Special Satanic Devotion For This Day by Guardianwolff-666 – Non-Fiction

Writer: Guardianwolff-666

Subject: Special Satanic Devotion For This Day

Link: Tumblr / 25.12.2022

Special Satanic Devotion For This Day

On this day, light a black candle and get naked. You will need no porn images or videos. You are going to experience Lust in an amazing way. Take your underwear off and relax. Look at your burning candle. Feel the warmth of the flame. You’re not too hot and not too cold. You are stroking your cock. It’s getting big. Your desire is to experience sex with Demons. You are protected because Mother Lilith is making sure no evil entity will enter you. Say her Enns.

Renich Viasa Avage Lilith Lirach. Hail Mother Lilith, the demoness and most favored wife of Satan. Guide us to pleasure, lust, and desire in the hardening of our cocks, the wetness of women’s pussies, the stretching of our asses. Prepare us for the sodomizing and fornication we are about to receive. Hail Satan! Enter us as the host of phallus erected that we see in our mind’s eye. Your cock is a serpent that longs to penetrate us, breed us, and transform us to what we are to be. Not what others expect us to be.

Hail Anael. Guide us in our perversions as you set within us your visions of filth and unholy ejaculations that we commit to Satan as those ejaculations are fed to our lips. Place those lips on our cocks. Fuck yes! Feel them. Thank you Satan. They slide up and down our hard shafts. Feel them. You feel them, don’t you. Fuck you do feel a mouth sliding down your cock. Women, you feel the licking, of your pussy. Feel that tongue slide all over your pussy. Fuck yeah! Hail Satan! You are turned over on your stomach and you feel that serpent head enter your ass and pussy. Fuck you want it so badly. Tell Satan to fuck you non stop. Feel him thrusting into you. Fuck! You are feeling this. Hail Satan! Fuck Christ! You don’t want this to end. Tell Satan to fuck your ass or pussy. Tell him to breed your hole. Tasa Reme Laris Satan, Ave Satanas.

You feel this? It is real. Demons are sucking your cock as he fucks you. Demons are licking your pussy as Satan fornicates. This is such beauty that men and women were designed to experience complete seduction as Satan continues to fuck. Beg him to release his cum into you. You want it. Fucking Jesus Christ He is cumming in your pussy, your ass, and brings it to your lips to swallow. Fuck yeah! Cum! Cum! Cum in the most powerful name of Satan! Fuck yeah! You are cumming. Say “Satan, I give my cum to you. I taste my cum in your most powerful name! You are my master because you freely give of your cum into my body.

Hail Satan! Hail Satan! Hail Satan! Oh my fucking god. I call my cock my god. My pussy is your vessel. My ass is your vessel. My mouth is your vessel. Use me to your will! Hail Satan! 

Be sure to snuff out the candle either with a candle snuffer, a spoon will work also. You can wet your fingers and snuff out the candle that way. Do not ever blow the candle out. That is offensive to the Deities. It is a sign of disrespect to them.


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