Feature Writer: Sacred Blasphemy
Feature Title: The Boy and The Young Priest
Uploaded: 11.07.2017
Story Codes: Mb, Oral, Anal, Religious


The Boy and The Young Priest

I don’t remember when it was that I realized he was always looking at me; in class, at recreation time, and in the church. At first I thought that he was watching over me to punish me for something I was doing wrong. I don’t know if I realized when he was looking at me but I felt his eyes on me as if his look were tracing me. I turned my head and there he was. When he realized I was looking at him, he turned his gaze away from me.

I didn’t understand why he had this attitude and felt a bit annoyed. After all, he can’t be that much older than me. Probably mid-twenties I thought. He was the hot, young priest that had come to our high school. All of the girls were drooling over him and, secretly, few of the boys too!

Sometimes I would hide during recreation time and would watch him to see what he was doing. He was going from one place to another like he was looking for someone. I stopped hiding where I had been and through the glass reflection of a window I observed him. When he discovered me, he came my way. I was only a few meters away from him. I pretended to be leafing through a book, but he was looking at me. He was looking at my legs. He closed his eyes a little as though he wanted to record my image his head and sighed deeply. It was then that I suddenly realized what he wanted. He liked me and liked my legs. I felt a bit confused and at the same time assaulted.

“A man of God, thinking dirty thoughts,” I thought to myself.

I turned around and I stared at his eyes. He lightly smiled at me, but I responded to his smile with an irritated look.

Then he looked away from me and each one of us went in opposite directions. That afternoon I couldn’t stop thinking about him. What did he want from me? His desire for me made my vanity grow. That night in my bedroom I looked at the back of my legs in the mirror. They seemed beautiful; they seemed almost like those of a girl. In bed I was masturbating, imagining that at this moment he might be doing the same while thinking of me.

The next day it was I who began to pursue him. I wanted to see how his eyes shined when he looked at my body. A few times I crossed his path. I wanted to flirt, to excite him. I smiled at him shamelessly. One of the times I noticed a bulge in his pants. I also saw how he tried to arrange his erect penis in his pants with one of his hands. I had never seen a Catholic priest with a hard on before! I felt really proud of the power that I had over him and I flirting smiled to assure him I liked his interest in me. But ever since then he began to avoid me.

Every night I would masturbate while thinking of him. I would take off my pajamas while underneath the sheets, imagining that it was he caressing me. I also imagined him naked and hugging my back and moving his erect penis between my legs, the legs that he seemed to like so much. I moved my body to give him pleasure, and I felt very happy to be making him happy. I wanted it to happen for real even though I was fearful. I came up with a plan to seduce him.
The next day at recreation hour, he was on watch. I went up to him, limping and I told him that I had hurt my hip.

I asked him to take me to the infirmary to give me some anti-inflammatory cream. He knew it was all a lie but went along with it. Already in the infirmary, I fell down face down on a bed and asked him to give me a leg massage. He began it very professionally and I asked him to do it softer. He began to caress my legs, and I noticed that he was getting an erection. I slyly rubbed him with my arm and I asked him to look at my buttocks to see if there was any bruise. I took off my pants and my boxers.

My dick was also hard and was resting under my body. I openly asked him to rub me. His white and delicate pianist hands were delighted with my body. Without more indulgence I took his hard cock through his pants, and I opened my legs so that his hand could play with my dark balls. It was then that we heard someone was coming down the hall. I asked him what was happening to me.

I put my pants back on and got down off the bed with a bit of a jump. The other medic entered and I left through the door. My penis had suddenly gone soft, but not the dick of my beautiful “medic.” He went down to the floor, pretending to look for something in one of the cabinets. What a scare all of this gave me! That night I masturbated while imagining I was kissing the enormous penis of the handsome medic.

The next day was Saturday. He told me I was going to see him at 4.00 pm that afternoon. He told me where his room was and asked me to be cautious so that no one saw me there. He was waiting for me on his knees, and his eyes were reddish. I think he had been crying just then and that I had surprised him. I got completely naked, just leaving my undershirt. I leaned over him, took his hands from his face and put them on my waist. I put my erect penis near his lips and lifted his cheek. I made him look at my eyes. I smiled at him sweetly; his hands then began to rub over my body, my legs, the object of his desire.

His fine, white hands took delight in my body and made me feel loved, happy to be desired so much, hot for his passion. He didn’t seem to get tired of touching me, little flirt. I offered him my young, handsome ass cheeks. Kisses and more kisses, unending caresses. I asked him to get up and lie on the bed. He closed his eyes as I began to undo the all of the buttons on his trouser. His dick pushed at his pants, heavily tenting out. Underneath he was naked; he had indeed been waiting for me. I was dazzled because of the beauty of his body. white, strong, smooth, hard, tender, cold, and hot.

I ran my hand through the black hair on his chest, the interior surface of his muscles. I barely slipped in a caress over his most intimate part, just below his testicles. He opened himself up at my touch. I stripped off his pants and I made him lie mouth down, his splendid body, more beautiful than the body of any woman that I had liked or turned me on. I rubbed over his legs, his beautiful white ass. I kissed his neck, and he moaned and moaned almost like he was crying. I caressed his damp crack. I put two fingers in his mouth, and then slipped one of them in his ass. His body tensed up and I thought he was going to cum. I made him get up a little so that his dick wasn’t rubbing against the sheets, so that he wouldn’t cum.

Then I began to lick his sweet little puckered hole with my tongue, and little by little I was penetrating him with it, then another finger and another. Then he sat up to get some Vaseline that was on top of the table. He had it ready but probably had thought it was going to be he who penetrated me. I lubricated his opening and began to penetrate him. He was very tight, but I could still enter him. He groaned from pain, but it only took a bit for him to relax and I noticed that he was already enjoying it.

I moved inside of his cute and sweet male pussy. I rubbed his balls and his enormous, very useful cock. His face turned, looking for my kisses. His cock was flowing precum and had already made a little pool on the sheet. He let himself take it all in while I whispered obscenities in his ear. I turned him over so he’d be mouth up. While I was whispering to him, I swallowed down his dick. He came in my mouth. I left his holy semen in my mouth I and delivered it to him as I came inside of him.



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