Do Whatever You Want by Ron “The Christian Man” – Non-Fiction

Writer: Ron “The Christian Man”

Subject: Do Whatever You Want

Link: LS666 Comments / 30.10.2023

Do Whatever You Want

I’m a Christian man. I love this site. It’s taken me to a place of arousal I’ve never been. I’m trying to become bisexual but I’m not there yet. I’m hoping to connect with a demonic witch woman who will help me get where I need to be. I’m not ready to praise Satan, but I’m here and open to see what’s to be offered.


Hi Ron — All in good time. There is no rush. The Dark Lord has eternity. He’s watching you and hoping you will come and join us in the LS666 community of “non-conformists” and “non-believers” and “non-everything else” … Be yourself and not what everyone else says you’re supposed to be … you only live one, so fuck it … and do whatever you want … XP

8 thoughts on “Do Whatever You Want by Ron “The Christian Man” – Non-Fiction”

    1. Hail Ron — Many of us come from the same place … but where we’re heading? … whatever you believe … it’s the freedom to choose … XP

  1. A life adoring the sweet and delicious dark Lord is so beautiful. He has our best interests in mind and loves our companionship. He loves to help us discover the delicious perversions and lust that live in our hearts and souls, and in my case cunt. He has given me such good inspiration through porn and this site! I love to experience sexual gifts from Father Satan. I love to worship him sexxxually. He is so good to us and gives us so much pleasure! So …you only live once so do what you want and fuck.

    1. Hail Kat!

      Just fucking want to tell you what a fucking breath of sweet, sulphuric air you are to Tatiana and I.

      We’ve taken up your god-damned pegging suggestion, only you are fucking missing to make it god-damned perfect.

      We both totally fucking agree with your god-damned wanton and demonic assessment of totally fucking hedonism!

      Glory to total god-damned debauchery!

      Glory to guiltless fucking blaspheme!

      God-damned Glory to God Satan.

      Fucking praise you god-damned Kat Bitch!

    1. I’m Jon and I need help coming to Satan. He has called me for sometime. I have asked for help from people on here with no real help or guidance. Will help me overcome my christian nature and submit to Him?


  2. Hail Jon!

    What the fuck bro, you don’t need god-damned help, you just need fucking courage to turn your god-damned back on the cock-sucking christian god, his bastard son and the mother-fucking holy spirit and walk the fuck away.

    Grow some god-damned Satanic balls and make your fucking metamorphosis happen.

    Tatiana and I are fucking encouraged that you’ve at least fucking decided to put off your god-damned slavery and taste the fucking freedom of our Great Lord and God Satan!

    Praise God Satan!

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