The Grand Climax Holiday by Walofneptune – Non-Fiction

Writer: Walofneptune

Subject: The Grand Climax Holiday

Link: Tumblr 23.10.2023

The Grand Climax Holiday

July 27th is the Grand Climax Satanic Holiday and we look to celebrate it the way Satan has willed it to be celebrated. Rituals of denouncing your christening, participating in indulgence, freeing your mind of shame and worry of being outcasted, this is the time to truly be free. We have set up a blog to submit your (NSFW) photos, help spread indulgence, and give to the cause of spreading the darkness of our great Lord Satan, through Asmodeous we at “Wal of Neptune” use sexuality as our magic and offering. You are free you are a magical being and you are yourself a god! Hail Asmodeous! Hail Satan! Hail Lilith! Hail the King of Lust! Be free!

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