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Feature title: Morgan’s Demon (rewrite)
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Morgan’s Demon

Tired from a tedious day at the office, Morgan eagerly unlocked her door. Her place of work was physically and mentally draining. Walking past the kitchen, she leaves her purse on the table. Morgan finally reaches her room and threw her jacket to the hook at her left. Tossing her shoes aside she sits on the end of her bed. Sighing in relief as she begins to massage her feet.

Glad that her ordeal is finished, for the weekend at least, she gets up. Morgan opens her closet door and reaches for one of the hangars, with a semi-transparent, deep red nightgown hanging from it. The gown was imprinted with skulls and would just barely reach mid-thigh. She lays it on her bed and begins to unbutton her blouse. The tight, white tank top that is now revealed is a favorite of hers because it does not inhibit her glorious form in the least. She then slips out of her thigh length skirt showing cute, striped, red and black panties. She glances over toward her vanity mirror and smiles faintly.

Running her hands up over her voluptuous curves she removes her glasses. They are small angular frames that make her look intelligent, but without them she gains an allure. She places them on her nightstand and moves her hands to her hair. Another feature expertly executed to make her appear intelligent. She dislikes it. Having to make her appear smarter to be accepted without being a sex object. So she lets it down. It feels good. It ‘s like the final release from the strain of her workday.

She looks toward the mirror again; this time she likes what she sees. It iss more her. She is free; her hair is slightly past her shoulders, and tinted a deep burgundy. Finally feeling as herself again, she plays with her curves, dancing for herself in the mirror. Morgan kisses the mirror, leaving a black stain, and with that she retrieves the nightgown and leaves the room.

She opens the door to the bathroom and hangs her gown up. She turns on the shower and starts tugging on her top. She slips it off and admires the stark contrast of her dark nipples to her light skin. Her breasts are immaculate, so much so, she thinks, that it is amazing to think they re real. And it is insane that there isn’t a man, or woman for that matter, to help her admire them.

She slides her panties down her long legs slowly, revealing a piercing, something that she is proud to not have to remove for work. The small part of her, that stays, as she wants it. Fully nude she turns to the mirror. Oh, how she wishes everyone she works with were more than tools of the corporate monster. She really felt alone. And with that she turned and got in the shower.

The water ran exquisitely over her magnificent form, cleansing the idiocy of the office from her body. She imagined someone for herself. First, a man, and then a woman, but she couldn’t make up her mind. So she decides that anyone would be better than what she had now. And although these were her thoughts, not to be heard by others, there was one who listened. Still deep in thought she steps from the shower, dripping wet. She refrains from grabbing a towel to stare into the mirror. She is mesmerized by her own glistening countenance.

And little does she know, the listener is watching as well. She slides her hands down over her breasts and erect nipples, and starts rubbing. One hand moves further down, to her pussy. She breathes heavily, still pleading in her own thoughts for someone. And even through this she feels the room grow cold, and she stops. She lifts her gaze to the mirror and a shadow meets her, and it winks.

“What the?” she says aloud.

“I heard you,” the shadow whispers slowly. The voice feminine, but it had a strange pressure to it. So Morgan flees.

She makes it into her room and slams the door. Standing against it, completely nude, she thinks that she is finally going insane.

“It, iiiit couldd’nta been real, nnno way!” She tells herself, shivering, more out of fear than cold.

“O, but I am,” says the shadow teasingly as it slid underneath the door.

Morgan shrieks and runs to her bed, “what do you want?”

“Only to answer your prayers, my dear.” And something very solid, no longer a shadow lifts Morgan by her wrists. She is turned away with her eyes shut tight, when she feels something warm and wet against her face. She opens her eyes to see a woman with deep purple skin, two large, curling dark horns protruding from her forehead. Her full lips are black and curled into a sneer revealing her sharp canines. Her chest is massive, easily twice the size of Morgan’s, with sharp barbs through her nipples. What she feels on her face is revealed to be this demon’s tongue. However, after all this her eyes are her most alarming feature, they dance like fire but have an intent gaze, set on Morgan.

She is large, as Morgan notices next, larger than any woman she knew at least. And she is holding Morgan up with one hand. The other begins massaging Morgan’s breast. She tries to scream but is easily stifled by the demonic tongue now halfway down her throat. She is then tossed to the bed.

Morgan recovers onto her elbows and questions: “who are you?” She is now panicking and tears are streaming down her face.

“I am naught more than a humble Succubus looking for a new toy, and I am done with foreplay.” The power that emanates from the demon’s voice makes Morgan quiver.

And it is all too late that Morgan notices the giant throbbing member that this ‘succubus’ possesses. She can’t take it, not comfortably at least, but the demon doesn’t mind. She will learn to. The demon reaches over and grabs onto Morgan’s ankles and pulls her closer. Morgan, now lying face down, lets out a yelp as the demon’s tongue slips deep into her asshole.

“NO!!” she screams, to no avail, as the demon does not stop. It pains her, but she loves it. She had gone months without contact with another individual in the way she craved. Then, abruptly, the demon pulls out.

“Do you like it? You can’t hide your thoughts from me, you love every minute of this.” And although Morgan wants to protest, she can’t. The Succubus is right, she loves this. “And I will give you more.”

Then Morgan feels something long and hard slide slowly into her pussy. She can’t look back because her head is being pressed into the bed, but she knows all too well what it was. The throbbing member is then forced the rest of the way in, and Morgan screams. It hurts, but she relishes it.

The demon starts pounding and is relentless with it. Slamming relentlessly into Morgan, the demon laughs heartily. Her eyes now fully rolled in her head, Morgan wants to scream, but can’t find words. Now there is only pleasure for Morgan. Then the demon lifts her up so that she is completely vertical and pulls out, spraying giant swathes of demon seed onto Morgan’s bed.

“I’m not finished yet,” and Morgan’s respite was over when the demon flipped her over, driving her monstrous cock down into Morgan’s throat. No hacking or coughing starts from her. She is going crazy as the Succubus slides her tongue down into Morgan’s pussy.

Almost masturbating with Morgan, the demon heaves violently, and sighs, unleashing her seed in Morgan’s throat. She does so with such force that it sprays from her nose. She then drops Morgan on her stomach again. Covered in the demon’s effluence, she laughs a little, then pees, right there.

“Still more,” and the demon plunges her member into Morgan’s ass. This time she does scream, and the demon laughs. Morgan laughs hysterically. The demon bends down low, her enormous breasts pressed against Morgan’s back, and wraps her arms around Morgan.

Morgan turns her head and the two kiss. Her throat is once again invaded by the demon’s tongue. The demon pounds her ass harder, harder that ever, and Morgan feels as though she is on fire. The demon removes her tongue and screams. The demon’s member twitches, and she more than fills Morgan with her seed. Taking in deep, heavy breaths, the demon laughs again. She sits up and pulls out of Morgan to review her work.

Morgan slumps to the side, her stomach slightly swollen with the demonic effluence. Her anus hangs agape and seed pours from it. Just before Morgan loses consciousness, she hears a voice. “I will return…” and the voice fades as she slips away.

Morgan wakes the next morning to a burning sensation on her back. She turns to the mirror to see the image of a serpent coiled around a skull on the small of her back. Morgan anticipates the return of her demon lover.


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