Feature Writer: alphafallenboys

Feature Title: Hell Quest: Eternity

Published: 08.03.2023

Story Codes: Demonic

Synopsis: Faggot serves in hell as a cock sleeve for demons.

Hell Quest: Eternity

The faggot’s hands were shackled by chains to a low rock above in the cavern filled of piss and demon slime. It was sitting on the largest cock of a demon, covered in veins and warts. It was bouncing up and down on the beast for its dear life. Its tits were pierced with four-inch iron rings, also chained to the ceiling. Every time it went down to the hilt on the demon rod its shackled pulled and hurt him on its wrists and tits. The cunt was reciting some kind of creed or declaration, in a northern English accent with a hint of Irish, spilling out now and then.

“I’m a cock sucking faggot who sold its soul to a sex demon whilst high on pot.”

Hundreds of demons and charges were watching the boy, jeering and laughing at its fate. Pissing all over its body, calling it names for all eternity. It knew its fate. It would serve till the end of time as a cock sleave, pitiful low life in the depths of hell.

The cock was getting closer to climax.

The demon pulled the boy forward and twisted the wretched animal around, facing him, pulling out its tit rings from the chest, naturally the boy opened its mouth wide in pain and the demon pushed his huge cock into the boys mouth. He began to use the boy’s upper hole viciously as his cock enlarged further. The crowds of demons and wards were cheering the demon on whilst they jerked on their own generous sized cocks.

The demon pressed down further onto the boy and suddenly it happened. The demons cock exited the boys ass. The dirty little fag moaned as the bell end of the cock was forced out the fag’s hole. Both of the fag’s holes were being violated by the same cock at the same time. The demon grabbed hold of the boy’s body and began to use it as nothing more than a cheap pocket pussy. He used the boys holes in and out for a while.

The boy was close to shooting its useless fag water, so close to orgasm. Then the demon suddenly stopped the assault on the fags two cunts. He went down to the hilt so that his cock that was sticking out from the boys bum hole, he squirted ropes upon ropes of demon spunk all over the caves walls, adding insult to injury to the lack of fagsasm. The fag withered in the frustrating aftermath of yet another failed orgasm.

The demon then dropped the boy, leaving the faggot to dangle from its chains, jerking in exhaustion as the next demon stepped up to use the human Fleshlights double holes.

The fag had just enough time to regret the night when it had met the demon that had enslaved it. They first met in a sleazy nightclub in Newcastle. It saw a looking handsome looking, but aging man with a nice body smirking at it as it sucked off a much older uglier man.

The guy he was pleasuring was in his sixties and hardly had any hair on his head. The fag had no shame as it face fucked itself on the OAP Giving the oldie as much pleasure in five minutes than he had in the past five years. The fag was a service animal that was for sure.

It had a couple of dirty used fuck holes, even at such a young age of twenty-one the queer fucker was a used up whore. After almost six minutes of self-degradation, whilst a small group watched the pensioner whitewashed its tonsils with his built up two weeks’ worth of spunk.

Unknowing that the next guy was a demon he soon began sucking his cock off too. Taking it to the hilt straight away. Little did the fag know that this cock belonged to a sex demon from a dark part of hell. It had been sent to collect such faggots to volunteer as faggots on relief stations for the work force of hell. Little did it realize that within a few weeks it would be dangling like a puppet by chains, nothing more than a piece of meat, waiting for the next cock in search of relief to be inserted into its fuck holes.

Back to its new reality.

This time the demon would enter the fag through its lower fuck hole and exit through the upper. The fag sighed, yearning for the abuse to halt. It will never end. This demon dick was wider and had a larger bell end. The demon was fatter and looked like a beer bellied old man fucking a young slut boy. The fag couldn’t see the look of the monster behind it, aiming its huge cock in its small hole.

The fag was already lubed well from the upper hole fucking that penetrated the lower hole previously. The dirty faggot discharged a little watery fag slime to the chuckles of the forever gathering demons. The assault continued as it felt the demon cock being pushed through its restrained body. Suddenly it felt the cock pushing through the tightness of its throat. All of a sudden it looked like it was going to be sick. Suddenly, comically a massive cock-head protruded from its mouth.

Going backwards and forwards, faster and faster. The fag couldn’t help but feel totally humiliated, knowing what was going to happen next. Two minutes later the demon forced his cock to level with the fags nose and began to shoot rope upon rope of thick cum from his cock and the fag boys mouth. The fags face went a beetroot color as the demon pulled his head and body back, revealing the fags cock twitching away and trying to reach orgasm but clearly failing once more.

It had practically given its soul away to serve for eternity at a demon relief station. A fuck hole for demon dick. It recalled the time, not so long ago when it knelt in a ditch of piss, naked as the day it was born. It begged continuously at the top of its lungs to be turned into a cock sleeve for the rest of its eternity.

Its mouth was filled with gallons and gallons of demonic amber nectar, devaluing itself as a human soul and accepting its fate as a servant in hell without any bargaining. The sex demon was bemused on how low a creature could go in order to serve in such deprived ways. It was then collared, accepting its fate and the demon led the lowlife being, crawling through a portal to the gates of hell.

Ever since that fateful night it had hung in the same position. Its tit rings had been pulled off on several occasions causing the serving faggot hell-pain, soon they would magically reappear by the command of one demon or another. The abuse was constant as it swung from the relief station. Almost getting close to climax, but not quite succeeding. Taking cock after cock constantly.

The dirty fag boy was truly where it belonged.


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  1. What a fun read. Not sure whether I would rather be one of the demons or the fag. Thanks for posting.

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