Happy Halloween by XP – Non-Fiction

Writer: XP

Subject: Happy Halloween

Link: LS666 Blog / 31.10.2023 / https://www.reddit.com/user/EmilybunieTs/

Happy Halloween

Truly a happy Halloween … checked on Reddit last night, and found my favorite TS, EmilyBunieTS, had done a little demon thing for Halloween — fuck she’s so hot. OMFG, I really love this transgirl. 

I don’t know about you, but I love this time of year. Where I live, it is also a full moon, which, for some reach suggests more dark powers in my life. I really feel it. The moon has always made me feel very sexual. Even from an early age of eleven, I would also love to masturbate in the light of the full moon.


I haven’t got the faintest idea. But all I knew was the sensation in my cock and balls. My heart would race faster as I pulled back the curtains allowing the moonlight to fall onto the carpeted floor of my bedroom. I would strip my impish little body, completely naked and bow down in the moonlight before my little effigy of the devil, as I prayed to Him and masturbated myself. There was always a dark thrill to this. It would always escalate my perverted fantasies of boys-fucking-trans … of piss rituals and buggery.

So, what about you?

4 thoughts on “Happy Halloween by XP – Non-Fiction”


    Here is a long explicit explanation, an All Hallows Eve edition. It is no different than when I am overcome with Lust and strip out of my running clothes so I I can masturbate with an intensity equal to a horny jack reusable terrier, building a squirting ejaculation shins the painstakingly painted crucifix graffiti that triggered me.

    It is the same Divine Perverse voice whispering to me to pet the neighbor’s pittbull and direct my hand beneath and glide my hand back and forth, until his Alpha is exposed and shooting the Goddess cocktail on my leg.

    Why, is simple, it’s Western or Abrahamic Religions’s fault. Now we all know it mostly a collection of made up stories and for centuries used to oppress and control us. We were told that Morality is from the scriptures and from god.

    Yet this guidebook is the same one that slanders and omits Lilith, portrays the Devil/Lucifer/ Satan as the force of evil. The same book contains such gems as King David, the homosexual lover of Johnathan, the father of a Son who rapes his sister Tamar and told her to keep quiet. The same book that teaches abortion, sex slavery and the joys of masturbation and beastial pleasures, yet somehow is the basis for Morality.

    That’s the word and the reason, morality. However for my friend as well as myself, we are immune to this product of propaganda.

    It is simple once you know there is no god that’s portrayed in the Bible, no holy spirt and the son of god was just a sucky rabbi and criminal, or as real as the Easter bunny, you are free to truly live!

    Without Morality we are free to grow and thrive. It’s the kind of think that makes you cast off clothes, masturbate under the Full Moon and show The Dark Goddess how free you are.

  2. Thank you for turning me onto trans cock. Readers who want their trans cock worshipped, please reach out.

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