LADIES’ SPORT 2 by Regis

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Feature Writer: Regis

Feature Title: LADIES’ SPORT 2

Published: 31.10.2023

Story Codes: Erotic Horror

Author’s Notes: Regis is getting a reputation for being very rough on the ladies, without always considering their personal wishes. This story may serve to reverse that image, as the ladies in this one are out for enjoyment all the way, at all costs! Enjoy.

Ladies’ Sport 2


She looked at Andra, and the look on Andra’s face told her they were thinking the same thing. This sport was lewd, it was profane, it was dangerous, and it was, above all, perfect for both of them. She smiled knowingly at her friend, and the two grinned eagerly at each other. This was how to get the orgasm to end all orgasms.

Men were involved only as leering spectators. They saw the excitement of the other girls watching and knew that they were all in. If she and Andra did not take part, they would be left out. There was no question this was going to be a long night. The two naked women on the table were in a frenzy of attack.

Both had their eyes closed and were screaming at the top of their lungs as they battered each other by kicking the dildo into each other’s twat. Their cunts were literally foaming with massive orgasms as they bent their backs, strained on the straps, and their curvaceous thighs and calves flexed with all the power of kicking that dildo all the way into the other’s steaming cunt.

The nude bitches kicked each other in the cunt for all they were worth. Suddenly one of them screamed stop. She screamed it at the top of her lungs and stopped returning the vicious kicks.

She screamed, “STOP!” over and over, and the other girl kept kicking, more viciously than before.

It was as if she had waited for that cry of submission to give her opponent her best shots!

“I should explain. The rules state that they have to say ‘stop’ twelve times before the event is decided, and they can’t quit during the preliminary fifty kicks.” the man explained to Sharri, “That is to ensure that when one of the competitors screams ‘stop’, she means it, and isn’t just reacting to a particularly strong kick.

“Sometimes the ladies are so enraptured that they don’t realize they are calling the game off by surrendering. It’s a good rule, and they all know about it. It also means that if the other girl is holding back her best shots, she still has time to get them in, to make her opponent pay. That’s the whole point of the game.”

“God, they must be sore after all of that cunt-kicking,” Sharri said, “I mean, a woman’s cunt can only take so much! It’s not just her pussy, but her whole womb, her uterus, her ovaries, her whole insides that is being pounded! Even their kidneys must be taking a beating.”

“That’s a good point,” the man said, “What interests the gamblers is how much a cunt can take. As you can see, the vagina is a very tough receptacle, and these ladies are living proof. Of course, when they have problems, that’s when they give up. They don’t do any serious damage, just some bruising, and perhaps the odd muscle-pull.

“Its just like football in that respect; the girls who have reached this level are always ready to participate again in about a week. Usually, they are so eager that their managers have to ensure they are okay before they enter them in another bout. What the sisters did as a demonstration was at the amateur level.

“These pros can really hurt each other, and do, with that pounding to their gonads and their internal organs. In this sport, often a girl is beaten to unconsciousness before she submits. That’s when she’s definitely spayed, sometimes with her ovaries detached. That’s what we call a knockout. Then the rule is they can’t get into another bout for a month.”

“It can be really dangerous, then,” Sharri said.

“Not at all. There is always a doctor present in case of accidental injury. This is just a demonstration, but in a real bout, with gambling, there are extra points for a knockout. Once a participant yells ‘stop’, she is not allowed to kick or use any visible sign of resistance. The opponent has until the twelfth scream to kick her unconscious, and about a quarter of the time, they succeed.

“With a knockout, the payoff to the winner is doubled, so they really go for it. Tonight she is just getting some extra practice while getting her opponent back for some of her more vicious kicks. What you’re seeing here is all really just some good clean fun.

“In most cases, the girls who lose are given a good solid fist fuck by the winner at the end of the bout, and in some of the clubs, they actually invite it. I’d have to be a woman to understand and believe this, but these broads love this kind of action. Getting their cunts hammered really turns them on.

“It’s just like taking or being given a power fuck. Everything else is left behind when they get carried away with this remarkable sport. They just can’t get enough rough attention to their cunts once they start the fight, particularly when they have first been tenderized in a competition like this!”

The girl who had cried for the other to stop was screaming and in tears, but had only called stop nine times. With every kick now, her whole body shuddered. She was taking a severe pounding, and the other girl showed no signs of stopping. This was what she had come to do, and she was not going to be deterred by screams for mercy.

She knew how much the other girl liked this kind of abuse, as she did, and was giving her the boot with all she had. The girl who was trying to give up was sobbing so hysterically that she was hardly able to get the words out. She had also stopped kicking, a sign that she was in total submission. Sharri thought she had even spread her legs wider, giving the other woman a better target.

Her opponent was giving her an incredible internal beating, and the audience watched enthralled as she managed at last to scream, “STOP … PLEASE!” once more.
She was too involved in the beating to keep count and had no idea how many times she had screamed stop. There were still two to go.

The audience was shouting for more, and they were being obliged. The hammering leg of the victor was pounding the dildo unmercifully into the bruised cunt, viciously battering the stocky nude girl’s inner gonads, and it looked like the swollen female organ was pulverized by the tremendous beating.

At last, the sobbing girl twisted in her harness and got the other two pleas for an end to the beating articulated. The master of ceremonies blew his whistle and the contest was finally over. The girls lay panting in exhaustion, both of them sweating profusely. Then the winner sat up, slid off the dildo, and leaned forward to help the defeated girl sit up.

She moaned and twisted, and then she too pulled herself off the impaling dildo, and they moved together into an embrace, and kissed. It was not like they were lesbians, Sharri thought. It was more as if they had shared a powerful experience, and were celebrating what they had done to each other.

When they got off the table to leave, Sharri noticed that they both walked gingerly. Clearly, they were both aching inside. Strangely, she craved that kind of ache. The carpet was removed from the glass table, and the two competitors exited. The novice’s first trial was announced. Two other girls volunteered to try the big rubber cock first.

Sharri and Andra were frustrated they would have to wait. One of the industrialist’s beautiful daughters came back into the room, opened the overnight bag she had brought, and produced a second long double-ended dildo. The first pair of girls moved to the side of the table, making room for a second pair beside them. Sharri and Andra took the initiative and climbed up on the glass table.

The four girls blushed as they slid off their panties. This was the most daring thing any of them had done in their lives, but it was so exciting that they could not back out. Sharri and Andra had once tried lesbian sex, just to see what it was like, and although it was a freaky experience, they had liked it.

They had spent the night together, and had brought each other to orgasm several times, but had not tried the insertion of an object before. And they had certainly never been intimate in front of other people. This was the real thing, and these people, all strangers, were offering the daring girls encouragement.

Andra felt the coolness against her bare buttocks with her panties off, but she was not yet exposed, because her short skirt was still in place. That did not last long, because one by one the girls moved onto the top of the large low glass table, and that required spreading their legs, which cinched up their skirts.

She was now on display, and she saw that the other three looked as embarrassed as she felt. This was not the kind of thing that would make her mom and dad proud, but they weren’t here, and none of the people here knew them. Besides, now that she was committed and had her bare hips and neatly trimmed sex organs exposed, she found being on display was not as bad as she had thought, and she felt her excitement level rising.

“You can do it!” one of the women shouted as the girls positioned themselves, crotch to crotch.

“Oh God, you’re beautiful!” yelled a man.

“Let me have your panties!” cried another.

“Good girls, you have what it takes!” one of the women shouted as they picked up the dildos.

“Get the plastic man between you, that’s it!”

“Moisten the end by rubbing it on yourself!”

“That’s really sexy — keep it up!” Sharri responded to the audience’s encouragement and thrust her hips.

“God, those women are daring! I’d never have the nerve to do that!”

“Use the tip to spread your lips, darling!”

“Oh yes, poke it inside!” Andra wished the spectators would not be so specific.

“Shift your hips to get closer to her!”

“Get it on, girls!”

“That’s right, slide the plastic shaft right into yourself as far as it goes!”

“Lift your leg over hers, that’s the way!”

“Now grab each others’ wrists, so you can have some control, and keep your partner honest!”

The four daring novice girls were by now all in position, fully impaled on the remarkable rubber double-ended dongs. Andra shifted her hips to improve her position and gave Sharri a real shot deep in her cunt. She apologised, but as they moved to get comfortable and ready, they each gave their partner a deep unexpected prod, bringing protest.

Andra was wearing a silk blouse, without a bra, and worried about ruining the expensive garment, she undid the buttons, and slid out of it, freeing her remarkable breasts. The audience responded with applause, and one of the other girls did the same.

The whistle blew, they each grasped their partners’ wrists, and they began gently sliding their groins toward each other, sliding deeper onto the cunt-impaling dildos. All four girls explored hip movement and found that very erotic. The lips of their stuffed pussies were still a couple of inches apart, but as they got bolder, the separation of their naked organs diminished.

The delicate sex meat was inching closer together as the girls became more aggressive in their pulling on each other’s wrists and grinding their hips in erotic motions. Their pink pussy petals brushed several times, and then they began to hump seriously, and the cunts were mashed together, giving a rubbing stimulation to the aroused clits.

These novice girls were fucking each other vigorously on the double dildos, hammering themselves and their partners onto the devices that joined them. Squeals of delight came from all four, and from the other girls present as well. The two professional Kick League performers had dressed, and they joined the rest of the audience in cheering on the four cunt-humping novices.

Suddenly Sharri went into a spectacular orgasm, and Andra, without much choice in the matter, followed her example. Their cunts were now mashed together in the pressing and twisting that fired their flared cuntlips, and their inflamed sex organs swelled in response to the remarkable abuse.

These girls had discovered an incredible new level of sexual gratification. The deep probing and poking of the dildos inside them was driving all four girls on the tabletop wild, and their fucking action became even more pronounced. They were giving it all they had, and the spectators appreciated every move.

Their host nodded in approval as he watched the wanton behavior of his young novice guests. They were hooked, and within a month he would have them on his circuit of private Kick League gambling houses. The wealthy industrialist was increasing his wealth with his holdings. He now ran a stable that included much more than fast racehorses. He had developed a stable of beautiful white slaves, entrapped by their own sexual desires.

Through sound psychological principles, he had taken normal young women and developed in them a fine balance between sadism and masochism. He was one of only six powerful men in North America who had developed such a string of girls. Their gratification was derived from both giving and receiving an unusual level of both punishment and pleasure.

Because of its purely sexual nature, the public competition satisfied a number of basic human needs for the young women who got into it. The men had discovered how easy it was to develop in the hearts and minds of the women a high level of dependency on being allowed to compete.

The lovely lusting young bitches actually begged to be entered in matches with skilled opponents. Their drive became so strong that they could be persuaded to do a number of bizarre things in order to remain in the good graces of their masters. This was an ideal form of domination of vulnerable women.

The controlling men had no need for chains or confinement; their female employees needed no keys, drugs, or coercion: these women willingly became their true slaves. The four women on the glass table finally lay back, exhausted from their mental and physical exertion in trying to satisfy their lust.

They had found an incredible satisfier in this stimulating use of the rubber cocks, much more than they had ever experienced with men, who usually used the slam-bam-thank you-ma’am approach to sex, using them simply as a cock-holster for intimate masturbation, a female object in which to masturbate.

Sharri realized that she had not had much more intimate involvement with Andra, that in fact, she was just a female tool to use for her self-gratification. The difference was that she got to play too, getting her rocks off as she gave it to both herself and her partner. This was not a lesbian act, it was just using a woman the way men did, and with a big payoff in her pussy.

She wondered how much more satisfying it would be to use the larger, more punishing tool that the women did. She wondered how she could get to experience that wonderful-looking Kick League equipment. She almost orgasmed again thinking of the power of the big dildo being driven by a woman’s kicking leg!

“That was quite a performance!” the man she had been sitting with said to her as she got up off the table and lowered her skirt. None of the girls put their panties back on. They had shown their pussies to these appreciative and supportive strangers, and modesty now seemed irrelevant. It was much more daring to sit on the sofas in their short skirts, giving peeks to the guests as they all watched the next set of girls try the thrilling sex sport.

“Thank you,” she said, blushing slightly as she sat down beside him again, “That was quite an experience.”

“You looked like you enjoyed yourself up there. Not every girl has the ability to let go of her inhibitions and really get the enjoyment that the sport offers, at least not their first try.”

“I really enjoyed it. I’ve never done anything like that before, not with another woman, or anything in front of a bunch of people. It was scary.”

“I’ll bet you found that scariness was really a thrill.”

“Yes, it was exciting! I never dreamed I’d ever do anything so bold and lewd! Look at those girls with their skirts raised and that big dildo in them, bucking their hips like that in public! I hope I didn’t look that wanton!” She knew immediately the moment she said it that she had been every bit as aggressive in displaying her sexual hunger. She had virtually ignored the audience.

“Well, you were really getting into it, and it was clear that you really enjoyed it. The audience does make it more exciting, but it is the give and take that most of the competitors say they enjoy most.”

“I gave as good as I took, didn’t I!” she said proudly.

“You have a beautiful pussy, not too red or dark on the fringes, and it looked great gripping that big dildo! And you moved so well! You would be a real natural if you ever got interested in the sport.”


“Seriously! We always have an opening for such a natural competitor. I’ll bet you and your friend could make big money when you get to the winners, and win some of the big competitions. I don’t want to suggest that you would even consider it, but we do have openings right now for scheduled competitions.”

“I don’t know, it’s really gross!”

“It can be if the wrong people get into the sport. We are very careful in who we select. We make certain the competitors are of good character. Otherwise, it could deteriorate to the level of boxing or wrestling. We have a high-class product and feature only top-level women in our sport. I think you could do very well at it.

“But I don’t want to push you. Take a few days to think about it, and if we still have an opening when you get back to me, we might be able to talk about it.”

“You said you have scheduled openings, or openings for scheduled events right now?”

“Yes, but maybe the girls who are on the table now, or one of the others, might decide they want in. Our openings for new contestants are limited because most of our girls stay at it and progress through the sport. We are working hard to elevate the sport and introduce it to some new private clubs across the country. That’s why we only wish to encourage women who are serious about the sport and may want to consider it as a profession. The possibilities are limitless, and it is, in the final analysis, good clean fun.”

“If Andra and I said yes tonight, could we get in on it?”

“Well, I can talk to the boss, and see what he says. He saw your performance, and I think he was impressed with both of you. Why don’t you ask your friend, while I check with the boss? You both have the beauty and the From what I saw tonight, I’m willing to put your name forward.”

“Gee, thanks!”

The man Andra was chatting with finished his conversation with her and got up. Sharri grinned at Andra.

“The guy I was just talking to wants us to get into the sport! He said we’d be great!”

“That’s what the guy I was talking to said, too,” Andra replied, “What are we getting into?”

“I’m sure it’s all on the up and up. This is a really rich guy that does this like he owns racehorses and everything. Also, he lets his daughters do it, even in public, so it’s got to be the coming thing.”

“It was really fun, wasn’t it!”
Andra’s eyes were gleaming as she spoke. She was watching the two pairs of young novices on the table, who were in ecstasy as they pulled each other’s arms and bucked their hips with the fierce desperation of women in heat. This was really exciting to watch, but much more exciting to do.

“Should we try it, I mean for real?” she asked.

“We already did,” Sharri replied, “And we know that we really like it and that we are not afraid to do it with others watching, because we already did that too. I never dreamed I could take my panties off in front of strange people, but it was fine with these people. They were really nice, and supportive. And the rich guy’s daughters did it for everybody to see, even before anyone else had broken the ice. I know it’ll be okay!”

“It’s so exciting!” Andra said, “I wonder when he wants us to do it?”

Her question was answered when the two men returned.

“Well, what do you think?” one asked, “Do you think you are ready to enter a real competition?”

“What did he say?” Sharri asked.

“He was very impressed with your enthusiasm, and your natural abilities, both of you. He also said he would be willing to give you a chance to prove yourself as novices on a card he has lined up for next Wednesday night. Are either of you free then?”

“I could get free that night,” Sharri said, trying not to sound too excited.

Andra nodded.

“Oh, and you’ll have to have a training session, just to get used to the equipment. The boss’s daughters usually work out on Monday nights.”

“Yes! Yes! Yes!” Andra said, unable to contain her excitement, “We’ll be there! Where do we go, and what time should we be there?”

The arrangements were made. In just two short days they would be training on that enormous dildo, naked! And in two more days, they would be doing what they had seen the two Kick League professionals doing in that harness, naked, writhing on a carpet, in that outrageous sexual competition, and in public!

It was unbelievable! What had these two brazen young ladies let themselves in for? When and where would it all end?

Andra arrived at the club first. These gambling clubs were highly illegal, not only because of the lack of control by the gaming commission but because of the kinds of games they used for some of the gambling. The standard card games were all used, as was the roulette wheel and the crown and anchor wheel, but to attract and keep gamblers coming, they had all added novel entertainments, which also allowed the gamblers to place bets.

The Kick League had emerged from the erotic party game the girls had seen and tried after the race, and was far more aggressive than the simple pull-and-squeeze game the girls had tried. Andra crossed the parking lot to the entrance of the all-night supermarket. She entered the cafeteria and crossed directly to the small hallway to the washrooms.

Past the turn, she saw the door to the women’s room they had been told about, and opposite it was the door to the men’s room. The third door appeared to be a maintenance room. She opened it and walked into what clearly was what it had appeared to be. It had a single, but striking difference.

Behind a smock hanging by a hook on one wall were three unmarked buttons. When she pushed the lower button, as her instructions told her to do, the room suddenly began to descend. The small room was in fact an elevator! The room was moving downward, taking her below ground.

Everything was exactly as the daughters of the wealthy industrialist had told her it would be. It was amazing. She had shopped here several times before and had even used those washrooms. How could anyone even suspect there was a gambling establishment below the busy supermarket?

There was a tight knot in her stomach as the elevator stopped. She opened the door she had used to enter, and she stepped into the strange “moving closet”. The man who had sat beside her was waiting near the door, along with the man who had sat beside Sharri.

“Hi, young lady,” her host said, “Welcome to the High Impact Club!”

The name said it all. It did not look much like a club to her. It was as rustic as things came. The floor, walls, and ceiling were simply raw cement, without even paint. She was surprised to see that the ceiling was nearly twenty feet high.

The elevator ride had been very smooth; her trip did not feel like she had come down so far. One door was made of padded leather, with bright brass studs in a pattern. It had polished brass handles and looked very posh. She was not taken through that door.

“The padded tooled leather door goes straight into the club,” her host said, “But we don’t allow the girls to mix with the gamblers. It might happen that a girl is on the take, and might affect the outcome of a match for the gamblers.”

That sounded perfectly reasonable, although Andra was disappointed she would not get to spend some time watching the other matches and maybe even placing a small bet. She was taken down a drab concrete hallway to what was called “the green room”. It was bright and pleasant, and there were several girls there, relaxing on comfortable furniture and chatting.

“Girls, I’d like you to meet Andra. She’s a novice and will be participating in the first event of the evening. Andra, our girls. We like to think of them as family.”

“Hi,” Andra said.

One of the girls slid over to make room for Andra and shook her hand.

“Hi, I’m Nancy. You gotta be one of the two novices. You on the pill, honey?” she asked.

“Why do you ask?” Andra said, startled.

“Just wondering,” Nancy said, “You’ll find out later. Please ta meet ya.”

“Sure,” Andra said, letting go of Nancy’s hand. The tough-looking professional kick fighter was just trying to be nice, Andra realized, but she was hardly the kind of woman she and Sharri would choose to associate with. This was not quite like the opulence of the training center she had visited a couple of days ago with Sharri.

The big man’s daughters were there and treated them like guests. They had introduced the girls to the head trainer, a mister Bazooka. Andra had wondered if that was his real name. She doubted it, but that was his business. From the bulge that developed in his pants when he saw her, she guessed what had given him that name.

He was very nice, and they sat and sipped on wine as he told them some things about the sport, and about what a marvellously rugged organ the female vagina was. He told them things about their own sex organs they had never heard before. He was proving himself to be very knowledgeable.

He explained to them that the vulva was designed by nature to serve several roles. It was the only human organ that could stretch to fifty times its normal size within half an hour, to give birth, and then restore to its normal petite size within a couple of days, most of it within an hour. It also had the strength to support the entire weight of its owner. The penis could not do that.

To prove his point, he showed them some very indecent but interesting photos of a private sex circus he said he sometimes worked in. There was a picture of a woman balancing on the rounded end of a pole that was inserted into her vagina. It took her full weight, and her nude male partner, sporting an immodest erection, looked in the photo as if she were actually spinning her!

The girls were astounded. The young lady’s vulva was being used as a bearing, taking her full weight. The more they thought about it, the more they realized that it was her uterus taking the punishment, although the woman in the photo looked as if she was enjoying the tough treatment of her genitals.

There was another shot of a man holding a naked buxom teenager over his head, supporting her full weight on his fist, which was deeply implanted in her vagina. It was an amazing photo. Andra and Sharri had no idea such a thing was possible.

They had never before even imagined a man’s whole fist, and a good part of his forearm, fitting up into that slender love passage of a girl’s cunt. He was using his fist to hold the girl aloft, supported entirely by her vagina’s grip on his wrist! They found the whole idea very exciting and said so.

The trainer and the four girls then got onto the big soft training mat, and the two novices reluctantly removed all of their clothing. It was not that they didn’t want to do it, it was just that they had never peeled down completely in front of complete strangers before, even though they had exposed their pussies, and stuffed them with the plastic penis, then shamelessly writhed in passion as they forced their bare organs together.

That had been just an erotic demonstration. This was different. This was more intimate, they were introduced to each other, and they felt that they could trust these few people they were with, so they did it. It was the only way they were going to be able to get to try the big Kick League device, and that was something they didn’t want to miss.

The two wealthy daughters had slid off their panties and their tops, looking completely unconcerned at baring their all before the trainer and the two new girls. They lifted the short tennis skirts they wore, so they were basically naked as they slid themselves onto the pink rubber device they had demonstrated a few nights before at the party.

Sharri and Andra blushed as the trainer brought out the big professional device, with its pair of harnesses and stirrups. They were startled to see it on this stage, without a pair of naked women mounted on it. It was even larger than they remembered. How in the world had the two of them committed to perform on this monstrous instrument?

To be continued?

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