Feature Writer: Sotar999
Feature Article: Lust!!!
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Submit to the Demons of Lust as they take possession of you and lead you down the dark path of sexual pleasure and delight. Allow yourself to succumb to the perverted desires of others as they use you to explore their depraved, lewd and sinful cravings and impulses. Let them satisfy themselves in ways that you may never have imagined or if you did, you kept those thoughts hidden in the deepest recesses of your mind for fear that you might betray your need to act out on your own perverted urges. Become one with the Demons and those they send to you. The pleasure they derive from you multiplies and returns to you in waves and waves of intoxicating ecstasy. As the lust engulfs your being you will experience intense and unending pleasure. Pledge yourself to the Demons of Lust and they will show you the way to eternal bliss.

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