Feature Writer: Craven Little
Feature Title: Perverted Pedo Pastor
Author’s Notes: This story is fantasy only. Do not do this in real life! Please e-mail me your feedback at: I would love to hear from everyone who was turned on, as well as hearing how I could’ve done better.

Perverted Pedo Pastor

As I stood on the platform singing along to the last worship song of Sunday morning service, I contemplated what I was about to announce to my congregation. No one knew I was thinking about resigning, not even my wife of fifteen years. Even I had no inkling this would happen when the morning began and I prepared for morning worship as usual. But that was before I had sinfully surrendered to unspeakable depravity in God’s house.

While everyone else sang with tears of worship, I sang with tears of shame. I scanned the audience and saw people I had served for many years. They weren’t just my congregation. They were my family and friends. These were people I had counseled, baptized, performed weddings for, and comforted through difficult times.

To my shame, I was about to be the one to cause them difficult times. When “Amazing Grace” came to an end, the worship leader departed the stage and I took her place at the pulpit. I asked the congregation to be seated. I then paused, trying to find the right words for a confession of this kind.

“Brothers and sisters, I have an important announcement to make,” I said with a shaky voice. “I must…” I stopped in mid-sentence when my eyes focused on her, on the woman with whom I had just sinned, on the woman who opened a door to total depravity for me to walk through. Her name was Cassandra. As our eyes locked on each other, my mind wandered back to that moment when both of our lives changed forever.


I had arrived an hour early this morning for a scheduled counseling session, and was the only one in the building until I heard a gentle knock on my office door.

“Come in!”

The door opened and in walked my appointment with her little one-year old daughter in tow.

“Cassandra, I’m glad you made it!”

“Thank you for agreeing to see me, pastor. I didn’t know where else to turn.”

“That’s what I’m here for, Cassandra. Now how can I help you and little Adriana? Do you need help finding a job after your layoff?”

“No, Pastor. That’s not it. Something will turn up, I’m sure. What I want to talk to you about is … I keep having these thoughts. Terrible thoughts. Evil thoughts. Depraved thoughts. Thoughts about … Adriana,” she said as her eyes glanced at her little girl before lowering to the floor.

Beginning to fear the worst, I said “I see. Can you be a little more specific about the kinds of thoughts you’ve been having towards your lovely child?”

Cassandra’s eyes began to well with tears as she said, “sexual thoughts, Pastor. Can you believe it? I keep having these despicable urges to have a sexual relationship with my own little girl. What is wrong with me?! Every time I give her a bath, my fingers want to linger on body parts that should never be touched by an adult. Every time I change her pull-up, I have to fight the desire to finger and lick her privates. I have to overcome this, Pastor. I feel like I’m going to hell!”

As she spoke, I noticed something else besides the tears. She would squeeze her legs together and squirm as she described the desires that brought her shame. Even as she was confessing her depravity, she was getting aroused by it. I could even smell her sexual scent.

My eyes wandered to her beautiful little girl. Adriana is a petite little thing with long brown hair and adorable brown eyes. Her laughter and smiles light up every room she waddles into. She also has those lips. What kind of lips? The kissable kind. To phrase it in a way I would never say out loud, the fuckable kind. To my horror, between Cassandra’s aroma and Adriana’s beauty, I began to get aroused myself, my seven inches coming to life.

For most people, to say nothing of pastors, hearing that a mother wanted to sexually abuse her daughter would’ve been a total shock, and one that would have caused their “mandatory reporter” instincts to kick in. But I’m not most people. And I’m certainly not most pastors.

You see, I have a secret addiction to pornography. When I’m alone at home, it consumes me. It has always caused me shame. It has always made me feel like a hypocrite. It has often taken me to places of fantasy that are beyond normal. It has on occasion led me to view porn that is … less than legal. I have seen images that match Cassandra’s urges … and mine. But I had always told myself I would never act on these desires.

Adjusting in my seat to hide my erection, I said “I think the best way for you to overcome this is do is get to the root cause. Can you explain to me why you have these urges? What is it about your daughter that arouses you so?”

“Well … just look at her, Pastor. She is so beautiful. She is the prettiest thing I’ve ever laid eyes on. I can’t explain it. It just is.”

As she spoke, little Adriana began to fuss and tug on her mother’s skirt.

“Pee pee,” the little darling pleaded to Cassandra.

“Okay, sweetheart. Mommy will change you.” she said sniffling. “Can I take her to the changing room before we continue this conversation?”

The thought of Cassandra wiping Adriana’s privates after the confession she had just made caused my cock to stiffen even more.

“Well… why don’t you just change her right here? It…um…will be an opportunity to further explain your desires for her, and to overcome those desires.”

Cassandra looked at me with questioning eyes.

“Um… really? You’re comfortable with me changing her in front of you, especially with what I just told you?”

Clearing my throat and wiping the sweat that had begun to form on my brow, I said “It’s um … it’s perfectly fine, Cassandra. I want to get to the root of your problem, remember? I … want to understand what you are going through. It’s kind of a ‘weep with those who weep and mourn with those who mourn’ principle.”

The change of expression on her face told me that she was onto me. She knew. I lusted for little children just like she did. I wanted to look at little Adriana’s privates just as much as she did. She looked down at my crotch to see my seven inch pedo erection tenting in my pants. She then looked up at me with a sly smile. Her tears began to dry up.

As she laid Adriana on my desk and began to undo her pull-ups and slowly slide them down her legs, she said “there’s another part of my fantasy that’s even worse, Pastor.”

“Um…what’s that, Cassandra?”

“When I’m laying in my bed at night and my thoughts focus on my little girl, I often begin to touch myself, imagining everything I want to do with her. And it makes my pussy so, so wet.”

“Now Cassandra, we don’t need to get so graph…,” I said before she interrupted.

Looking lustfully in my eyes while her fingers began to gently slide up and down the child’s slit, she said, “But you know what gets me even more wet, Pastor? The thought of sharing her with a man. Watching him rub his adult cock up and down her slit. Sliding it between her thighs. Pumping it in and out of her little mouth. Trying to squeeze it into her little ass.”

“Cassandra! You know I’m a mandatory reporter, right?”

“I do know that, Pastor. I also know this conversation has given you a hard on,” she said as her hand reached down to rub my raging cock. “I know you want to look at her little pussy, but you are scared you’ll like it too much. Just look at her, Pastor. I won’t tell anyone. Look at that gorgeous little cunt. You want to understand? Look at her and you’ll understand.”

I groaned at Cassandra’s touch, and my eyes began to devour the most beautiful little pussy I had ever seen.

“Oh, my word,” I said.

“I know you want to watch me eat her little cunt,” she said before lowering her head and doing just that for what seemed like minutes. “Mmmmmmm she tastes so fucking good, Pastor. Let me share her with you. Please? I need to see it. I need to see your cock abusing her. Come on Pastor. I won’t tell anyone.”

Cassandra took me by the hand and pulled me to my feet, before unzipping my fly and pulling my hardness out. She then caused me to groan loudly as she took me in her mouth until my tip was in her throat and my balls were against her chin. She sucked hard and bobbed her head up and down.

“Mmmmm. Yummy cock you have there, Pastor.”

She then stood up and grabbed me by the cock, leading me between the tiny little legs of Adriana. I had no words of protest to offer as the tip of my cock was soon nestled against her tiny little crevice.

“Oh my fucking god that looks so hot, Pastor. Your big adult cock looks so sexy next to her. I want you to cum in her, Pastor. Do that for me, please?”

I could only groan as Cassandra’s hand began to stroke me against her own little girl’s pussy. She was gentle at first, but slowly built up rhythm and force until the tip of my cock actually popped into Adriana’s little hole, causing her to scream and begin to cry. I looked down at the unholy union between my forty-eight year old cock and Adriana’s two year old pussy. It was the most erotic thing I’ve ever seen or felt. Soon my shock and shame gave way to depravity and lust.

I batted away Cassandra’s hand and replaced it with my own. I began to stroke myself into her as my hips began to rock.

“God forgive me. I need to fuck this child!”

Cassandra backed up and leaned against my office door, thrusting her hand under her skirt and rubbing her pedo cunt like a deranged woman as she watched her own pastor rape and deflower her own daughter.

“Fuck her, Pastor! Get yourself off in her little hole! Fuck the little bitch. Make her bleed! Cum in her!”

Hearing such vile encouragement, coupled with the wailing and screaming of the child beneath me, pushed me over the edge.


A month’s worth of pent up cum exploded out of me and into Adriana as I shoved hard into her. With an inch and a half buried in the tightest sheath I could ever imagine, fertile sperm flooded her undeveloped womb and squirted out of her around my shaft. At the sight of my release into her little girl, Cassandra fell on the floor and convulsed through an intense orgasm of her own.

“Yes! Fill the little bitch up, Pastor!”

I collapsed on top of my tiny victim with my cock still lodged in her, continuing to pulse my pedophilic seed. When I was spent, I pulled out and collapsed onto my office chair. As Cassandra and I both recovered from our perverse orgasms, and as our eyes met, my senses began to return to me, along with guilt and shame.

“Oh my God. What have I done?”


As that memory played in my mind, with my eyes locked eyes with Cassandra’s, something surprising happened. My arousal returned. I looked at little Adriana, sitting in Mommy’s lap, and imagined my pinkened cum dripping into her pull-up with no one else in the congregation having a clue. Instead of feeling obligated to end my career in a humiliating fashion, not to mention to spend the rest of my life in prison, I began to imagine the possibilities the future posed if I played things right. Imaging all of the hours of pleasure I could experience with Cassandra and Adriana and … maybe others? My cock re-hardened, my mind changed, and a new idea popped into my head.

“Brothers and sisters, I have an important announcement to make,” I said with a confident voice.

“I must tell you that … I’ve never been more excited to announce that we have finally found the right person to run our daycare center. Brothers and sisters, please give a round of applause to Sister Cassandra.”

With that, the entire congregation stood and applauded. Everyone, but Cassandra, of course. She just sat there with her daughter in her lap looking at me with a lusty smile.


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      1. Hail
        Read your comment agree with everything you posted we are so much alike it’s good to see more of us out there

  1. Mmmmmm so hotttxxx
    Love this to be true, satan helps sinners that can’t help the fact there molesters of young sexual children

    1. Yes should have forced his pedo cock deep into her throat fucked her hard filled her mouth with pedo seed

      1. Hail James … for the sake of not getting me shut down … please be discrete in the comments section … thanks for your understanding

  2. Believe it or not. I wrote this story, and I absolutely love that it gets people off. especially the women here.

  3. Still one of the best stories on here
    I can’t help but cummmm reading this hotttxxx story dripping precummmm sperm out of the serpent head mmmmmm

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