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Feature Title: The Many Rooms of Heaven


The Many Rooms of Heaven


Merry Christmas everyone – this is my present to you (although it will likely arrive a bit late). I suspect you’ll either love it or want to come after me with pitchforks and torches…lol. It is a bit different. I really look forward to your feedback on this one.

All characters are fictional, existing only within the confines of this story and my mind. Enjoy!

In the end, one realizes there is still so much left to do and to say and even as weary as I am, my heart failing in ever increasing increments, I feel regret. My daughter leans over me as beautiful as ever at age fifty-five – our son and daughter flanking her on each side, each trying to hold back their emotions and put a brave face on things. I reach out and touch my daughter’s hand, feeling her fingers close around my shaky digits, squeezing hard as if to will her own life force into my frail and fading body.

“Sally, it’s alright,” I say in a raspy voice, my throat dry from the constant flow of oxygen. “Don’t mourn, my darling. We’ve – I’ve had a good life.” I feel her wedding ring rub against mine – we’ve worn them now for twenty years, ever since our mother passed away and she took Mom’s place in my bed.

“I love you, Daddy,” my girl replies. “I don’t want you to go!” She blinks back tears and glances at our son and daughter, barely out of their teens. “None of us want to lose you.”

“I love you too, Sally. I love you all.” I look into each of our children’s eyes – at Megan’s sweet face, her grandmother’s eyes staring back at me, glowing with the special love that a woman has for her first lover. Images of our first night together pass through my mind – her long lithe body wrapped around mine as my blood flecked erection brings her to her first cock induced orgasm.

I look at Jack’s face, his love evident in that face that looks so much like a younger version of myself – love and understanding of his place now – his destiny to take my place in his mother’s bed, husband and lover to Sally and to his sister. Again, I am almost swept away with the memories of my daughter and our son coming together as lovers for the first time, Sally’s rapturous expression as with legs spread wide, she accepted her son’s magnificent cock into her pussy for the first time.

I feel an old and familiar sensation and I almost laugh. Imagine at age eighty with a failing heart, getting a woody on one’s death bed. Mom would find this hilarious. I can almost hear her say, “That’s my John! That’s my horny loving son!”

Images of my mother come to mind – doing nothing to abate the sudden burgeoning erection between my legs. My mother – my greatest love, gone now for a score of years and even as her memories press down on me – of Mom riding my cock, her great and heavy breasts bouncing as we fuck with complete abandon, exciting me, so does the heaviness of breathing. The monitors begin to make warning noises – sounds I am so tired of hearing and I know that I’m done.

“Please, Daddy, don’t leave me,” Sally begs, her hand tightening around mine. It should be painful, but sensation is fading.

I try and squeeze back, whispering, “Its time, my love – I’m tired and I miss our mother. It’s time for me to go to her.” Each word is harder to speak than the word before it.

Sally’s tears fall on my face as she leans down and kisses me, her lips and tongue brushing my dry and chapped lips. “I love you so much, Daddy,” I hear her say as things begin to rapidly fade around me. “Go to her, Daddy. Give Mom our love. I love you so much!” It is the last thing I hear and then I feel my daughter’s lips brushing mine one last time as…

I am ELSEWHERE. Streams of light of every color in the spectrum and colors unimagined pass through me or I pass through them. I am BODYLESS – without form and substance. I am in MOTION and I am at REST. I am EVERYTHING and NOTHING. I am nothing but the summary of a lifetime of MEMORY.

I am SOMEWHERE! It is beautiful, a cathedral of light, reinforced by unearthly music so lovely I want to weep. From wisps of illuminated ether emerges a figure, almost too great to behold, his form too perfect to be truly human, great feathered wings spreading wide from his back. Eyes blaze with the same brilliant fire that wreathes the great sword in his hand.

Despite my lack of form, he or it looks deep into my being and intones, “John Heller, you stand before your Lord God. I am the archangel Michael. Prepare to be judged.”

From nowhere and everywhere, a light that is truly too beautiful to be truly beheld manifests and I quail before its purity that assaults all my senses. “OPEN YOUR HEART, MY CHILD, SHOW ME WHAT YOU ARE!”

I feel transparent and all that I am – all that I have been, is revealed. “The heart of John Heller – what do you find, Almighty God?” intones the angel, Michael.

“I FIND LOVE IN THIS CHILD,” replies the VOICE that would make the finest singer in the world weep with envy.

“And do you find hate, Lord God?”


“What be the judgment of the Almighty upon John Heller?” asks the Angel Michael, raising his flaming sword in readiness.


The Angel bows in obedience and replies, “As the Father of us all commands.” Michael turns and wings spreading wide, says with complete solemnity, “John Heller, you have been judged and your soul found commendable. Come now and dwell in the house of the Lord.”

He approaches and even though on some deep level, I know what has happened is good, he is still a fearsome, imposing figure. As he reaches for me, the holy light that has enveloped me increases a million fold and as what I am seems to disintegrate in its joyous intensity, I hear the VOICE once more, “BE BLESSED, MY SON.” I am torn from the presence of that glorious light and I want to weep and then I am…

…sitting on what appears to be a park bench. A series of jarring events of comprehension follow. I am in a massive garden on what appears to be the perfect spring day with blue skies, sunshine and a gentle breeze that is keeping the temperature perfect. With sudden delight, I realize the weight of old age is gone and that I feel like I am eighteen again. Then simultaneously, I am aware of two more things. My very erect cock is being sucked and there is a man sitting next to me.

I glance down. I am naked and I marvel for a moment as I realize my body is that of a young man and I am hugely erect and there is a woman kneeling between my legs, her tongue working me over with enthusiasm. Short, curly platinum blonde hair bobs as her lips slide up and down my shaft. Heavy, voluptuous breasts sway enticingly as she sucks my dick.

I turn and look at the man sitting next to me. He has long, wiry dark hair and a dark olive complexion. From above a prominent, hawkish nose, he looks at me with the kindest eyes I have ever seen and gives me a gentle smile. “Good morning,” he says in a soft voice. He turns slightly and offers me his hand.

“Good morning,” I reply as I shake his hand. Then he takes his hand back and it comes to rest between his legs, atop the head of a dark haired woman who is sucking his very large cock. I look at his face again and although he looks nothing like the countless images I’ve seen all my life, another look into those eyes is all I need to know who he is. “You…you’re…”

He grins and then laughs before replying, “Jesus aka Jesus Christ aka the Savior aka Son of God – blah, blah, blah! Yes, but let’s keep it simple, okay. I’m Jesus and you’re John and we’re a couple of lucky guys getting great blowjobs. Welcome to Heaven.”

I look around me. The gardens or park seems right out of a heavenly setting and a short distance away, I see an immense palace of great beauty. I am reminded of the palace at Versailles. Mom and I had taken an anniversary trip there almost thirty years ago and we both thought it was the most beautiful place on earth. This is better.

I start to speak, but nothing comes out. I might just babble nonsense, but the woman sucking me keeps me distracted as her luscious tongue swirls around and around the head of my cock. Jesus again reaches over, patting my shoulder as he says, “I know – not quite what you expected.”

“Well…” I reply. “I always figured if there was a god and a heaven, my life choices would – um, disqualify me.” I felt myself blushing.

Jesus rolls his eyes. “You mean because you’re a motherfucker? Oh and a daughter/sister/granddaughter fucker too? You were all consenting adults and all your family relationships did was to bring pleasure and love into the world. That’s no sin in HIS eyes. What you folks had was the blessing of sex that GOD always intended sex to be.”

He sighs and strokes the dark hair of the woman orally pleasing him. “It always amazes me – all those preachers talking about the rewards of Heaven and never once mentioning a good blowjob!” He shakes his head and says, “Did you know they even twisted my words around to say there’s no sex at all in heaven! Everyone is supposed to just walk around praising GOD and being happy!”

Jesus laughs and adds, “John, every time you shoved your cock into your mother’s cunt, you were singing great praises to GOD. The pleasure and love two or more people bring to each other is the greatest act of worship there is!” A look of bliss comes over his face and his hips begin to thrust up into the dark haired woman’s mouth. “GOD be praised, this girl is good.”

Sensing his approaching climax, the dark haired woman begins to suck harder, her mouth making lewd and wet smacking noises as she pleasures Jesus. As if trying to compete with her, the blonde sucking my cock increases her effort, taking me deep, lips sucking hard, as her tongue roils over my shaft and cock head, making me groan with pleasure. Like Jesus, my hips begin to rise in response, thrusting deep into her warm, wet mouth.

“Oh yeah!” murmurs Jesus as he bucks his hips against the dark haired woman’s mouth. “Remember, John – every cry of pleasure…every scream of orgasm is a song of praise to our FATHER! Yessss…that’s it sweetie! Take it – eat my spunk, you sweet cocksucker!” He lets out a long cry of pleasure that echoes through the garden.

My blonde cocksucker flutters her tongue over my piss hole and I find myself unable to hold out any longer as my cock head swells against her loving tongue and pleasure explodes between my legs even as my sperm erupts from my penis. There is a muffled squeal of delight from her pleasing lips as I buck and twist, cumming harder than I can recall in recent memory. Thick streamers of semen gush into her mouth and she looks up at me as she continues to suck on my dick, her brilliant green eyes looking at me lovingly. She seems hauntingly familiar as her pert nose wrinkles with amusement and her cheeks hollow out as she sucks hard on my penis.

Then it is over and both Jesus and I are sitting back as the women finish coaxing the last drops of sperm from our cocks. Jesus chuckles and says. I hope you enjoyed that. It’s only been the last hundred years or so that I’ve convinced HIM that this is a great way to welcome folks to Heaven. I think it helps everyone calm down after the Archangels do their thing.” He grins and adds, “It was Michael today, wasn’t it? He loves freaking out the new arrivals with that big-assed flaming sword of his.”

I manage to nod weakly, remembering it well and feeling delightfully wrung out from Blondie’s attentions. I feel her lips slip off my still throbbing member and I look down to see Marilyn Monroe smiling back up at me, a trickle of my semen running down her chin. She giggles and says in that breathy voice that exudes sex, “I loved this nice man’s big sword! You’re delicious!”

I again open my mouth and nothing comes out. Jesus laughs and responds, “Oh yeah, Norma Jean is real popular with newcomers!

The other woman lets Jesus’ penis slip from her mouth and she says, “As always, Jesus, you taste marvelous!” She beams up at him and then turns my way giving me a happy, cum filled grin. She looks very familiar – fair skinned and long limbed and heavy breasted, with black hair hanging down her back to brush at her buttocks. She can’t be more than eighteen and I feel a momentary sensation of homesickness as I realize that she suddenly reminds me of my granddaughter, Megan.

Her brown eyes sparkle with delight and she winks at me, tugging at my memories more before she moves towards Marilyn and the two of them share a wet, sloppy kiss, swapping the sperm of Jesus and myself back and forth. Marilyn’s sizable but pert breasts mash into the other woman’s slightly meatier breasts and their hands stroke each other’s fair skin before coming to cup each other’s tight young ass cheeks.

“Praise GOD, but isn’t that a sight you’d only see in Heaven!” crows Jesus, his cock already perking up. To my surprise, my cock has yet to go down and it slaps wetly against my stomach. Despite the delicious lesbian kiss in front of me, my attention is almost drawn away by the fact that for the first time in decades, I have a sustained erection despite just having ejaculated.

Jesus stands up and I follow along. We watch as the two women end their kiss, thick streamers of divine semen stretching between their lips. The strings break and splatter against Marilyn Monroe’s impressive breasts, and the other woman quickly ducks down and licks them up. “Waste not, want not!” intones Jesus in a mock serious voice.

Turning to me, he again shakes my hand. “Well, gotta go. I’m taking Marilyn to welcome more new arrivals. She does love to suck cock.” He leans in and in a sotto voce voice whispers, “She’s a great fuck too, but I think Jayne Mansfield has a shade tighter pussy!”

Marilyn whirls around and gives him a love tap on the arm. “Does not! Jayne’s got a fine little beaver, but I’m like greased silk!” She turns to me and standing up on tip toe, gives me a long wet kiss while her hand finds mine and draws it between her legs. She has a little tuft of brownish pubic hair and it tickles as I pass through it and then my fingers are in her and its like liquid fire, her flesh pulsating against my fingers. “You come visit me sometime, John Heller and I’ll show you some seriously heavenly pussy.” She giggles again in that special way that can almost make a man cum just listening to it and then lets Jesus take her by the arm.

Jesus gestures to the dark haired girl and says, “Now this little angel has agreed to show you around and explain things a little more. I’m sure we’ll be seeing more of each other soon. Maybe you can stop by and meet Mom. I know she’d love to meet you.” He grins and pointedly looks down at my erection, “And she’d love to meet that thing too!” He gives us a little wave and he and Marilyn stroll off deeper into the gardens.

“Wow,” I say. Then I realize how stupid that sounds and look sheepishly at the young teenager next to me. “Is this really Heaven or am I dreaming.”

She laughs and slips her arm around my waist, her body molding against mine as if we were made for each other. She steers us towards the great palace. “It’s really Heaven, John,” she replies. “Just remember that all the rules of Earth don’t apply here. Heaven can be anything you want it to be.”

I sigh and say, “Is it magic?”

“No…maybe. Mostly, it’s just HIM. HE adores love above all else – not for HIMSELF, but HE revels in our sharing love with each other. Back on Earth, they got so much of it wrong. Here, sex is something to cherish and celebrate.” She pauses and rolls her eyes before adding, “Not that Heaven is simply Playboy fantasy #412. People have all sorts of pursuits – not just fucking. Art, music, cooking, writing – anything we enjoyed on Earth, we enjoy here. But love in all its forms is our single greatest pursuit. No hatred, no hang-ups. HE wanted this to be our reward for embracing love in our earlier lives and now we revel in its glory for all eternity.

Suddenly we seem to be entering the immense palace even though just a moment before we were hundreds of feet away. I glance down at the young woman, the question evident in my face. She laughs and says, “Like I said, the rules of Earth don’t apply here – physics is just a concept – not always reality.”

I nod to show I understand even though I don’t and then try not to stand in complete and utter awe at the beauty of the palace – seemingly made of crystal and light and sound. Great doors leading to many rooms adorn hallways that seemed to stretch on towards infinity. Music plays all around us and I hear what I think is the voice of John Lennon, although I don’t recognize the song. “Is that…?”

My escort nods enthusiastically. “Yes, that’s John – I think his work has gotten even better now that George has arrived. They never really were collaborators, but now they are inseparable. Lord knows how good it will get when the rest arrive.”

I shake my head in disbelief. I wave an arm, gesturing at all the doors. “Who lives here?”

She laughs and says, “Everyone in Heaven, sweetie.” She gestures to a door to our right. “Just approach a door and think of whom you’d like to see. If they are in Heaven, the door will open to take you to them. If it won’t open, they have opted for some privacy…just try again later.” She grins at me and says, “Go ahead and try.”

“Okay, how about Michelangelo?” I said, saying the first historical person to come off the top of my head.

The teenaged girl nods and then motions towards the door. I open it and we step inside…to find ourselves in a room filled with sunlight from great windows and a middle-aged man standing on a railed platform some ten feet off the ground – an immense unfinished painting before him. I am struck by the beauty and grandeur of it, obviously the work of the great Renaissance artist. I am also struck by the graphicness of the sex it portrays. Then he looks down to the side and in a patient tone says, “Gwen, turn your head a little towards me – Jack, make her feel you inside her!”

I turn my head to see who he is speaking to only to discover four people, naked and fucking. I look on with interest, admiring the shapely bodies of the two women before it hits me that I recognize one of them. A young slender brunette woman, her brown eyes alit with orgasmic pleasure is being fucked from behind by a tall, well muscled man, his light blonde hair hanging down around his shoulders. I feel her give us a sidelong glance and I feel my cock throb as Jackie Kennedy gives us a playful wink. Jackie is licking the spread wide labia of a honey haired pussy stuffed with cock, drawing moans from the buxom blonde woman riding the swollen penis of Jack Kennedy. The blonde’s face screwed up in immense pleasure, pussy cream coating Jack’s long, hard cock.

“He’s calling it, “Sharing Camelot,” whispers my guide, her warm breath pleasant in my ear, her hand casually stroking my cock.

It takes me a minute to let the title’s meaning sink in and then as I continue to stare with aroused amazement at the carnal scene in front of me, I reply, “You mean Jack and Jackie Kennedy are fucking…”

She giggles and finished for me. “Yep, they’re fucking King Arthur and his queen, Guinevere.” We both give a little sigh as Arthur Pendragon’s queen screams with pleasure, followed quickly by groans from Jack Kennedy as he pumps a load of sperm into her tight, hot cunt. Jackie gives a squeal of joy and begins lapping up semen and pussy juice as it coats her husband’s cock.

“The four of them have been an item for years,” my young lady tells me. “And when Gwen and Jackie are really feeling horny, they invite Lancelot and Bobby over to join them.” She wiggles her eyebrows at me and said, “You can hear Jackie screaming all over Heaven.”

I am reluctant to leave, but my young lady lets me know that Michelangelo gets a little cranky around spectators and we exit through the door we came in, returning to the hallways of the immense palace. I can only look at her in amazement and say, “Wow!”


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