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Feature Article: The Aspects of Satan/Lucifer
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The Aspects of Satan/Lucifer

I’ve talked about this before, but I’ve never made a full post about it. And since it’s important, it’s a bit overdue.

The one we know as the Devil has two main aspects that represent His very being and presence in our Universe. These two aspects divide His forms and make it easier to understand His dual-nature as both Adversary and Liberator.

These aspects are of Satan and of Lucifer.


Satan is representative of human life through the lense of animalistic existence. He is feared and hated by those who don’t understand Him. Yet, He is the embodiment of mankind’s most human qualities, and thusly, should be celebrated.

Anton LaVey wasn’t wrong in his 9 Satanic Statements. Satan does represent vital existence, vengeance over forgiveness, and indulgence. Lord Satan freely partakes in, what by many, is considered sin, proving to the world that the human nature to sin isn’t evil at all, but completely natural and blameless.

  1. Satan encourages the willingness to dabble in the strange and exciting for the sake of one’s gratification. For without the sweet taste of indulgence and forces of life, what true life are we living? We’re not. Without indulging in life, we’re dead.
  2. The Satanic Aspect also embodies war, more specifically offensive attacks. For how is one to ever challenge the status quo by simply accepting authority? Taking authority into question is an action most loved by Satan. He admires those who don’t accept defeat, and continuously fight for what they desire.
  3. Darkness is often associated with Satan, and not without mistake. For He is the Lord of Shadows. He is the Master of Mysteries. Satan doesn’t require the light for His followers to write in His book. For He already knows what it reads. He knows all, yet of Him little is known by the masses.
  4. Satan represents the application of both magick and force to change a situation in one’s life. He acts on whim and with great power to get things done. He is the down and dirty type of magick. The methods of the Left Hand Path. And He’s certainly not afraid of cursing.
  5. Satan is synonymous with emotions and feelings. He isn’t fearful of one knowing their feelings or stance on a subject and certainly would never suggest the repression of one’s emotions. Part of the Dark Lord’s teachings is to “know thyself” and with knowing one’s self, comes knowing and coming to terms with how one feels.
  6. Satan is most definitely characterized through sexual and vital presences. He is extremely masculine and exudes an aura of dominance. The Devil teaches that one should never suppress one’s sexual desires, no matter how society weighs in. For sex is the basis of all life and vitality, and without enjoyment of one’s own body, how can one enjoy their spiritual side?

Satan shouldn’t be feared or rejected, as in a sense, one would be rejecting a part of themselves. There is a rebel within each of us. A part that revels in taboos and things society isn’t exactly comfortable with.

Hail Satan!


The aspect of Lucifer represents spiritual freedom and knowledge. He is the Light Bearer. The Bringer of Knowledge. He is the Great Teacher of all magickal and spiritual ideas. And for His knowingness and beautiful presence, He is deserving of the greatest respects.

The Morning Star, our glorious Lucifer, liberated humanity from the the Tyrant, giving all people the ability of choice and free will without punishment. He taught great secrets to Lilith and tempted Eve to partake in the Knowledge of Life. Without the Lord of Light, we would never know the great magickal secrets of the earth, and therefore be separated from our true potential.

  1. Lucifer is representative of wisdom. He teaches that one should know of the world around one’s self, and do their best to always seek knowledge, both spiritual and otherwise. Without knowledge of the world, how does one perform successful magickal workings or great acts of science to affect change?
  2. Lucifer embodies logical ability and intellect. He declares that one is able to make their own decisions through logic and reason in order to survive. He doesn’t encourage superstition without proper thought. For without the application of logic and reason, one is just following blindly what they’re told to do, and that never ends well.
  3. The Aspect of Lucifer is associated with Light. Light of Knowledge, Light of Day, For He is the Guiding Star. He is the intuitive spirit in each of us, as well as the Omiscient force that drives humanity toward discovery.
  4. Lucifer teaches careful consideration before one commits any damning action. For if one decides to cast a curse, or get revenge, they should consider how to do it and plan accordingly. Is it worth the trouble? Logic and reason accompany this lesson, as well as many of The Morning Star’s teachings.
  5. Lucifer is an embodiment of philosophical awakening. One should question the way things are, in pursuit of correcting error along the way. If one should see another suffering, one should do one’s best to rectify it. For if it wasn’t for the great charity of our Lord Lucifer, humanity would be bumbling idiots.
  6. Lucifer is the encompassment of the spiritual world. In order for one to know physical life, one must know the spiritual plane for the sake of balance. Without this, the scales are tipped, and consequence follows.

Lucifer, the glorious God of Light, should be most appreciated for His great teachings. Our Liberator defended our nature, and so in His Honor, one should strive to learn the ways of magick and science.

Ave Luciferi!

In conclusion,

One should understand the importance and need for both Aspects of the glorious Satan Lucifer. Without the dark how will we have the light? Without carnality, how does one appreciate the complex philosophies of life?

While Satan is the darkness and Lucifer is the light, this doesn’t mean one should favor one over the other. We all have these Aspects within us. The lustful and the charitable. The warrior and the thoughtful. If we didn’t, we wouldn’t be complete. And so, by honoring these parts of ourselves, we are closer to divinity and infernality. We are accepting our nature.

Satan Lucifer seeks to help those who understand themselves AND the world around them. For how is He supposed to help someone who won’t help themselves by just looking around. To be analytical and know yourself, and the world, and your place within, is to have a wealth of knowledge, and therefore, power beyond belief.

Ave Satanas! Ave Luciferi!

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