Corrupt More Then The Church by Hoku Lani – Non-Fiction

Writer: Hoku Lani

Subject: Corrupt More Then The Church

Link: Tumblr / 25.05.2023

Corrupt More Then The Church

A few years ago Lilith wanted me to share how to corrupt a church. I strongly believe it was one of the most important pieces I penned, as every church needs to be dedicated to Lilith and Lucifer.

The joy of corrupting the unsuspecting and innocent can come in many forms, and there are few things more tantalizing than a combination of Lilith inspired masturbation, squirting orgasms, public exposure, and even some blasphemy. What could be more titillating than the idea of experimentally indulging in a twisted and perverse lifestyle of uninhibited pleasure?

To begin, let us focus on who to corrupt. It could be an innocent coworker, perhaps a niece or nephew, godchildren are also a good choice. They may be making sand castles on the beach or delivering your mail.

Once you know the subject of the corruption then next, incorporate masturbation into your plan to ensure success. You want the experience of corrupting the unsuspecting to go as far and be as intense as it can, so stimulating yourself by masturbating is crucial. In this way, you can focus on details that may have been missed and intense sensations that can be generated with the use of your fingers or a toy – whatever is comfortable and enjoyable to you.

The intensity and pleasure of the corrupting act reaches its height. Close your eyes, focus on the pleasurable sensations running through your body, and release the juices as you feel the pleasure start to build inside of you. Squirting orgasms deliver a shower of affection!

Choose a venue and let yourself be exposed to the eyes of the world as you and your pleasure become one. Teach society that being Lilith’s Whore is the preferred lifestyle, much better than following any religion. You can choose to go to a club, the beach, a church, to a park, or even just to a friend’s house and revel in the freedom from conventional societal expectations.

There are times that may require you to throw in some blasphemy to add a sense of wickedness. Blasphemy, or the act of desecrating something sacred, can be incredibly arousing.

 So please yourself, Mother Lilith, Father Lucifer, and try combining all of the above in a wild ride to corrupt the unsuspecting.

Play around with all the sensations, and explore new experiences. You may even find yourself in the kitchen with some extra spices and using your cum and urine as ingredients in preparing food for yourself and others. Have fun and enjoy the fruits of your labor.

3 thoughts on “Corrupt More Then The Church by Hoku Lani – Non-Fiction”

  1. What a truly important post. I thank Hoku Lani for it. Corrupting the innocent is one of my passions. As said, it matters not who the innocent is, a young child or an old senior. A co worker or a niece or nephew. I especially love when it is a priest or minister. There is such joy from the corrupting process. This piece is right on so many levels. I somehow missed the earlier post a few years ago on How to corrupt, so I will be sure to look for it and read it over to see if it has ideas I have not yet tried. Thank you so much for posting

  2. Indeed!!!!
    I am an influencer in satans service, I have made an oath to dedicate my existence to bringing more souls to Satan, this is my job.
    As an influencer, Satan gave me EVERY FETISH KNOWN TO MAN, so I may better understand lust of man. I truly lust over these fetishes. YOUNG is no exception, corrupt them indeed!!!
    If you understand what fetish is in a man’s soul, you can lure them onto a trail of perversion and filth, one porn clip at a time.
    Bnwo is an easy one, get a white an lusting over bbc and black supremacy, and you’ve taken god out of the equation and replaced it with black cock. Use that success to make the whiteman understand he loves submitting to other powers, slowly suggest the ultimate submission is that of a Christian laying down his religion and serving Satan.
    Once that seed is planted, they are already satans, they just take a lil while to fall completely.

    Tiny is my favorite fetish, something bout a daddy taking his lil girl to task w thrusting hips and a firm , direct voice!!!
    If you want to see some of my influencing,
    You can do so at
    Or email me direct at

    At twitter@zazra666
    I truly appreciate feed back and luvvvvv Cumtribute!
    Hail lord SATAN
    Fuck Christ, bastardized of a whore, FRAUD

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