Feature Writer: Leah S
Feature Title: Demonette
Story Codes: MF, FF, MM, Religious, NC, Anal, Supernatural, Horror, Shemale
Author’s Notes: I am, I have to admit, a lapsed Catholic (and that’s the best kind of Catholic). So for me, this story is all about getting back to my roots.


The succubus slouched in a swivel chair, moodily watching the mortal woman hunched over the laptop in front of her. The human was unremarkable in appearance – short, slim and mousy – but had an avid sexual look in her eyes.

She had dropped her jeans at the foot of her chair and was now rubbing her labia with one hand while attempting to type with the other. The succubus, while she was over six thousand years older than the mortal woman, was more attractive by far.

Every aspect of her form was designed to arouse. She was slender, with shapely, high breasts and pointed nipples. Her hairless pubic mound jutted out lewdly between long, smooth thighs. But her red skin, small horns and talon-like nails showed her demonic origins – and, folded between her back and the chair, she had broad, black, bat-like wings. She, too, was masturbating, with one hand spreading her vaginal lips and three fingers of her other hand thrust deeply between them. Despite this, she was beginning to frown in displeasure.

“For fuck’s sake, learn to type with more than one finger,” she snarled.

She knew very well that the mortal could not see her and could only perceive her voice as a far-off whisper on the edge of her subconscious, but the slow pace of the woman’s typing was becoming increasingly irritating. It had been an slow day so far for this daughter of Lilith. She had captured no souls whatsoever, although she had done some groundwork that might lead to future conquests. After a night spent intruding on the dreams of mortals and bringing them disturbing sexual thoughts, she had spent the morning in sloth and idleness.

Finally she had risen at noon to resume her evil work. Invisible as always, she had taken to the air and flown to a local college. Here she had slipped into the cafeteria as lunch was beginning. She had leapt onto the bench where food was prepared, strutted over the bench – naked and masturbating – and sprayed jets of her aphrodisiac sexual fluids onto the food. The teenagers who ate from the tainted dishes would be troubled by thoughts of temptation.

They would pay little heed to their teachers and would spend their afternoon fantasizing about each other and trying to masturbate without being noticed. Those who were sexually innocent, had been baptized and prayed regularly would not be affected.

“But that’ll only be one in twenty, if that,” she’d muttered to herself.

In the early afternoon, the demoness had tried to tempt a married executive to seduce his secretary. But he was absorbed in his quarterly reports and paid no attention to her whispered words. Disgusted, she had cursed him and stalked out. She had then returned to the suburbs to pursue one of her pet projects. For some time she had been trying to break up a married couple, as the first step towards leading both of them astray. Normally she would not even have been able to enter their home, but they had been married in a registry office rather than a church, and of course this had no sacramental value whatsoever.

Entering the house by an upstairs window, she had gone straight to the study. As usual, the wife was home and at the computer; the succubus had sat down beside her and peered at the screen. Many of the other children of Lilith complained that tempting mortals was difficult in this modern age. She disagreed entirely. The rise of atheism, worthless charismatic sects and stupid cults such as Buddhism meant that many humans were spiritually unprotected.

One simply had to be able to use modern methods. Computers represented a baffling enigma to many of her sisters but a useful tool to her. This woman had been writing an innocent email, but after a couple of subliminal suggestions from the she-demon she closed it and began work on a new letter. For some weeks now, the succubus had been encouraging her to write obscene messages to an anonymous correspondent on an Internet chat site. These letters were remarkable epistles of filth, of which the demoness was justly proud. They served several purposes.

They were causing the woman to have depraved thoughts; they were leading her to sexually abuse herself, sometimes for hours at a time; and some day, the woman’s husband would find them in her Sent Items and succumb to jealousy. Although not normally given to anger, he would be enraged and would likely beat her, ravish her, divorce her, or (as the succubus hoped) do all three in succession.

Before the succubus had finished dictating the second paragraph, though, she felt an occult sensation tugging at her. She sprang to her feet, her wings unfolding (a small breeze skimmed around the study, wafting papers about) and stared around her. A moment later, there was a sudden puff of smoke, and she vanished…

She reappeared in a lighted room.

Squinting through the smoke that had accompanied her arrival, she tried to get her bearings. No doubt she had been summoned by a mortal: it would not be the first time and would not be the last. It always brought a certain apprehension – a sorcerer with a sufficient grasp of theology could bind her to service, send her back to Hell, or confine her indefinitely. But, in this secular age, few had any real learning or true belief. Her summoner would also be able to see through her cloak of invisibility.

Generally God’s laws prevented humans from seeing her, except in dreams; but her summoner would be able to see her physical form – and touch it, if he or she so wished. The smoke cleared to reveal what appeared to be the living room of a suburban house. The curtains were closed: incongruously, she noticed, all the framed photographs in the room had been turned around. Standing facing her was a short bearded man wearing an improbable robe (had he sewn it himself?)

In one hand he held a black volume – seventeenth century, from the look of it – and in the other hand, he held a cross. She hissed at the crucifix, but found herself able to look at it without too much discomfort. Clearly he was not a pious man. Gloating, he dropped the book onto the carpet and took a step towards her.

“It worked! It worked! Now to speak with it…” he gathered his thoughts… “exspectata, malum creatura…”

“Speak English – I do. Why have you summoned me?”

The sorcerer’s lustful gaze flicked up and down her lithe body.

“Ego votum, uh, connubialis… iucunditas vobis.”

“For fuck’s sake,” the succubus hissed, “speak English. Your Latin is abominable. Were you trying to say that you wanted to have sex with me?”

“Uh, yes.”

He began to pull his robe off, revealing a pale but hairy chest, while warily clutching the cross in one hand.

“I didn’t expect you’d speak English… but it makes things easier. But yes, by this book and cross, I command you to do my bidding tonight.”

“I can’t see your magic circle.” She looked around. “And I don’t feel constrained. You do have some form of protective charm, don’t you?”

“I have this holy cross – and the power of my will! You must obey me.”

He dropped his robe to the ground, revealing a pair of striped boxers.

“Ah yes – your mighty will. I see, I see. Well then, consider me bound.”

She stepped over to his couch and reclined on it, stroking her hips suggestively.

“If you put the cross down, we can get straight into it. Doesn’t seem like I have too much tempting to do.”

“The cross stays.” He brandished it at her defiantly. “Oh, get serious, idiot. You’re not going to be able to keep hold of it the whole time. Just put it down, take off those ridiculous garments and come over here.”

She rolled onto her back and began to idly caress her pointed breasts.

“Very well! You are bound to do my bidding. But I will chastise you with the cross if you disobey.”

He cast the cross aside and eagerly pushed his boxers down, revealing a pale and unimpressive erection. Underwear halfway down his thighs, he paused for a moment.

“There is… something first.” “What is it then?” The demoness sighed. “I have read that you succubi… you can take the form of a woman to please your lovers… a man… or something in between, a hermaphrodite…”

“So you can read, at least. What do you want me to be?” “A hermaphrodite… possessing the breasts and form of a woman… combined with the endowment of a man!”

“I understand ‘shemale’ is the common parlance nowadays. You want me to grow a cock, is that it?”


“Well, you’re a worthless Sodomite, if you ask me,” the she-demon muttered.

“However, here goes.”

She slid both hands down her slim, red belly and clasped her groin, muttering to herself in Hebrew. The sorcerer stepped closer to watch, tugging eagerly on his semi-erect penis. Suddenly her eyes blazed yellow and her hips bucked. A vile curse escaped her lips. She pulled away her hands, revealing a smooth bulge beginning to emerge between her legs.

Repeating the invocation over and over, she watched the new organ grow and take shape. When the succubus had finished, she lay back on the couch, using one hand to nurse her new cock. Slim, red, and six inches in length, the diabolical member was erect and ready for use. It arched upwards from above her tempting vaginal lips, and a small pair of balls hung between the two.

“I’m done. Why don’t you get down on your knees and suck it,” she suggested, waving it in his direction.

“Indeed, I shall!”

Eyes shining, he dropped to his knees beside her, licking his lips as he prepared for the evil parody of worship.

“All right,” she cooed a few minutes later, “you can stop now.”

“What?” He lifted his head from her groin, a few drops of sulfurous liquid dripping from his sparse beard.

“It’s time for the next part.” She pushed him away and sat up on the couch, holding her cock in one hand. “Why don’t you sit on this and rotate.”

“Rotate? Is this some ritual? Clockwise or counter-clockwise?”

“For fuck’s sake! Just sit on it. I know you want it…”

Needing no further encouragement, he turned around, pushed his rear towards her and gingerly backed up until he was straddling her groin.

“I command you to penetrate me, demon! But not too fast…”

“Pussy.” She grasped his hips with clawed hands and pulled him towards her, lodging her cockhead between his ass cheeks.

“Agh! It’s too big!”

“You’re too much of a pussy, is the truth.”

Clasping him firmly, she pushed the tip of her member into his tight entrance.

“Ow! Take it out!”

“For fuck’s sake! Stop whining. Look, I know a spell that will help. You’ll repeat it after me. Ready? Laus omnipotens diabolus…”

“Laus omnipotens… diabolus?”


“Laus omnipotens diabolus!”

“Again! Say it over and over!”

“Laus omnipotens diabolus! Laus omnipotens diabolus! Laus omnipotens diabolus!”

“Good! Keep saying it… while we fuck.”

Chanting the evil charm over and over, the summoner was gradually overcome by a sexual frenzy. The succubus laughed maliciously for a few moments, then pulled him down onto her. With a succession of ruthless thrusts, she buried her cock into him until only her balls and vagina were showing between his thighs. The incantation made him quite insensitive to the pain of the rough penetration, but heightened his sexual desire.

“More! More! Laus omnipotens diabolus! Laus omnipotens diabolus! Fuck me!”

“Oh, I will, believe me.”

She bared her teeth in a diabolical grin.

“Just keep reciting the spell.”

Concentrating, the succubus opened her mouth wide and stuck her tongue out. It stretched between her swollen lips – and extended further, and further, like a wet pink snake. Reaching the summoner’s shoulder, it slid down over his hairy chest. He was concentrating so deeply on the Satanic chant that he only noticed the tongue when it reached his groin and flicked over the head of his penis.

“Agh! What’s that!”

“Aghgha,” muttered the succubus indistinctly, open-mouthed.

She curled the diabolical tongue around his cock – once, twice, three times around – and started to squeeze. At the same time, she bucked her hips into his rear.

“Unh…! Laus omnipotens diabolus!”

Some time later, the amateur wizard was reaching the limit of his endurance. Semen spattered the rug in front of him, testament to three orgasms forced from him by the succubus’s cock and tongue. Only the incantation was keeping him going, in a dazed sexual haze. The succubus’s tongue suddenly uncurled and sprang back over his shoulder and into her mouth, like a recoiling spring. Droplets of saliva sprayed across the carpet.

“Enough!” she hissed. “You’ve damned yourself thoroughly. It’s time to end this farce.”

She spread her legs and closed her eyes, straining with effort. Bizarrely, her testicles started to swell, as if inflated by a pump. They grew and grew, reaching the size of twin golf balls… tennis balls… finally, baseballs. A strange heat emanated from them. The scent of scorching upholstery swelled the room as the accursed glands grew hotter and hotter, finally beginning to glow a dull orange. Though the summoner’s thighs and scrotum were scorched by the heat, hairs curling up and crisping, he didn’t even notice. The evil spell had removed all sense of pain.

“Ah! Satan! Fuck! Fuck! Yes!”

The succubus slammed her cock deep into the mortal’s rectum, flung back her head and closed her eyes.

“Fuck! I’m cumming!”

With a hissing gush, her balls jetted forth her ejaculate. But, rather than semen, it was liquid fire that coursed into his bowels – the fire of Hell! In a second, the summoner’s midsection was blasted into blackening shreds. Flames burst out from dozens of rents and darted in all directions. Burning, he toppled sideways, sliding off her lap. He was dead before he hit the floor, and his soul was doubtless en route for Hell – doomed by the practice of witchcraft and the evil words he had uttered.

“Let that be a lesson to you,” she muttered, slumping backwards onto the couch, “always use protection.”

The phrase ‘foolish mortal’ seemed designed for this idiot, she reflected. He had possessed enough occult knowledge to summon her but not enough to weather the consequences. Taking a deep breath, she rose to her feet. It was time to destroy the evidence of what had taken place here. She had no fingerprints and no DNA, but an occult investigator could still reconstruct the scene. Standing over the smoking shreds of her victim, she thrust her hips forward lewdly and jacked herself with both slender hands.

Her balls glowed again, like a furnace being stoked. In about a minute, her orgasm resumed. Liquid fire jetted from her cock, spraying across the room. Wherever it landed, flames sprang up instantly, running over the upholstery, drapes and carpet. She turned slowly, lighting a circle of fire around her – and vanished again. She reappeared in a dark room. The only light emanated from a candelabrum, sitting on a nearby bench… and a circle of green symbols inscribed around her feet.

Being a creature of darkness, though, she could see the room quite clearly: a dusty basement, with cardboard boxes, tools, and old furniture shoved into the corners to make room for the magic circle. The room was only too familiar, and so was its other occupant; a slim young woman with dyed red hair, too much eye shadow, and an over-elaborate Gothic outfit.

“What the hell do you want?” hissed the succubus.

“Nice to see you, too,” the young woman replied primly. “Hope I wasn’t interrupting anything?”

“You have no idea,” the hellspawn muttered. “Fuck! It’s tight in here. Draw the fucking circle a bit bigger next time, why don’t you?”

Indeed, her wings were pressed tightly against her back. Her cock, meanwhile, was shrinking back into her groin (leaving a thin trail of smoke) and her balls were quickly cooling and retracting. Even her nails were shrinking as the protective circle did its work.

“If you granted some of my wishes like you keep saying you’re going to, I’d have a bigger flat with a bigger basement and we’d have more room.”

She perched on the edge of an ageing armchair, arms folded.

“I’m a demon of lust. I provide you with sexual gratification. If you want a bigger flat, summon a demon of fucking real estate. Now how about letting me out?”

“You may step out of the circle. But behave yourself.”

She reached one booted foot forward, scuffed out two or three sigils.

“I doubt I have much choice about that. Judging by your past record, you’ve probably got a half dozen talismans hanging off of you.”

The she-demon gingerly stepped out of the broken circle, unfurled her wings and stretched them. At full extension, they brushed the walls of the dingy basement.

“Just one today, but it will do the trick.”

The young witch smugly reached for one of the silver chains round her neck, held up the locket dangling from it.

“The finger-bone of Saint Cuthbert. I bought it on Ebay for three hundred bucks, but it does appear to be authentic.”

“Ah yes, Cuthbert… a miserable old prick as I recall. I tried to tempt him on various occasions. Never got anywhere.”

“Yes, well. I believe the amulet will be enough to keep you in line?”

“If it wasn’t, we wouldn’t be chatting now. Remind me one day to tell you what happened to the last mortal who summoned me without proper protection.”

She lent against a filing cupboard, arms folded under her chest, letting the woman stare at her jutting breasts.

“Let’s get down to business. Usual story – you’ve not had the guts to ask your little friend Samantha out, and you want me to throw you a sympathy fuck?”

“You’re bitchy today! On the rag again?”

“Bitch yourself!” snarled the succubus. “And I wouldn’t joke if I were you. Today you’ve got the upper hand, but one day you’ll be dead and I’ll be using your soul for a cunt-rag in Hell.”

“That’s enough out of you.” The redhead’s heavily lipsticked mouth thinned to a curt line.

“Play nice – and that’s an order. Otherwise I’ll send you back where you came from.”

“I wish you would. I was in the middle of something. Cleaning up after myself.”

The young witch laughed and started to pull her top over her head.

“I can just picture you with a vacuum cleaner.”

“Well, I can just picture you with a flaming stake shoved up your asshole until it comes out your mouth,” muttered the succubus. “What’s that?”

“Nothing,” retorted the she-demon defiantly, sliding her hands down to her groin, where her cock was starting to swell again.

Not long after, the succubus was seated in the armchair, ectoplasmic juices seeping into the dusty seat. Her slender six-inch prick arched towards the dyed red pussy of the young witch, who was straddling her. The scent of female excitement was in the air, mingled with a trace of sulfur.

“Come on,” the redhead whispered huskily. “Give Mama that thing. She can take it.”

The she-devil’s hands twined around her summoner’s waist. She lifted her hips; her cock pushed upwards, probed between swollen labia, slipped out again with a slurping sound. It rubbed along the length of the slit, teased the woman’s clitoris, then back again (quickly dipping into the wet entrance). It slid back even further, tickled the perineum, brushed against the quivering anus, and then slid back between the vaginal lips. The redhead groaned with lust, tried to push back onto it.

“You’re in a hurry today,” noted the succubus coolly. She put one pale hand under the redhead’s bottom, letting her feel the slim cock at her entrance but not allowing her to push down onto it, and craned round to look at her face.

“Are we short of time? One of your little friends coming over so you can work on your essays, perchance?”

“Just get the hell on with it,” the witch gasped. “With what…?”

“Impale me, damn it!”

“Oh, may I?” the succubus said, brightening up. “Can I choose what to impale you on? I have one or two ideas.”

“Nnnngh!” The witch pushed downwards, working her hips.

The succubus sighed. “Well, I was going to make you orgasm once or twice before I entered you, but I see you’re impatient.”

She clasped her summoner’s waist and arched upwards, sliding three inches of Satanic shaft into the young woman.

“Damn! Slow down!”

“What’s that? Did you say you want me to get the hell on with it?” Leering, the demoness pulled her closer and thrust deeper.

“Ungh! I said, slowly!”

“All right – slow it is.”

She gradually slid the rest of her cock inside, until the young woman’s ass was firmly tucked into her lap, red curls tickling the succubus’s balls.

“There,” she cooed. “I don’t know why you make such a fuss – it’s only six inches after all. Those candles over there are a good deal longer and I bet you fuck yourself with them often enough.”

“Look, I don’t know how many guys you’ve gotten with over the last six thousand years, but some of us aren’t as slagged out yet. Just start slowly. And be nice.”

“Nice again!” Snorted the succubus moodily.

She started a gentle rhythmic undulation of her hips, biting her lip in concentration as she angled herself to reach the sensitive spots.

“One of these days I must explain the difference between a demon and a Barbie doll. It’s not hard to grasp.”

“Well, if this ain’t nice, I’ll take it until nice comes along. Give me a kiss…”

The young witch turned her head, lips parted. Sighing, the succubus lent forward, tongue flicking out to brush her lips. As they began to kiss passionately, the rhythm of their coupling grew slowly faster, the succubus’s thrusts harder. Small puffs of dust started to drift from the chair.

“By the way,” noted the witch, disengaging from the kiss for a moment, “don’t even think about cumming.”

She tapped her amulet significantly. “It’s orgasm denial day for you. Same as every other day, I’m afraid.”

“Fuck you,” commented the succubus distantly, and then there was silence for a time, apart from small slurping and nuzzling sounds.

A few minutes later, the demoness, who had been intently watching the young woman’s face, suddenly stopped thrusting.

“Time out,” she said, and effortlessly lifted the young woman off her lap.

The witch whimpered as the cock slipped out of her.

“Fuck! I was nearly there.”

“Well, tough. I’m going to keep you going for hours.”

The demoness stood up, holding her summoner in front of her like a rag doll, and dropped to her knees. She lowered her mistress until she was on all fours on the floor, parted her thighs and easily re-entered her.

“I just wish you’d get rid of that God-damned amulet,” she muttered, starting to thrust again.

“It weakens me. If you took it off I could grow a foot-long cock and give you a taste of true pleasure. Two foot-long cocks, if you wanted.”

The witch, now on hands and knees, was pushing herself back against the hellspawn’s groin, groaning in pleasure at the obscene noises coming from their junction.

“Think I’m stupid? The relic stays on. Gimme some of that tongue. Make it super long…”

The succubus lent forward until her breasts were pressing into the woman’s back, concentrated on ejecting more and more tongue out of her mouth. The unnaturally long organ curled over her summoner’s white shoulder, started to writhe down her chest again. Giving the amulet a wide berth, it flicked over one of her breasts, latched onto the nipple and squeezed.

“Fuck! That feels good…” the witch whispered.

She thrust her ass back, gasped as drops of saliva dripped from her nipple and sizzled on the concrete floor.

“Aah, god! Bet you can reach my clit with it if you try hard enough.”

The tongue uncurled itself from her breast, retracted abruptly into the succubus’s mouth.

“Cut that out, bitch!” she hissed, digging scarlet nails into the woman’s hips. “Don’t invoke the Deity again or I’ll lose my erection. And there’s no need to gamble on me. I’ve been fucking creatures like you since the days of Enoch and I know very well what I can do.”

Again the tongue stretched over the woman’s shoulder and between her tits. It slid rapidly down her belly, leaving a trail of slime, and dove into her pubic bush. She wailed as it slipped between her spread pussy lips, already parted by the slim red cock that was taking her from behind. Rocking back and forwards on the hell-spawn’s she-penis, the witch moaned, enjoying the long tongue that writhed slowly between her tits and lapped at her genitals.

Moments like these made up for weeks of sexual frustration among her college girlfriends; they even made the likely loss of her immortal soul almost seem worthwhile… She brought one hand up between her legs, pushed the wriggling tongue-tip against her clit. An orgasm was close again. She groaned, lowered her head to the cold concrete. The slender cock between her legs was working her into a sexual daze. Her jewelry was hanging over her face, and she pushed it over her head, where it dropped to the floor with a jangling sound.

“You know what?” she panted. “If you keep doing that I’m gonna cum real soon.” The tongue retracted suddenly, lashing back over her shoulder like a whip.

“You know what?” the succubus said, behind her. “So am I.”

“You know what? I don’t think so,” she said, suddenly alarmed.

She lifted herself back onto her elbows and quickly looked over her shoulder.

“I came protected. My relic will stop you from pulling any tricks.”

“You know what?” the demoness replied, suddenly withdrawing her cock and reaching forward to scoop her up off the floor. “You just took it off, you stupid bitch.”

It was true, she realized with horror as she was swung into the air. She had shrugged the pendant over her head and it now lay on the floor. Tantalizingly close, but now out of reach.

“You’re fucked now, mortal,” gloated the succubus.

She spun the horrified woman around and shoved her down over the back of the armchair.

“No! I abjure you – by Azazel, by Sammael, by Sheol and Baphomet…”

“May I just point out,” the demoness drawled, “that the gentlemen you refer to are all playing for my team. Don’t expect them to help you out. I say, my dear! Look at this.”

“What?” The witch craned to look over her shoulder. “Oh shit! No!”

The succubus’s cock was growing visibly. It had reached ten inches in length and was getting thicker, the head swelling into a brutal bulge. Throbbing veins were popping out around its angry red girth. Meanwhile, her small, pointed horns were reappearing, and her crimson nails – now claws – were returning to their former length.

“Why don’t you shut up and prepare to receive the first taste of your punishment. For all the times you’ve made me do your bidding, you deserve a hundred times worse than this.” Effortlessly holding the woman down with one taloned hand, the succubus took her swelling cock in the other. She guided it to the waiting pussy entrance – now tight with fear – and pushed the tip inside.

“No, please! It’s too big!”

“Fuck, really? I didn’t notice!” mocked the succubus.

She lashed out once with her wings, thrusting her body forward. Unable to force its way inside, her member slid away and slapped against the witch’s pale and trembling buttocks.

“Let’s try that again…” she muttered, repositioning herself. “You’re a tight little cunt. Not for much longer though.”

Again, she pushed hard, flapping her wings mightily. There was an audible ‘pop’ as the head of her cock penetrated.

“Aaaow! Stop!”

“Your pleading is music to my ears, my dear. It’s as if I was already supervising your torment in Hell. But would you please shut the fuck up for a minute while I get inside?” She rocked forward again, pushing an inch deeper.

Against the background of screams and cries, the succubus slowly worked her immense member into the witch, stretching her far wider than ever before. Although both were lubricated from their earlier coition, the penetration was far from easy. Once seven or so inches were lodged in the tight, red-furred cunt, the succubus stopped to admire her work, idly caressing the pussy lips that were stretched around her.

“I believe that’s enough for now. Are you comfortable?”


“Good! Time to fuck.”

She seized the witch’s hips, claws digging deep into her skin, pulled back until nearly all of her cock was exposed, and then slammed herself forwards.


“Yes! Agh!” She thrust again.

This time there was less resistance. Smiling lasciviously, she withdrew again and began to rhythmically thrust. As time passed, the succubus continued to work her devilish cock in and out. Gloating and spreading her wings, she exulted in evil pleasure. The combination of humiliating her hated enemy, hearing her begging and pleading, and repeatedly burying her huge member in a desperately tight yet wet orifice, were greatly pleasing to her. She intended to savor them for some time before bearing the mortal’s soul to the underworld, and only hoped that the human would survive long enough to receive her orgasm.

At each stroke, she penetrated deeper. Although her cock was still swelling, it was not long before the entire length was buried in the witch’s body. Chuckling in satisfaction, she looked down between her breasts, admiring the pale bottom pressed tightly against her slender, red belly. She scored it with a couple of clawed swats, watching drops of blood swelling from the scrapes, then took her own nipples in her nails and pinched them fiercely. The witch had stopped protesting, evidently realizing it would do her no good.

“You know,” she suddenly panted, craning to look back over her shoulder, “I’m not on the Pill. And I’m probably fertile. If you keep going, you’ll probably sire a hell-child on me. Is that really what you want?”

“Well,” the succubus purred. “Where do I start. For one, it takes quite a ritual for a mortal and a demon to mate and bear fruit. Which you’ve not performed and probably never heard of. For two, I’d not bestow such an honor on an ignorant bitch like yourself. And for three, the Pill wouldn’t help you anyway. If I ejaculate in you, an asbestos diaphragm would be about the only form of protection that would help.”

“What… what do you mean?”

“Never mind. You’ll find out in due course.”

She pulled back and thrust forward again.

“Aargh! I’ll do anything! Please stop!”

“By all means I’ll stop,” the succubus hissed. “But I’m going to fuck you to death first. Now shut up!”

“Jesus! It hurts!”

“Aargh! I said shut up! Not another word out of you – I invoke the curse of Babel.”

There was a sizzling sound as the evil spell took effect. Unable to speak a single intelligible word, the witch could only groan weakly.

“Much better,” the succubus purred. “Now you can only grunt… like the pitiful animal you are. You won’t even be able to say a prayer of repentance. Never mind, I’m quite sure your soul would have ended up with us anyway. Just let me root it out of your frail mortal body, and then we’ll head off to Hell.”

Muttering in Hebrew, she began to thrust again with renewed vigor. The old armchair creaked and shuddered beneath the two conjoined female bodies as the hellish intercourse continued.


Some time later, the hellspawn abruptly jerked her hips back, pulling out of the pinned witch with an obscene sucking sound. She gasped for breath, holding her immense, reddened prick in one hand and pinning the woman down with the other hand on the small of her back. The mortal’s resilience was proving surprising. She was withstanding the full force of the succubus’s sexual assault. Though the fuck was pleasurable, it did not seem to be inflicting a harsh enough punishment for the humiliations the demoness had suffered.

More importantly, it did not seem that the young witch was going to expire any time soon. If the summoning spell wore off while her tormentor was still alive, the demoness reflected, she could expect to be summoned again and subjected to further captivity or imprisonment. The prospect was intolerable. She toyed for a minute with the notion of continuing until she reached orgasm and ejaculating Hellfire into her victim, as she had done earlier. It would certainly produce the desired end result, and would give her a measure of satisfaction – but using the same method twice on the same night seemed to lack a certain finesse. And then, too, her orgasm was still some way away – too far, perhaps? Suddenly, however, a tempting alternative sprang to mind. It had served her well in Sodom, thousands of years ago, and it would serve well now.

“Enough foreplay,” she hissed.

Ignoring her victim’s whimpers, she pulled her slightly downwards and gently but firmly spread the quivering buttocks with the palm of one slim hand. For a moment she contemplated the sight before her, dark eyes inscrutable. Then she moved forward again and carefully placed the tip of her cock against the woman’s anus. As the hellish member probed between her cheeks, the young woman squealed in fear and tried to pull away. Pinioned over the chair, however, she was completely unable to escape. The pressure on her sphincter held, then eased for a second as she wriggled forwards – then suddenly increased tenfold.

Behind her, the succubus was erect, head thrown back, wings spread and breasts jutting forwards. Her hair streamed down her back, lashing from side to side. She grunted with effort, gripping the woman by her slim hips and trying to push her cock into the unyielding asshole. Clearly the orifice had never been violated before, and attempting to enter it was like trying to pass a camel through the eye of a needle. After several unsuccessful attempts, she snarled in frustration and released the mewling witch. For a moment she considered reducing her member to a smaller size, but pride did not permit her. Clearly, supernatural measures would be needed – without magic, this mortal’s anus would be impossible to penetrate, and even if she could somehow achieve the unnatural coition, the woman would be ripped open in the process.

Absentmindedly stroking the trembling woman’s back with one hand, the succubus wrapped the other around her misshapen cock and fisted it tightly. Almost immediately, steaming, cloudy drops of ichor started to form at the tip. She caught the first few in the hollow of her hand and used them to lubricate the massive member, then dabbed her fingertip in the next. She reached out to the young woman, carefully drew a circle around her anus with the sticky finger, then inscribed a series of Kabbalic signs around the circumference. Used by a sorcerer, this protective circle would ward against demons; in the hands of the succubus, it would protect her victim’s rectum from being torn apart by the massive assault it was about to receive.

“Now, be calm, my pretty,” she whispered.

Folding her wings, she elegantly bent over the prostrate woman and slipped her long, serpent-like tongue between her buttocks. The tongue-tip reached out to caress her former captor’s nether hole, pushing and dancing sinuously on the sensitive skin and leaving silvery trails of saliva. She settled closer, bringing her lips up against the woman’s anus and feeling the soft buttocks squeezing her cheeks. Not only was this treatment lubricating her victim, but it seemed to be relaxing her. Perhaps the foolish mortal was starting to hope for survival, even to think that this was all some perverse erotic game. Well, so much the better – it would make the inevitable conclusion all the more satisfying. The succubus suddenly retracted her tongue into her mouth with a slurping sound, and briskly straightened up. Time was of the essence. Taking her prick in one hand, she started to recite.

“Ever and ever for, glory the and power the…”

It was the Lord’s Prayer, but spoken backwards, from the end to the beginning. She placed her huge cock head against the slick asshole and pushed, her efforts aided by the potent evil charm.

“Kingdom the is thine for… EVIL from us deliver but…”

Below her, her victim gasped and moaned. The Devil’s creed was having its effect, and, slowly and unwillingly, her anus was starting to open. The succubus’s unnatural cock had now reached the size of a woman’s forearm, capped with a glistening knob the size of a clenched fist. Indeed, it seemed nearly as thick as the succubus’s slender waist, and it throbbed in time with her words.

“Temptation into not us lead and…”

Slowly the witch’s sphincter parted. Aided by dark magic, the cock head was starting to force its way inside!

“Mmph! Mmph!” grunted the horrified woman.

She struggled weakly, but to no avail.

“Us against trespass who those forgive… Fuck, I’ve forgotten the rest. Never mind. That’s enough to get us started.”

Indeed, with the witch’s anal ring conquered, she could offer little resistance. The demonic cock glided slickly into her rectum, as if it was thickly lubricated (though, in fact, it was only magic that smoothed the way). It hesitated momentarily at the woman’s inner sphincter.

“How does it go now… We as trespasses our us forgive…” muttered the succubus darkly, and her evil member slid through and into her victim’s bowel.

“Fucking mortal bitch… you’d not have been so quick to dabble in magic if you knew this was the consequence, would you? No, don’t try to answer – we both know you can’t. Just be silent and take your punishment.”

Ignoring the woman’s groans, she butt-fucked her slowly and intensely. Sodomy had always been her favorite of the deadly sins, and it gave her great pleasure – perhaps, she thought, as great as the suffering she was inflicting. The woman’s rectum was far too narrow for such a large cock to penetrate under normal conditions; now, unnaturally stretched, it clasped her with a silky but deadly tight grip. Her member slowly worked in and out of the woman’s bowels, as she slathered in pleasure, dripping saliva onto the naked back. Her tongue began to elongate again, and flicked over the witch’s spine, curling around her torso to taste her nipples.

Two instincts warred in the succubus – one, to prolong the torment as long as possible, and the other, to finish off her summoner quickly. Initially, the first won out, and she continued slow strokes for a hundred thrusts, and another hundred after that. As time went on, though, she began to lose patience. She began to speed up and to shorten her thrusts. Plunging in and out of the woman’s colon, she gasped in ecstasy. Ichor was again oozing from the tip of the succubus’s cock. Not only used in magical rituals, this fluid was also an aphrodisiac of sorts. Occasionally the demoness used it to loosen the inhibitions of she-mortals and bring them to repeat the Original Sin.

Now it was beginning to accumulate and pool in the witch’s bowels – much as the combined semen of three or four mortals would have, if they had somehow been able to ejaculate it so deeply into her. Where it lay, it began to induce a sullen, burning heat, which slowly started to metamorphose into something akin to sexual pleasure. The succubus was amused to notice this, feeling the witch’s nipples hardening against her probing tongue.

At first she was angered at the thought that her victim might find some enjoyment in what was meant to be a punishment, but then it occurred to her that reaching orgasm while participating in the sin of Sodom would ensure that the witch’s soul was damned (if it was not already). However, the thought was soon driven from her mind by the approach of her own orgasm. She had a plan in mind for giving herself the greatest enjoyment, and she muttered for a few moments in Aramaic to begin the necessary magic. After ten or twenty more thrusts, the spell had taken hold. She was nearly ready for a most satisfying end to this already gratifying experience


Thrusting in deeply and holding in place, the succubus tapped the woman on the shoulder.

“Are you still there? I have something to show you… and I’ll even take that silencing spell off…in case you have any last words.”

There was a crackle as the hex dissipated.

“I’ve got nothing to say to you, bitch,” gasped the witch weakly. “Oh yes? Look before you judge,” the succubus advised her victim.

She looked down, between her open legs – and gasped. Hanging between her spread thighs were the hellspawn’s balls – and they had swollen to a grotesque size, bigger than clenched fists. More horribly, they seemed to be moving slightly of their own volition… as if something was crawling, writhing, just beneath the skin. “There’s something inside…” she whispered.

“Yes, there is,” gasped the succubus, giving her a short, driving stroke.

The pendulous balls swung, and now the terrified woman could clearly see something was wriggling inside.

“Maggots… maggots of Hell!”

“No! Please! Oh God!”

“That old fool won’t help you now! Yes, I’ve filled my balls with Gehenna’s hungriest maggots, and in about a minute I’m going to ejaculate them up your asshole… ” (Another thrust) “…all of them…” (and another) “… in a long delicious flood. They’ll fill your bowels and devour you from the inside – strip the flesh from your bones in less than a minute.”

“No! No!”

“It’s true… by the time my orgasm finishes… you’ll be nothing but… a cleaned skeleton. Then I’ll summon the little vermin… back to me… they’ll crawl back up my cock… and into my balls… bearing the tiny fragments of your soul… and then I’ll wipe myself off… and return to Hell.”

By now the demoness was steadily short-stroking her ass, wings outstretched and creaking and tail lashing, as she reached for her orgasm. The end was near. Suddenly, there was a long creak, followed by a small explosion of dust as the old chair finally gave way. Both succubus and mortal crashed heavily to the floor, still locked together. For a moment they writhed in the dust, scattering pieces of the chair. The succubus, momentarily stunned, had lost her rhythm. She kicked and flailed with her wings, trying to get up onto her knees. As the young witch was pulled onto all fours, she flung out her hand desperately, grabbing at something on the floor… and came up with something clenched in her fist. It was the locket she had dropped earlier!

“Saint Cuthbert,” she cried, “protect this sinner!”

In a flash, the demoness’ building orgasm dissipated. Her balls shrunk rapidly until they disappeared into her abdomen; her wings closed, rattling, and folded into her back; her tail simply fell off and writhed on the floor like a snake for a moment before disappearing. Her cock dwindled into a little flaccid stub, and retracted into her body. The witch’s reddened anus gaped cavernously for a moment, before the protective circle inscribed on her buttocks did its work and sealed it up.

No longer held up by the impaling cock, she dropped to the floor and rolled away, gasping. She clutched the protective amulet, knowing her life and immortal soul depended on it. The succubus staggered back a few paces, also gasping, and fell to her knees. She could not believe how quickly her orgasm had receded. Foiled of her prey and her satisfaction, she threw back her head and tried to utter a vile curse – but the power of the amulet stopped the words in her throat.


For a few minutes the room was silent apart from the harsh breathing of both females, as they fought to regain their breath. The witch was the first to speak.

“That was… close.”

“You’re damn right,” snarled the succubus.

There was another minute of panting. The she-demon was the first to move, first pumping her hips two or three times frustratedly, then rising to her feet and beginning to pace.

“Well,” she said, “you were lucky, is all I can say. I suppose I only have myself to blame for not finishing quicker.”

The young woman had managed to rise to a squat and was inspecting herself, wincing in pain. There was surprisingly little damage: it seemed the spells placed on her had prevented significant injury.

“Like,” she said venomously, “shut the fuck up! I’m surprised you would even talk to me after that. You raped me. You were going to kill me!”

“So sue me,” said the succubus coldly. “You brought it on yourself. Consorting with demons is a mortal sin, you know.”

“Fuck right off,” muttered the young woman.

She sat back gingerly.

“Damn, that really was close. What the hell am I going to do now? Guess there’s not much point in calling the police… I guess I should unsummon you.”

“We could keep going,” suggested the she-demon hopefully. “I don’t know if you’d had enough, but I’m as frustrated as Hell.”

“Fuck you.”

“No, really. You could even keep the amulet on…?”

“Seriously, fuck you very much. I’m not letting you near me again.”

“That’s what they all say. You’ll be back in a few weeks for another round. I guarantee it.”

“I don’t think so!” The witch glared at her summons. “No more black magick. It’s not worth it if I’m going to end up in fucked up situations like this. I might take up white magick.”

“There is no such thing as white magic, my dear. It’s ALL evil. Read the Bible some time, why don’t you.”

“Well, I’m giving up magick entirely then. I have to think of my immortal soul. Clean up my life. Maybe get saved or some shit like that. Hey, you must know – what do I have to do to get my soul saved? And I abjure you to tell the truth, in the name of Saint Cuthbert.”

“How would I know? Read the fucking Bible! It’s all in there somewhere.” The succubus stretched languidly. “Are you going to un-summon me now? I have work to do.”

“Not yet. I abjure you to clean up this floor first – and fix the chair.”

“Well, I abjure you to go fuck yourself. I don’t repair furniture. I only do diabolical sex, and you don’t seem to be up for any more of that. Not today anyway.”

“Not any day.”

The witch got to her feet, groaning heavily.

“Look what you’ve done to me. Look, I can hardly close my fucking legs. Bruises all up my thighs – ouch – and my poor snatch is so stretched you could drive a Hummer up it. God, it really hurts. And I smell of sulfur. And what did you do to my ass? Did you put a sigil of protection on it? How the hell am I going to get that off?”

“It will fade at the next full moon. In the mean time, you can stick anything you like up there without doing yourself any harm. Actually, I expect you’ll love it. Sticking things up your ass is, of course, a sin,” The she-demon added smugly, “which may hinder your efforts to reform.”

“Nothing’s going up there from now on. Hell no. Strictly a one-way street.” The young Goth knelt, hissing in discomfort, and collected her clothes.

“I need a shower really badly. And this place is a fucking mess and my parents get home tomorrow. If you’re not going to help clean up, I think I’m going to unsummon your ass now.”

“I think ‘banish’ is the word you’re looking for, my dear.”

“Damn straight. I’m gonna get my books out and banish you really thoroughly so you stay away for a long, long time.”

“Or until the next time you call me back…” The succubus leered. “Definitely not calling you back. Get ready to be grounded for the next hundred years.”

She fixed the succubus with a critical eye.

“Before I start though, tell me… as a matter of interest, were you actually going to… do all that evil shit to me?”

“No, of course not.” The she-demon shrugged. “Did you really think I was going to?”

“To be honest, I wasn’t sure. So what was all that creepy horror movie stuff for, at the end there?” “I was just talking dirty to you. It gets my juices going.”

“Well it fucking crept me out.”

The witch started to step into her underwear, groaning as she tried to lift one leg. Partway through, a sudden thought struck her. She looked up and cocked her head suspiciously.

“Uh, hold on, let’s try that again. Were you really going to kill me? And this time you have to tell the truth, in the name of Saint Cuthbert.”

“Oh well, in that case… yes, totally.”




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