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The Satanic Narratives by Damien Ba’al

“Some people use Satanism as an excuse to be an ass. It is very reminiscent of people who use an Abrahamic religion as an excuse to be a bigot. Justification of lousy behavior, and personal shortcomings, while blindly quoting some document you follow unquestioningly is of traditional religion. The Satanist is in diametrical opposition to such nonsense.”

“The Satanist is free of such things, and takes delight in mocking the ridiculous ideas, and taking joy in breaking their rules. However, at the same time, the Satanist has pity on the people. How can one feel anything else for a fellow human who has been enslaved, stuck in a trap sprung on them when they were too young to think? Cruelty is for the leaders of these slaves, and they dish it out regularly. The Satanist stands in opposition to this. Cruelty, ignorance, slavery, and the people steeped in such things—we are your adversary.”

“The Satanist, who will likely be eccentric in nature and unconventional in behavior, is usually in some way, the outcast. The Satanist embraces this outsider status. As an adversary, one should be content to be the hated other in some situations and circumstances.”

Luciferian Order: To Know, Dare, Will, and Keep Silent by Lucian Black

“Patience is not just waiting, patience is taking the time to transform accordingly. Patience is all about perfect timing, when the time is right one must be prepared to act.”

Daemons will never:

From: Lake of Fire by S. Connolly

  1. Daemons will not tell you to harm/ kill yourself
  2. Daemons will not tell you to harm/ kill others (this includes innocent animals)
  3. Daemons will never ask you to do anything illegal
  4. Daemons do not take sides in petty human arguments
  5. Daemons will not question your temple decorating choices

Paths to Satan by S. Connolly

“Theistic Satanist refers to any Satanist who believes in the literal existence of Satan as an actual being, without adhering to or believing in the Christian or Abrahamic dogma concerning Him. Instead, Theistic Satanists see Satan as mankind’s true god, predating Christianity by thousands of years. It is their contention that Satan, along with many other gods loyal to Him, were simply labeled as evil and as enemies.”

“Sea salt, mixed with water, makes up what is commonly known as holy water. Not the kind you find in a church. No, on the contrary, human spirits and others can be warded using salt water. I’ve had a lot of people ask me if using salt water when working with the Daemonic would actually banish the Daemons. The answer there is no. When you mix together salt and water when working with the Daemonic, you’re performing an alchemical operation where earth and water come together in purification (water washes earth, earth filters water). It’s in that mingling that the water becomes purified and will repel negative things. Since Daemons are not negative things, accidental banishing crisis averted. Unless, of course, you view the Daemonic as evil and scary, in which case you wouldn’t (or perhaps shouldn’t) be reading this book. If you want a Daemon to leave, simply ask it. It’s been my experience that divine intelligence doesn’t hang out where it isn’t wanted.”

“Friendship falls into the category of a type of love magick because friendship comes from the same place as emotional love. We can love our friends as we love our children or other family members. So, when working friendship spells, remember you’re essentially working magick very similar to soulmate work.”

“Learn to discern what’s what in the spirit world before you start channeling or horsing spirits and be very wary of allowing them to horse you. You may think you’re strong enough to handle it, and perhaps you are, but there’s always that chance you’re wrong.”

Satanism by Brother Nero

“Satanism is about being honest about who you are, and not letting yourself be controlled by fears or others who will not accept you.”

“In our religion, we do not believe a child can be forced to accept Satan. As a matter of fact, we believe if a parent were to force the religion down a child’s throat, they would be breaking the very law of Satan.”

The Book of the Divine Black Flame of Satan by Vrykolakas Oriax

“Satanism is rather liberating to me personally, but I am of the Darker Vibration, thus I accept the reality of the universe as it is: love and hate, peace and war, pleasure and pain, spiritual and carnal etc. Lucifer as the Light-Bearer is the Bringer of Knowledge of both Dark and Light, thus I deny dualism and see the opposites as aspects of a unified reality (such as in the yin-yang symbol), beyond good and evil. Both are necessary for existence, so we do not fight ourselves trying to remove both sides of our nature that are truly only one side in reality!”

“Satan, the Prince of Darkness, is a real, existing Entity and the only people that truly deserve the title of Satanist are those that acknowledge this fact! We fully believe in and acknowledge Satan as the True God of this World and Black Magic is our direct line of Communion with that Entity. There is no other. It is time to strip away your blind-folds of deceit and step into the Gates of Hell, the Kingdom of Darkness and Shadows, and discover what IS! “Once you cross the Abyss there is no turning back.”

Book of Curses by River Lux

“Curses are not to be taken lightly, you should be full of rage when you engage in such things. Most practitioners will tell you that you must cleanse after a cursing, bullshit, you do not need to, but if it makes you feel better about any backlash that may occur or just to rid yourself of negativity, you can just take a shower as you normally would. If you feel the need to cleanse spiritually do so however you must.”


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  1. Satan, the Great Prince of Darkness, is a real, existing Being. I acknowledge this fact and worship it! I fully believe and recognize Satan as the True God of this World, and Black Magic is a direct line of Communication with Lucifer. There is no other for me! I’m going through the Gates of Hell, the Realm of Darkness and Shadows! There is no going back for me and there never will be! Amen

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