kate suddenly said, “Fuck, the little bitch is enjoying it.”

Debbie moaned and she instinctively pushed back with her hips and took the animal’s shaft deeper. The feeling between her legs was getting better and better and she had never felt as good in her life. Suddenly she orgasm-ed and the intensity of her cum took her breath away. She had no idea what was happening to her and why her body was shaking. She was only aware of the ecstasy between her legs and she never wanted that feeling to go away.

She cried out incoherently as the dog continued to pound on her cunt and let herself be carried away on a sea of delicious waves of pleasure.

All too soon however, her cum began to recede despite the thrusting prick in her fuck tube and she moaned her frustration. She felt as it she would never be that happy again and tears welled up in her eyes. As she sobbed, she became aware that the tingling between her legs hadn’t totally gone away but that it was just less pleasurable that it as. What’s more, the glorious tingling was beginning to build up again and she sniffed loudly and stopped crying as she rocked her hips backward again at the dog cock pistoning in and out of her cunt.

The first animal had left her stretched and soaking and she had no trouble in taking the swelling knot of the dog that was fucking her. Her bloody hole gripped the swelling tightly and the dog turned its head to the ceiling and howled loudly as he filled her cunt tube with his slime. He stood still for the next few moments and kept spurting his cum into her tightly plugged hole. The third dog was aware that he was next and he pranced impatiently around the girl waiting for the other dog to withdraw. Eventually the knot shrank and as a river of thin dog spunk ran out of her, the third dog mounted Debbie’s back and drove his prick up her cunt.

“Yes,” she gasped as her cunt lips were forced apart again.

This was the first time in her life that she had uttered a coherent word and as she was fucked, Juana walked over and sat on the floor beside her.

“Is that nice?” she asked.

It took a few minutes for the question to register on the child’s brain and for the second tine in her life, she said, “Yes.”

“It’s called fucking, “Juana said. “Can you say that word?”

The dog was pounding the girl’s cunt at an astonishing pace and the tingling was building up nicely as Debbie fought to make sense of Juana’s words. “Fucking,” Juana repeated.
A few moments later, Juana was ready to give up when Debbie looked at her and said, “Fucking.”

Juana clapped her hands in delight as she corrupted the child even more, but before she could say anything else, Debbie cried out and her body started to shudder. As she writhed beneath the dog’s hairy belly, the animal took a tighter grip with his front paws around her waist and jammed his cock up her until it was slamming into her cervix. Instead of pain, it produced fresh waves of delight in the child and she groaned continually as she convulsed.

Juana remained silent and still until the girl began to recover from her climax and she whispered, “Do you want the dog to cum up you?”

Debbie looked at her in confusion and Juana rephrased the question.

“Do you want the dog’s hot juice inside you?” she asked.

The child nodded enthusiastically and Juana said, “Tell him to fuck you then. Shout, fuck me doggie.”

Again it took a few seconds for Debbie’s brain to process the instruction and her voice was thin and reedy as she spoke a sentence for the first time.

“Fuck me doggie,” she cried.

As the animal pounded her and she felt the knot form inside her fuck tube, she threw back her head and shouted continually, “Fuck me. Fuck me.”

The animal’s knot plugged her cunt as it shot its load into her battered cunt, and Juana gently pulled Debbie’s hand from the floor and pushed it between the girl’s legs. She made Debbie rub her own clit and kept her doing it as the dog pulled free. She groaned in disappointment at the empty feeling in her cunt but her befuddled brain eventually worked out that her fingers were giving her the same feelings that the animal’s cock had done. When Juana took her hand away, Debbie’s fingers kept rubbing her clit until she orgasm-ed for the third time.

The mother superior smiled happily to herself as she left the child twitching on the floor and lying in a pool of dog spunk and her own cum.

Sarah had been passing through the dormitory and saw a baby boy lying in a cot. He was wearing only a diaper and as she crossed over to him, it was immediately obvious that something had gone seriously wrong with the baby’s development. It’s body was twisted and it drooled continually and didn’t react to her presence.

She tore open the tapes holding the diaper and let it fall open. He was wet but hadn’t soiled the diaper yet and she lowered the side of the cot and sucked his hairless little cock into her mouth. As she sucked, she felt hands on her butt and looked around to find the little rapist boy looking up her skirt.

He boy took a step back when he realized that she’d seen him but she said, “Its okay baby. Are you looking for some cunt?”

The child didn’t understand what she said but her tone of voice indicated that she wasn’t angry and he watched as she reached beneath her skirt and skimmed off her panties.
She turned back to pick the baby up in her arms and she dropped to her knees and laid the baby on the floor. As she got onto her knees and elbows and lifted her ass in the air, she pulled her skirt up to her waist and bent her head forward to suck the baby’s prick back into her mouth.

Her hairless cunt was juicy and the little rapist eyed it hungrily. He stepped forward and pushed his hard cock against her swollen cunt lips and gave a gentle shove until it eased into her tight and slippery hole. She let out a small whimper as he pushed more in until his balls were jammed against her cunt lips.

As soon as he was inside her, the boy started fucking her like an alley cat. He thrust in and out and at the same time his hips seemed to rotate and Sarah groaned around the baby’s cock as she got more and more aroused. The boy was grunting and squealing and Sarah prayed that he didn’t cum before she did. She dropped her hand between her legs and rubbed furiously at her burning clit as the rapist pounded her.

She was getting very horny and she sucked the baby’s balls into her mouth as well as its cock. The infant began crying but she really didn’t care if she hurt the baby or not. The familiar rush was building up between her legs and she squeezed and twisted at her clit until her climax exploded inside her. She had just started to cum when the boy shot his load into her hole and then calmly pulled out and walked away, leaving her body thrashing and trembling on the floor.

When she had recovered, she stood up and stared at the baby still lying on the floor. It was bawling loudly and its cock was covered in blood where she had bitten it during her cum. She shrugged her shoulders and dumped the infant back in the cot and went out of the dormitory with spunk already running down the inside of one of her legs. As Sarah walked into the play area from the dormitory, the first thing she saw was young Kimberly on her hands and knees on the floor and one of the dogs had its nose buried between her legs. The crotchless panties were stretched over the girl’s butt and the slit had pulled open giving the animal good access.

Kimberly was 7 years old, and was whimpering with fear as the dog licked her. Her arm and leg movements were uncoordinated and she could only move around very slowly and was finding it impossible to escape the animals tongue. Sarah watched for a few moments and she grinned as she pushed her hand below her skirt and thrust two fingers up her sloppy cunt.

For some minutes the dog pillaged the child’s cunt and ass and her cries punctuated by an occasional cry of pain when the big animal intentionally caught her tiny cunt with a tooth if she tried to move too much. Sarah groaned softly as she masturbated and she watched the dog pull back and throw himself onto Kimberly’s back. As he did so, Sarah caught a glimpse of the thick red cock hanging down between the animals legs and she waited expectantly.

The dog was having some trouble because every time he thrust towards her sex, Kimberly would shuffle forward on her knees and although he growled menacingly, he wasn’t in a position to nip her. Sarah was furious that the girl was refusing the cock of one of her masters beasts and she strode across the room and stood on the back of the girls hands that were pressed onto the floor. She raised herself up on her tiptoes to put all her weight on the child’s hands preventing her moving and Kimberly screamed in pain.

She screamed even louder when the tip of the animal’s impressive cock just barely penetrated her sex lips and the dog gave a little surge and sent almost an inch of thick cock into the preteens virgin cunt. She howled as if being disemboweled and Sarah licked her lips in anticipation. The dog looked up into Sarah’s face and she could swear that it had a sadistic grin as he arched his back and surged forward like a coiled spring.

In an single thrust the animal’s prick surged deep into Kimberly’s tiny cunt, destroying her hymen completely and forcing a piercing scream from her throat. Another jerk and then another and the dog’s entire cock was encased in the tight wet vice that was the child’s fuck hole and he turned his head to the ceiling and howled in delight.

Once the scream died in the child’s throat Kimberly became completely silent. She was in shock, unable to draw a breath as the massive shaft tore into her cunt, but she gasped as the dog withdrew his cock and then rammed it all the way in again. The animal’s thick shaft was dripping with pre-cum and the surface was streaked with the little girl’s blood.
Sarah’s cunt was now a sopping mass and she lifted up the hem of her skirt as she masturbated furiously. The dog never broke his rhythm, but his nose twitched and he bent his head forward to lick at the spunk that was clinging to the inside of Sarah’s leg.

As his long tongue got higher and higher, Sarah savagely pulled her cunt open with both hands and gasped, “Lick my cunt boy. Lick me out while you rape your little bitch.”

She was still standing on Kimberly’s hands holding her immobile as the animal’s tongue wormed its way up her soaking cunt. As he licked, his hindquarters were moving in a blur as he. Jack-hammered into the shaking the child. Kimberly finally found her voice again and her scream was followed by several pitiful sobs as the animal pounded his shaft into her immature cervix.

The child’s cries inflamed Sarah even more and her cunt positively drooled. As the dog used his tongue to fuck her fuck hole, Sarah’s hand snaked toward her shitter and she drove a finger into her bowels.

“Rape her boy,” she muttered. “Tear up her tight little cunt and fuck her to death.”

As she encouraged the animal to defile the little girl, she jammed a second finger up her asshole and groaned as the familiar rush began to build up. The dog’s tongue slithered out of her cunt and began to lap at her throbbing clit causing her to gasp loudly. Sarah’s mind was in turmoil as her holes were stimulated. She wanted to watch the child in front of her being savagely raped but her cunt was demanding a cum. She tried to stave it off as long as possible and pulled her fingers out of her shit hole. It proved to be ineffectual however and the animal’s tongue rasping over her hard clit was enough to detonate her climax. She cried out loudly as her body shuddered and her cunt cream flowed like thick water down her shapely legs at such a rate that even the dogs long tongue couldn’t capture it fast enough.

The dog’s aching balls were rumbling as he fucked the child faster and faster. His knot inflated and began to bang for entrance at the child’s cunt. She screamed loudly as the animal tried to squeeze his knot into her body and the muscles inside her tube automatically tensed but the demon dog wouldn’t be denied. His powerful hindquarters rammed harder making the child’s flawless little butt cheeks jiggle as the huge dog continued his assault. Kimberly’s eyes were screwed shut but the tears still flooded
down her cheeks as her battered cunt was pounded. Every savage lunge of
the dog’s prick opened her fuck hole just a little further until a powerful thrust drove the knot fully into her cunt. The child tried to scream again but the agony between her legs forced the air out of her lungs and her mouth hung open as she gasped for breath.

Sarah was just recovering from her orgasm and her body thrilled when she realized that the child was in severe pain. Kimberly wasn’t going anywhere now that she had been speared by the animal’s cock and Sarah moved her feet away from the little girl’s hands and knelt down on the floor. She lowered her head and looked under Kimberly’s body and the source of the preteen’s agony became obvious. The dog’s knot had swollen to the size of a softball and had clearly ripped her up inside. Although the knot formed a very effective plug in her fuck hole, the blood was pouring out of her cunt and dripping steadily onto the floor.

“Nail that fucking retard,” Sarah shouted to the thrusting dog. “Pound her little cunt and make her bleed.”

No sooner had she finished speaking, than the dog rammed his cock to full depth and went rigid. His balls exploded and his watery spunk spewed from his deeply buried prick to hose the child’s burning hole. Surprised at the molten slime flooding the depths of her abused cunt, Kimberly screamed loudly as the dog continued to empty his seed into her. Her tiny, tightly packed cunt soon could hold no more and as the pressure build up, tiny and powerful spurts of dog spunk sprayed out from her bald cunt lips that were tightly sealed around the softball sized knot.

The normally clear fluid had been turned red by Kimberly’s virginal blood and it coated the inside of her legs and pooled on the floor between her knees. Seeing the animal doing so much damage to the child’s body sent Sarah over the edge again and bright colors flashed in front of her eyes as one of the most powerful orgasms she had ever experienced exploded inside her. The last thing she saw before the almighty cum forced her eyes closed was the dog’s inexhaustible spunk pouring from the little girl’s fucked and bloody hole.

A few moments later, the animal pulled out with a wet pop but Sarah didn’t see it happen because she was lying on the floor, shuddering and convulsing with almost her full hand up her soaking cunt. When she came to her senses the dog was curled at her feet lazily licking his shrinking cock and Kimberly was unconscious on the floor with red stained spunk still trickling from her ruined hole. Sarah slowly got to her feet and patted the dog affectionately before staggering out of the room.

Kevin Manson was 8 years old with a permanently vacant look in his eyes. He had been born with a rare type of autism which meant that although his body would age normally, his brain would never develop any further than the infantile stage it was at now. He was sitting on the toilet with his posing pouch around his feet as Sister Ann tried to teach him how to masturbate. She had managed to get his little cock hard and her hand was on top of his as they jointly jacked the shaft. He showed little interest at first but as it became more pleasurable, Ann was able to take her hand away and let the little by do it alone.

She didn’t know if such a young child would be able to produce any spunk and she sat back on her heels and waited. Kevin’s breathing became heavier and Ann’s eyes focused on the piss hole of his little cock as his legs trembled. He didn’t know what was happening to him but it felt good. The muscle spasms spread to his ass cheeks and his hand moved so fast that was just a blur on his prick. Suddenly he groaned and a thin watery spunk oozed out of his cock. The nun roughly knocked his hand away and sucked him into her mouth to swallow his slime and she kept sucking until every last drop was in her stomach.

Having drained the boy, Ann lost all interest in him and she left him sitting on the toilet and went to find more fun. By the end of the day, all the children had been violated in some way. Some had been raped while others had just been abused.

Later that evening, when all the children had been put to bed, some of the nuns did a final check on the dormitories to make sure they were secure. Bernadette and Janine stood in the doorway and looked around. The 7 year old in the corner bed had wet her panties and the web cam had caught it all. The urine had dried leaving a large yellow stain in the crotch of the white panties. Even although the uric acid had started to burn the tender flesh around her crotch, the shackled child couldn’t help herself as she added to her misery by wetting herself again.

Ann had taught Kevin well and his bed covers rose and fell as he jacked himself off. Another boy masturbating was the little rapist. The difference was that he had no intention of bringing himself off and his hungry eyes rested on Melody Bruce in the next bed. The little girl was five years old and she tossed and turned as she was in the grip of a nightmare. Her slow brain was reliving the pain of having her hymen ripped apart by a fuck toy that one of the nuns had rammed into her virgin cunt. The blood had crusted on her cunt lips and stained the material of her crotchless underwear.

Bernadette turned to Janine and asked, “Do you think he’s going to do her?”

Janine had seen the boy at it earlier in the day and she giggled as she replied, “That horny little bastard would fuck a knothole in a piece of wood if someone greased it up for him.”

Bernadette laughed and said, “Let’s help him.”

She squatted down on the floor and clenched her ass muscles to shit out the butt plug that was blocking her back hole. She caught the rubber toy in her hand and sniffed it before crossing over to Melody’s bed. Janine followed her friend wondering what she had in mind and she watched as Bernadette gently pulled back the covers.

Melody didn’t wake up as she lay on her back but she screamed loudly when the nun rammed the butt plug into the child’s already battered cunt. Before the young girl knew what was happening to her, Bernadette flipped her over onto her stomach and shackled one of her wrists to the leather restraint attached to the bed. Janine quickly stepped over to grab the child’s other wrist and it was quickly secured. As Melody struggled wildly, Bernadette fist thudded hard into her kidney making the child scream in pain, but it achieved the desired result and she stopped struggling enough for Janine to stuff two pillows under her stomach to raise her butt in the air. Melody continued to scream as Bernadette smiled over at the boy rapist and beckoned him over with her finger.

The boy approached warily, still stroking his hard cock and Bernadette pointed to Melody and said, “Do you want some.”

The boy didn’t understand a word she had said and Janine curled her hand into a fist and positioned it against Melody’s butt cheeks. She drew it backwards and forwards rapidly as if she were fucking the child and the boy grinned insanely and nodded his head. The nuns helped him onto the bed and he straddled Melody’s struggling body. Janine pulled the girls butt cheeks apart and Bernadette guided the boys cock to Melody’s asshole.

The butt plug would prevent him getting into her cunt, but he didn’t seem to care what he fucked provided it was hot and tight. Both nuns spat on the child’s back hole and watched as the rapist forced his stiff prick up her shitter. Melody screamed loudly, waking up any other retard who had managed to get to sleep, and the nuns smiled as the boy began pounding on her asshole.

Leaving the boy to ass fuck the young virgin, the nuns went into the other dormitory. Debbie Foster was lying awake and she watched the nuns approach. She was bitterly disappointed that they didn’t have a dog with them because the inch in her cunt was becoming unbearable and she really needed to be fucked.

Janine had seen Debbie earlier with the dogs and Bernadette had heard all about it and as they stood at the girls bed, she kicked off the covers and opened her legs. Her fuck hole was juiced and the nuns could smell her stopped and she desperately wanted her, “Pray with me baby.”

The nun began to intone, “Satan, I worship you with my hole I offer you my cunt and soul. Take them both, my asshole too Fuck me, as I pray to you.”

She tried to indicate that Debbie was to repeat what she said but the girl didn’t understand. She only knew that she was horny and she dropped her hand to rub at her clit as Juana had taught her. Janine stopped her however by gripping her wrists and the girl groaned in frustration.

Bernadette kept repeating the prayer over and over and Debbie slowly got the idea. She started to try and repeat the prayer and every time she did so, Bernadette would stroke the child’s burning cunt. If she stopped saying the words, Bernadette would stop stimulating her. Debbie may have been slow but she eventually caught on and was soon saying the prayer with the nun. Bernadette closed her mouth and took her fingers away from Debbie’s sex. The girl looked at her in confusion and the nun pointed her finger at her.

After doing this for a few times, Debbie opened her mouth and said, “Satan, I worship you with my hole I offer you my cunt and soul. Take them both, my asshole too Fuck me, as I pray to you.”

Bernadette nodded her head and began finger fucking the girl and this time she didn’t stop until Debbie was writhing on the bed in orgasm.

They left the girl in the afterglow of her cum and continued further into the dormitory. Most of the children were pretending to be asleep or were watching the nuns with terrified eyes as they passed. The boy who had had his cock and balls tied to maintain his erection was still in the same condition but had lapsed into unconsciousness. His prick was purple and bloated with the stagnant blood that was held in his veins and the head
was bruised and battered with overuse. The nuns had worked on him continually for over four hours and the bed covers between his legs was soaked and stinking from their combined cunt juices. Not only had been in agony from having his shaft tied up for so long but the restraint also prevented him from emptying his bladder that was now on the point of bursting. His body was giving him so much pain that his brain had shut down.

Janine climbed onto the boys bed and squatted over his face. She lifted the hem of her habit as she pissed onto his face, taking care to aim directly for his mouth and nose. The boy coughed and spluttered as the liquid revived him and he cried out as the agony hit him again. Tears rolled down his face and he squirmed around on the bed as much as his restraints would allow. As Janine hopped back down onto the floor, she took hold of his engorged cock in her fist and squeezed tightly. His piercing scream echoed around the
room as the agonizing pains shot through his crotch like hot knives. His cock felt like it was going to burst and he spat out the urine that had got into his mouth. He gratefully gulped down the water from the bottle that Bernadette held to his lips to get rid of the sour taste of the piss and was much too stupid to work out that all that water would eventually want to get in to his already overfull bladder.

As they walked away from him, Bernadette noticed an empty bed and pointed it out to Janine.

“Its okay,” the younger nun informed her. “The little bitch found a pen lying around and tried to stab Retep just because he had his finger up her asshole.”

As Bernadette made a disapproving tut-tut sound, Janine continued, “So Luap and Retep have taken her to the chapel to teach her some manners.”

They both laughed and Bernadette said,”Serve the little fucker right.”

Rachel Hunter eyed the two guards with dread. She didn’t know where she was or why she was here, but even with her underdeveloped brain, she knew that Luap and Retep were going to hurt her.

The girl was eight years old and had a violent behavior. She often beat up the other children, which the nuns enjoyed watching, but when she had tried to injure one of the guards, she had made a serious mistake. It didn’t matter that the guards were demons and as such she couldn’t have inflicted any actual harm on them, but the fact that she had made the attempt had to be punished.

She was shaking with fear as she watched Luap and Retep take of their clothes and throw them into the corner of the room. Somehow, it was even more frightening to the child that the demons never spoke either to her of to each other. She didn’t know what the long, thick shafts were that seemed to grow from the junction between their legs, but she had seen them stab some on the other girls with them and she knew that it was painful. She closed her legs tightly together as she sat on the floor where they had thrown her and she quietly and slowly inched herself into a corner and pulled her legs protectively up to her chest.

The room was in fact the Chapel but it bore no resemblance to its former glory. The cross had been torn down from the wall and turned upside down and the pews were stacked against one of the walls. Four stained mattresses were on the floor to give the nuns somewhere comfortable to fuck, and black candles burned on the alter.

The alter still held the large ornate bible that was open in the middle. The book was soaked through with urine as every nun had squatted over it and pissed on the pages. It had also received vast quantities of dog piss and was stinking as it began to dry out.

Luap calmly walked over to the girl and gripped her arm to pull her over to the mattress. More out of fear than and sense of bravery, Rachel tried to break free and used what slight weight she had to pull back. The demons demon strength easily pulled her to her feet however and he let go of her arm just long enough to backhand her across the face.

The slap echoed through the room and Rachel was so shocked at the blow that she was standing in the middle of the mattresses before she realized it. As Luap stepped away, Retep kicked the child hard on the backs of her legs, causing them to fly up in the air and she fell heavily on her butt.

Because she was completely flat chested, the nuns hadn’t put a bra on her and her only item of clothing was her crotchless panties. They didn’t last long however as Luap gripped the waistband and pulled the girl up into the air. He shook her like a rag doll until the material tore and she dropped naked back onto the mattress. The child screamed as the material cut into her tender flesh before it eventually ripped.

Grabbing her by the hair Luap pulled her up and onto her knees, smiling as she cried out in pain and tried to pries his steel like fingers from her head. She screamed at the top of her lungs which was probably a mistake because her mouth was wide open and Luap had little trouble in plugging it as he pushed his cock into her throat. Rachel’s screams turned into a strangulated gurgle as she fought for air and Luap tightened his grip on her hair and pulled her head back and forth, on and off his prick. He was doing it so fast that the child’s eyes were being shaken to a point to where she couldn’t see clearly and he pounded her throat making her gag and retch. Thick strands of a mixture of her throat slime and his pre-cum hung out of both corners of her mouth as he fucked her and he suddenly pulled completely out of her mouth. She gratefully gasped a lung full of air just before the back of his hand crashed into her cheek. Her head snapped to the side but the palm of his hand slapped it back around causing the strands of slime to snap and fly across the room. He slapped her another three times before ramming his shaft back down her throat and fucking her furiously.

After another few moments, he pulled out and stepped to the side. Retep grabbed the girl by the hair now and repeated the slapping process just as his friend had done and then jammed his cock into her throat.

Rachel’s cheeks were scarlet from the blows and over the next ten minutes, her throat was continually raped, punctuated only by regular beatings across the face. When Luap and Retep eventually became bored with raping her throat, they let her sink onto the mattress and Retep followed her down.

He pulled Rachel’s legs apart and his eyes widened as he saw that her little hairless cunt was no more than a 2-inch slit. Retep took a moment to stare at the erotic sight and his already solid prick grew another half an inch. He lowered his head and let his tongue slide up against the tightly closed slit and the child moaned softly in her almost unconscious state. The demon worked Rachel’s tiny hole with his tongue for a few minutes, alternating long hard licks with deep probes where he would push his tongue in to lap at her intact hymen. Her legs were draped over his back, and as her eyes fluttered open, she looked down and all she could see was the top of his face and his nose resting against her pubic bone while he ate her.


The child was so grateful that the demons had stopped hurting her for the moment, that she remained still and let Retep do what he wanted. Her face was stinging and her throat was so sore that she could hardly swallow and she grimaced in pain.

Once he had covered the little girl’s sex mound with his saliva, he lifted his head and looked up at Luap, who grinned sadistically and nodded his head.

Retep sat on the floor and pulled Rachel onto his lap with her chubby little legs around both sides of his waist. The girl had already seen one of the other children being raped and she knew that she was next. She struggled feebly against the demons strength but her position was hopeless, especially when Luap knelt down behind Retep and held her ankles.

He ran one hand around her back, pulling her close while his other hand grasped his cock and lowered it to nudge against the entrance on her cunt. Rachel’s eyes were wide open in terror as she looked down between their bodies at the thick and slimy prick. Her brain knew nothing of mathematics or even of simple arithmetic but she still was aware that something that big could never get into the hole between her legs.

His hand around her back went lower to grip her ass cheek and he pulled her forward. He did it slowly to heighten her fear and her immature cunt lips were pressed into her body as he increased the pressure. A ragged cry came from her battered throat as he speared her and the head of his prick spread her slimy cunt walls and almost two inches slid inside her body. His piss hole was pressing firmly on her hymen as he eased the pressure and looked into the poor girl’s face. Rachel’s eyes were cast downward, glued to the shaft that was invading her body when she became aware that Retep had stopped pulling her forward. As she lifted her head and saw his sadistic grin, he jerked her forward and rammed his prick all the way up her cunt. Her hymen was shredded and her tightly closed cervix proved to be no barrier as it was ripped apart and the head of the demon’s prick lodged itself in her womb.

The child threw back her head in agony as she was penetrated and she screamed hysterically. The pain in her cunt was unimaginable and as the demon looked down at where that were joined, Rachel’s blood began to bubble out around
his shaft. Her body was shaking in shock as Luap let go of her ankles and Retep started pulling her bloody hole on and off his prick. Both hands now gripped her ass, taking a cheek in each hand as he pulled her unresistant body faster and faster.

Rachel eyes were threatening to roll up into her head as he fucked her and he could fell his spunk begin to boil. This wasn’t the plan however and he slowed down and eventually stopped. He grinned as he looked down at the bloody mess that once had been a beautiful and innocent cunt and he allowed himself to fall backwards and took the girl with him. He was now lying on his back with Rachel on top and her legs straddling his hips. Because he had stopped fucking her, the child’s eyes fluttered open and she started sobbing as the pain sensations hit her again.

As she lay on top of the demon with her own body weight keeping her cunt on his cock, Retep gripped her ass cheeks and savagely pulled them apart as much as he could. The little girl hardly reacted because the pain from her ass was nothing compared to the agony pulsing out of her fuck hole like a stabbing knife. She was dimly aware that Luap was crouched down behind her and was spitting onto her shit hole. When Luap jammed his finger up her asshole however, her head snapped up and she began to struggle feebly. She was unsure what else they were going to do to her but the finger up her back hole made her blood run cold.

Luap rubbed the head of his prick against the tiny closed opening of her shitter for a few minutes letting the feel of it harden him even more and spreading his saliva around her entrance. He pressed harder against her asshole and reached up to grab her hair and pull her backwards. Careful not to dislodge Retep’s cock he pushed with all his strength, bringing fresh cries of torture from the child and it took four tries before the tip of his shaft forced its way into her bowels.

The little girl had never conceived that such agony could exist. Her head thrashed from side to side and drool ran out of her mouth as her every nerve end she had rocketed sensations of extreme pain to her brain.

Luap was laughing as he tightened his grip on her while he tried for maximum penetration. He could feel every ridge of Retep’s prick on the other side of the thin membrane that separated them and the thick cock in her cunt was making her asshole even tighter. Luap gritted his teeth as he drove forward again and managed to get four inches up her back hole.

He stopped to rest for a few minutes and Retep started slapping Rachel’s face to keep her conscious. Taking a deep breath, Luap lunged forward again and managed to bury another two inches. Blood was now flowing freely out of both of Rachel’s holes as Luap drew back and then rammed himself ball deep up her shit hole.

As Retep continued slapping her, they both started fucking her with long strokes that inflicted the maximum pain to her already racked body. As the two guards sawed the child in half with their cocks, Rachel had been driven insane with agony and her body only twitching occasionally in spite of Retep’s repeated slapping. Both Retep and Luap were getting close because she was so tight and they knew that they weren’t going to be able to keep her conscious much longer. Retep came first as he gritted his teeth and jammed his cock fully up her cunt. His hot spunk sprayed straight into her womb and the twitching of his spurting shaft set Luap off. He groaned loudly as his slime splattered into her shit hole and coated the walls of her back tube.

Both demons were breathing heavily as they pulled the unresistant body from their pricks and left the child face down on the mattress. With her holes now empty, rivers of blood flowed out of her openings and washed out the thick spunk.

They left her there, not caring if she bled to death or not. If she was still alive in the morning they would double fuck her again and this time they wouldn’t be so gentle!

Debbie was not meant to be out of her dormitory. It was late in the evening but the little girl’s cunt was itching and she was desperately looking for a cock. When she had sneaked into the corridor, she had assumed that she would find one of the dogs or a guard who would fuck her but it was deserted. As she made her way further along the corridor, she eventually reached the nuns sleeping quarters and she could hear voices inside. She was very frightened and she really wanted to bolt back to the safety of her bed but her fuck hole was wet and demanded satisfaction.

As quietly as she could, she reached out her hand, twisted the door latch and pushed it open. As her eyes took in the sight before her, she smiled as she realized that she had come to the right place. Most of the nuns were either naked or partially clothed and all three dog’s were in use as an assortment of sex toys. The room stank of sex and Debbie stepped inside.

Juana caught the movement out of the corner of her eye and she nudged Mary who was sitting beside her.

“We have a visitor,” Juana said as Mary followed her eyes and stared at the child coming into the room. Mary made to stand up but Juana laid a restraining hand on her arm and shook her head. Sister Bernadette had told The Mother Superior about teaching the young girl The Devil’s prayer and Juana had been impressed and pleased. Impressed that the retard had managed to say and remember the prayer, and pleased because it contributed to the preteen’s unholy conversion.

“Let’s see what she does,” she said.

Debbie knew exactly what she wanted and she walked straight up to Kram, who was standing in the middle of the room fingering Sister Angela’s cunt, and dropped onto her hands and knees on the floor. Her hairless slit was soaking wet and the juice glistened on her outer lips as she looked over her shoulder at the guard and uttered one of the very few phrases that she understood. “Fuck me,” she said simply.

As Kram pulled his fingers out of Angela’s wet hole with a loud plop and grinned down at the preteen at his feet. When he knelt down behind her, Juana got to her feet and joined them. Debbie looked at the Mother Superior with anxiety, hoping that she wasn’t going to take the guards cock from her, but smiled to herself when Kram’s prick nudged against her dripping cunt and began to slide inside.

Juana waited until the demon’s balls were pressing against the child’s cunt lips before she bent forward with her mouth close to Debbie’s ear.

“You’re becoming a dirty fucking slut, aren’t you baby?” Juana said.

Debbie arched her butt to take an extra few millimeters up her fuck hole as she looked at the nun with a stupid smile on her face.

Kram gripped her hips and started screwing the young girl as Juana repeated, “You’re a dirty fucking slut. Tell me you’re a dirty fucking slut.”

Debbie didn’t understand the meaning of Juana’s words but she quickly got the message when the nun looked up at Kram and shook her head. The guard immediately pulled his cock out of the child’s burning hole and sat back on his heels.

Debbie cried out in dismay at the empty feeling in her cunt but paid full attention when Juana said again, “You’re a dirty fucking slut. Tell me you’re a dirty fucking slut.”

The retard had a puzzled look on her face and Juana pointed her finger at her and said louder, “Dirty fucking slut.”

Debbie’s mouth worked slowly for a few moments as she struggled with the unfamiliar words and then said haltingly, “Dirty……fucking……slut.”

“Again,” Juana commanded.

This time the words came easier and the girl said, “Dirty fucking slut.”

Juana’s eyes shone brightly as she successfully corrupted the child further and she nodded to the guard to rose up smoothly onto his knees and slammed his shaft back into Debbie’s cunt.

She sighed contentedly and looked straight at Juana and said easily, “I’m a dirty fucking slut.”

Juana threw back her head and laughed as the demon took a firmer grip of Debbie’s hips and really pounded her. Within a few moments, the girl felt the familiar tingling build up between her legs and she closed her eyes and waited on the rush. She had never envisaged that her boring life in this strange world that she couldn’t fully understand could have such pleasure as an orgasm. Her clit throbbed and she could feel her blood coursing through her veins, as her tingling became almost unbearable. This was the best part of her cum. Her body tensed and shuddered in preparation of her climax and time seemed to stand still as all her senses were heightened to an unbelievable level. Just as she thought her brain was going to overload with the sensory input, her orgasm erupted inside her and her body convulsed and her head thrashed from side to side.

Kram was nowhere near ready to cum yet but he slowed down his thrusts until the child started to recover and then picked up the pace again. She moaned as he did so and Juana crawled back to watch Kram’s cock slide in and out of the little girl’s tight cunt. The shaft was covered with Debbie’s thick fuck cream and Juana licked her lips at the sight and at the smell that was rising up and into her nose. As she moved forward, she watched Debbie’s tight little virgin asshole bulge and flex with every savage thrust of the demon’s prick in her cunt.

She licked her fingers and slid them down between their rutting bodies and began to massage the rim of her tightly closed shit hole. She had no idea how the girl would reach to having her back hole stimulated but Debbie acted like a complete slut and moved to give her better access. She had been on her hands and knees and dropped her body down to the floor to until it was supported on her knees and elbows and she thrust her butt higher into the air, which pulled her ass cheeks apart. Juana brought her fingers back to smell them before wetting them again and pushing them back between the child’s open butt cheeks.

This time her finger pressed harder and Debbie gasped as it slid up her shitter. Throughout her life, her asshole had been strictly one way traffic but she loved the feeling of Juana’s finger up her back hole. The preteens shit tube gripped her tightly and Juana had to finger for a while before the muscles began to relax and she was able to add a second finger. Debbie’s hole tightened up again but slowly loosened and Juana looked up at Kram and smiled. Her meaning was clear and he pulled his thick cock from her hairless cunt with an obscene slurp as Juana spat on the child’s stretched puckered hole to moisten her more for her impending sodomizing.

Debbie was unsure what was going to happen, but because getting her asshole fingered felt nearly as good as getting her cunt stimulated, she stayed still and let Juana and the demon abuse her.

Satisfied that the little girl was properly lubed up, Juana pulled her fingers out and Kram pressed the head of his cock against the brown rim of her shitter and began pushing forward. His cock was covered with thick and slippery girl cum but it was still going to be a very tight fit. Debbie cried out as her dirty tube was stretched and it took over a minute for the demon to work his thick prick into her bowels. He had a very tight grip on her hips to hold her in position as a series of sharp, lancing pains blasted through her young body like electric jolts but Juana kept her calm by pushing two fingers into the girl’s cunt and finger fucking her furiously. Despite the stabbing pains in her bowels, Juana’s fingers brought the child off for a second time and by the time her body had stopped trembling, the demon had the full length of his prick buried up her asshole.

He remained in this position with his balls resting against the streaming lips of her cunt and Debbie raised her torso up until she was back on her hands and knees and panting like a dog as she struggled to accommodate his hard cock up her virgin asshole. As she

gasped for breath, Kram slowly pulled his cock back until it was nearly out of her body and then rammed it forward again, making the child cry out again as a fresh wave of pain racked her body.

As he began to fuck her, Debbie’s feeble brain had to accept the fact that she had two fuck holes and she started thrusting her butt back on to his cock. Kram began to pound in and out of her shit hole as the girl writhed beneath him. Her knees were wide apart and Juana pulled her fingers out of the girl’s front hole and slapped her hard on her hot cunt with her palm.

Debbie gasped at the incredible sensation of the slap. The stinging pain seemed to heighten the delicious feelings that radiated out from her cunt and she looked pleadingly at Juana who smiled at her and slapped her again. This time Debbie’s clit actually twitched and the tingling feeling in her cunt increased dramatically.

Kram was pounding his prick violently into her shitter when felt her body tense beneath him as she started to climax. Juana’s palm was continually slapping her cunt and the thick cock up her asshole was too much stimulation for her young body and she cried out loudly as her second cum detonated inside her.

Kram slowed down his thrusts and he looked down at the frothing mixture of saliva and his pre-cum around his shaft, which gave a very satisfying squishy, slurping sound from her bloated asshole. He was close to coming and Debbie’s body was still twitching as the last of her climax faded when he gripped her hips tightly again and picked up the pace.
He rammed his cock in and out of her shit hole, thrusting harder and until he flooded her bowels with jet after jet of molten spunk that splashed into her shitter and coated the insides of her tube.

Debbie remained on her hands and knees when Kram pulled out of her and left her with her butt in the air and demon spunk oozing out of her asshole. A few moments later, when she was still trying to recover, one of the dogs padded over and started tonguing her shitter. She moaned at the new stimulation and raised her head up just as Retep walked past. He stopped in front of her and pulled her face onto his cock. With a contented sigh, the young girl began sucking him off.

Juana watched Debbie as she sucked on the guard’s cock and spread her knees further apart on the floor to let the dog lap at her shitter. The Mother Superior’s hand was under her habit masturbating her fuck hole as the orgy developed around her when suddenly a shudder rocketed through her body like an orgasm.

She knew the cause instantly and gasped in absolute joy. “The Master is here,” she said softly.

She rushed out the room and down the stairs to the basement. Her feet carried her as fast as possible down the darkened corridor and she burst breathlessly into the small room when the doorway was located. The smallness of the room made Satan seem even larger and his presence was awesome.

As Juana skidded to a stop, she cried, “Master,” and threw herself face down on the floor in front of The Devil and prostrated herself.

Satan was just under 7 foot tall and his demonic body was covered in shaggy hair. Two horns sprouted from the top of his head and his hands had long razor sharp claws at the tips. Beneath the hair, the powerful muscles in his torso and arms rippled smoothly and effortlessly as he walked towards his slave. His cloven hooves made a sharp clipping still  on the floor.

“Arise my child,” he said with his demonic voice reverberating from the walls. “I am pleased at what you’ve done here. Arise and accept your reward.”

Everything about him was huge and that included his cock. It was 18 inches long and the main shaft was about 3 inches in diameter but flared out to a huge purple head with an open slit for a piss hole that was leaking pre-cum that dripped onto the floor in front of Juana’s head. She raised herself up and onto her knees in response to his command. Her face was in line with his enormous prick and she eyed it hungrily before looking upwards at Satan’s face. She had to be very clear in her own mind what her Master meant by the word reward. Although her cunt and asshole both craved the dripping shaft waving in front of her face, she knew that if she had misunderstood his intentions, he could and would inflict the most agonizing torture on her defenseless body.

Beelzebub never smiled but at least his eyes weren’t angry looking but Juana kept a close look on his eyes as her shaking hand reached out for his cock. She breathed a heavy sigh of relief that he didn’t strike her down when her fingers closed over the hot shaft. Her body shuddered and her heart pounded as she finally realized that Satan was going to allow her to service him sexually. It was what every slave lived for and craved.

Her tongue darted out as she bent her head forward and she groaned loudly as the demon’s pre-cum flowed over her tasted buds. Her cunt had been soaking wet but her slime now ran down the inside of her legs as she wrapped her mouth over the cock. It was much to thick for her to get into her mouth but she managed to take the head and the tip of her tongue probed at his piss hole looking for more of the delicious pre-cum.

She jacked the shaft as she licked and sucked and The Devil let her have her fill until he eventually pulled his shaft away. Juana knew that she was about to get fucked and she pulled her habit over her head and tore off her wimple as she scrambled to her feet. Satan lifted her effortlessly with his talon-ed hands under her arms and as he pulled her body close, he could feel her cunt juice drip out of her hole and onto his cock. She looked down between their bodies as she was lowered and opened her legs wide.

A shudder went through her body as the molten prick first touched the outer lips of her drenched cunt and she cried out loudly as the huge shaft thrust up her hole. Her mouth hung open and her body was tossed about like a rag doll as Satan thrust savagely in and out of her cunt. The huge shaft forced her cunt walls wide apart and there was a loud slurping and sloshing noise as the head rammed in and out. Her cervix was being battered and the thrill of having The Masters cock inside her body brought her to a shattering orgasm. As she sprayed her cunt ream out of her hole and all over The Devil’s crotch, he paid her the ultimate compliment of pulling her off his cock and blasting his hot spunk into her face.

Juana was nearly senseless as her climax consumed her but the effect of the demon spunk on her face was electric and her eyes flew open and she cried, “Oh thank you Master,” as she used both her hands to pull every last drop into her mouth.

When she had recovered, Satan let her get unsteadily to her feet and she led him out of the room and upstairs. When he reached the nun’s dormitory, the orgy was in full swing. Debbie was still on her knees but now had Retep fucking her from the back while the other two guards and the three dogs were pleasuring some other nuns. As Satan came through the door, after Juana, the guards and dogs instantly stiffened and made to move to his side.

Anticipating their reaction, The Devil raised his hand indicating that they should continue was they were. All the nuns who were not currently being speared by human or canine cocks threw themselves at The Master’s feet. Some were on all fours with their cunt and assholes raised in the air whilst others flopped on their back with their feet on the ground and their backs arched high in the air. All were hoping that Satan would fuck them and they looked at his prick with envious eyes.

The Devil cast his eyes around the room and his eyes fell on Debbie who was still getting pounded by the guard but was looking towards the demon with obvious fear.
The concept of good and evil, God and The Devil, meant nothing to the child but she had never seen anything that looked like Satan before.

As Beelzebub realized that the child was a retard, his cock twitched and his mouth watered at the prospect of fucking her. As he moved towards her, Retep saw him coming and pulled out of Debbie’s body and stepped to the side. The girl’s eyes were wide at his approach and Satan’s eyes began to flash red to mesmerize her.

Satan possessed many powers, and one of them was the ability to instantly hypnotize anyone he came in contact with. Juana had been watching her Master and suddenly realized what he was about to do. She completely forgot herself and reached out to grip his arm as she shouted, “NO!”

The Devil’s response was instant and instinctive. Her grip was easily shaken off and a wave of his hand sent her naked body crashing into the wall behind her. Stunned, her limp body slid down the wall and a thin trickle of blood ran out the corner of her mouth where she had bitten her tongue.

He strode across the room and stood over her. “You dare to touch ME!?” he raged as he raised an arm threateningly. “You dare to say NO to me! Unworthy and ungrateful slave I will…..”

Juana’s senses returned to her as he ranted over her and she threw herself face down on the ground and her muffled voice pleaded, “Forgive me Master, I did not mean any disrespect but I beg you please do not mesmerize the retard.”

Satan lowered his arm slowly and asked, “Why?”

Juana was brave enough to lift her head from the floor and look up at the beast. For the first time, she ignored the huge cock that filled her vision and replied, “Because it would mean nothing, and it could mean so much.”

Satan’s face wrinkled in confusion as he said, “Explain.”

Her neck hurt in this position but she dared not sit up and she continued, “It would mean so much more if she gave herself to you willingly.”

“No retard has ever worshiped me,” he said with certainty, “And they probably never will.”

Juana now raised her head further and looked straight at Debbie. Locking eyes with her she said, “Debbie, what are you?”

The puzzled look returned to the child’s face and Juana repeated, “What are
you Debbie.”

Suddenly a look of understanding crossed her face and she smiled and replied, “I’m a dirty fucking slut.”

Juana took a deep breath in relief and she nodded her head. “Now pray for me Debbie,” she commanded, “Pray.”

The child looked confused again and Juana repeated, “Pray Debbie, pray.” After a few hesitant starts, Debbie opened her mouth and said,

“Satan, I worship you with my hole I offer you my cunt and soul.  Take them both, my asshole too Fuck me, as I pray to you”

The Devil was clearly impressed and his anger evaporated as he motioned with his hand for Juana to get to her feet and he asked, “Are you sure that she will give herself freely?”

“No,” Juana admitted, as she wiped the trickle of blood away from her mouth with the back of her hand, “But I think its possible.”

“Very well,” he said after thinking for a few seconds.

There was a pile of cushions and pillows in the corner reclined on them and accepted the mouths of two of the Juana turned back to Debbie and she could see that the frightened her too much for her to be aroused. She would have to change that and she attracted Mary’s attention and also Faith’s and pointed to the girl. The nuns understood and they crossed over to her and gently pulled her onto the floor. Debbie was naked and their hands rubbed all over her body before concentrating on her sex.

Mary soon found the young girl’s clit and rubbed it for a few seconds before moving her head forward. Debbie moaned and opened her legs further as the nun circled it with her tongue. This was what she needed to get that tingling feeling and although she watched The Devil warily, she squealed in delight as Mary’s tongue did its work. The sisters had already found out that Debbie liked to have her asshole played with and Faith lay on her stomach and spat on her finger before pushing it between the girl’s butt cheeks. Debbie was beginning to get that familiar rush from Mary’s tongue and she pushed her hips in the air and arched her back. This gave Faith some extra room and she pushed her finger deep into the young girl’s shit hole and started fingering her.

Debbie parted her knees as much as she could, which opened up her wet cunt to Mary’s probing tongue and she moaned loudly as she approached her climax. She felt like her whole body was shrinking down into a point right between her legs and Mary’s tongue licked up and down her slit, sliding her tongue over the preteens cunt lips and probing inside her hole. Her breathing was ragged and her eyes closed as Faith’s finger went deeper into her asshole and Mary turned her attention back to Debbie’s throbbing clit.

Debbie was so horny and her cunt tingled so intensely that she was almost unaware of anything else. She cried out the words that were second nature to her. “Fuck me,” she shouted.

Her cum erupted deep inside her sex and her shit hole clenched tightly around Faith’s finger as her cunt went into spasm and sprayed her sweet girl cum into Mary’s mouth. The nun slurped down every last drop of Debbie’s slime and kept tonguing her until her slit was squeaky clean. As her orgasm began to recede, both Mary and Faith got to their feet and walked back across the room to stand beside Juana.

It took a while for Debbie to recover and she looked around the room at the other nuns who were mostly engaged is some form of fucking. All three dogs were in use and so were a good number of candles and dildos. Kram was on his back as an old nun bounced her cunt up and down his prick and Debbie looked for the other two guards and found them standing beside Satan. Two nuns were still suckling on The Devil’s cock and Debbie licked her lips in apprehension. Even although she had just climaxed, her sex was still demanding more.

Mary’s tongue had been good, but the preteen craved the feeling of hot spunk shooting into her fuck hole. The only two shafts available to her were Retep and Luap, but she wished that they weren’t so close to the large beast. Her lust overcame her fear however and she got to her feet and went slowly towards them. Satan glanced at Juana before looking back at the girl and following her movements carefully. The two guards were standing one on either side of their Master, just as Juana had instructed then to and the Mother Superior held her breath.

It really didn’t matter which one Debbie went to as they both knew what to do. They were both naked and Debbie stopped in front of Retep and sank to her knees. She had become quite the cocksucker in the past few days and she eagerly slurped his prick into her mouth. As she worked on his shaft, Sister Angela pulled her mouth away from Satan’s cock and shuffled to the side to give Luap some head. This left Sister Martha sucking on her Master’s prick and they stayed like that for long minutes with the only sound being the sucking and slurping of their mouths.

Unseen by Debbie, Juana lightly tapped Martha on the shoulder and she reluctantly spat out Satan’s cock and got her feet. She knelt back down on the other side of Retep and joined Debbie in licking his cock. Gradually Martha took more and more control of the situation until Retep’s prick was buried in her throat and Debbie could only sit back on her heels and watch. The girl glanced over to Luap but Angela’s mouth was glued to his crotch and she rubbed her cunt with her fingers as she looked around the room for
an available cock.

The frustration was clear on her face as she saw that all the dogs and the other guard were in use and her eyes were drawn, against her will, to Satan’s massive shaft that was rigid and dripping with pre-cum. She glanced up at his demonic face and felt a new fear grip her chest, but her cunt was drooling at the sight of his available prick. She shuffled slowly forward and The Devil’s evil eyes watched her closely. She was so close now that he could feel her hot breath on his cock and the cheeks of his ass tightened involuntary as she bent her head forward.

He had to keep telling himself that this was a retard in front of him and that he hadn’t mesmerized her. Juana new that this was important to him but she had no idea how significant it actually was.

Centuries ago, God had declared that retards were his attempt to create individuals who would be more responsive to his instructions and laws. They would not be concerned with the cares of every day living and would not be selfish enough to put their interests and needs before Gods. Because of this, he considered them special and called them “His Chosen.”

Ever since then, no retard had given himself or herself voluntarily to Satan. He had tortured some, killed some and mesmerized others to his will, but they didn’t count. If Debbie gave herself to him, Gods chosen people would cease to be special in his eyes and he would have lost a major battle in the war of good verses evil.

All this raced through Satan’s brain in a fraction of a second, and he found himself holding his breath as the preteens tongue flicked out of her mouth and dipped into the pool of pre cum around his piss hole. The slime tasted exquisite to the child. Stronger than any of the guards, or the dogs, but absolutely wonderful.

Her young mouth could never open enough to take the head of the enormous shaft inside and she contented herself by licking it all over and making sure that all the slime bubbling out of his piss hole was slurped into her mouth.

The preteens cunt was soaking and her juices were running down the inside of her legs as she sucked. The itch deep inside her was begging for a cock and was driving the child crazy with desire until eventually she couldn’t stand it any longer. She released Satan’s cock and struggled to her feet. There was still fear in her eyes as she gazed into his face but she took a deep breath and opened her mouth.

“Fuck me,” she said.

The King of the Demon’s stood up slowly. The amount of pre-cum that was running out of his cock illustrated his arousal and he lifted the girl effortlessly and she opened her legs wide as he pulled her towards his cock.

As her dripping cunt nudged gently against his shaft, Juana knelt down on the floor with her face only inches away from where they were about to be joined and she hardly dare breath as she waited.

Satan looked down at her hairless cunt, swollen with lust and as he looked back at her face she said again, “Fuck me.”

Debbie’s breath came in gasps as he pulled her towards him and she tried to overcome the pressure and pain of taking The Devil’s shaft into her hole. As his cock head popped into her cunt, Juana could see the extreme size that her fuck hole had stretched to, and her cunt lips closed tightly over the head and held it into her body.

Many much older and much more experienced women had shown fear by now as their cunt walls were stretched wide open but Debbie curled her hands into tight fists and kept legs spread to allow her demon lover access to her fuck hole.

Satan began working the length of his heavily ridged shaft up into the preteen cunt and inch after huge inch of the massive prick disappeared into Debbie’s body.

“Fuck her Master,” Juana said with her eyes shining. “Fill her cunt with your magnificent cock.”

He had about half of it worked into her when he began to pull back out. Debbie’s stretched thin cunt lips clung to his shaft as it withdrew from her tormented hole and as his cock head neared the entrance to her hole, it bulged out and stretched her lips even thinner. With a loud plop it came out which made Debbie shudder in a mixture of pain and pleasure and a trickle of slime ran out of her body.

Juana leaned forward as she gazed between the girl’s legs. The slit of Debbie’s cunt was almost unrecognizable now and it looked more like a round open hole and the pink flesh of her fuck tube was clearly visible. She reached out a finger to scrape up some of the slime and sucked it into her mouth as Satan pulled the girl forward again and entered her again. This time he managed to get about eight inches up her tube before halting again. The temptation was always there to ram himself fully into her body and rape her but he had to constantly remind himself that Debbie was not under his influence and that she was willing giving her body to him.

Drawing back a couple of inches, he moved forward again and Debbie withstood the pain and pleasure mix until all of his cock had wedged itself up her now stretched hole.

Satan slowly began fucking the girl and gradually increased the speed of his thrusts as Debbie groaned and squirmed on his shaft. She could feel the tingling begin and the feelings of pain diminished to be replaced with pleasure. Her cunt was soaking and Satan’s prick was thickly coated with her white cunt cream that was also dripping out of her hole onto the floor. Debbie’s eyes closed as she concentrated only on the tingling that got stronger and stronger.

“Fuck me. Fuck me,” she cried as her first orgasm approached. Just before it broke over her, her eyes snapped open and she stared at The Devil as her young body convulsed.
Her spasming cunt clutched his shaft tightly and she screamed as she shuddered. The massive orgasm ripped through her body and she shuddered and sprayed her girl cum into Satan’s crotch before becoming limp. Her breathing was ragged and Satan slowed his thrusts as she recovered her senses but that wasn’t what the girl wanted. She bucked her hips furiously to encourage him to pound her again and relaxed only when he had taken a tighter grip of her sweating body and started fucking her deep again.

His prick flashed in and out of the child’s cunt and within the next ten minutes he had brought her to another two orgasms. The girl cum was squirting out from around his massive cock and soaking his crotch as he continued to fuck her and Debbie closed her eyes and surrendered totally to her lust. The girl was almost delirious by now but her legs were wrapped tightly around Satan’s hairy waist and she cried out as he began drilling her faster. She could feel the change in his thrusts and she groaned as her lazy brain told her that she was about to get hosed with the demons slimy load.

She arched her back with a loud throaty moan and tightened the grip of her legs around The Devil as he gave a mighty thrust of his huge cock and felt his spunk race out of his balls and rocked up his piss hole.

The walls of the room echoed with Satan’s roar as he shot his boiling hot spunk into Debbie’s cunt and the retarded girl’s eyes sparkled with lust as she climaxed with him. They both shuddered as one and their slime mixed in the child’s cunt. When he eventually pulled out, Debbie’s battered cunt remained open and his cum poured out of her hole as all the nuns fought for position between her legs to drink their Master’s seed.

Juana’s face was shining as The Devil approached her and she fell to her knees at his feet, thankful that her plan had worked.

“You have done more than I thought possible my child,” Satan said.

“I am your willing slave, Master,” she replied. “I live only to please you.” “Stand,” he commanded.

As she obeyed, Satan clapped his hands together and every face in the room turned towards him. He looked straight into Juana’s face and said, “You are no longer my slave.”

She looked at him in confusion as he held out his arm with his palm resting lightly on her head. A red glow came from his hand and engulfed her head as he continued, “From henceforth, you are my disciple.”

There was a collective gasp from the nuns in the room as tears of joy ran down Juana’s cheeks. She could feel the energy and power from the ruby glow, flow through her flesh and she knew instinctively that she had been changed.

She felt more alive, more vibrant and much stronger, but before she could speak, The Devil lowered his voice and said, “You now have great powers. Use them wisely Juana and only for evil.”

There was a lump in her throat and she didn’t trust herself to speak as she looked at him in adoration and nodded her head.